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  • Just Cancel Days already the writers SUCK

    All the story lines now are so stupid, these writers suck. I just started watching again and now I'm not going to watch. The story line with Abi and EJ is sick, I thought he was so in love with Sami, Brady is nothing but a drunk and drug addict, Theresa and Ann are really idiots, Jennifer never goes to work and her and Daniel are not cute together. Just cancel the soap and put it out of it's misery.
  • Did EJ had suddenly sort of a mental breakdown?

    It does not make any sense to me for someone who obviously turned his life around, then gave everything up for his family to, all the sudden, flip 180 and lose it completely. He seemed to me quite in control of everything, then, his father walks in and he does exactly what is going to drive the love of his life and his family away.

    Come on, writers, give him a little more credits, he is not that careless even stupid. He knows the only thing he has left is his family, he had to walk on his pride when he gave everything back to Stephano.

    Sammy looked for a long time for love. She found it. Let them explore their happiness like John and Marlena and have them work together on exciting adventures instead of reducing the show at a bunch of actors hitting the sheets together, men and women, men. A little of stability please!

    Right now, it seems that the only couple not having problems is the homosexual one, and that bothers me.

    Please, change writers, storylines and let the couples who looked for love for a long time, have kids together, raise them in peace, work on their relationships!

    This show will need to replace John and Marlena, Hope and Bo soon. They seem to be the only ones, so far, who found their way back together.

    Please, let Sammy and EJ be the next GREAT couple of Salem who will fight together, FOR LIFE!

    these new writers suck hairy balls! And wtf with this new will???!!! He can't act and he's wack and not cute!!!!! I'm so sick of the characters switch up and Eric is next??? In tryin real hard to keep watching but these writers are leavin me no choice. Aftr 23 years I may have to cancel watching what has been garbage for the past 1 1/2! And get tht stupid ass wack ass character Ann and Theresa outta here! Stop playin games with Daniel and jenn its old alrdy let them get it on alrdy. Wtf Abiil and Ej! U guys r just ruining ays of our lives name! Annnnd I'm all for gay rights and tht stuf but dude. Come on y'all takin it too far, kissing and n the bed together sunny an will! ???!!! I Dont want to turn on my soap n the early afternoon and c tht carp! The new writers must me gay well just know u are destroying the reputation and nane of days! Please fire these damn writers!
  • The Sami Brady Show

    In recent years Days of Our Lives has become The Sami Brady Show. My wife and I are sick of the Sami character. Writers, please send her to Europe for 2 or 3 years and give the viewers a break.
  • Yuck!

    Men kissing, especially in bed, makes me sick!! Just can't watch it anymore. Used to be the biggest Days Fan.
  • Better Living

    I love Days of our Lives! The cast is releasing a new book with all of their healthy living secrets, I just pre-ordered mine. Check it out: 1c4aO8H
  • sinking low

    I grew up watching days and tuned in today now that my schedule allows a soap again. Days wont get my hour I thought I had tuned in to logo Disgusting men kissing. Please did days have to join the gay agenda? Wont watch again.
  • Good couples, Bad couples

    Worst couple by far Jennifer and Daniel! Really? Next is Sammy and EJ, have some respect for yourself Sammy, your love scandels have far surpassed your mother's Marlena. How many different men are you having sex with? All with in the 6 month period. What are you teaching your kids? You have a daughter. No wonder Will is confused. Will and Sonny??? BOO!! Stop forcing the issue!! Brady and Kristen, it was hot for a second but offcoarse the storyline must drag on and on and on... Bo and Hope, just boring! Victor and Maggie have a more exciting relationship. What about Abby, she's is just as confused as Will when it comes to relationships. Poor Nicole, how many more babies and men is she going to lose, it's just about ridiculous what that girl has been through. Does she ever get a break! Kate and Raff, lets just say it was good while it lasted. Kate and Steffano is a pair more suited for each other. I'm actually hoping for a John and Marlena's reunion, but don't make them boring once they unite. Lucas is a cutie, why can't he find anyone in that town? Chloe is just to hot for them all! Now with Lexie gone we need another sexy chocolate babe or 2. It was spicy when Daniel and Lexie were being flirty with each other. Abe and Kayla cant wait for that to heat up. Eric and Nicole might work, let's see what happens with that, the build up is getting intense!!
  • Bo Brady

    I would Love to see Bo come back to Salem . It just doesn't seem right without him being on the show. Bo & Hope belong together.

