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  • So stupid!


    Inplanting discs, stealing babies and Kristen! Shes old enough to be Brady's mother and her pregnancy must have been during menopause. Sick story lines, used to be a good show. New writers????

  • days in my life being aggravated?

    Ugh! We have to watch Abigail go through her psycho thing again? So boring! And to watch the other Sexomaniac Gabi with another husband double again, so stupid! Can the writer's not come up with something new?

    They're doing the stupid baby swap again. What is wrong with the doctors. Get rid of Gina - so pathetic to watch! 3/4/20

    What the heck!! It's too terrible to watch now! No head or tails of what is going on!! Confusing and boring!! 22/12/19

    Going from sublime to ridiculous!! Hope's acting is really boring already. Please get rid of Gaga Gabi. I don't want to watch any more of her stupid revenge madness. Enough of stupid Jordan as well! 10/25

    Hopefully we will see less of Gabi now that Stefan is dead. She, Jordan, Sarah, Hope and Jennifer are still boring and annoying to watch

    Oh boo (freaking) hoo. Claire is still going to get away with her pathetic antics. Put her in an asylum!! (So we don't have to watch her 'Oh why me' whining). I agree, Nicole/Kristin is ridiculous! How do you duplicate a voice? 7/3/19

    Way to go making "Dumb and Dumber" be in control of the town. Even more boring to have to watch their stupidity! 5/22

    I don't want to watch more of Stefan and Gabi on each other like dogs on heat. Not interesting. 5/6/19

    Sickening to watch Gabi and Stefan. How low can a woman go? Her antics makes her just more disgusting. Hope and Ted - disgusting. Eric and Sarah - yuck. Claire even more disgusting. 4/30

    Enough of bug-eyed Claire and her stupid antics. So sick of watching her. Not that I'm watching - just zoning her voice and bug-eyed face out. Get rid of her!! 4/9/19

    Please get rid of Claire!! Pathetic to watch. 2/28

    Seriously, bringing Jordan back, another boring actress by making her a psycho? Eve and Claire are still annoying. Is there some sort of magnectic attraction in Salem that is attracting all the weirdos, nutcases and criminals? Just seems to be the theme to me throughout the years. 2/8/19

    Sarah is such a bad actress (even on Bold and the Beautiful). When she gets hysterical - she is way annoying to watch. Please get RID of Leo!! 1/17.19

    Bringing back the dead AGAIN? That is so lame - and Leo is still very annoying!! Getting real boring, especially with Gabi Hernandez as well, and Hope's acting is really pathetic lately. Get rid of Claire!! The original Abigail - still boring!! 11/27

    Seriously, who writes these stupid story lines? Eric taking his sweet time kissing Nicole, while Zander would have been long gone. Eric takes his sweet time listening to the WHOLE recording instead of checking to make sure it's the one, and vamoosing. Nicole shouting her head off in an enemy's den! Really stupid! Gabi and Claire really getting annoying to watch! 10/19/18

    Can the stupid story line of Gabi getting revenge finish off?! She is so annoying!! 10/5/18

    Gabi is a real nasty piece of work. Never did like her acting! How in the world can one just change the results of the paternity test? That paper would have been computerized. How in the world can Gabi change that? Makes no sense to me! Theresa is still terrible to watch! 7/17

    Oh come on! Chad is hitting Stefan and he lies there like a lump of coal? Though he deserves it!! Chad should just kick AbJay's ass out as well!! 4/25/18

    There goes AbJay again! Going for another man! Nothing new!! Sort of sickening to watch! 4/9

    Abigail now turned Gabi?! What a laugh!! A good excuse for AbJay (can't live without a man) to be Gabi in her mental state for wanting Stefan!! 2/28/18

    Don't mind the very first Will coming back, BUT Eve!? Can't stand her acting. 12/8/17

    Thank goodness they got rid of Angelica ... now for the other two idiotic doubles. So ridiculous!! 8/28

    A plane crash and they are ALL oh so fine!! Stupid really!! 06/05/17

    OMG!!! The scene between Gabby and Chad when locked up is SO PATHETIC!! Why is everyone always sleeping around? Do they have no sense of commitment and faithfulness? So sickening to watch - 2/23

