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  • 2015/12/31
    Episode 20151231

    Eric continues to drink while watching Daniel and Nicole from a far. Joey tells Kayla and Steve he wants to go off with Ciara, Theo and Claire. Theresa offers to help Brady go back to Titan. Steve and Kayla make time for romance. Nicole physically attacks Kate after she takes credit for saving the show. Abigail tells Chad that he's their father of Thomas not Ben. Philip offers to take Belle to California to celebrate New Year's. Jennifer swerves as Eric's car approaches hers.

  • 2015/12/30
    Episode 20151230

    Kate tells Pierre that after tonight she'll be in charge of Basic Black. Joey is jealous when he sees Ava with Fynn. John asks Steve if Ava being in town bothers him. Belle gets mad at Philip, and leaves with Chad. Theresa's moment to shine has arrived when her show is a hit. A nurse tells Abigail that Ben's blood didn't match Thomas, she realizes that Chad is the father.

  • 2015/12/29
    Episode 20151229

    Nicole instructs Paul and Gabi to get change and get into Theresa's designs. Chad tells Andre that Belle wants nothing to do with him. Steve and Kayla decide to spend New Year's Eve together. Claire tells Belle to fight for her marriage to Shawn. Daniel informs Abigail and Jennifer that baby Thomas isn't aplastic anemic, but will need to run a genetic run on her and Ben. Philip consoles Belle. Fynn invites Ava to the Basic Black launch party, but makes sure Steve and Kayla are going. Nicole brings good news to Theresa about her designs being in the show once again.

  • 2015/12/28
    Episode 20151228

    Stefano tells Andre that maybe this it for their family. Abigail tells Marlena that what if André hypnotized Chad into breaking up with her. Belle sees through Chad cause getting close to her was real reason. Kate tells Theresa she's out of the fashion show after failing to produce a decent clothing line. Theresa is touched when Brady admits that he loves her. Abigail thinks she has a idea to get Chad back to normal again. Belle receives her divorce papers from Shawn. Abigail notices Thomas could be sick.

  • 2015/12/25
    Episode 20151225

    Steve tells Kayla he went to see Ava last night. Theresa doesn't feel confident her clothing line is good enough for the show. Abigail tries to snap Chad out of it by kissing him, but it doesn't work. Kayla tells Ava she forgives her, and tells Steve she'll marry him. Maggie reads the Christmas story to the hospital kids. Steve gives Joey the bike he and Bo found. Caroline has a vision of Philip finding Victor.

  • 2015/12/24
    Episode 20151224

    Roman tells Abigail she won't be charged against her for vandalism. Abigail finds Chad having dinner with Belle. Maggie is there for Lucas for his first Christmas without Will. Kate and Eduardo share a romantic night. John warns Marlena if they the leave the townhouse they might be in imminent danger. Lucas receives a holiday message from Allie. Chase and Abigail's son are given they're own tree ornament.

  • 2015/12/23
    Episode 20151223

    Eve extends an offer for Claire to pursue a singing career. Belle abruptly throws out a gift that Shawn left for her. Steve tells Kayla he told Joey to stay away from Ava. Belle tells Claire she should go to Maine for Christmas. Ava continues her deception towards Joey. Nicole keeps Kate from pulling Theresa's designs from the launch. Steve confronts Ava on if she's telling the truth.

  • 2015/12/22
    Episode 20151222

    Chase tells Ciara he heard that Hope was arrested for murder. Justin follows Adrienne after seeing she got an alarming phone call. Julie asks Maggie if she's okay with Caroline living at the mansion. Abe tells Lani she's officially a detective on the Salem PD. Caroline has an upsetting vision. Adrienne tells Lucas she was told she has to get another test done. Justin tells Hope he wants to keep her case from going to trial. Maggie finds Victor and Caroline together. Eve finds an apprentice in Claire after hearing her sing. Rafe learns information about Dr. Malcolm.

  • 2015/12/21
    Episode 20151221

    Abigail tells Jennifer that it's over between her and Chad and feels it's her fault. Steve tells Kayla if she can honestly believe Ava's story of her dying. Chad tries to charm Belle. Philip and Brady butt heads over the running of Titan. Victor tells Maggie he wants to move Caroline into the mansion in order to keep her safe. J.J. goes to confront Chad and cautions Belle to watch out. Ava tells Kayla she needs her forgiveness. Abigail throws a fit while seeing Chad's face.

  • 2015/12/18
    Episode 20151218

    Eduardo tells John some insight on the Winterthorne Academy being a front. Ava tells Kayla that she's dying. Abigail is devastated when Chad ends their relationship. Rafe helps Hope and Ciara get into the holiday spirit. Steve tells Justin he's glad he is no longer in Adrienne's life anymore. Steve tells Hope to think about Ciara and not go looking for Dr. Malcolm's killer. Abigail sees Belle and Chad together.

  • 2015/12/17
    Episode 20151217

    Marlena tells John she was in a session with Chad, then woke up and saw him. Stefano tells André he's against the idea brainwashing Chad. Theresa tells Brady her idea for Belle to use her money to buy Kate out of Basic Black. Eduardo makes an admission to John he was ordered to kill him. André brings Chad back to the hotel to tell Abigail it's over between them. Kayla comes face-to-face with Ava.

  • 2015/12/16
    Episode 20151216

    Rafe tells Hope a gun registered in her name is the one used to kill Dr. Malcolm. Ciara opens up to Chase about her getting kidnapped. Andre chloroforms Marlena during her hypnosis session with Chad. Hope calls Belle to represent her after getting arrested. Abigail gets good news about Thomas. Ciara offers to help Theo identify his bully.

  • 2015/12/15
    Episode 20151215

    Chad and Abigail have a night to themselves. Belle and Philip run into each other, stirring up old feelings. Theresa tells Brady that maybe them moving in together is a bit too fast. Gabi and J.J. go out on a date and share a kiss.

  • 2015/12/14
    Episode 20151214

    Hope gives up Dr. Salinas and gets Ciara rescued. Philip puts pressure on Victor to make a business decision. Philip tells Kate of his big plans for Titan. Rafe gets an anonymous tip regarding the shooting of Dr. Malcolm in the park. Brady tells Belle that Philip is moving back to Salem. Rafe goes to question Hope on her whereabouts.

  • 2015/12/11
    Episode 20151211

    Dr. Malcolm is approached by someone who says he's needed elsewhere. Kayla tells Steve that it's too soon for them to even consider getting married again. Abigail tells Chad why didn't she suspect something was very wrong with Ben. Rafe tells Hope to consider Ciara with whatever she's planning to do. Steve tries to get Joey to reveal who's helping him. Ava puts the finishing touches on her plan for Steve and Kayla. Hope is shocked when she sees Ciara on a tv screen tied to a chair.

  • 2015/12/10
    Episode 20151210

    Steve tells Kayla why fight their attraction to one another. Joey asks Ava what's in it for her in getting his parents back together. Philip tells Brady his plans for Titan and to market the drug that was given to Caroline. Anne tells Theresa she might consider her offer to come work at Basic Black. Ava tells Joey she wants to handle the rest of the plan by herself. Steve accepts Kayla's offer to move in with him, he instead proposes to her.

  • 2015/12/09
    Episode 20151209

    Stefano informs Chad that his birth right is gone. Dr. Malcolm tells Hope he wants the money he's owed, and he'll give the name of who tortured Bo. Abigail tells Jennifer she wants to name her son Thomas Jack Deveraux. John questions Eduardo about Winterthorne Academy. Andre asks Belle if Sami has contacted her. Joey tells Steve and Kayla he got a text saying to come meet them. Rafe let's it slip to Hope that he loves her. Andre tells Stefano that Belle is the key to finding Sami. Joey tells Ava that her plan is working perfectly. John tells Marlena that Eduardo knows a lot more then he's saying.

  • 2015/12/08
    Episode 20151208

    Ben tells Abigail he left their baby at a motel. Kate learns that Eduardo is actually Rafe's father. Ciara overhears Rafe give Chase some sound advice. Dr. Malcolm laughs at the thought of Hope sleeping with another man while struggling to get free. Eve tells Eduardo she accepts his offer to head up the program. Chase makes Ciara feel uncomfortable when he leans in to kiss her. Abigail goes to the hospital where she's reunited with her baby thanks to Chad and J.J. Hope and Dr. Malcolm struggle.

  • 2015/12/07
    Episode 20151207

    Ciara tells Chase she doesn't want him to leave town. Abigail and Chad manage to escape the fire and go in search of Ben. Roman tells Hope he refuses to accept her resignation, but suspends her instead. Seth tells Rafe he'll drop the charges but only if he and Hope leave him alone. J.J. and Lani discover Ben. Theo gets a weird text. Hope makes an attempt to kill Dr. Malcolm. Abigail goes in hoping that Ben will tell her where the baby is.

  • 2015/12/04
    Episode 20151204

    Ciara tells Roman she's worried about her mother. Brady takes Theresa over to her townhouse. Rafe stops Hope from making a mistake by killing Dr. Seth Malcolm. Caroline has a vision involving Victor having a heart attack. Rafe spots Seth talking on the phone in the town square. Ben tells Abigail to cuff herself to Chad on the bed and sets it on fire and leaves with Colin.

  • 2015/12/03
    Episode 20151203

    Hope tells Rafe she identified the person who was holding Bo hostage. Belle learns from Marin that Sami had money deposited in an account under her name. Chad tries to save Abigail from Ben by saying the police are on they're way. Hope tracks down Dr. Malcolm at the Martin House. J.J. tells Lani he wants to go with her to find Abigail. Ben starts to strangle Chad with a rope as Abigail watches in horror.

  • 2015/12/02
    Episode 20151202

    Kayla tells Caroline that Kimberly won't be able to make it. Ciara asks Chase to come to the funeral with her. Hope questions Claudia in her connection to Bo's kidnapping. Chad investigates the midwife place and finds Ben's cellphone number on a piece of paper. Abigail fears for her life when Ben points a gun at her. Theo gives Ciara his condolences. Shawn-Douglas says goodbye to Belle as he leaves town. Ben says he's taking the baby and leaving, then Chad storms into the cabin.

  • 2015/12/01
    Episode 20151201

    J.J. asks Gabi if she would like to go out and get a drink. Victor tells Brady he must choose between Theresa and Titan. Fynn's behavior towards Nicole bothers Daniel. Gabi and Paul get opportunities from Kate to be the faces of Basic Black. Anne refuses to help Theresa after reaching out to her. Steve and Kayla share a romantic moment while trapped. Brady tells Theresa that he'll be moving in with her. Joey texts someone that he succeeded in getting his parents together.

  • 2015/11/30
    Episode 20151130

    Claire tells Shawn-D she feels something is going on between him and Belle. Steve gives Hope a vital tip. Stefano tells Andre he believes he was making a move on his territory. Rafe and Chad get a lead on Abigail's location. Shawn-D breaks the news to Caroline about his divorce to Belle. Abigail tells Ben she has no choice but to come with him and the baby. Belle has an unsettling run in with Andre in the park. Joey locks Steve and Kayla in the supply closet. Chad goes off to deal with Ben personally.

  • 2015/11/25
    Episode 20151125

    Hope promises Bo she'll make those responsible pay. Paul gives John a clue about his past. Shawn is happy that Belle and Clair made it in time for dinner. Eduardo makes Eve an offer that she turns down. Steve tries to steer Hope away from tracking down those responsible for Bo's death. Victor feels he ruined the day and tries to set things right. Everybody is worried about Hope's state of mind. Gabi tells Rafe to get Eduardo another chance. Belle tells John and Marlena she and Shawn-D are getting divorced.

  • 2015/11/24
    Episode 20151124

    Chad goes to Ben's apartment looking for some clues to where he took Abigail. Ben tells Victor and Maggie that Bo is dead. Ciara is comforted by Shawn-D after given news about their father's death. André and Stefano discover that Sami has stolen all their assets. Chad remembers and goes to tell Rafe that Ben is the killer and to find Abigail. Bo appears to Hope telling her she can make things right. Ben shoots and kills Wendy after the baby is born. Hope enlists Steve's help in finding those responsible for Bo's death.

  • 2015/11/23
    Episode 20151123

    Hope says goodbye to Bo. John lets himself into the DiMera mansion to make a deal with Andre in exchange for Sami. Wendi and Abigail work together to escape the cabin. Caroline has another vision of Bo. Ciara tells Chase the best thing is to go outside and out of the house. Ben catches Abigail about to text Chad. Stefano confronts Andre about him doing business with John. Steve goes to deliver bad news to Victor. Andre discovers that Sami has escaped from her cell.

  • 2015/11/20
    Episode 20151120

    Bo reveals to Hope about his terminal condition. Ciara tells Caroline how much she wants her parents to reunite. Steve and Kayla reconnect. Bo and Hope share some memories about the past, as he dies in her arms.

  • 2015/11/19
    Episode 20151119

    Bo's is surprised when his family throws him a party at the pub. While once again under hypnosis Chad remembers his confrontation with Ben. Caroline has a vision of seeing that Bo was dead and Hope was holding him. Wendi suggests Abigail go to the hospital, but Ben pulls out a gun saying the baby will be born right here. John and Marlena work out a way to get leverage against the DiMera's. Steve tells Bo he has to tell Hope the truth.

