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Season 53 : Episode 323

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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Ep. #7563
    Ep. #7563
    Episode 156
    John recaps the story of Marlena's satanic possession to Father Jansen, vowing not to let something like that ever happen again.
  • Ep. #7510
    Ep. #7510
    Episode 103
    While having dinner with John and Marlena, Father Jansen explains how a person who has been possessed could save themselves.

    Peter promises not to interfere with Jack spending time with Abby.
  • Ep. #7505
    Ep. #7505
    Episode 98
    Marlena continues her preparations to seduce John. Luckily, Celeste was able to get the contact lenses for her, so John could not see the devil inside of her. While John removed himself to take a phone call, Marlena donned a sexy white negligee.

    Peter tells Stefano that he has hired a lawyer for him, and warns him not to threaten him again. Jack continues to try to get Jennifer to see the truth about Peter, but she won't listen to him.moreless
  • Ep. #7504
    Ep. #7504
    Episode 97
    Marlena continues to refuse to have anyone look at her eyes. The devil inside her forces Celeste to buy some contacts for her. Father Jansen realises that the devil can always be identified by yellow eyes.
  • Ep. #7449
    Ep. #7449
    Episode 42
    Bo takes Billie on their "honeymoon" to make up for the wedding that didn't happen. Sami tries calling Austin about Alan, but Carrie calls her bluff. Alan overhears Sami and decides to make an "honest" woman out of her. Sami takes matters into her own hands and shoots Alan. Possessed Marlena attacks Kristen, knocking her out, and paints symbols on her naked body. Tony fears Kristen is with John when he doesn't hear from her and Marlena convinces him to head to the church. John discovers Kristen naked and unconscious. A shirtless John comforts Kristen while Tony is about to enter the church.moreless
  • Ep. #7443
    Ep. #7443
    Episode 36
    Bo and Billie beg Father Jansen to perform the ceremony, but he refuses, saying that he can't in good conscience marry two people while one of them may still be married.

    While Austin confronts Gina about her role in the stopped wedding, John offers to help Bo prove that Gina isn't Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #7442
    Ep. #7442
    Episode 35
    Everyone at the Church is shocked when Alice announces that she cannot let Bo and Billie get married. When questioned by Father Jansen, she states that she knows in her heart that Gina is really Hope, and that Bo cannot marry Billie while his first wife is still alive.

    Jack and Jennifer run into each other outside the Church, and he swears he's come back for her. On his knees, he begs her for another chance.moreless
  • Ep. #7441
    Ep. #7441
    Episode 34
    Today is the day that Billie and Bo have been waiting for. Their wedding begins with Jennifer, Carrie, Gina, and Kristen (the bridesmaids) headed up the aisle, followed by Austin, who is giving Billie away. All of a sudden, the chandelier (courtesy of Possessed Marlena) drops, narrowly missing Billie. Bo is willing to postpone the ceremony if she is too upset to go on, but Billie still wants to get married. Just as the wedding is continuing to go ahead as scheduled, Alice Horton speaks up...and says the wedding cannot go on! At the hospital, Jonah rescues Lexie from Father Francis' attack.moreless
  • Ep. #7436
    Ep. #7436
    Episode 29
    Kate and Victor postpone their wedding so that Billie and Bo can use the Penthouse Grill for their reception.
  • Ep. #7435
    Ep. #7435
    Episode 28
    Families of Salem gather to celebrate Christmas.
  • Ep. #7434
    Ep. #7434
    Episode 27
    As the citizens of Salem prepare for Christmas, the face of the desecrator is finally's Marlena!
  • Ep. #7428
    Ep. #7428
    Episode 21
    Billie and Bo return to Salem, where Billie shares the news of their reconciliation with all her friends, and Bo breaks Shawn Douglas's heart when he has to tell him that Gina isn't Hope. Knowing the truth now, Gina decides to leave Salem. Peter and Jennifer head up to the Green Mountain Lodge for the weekend. Unfortunately, Jack's also up there, and runs into Peter at the bar.moreless