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  • The Di Mera feud is so annoying and it gfets on my nerves.It needs somsthing to make it better.I would bring back soms people like Jan and soms other people.The dimera thing ok.But they have to stop getting sami to fixx it up. She really is dumb.

    I give it 0.3 because it gets really good and then annoying
    they should make it better like as I said they should bring back Jan.she still is in a coma.Chloe is still on her honeymoon.

    Whatever the directors are going through they need to work it out.I hope the y have another story line that is not a 30 year length or more.I'm really annoyed abotu the obsessions between Marlayna and stefano and Elvis and Samantha Robberts - Brady . The show is going down the drain whatever happened to cassie?They have storylines and then they never come back until they are adults.
    Like ciara brady.she will be a baby and then she will be a tenager in thre months.

  • All the characters are great actors, i really enjoy watching sami getting into trouble, i just wish she would stay away from elvis and all the Dimara's good grief will she ever learn, i also like Bo and Hope. I am glad they are together.

    I was very sad when Days was not nominated at the emmys something has to change drastically, i have been watching this show since i was 16 yrs old and now i am 44 yes thats how long i have watched it, the long running feud with the Dimara's is what is holding yall back from getting any awards, please try to change it, we have to have more of something that will really flip the people out, this year its about shaun and bell and phillip this is getting really old. we all know who took claire and it is no shocker there, you brought back a few people from the past, that is okay for now. please get with the program.
  • One of the best soap on tv.

    Days is a great soap and is the only soap I watch all the time other soaps I watch once in a while days has it ups and downs but I still love it.Days has a lot of drama and action which is one of the reasons the show is great. I started watching it almost 2 years ago. So if you need it choose a great soap to watch I think you should choose Days of our lives.
  • I never felt insecure in my manhood being a Soap Opera fan because Los Angeles Dodger's manager Tommy Lasorta confessed that he hated away games because it caused him to miss Days of our Lives.

    Happy Anniversary Days of our Lives

    My mom was concerned by what she considered an obsession in the way I devoured the TV Guide fall preview issue (This was before TV Guide was an entertainment magazine). Now if I went through the TV Guide with a highlighter, that would be obsessive. But I did my best to see all the new shows every fall and see if they were worth watching. I was firm but fair in my evaluation. I knew better than to judge a show by it's pilot. Even though there were only three networks, this was not an easy thing to do since there were no VCRs. If you were not home when your program was on you missed it. We couldn't go online to find out what happened or pay $1.99 to have the episode downloaded on our iPod. Just like if the phone rang and no one was home, the call went unanswered. Archaic! Mom saw my relationship with TV as an addiction, but did she help me? Did she find a 12-step program? The Betty Ruble Center? No, she exploited what she saw as my addiction.

    It’s the summer of 1983, I was home from school but Mom was doing some volunteer work in the afternoons, meaning she would be missing Days of our Lives. So she asked me to watch the show for her, then tell her what happened. Remember there were no VCRs. It seemed simple enough. She’d come home and I’d say, " The guy with the beard has the hots for that girl with the big boobs. Everyone is wondering if this guy I think his name is "Cirano?" is really dead even though he was cremated. Soon it became, "Bo (Peter Reckell) expressed his feelings to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) faked his death by having some John Doe in the morgue cremated in his place". By the time summer was over and Mom was done with her volunteer work, I was hooked on Days of our Lives. I never felt insecure in my manhood being a Soap Opera fan because Los Angeles Dodger's manager Tommy Lasorta confessed that he hated away games because it caused him to miss Days of our Lives.

    In college I bought my first VCR before I bought my first textbook so I wouldn’t miss the show. While working as a Universal Studios Tour guide I met a coworker who had a recurring part on the show as a nurse. I used the show as an icebreaker. Long story short, I married her. It's a mixed marriage, she's an All My Children fan. Every Wednesday I attend a story telling group in Los Angeles called STORY SALON. One of the storytellers there is an actress named Marsha Clark, who also plays the no nonsense judge, Karen Fitzpatrick on DAYS. I started to talk to her about the show's serial killer story line where half the town was murdered by Dr. Marlena Evens (Deidre Hall). She must have thought this guy is nuts, don’t make eye contact. It’s 22 years later, Bo still loves Hope and everyone is sure that Stefano is really dead this time. I know better. When all else fails, blame Mom.

