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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Ep. #9429
    Ep. #9429
    Episode 255
    **from** Bo is waiting for the test results to the bloodstain on Hope's sweater when John and Marlena drop by. They soon learn from Roman that the stain is Hope's blood type and that there were hairs found belonging to two different people. Abe hears about the test results and suspects that the hair found was Lexie's and gets a DNA sample from her. Lexie tells Tony that she doesn't want him to break her out of jail because she would rather be proven innocent. However, Tony doesn't see that happening because of the evidence that had been planted against her. Meanwhile, Brandon is let go because they can't charge him as an accessory; on his way out, he overhears Bo, John and Marlena discussing the test results and begins to argue Lexie's innocence. Marlena takes him aside to cool down and tells him to focus his energy on Sami. Brandon runs into a worried Sami and she convinces him to go home with her. As they exit, they see Tony, who also tells Brandon that Lexie doesn't need him defending her. John shares his plans to go to the island to uncover information on Tony and his hopes to finally neutralize the DiMera clan. Later, Roman is called away to check a lead regarding Hope that is connected to a break in at a funeral home. He returns with a letter addressed to Bo, who realizes it's a good-bye letter... (see the bottom for the contents) Chloe goes to Brady's loft after a sleepless night of thinking about his profession of love. She wants tell him how she feels but she's too afraid. Isabella appears, informing Brady that he needs to find Chloe's father if he ever wants her to tell him that she loves him too... Kate and Sami meet at the Penthouse Grill and see Nicole and Victor having breakfast. One of the waiters, who happened to be at the Cheatin' Heart last night, slips Nicole a note to meet him on the terrace; she's confused and excuses herself from Victor. She meets Toby, but she's thrown when he kisses her! Victor follows Nicole to the terrace and sees the kiss, unbeknownst to either Nicole or Toby. She goes back inside and finds Kate happily reporting the incident to Sami on the phone. Nicole assures Kate that their plan is not going to work and that nothing will come between her and Victor... The contents of Hope's letter to Bo: "Dear Brady, This is goodbye. By the time you read this letter, I'll be dead. I pray to God this letter will be found and gotten to you somehow. Lexie kidnapped me and Zack. She's crazy, Bo, and I know she intends to kill me and take our child and disappear forever. There were so many times in the past you've saved me from certain doom. I marvel at how we always managed to defy the odds and beat what seemed to be our inescapable fate. But this time I know there is nothing you can do. I don't have much time, and I can't risk Lexie discovering this letter. Just know I love you and Shawn and Zack more than life itself. I cherish every moment I've ever spent with you. And I'm comforted, even now, by all those special memories of how we fell in love as children, how we kept that love alive, no matter how people or circumstances tried to separate us, how we always felt that love across time and space, and how we will continue to feel our love, even after death."moreless
  • Ep. #9428
    Ep. #9428
    Episode 254
    Brandon is surprised to find Sami waiting in his apartment when he returns from the police station. He is none too pleased when he learned that she asked the super to let her in. Sami is extremely steamed as he tells her all he's tried to do to help Lexie. He fills Sami in on what's happened and Sami tells him that Lexie got what she deserved because she is guilty as sin! Brandon defends her and Sami kisses him and hopes they'll make love, but he stops and tells her that he has to go back to the station to check on Lexie. She's hesitant to let him go, but he assures her that she's the only woman he loves and she lets him go, hoping that Lexie is charged and sent to prison for good. Sami stays at Brandon's apartment and waits for him to return… Tony elegantly sweeps into the police station and informs them that they have been had by a "very talented criminal", and demands to see his sister! Abe orders him to be interrogated… Lexie's lawyer, Cameron, shows up, and manages to get a restraining order against Bo on Lexie's behalf, and complains to the commissioner… Lexie, still in her cell, gets a visit from Celeste. Celeste tells Lexie just to cooperate and tell them where to find Hope… Since Abe can't charge Tony with anything and allows him to see Lexie, they come to the jail and Lexie asks the guard to let Tony in and she kicks Celeste out because she does not believe she's innocent! Celeste asks to speak to Cameron in private and they take off… Lexie cries on Tony's shoulder, who concludes "We just can't depend on the law to set you free..." Meanwhile, Roman finds Billie scouring a dumpster for clues. He scolds her for not following direct orders; after all, she could get into trouble. Billie convinces him to just let her do this; Lexie could've dumped evidence anywhere. He hesitates but agrees and after he leaves, she digs through the dumpster and finds a tied up garbage bag. He partner asks if she's found something and she's says, "I'm afraid so"… Billie goes back to the police station and shows Abe the sweater and says it's identical to the description of the one Hope was wearing when she disappeared. Abe realizes the bloodstain on it… Roman returns to the station and in an attempt to calm Bo, he takes him to the hospital to see Zack…Shawn is already there with Belle and she witnesses the reunion between father and sons. The two are quickly called away by Abe and Bo asks Shawn to keep an eye on Zack and then he asks Belle to keep an eye on Shawn…Belle then tells Shawn that he better make