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Season 53 : Episode 323

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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Ep. #8133
    Ep. #8133
    Episode 224
    When John learns that only a special orchid can cure Roman, he volunteers to go into the jungle and retrieve it, over Kristen and Hope's objections.

    Jack is worried that Jennifer won't be safe working at the prison, and wants her to stop.

    Roman and Marlena field some tough questions from Abby.
  • Ep. #8115
    Ep. #8115
    Episode 208
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8000
    Ep. #8000
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #7999
    Ep. #7999
    Episode 92
  • Ep. #7998
    Ep. #7998
    Episode 91
  • Ep. #7997
    Ep. #7997
    Episode 90
  • Ep. #7996
    Ep. #7996
    Episode 89
    Sami is at the hospital getting ready for her first physical therapy session, but she wants to have Austin there. Kristen goes to see Susan, to ask Susan to leave town so that she and John can have a chance at a life together. Laura congratulates Marlena on getting back together with John, and ruminates on how great it is that John knows the truth about Kristen.moreless
  • Ep. #7995
    Ep. #7995
    Episode 88
  • Ep. #7994
    Ep. #7994
    Episode 87
  • Ep. #7993
    Ep. #7993
    Episode 86
  • Ep. #7992
    Ep. #7992
    Episode 85
  • Ep. #7991
    Ep. #7991
    Episode 84
    Kristen is upset when Susan decides she wants the baby. Marlena tries to tell John her feelings, but then a scream is heard and Marlena gets frustrated that Kristen is up to something again. They find a 'fainted' Kristen and bring her to get checked out. Kristen tells the Doctor she is OK, but he still wants to check her out. When their backs are turned Susan switches places with her. Bo pretends Billie is his girlfriend to keep her safe, and Hope walks in to see them together, and freaks out and leaves. Billie knows she is a decoy, and Bo is confused and hurt because of his love for Hope. Sami is hurt and confused over Austin cancelling their 'real honeymooon'.moreless
  • Ep. #7990
    Ep. #7990
    Episode 83
    Sami gets good news that Kate is paying for a rehab place in Hawaii, while Austin and Carrie are happy that she will be going away for a while. But their hopes are shattered by Sami's decision. As Bo convinces King that he doesn't love Hope, she gets heartbroken. Billie does some investigating herself after she overhears Bo and King talking. John Jr. has surgery, with everyone waiting to hear news.moreless
  • Ep. #7989
    Ep. #7989
    Episode 82
    Before the baby's surgery, he is baptised John Jr. Marlena becomes the godmother, much to Kristen's dismay. After finding out John Jr. needs blood, Susan is quick to give it, but runs into John and they strick up a conversation unseen. But when Marlena shows up, Susan runs off before John could see her. Susan renames the baby Elvis. Bucky attacks Shawn-D, and Hope tells Bo, who can do nothing about it. Hope accepts the invitation to the ball at the Snake Pit, and Bo has a confrontation with her there.moreless
  • Ep. #7988
    Ep. #7988
    Episode 81
    Jack and Travis bond in jail. Jennifer visits Jack in jail. Travis informs Stefano of Jennifer's love for Jack and Stefano is very upset. Franco tries to get closer to Hope but she tells him she wants to spend time alone. Billie and Franco discuss her not giving up on Bo. Bo meets with Abe and tells him he will go no further until he knows Billie and Hope will be safe. Bo sees Hope and she gets her hopes up when they kiss. Abe finds out the evidence agains J.L. King is missing from his safe. King decides to keep Bo on his side by hosting a party to invite Billie and Hope to find out which one he loves the most, and then use her to keep Bo at his side.moreless
  • Ep. #7987
    Ep. #7987
    Episode 80
    As Sami and Lucas wait for her results, they talk about Austin. Mike and Kate discuss Sami's condition that she may never get her memory back or walk again. Sami finds out her results and Austin tries to calm her. Dr. Robbin talks to Marlena about how Kristen seems to be two different people. Kristen is getting sick of Vivian sticking her nose into her life. Susan gets caught in the hospital trying to see the baby, and Kristen and Vivian stop the police from arresting her. Marlena helps a crying Susan in the lobby. Austin and Carrie have a discussion about their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #7986
    Ep. #7986
    Episode 79
    J.L. King watches and waits as Bo is with his ex-wives. Hope tries to nail the drug king while fighting her feelings on seeing Bo and Billie together. Bo tells Billie to leave and she does, but she gets stopped by Franco who convinces her to fight for Bo. Vivian and Kristen vow to keep Marlena from telling John about the baby. John kisses Marlena, and Kristen finds the two of them together. Marlena promises Kristen not to say anything to John until the baby's surgery. Susan decides to call the hospital to see how the baby is, and when she finds out he is sick, she rushes to the hospital to see him.moreless
  • Ep. #7985
    Ep. #7985
    Episode 78
    Bo manages to get the papers without getting caught, and plans to meet at the Snake Pit, but Billie finds out where Bo is heading and puts his life in danger. Hope refuses to stop looking in to the drug case and her and Franco end up going undercover at the Snake Pit also, putting both Bo's ex-wifes at the sceen with him, with a J.L. King watching. Marlena wants to talk to John about Kristen before they consummate their marriage, but now before the baby's surgery. She finds out from Lexie that she saw John and Kristen in a romantic position at the hospital and Marlena rushes off to stop them.moreless
  • Ep. #7984
    Ep. #7984
    Episode 77
    Lucas comforts Carrie, when she sees Austin and Sami together. Kate, Vivian and Ivan come to badger Sami over the papers she has to blackmail Kate, but Lucas keeps them away from Sami. Hope and Billie run into each other when they are both buying dresses to impress Bo. Abe tells Bo about the security system in his office, but Bo has to show his loyality to King by getting files out of his office. When trying to get the files, Hope is about to enter and Bo is about to get caught.moreless
