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    That thing. Has hurt so many She was going to hurt her own child. Melanie left the courty over the things that woman was capable of.

    I'm done watching after 40 years of dedicated watching.

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    Whoever thought up this stupid far fetched story line about Steve finding Bo alive and Caroline having dreams about where he was, what a load of tosh. I actually change the channel every time those two are on, and they are on far to much. Let's have Hope and Aidan together, Bo and Steve are so old hat, don't need these old timers back, how about the plane crashing and taking them both with it. I so hope that Abigail ends up with Chad.
  • Listen to the viewers

    They need to quit getting rid of the good actors. All the good ones are leaving and the boring ones are staying. Time to see what the viewers like.
  • here we go again

    If they don't get rid of Clyde Weston soon a lot of viewers will quit show even with Bo & Patch coming back to try to help ratings. There is enough killing in the real world without bringing it to our soap!!!! We get rid of Clyde & now we have Andre to put up with - so far he's as tricky as Clyde - ALWAYS in the right place at the right time & he likes to threaten people just like Clyde -
  • Will is deaa

    I am 18 and I started watching Days from my Mom. I just wanted to say that I love the show but recent episodes have really shocked me. I will admit I am quit upset with you killing off Will! I had really hoped that Sonny and Will would get back together someday!! I am all about the romance so I really hope that you don't kill off Chad as well!! I am routing for him and Abigal to get together and I really hope that you can do that for me!! I would really appreciate that!!!!! Thank you for your wonderful show :)
  • pissed off

    tken corday isdigusting thenewriters are homphobic assholes neddtosay more aboy killin g gay charcter off gay groupshod prtesthse ignot writers anf excetve prodercer
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  • Kill the writers! not the characters@!

    Why oh why do these writers think that ratings will improve with a serial killer on are they just responding to these cruel fans who think that they are the great judge of character acting or the others who are anti-gays??!! Yet another failed attempt at 'improvement'. I was actually thinking before this that someone was prodding the writers to speed up the plot lines and that was the most helpful then you evidently got new scarewriters who don't know what else to do but shake everything up by killing some off! It's like the 5th grader who writes to make an then I woke up!" Oops maybe I just spoiled the ending for current writers! Actors are supposedly excited re the maybe I'll get it just seems that changes could have occurred w/o ridiculous serial killer plot!
  • Killing Paige Off

    You dragged the love relationship between JJ & Paige now that you killed her off the show, I will never ever watch Days of Our Lives ever again.
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  • Went from bad to worse...

    I didn't know that the head writers had been replaced. I just felt that the show has been incredibly boring and "unbelievable" for the last month to two months. I joked that the writers must have been on vacation. I didn't like the prior bombardment of gay scenes, so I'm glad not to see that now. But the characters seem "out of character" on many occasions now, and the story line has too much slow, idle conversation. I have watched for so many years and lived through those terrible torture story lines (being locked in a coffin, but the new writing I find the worst yet. This is not going to survive.
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  • Chad and Abigail 10

    I want Chad and Abigail back together. I mean Ben is okay , but we know Abigail truly loves Chad. Get the back together again please. Fan of Chad and Abigail.
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