  • 2015/11/18
    Episode 20151118

    Bo stops Hope from cutting up her wedding dress. Theo doesn't take the news from Abe that Lani is his sister. Bo tells Rafe that he's dying and to be there for Hope and Ciara. Joey sees that Theo is crushing on Ciara. Hope has a frantic flashback to when she was attacked. Bo goes to tell Caroline the bad news, but is surprised by a party.

  • 2015/11/17
    Episode 20151117

    Bo gives Hope the wrong idea when he tries to protect her. Kayla sends a response to whoever is sending Steve these messages. Sami finds a way to escape but André stops her. Steve gives John a proposition about going into business together. André tells Marlena that he has Sami, in exchange for whatever she took in Switzerland. Kayla encourages Bo to go and tell Hope the truth. Steve gets a message to go to the Salem Inn. Hope tells Rafe she's lost Bo for good. Sami figures a way out.

  • 2015/11/16
    Episode 20151116

    Theresa tells Brady that Victor has kicked her out of the mansion. Bo asks Kayla just how much time he has left. Chase overhears Ciara talking bad about Aiden to Joey. Brady feels caught between Theresa and Victor. Rafe uses Chad's phone to call Abigail, and sees Chad was right when Ben answers. Kayla tells Steve that Bo's brain tumor and is dying. Abigail kicks her phone under the bed, after Ben returns saying he got some help. Ciara assures Chase they'll get through this.

  • 2015/11/13
    Episode 20151113

    Chad tries to convince Rafe that Abigail is in trouble. Someone keeps a close eye on Joey. Hope's immense guilt over Bo causes her to pull away from those who love her. Steve suspects Joey is being targeted by an old foe of his. Ben thinks Abigail is faking her pain just to get him to take her to the hospital. Bo overhears Kayla as she gets his test results and leaves the hospital. Rafe asks Jennifer if she's heard from Abigail. Steve gets an alarming text.

  • 2015/11/12
    Episode 20151112

    Jennifer reaches out as Hope continues to unspool; a huge rift occurs between Ciara and Chase; Nicole has a run-in with the charming Flynn, who is an old buddy of Daniel's; Theresa asks Brady where their relationship stands.

  • 2015/11/11
    Episode 20151111

    Hope learns the truth about Bo's disappearance. John receives unexpected news that he was fired from the ISA. Kayla insists she and Steve will face the latest threat to their family head on as a team. Roman tells Marlena that Sami never got in touch with him last night. Abigail relays a coded message to Chad. Chase is given news about Aiden's death and takes his frustration out on Bo.

  • 2015/11/10
    Episode 20151110

    Hope struggles to cope with the aftermath of all that has happened to her. Chad goes looking for Abigail after being released from jail. Victor asks Bo to tell him exactly what happened to him. André blames Justin for wrongfully accusing Chad. Ben confronts Abigail about her affair with Chad. Kate hits it off with Eduardo. Abigail starts to experience extreme pain while trying to escape. J.J. visits Paige's grave. Ben is shocked when Chad shows up at the apartment.

  • 2015/11/09
    Episode 20151109

    Sami tells John and Marlena she believes that E.J. is alive out there somewhere. Ben tells Abigail that he's glad she finally understands him. Kayla asks Steve if his unfinished business has anything to do with what happened to Joey. Bo goes to check on Hope after Aiden died from being shot. Chad is told about Aiden being the Necktie Killer. Abigail attempts to seduce Ben, but he sees right through her lies. André has Sami kidnapped.

  • 2015/11/06
    Episode 20151106

    Hope dreams that Bo appears before her. Victor finds out Caroline was right and Bo did come home. Marlena tells John she has a feeling that someone is watching them ever since the park. Joey assures Steve and Kayla he didn't take any drugs tonight. Hope is attacked, and is shocked when her attacker is Aiden. André gets word of Sami's arrival in Salem. Steve receives an anonymous disturbing note. Theresa makes Brady see that they're good together. Sami tells Marlena and John she found out something about E.J. Bo arrives and sees Hope on the floor.

  • 2015/11/05
    Episode 20151105

    Marlena notices something familiar about Lani. Julie, Maggie and Jennifer look at old wedding photos from the past. Abe tells Lani when Tamara left town he didn't know she was pregnant. Steve and Bo stage a fight in order to escape jail. Theo doesn't know what to do after Joey collapses. Joey is rushed to the hospital. Julie overhears Ciara's plan to steal a jacket for Chase. Caroline tells Bo who shows up that Hope married Aiden. Ciara kisses Theo, which doesn't please Chase one bit. Aiden goes downstairs and prepares to kill Hope.

  • 2015/11/04
    Episode 20151104

    Caroline attempts to delay the wedding by having an anxiety attack, Kayla sees through her little ploy. Chad tells André he feels that Stefano is behind this so called plan of his. Ben leaves to retrieve Abigail's phone from the apartment. Adrienne sees Eve and Justin kiss. Abigail gets free, but Ben returns to the cabin. Bo and Steve find themselves in jail, as Aiden and Hope are pronounced man and wife.

  • 2015/11/03
    Episode 20151103

    Bo tells Caroline she needs to do whatever she can to keep Hope from marrying Aiden. Ben quarrels with Abigail and she gets accidentally knocked out. Eric drinks while seeing Daniel and Nicole dance together at the gala. Citizens of Salem toast their town and to Tom and Alice Horton. Caroline informs everyone that Bo is coming home, but nobody believes her. Abe tells Lani why she didn't tell him who she was. Andre wants Aiden to focus on getting the job done. Abigail wakes up handcuffed. Steve and Bo get the motorcycle started. Caroline stands up saying the wedding needs to be stopped.

  • 2015/11/02
    Episode 20151102

    All of Salem celebrates it's bicentennial at the Martin mansion. Abigail realizes the pics of Chad that Ben has on his phone are around the time the murders took place. Caroline tries to get Victor to see the truth about Bo. Stefano and Andre appear at the party to wish Hope good luck with her wedding. J.J. tells Jennifer he turned in his application for the police academy to Roman. Aiden sneaks into Hope's house to set up his plan to murder Hope after the wedding. John tells Marlena that being here with her was much more important. Caroline gets a call from Bo.

  • 2015/10/30
    Episode 20151030

    Steve and Bo risk their lives to try to return to Salem in time to stop Hope's wedding. Ciara and Chase surprises Hope with a pre-wedding brunch. Theresa shows Brady the suit she made for him to wear at the bicentennial. Aiden tells Stefano and André he has another idea to get Chad out of jail. Shawn-D gives Hope Alice's necklace to wear at the wedding. Nicole urges Theresa to stand up to Kate. Marlena tells Rafe after talking with Chad that he isn't the one who tried to kill her. Caroline has another vision of Bo and Steve involved in a plane crash.

  • 2015/10/29
    Episode 20151029

    Rafe, Hope and Justin are alerted that Chad has woken up. Rafe places Chad under arrest for the murders of Serena, Paige and Will. Eric tells John and Marlena worried about Sami being in danger. Chad tells Aiden he doesn't remember anything and didn't kill anyone. Abigail tells Ben that Chad isn't the person everybody says he is. Justin goes to Marlena needing her help. Hope considers putting off her wedding to Aiden.

  • 2015/10/28
    Episode 20151028

    Eve decides to avenge Paige's death, Justin says to not go through with it. Steve expresses his concerns to Bo about Aiden and thinks he's up to something. Aiden confesses to Hope. Abigail storms out after Ben and her get into an argument. Bo tries calling Hope. Chad dreams about Ben and Abigail and suddenly opens his eyes.

  • 2015/10/27
    Episode 20151027

    Kayla tells Julie she feels Hope doesn't look at that happy. Aiden is kidnapped and brought to his own bachelor party at the Pub. Roman tells John he hopes that Sami doesn't do something drastic. Hope's bachelorette party turns into chaos when the dancer Abigail hired is a thief. Rafe goes after Aiden after he storms out of his party. Caroline asks Hope what is she going to do if Bo does come home. Steve and Bo get back to the plane only to discover the radio and the pilot were taken out. Aiden goes to Hope saying he can't go through with it.

  • 2015/10/26
    Episode 20151026

    Andre tells Chad maybe the best thing is for him to die. Steve tells Bo of Hope's impending wedding. Shawn-D compromises with Hope he'll go to the Pub and get to know Aiden. Kayla butts heads with Joey over his latest stunt. Abe is unsettled when he discovers Lani is doing her research on him. Steve accidentally opens a gas line while he and Bo attempt at escape. Aiden tells Stefano and Andre his plan to kill Hope and Chad will be set free. Julie and Kayla surprise Hope with a bachelorette party.

  • 2015/10/23
    Episode 20151023

    J.J. asks Abigail why she lied to Ben on where she was. Doug has some questions for Aiden about the death of his wife Meredith. Bo hallucinates seeing Hope. Ben receives news that causes conflict with Abigail. Roman extends his support to J.J. to become a cop, but Jennifer and Abigail are against it. Andre gives Aiden champagne to toast his engagement to Hope. Steve reunites with Bo under less than ideal circumstances. Gabi asks J.J. to tell her about Paige and what she was like. Abigail tells Ben to not touch one dime of the reward money he was offered. Shawn arrives and meets Aiden who his mother is going to marry.

  • 2015/10/22
    Episode 20151022

    Sonny tells Gabi he's leaving Salem to go back to Paris. Eduardo has someone keeping a close watch on Gabi and Rafe. Abigail visits Chad in the hospital asking him to wake up. Adrienne snaps at Justin for calling a specialist on her behalf. Rafe tells Gabi that the person he was talking was in fact their father. Paul has an emotional goodbye with Sonny. Lucas tells Adrienne he doesn't want to be alone right now. Gabi goes to see Eduardo, but decides not to.

  • 2015/10/21
    Episode 20151021

    Aiden threatens André not to come anywhere near Chase again. Bo struggles to get back home to his family. Victor tells Caroline she needs to take another dose of the serum before she leaves the hospital. John tells André if he comes after his family he will pay dearly. Steve figures Bo may have gone to an old I.S.A. safe house. Aiden envisions his deadly plot to murder Hope. Daniel and Nicole share a romantic dance at the Brady Pub. Kayla tells Hope she doesn't believe that Bo is ever coming back. Caroline tells Victor to help Steve locate Bo. Steve encounters trouble.

  • 2015/10/20
    Episode 20151020

    Andre tells Aiden that Hope is worth more to him dead then alive. Ben is taken to the police station so Clyde can see him one last time. Rafe tells an unconscious Chad he believes he's innocent. Clyde tells Ben that he will keep his secret of him being the killer. Aiden changes Hope's life insurance making him the beneficiary. Rafe tells Hope that Lani has been made his new partner.

  • 2015/10/19
    Episode 20151019

    Steve questions Caroline about her visions. Emotional and kind words are spoken at Will's funeral. Abigail encourages Ben to say something good about Will, but says he can't. Kayla breaks the news to Caroline about Will's death. Steve tells Joey he's going to go and bring Bo back home. Andre makes his presence known at the Brady Pub when he offers Sami his condolences. Sami tells Eric she's going to Switzerland to bring down Stefano. Sonny breaks down while at Will's grave.

  • 2015/10/16
    Episode 20151016

    Sami reads E.J's letter contains a key to a safety deposit box. Stefano realizes that Rafe believes Chad is innocent. Paul tells Sonny that Will didn't give up on them. Eric tells Sami to be skeptical about the words in E.J.'s letter. Stefano blames Abigail for Chad's current situation. Rafe sees some irregularities while getting his statement from Ben about his fight with Chad. Stefano tells Andre there's a third option in saving Chad from being arrested.

  • 2015/10/15
    Episode 20151015

    Eduardo tells Eve he's decided to stay in Salem. Marlena stops Sami from smothering Chad with the pillow and encounters Stefano. Paul lends John a hand helping tracking down someone. Sonny tells Adrienne and Justin how's he supposed to go on without Will. Stefano pleads with Chad cause he doesn't want to lose another child. Sonny has a reunion with Paul. Adrienne opens up to Justin about her having the cancer gene. Sami discovers a letter to her from E.J.

  • 2015/10/14
    Episode 20151014

    Daniel suggest to Nicole about getting married tomorrow. Sami feels ganged up on by Marlena, Brady and Eric. Theresa tells Anne she's gonna try to prevent Kate from shutting her out of Basic Black. Marlena defends Chad's innocence to Eric. Sami goes back to Will's apartment and finally breaks down crying. Nicole gives Eric disappointing news about Will. Sami enters Chad's hospital room, with revenge on her mind for him killing Will.

  • 2015/10/13
    Episode 20151013

    Gabi asks Abigail if she thinks Chad is guilty. Rafe and Hope find more evidence linking Chad to the murders. Ben quickly thinks of something as Abigail returns home and finds him and Chad. Lucas tells Sami why she hasn't shed a tear for Will or isn't upset. Andre puts Aiden in a difficult position when says for him to retrieve all the evidence against Chad. Kayla tells Abigail that Chad is in a coma.

  • 2015/10/12
    Episode 20151012

    Steve tells Kayla that what if Caroline's dreams about Bo are true. John tells Marlena he may have found something about his past. Ben can't get the image of killing Will out of his head. Rafe hurries to Gabi after she found Will. Steve tells John he believes Bo is still alive. Chad becomes unsettled after learning about Will. Ben tells Abigail now she can accept how dangerous Chad is. Victor calls Sonny saying that Will was murdered. Sami arrives at the police station. Chad tells Ben he figured out it was him.

