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  • Chad the Imposter

    BRING BACK CASEY DEIDRICK!!! This new actor looks too much like the character Nick Fallon. I love the show, but this new actor is a TERRIBLE portrayal of Chad Dimera.

    I am glad Kristen is back, but I want to see her put Theresa in her place. I do hope Brady wises up and figures her out. I think they have had him playing stupid for way too long. I like Aiden and Hope, I always liked her with Bo, great couple, but he is not coming back so time to stop dragging this one out. Eric and Nicole should be together, he really does not hate her. I absolutely love Maxine, wish they would give her and Abe a romance. I love Daniel and Jennifer together, when they are together. Please for the love of humanity quit coming up with ways to break them up! This last one was just crazy. They are not boring, when they are together. Bring back the Daniel and Jennifer from the beginning, like after he did her heart transplant, their first date, the picnic scenes, playing darts and pool, the romantic dinners. I think they should get married and Jennifer get pregnant, it would be so funny and interesting to see how they would blend their families. I have always liked Doug and Julie, so glad they are still on the show. John and Marlana, always one of my favorites, I hope after he recovers they do not have John disappear again. I like Melanie, hope she can talk some sense into Daniel and Jennifer. The new Chad, he plays a jerk real well. I will miss . and Sami and since they are leaving how a bout a good storyline with Lucas and someone, like bring Sheryl back. I have always liked his character so give him some more air time. .
  • annoying music

    I don't like the music getting played the whole show it makes me mad every once in the romantic scenes it's ok but not the whole show
  • How boring is this!!!

    I was hoping when they said Kristen was coming back things would pick up but NOT!!!!! We need exciting story lines so you can't wait to watch tomorrow!! or are those days gone with the days of our lives?? Been watching for years might have to check out general hospital I hear they have new writers???

    9/18/14 After 40 some years of watching days of our lives I'M DONE!! Not only BORING BUT watching 2 guys in a shower is ENOUGH for me!!! Good Bye DOOL
  • Where to begin

    Really so all of a sudden EJ's comment about soap opera fans being" idiots" has disappeared, poof gone

    Days you have really gone down hill. do not like the present Will at all have to just not watch when he is on and the whole other boring story line of Jordan Ridgeway and her family. YAWN SO BORING

    I find myself more agitated than entertained lately. Been a days fan forever... all good things must come to an end.

  • This show sucks

    It's so stupid it is a waste of time cancel the show
  • vile language

    Lately in this show (and who know how many others) women are called "bitches" mostly by men. Since when is this all right?
  • This is what you do to revive Bo and Hope

    Have you ever gone to you tube and re-watched the 1980's story line of Bo and Hope? A little corny but that's what we love about soaps. Bring Bo back and write an updated version of a similar story line. The heart break, love torn, jealous emotions of two people kept apart by circumstances beyond their control. Bo and Hope are older now, but aren't we all?
  • Eve worst actress ever

    Eve is the worst actress that Days has ever had and this includes the children. Get rid of her. There does not need to be another villain.

    Jennifer is incredibly boring and that sad expression and whiny voice is just too much to take. And she often says "oh my goodness" and sounds like a little girl. Really boring personality and acting. And Daniel is not what I'd call good-looking. He sure doesn't look like a Dr. He looks like he needs a shower and a shave. I wish both would be replaced with better, more attractive actors; I'd sure enjoy the story a lot more!
  • Philip and Melanie

    what ever happened to Philip and Melanie ?? I think Gabby should confess all that she did to them now that she is going to prison always liked Mel.....
  • Eric and Nichole

    They need to be together he should be put back with her him finding out is crazy this show used to be my favorite and have watched it since I could remember and everything is so crazy I hate the ordeal with Brady and Theresa hope should be with the lawyer and chloey needs to come back put her with Brady
  • Bo and Hope

