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  • days in my life being aggravated?

    Hope Sarah is not going to be on the scene for too long. She is such a bad actress (even on Bold and the Beautiful). When she gets hysterical - she is way annoying to watch. Please get RID of Leo!!! 1/17.19

    Bringing back the dead AGAIN? That is so lame - and Leo is still very annoying!! The story line is so ridiculous. Getting real boring, especially with Gabi Hernandez as well, and Hope's acting is really pathetic lately. Get rid of Claire!! The original Abigail - still boring!! 11/27

    Seriously, who writes these stupid story lines/acting? Eric taking his sweet time kissing Nicole, while Zander would have been long gone. Eric taking his sweet time listening to the WHOLE recording instead of just grabbing it and checking to make sure it's the one, and vamoosing. Nicole shouting her head off in an enemy's den! Really stupid!! Gabby and Claire really getting annoying to watch! 10/19/18

    Can the stupid story line of Gaby getting revenge finish off?!! She is so annoying!! Please stop with the stupid Hattie and Bonnie doubles - it's getting boring!! 10/5/18

    Babies again? Isn't Bonnie a bit too old - she's sure no spring chicken! 9/10

    Can we see less of Claire! Such a selfish person. Gabby is a real nasty piece of work. Never did like her acting! How in the world can one just change the results of the paternity test? That paper would have been computerized. How in the world can Gabi change that? Makes no sense to me!! Theresa is still terrible to watch!! 7/17

    Oh come on!!! Chad is hitting Stefan and he lies there like a lump of coal? Though he deserves it!! Chad should just kick AbJay's ass out as well!! Can Claire please get her come-uppance? 4/25/18

    There goes AbJay again! Going for another man! Nothing new!! Sort of sickening to watch! 4/9

    Abigail now turned Gabi?! What a laugh!! That must be a good excuse for AbJay (can't live without a man) to be Gabi in her mental state for wanting Stefan!! Claire is such a busy body and vindictive! 2/28/18

    Don't mind the very first Will coming back, BUT Eve!!??? Can't stand her acting. Never mind the writers bringing back EJ's mom? What kind of stupid acting and voice is that!!??? 12/8/17

    Thank goodness they got rid of Angelica ... now for the other two idiotic doubles. So ridiculous!! 8/28

    Getting ridiculous - now they have Bonnie and Hattie as doubles? So boring and stupid to watch. Angelica is boring as hell too. Now they have Brady acting like a stupid and drunken idiot again!! 08/12/17

    Get rid of Trip - he is annoying and take Jade with him!! Gabby and Chad having sex on the island is pretty stupid too. Can't they even keep it in their pants? Not enjoy watching the young casts of DOOL, especially Tripp and Jade. They're the worst actors and have nothing to offer except stupidity and selfishness. 6/19

    A plane crash and they are ALL oh so fine!! Stupid really!! 06/05/17

    OMG!!! The scene between Gabby and Chad when locked up is SO PATHETIC!! Why is everyone always sleeping around? Do they have no sense of commitment and faithfulness? So sickening to watch - 2/23

    Ughhh - hopefully we will see less of Jade - she's so annoying! After Chloe being pregnant, now it's Jade? What's with Salem's water?!! 12/06

    AbJay - the new one seems a little bit insipid. Just let Bug-eyed Teresa die of an overdose - so sick of watching her! 11/15

    Seriously! Can a drug and an alcohol addict like Jen even sue for custody for her grandson? She has no physical evidence that Chad is neglecting his child. Her acting is working on my nerves too - she's already pathetic and making her an addict is just making it worse for watching! She's becoming melodramatic like Julie - who is just as irritating!! 08/05

    AbJay in a fire - but her nose and lips are fine?!! Utterly ridiculous!! We don't want to watch more of Abjay's pathetic acting !! PLEASE, enough of stupid Andre!! Hope back with Aiden - still boring! 6/17

    Ugghhhh!! Just when we have a break on watching Jennifer with her pill popping - how much longer do we have to suffer watching Abjay's neurotic histrionics? It's getting on my nerves even listening to it! (I'm not watching it). 2/29