  • 2015/10/09
    Episode 20151009

    Adrienne tells Lucas she's nervous about looking at her blood test results. Hope tells Aiden she knows he had Clyde extradited to Florida to face charges. J.J. tells Abigail the D.E.A. recruited him to go undercover to bring down the drug ring. Rafe tells Justin what if Chad isn't the killer after all. Ben abruptly strangles Will, and takes him back to his apartment. Adrienne decides to end things with Justin without telling him the reason. Gabi returns home and discovers Will on the floor.

  • 2015/10/08
    Episode 20151008

    Ben brings Abigail home after a close call last night. Andre tells Chad to search Clyde's place. Aiden tells Roman he found more information that could put Clyde away. Chad wonders why Abigail keeps helping him. Ben and J.J. get into it after learning he's the reason Clyde was arrested. Ben comes home just as Will finds a necktie in the waste basket.

  • 2015/10/07
    Episode 20151007

    Steve believes Bo was killed and put in a body bag. Roman tries to pinpoint J.J.'s location before Clyde can harm him. Kayla believes the protocol used on Caroline isn't working. Aiden thinks of getting Chad in order to collect the reward Eduardo is offering. Steve returns and delivers bad news to Victor about Bo. Clyde realizes that J.J. set him up as Roman arrests him. Bo escapes his captors saying he's going home.

  • 2015/10/06
    Episode 20151006

    J.J. tells Roman everything that he found out Clyde is bringing in the drugs to Salem. Theresa and Brady worry about Tate's current condition. Chad tells Abigail he believes that Clyde is framing him for the murders. J.J. comes to Gabi's rescue after sees she's being harassed. Ben tells Abigail she was rude to Clyde and starts to sense something is wrong with the baby. Clyde tells J.J. the only way to keep him quiet is to kill him.

  • 2015/10/05
    Episode 20151005

    Rafe confronts Eduardo thinking his latest stunt could get someone killed. Roman tries to get Kayla to see that the drug could be good for Caroline. Eve thanks Eduardo for what he offered. Rafe tells Hope of his connection to Paige. Victor tells Hope he got the idea of the treatment from Bo. Theresa thanks Brady for his support today. Steve gets caught and asks where Bo is. Bo is questioned about the serum that Victor has been funding. Kayla gives the okay for Caroline to be given the drug.

  • 2015/10/02
    Episode 20151002

    André tells Chad it was cause of him his location was found out. Gabi asks Rafe why is it so important that he go to Paige's funeral. Jennifer tells J.J. he shouldn't blame himself for Paige's death. Paige tells Eve to not be angry for the rest of her life. André wants Chad to admit he needs him and Stefano. Eve lashes out telling for everybody to get out and leave her alone. Eduardo makes a statement on camera offering a reward for Chad's capture.

  • 2015/10/01
    Episode 20151001

    Chad runs into André while getting money for his alibi. Abigail tries on wedding dresses, and suggests to Jennifer about one Theresa drew. Ben asks Will to be his best man at his wedding. Theresa tells Anne she needs to be a better person for her son's sake. Jennifer goes to visit a grieving Eve. Justin finds a clue and figures out where Chad is hiding, but André manages to warn him.

  • 2015/09/30
    Episode 20150930

    Hope tells Maggie she isn't sure of Chad's guilt. Aiden learns that André and Stefano paid off all of his debts and will do as he's told. ulie finds Caroline talking to the mirror at the Martin house and calls Kayla. Chad finds the guy he fought with and asks him to come to the police station. Rafe asks Lani to look at the evidence to see what she thinks. Kayla is against the idea of Victor having someone test Caroline with an experimental drug. Ciara expresses her concern with Aiden about the killer striking again.

  • 2015/09/29
    Episode 20150929

    Adrienne gets tested at the hospital and expresses her concerns to Kayla. Abe tells Justin to do whatever it take to have Chad brought in. Brady tells Nicole that Kate is the ideal choice for her partner. Eve lashes at Justin for not arresting who killed Paige. Theresa feels under minded when Nicole and Kate leave her out of the conversation. Abe tells Marlena if Chad calls get him to turn himself in. Lucas goes after Adrienne after seeing Eve and Justin together. Brady is surprised when Theresa plants a kiss on him.

  • 2015/09/28
    Episode 20150928

    Ben tries to block out the images of killing Paige and Serena. Roman asks Jennifer if there's something that's got her so scared. Bo is brought to a different room and to continue the torture. Aiden learns someone already paid his debt. Ben listens as Rafe questions Abigail and him finding her locket on the pier. Chad remembers being on the pier at the time Serena was killed. J.J. finds the bug and Jennifer says Eve planted it. Hope asks Aiden to make sure they're are no more secrets. Ben vows to make Chad pay for what he made him do. Steve finds something embedded in the wall in Bo's cell.

  • 2015/09/25
    Episode 20150925
  • 2015/09/24
    Episode 20150924
  • 2015/09/23
    Episode 20150923
  • 2015/09/22
    Episode 20150922

    Rafe blows up at Eduardo telling him to leave and never come back. Joey tells Steve he's gonna come with him to help find Bo. Theresa tells Brady she regrets treating Paige poorly. Kate shares a story with Eve about the time when she thought two of her children were dead. Nicole learns that Kate is Theresa's silent investor. Eve informs Rafe that Paige was his sister. Steve tells Kayla once he brings Bo home he'll be done with missions.

  • 2015/09/21
    Episode 20150921

    Eve is shocked and tells Paige's father Eduardo to get out after showing up at her door. Steve shows Victor some photographs of Bo with someone who is supposedly dead. Caroline tells Kayla she wants to know if seeing Shawn means she's dying. Hope asks Rafe if he's really happy for her marrying Aiden. Maggie asks Victor why he didn't tell her about Caroline's condition. Rafe is thrown when he spots Eduardo in the Horton Square. Steve finds Joey stowed away on the airplane.

  • 2015/09/18
    Episode 20150918

    Steve goes to John wanting his help regarding a freighter Bo was on. Will tells Gabi that Sonny is in Paris, and isn't sure if he's coming home. Marlena hypnotizes Chad to help uncover the truth about the murders. Abigail lies to Ben saying her dream about him leaving her and the baby. Marlena runs into Clyde while leaving her office. Chad remembers seeing Clyde at Club TBD that night. Steve tells John he's going to Mexico and bringing Bo home.

  • 2015/09/17
    Episode 20150917

    Will feels responsible for Sonny leaving him. Aiden is confronted by someone and sends a message of the money he owes. Rafe tells Hope he thinks there's more to this case. Steve tells Kayla that John couldn't find anything on Bo working for the I.S.A. Abigail convinces Chad to turn to Marlena for help. Stefano hits a nerve with Victor when he mentions Caroline. Hope shows Kayla the ring that Aiden gave her. Bo feels Hope is in danger.Gabi gets out of prison and is reunited with Arianna. Marlena begins Chad's hypnosis treatment. Steve tells Kayla about her lead on Bo.

  • 2015/09/16
    Episode 20150916

    Paul tells Marlena about the promotional tour and all the hate he endured. Hope shows Steve the letter from Bo that John gave him to read. Aiden tells Stefano he's more important to him alive then dead. John looks further into his past and finds a clue. Steve tries to mend his relationship with Joey. Abigail encourages Chad to undergo hypnosis about the blackouts he's been having. Ciara and Chase watch as Aiden proposes to Hope. Victor visits Stefano. John tells Marlena he's close to finding his biological parents.

  • 2015/09/15
    Episode 20150915

    Aiden tells the person on the phone, just a little bit more time. Hope tells Ciara she's got some exciting news to tell her tonight. J.J. gets nervous when Clyde arrives at the police station. Abigail makes a promise to Ben she'll stay away from Chad. Hope thanks Aiden for standing up to him when Joey was yelling at her. Stefano promises Chad he didn't have anyone killed and frame him for it. Justin tells Eve there this close to an arrest in Paige's killer. Steve tells Kayla he wants to track Bo's whereabouts. Clyde gives J.J. a phone for communication between them. Eve suffers a mental breakdown.

  • 2015/09/14
    Episode 20150914

    Roman tells Chad he's free to go at least for now. Justin pushes Rafe to arrest Chad. J.J. tells Jennifer that Clyde is the head of the drug ring in Salem and the bullet he received in the mail.Chad accuses Stefano of framing him. Jennifer gets nervous when Clyde pays her a visit. Ben confession to Abigail about knowing where she is and if she's still in love with Chad. Stefano collapses in front of Chad.

  • 2015/09/11
    Episode 20150911

    Brady asks John what if he doesn't like what he finds regarding his past. Justin tells Eve what exactly are they doing. Daniel goes to talk to Eric after seeing him in bad shape. Adrienne breaks things off with Lucas. Theresa offers Nicole a partnership and buy Basic Black together. Julie, Maggie and Caroline check on the location for the bicentennial. Eve seeks guidance from Marlena over the loss of Paige. Adrienne tells Justin she wants to give their marriage another try. Caroline feels she's losing her mind. Theresa tells Kate everything went perfectly with Nicole.

  • 2015/09/10
    Episode 20150910

    Brady tells Theresa he doesn't her extensive drinking around their son. Bo is hung up and tortured by his captors wanting him to tell them everything. Aiden tells Rafe and Justin if they don't have evidence against Chad then to release him. Doug expresses his concerns about Hope marrying Aiden, when she hasn't given up on Bo. Kate sees an opportunity with Theresa after Nicole turned her down flat. Daniel encourages Nicole to not accept Brady's offer. John tells Marlena her rejoined the I.S.A to find out who he really is. Eve turns to Justin for comfort.

  • 2015/09/09
    Episode 20150909

    Chad wakes up drunk in his hotel room. Hope stands up for Aiden when he's confronted by Steve. Eve tells Theresa that holding Tate will remind her of Paige. Bo endeavors to get home to Hope. Ben tells Abigail he can't for them to start their life together. Eve sobs as she embraces Paige's lifeless body. J.J. lays into Clyde asking if he killed Paige, but a gun aimed at him. Steve tells Kayla he's not giving up on Joey or them. Hope tells Aiden she will marry him. Rafe goes to question Chad about the flower that was found on Paige.

  • 2015/09/08
    Episode 20150908

    Steve tells Victor he can prove those letters were not written by Bo. Clyde leaves an unsettling message for J.J. and for Paige to stay away. Abigail overhears Chad's key to the mansion was found at the scene. Rafe tells Justin the evidence they have against Chad is circumstantial. Stefano reminds Aiden on what he knows about his past, and to focus on marrying Hope. Ciara tells Hope she figured out that Aiden asked her to marry him. Rafe witnesses Chad getting hostile with Chad. Steve goes to get answers from John. J.J. arrives at Paige's dorm and discovers her dead in the shower. Bo regains consciousness.

  • 2015/09/04
    Episode 20150904

    Marlena is pleased when John reschedules his business trip. Steve tells Victor he's not leaving til he says where Bo is. Kayla continues to deal with Joey's attitude as he say he wants to go to public school. Nicole is excited that Brady offers her half the money so she can buy the company. Theresa shows Maggie her portfolio and to be one of her key investors to buy Basic Black. Steve finds a clue after reading one of Bo's letters.

  • 2015/09/03
    Episode 20150903

    Hope tells Aiden she feels he's keeping something from her. Abigail has an abrupt dream about Chad being arrested for Serena's murder. Justin tells Rafe he wants Chad arrested right away. Stefano tells Chad he's willing to welcome him back to the family, and he'll try to clear his name. Kayla, Maggie and Julie celebrate Hope being engaged. Chad asks Aiden to be his lawyer, Eric then confronts him asking if he killed Serena. Steve asks Victor what happened to Bo.

  • 2015/09/02
    Episode 20150902

    Rafe tells Hope that Chad's blood was found on the napkin. Caroline tells Hope the dreams she's having about Bo being in trouble. Paige is relieved when Rafe wants to talk about the night Serena was killed. Clyde issues a threat to J.J. to tell anyone what he does for a living. Joey lays into Steve and Kayla to stop fighting about him. Lucas encourages Adrienne to join him later. J.J. tells Paige that Clyde is running drugs in Salem. Hope tells Aiden she can't say yes to his proposal, at least not yet.

  • 2015/09/01
    Episode 20150901

    John tries to prove his devotion to Marlena, by going down memory lane. Miles gives Nicole to investigate Serena's death, but she refuses. Abe appoints Justin the new District Attorney to bring down the corruption in Salem. Kate breaks up with Clyde after he gets too aggressive. Kyle calls Clyde after J.J. fails his loyalty test. Jennifer slaps Eve telling her after accusing her of leaking information to the media. Theresa, Nicole and Kate both are interested in acquiring Basic Black.

  • 2015/08/31
    Episode 20150831

    Hope tells Aiden she needs time to talk this over with Ciara first. Rafe interrogates Chad about Serena. Abigail tells Ben not to use Serena as an excuse to bash Chad. Steve gets a wake up call after talking with Hope about Bo, and considers returning to Salem permanently. Aiden's true intentions are revealed. Abigail suggests to Ben about having a Christmas wedding.

  • 2015/08/28
    Episode 20150828

    Clyde tells Ben and Abigail he saw Chad getting into it with Serena before she died. Maggie sees that Victor is concerned for Caroline. Abigail asks Chad what he did when Serena left the club last night. Clyde tells Marlena he's done iwth his therapy sessions. Caroline dreams of Bo in danger. Rafe questions Chad about Serena. Steve shows up with Joey surprising Kayla.

