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  • July 11, 1987
    July 11, 1987
    Episode 22

    Dr. Hopkins updates his buddies.

    Steve & Kayla oversleep and wake to find a cop car outside the bungalow.

    Justine & Adreinne fly into Denver, and Justin is embarrassed by an old fling.

    Kayla and Steve pull a creative stunt for dinner.

    Kayla tried to find more information abbout Dr. Hopkins.

    Justin, Adrienne and their familiar looking pilot visit the crash site.

  • February 19, 1986
    February 19, 1986
    Episode 21

    Bo finds Britta and demands she tell the truth.Britta claims she can't help.Bo tries to distract Ingrid the "waitress" (aka KGB agent) but she knocks him out. Hope helps Britta get off the train (disguised as Hope). Bo freaks out that Hope is on the train as a decoy.Ingrid readies a silencer and approaches Hope. Abe demands Shane tell him how Bo got out of the country and where he is in Stockholm.

  • November 19, 1985
    November 19, 1985
    Episode 21

    Victor realizes that he's missed the opportunity to catch Shane and that Kayla only slept with him to save Shane.Pete and Melissa flirt. Amy checks in and is told to stay at the Curtis house.Shane & Chris helicopter in to save Bo & Hope. Chris sees Bo throw Savannah into the ocean and jumps out of the helicopter. Shane shoots Steve who falls into the ocean. Bo opens the chest and sees the explosive - he and Hope jump at the last second. Shane rescues Hope, Bo swims out to rescue the wounded Steve. Chris & Savanah make it to shore.Kiriakis & Nickerson discuss Shane.Kiriakis lets Kim know he knows she tricked him.At the Miami PD, Shane calls and updates Peachie and lets her know to keep watching Pete and Melissa a little longer. Steve thanks Bo for saving his life but tells him nothing has changed.Savanah figures out Chris knew her secrets and offers to leave it behind for him. Chris turns her over to Miami PD.The Curtis family gets a visit from Ms. Peach, Pete & Melissa - to let them know they were safe. Petrov tells Amy to leave Salem and that he has the Pawn. Amy threatens Todd with a gun and reveals she was a plant.Shane tells Bo & Hope about decoding the book and realizing it was all a trap.Todd grabs the gun but lets Amy go free. the police show up to arrest Todd (as he's holding a gun). Shane, Bo, and Hope show up to arrest Victor (followed closely by Nickerson). Todd is arrested for drug trafficking.

  • August 23, 1985
    August 23, 1985
    Episode 20

    Steve/Patch offers to meet Hope alone on the docks later that night. Bo finds out about her late night meeting. Hope waits at Pier 19 for Steve.

    Melissa, Pete and Todd are in Houston. Pete and Melissa are trying to figure out the riddles in the photos. Melissa & Pete grow suspicious of Todd. Savannah arranges a hit on Melissa and Pete.

  • August 20, 1985
    August 20, 1985
    Episode 20

    Bo & Hope return from NY.

    Steve/Patch leers at Hope and makes suggestive remarks.

    Theo and Bo tell Abe about the heroin ring.

    Bo warns Steve away from Hope. Steve tells Bo that Hope had questioned him about Bo's past.

    Bo confronts Hope and tells her to leave it alone - he wants to keep his past secret.

    Abe, Thoe & Bo tell Chief Cates about the drug smuggling in videos and that there might be some crooked cops.

    Bo brings Hope apology flowers, Steve comes by and mockingly threatens them.

  • Ep. #5000
    Ep. #5000
    Episode 1

    Problems arise between Pete and Melissa when Pete is arrested for possession of stolen property, and Lars tells Melissa that he is in love with her.

    Patch and Kayla spend the day with Max, the little boy they've been looking after, and finally get him to speak.

    Alice arranges a meeting between Bo and Hope at Blondies.

  • May 6, 1986

    The Hospital Benefit continues.

    Neal finds out that Robin was injured.

    Caroline makes a shocking revalation about Bo & Victor.

    Caroline & Shawn have it out, then Bo comes in.

    Shane tries to comfort Kim.

    Eugene discusses his latest project.

    Neal gives an update on Robin.

  • May 23, 1986

    The Hospital Benefit continues with "everyone" in Salem attending.

    Mike and Robin are still missing as the awards part of the ceremony begins.

    Victor begins his award acceptance speech.

    Roman pulls Bo out before Bo can make a fool of himself by confronting Victor at the gala. The two of them argue about how to handle Victor.

    Tom is concerned about Mike and Robin.

    Alex and Emma discuss her "contingency plan" for Kim.

    Kim tells Shawn the baby is named Andrew Shawn Donovan. Andrew for Shane's dad and Shawn for him. Victor sits and tells her not to put the Donovan name on the birth certificate until the paternity tests have come in. Emma overhears about the blood tests (Paternity test).

