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  • Things could pick up

    Sometimes the show is a little slow, I wish that the stories didn't last so long. You loss interest in them when they are dragged on for so long. The story with Belle and Shawn, I love that everyone knows that they have a baby together but then they go and not have then be together. It is driving me nuts just when you thought that they would finally be together. And what is up with Willow, she is nasty and I don't like her. And it isn't like Shawn's character to just sleep with her after just meeting her. But I always watch and always will.
  • I love watching Days Of Are Lives for many years I watched it.

    Bo And Hope Brady been on Days Of Are Lives For a long time. They are Both great on the show..There are more people that do a great job and just, Love watching Days Of Are Lives.. I love watching Days Of Are Lives for many years I watched it. Just hope that it will keep this soap It Is one of the best one that i have watched for many years. Keep up the awesome work on keep this soap on T.V.
  • I think the show has turned and is now more exciting to watch than before.

    I've been watching Day's off and on for a while now, only because it used to take a month for action to go through. I stopped watching in protest when the original Belle left and that is around when (plus leading times before that) the story line used to be stuck in time, it wouldn't move! It wasn't how it used to be, like when Kristen was alive and hilarious but sneaky. When Kristen faked her pregnancy with John and she had a double of her that was pregnant (the whole nine yards). Point is, the plot of Days back then went somewhere and it didnt take a month for action to take place. This whole mess about Belle, Sean, Bo and hope has been tagging along for way too long and I really don't care what happends with them. As long as it ends soon! I have noticed watching agian this past few weeks that the story line is changing extremely! Its juicy, and it's coming faster than before and I like it. Keep it up!
  • Days of our lives is my favorite soap and if i wasnt in school i would watch it all the in my reveiw you would read about the last episide i seen and my favorite characters(love ya patrick)so i hope ya enjoy my reveiw!

    Qoute"like sands through the hour glass so are the days of our lifes"unqoute.Days is like my fav soap of all time and i just love the storylines especially sami's.The last episoide i seen was when lucas caught carrie and austin on the roof thanks to E.J.My fav character would have to be Patrick Lockhart.(so sexy !).I love that fact that he's having a baby with hope.i always wanted them to be togeather.I didnt like her with Bo.He's better with billie and his daughter chelsea who i don't like.
  • this is my show

    I\'ve been wathing days of our lives for years. Its the show that i have to know what is happening. It may just be a soap but it can be just like life to me. I get all worked up when somthing happens to the carictures that i like the most like hope anf bo. If anything happens to them i get very upset. They are the perfect couple for each other. I shouldent let it get to me it is just a soap. but it is my soap. I cant live with out walching it. if i dont see it i am lost.
  • Cassandra Hepburn in Days of Our Lives that aired on Friday August 25th, 2006

    I really think they should bring back Cassandra Hepburn as Tina because she was awesome and I could definitely see her shaking up things for the cast of DOOL and really make it more interesting...whoever brought her in should consider keeping her on as a contract regular because she definitely established her character as the sexy vixen who doesn\'t care what others think! My kind of woman!
  • still going

    ok i have been watching this since i was 12 and im turning 29. It makes my life not seem so bad sometimes. My favorite people are Sammi and Mimi.
    People i really dont like are Kate and Bell i use to like Bell but when they changed people she changed. I think Carrie is different this time too. Poor Lucas! Maybe he will find true love(Sammi) and I think they should change the Will he doesnt match them two. But other then that i think the show is going good. Oh and sorry people but the Bo and Hope should be over and her and Patrick should hook up i think that would spice things up.
  • This show isn't really my favorite.All I can say its boring!

    The longest running soap opera ever.Sometime can be exciting.But most of all it is boring.I mean really boring.I never liked this show.It is always love and hate type relationship things.I seriously disliked this show.I do not know why people still enjoy it? I mean with the same actors.When their contracts are over what will they do? Replace them with another? This soap opera should've end right now and replace it with another show.Something that could be more entertaining than the samething everyday.My sister likes this show.Everyone has their own opinions.If you liked Days Of Our Life.Than it is your opinion.
  • Been watching this show since I was little boy!

    My grandma got me into this show since I was young boy and I got hooked up and watch to see what's going on with this show so far.

    Good storylines and acting and much more and I sure hope that nbc still keep that show for few more years, because I heard that abc is gonna to picking that show up due to possible of face cancellation.

