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  • We need Marlena,John and the super couples back at the center of the action on Days of Our Life! The waste of talent during this year has made days fall to the bottom of the ratings chart! I know the writers can do it. Marlena's strength gives us hope!

    The scenes between Stefano and Marlena in November after EJ was shot gave Days viewers hope that the writers are finally getting it right! The accidental murder of the rapist and following aftermath was ridiculous. If Days is to survive they must get the super couples back to the center of the action. Hope and Bo should be the leaders along with Patch and Kala, John and Marlena, Sami and EJ!
    Deirdre Hall and the other actors deserve the chance to save the show. The way it is being written now will sink Days in six months. Is this the plan? Deidre Hall's scenes with Joseph Mascolo, as Stefano, have been brillint but not enough for DAYS to survive this year of terrible writing.

    I love this show. i have watched it for years. my grand mother watched it so i got interested in it to and have watched every sence.i like to think that a true fan watches even when to show is not at it's best. but this one is. it keeps me wanting to watch it again to find out what happenes next. i love sammie and lucas. the whole brady family. and yes even kate and ej.i like the way they add the older brady nunn and the demeria. i would like to see more about that.the whole story all about the romance and the war. it is exciting to me to see the pass repeting it's self.
  • Never ending!

    OK since 1965... well done. However can it be any more bizarre? It is ridiculous? A soap will always be a soap. But from demon possessed super psychos to aliens taking over Salem? I haven't seen it for years but If I were to watch it now, I should know what going on. It takes forever to move along and then the FLASHBACKS. In my country we are 3 years behind. So if Days of our lives is canceled we will still watch it for 3 years after. I suppose it is more inclined to please woman. To all woman enjoy.
  • A soap I have watched since I was 12.

    I started watching this with my mom when I was 12 and have never really stopped. My wife and I watch it together at night and if I miss a few days I have to get the details from her as soon as I get home. It was pretty bland the past few years but recently it has gotten a lot better and the story lines seem to have a lot less lag. I wish there was a bit less talking about what they want and wish and actully action. I guess that is how soaps are but I do have to say, "speed it up a bit".
  • Trying to take this down

    sorry this is still here. I do not watch this show any more. I gave up on it a year ago. Even if i liked it i do not have time to watch it. Just writing words as I have 60 more to write. Isn't there a way to take down reviews? I mean it is my space correct? I have never been any good at this board thing. Again, sorry this is still here. hey only 25 more words to go. this is going good. Almost done. Yes, really colse to being done. Done, done, done and done! !
  • The reason Days of Lives rating is at the bottom is the violence and the lack of morals of the writers. Do they even have families. Intrigue does not belong in the Daytime...only after 8 pm

    Days of our Lives has changed writers like the inmates at a prison change socks. The show has emerged as "trashy" not wholesome as Alice Horton depicts the shows. Is Christmas going to be as trashy as the show has been so far. Get real, even though the Horton's are Catholic, they have good values, not toilet trash as the writers are giving us now. Get back to family values in the afternoon...not this gutter trash the writers are showing us. The FAMILY values are not there, nor is morality. Marriage is a sacred value not trashy as it has been depicted lately. Shame on you writers....grow up and get MORAL values not gutter trash.
  • I love this show. I'm hooked.

    I have been watching on and off since 1995. I remember some of the stories from those years. Like the princess Gina story, Eric Brady and his romance with Greta. The actors Kirsten storms and Jason cook first coming on the show as Shawn D and Belle. I will continue to watch this show and see how the vendetta between the bradys and dimeras ends if it even does. The whole Andre/ Tony thing was a story I never saw coming. I hope that Andre gets what's coming to him so that Stefano can go by his word about Sami and EJ being the key to end everything. I love it.
  • I found the Show, Days of our lives, the greastest Soap Opera. This is the only daytime drama that i watch. But here is how i feel about the show after the departure of Brady and Chole Black.

    Hello. I am a college student at USC and a big Days of our lives Fan! Well, I was A FAN before Chole and Brady left the show. I was on My Nadia website and saw that she was making a comeback on the show. I also heard that she was going to be involve in the triangle of Belle,Shawn, and Phillp. As many other people may feel the same way that i do................If you going to bring the wife back than bring the Husband also. It would not be the same to have Chole and not Brady!!!! Dont you think so. Eveyone is dying to see them together again. Please think about. Trust your ratings will increase. There are alot of BROE fans out there. Thank you for your time! Melissa
  • I love this show so much....