  • Ep. #7983
    Ep. #7983
    Episode 76
  • Ep. #7982
    Ep. #7982
    Episode 75
  • Ep. #7981
    Ep. #7981
    Episode 74
  • Ep. #7980
    Ep. #7980
    Episode 73
    J.L. King questions Bo's loyalty and puts men to watch Hope. Hope is upset over Bo's attitude the night before. Bo acts tough infront of cops to keep his act up. The policeman comes to pick up Jack and he says a tearful goodbye to Abby. Marlena and Laura want to tell John about Kristen, but they get a call that the baby is on it's way. Kristen is in agony as she watches how lovinly John is with Susan while she has a baby boy. As John leaves to make a call he is stopped by Marlena who wants to talk to him in private. Kristen tells Susan it's time for her to take over and rips the wig from Susan's head.moreless
  • Ep. #7979
    Ep. #7979
    Episode 72
    Jack and Jenn try to tell the policeman this is their last night together, and since it's after midnight the policeman says it's time to go, the only one that can change his mind is Abby. Marlena arrives too late to stop the marriage between John and Kristen, and John unknowingly marries Susan, with Kristen watching on. Sami is more needy of Austin and Carrie can't stand it anymore, after a conversation with Marlena, she goes to confront Sami and finds Austin and Sami together in bed. Marlena vows to tell John about Kristen as soon as the baby is born.moreless
  • Ep. #7978
    Ep. #7978
    Episode 71
    Susan is about to go into labour. Kristen acts like a nurse to help Susan answer questions from John. John wants to marry Kristen tonight, and Marlena goes to stop the wedding. Sami gets Austin to help her with her back problems, while a upset Carrie looks on. Vivian and Ivan see Kristen's double for the first time. Jack is arrested and goes to jail.moreless
  • Ep. #7977
    Ep. #7977
    Episode 70
  • Ep. #7976
    Ep. #7976
    Episode 69
    Marlena tries to tell John about Kristen, but the baby's health problem stops her. Marlena is more suspicious of Kristen when she refuses a check up from her doctor. Jack has his first day in prison. A Stefano plant befriends Jack in prison. Jennifer and Abby realize how much they miss Jack. Bo continues to work undercover. Hope gets frustrated because Bo seems cold towards her and decides to look into busting the kingpin Bo is working undercover to bust too. Carrie is upset to find Austin in Sami's bed, and gets a visit from Kate and reveals all. Carrie and Austin spend a romantic evening together, but gets interrupted by Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #7975
    Ep. #7975
    Episode 68
    Hope decides that she wants Bo back, Bo is estactic. Because of Bo's dealings with the shady henchman he gets blackmailed by Mr. King. Kristen secretly stops Laura's memories again, just as Laura was about to name the mystery woman. Carrie is upset over seeing Austin, Will and Sami together but Austin promises her a romantic Valentine's Day. As Susan goes into labor, she is taken to University Hospital instead, panics and phones Kristen's cell phone, not realizing that Marlena received the call instead.moreless
  • Ep. #7974
    Ep. #7974
    Episode 67
    Bo gets a offer that he will die if he refuses. Bo is heartbroken when he sees Franco and Hope together dancing in each other's embrace. Hope doesn't realize that Bo sees her, and he doesn't know that she is just acting to get a modeling contract. John and Kristen are planning their wedding when Stefano and Kristen have a private conversation about Susan. Hearing about Jack's guilty sentence, they head over to Jennifer's house. Marlena hypnotizes Laura, and she starts to remember. Stefano visits Susan to go over the final plans of her delivery, and after he leaves, Susan starts going into labour.moreless
  • Ep. #7973
    Ep. #7973
    Episode 66
  • Ep. #7972
    Ep. #7972
    Episode 65
  • Ep. #7971
    Ep. #7971
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #7970
    Ep. #7970
    Episode 63
    Everybody prepares for the Titan board meeting, and the votes are in. Victor feels helpless that he can not do anything to help Kate. Carrie is devastated as she looks on with Austin pretending to be in love with Sami, as they remember there wedding together. As Jack's hearing is decided, Stefano appears to the judge.moreless
  • Ep. #7969
    Ep. #7969
    Episode 62
    Marlena and Kate talk about their problems. Vivian continues to blackmail Kristen. Carrie is torn between her love for Austin, and her promise to Marlena. Lucas comes to see Sami to tell her all about their plans to break up Austin and Carrie, but Mike changes his mind.
  • Ep. #7968
    Ep. #7968
    Episode 61
    After finding Bo alone on the docks, Billie begins to believe that the two of them might have a chance together again. Carrie is upset that Austin may have to pretend that he and Sami are happy together to aid in her recovery, but Marlena says they have no choice. Kristen agrees to back Vivian at the board meeting as long as Vivian doesn\'t say anything to John and Marlena about Susan.moreless
  • Ep. #7967
    Ep. #7967
    Episode 60
    Jack and Jennifer discuss that Jack has changed his mind about pleading guilty. Sami remembers everything, but still has no feeling in her legs. John and Marlena have a heart to heart conversation. Kristen and Vivian have a talk about what has been going on.
  • Ep. #7966
    Ep. #7966
    Episode 59
    Vivian and Ivan break into Susan's apartment. Kate tells Kristen that Vivian will stop at nothing to find out the truth. Vivian tricks Susan. Sami realizes something is wrong when she sees what day it is in a magazine. Austin and Marlena explain more of what happened to her. Austin brings Will to see Sami, and she doesn't recognize him. Sami starts to remember everything.moreless
  • Ep. #7965
    Ep. #7965
    Episode 58
    Vivian wakes up from her night of drinking with a hangover. Ivan gives her an old country cure. Then she remembers Kristen's odd behavior at the Salem Club, and decides to investigate her medical records to see if she can get any leverage to use on Kristen in order to get her Titan board votes. Vivian and Ivan sneak into the hospital records room, and discover the discrepancy in Kristen's blood tests. They're nearly caught by a hospital employee, but manage to escape in time.