    I don't want see that show go! It's hard for me to let that show so for many years to come! I hope that it'll keep getting much interesting.
  • A decent show that is the longest running TV soap show I have ever seen.

    Days of Our Lives, we've heard of it so much that I don't think I'll ever forget about it. Forty-four seasons, forty-four years so far. Man, that's like a whole life of a new born.

    Imagine yourself working there. Days of our Lives is just perfect. It's dramatic, combined with a few laughs.
  • Days Of Our Lives brought me through my teen years and I still watch it to this very day!!

    I love days!! I think it is the best soap ever!! I've been watching it since I was 12 and I am now 26. I still can't get enough of it!! The actors do a great job. Even the characters you hate on there you still "love to hate" them. (AKA Sami, Kate, Chelsea) I absolutely love this show and would reccomend it to anyone wanting to get into watching a soap opera. Don't forget if you miss any day throught the week you can catch all the episode on Sunday night on Soap Net. Days will continue to be my favorite soap always!!
  • The Brady and Horton families endure life in Salem.

    I'm only sixteen and I watch this show. I have to say many of the storylines are ridiculous but addicting to watch. While I don't watch it religiously I do watch alot. This is definitely my guilty pleasure. Just to see where the storylines are gonna go one day to the next cause their ever so changing. I never give up on this show no matter how stupid the plot line gets because its kinda part of my blood. Salem life is pretty akward, from incest to backstabbing. Pretty much everyone is related in this show and they all find a way to turn on eachother. Poor Sami Brady, she has caused so much drama over the years but really seems like she deserves something good. She sticks out in my head the most out of all the characters because they're so hard to keep track of. Sami's just the kind of character I like.
  • a decent soap, but very slow.

    This show was way better befoe they got James E. reilley writing it.. but whatever, I like days of our lives but it is very very slow paced, i can miss about 3 weeks of it, but not really miss anything at all. so if you want to get into a soap but dont want to be committed to watch it everyday, this is the one to watch.. i swear it is only necessary to watchit once or twice a week, i personally only watch it twice, wednesdays and fridays;)
  • Days of our Lives is the only soap opera I watch.

    I have been an avid Days fan since it first aired in 1965.
    I\'ve watched other soaps in the last 40 years but none have held my attention the way that Days has.

    Over the last few years, my soap has been through a lot of changes...most of which were unwelcome, but it appears that things are getting back on track now with the return of fan favorites Patch & Kayla.

    Days has had it\'s ups & downs & there were times when I needed to take a break from it, but I never change the channel to view another soap...Days is it for me.

    Recently, I had worried about cancellation due to a severe drop in ratings, but that doesn\'t seem to be an issue any more.

    If Days of our Lives continues on it\'s present course, we may be seeing a resurrection of daytime drama at it\'s best.
    Personally, I think it\'s long overdue. :)
  • once a great show

    this show has had good times and low times. the last few years have been a low with the exception of a few story lines. however things are looking up. i remember this show during it true high points from about 1980 to about 1992. after that i quit watching it period. but now thanks to soapnet i occasionally catch it. i hope this kayla, steve reunion works out. john black must die!!!
  • I grew up watching this show with my Mom and 25 years later I am still taping it everyday!

    This soap is deep in tradition and family. You follow around about 3 prominent families and watch there lives grow. There are other people/ families in this show that play major roles but basically it is 3 big last names! I have cried, laughed, and yelled at the TV watching this show over the years. It is by far my favorite soap! Yes sometimes the story lines drag out and there are a few far fetched story lines that I HATE but I still watch it everyday ( thank goodness for DVR\'s. The characters are easily lovable and totally hateable too! It is great! It is drama in Salem and you should join in!
  • What happened to this show?!!

    Days used to be such a classic! Now it\\\'s the same whiny stuff over and over again. I don\\\'t watch any other soaps, but I checked out Y & R the other day, just to see what the style of the show is - I think it\\\'s the #1 rated soap? - so I wanted to see what they do differently. And by just listening to the dialogue alone, it is clearly a superior show, with above average writing talent. I think the show needs to go back to it\\\'s roots and focus more on the lives of the adults in the show! I heard once that the majority of DOOL fans are grown women with children, and/or stay at home moms - if this is true, do you think they want to turn on the tv and watch a show about kids/teens? NO!!, soaps are about escaping your current reality (i.e. changing diapers, housework, hormonal children - a la Chelsea...etc)
  • I've been watching Days on and off for nearly 35 years now and still love it! Yes, sometimes the storylines are off the wall, but it's a SOAP OPERA! There are diverse and interesting characters and great actors and writers!