    You need to bring Bo back and reunite him and Hope. You need some integrity in your show. This supercouple was what made your show. They have so much chemistry together and they deserve to be together. They have been through so much and when I think of DOOL, they are what comes to mind. Put a little class back in your show. All anybody wants is to believe that a fairy tale can come true and we believed it with Bo and Hope. Please, for your fans and your show!
  • sammy n ej fight

    It was epic!!!! I love them together they just show so much passion even if its love heartbreak hate revenge wateva they throw themselves n wholeheartedly. I wish they wuld just get married they fit so perfectly together. Great actors those two n still rooting for them. This is not Beef. I fogot my friend was logged nto fb on my phone. I am a girl lol well disappointed it was all imagined but happy she aint kill abby lol
  • a beautiful wedding

    I thought Will and Sonny's wedding last week was beautiful! The show did a great job. Caroline Brady's speech was incredible. I've watched the show off and on since 1970, and started watching it regularly a couple years ago when Will's story first started. I know some people don't care for their story, but not everyone looks at gay relationships as a moral issue. For many it's a civil rights issue. Gay people can be every bit as "moral" as anyone else. The PDA they show if pretty tame compared to what we see with EJ and Sami jumping on each other every 10 minutes. Those two guys make a nice couple.
  • the demise of Sami

    I must say, I have not watched in nearly 2 months, until yesterday, and not surprisingly, the same storylines are still ongoing!!! However, I cannot wait until Sami finds out about EJ & Abigail come, at this rate, Thanksgiving, hopefully! Sami is beyond annoying, always in everyone's business!! & she acts so uppity!! Fudge up her perfect life Days!!! I also agree with the comments on Kate's hair!! & Jennifer looks soooo old!! She needs a new makeup artist who can better conceal her wrinkles!!! Can't wait to see Gabi gone! And WTF is Jordan's secret already! It better be good because she lost my interest back in September!! Please kill Nick again, for good this time!! Bring Chloe back, if you're trying to put Aiden & Hope together, they have ZERO chemistry!!! PS, Marlena acts like she's the one needing a shrink!! Anyone else think she acts spacey, or off?? These are my two cents until I tune in, probably next month and it will probably be the same storyline. Oh yeah, Sonny & Will, I don't have a problem there, but do they gotta show so much PDA??? That's thee most PDA I've ever seen of any Day's couple. Tone it down a bit!! We get it, they're gay! Carry on!!!
  • Can't stand it!

    New Will absolutely sucks! I tried to give him a chance, but Guy Wilson really makes me wanna hurl. Poor acting, constant sniffling, face always down, back Chandler!
  • DOOL going downhill

    Dool needs new writers. They insult our intelligence! If the only storyline they can come up for Jennifer and Daniel is to have someone constantly trying to break them up then split them up and with it. First it was Nicole, Chloe, JJ and now psycho Liam. Did I leave out anyone? Downright boring. Jennifer's goody two shoes attitude is boring as well. Abigail and EJ just plain icky!!. Clueless Gabi and lunatic rid of them. Sami and EJ giggling are acting like a couple of horny teenagers. Brady and Teresa? Thats the best they can do? Ciara Brady is a complete brat while Hope coddles find myself fast forwarding more and every episode. Pretty soon going to quit watching altogether!
  • Painful to Watch

    Why do so many people in Hollywood feel that the gay community should be respected and yet they don't respect the moral majority who want to support family values? We have our rights too, and I for one am tired of being forced to watch gay sex instead of interesting, intelligent story lines. You don't have to show what's going on behind the bedroom door for gays or straights. I'm not a prude; I just prefer classy romance to sleazy sex ~ no matter who it is.