    To quote Macdonald Carey (Dr. Tom Horton), "Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of our Lives".

    Happy 40th, have you had work done? Stay Tuned Tony Figueroa
  • I have watched DOOL for many, many years and feel that each year will be the last. Too long, drawn out storylines aggrivate the viewers who wind up switching to a different soap and come back a couple of months later to find the same old thing going on.

    I have watched DOOL for many, many years and feel that each year will be the last. Too long, drawn out storylines aggrivate the viewers who wind up switching to a different soap and come back a couple of months later to find the same old thing going on. DOOL used to be exciting and fun to watch now it's just a bore. They need new, young writers who are willing to take it to the limits with stories just like other soaps do! Make DOOL the great soap it used to be and get with the program! It can be great again!
  • really like it

    I like Days of Our Lives. Granted, that I have not been watching it very long ( I've watched it sporadically since around maybe 2000?) I have been watching it more regularly now and, even though I know all about the olden days( my mom has watched it for a long time) I still am not disappointed one bit. Lately though, It has been a little slow, but this summer it should pick up. Even if it doesn't I will still watch it until the end.
  • Nice show..

    I started watching the show about 10 years ago. Now, back then I was watching it withuot missing a single episode.
    Over the years I stoped being obssesed with it, and now I'm watching when ever I can, which is about once a week- maybe.

    I think it just got better as time goes by. There is a lot of thing that makes absolutly zero sense, but a lot less than there where earlyer.. :)

    Over all I thing this is a very nice show..
  • Must disagree with kyravon.Refreshing to see a show that doesnt shy away from reglion.While the world seems bent on taking God out of everything so as not to infringe on nonbelievers rights(yet keep him close in case of disaster or tragedy)-STAND TALL!

    While I do agree the plots are sometimes twisted, slow moving or recycled - overall I dont mind all the "religious" references this show makes. Many (if not most) people do refer to a God of their understanding on an ongoing basis even daily. Im not Catholic - but understand that the Brady family is written as an Irish Catholic family that draws deep on their roots (as many Irish/Catholics or "regular" Catholics do in real life). It is a religion steeped in tradition and deep belief. I say great for them - I wish I had their deep faith - might be comforting in this crazy unexplainable world. As for the "southern red-neck" theory - a predominant number of southeners are Baptist or Pentacostal - BIG difference from Catholics. As for joining the "real world" for diversity - Sami is an single mother-never married, trying to raise her son.(I guess the unreal part is the father is around and cooperative in the raising of Will). Marlena, Hope, Maggie, Jennifer, Kate - all divorced and GASP! remarried how many times!(Can we say shame-shame). Victor has divorced & remarried(trophy wife), still conning, conniving, scheming, stealing - gee sounds like a few wealthy older CEO type men we've heard of before. There's enough sleeping around (married couples & single people both) to be real enough for me. I think the last faithful people on the show were Mr & Mrs Horton. Seems real to me. Celeste had an affair with Stephano- looks like a mixed race pairing that produced Lexie (Ekes - a bi-racial child! Oh no! whatever shall people think!) Lets not forget Sami with Brandon another mixed race pairing. There are numerous references to past alcohol and/or drug addictions with Lucas and Billie. I guess the unrealistic part is that they have recovered. Oh wait, Billie did fall of the wagon recently didn't she - with very bad results. Of course there's kate who was a prostitute who hasnt acknowledged her drinking problem -but she's just a heavy social drinker (alone or social - no difference just unwinding) When John was addicted to prescription painkillers he was "down on the docks, looking for a dealer" (guess this was their way of saying he went to the seedy part of town, looking for an entreprenour in the non-prescription pharmacutical business)