    Come on! Ciara being raped and she just lays there like an idiot? That's not even her! She's normally overly brattish and loud mouthed and tells you straight out. Now she's all helpless and useless?!! 3/5

    Ughh - thought we were done with stupid Ava!! Everyone who comes to Salem - are either evil, crazy or somewhat out of their minds. 2/22

    Seriously? A whole building falling on Tony Demira and he is able to get out - not badly hurt? Belle, Joey and Ava are annoying. They have a thing with young guys going for older women? Off putting to watch!! Really? Ava forcing Steve to have sex with her? Just slap the hell out of her. 01/25

    Someone please get rid of pathetic nympho "cannot live without a man" AbJay!! Really cannot stomach any more of watching her! Seriously? Don't tell me that Hope as a cop, doesn't know how to defend herself in situations? She should have kneed Malcolm in the groin instead of standing there groaning!! 12/01

    Don't you think it's rather strange that stupid Eve and Clyde happen to have some listening device - is everyone in Salem walking around with these contraptions? What kind of a cheesy life are these people leading? 8/27

    Gabi pregnant, AbJay pregnant, Theresa pregnant, and now Chloe? Haven't they heard of contraceptives? They have AbJay being pregnant from EJ now with Chad? Who's next? Going through the family, how about Stephano? Lol - and why not? They have JJ and Eve doing it. Might be quite funny and disgusting to watch AbJay and Stephano going at it. Might make my day!! I bet the writers will have Clyde go and alter the Dna results, blah, blah, etc. 7/23

    As usual, like before when their lives are in danger - Nicole and Eric are blabbing away instead of trying to look for another way out?? Really stupid!! Will's acting is annoying to watch!! 06/19

    What a stupid story line! Don't tell me two strong men cannot even push Marlena out of the window!??? Called it right on Floozy Abjay!! Swinging right back to Chad - real nymphomaniac! Boring as heck too. 5/16 Lucas and Adrienne?? Double yuck!! I can't even watch that! Floozy Abby and Ben - really, really boring! 04/30

    Stupid Clyde Weston back from the dead!! JUST like they did with Nick! I thought it might be too good to be true that Clyde stayed dead. Can't stand him, thought I had seen the last of him. Some more JJ and Eve - ewwww, how much more can a person take watching it!!! Ugghhhh!! 02/15

    Come on!!! JJ and Eve??!! EEWWWW!! Baarrrrffff!! More than up to my neck sick of stupid bug eyed Theresa!! Now they endow her with a baby?? Will Horton (new one) is bad enough, Jordan walks around with a stupid frown/squint on her face like she cannot see; Jordan's father is terrible as well. Anne, thank goodness - has toned down a bit and is a tad bit more tolerable. Still don't like her! 11/06

    Yesterday's episode was one big joke!! C'mon?? Seriously, would Stefano even marry someone like that? What with all those floozies hanging around him looking nothing like his so called "wife"!!????? That stupid tone and fake talking is one big joke!! 9/30

    ENOUGH already of stupid Theresa!! Can we be DONE with her already!!! She's an annoying and terrible actress!! 7/7

    REALLY!!?? They have Nick shot and they showed him eyes wide staring obviously dead. Then they have him staggering into the square?? I hope he STAYS DEAD this time!! Hope the writers are not going to drag out the story about his death and all the stupid sobbing and screaming from Julie. I'm so sick of seeing Nick and hearing the name!! Please no dragged out flashbacks of Nick as well ... enough is enough!! 5/02

    Why the heck is Nick back on the scene?! I REALLY cannot stand his acting! I am already gritting my teeth watching Theresa and EJ and SEX-STARVED HOME WRECKER Nympho-Abigail. The writers make Abigail a holier than thou and honest to goodness girl and then they make her do something like this? Which is it?? AARRGGHH!!! 2/3/14

    EJ and Abigail!? EWW!! More love scenes between Abs and EJ is seriously putting me off watching any further.
  • Total let down