    John and Kristen go shopping for baby care items. John is surprised to learn that Kristen wants a religious ceremony. Kristen also asks John to ask Marlena to move out of the house, insisting that Sami needs Marlena more than they do. As they sit at Johnny Angel's, Kristen notices Susan sitting nearby and asks John to run an errand for her. While John is gone, Kristen berates Susan for being out and tells her to finish quickly and stay hidden until John and Kristen are married. After John returns, he and Kristen are about to leave when Vivian and Ivan spy them and try once more to solicit their votes at the Titan board meeting. John tells Vivian that what she did to Victor - deceiving him for love - was despicable, and Vivian notices that Kristen looks uncomfortable at that statement. Then, after John and Kristen leave, Vivian spies Susan leaving Johnny Angel's and remembers her from the Salem Club. On a whim, she decides to follow her.

    Bo dreams that Hope has returned to him on the boat. Billie comes in, and Bo embraces her in his sleep. When Billie wakes him up, he is disappointed that Hope wasn't there. Bo tells her to go back to Paris, but she refuses to leave him in his time of need. She begs him to try to get the boat back, but he tells her it's no use. After Billie leaves, Shawn D visits and is angry when Bo tells him that he lost the boat gambling. Shawn D calls Hope in Santa Rosa and begs her to return so they can be a family.

    Billie goes to the Cheatin' Heart and offers Kevin a large sum of money for the Fancy Face. The mysterious stranger who has been following Bo and Billie looks on. Kevin makes a lewd proposition and attacks Billie physically, just as Bo enters. Bo and Kevin fight and Kevin still refuses to return the boat. Bo is furious with Billie for risking herself. Just then, Bo's cell phone rings and Billie picks it up.

    Franco can't find Hope in her room and worries that she has returned to Salem. He is relieved to find her in Santa Rosa, and reminds her again that it would be a bad idea to return to Bo before his feelings for Billie are resolved. They begin the photo shoot, but Hope is ill at ease and distracted. Just as she begins to relax, she gets the call from Shawn D, and is heartbroken that he is hurting. Hope calls Bo's cell phone number, but when she hears Billie's voice, she doesn't say anything. She overhears Bo and Kevin fighting and making references to Billie. Hope assumes the worst and goes off to lunch with Franco.moreless
  • Ep. #7964
    Ep. #7964
    Episode 57
    Sami continues to improve physically, but her memory remains locked at age 16, four years ago. Mickey tells Carrie that until Sami remembers being married to Austin, the annulment cannot go through. Austin is determined to talk to Sami and make her remember, but Mike tells him it's too soon and Sami is too fragile. Sami continues to be loving and sweet toward Carrie.

    Billie begs Abe to help her look for Bo, but Abe tells her it is best to leave him alone. At the Cheatin' Heart, Bo continues to drink heavily. An ex-convict named Kevin who was busted by Bo for armed robbery asks him to play in a high-stakes pool game. Bo, who has just turned in his badge to Abe and is no longer a police officer, agrees. He wins at first, but begins to lose heavily as his drinking affects his coordination. Billie comes in and overhears Kevin telling his friend that he is hustling Bo to get revenge for being busted. She tries to talk Bo out of playing, but he refuses to listen to her. When all his money is gone, he bets his boat, The Fancy Face, on a game, and loses. Austin and Carrie come in and try to help, but Bo ignores everyone and returns to the boat to pack his things. Billie tries to talk him out of giving up the boat again, but he says he has no choice. As he leaves, Abe comes up and Billie tells him what is going on.

    A mysterious man shadowed Bo all night, and talked to an anonymous employer on a cell phone.

    On Santa Rosa, Franco dreams of telling Hope he loves her, but doesn't have the courage. Hope can't sleep because she senses Bo is in trouble, so she goes skinny dipping on the beach as she used to with Bo. Franco secretly watches. When she returns to her room, unable to shake the feeling Bo is in trouble, the phone rings. It's Carrie telling her what happened at the Cheatin' Heart. Hope packs her bags and is about to leave for Salem, but Franco convinces her that nothing has changed and if she goes back, she will never know if Bo has feelings for Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #7963
    Ep. #7963
    Episode 56
    Kristen goes to confession, where she proceeds to tell Father Jansen about losing the baby, manipulating the truth to keep John and Marlena apart, Peter, Stefano, and everything that they have done to Laura. John and Marlena head to the hospital to see Kristen (Susan), who is in labor. Susan panics and tries to leave the hospital, and when John and Marlena learn that Kristen (Susan) has left, they head home, where the real Kristen has to cover when they want to know how she got back so quickly. Bo confesses to Abe everything that has been going on with Hope at the Cheatin' Heart, and Abe suggests that maybe he do what Hope is asking him to. Franco comforts an upset Hope, who later receives a call from Billie saying she decided to stay in Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #7962
    Ep. #7962
    Episode 55
    Hope and Franco are in Santa Rosa for a photo shoot. Carmen and Hope talk about Bo and Billie. Carmen gives Hope the Room of Eternal Love. Hope tries to call Shawn D at the boat but there was no answer. She then calls the Brady's and finds out that he is staying there because Bo had to go out. Franco tells her that Bo is probably with Billie. They have dinner and Franco leaves the room.

    Sami keeps asking for Roman and everyone makes up reasons why he can't come. Sami notices that something is wrong and asks everyone. Kate comes into the room and Sami does not know who she is. Mike then asks everyone to leave so he can examine Sami. Austin talks about showing Sami pictures of Will but Marlena says that they need to take their time. Vivian goes into Sami's room because she thinks that she is faking. She does not know who Vivian and Ivan are. Kate comes in and says that if Sami did have something on her no one will ever know.

    John knocks on the door of the exam room. Susan goes into the closet and John and Kristen leave together. Susan (still Kristen) hears the nurses talking about restocking that room then leaves the hospital and her car breaks down.

    Kristen tells Marlena that the blood test when fine. Marlena still does not understand how the tests got screwed up. Vivian asks John if he will help her stay in Titan. John says no because he disagrees with what she has done. She then asks Kristen but she agrees with John.

    John takes Kristen to look at the newborns in the nursery. John talks about how he can't wait because the baby will be perfect. John tells Kristen that they will be married before the baby is born. John leaves to check on Kristen's pre-registration and Kristen runs into Father Jansen.

    Sami's test results show that most of the damage is done in the part the holds memories. Mike says that he does not know how long the amnesia could last. Mickey says that it will cause a problem for the annulment.