    I have watched DOOL for many years right from its beginning, although it's been off and on when I couldn't deal with the poor writing and pathetic story lines for characters I once loved. These mixed in with lingering assaults on our minds and senses from some poor quality acting that drones on and on is more than I can take. PLEASE give us some writers who will inspire and endear us to well-written and well-acted characters again.
  • Losing interest after 45 years since show started

    Love all the old actors and some of the new but this homosexual lifestyle does not need to be shown with the hugging, kissing etc. Keep that out or I'm going to give up watching. Totally not necessary.
  • Nicole and Eric

    The actors are great, but some of the characters are not allowed to evolve. Why can Nicole never find happiness???!! Eric can be a priest AND marry Nicole - ever hear of Protestant faiths? Catholic priests have been known to convert when they fall on love, and why did the writers have to write nicole backsliding to her old ways and destroy the information she found??? Give her and I a break. I want to see her happy and to grow in a positive way. Please??!!!
  • never ending torture

    need some new writers? call me! your story lines are insulting. we used to love your show,now we watch twice a week if we can stomach it. nick is sickening, he needs to go! Jennifer is 50 years old and needs some conditioner and bangs. maybe a new makeup artist, Theresa and brady? you couldn't come up with something better? sami chasing ej? abigal? why would you make her an unbeleliveble nut case? will's face is expressionless and cant act, marlena 's doesn't move an inch! john is scarey looking and a terrible actor, kate is too old to have 2 toned hair, hope's daughter is a BRAT,i can see why this show is the least watched. if something good doesn't happen and you don't get rid of the bad seeds, we are done!
  • no_longer_a_fan

    I used to be a fan of DAYS but no longer. They have sooo over run their time they should gracefully bow out and go off the air. They have gotten way out of control. There are no morals or respect and their use of profanity, sex scenes, murders with no concenquences and now their newest thing is ***gots.... whenever I overhear anyone commenting on the show its always negative comments anymore...

    With the impact that the media has... (even more now than before) why don't they try to use it for good rather than evil. There is sooo much good the media could do. Why people thrive on evil I do not know.

    It has proven that people react to these things and it makes them negative, irresponsible, mean, bad and etc. etc. why not do something that is better rather than bad.
  • ConcernedTim

    Jennifer has got to GO! She is whiny; She doesn't work but has a cushy job; she's indecisive; she is put on a pedestal as being perfect; the list goes on... I'm also sick of Daniel being painted as this savior. He is nothing but a low-life user of women. Remember how he slept with the grandmother and her grand daughter... breaking up Lucas/Chloe? Sick, dating a skipped generation. Jennifer was much better when she had some throat/neck fat... Her neck is way to skinny- showing all her ligaments.. Dannifer is boring and horrible! Since Dannifer was voted as 1 of the 10 worst couples, WHY DO THEY STILL KEEP GETTING SO MUCH FACE TIME! ARGH!!
  • Sami, Best hell out of Abigal,,,

    victor needs some back bone. Time to fight back ,,,, Stefano &. Nick go away,, I'm going to miss Sami, Sami needs to Beat the Hell out of Abigal for Sex of EJ. Ewww nasty,,, before she Leave &. Kill. That Nick & Kristin for hurting her family,, Sami go on Ranpage. &. Shoot them all ,,, Love you Sami /. Stefano needs to Punish EJ. &. Abby for breaking up the Family!!!!!
  • I am no longer a fan

    I can't stand what they are doing to this show. The new Will sucks, hearing Allison Sweeney is leaving is the worst. I will not be watching this show when she gors. It already has been going downhill for months. Jennifer is a yawn. Hope is boring. There is no one on this show thst I care about anymore. Except maybe Nicole.
  • Writer's are writing this show into it's grave...

