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Season 53 : Episode 322

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  • Ep. #7281
    Ep. #7281
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #7394
    Ep. #7394
    Episode 70
    When Shawn Douglas wants to know why Hope doesn't live with them, Bo decides it's time she move back in. After hearing on the radio that Bo is at a fire, Billie rushes to him to make she he's safe, and finds him unconscious. After using a phone call to brainwash Hope, Celeste calls Mike, reminding him that she has the goods on him, and he must manipulate his way into Marlena's life. Sami is surprised by a seventeenth birthday party, but she's not in the mood to celebrate.moreless
  • Ep. #7389
    Ep. #7389
    Episode 69
    John tells Bo that he's really a priest, and Bo tells John that Gina is really Hope. When Shawn Douglas returns from Los Angeles, Bo tells him that Gina is really his mother, Hope, and Shawn Douglas is excited to think that he has his mother back at last. Daniel tells Peter that the fumes in Laura's office are now beyond the danger level. He wants to get them out of there right away, but Peter says there is no need. Neither knows Jennifer went to the office to look for Laura. While the police search the house, Vivian hides Laura. Although she doesn't really want to help, Vivian reluctantly agrees to help Laura prove her sanity.moreless
  • Ep. #7378
    Ep. #7378
    Episode 68
    John tries to make Kristen jealous using his date, Tanya, to the charity ballgame for the vision impaired. Caroline is disgusted by the social climbing Tanya, who admits that she plans to ship Brady off to school as soon as possible. When Brady is hurt, it's Kristen he runs to.
  • Ep. #7364
    Ep. #7364
    Episode 67
    While Celeste does her best to convince Kristen that John truly is a priest, John questions Bishop Andrews, who admits that he did have a Father John Black in the diocese, but there is no picture available. Lucas protests Billie's appointment, and when Tony, Victor, and Kate all discuss it, Kate sides with Billie, infuriating Lucas. Billie rushes to tell Bo the good news. Gina sings 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' to Shawn Douglas, convincing Bo of her identity.moreless
  • Ep. #7363
    Ep. #7363
    Episode 66
    The DNA test results are due in today, but Bo and Gina have more important things on their mind. When Shawn Douglas has an accident at school, they rush to be with him. Tony votes Billie in as his representative at Countess Wilhelmina, and Carrie decides to go back to her old job.moreless
  • Ep. #7346
    Ep. #7346
    Episode 65
    The heatwave is on-going in Salem. While Bo and Gina share a romantic interlude, Billie realises the boat is gone, but luckily manages to find Shawn Douglas, who is hiding at the pier. Jennifer and Peter share a romantic interlude at the cabin, unaware that Jack is on his way, courtesy of Alice Horton. Kate is trapped in the elevator with an agonized Vivian.moreless
  • Ep. #7342
    Ep. #7342
    Episode 64
    When John learns that Kristen has once again failed to tell the truth, he issues her an's either him or Tony! Luckily for John, Kristen chooses him. Gina buys The Velveteen Rabbit for Shawn Douglas, which bothers Bo, because Hope once bought the same book. While meeting with Manuel in Spain, Kate realises he was Vivian's lover.moreless
  • Ep. #7339
    Ep. #7339
    Episode 63
    Laura calls the private investigator she hired and learns that he found Jack.
  • Ep. #7326
    Ep. #7326
    Episode 62
    Mike finally admits to Bill that the reason he left Israel is because he inadvertantly shipped a package of weapons (thinking they were medical supplies) to a rebel faction, which resulted in the deaths of many people. Laura passes her medical recertification examinations with flying colors, meaning she can start practicing again. She feels even better to be asked out by an attractive man. John finally discovers his missing computer, but reveals he has a backup disk. Tony destroys the laptop, unaware of the disk. The Titan Health Club finally opens.moreless
  • Ep. #7319
    Ep. #7319
    Episode 61
    Bo and Mike decide that the only way to prove who Gina really is would be to check her DNA against Shawn Douglas's. Before they can, though, Gina decides to leave Salem, and Bo has to chase after her. While Abe and Roman are questioning Leo, a drug dealer they arrested who worked in Peter Blake's nightclub, hoping to prove that Peter is dirty. Jennifer isn't sure what to do about her romance with Peter when Alice tells her how strongly she disapproves of him.moreless
  • Ep. #7318
    Ep. #7318
    Episode 60
    After the priest says that Kristen and Tony's marriage meets the qualifier for annulment, Kristen tells John she won't sleep with either of them until Tony's sight comes back and she ends the marriage. Gina admits that she wishes she could have been Shawn Douglas' mother and Bo's wife because then she could stay in Salem and be a real Horton. Even though Vivian is okay after falling, the doctor tells her she must stay at the Kiriakis residence (to her delight). Tom's wake continues as his family mourns his passing.moreless
  • Ep. #7317
    Ep. #7317
    Episode 59
    The town of Salem gathers to mourn Tom Horton. At the chapel, Shawn Douglas sees Gina for the first time, and is shocked when she asks him if she is his mother.
