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  • Welcome to hypocrisy land

    So i can let my children watch death and destruction in shows and cartoons but not people in love? yeah great, i so so much more prefer for my child to become gay than murderer but well, everyone have their own preferences :) just please, let others enjoy the show!
  • omg ppl r so funny

    my goodness there are all sorts of things on tv everyday death murder abductions and ppl have a cow over the same sex relations thats funny , just cause u dnt want to see it does not mean its not happening everyday in the real world and everyone knows it they may not like it but they know it and its not going to change ppl are who they are and think this is a good for days and they r keeping it real

  • seriously grow up

    I find this funny as hell, u are all complaining bout a scene in which two gay people show there love for another. But I promise u had it been a scene of a man and woman none of u would have anything to say. So here is me saying GROW UP. This 2012 gay men and woman are all over the place and have every right to be happy. Who r all of u to judge what makes how u love and show affection better than anyone else. You have no right to judge them, at least they have been Lucky to find love and someone to share their lives with. So take ur opinions and stick them where the sun don't shine.
  • Gay Scenes

    That is it for me!!! I have watched Days for about 40 yrs. and the sence between Will and Sonny are not needed to show how gay people feel about each other, have gay friends and hetrosexual friends and i don't need to know how they do it

    I have had it with watching Days, are you trying to get cancelled!!!!!! i have watched your show for about 40 years and I have gay friends and they don't act like that in front of me, you have gone to far!!!!!!!!! I will no longer be DVR your show, what an awful thing you have done to the wonderful cast of your show, whoever made that call should be fired!!!!!!!

  • Overated.

    Can't believe THIS is on the air but others (AMC/OLTL) aren't.
  • Disgusted!!!

    I have been watching the show for 7 years now and now I'm totally grossed out by all the gayness!!! Can you please leave all the gay scenes out?? The make out sessions with will and sonny are horrible and now your making gabbi want a abortion?? Hello librals wake up and go back to being more conservative!! I'm no longer watching days of our lives, taking it off my DVR until you can change back to being normal!! You can just say will is gay dont show it!! Nobody wants to see two men make out!! Thats gross and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT!!!!!!
  • Sickened and Disgusted after all these years . . .

    I have been watching "Days" since 1969 and granted, there have been some pretty far out story lines and I have hung in there and all has turned out well. But this is TOO MUCH!!!! I realize that the world is a different place than it used to be, but when I am sitting in my own living room and have to be ashamed if someone should come in and see or hear what is on my TV (the situation with Will and Sonny). It is TOO MUCH FOR ME!!! I have stopped watching this program!. You have just lost a loyal "Days of Our Lives" fan FOREVER!!! Also, my neighbors, another long time fan of "Days" feels the same way and asked me convey their disgust and choice to sign off forever as well!!! Please think and make a choice that is more equitable for ALL your fans, instead of worrying about being so POLITICALLY CORRECT and keeping a few fans as opposed a loyal fan base. Tom and Alice Horton would have been mortified at this story line and the tunnel vision of the writers!!!!
  • Kudos to the Writing Team for "Wilson"

    Two tumbs up to the extraordinary writing team behind the Will & Sonny storyline. It has been handled delicately and truthfully. Many people are upset over it and I don't understand. It's a common theme in today's society. With all the talk of "Traditional America" it adds to the conversation. I would like to see an interracial couple on Days. I believe Abe/Kayla are leading to this. I've watched Days for many years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thank you again for keeping this soap relevant.
  • Will and Sonny...relationship as a and making out...DON'T WANT TO SEE IT!

    I have watched Days for 30 years...all of my family, aunts, cousins, parents, grandparents, husband and kids. My mom and grandmother for 40 years. We have family members who are gay, but out of respect for family and friends, they do not make out in public. We all feel it is great that Will and Sonny are a couple, but the sex and kissing has got to stop, or we will stop watching. We all fast forward through the sex, but by us taping...Days still gets the ratings...which does not hurt them. We will be approaching the sponsers next, and I hope others do as welt...that may make Days tone it down...but if not. We ALL WILL STOP WATCHING. What is next... an abortion for Gabby?
  • I am begging...stop the gay sceenes!!!!!!!!!1

    I am 30 years old and I am all about people feeling self confident but these gay sceenes are way to much. I get one show to watch since we are a family of 6, and I choose Days. Now my kids are out for a week and I can't watch it at lunch like usual. The last thing I need is for my 2 boys to see this and think that its ok to experiment like the guys on t.v. Everyone can try and cover up their younger years but everyone on earth knows that these television shows influence children. At first I thought "OH NO NOT DAYS!!!!" now I think keep your hand on the remote to quickly change when and if it comes on. Rediculous!! If someone wants to be gay fine no problem, Please keep your sexual stuff in your room and out of my living room.. If I wanted my children to be influenced on it I would buy and let them watch Broke Back Mountain. Whats next Disney Channel! Glee is enough now I can see they are gonna start to have gay comercials this is making me sick. Please stop all I want is to watch Days of our Lives. I couldn't watch when I was younger because of the male female sceenes now I can not watch as an adult bc of the gay porn they air. This is just to much. Please let Will be himself and fall in love with a woman this is too much.
  • Magnificent!