    First off, I have to mention I have been watching the show for 20 years. I agree with another fan when I say I don't normally write reviews, but I am SO frustrated as a viewer that I have to get my frustrations voiced so that hopefully these clueless writers can give their head a shake. I've read a lot of posts and it seems a lot of fans agree. Here are my top 3 NEGATIVE opinions:

    1. Eric: I LOVE Eric. I love Eric and Nicole. They are the only couple left I watch when I FF through the other 50min of the show. Now, I didn't complain when they wasted a gorgeous talent like Greg Vaughn to portray a priest (for god's sake it's a soap opera! Your fan base is primarily middle aged women wanting to see love, sex, & scandal- not 100 Huntley Street!!) And I didn't complain when it took you TWO years to drag out the most boring storyline with the sexiest actor. But I AM complaining that it took two years of SLOW build-up of what COULD have been the best rekindled romance of a power couple BUT at the last second BLOW any chance of that happening by completely contorting Nicole's character last second. This woman was finally getting her redemption- was that not the whole purpose of Eric coming back and that stupid priest storyline!!??!! Why all of a sudden is she back to self destruction? Don't they know how to "build" a character? What a WASTE. A total, utter disappointment. Very unimpressed.

    2. Stop dragging the storylines out beyond the viewers attention span. This happens way to often that I can miss a month (or two years) and catch up instantly. How many more times we got to see Jen and Dan breakup? Is creativity a rare find over at the writer's desk?

    3. Get rid of unnecessary actors and useless side stories. It's been a few years and why is Anne still there? How many times do we need to see Maggie talk about AA? Will Stefano ever die and stay dead!? (All do respect, but he's old, boring, unattractive & predictable- remember your fan base - We want to see love, sex, and scandal, not old farts doing... I can't even begin to list the embarrassing & ridiculous storylines. Or, do we need to watch Julie yak, or Ciara's acting out again and again? Who cares!!

    4. Stop burning up the power couples. All. The. Time. Does anything good ever happen in Salem or the only original thought behind writing is to build a plot for two years to piss it away the moment the viewer finally thinks something good will happen? And, stop writing out all the good couples ;( I don't care about the old grandma/grandpa couples- I'm talking Eric & Nicole, Carrie & Austin, Sami & Rafe, Belle & Shawn. All I'm saying is there is oodles of talent and potential for great romance, but we keep getting the revolving door of Anne, Maggie, Jen/Dan, Hope/Ciara, JJ/Theresa. Move ON!!

    Positive notes ;)

    1. It sucks Chandler had to leave, but I like the new Will actor (great job!!) it's always a shock to ppl when new actors take over...

    2. Obviously I still watch b/c I love Eric and Nicole so the interest is there, just please use the talent and respect the fan base! Before any more actors and viewers jump ship!

  • strange stories

    Hopefully soon Anne at the hospital will go away. Would like to see some solid couples, like in the old days, between Sami and EJ, Eric and Nicole (with no lying), and Jen and Dan.

    Keep Chloe away. Get rid of Nick, and Gabi, and Anne! Abigail needs to get a better life, something that fits her more. Too bad did not work with Chad.

    Very tired of Theresa also.

    Really do not like at all that Nicole is lying to Eric, ruins that relationship, which now is doomed, which is too bad.

    It was nice to have couples like Bo and Hope, John and Marlaina, that one could count on.

    Not enjoying the story lines at present: except Eric and Nicole, UNTIL she shredded the evidence and decided not to tell Eric. Her change does not really make sense! POOR WRITING!!

    Always enjoy EJ's acting, and Brady too. JJ is good, like that. Sonny and Will good.
  • Major Snoozefest

    I am so tired of Jen and Dan and the sappy crap. They need to get on to new relationships that will spice up their characters.
  • From Best to Worst

    This show was so good a few months ago and now it is basically unwatchable. Not one interesting storyline.

    EJ with Abigail? She is the most boring thing on Tv, well except maybe her mother or her brother. Who cares about him and the story line. That whole family should just more away.

    Daniel is a snooze,.

    Jordan and Rafe? What a waste of this lovely man. And its the writing because she was fun on All my Children.

    Sammy and Kate are fun but the potential here is being lost. If Sammy leave the show nothing left.

    Maybe Brady and Eric should fall in love, can't seen anything else saving this trash.
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