Days of our Lives

Weekdays 1:00 PM on NBC Premiered Nov 08, 1965 In Season





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  • Days of our lives actors wearing dead animals

    When will Days producers get a conscience?

    It is abhorrent that Days promotes killing animals so sorry excuses for humans can wear their fur!

    Why do you endorse that?

    It is unconscionable.
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  • The dramas repeat too much

    I'm so absolutely bored with this show. Everyone sits around all day contemplating their life in flashback and being sad and then go ahead and repeat the same mistakes over and over. The older actors are the ones holding up the show what will happen when they leave? Sami and Will drive me crazy. And why are there so many gay men? Must we be force fed gay love I can't watch it. It's bad enough that bed scenes can still be in the process three shows later, not to mention one conversation can take most of a week to complete. Could this be a smart idea to keep the change of wardrobe to minimal? At least there was a good laugh when the doubles kept getting into dramas. Such a ridiculous storyline but oh so worthwhile watching, I was disappointed to see this come to an end. Bring in another story writer. DOOLs needs a good shake up.
  • days in my life being aggravated?

    Don't mind the very first Will coming back, BUT Eve!!??? Can't stand her acting. Never mind the writers bringing back EJ's mom? What kind of stupid acting and voice is that!!??? Can the writers stop bringing back the old actors who's no longer in the scene. Who's next? Kristin? 12/8

    How much longer do we have to watch Brady and Lucas on their drinking binge?!!! 9/21

    Thank goodness they got rid of Angelica ... now for the other two idiotic doubles. A mental facility just locks up someone who is found in another room - who is not supposed to be there without even finding out the correct situation and having the facts verified before locking them up? So ridiculous!! 8/28

    Getting ridiculous - now they have Bonnie and Hattie as doubles? So boring and stupid to watch. Anjelica is boring as hell too. Now they have Brady acting like a stupid and drunken idiot again!! 08/12/17

    Get rid of Trip - he is annoying and take Jade with him!! So stupid - it looks like no other outsiders were there at the charity party, yet no one could recognize Deimos? It's not even a clever disguise - any idiot could see that it's him!! Gabi and Chad having sex on the island is pretty stupid too. Can't they even keep it in their pants? There's other people around who could have walked in on them at any time. So inappropriate. Not enjoy watching the young casts of DOOL, especially Tripp and Jade. They're the worst actors and have nothing to offer except stupidity and selfishness, maybe with a lot of evil in them - should they call this show 90210? more for the younger generation? Should we the longtime fans be watching something else with more finesse. 6/19

    A plane crash and they are ALL oh so fine!! Same writer from Young and the Restless get transferred over? The plane crash story is the same, with no one being hurt. Stupid really!! 06/05/17

    OMG!!! The scene between Gabi and Chad when locked up is SO PATHETIC!! Why is everyone always sleeping around? Do they have no sense of commitment and faithfulness? So sickening to watch - especially Gabi as usual - she seem to not be able to keep her pants zipped! Chad is just as bad!! 2/23

    Ughhh - hopefully we will see less of Jade - she's so annoying! After Chloe being pregnant, now it's Jade? What's with Salem's water?!! 12/06

    Seems like I spoke too soon, AbJay is back - the new one seems a little bit insipid. Just let Bug-eyed Teresa die of an overdose - so sick of watching her! 11/15

    Do we still have to suffer watching Aiden and Andre!! Gabi pregnant, AbJay pregnant, Theresa pregnant, and now Chloe? Haven't they heard of contraceptives? Brady and Bug-eyed Theresa are so BORING!!!9/02

    Do we now have to suffer Jennifer and her stupid sob acting!! 8/31

    Seriously! Can a drug and an alcohol addict like Jen even sue for custody for her grandson? She has no physical evidence that Chad is neglecting his child. Her acting is working on my nerves too - she's already pathetic and making her an addict is just making it worse for watching! She's becoming melodramatic like Julie - who is just as irritating!! 08/05

    Oh come on!! AbJay in a fire - but her nose and lips are fine?!! Utterly ridiculous!! We don't want to watch more of Abjay's pathetic acting !! PLEASE, enough of stupid Andre!! Hope back with Aiden - still boring! 6/17

    Ugghhhh!! Just when we have a break on watching Jennifer with her pill popping - how much longer do we have to suffer watching Abjay's neurotic histrionics? It's getting on my nerves even listening to it! (I'm not watching it). 2/29

    Come on! Ciara being raped and she just lays there like an idiot? That's not even her! She's normally overly brattish and loud mouthed and tells you straight out. Now she's all helpless and useless?!! 3/5

    Ughh - thought we were done with stupid Ava!! Everyone who comes to Salem - are either evil, crazy or somewhat out of their minds. How about a different theme? Getting real boring! 2/22

    Seriously? Having a whole building falling on Tony Demira and he is able to get out - not badly hurt? Wow the building must have crumbled into very fine dust for him to get out so easily. Belle, Joey and Ava are annoying. They have a thing with young guys going for older women? Off putting to watch!! Really? Ava forcing Steve to have sex with her? Just slap the hell out of her. Chad and Abjay - really boring!! 01/25

    Someone please get rid of pathetic nympho "cannot live without a man" AbJay!! Really cannot stomach any more of watching her! Seriously? Don't tell me that Hope as a cop, doesn't know how to defend herself in situations? She should have kneed Malcolm in the groin instead of standing there groaning!! 12/01

    Don't you think it's rather strange that stupid Eve and Clyde happen to have some listening device - is everyone in Salem walking around with these contraptions? What kind of a cheesy life are these people leading? 8/27

