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Season 38 Episode 53

Ep. #9482

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Jan 23, 2003 on NBC
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Ep. #9482
Happy 89th Birthday Alice Grayson Horton! PREVIEW: Everyone celebrates Alice's birthday and reminisces about her life; Hope makes a startling announcement. SUMMARY: Family and friends of Alice Horton gather at Tuscany for the surprise party as last minute preparations. Maggie and the head waiter fuss with the flowers and food while Shawn and Mickey try to figure out the DVD player. Belle comes to the rescue and fixes the problem with the DVD player, but Shawn suddenly takes off to get an extension cord, but really some fresh air. Jennifer and Maggie hope they will surprise Alice and Jack and Abby arrive. Sami and Brandon get there and compliment everyone of how nice they look. Maggie tells Sami she's sorry Roman couldn't make it, but Sami says that he's too busy on the investigation. She asks Brandon never to become a cop, as they never have time for their personal lives. Maggie cracks that Roman didn't do so bad in that department, but Sami bites her tongue and doesn't say a word. Sami then tells Maggie that Marlena sends her and John's regrets, as did Caroline, as she's busy taking care of Grandpa Shawn and Zack. Maggie understands, knowing how hard Shawn took Colin's death. Sami figures he'll understand after he learns what a "double crossing, blackmailing slut" Colin was. Maggie just looks at her very plainly and finally says that she didn't think a man could be called that. Sami said for him it's an exception and he got what he deserved… Meanwhile, outside, we see a repeat of Hope carrying the box of box when someone touches her shoulder. She freaks out and says she will kill you, Larry! She realizes it is just Bo and is relieved. She hugs him and freaks about what's happening to her as Larry watches from the bushes and he realizes she's more whacked out then he thought. He thinks it will just take one push and Fancy Face will go over the edge. Jennifer and Jack look at a special photo book for Alice when Will and Lucas get there. Jack tells Abby that her favorite cousin is there and Abby just moans. Lucas sees them together and asks if Jack and Jennifer are back together and Abby replies they're getting along and asks him not to jinx it. Sami and Brandon rush up, as she's happy to see her son. She runs up to hug him and she calls Will "baby" as he groans. Lucas said Will is not a "baby", but a young man. Maggie grabs the kids to help with the special project in the kitchen. Lucas asks Sami, as he cleverly calls her "SCAMI", what she's doing there being she's not related to his grandmother. Jack and Jennifer see this as a queue and take Brandon and walk away. Sami blows up at Lucas about that and said Will is Alice's grandson and she is his mother so of course she is there. She then goes onto say that she grew up next door to Alice, and that she spent more time with her then he has. He tells her it's too bad that Gran's good side didn't rub off on her. She threatens to smack that goatee right off his face if he doesn't shape up!!! Maggie gets a call from Lexie who apologizes for not feeling up to coming. Brandon and Sami overhear that she is talking to Lexie and Brandon looks concerned when he hears Maggie telling her that the sickness will go away. Sami looks a little worried by this, but suddenly, Belle walks up and calls Brandon "sexy". Brandon seems very flattered by this but Sami wonders where Shawn is. Belle looks worried. We see that Shawn is outside having flashbacks about finding Colin's body and he tears apart some bushes. Out front, Bo and Hope talk about her problem and Larry overhears them and refers to Bo as "BOZO". Hope says that she doesn't want to ruin Gran's party and Bo tells her that Mrs. H. just wants Hope to be happy and she's not alone. Together, they'll beat this thing. Larry doesn't agree… Bo and Hope bring in the box as Jennifer joins them. She senses Hope's mood as Bo signals for her to talk to Hope. The two agree they need to be inspired from Gran. Belle joins Shawn on the patio as he continues destructing the bushes. He snaps at her at first, saying she doesn't need to follow him, he's a big boy. She turns to leave but he stops her and she tells him to leave the plant alone or he'll kill it. Larry is listening as Belle tells him that he can tell her anything, she's grown up and can handle things better now. He agrees he needs to tell someone. He tells her about his mom seeing Larry Welch and blacks out, not remembering things. She asks if there's anything else he hasn't told her. He tells her how disappointed he was that their New Years Eve plans were interrupted. She assures him it's not a sign, everything will be okay. Larry smiles, saying this is almost too perfect. Inside Bo and Hope talk about Zack. She tells him about throwing the vase at Shawn. Then we find out that Alice is finally there! Everyone hides and turns out the lights. Julie and Doug bring