Days of our Lives

Season 38 Episode 70

Ep. #9499

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 18, 2003 on NBC
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Ep. #9499
PREVIEW: Tension increases between John and Marlena; Brandon asks Sami to move in with him and she accepts! SUMMARY: At the Green Mountain Lodge, Doug and Julie are in their room and Julie is in the other room putting Zack down to sleep and Doug, dressed in a tux, is on the phone and he orders candy, and roses for Julie. She comes out and she is dressed in a beautiful blue dress and tells Doug that Zack is asleep, poor little guy, he's coming down with a cold. The two of them discuss that they are glad that they are in the bridal suite, and they had plans to go out to celebrate, but since Zack is sick, they decide to stay in and have their own Valentines Day celebration. Julie tells Doug how much she loves him and how jealous her friends are of their marriage. She says their friend Roberta got Trivets for Valentines Day because her husband doesn't "get it" like Doug does. They happily recall other Valentines Day celebrations around the world they've celebrated. He tells her his favorite was in Salem in her apartment when he kissed her for the first time. She quickly tells him that wasn't Valentines Day, but he tells her that everyday with her is Valentines Day. The two of them go to kiss and suddenly Zack starts crying from the other room. Julie goes to check on him and when she comes back, she tells Doug that she rubbed his little back for about five seconds and he went back to sleep again. She says he dropped his favorite stuffed animal and that was what woke him up. Doug tells her that he remembers how devastated Hope was when she lost her Winnie the Pooh at that age. Julie listens, trying not to laugh. Doug sees that she's holding back and asks her why, and she tells him that Hope's Pooh had a "Hoover Accident" She explains that it's head got sucked in and burned up the vacuum cleaner as she demonstrates by a slash across the throat saying it got decapitated. Gran and Julie decided not to tell Doug because he is such a blabber and would have told Hope. They toast and go to kiss again and this time there is a knock on the door. Doug goes to answer it and it's room service with dinner for two, flowers and chocolates. She looks at him and he tells her it's for the most beautiful girl in the world. The two look very lovingly into each others eyes… Also at The Green Mountain Lodge (although at this point, no reference is made that that is where they are…) Brady and Chloe come inside, as they had just been skiing and are frozen. Brady offers to warm Chloe up and they cuddle with each other. She tells him she has a gift for him and she gives him a CD containing love songs she's singing for him. They begin dancing and kissing and make love. Later, they are cuddling in bed and the two of them recite a poem written by William Blake: To see a world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour The two start kissing again… Back in Salem, Sami and Brandon arrive at Tuscany for dinner, see the place is packed and Sami gives Brandon a hard time for not making reservations. Maggie approaches them and says she will try to find a table for them, and tells them to enjoy a drink on the house. They sit at the bar and Sami tells Brandon she will make sandwiches at Brandon's if they can't get in. Maggie returns, and whispers to them that she snagged a table for them. She seats them just as Mickey comes in with a bouquet of flowers and wishes Maggie a Happy Anniversary… Once Sami and Brandon are seated, Sami watches enviously as Mickey tells Maggie how much he loves her. He tells her he has arranged for her to have the night off. He escorts her to a reserved table and she sees that it is reserved for them. The two of them discuss the 25 years they have been together, while Sami watches, happily. Maggie and Mickey discuss the odds of Sami and Brandon staying together and she reminds him how so many people thought the same thing about them 25 years ago… Back at Sami and Brandon's table, Sami tells Brandon she is unsure why he brought her here? Perhaps to dump her? He tells her he chose it as because reminded him of their time in Italy. She tells him that she has a gift for him, but it isn't something you can find in a store. Brandon looks a little nervous as she pulls a plastic baggie out of her purse. She assures him that it is nothing illegal, as she tells him she's an Irish girl and it's a four leafed clover she got when she was a little girl. Feeling like she got luck out of the clover, she wanted to give it to him for good luck, too. She then tells him he's the man she's been waiting her whole life for. He kisses her and thanks her. He then tells her that he has all the luck he needs… A little later, they have finished their dinner and Brandon tells her he hopes she saved room for dessert. She tells him she is full, but Maggie comes by and Brandon tells him that they will have the "special" for dessert. Sami is confused because she saw Brandon and Maggie sort of "signal" each other when he ordered that. Turns out the "special" for dessert is a bowl of candy conversation hearts. Sami is confused, "this is the special?" Since she has just stated that she was full, she just politely nibbles on one of them. Brandon stops her mid-way and tells her she has to read the hearts. She is still confused and she picks one up, "be mine". She eats in and picks up the next one, "be mine". She wonders if they all say "be mine"? Brandon challenges her to find one that doesn't say "be mine" and she starts picking through the bowl, but they all say "be mine". She keeps digging and she finds a key in the middle of the hearts…!!! She looks confused, but Brandon asks her to move in with him! Once past the shock, Sami jumps up and lands on Brandon's lap, saying "YES!!" Maggie and Mickey watch from their table, and she tells him that she helped Brandon when he came by earlier. Mickey comments that Sami and Brandon would be living in sin, but Maggie tells him it's 2003 and not the dark ages. She tells him that she knows Roman will be OK with it and Maggie stands up and starts an applause. Sami then realizes and it completely embarrassed and quickly returns to her seat. She tells him she is excited and how she will cook and clean for him and that she hopes he won't regret the decision… On the DiMeria Island, John strokes Marlena's face as she is sleeping and he tries to wake her up as we hear a mans muffled voice telling her to sleep. She finally wakes up and she sees that John has decorated the room with candles. John tells her Happy Valentines Day. He tells her he wants to fix them some dinner and he has brought some filet mignon steaks for them. She wonders how? But he tells her that it is the miracle of dry ice. The two talk and they begin to make love. Later, John offers to start dinner. He has a small bottle of champagne and they toast each other. He then gives her a beautiful Valentines Day card. She then reminds him why they're there – to get to the truth. He hands her some pictures, she looks at them – one of Eric and Sami and one of Belle and Brady. She looks at them and John tells her that if it turns out that Cassie and Rex are her children too, that it will be an incredible gift to them. She hugs him in appreciation. John holds her tight, promising to get at the truth. He tells her he does want to find the truth and face it together. Later he has grilled their filets over the fire and the two start kissing again. Suddenly, they hear a noise in the other room. Marlena freaks out and John tells her they are not alone…moreless

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    Tracy Middendorf

    Tracy Middendorf

    Caroline Anna Brady (#2) (1992)

    Martha Smith

    Martha Smith

    Sandy Horton (#3) (1982)

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Danny Grant (#2) (1981-1985)

    Amy Yasbeck

    Amy Yasbeck

    Olivia Reed (1987)

    Clive Clerk

    Clive Clerk

    David Martin (#1) (1966-1967)

    Elaine Princi

    Elaine Princi

    Linda Patterson Anderson (#3) (1984-1985)

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Chloe Lane (1999-2003; recurring otherwise)

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      • Brady: "To see the world in a grain of sand... and heaven in a wildflower." Oh, man, I forgot the rest of the poem. How's it go?
        Chloe: "Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." Is that what we just did?
        Brady: Yes. Do you want to do it again?
        Chloe: Fine by me.

      • Chloe: Ha, ha, ha, ha! I love all the flowers. You know what? You've thought of everything.
        Brady: Well, you know, after camping with you in North Dakota, feeding you canned succotash in a cabin in Colorado, I just needed to show you my worldly sophistication… and my drop-dead charm.
        Chloe: Hmm, not to mention your modesty.

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