  • Ep. #7314
    Ep. #7314
    Episode 58
    John finds Kristen praying in the chapel, and she admits to him that if Stefano hadn't faked his death, she never would have blamed John, and would not have gone through with her marriage to Tony. When the medical records and dental files can't prove her identity, Bo decides to compare Hope and Gina's fingerprints. Shawn Douglas is heart-broken to learn about Tom's death from Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #7313
    Ep. #7313
    Episode 57
    In town for Tom's funeral, Bill is surprised to learn that Laura is taking anti-depressants, but has been hiding it from everyone. Sami is relieved when an AIDS test turns out negative, but frightened anew when the doctor suggests a pregnancy test. Billie and Kate run into each other for the hospital, where they share a rare mother-daughter moment.moreless
  • Ep. #7312
    Ep. #7312
    Episode 56
    The news spreads through Salem that Tom Horton has passed away. Aremid's Salemnites return home for the funeral, and Mike calls Bill in Somalia.
  • Ep. #7288
    Ep. #7288
    Episode 55
    While visiting Hope's grave, Shawn Douglas and Bo run into Alice. After speaking to his former grandmother-in-law, Bo realises where his heart lies, and tells Billie that he's prepared to move on...with her. The mysterious woman at Maison Blanche takes the photograph of Bo from Marlena's suitcase, and carefully cuts out his face before placing it in a special place. Carrie hands in her resignation, refusing to work for a company that does not welcome Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #7285
    Ep. #7285
    Episode 54
    At Maison Blanche, the mysterious woman begs Celeste to help her escape after she sees a photograph of Bo. Shockingly enough, she looks exactly like Hope Brady. Ivan and Victor make their 'donations' at the clinic where Vivian and Kate's eggs are to be fertilized. Billie dreams of a wedding while Bo looks at engagement rings.moreless
  • Ep. #7284
    Ep. #7284
    Episode 53
    Marlena vows to seduce Stefano if necessary to get her and John out of there, but her plan backfires, and John and Celeste watch on closed-circuit television as the seduction becomes all too real. After hearing Bo and Billie exchange 'I love you's, Shawn Douglas wants to know when the two are getting married. Peter believes he and Jennifer are back together, and kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #7280
    Ep. #7280
    Episode 52
    John and Marlena are able to get together at Stefano's place, where they share their stories.
  • Ep. #7279
    Ep. #7279
    Episode 51
    While Jamie is at her father's office, he begins forcing himself on her. Neither realises Billie is coming by to talk to David, looking for backing in her new company.
  • Ep. #7274
    Ep. #7274
    Episode 50
    While Bo and Billie are out to dinner they run into the Caldwells. Billie accuses David of molesting his daughter. Bo tells her she better apologize, or it's over.
