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  • It's a good show...

    I started watching DOOL meny, meny years ago. At first I found it to be a bit boring (don't ask how), but after a few times I was stuck! This is definitely the best soap on TV today. Even after 40 years it still holds a higher class than any other soap.
  • My favorite soap on the planet!!! I hope it never gets cancelled!!!

    My favorite soap on Earth!!! I know some people say that this soap has unbelivable, twisted plots, but that's basically what makes "Days of Our Lives" all the more interesting to watch. From being kidnapped on an island by a misunderstood man to getting pregnant with your ex-husband's child, anything is possible in Salem.
  • This is one of the best soap's on television today, along with Passions. A show that has a great history of family dynamics and life. A really great television pleaser. A must see!

    This is one of the best soap's on television today, along with Passions.
    A soap opera based in a small town called Salem.
    A show that has a great history of family dynamics and life. A really great television pleaser.
    I give this show a 10. A must see!
  • been watching this show since 1991, and everytime the producers split up bo and hope i stop watching because they are my favourties. and if they split them up one more time im done watching the show for good. it is really different nowadays, not a good d

    i have been watching this show since 1991, and everytime the producers split up bo and hope i stop watching because they are my favourties. and if they split them up one more time im done watching the show for good. it is really different nowadays, not a good different either.
  • One of the oldest and best soap opera to this date has it's share of twist and turns. f.ollowing the brady family's trail and errors thru the past decade making it hard to get off the sofa.

    quite possibly the best soap of all time! my mother has got me, my father and my brother hooked. I still say chelsea is still georgia because she acts alot like kate and billie. plus I hope shawn and mimi get together soon, and the victor divorces nicole and leaves her penny less.
  • I love this show very muchI started watching it during the high school years for Belle and Shawn (perfect couple) this show is a good show I love it love it.

    Days is the greatest soap ever I watch it every day with my mom and dad I love Shawn hate Philip an Nicole K. My fave parts are Abby and Chelsea Frankie, Jack and Jen (Frankie is hot for being my moms age) Mimi and Shawn Philip and Belle great show!!!!!!

    "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives..." For over one-third of a century, those words, spoken by the late Macdonald Carey, who played Tom Horton Sr., have introduced and underscored one of daytime drama's rare mainstays. NBC's Days of our Lives, which turned 39 on November 8, 2004, first premiered as a half-hour drama in 1965 and expanded to an hour 10 years ago.
  • This show as been my favourite since I started watching it over 30 years ago. My husband thinks it is funny that I can figure out the plot weeks before it is revealed.

    Although is sometimes gets a little off the wall with it's plots, even my husband enjoys sitting down with me every once in awhile to catch up. It is wonderful to see the episodes where they go back to when the characters were really young, which goes to show that alot of them have been like a part of the family for years. Keep up the great work!!
  • DOL makes the days of my life bearable.

    I've recently begun watching DOL again and I really must say that I love it as much as I ever have. Yes, occassionally I find myself frustrated that some of the story lines go on FOR-ev-OR, but it is a guilty pleasure that I enjoy as much as a good bit of chocolate. And we all know that when we find something we enjoy more than chocolate we need to hang on to it! ;O)
  • Ugh. What happened to DooL??

    What's happened to Days of our Lives? It used to be great and the storylines were good and now it's stupid. Locking Shawn in a cage for an entire summer was right on par with a Passions storyline. It was never resolved and that bugs me. Since then, the show hasn't been as good as it once was. I miss the old Days. The good ol' Days if you will.
  • Love to watch it!!

    I\'ve been watching Days of our Lives for many years and absolutely love it. Sometimes the stories are strange but I can\'t stop watching it. The characters keep me coming back for more. My favorite story line right now is the one of Sammy/Lucas/Kate. I\'m so glad that the truth about Kate setting up Sammy finally came out and I hope she gets what she deserves. The only thing that I don\'t like is that the characters sometimes have so many different occupations. For example, Lexie is a doctor, she is also an OB/GYN, surgeon, ER physician. I mean that girl is all over the place. I definetely recommend Days to anyone who hasn\'t watched it.
  • Belle and Shawn

    I love this soap, I\'ve been watching it since I was 8 or 9 years old and I\'m now 16. I just think its a great show. The only thing I\'m upset with right now is the Belle and Shawn plot. I hate the way everyone has just seemed to have forgotten what happened to Shawn at Jane\'s house last summer. They\'er all still blaming him for what happened at the wedding and for leaving Belle even though they no about how he was held captive in a cage by Jane Spears. I want him and Belle together soooooo bad. They keep draging it out, Belle will makeout with him and tell him how she wants to be with him but then shes like I cant I married Philip. I dont want Shawn and Mimi together either I think it should be Belle and shawn, and everyone needs to remember about what happened last summer. It killing me, I can\'t stand it. I only hope she loses the baby, before Mimi takes Shawn so they can be together. I no thats kinda bad to say but Belle and Shawn belong together!!!
  • I think you guys at days of our lives should really think about bringing back patch played by steve somebody and stefano

