Days of our Lives

Season 38 Episode 62

Ep. #9491

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 06, 2003 on NBC
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Ep. #9491
PREVIEW: Hope unknowingly falls deeper under Larry's spell; Jennifer drops a bombshell on Jack; Tony hatches a new plan. SUMMARY: In Tony's room at the hospital, Kate shows up with a big bouquet of flowers for him. He tells her that he is glad to see her. They begin to talk, and Kate warns Tony that if he continues to press her for information about her dealings with Stefano, then their relationship, or any chance of one between them, is over. He agrees that they will not talk about Kate's past. Instead, they talk about Tony's. Tony tells Kate that he has reason to believe that he is the twins' father. Kate wonders if Marlena is their mother? Tony says he doesn't know. Kate thinks Marlena must be grieving for the time she lost with the twins… In other areas of the hospital, Sami continually tries to talk to Brandon, but he keeps blowing her off. Roman comes in and asks to see Tony: police business. Sami tells him that Kate is in with Tony, and she brought flowers. They get into a huge argument about who Roman should or shouldn't date. Roman tells her that she has no business telling him these things. Sami ends up in tears and says that she had a fight with Brandon earlier and is just taking it out on him. She wonders why nothing ever works out for her. He accepts her apology and she tries to ask him about the murder investigation, Brandon overhears and tells Sami that the murder is none of her business so she should lay off it. Roman wonders what is going on, and if Sami has anymore information to give him? Sami says no, she's already mistakenly fingered Tony, and Brandon is right, she should stay out of it. Brandon asks to talk to Sami in private, and they go onto the terrace. He tells her to stop trying to point the finger at Nicole. Sami claims that she was trying to make sure they weren't investigating Nicole. Sami asks if he brought her out here to yell at her? He says no, he has something else to tell her, something she won't want to hear. Sami thinks it is over between them. Brandon says he doesn't want to end it, but he will never chose between her and Nicole. Sami says the words just came out of her mouth, and she knows they were crazy and that she really didn't mean them. Brandon tells Sami that he loves her, and that he doesn't expect her and Nicole to be friends. However, he says that she does have to accept that Nicole will always be in his life, and he will always protect her. He manages to again squeeze in the fact that Sami was trying to put the idea in her father's head that Nicole is a suspect. Sami claims that she was only trying to make sure that Nicole wasn't a suspect because of the fact that Brandon told her earlier that he would confess to the murder in order to protect Nicole. Sami says she would do anything for him, but he says he doesn't know if she is helping him or herself. Brandon tells Sami that when she wants something she goes after it, and she doesn't care who she ends up hurting. Brandon says one of these days he or someone he loves will be the one to get hurt. Sami says she lost her temper, and she points out that he loses his temper sometimes as well. Brandon says he knows, and he apologizes for the blowup earlier. Sami tells Brandon that she loves him, but Brandon says that sometimes love isn't enough… In the meantime, Roman goes to Tony's room and overhears Kate talking about Marlena grieving for the time she lost with the twins. Roman says Marlena more than made up for the time that she lost with Sami and Eric and demands to know why the two of them are talking about his kids. Kate says she wasn't, she was talking about the Gemini twins. Roman insists that Marlena is not their mother, and he wonders what ideas Tony is putting into Kate's head. Tony tells him that he believes he is the twins' father, and that Kate jumped to the conclusion that Marlena was their mother. Roman asks to talk to Tony alone, so Kate leaves. Roman says he has an update on the hit and run. Roman says the car that hit him was reported stolen that morning, so he doesn't know any more. Tony pushes him for information and Roman tells him that the station will keep him informed and he leaves… Roman heads to Marlena's office and he finds Kate leaving a note for Marlena. He wonders what it is, but she folds it, puts it in an envelope and seals it. She marks it personal and leaves it on Marlena's desk. The two of them walk out and Roman asks Kate to have a cup of coffee with him. She says she doesn't have the time, but he wants her to make time. Roman warns Kate to stay away from Tony because he is just like his father. Kate asks if Roman thinks Marlena is the mother of the twins. Roman says if she is, then it is a new low for Stefano. Roman tells Kate that he'd like to protect her from the DiMera's, but she needs to tell him what she is hiding. Kate says nothing. He tells her that she knows where to find him and he takes off… At Jennifer's, Jack asks her what it is that she's not telling him? Jennifer remembers the bloody towel, and tells Jack nothing. She says they should just leave everything to the police. Jack is confused by this, but when he pressed Jennifer about it the phone rings. It is Bo calling to tell her that the towel is being analyzed, and he hopes he has not put her in an awkward position by asking her to keep this secret. Jack learns Bo is on the phone, and he wonders if something happened at Hope's that has her upset. Jennifer says nothing happened. Bo then realizes