  • Ep. #7271
    Ep. #7271
    Episode 49
    Billie mentions her concerns about Jamie and her father to Bo, who promises to check it out. Almost immediately she has second thoughts, and wonders if maybe she just doesn't know what kind of relationship a father and daughter should have. Bo reassures her about her instincts. Thanks to Caroline's interference, Marlena and Roman end up at the same Marx brothers movie festival, and 'win' a dinner at the Penthouse Grill. They go, but only to talk about the children.. Everyone but Alan is happy to see Carrie and Austin secure in their future.moreless
  • Ep. #7268
    Ep. #7268
    Episode 48
    Kate goes to see Caroline when Victor won't decide their future and begs her to go and see her former lover. Caroline eventually goes, and finds Victor and Vivian together for lunch. At the class lunch, Billie catches a look from Jamie, and the sparks flying between Jamie and her father lead Billie to believe that David is abusing his daughter. Alan makes a show of telling Roman how he understands that he and Sami can't date and that they'll just be friends.moreless
  • Ep. #7267
    Ep. #7267
    Episode 47
    On her first day, Billie speaks to the class about the reality about being a survivor of sexual abuse, particularly when it's a family member. Later she spots a bruise on Jamie's arm, but Jamie brushes her off. Carrie and Austin are basking in the aftermath of their love making, but the rapist continues to rear it's ugly head. Carrie talks to Sami, who doesn't tell her sister about her plans with Alan. Abe and Lexie are trying to enjoy their time together at the mall, but they can't help but worry about how Roman is handling the loss of his wife and a girl he thought was his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #7266
    Ep. #7266
    Episode 46
    When there is trouble reported at the frat party, Abe and Roman rush to check it out. Alan, meanwhile, has decided he doesn't have a chance to rape Carrie, so it'll have to be Sami instead. Austin manages to make it up to the ski lodge so he and Carrie can begin their romantic weekend. John is about to expose Stefano to Kristen when he is knocked out.moreless
  • Ep. #7265
    Ep. #7265
    Episode 45
    In New Orleans, John finds a drugged Kristen. As he is about to get her to safety, he turns to find Stefano DiMera pointing a gun at him. Marlena and Roman both worry about John, and wonder why he didn't call the police the second he got to New Orleans. After jinxing Austin's car, Alan has a momentary attack of conscience and calls the police.moreless
  • Ep. #7263
    Ep. #7263
    Episode 44
    Victor tells Kate he needs time to think about their relationship while at the Horton house, everyone is still angry with Bill.
  • Ep. #7262
    Ep. #7262
    Episode 43
    While Jennifer rails at Bill for not telling her the truth about his past with Kate, Lucas rails at his mother. Bill packs his bags and leaves the house, as Lucas heads out as well. After Lucas manages to kill Austin's car, Alan offers to help him fix it. Bo continues to try to convince Billie to go back to high-school and get her degree, but she tells him that her first high-school experience was just too painful, and she's not ready to repeat it. Marlena tells Kate she needs to fight for her relatinship with Victor, but Kate tells her that she's going to let Victor decide whether or not he ever wants to truly marry her.moreless
  • Ep. #7261
    Ep. #7261
    Episode 42
    Laura tells everyone about Kate and Bill's affair, and that Bill is Lucas's father. Fisher Andrews chimes in his two cents, revealing that Kate and Victor aren't legally married because she is still married to Curtis! Chaos erupts, with Mickey, Jennifer, and Lucas all furious with Bill for all the secrets, and Victor furious with Kate for not telling him the truth. Stefano tells Celeste to let Kristen stay at Maison Blanche, because it's nice to have her around again.moreless
  • Ep. #7260
    Ep. #7260
    Episode 41
    Laura initially declines Bill's invititation to the Titan party, but later changes her mind. She shows up just in time to find Bill and Kate locked in an embrace on the balcony. Vivian hands David Caldwell's tape of his private sessions with Kate over to reporter Fisher Andrews from The Intruder. Stefano is shocked when Kristen shows up at Maison Blanche.moreless
  • Ep. #7259
    Ep. #7259
    Episode 40
    Jennifer breaks things off with Peter, but Kristen begs her to reconsider, because she has never seen her brother love someone this much before. Lucas goes to see Bill looking for information about his father after he realises Bill was Kate's doctor years earlier. Bo and Billie go on an '80s style date, and he tells her about Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #7258
    Ep. #7258
    Episode 39
    Alan's therapist tries to get Alan to go to Marlena, but when he spots her, he takes off. Later, Marlena and Roman visit the lawyers to divide up their property. Mickey tries to convince them to give their marriage another try, but Roman refuses. Lexie tells Abe that Wendy isn't good enough for Jonah, but Abe disagrees; he quite likes the young mother. Jonah tells Lexie that he and Wendy are just friends. Ivan tells Vivian that the portion of Caldwell's tape that she didn't listen to contained all of Kate's juiciest secrets.moreless
  • Ep. #7257
    Ep. #7257
    Episode 38
    Kate offers Austin a column in Bella magazine, but he refuses to do it unless Billie gets Countess Wilhelmina back. He says it's always been the two of them, and he won't turn on her that way. Sami threatens to have herself legally emancipated if Marlena continues to tell her what to do. Marlena's therapist tries to refer an obsessive patient (Alan) to her. Lexie goes to see Jonah to get some tips on her medical school interview, and finds Wendy there, and Jonah in bed. Jealous, she leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #7256
    Ep. #7256
    Episode 37
    Billie and Bo decide to give their relationship another shot. Tony and Kristen leave Salem and head to Aremid. Ivan steals Caldwell's audiotapes.
