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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Ep. #8961
    Ep. #8961
    Episode 36
    At Bo and Hope's reception, Hope presents Alice with the wedding bouquet, and gives a heartfelt speech about how Alice has always been there for her, and how much Alice means to her, which touches everyone's heart.

    When Chloe admits she's lost sleep lately, Philip assures her that he will always love her and serenades her with a romantic poem. The two then share a romantic kiss.

    Shawn and Belle see the can they had tossed into the river months ago, and when they go to look, they find a dead body.

    Jan and Mimi are almost caught by a guard when they sneak a camera into the girls' locker room.

    When Abby asks about Jack, Jennifer assures her that she'll see her father soon.moreless
  • Ep. #8960
    Ep. #8960
    Episode 35
    Abe suggests she keep her distance from Brandon, but Sami likes him. Brandon tells Benny he wants to hold off on the Abe Carver case...he's got other things to deal with. When Fay overhears Brandon tell Benny they'll destroy Abe once and for all, she's very angry with her son. But that's nothing compared to how angry Sami is when Angela tells her that her father Vincent has the tape!

    Greta isn't sure what to do about the fight, knowing that if she doesn't call it off, she'll be able to help the orphans, but she could be putting Austin in a lot of danger. He says he'll trust her choice, and Greta tells Charles the fight is on.

    Philip and Chloe skate around the pond and talk about their relationship, as Philip admits for the first time (albeit in a whisper) that he's falling in love with Chloe.

    Mimi and Jan meet up at Salem Place to discuss Jan's plan for bringing Chloe down once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #8959
    Ep. #8959
    Episode 34
    Belle is thrilled that Brady is able to stand. Bo and Hope's reception continues.
  • Ep. #8958
    Ep. #8958
    Episode 33
    Bo and Hope finally remarry.
  • Ep. #8957
    Ep. #8957
    Episode 32
    It's just hours to Bo and Hope's wedding. Abe and Lexie get a flat tire on the way to the Church. Jennifer, Julie, and Hope are rushing to get to the Church, and are there just in time to pick up Abe and Lexie off the side of the road. Shawn and Bo play one last game of basketball before the big moment.moreless
  • Ep. #8956
    Ep. #8956
    Episode 31
    Nicole has a Christmas gift for Lucas...divorce papers. She vows to make sure that he loses custody of Will, and blackmails Lucas into signing the papers. She leaves, not realising that Lucas is formulating a plan to kidnap Will and leave the country. Spending the day with her son, Sami is both encouraged and worried to learn that Lucas is hitting the bottle pretty heavily again. She knows it will help her custody case, but she doesn't want her son exposed to that. Later, Nicole, Will, and Sami show up at the hospital Christmas party.

    When Mimi shows up with her hair covered by a scarf, Jan, Shawn, and Jason are curious as to why, and want to know just what Mimi is hiding. Chloe yanks the scarf off Mimi's head, showing off her handiwork. A still-distraught Mimi points the finger at Chloe, stating that Chloe is responsible for what happened to her. Shawn can't believe it, but Jan knows Chloe well enough to know it's true.

    Brady gets upset when both Belle and John try to help him up after he falls, but still decides to go to the Christmas party. At the party, Alice makes a point of going over to see Brady and trying to comfort him, telling him that he will walk again. Whereas he has been rude to everyone else, Brady listens to what Alice has to say, even though he privately disagrees.

    Bo promises Hope that this will not only be the best Christmas ever, but that after this, their third wedding, they will never be separated again.moreless
  • Ep. #8955
    Ep. #8955
    Episode 30
    Hope worries when she sees that John has shown up at the party, and she's not the only one. Abe and Lexie are also worried that John and Roman will let their differences ruin Bo and Hope's night. Hope is begging John to walk away from J.T. and let him be raised by her and Bo when Marlena shows up, and Marlena has the same question for him...can he walk away from his son? John's only response is to ask Marlena to come home with him, but she says she needs time on her own.

    Shawn asks Belle to come to the party, but she won't leave Brady. While talking about the situation, Brady tells Belle that he doesn't blame Marlena and he wants her to come home. He's convinced that Roman is the one to blame, and that Roman shot him to impress Marlena. At Tuscany, John has the same idea, and orders Roman to leave, accusing him of being in love with Marlena.