    Lexie and Abe are eating and Bo is drinking at the Salem Club. Abe sees Bo and asks him to join them. Abe tells Bo that he did a good job on the case and asks him what is wrong and Bo tells him about Hope going to Santa Rosa with Franco. Abe tells him to go home and Bo refuses. Bo doesn't listen so Abe goes back to Lexie. Billie sees Bo through the window drinking. She decides to check on him. Billie tells him that if he is not going to think about himself he should think about Shawn D. Bo tells Billie that it is his business and to leave him alone. Kate arrives and Billie goes to her. Kate tells Billie that this is a perfect opportunity to talk to Bo. Billie tells her what is going on and how she can't. Vivan and Ivan arrive. Ivan tries to convince her to just leave Kate alone. Vivian says that she can't and that she has to get through to Kristen some how. Susan (still Kristen) decides that she can go into this club because it is not fancy and Kristen and any of her friends would not be there.

    Father Jansen is trying to convince Kristen to tell John. She says that she will get pregnant again and they will have their own child. Father Jansen leaves and Kristen asks John if he wants to go to the Salem Club.

    Susan walks into the club and Vivian sees her. Susan heads to the bathroom to change clothes and Vivian follows.

    Abe tries to talk to Bo again. Bo gets upset and begins to argue with Abe. Bo then hits Abe.moreless
  • Ep. #7961
    Ep. #7961
    Episode 54
    Jennifer tries to get Jack to change his mind about pleading guilty. Laura overhears and agrees with Jennifer. Jack leaves and Laura tells Jennifer that she could change Jack's mind. Jennifer says that she can't because of Peter. Jack is at the park and has flashbacks of bringing Abby home from the hosptial. Jennifer arrives and tells Jack that they need to talk. Then a couple comes up with a tabloid and stares at them. There is a picture of Jack and Jennifer hugging on the front. Jack is mad and says that if he pleads guilt than the tabloids will stop.

    Everyone is trying to get Sami to talk but her throat is sore. Vivian tells Kate that it is a matter of time before Sami tells everything she knows about Kate. Sami knows who Mike is and starts coughing. Carrie and Austin leave and say that now the annulment can take place. Vivian asks Austin about Sami. Mike comes out and says that Sami can talk now. Sami knows about Mike and Carrie. She tells Carrie that she loves her and Carrie says loves her too. She asks for mom and as Carrie leaves she asks for dad too. She says that he is probably at the station.

    John and Marlena are with Kristen as she gets her blood drawn. She talks John and Marlena to go see Sami. As the leave Dr. Robbins arrives and tells them that the blood samples do not match. He says that they must of had a bad test kit. Kristen says that she is not going to give more blood and leaves. Kristen tries to call Susan adn gets the answering machine. John convinces her to do it again. She agrees and Dr. Robbins gets a call that a patient is in labor. Marlena says that she can take Kristen's blood because she is a doctor. Then a nurse comes in and says that Carrie is looking for them. They leave and Kristen calls Susan and tells her what outfit to wear and to bring some of her own clothes. When the hangs up Susan tells her doll that Kristen is mean and accuse it of taking the mascara.

    John and Marlena go into Sami's room and she asks for her dad again. They don't understand and outside the room Mike says that she could just be confused. Mike goes back in to examine her. He comes back out and says that Sami remembers something. Everyone comes into her room and she begins to tell what she remembers. Before the accident her and Roman were getting ready to make dinner and she showed him her report card. She had the highest grade point average in her junior class and he wanted to take her out for ice cream. He stills thinks of her as a little girl even though she is 16 and a junior in high school. Carrie tells Austin that she thinks that it is four years ago. Sami then asks Mike if she will be well in time to go to the junior prom. He says that they will have to wait and see. Sami asks Austin why he is there and how he found out she was in the hospital because they just met. He says that Carrie told him and she says that she didn't know that they knew each other. Sami says that she is so happy that John, Marlena, and Carrie are they because she loves them so much. Mike says that it is just temporary amnesia. John leaves to go be with Kristen. Sami asks Marlena where Roman is. And Carrie wonders how the annulment will go now.

    The nurse tells Kristen that she is almost ready. Susan arrives with too much blush. Kristen freaks. After the nurse draws the blood she notices that 'Kristen' has a different shirt on. Susan tells Kristen that she spilled something on the other one because she was in a hurry. They hear John asking the nurse if they are finished and she tells him that he can go in.moreless
  • Ep. #7960
    Ep. #7960
    Episode 53
    Vivian is outraged to discover Kate has moved her office at Titan to a sub-basement, and that Kate is calling a board meeting to have Vivian ousted from Titan altogether. Kate calls Vivian a "loser" and they almost come to blows, but Ivan steps in between them. Vivian threatens to find out what Sami has on Kate and to expose her, but Kate feels secure in knowing that Sami is in a coma. Vivian and Ivan go to Sami's hospital room and try to use music to awaken her, but Kate and Mike Horton catch them and throw them out. Kate is alarmed to notice Sami's hand moving on her blanket. Outside the room, Kate tries to convince Vivian that Sami has nothing on her, but Vivian doesn't believe her and promises to expose Kate as soon as possible. Kate tells Vivian Sami will never wake up before the board meeting, but just then, Ivan reports that Sami is regaining consciousness.

    Carrie dreams that Sami has regained consciousness and is more determined to hold on to Austin than ever. When she awakens, Austin reassures her that no matter what, nothing will stand in the way of finalizing the annulment. Austin calls Mickey to make sure Sami cannot stand in the way of his marriage to Carrie once she wakes up, and Mickey is reassuring. Carrie and Austin go to the hospital to discover that Sami is opening her eyes and regaining consciousness. Mike warns them that Sami may say or do unusual things when she wakes up. Austin and Carrie stand at Sami's bedside as Sami opens her eyes.

