Days of our Lives

Season 38 Episode 61

Ep. #9490

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 05, 2003 on NBC
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Ep. #9490
PREVIEW: Marlena rejects Cassie and Rex; Shawn & Belle share an intense kiss yet Shawn breaks up with her anyway; Brady and Chloe make love. SUMMARY: At Brady's loft, he and Chloe are there and Brady expresses his worries about Tony's condition. He says that he wouldn't be able to handle it if Tony ends up paralyzed because of him. Brady wants to call the hospital for an update on his condition, but Chloe says she will do it. She is, after all, the daughter of the chief of staff, she may have more pull that he does. After she calls the hospital, she tells Brady that Brenda told her Tony's out of surgery, but too soon to know if he's still paralyzed. Brady says that he is to blame. Chloe tells Brady that she can't help but feel grateful to Tony and maybe instead of feeling guilty, perhaps he should try to feel the same way, because he saved his life. She says if it weren't for him, they wouldn't be where they are right now. They talk and cuddle on the couch and she is happy to be there in his arms and looking into her eyes – which is her favorite thing to do. Brady makes a joke about locking the door so they can stay there forever. She says that will be a problem because she has to leave him soon. Chloe explains and says that she will have to go back into the hospital soon and that she will be in isolation. Brady tells her about all the plans he has to do around his place, and he shows her that he has planted a garden on the terrace for her and the flowers will all have bloomed when she is ready to come home from the hospital. He tells her that he promises to make every day from now until she goes into the hospital special and happy, and those memories will hold her over until she gets out, when they will make more happy memories. The two quickly begin kissing and he hints that he wants more, but Chloe hesitates thinking they should wait until he's all better. He says it was only a head injury, the rest of him works just fine. They begin kissing again, and when we return, wee see that candles are lit and "My Destiny" (see the lyrics in the "quotes" section below) playing in the background and Chloe slowly opens Brady's shirt take and starts kissing his chest. Brady responds and slowly takes off Chloe's shirt and they make love on the sofa… At the Wesley house, Craig is trying to put together a crib for the baby. Nancy is sitting on the couch, enjoying watching her husband struggle with it because the directions aren't in English. Nancy tells Craig that they need to find out what happened with her pregnancy with Chloe and they need to find out what happened now. She suggests that they call her father, after all, he was the chief of staff at the hospital when Chloe was born and he should no. Craig quickly tells her he doesn't think that's a good idea. Nancy wonders if he wants to know what happened or not? Craig says he does, but right now, they need to take care of her and Chloe. They return to trying to put the crib together. Nancy tells Craig of her worries that someone may have lied to her about Chloe and she wonders if there was a pay off involved. Craig tells her not to worry about that now. Craig heads to the kitchen to make some lemonade and Nancy calls her father and asks him to come for a visit. He obviously tries to avoid it, but she asks him to think about it and hangs up just as Craig comes back. He asks her who she was talking to, but she covers and says it was a friend from lamas class. Craig has the feeling that she isn't telling him something… At the Hartley house, we see a replay of Belle telling Cassie, Rex and Shawn that she is leaving. Cassie is extremely happy with this news, but Rex drags Cassie out of there so Shawn and Belle can talk. Cassie makes it clear that she is not happy that Rex pulled her out of there, but Rex says they have to go anyway… Inside, Shawn is clearly shocked that Belle is going to leave. She asks if there is any reason she should stay? He tells her no, and the two of them begin arguing. Belle asks him why he can't tell her what is wrong, and then she wonders what is going on with him and Cassie. She asks him if he has decided Cassie is the woman for him? He says no, and he looks into Belle's eyes and says that he doesn't want things to be this way and that loves her. Belle says she loves him too, and she thought that this was it - this was the time she thought they would get it right and be together forever. Belle says that she knows this has to do with Colin's murder, and she tells him that whatever happened, they can work through together. Shawn still won't tell her anything. He just tells her that he will miss her, and Belle begs him not to let her go. She walks up to him and they both resist but once they touch each other, they can't help it and they share a very passionate kiss. Shawn tells her that he wants her and she asks him to make love to her. Shawn pauses for a moment and then backs away and says they can't. Belle asks why he is pulling away from her? He has a flashback and remembers shooting Colin, and then tells Belle that if she loves him then she should go to Paris. Belle says she will go, but it isn't what she wants. Shawn says it isn't what he wants either, but it is the way it has to be. Belle thinks that whatever he is hiding it can't be that bad. Shawn flashes back and remembers Cassie telling him that if he tells Belle the truth, then he is risking her future. Belle says she doesn't understand any of this and Shawn assures her that in time – she will. He tells her that she is better off staying away from him, and the sooner she leaves, the better… At the hospital, Marlena and John are in her office and she tells him that she has invited the twins to come see her so that she can tell them that she's removing herself from their case. John wonders how and why she came to this decision? She says it is because she can't remain objective. They share a long talk and John wants to support Marlena. The twins show up, and Cassie hopes it is something good. Marlena tells them that it could be a whole new beginning for all of them. John leaves them alone, and Marlena tells them that something has happened that changes her relationship with them, and that is why she wants to talk to them. Cassie thinks this means she wants to be their mother now. Marlena says she wants them to stay close. She explains to them about how she has to have distance from her patients to really be helpful to them. She tells them that she has deep feelings for them, and that makes her an unhelpful therapist to them. Cassie thinks Marlena is blowing them off, and that they are nothing but lab rats to her. Marlena says that is not true. Cassie tells her that she hates her and never wants to see her again, and tries to run out. Rex tries to stop her and tells her that she hasn't heard Marlena out. Cassie refuses and runs off. Rex lashes out at Marlena and tells her that she has no idea what kind of hell she is putting her through. Marlena says she just can't be their therapist, that is all. Rex also thinks she is pulling away from them, and that Cassie is feeling rejected by her. Rex tells her that Cassie is changing, she is going after things she can't have and she is keeping secrets from him – something she never did before. Rex then tells her that he thinks it will be better for both of them if they don't see her at all! Rex takes off and Marlena sits in her office and cries… Cassie is tearing through the hallway of the hospital and runs (literally) into John. She demands that he tell her that he put Marlena up to this. He denies this and she tells him that she hates him. She lifts her sleeve and shows John her tattoo and says she is a DiMera now, all DiMera! Cassie says Tony and Lexie are the only people who have been kind to her through everything. They get into a huge argument over the DiMera's. John tries to calm her and tells her that Marlena cares about them and is only trying to do the best thing for them. Cassie says that is not true, Marlena never cared about them. Cassie says Marlena and her daughter are both cruel and selfish, more than any DiMera. Cassie says she hates Marlena for lying to her, and she will never forgive her for this and takes off… John goes back up to see Marlena and to try to comfort her. Marlena tells him that she fears she's done a terrible thing. John says that they will know the truth in a few weeks, but Marlena says that could be too late. Marlena says if she is their mother, she may have already lost their trust. John says the sooner he leaves to go to the island and find the answers, the better for all of them. John tells her that he is afraid to go away and leave her alone right now, and offers to call Sami and Will to stay with her while he is away. She says that's not necessary, she will be fine because she is going with him. John asks her if she is sure? Marlena says whatever secrets they have to find, they will find together… Rex tracks Cassie down back at the dorm, and tells her to forget about Marlena and John. Rex assures her that everything will be okay. She says it won't be okay until Shawn breaks up with Belle and can be with her. She says then she'll have someone who loves her and only her! Rex tries to get her to go stay the night at the mansion, but Cassie says no, she's too tired. She heads to open the door to her room, and Rex tries to stop her saying Shawn and Belle might still be in there. She tip-toes up to the door and listens and hears Belle and Shawn fighting, which couldn't make her happier. Cassie hears Shawn break up with Belle, and she says that her dreams are finally coming true, and now Shawn can be with her… Back inside Belle's room, she tells Shawn that she never really knew him, and that maybe they were never meant to be… fade…moreless

