Days of our Lives

Season 38 Episode 76

Ep. #9505

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 26, 2003 on NBC
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Ep. #9505
PREVIEW Chloe and Brady return home as Nancy goes into labor; Brandon and Sami's plans to move in together change. SUMMARY At Brandon's loft, Sami is knocking on the door and Brandon opens the door and can see she is worried. He asks her where Will is and her stuff is? She tells him that her moving in isn't going to work. She then hands Brandon back his key. He wonders what is wrong? Sami says Will didn't take the news too well and he refuses to move, and is accusing her of trying to take him away from his father again. Brandon just stands there as Sami explains but then he turns around and walks out. Sami wonders what he is doing when he returns with a suitcase. He tells her that if she can't move in with him, then he will move in with her! Sami is flattered and kisses Brandon. She tells him that he is the love she has waited her whole life to find. The two pack and he says he will get the rest of his stuff later and they head off to Sami's apartment… Meanwhile, at Green Mountain lodge, Chloe wakes up and Brady is still sleeping and she heads into the bathroom. She looks in the mirror and sees that she is having another nosebleed. Brady wakes up and hears Chloe sniffling and he heads to find her to see what is wrong, and worries when he finds her tending to a nose bleed. He doesn't say anything and walks away back out to the room. He waits a minute and calls to her and she says she will be out in a minute. When Chloe returns, she pretends everything is fine. Brady orders breakfast, and Chloe looks at the paper, and then says they have to go home right now. He wonders why and they see the headline about Shawn's arrest. As they prepare to go home, Brady tells Chloe that he knows about her nose bleed. Chloe agrees to talk to Craig about it, and she tells Brady that she's not afraid anymore - because of him. Brady remembers that Belle is in Paris and doesn't know about this, and thinks he should be the one to tell her. He calls her in Paris, but gets no answer. Brady continues to comfort Chloe, and she says she has so much to live for, especially him. Chloe tells Brady that he is her life. The two leave and when they arrive at the Wesley house, Chloe realizes something must have happened because Nancy's hospital suitcase is missing. Chloe is trying to call the hospital just as Craig calls her cell phone and tells her that Nancy is in labor… Back at the DiMera compound, John and Marlena wake up. John is going for a run. Marlena tells him that she wants to talk, but he says when he gets back. John refuses to believe Marlena is Cassie and Rex's mother because there is no solid proof. Marlena says that she knows she is their mother, and that Tony may be their father. John says he has to go for a run and leaves. Marlena then goes to Tony's room to talk with him. They talk about the twins, and how children can create bonds between parents, even if the parents were separated from their children for years. Marlena talks about her situation with Roman and Sami and Eric. Tony says their situation is much different from her and Roman. Marlena says if they are the twin's parents then they will work together to raise them. But she also tells him that she has doubts that he is their father. Marlena refuses to put strain on her marriage when they don't know if he is the twins father or not. Tony says there may a way to get information, and he calls Rolf on a web-phone. As he is talking, Tony shows Marlena the phone and asks her if she recognizes Rolf, and she does! Meanwhile, John returns to the room and sees that Marlena isn't there. He wonders what Tony is up to now. He heads out and over to Tony's room, where he finds Marlena. He wonders what she is doing in Tony's bedroom. Marlena then identifies Rolf as the man who delivered the twins. Tony claims he is calling about the twins, and he wants to know if he is their father. Rolf just tells him that he can't say. Tony asks if he ever took samples from his body? John wants to talk to him, but Tony stops him, but Rolf heard the rustling in the background and asks where he is, and who is with him? Tony tells him that he, John, and Marlena are at the compound, and that Marlena remembers giving birth to the twins and that he delivered them. Rolf then tells Tony that he did take a sample from Tony, but they are playing a dangerous game. John is furious, but Tony is now certain more than ever that he is the twin's father. Marlena is ready to accept that Tony is the father, and that he was manipulated by Stefano just as they all were. John asks about this doctor, and Tony says he was his father's right-hand man, but he will get answers from him about the twins. John still believes the twins are dangerous, but Tony says they are good kids. Marlena says they are her children, and she will love them if they will have anything to do with her. Tony says they will explain everything to the twins, but John snaps that he and Marlena will tell them. Tony says he is their father, so John should back off, but John refuses. Marlena asks Tony for a minute with John. Tony goes to the hallway, but he listens at the door and John and Marlena talk about their future and the twins. John tells Marlena that he won't let anything separate them, and that he will try and love the twins and accept Tony as a part of their life because he loves her. Marlena thanks John for his support. Tony comes back in and he tells them that he hopes they can all work together for the twin's sake. He says that he wants to be a wonderful father to them. John and Marlena say they are headed back to Salem, and Tony says he will return as well. They decide that they will tell the twins together. Once John and Marlena are gone, Tony vows to himself, that he will begin to plan his "life" with Marlena… Back in Salem, at the DiMera mansion, Cassie and Rex are visiting from the dorms because everyone has been asking them Shawn. Cassie thinks it is all over now, but Rex wonders if she is worried it is over for Shawn, or for her. They end up in a huge argument about Shawn and Belle. Rex sings Belle's praises and it's obvious that Cassie is annoyed. Rex says Belle is honest, and that Shawn isn't. He says they don't know as much about Shawn as they thought they did, and now everyone is turning on them. Rex decides to do some legal research on what might happen to Shawn, and Rex and Cassie get to work trying to help Shawn. As they are doing this, they begin to question everyone who is in their lives, including Tony. Rex suggests that they search the house to try to find information on Tony. They walk around the house and they find the secret room. There, they come across Rolf, AKA Professor Putnam to them. They wonder what he is doing there. He says he is there at Count DiMera's request. He covers and tells them that he is doing research for him. When they question him, he says he can't say what the research is, and asks them to keep this secret for him. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, Rolf leaves, and the twins look around the secret room. Rex tries to break into Tony's computer, but is unable to…moreless

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    Tracy Middendorf

    Tracy Middendorf

    Caroline Anna Brady (#2) (1992)

    Martha Smith

    Martha Smith

    Sandy Horton (#3) (1982)

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Roger Aaron Brown

    Danny Grant (#2) (1981-1985)

    Amy Yasbeck

    Amy Yasbeck

    Olivia Reed (1987)

    Clive Clerk

    Clive Clerk

    David Martin (#1) (1966-1967)

    Elaine Princi

    Elaine Princi

    Linda Patterson Anderson (#3) (1984-1985)

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Nadia Bjorlin

    Chloe Lane (1999-2003; recurring otherwise)

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      • Chloe: Oh, Brady, I have so much to live for -- my mother and my father, my baby sister on the way. So many things that I could have ever hoped for or wanted, and so much more.
        Brady: Hey, what about me?
        Chloe: You are not a reason for my life to go on. You are my life.

      • Sami: No. It's Will. He freaked out when I told him. I did everything I could to convince him that -- that it wouldn't change anything, that he would still see his dad on the same schedule. I'd just be driving him to the apartment. And it just made him more upset, and he accused me of trying to keep him away from his father like I did before. This is all Lucas's fault. Ever since he came out of coma-land, he's made my life miserable. And I just can't stand the fact that Will has that creep for a father. Brandon, please try to understand that I'm -- I'm just so torn.

      • Marlena: Oh. Code red.
        Tony: Beg your pardon?
        Marlena: Oh, it's an expression that Roman or I would use when we were discussing a problem with one of the children. It sort of means "we got trouble. We got big trouble."
        Tony: Code red. Hmm. I must remember that. So you think we're going to have big problems, do you?

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