  • 2015/08/27
    Episode 20150827

    Eric expresses his concerns to Hope about Serena being missing. Marlena tells Hope she and John are taking it slow. Chad wakes up having no memory of last night. Roman and Agent Watts tells Jennifer and J.J. about the anonymous tip they received, as Eve listens in. Paige warns J.J. that Kyle knows that he's a snitch. Hope says she's committed to moving on with Aiden. Eric calls Hope saying he found Serena dead in the park. Julie and Maggie show Jennifer the recent headline. Roman tells Rafe he'd better make sure he doesn't break the rules again.

  • 2015/08/26
    Episode 20150826

    Will tells Marlena he's lost Sonny and Paul is to blame. Paige struggles with her current feelings. Justin tells Adrienne he receives a letter from Sonny. Eve presents proof to Kyle about J.J working for the D.E.A. and phones in an anonymous tip to the police. Clyde keeps a watchful eye on Chad and Serena while on their date. Everybody hurries to rally around Caroline to help with the Bicentennial. Kyle tells J.J. of an incoming shipment and wants him to sample it. Will lashes out at Paul. Aiden assures that he'll give them what he owes them, cause Hope is his.

  • 2015/08/25
    Episode 20150825

    Will encourages Abigail to be honest with herself and admit she's in love with Chad. Eric blasts Nicole for not changing at all. Victor refuses to help Xander with the civil suit. Nicole tells Daniel she donated money she won to a charity, and the rest to open her own business. Chad cozies up to Serena at Club TBD. Xander is placed under arrest for attacking Theresa. Aiden confronts Rafe about his feelings for Hope, and his plans for a proposal.

  • 2015/08/24
    Episode 20150824

    Chad calls Abigail asking to meet with him right away. Abigail tells Ben she wants to get married in Salem not in Las Vegas. Nicole announces to both Xander and Serena she's taking them to civil court. Ben tracks Abigail's phone to the DiMera mansion realizing she lied as to where she was going. Eric offers to help Serena with her legal troubles. Stefano lets Chad have it after Abigail leaves. Theresa enacts her plan by having Brady catch her making out with Xander.

  • 2015/08/21
    Episode 20150821

    Eve listens and learns that J.J. is undercover working for the D.E.A. and vows to destroy his plans. Hope invites Aiden to come spend the night at her house. Maggie realizes that Victor went to visit Caroline at the hospital.John asks Rafe how long he's had a thing for Hope. Marlena tells John she doesn't want him to walk way from the offer from the I.S.A. Aiden tells Clyde he isn't going to tell Hope or the police about what happened. Victor secretly emails Caroline's doctor in California.

  • 2015/08/20
    Episode 20150820

    Aiden tells Hope a lie as to who really attacked him. John tells Marlena he was waiting for the right moment to tell her he was returning to the I.S.A. J.J. tells Paige he still loves her. Clyde picks up on Rafe's feelings for Hope. John investigates and is unable to get any evidence to identify Aiden's attacker. Kyle calls J.J. asking him to come over. Paige tells Daphne she has no idea what to do next.

  • 2015/08/19
    Episode 20150819

    Clyde attacks Aiden after he says he has a lot of evidence piled up against him. Kyle questions Paige after realizing someone broke into his safe. Hope tells Julie it was a difficult choice in letting go of Bo. Rafe considers John's offer to rejoin the Salem PD. Paige approaches J.J. knowing he is working undercover for the D.E.A. and agrees to keep quiet. Aiden lies to Hope as to who his attacker was. Marlena learns after talking with Roman that John has been keeping a secret.

  • 2015/08/18
    Episode 20150818

    Clyde realizes that Aiden made a connection with him. Victor tells Adrienne and Justin that Sonny has some news for them. Aiden and Hope's evening is threatened by impending danger. Chad and Abigail have a tense encounter. J.J. tells Kyle that Paige has been telling his mother what they're doing. Clyde tells Ben he is certain Abigail had a paternity test on the baby. J.J. searches Kyle's apartment and makes a discovery. Aiden gets a call from his guy saying he has the info on Clyde he wanted. Sonny shares an emotional goodbye to Will.

  • 2015/08/17
    Episode 20150817

    Paige tells J.J. to tell Jennifer what he's been up to with Kyle. Will tells Sonny the reason he's telling him is cause Paul found out. Ben tells Chad his plans with Abigail to move to California. Abigail realizes that Stefano knows what happened between her and Chad. Eve realizes that Julie helped her solve a big problem of hers. Hope tells Rafe she's worried she's putting Aiden in danger. Sonny meets with Paul after having an argument with Will. Eve bugs Jennifer's living room with a listening device. J.J. tells Kyle to let Paige go or else he's going to prison. Clyde objects to the idea of leaving Salem with Abigail.

  • 2015/08/14
    Episode 20150814

    Roman realizes J.J.'s intentions to bust Kyle cause he's hanging out with Paige. Ben fantasizes Abigail telling Chad he wants him to be the father. Paul confronts Will on giving Derrick confidential information about him. Jennifer tells Paige she knows that J.J. is not dealing anymore. Chad asks Stefano how he expects to stop the Abigail and Ben's wedding. Sonny tells Adrienne that Paul will have to deal with him being married to Will. Ben suggests to Abigail the idea of moving away from Salem.

  • 2015/08/13
    Episode 20150813

    Clyde asks Aiden what made him drop him and Ben as clients. Abe tells Hope there not gonna go after Clyde even after donating money to the hospital. Eve makes trouble for Jennifer. Eric wishes Serena all the best, but there's no future for them. Jennifer tells Nicole she's glad that she is happy with Daniel. Hope wants to get dirt on Clyde. Kate asks Rafe about his feelings for Hope. Theresa gets an idea on how Xander can benefit her.

  • 2015/08/12
    Episode 20150812

    Derrick tells Will he used the information he gave him, but Paul backed away cause of his feelings for Sonny. Caroline tells Theresa to go home to her son. Kate makes a confession to Marlena. Hope tells Rafe she can feel there's something there after Aiden dropped Clyde as a client. Aiden brings John in on something that he's investigating. Brady asks Theresa to stay at the mansion, but on one condition. Derrick let's something slip, and Paul realizes he got the information he told Will in confidence.

  • 2015/08/11
    Episode 20150811
    Kayla expresses her gratitude to Serena for saving her mother's life. Abigail shares with J.J. and Jennifer of her pregnancy. Victor continues to be questioned by Daniel, he then gets word about Caroline. Ben asks Clyde how he can be sore sure that Abigail's baby is not Chad's. Eric tells Serena that Caroline would like to see her. Hope learns Aiden dropped Clyde as a client. Maggie makes an unexpected gesture to Nicole for them to be officially be family.moreless
  • 2015/08/10
    Episode 20150810

    Chad expresses how happy he is after learning of Abigail and Ben's engagement. Brady tells Theresa he knows she's lying and her leg isn't really broken. Serena helps Caroline and alerts Kayla about her mother's stroke. Daniel steps in and stops Xander from harassing Nicole. Abigail tells Ben she's pregnant, and he wonders if he or Chad might be the father. Theresa, Eric and Brady rush to the hospital after hearing about Caroline. Daniel asks Victor if there's another connection between him and Xander.Stefano proclaims this thing with Chad and Abigail can't be over with.

  • 2015/08/07
    Episode 20150807

    Brady tells Nicole and Eric that Xander is still in Salem and is working for Victor. Clyde tells Ben to focus on the important thing which is Abigail. Theresa gets an unexpected visitor. Serena gloats seeing Xander in his predicament, and tells him she's leaving. Chad lays into Marlena about the advice she gave him to tell the woman he loves. Kate realizes the warnings about Clyde from Marlena may bear listening to. Brady tells Theresa he wants her out of the mansion. Ben asks Abigail if she thought about his proposal. Caroline suffers a health crisis.

  • 2015/08/06
    Episode 20150806

    Martin tells Clyde he managed to keep Abigail from reading the test results, and will redo the test himself. Kate visits Paul and discovers he and Derrick spent the night together. Sonny tells Justin isn't bringing Paul to Salem his idea to break up his marriage. Derrick reports to Will on what a great night he had with Paul. Aiden receives some news prompting him to not represent Ben and Clyde anymore. Paul tells Sonny he doesn't want anything more with Derrick. Abigail has mixed emotions about the test results.

  • 2015/08/05
    Episode 20150805

    Stefano tells Chad he will lose Abigail if he tells her about Ireland. Victor gives a job as a landscaper on his property, which Brady disapproves of. Martin tells Clyde that Kayla has not shown up at the hospital yet. Paige tells Kyle she heard something and if he has a roommate. Theresa takes advantage of her upheaval at the mansion. Ben tells Clyde that he proposed to Abigail. A lab tech sees Martin not in the lab, and decides to finish what he started. Chad goes to Ben saying he wants to talk about Abigail.

  • 2015/08/04
    Episode 20150804

    Chloe explains to Daniel that marrying Nicole is a mistake. Paige questions J.J. why he's here with Kyle. Xander confronts Victor after discovering his bank accounts and credit cards were cut off. Brady's plan to prove Theresa is faking her injury goes sour. Nicole tells Eric that she told Daniel everything about them. J.J. searches Kyle's apartment hoping to find evidence against him. Chloe and Nicole make amends.

  • 2015/08/03
    Episode 20150803

    Kyle opens up to Paige about his troubled childhood. Agent Watts and Roman tell J.J. he has to work to earn Kyle's trust. Daniel confronts Serena telling her he will eventually tell Eric about recording his confession. Chloe tells Nicole she truly loves Daniel and Parker then to just walk away from them. Brady tells Eric he doesn't believe Theresa is out looking for a place to live. Eve overhears Jennifer's latest predicament. Serena prepares to leave Salem. Theresa finds a way to stay longer in the Kiriakis mansion after getting an idea from Anne. J.J. works to get Kyle put behind bars.

  • 2015/07/31
    Episode 20150731

    Chad and Abigail almost kiss, until she hears a noise and thinks of it as a sign. Clyde gives Ben a ring that belonged to his mother and pushes him to give it to Abigail. John steps in to help break up the fight and asks Paul, Will, Sonny and Derrick if they want to press charges. Hope and Aiden increase their romance with each other. Kate tells Justin she was hesitant at the new name suggestion by Will, but it's paying off. Sonny takes Arianna to the park and sees Paul and Derrick kissing. Abigail is shocked by Ben's marriage proposal.

  • 2015/07/30
    Episode 20150730

    Chad opens up to Abigail about his feelings, but she abolishes him for the way he did treat her. J.J. tells Agent Watts that Kyle doesn't want the cash tonight. Daniel's reaction to Nicole's news stuns her as their relationship continues. Derrick tells Sonny he feels that Paul still has a thing for him. Kyle surprises Paige when he gets rid of Eve. Will helps Derrick make inroads with Paul. J.J. sees Paige and Kyle getting closer. Two guys keep approach Paul disapproving of his lifestyle. Ben tracks Abigail's phone learning she's at Sonny and Will's place.

  • 2015/07/29
    Episode 20150729

    Abigail tells Will she'll agree to meet with Chad. Clyde threatens the lab tech Martin to do Abigail's paternity test to name Ben as the father and not Chad or else. Serena tells Eric to listen to her and then she'll leave him alone forever. Hope overhears Rafe and Aiden discussing Clyde. Theresa's plan hits a major speed bump. Daniel asks Nicole if she ever planned on telling him she almost made love to Eric.

  • 2015/07/28
    Episode 20150728

    Kayla tells Abigail it's safe to do a paternity test on her baby. Eric promises Nicole he's not going to tell Daniel what almost happened between them. Chad requests a favor of Will to help him with Abigail. Anne helps Theresa find a new nanny who will co-operate. Clyde goes to see Aiden after learning he is asking questions about Ben's past. Serena delivers shocking news to Daniel about Nicole. Clyde is informed from his guy about Kayla speaking to a doctor about a test. Brady surprises Theresa when he's chosen the perfect nanny.

  • 2015/07/27
    Episode 20150727

    Paige goes after J.J. saying they're not done with their conversation. Lucas presents Justin legal papers saying a motion was filed against Mad World. Sonny is happy to see Will making an effort with Paul, when he invites him to join them later. Daniel tells Maggie his plans to marry Nicole. Eric comes to a realization about his feelings for Nicole. Serena loses it at the thought of Eric and Nicole making love. Bev tells J.J. she can no longer do this anymore, and can see he's not over Paige. Lucas confronts Will after seeing him with Derrick.

  • 2015/07/24
    Episode 20150724

    Jennifer tells J.J. that Paige told her he was hanging out with Kyle. Clyde asks Abigail if Chad did anything to hurt her. Brady and Xander have another confrontation. Chad decides to tell Abigail his true feelings. J.J.and Paige share a charged moment. Jennifer wants assurance from Roman that J.J. is going to be protected. Chad tells Marlena he pushed someone away for her own good. Parker presents Nicole with a gift that touches her. Serena listens to Eric's confession to Father Louis.

  • 2015/07/23
    Episode 20150723

    Kyle gives J.J. his first drop off assignment. Nicole realizes that Eric lets it slip to Serena that could ruin her future with Daniel. Clyde cozies up to Anne for a tour of the prenatal unit of the hospital. Brady tells Serena to keep her distance from Eric. Eric learns of Nicole's engagement to Daniel. J.J. tells Jennifer about his going undercover for the D.E.A. Stefano urges Chad not to give up on Abigail just yet. Paige and Kyle make a date, which prompts Bev to question what she's up to.