    I have been watching it for a long time. Fun memories with my grandma. R.I.P If you like soap operas then give this one a try =) Sometimes it seems like it takes forever for a point but usually we are left wanting more!! LoL I need to come up with 50 more words to describe my favorite show but that is pretty hard. Good show Great actors. Still can't believe its been on for like 65 years. Thats a pretty long time. Thanks everybody who keeps it on the air! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I, think Days is one of the best soaps on T V. It is not even close to reality!!!! I, haVE ENJOYED it for several years!!! Myself being older convinced all my neices and newphwes to watch it, when their was afamily gathering!!!! HARD TO DO!

    I, think Days is one of the best soaps ever!!! Been watching for years !! I would convince neices and nephews, to watch it at family gatherings!!!!! I,conviced them it was a good show!!! MY son would visit his grandparents, and they wuld tell how stupid the show made him!!!! Ounce again I, would say " I don't know I, think it makes you smart!!!! Now you and I, both know that is not true!!!!! However I, got my way!!!! I, don't have alot to say but I have loved the show for as long as I, can remember!!! I, still watch it!!!!
  • Days of our Lives is an American soap opera, which has aired nearly every weekday since November 8, 1965 on the NBC network in the United States, and has since been syndicated to many countries around the world.

    When Days of our Lives premiered in 1965, the show revolved around the tragedies which befell the Horton family. The Hortons were led by patriarch Tom, Chief of Internal Medicine at Salem University Hospital, and his wife, homemaker Alice. Together they had five children: Tom Jr., Addie, Mickey, Bill, and Marie. Over time, additional families, such as the Merritts, Hunters, Bannings, and Andersons were brought to the show to interact with the Hortons and serve as springboards for more dramatic storylines.

    One of the longest-running storylines involved the rape of Mickey Horton's wife Laura Horton, by Mickey's brother Bill. Laura confided in her father-in-law Dr. Tom, and the two agreed that her husband Mickey should never know. The secret, involving the true parentage of Michael Horton, a product of the rape, and Mickey's subsequent health issues as a result of the revelation, spanned episodes from 1968 to 1975. The storyline was the first to bring the show to prominence, and put it near the top of the Nielsen daytime ratings. Another love triangle, between lounge singer Doug Williams, Tom and Alice's daughter Addie, and Addie's own daughter, Julie, proved to be very popular around the same time. It culminated in the death of Addie in 1974 and the marriage of Doug and Julie in 1976.

    In the 1980s, the Brady and DiMera families were introduced, and their rivalry quickly cemented their places as core families in Salem in addition to the Hortons. Around the same time, with the help of head writers Sheri Anderson, Thom Racina, and Leah Laiman, action/adventure storylines and supercouplings such as Bo and Hope, Shane and Kimberly, and Patch and Kayla reinvigorated the show, long primarily about the Horton family.

    Since the 1990s, with the introduction of writer James E. Reilly, Days of our Lives has moved from traditional plots to supernatural and science-fiction-themed stories, in conjunction with the rivalry of good vs. evil Hatfield/McCoy feud like (Bradys vs. DiMeras). Under the tenure of Reilly, ratings, which were in trouble in the late 1980s and early 1990s, quickly rebounded to second place. Despite shaky footing in the ratings with the introduction of new head writer Hogan Sheffer in 2006, which led the show's producers to hire past fan favorites to stop the ratings hemorrhage, Days has since leveled back to the middle of the daytime ratings, continuing with stories and arcs Reilly originally introduced.

