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Days of our Lives

Season 38 Episode 67

Ep. #9496

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 13, 2003 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Ep. #9496
PREVIEW: Larry hides underground while Roman closes in on him; Shawn takes out his anger on Mimi. SUMMARY: Larry continues to hide in the sewers and Hope is roused from her sleep by a cop; she panics and thinks he's there to arrest her for Colin's murder, but Bo runs up and explains that the police are there for her protection. He drops the bomb that Larry might be alive and Hope is distraught as Bo reveals that Larry may have been gas lighting her and making her believe that she killed Colin. This theory is confirmed when Roman calls Bo with news that the onyx part of a tuxedo stud was found on the Kiriakis terrace. Bo asks Hope if Larry was wearing a tux at the wedding; Hope says yes, but is unsure if it was real or imagined... Shawn's agitation continues to escalate and he yells at Mimi when she begs him to reconcile with Belle. He goes home and overhears Bo/Hope talking about Larry, thinking they are talking about him. He goes to pound the bag in the basement, but Bo comes down and stops him. Shawn goes back to the dorm and apologizes to Mimi, who's sure everything will work out all right, but Shawn isn't so sure... John and Marlena continue to spy around the DiMera compound and John finds a book on genetics and how to grow killer twins. In the meantime, Marlena has found baby things and is affected to think that the Twins might be hers. She and John go to bed after he sweeps the room for any bugs. Marlena falls asleep listening to the pounding surf and she's out like a light when John tries to apologize... Lexie chides Tony for trying to walk so soon after the accident, but he is determined to be on his feet again by the end of the day and she watches him make it all the way across the room. Bart tells Tony about the APB on Larry and Tony orders all his men to comb the city. Lexie is upset to hear Tony talk like Stefano and he tells her that he's going away on a trip to retrieve the mother of the Twins... Kate confides in Roman that her relationship with Stefano wasn't criminal, but she can't reveal anymore. Roman doesn't want the secret to come between them and is called away on police business...moreless

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    Tracy Middendorf

    Tracy Middendorf

    Caroline Anna Brady (#2) (1992)

    Martha Smith

    Martha Smith

    Sandy Horton (#3) (1982)

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Danny Grant (#2) (1981-1985)

    Amy Yasbeck

    Amy Yasbeck

    Olivia Reed (1987)

    Clive Clerk

    Clive Clerk

    David Martin (#1) (1966-1967)

    Elaine Princi

    Elaine Princi

    Linda Patterson Anderson (#3) (1984-1985)

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Chloe Lane (1999-2003; recurring otherwise)

    Recurring Role

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      • Bart: Boss, I put out the word. If that rat Welch is out there, our people will trap him - and their orders are to bring him to the big cheese. Rest assured, Sir, we are on his tail. Rat…trap…cheese…tail. Ha, ha, ha. It's Leno stuff, right?

      • Larry: I'll bet you're a nervous wreck right now, Shawn Brady. Wound up like a cheap clock. That's what you get for taking mama's little pills, bad boy. That's okay, because you're going to do something very stupid for me, aren't you? Yeah... something that will drive your mama right over the edge.

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