  • 2015/07/22
    Episode 20150722

    Nicole responds by asking Daniel if he's sure he wants to spend his life with her. Serena wants to know what happened between Eric and Nicole. J.J. tells Roman and Agent Watts he has a meeting with Kyle late this afternoon. Doug and Julie asks Marlena how's she dealing with all the changes in John's life. Paige warns Jennifer about J.J. Kayla apologizes to Hope and Aiden having doubts about their relationship from the start. Paul comes to visit with Tate. Kyle searches J.J. as a precaution in case he's wearing a wire. Eric tells Nicole he thinks Serena knows about them.

  • 2015/07/21
    Episode 20150721

    Marlena sees Eric packing up and says he's getting rid of everything reminds him of Africa. Hope and Rafe continue their discussion about Clyde and Ben. Chad asks Abigail he knows something is bothering her and asks what it is. Will and Sonny talk about working on their marriage. Ben tells Clyde he took pleasure in knocking Chad down during the game. Will asks Abigail if she's in love with Chad. Serena asks Eric what really happened between him and Nicole in the crawl space. Daniel asks Nicole to marry him.

  • 2015/07/20
    Episode 20150720

    Chad goes to Ben asking if Abigail is alright or not. Sonny gets Chad to replace Tad in the basketball game, Will surprises everybody when he got Paul to replace Lucas. Kate offers Justin support to fight for his marriage. Lucas learns that Kate is trying an end run around Mad World. Will tells Sonny and Paul he just wants everybody to get along. Rafe and Hope continue to look for information on Clyde. Clyde discovers that Abigail is pregnant. Abigail finds Chad playing with Arianna.

  • 2015/07/17
    Episode 20150717

    Will confides in Marlena his plan to make Sonny think Paul moved on backfired. Abigail wonders if Ben knows after discovering the box from the trash is missing. Clyde overhears Stefano tells Chad that Abigail is set to inherit a valuable piece of land in Ireland. Adrienne brings Justin the divorce papers and reminisce how they got to where they're at. Rafe asks Sonny how things with him and Will are going lately. Paul tells Kate she's doing a poor job in helping Will save his marriage. Abigail tells Hope that she's pregnant.

  • 2015/07/16
    Episode 20150716

    Paige confronts J.J. telling him to stay out of her life. Daniel tells Hope he plans on asking Nicole to marry him later on tonight when the time is right. Nicole worries Serena learned the truth about about her and Eric. Hope sees the romantic evening Aiden planned for the two of them. Jennifer tells J.J. the best thing he can do is to let Paige go. Eve reconsiders her revenge plans. J.J. calls Kyle saying he wants to do business with him. Eric can't get Nicole off his mind.

  • 2015/07/15
    Episode 20150715

    Daniel tells Xander to take his hand off of Serena. Rory asks J.J. if he plans to deal drugs again with Kyle. Hope tells Brady and Victor that all of Xander's alibis appear to be legit. Theresa and Anne scheme to destroy Hayley. Eve watches as Jennifer tries to make things right again with Paige. J.J. goes to Kyle thinking about what they discussed the other night. Victor watches the footage and Theresa succeeds in getting her fired. Hope learns Daniel is planning to propose to Nicole. Serena overhears Nicole and Eric discussing their secret.

  • 2015/07/14
    Episode 20150714

    Eric almost tells Nicole his feelings before Serena interrupts them. Hope and Jennifer surprise Ben by dropping off some housewarming presents for Abigail. J.J. warns Paige that Kyle is nothing but trouble. Kayla tells Abigail she's not far along for the test to be done. Ben almost finds the pregnancy test when accidentally knocking over the trash can. J.J. calls Agent Watts that he'll go undercover. Chad makes it clear to Sonny he's not in love with Abigail. Nicole tells Eric she's moving in with Daniel. Xander sees through Serena's attempt at getting dirt on him.

  • 2015/07/13
    Episode 20150713

    Will tells Abigail to get checked out at the hospital. Nicole confronts Serena to give her a piece of her mind. Roman apologizes J.J. for they way he had him brought into the station. Daniel's suspicious of Victor after saying he did all help the police put Xander away. Abigail gets confirmation from Kayla that she is pregnant and wants a paternity test. J.J. sees Kyle hitting on Paige and starts to consider Roman's offer.

  • 2015/07/10
    Episode 20150710

    Nicole takes Daniel up on his offer to move in with him. Abigail wonders either Chad or Ben could be the father of her baby. Adrienne informs Sonny of her impending divorce from Justin. Brady asks Eric why he's still giving Serena the time of day. Theresa along with Anne puts her plan to win favor with Brady into motion. Will offers to be there with Abigail to find out if she's pregnant or not. Chad tells Sonny he's against the idea of J.J. working at TBD. Adrienne and Lucas reconnect. Nicole and Daniel learn Serena is meeting with Eric.

  • 2015/07/09
    Episode 20150709

    Abigail overhears Zoe tells Chad he's just with her to make her jealous. Lucas wonders if Adrienne really wants a divorce from Justin. Theo insists on waiting for Abigail and Chad to join them. Paul asks Will why he's pushing him and Derrick to be together just to hang on to Sonny. Theresa goes to Anne with an idea on how to get rid of Hayley for good. Abigail begins to wonder if she might be pregnant.

  • 2015/07/08
    Episode 20150708

    Ben has a dream of Abigail saying Chad's name while making love. Stefano asks Victor what's going on with him and Clyde. Kate points out how to Hope just how friendly she and Rafe have become. Clyde makes a bad impression with Sonny at TBD. Will makes Sonny see that Paul has moved on with Derrick. Justin tells Kate it won't be long before his marriage to Adrienne is over. Abigail learns that Chad invited Zoe to the summer picnic. Ben tells Clyde he'll only be there to keep an eye on Chad and Abigail.

  • 2015/07/07
    Episode 20150707

    Eve looks up to find the right drug that will trigger the effects that Laura suffered. Hope calls Victor wanting to come over to talk about Xander. Nicole turns down Daniel's offer to move in with him. Paige introduces Daphne to her much older date, she then contacts Eve. Serena tells Eric if she gets info on Xander it will incriminate herself as well. Roman and the D.E.A agent tell J.J. he is going to help them by going undercover. Eve is shocked that Paige and Donald set her up.

  • 2015/07/06
    Episode 20150706

    Kyle tells Clyde he thinks he has the perfect person to help deal his product. Marlena can't believe Roman can't do anything to charge Xander for almost killing Eric and Nicole. Serena tells Eric that Xander wasn't charged and was set free. Anne arrives with security to get Daniel to stop from attacking Xander. Hope and Rafe start to work out what happened between Victor and Clyde. J.J. sees Paige talking with Kyle. Eric gets a great idea on how to make Xander pay for good, a goes to Serena with it. J.J. finds himself getting arrested by a police officer.

  • 2015/07/03
    Episode 20150703

    Abe and Roman have no choice but to release Xander. Nicole asks Eric to keep what almost happened between them. Sonny tells Will he feels he wasn't ready to get married. Serena destroys the elephant statue in a fit of rage. Daniel invites Nicole to come an live with him. Aiden asks Hope for information on Clyde. Daniel is told by Roman about Xander's release from custody. Sonny suggests to Will he see a therapist on his own. Victor threatens Xander telling him to tell anyone of their business arrangement. Nicole runs into Xander at the hospital.

  • 2015/07/02
    Episode 20150702

    Abigail finds herself pulled towards Chad, when promising Theo she'll go to the lake with him. Kate suggests a deal with Lucas. Will tells Marlena he screwed up and may have lost Sonny for good. Stefano has a hidden agenda when he meets with Clyde. Hope informs Rafe that Clyde is meeting with Stefano right now. Kate warns Will that Sonny is coming home and is very upset. Lucas is surprised as to how Adrienne is handling getting divorce papers from Justin. Chad tells Marlena that Stefano beat the tax charges and back at the mansion.

  • 2015/07/01
    Episode 20150701

    Anne confronts Theresa over her missing master keys. Justin tells Kate to step up and make Paul the face of Mad World or else she'll be out of a job. Chad tells Stefano he knows he came back because of him and Abigail. Paige cautions Bev on her seeing J.J. on what kind of person he is. Ben tells Kate why he didn't tell him that Stefano returned to town. Justin gives Adrienne divorce papers. Eve finds something interesting in Laura's medical records. Clyde makes a bold move in going to see Stefano.

  • 2015/06/30
    Episode 20150630

    Ben offers Chad an apology for the last time they talked and offers to be civil. Clyde learns that Stefano DiMera is back in town. Jennifer tells J.J. she doesn't feel comfortable him getting into a relationship with Bev. Eve asks Theresa to help with her plan to get payback on Jennifer. Abigail gets a troubling letter from Ireland. J.J. gets an unexpected offer from Kyle to do business together, as someone secretly. Paige sees that Brady is the perfect guy to help stick it to Eve. Ben tells Clyde he found out that Chad and Abigail slept together. Eve gets Laura's psychiatric records. Theresa gets an idea on how to get closer to Brady.

  • 2015/06/29
    Episode 20150629

    Sonny is shocked at Will's admission he slept with someone else while in California. Paul and Derrick get reacquainted with themselves. Brady realizes Victor knew about Xander's attempt on Eric and Nicole. Xander tells Abe and Roman that Serena can back him up on his alibi last night. Maggie issues a warning to Theresa she has her number. Daniel informs Nicole and Eric that Xander was brought into custody. A distraught Sonny runs into Paul after having an argument with Will. Will vows he's not going to lose Sonny.

  • 2015/06/26
    Episode 20150626

    Will turns to Kate for a favor. Eric and Nicole try to deal with consequences. Serena tells Abe she wants to talk to a lawyer before talking to him and Roman. Sonny confronts Will about the article he's writing on Dr. Myers. Victor tells Xander he's giving him another chance and releases him. Serena uses Roman's phone to contact Eric. Eric goes to Nicole wanting to talk about what happened between them. Serena is surprised at Xander's arrival at the police station. Victor asks Theresa what she's doing in his house.

  • 2015/06/25
    Episode 20150625

    Rafe asks Hope he thought she was going to forget about Clyde. Serena asks Roman if Xander was found yet. Nicole tells Daniel that Serena and Xander were smuggling blood diamonds. Victor sentences Xander to death for what he tried to do. Eric gives John his statement as to what Xander did to him and Nicole. Hope takes pleasure in arresting Stefano, only to discover the charges against him are dropped. Marlena scolds Serena for putting Eric in danger.

  • 2015/06/24
    Episode 20150624

    Daniel alerts Kayla that Nicole and Eric are in serious condition. Xander is secretly moved somewhere where he is tied up. Serena and Brady are questioned by John and Abe. Ben is upset that Abigail didn't admit she slept with Chad. Serena visits Eric, but he tells her he wants her to go away, she's then approached by a cop saying she's wanted for more questioning. Chad and Zoe share a kiss. Nicole dreams of both Daniel and Eric.

  • 2015/06/23
    Episode 20150623

    Serena tells Daniel it's possible Xander is holding Eric and Nicole prisoner somewhere. Ben gives Sonny his good news about him and Abigail moving in together. Eric and Nicole's situation ends up bringing them closer together. Ben overhears and learns Abigail slept with Chad. Brady and Paul continue to get to know one another. Daniel, Serena and Brady come across an unconscious Nicole and Eric. Abigail almost walks in on Ben throwing a tantrum. Paul tells Sonny in his heart they should be together. Xander is shot by an unknown assailant.

  • 2015/06/22
    Episode 20150622

    Stefano informs Chad that he's come home for good. Xander turns up the heat making sure Nicole and Eric are unable to escape. J.J. and Bev continue kiss but they get interrupted by her friend Kyle. Abigail tries to get her mind off of Chad, but wants to move forward with Ben. Paige and J.J. continues to butt heads with each other. Theresa receives an offer from Brady and celebrates with Anne saying she's moving into the mansion. Xander and Navidad work to clean up any evidence they left behind. Eric and Nicole share a moment while suffering the intense heat.

  • 2015/06/19
    Episode 20150619

    Bev is stunned at Paige's admission that J.J. slept with Eve. Will tells Sonny there won't be another therapy session. J.J. feels out of place at the party with Rory. Paul tells Sonny about Kate's job proposal. Eric and Nicole hide in the vent system as Xander kicks in the door. Eve explains to Jennifer she's seeing Marlena professionally. Will's plan starts to literally to come apart as he learns about Paul's job opportunity. J.J. seeks comfort from Bev.

  • 2015/06/18
    Episode 20150618

    Marlena asks Serena to come clean with her about her recent breakup with Eric. Will is irate cause the session with Sonny didn't go according to plan. Abigail closes her laptop before Ben can read what she wrote, and tells him she's considering moving in with him. Chad turns down Zoe's affectionate request. Eric and Nicole find themselves trapped in the news station building by Xander and Navidad. Will attempts to manipulate his future therapy sessions with Sonny. Daniel tells Serena she's not leaving til she tells him everything.

  • 2015/06/17
    Episode 20150617

    Abbie records her darkest secret on her online diary. Will is enthusiastic about the therapy session, Sonny isn't. Xander attacks Nicole and tries to kill her.