    As for me, my soap opera is an escape from reality. No one does dishes, changes diapers, pays bills, juggles checkbooks, grocery shops, puts kids in timeout(although some of the teens need it (& even adults). They always look nice, eat at nice restaurants (no drive-thru happy meals here!), look great when they first wake up(every mans fantasy is for his mate to look so good in the morning-sorry -doesnt happen). They dont deal with insurance companies about healthcarecoverage, have to wait for unemployment or child support checks. They deal with trauma like most people - they call on family & friends, pray, talk & bargain with God for a good outcome. And for this I say God bless them and Amen! Sorry but if I want true Nascar, country-music loving, drug addicted, mixed raced, crime committing rednecks, latinos etc... I'll watch Jerry Springer or listen to Howard Stern or maybe, just maybe I'll turn on the evening news.
  • So Days has had spurts of creativity and origionality and then it just starts repeating itself.

    So the past week of Days has been somewhat consistent. Sure there were things that i liked and more so than not things i didn't. Lets start with the things i did. The E.J. Sami/Lucas situation. This show loves a who's the dady story. IT seems like evey kid in the last decade was born into one. And now of course Sami's second baby and could we really have her have a normal pregnancy where se knows who the father is? I didn't think so. So this week Sami was pretty deep int the trows of planning her wedding to Lucas. And E.J. was of course making his presecnce known threatning to expose her at every turn if she didn't get an amnio done. So Sami set about to tey and get Nick to fake a paternity test. He tells her he can't do it he could lose his job, but he agrees to give her a blank sheet and she can fill it out howvwer she chooses. This past week also had a ton of scenes between Sami and Celeste. That pretty much consist of Celeste tryig to get Sami to agree to killing E.J., and she's so adamant i know she thinks he killed Lexie. But i find it hard to believe that Stefano would ever allow Lexie or one of his kids to be killed, especially by one of his other kids. But there was a really good scene in the Penthouse Grill, with Sami and Chelsea. Chelsea was still angry about what happened with Billie and Nick, and she was staying with Sami and Lucas and her and Sami were becaoming fast friends. And it was nice to see Sami trying to offer up the benefit of her experience. As the two of them are alike i many ways. Celeste met Benji in a car in the pariking lot to try and get some info out of him. ANd i always like seeing Benji on screen it's a shame they underuse him. Bu the told her that Stefano sees this baby that Sami is having as a gift from god, and there's no way if it's a Dimera that he would let Sami have it. Celeste trie s to discretely meet Sami in the bathroom of, trying to avoid being seen together to avoid the ire of E.J. In the bathroom she tells her she spoke to Benji and told him what he told her about Stefano and the baby. Sami is spooked but she tells Celeste that she's not a murderer. Celeste then tries to make it out of the resturanut, but ends up on the same elevator as E.J. E.J. asks her whats she's doing there and she says getting take out. He tells her to sit and have a drink with him. And he asks her what she and Sami are up to. Celeste says she barely knows her and is simplt inquiring about private school. She then goes into a lament about him being worse than his father. And he smiles at this. And says like father like son.
    The whole Shelle thing is horrid i think it's the worse of the whole bunch, well that and Steve and Kayla. Steve forced Billie to help him go on the run, and Marlana and Kayla found them and Steve was taken back to the hospital but told he was compltetely beyond saving. Chelsea is the main susoect in the fire at Bo and Hopes house, but she manintains her innocence. Phillip has a tender scene with KAte lamenting about his losses, and she actually suprises us by giving good maternal advice. She tells him to stop trying to be Victor because he'll never be like him because he's kind and loving. All in all an ok week bu the show is really strating to get stagnate.
  • This is my favorite Soap Opera. It has enough twists for me that are not too wacky like Passions, and it stays refreshing since their is storyline with the older and young generation!

    I like this Soap Opera the best first of all because its been on forever. It has a lot of history which I love about stories. I've seen all of the things that John and Marlena have had to go through, although I'm getting a little tired of them now, but I love Bo and Hope, who I think is especially beautiful. There story, although there in the older generation, is very refreshing and fun to follow. At some points in the story, the writers have it where the younger generation stories intertwine with the older generations and its fun watching the kids grow up. I love bad girl Chelsea and I've always loved Sami and Lucas, whether they were together or not, but I would recommend this Soap Opera for anybody. I'm not one for the modern day Soap's like The O.C. and Passions, and if you're like me than I think this is the show for you.
  • One of the Longest Running Daytime Soap Operas!

