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  • days in my life being aggravated?

    Yesterday's episode was one big joke!! C'mon?? Seriously, would Stefano even marry someone like that? What with all those floozies hanging around him looking nothing like his so called "wife"!!????? That stupid tone and fake talking is one big joke!! I didn't even bother watching that episode and did something else!! I also agree with the other person that let's hope Kristen takes Teresa down. Also the replaced 'Chad' has left me flabbergasted! Seriously don't like any of the new actors! No connection whatsoever. And with EJ calling his fans f**g idiots - well he has one fan less together with his floozie AbJay!! 9/30

    Can we be DONE with Theresa already!!! She's an annoying and terrible actress!! She's seriously making me thinking twice about watching the show!! What's with alcohol being in the house when there are two alcoholics Maggie and Brady living there? Just doesn't make any sense! 9/03

    ENOUGH already of stupid Theresa!!!! Just make her have an overdose and kill herself this time. Now we have to watch someone who is just as wacky as her - her sister!!!???? One of them is bad enough - so sick of watching them!! Get a move on with the story - so sick of watching Theresa and her sister's whiny and malicious deviousness. They are not even good actresses - why are they being shown such a lot? Give Brady a chance! Good looking, good guy - but he has been made to look like an idiot all the way. Have a new woman come in and change his life. 07/07

    REALLY!!!???? What are the writers thinking!! They have Nick shot and they showed him eyes wide staring obviously dead. Then they have him staggering into the square??????? I hope he STAYS DEAD this time!! i can't stand Stefano but I'll take him anytime over NICK!!!! Time to bow out and take Gabi and Theresa and Ann with you! Hopefully good riddance to all of them! Hope the writers are not going to drag out the story about his death and all the stupid sobbing and screaming from Julie. I'm so sick of seeing Nick and hearing the name!! Please no dragged out flashbacks of Nick as well ... enough is enough!! 05/12

    On my way to not watching any more!!! Have you noticed that all the latest characters the writers love to shove in our faces despite a lot of requests to get rid of them (Nick, Liam, Gabi, Theresa and Anne) are off their rockers???? Nothing good to write about? We hear enough bad news on TV already every day!! How about the writers get Liam (cannot stand him as well), Theresa, Anne, Nick and Gabi form some sort of morbid attachment to each other and then kill each other off so we don't have to suffer watching them any more!!! Let's hope they don't decide to bring in Mr Greetings as a main actor ever!! Definitely more fast forwarding then watching lately. I'd rate the show a minus 5 if I could!!!! 04/14

    Way to go making Sierra a grasping little girl!!! Never did like her acting! Already Nick is putting me off more than ever. I've just been fast forwarding a lot lately. Time get out before my blood pressure gets any higher and the poison gets to my brains!! Whatever there is left of it after watching all this trash that is going on!!!

    Ej and scheming slut Abigail ... fast forward!!! Crazed Nick and even crazier Gabi .. fast foward!!! Nick and Abigail ... fast forward. My goodness!! Definitely time to stop watching!!!

    Why the heck is Nick back on the scene??!!!!! I REALLY cannot stand his acting! I am already gritting my teeth watching Theresa and EJ and SEX-STARVED HOME WRECKER Nympho-Abigail. The writer's don't seem to know what they are doing!! They make Abigail a holier than thou and honest to goodness girl and then they make her do something like this? Which is it?? Good job giving all the bad actors main scenes. Time to stop watching!!! AARRGGHHHHH!!! Down one more rating!!!!


