Days of our Lives - Season 34

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  • Ep. #8667
    Ep. #8667
    Episode 253
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  • Ep. #8649
    Ep. #8649
    Episode 235
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  • Ep. #8621
    Ep. #8621
    Episode 207
    In Paris, Bo and John continue to talk about their plan to get Gina out of Hope and come up with the idea to send John to tell her it's over between them. In Salem, after Mike's talk with Alice, he decides she's right and he has to leave town alone to think things over. Mike walks in to Carrie's meeting with Lexie and Maggie and after Winston and Lewis offer him his job back, Mike tells them no and that he's leaving Salem. Nancy and Craig try to contain their enthusiasm and Nancy gives Mike a big bear hug. Mike talks with Carrie in the board room alone and tells her she can't go with him. That after what their love's cost he needs to think things over, and that he'll do it while visiting his son Jeremy in Israel. Mike leaves Carrie devistated, but he knows it's the right thing to do, for now. Over at the police station, Claire McIntyre calls Mickey Horton down to defend her daughter at her arrainment, but angrily refuses. Later on, DA Carson Palmer arrives at Claire's request to talk about her daughter's future. He talks with Ali in Abe's office and witnesses her insanity. Ali says she's going to marry Mike today, and that everything she did was for love. When Abe questions her about the Carrie Doll, Ali flips out and sees a lifed size version of the doll prancing around the office taunting her. After witnessing this episode he's convinced Claire's telling the truth and will recomend to the judge Ali be sent to a mental hospital. Shortly after, Lewis arrives to retrieve the three million dollars from Claire. Claire puts up a fit, saying the money is needed for her daughter's rehabilitation but eventually hands him the briefcase with the cash. Ali taunts her mother, saying she got them the money and she just gave it back and asks why chillingly asks why can't she do anything right.moreless
  • Ep. #8620
    Ep. #8620
    Episode 206
    In Paris, John shows up to help Greta and Eric with exuming Gina's coffin but stops by Bo's first to see whats going on. Bo almost faints and John gets concerned. In Salem, Mike wakes up and he and Carrie get close. The two talk about getting Mike reinstated as COS at University Hospital. In the ER, Nancy and Craig tell Winston & Lewis about Nancy being drugged. Alice and Maggie show up and Carrie leaves to talk to Winston and Lewis and play them Ali's tape. After hearing it, they decide they should ask Mike to take his job back. At the mansion, Sami is reading the paper about last night's events and can't believe how heroic Austin was. Austin shrugs it off as nothing and tells Sami he really saw for the first time last night how much Carrie loves Mike. Back in Paris, Gina's having a nightmare about Stefano making Bo and John fight to the death. She's woken up by Stefano, and the two talk about their plans to make Bo into their pawn to steal the last Renet.moreless
  • Ep. #8619
    Ep. #8619
    Episode 205
    In Paris, Greta sees her mother's face and screams in horror. As Gina runs out of the room she's caught by Kurt who wisks her back into the touret. Gina doesn't understand Greta's reaction, and Kurt explains that she's been up there for many years. Gina finally sees her true face and realizes she's been living a lie these past years. Back in Salem, Austin dives out of the police chopper into the water to try and save Mike from the car wreck. He pulls Ali out first and goes back and gets Mike. While trying to revive Mike, Ali sneaks up behind Carrie and holds a razor blade to her throat. Austin tries to talk Ali down by saying he still loves Carrie and doesn't want to see her dead despite her affair with Mike but Ali calls him a fool. Ali decides to make a run for it but doesn't get far after the police shoot at her. Ali is taken back to University Hospital along with Mike and once there tells her mother she's met the most amazing man, a doctor. Claire and Lexie look in horror. In the ER, Carrie is sitting at Mike's bedside waiting for him to wake up and says how much she loves and needs him, with Austin listening behind her.moreless
