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  • Writer's are writing this show into it's grave...

    First off, I have to mention I have been watching the show for 20 years. I agree with another fan when I say I don't normally write reviews, but I am SO frustrated as a viewer that I have to get my frustrations voiced so that hopefully these clueless writers can give their head a shake. I've read a lot of posts and it seems a lot of fans agree. Here are my top 3 NEGATIVE opinions:

    1. Eric: I LOVE Eric. I love Eric and Nicole. They are the only couple left I watch when I FF through the other 50min of the show. Now, I didn't complain when they wasted a gorgeous talent like Greg Vaughn to portray a priest (for god's sake it's a soap opera! Your fan base is primarily middle aged women wanting to see love, sex, & scandal- not 100 Huntley Street!!) And I didn't complain when it took you TWO years to drag out the most boring storyline with the sexiest actor. But I AM complaining that it took two years of SLOW build-up of what COULD have been the best rekindled romance of a power couple BUT at the last second BLOW any chance of that happening by completely contorting Nicole's character last second. This woman was finally getting her redemption- was that not the whole purpose of Eric coming back and that stupid priest storyline!!??!! Why all of a sudden is she back to self destruction? Don't they know how to "build" a character? What a WASTE. A total, utter disappointment. Very unimpressed.

    2. Stop dragging the storylines out beyond the viewers attention span. This happens way to often that I can miss a month (or two years) and catch up instantly. How many more times we got to see Jen and Dan breakup? Is creativity a rare find over at the writer's desk?

    3. Get rid of unnecessary actors and useless side stories. It's been a few years and why is Anne still there? How many times do we need to see Maggie talk about AA? Will Stefano ever die and stay dead!? (All do respect, but he's old, boring, unattractive & predictable- remember your fan base - We want to see love, sex, and scandal, not old farts doing... I can't even begin to list the embarrassing & ridiculous storylines. Or, do we need to watch Julie yak, or Ciara's acting out again and again? Who cares!!

    4. Stop burning up the power couples. All. The. Time. Does anything good ever happen in Salem or the only original thought behind writing is to build a plot for two years to piss it away the moment the viewer finally thinks something good will happen? And, stop writing out all the good couples ;( I don't care about the old grandma/grandpa couples- I'm talking Eric & Nicole, Carrie & Austin, Sami & Rafe, Belle & Shawn. All I'm saying is there is oodles of talent and potential for great romance, but we keep getting the revolving door of Anne, Maggie, Jen/Dan, Hope/Ciara, JJ/Theresa. Move ON!!

    Positive notes ;)

    1. It sucks Chandler had to leave, but I like the new Will actor (great job!!) it's always a shock to ppl when new actors take over...

    2. Obviously I still watch b/c I love Eric and Nicole so the interest is there, just please use the talent and respect the fan base! Before any more actors and viewers jump ship!

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