    At the party, Sami heads over to talk to Victor. She knows that he and Kate were behind her near death experiences in Italy, and she's not going to forget about what they did to her. She tells Victor that she has the necessary proof to put Kate in prison for a long, long time.moreless
  • Ep. #8954
    Ep. #8954
    Episode 29
    John is determined to be part of J.T.'s life. Craig lectures Chloe for her cavalier attitude.
  • Ep. #8953
    Ep. #8953
    Episode 28
    Chloe is pleased when both Nancy and Mimi end up hurt as a result of her prank. Marlena packs her bags.
  • Ep. #8952
    Ep. #8952
    Episode 27
    Brandon and Sami discuss Brandon's feelings for Abe. Shawn and Belle go in to see Brady and find Jennifer there. Chloe spikes Mimi's shampoo with rubber cement.
  • Ep. #9093
    Ep. #9093
    Episode 21
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9027
    Ep. #9027
    Episode 20
    When Celeste arrives, Lexie immediately runs to her mother, looking for answers about what she should do now that Glen is in town and wants his son.
  • Ep. #9024
    Ep. #9024
    Episode 19
    Nicole and Victor bond over a game of monopoly while wondering if Kate has figured out Victor is alive yet. Meanwhile, Kate sits over a comatose Lucas, blaming Sami for Lucas being in the hospital, even though she was the one who started the fire that night. Brady and Abe face off in Salem Place, with Brandon continuing to blame Abe for his paralytic status. Later, Abe returns home to find Glen and Barb playing with Isaac, and Lexie freaking out. Marlena doesn't know what to say when she overhears Roman saying that he has never stopped loving her.moreless
  • Ep. #9012
    Ep. #9012
    Episode 18
  • Ep. #9000
    Ep. #9000
    Episode 17
    Kate meets with Gene Briscoe to discuss Victor's will, which leaves everything to Philip, but Kate claims that there is a codicil to Victor's will. Later, Gene places a call to Victor. Brady goes head to head with Marelna, warning her that it's only a matter of time before he gets her out of John's life. Marlena reluctantly admits to hitting Brady. Chloe finds herself torn between Philip, whom she feels is keeping something from her, and Brady, whom she feels is being strong despite his mobility problems. Mickey interrupts a moment of passion between Brandon and Sami, and the two tell him about the tape. Mimi dreams about a future with Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #8990
    Ep. #8990
    Episode 16
    The donations have all been tallied, and everyone, including John and Marlena, have donated to the cause. The night is in full swing when all of a sudden, shots are fired. Greta is hit twice in the chest by Charles. The hitmen hired by Vincent (on Kate's orders) begin firing as well. Victor takes one in the back, and another in the chest. Sal attempts to shoot Brandon, but seeing the gun, Angela throws herself in front of the bullet, taking it in the back. John goes into mercenary mode and begins launching things at the hitmen, before taking one in the chest.moreless
  • Ep. #8989
    Ep. #8989
    Episode 15
    To keep Greta from doing something rash, Austin makes the announcement that the children need the help of the guests. He asks people to open their pocketbooks and give from the heart, and Lord and Lady Sheraton are the first to do so, pledging one million dollars to help the children. This is matched by Victor, and others soon follow suit. It is only a short time before they have $100 million in donations, which was just what they needed.moreless
  • Ep. #8988
    Ep. #8988
    Episode 14
    Ingrid tells Greta that the royal coffers are bare, and there is not enough money for the orphans. Greta rashly declares that she will sell everything she has to make sure that the orphans have enough, but Austin suggests she hold's possible there may be another solution. Jack and Jennifer continue to face-off, and Jack tells her she had no right to just take Abby and leave without telling him where his daughter was, and she says he had no right to do what he did in Africa.moreless
  • Ep. #8987
    Ep. #8987
    Episode 13
    Lord and Lady Sheraton keep trying to keep a champagne refill or an hors d'oeurve from the waiter (Jack with a mustache on), but he continues to elude their reach. Along with the Marquis and Marchioness de la Cienega, they continue to try to get Greta's attention, and the princess happily introduces them to her escort, Austin, while a jealous Sami swears that as soon as she gets Will back, Austin will be hers.moreless
  • Ep. #8986
    Ep. #8986
    Episode 12
    When Bo and Hope show up at Greta's coronation, Hope is immediately hailed as Princess Gina. Bo offers to leave if she wants to, but Hope wants to be there for her friend Greta. She announces to the crowd that Princess Gina has passed on, and she just happens to bear an alarming resemblance to her.moreless
  • Ep. #8926
    Ep. #8926
    Episode 1
    Episode recap available.