  • Ep. #7255
    Ep. #7255
    Episode 36
    John takes advantage of Kristen's confusion to try to convince her that Stefano is still alive. Kristen remains convinced that Stefano would never have let Billie take the fall for something he did. They go to the jail to talk to disgraced police officer Fred Harris, only to learn he's hung himself. Sami is surprised and hurt to hear Carrie calling Alan to invite him to the surprise party, and Alan saying yes. Later he explains he did it so not to look suspicious. All charges against Billie have been dropped, and she and Bo head out to celebrate. Vivian tries to seduce Jamie's dad so Ivan can get the dirt on Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #7254
    Ep. #7254
    Episode 35
    On the stand, Billie finally remembers what happened the night that Curtis died. As Peter and Kristen listen in dawning horror, Billie reveals that it was Stefano's voice she heard arguing with Curtis. The two struggled, and Curtis was shot accidentally. Laura tells Bill everything she knew about him and Kate. Their affair, Kate's pregnancy, everything. Bill tries to convince Laura that he had broken up with her, but she tells him that it doesn't matter. Sami is thrilled to show Austin her fake I.D., because now she will be able to get into the fraternity parties with him.moreless
  • Ep. #7253
    Ep. #7253
    Episode 34
    Tony begs Peter to help Billie, but there is nothing that he can do. Although the judge does allow Billie's friends to testify, he tells them that nothing they say will sway his opinion. Laura is considering giving Bill another chance, but when she sees Kate's lipstick on his handkerchief, it's over for good.moreless
  • Ep. #7252
    Ep. #7252
    Episode 33
    Lucas continues to believe that Austin and Billie are after Kate's money, prompting another battle between him and Austin. John and Bo trick Fred Harris into admitting he knows more about the murder than he says.
  • Ep. #7251
    Ep. #7251
    Episode 32
    Billie refuses to accept Kate as her mother, and is devastated that she and Bo are not allowed to see each other. Austin does his best to reassure his sister. Alan tries to convince Lucas to help him break up Carrie and Austin, but Lucas is more interesting in arguing with Carrie about Billie and Austin. Kate nearly hits Bill with her car, and the two talk about their past. She hopes to one day tell Lucas the truth, but says not now.moreless
  • Ep. #7250
    Ep. #7250
    Episode 31
    Billie initially refuses to believe Kate is her mother, then when the two are left alone, she spits out everything Curtis did to her, and blames it all on Kate.
  • Ep. #7246
    Ep. #7246
    Episode 30
    Billie begs the court not to blame Austin, Bo, or Carrie for Curtis' murder, saying they didn't know she had killed him. Marlena tries to convince Roman that Billie may be innocent after all, then begs him for another chance. Peter tries to get Stefano's attention, telling him that he'd better get down to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #7245
    Ep. #7245
    Episode 29
    On the stand, Billie tells all about her life with Curtis...the molestation, the pornography, drugs. Marlena realises that this means Kate could be Austin and Billie's mother, but she can't reach Kate.
  • Ep. #7244
    Ep. #7244
    Episode 28
    Billie agrees to go under hypnosis, and on the stand, Marlena questions her about the night that Curtis died. While hypno-Billie admits to knowing him, she doesn't say how. Marlena brings her out of it, and with Pat Hamilton badgering her, Billie screams out the truth...Curtis Brown was her father!