    Best-remembered stories

    In addition to the love triangles of Bill/Mickey/Laura and Doug/Julie/Addie previously mentioned, other storylines which were most remembered by viewers included the 1968 story of amnesiac Tom Horton, Jr., who returned from the Korean War believing he was someone else and then proceeded to romance his younger sister Marie; the twenty-year tragic love triangle when John Black stole Marlena Brady from her husband Roman ; the 1982 "Salem Strangler" (Jake Kositchek, who was nicknamed "Jake the Ripper"), who stalked and murdered women; the 1984 Gone with the Wind storyline when Hope Williams and Bo Brady hid out on a Southern plantation and dressed up as Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler (originally devised to keep viewers tuned in despite pre-emptions due to the 1984 Summer Olympics); "The Cruise of Deception" in 1990, when madman Ernesto Toscano invited all his enemies aboard a ship, the S.S. Loretta, and held them captive; the 1994–1995 storyline when the town's Christmas tree burned down and Marlena became possessed in Exorcist fashion; and the 2003–2004 "Melaswen", when several characters purportedly died at the hands of a masked psychopath, but were later revealed to have been kidnapped to the secret island of Melaswen (New Salem spelled backwards).


    When Days of our Lives debuted in 1965 as a 30-minute serial, the cast consisted of 11 actors, nine of whom were permanent fixtures in the storyline. In 1974, the show was planned to expand to an hour in length, and the cast was increased to 27 actors in different storylines. By the 25th anniversary in 1990, 40 actors appeared on the show in contract or recurring roles which is the approximate number of actors the show has used since.

    Of all the current cast members, only Frances Reid, who plays Alice Horton, has been on contract with Days of our Lives since it began, appearing since the very first episode in 1965. Original cast member John Clarke, who played Mickey Horton, left the series in 2004 and is as of 2007 too ill to continue in the role; the character is now off-screen. Suzanne Rogers, who plays Maggie Horton, and Deidre Hall, who plays Marlena Evans, have been appearing on the show for over 30 years.

    Along with many other tenured cast members, Days has also hired many entirely new actors in recent years. Twenty-one of the current cast members have been hired since 2004, and eleven of them are completely new to Days. Many old favorites have returned; starting in 2006, cast members from the 1980s, such as Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady), Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera), and Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) have been brought back to Days, in an attempt to reach viewers who may have quit watching the series.

    Executive producing and head writing team

    The original executive producer, Ted Corday, was only at the helm for eight months before dying of cancer. His widow, Betty Corday, continued producing the show with the help of H. Wesley Kenney and Al Rabin before semi-retiring to a supervising producer position in 1985. Upon her death two years later, her son Ken became involved with the day-to-day running of the show, becoming executive producer by 1991, a title he still holds today. His co-executive producer is Edward J. Scott, who was hired after longtime producer Stephen Wyman left the program.

    The first well-known head writer, William J. Bell, started writing for Days in 1966 and continued until 1975, well after he had spun off his own successful soap, The Young and the Restless. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, high writer turnover was commonplace. In the early 1980s, Margaret DePriest helped stabilize the show and kill off dead wood in the cast via a serial killer storyline. Later head writers, like Sheri Anderson, Thom Racina and Leah Laiman, built on that stability and crafted storylines of their own, temporarily bringing up ratings. Writing changes occurred after Laiman left the series in 1989, and would not become stable again until James E. Reilly started with the show in 1993. His tenure, which lasted for four-and-a-half years, was credited with bringing ratings up to the second-place spot in the Nielsens. Other writers who succeeded him, such as Sally Sussman Morina and Tom Langan, failed to keep the ratings success, and another writer turnover continued until Reilly returned to the series in 2003.

    Currently, the head writer of the series is Hogan Sheffer, who has been in the position since October 2006. His co-head writer is Meg Kelly.

    Ratings and scheduling history

    Not long after its introduction in 1965, Days of our Lives became a successful part of NBC's attempt to dethrone daytime powerhouse CBS. By 1973 the show, pitted against CBS' Guiding Light and ABC's Newlywed Game at 2 p.m.(EST)/1 p.m.(CTS), had matched the first-place ratings of As The World Turns and sister NBC serial Another World. NBC capitalized on this success with the decision to expand to one hour on April 21, 1975. This expansion had followed the lead of AW, which became TV's first-ever hourlong soap on January 6, three and a half months earlier. Further, Days' new starting time of 1:30/12:30 finally solved a scheduling problem that began in 1968 when NBC lost the game Let's Make a Deal to ABC, and in its wake, eight different shows were placed into the slot, with only one, Three on a Match, lasting more than nine months.