    I love that the newbies on the show blend so well with the old-timers. Some of these people have been around since the begining of the show! Yes, there are those who have come back from the dead, the paternaties that are revealed years and years later, the demonic possessions, the infidelities, the divorces, etc., but it IS a soap opera and that's the way it's supposed to be! The people of Salem are a diverse, interesting lot to be sure! Sometimes storylines do drag out a bit, but overall, I think the show is very well written and well done. I've grown up watching this show and tune in as often as I can.
  • We have already watched, the Lucas/Carrie/Austin/Sami love square YEARS AGO! Why do we have to be put through this again?

    I thought this story was boring then, and I still think it is boring now. I was very happy when Austin and Carrie left the show. Why are these writers still employed? Between doing an exact repeat of a story years ago, and the neverending flashbacks they are not really writing anyway! There used to be villians, plane crashes, ship wrecks, criminals, romance, EXCITEMENT.....Now the show consists ONLY of love triangles, blackmail, and flashbacks. Is it really asking that much to have a different storyline every once in awhile? It used to be done, they used to get good ratings. Days of Our Lives used to be nominated for at least some of the categories of the daytime emmy's, and win them. They did not do either this year. Please fix this show!
  • Austin (neither could really act) Carrie Patch Kayla Gonna bring back Don next? Maybe Donna?

    I think I have a right to say something about the turn of events for this show. I\'ve watched it since about 1975. I took a hiatus during the possession--that was too much for me.

    Why did they bring back Austin and Carrie? Who cares?
    Sami and Lucas could have had enough trouble without bringing them into the mix.

    Patch/Kayla? Well, about what, 17 years ago when he \"died\", I saw the coffin switch, thought it was cool and something that they would play on.

    SEVENTEEN YEARS later?!?!?

    So, when are Carly, Lawrence and little Nicky coming back? Should we expect Shane and Kimmy too?

    Don\'t forget Ivan and Vivian

    You got Kristin and that entire mess of folks --- oh and Peter, whom never existed because Jennifer only loved Jack (Emilio)?

    Fix the show. It isn\'t all about the JERk. He isn\'t doing a good job, even if the ratings go up.

    Hmm, bring back Roman as not Roman and he can be in the same room as his best man and the guy that stole his life and no one recognizes him. That didn\'t work, ok....bring back one of the most popular couples. K, that didn\'t work. Alrighty, let\'s bring back ANOTHER set. QWAP!

    Alright -- que the ET\'s!!!
  • I love this show even if the story lines take forever!!

    I love this show!! I\'ve been watching it for 11 years and I never miss it!! Although I have to say you can go 2 weeks without watching it and come back and not miss a thing!! They need to move the story lines along a little faster!! It\'s like you already know whats going to happen and when the story line is finally revealed there is no surprise anyway!!! That\'s how it is for me anyway. Oh well, I still watch the show religiously and I probably always will. I\'m addicted!! And what ever happened to Brady and Chloe? They just disappeared!!
  • i think this show should get to the piont. it drags on forever and it does things that normal people would not do.

    the plots should be good and the stories should have an end eventually. the salem stalker was great but this memory lose with marlena is getting old. and lexy just needs to clear the air with her husband and everyone else. i also think sammy and lucas should be together. i have wathced this show every since i was little. i loved it when people r who they are and stop trying to be the bad guy. everyone is the bad guy on here. i also think bo and hope belong together. i don't even watch it all the time anymore.
  • Been watching Days for 15 years!

    I\\\'m not into this Sami and Austin and Lukas and Carrie thing. They\\\'re making Carrie out to be so innocent. Hello???? Doesn\\\'t anyone remember that Carrie broke Austin\\\'s heart half a decade ago and cheated on him with Dr. Mike Horton? She isn\\\'t miss priss!!! Sami and Lukas should be together.

    Mimi and Shawn together make me sick!

    Bo and Hope are made to be together. Lets find a way to get them to reunite!

    I\'d like to see Patrick and Billie together.