    The love scene between the two men was so well thought out and just beautiful/passionate. Iam a married straight women but wow that deserved an emmy because it tugged at my heart strings. I felt it was the beginning of a new revolution of acceptence! I also have relatives who are lesbians and have struggled so much in life, so this was just a wonderful step forward way to go days of our lives!
  • stop the guy on guy plz

    seeing two guys making out on days wow really? that makes me sick,i will be looking for another soap..i have watched days for over 10yrs and its time for a new soap cant take the gay thing
  • What's happened to Days????

    Stop trying to be to politically correct... I'm singing off of Days until you stop showing 2 guys making out.
  • Two guys getting it on? Why not? It's a SOAP!

    I'm a long time Days watcher and I like the Will and Sonny S/L. Right now they are the most realistic couple on the show and are a big part of the reason I keep watching. It's about time Days reflects reality and includes gay characters in the fabric of Salem life. The show has certainly had it's ups and downs over the years but there's always a new twist to keep things interesting. I will be a faithful fan as long as it airs.
  • OMG give up the gay thing, please!

    I have been watching Days for over 40 years. Yes, some of the sex scenes have been over the top and I have delt with them. Yes, I am for equal rights but your show is getting turned off every time I see two gay men kissing or all over each other. Please stop!!!! I always felt it was a fairly good representation of families but some of the plots have gotten so wild and weird. Go back to a normal life please, I know it's a Soap Opera but really. I love Bo and Hope and their family, where are they? Why don't go into their lives? Sammie can take a break and have a normal life for while. To much drama, that doesn't make sense. Sometimes we want calm lives because ours aren't.
  • two guys getting it on......really?

    I'vebeen watching for 30 years, I even continued through the posessed Marlena thing, But do we have to see two guys making out...really? I know we want to be understanding to the lifestyles of others but they have stations that can fulfill the needs if thats what you need to watch. VERY tired of my rights of not wanting to watch a gay lifestyle being stepped on by every show. Thats not what Days of Our Lives portrays. Im sureTom Horton wanted to get a peek at two guys making out...Love the show hate this Sonny And Will story line, Very disappointed
  • Over the Will & Sonny thing !

    Have been watching day's for years and am really Disapointed , With the whole Will and Sonny thing It's Not Something i like to see is two guy's making out and in bed together, My family will not be watching this anymore! This once was the best soap around but not any more!

  • days storyline

    I have been watching days since forever,all my family does to. But please cool it with Will and Sony. Please.
  • Yin and Yang in Salem 10

    Suspenseful! Marlena and John sophisticated talent. Chad, Melanie, Abigail, Cameron, Will and Sonny: FUN, SMART! Nicole, Billie, Madison, Sami Yin to Lucas, Rafe, EJ,, Bradys' Yang!
  • Lots of things going on.

    I think I take a glimse at soaps because they always have a LOT to say, A LOT of things going on amongst the characters, and a LOT of interaction. Family life will always be corrupt and so are love lives. Love portrayed here is definitely difficult. I think that's what makes these shows interesting to watch on occasion.
  • A Guilty Pleasure...

    Alright, I'll admit it--my day is just not complete if I don't stop to catch up with the outrageous antics in the fictional town of Salem. Despite the revolving door of writers, budget cuts and frequent cast changes, the show remains addictively entertaining. It sucks you in and, like a train wreck, it's virtually impossible to look away--because you're always left wondering what will happen next. Simply put, it's escapism at it's best. Now, if only the real world was more like Salem--we'd all be impossibly beautiful, and no one would ever have to work, eat or go to the bathroom.
  • DOOL is a soap opera,mostly based on 2 families. The Brady's & the Horton's. Everyone knows everyone in Salem ,USA. There are feuds between families: the DiMera's & Kiriakis's Actually the DiMera's & everyone in town.
    DOOL is the best show that has ever been on tv.
    I haven't missed an episode since I was 12 (1983).
    I couldn't live w/o it.
    Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell (Bo & Hope) have been my fave. couple forever & Kristian is my Idol.

    Every important issue has been on it from :
    rape, drug addiction,teenage pregnancy,alcoholism,becoming deaf or blind,losing a child or other family member,to "Going Green".
    (And much,much more)

    This "soap" has the best cast,who "act" better than any other "soap" actors do.
    Past & Present.

    Look at all the unforgettable "super couples" this show has had.
    Bo & Hope
    Steve & Kayla
    John & Marlena
    Jack & Jennifer
    Sami & Lucas
    & more,and more to come I'm sure.

    Fact is,I Need This Show.
    It is a Big Part Of My Daily Routine.

    It's a 5 star show

  • This show is great. There is always something going on. And what is so great bout it, is unlike other soaps Days of Our Lives looks real. Other soaps look and sound so fake. And thats what I truely like bout this show. You would be a fool not too.......