    However, this first golden period for NBC daytime proved to be short-lived, as Days' ratings began to decline in 1977. Much of the decline was due to ABC's expansion of its popular soap All My Children to a full hour, the last half of which overlapped with the first half of Days. By January 1979, the network, in a mode of desperation more than anything else, decided to jump headlong against AMC and moved the show ahead to the same 1 p.m./12 Noon time slot. In exchange to its affiliates for taking away the old half-hour access slot at 1:00 p.m./Noon, NBC gave them the 4pm (EST)/3pm (CTS) slot, which many (if not most) stations had been preempting for years anyway. By 1986, ABC and CBS followed suit, under the intense pressure of lucrative (and cheap) syndicated programming offered to affiliates.

    By the early 1980s, Days had displaced Another World as NBC's highest-rated soap. However, the entire NBC soap lineup was in ratings trouble. In fact, by 1982, all of its shows were rated above only one ABC soap (The Edge of Night) and below all four CBS soaps. The "supercouple" era of the 1980s, however, helped bring about a ratings revival, and the 1983–1984 season saw Days experience a surge in ratings. It held onto its strong numbers for most of the 80s, only to decline again by 1990, eventually falling back into eighth place. In the mid-1990s, however, the show experienced a resurgence in popularity and the show reached number two in the ratings, where it remained for several years before experiencing another ratings decline beginning in 1999, the year that Days became NBC's longest-running daytime program (upon the cancellation of AW). Throughout the 2000s, Days and all the other remaining network daytime serials have witnessed a steady erosion of viewers, mainly due to vastly altered viewing habits induced by cable networks and alternative genres such as reality and talk shows on minor network affiliates.

    On January 17, 2007, NBC Universal Television president Jeff Zucker remarked that Days of our Lives would most likely not "continue past 2009." With the impending move of Passions from NBC to DirecTV in September 2007, Days will become NBC's last remaining traditional daytime program (excepting the Today Show, which will receive a fourth weekday hour in exchange for the forementioned cancellation) on its mid-day schedule. After the January announcement, the Nielsen ratings for Days dropped to 1.9 million households before stabilizing in June near 2.4 million households. In an April 2007 interview with Soap Opera Digest, executive producer Ken Corday remarked of the ratings decline of the previous months, "If I don't pay attention to the ratings and what the viewers are saying, I'm an ostrich. I have not seen a decline in the ratings on the show this precipitous - ever. I've never seen this much of a percentage decline." But Days has not been able to recover the viewers it has lost.

    On September 10, 2007, due to Passions' cancellation/move to DirecTV and The Today Show's extension to four hours, NBC in most areas will move Days to 2pm weekdays, taking over Passions' former timeslot. Some areas will stay at 1pm an a few others will move to Noon.

    External distribution

    According to Variety, Days is the most widely-distributed soap opera in the United States, with episodes not just broadcast via NBC, but also via cable (SOAPnet), and as of June 2007, episodes are offered via iTunes.

    Days also has an international audience. It started broadcasting locally in Australia in 1968, later moving to the Nine Network. Over time, Days ended up airing at a delay of nearly five years behind the United States due to cricket pre-emptions in the summer, so in 2004, Nine aired a special titled Days of our Lives: A New Day, which summarized four years of storyline in one hour, in an attempt to catch up to more current telecasts. This speed-up caused mixed feelings as viewers missed many vital storylines and it landed right in the middle of the Melaswen storyline. Now, episodes are ten months behind the United States. New Zealand has aired Days nearly as long, debuting on Television New Zealand by 1975 at the latest, and currently running approximately three years behind the United States on the TV ONE channel.

    Days also airs in a number of countries across Europe, premiering in France on July 29, 1991, Germany on September 6, 1993, Finland on August 11, 2003, and Hungary on June 14, 2004. Channel 5 aired episodes of Days in the United Kingdom from March 2000 until April 2001, eventually pulling it off the air; network executives deemed its audience of 200,000 viewers as too low a figure.[8] Days had previously aired in the UK and Ireland on the Sky Soap channel between 1994 and 1999; episodes were three years behind U.S. telecasts. From September 3, 2007, UK viewers will be able to watch Days on the female-skewed entertainment channel Zone Romantica. In Italy Days aired for only three months in 1985 on Rete A; in 1992 Italia 7 started to air new episodes, five years behind U.S. telecasts. In 1993, after 260 episodes, the show was cancelled.