    Marlena and her new \\\"husband\\\" are really annoying. Just remove Marlena from the show. She\\\'s old news. Once she\\\'s gone, maybe John can find someone else. John\\\'s so hot, he\\\'s bound to remarry!

  • Great chartaters-actors-new and old. Story lines that can thrill you and make you cry and at the same tome make you angry. All around great show!!!!!!!

    I have loved this show since I was a child. I have stopped watching it and then picked back up watching it and can still fill that connection.
    I do miss having jack and jennifer together and Bo and Hope!
    They are the best two couples on the show. I miss John and Marlena together also, but can remember Roman and Marlena too.

    Times change and so do people, but these couples deserve to be together.

    I will continue to watch the show because it is an all around great show! With a group of actors that can't be beat.
  • Days of Our Lives is one of those shows that you try to stop watching, but keep tuning in again to see if someone has been busted yet.I do like to watch it though-just to see what else is coming!

    My only gripe is unlike British Soaps-everyone ALWAYS looks glamorous-even when they wake up-soooo not true to life- and the story-lines go on for way too long-ie: the Marlena Amnesia one and the Marlena Possession one too.
    I like it when they bring in some new blood and some new story-lines, such as suddenly all of the little kids were about to graduate High School! Amazing to grow that fast-but essential I guess to add some fresh air to the story.
    I will be interested to see how long baby Claire stays a baby and what path her Paternity will take.This is my 13th year watching and as I now live in the US I will probably watch for many more years-thanks to Tivo!
  • The show has everything you could want out of a soap. Like comedy, romance, and drama. It is really a most see show.

    I have not been watching Days very long, but it is personally one of my favorite soaps. I love the different storylines that they have, eventhough sometimes it can get alittle out of hand.The show keeps me on the end of my sit everytime I watch it. Hopefully the show will still be here a very long time for me to enjoy in the years to come.
  • I have always Liked Days. I think they drag the show out to much. I want someone to tell Shawn that Claire is his child. For Austin and Carrie to get back together and for Marlena and John to get back together.

    This show just keeps dragging on and on. Everyone needs to come clean with secrets. First of either Belle or Shawn need to find out the truth about their daughter. I mean come on with it. Marlena needs to get away from Alex when she has a chance. Sami needs to reveal to Carrie the truth and maybe her and Lucas can work things out. Bo and Hope need to try and work things out. Surely they can have another child.
  • Even When It's Bad, It Rocks My World

    I've been a DOOL fan since I was 11, of course, I'm not crazy about it like I use to be. But I will forever love Bo/Hope, Sami being Sami, and heck I liked Princess Gina. When I take time off from watching the show usually it comes back with an interesting storyline or two, but I think it's a jinx sometimes when I start watching because it starts to get boring somehow. But I can't fake it, I'll always have a special place for DOOL in my heart!
  • Why is days of our lives beging taken off at 7:oop.m. on the soap net station. Please help me the people who watch at that time

    I work all day long and enjoy coming home at night to watch days and see what is going on in Salem. i hate too see that it is being moved from 7:00 p.m. on the soap net. please tell me if you are going to move it too another time. I have watched days since it frist came on in 1965 with my mother it was the only thing on our t.v. when i was growing up and I have been a fan ever since i have watched Bo and Hope break up and go back together, her die and come back to life.I would hate to miss it after all these years. please tell me that you are just moving it from one time slot too another. Thank you a fan S Baker
  • Days of our lives big let down!!!

    My number one favorite daytime shows and very disappointed in how it is going.
    At one time gave it a big 10. Which I still give the crew a big 10 but the writers a big 0. Get new writers the show will go down hill if not. Is Kristian Alfonso (Hope) going off the show again? Stop bringing on all the old ones just to take them off or bring them back on as someone else. The ones that have watch this show for years know our actors. OK OK when Peter Reckell went off a few years back they did do a pretty good job matching him up with Robert Kelker-Kelly. Even it was a good match still knew it wasn’t Peter wow he is so hot. Judi Evans come on everyone know she played Adrienne now Bonnie, Oh Alex hello he was the old Roman Wayne Northrop. Isn’t it about time to stop making Sammy so not like Alison Sweeney. Mathew Ashford (Jack) Great actor and took him off. Please tell me if Hope isn’t going off her and Bo won’t stay apart? I could go on but so many to name. Great team the worst writers. Big 10 for you team but the writers a fat 0.I love you days crew but not the writers.
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