Days of our Lives

Season 39 Episode 194

Ep. #9876

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Aug 13, 2004 on NBC

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  • Jennifer was delirious and in labor thinking that Patrick was Jack. Mimi believed that she may have uterine cancer. Nicole continued to seduce Brady. Kate and John succumbed to their feelings of despair and took comfort in each other.

    Not too good, this one... The part where Rex tells Mimi about the plans he has for their future and she starts to cry beccause she believes she has cancer, was quite touching. But the part where John and Kate seek comfort in each others arms, well, I thought it was quite disappointing. There has been tension building between the two of them, which I liked, since I don\'t care much for Marlena and -sorry fans!- definitely don\'t like the character of Roman Brady. So a romance between John and -one of my favorites- Kate was welcomed by yours truly. Unfortunately, when they finally arrive at the point where they actually kiss eachother, it immediately becomes quite \'sexual\'. They\'re on the rooftop of the Basic Black building, we have a thunderstorm, rain pouring down on the two, John takes of his shirt (WHY????) and passionately kisses Kate, meanwhile taking off part of her erm... can\'t remember what it was, a dress or a blouse. Anyway, I thought it was somewhat inappropriate. One minute, they\'re pining away over their loved ones, the next they\'re all over one another. Hello?? Passion is a wonderful thing, and the passion between the two is obvious, it fits the characters. But I would\'ve liked it better if they took it more in a \'one step at a time\' kinda way. Would\'ve made more sense to me. And then there was this moment, I assume it was at the same time in the jungle on the island where Roman and Marlena et al. are captives, when Marlena suddenly starts kissing Roman as well! Sorry, but to me that was ridiculous. All in all, not one of my fav. episodes.

    The one thing I truly liked about this episode is the part where Brady and Nicole were goofing around in the pool and her top comes off. That was quite funny. They\'re a nice couple, I don\'t care much for Chloe coming back to Salem. I like Nicole. She a bit of bad chick, but I have a weak spot for her. Hey, the girl\'s had a rough life! She deserves a nice guy -for a change!
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