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Season 53 : Episode 223

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  • Ep. #8414
    Ep. #8414
    Episode 251
    Nicole and Taylor have a confrontation at Nicole's place. Taylor attacks her sister for the way she lied to Eric, and accuses Nicole of ruining the friendship that she [Taylor] and Eric had. Eric meets up with Austin and Carrie and tells them about the break up, but Austin tells Eric that if he really loves Nicole he should take a moment to think about what his life would be like without her in it. Austin's words make Carrie feel guilty, and later, she tells Austin she's ready to start a family, as Eric knocks on Nicole's door.

    Stefano is furious when Vivian signs power of attorney papers giving John control. Vivian, Celeste, and John leave, and a furious Stefano relays his frustrations to Rolf. Stefano wants to use the mind control on Vivian, and Rolf warns him that Vivian could die from just one more push of the button. Later Stefano watches John and Vivian on the monitor at Jonesy's townhouse, and vows that John will never get his hands on his [Stefano's] treasures.moreless
  • Ep. #8267
    Ep. #8267
    Episode 104
    Laura assists with the organisation of Susan and Edmund's wedding, not knowing Susan is really Kristen in disguise.
  • Ep. #8234
    Ep. #8234
    Episode 71
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8164
    Ep. #8164
    Episode 1
    The doctors are forced to take directions from Stefano when Roman needs certain drugs in a certain dosage. Jack is upset to learn that T.C. got his hands on a note that Jennifer had sent him.