    I can't wait to see Kristen get what is coming to her. Hate the fact that she has broken up John & Marlena .

    Nick needs to back off & give Will his rights back as the Babies father. I normally don't like Stephano doing bad things, but in this case I cant wait to see Nick get a dose of his own medicine.

    Great job !! Keep up the good work !
  • Writers, Characters, etc.

    The only complaint that I have is the writing team of the last year or so. It's not necessarily the storylines, it's the way they have made almost every character as if they are an idiot and are not aware of anything around them (so to speak). A lot of these characters used to have backbone, stability (emotionally and mentally), know when something wasn't right and so on. This is getting pretty old. Other than that, it's not bad. On the flip side, I definitely give kudos to the writers with such a realistic, classy gay storyline with Will and Sonny. They haven't got messy or really out of hand with it as I thought they may do down the road after initially starting. And I agree with another voter about trying to start an interracial storyline. I think that would be awesome too (Hint: Abe and Kayla). It's like they dropped that part of the show like a hotcake.
  • Bad Days writers

    I'm so sick of Jen and Daniels failed love affair. Chloe sucks and needs to be written out for good. I'm getting to the place where I want to fast forward through all their scenes. Please hire better writers!
  • Stupidity

    I stopped watching this show before and I'm thinking about stopping again! I HATE how much Chloe is getting away with and how STUPID Jennifer and Daniel are. All Jennifer had to do is tell Daniel they fake break up, get Parker back, Daniel take custody and bam! Happily ever after but no after all of Chloe's evilness he KISSES HER, I ALMOST THREW UP THIS SHOW SUCKS AND THIS CRAP WITH STEFANO HELPING WILL NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW!?! Oh and this is a reply to someone's 2967 or whatever, this isn't a kids show anyways u may think gays r bad but ur a bad parent for letting ur kids watch this show to begin with! Suck it up its the way the world is ur in the 21st century
  • Returning longtime fan about to leave again

    I grew up with Days of Our Lives but left (as an adult) when Marlena was "possessed" by the devil. I didn't think things could sink any lower. I recently found opportunities to work from home and now what I see are men in bed together, kissing each other, and Jen being portrayed as a weak, ignorant woman. No woman in her right mind would be as weak as Jen and now I find myself probably leaving again for good.
  • Stop the Jennifer/Daniel Madness NOW

    I am a devoted Days daily viewer and I am so appalled and disgusted by the forcing of Jennifer and Daniel down our throats!! They have totally sacrificed the character of Chloe, trashed her beyond redemption and I'm sick of it! I love Chloe and Daniel together, they have so much chemistry and history and I was thrilled when I heard Nadia was coming back but now I find out, it's temporary and just a tool to get viewers to accept Jennifer with Daniel. Well, I'm not buying it and I never will, I continue to fast forward through every single scene with that ridiculous couple. What's up with Jennifer's gray/blonde hair??? She can't hold a candle to Chloe in any way and I will never accept her with Daniel. I'm loving the other storylines, can't wait to see what happens with Father Eric/Nicole/Vargas, how about adding Hope to that little mix?! Father Eric is wonderful!!!! I am so excited to see that jerk, Nick, get his comeuppance!!!
  • Days of our Lives

    The Jennifer and Daniel story line is disgusting. So does that mean Jennifer's aunt Maggie will be her mother in law now. And Jennifer and Daniel will be cousins and husband and wife. Oh Melanie and Jennifer may be cousins and stepmother. It may be relations by marriage but it is gross. To close to inbreeding for my taste. My brother thought it was OK also until I asked if I could marry his son who is my nephew by marriage. My point was then explained. THAT STORY IS DISGUSTING!!!!
  • chloe and Jennifer storyline.. Stupid

    We who watch this series are insulted by the lame storyline of these two.. Chloe is going to run around the world with a mother and son with no apparent means of support.. Better writers are desperately needed for this show.
  • todays march 29 2013

    pkease stop chloe it is time she return where and stop using her baby.
  • anybody else ready for this nick/will saga to be over?!?

    give the man his rights back to his baby already!
  • Nick is annoying character

  • Give them the axe!