  • Ep. #7243
    Ep. #7243
    Episode 27
    After Carrie catches Alan and Sami together in the park, Alan suggests the two of them sit down and talk. Only when they do, he doesn't seem to want to talk about Sami...all they talk about is Carrie and Austin. Lexie keeps trying to tell Abe that she's going to go to medical school instead of re-join the force, but they keep getting interrupted. Just as she is about to tell him, he finds out from the chief of police. Bo tries to convinced Billie to let Marlena put her into a hypnotic trance, but Billie refuses. She doesn't want him to learn her other secrets. After he walks out, she agrees, to keep him happy. Mickey is representing Roman in the divorce. When he learns Marlena hasn't retained a lawyer, he heads over to talk to her. The two finally connect, and he makes her understand it's over.moreless
  • Ep. #7242
    Ep. #7242
    Episode 26
    At Lucas' trial, Billie suddenly remembers that neither Lucas nor Kate killed him. She declares Lucas' innocence, which backfires, because Pat Hamilton decides to re-try Billie. Bill begs Laura for another chance, but she says she can't forgive him for 18 lost years, and shocks him with the news that Lucas is his son.moreless
  • Ep. #7241
    Ep. #7241
    Episode 25
    Roman agrees to irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce. After telling him he could still be part of Belle's life, Marlena is believing that she may be making headway with Roman when John calls. After hearing John's voice on the answering machine, Roman can't forget how they betrayed him, and heads out. Bill is shocked when he realises from what Jennifer has said that Kate Roberts is the Kate is knew long ago, and that Laura knows all about it. Meanwhile, Laura agrees to keep quiet for Jennifer's sake, but tells Kate she relishes her (Kate's) pain. Billie is unable to make love to Billie because she can't separate him and Curtis in her mind. Bo doesn't understand why she can't be with him if he can forgive her for the drugs.moreless
  • Ep. #7240
    Ep. #7240
    Episode 24
    After hearing the music Stefano programmed into him at the party John leaves, then meets a man named Gabe on a park. He can't understand how Gabe can know his name, but Gabe is gone before John can ask. He arrives home to find an envelope containing a puzzle piece, which he realises must be connected to Stefano. The apparition of Curtis tells Billie that she's forgetting something about that night. She and Bo go back to the boathouse, but every time Billie tries to make love to Bo she closes her eyes and sees Curtis' face. Alan lays the charm on thick for Sami, making it seem like she's important to him. He decides that if he can't have Carrie, he can most definitely have Carrie's sister. Bill is thrilled that he and Laura are back together, not realising that Laura hasn't let go of her hatred for him.moreless
  • Ep. #7239
    Ep. #7239
    Episode 23
    At the party Laura comes close to having second thoughts about Kate when she learns how supporting she was during Abby's sickness, but Vivian reminds her that Kate cost her a great deal. Austin also wants to talk to Kate, to find out what she remembers about the genders of Kate's two children. Sami convinces Jamie to lie that she will be spending the night at her place, and makes plans to meet Alan, knowing her parents disapprove.moreless
  • Ep. #7237
    Ep. #7237
    Episode 22
    At Billie and Carrie's apartment, they have a combination birthday party for Carrie and surprise party for Billie. Austin and Carrie decide to give their 'special weekend' another try. Roman stops by to wish his daughter a happy 20th, and tries to convince Sami to ease up on her mother. Kristen is happy to be moving into Stefano's house with Tony. Together with Peter and Jennifer they celebrate a housewarming. Jennifer takes Kristen aside for a talk, but never gets to what she wanted to say. John goes to see Belle, and he and Marlena two have dinner, with Marlena lamenting the distance that has grown between her and Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #7236
    Ep. #7236
    Episode 21
    Lucas takes the blame for killing Curtis, and is able to give a detailed description of exactly what happened that night. As Bo leads Lucas away in handcuffs, the judge declares a mistrial. While Mickey warns Billie that a mistrial means she could be tried again, Kate rails at Billie, telling her this is all her fault. Marlena is backed up by Roman, who also agrees that Alan is too old. He doesn't want Sami seeing anyone over eighteen years of age. Sami rages at her mother, telling her she ruins everything, then calls Alan to tell him they're still on, but he says he doesn't want to cause problems in her family.moreless
  • Ep. #7235
    Ep. #7235
    Episode 20
    Alice points Lucas out to Laura, and she can't help but stare at the boy. When Alice comments that Lucas does look familiar, Laura says nothing. She heads over to talk to Lucas, introducing herself, and commenting that he doesn't look like his mother. Lucas agrees; apparently it's his father that he takes after. Carrie and Marlena both tell Sami and Alan that Alan is too old for Sami, and Sami tells them both to stay out of her life. Marlena has papers for Roman to sign giving up his claim to Belle, and Roman gets angry all over again as he relives what Marlena and John's affair did to him. When Billie tries to find out more information about Kate's children to ascertain if she is there mother, Kate rips down one side of her and up the other, telling her that it's no wonder her mother left her. A devasted Billie tells Austin that there is no way Kate is there mother.moreless