    Days of Our Lives premiered in November of 1965. I have watched Days of Our Lives for over 12 years now. I have been through all the ups and downs with the writers and the casting changes.

    Days has always been filled with Family, Romance, Death, Triangles and of course the Dimeras!

    Classic Days Stoylines that i have seen.

    Crusie of Deception

    Masion Blance "the return of Hope/Gina"

    Austin/Sami/Carrie traingle the first time.

    Marlena Possesed by the Devil

    Gas Chamber (John) Lethal Injection (Sami)

    Now however the show seems to be more focused on the younger crowd. John & Marlena and Bo & Hope seem to have found themselves on the backburner for such fluff characters like Willow. I think they need to bring back the Romance and Adventure that made Days a huge ratings hit in the 80's.
  • Days of Our Lives episode that dealt with Steve being committed to the state psychiatric hospital.

    Correction on the last Days of Our Lives synopsis - Steve will not be "REPRIMANDED," he will be "REMANDED" to the state hospital. Steve goes over better if I close my eyes. Perhaps Steve's acting was better 20 years ago. I think this relationship between Steve and Kayla is quite boring. And I find the flight of Shawn & Belle completely unbelievable, especially to think that Hope & Bo sanctioned it. Shawn & Belle are nicely compatible, however, which is good...although his overly-muscled arms are ridiculous! (I did not like the former Shawn at all! And, I just found out why he was replaced: for arrest and drug possession. He did not appreciate when he had a good thing, obviously.) When Marlena & John are not predominantly featured, the series suffers.
  • Seeing as how Days Of Our Lives has been on the air for quite some time now, the show still has enough sparks to keep a person coming back to watch. Although it has slipped here and there, it usually comes back on course. It is still a great show.

    I have been watching this Soap Opera for many years now, and the characters somehow evolve but still stay somewhat the same. Some of the story lines make me wonder, and some of the coupling of characters can sometimes be down right bizzare, but Days manages to come up with some pretty good ideas. This show has the potential to do many great things, and some of the story lines are very powerful and thought provoking. Days doesn't stray away from the hard ideas that encompasses life, and with these story lines, they give perspecitve to the viewers. The small characters tend not to be forgotten and the larger characters remain a well mantained story line. There fan favorite couples tend to stick together, mostly. But there is always angst and drama that draw the fans back and bring in new viewers. I have been watching many of the younger stars grow-up and come full circle in the soap opera world. It is rather nice seeing these characters explored more, and the interactions with the older cast. All in all this is a very good soap, with off days like any other show, but well worth the time to watch.
  • Is this a joke?

    This truly is one of the worst things I've ever seen on television. How can a tv-show like this even be allowed? When I first saw an episode of it, I just laughed out loud. I, really, thought it was one big joke. That someoe out there thought it could be fun to create a parody. Hmm, well it seems like I was seriously wrong. I just can't imagine how someone can see a show like this without...well, without turning the TV off. I know what I would do. Press the OFF button, my dear, and watch a real show, Criminal Minds, for example.
  • All the twists

    I didnt watch this show from the beginning, since I'm 19. But for a year now, I've watched. Since the Salem kills started. Things that happen on this show arent always predictable, something that many other soaps have. That is very good. Somehow it feels tho, this show has far too many cast members. Too many plots going on. But in the end it offers great entertainment for the afternoons. One hour of good soap. Almost everytime it leaves you to wait for the next episode, something that not all soaps have either. You can see how other soaps have taken things from DOOL and put it to their shows, which just shows that Days Of Our Lives is the greatest soap ever
  • I have a love/hate relationship with this show.