    Ughhh - hopefully we will see less of Jade - she's so annoying! After Chloe being pregnant, now it's Jade? What's with Salem's water?!! 12/06

    Jen's already pathetic and making her an addict is just making it worse for watching! She's becoming melodramatic like Julie - who is just as irritating!! 08/05

    AbJay in a fire - but her nose and lips are fine?! Utterly ridiculous! We don't want to watch more of Abjay's pathetic acting ! PLEASE, enough of stupid Andre!! Hope back with Aiden - still boring! 6/17

    Ugghh!! Just when we have a break on watching Jennifer with her pill popping - how much longer do we have to suffer watching Abjay's neurotic histrionics? It's getting on my nerves even listening to it! (I'm not watching it). 2/29

    Come on! Ciara being raped and she just lays there like an idiot? That's not even her! She's normally overly brattish and loud mouthed and tells you straight out. Now she's all helpless and useless?!! 3/5

    Seriously? A whole building falling on Tony Demira and he is able to get out - not badly hurt? Belle, Joey and Ava are annoying. They have a thing with young guys going for older women? Off putting to watch!! Really? Ava forcing Steve to have sex with her? Just slap the hell out of her. 01/25

    Someone please get rid of pathetic nympho "cannot live without a man" AbJay!! Really cannot stomach any more of watching her! 12/01

    Gabi pregnant, AbJay pregnant, Theresa pregnant, and now Chloe? Haven't they heard of contraceptives? They have AbJay being pregnant from EJ now with Chad? Who's next? Going through the family, how about Stephano? Lol - and why not? They have JJ and Eve doing it. Might be quite funny and disgusting to watch AbJay and Stephano going at it. Might make my day!! I bet the writers will have Clyde go and alter the Dna results, blah, blah, etc. 7/23

    As usual, like before when their lives are in danger - Nicole and Eric are blabbing away instead of trying to look for another way out?? Really stupid!! 06/19

    Such a stupid story line! Don't tell me two strong men cannot even push Marlena out of the window!?

    Stupid Clyde Weston back from the dead!! Thought it too good to be true that he stayed dead. Can't stand him, thought I had seen the last of him. Some more JJ and Eve - ewwww, how much more can a person take watching it!! Ugghh!! 02/15

    Come on!! JJ and Eve?! EEWW!! Barrrfff!! Will Horton (new one) is bad enough, Jordan walks around with a stupid frown/squint on her face like she cannot see. 11/06

    Yesterday's episode was one big joke! C'mon? Seriously, would Stefano even marry someone like that? What with all those floozies hanging around him looking nothing like his so called "wife"!? That stupid tone and fake talking is one big joke! 9/30

    ENOUGH already of stupid Theresa! Can we be DONE with her already!! She's an annoying and terrible actress! 7/7

    REALLY!? They have Nick shot and they showed him eyes wide staring obviously dead. Then they have him staggering into the square? I hope he STAYS DEAD this time! Hope they're not going to drag out the story about his death and all the stupid sobbing and screaming from Julie. I'm so sick of seeing Nick and hearing the name!! Please no dragged out flashbacks of Nick as well ... enough is enough!! 5/02

    Why the heck is Nick back on the scene?! I REALLY cannot stand his acting! I am already gritting my teeth watching Theresa and EJ and SEX-STARVED HOME WRECKER Nympho-Abigail. The writers make Abigail a holier than thou and honest to goodness girl and then they make her do something like this? Which is it? AARGH!! 2/3/14

    EJ and Abigail!? EWW!! More love scenes between Abs and EJ is seriously putting me off watching any further.
  • Days of Our Lives

    I swear to God I've been watching this program since it started. This is the first time that I've gotten so fed up with the storylines that they are ridiculous and I'm about to shut it down. Stop bringing everybody back from the dead for God's sake! Last resort was Daniel coming back today for Pete's sake! And Nicole even contemplating going back with him! If I Didn't Know Better I think I was watching Jerry Springer Show. The writers are horrible they need to be gone!! What an embarrassment to be an actor on there and have to go there. I have been watching this program since the first day. NEVER have I felt so bad for the actors!!

    WOW! Well you got me on this one! Today's episode was a April Fool's joke! I thought everyone had lost their mind. Although the storyline previously has been getting ridiculous by bringing people back from the dead. I still think its going down the wrong track! Hope the writers can use something different and use more of their imagination.
  • Just kill it!

