Days of our Lives

Season 37 Episode 145

Ep. #9319

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Jun 03, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Lexie storms the alter and swats the poisoned holy water out of Father Jansen's hand and then pushes over the alter. Abe and Roman grab Lexie who completely loses it and starts screaming for her baby. Lexie tries to explain that the Father poisoned the water, but Roman thinks she was talking about Father Jansen and dismisses her explenation. Lexie is taken out of the church on a stretcher and is being transported to University Hospital for a full psychological workup. As Lexie's being wheeled out, she starts screaming for Isaac and everybody in the church hears her, and Isaac/Zack starts crying. With Lexie gone, Father Jansen completes the ceremony with fresh holy water. Over at the Brady Pub, the celebration continues. Bo & Hope are opening presents, and misc. conversations occur. Jack and Colin have another confrontation. Sami and Jack continue to plot to get back the ones they love (Brandon and Jennifer, respectively). Melissa and Kim say their goodbyes and head to the airport to catch their flights. Shawn & Belle have another discussion that is interrupted by a phone call from Jan. As Shawn is on his way out the door, Phillip, Chloe and Mimi abush him. At the hospital, Abe and Marlena discuss what should be done with Lexie. Marlena and the head of the psych ward suggest that Lexie be committed, but Abe is hesitant. After discussing it further with Marlena, Abe decides it's best for Lexie to be committed against her will. Back at the Brady Pub, a mysterious figure is watching Bo & Hope through the window.

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