    SERIOUSLY... EJ and Abigail!!????? EWWWWWW!!!!! I suppose Abigail will also be like a stalker like Gabi was. Saw more love scenes between Abs and EJ - it is seriously putting me off watching any further. And COME ON!!! Nicole and Eric is almost being killed, they are sitting around yakking? Write a more decent story line!! Also agree with the other person ... the person replacing Will not the same, and also for goodness sake - time to write off Ann and Theresa!!!! Don't tell me that they are going to let Stefano get the best of someone again! What are they doing, killing off all the good actors and letting the irritating and bad actors get the main scenes??? The way the storyline has gone and is still going is making me lower my rating! 1/10/2014

    Aarrgghhhhh!!! ENOUGH of Anne and Theresa - too aggravating to watch! Anne is TOO annoying, shouldn't a person who acts like that be fired from the work place already? Theresa is even harder to stomach than Nick!! JJ and his friend - very annoying characters, bad acting maybe - makes me hate watching the story unfold when they come on the scene. Abigail is too indecisive and bland just like Jennifer. Bring back Chelsea, Melanie and Phillip. Kate and Rafe - ugh, Brady and Nicole - great, Nichole and Rafe - also good, Nicole and Eric - sort of okay.
  • James Scott and Allison charcters should never be replace

    Ej and Sammi Demera characters should not be replace. If they leave the show, they should let them just leave and when they decide to return let them always play the characters. No one can play the roles of Sammi and Ej but James Scott and Allison Sweeny.

    Just like no can play the roles of Marlanena, Bo brady and Hope Brady, or

    Rafe and Brady( New comers from

  • The New Chad.....

    Hell Actor! What were you thinking bringing in such a crap looking guy to following the Great looking guy who played Chad before?? And now that EJ is is story is going to Hell. All the players leaving at once before the show takes them down the drain with it???

    You will never be able to find another new Sammy maybe if she's pretty but Finding the right replacements has not been a strong point of these writers!!

    I guess were all going to have to switch over to channel 6 and watch that story for the next 15 yrs because this one is definatley sinking quick!! :-(


    Her acting is awful and her story line is worse, her character has run it's course, time for her to exit. If Daniel is going to stay then let's get him a partner with some personality and seduction, he deserves it, not wishy washy Jen, I want to give her a shake every time she is on. I wish the indecision with Nicole would end, just burn the dam evidence and live happily ever after with Eric, I love them as a couple, and it would be a wonderful storyline to watch Marlena and all the other Nicole haters have to suck it up.

    I cried when EJ was shot on Friday, he was a wonderful actor, with so much class, will miss him. Please stop the Paige/JJ - they are getting to much time wasting exposure, a fed up with their storyline, boring. Have not changed my mind about talentless Jenn - and who on earth is advising her on her awful clothes lately, I hope Daniel hooks up with someone who has some personality soon and that Jenn moves out of Salem.
  • Sammy and EJ

    Totally made me cry Friday and Monday. Great acting and heart wrenching storyline Cindy Milne A TEN
  • Abigail, STOP the slurping !

    Why does this woman's face always look like a deer in the headlights? Will she ever have a roll other than to make out? She and her boyfriend are so corny. Fast forward or turn down the volume when she's on. I cannot handle the slurp-kissing !
  • Such an idiocy you put into today's show....

    I am so unhappy with the days of our lives writers. What happened to John and it showing it in what the broad did and then he said, she was innocent that it was him, being in a rage. You guys really suck. You don't want to write the idiot woman out of the show. I have watched this show for 15 years and I am finished. If you can't write any better than this then I am finished watching this show.
  • music

    I'm getting really frustrated with the music being so loud that you can't hear what is being said!
  • New Writers Neeed

    What are you people thinking? Awful, awful new Chad Dimera get rid of him, and what's with the eighties hairstyle? Poor EJ Dimera has similar style.

    Bring back Casey Deidrick.

    Theresa OMG bring her down already!!!

    Why this current Will??? Very unlikeable. Bring the old one back!

    I'm getting soooooooo over this. Need new writers or DOOL will be looking for new fans!!!

  • I love days but hate Susan

    If Susan stays on the show,I will stop watching days of our lives until she is gone!!!
  • Mr. Weston?

    Who is the darling man recently appearing on Days of our Lives, Mr. Weston, the sinister father?