    Theme song and opening title sequences

    The title sequence of Days of our Lives has changed several times since the show's debut, but always maintained hourglass imagery and trademark voiceover, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Beginning in 1966, the voice has been that of Macdonald Carey (1913–1994), who played Dr. Tom Horton from the show's opening until the actor's death from lung cancer.
  • I never liked Soap Operas because all of the mysteries never end it's just clue after clue it just makes me want to scream. And I will never start liking Soap Operas. I don't want to offend anybody with my review so If I did no hard feelings.

    Now lets talk about the characters: Now that lady that is always stirring up a Witches Brew that idea for a character is bringing down the show to it's knees and if I were one of the creators of this show I would remove the witch. And all of the other characters are "Okay" but there is to many characters to keep track of. And there is to much romance in this show and I find that illogical and absolutely repugnant. And this show it's to old and I don't thing that this show is fit for the 21st Century and I think this show should have remained in the 20th Century A.K.A-"Canceled".
  • This show is great. I love it. Ive watched it every since i was like 5yrs old with my grandmas.

    Ya i know your thinkin with my grandma ok thats werid but i was always with my grandma for my hole life i was a grandmas girl. This show is good for people that like soap popers if you havnt whatched it i think you all should try to cause its a great show. Its also a great mystery. Well give it a try so day. Im not sure of what to say. Well i just wanted to say Thanks for you time i now that it wasnt that great so i wanted to say Thanks for taking time to stop and read this........
  • Sami is in trobule by being kidnapped. Bo and Lesie set up a sting last week. Nick is very drunk and out of his mind at the moment.

    Sami was kidnapped because the babies that are still unborn. Bo and Lesie are following up on the sting they planned last week, to shake up the Deimares. Shawn and Bella are enanged. Marlena is going nuts about Sami being kidnapped. Tony was at Marlena and John's place. When John arrived at his place, Tony just skipped right out of there. Marlena looked happy after John told her good news. Nick is mad because Cheslea didn't accpet his purposepol. Now is is throwing all his money away at the casino. Jerry Springer appeared in a epoised. Gave Nick some adivice and a good luck charm. Done for now.
  • Sometimes the show just needs to get to the point already, but other times it keeps you wanting more!

    I give Days of Our Lives a 7.5. I used to watch this show with my mom every night and we still cant get enough of it. Sometimes at the end of each show we're like, lets get to the point, but other times it keeps us coming back for more, which is what soap operas are all about. I think stefanos return was great, it made the show that much more interesting. You never know what he's going to do next! I think that makes the show more exciting, not a big waste.I love Days of Our Lives, I just cant get enough of it!
  • Good show most of the time.

    I've been watching DOOL since it first aired in 1965...when I was a mere five years old! My mother watched it faithfully so I did also. I remember the feud that was going on between Julie and Susan. I loved Susan! She was one of the best characters ever. I remember her husband was cheating on her with Julie Olson. They had a little baby boy that fell out of a playground swing and died from head trauma. Funny how I can still picture that in my mind. I remember crying over it. Bring back the old episodes!
  • the best of the best

    days of the lives the best or what the show is so amazing the drama and the babies who have to save one of the most evilest person in the soap bis. i give it a two thumbs up. The scan dole and how far people will go to do what they think is right. Good people, villains they have it all, in days. It is a must for the summer a summer drama you can call it. IT will leave you wanting more and more and more. I think that everyone would really enjoy the show. It is what i call good television.
  • best soap I have seen.

    i have seen a lot of soap operas but this one takes the cake. i would love to watch a marathon of days of our lives. boy, a lot can happen in a day. i give it a strong two thumbs up. what the heck i give it all my fingers up. i love this show it rocks my socks and gives me shocks when i walks with my jocks in a store to buy locks with smocks! sorry i like a good 'ol continuous rhyme. i am a bit weird some times. okee dokee i'll let you goklee so you don't choklee on findoklee!
  • Best Soap Opera EVER!!