    Marlena's suspicions are aroused when she hears Kristen tell John she doesn't know the baby's sex. Marlena, who heard the baby was a boy from the nurse, points out that the doctor and nurse told Kristen what sex the baby was and challenges Kristen to tell John. Kristen is completely clueless because Susan, who had been disguised as Kristen during the false labor incident, never told Kristen that she knew the baby's sex. Just then, gifts Marlena ordered for the baby are delivered early, and their blue wrapping clues Kristen in on the baby's gender. John is overjoyed to learn he is having a son, but Kristen, shaken by her close call, claims she is upset that Marlena spoiled her surprise by revealing the baby's sex to John. Kristen, saying she is going out for some air, goes to Susan's house. Kristen is furious with Susan for forgetting to tell her about knowing the baby's sex, and makes Susan write down details for the labor and delivery. She tells Susan to go to a private hospital where she is not known, and not to call John and Marlena until the baby is delivered and Kristen has taken Susan's place. Kristen frets that she and Susan are not the same blood type, but Susan reminds her that since Dr. Robbins has only taken blood from Susan, it won't be a problem. When Kristen leaves, Susan shows signs of instability. She talks to herself and sings to a baby doll, calling it her little girl.

    Kristen returns home and apologizes to Marlena for overreacting when Marlena spoiled her surprise, and they all go to the hospital to check on Sami. On the way up, they run into Dr. Robbins, who asks how Kristen is feeling. John points out that Kristen did not want to know the baby's sex in advance. Dr. Robbins is flabbergasted, since Susan, disguised as Kristen in the labor room, seemed very eager to know the baby's sex. Kristen explains it away as waffling, but Marlena is suspicious. Dr. Robbins then remembers that he never took Kristen's blood while she was at the hospital the previous day, and asks her to go to the lab to have blood drawn. Kristen panics, remembering that Susan's blood type is on record as hers, and the doctor will certainly notice the difference. Kristen claims she is too queasy to have blood drawn, but Dr. Robbins and John insist, while Marlena looks on with increasing suspicion.moreless
  • Ep. #7959
    Ep. #7959
    Episode 52
    Jack and Jenn discuss Laura's seemingly wild accusations against Kristen and her memories of Peter and Stefano. Laura has dreams of her captivity at the Blake house and wakes up clear-headed. Nurse Lynn, who was supposed to give Laura her memory suppression pill, sleeps in. Jenn goes up to see Laura, who insists she saw Peter and Stefino while she was gone. Jenn reminds her that Peter and Stefino are dead. Laura is upset that Jenn does not believe her. Jenn reminds Laura to take her pill, but Laura forgets.

    John runs into Marlena in the hall and tells her about Laura's accusations against Kristen. Marlena's suspicions are aroused and she goes to see Laura.

    Kristen blames Susan for the near disaster with the false labor. She confronts Susan to stay in constant touch. John walks in and Kristen is forced to hang up. John tells Kristen that Marlena is headed to Laura's house. After he leaves, Kristen calls Lynn to make sure she has given Laura her pill, but Lynn falls back asleep after she hangs up. When Marlena arrives at Laura's, Laura clearly remembers most of her experience at the Blake house. But before she can tell Marlena the details, Lynn brings in her pill. The pill takes effect quickly, and Laura's memories are too confused for Marlena to interpret, although she finds it odd that Laura remembers Kristen and the Blake house, just as Celeste had foretold.

    Jenn overhears Jack telling Mickey that he is going to plead guilty to Peter's murder to spare Jenn, Abby, and Laura the pain of a public trial. When Mickey tries to change his mind, Jack declares he will do anything for his family because he loves them. After Mickey leaves, Jenn comes downstairs and tells Jack that if he really loves them, he will change his plea to not guilty, because she doesn't want him to go to jail. They embrace emotionally, while a hidden photographer outside the house takes pictures of them.

    At Johnny Angel's, Bo tells Caroline about Hope's plan to have Bo date Billie to resolve their feelings for each other. Bo thinks it is a moot point because Billie has gone back to Paris, but just then, Billie walks up to him. She tells him she didn't go back to Paris because she wants to try Hope's plan. Bo tells her that there is no point, because he loves only Hope, but Billie is determined to try because she wants Bo back.

    Hope worries that Bo will choose Billie over her. She goes to Salem Place and runs into Franco, who invites her to model with him for an extended overseas photo shoot. Hope is reluctant, but when she sees Bo and Billie together at Johnny Angel's, she changes her mind and decides to go with him. Franco immediately calls his employer and says that they must allay Bo's suspicions about Franco so that he will not stand in the way of Hope going on the photo shoot. When Hope tells Bo that she is going out of the country with Franco, Bo tells her that she can't go because Franco is dangerous. Just then, Bo gets a call from the station. He learns that there is a strong suspect for the island murder, and it isn't Franco. Although he remains suspicious of the timing of the call, he reluctantly backs down about Hope's modeling shoot, and agrees to look after Shawn while she is gone. Bo impulsively embraces Hope, who then leaves with Franco.

    John and Kristen discuss their planned elopement. John tells Kristen he has a surprise for her, but won't tell her what it is. Just then, Father Jansen arrives. When John tells Father Jansen that he and Kristen have something serious to discuss with him, Father Jansen assumes Kristen has confessed her deception, and expresses relief to John that Kristen has told him everything. John is obviously confused, but as Father Jansen tries to decide how to explain without breaking the seal of the confessional, Kristen enters and smoothes things over. But when John asks Father Jansen to perform the marriage for him and Kristen, Father Jansen refuses and leaves without telling John why. On the way out, he sees Marlena and tells her to keep the faith, and that she will prevail. Kristen tells John that Father Jansen is probably reluctant to perform the ceremony because John used to be a priest, but John remains upset. As Marlena enters Kristen's house unseen, Kristen tries to distract John by talking about the baby. John wonders what sex the baby is, and Kristen says she can't wait to find out. Marlena overhears and demands to know what Kristen means, since Marlena learned at the hospital that Kristen was having a boy. Kristen is stymied because Susan forgot to tell her the baby was a boy.moreless
  • Ep. #7958
    Ep. #7958
    Episode 51
    Kristen confesses to Father Jansen that she lost the baby and she wants to keep it a secret, and Stefano and Peter and them kidnapping Laura and she eventually tells him about Susan. Father Jansen is very upset about what Kristen has told him and tells her that he has to tell John. She asks for forgiveness but he says that he won't until she tells John. He also says that he will not marry them.

    John and Marlena are going to the hospital because 'Kristen' is in labor.