    This show is Great. There is always something going on. And also unlike other soaps Days of Our Lives looks real. Other soaps look and sound so fake. On DAYS you never know what is going to happen but on others you see it coming. Days is original that is for sure.... I started watching when I was 15 years old in the summer of 1994 and I have been a fan ever since. I don't even care to watch the others even thought some of the best went on to others. Keep up the great work actors and actress and writters....
  • Could someone please tell me why days has just suddenly stop on cbs drama (last one was 31st aug2010) nothing was said at the end of the episode but shown what was happening on the next ????

    Could someone please tell me whys days has just stopped on cbs drama last episode 31st Aug 2010 nothing said at the end but shown what happens on next episode ????????????????????I have been watching for years and really enjoy it. It will be a shame if it just ends for no reason, i used to watch it on channel 5 then lost it but found it again on zone romantica and was so pleased it was on a 9.oclock and repeated at 4.oclock then it got moved to 1.oclock in the morning i really hope it comes back on soon can anyone help ??????
  • Mia and Chad

    This story line with Mia and Chad is so old news. When is this girl ever going to find out her baby died months ago.? It' so lame to hear her talk about her baby day after day and we the viewers know she doesn't exist. I don't know if you think the viewers are idiots, but my friends and I think it would be time to find something new to add to the story. Poor Chad thinks he has a child and this whole custody battle if for nothing. Talk about empty storylines. Wake up writers. We want some believeable stories.
  • "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives."

    These are the words that opened one of TV's most beloved and longest running daytime dramas. "Days" debuted on NBC on November 8, 1965 and followed the turbulent lives and loves of the Hortons, Bradys and other residents of the fictional town of Salem. For over 4 decades, the soap had underwent many changes as it continues to thrive with stories of passion, betrayal, jealousy, revenge, heartbreak and triumph. It also helped launch the careers of some of today's hottest names in primetime, including Lisa Rinna and Jensen Ackles. And while other shows may have come and gone throughout the years, "Days" is still at its best.
  • 'Days of Our Lives' follows the citizens of a town called Salem. There's plenty of drama, scandals, and relationships. Main characters include the Brady family, the Dimeras, and the Hortons. No matter what, there's always something dramatic going on!

    WOW. It has been a long and crazy ride with this show. Sometimes, I have stopped watching it completely -- after all, the storylines tend to be pretty long-winded and farfetched. For example, people constantly are coming back from the dead, sometimes YEARS after their death. The MOST outlandish storyline I can remember was probably Marlena Evans's possession by a demon. It was so, SO weird! LOL

    But as you can imagine, the show has a lot of characters with long histories. These characters have become so familiar, and I genuinely enjoy watching their antics and schemes. For example, I really like Nicole Walker. She's a scandalous woman with very loose morals, but her struggles and development have been fun to watch.

    Actually, that pretty much sums up 'Days of Our Lives' in a sentence -- fun to watch. Sure, the storylines can just be silly. But the characters are like old friends that have been on TV for years. The wardrobe, backgrounds, and lifestyles are (usually) classy and engrossing. You are truly transported into another world when you watch this show every day.

    I have watched this show for ages, and I will probably continue to watch it well into the rest of my life. 'Days of Our Lives' is (perhaps because of familiarity) my favorite daily show. I recommend it to anyone who wants a daily dose of drama!
  • days is the best show it is so suspensful

    days is a really good show. Even though sammy and lucas are still NOT together the show is great bo and hope make such a great couple. marlene and John should always and forever be together!!!!! this is the best tv soap opera in the world and it will probably always stay that way in my opionin. i think that keeping stephon alive just makes the show even better!!! i love this show and i cant wait to see what happens between sammy and lucas and ej. i really think that people who dont watch this show should it wouldn't be a waste of time i promise!
  • A show involving several major families in a mid-western town close to Chicago: The Hortons, the Bradys the DiMeras and the Kiriakis'. The show follows these families as they live and love through numerous tragedies.

    This show has had its ups and downs over the past 40+ years, but it's still going... not as strong as it used to be, but still going... Unfortunately, many of the veteran characters are underused and the current HW likes to torture fans of several couple fanbases. Too many actors on the show are back-burnered in favor of the younger set. There are so many talented actors and actresses on the show, but "fresh blood" continues to be brought in, instead of utilizing the characters already on the canvas. This show would greatly improve if they would lose all the "hype" stories, and go back to character driven drama. Here's hoping this "guilty pleasure" stays on the boob tube long enough to build back up to its glory DAYS!!
  • Love Love Love Days!! have to watch it everyday or my days ruined....

    I love Days!!! When the shows over for the day i always cant wait to watch it tomorrow!! But, Ahh i hate the Nicole and EJ are maybe starting a realtionship!! Nicole is not the family type, and a total Witch I wish Sami would come to her senses and let EJ in likes she wants too. i mean come on a daily days watcher cant clearly tell that Sami is really the one for EJ! shes just to stubborn to admitt it.. and seriously u can tell that Sami charater has really improved in the last 10 years.. she deserves to be happy for once. and Ej needs to forget bout Nicole and try harder for Sami.. i can tell that hes giving up on her which i dont blame him but, Nicole yuck! And Sami really needs to just not be afraid of Nicole being prego too and tell Ej shes having his baby again.. he just better pick Sami in the outcome of it all...........
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