    I LOVE Days of Our Lives!! It may have some wierd moments, but thats okay thats why I love it!! Sami is the best one one here, she flippin rocks!!!(I know Im a dork because I say "flippin") But this show should stay on forever its the best!! It gets better every year. My family and I love to watch it, its like one of our hobbies. This show is awesome, it kicks all the other soap operas butts!
  • I can't believe what I just saw. I don't really know which character I like or who's side I would be on.

    I am not really into the soaps, so I don't really have much to say about it. I wish that they could come up with some other way of putting the show together. the acting is almost too rehearst and it doesn't seem like it comes naturally. I know they can probably act , but how can one tell when everything s too structured?
  • love days of our lives.

    i really love days of our lives and i also love all the characters in it.i love that sami is trying to me good and also chelsea.i also am glad that ej is getting good but i think its not for long.i also want bo and hope to be forever and that bell and shawn get married and start a new family with their baby claire.i want for the feud between the brady family and the dimera to stop.
  • The Di Mera feud is so annoying and it gfets on my nerves.It needs somsthing to make it better.I would bring back soms people like Jan and soms other people.The dimera thing ok.But they have to stop getting sami to fixx it up. She really is dumb.

    I give it 0.3 because it gets really good and then annoying
    they should make it better like as I said they should bring back Jan.she still is in a coma.Chloe is still on her honeymoon.

    Whatever the directors are going through they need to work it out.I hope the y have another story line that is not a 30 year length or more.I'm really annoyed abotu the obsessions between Marlayna and stefano and Elvis and Samantha Robberts - Brady . The show is going down the drain whatever happened to cassie?They have storylines and then they never come back until they are adults.
    Like ciara brady.she will be a baby and then she will be a tenager in thre months.

  • All the characters are great actors, i really enjoy watching sami getting into trouble, i just wish she would stay away from elvis and all the Dimara's good grief will she ever learn, i also like Bo and Hope. I am glad they are together.

    I was very sad when Days was not nominated at the emmys something has to change drastically, i have been watching this show since i was 16 yrs old and now i am 44 yes thats how long i have watched it, the long running feud with the Dimara's is what is holding yall back from getting any awards, please try to change it, we have to have more of something that will really flip the people out, this year its about shaun and bell and phillip this is getting really old. we all know who took claire and it is no shocker there, you brought back a few people from the past, that is okay for now. please get with the program.
  • One of the best soap on tv.

    Days is a great soap and is the only soap I watch all the time other soaps I watch once in a while days has it ups and downs but I still love it.Days has a lot of drama and action which is one of the reasons the show is great. I started watching it almost 2 years ago. So if you need it choose a great soap to watch I think you should choose Days of our lives.
  • I never felt insecure in my manhood being a Soap Opera fan because Los Angeles Dodger's manager Tommy Lasorta confessed that he hated away games because it caused him to miss Days of our Lives.

    Happy Anniversary Days of our Lives

    My mom was concerned by what she considered an obsession in the way I devoured the TV Guide fall preview issue (This was before TV Guide was an entertainment magazine). Now if I went through the TV Guide with a highlighter, that would be obsessive. But I did my best to see all the new shows every fall and see if they were worth watching. I was firm but fair in my evaluation. I knew better than to judge a show by it's pilot. Even though there were only three networks, this was not an easy thing to do since there were no VCRs. If you were not home when your program was on you missed it. We couldn't go online to find out what happened or pay $1.99 to have the episode downloaded on our iPod. Just like if the phone rang and no one was home, the call went unanswered. Archaic! Mom saw my relationship with TV as an addiction, but did she help me? Did she find a 12-step program? The Betty Ruble Center? No, she exploited what she saw as my addiction.

    It’s the summer of 1983, I was home from school but Mom was doing some volunteer work in the afternoons, meaning she would be missing Days of our Lives. So she asked me to watch the show for her, then tell her what happened. Remember there were no VCRs. It seemed simple enough. She’d come home and I’d say, " The guy with the beard has the hots for that girl with the big boobs. Everyone is wondering if this guy I think his name is "Cirano?" is really dead even though he was cremated. Soon it became, "Bo (Peter Reckell) expressed his feelings to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) faked his death by having some John Doe in the morgue cremated in his place". By the time summer was over and Mom was done with her volunteer work, I was hooked on Days of our Lives. I never felt insecure in my manhood being a Soap Opera fan because Los Angeles Dodger's manager Tommy Lasorta confessed that he hated away games because it caused him to miss Days of our Lives.