Alice in. She sees the nice restaurant and comment on how nice it looks as everyone jumps out yelling "SURPRISE!" as the lights come on. Alice is truly surprised (as is Frances, see notes below) and touched as she throws a kiss and almost cries in happiness. The smiles and love her friends and family emit are obvious too… We join the party after they've finished dinner. The fire is crackling as Julie and Doug promise a night of excitement. Alice asks what kind of excitement? They promise a special guest will appear later. Julie says that testimonials are first, beginning with her. She pulls out a huge book and Alice comments on the size of it, but Mickey says it's because she's lived a very full life. Julie says Alice Grayson was born on January 23 and Alice finishes with 1914 and was the daughter of Sid and Abigail (nodding to little Abigail) Grayson. She continues and says that when she was 21, she met Tom Horton. Together they had 5 wonderful children, Tom Jr., Addie [her and Hope's mother], Mickey, Bill and Marie. The grandchildren came next "to cause more problems", Julie, Hope and Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that she is more responsible for giving her the white hair, then the great grandchildren, but no great great grandchildren yet...and the camera pans on Shawn and Belle… Julie then turns it over to Maggie. Maggie said becoming a Horton was the luckiest day of her life. She says that Alice opened her heart and home to her and made her hers. If everyone that Alice has helped over the years stood side by side, they'd reach around the world, and everyone lifts their hands in agreement. Maggie says she hopes everyone is enjoying their wonderful meal. They all pipe in and she credits Alice with the mentoring in food preparation. Her nurturing covers all the bases. It starts with stomachs and ends up touching their souls. She hugs Alice and tells her she loves her. She tells everyone that when most people retire, Alice and Tom started a community center out of their home. She mentions Alice's other careers as Bo speaks up about Alice being an undercover agent and gets up to tell everyone about when Alice helped to bust Roman out of jail as she knew they were trumped up charges. We see a wonderful flashback of Bo stirring cake batter with Alice and Bo wants her to leave the kitchen as he puts the cell key in the batter so she won't be implicated as an accessory. She refuses, and back to present, he said Mrs. H. was the original rebel with a cause. Alice laughs and Bo credits that's how his wife got the gutsy nature and even became a cop when it wasn't something women did then… Mickey stands and calls the Horton women "unique". He tells how his parents were surprised after 50 years of marriage to learn that is wasn't legal and that he was privileged to be at their wedding, to see them recite the vows that they have always lived. More flashbacks of Tom and Alice reciting their vows. We join Alice saying part of the vows and how she stood on the altar and mentions the candle in the window and how she like, that candle, wanted to be that for him. To light the way for him home. Mickey recalls a special bouquet of white roses, as we see the flashback, they gave her at one time...a rose for each child, grandchild and great grandchild. He announces their two latest family additions will give her another bouquet and Abby and Will present her with 22 yellow roses. Parents of Will and Abby smile as they watch the presentation and everyone claps for Alice. Julie makes a toast for all the good times in Alice's life as wine glasses clink. Julie announces the mystery guest. She tells everyone that Dr. Tom Horton was a poet and loved to saunter in beret and disguise to the beach bar to recite his poems. His nom deplume was Norm DePlume. The local TV station taped it, but Tom, in a fit of modesty, wouldn't let them run the tape. They kept it in their vaults and Shawn, resident genius, put on DVD format. The mystery guest is Tom Horton!!! They play it and Tom is reciting a love poem written for Alice. We see Tom in blue beret and sunglasses and goatee. We see everyone's face as they watch, including Alice's, all near tears, as Tom's poem pleads with his wife to never stop dancing with him, as he couldn't bear it if she did… Alice tells everyone that she wants to see all the couples kiss. They remind her it's not a wedding, but she says it's her birthday and her wish, so all the couples kiss... Bo & Hope, Mickey & Maggie, Doug & Julie, Sami & Brandon, Shawn & Belle, and Jennifer gives Jack as kiss on the cheek, which he promises never to wash again. Mickey goes to present gifts from friends and a few that couldn't make it. The family decided to get her something that symbolizes her life…so far. Bo jokes "a new donut maker". They made donations to her name to charities. He pulls out a list and reads them: ~Habitat for Humanity; camera pans to Shawn and Belle ~Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; pan to Doug and Julie ~Make a Wish Foundation; pan to Bo and Hope ~The Heifer Foundation; pan