    I think you guys at days of our lives should really think about bringing back patch played by steve somebody and stefano and what every happened to the orginal billy and the original belle at and are they getting back on the show and vivian and princess gina and where's lawerance been at and catalina
  • yes I\'ve watched on& off for 39 years. Back when Marie got preg. Before mickey knew Bill was what I want to know is why is Chris Kosachek playing Roman Brady? He was on the show as Chris for a long time. Will this be who he really is

    I love this show. I\'ve watched for 39 years. I\'m so glad the real Roman is coming back.And they can put Josh Taylor back as Chris Kosachek, whom he played for about 5 years. Did they think some of oldtimers were dead or had lost our memories?
    Lwilk in Okla.
  • This show is my home. Days of Our Lives has been on the air for almost 40 years, I've been watching since pratically birth...

    This show gives me a comfort feeling when I watch it, a place to escape the everyday life. It has shown me a lot in years of watching it, I mind as well say I been watching since birth..LOL why not cuz its true. The show is a personal fav and remains my #1 fav soap in history. Nothing could ever take its spot.The Cast is just amazing, meeting a lot of them was amazing, they are friendly and down to earth and really make you feel special. The show has its twist and turns, goodtimes and badtimes but if your a dedicated fan, you wont stray. I never have, those who want a great soap you should Watch days, it has amazing couples, characters and an amazing cast.
  • Drama, drama, drama!!!

    Even though i like this show, it is loaded with lots of drama. The only reason i watch this show is because of Shawn Brady. He is so fine and he has an amazing body. I like him so much and i just watch the show to see him. Some days it is really captivating but others, it is a whole load of crap (excuse my language). LOL.
  • Days of Our Lives tells the story of the inhabitants of Salem.

    Days of Our Lives is consistently my favorite Soap on TV today. I have been watching the show since 1990. Most of the storylines revolve around the same families; the Hortons and the Bradys. Due to the involvement of the town's residents in international publishing and undercover special forces, you never know who will blow into town and what vendetta or secret they will bring.
  • Been watching this show since I was 7 years old with my mother.

    I truly can agree that this show is in need of a quick overhaul. I have watched it for 21 years now and can say that the dead coming back, Stefano, Tony and all that ahs always been part of Days. HOWEVER, the plots simply are not deep enough. You can see right through them, where as before Days had away of \"gotcha\" betcha didn\'t expect that. I am missing the old Days! The days with Sami and Austin wedding and Lucas finding out he was the father, those storylines were great and kept me tuning in everyday. The Marlena is a serial killer story did it for me. I totally HATED that and HATED even more how they explained it?!? Now, things may be getting better now that Marlena and Roman(maybe it\'s Roman..maybe it\'s not) have a baby...seeing what John will do. Where is the OLD DAYS?!?!? WRITERS..are you listening???
  • As much as i love it, it needs new storylines.

    I have been watching Days sincce I can remember. I was named after Kayla Brady and when i realized that i started watching it. Lately the storylines have been getting so out there that all i do is laugh. The two things that keep me watching are teh Belle/Phillip/Shawn storyline and the Brady and Chloe storyline. The stuff about the dead returning is completly unbelievable as are many of the others. The show needs to get back to the good stuff. The stuff that made my grandma start watching years ago and get rid of the stuff that has made her stop watching today.
  • Love it so very much!

    I've been watching Days since I was little. To be exact, I started the day I was brought home from the hospital. I don't remeber everything but still. Anyway, Days is going back to its roots of love triangles, revenge, weedings, and secrets. No more sci-fi Bo-Yah! (the only thing I like about that was the Captive Isle). Maybe because it is in its prime. Only four more years until its over (unless it is renewed again... come on NBC)! Gone head, days.
  • Days of Our Lives is a long time running television show, and only gets better with time. . .

    I have watched Days Of Our Lives for many years. It is a wonderful show with crazy plot lines and wonderful characters. The actors and actresses on the show are wonderful! My mother and I watch this show together everyday, and disuss the latest of it. At the moment, it is a little slow, but that is understandable after the island incident last summer. Hopefully it will pick back up, like it always does. But, there are a few good story lines- such as Belle choosing between Shawn and Phillip, Chloe reavealing herself to Brady, Nicoles growing drinking problem as a result of losing her love, and Mimi\'s abortion and almost life sentence. All in all, it is a wonderful show with good actors who provide quality daytime entertainment.
  • Once a fascinating show, now a ridiculous b-movie haven gone insane. With Supervillains and completely unbelievable plots.