that Jack is with her, and they hang up. Jennifer tells Jack that Bo just called to thank her for coming by. Jack asks if Hope is doing any better. She says that Hope is just trying to recover, but she is still having residual effects from the kidnapping. Jack still wonders what is wrong with her, but she says that she is just tired and she doesn't feel well. Jack wishes she would talk to him and tell her what is bothering her. She says she can't tell him. Jack says she said that she loved him, but now she is keeping secrets. Jennifer says she does love him, and it is because she loves him so much that she can't tell. He quickly asks her what? She tells him she can't tell him that she thinks she is pregnant! Jack asks if she is saying . . . she says she is saying that it would be Colin's. She says she was so desperate to save him that she just didn't think. She heard him threaten his life and she would have done anything to keep him from leaving that room. Jack still thinks that perhaps she has the flu. She says maybe she does, she hasn't taken a test yet. Jack is a little relieved by this, but wonders why she hasn't taken the test yet? She says she doesn't want to admit that it is true. Jennifer asks Jack how he will feel if she is pregnant with Colin's baby? He can't look at her, and when she asks him to look at her, he tells her that he's sorry, but he has to go. Jack walks out, and Jennifer is devastated… At the Brady house, Hope makes herself go to the basement and tells herself, it's just the basement. She is fairly calm, but she turns around and sees Larry standing there. Meanwhile, upstairs, Bo walks in after calling Jennifer from outside. He comes in and doesn't see Hope, but he hears a struggle in the basement. He goes downstairs and finds Hope punching a punching bag. She tells him that she signed up for a self-defense course to polish up her skills. Bo says that this is not the way to get rid of Larry. She gives Hope the pills that Marlena prescribed for her. Hope says she signed up for this class to get into better shape and to help herself. She says the victim sign she was wearing around her neck is gone. She says she isn't discounting therapy, but she is doing everything she can to protect herself. Hope says he is going to start taking the pills now, and Larry Welch will never get her again! The two head upstairs. A little later, Hope is in the kitchen and Bo is in the living room. The phone rings and Hope picks it up at the same time Bo did. Hope doesn't say anything, she just listens…It's the lab about the towel. The technician says the blood isn't human blood, and Bo is relieved. They hang up the phone and Hope heads into the living room and asks Bo what that was all about. He tells her about finding the towel in the trash can. She then realizes that Bo believes that she killed Colin. Bo says he still doesn't think that. He tells her that he wanted to check it out and didn't want to worry her. He once again tells Hope that she is not a killer. Bo says the blood was chicken blood, that's all. The two discuss how a rag with chickens blood ended up in their trash can. She remembers having chicken the other night, but Bo said store bought chickens don't bleed like that. She remembers that Shawn took the chicken innards over to the neighbor's dog and maybe he used the towel to clean up and then threw it away. Bo says that is a possibility and he will ask Shawn about it first thing in the morning. Hope says she feels better and wonders if it's the pills starting to kick in. She resolves not to keep any more spooky thoughts in her head and will make an appointment with Marlena. She's going to get well for him and the boys and no one, especially Larry Welch, will stop her… Meanwhile, Larry returns to his motel room with his own pill bottle. He is upset that Bo found the bloody towel instead of Hope. Holding and waving his gun around, he has another plan in mind. Bo can't blame the towel on him, after all, he's dead and a poor innocent ghost. Taking the pills out of the bag, he plans his next move. He says he has one more move before going to Step two and holding the pills, says "Hope honey, you're going down. Once you take these pills, you're never going to need a refill...You know what they say...what doesn't cure you...will kill you"…….moreless

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    Tracy Middendorf

    Tracy Middendorf

    Caroline Anna Brady (#2) (1992)

    Martha Smith

    Martha Smith

    Sandy Horton (#3) (1982)

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Danny Grant (#2) (1981-1985)

    Amy Yasbeck

    Amy Yasbeck

    Olivia Reed (1987)

    Clive Clerk

    Clive Clerk

    David Martin (#1) (1966-1967)

    Elaine Princi

    Elaine Princi

    Linda Patterson Anderson (#3) (1984-1985)

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Chloe Lane (1999-2003; recurring otherwise)

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      • Kate: Hello. [enters room with big bouquet of flowers]
        Tony: Oh! Well... to what do I owe this pleasant surprise?
        Kate: I heard about your accident, and I thought you could use the cheer-up.
        Tony: Oh! Why, thank you. It's the perfect antidote for the aroma of disinfectant.

      • Larry: Hope honey, you're going down. Once you take these pills, you're never going to need a refill… You know what they say... what doesn't cure you… will kill you.

      • Sami: Dad, all right, I'm sorry, okay? Look, I-I know that I'm annoying sometimes and that I can be a brat sometimes.
        Roman: Sometimes?

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