    He is a marvelous actor, and very professional. Also, what happened to the other actor who

    was playing Will? He was wonderful, and in old movies I have seen of Montgomery Cliff the

    actor playing Will had that Montgomery Cliff smile. Could they be related in some way, from

    the same family? I was so sorry to see that Will leave.
  • Chad the Imposter

    BRING BACK CASEY DEIDRICK!!! This new actor looks too much like the character Nick Fallon. I love the show, but this new actor is a TERRIBLE portrayal of Chad Dimera.

    I am glad Kristen is back, but I want to see her put Theresa in her place. I do hope Brady wises up and figures her out. I think they have had him playing stupid for way too long. I like Aiden and Hope, I always liked her with Bo, great couple, but he is not coming back so time to stop dragging this one out. Eric and Nicole should be together, he really does not hate her. I absolutely love Maxine, wish they would give her and Abe a romance. I love Daniel and Jennifer together, when they are together. Please for the love of humanity quit coming up with ways to break them up! This last one was just crazy. They are not boring, when they are together. Bring back the Daniel and Jennifer from the beginning, like after he did her heart transplant, their first date, the picnic scenes, playing darts and pool, the romantic dinners. I think they should get married and Jennifer get pregnant, it would be so funny and interesting to see how they would blend their families. I have always liked Doug and Julie, so glad they are still on the show. John and Marlana, always one of my favorites, I hope after he recovers they do not have John disappear again. I like Melanie, hope she can talk some sense into Daniel and Jennifer. The new Chad, he plays a jerk real well. I will miss . and Sami and since they are leaving how a bout a good storyline with Lucas and someone, like bring Sheryl back. I have always liked his character so give him some more air time. .
  • annoying music

    I don't like the music getting played the whole show it makes me mad every once in the romantic scenes it's ok but not the whole show
  • How boring is this!!!

    I was hoping when they said Kristen was coming back things would pick up but NOT!!!!! We need exciting story lines so you can't wait to watch tomorrow!! or are those days gone with the days of our lives?? Been watching for years might have to check out general hospital I hear they have new writers???

    9/18/14 After 40 some years of watching days of our lives I'M DONE!! Not only BORING BUT watching 2 guys in a shower is ENOUGH for me!!! Good Bye DOOL
  • Where to begin

    Really so all of a sudden EJ's comment about soap opera fans being" idiots" has disappeared, poof gone

    Days you have really gone down hill. do not like the present Will at all have to just not watch when he is on and the whole other boring story line of Jordan Ridgeway and her family. YAWN SO BORING

    I find myself more agitated than entertained lately. Been a days fan forever... all good things must come to an end.

  • This show sucks

    It's so stupid it is a waste of time cancel the show
  • vile language

    Lately in this show (and who know how many others) women are called "bitches" mostly by men. Since when is this all right?
  • This is what you do to revive Bo and Hope

    Have you ever gone to you tube and re-watched the 1980's story line of Bo and Hope? A little corny but that's what we love about soaps. Bring Bo back and write an updated version of a similar story line. The heart break, love torn, jealous emotions of two people kept apart by circumstances beyond their control. Bo and Hope are older now, but aren't we all?
  • Eve worst actress ever

    Eve is the worst actress that Days has ever had and this includes the children. Get rid of her. There does not need to be another villain.

    Jennifer is incredibly boring and that sad expression and whiny voice is just too much to take. And she often says "oh my goodness" and sounds like a little girl. Really boring personality and acting. And Daniel is not what I'd call good-looking. He sure doesn't look like a Dr. He looks like he needs a shower and a shave. I wish both would be replaced with better, more attractive actors; I'd sure enjoy the story a lot more!
  • Philip and Melanie

    what ever happened to Philip and Melanie ?? I think Gabby should confess all that she did to them now that she is going to prison always liked Mel.....
  • Eric and Nichole

    They need to be together he should be put back with her him finding out is crazy this show used to be my favorite and have watched it since I could remember and everything is so crazy I hate the ordeal with Brady and Theresa hope should be with the lawyer and chloey needs to come back put her with Brady
  • Bo and Hope