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    Chloe Lane (1999-2003; recurring otherwise)

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      • Lyrics to "My Destiny"
        What if I never knew?
        what if I never found you?
        I'd never have
        this feeling in my heart
        how did this come to be?
        I don't know how
        you found me
        but from the moment
        I saw you
        deep inside my heart
        I knew
        baby, you're my destiny
        you and I
        were meant to be
        with all my heart and soul
        I'd give my love
        to have and hold
        and as far as I can see
        you were always meant to be
        my destiny
        maybe all we need
        is just a little faith
        'cause, baby, I believe
        that love will find a way
        baby, you're my destiny
        you and I
        were meant to be
        with all my heart and soul
        I'd give my love
        to have and hold
        and as far as I can see
        from now until eternity
        you were always meant to be
        my destiny
        you're my destiny

      • Chloe: I'm going to be back in the hospital soon, in isolation.
        Brady: You think that's going to stop me from seeing you? Chloe, I'm going to be right outside your room, making faces at you through the window, writing love letters on the glass, and whispering to you over the phone -- until they censor my calls, of course.

      • Craig: Okay, this is… this is crazy. It doesn't say "A" or "B," which piece is "A" or "B." I'm a doctor. I should --
        Nancy: [ Giggles ]
        Craig: I-I'm taking a break, okay? This is just...

    • NOTES (1)

      • This episode was originally scheduled to air on the 4th, but was preempted due to the Memorial Service for the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia which exploded on re-entry on Febuary 1st at 9:59:44am.

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