to Jack, Jennifer and Abby, as Jennifer clarifies that Abby bought a goat for a family in Guatemala so they could have milk. ~The Horton Center; see Maggie and Mickey, so they continue their good work Mickey announces that Alice has an announcement of her own to make. She's endowed a "Tom and Alice Horton Fund" for the hospital to continue their good work. Mickey says that Alice is asking Lucas to administer the fund. Lucas is surprised, and Sami is just as surprised that they've asked Lucas. He, Maggie and Alice hope that Lucas will accept and he agrees. He kisses and hugs her and thanks her for her confidence in him. Alice also asks that Jennifer and Hope co-chair the board for the foundation and they both are touched and agree as the hospital has done so much for their families. Jennifer tells Jack that she hopes she can do it all. Jack tells her she's her grandmother all over again...she's got her kind heart, same stubborn streak, same wonderful smile. Jennifer tells him that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever told her… Lucas can't resist gloating to Sami that they'll be working together at the hospital as he'll be handing out money and she'll be serving him coffee. Maggie announces it's time to dance as the song "Always" plays. Belle turns to moody Shawn who finally takes her in his arms as other couples dance. Lucas goes to Alice and takes her hand and sits with her as she watches everyone dance and she remembers her younger years and we see flashbacks of her playing pool, hugging Hope at her and Tom's wedding, putting Christmas balls on the tree, with her granddaughters during special moments and ending when Doug has her and Tom sing the end of the same song as his club. The song ends as she flashes to her and Tom dancing… Julie and Maggie present the "Alice Horton Quilt". It's her life in quilt squares. They got everyone in the family to make a square representing something in Alice's life and the hospital quilters, that Alice organized a long time ago, put it together – for her. There are 12 squares, but they only identify 9 of them. Alice asks if the first one is a donut. Close, but no… ~A life preserver that Hope and Bo made to represent all the times she's saved their lives. Hope goes and kisses her and tells her she loves her. Alice asks if the second one is a donut and Doug and Julie agree partly, but, no… ~it's a circle of life from Doug ~The 3rd one is a ruby and says "more precious than rubies" from Belle and Shawn. Belle repeats, "more precious that rubies" and Alice holds her ruby necklace in her hands. ~The next one is from Mickey. It's a gavel because he learned right and wrong from his parents and became a lawyer because of it. ~Maggie made a pair of red dancing shoes from her and Melissa because she taught them how important it is to do something you love. ~Julie made a square of a brown haired angel to represent Addie. ~Abby made a tree with her and Jennifer's name on it and Abby said she added daddy's name after they got there tonight. ~Jennifer made a candle for Alice to always light the way. ~The last square is a bone. Lucas says it's from his dad to represent all those archeological expeditions he went on years ago. Mickey reads a note Bill sent as well, saying if his mom needs a new hobby, she can become a detective, as Lord knows, no one could keep a secret from her. Look at a worried Shawn as he hears that Jennifer said that's true and Jack asks if Gran inspired her to become a reporter. She tells him Gran called always called her nosy, but he's the one to inspire her to become a reporter and together they'll find the truth about who killed Colin. She won't believe he's dead and gone until they know who killed him. Hope overhears this and Doug worries if she's ok. Hope steps outside for some fresh air. She tells herself that Larry's dead and buried. She then suddenly hears "MURDERER!" and looks around, thinking she's hearing things and flashes back to seeing Colin dead in the snow. She looks up, seeing Larry, and he says, "You killed Colin Murphy, don't you remember? REMEMBER…!" Inside, it's cake time! The HUGE cake is carried in. It's full of candles and they carry it to Alice. Belle thanks Shawn for bringing her. He hugs her as the family sings Happy Birthday to Alice. She asks Abby and Will to help her blow the candles. Hope comes in the back door just in time to see the candles blown out and it gets dark. And Hope worries if she really did kill Colin? Fade…moreless

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      • The special episode was dedicated to Days' longtime lighting director Don DeSimone, who passed away on January 4, 2003.

      • Several sources reported that the surprise birthday party for Alice in today's episode really was a surprise - because even Francis Reid (the actress who plays Alice) was surprised. They say that Reid was not aware of this part in the script, and it was kept hush-hush so it could be a surprise, because the party was actually really for Reid herself.

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