    I have been a loyal fan for 33 years! This whole gabi/ abigail storyline gave me so much anxiety. I couldn't wait for the truth to come out about Charlottes paternity switch and all that gabi was doing. The storyline dragged on for sooooo long! And when it finally came out, the lack of emotion was such a let down! Chad should have been crying or yelling, Jennifer should have yelled, even JJ was like " oh gabi did that, well I'm at the party with a date" there was no emotion from the family! It reminded me of when Will was killed, and Sami had such little emotion over it. (Not like a mother who lost her child) After months of waiting for the truth to come out, it was a huge let down the way Abigails family reacted.
  • Stopped watching Days of Our Lives

    I am so tired of Gabby getting away with what she's doing to Abigail. Enough is enough move on to a new storyline. And let me guess that new storyline is going to be Abigail has another multiple personality hiccup. At times you show Abigail as a strong woman. I am so disappointed with this show. The fact that you allowed a pregnant woman to be given drugs. I have officially stopped recording and have stopped watching Days of Our Lives as of yesterday.

  • How about some good looking lesbians?

    If we have to endure the gay story line, why does it have to be men? How about a couple of good looking lesbians? Frankly, my wife and I are fed up with the gay story lines and fast forward through the scenes.
  • Days of Our Lives

    I think Days of Our Lives are being very irresponsible making people think that drugging a pregnant woman would not affect the baby. Everything a woman takes in affects the baby. I'm tired of the Gabi Saga. Why can't we have someone fall in love for a change and stay that way
  • A very upset fan

    Hello I have been a fan for 30 years. I'm sorry but I am getting to a point that I don't want to watch. I am so tired of Gabby she is annoying and I so tired of this story line. We need something new not the same thing every year. Also the storyline that Claire always wants Sierras boyfriends hasn't she learned her lesson yet, why keep doing the same storyline, again very annoying and boring. Also tired of Chad being sloop stupid and always believing rabbi. Pleas please stop these storylines, make it end with Rabbi with Chad kicking her ass and Stefan just crumbling when he finds out baby is not his. Unfortunately I will stop watching if this stupid stuff continues. Thank you for listening to my rant. Maryanne


    Jennifer is incredibly boring and that sad expression and whiny voice is just too much to take. And she often says "oh my goodness" and sounds like a little girl. Really boring personality and acting. Marlena is gross when portraying Hattie, and even when she's Marlena, she's hard to watch because she stutters and whispers when she talks. I wish both would be replaced with better actors! Gabi is gross and hard to watch, too! Adrienne's short hair looks awful. Abigail is so bland to look at and is also not a good actress. All of these women should be replaced!
  • Medical screw ups

    Thought you had medical advisors on the show? Kayla & Valerie performing CPR on Marlena today was pathetic! And Valerie's pronounciation of "asystole" & amiodorone (she said something like aminodrone) was a joke! And for such an urgent, need to get to the OR right away, Marlena sure hung out in the waiting room forever as everyone said goodbye to her- with a punctured lung & bullet lodged near her heart! Hope I never get transported to Salem U Hospital
  • days of lives blues

    what is all this gay stuff .give them their own station so we can start to enjoy our show the moment I have to quickly fast forward every time they get too close,
  • "background" music

    The background music is so distractiong. I feel like it's gotten louder and louder the last few months. Sometimes I have to walk away because I get to frustrated trying to concentrate on the actors.
  • rafe and abigail

    Yes I agree enough of Abigail. I too fast forward her episodes. I too am tired of hope all mighty. What is up with days and the Hernandez family. Do they enjoy having Hispanics being sad and not getting to have a relationship. Yes chad should have stayed with gabby. In the real world any man would be angry if his wife was sane but stayed away on purpose. One last thing why doesn't valery get in trouble for breaking protacal for snooping in medical records. I would have been fired from my medical job plus fined
  • Tired of Abigail multiple personalities

    I am getting sick of Abigail. I think she is a terrible actress and I am so bored with this story line. I record the show every day but fast forward through the Abigail scenes which is 90% of the show. When is this going to end. I think I will take a break from this show for a month or so. Maybe by then this story line will be done!