  • Ep. #7233
    Ep. #7233
    Episode 19
    Kate reiterates that Curtis Brown stole her children to punish her because he knew how much they meant to her. Jennifer is thrilled to think that Billie and Austin may have found their mother, but Billie is more worried about Bo learning Curtis molested her. Stefano rings John and plays the Chopin tune that is to unlock John's most deeply buried memories. John and Marlena rush to the docks (thanks to sounds on the tape), but Stefano is nowhere to be found. Laura is officially introduced to her granddaughter Abby. Jennifer is thrilled that Mike and Bill are coming home, but Laura doesn't want to see her ex-husband.moreless
  • Ep. #7231
    Ep. #7231
    Episode 18
    As the shocked Hortons see that Laura is alive and well, Mickey again asks Kate about her connection to Curtis. When she says there is none, Laura reveals that Kate was married to him! Stefano begs Tony not to tell Kristen he's alive, and Tony reluctantly agrees after Stefano reminds him that Kristen could easily turn against him. Marlena begs Roman not to turn his back on her and Belle, but he tells her that Belle only needs one father in her life, and it's not him.moreless
  • Ep. #7230
    Ep. #7230
    Episode 17
    Pat Hamilton calls Alice to the stand and forces her to admit that the scrap of dress they found belongs to Billie. Bo is successful in getting Kate put on the stand, but she denies her connection to Curtis. Marlena clears Belle's things out of Roman's house. Roman goes to take her Belle's favorite toy, and is devastated to see John there. Stefano narrowly escapes Kristen and Tony seeing him, but comes face to face with Tony upon leaving the secret room.moreless
  • Ep. #7227
    Ep. #7227
    Episode 16
    While Vivian and Ivan search frantically for Laura, Laura watches Victor, realising how much he truly loves Kate. Later at Salem Place, she watches Jennifer telling a clerk how much she misses her mother. Vivian dresses as a bag lady to find Laura in disguide. Jennifer, Peter, Austin, Carrie, Billie, and Bo all end up at the Cheating Heart, where Billie spots Kate's maid, Mary, wearing the seashell shoes she remembers from the night of Curtis' murder. Carrie does not recognize Alan as her attacker. Later at Johnny Angel's, Lucas introduces Sami to his friend Alan, who notes how much she looks like Carrie.moreless
  • Ep. #7225
    Ep. #7225
    Episode 15
    At the Brady Pub, everyone expresses concern over Carrie being attacked at the ski lodge. When Marlena arrives as per Carrie's invitation, Roman tells her that she is not welcome. John, having learned of the attack from Abe, also shows up, and he and Roman get into it, prompting Carrie to leave. Meanwhile, Alan calls Carrie after hearing of her attack through Lucas, but she's not interested in talking to him. Tony and Kristen are on their honeymoon, having consummated their marriage. Determined to put a fresh face on things, Kristen confesses that she had an affair with John Black, only to realise that Tony didn't hear her. When they return to Salem, they narrowly miss Peter talking to Stefano, who is supposed to be dead. At the trial, Bo tells the judge that he believes Kate Kiriakis is a viable suspect in Curtis' death. When Kate reveals how shocked (and nervous) his words make her, Billie demands to know why she's so worried if she's innocent. John sees Belle for the first time since learning he's her father.moreless
  • Ep. #7220
    Ep. #7220
    Episode 14
    Stefano forces a doubting Tony to push the wedding ahead, even though Kristen is having her own doubts as well. Marlena insists that Roman is Belle's father, until Sami confesses to switching the paternity results. Bo searches the mansion for the shoes without success, not realising Kate just threw them out. Fred Harris denies any connection to Stefano.moreless
  • Ep. #7219
    Ep. #7219
    Episode 13
    In questioning shops looking for Kate's unique shell shoes, Bo learns that they were used in a Bella photo shoot. Roman initially doesn't believe that John is Belle's father, but Sami's anger toward Marlena betrays the truth. While John and Abe wait at Fred Harris' apartment, Fred calls Stefano and Peter and demands more money. Carrie tells the doctor she was not raped in the attack and swears Austin to silence.moreless
  • Winter Heat
    Winter Heat
    Episode 12
  • Ep. #7215
    Ep. #7215
    Episode 11
    Lucas convinced Alan to go skiing at Green Mountain Lodge after learning that Carrie was going there from Sami, and that she and Austin had broken up. Neither realised that Carrie and Austin had recently made up. Jennifer was furious when she received divorce papers from Jack, and told Alice that their marriage was over. She took off her wedding ring, and prepared to go skiing with Peter. When Kate tried to get rid of the shoes she was wearing the night Curtis died, Mary became suspicious. Bo told Billie that Pat Hamilton wouldn't delay her trial, and the two fell asleep in each other's arms. When the equipment short-circuited, Ann Goldberg asked Nurse Jackson to prepare Vivian for a lobotomy.moreless
  • Ep. #7214
    Ep. #7214
    Episode 10
    Thanks to Ivan, Vivian learned that Ann Goldberg was over-medicating patients to scam money out of their families. After ringing Jack's divorce lawyer, Jennifer asked Peter to go skiing. Peter and Stefano moved into the Donovan mansion.