    You need to bring Bo back and reunite him and Hope. You need some integrity in your show. This supercouple was what made your show. They have so much chemistry together and they deserve to be together. They have been through so much and when I think of DOOL, they are what comes to mind. Put a little class back in your show. All anybody wants is to believe that a fairy tale can come true and we believed it with Bo and Hope. Please, for your fans and your show!
  • sammy n ej fight

    It was epic!!!! I love them together they just show so much passion even if its love heartbreak hate revenge wateva they throw themselves n wholeheartedly. I wish they wuld just get married they fit so perfectly together. Great actors those two n still rooting for them. This is not Beef. I fogot my friend was logged nto fb on my phone. I am a girl lol well disappointed it was all imagined but happy she aint kill abby lol
  • a beautiful wedding

    I thought Will and Sonny's wedding last week was beautiful! The show did a great job. Caroline Brady's speech was incredible. I've watched the show off and on since 1970, and started watching it regularly a couple years ago when Will's story first started. I know some people don't care for their story, but not everyone looks at gay relationships as a moral issue. For many it's a civil rights issue. Gay people can be every bit as "moral" as anyone else. The PDA they show if pretty tame compared to what we see with EJ and Sami jumping on each other every 10 minutes. Those two guys make a nice couple.
  • the demise of Sami

    I must say, I have not watched in nearly 2 months, until yesterday, and not surprisingly, the same storylines are still ongoing!!! However, I cannot wait until Sami finds out about EJ & Abigail come, at this rate, Thanksgiving, hopefully! Sami is beyond annoying, always in everyone's business!! & she acts so uppity!! Fudge up her perfect life Days!!! I also agree with the comments on Kate's hair!! & Jennifer looks soooo old!! She needs a new makeup artist who can better conceal her wrinkles!!! Can't wait to see Gabi gone! And WTF is Jordan's secret already! It better be good because she lost my interest back in September!! Please kill Nick again, for good this time!! Bring Chloe back, if you're trying to put Aiden & Hope together, they have ZERO chemistry!!! PS, Marlena acts like she's the one needing a shrink!! Anyone else think she acts spacey, or off?? These are my two cents until I tune in, probably next month and it will probably be the same storyline. Oh yeah, Sonny & Will, I don't have a problem there, but do they gotta show so much PDA??? That's thee most PDA I've ever seen of any Day's couple. Tone it down a bit!! We get it, they're gay! Carry on!!!
  • Can't stand it!

    New Will absolutely sucks! I tried to give him a chance, but Guy Wilson really makes me wanna hurl. Poor acting, constant sniffling, face always down, back Chandler!
  • DOOL going downhill

    Dool needs new writers. They insult our intelligence! If the only storyline they can come up for Jennifer and Daniel is to have someone constantly trying to break them up then split them up and with it. First it was Nicole, Chloe, JJ and now psycho Liam. Did I leave out anyone? Downright boring. Jennifer's goody two shoes attitude is boring as well. Abigail and EJ just plain icky!!. Clueless Gabi and lunatic rid of them. Sami and EJ giggling are acting like a couple of horny teenagers. Brady and Teresa? Thats the best they can do? Ciara Brady is a complete brat while Hope coddles find myself fast forwarding more and every episode. Pretty soon going to quit watching altogether!
  • Painful to Watch

    Why do so many people in Hollywood feel that the gay community should be respected and yet they don't respect the moral majority who want to support family values? We have our rights too, and I for one am tired of being forced to watch gay sex instead of interesting, intelligent story lines. You don't have to show what's going on behind the bedroom door for gays or straights. I'm not a prude; I just prefer classy romance to sleazy sex ~ no matter who it is.

    I have watched DOOL for many years right from its beginning, although it's been off and on when I couldn't deal with the poor writing and pathetic story lines for characters I once loved. These mixed in with lingering assaults on our minds and senses from some poor quality acting that drones on and on is more than I can take. PLEASE give us some writers who will inspire and endear us to well-written and well-acted characters again.
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