    I have watched Days for as long as I can remember. I've always enjoyed the kookiness of the characters and their deeds. I love seeing the bad get theirs and the good win (not for long though). I love Sami the best, I just wish she would be honest a little bit more. Some charaters I can't stand and would like to reach into the T.V. and strangle them, but without them some story lines would suck. I just hope now that Sami tells Lucas and Belle and Shawn end up with Claire in the end. But only time will tell.
  • days of our lives use to be really good but now the story lines are so far from reality. hope is carrying bo's baby. she concieved the baby in june 2005. she is way over due being about 17 months pregnant.

    hope carrying patrick's baby makes more sense. hopefully, we will find out it is patrick's baby and ej paid the doctor to lie. anyway, the story lines are also repeative, baby switching, who's the daddy?, couples break up then get back together then break up again. they should write real life stuff, someone should get diabetes, or addicted to drugs, go bankrupt, blackmails that don't include sami. more surprises that we can't predict would be good.
  • On for over 40 years and still going strong!

    Days of Our Lives is always full of plot twists and fun. Days is the best soap opera on television today or ever. Shows don't stay on air over 40 years if they're not good shows. People die and come back so much on Days. Stefano for instance has died five times. Also Days still has some of the same cast members it had over 40 years ago. Though always switching the actors for each character, it still is an awesome show. Days has so many characters in it; it is hard to determine the main character, but it is Dr. Marlena Evans, who had had a twin and was a murder. In a show lasting this long over the years many people have gotten married or divorced.
  • days of uour lives rocks

    Days of Our Lives, rocks, I have been enjoying the show for yrs, I nver miss a show.I love Sammy, she always gets what she wants, I think Shawn is very cute, john, and bo are sexy.The story line rules, there is always action happen, people back staben, lost loves, true loves, and the people who does the acting are young and more real then the other soaps.There are some things that you know just would not happen in real life, but the most part of it could.I love that they don't change the people to much, that makes it good.I just really enjoy the show, and think everyone does a good job.
    Thank you.
  • One of the best soap operas of all time.

    No other Soap keeps you on your toes like this one. No other Soap has you in such a desparate place of suspense when one episode is finishing. No other Soap has writers and actors like this one. No other Soap can compare to Days Of Our Lives.

    I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was born. I am now 16. Never think Soaps don't attract teenagers, espcially not if their parents are watching it. That's how I got hooked. For 16 wonderful years.

    Seeing characters come and go, experiencing the heartbreaks, triumphs, evil deeds, deaths, rebirths, births, breakdowns and happiness in Days of Our Lives has been some of the most emotional parts of my life. No other Soap opera captures you quite like Days does.

    Schemes that have back-fired, weddings that never were, are all an intrical part of Days of Our Lives, and this show brings so much of the real world and real-life experiences into it that you could swear this was actually happening somewhere in the world at the exact time you're watching it.

    The Days' cast is one of excellently trained actors and actresses, and it shows. Days of Our Lives is a classic Soap, that should never be forgotten.
  • ...but I occasionally watch anyway.

    Honestly I think Days hit rock bottom years ago. I used to tape this show when I was in school (grade school, high school) because I never wanted to miss an episode (back in the mid-to-late 90's). Now I could care less. I hate how the majority of the storylines (and lame ones at that) revolve around these loser young characters. I wish Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Philip, Stephanie, Max, etc. would all just drop dead. This show was sooooooo much better with characters like Stefano, Tony, Vivian, Kristen and so on. I also preferred Lisa Rinna playing Billie and some other guy playing Bo (but maybe that's because when I first started watching DOOL Bo wasn't being played by Peter Reckell so I was used to someone else). Those 2 used to be my fave characters; the key word being used to. Now I have no idea who I really like. It's a toss up between no one and no one.
  • About The Brady\'s and different families in the town Salem.