    Can't believe how stupid this whole thing has become. Using old dead plot lines and bringing everyone back from the dead. Just end it all now.

    I'm so tired of Days story line. It's so stupid. Are they ever gonna stop raising people from the rid of dr ralph .... the eric and nicole story line can't find one story line that's believable. Ig days can't get any better it should get off the air
  • Boring

    I'm so sick of the entire storyline. It's so boring! Who cares about Princess Gina , Stephano and The Queen of the night! So unrealistic. ! And there goes Nicole lying and keeping secrets from depressing Eric again. Can't we just have regular everyday life and drama? Baby switching again? What's happening? I don't even want to watch It anymore. I fast forward through half of It.
  • Story line is pathetic

    Ive watched DOOL since my early teens and Im 68 now so thats the whole time Days has been on TV. This year ahead stuff is like watching cartoon characters. Is this how thee show wants to be remembered or did that show end when this cartoon stuff showed up?
  • The repeat storyline so predictable!

    I've been watching DOOL since I was a kid! I'm extremely disappointed with the predictable story lines! How many times is the baby swap story going to be repeated? I just told my husband that I can no longer watch DOOL! I fast forward through most of it so it really isn't worth watching anymore

    Today is the last day I will ever watch DOOL! All of the actresses are hard to look at. Claire's eyes are freaky, and she's always yelling at someone. The Claire storyline is gross, and her acting is gross. All of the female actors are hard to look at. Horrible that Zander is back. He's hard to look at too! Those huge muscles in his upper arm are horrible, and he has boobs! The male actors (except for Zander) are very acceptable. But I can't follow the crazy story and watch the actresses anymore!
  • Where to watch

    Since government will be on NBC where can DOL be watched?
  • Horrible idea, hobbible story line

    After 50 years I'm finding myself deleting halfway though. I hate this jumping a year ahead. Its horrible. This princess Gina storyline is stupid, Steve resurrected as Stephano, boring boring and unbelievable. Also boring the Lexie/Gabi feud, Kristin is an awful character, and Brady continues to be stupid about women.

    Are the writers deliberately writing to end the show by driving watchers away so they can justify it?

    Worse worst writing and script in 30 years - only comparable when Marlena was possessed by the devil and floated off the bed. Come on!
  • Days of our lives

    Won't watch anymore after 55 years of being a fan. The one year later shit is for the birds. Worst idea ever. Writers need to be fired
  • Could this be another shot JR kinda story line?

    I am beginning to believe, more and more with each this whole jump ahead a year is one LONG dream! I am leaning towards it being Jen, seeing as tho she was in a coma when this all started. I would rather it be Stefan, I liked his character and enjoyed him and Gabi as a couple! I sure hope it is all a dream , otherwise I find this whole thing silly and should be ended ASAP!
  • Plot Bomb

    From a creative point of view, I don't hate the jump in time. From a viewer's point of view, one who sometimes struggles to keep up with the abrupt changes to the normal storyline, this change is completely jarring and unsettling. 1. too many deaths 2. Blick to Kayla and Justin being together. I get him running to another woman only 6 months after his supposed beloved wife's death, cuz well he's a philandering jerk, but Lord, Kayla has never been painted as so desperate. Although it is nice to see her out of that hospital constantly looking pained as she gives everyone bad news. That was exhausting. 3. Poor JJ. He needs a spa week. 4. Even more sympathy to Will. Why do the writers keep torturing this lovely character who is portrayed by an amazing actor? I'll continue to watch it because I'm curious how long it will take DOOL to remedy all the negative viewer feedback and make the whole mess just a long, bad dream by Jennifer as she was in a two week coma. Now there is a storyline, DOOL writers!
  • WTH were the writers thinking!!!!

    I have watched Days since I was a kid. I have always loved it! But this year time jump, actors acting completely different, boring story lines, and bringing back characters from 20 or 30 years horrible!! I mean Princess Gina, with an accent every other scene, and Steve as Stephano, got serious!

    I find it harder and harder to watch this each day, and that's really sad to me because I have grown up with this show. It seems like the writers were trying to get cancelled with this horrible mess!