    Sonny confronts Chad about his feelings for Abbie, but Chad denies it. Serena is freaked out for Eric's safety and frantically tries to get Marlena, then Daniel to leave her alone so she can look for Eric. Ben sits in front of Abbie's computer (that shows her confession about Chad). It's revealed that Will offered to write an article about the therapist.

  • 2015/06/16
    Episode 20150616

    Serena tells Eric everything about Xander and the diamonds, but her feelings for him were genuine. Nicole asks Xander how he got in the building when the front door was locked. Aiden tells Hope he's going to drop Clyde as a client, but she convinces him to keep him on. Daniel tends to Maggie and calls telling Nicole to meet up a little later. Kate and Justin butt heads over Paul Narita working at Mad World. Xander is irate at Nicole and attacks her.

  • 2015/06/15
    Episode 20150615

    Brady stuns Theresa by saying moving into the Kiriakis mansion is never going to happen. Victor tells Maggie he cancelled the party honoring Xander and is no longer welcome in his house. Caroline asks Serena if Eric knows she's leaving town. Navidad tells Xander the lights in front of the television station are out. Nicole manages to get the information about Xander's murder charge getting reduced cause of Victor's influence. Eric uncovers the whole truth about Serena and the diamonds. Nicole finds herself alone with Xander.

  • 2015/06/12
    Episode 20150612

    Sonny tells Paul he told Will the truth about still having feelings for him. Chad tells Abigail that what happened stays between them. Marlena asks Will if he wants to save his marriage to Sonny. Roman asks Rafe what he's doing here at the station and if it concerns Clyde Weston. Will and Sonny try to put their problems aside for Arianna's party. Paul and John continue to get closer. Roman sees that Caroline is starting to forget things again. Ben confronts Chad knowing he was with Abigail.

  • 2015/06/11
    Episode 20150611
  • 2015/06/10
    Episode 20150610

    Adrienne walks in realizes everybody knows she and Lucas are sleeping together. Sonny and Will have an uncomfortable run in with Paul. Hope suspects Clyde was involved in Sonny's stabbing. Paul tells Justin he could've been with Sonny, but he was to afraid to come out of the closet. Aiden asks Clyde if he's keeping tabs on him and Chase. Ben offers his condolences to Chad about Kristen. Kate gives Clyde a preview of the article that Will wrote. Justin tells Adrienne he doesn't want to give up on their marriage.

  • 2015/06/09
    Episode 20150609

    Sonny tells Paul he told Will the truth about still having feelings for him. Chad tells Abigail that what happened stays between them. Marlena asks Will if he wants to save his marriage to Sonny. Roman asks Rafe what he's doing here at the station and if it concerns Clyde Weston. Will and Sonny try to put their problems aside for Arianna's party. Paul and John continue to get closer. Roman sees that Caroline is starting to forget things again. Ben confronts Chad knowing he was with Abigail.

  • 2015/06/08
    Episode 20150608

    Eric demands Serena tell him the truth or else. Clyde warns Ben about Chad and that he can't be trusted. Victor makes it clear to Xander to finish his business in Salem and to leave ad never come back. Abigail and Chad succumb to passion and get intimate. Eric confronts Serena after putting it all together cause she wanted was in it. Nicole asks Daniel to give her a little bit of time, then she will tell him everything.

  • 2015/06/03
    Episode 20150603

    Things heat up between Abigail and Chad; Serena admits the truth to Eric, who lashes out at her; Nicole learns she could be in more danger than she realized; thanks to Parker, Daniel makes a surprising discovery.

  • 2015/06/02
    Episode 20150602

    Brady is forced to bid an emotional farewell to Melanie; Eric uncovers an incriminating photo of Serena; Nicole starts to feel like she's being backed into a corner; Will and Sonny get into another fight.

  • 2015/06/01
    Episode 20150601

    Brady is stunned by Melanie's huge sacrifice; Eve and Jennifer get into a heated argument, which turns physical; Will asks Sonny a tough question; Marlena offers Paul some friendly advice.

  • 2015/05/29
    Episode 20150529

    Justin tells Kate that he thinks Victor has no intention of changing his mind. Jennifer tells Paige that she pretty much blackmailed Eve. Kimberly tells Theresa not to sign Brady's custody agreement. Adrienne sees that Justin never went back to Dubai. Eve and J.J. blame each other for what happened to Paige. Lucas and Adrienne learn about Kate and Justin's work situation. Anne lashes at Theresa for not considering Brady's agreement. Melanie tells Brady she's gonna do what's best for his son and leave Salem today.

  • 2015/05/28
    Episode 20150528

    Serena tries to tell Nicole that Xander is having her watched and followed. Lucas tells Adrienne he wants to tell his whole family that they're together. Aiden tells Brady he doesn't he can stop Theresa from taking her son to California. Victor stops Justin telling he's not going back to Dubai cause he's had him replaced. Xander tells Daniel he didn't know he and Nicole were together when he first got in Salem. Victor introduces Kate to her new boss, which is Justin. Navidad reports to Xander that Serena went to see Nicole. Brady confronts Theresa with what she told Melanie.

  • 2015/05/27
    Episode 20150527

    Hope tells Rafe she's gonna back away until she finds out what he's up to. Theresa issues a serious ultimatum to Melanie about Brady. Serena spots Navidad and goes rushing to Xander knowing she's here to do a job for him. Kimberly lets Victor have it by refusing to have her grandson to be raised in his house. Eric tells Nicole he's moving away with Serena. Aiden starts to change his opinion of Clyde, when he brings more clients his way. Jeremiah tells Clyde that everything with Will went according to plan. Serena goes to Nicole wanting to talk to her about Xander.

  • 2015/05/26
    Episode 20150526

    Hope overs hears Kate and learns Will recently made a trip to Poplar Bluff. Theresa tells Kimberly she is going to be staying in Salem with Tate. Melanie surprises Brady with her answer to his marriage proposal. Clyde tells Ben he needs to hang on to Abigail by any means necessary. Ben talks to Abigail regarding Chad. Kimberly asks Brady what's next now that he and Theresa are parents. Hope realizes Rafe is lying to her cause he wants information on Clyde. Theresa makes something pretty clear to Melanie.

  • 2015/05/22
    Episode 20150522

    Paul asks Sonny if there's any hope for the two of them. Theresa calls Eve hoping she'll come and visit Tate. Jennifer explains to Abigail she caught J.J. and Eve in bed together. Paige and J.J.'s relationship falls apart. Paul tells Will he will tell Sonny about him blackmailing Tori if he doesn't back off. Melanie opens up to Maxine she wanted the baby to be brought up better then she was when Trent was raising her. Eve confronts Jennifer hoping to get revenge for destroying her relationship with Paige. Kimberly tells Theresa that Shane is doing everything he can to settle her legal problems. Brady asks Melanie to marry him. Paige tells J.J. to stay away from her.

  • 2015/05/21
    Episode 20150521

    Paul asks John that how determined he was to be with Marlena by any cost. Marlena asks Stefano where they in fact landed. Paige loses it by throwing the cake on the floor telling J.J. she knows he slept with her mother. Eve informs Cole to leave town and never come back cause J.J. has enough evidence to put them both in jail. Paul tells Sonny the reason he punched Will cause he insulted his mother. Paige is shocked to when she realizes Jennifer knew all along about Eve and J.J. Stefano asks Chad how his progress with Abigail is coming along. J.J. catches up to Paige hoping to make her understand.

  • 2015/05/20
    Episode 20150520

    Jennifer asks J.J. what's going on when asks him about the new phone he bought. Paige tells Eve she knows everything that she slept with her boyfriend. Nicole talks her way out of a situation with Xander. Justin's phone conversation infuriates Adrienne, who then goes running to Lucas. Justin makes a call saying he's on his way back to Dubai. J.J. tells everybody to hide and yell surprise when Paige arrives for the party. Xander has Nicole followed and wants to know if she goes anywhere near Daniel.

  • 2015/05/19
    Episode 20150519

    Xander figures out Nicole was going through the photo gallery on his phone. J.J. makes a deal with Eve, if she doesn't like it then he will turn over the texts to the police. Jennifer had doubts about keeping secrets. Serena worries Nicole will figure out the truth. Nicole calls Eric hoping he will help her. Paul punches Will after crosses a line by insulting Tori. Eve tells J.J. she won't interfere with him and Paige's relationship, but he says he and Paige will be going to California together. Paul tries to make things right with Will, but he says for him to stay away. Xander confronts Nicole.

  • 2015/05/18
    Episode 20150518

    Daniel asks Serena why would Nicole be with Xander. J.J. thinks the plan to trap Eve is working. Paul tells John he wants to make things right with Brady. Paige accuses Cole about him framing J.J. Justin asks Sonny when he plans to tell Will that Paul is back in Salem. Paul watches Arianna as Natalie deals with an emergency. Nicole quickly puts down Xander's phone as he returns to the room. Cole starts to explain to Paige why he planted drugs on J.J. Eve realizes she can't trust Cole, and decides not to meet him in the park. Will returns to find Paul holding Arianna.

  • 2015/05/15
    Episode 20150515

    Abigail is surprised that Ben went back to his father's last name. Brady tells Theresa their baby has to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Chad tells Stefano that if he harms Marlena then he's no longer his son. Jeremiah tells Will that people are maybe too afraid to talk about Clyde. Brady makes plans as Theresa tries to distance him and Melanie. Stefano tells his men to let Marlena go and personally owes her life to Chad. Nicole finds a clue on Xander's phone about his connection to Serena. Jeremiah overhears Will making plans to head back to Salem.

  • 2015/05/14
    Episode 20150514

    Serena considers taking desperate measures by killing Xander. Roman tells Abe he has a bad feeling regarding Marlena and Stefano might be involved. Nicole envisions telling Eric that he's gonna prove Serena and Xander are up to something. Melanie explains to Chad that Kristen had her, Brady, Theresa and Marlena in the castle with the intention of killing everybody. Nicole resists Daniel's efforts to work things out. Stefano and Marlena take a stroll down memory lane, as he determines her fate. Abe turns to Chad hoping to get him to talk to Stefano before it's too late.

  • 2015/05/13
    Episode 20150513

    Sonny is surprised when Paul stops by the apartment. Chad thinks Kate is here to lay into him about hiring Lucas. Marlena is brought to the villa in Italy, and is confronted by Stefano. Rafe tells Hope to stop asking about Clyde. Abigail and Melanie inform Paul about the latest addition to his family. Jeremiah alerts Clyde that Will is in Poplar Bluff and knows exactly what to do. Rafe learns that Ben is going back to his father's last name. Hope and Aiden decide to fix their relationship. Stefano then threatens Marlena she will suffer the same fate as Kristen. Sonny tells Abigail he and Will will figure out to make their marriage work.

  • 2015/05/12
    Episode 20150512

    Chad tells Stefano that Marlena was here and she told him everything that happened to Kristen. Paige asks Cole if him being here has anything to do with J.J. Marlena is abducted and she asks where she is being taken. Abigail offers some comfort to Chad, and finds out he knew about Kristen when she was over earlier. Theresa tells Daniel he doesn't want him anywhere near her baby. Caroline arrives and Theresa introduces her to her great grandson. Eve calls Cole telling him that his plan worked cause the drugs weren't discovered by the police. Melanie worries Theresa will use the baby to come between her and Brady. J.J. decides to deal with Eve.

  • 2015/05/11
    Episode 20150511

    J.J. tries to convince Roman he hasn't gone back to dealing drugs. Marlena tries to explain herself to Chad about what happened to Kristen. Theresa tells Eve she still despises Melanie, but has her sights on Brady. Cole basks in his victory after making the anonymous call to the police. Kate learns that Lucas took over Countess Wilhelmina and he's officially his competition. Theresa gets into it with Paul, and John lets it out that he's his son. Cole goes and explains to Eve what he did to J.J. Jennifer tells Abigail about Kristen's death. Marlena is cornered in the park by three people. J.J. discovers drugs in his backpack.

  • 2015/05/08
    Episode 20150508

    Victor contacts Xander telling him to come to the house right away. Theresa introduces Eve and Brady to her son. Cole quickly hides as J.J. returns to his house with Paige. Melanie tries to figure out where she stands with Brady. John learns about Marlena's traumatic ordeal with Kristen in Italy. Nicole has a run in with Serena, and is determined to find out her secret. Cole puts the drugs in J.J's backpack and manages to sneak out without being spotted. John is shocked to learn that Brady has a son. Jennifer is delighted after reading J.J.'s acceptance letter into San Jose state.

  • 2015/05/07
    Episode 20150507

    Jennifer tells Daniel that Eve acquired his coat from the clothing drive at the hospital. J.J. surprises Paige by saying he got into San Jose State. Julie sees just how calm and serene Hope and Aiden have been lately. Daniel urges Jennifer to have J.J. confess the truth to Paige. Nicole is open to Xander about her past marriage with Victor. Hope's suggestion ruins an outing with Aiden. Cole lets himself in J.J.'s house to plant drugs in his bedroom. Eve hurries to the hospital after getting a text from Theresa.