    What's with all the 'babies' theme. First Teresa and her baby - nothing great to watch, now with AbJay? They have her with the same theme of being pregnant from EJ now with Chad? Who's next? Going through the family, how about Stephano? Lol - and why not? They have JJ and Eve doing it. Might be quite funny and disgusting to watch AbJay and Stephano going at it. Might make my day!! (Ugh) Have they ever heard of birth control? I bet the writers will have Clyde go and alter the Dna results, blah, blah, etc. 7/23

    As usual, like before when their lives are in danger - Nicole and Eric are blabbing away instead of trying to b look for another way out?? Really stupid!! Will's acting is annoying to watch!! 06/19

    What a stupid story line! Don't tell me two strong men cannot even push Marlena out of the window!??? Called it right on Floozy Abjay!! Swinging right back to Chad - real nymphomaniac! Boring as heck too. 5/16

    Lucas and Adrienne??? Double yuck!!! I can't even watch that! Floozy Abby (can't even act) and Ben - really, really boring! Hope and Aiden is starting to get a bit sickening - when they were against each other in the beginning with that little bit of interest in each other was way more fun to watch. 04/30

    GOOD JOB writers bringing stupid Clyde Weston back from the dead!! JUST like they did with Nick! I thought it might be too good to be true that Clyde would be dead permanently. Can't stand him, thought I had seen the last of him. Some more JJ and Eve - ewwww, how much more can a person take watching it!!! Ugghhhh!! 02/15

    Come on!!! JJ and Eve??!! EEWWWW!! Baarrrrffff!! More than up to my neck sick of stupid bug eyed Theresa!! Now they endow her with a baby to drag out her time?? Will Horton (new one) is bad enough, Jordan walks around with a stupid frown/squint on her face like she cannot see; Jordan's father is terrible as well. Anne, thank goodness - has toned down a bit and is a tad bit more tolerable. Still don't like her! 11/06

    Yesterday's episode was one big joke!! C'mon?? Seriously, would Stefano even marry someone like that? What with all those floozies hanging around him looking nothing like his so called "wife"!!????? That stupid tone and fake talking is one big joke!! I didn't even bother watching that episode and did something else!! And with EJ calling his fans f**g idiots - well he has one fan less together with his floozie AbJay!! 9/30

    ENOUGH already of stupid Theresa!!!! Can we be DONE with her already!!! She's an annoying and terrible actress!! Now we have to watch her wacky sister!!!???? One of them is bad enough - so sick of watching their whiny and malicious deviousness. They are not even good actresses. 7/7

    REALLY!!?? They have Nick shot and they showed him eyes wide staring obviously dead. Then they have him staggering into the square?? I hope he STAYS DEAD this time!! Hope the writers are not going to drag out the story about his death and all the stupid sobbing and screaming from Julie. I'm so sick of seeing Nick and hearing the name!! Please no dragged out flashbacks of Nick as well ... enough is enough!! Please don't decide to bring in Mr Greetings as a main actor! 05/02

    Way to go making Sierra a grasping little girl!!! Never did like her acting! Why the heck is Nick back on the scene??!!!!! I REALLY cannot stand his acting! I am already gritting my teeth watching Theresa and EJ and SEX-STARVED HOME WRECKER Nympho-Abigail. The writers make Abigail a holier than thou and honest to goodness girl and then they make her do something like this? Which is it?? AARRGGHHHHH!!! 2/3/14

    EJ and Abigail!? EWW!! More love scenes between Abs and EJ is seriously putting me off watching any further. And COME ON!!! Nicole and Eric - almost being killed, they are sitting around yakking? 1/10/14
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    WHAT are you writers doing? This show has DRAGGED on for months. . .if I hadn't started watching it with my mother decades ago, I would discontinue now. Are you getting other reviews like this? VERY disappointing!


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  • Very Entertaining

    The Days of Our Lives may not be the best soap but it is certainly one of the most entertaining. You can't take this show seriously because it's outrageous. My family and I have watched this show for years for the sheer enjoyment and entertainment value. We knew John Aniston before he was Jennifer Aniston's father as Victor Kiriakis. We loved Frances Reid as the beloved matriarch Alice Horton. The cast has featured long term actors and actresses in roles we loved. Of course, you can't take anything on this show seriously but that's because we already take life too seriously. The show has one of the strongest fan bases around. Days swept the award ceremonies for years. Who cares if the story lines are ridiculous like Marlena's possession and that she was the secret killer of so many beloved characters on the show. Ironically, they all went to a secret island somewhere like Lost long before that show came on the air. I was just happy that they were alive somewhere that I didn't care about the logic of it. We wanted them to be alive living somewhere. The show will never be the classic like Young and the Restless has been over the years. If you want fun, you will watch Days of Our Lives because regardless of the show's story lines which are outrageous, the cast pulls it off better than any ensemble around.
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  • Terrible

    WTH is happening to this show. Have watched since. Tom & Alice getting so sick of watching this ridiculous show writters suck this show is going down the tubes. All these doubles is stupid. A child could write a better sorry

    Will be leaving like a lot of other regulars call Steve Harvey maybe he can find you a kid for a new writer. Good bye RIP. Cause this show is dying
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  • days of our lives

    Younger cast members not doing show any good. The new Abigail is a horrible actress. She can't fill kate mansi shoes. Also actress playing Ciara and Clare must go. Days has always had a great cast. But these 3 are bringing ratings down. Changes need to done. First time I ever thought this in forty years.


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