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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Ep. #8895
    Ep. #8895
    Episode 228
    Brandon interrupts Angela and Sami's girl talk just before Sami got the information that she needed. Greta and Austin find themselves in Virtual Eden. John tells Marlena he can prove that he fathered Hope's son.
  • Ep. #8887
    Ep. #8887
    Episode 220
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8869
    Ep. #8869
    Episode 202
    A badly bruised Nicole shakes Lucas awake and says that he's the one who did that to her, and that he also confessed to killing Franco. Lucas spills his guts about everything that happened, only later realising that Nicole was taping their entire conversation.
  • Ep. #8868
    Ep. #8868
    Episode 200
    Abe is shocked when he learns that Brandon Walker is Fay's son. He doesn't understand why Brandon hates him so much, but Fay believes it's connected with what happened with Paul. Abe wonders if Brandon knows that he and Fay had an affair when Brandon, Nicole, and Taylor were children, but Fay tells him no one knows about their long and secret affair.moreless
  • Ep. #8865
    Ep. #8865
    Episode 198
    Boy band Plus One plays at the ground-breaking for Mimi's house.
  • Ep. #8857
    Ep. #8857
    Episode 190
    Ghostly Isabella looks down on her troubled son Brady.
  • Ep. #8854
    Ep. #8854
    Episode 187
    After Eric crashes his car from trying to out run a train, Isabella defends Eric in Heaven Court to determine if he will live or die.
  • Ep. #8850
    Ep. #8850
    Episode 183
    After seeing Mimi run out of the room, Nancy tries to signal Craig that now is not the time to offer the Lockharts a place to live, because without Mimi there, the family will probably accept! Unfortunately, he misses her signals...and the Lockhart family gratefully accepts his generous offer. Craig and Nancy bicker about the outcome until Alice comes over to them and tells them to take their new guests home.moreless
  • Ep. #8849
    Ep. #8849
    Episode 182
    David Lockhart is reunited with his wife, son, and daughter, thanks to Shawn. He tells his family he is so sorry he wasn't there for him, but unfortunately, he *still* doesn't have a job. They decide to worry about that later and talk to Dawn from Habitat for Humanity, who tells them that at least one of them needs to work outside the home (David assures her he will take any job, anywhere, to support his family), assures the family that the home they build will be within their budget, but says they need some volunteers (of which they have plenty, most of them under the age of 18). Alice Horton opens her mouth to tell them that she will foot the bill for the hotel for as long as necessary when a press crew bursts in...followed by the Wesleys.moreless
  • Ep. #8846
    Ep. #8846
    Episode 179
    Nancy isn't pleased to see the way Chloe and Craig are bonding, especially since Chloe treats her like garbage. When Craig complains to Nancy about the way Alice Horton treats the two of them and how she stands in his way at the hospital, Nancy tells him that if they were more civically minded, even 'that witch' Alice Horton couldn't complain. Nancy suggests that she and Craig offer to house Mimi and her family until they're able to find a home of their own, because it goes without saying that Mimi would never agree to the idea, but then they'll look that much better in the eyes of the community. Philip and Chloe have shown up and Philip is offering to help any way he can, but Shawn knows his old friend too well, and realises that Philip has an ulterior motive. Belle tells the teens that there are some complications...before Habitat for Humanity will help them, Mimi's father needs to get a job. Still with her mother and brother, Mimi continues to be upset that everyone found out, but Maureen tells Mimi that if people are willing to help, they need to accept graciously. Alice shows up and tries tactfully to tell Mimi that her friends have come up with a plan. Craig and Nancy announce to news crews that they are also willing to help, and it's hard to tell whether Mimi or the Wesleys are more shocked when Maureen accepts their offer to live there.moreless
  • Ep. #8844
    Ep. #8844
    Episode 177
    Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Maureen, and Conner show up at the hospital so someone can look at Conner. Initially the hospital balks since Mimi's family doesn't have insurance, but Belle assures them that John Black and Marlena Evans, who just so happen to be her parents, will take care of everything. While Conner and Maureen are in with the doctor, Shawn and Belle try to talk to Mimi about the conversation they witnessed between her and the drug dealer, but she angrily brushes them off. Her friends persis, and finally she breaks down and tells them everything. They promise not to tell. Mimi realises that Chloe also saw, but Belle assures Mimi that Chloe won't tell anyone; she says Chloe isn't that kind of person. Mimi goes to be with her mom and Conner, and Belle has a wonderful idea as to how they can help Mimi. She tells Shawn about Habitat for Humanity, and says she thinks they should help build Mimi a house. Shawn finally comes around, and then the two of them run into Alice, who agrees that it's a good idea. Belle calls Habitat for Humanity, but it looks like there could be some complications. Craig pronounces Conner okay to leave, and Mimi accuses Nancy of reveling in her family's misfortune, and suggests that she should be more worried about Chloe. Alice offers Maureen money for a place to stay for the night, which Maureen reluctantly accepts. Alice promises the Lockharts that they will find a way to help them.moreless
  • Ep. #8843
    Ep. #8843
    Episode 176
    Mimi tells her friends to leave, she doesn't want them to see her like this. She takes off, and Belle goes to talk to her mother who tells them that everything was fine until her husband was laid off of work. They haven't heard from her father in days, and now little Conner is sick. Belle wants her to go to the free clinic, but Maureen said Mimi wants to keep what's going on a secret. Chloe understands how Mimi is feeling, and shows a rare burst of caring when she suggests they make helping the Lockharts their summer project.moreless
  • Ep. #8840
    Ep. #8840
    Episode 173
    Belle, Shawn, and Chloe have followed Mimi from the Last Blast dance, and overhear her talking to a drug dealer, telling him she will never sell drugs for him, no matter what. They continue to follow her, and are shocked when Mimi leads them to the tent that she, her mother Maureen, and her little brother Conner have been living in. Maureen wants to take a very sick Conner to a doctor, but Mimi says she can't risk anyone finding out what their living situation is. All of a sudden Belle announces that they already know, and they want to help. Mimi is shocked to see Belle and Shawn standing outside the tent, and horrified to find her nemesis Chloe with them.moreless
  • Ep. #8821
    Ep. #8821
    Episode 154
    Austin and Greta talk about love, and thinking of Carrie, Austin tells Greta that just because someone is out of your life, it doesn't mean you just stop loving them. Eric, meanwhile, is asking Sami for advice, and although she's thrilled that her brother is having trouble with his much older girlfriend, she tries to act in his best interests, and suggests maybe Eric pick Greta up a copy of her favorite movie, so that she'll keep thinking of him.moreless
  • Ep. #8815
    Ep. #8815
    Episode 148
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8814
    Ep. #8814
    Episode 147
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8811
    Ep. #8811
    Episode 144
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8810
    Ep. #8810
    Episode 143
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #8733
    Ep. #8733
    Episode 66
    Ivan is upset as Vivian dreams about her future with Victor. Kate and Marlena discuss Victor's impotency. Brandon is pleased to know Larry has hired a lawyer.
  • Ep. #8706
    Ep. #8706
    Episode 39
    Greta tries to convince Gina not to go through with her plans to marry Bo, but Gina is determined to get what she wants. In her tower prison with Stefano, Hope becomes convinced that Bo and Shawn are in danger. Rolf is determined to get the chip out of John's neck.moreless
  • Ep. #8669
    Ep. #8669
    Episode 2
    Greta and Marlena talk about Hope and Eric at Salem Place. Kurt tells Gina that he's found Hope.
  • Ep. #8668
    Ep. #8668
    Episode 1
    Lexie is disappointed to learn that she's not pregnant. Austin tells Sami that he has chosen a future with her, not Carrie. Gina spies on a private moment between John and Marlena.