  • 2015/05/06
    Episode 20150506

    Adrienne is surprised by Justin's imminent return. Kate tells Chad she knows DiMera Enterprises acquired Sonix magazine. Tori tells John she sees a little bit of him in Paul as he was growing up. Clyde tells Will that having somebody else write the article is a mistake. Caroline tells Roman she's worried about Sonny and Will. Lucas gets a job offer from Chad, but sees it's to get eve with Kate. Justin tells Adrienne he visited Paul telling him not to give up on Sonny, he feels she was right about Will. Stefano visits the villa in Italy and gets confirmation about what happened to Kristen. Paul sends Sonny a message that he's coming back to Salem tonight.

  • 2015/05/05
    Episode 20150505

    Nicole sacrifices Daniel in the process of trying to figure out Serena's secret. Hope talks to Rafe about Aiden. Justin returns surprising Sonny and says he went to see Paul in San Francisco and encouraged him to return to Salem. Aiden avoids Will's questions of Clyde's donation to the hospital. Adrienne and Lucas surrender their feelings for one another. Maggie sees that Daniel is again having problems with Nicole. Clyde asks Kate if she still has feelings for Stefano. Rafe tells Will to think of his daughter and to stay away from Clyde. Nicole has a change of heart in apologizing to Daniel, until Xander contacts her. Justin manages to track down where Adrienne and Lucas are.

  • 2015/05/04
    Episode 20150504

    Daniel admits to Eric that he's in love with Nicole. Kate tries to talk Will out of writing that article. Clyde tells Ben that Will lied to him. Victor asks Xander to stay in town cause Brady is going to need the help. Kate discovers that Stefano bought Sonix magazine. Chad decides to push Abigail away. Nicole reacts surprisingly to Daniel's decision to work things out with her. Serena pushes Eric to move to Hawaii with her, who asks why she's in a hurry to leave Salem. Stefano tells Chad he needs to tend to elsewhere and to focus on the task at hand.

  • 2015/05/01
    Episode 20150501

    Daniel and Maggie ask Victor if he knows the real reason Melanie went to Italy. Chad comes home to find Stefano and gives him difficult news about his sister Kristen. Serena goes to Xander asking him what's next in their plan. The police detective tells Marlena she and everybody won't be charged with any crime and are free to go. Victor prepares for Stefano seeing revenge. Nicole hears Serena planning on taking Eric with her when she leaves for Hawaii. Caroline goes to see Will after reading about his affair with Paul. Theresa and Brady bond over their baby while returning home to Salem.

  • 2015/04/30
    Episode 20150430

    Dr. Mandrake grabs Melanie's leg while helping Theresa and the baby escape. Brady quickly runs outside to search for Kristen. Eve thinks of J.J. while hearing someone play their guitar in the club. Daniel gets in a fight with Nicole after learning she helped Melanie investigate Dr. Mandrake. Serena realizes she made a mistake by getting involved with Xander. Ever learns from Daphne that J.J. and Paige are staying in a hotel, and calls Cole. Stefano is given devastating news about Kristen and breaks down in tears. Marlena, Melanie, Brady and Theresa are questioned by the police. Nicole overhears Serena and learns some interesting information.

  • 2015/04/29
    Episode 20150429

    Paul receives a visit from Justin and is surprised that he's John's son. Marlena tells that Kristen is lying, and discovers there's a baby in the house. Sonny admits to Will about his father's affair, as well as his mom's affair with Lucas. Melanie gets free and tries to keep Clint from shooting Brady. Kristen takes out a gun preventing Marlena from searching the house. Hope tells Aiden she knows he believes Clyde had that prisoner killed. Theresa injects Dr. Mandrake with his own needle. Clint gets shot while he and Brady struggle for the gun. Kristen ends up falling out the window. Will and Sonny find themselves seeing eye to eye.

  • 2015/04/28
    Episode 20150428

    Theresa is stunned that Clint and Kristen were plotting against her this whole time. Clyde tells Will there will be consequences if he writes that article about him. Brady and Melanie attempt at escaping. Paul tells John he doesn't want him here, cause he's making things worse for him. Dr. Mandrake puts Theresa with Melanie and takes Brady. Abigail runs and makes love to Ben but envisions Chad instead. Will overhears Sonny on the phone and assumes he's going to see Paul. Theresa wakes up after hearing her baby cry. Kristen leaves and runs into Marlena.

  • 2015/04/27
    Episode 20150427

    Brady is knocked out by Dr. Mandrake, Kristen tells Melanie not to move. Stefano tells Chad all isn't lost cause Abigail probably still has doubts about Ben's innocence. Kristen informs Brady of Theresa's imminent arrival and what she has plans for her. Adrienne and Kate face off after ruining Lucas' career. Theresa is brought to the house by Clint and immediately realizes she was set up. Will tells Clyde with or without his permission the article he's writing will be published. Lucas tells Adrienne when Justin comes back she has to decide who she wants to be with. Chad kisses Abigail.

  • 2015/04/24
    Episode 20150424

    Kristen opens up to Melanie and Brady about the baby. Victor asks Sonny if he wants to work things out with Will or does he want Paul back. Adrienne reveals to Justin she's having an affair with Lucas. Will turns to Marlena after he overhears Victor telling Sonny to get back together Paul. Justin contacts Sonny and asks him to come and visit him for a while. Lucas comforts Adrienne saying that being together was worth everything he's lost. Brady tells Kristen he wants to have the baby tested before he leaves, she and Dr. Mandrake point guns at him and Melanie.

  • 2015/04/23
    Episode 20150423
    Nicole and Serena engage in a physical struggle. Xander admits to Eric before they met he had a bit of a troubled past. Eve asks Paige if she's sleeping with J.J. Daniel breaks up a fight between Serena and Nicole, she manages to get the diamonds and leaves. Melanie takes the place as the nurse, and recognizes Dr. Mandrake immediately. Jennifer manages to get to the root of Eve's problems. Paige is touched by J.J.'s present. Xander informs Serena he has to make sure they're all there before leaving. Melanie discovers the baby hidden in the secret room behind the bookcase.moreless
  • 2015/04/22
    Episode 20150422
    Kristen thinks Brady is here to forgive her for what she's done. J.J. has a dream about Paige learning the truth about him and Eve. Jennifer confronts Eve about her feelings for J.J. Eric is stunned when Xander says Serena forgot to mention he and Daniel are almost family. Melanie manages to free herself and asks the pilot to land the plane. Clint lures Theresa into a trap by taking her right to Kristen. Paige calls J.J. asking to meet with him at school. Serena runs into a complication while getting the diamonds from Daniel's apartment. Brady tells Kristen he's come for what belongs to him.moreless
  • 2015/04/21
    Episode 20150421
    John tries to make amends with Paul. Chad asks why Sonny is sleeping in his office at Club TBD. Clyde affects the outcome of Ben's legal situation. Zoe gives Will his latest assignment for Sonix. Theresa isn't too thrilled when running into Clint at the hospital. Melanie finds himselfBen tells Abigail he wants her to judge him on what he's done. Dr. Mandrake asks Kristen to look for other donors for Christopher. Aiden and Hope discover the challenges of being in love and their busy jobs. Aiden tells Ben not to worry about impending charges against him. Kristen and Brady come face to face.moreless
  • 2015/04/20
    Episode 20150420
    Chad tells Stefano that everything with Abigail went accordingly to plan. Victor instructs Adrienne either she tell Justin about the affair or he will. Sonny tells Will that John misinterpreted what he saw between him and Paul in his office. Abigail learns of things from Ben's past. Stefano tells Chad about Will's new assignment. Adrienne reveals to Sonny she's been having an affair. Marlena compares Will to Sami when he will do anything it takes to get Paul out of the picture. Clyde thinks the DiMera's have something to do with the sudden information about Ben. Kate tells Lucas he doesn't have a future with Adrienne.moreless
  • 2015/04/17
    Episode 20150417
    Daniel and Nicole make amends with each other and suggests that they go out. J.J. delivers information about Eve to Jennifer. Serena thinks Xander is somehow connected to Daniel. Lucas comes over and enjoys a romance with Adrienne. Serena and Xander hit a snag while attempting to get the diamonds from Daniel's apartment. Eve tells Cole to stick to the plan and he'll be the one in Paige's life not J.J. Kate informs Victor of Adrienne and Lucas getting close. Eve reacts realizing that J.J. and Paige had sex.moreless
  • 2015/04/16
    Episode 20150416
    Daniel asks Victor if he brought Xander here to ruin his relationship with Nicole. Melanie tells Brady that she is going with him in tracking down Kristen. Eve is delighted when running into Ben after remembering him from Florida. Theresa and Nicole battle it out. Dr. Mandrake tells Kristen that people might question Theresa's sudden disappearance. Paige tells J.J. she's ready for them to have sex. Brady turns to Victor who tells him Kristen is in Italy. Melanie leaves a note for Brady, while hiding on the airplane.moreless
  • 2015/04/15
    Episode 20150415
    Serena is beside herself when Nicole is the woman that Xander was talking about. J.J. confronts Eve on why she has Daniel's coat in her closet. Anne ends up comforting Theresa. Melanie gives Brady shocking information that it's possible he has a baby out there. Daniel is shocked to learn Nicole's date was with someone he knows. Kristen tells Dr. Mandrake she's going to have Clint bring Theresa to her to help her son. Paige arrives as Eve and J.J. are in the middle of an argument. Brady remembers the last thing Kristen said to him before she left town.moreless
  • 2015/04/14
    Episode 20150414
    Xander tells Serena he's staying in Salem is cause he has family here. Theresa makes trouble for Nicole, by saying Daniel she saw her with some guy last night. John leaves a message for Brady wanting to talk to him right away. Marlena tells Will that John layed into her for not telling him about Paul sooner. Melanie gets confirmation that Theresa was in fact pregnant and where is the baby. Serena goes to the apartment hoping to retrieve the diamonds, but Melanie cancels cause something came up. John learns Tori and Paul checked out of the hotel and left. Dr. Mandrake assures Kristen he will make sure Theresa and Brady's baby stays with her.moreless
  • 2015/04/13
    Episode 20150413
    Sonny blasts Will saying that Paul needed to know the truth. Ben assures Clyde he will never trust Chad. Sonny's attempt to support Paul angers Will. Abigail confronts Chad, but learns that Zoe is who he's having dinner with. Tori tells John she didn't tell him she was pregnant cause he gave his life to the church. Clyde goes to Aiden to represent Ben. Chad tells Zoe that Sonix is now part of DiMera Enterprises. John asks Marlena if she would've kept the secret from him forever. Tori asks Paul if he wants to stay in Salem.moreless
  • 2015/04/10
    Episode 20150410

    John tells Will he thinks Paul was making a play for Sonny the other day. Marlena calls Tori's bluff saying she'll John that she is Paul's mother. Abigail accuses Chad of being responsible with Ben's trouble with the law. Hope tells Rafe she's worried about Victor when Clyde took over his territory. Paul confronts Tori with what Sonny told him and for her to tell the truth. Kate talks with Lucas about his feelings for Adrienne. Clyde tells Ben he will take care of his troubles, and not to trust Chad. John is stunned over the truth.

  • 2015/04/09
    Episode 20150409

    Melanie gets a call from the lab tech telling her to bring the vial containing Theresa's plasma back. John asks Marlena to give him a reason to go easy on Paul. Theresa tells Anne about the guy she ran into earlier today. Victor asks Alexandros what he's been up and why he's come back. Marlena confronts Tori about her relationship with John many years ago. Chad uses the information that Stefano gave him to Ben personally. Brady has a reunion with his distant relative Xander. Will influences John perception of what transpired with Paul. Sonny contacts Paul saying his mother hasn't been completely honest about things.

  • 2015/04/08
    Episode 20150408

    Theresa meets Xander and is immediately intrigued by her. Eve tells Daniel what he plans to do the information. Victor has one of his men bring Will so he can talk to him. Paige tells Sonny that her mother is still seeing the man she was with last fall. Zoe arrives wanting Will's latest article on Paul Narita. Serena tells Eric she's going to do everything to make sure they stay together. J.J. stops kissing Paige after having visions of Eve. Sonny finds something shocking about Paul on Will's tablet. Xander meets his boss which turns out to be Victor.

  • 2015/04/07
    Episode 20150407

    Jennifer asks Paige what exactly did she hear. Serena admits to Eric she's been keeping something from him about Nicole and Xander. Theresa tells Eve she knows she took Daniel's coat from the pile at the hospital. Jennifer tells Daniel she thinks they can no longer be friends. Nicole calls Xander asking him out for coffee. Melanie's plan hits a resistance. Paige feels that Jennifer lied to her, and ends up making a discovery in her mom's apartment. Eve pays Daniel a visit.

  • 2015/04/06
    Episode 20150406

    Daniel tells Melanie he knows what she's been researching on the internet. Eric overhears Serena warns Xander about Nicole. J.J. tells Jennifer he admitted everything to Daniel about Eve. J.J. tells Paige he feels she shouldn't be hanging out with Cole anymore. Daniel realizes that J.J. getting back together with Paige was her idea. Melanie finds the sample in the lab that Theresa donated. Eve takes the leather jacket that might expose her relationship with J.J.

  • 2015/04/03
    Episode 20150403

    John interrupts an almost kiss between Sonny and Paul to say a reporter needs to speak with him. Chad stops an intimate moment between Abigail and Ben. Will begs Marlena to keep quiet about Paul being John's son. Clyde has a request that Victor allow Kate to come back and work for him. Sonny and Will are surprised at the anniversary party that John had set up for them. Davis exposes Will and Paul's affair during the celebration which stuns everyone and angers Victor. Kate tells Clyde exactly what has he been up to lately. Paul tells Tori they need to leave Salem now.