  • Ep. #8618
    Ep. #8618
    Episode 204
    Greta comes face to face with her mother. Eric misses Nicole. Kate confides in Nicholas about missing Victor. Nicole tries to tell Brandon about being bought by Kate but just as she's about to say it she walks in the room. Sami and Lucas argue about their son's happiness after putting Will to bed. Claire finds out from Nancy and Craig that Ali drugged her drink. Carrie and Austin, worried about Mike, go to Ali's appartment and discover the Carrie Doll and her travel plans. A frantic Claire tells Austin about Ali's attempt at suicide in Las Vegas and Carrie tears into her that she allowed Ali to go even more crazy so she could get the three million dollars from University Hospital. Austin calls Roman and the police go in persuit of Ali and Mike. On the road, Ali learns that Mike recorded their conversation and has Tony rough him up. Soon after, the police chopper arrives on scene demanding they pull over. Ali decides if she can't have Mike, no one will and drives over a cliff with Carrie watching from the chopper in horror!moreless
  • Ep. #8617
    Ep. #8617
    Episode 203
    Ali taunts Mike as they drive to her secret hidaway. While enroute, Ali gets scared when a police siren sounds behind her. After the car passes her, Ali tells Mike if they'd pulled her over Tony, in the car behind them, would have killed them. Carrie and Austin again talk about their failed marrage, their second anniversary the next day, and Mike & Ali. As Austin's on his way out he stumbles on the tape recorder that Mike dropped and the two listen to Ali's confession and realize something is wrong. Sami and Brandon continue their discussion about Austin. Nicole and Lucas return from a country club function and Nicole's upset over the comments from some of the ladies there. Will calls for his parents and Nicole and Brandon are left alone to talk about her feelings for Lucas and Eric. Eric has a fantacy about being with Nicole, while Greta is visited by Gina who realizes she's her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #8616
    Ep. #8616
    Episode 202
    Eric and Greta explore Gina's bedroom in the Chateau de Reves, while Kurt decides its time to get them out of the castle. Up in the touret, Gina plans her escape and knocks Kurt out and steals his keys when he comes to check on her. Gina makes her way to her bedroom and overhears Greta and Eric inside, unable to make out what they're saying. Back in Salem, Sami and Austin are having a swim in the Kiriakis pool when Carrie comes over to talk to Austin about their divorce. Inside the mansion, Brandon talks about Sami's hopes to get with Austin now that his marrage to Carrie's ending. Outside, Carrie relents and signs the divorce papers. Austin says it's the best 2 year anniversary present he could have asked for. Meanwhile at Carrie's appartment Mike anxiously waits for Carrie to get back so he can play her Ali's taped confession when he answers a phone call, it's Ali - shocked to hear Mike's voice she quickly hangs up. Shortly after, Ali shows up at Carrie's appartment with her goon and Mike is forced at gunpoint to leave with her. While driving out of Salem, Ali tells Mike she'll make him love her, even if it takes forever.moreless
  • Ep. #8605
    Ep. #8605
    Episode 191
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  • Ep. #8598
    Ep. #8598
    Episode 184
    In Hawaii, John & Marlena revisit all the places they went on their honeymoon, including the beach where John disapeared and the two can't figure out what could have happened, and how he lost his wedding ring. Back in Salem, Lucas is shocked when he learns Kate let Austin move into the Kiriakis Pool House, and Kate & Lucas are equally shocked when they find out Sami's moved in with Austin. In private, as Billie, Austin & Lucas argue in the pool house, Sami shows Kate she has Rosa Barelli's thank you letter and wants to know why she was so determined to get the deathbed confession from Roberto. At University Hospital, Stefano visits Lexie and asks how she could betray him like she did. He then tells her he'll be leaving for a while, and Lexie feels guilty. Brandon fills applies for a job at University Hospital and talks to Lexie for the first time about her hiring him. In Paris, "Gina" and Bo are at Gina's Townhouse and talk about the real Princess Gina and their son Shawn-D. "Gina" screams when she sees Kurt lurking in the bushes. Meanwhile, the real princess Gina is going further out of her mind in the torret as she waits for John and decides she must kill Kurt.moreless
