Days of our Lives

Season 38 Episode 1

Ep. #9430

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Nov 08, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the hospital, Nancy is in Craig's office thinking of baby names. Craig says he thought she was to be home resting. Nancy says she is fine, and she feels like she has neglected the baby and it's time to start spoiling.

At Brady's, Brady tells Chloe that once she has her transplant she will pick up where she left off by going to New York and going to school. He says he wants to come visit her and take her to the opera, just as he notices that Chloe is asleep, and suddenly his mother appears. She tells Brady that now that he's told her he loves her, he needs to give her what else she needs: to know her father. Brady gets up (carefully, not to wake Chloe) and goes to his computer and gets on the internet and searches... he comes across a newspaper site and it has a picture of Chloe's father. He prints it out, just as Chloe wakes up and asks him what he's doing. Brady tells Chloe that he's found a photo of her father. Chloe looks at the photo and says she doesn't look like him at all. She didn't expect him to look so normal. But she does thank Brady for finding her father. Brady says it is just a picture, but it is a start. Brady thinks they should show the photo to Craig so that he can give it to the PI. They head to the hospital, and on the way they stop at the docks and Brady thinks he sees Sykes walking around in a cap and sunglasses! Brady chases after him, but loses him. He returns to Chloe, only to see him hanging around a boat. Chloe says that isn't him, and Brady realizes she is right. Brady thinks his imagination is working overtime because he wants to find Sykes so badly that his mind is just playing tricks on him.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Chloe and Brady show Craig the picture and he insists they not tell Nancy about it. He says he wants to make copies and ask them to wait around. They go into Craig's office, and they find Nancy busily choosing names. Nancy tells them she doesn't have the test results yet, and they discuss names, mentioning Julia as a possibility as she is a big Julia Roberts fan! (a nice tribute since Julia Roberts is a big DAYS fan!) Just outside the door, Craig is handed the file containing Nancy's amnio results and his face becomes grim ...

At Basic Black, John tells Marlena that if Hope is dead and was murdered, then there could be clues on that Island. He still wants to go there to look for clues. Marlena is suddenly called away by Roman who asks her to come to the station and try to get Lexie to open up. Marlena leaves, and John makes a mysterious call. He tells the person on the phone to keep his family safe while he is away taking care of DiMera. John packs up all his gadgets when he sees a green light flashing on his desk. He gets up and locks all doors, grabs a gun, and aims it the elevator door. A man walks out, and John asks him what the hell is he doing here? Camera pan up and reveal... Shane Donovan, I.S.A. agent extraordinaire! Shane can't believe he pointed a gun at him... John says, "not too many people know about my security entrance." The two exchange hugs and John tells Shane it's so good to see him. John asks him if he's there to help look for Hope, and he tells John that he has a lot to lay on him, and it is pretty shocking. Shane pauses as John proudly picks up a remote, which lifts the artwork hanging on the wall and reveals state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Shane is impressed and John says, "You know the I.S.A. has high standards, you can't conduct business in today's world with yesterday's technology." Hmm... so John is an I.S.A. Agent!!!

At the station, Lexie tells Tony that she finally realizes if she goes to trial nothing will save her from the mob waiting to convict her, so he needs to get her out of here! Tony tells her the plan is already underway. He tells her that she will always be secure and well protected with him around. Marlena shows up and asks Tony how he plans to protect Lexie. Tony says that his sister fears for her life and is afraid of what Bo might do to her. He says that is why he will make sure no harm comes to her. Tony insists Lexie has been framed, and no one believes her. Lexie says she let go of Isaac, and she vowed not to interfere with him or his birthparents. Marlena asks Lexie to talk to her so they can figure out what happened, but Tony refuses to let Marlena talk to Lexie. Tony says Lexie will speak to no one without a lawyer, but Lexie thinks it couldn't do harm to talk to Marlena. Tony says no way; they are depriving her of sleep and good food. Marlena says patient confidentiality would apply here, but Tony says what if she learned someone was in danger? Would she keep quiet? Marlena asks Tony is he is admitting that he is afraid Lexie will tell her where Hope is? Lexie says if she knew where Hope was she would tell them, but she doesn't, so there is no way she can incriminate herself. Tony still doesn't think it is a good idea for her to speak to anyone right now because she could be called to testify against her. Marlena tells Lexie to think for herself, and to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Bo looks at the goodbye letter from Hope over and over again. Jack and Abe watch. Jennifer arrives and realizes something bad has happened. Jack lets her know what is going on. Jennifer refuses to believe Hope is dead. Bo reads the letter, in which Hope says she will be dead by the time he reads this letter, that she hopes it gets to him, and that it was Lexie who did this to her. Bo is in tears as he reads the letter, in which Hope says she knows there is nothing he can do to save her this time. Abe decides to take the letter to the lab for testing, and Jennifer and Jack are floored when they learn Hope fears she will be dead by time they read this. Billie becomes emotional as she watches what this is doing to Hope's friends and families, and especially Jennifer. Jennifer tries to comfort Bo. Bo thinks there is some kind of message in the letter, or it is a setup, and he refuses to believe Hope is dead. He vows to decipher the hidden message.

Later, Abe returns and says the lab analysis is done and the results are against Lexie. Tests confirmed that the handwriting and fingerprints are Hope's, and the paper is torn from Lexie's date book. And then later, the DNA results from the sweater are back. That test confirms that the bloodstains are Hope's, and the hairs belong to Hope and Lexie. Bo still refuses to believe Hope is dead... if she was dead he would feel it; and he doesn't feel it.

Abe goes down to Lexie's cell and informs them of the final blow – the results of the DNA tests.

At the warehouse, Larry thinks Lexie will either get the death penalty or spend the rest of her life in prison. "Not only will she be punished for a crime she didn't do, she will be punished for a murder she didn't commit". Larry drinks and toasts to making the rest of Hope's life a living hell. Larry makes travel plans for he and Hope to some remote island where he will continue to keep Hope locked up. Meanwhile, Hope wonders if Bo has read the letter and figured out the clues she left in it. She soon realizes Bo can't rescue her if he doesn't know where she is, so she decides to try and find out where she is. She then looks for something useful to open the peephole on the door. Meanwhile, Larry takes a walk, and sees Billie and her partner out on the docks. Billie convinces her partner to go get them some coffee and donuts so she can meet with Larry. Billie follows Larry back to the warehouse and tells him that this has to end now! Larry tells her no way! Inside, Hope finds a soda can tab in the trashcan and tries to break open the view-screen on the door so she can see out and see where she is. She finally gets it opened and uh-oh! Hope looks out and sees Billie talking to Larry! She looks away and says, "Billie!"

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