  • 2015/04/02
    Episode 20150402

    Will questions Tori about John being Paul's father. Sonny admits to Rafe that he knew Paul from a while back. Hope and Aiden are delighted of the outcome of the carnival. Lucas and Adrienne's kiss leads to them making love. Chad has an idea of having a picture taken of Sonny and Paul, while Will watches from afar. Ben and Abigail reconcile. John tells Marlena something, she then puts it all together exactly what Will's up to. Sonny and Paul share a moment while playing with the children.

  • 2015/04/01
    Episode 20150401

    Stefano is happy to hear how Chad is manipulating Abigail. Lucas tells Will he can't print the story of Paul being a DiMera. Rafe tells Sonny whatever is going on with him and Will, Arianna is starting to realize it. Lucas confronts Adrienne saying he know she knew about Sonny and Paul the whole time. Marlena tells Will that destroying Paul's life with this article is wrong. Melanie realizes how she can prove her theory about Theresa. Aiden presents Paul with an offer he simply he can't turn down. Tori asks Will to speak with him, and John follows and finally sees her. Adrienne and Lucas give into their feelings.

  • 2015/03/31
    Episode 20150331

    Ben offers Abigail a peace offering along with an apology for his behavior last night. Serena warns Xander not to double cross her or he'll never see the diamonds. Will goes to wish Sonny a happy anniversary but finds he's already left. J.J. confesses to Daniel that he slept with Eve. Eve and Cole make a move to keep J.J. and Paige apart. Sonny tells Tori he's here thanking Paul after learning he saved his life. Cole apologizes to Paige saying if still wants to be friends. Serena catches Nicole and Xander together. Paul asks Tori if she and Will have met.

  • 2015/03/30
    Episode 20150330

    Kate becomes the gossip as she goes in the bar to have a drink. Maggie helps Melanie work out the mystery around the attacks on Brady and Theresa. Chad offers to help Abigail with her project. Adrienne tells Lucas she found out the hard way about Will cheating on Sonny with Paul. Theresa tells Eve that Clint up and walked out on her again. An irate Will starts to write and article exposing Paul's secret. Ben tells Abigail she hasn't given him an answer on moving in together. Sonny learns from Chad that Paul was the blood donor that saved his life.

  • 2015/03/27
    Episode 20150327

    Theresa receives an unpleasant surprise. Daniel comforts Jennifer saying he knows about J.J. and Eve. Paul confesses to Sonny about what Will told him last night. J.J. asks Paige what she and Daniel discussed earlier. Eve tells Cole that he's much better for her then J.J. is. Brady tells Melanie there's no need to keep getting into it with Theresa all the time. Nicole thinks Daniel wants to get back together with Jennifer. Will learns that Sonny left the club to go and talk with Paul.

  • 2015/03/26
    Episode 20150326

    Eric is surprised to see his old friend Xander in Serena's hotel room. Jennifer intervenes as Eve tells J.J. to stay away from Paige. Will feels Sonny is somewhat avoiding him. Eve recruits a new ally. Will confides in Tad about his marriage. Marlena sees that Nicole is investigating Serena yet again. J.J. calls Jennifer telling her that Daniel knows he was with Eve. Cole asks Paige on how she can suddenly trust J.J. again. Paul tracks down Sonny and makes a confession that he was responsible for Will sleeping with him.

  • 2015/03/25
    Episode 20150325

    Nicole asks Eric for help with Daniel. Jennifer follows Eve to the park to continue their conversation about J.J. and Paige getting back together. Maggie tells Brady that Melanie shot out of here in quite a hurry, Brady realizes she went to see Theresa. Melanie questions Clint about the blood vials that fell out of his bag, as Theresa wakes up wondering what's going on. Xander learns Serena has the diamonds, but refuses to hand them over. Daniel puts it all together and realizes that J.J. slept with Eve. Melanie learns Clint took blood from Theresa as well.

  • 2015/03/24
    Episode 20150324

    Hope tells Aiden thinks something is seriously off about Clyde. Nicole informs Victor that Brady was brought into the hospital last night. Serena tells Eric she hasn't decided if she's staying or leaving just yet. Maria tells Anne that Brady was admitted into the hospital last night. Nicole bumps into a man who becomes suddenly immediately intrigued by her. Clint drugs Theresa's drink, hoping to complete what he returned to Salem for. Victor scolds Daniel for not telling him about Brady.

  • 2015/03/23
    Episode 20150323

    Serena tells Parker that what he saw is best kept between them. Theo asks Chad if Abigail can come with them to the movies next time. Ben asks Abigail to move in with him, but doesn't get the response he was hoping for. Sonny tells Will that Paul told him they shouldn't see each other anymore. Will abruptly tracks down Paul and issues a warning to him. Roman alerts Nicole and Eric that Brady was brought into the hospital, but not to say a word to anyone. Adrienne helps Sonny with his marriage woes.

  • 2015/03/20
    Episode 20150320

    Will explains to Sonny he's working on getting Paul out of their lives. Paige tells J.J. she forgives him, she asks if there's anything else. Daniel stops Nicole before they get seriously intimate, she assures him it's over with Eric. Serena returns to her hotel room, and finds it was ransacked and the duplicate elephant statue destroyed. Eve is shocked to learn that Paige and J.J. are back together. Lucas asks Will to drop his investigation on Paul and focus on his marriage to Sonny. Navidad tells Serena that she is out of time, so she decides makes a final effort to finish her mission. Eric unwittingly confirms Nicole's suspicions about Serena.

  • 2015/03/19
    Episode 20150319

    Cole asks Paige if she's ready to go out on their date. Will tells Tori to get Paul out of Salem or else he'll expose that his father was a DiMera. Eric expresses his concern for Serena to Marlena. Serena does her best to convince Nicole there was only one elephant statue. Nicole helps Daniel clean himself up. Sonny demands answers from Will as to why he's reading about Paul. Serena becomes nervous when Eric says he's been talking to a friend of hers. J.J. asks Paige if there's a way she can forgive him.

  • 2015/03/18
    Episode 20150318

    Adrienne argues with Justin about him leaving for Dubai. Brady swears to Melanie that he did not take any drugs. Tori scolds Paul after making a promise to John that he'd stick around. Lucas asks Will what he's really up to after asking Roman about the DiMera boathouse. Melanie goes to confront Theresa believing she is responsible for Brady being in the hospital. Will goes to talk to Tori after learning that Paul is still in Salem. Daniel informs Brady that someone extracted blood from him, but no drugs were found in his system. Sonny returns to Salem and runs into Paul.

  • 2015/03/17
    Episode 20150317

    Paige finds J.J. and Eve alone together. The DiMera board votes and has Stefano reinstated as C.E.O of DiMera Enterprises. Clint shots Brady with a tranquilizer and starts to shoot him up with drugs. Kate tells Hope and Abe exactly where Stefano is right now. Stefano makes it clear to Chad he'll be the sole C.E.O. of the company. Daniel tells Melanie it's possible that Brady maybe scored drugs tonight. Clint meets with Theresa at her place, and hides the syringe he used on Brady.

  • 2015/03/16
    Episode 20150316

    Jennifer tells Eve there's no way she's going anywhere near the musical showcase. Paige overhears J.J. profess his love for her to Theresa. Maggie thanks Hope for bringing Ciara over for Victor. Clint surprises Theresa saying he wants to pick up where they left off. Abe alerts Hope something about Stefano. Brady asks Melanie about her life in Europe. Maggie asks Victor what's going on after Hope gets an alarming phone call. Kate discovers Stefano pulled a fast one.

  • 2015/03/13
    Episode 20150313

    Paige tells Eve that J.J. told her this evening that he wants to get back together. Chad assures Stefano that Kate won't know what hit her. Will blackmails Tori to leave Salem or he'll tell Paul about the picture. Lucas introduces Paul to Arianna, and tells him to not interfere in Will and Sonny's marriage. J.J. and Paige both realize they're performing in the showcase at the student union. Will takes another look at the picture and discovers something he missed. Kate is startled when Stefano appears at the DiMera enterprises board meeting.

  • 2015/03/12
    Episode 20150312

    Will tells Lucas he's looking for a way to get Paul out of Salem. Tori scolds Paul after learning the guy he's interested in is married. Serena does some quick thinking with the elephant statues when Nicole steps out of the room. John gives Paul a reason to stay in town a little bit longer. Dr. Mandrake tells Clint that Kristen wants to enlist his services once again. Will confronts Tori at her hotel room.

  • 2015/03/11
    Episode 20150311

    Stefano tells Victor it's payback time for Kate. Jennifer hopes that Daniel never finds out what she's keeping from him. Chad rescues Abigail by getting Anne off the project. Serena tells Eric she's leaving Salem, but Eric doesn't want her to leave. Victor tries to get Kate to sign some papers but she sees right through him. Melanie asserts herself with Brady. Nicole thwarts Serena's plans to switch the elephant statues.

  • 2015/03/10
    Episode 20150310

    J.J. tells Jennifer he's feeling hopeful for the first time. Maggie calls Rafe over to the house cause she's concerned about Victor. Kate gloats to Clyde she has Stefano right where she wants him. Daniel gives Paige some words of wisdom. Nicole turns to Aiden for advice in her relationship troubles. Rafe realizes what Victor is up to when he offers to look into Clyde's business. J.J. tells Paige that he wants to get back together. Daniel thinks there's more to J.J. then Jennifer is letting on. Stefano makes an unexpected move.

  • 2015/03/09
    Episode 20150309

    Adrienne slaps Will out of frustration that slept with Paul and the reason why Sonny up and left town. Jordan tells Rafe about her job. Justin questions Lucas about his motives towards Adrienne. Paul brings his mother to someplace in the opening and no need to hide anymore. Abigail asks Chad if he would've dropped the charges if they had slept together. Paul asks Tori why she ducked out avoiding John and Marlena. Will comes clean to Lucas about his infidelity. Jordan cautions Clyde to not hurt Ben or else she will tell him everything. Chad and Kate toast to them soon being in control of DiMera enterprises.

  • 2015/03/06
    Episode 20150306

    Will confronts Paul asking him why he's still in Salem, even though Sonny already left. Jordan shows Ben a letter for a new job she was offered. Jennifer asks Eve to make a decision regarding Paige and J.J. Justin approaches Adrienne after seeing her talk on the phone with Lucas about Will. Jennifer tells J.J. she did something hoping it will fix things once and for all. Chad learns of Jordan's job opportunity. Ben gets the call that the D.A. won't be pursuing charges against him. Adrienne arrives seeing Will in Paul's hotel room.

  • 2015/03/05
    Episode 20150305
  • 2015/03/04
    Episode 20150304
  • 2015/03/03
    Episode 20150303
  • 2015/03/02
    Episode 20150302

    Jennifer is stopped by Abigail after learning her plans to search Eve's apartment for clues about Roxanne. Lucas catches Adrienne in a lie, she then admits she came by to see him about what happened the other night. Tori panics when she recognizes John Black, and does her best to avoid him. Roxanne tells J.J. she's tired of this plan and says she's going home to Chicago. Paul questions Sonny about his marriage to Will. Jennifer goes to Roxanne's hotel room instead and is shocked when she sees Eve and J.J. in bed together.

  • 2015/02/27
    Episode 20150227
  • 2015/02/26
    Episode 20150226
  • 2015/02/25
    Episode 20150225
  • 2015/02/24
    Episode 20150224
  • 2015/02/23
    Episode 20150223
  • 2015/02/20
    Episode 20150220
  • 2015/02/19
    Episode 20150219
  • 2015/02/18
    Episode 20150218
  • 2015/02/17
    Episode 20150217
  • 2015/02/16
    Episode 20150216
  • 2015/02/13
    Episode 20150213
  • 2015/02/12
    Episode 20150212
  • 2015/02/11
    Episode 20150211
  • 2015/02/10
    Episode 20150210
  • 2015/02/09
    Episode 20150209
  • 2015/02/06
    Episode 20150206
  • 2015/02/05
    Episode 20150205

    Sonny is attacked by a masked assailant and is left for dead. Lucas and Adrienne are interrupted after almost having a romantic moment. Paul goes over the details of the article before Will submits it to his editor. Daniel discusses with Melanie and Brady about their relationship. Eric is confused over Serena's behavior on her wanting to stay at his place instead of the Green Mountain Lodge. Victor and Maggie come across Sonny near the Horton square, and immediately call 911. Adrienne tries to get a hold of Justin to tell him what happened to Sonny. Will arrives at the hospital and learns that Sonny was stabbed and was rushed into surgery.

  • 2015/02/04
    Episode 20150204
  • 2015/02/03
    Episode 20150203
  • 2015/02/02
    Episode 20150202
  • 2015/01/30
    Episode 20150130
  • 2015/01/29
    Episode 20150129
  • 2015/01/28
    Episode 20150128
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    Episode 20150127
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    Episode 20150126
  • 2015/01/23
    Episode 20150123
  • 2015/01/22
    Episode 20150122
  • 2015/01/21
    Episode 20150121
  • 2015/01/20
    Episode 20150120
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    Episode 20150119
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    Episode 20150116
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    Episode 20150115
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    Episode 20150114
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    Episode 20150113
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    Episode 20150112
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    Episode 20150109
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    Episode 20150108
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    Episode 20150107
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    Episode 20150106
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    Episode 20150105
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    Episode 20150102