    Bo saunters over and starts screaming at Victor. Everyone including Kim & Shane try to calm Bo down and get him to back off. Bo storms out.

    Caroline berates Victor for making her and Kimberly squirm. Caroline slaps Victor. He grabs and shakes her. Bo runs in & grabs Victor and gets into a fight with Victor's bodyguard. He grabs the gun and turns towards Victor. Caroline screams "Dont' shoot him he's your father".

  • May 22, 1986

    All of Salem seems to be attending the Hospital Benefit at the reopening of Blondies..

    Kim gets to go home early from the hospital - with Shane.

    Liz sings.

    Mike is worried that Robin hasn't shown up.

    Caroline asks to talk to Victor. Bo watches suspiciously as they walk off. Caroline wants to make sure Victor isn't going to say anything about Bo.

    Doug pulls Bo & Hope onstage to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. Hope is doubly shocked as she had forgotten.

  • May 20, 1986

    Bo & Hope stop by Caroline and Shawn's house. They're unsure of how to break the news. Chris tells Abe about Kim's baby and John Black's identity Steve overhears the news.

    Shawn & Caroline struggle to accept the news. Bo and Hope go back to their place and discuss the revelations and the impact of Ingrid's death.

    Steve walks in, and tells them to be more careful about leaving their door oopen.

    Abe stops by Marlena's to find out of the news is true.

    Shawn and Caroline rejoice at the news and about having a grandson.

    Steve breaks the news about Britta to Hope & Bo. Steve blames Bo for Britta leaving. He says he will get Bo back.

    Doug stops by to see Hope. Then he heads back and tells Chris and Anna that Bo & Hope's anniversary is in two days.

    Alex and Emma scheme. Steve become inolved.

  • May 19, 1986

    The KGB questions Hope.  Bo knocks John of the side of the hill. The 'real' identity of John Black is revealed.

    Bo has to decide whether to help John.  The KGB decides Hope is useless to them.

    Bo tries to find Hope.

  • April 11, 1986

    Everyone is nervous waiting for Bo's hearing to start. The State Department has granted political asylum to Britta & Lars. Britta has gotten immunity for this matter, as long as she tells the whole truth.Britta tells her story of being a KGB agent in Stockholm and how she met "Rick Kelly" (aka Bo Brady) and Steve Johnson. Britta says Bo knew nothing of the package or mission. The federal prosecutor says they will not bring charges against Bo Brady and the judge confirms all charges will be dropped. The entire courtroom of Hortons & Bradys rejoice.

    The judge asks Britta to come back to the stand so that Shane can question her. Shane asks Britta about the involvement of Victor Kiriakis. Britta says she has no knowledge of Victor and had never heard of him until she came to Salem. Shane says he thinks Britta is being intimidated. Victor stands up to speak and declares his innocence.

    John tells Marlena Victor & Britta are lying. Marlena asks who John would know this. He's not sure. The judge concludes the hearing. Steve asks to talk to Britta and tells her he knows she's lying and he's going to find out why.

    The Brady fish market hosts a celebration. John has some flashbacks.

    Victor shows up to the Fish Market. When Caroline asks why he's there, he says he came to congratulate his son.

    Shane goes after Victor to talk to him. Kim follows Shane out.

    Steve asks Britta why she lied about Kiriakis. Britta says it's finished. Steve says it's not, no one gets free of Victor. He says he knows how Victor works & that Britta can't trust him.

    Bo tells Hope it's not over.

    John aks Marlena if she will still help him, no matter what they find. Marlena says yes.

    Shane meets Victor at the docks and says he knows about his connection to Britta and that he will find out what Victor's connection is. Victor tells him to let it go. Victor says it's not really about Stockholm, it's about Kimberly. Victor points out that the child Kimberly carries could be his. He will has his child and no one will stop him. Victor tells Shane to get over his egotistical fantasy about a woman who has left him. Shane attacks Victor. Suddenly a gun goes off.

  • April 4, 1986

    The Night of the Ballet - will the ISA or the KGB triumph?

  • November 18, 1985

    Victor thinks Shane is dead in his library. Shane tries to hack Victor's computer which sets off an alarm and locks all the doors.

    Steve has caught Bo & Hope in the waters of Miami. Savannah thanks them for bringing the treasure. Steve suggests keeping the treasure for themselves.

    Shane finds out the treasure will explode after it's opened.

    Savannah claims to know what's in the treasure chest (a hundred million dollars).

    Kim seduces Victor in order to distract him. Shane tries to warn Nickerson that Kiriakis got to the treasure first and rigged it to blow. Nickerson says he'll take care of protecting Kim but tells him to leave the book for him.

    Bo & Hope try to escape as Savannah gets ready to open the chest. Bo & Hope are caught and tied up.

  • July 19, 1985

    Tensions flare at an auction at the Curtis estate. Important photos are picked up. We're introduced to a key player (Victor).