    I've seen this show at its best, but lately the show is getting really crazy. I know it's a soap opera but it's kinda getting ridiculous. It doesn't make sense at all and it's only getting crazier. I watch Y&R and they deal with real issues. This Abagail stuff is a waste of time. I tape the show and fast forward through her scenes. Getting old and tired. For right now my view is 0-1.
  • Hope Brady

    I'm so tired of Hope being all mightier than thou. Rafe deserves so much better than Hope! She gave his ring back and said no more. So Rafe didn't cheat. She needs to get over herself!
  • no more intiment gay scenes

    sex choices should be kept private
  • No more gay scenes.

    I started watching this show about 50 years ago with my Mother. It used to be the best soap opera out there. Now my Mother must be rolling over in her grave over all the gay love scenes!! I have small grandchildren whom I babysit and I can't even watch my soap opera with them any more. How sad have things gotten. I must record it now and hope to get a chance to watch it after they go to bed which isn't too often. I can't stand the direction this show has taken. If it weren't for the old characters I would no longer watch this. I grew up with Hope and Julie. When they are gone so am I. It is not okay to show gay love scenes during daytime viewing!!
  • Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer

    Your character is so boring! The acting is cyclic. It's obvious you don't particular care to do love scenes. In all other scenes you do you are sitting on the edge of a couch with hands together, standing faces the person in the scene with you hands intertwined together at the waistline, sitting behind a desk hands together on desk top. Your acting is more less emotionless. You appear to be just reading lines. But perhaps that's the best you can do.
  • What a disappointment

    Take off the gay acts. I've been watching Days of our lives since 1979 and I have never been so disappointed in anything like all the gay scenes. It seems as though the more they allow it the more there is. There is nothing normal about this soap anymore. No longer enjoyable and have many relatives and friends that feel the same. 5 gay guys out of 20 actors. Wow eventually willl be 20 out of 20. Disgusting

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  • Days of our lives actors wearing dead animals

    When will Days producers get a conscience?

    It is abhorrent that Days promotes killing animals so sorry excuses for humans can wear their fur!

    Why do you endorse that?

    It is unconscionable.

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  • The dramas repeat too much

    I'm so absolutely bored with this show. Everyone sits around all day contemplating their life in flashback and being sad and then go ahead and repeat the same mistakes over and over. The older actors are the ones holding up the show what will happen when they leave? Sami and Will drive me crazy. And why are there so many gay men? Must we be force fed gay love I can't watch it. It's bad enough that bed scenes can still be in the process three shows later, not to mention one conversation can take most of a week to complete. Could this be a smart idea to keep the change of wardrobe to minimal? At least there was a good laugh when the doubles kept getting into dramas. Such a ridiculous storyline but oh so worthwhile watching, I was disappointed to see this come to an end. Bring in another story writer. DOOLs needs a good shake up.
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    WHAT are you writers doing? This show has DRAGGED on for months. . .if I hadn't started watching it with my mother decades ago, I would discontinue now. Are you getting other reviews like this? VERY disappointing!


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  • Very Entertaining

    The Days of Our Lives may not be the best soap but it is certainly one of the most entertaining. You can't take this show seriously because it's outrageous. My family and I have watched this show for years for the sheer enjoyment and entertainment value. We knew John Aniston before he was Jennifer Aniston's father as Victor Kiriakis. We loved Frances Reid as the beloved matriarch Alice Horton. The cast has featured long term actors and actresses in roles we loved. Of course, you can't take anything on this show seriously but that's because we already take life too seriously. The show has one of the strongest fan bases around. Days swept the award ceremonies for years. Who cares if the story lines are ridiculous like Marlena's possession and that she was the secret killer of so many beloved characters on the show. Ironically, they all went to a secret island somewhere like Lost long before that show came on the air. I was just happy that they were alive somewhere that I didn't care about the logic of it. We wanted them to be alive living somewhere. The show will never be the classic like Young and the Restless has been over the years. If you want fun, you will watch Days of Our Lives because regardless of the show's story lines which are outrageous, the cast pulls it off better than any ensemble around.
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