    Susan tries to leave but the fetal monitor begins to beep when she takes it off. Dr. Robbins comes back in and says that everything is okay and it was just false labor. He says that she can go home but should wait for John. John and Marlena arrive and the notice that 'Kristen' is gone. When John and Marlena go home Kristen is already there. They wonder how she got home so fast. She does not understand what they are talking about. They ask her what went on at the hospital. Her cell phone rings and it is Susan and she hangs up on her. Kristen says that is wasn't a big deal.

    Bo is drinking at the Cheatin' Heart and he tells Abe everything. Abe tells him to do what Hope asks and maybe it will show her that he loves her and not Billie. Abe also says that he will think about putting him on the drug case. Franco is sitting behind them listening to what they have to say. Bo leaves to go the the gym and is boxing with another officer. The other officer starts making wise cracks about Hope. Abe breaks up the fight to tell Bo that he is not going to put him on the drug case.

    Hope is at the docks and Kate arrives, and Kate gets upset because Hope says that she still is not going to be with Bo. Kate goes home and finds Billie. Franco arrives on the docks to talk to Hope. Hope cries and Franco comforts her. They talk about Franco's love Angela. Hope gets a call from Billie saying that she stayed in Salem. Hope leaves and Franco calls his boss to tell them that everyone thing is going okay.moreless
  • Ep. #7957
    Ep. #7957
    Episode 50
    Austin vows to Carrie that they will be together forever no matter what. John tries to reach Marlena. Hope tries to convince Billie to stay so Bo can choose which of them he wants.
  • Ep. #7956
    Ep. #7956
    Episode 49
    Kristen is surprised to learn that Lynn is working for Stefano. Hope decides to take on a dangerous case to try to forget about Bo, while Billie decides the time has come to leave Salem. Sami finally opens her eyes. Marlena is by Susan's side as she goes into labor.
  • Ep. #7955
    Ep. #7955
    Episode 48
    Sami's friends and family continue to pray for her safe recovery, and hope that Austin's words will be the impetus she needs to wake up. While Hope seeks comfort from Franco, Billie forces herself to accept that she and Bo can never have a future together.
  • Ep. #7954
    Ep. #7954
    Episode 47
    Carrie is devastated after overhearing Austin confess his love to Sami, and Marlena tries to convince her that Austin is just trying to save Sami's life. Laura tries to tell Jennifer everything about Stefano and Peter, but Jennifer believes her mother is just confused. Kate tries to convince Billie to fight for Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #7953
    Ep. #7953
    Episode 46
    Laura believes that she remembers everything that happened, and asks Kristen, John and Marlena to be there when she tells her children the truth. Abe gives Lexie a letter about the jewels that Stefano left for her in a safe deposit box, but Lexie isn't certain if she wants to have anything to do with her father\'s legacy. Austin plays his and Sami's wedding tape for her, hoping that it will give her the strength to fight for her life. Alone with Sami, Austin tells her he loves her, hoping to bring her back.moreless
  • Ep. #7952
    Ep. #7952
    Episode 45
    Lynn feels awful that Laura escaped, but Jennifer assures her that it wasn't her fault. Meanwhile, Laura is at the Blake house trying to remember exactly what happened to her. Hope watches as Billie and Bo embrace on the docks, but although Bo says he loves her, Billie knows that he is committed to Hope. John, Marlena, Carrie and Austin hold vigil by Sami's side, praying for her safe recovery. Austin feels like the accident is his fault, but the others assure him that he is not to blame.moreless
  • Ep. #7951
    Ep. #7951
    Episode 44
    Alice persuades Hope to give Bo one more chance. Meanwhile, Billie finally gives in to Kate's suggestion that she go to Bo and comfort him in his grief. Sami is still lying in hospital near death. Laura continues to flash the Blake house.
  • Ep. #7950
    Ep. #7950
    Episode 43
    Sami's worsening condition affects everyone. Billie pays Bo a visit while Hope talks to Alice about her life. Kristen is nervous as Laura plans to go home with Jennifer and nurse Lynn. Meanwhile, Mickey urges Jack to change his mind about pleading guilty to Peter's murder.
  • Ep. #7949
    Ep. #7949
    Episode 42
    While the family is convinced that Sami is taking a turn for the better, Mike warns them not to be too optimistic because things don't look good for her. Kate walks in on Vivan and Ivan at Sami's, but when she threatens to call the police, Vivian implies that she has Sami's dirt on Kate. Kristen is worried when she finds out that Laura has asked Marlena to hypnotize her.moreless
  • Ep. #7948
    Ep. #7948
    Episode 41
    Austin continues to blame himself for Sami's accident as her friends and family wait to learn if she will live or not. Carrie brings Will to see Sami, and Sami responds when Lucas calls her 'mama'. Jennifer and Kristen head to the hospital to realise that Laura doesn't seem to recall anything since the funeral, and after they leave, Laura asks Marlena to hypnotize her. Vivian goes to Sami's apartment to find out what she's got on Kate, only to learn from Wendy about Sami's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #7947
    Ep. #7947
    Episode 40
    Bo and Billie go to Jill's apartment to question Jill in an attempt to find out why she is lying to them, not realising that Franco is there hiding in a closet the entire time. Distraught over Sami's accident, Marlena goes upstairs to see Laura and finds Kristen on the phone, but Kristen claims she was only talking to a friend of Laura's (it was Stefano). Kate tried to convince Billie to take advantage of Bo's worry for Sami, but Billie refused.moreless
  • Ep. #7946
    Ep. #7946
    Episode 39
    On the pier, Hope tells Bo to accept the fact that Franco is innocent. At the hospital, Austin is in the waiting room, horrified over what has happened with Sami. Kate takes Billie aside, and privately tells Billie that she believes Sami deserved what she got. Kristen heads to Laura's room and wonders if she will remember what she saw.moreless
  • Ep. #7945
    Ep. #7945
    Episode 38
