Days of our Lives

Season 37 Episode 112

Ep. #9286

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Apr 17, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap


Jack's lies finally catch up with him as his plan to win back Jennifer crumbles. He feels the pinch as Wentworth withdraws the job offer, Jennifer tells him she wants him out of her life, and Greta gives him a well-deserved slap in the face. She tells Jack that he's hurt her more than anyone. Brandon is flabbergasted at the way Jack has treated these women. Harold lays into Jack about the difficulties of being an openly gay man and thinks Jack lacks the personal integrity to be with anybody -- man or woman. As everyone files out of the ballroom, Jack is left alone in the spotlight, the master of his own demise...

Philip announces to Kate and Victor that he's been accepted to Columbia. Victor doesn't like the idea of Philip and Chloe attending college in the same city and he tells Philip he wants him to go to Yale instead. Philip storms out and Kate's pleased that Victor is alienating Philip. She taunts Victor about his failed relationship with Nicole. After Kate leaves, Victor calls Nico and finalizes his cryptic plans to get rid of Nicole...

Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that Chloe has anemia. In her room, Chloe dreams of Brady coming through her window and almost kissing her. When she wakes, Philip is at the house to tell her his good news about Columbia. They are all thrilled when they find out Chloe has been accepted to Juilliard. However, she has to go to New York to audition for a prestigious master class. Philip is a little unnerved at Chloe's lack of excitement that they'll both be in New York. Later, Craig hides his worries from Nancy that Chloe's dreams may be dashed by a health crisis...

Marlena and John are shocked to see Caprice because they weren't expecting her until later. Upstairs, Brady cheers up Belle with news that her college acceptance letters arrived. Belle's ecstatic to see that she got into Columbia. However, an envelope from Pepperdine spoils her mood because it makes her think of Shawn. Marlena lets Belle know that they'll support whatever decision she makes about college. Belle throws the Pepperdine letter into the trash without opening it, knowing she won't go there. Meanwhile, Brady alludes to his plans for change as well...

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