    If the soap gets picked back up i sincerely hope they leave the past in the past and come up with fresher story lines. Leave Princess Gina, Stephano, and anyone else from decades ago alone and move on. So sad really
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  • One Year Later

    I have watched DOOL since 1964 and it is so bad now, I have stopped watching. How can anyone even follow this? And even if it's all 'a dream (probably Jennifer's)' one is supposed to ignore this interim plot? Terrible decision to do this.

    This has gone too far. Not watching this crappy one year later stuff. Writers should be fired. They have ruined this show with this new stuff. The actors don't even act like themselves now. I hate the plots and the situations do not make sense. Tired of Ben getting blamed for every crime in town. tired of the living dead too. Stephan is dead in real life and is probably rolling in his grave that you idiots are trying to bring him back. NOONE could play him but him so do not bring some fake one back. I am done. have watched this since I was a kid but not this crap.
  • This is ridiculous!

    No wonder the show is losing viewers. The storyline is stupid! Fans who have watched for years must be totally disappointed!
  • About to be done

    Been watching over 30 years and now that you skipped over a year... Its really confusing me... First they laid all the cast off... The writers are destroying the show.... Not excited to watch anymore... Disappointed...
  • WTH.. did the Writers loose their Collective Minds

    This "Thing" That is going on with a year hump Forward is SOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!

    and Kristina's acting as Hope/Princess Gina is ASSININEly BAD

    Are the writers on strike or something and 3rd graders are filling in????


    I have been a Fan since the DAY it came on the air ... Julie shoplifting ... I Am Done .. Great move DOOL

    You just Lost a LOOOOOOONG Time Fan.
  • Awful

    I've been watching DOOL since it was first On TV. This time hop is horrendous. Absolutely stupid. Is there new writers or did the well go dry for story lines. I've been a faithful viewer but I may turn the channel.
  • Leaving now

    This whole skip ahead storyline, in addition to being ridiculous, strikes me as the writers being too lazy to keep to the story so they just drop the current story and jump ahead a year. Unless something drastic happens, I'm done
  • Days is Getting Ridiculous

    The current storylines are really ridiculous. I realize it's a soap and no one can ever be happy for long, but c'mon! Do they have to make the characters so stupid as well? First, that moron Brady. He's supposed to be CEO of this giant corporation, but he's so stupid and pathetic that he allows a vicious criminal to manipulate him like an idiot. Then there's Lani. She's a police officer, but she does nothing when Gabi tells her about her plan for revenge. How about grabbing Gabi's phone and taking her into custody? I could go on and on. I've been watching for almost 30 years. Record it every day. But I think I'm done.
  • Upset Fan

    I can't believe what I saw on Thursday or Friday episode. Why did you have Loni on her knees begging Gabi for her husband's heart? That was so awful.

    African American are unjustly characterized in real life and then you portray (be little) them on your soap opera. No more Days for me. Do the writer live what you show on

  • Nicole & Kristen Joke

    By putting on the mask head Kristen puts on to look like Nicole give me a break what about Nicoles body she is gorgeous,,,The little skinny runt looks like a joke. Just look at the 2 together????? Get some one better than the person who is supposed to be further more the story line masks and coming back from the dead is this real or animated??????
  • Kristen as Nicole??

    How stupid is this?? I've been watching DOOL for decades and it's becoming really bad now.... Kristen needs to go away and stop bugging Brady... Stop bringing back Kristen, Nicole, Eve and Jack..... You need new characters!
  • Stop watching DOL if you don't change

    I have to watch the evil Democrats daily so I will not watch Eve and Jack doing more evil. Trump has not done anything but be good for America .Get the two out of that office and I will watch again . Sick of seeing people lie about stuff and be in office. 3e
  • Tired of the politics

    I'm completely done with Days! I can't believe you are being political. We hear and see enough of this on the news outlets everywhere. Making Jack a "Trump" and mocking his supporters with your stupid mega hats! Embarrassing to watch! Goodbye DOL!
  • Stop bringing politics into the show

    I have watched this show close to 40 years now and it's going completely down the drain. I can't stand the writers these days and they obviously don't know their politics out of the show!!!! Stop shoving crap down our throats. Use some common sense, learn your audience before you lose all of won't give you much time to turn this around or I'm out!! I won't watch this trash if it continues....
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