    On the docks, Bo and Billie talk about Franco's possible guilt, and Bo's frustration at his inability to guarantee a future with Hope. Marlena tries to convince John that Kristen shouldn't fly this close to her due date, but John assures Marlena that the doctor told Kristen it was okay. While trying to leave the garage, Austin's car fails, and he hits Sami not once, but twice.moreless
  • Ep. #7944
    Ep. #7944
    Episode 37
    Sami tries to convince Austin that there are problems with his vehicle, but after all her lies in the past he refuses to believe her. No one else is willing to listen either, so Sami leaves, determined to prove that she's telling the truth. Sami tries again to convince Austin of the truth, but, after reminding her of her misdeeds, he attempts to leave but the car jerks, hitting Sami. Marlena stops Kristen and John from leaving the party, insisting that they ring in the New Year, but Kristen tries to convince her that they want to be alone. Mike also adds his voice in, telling them to stay for Alice's sake, which John finally agrees to. The Carvers also show up with Celeste to celebrate, and Lexie and Celeste attempt to warn Marlena of danger. Laura is unable to remember her nightmares when she awakes, but has a vision of Peter and Stefano. Marlena rushes to get Mike to try to tell him that his mother is remembering what happened, but Laura is unable to recall everything. Kristen attempts to get John out of town so they can get married, but Marlena stops them. Franco tries hard to convince Billie that Bo and Hope are finished and that she has a chance, but Billie refuses to accept Bo unless he comes to her whole-heartedly.moreless
  • Ep. #7943
    Ep. #7943
    Episode 36
    Kristen refuses to go with John and Marlena to see Laura, but finally agrees. Kristen worries that Laura will remember what she did, but when Laura wakes up, she has no memory of why she wanted to see Kristen so desperately. Laura finally blurts out the truth about seeing Peter, but Jennifer tries to convince her that wasn't possible. While Austin is reporting his car as stolen, Sami skids out of control and is knocked out. The police later bring her to the Brady Pub in handcuffs and reveal her as the thief. Sami tries to convince Austin and Carrie that his car is dangerous, but no one listens. Carrie does, however, convince Austin to drop the charges against Sami so Will won't have to be without his mother. Jill refuses to name Franco as her attacker, but Bo remains convinced that he is guilty. Hope tells Bo that their relationship is over, and the two argue about what happened on the island between himself and Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #7942
    Ep. #7942
    Episode 35
    Sami is devastated when Austin brings by the annulment papers, still convinced that she could have a future with him. After he leaves, she strengthens her resolve to come between him and Carrie. Shawn and Caroline are thrilled when Carrie and Austin give them the news about her annulment. Sami tries to stop the annulment, but the lawyer tells her that there is nothing that can be done. Kate, meanwhile, wants Austin and Carrie to get married at the Kiriakis mansion. Sami overhears Carrie and Austin's plans to go to Green Mountain Lodge together and steals Austin's car. Kristen goes to see Laura with Marlena, John, Jennifer and Mike, and worries that if Laura remembers what she saw that she will lose John forever. Mike says that, physically, Laura is fine, but both he and Marlena worry about the mark on her forehead. Kristen takes advantage of a private moment with John to ask him if they would be together if she wasn't pregnant, and John skirts the question. At the police station, Bo and Abe prepare the lineup, with Bo convinced that Jill will finger Franco as her attacker, which means Hope will take him back.moreless
  • Ep. #7941
    Ep. #7941
    Episode 34
    Hope has a dream that Bo brings Franco into the lineup for Jill to identify, and when she wakes she learns that Shawn-Douglas has prepared a special Christmas breakfast for her and Bo. Bo is convinced that he and Hope will reunite after the lineup, but Hope isn't quite so certain. Franco meets Billie at the docks, where she is reminiscing about her past with Bo. Franco promises Billie that he is not the one who attacked Jill, and tries to convince her that Bo still wants her, but Billie isn't quite so certain. Bo and Hope later meet up at the police station, where a nervous Jill knows that one way or the other, Bo, Hope and Billie's lives will change forever after today. Jack prepares to clean the carpets to get Peter\'s blood out, which upset Jennifer. Alice tries to offer comfort to Jack, but he can\'t stop thinking about Jennifer, who he feels is shutting him out. Jack later mets with Mickey to discuss strategy on his case. Kristen worries that, if Laura remembers, everything will be over for her.moreless
  • Ep. #7940
    Ep. #7940
    Episode 33
    The Bradys celebrate Christmas with all of their closest friends, including Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Jonah, Wendy and Ben, as Caroline remembers Christmas past. Sami has a dream about Santa, who warns her that she's the naught Brady sister. Austin and Carrie celebrate the fact that his marriage to Sami will soon be annulled and they can begin their life together. Jack, Jennifer and Abby also celebbrate Christmas together, planning to take Abby to visit Laura, who is with Mike and Alice, soon. John and Marlena celebrate Christmas at the DiMera mansion with Brady and Belle, and Kristen interrupts a passionate moment between John and Marlena in the kitchen, where Laura arrives to announce that Stefano is still alive. Later, the group heads over to the Bradys, where they meet up with Austin, Carrie, Sami and Will. Celeste warns Kristen that she's been having strange visions about her and Laura.moreless
  • Ep. #7939
    Ep. #7939
    Episode 32
    The citizens of Salem celebrate Christmas. Lucas is welcomed into the Horton family as a true Horton.
  • Ep. #7938
    Ep. #7938
    Episode 31
    Shawn D. prays for Jill to wake up, which luckily she does. Jennifer seeks comfort in Jack's arms over everything that has happened.
  • Ep. #7937
    Ep. #7937
    Episode 30
    Billie is organizing the Titan Christmas gala when Franco enters and reassures her that she will have Bo.
  • Ep. #7936
    Ep. #7936
    Episode 29
    Celeste bumps into Susan and finds her familiar, but a scared Susan runs away.
  • Ep. #7935
    Ep. #7935
    Episode 28
    John rushes after a woman who has recently bought gloves he wants to buy Kristen, not realising it's Susan that he's chasing.