  • Ep. #8597
    Ep. #8597
    Episode 183
    Carrie, Austin and Sami argue over them moving into the guest house to spy on Lucas and Will. Carrie says she can't believe Austin chose Sami over his wife, and now his own mother. In Paris, Princess Gina continues her imaginary dinner date with Kurt, while at the real restaurant Bo and "Gina" meet up with Greta and Eric and discuss Gina's mental state towards the end, and her relationship with Father John. "Gina" and Bo leave for Princess Gina's townhouse, but when they get there "Gina" sees Kurt lurking, screams, and faints. At the hospital, Nancy & Craig talk to Mike about the arbitration tomorrow and wish him luck. Mike says he's going to call on them to testify in his defence, but Craig says Ali's lawyer has already called him as a witness against him. Ali & Claire come up and gloat that she's going to win tomorrow and Mike will be without Carrie and a job. A tabloid photographer uses the fight to get a photo before being run off by Mike. Mike accuses Ali of staging the fight to get it into the papers. Carrie takes Mike to his office to calm down. In the ER, Craig and Nancy argue with Claire over her daughter's mental state, and her ability to pull off tomorrow. Craig's afraid she'll finger them as the ones who got her to file the lawsuit. Ali goes back to the locker room and plays with her Carrie Doll. In her mind, the doll comes to life and Ali argues with it ... before stabbing it to death.moreless
  • Ep. #8596
    Ep. #8596
    Episode 182
    Abe is furious with Lexie for lying to him about Vivian's health and asks what Stefano did to Vivian to make her fake that she was dying. At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano tries to deny knowing what the chip is but Vivian doesn't let up. Stefano can't believe Lexie would lie to him. Carrie comes home to the appartment to find Sami packing up Austin's things and tells her Austin asked her to move in with him at the Kiriakis Guest House. At the Cheatin' Heart, Mike tries to talk to Austin about what happened between him and Carrie, but Austin throws it in his face. In Paris, Bo takes "Gina" out to dinner to try and revive some of Hope's feelings, and at the same time in the torret, Kurt gives the real Princess Gina an evening of dinner and dancing - but in her warped mind she thinks she's out at the real restaurant interacting with royalty.moreless
  • Ep. #8594
    Ep. #8594
    Episode 180
    Craig tells Nancy that any day now, he will have that job. Ali is getting ready to drop a bomb on Mike. One of the nurses complains that they can only get good shifts if they sleep with the Chief of Staff, and Craig notes to the board that the sexual harrassment suit is affecting everyone. At Mickey's, Mike wants to drag Ali through the mud, but Mickey tells him that Ali is off limit. Unfortunately, he and Carrie aren't. They head over to the hospital, where the assorted group watches Ali blast Mike and Carrie on television.

    Gregory and Rex prepare Ali for the upcoming interview, but Ali is more worried about getting Carrie to admit in court that she had an affair with Mike. After the interview is over, Rex tells Ali that he would love a primetime interview with her. Ali, Gregory, and Claire head down to the hospital, where Ali refuses to settle the lawsuit out of court. She finally agrees to arbitration as long as Carrie ends up on the stand. Later she goes home and talks to her 'dolls'.

    Carrie and Austin go to their counseling session with Pat Ramsey, and it turns into a free-for-all, with Carrie blaming Austin because he had to spend time with Sami, and Austin blaming Carrie because she knew he didn't love Sami. Carrie says she wants their marriage to work, but Austin doesn't think he can trust her again. She vows to do whatever she can to fix it, and Pat asks Austin if that's enough.