    In college I bought my first VCR before I bought my first textbook so I wouldn’t miss the show. While working as a Universal Studios Tour guide I met a coworker who had a recurring part on the show as a nurse. I used the show as an icebreaker. Long story short, I married her. It's a mixed marriage, she's an All My Children fan. Every Wednesday I attend a story telling group in Los Angeles called STORY SALON. One of the storytellers there is an actress named Marsha Clark, who also plays the no nonsense judge, Karen Fitzpatrick on DAYS. I started to talk to her about the show's serial killer story line where half the town was murdered by Dr. Marlena Evens (Deidre Hall). She must have thought this guy is nuts, don’t make eye contact. It’s 22 years later, Bo still loves Hope and everyone is sure that Stefano is really dead this time. I know better. When all else fails, blame Mom.

    To quote Macdonald Carey (Dr. Tom Horton), "Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of our Lives".

    Happy 40th, have you had work done? Stay Tuned Tony Figueroa
  • I have watched DOOL for many, many years and feel that each year will be the last. Too long, drawn out storylines aggrivate the viewers who wind up switching to a different soap and come back a couple of months later to find the same old thing going on.

    I have watched DOOL for many, many years and feel that each year will be the last. Too long, drawn out storylines aggrivate the viewers who wind up switching to a different soap and come back a couple of months later to find the same old thing going on. DOOL used to be exciting and fun to watch now it's just a bore. They need new, young writers who are willing to take it to the limits with stories just like other soaps do! Make DOOL the great soap it used to be and get with the program! It can be great again!
  • really like it

    I like Days of Our Lives. Granted, that I have not been watching it very long ( I've watched it sporadically since around maybe 2000?) I have been watching it more regularly now and, even though I know all about the olden days( my mom has watched it for a long time) I still am not disappointed one bit. Lately though, It has been a little slow, but this summer it should pick up. Even if it doesn't I will still watch it until the end.
  • Nice show..

    I started watching the show about 10 years ago. Now, back then I was watching it withuot missing a single episode.
    Over the years I stoped being obssesed with it, and now I'm watching when ever I can, which is about once a week- maybe.

    I think it just got better as time goes by. There is a lot of thing that makes absolutly zero sense, but a lot less than there where earlyer.. :)

    Over all I thing this is a very nice show..
  • Must disagree with kyravon.Refreshing to see a show that doesnt shy away from reglion.While the world seems bent on taking God out of everything so as not to infringe on nonbelievers rights(yet keep him close in case of disaster or tragedy)-STAND TALL!

    While I do agree the plots are sometimes twisted, slow moving or recycled - overall I dont mind all the "religious" references this show makes. Many (if not most) people do refer to a God of their understanding on an ongoing basis even daily. Im not Catholic - but understand that the Brady family is written as an Irish Catholic family that draws deep on their roots (as many Irish/Catholics or "regular" Catholics do in real life). It is a religion steeped in tradition and deep belief. I say great for them - I wish I had their deep faith - might be comforting in this crazy unexplainable world. As for the "southern red-neck" theory - a predominant number of southeners are Baptist or Pentacostal - BIG difference from Catholics. As for joining the "real world" for diversity - Sami is an single mother-never married, trying to raise her son.(I guess the unreal part is the father is around and cooperative in the raising of Will). Marlena, Hope, Maggie, Jennifer, Kate - all divorced and GASP! remarried how many times!(Can we say shame-shame). Victor has divorced & remarried(trophy wife), still conning, conniving, scheming, stealing - gee sounds like a few wealthy older CEO type men we've heard of before. There's enough sleeping around (married couples & single people both) to be real enough for me. I think the last faithful people on the show were Mr & Mrs Horton. Seems real to me. Celeste had an affair with Stephano- looks like a mixed race pairing that produced Lexie (Ekes - a bi-racial child! Oh no! whatever shall people think!) Lets not forget Sami with Brandon another mixed race pairing. There are numerous references to past alcohol and/or drug addictions with Lucas and Billie. I guess the unrealistic part is that they have recovered. Oh wait, Billie did fall of the wagon recently didn't she - with very bad results. Of course there's kate who was a prostitute who hasnt acknowledged her drinking problem -but she's just a heavy social drinker (alone or social - no difference just unwinding) When John was addicted to prescription painkillers he was "down on the docks, looking for a dealer" (guess this was their way of saying he went to the seedy part of town, looking for an entreprenour in the non-prescription pharmacutical business)