    Why did they bring back Cloe? I really don't like her back on the show. They need to get rid of her and Nick.
  • Fudge Packing

    It is so gross and so very wrong. Why ruin my favorite program?
  • I have had it with being "Politically Correct" ...

    ENOUGH with the gay love scenes! I have had it. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I can't turn the channel fast enough. I used to be an avid Days fan but now I couldn't care less if I catch it at all. It is been taken too far.

    Seriously, I thought Days was going to be one of the few shows that chose NOT to incorporate a gay story line. I should have known better. Kudos for holding out as long as you did. But my opinion of Days has tanked recently for no other reason than the Will & Sony story line. Gay people complain and gripe all day long about not being included in things and will scream discrimination at the drop of a hat; however, all the straight people in this world have rights too. Rights to NOT see it and have it forced on us. Live your life the way you choose but please leave it off my television. It's simply not right. Deal with it.
  • Welcome to hypocrisy land

    So i can let my children watch death and destruction in shows and cartoons but not people in love? yeah great, i so so much more prefer for my child to become gay than murderer but well, everyone have their own preferences :) just please, let others enjoy the show!
  • omg ppl r so funny

    my goodness there are all sorts of things on tv everyday death murder abductions and ppl have a cow over the same sex relations thats funny , just cause u dnt want to see it does not mean its not happening everyday in the real world and everyone knows it they may not like it but they know it and its not going to change ppl are who they are and think this is a good for days and they r keeping it real

  • seriously grow up

    I find this funny as hell, u are all complaining bout a scene in which two gay people show there love for another. But I promise u had it been a scene of a man and woman none of u would have anything to say. So here is me saying GROW UP. This 2012 gay men and woman are all over the place and have every right to be happy. Who r all of u to judge what makes how u love and show affection better than anyone else. You have no right to judge them, at least they have been Lucky to find love and someone to share their lives with. So take ur opinions and stick them where the sun don't shine.
  • Gay Scenes

    That is it for me!!! I have watched Days for about 40 yrs. and the sence between Will and Sonny are not needed to show how gay people feel about each other, have gay friends and hetrosexual friends and i don't need to know how they do it

    I have had it with watching Days, are you trying to get cancelled!!!!!! i have watched your show for about 40 years and I have gay friends and they don't act like that in front of me, you have gone to far!!!!!!!!! I will no longer be DVR your show, what an awful thing you have done to the wonderful cast of your show, whoever made that call should be fired!!!!!!!

  • Overated.

    Can't believe THIS is on the air but others (AMC/OLTL) aren't.
  • Disgusted!!!

    I have been watching the show for 7 years now and now I'm totally grossed out by all the gayness!!! Can you please leave all the gay scenes out?? The make out sessions with will and sonny are horrible and now your making gabbi want a abortion?? Hello librals wake up and go back to being more conservative!! I'm no longer watching days of our lives, taking it off my DVR until you can change back to being normal!! You can just say will is gay dont show it!! Nobody wants to see two men make out!! Thats gross and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT!!!!!!
  • Sickened and Disgusted after all these years . . .

    I have been watching "Days" since 1969 and granted, there have been some pretty far out story lines and I have hung in there and all has turned out well. But this is TOO MUCH!!!! I realize that the world is a different place than it used to be, but when I am sitting in my own living room and have to be ashamed if someone should come in and see or hear what is on my TV (the situation with Will and Sonny). It is TOO MUCH FOR ME!!! I have stopped watching this program!. You have just lost a loyal "Days of Our Lives" fan FOREVER!!! Also, my neighbors, another long time fan of "Days" feels the same way and asked me convey their disgust and choice to sign off forever as well!!! Please think and make a choice that is more equitable for ALL your fans, instead of worrying about being so POLITICALLY CORRECT and keeping a few fans as opposed a loyal fan base. Tom and Alice Horton would have been mortified at this story line and the tunnel vision of the writers!!!!
  • Kudos to the Writing Team for "Wilson"

    Two tumbs up to the extraordinary writing team behind the Will & Sonny storyline. It has been handled delicately and truthfully. Many people are upset over it and I don't understand. It's a common theme in today's society. With all the talk of "Traditional America" it adds to the conversation. I would like to see an interracial couple on Days. I believe Abe/Kayla are leading to this. I've watched Days for many years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thank you again for keeping this soap relevant.
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