    When Stefano begs her for the truth on Vivian's condition, she accuses him of feeling guilty. After agreeing to help his great-aunt, Nicholas tells Lexie that Vivian just can't tell the truth. Vivian lays a guilt trip on Stefano with Lexie and Nicholas watching. Later Nicholas goes to Dr. Wu and asks him to do some work on the mysterious device.moreless
  • Ep. #8579
    Ep. #8579
    Episode 165
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  • Ep. #8578
    Ep. #8578
    Episode 164
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  • Ep. #8577
    Ep. #8577
    Episode 163
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  • Ep. #8576
    Ep. #8576
    Episode 162
    John and Marlena's wedding ceremony begins and they start it off by having their children form the bride's bouquet with a flower that represents them. The couple then both recite poems they've written themselves as part of their vows. At the reception, Bo notices "Hope" crying and asks her what's wrong, only for "Hope" to blow him off. Carrie tries to talk with Austin when their song is played but he walks away before she can say anything. When Sami rubs it in her face, Carrie runs out to the terrace in tears. Shawn and Caroline decide to renew their vows while the minister's still there. Bo informs Vivian about the furnace explosion at her townhouse and about "Hope"'s reaction to the art expert examining the seascape painting. Austin follows Carrie out to the terrace and offers her his handkerchief. Bo finds "Hope" and accuses her of reaching her drinking limit but she tells him he doesn't know anything about her. When Alice insinuates she's had too much to drink as well Gina takes off for the ladies room. John and Marlena join the reception and Eric toasts the newlyweds. In the ladies room, Billie overhears "Hope" admit she's in love with John how painful it was to watch him marry "that woman."moreless
  • Ep. #8575
    Ep. #8575
    Episode 161
    Gina meets with John outside Salem to carry out Stefano's plan to turn John back into Father John. Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate meets Brandon for the first time and is angry when she learns Nicole has invited him to live there. At the hospital, Craig and Nancy try to get Ali under control after they see her drawing a bloodied picture of Carrie. Laura overhears their conversation and soon after she and Claire McIntyre get into a fight over Ali's lawsuit. Meanwhile, over at the Penthouse Grill no one knows where John is and Marlena is worried. Eric tells Bo that John went to meet "Hope" and when she arrives Marlena demands to know where her husband is. John finally arrives at the Penthouse Grill and the ceremony begins, but someone has knocked out Rolf.moreless
  • Ep. #8559
    Ep. #8559
    Episode 145
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  • Ep. #8558
    Ep. #8558
    Episode 144
    Gina and Stefano talk about Marlena's pleas for help. Lucas bursts into the execution chamber in the nick of time.
  • Ep. #8557
    Ep. #8557
    Episode 143
    Roberto maintains his story that Sami killed Franco. Lucas has second thoughts about letting Sami die for a crime he committed.
  • Ep. #8556
    Ep. #8556
    Episode 142
    Marlena begs Stefano to help Sami. Kate convince Roman to talk to Franco.
  • Ep. #8555
    Ep. #8555
    Episode 141
    Sami and her brother Eric bond over lost loves. Kate continues to manipulate Roberto into implicating Sami in Franco's death.
  • Ep. #8554
    Ep. #8554
    Episode 140
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  • Ep. #8548
    Ep. #8548
    Episode 134
    Vivian shares her history with Jonesy with Nicholas. Stefano and Rolf discuss Gina's forgery.
  • Ep. #8538
    Ep. #8538
    Episode 124
    After being accosted by men from her past, Nicole cashes the check that Kate gave her, endorsing it on request from the bank vice president (A.C. Cobb). Kate's lawyer Gregory tells her that with Lucas marrying Nicole, it increases his chances for custody. Eric and Roman are frustrated to find Roberto still in a coma, and Roman doesn't want to loan Eric the money to set up house with Nicole. Marlena tells Carrie that it's not she who needs to forgive her; rather, Austin needs to forgive her. Sami encourages Austin to give him and Carrie a second chance, and hopes they can give Will a good home.moreless
  • Ep. #8415
    Ep. #8415
    Episode 1
    Stefano is furious when Wayne and Earl tell him they weren't able to capture Greta. After watching John on the monitor for awhile, he decides to use Hope's memory disk to transfer Hope into Gina to destroy the Brady family. Hope tells Bo that Greta was telling the truth when she told him that his daughter with Billie died in the bayou. Bo immediately wants to start planning their future together, but Hope says she needs time. Billie tells Roman about the lies she told regarding her daughter. Roman tells her that he can sympathize with her, and sort of understand why she did it, but he doesn't think that he can forgive her. Kate isn't thrilled when Lucas tells her that he's ready to get romantically involved with Nicole, she was encouraging him to date Taylor, whom she had hired to help him work towards recovery. Greta meets with John and tells him she wants to help him learn the truth. After she tells him part of what happened with Bo and Hope, John realises Greta is in love with Bo.moreless