    As for me, my soap opera is an escape from reality. No one does dishes, changes diapers, pays bills, juggles checkbooks, grocery shops, puts kids in timeout(although some of the teens need it (& even adults). They always look nice, eat at nice restaurants (no drive-thru happy meals here!), look great when they first wake up(every mans fantasy is for his mate to look so good in the morning-sorry -doesnt happen). They dont deal with insurance companies about healthcarecoverage, have to wait for unemployment or child support checks. They deal with trauma like most people - they call on family & friends, pray, talk & bargain with God for a good outcome. And for this I say God bless them and Amen! Sorry but if I want true Nascar, country-music loving, drug addicted, mixed raced, crime committing rednecks, latinos etc... I'll watch Jerry Springer or listen to Howard Stern or maybe, just maybe I'll turn on the evening news.
  • So Days has had spurts of creativity and origionality and then it just starts repeating itself.

    So the past week of Days has been somewhat consistent. Sure there were things that i liked and more so than not things i didn't. Lets start with the things i did. The E.J. Sami/Lucas situation. This show loves a who's the dady story. IT seems like evey kid in the last decade was born into one. And now of course Sami's second baby and could we really have her have a normal pregnancy where se knows who the father is? I didn't think so. So this week Sami was pretty deep int the trows of planning her wedding to Lucas. And E.J. was of course making his presecnce known threatning to expose her at every turn if she didn't get an amnio done. So Sami set about to tey and get Nick to fake a paternity test. He tells her he can't do it he could lose his job, but he agrees to give her a blank sheet and she can fill it out howvwer she chooses. This past week also had a ton of scenes between Sami and Celeste. That pretty much consist of Celeste tryig to get Sami to agree to killing E.J., and she's so adamant i know she thinks he killed Lexie. But i find it hard to believe that Stefano would ever allow Lexie or one of his kids to be killed, especially by one of his other kids. But there was a really good scene in the Penthouse Grill, with Sami and Chelsea. Chelsea was still angry about what happened with Billie and Nick, and she was staying with Sami and Lucas and her and Sami were becaoming fast friends. And it was nice to see Sami trying to offer up the benefit of her experience. As the two of them are alike i many ways. Celeste met Benji in a car in the pariking lot to try and get some info out of him. ANd i always like seeing Benji on screen it's a shame they underuse him. Bu the told her that Stefano sees this baby that Sami is having as a gift from god, and there's no way if it's a Dimera that he would let Sami have it. Celeste trie s to discretely meet Sami in the bathroom of, trying to avoid being seen together to avoid the ire of E.J. In the bathroom she tells her she spoke to Benji and told him what he told her about Stefano and the baby. Sami is spooked but she tells Celeste that she's not a murderer. Celeste then tries to make it out of the resturanut, but ends up on the same elevator as E.J. E.J. asks her whats she's doing there and she says getting take out. He tells her to sit and have a drink with him. And he asks her what she and Sami are up to. Celeste says she barely knows her and is simplt inquiring about private school. She then goes into a lament about him being worse than his father. And he smiles at this. And says like father like son.
    The whole Shelle thing is horrid i think it's the worse of the whole bunch, well that and Steve and Kayla. Steve forced Billie to help him go on the run, and Marlana and Kayla found them and Steve was taken back to the hospital but told he was compltetely beyond saving. Chelsea is the main susoect in the fire at Bo and Hopes house, but she manintains her innocence. Phillip has a tender scene with KAte lamenting about his losses, and she actually suprises us by giving good maternal advice. She tells him to stop trying to be Victor because he'll never be like him because he's kind and loving. All in all an ok week bu the show is really strating to get stagnate.
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