    I used to watch this show when I was younger but it is getting more and more un-interesting - it is going downhill fast! They seriously need to get some other storylines and it is very confusing to follow up on it because of all the storylines they got on this show. It is good and all but Very confusing. I liked the episode where Sammie was going to get executed for a crime she hadn\'t done but she got saved at the last minute. That was really good and I would love to see more episodes liek that. I usually don\'t follow up on this because I got school and all but when I watch it, it is okay.
  • days of our lives is one of those shows that when you watch it you have to watch it again and again.... i will watch this show with my grandchilren and anyone else who is near me when it comes on everyday...

    ok ... soo i have been watching this soap for about 11 years and every day i watch it i think it just gets beter and better... the actors/actresses in it are amazing most of them have been on there since it started or close to it and i have to say no matter how long you have been on there they are all amazing!!! days has been my all time favorite show! that is the only thing on tv i can honostly say that i look foward to watching. i will be watching this soap with my grand children when i get older. keep up the good work at keeping this show alive.
  • The show centers around the daily lives of the people of the town of salem. we watch as there lives get turned upside down. Not to mention the evil stefano who's main goal is to get even with the brady family.

    I love this show! i have been watching it since i was 9 and i am now 15! it continues 2 get better and better every year with the exception of the last 2 years of JERk\'s writing. but it is getting bac 2 the way it used 2 b now that sheffer\'s writing.
  • I can't believe that Sammy actually did that with Ej.

    I love this show, But it could be more interesting. I think that they should let go Ej. Sammy and Ej may have a baby b/c they usually make a twist to the show. I think John will pass away after the gun shotting and they will find out that Ej did it and he will be in jail for life. I dont like Abby, I think she is being a snob lately and she needs to stop it is annoying!When I found out that Patrick told Bo that Hope was having his baby I was shocked, but I was glad he did.
  • Days of our Lifes;; why is Victor having Belles Baby being kidnapped . do not like Patrick will be glad when he is off the show .why dont Billie have her own man not Married leave Married men alone.dont like EJ he needs to leave the show. like Mimi .thank

    Why are they taking Lexe off Days like her will Abe leave & there Son. get rid of EJ dont like him at all he is a jerk. dont want DiMeras back. why did they take Bo & Hopes Son Zack off Days. are they going to have Steve get his memorie back so he can remmeber Kayla . Celase is not very nice why cant she just be happy that she has Parents instead of causing troble with every one .are they having Abe go blind hope not he is a good man. Love Days of our Lives. watch the show every day. how is Grandma Alice. she is wonderful. Love her so much. thanks
  • I've been watching days of our lives for 10 years now.

    Days of our lives is a typical daytime soap opera that usually doesn't make sense and has unbelievable storylines, but I love it. I started watching it when Lisa Rinna was Billie and Peter Reckell was Bo. When Vivian and Ian were around and Kristen and John were in love. When Kate found out Billie and Austin were her kids and Sami got raped by Alan. Those were the good old days.

    I stopped watching it when Marlena got posessed, that was just going way too far, IMO. But now I have been watching it again for about 8 months and it's getting better. I have to say, I don't miss a day and if i'm not home I record it on my trusty old DVR.
  • One of the best soaps of all times!!!

    I love watching this soap. I have watched this soap since I was a little girl with my babysitter and my older sister. I first remember Kayla and Patch's characters. Then I started watching the show again with Austin and Carries conflict. considering this is a soap it is very hard to watch and not want a resolution to the plot. But i do enjoy when one closes and another one opens. Thank god to soap net or I wouldnt be able to watch any of the episodes. I am hoping to pass this show to my daughters as my family passed this on to me!
  • Getting back to Basics!

    When NBC announced that JER was indeed leaving and that Emmy Award winner Hogan Sheffer was in, I had a feeling the show could turn the corner. It indeed has improved and is getting better every day and I am looking forward to the future storylines, romance and everything else. Sheffer knows what is important to the fans and has many great ideas to bring it back to the top. The veterans are be given storylines that are important and that make sense. I don't burst out laughing when watching any more. I hope this creative upswing continues and the show gets the attention it deserves.
  • Things could pick up

    Sometimes the show is a little slow, I wish that the stories didn't last so long. You loss interest in them when they are dragged on for so long. The story with Belle and Shawn, I love that everyone knows that they have a baby together but then they go and not have then be together. It is driving me nuts just when you thought that they would finally be together. And what is up with Willow, she is nasty and I don't like her. And it isn't like Shawn's character to just sleep with her after just meeting her. But I always watch and always will.
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