  • Ep. #7211
    Ep. #7211
    Episode 9
    Roman ordered Marlena to leave the house after she gave him the details of her affair with John.
  • Ep. #7210
    Ep. #7210
    Episode 8
    Roman has been devastated by the news that Marlena slept with John. His parents comfort him about the affair, and Shawn wonders if it's possible that Belle is John's child. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Marlena that she has destroyed her belief in love. Roman and Lucas investigate Curtis' murder, and learn from Mary that Kate was severely beaten on the night in question.moreless
  • Ep. #7206
    Ep. #7206
    Episode 7
    Desperate to keep Stefano from blurting out the truth about her indiscretion with John, Marlena announced to everyone assembled for Belle's baptism that she had broken her marriage vows. In Pine Haven, Ann finally managed to sedate Vivian and have her taken to a high-security wing. Bo was curious when Carrie told her that Lucas had a picture of Curtis.moreless
  • Ep. #7204
    Ep. #7204
    Episode 6
    John begs Marlena not to tell Roman about their affair. Partly it's because Sami begged her not to destroy her family, but primarily it's because John needs Roman to catch Stefano. While babysitting little Belle, Austin and Carrie talk about their dreams for the future, and realise they want the same things. Jennifer is amazed that Peter would drop everything to fly her to Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #7203
    Ep. #7203
    Episode 5
    Jonah, Austin, and Carrie wished Lexie good luck as she prepared to take her entrance exams for medical school. Afterward, Jonah was thrilled when Tom Horton offered him a job as a lab technician. Peter had lunch with Jennifer and Abby, and told Abby that he was crazy about her mother. Lucas assured Victor that there was no way he could be connected to Curtis.moreless
  • Ep. #7201
    Ep. #7201
    Episode 4
    Billie, Jennifer, and Kristen start off having a girl's night which quickly turns into a bonding session as Billie reveals her worry that Bo will walk away from her, Jennifer reveals she is signing the divorce papers, and Kristen tells a story about a woman in love with two men. Sami is weirded out when Stefano 'reads her palm' at the hospital and tells her that she is in love with a man with the initials 'A.R.'. She panics when John and Marlena arrive to do a blood test on Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #7199
    Ep. #7199
    Episode 3
    After a quick call from Kate, Ann catches Vivian questioning Laura, and sedates her. John believes he knows something in his past that can hurt Stefano. Tony reluctantly agrees to return to Salem to confront Stefano.
  • Ep. #7193
    Ep. #7193
    Episode 2
    Jennifer was touched when Peter offered the use of his private plane to fly her and Laura back to Chicago. Ivan admits he's been forced to sleep with Ann to keep her from realising where Vivian went. When Austin runs into Brandee, he insists that she come to the pub to explain the truth to Carrie. Doug and Julie reminisced about the old days before heading to Switzerland.moreless
  • Ep. #7192
    Ep. #7192
    Episode 1
    Stefano ordered Peter to steal Sami's diary to find out what secret she was hiding.
  • Ep. #7198
    Abe discovers Jonah's medical bag at a pawn shop. Jonah helps Lexie study for her medical exams and the two grow closer. Bo tells Victor about the investigation. Victor, Kate and Lucas begin to act suspicious. Kate also discovers that Vivian attended the Horton's New Year's Eve party in disguise. Vivian continues to push Laura for information connecting Kate to Curtis.moreless