  • Ep. #7934
    Ep. #7934
    Episode 27
    Kristen finds Laura where Stefano is holding her and wants to free her, but Peter shows up. Kristen is happy to see her brother, but shocked to learn that he plans to remain hidden.
  • Ep. #7933
    Ep. #7933
    Episode 26
    Jennifer sees a light on the second floor of the Blake house and rushes up there, but they just miss seeing Laura.
  • Ep. #7932
    Ep. #7932
    Episode 25
    Sami and Austin married in Paris so that they wouldn't lose Will, but Austin planned to get an annulment as soon as possible.
  • Ep. #7931
    Ep. #7931
    Episode 24
    After reading the letter John had left for Marlena, Kristen schemed to keep them apart. With Daniel dead, there was no one around to tell the truth about Peter not being dead.
  • Ep. #7930
    Ep. #7930
    Episode 23
    Jennifer and Jack get even more worried when Laura's purse is found at the church. Billie watches as Hope returns her engagement ring to Bo. Carrie and Austin have another romantic interlude.
  • Ep. #7929
    Ep. #7929
    Episode 22
    Kristen gets more and more nervous the closer she, John, and Marlena get to the doctor's office. Jack and Mike get more and more worried about Laura.
  • Ep. #7928
    Ep. #7928
    Episode 21
    The day has arrived when John is to accompany Kristen to the doctor, and Kristen worries that she and Susan won't pull off the switch. Sami is still pressuring Austin to choose her over her half-sister, even though his heart lies with Carrie. Billie feels guilty about the way things went down between Bo and Hope. Bo hands his badge in to Abe.moreless
  • Ep. #7927
    Ep. #7927
    Episode 20
    Mike wonders if Kristen and John know where Laura is. Billie goes to see her mother.
  • Ep. #7926
    Ep. #7926
    Episode 19
    Jennifer worries when she can't find her mother, not realising she's being held captive by Stefano. Franco is frantic when he realises that Billie has recognized Jill.
  • Ep. #7925
    Ep. #7925
    Episode 18
    After Kristen angrily confronts Jack about her brother's death, her padding slips. Not only does Laura know she's not pregnant, Laura has also seen Peter, and knows he's still alive!
  • Ep. #7924
    Ep. #7924
    Episode 17
    After studying Kristen's chart, Marlena begins to accept that she really is pregnant. While mourners gather to say goodbye to Peter, Stefano waits in the Church.
  • Ep. #7923
    Ep. #7923
    Episode 16
    In jail, Jack focuses his mind on the hypodermic syringe Peter had in his hand. Marlena is puzzling over Kristen's strange pregnancy. Bo continues to search for Jill.
  • Ep. #7922
    Ep. #7922
    Episode 15
    Celeste and Lexie go the morgue to say their final goodbyes to Peter. Sami tells Kate that she wants something else from her. Thanksgiving Day continues at the Brady pub.
  • Ep. #7921
    Ep. #7921
    Episode 14
    While Stefano pays a mysterious visit to Peter's body in the morgue, Kristen is wracked with grief over her brother's death. Billie visits Jill (not realising Franco is there), and Hope wonders if Bo will come to Thanksgiving. Sami uses the hold she has over Kate to her greatest advantage.
  • Ep. #7920
    Ep. #7920
    Episode 13
    The citizens of Salem are shocked when Peter dies, and Jack is shocked to think that he took another man's life. Stefano vows to avenge Peter. Bo is determined to prove he's been right about Franco all along.
  • Ep. #7919
    Ep. #7919
    Episode 12
    Kristen tells Stefano that she will do anything to save her brother, anything at all. Peter continues to fight for his life, but his heart stops once again. Bo keeps trying to search for Jill.
  • Ep. #7918
    Ep. #7918
    Episode 11
    While Abe and Jack search Stefano's room, he visits Peter in the hospital in disguise. Austin and Carrie have a romantic time together. Kate and Sami duke it out.
  • Ep. #7917
    Ep. #7917
    Episode 10
    Stefano can't believe it when he sees Peter fighting for his life, especially when the surgery doesn't go as scheduled. Sami focuses her anger on Kate now that Austin and Carrie have reunited. Jack is desperate to prove that he didn't shoot Peter in cold blood.
  • Ep. #7916
    Ep. #7916
    Episode 9
    Jennifer and Jack are shocked to find Peter shot and lying in a pool of his own blood. Sami tries to stop Carrie and Austin's romantic interlude, but is unsuccessful. Bo, Hope, and Billie wait anxiously to hear what Franco has to say. John and Kristen head off to get married.moreless
  • Ep. #7915
    Ep. #7915
    Episode 8
    Jack arrives at Jennifer's home just as Peter is heading up the stairs to kidnap his estranged wife. Billie stops by Hope's to explain what happened at the cabin.
  • Ep. #7914
    Ep. #7914
    Episode 7
    Jack worries about his ex-wife and daughter, and with good reason...Peter is stepping up his kidnapping plans. Bo begs Hope to just give him a chance to explain what she saw.
  • Ep. #7913
    Ep. #7913
    Episode 6
    Kristen is trying to move up her wedding to John, but it's Marlena who answers the phone when the justice of the peace calls. Hope rushes to leave the island after seeing Bo and Billie together, believing Bo has chosen Billie over her. Jennifer tries to make Abby understand that not all mothers and fathers are meant to be together. Carrie worries that she and Austin will end up like Bo and Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #7912
    Ep. #7912
    Episode 5
    Hope is shocked by what she sees when she arrives on the island. Kristen can't get the JP's number back from Marlena. The Bradys and Hortons wait for word.
  • Ep. #7911
    Ep. #7911
    Episode 4
    Hope is heart-broken when Bo doesn't show up for the wedding, and goes to the cabin to think...and guess who she finds?
  • Ep. #7910
    Ep. #7910
    Episode 3
    It's Bo and Hope's wedding day, but while Hope is in town, Bo is trapped on the island. Because of the restraining order, Carrie cannot attend her uncle's wedding. Sami is thrilled that she and Austin will be paired at the wedding. Marlena realised John and Kristen are heading for a justice of the peace.moreless
  • Ep. #7909
    Ep. #7909
    Episode 2
    Bo rushes into the cabin just as Franco looms over Billie. John nearly catches Susan.
  • Ep. #7908
    Ep. #7908
    Episode 1
    Stefano tells Kristen that Susan will give her and John the baby to raise when it is born. Bo decides to go out to the island to check on Billie just as Franco makes his move. Wendy is grateful for the close relationship between Jonah and her son.