    The show's a getting stranger. In the last decade or so, we have seen... demonic possession, incomprihensible murder plots, super villain islands, and the apparent death of the show's longest standing villain. We've also seen plots dropped like hot potatoes, leaving dangling threads likely long forgotten already.

    The scary part is, it's "Passions" that's supposed to be the supernatural soap, not this one.

    Characters regularly believe the stupidest things. Celeste especially seems more and more to simply be insane instead of psychic. She gets visions of death, but... None. Of. Those. Characters. Died.

    It's blatantly obvious that the writers have taken to making it up as they go along. If you can't follow a plot because it's too complicated, something is seriously wrong.

    Oh, and for the record, if Susan is still impersonating Kristen in regular video updates to Stephano, who is getting those videos now that Stephano is dead?
  • I\'ve watched Days since I was 10. I watched in the summer then with mom.I love Wayne Northrop,and I\'m excited that he\'s back.I love the guy playing him now too, but more as Cris Cosachek.I always thought that was goofy bringing a well known character t

    I am excited that they are bringing our old Roman back. Maybe the Roman now can be Cris Cosechek again. I don't know how they are going to pull this off. But if anyone can Days can! I hate to see Jack die too. But happy to have Frankie back.
  • Shows do not make sense. Fellows dressed in black to rescue Philip instead of camoflague (come on now). Characters fall for the stupidest things (and they are supposed to be top spys. Not worth the time. If there's a commercial break

    The writers need to catch up with the times and write stories not full of holes and idiotic characters. They need to realize their audience is use to much better fare at night and this stuff just doesn't cut it anymore. Give us characters that are believable so we can care about them, least enough to keep watching.
    This show really needs a reality check. How dumb do they think there audience is or should we ask? Give us some good, believable storylines that really can really hold our attention.
    Could miss the show for a month and miss little.
  • "Days" more like a family tradition.

    I am a 24 year old male, and have been watching "Days" since I was a kid and watched it with my mom. My aunt and her son, who is 21, are also fans of this show. The stories on "Days" are so great, and the way I see it, the more outrageous it gets.. the better. Like when Marlena was possessed... sure there are people who say it was the dumbest storyline ever, but it got killer ratings and people still bring it up to this day. If it was that memorable, good or bad, they did something right. I love this show mostly because I feel like a grew up with these characters, and I care about what happens to them. Tell me.. how many of your faces light up with a smile anytime Alice is on the screen?
  • i have been watching days ever since i was born probably. i would watch it with my mom and i still do it is the greatest show in the world.

    days of our lives is the best show. it has a lot lf interesting things going on at once and its hard to get into it all because you are trying to figure out what just happened. but thats the fun it keeps you keeps you from what you want to see. its fun when you have to wait for the next show to see what happened to your favorite character or characters. it is great because you could never get bored of watching it because so many interesting things are going on at once you can not take your eyes off of it.
  • Since I started watch Days last year, before the olympics started, I was actually not that into it however, since that time it is now my new best friend.

    Days is sort of intersting now that almost all of the dead "Salemites" are back except for Caroline and Victor. I am just so confused about who this Max Brady and Frankie Brady are. Can someone please tell me who they are. I mean I know that Max is Grandpa Shawn and Caroline's adapted son.
  • Bad Bad Bad

    I use to watch this show about 2 years ago I stoped. It is so dumb and stupid. I dont get it. It looks fake the actors are bad, and they are starting to do make believe things in the show that just makes it dumb. Not interested in thsi show at all. what a shame to becuased I watched it for about 6 years
  • Used to be a great show, quickly becoming hilariously ridiculous.

    I started watching DAYS in the 90's. It was a great show then but I have to agree that it is quickly going downhill fast. I hope that it redeems itself soon or I'm not going to be able to watch it anymore! The Storylines are becoming ricidulous.
  • I have watched this since I was a little kid and I have seen this show through highs and lows. right now it is at a low but I hope that it comes back soon.

    Days is definitely one of the best overall daytime soaps out there. My favorite characters are Jack and Jennifer, they have a realistic quality about them that makes them a fan favorite for more than a decade Some of the stories are dumb but if you watch other soaps they all have a few dumb stories. No matter no outlandish the stories get they are all completely addictive.

    However, In the past year or so this show has gone a little too far with drawling out storylines and they have backburner favorite characters and have plot driven stories. Days used to be better than almost any soap on the air (Even some prime time) Now it just another soap opera. They should definitely fire the current writers and get new one’s I am sure there are lots of writing talents
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