a big bowl of macaroni and cheese as he promised Zack earlier. When he asks her why she said, "so there's enough for your mom when she comes home". This tugs at Shawn's heart and he reaches out to Belle. Before Roman and Bo get back to the station, Brandon arrives back again and Abe announces that Brandon is to be charged as an accessory! Abe orders Brandon be hauled off to an interrogation room... Meanwhile, Billie, in the hallway, says to herself, "I'm sorry Bo. I'm sorry I did this to you…" Hope regains consciousness after being knocked out by Larry. Her head is bandaged and she demands Larry tell her where Zack is. He lets her listen to a radio broadcast about Zack being found by his daddy, Bo Brady and Lexie being arrested for his kidnapping. Hope is relieved to learn that Zack is safe and dumbfounded when Larry reveals how well he's set Lexie up. Larry demands Hope write a good-bye letter to Bo, telling him all about how Lexie plans to kill her and take Zack to Europe. This way, the search will end for Hope and she'll be Larry's prisoner forever. He informs her that he will take her away to a remote location once they have stopped looking for her because they will believe she is dead. He hands her a pen and paper and she refuses…But then Larry shows Hope lots and lots of pictures of Shawn's everyday life and tells her that he will shoot him with more than just a camera next time. She has no choice but to give in. He tells her, "I'll dictate, you write". He begins to dictate, and even asks her how she would start. As she's writing, she convinces him to let her write it in her own words. After all, Bo would never believe she wrote it; because the two of them have a special way of communicating. He agrees but tells her he will check the letter for any hidden messages once she's finished. Once the note has been written, Larry reads it and he is satisfied that it's clean. He tells her he's leaving to plant the letter. He goes to leave and he turns around and smugly says, "don't go anywhere" and laughs and heads out. Hope has a very satisfied smile on her face and raises her eyebrow… Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9427
    Ep. #9427
    Episode 253
    **from** Rolf tells Tony that the blue key unleashes the Twins' "special talents," admitting that he can mold the Twins into anything Tony wants them to be. Tony inquires about his own connection to Marlena and Rolf reveals that taking Marlena away from John is the key to destroying him. He seizes this idea and decides to destroy John's family forever, just as John has tried to destroy Tony's family for so many years. Meanwhile, John and Marlena are running a search on the computer for the islands in the photos she snapped at the mansion. She's troubled as she continues to hear roaring waves in her head and John surmises that the pictures are triggering memories, deepening Marlena's drive to learn about her missing years. They finally identify the archipelago of islands and John makes plans to go there; Marlena wants to go as well, but John forbids it... Bo and Abe arrest Lexie when they find her holding Zack in her arms. Lexie claims her innocence, but Abe can't bring himself to believe her this time. Brandon sees them on their way out of the mall and follows them to the station. He helps question Zack, who says that mommy's sleeping; everyone is horrified at the realization that Zack may be saying Hope is dead. Bo still believes Hope's alive, but fears she may be sick or hurt to have let Zack go. Roman offers to take Zack to the hospital to get checked out and to call Shawn, too. Meanwhile, Billie informs Larry that Lexie is in custody and Zack is safe as Lexie is booked and thrown into a jail cell... Nancy panics when throbbing pains seize her abdomen; Dr. Bader checks her out again and pronounces her healthy and Nancy/Craig and Brady/Chloe anxiously await the test results of the amniocentesis. Once they learn that Nancy and the baby are fine, Brady takes Chloe back to the loft for a talk; he tells her that she can't protect him from his feelings and he loves her. Chloe is speechless and bursts into tears. Back at the hospital, Nancy feels another twinge of pain and fears everything is not normal with her pregnancy...moreless
  • Ep. #9426
    Ep. #9426
    Episode 252
    Sami and Kate meet in Salem Place, and bicker about Lucas and Will for a bit. Kate tells Sami to put this costume on; and hands her a bag. Sami says she is not going trick-or-treating! Kate says this costume is going to save her life. Sami dresses up almost looking like a hooker, complete with a shorthaired blonde wig. Kate tells her to put on the mask, and Sami asks her what is all of this for? Kate says she is going to go to the Cheatin' Heart, and that she is going to pretend to be Nicole, and hand out some business cards (with all of Nicole's phone numbers on them!) to all the men she will flirt with there! Kate says the phones at Titan will begin ringing off the hook, and it will be men who want Nicole to fulfill the lewd promises she made them on Halloween! Sami pretending to be Nicole is a hit at the Cheatin' Heart, and even Kate gets up on the bar and does a dance with Sami! Sami ends up meeting a guy named Toby, and she asks him to play number 87 on the jukebox. Sami then does a sleazy little dance for all the boys. Toby ends up asking Sami to go back to his place, but she says she can't tonight. However, she gives him, and the rest of the guys her business cards. Sami and Kate take their leave together and celebrate their imminent victory in the alley, for when Victor finds out so many men have been given Nicole's number, he will surely get rid of her! The two quickly remember that they are bitter enemies and go off their separate ways. The two can't help but smile about it as they walk off. (There was an oddly long close-up of a warehouse door nearby...) Brady chases Chloe right into Salem Place. She tells him that she can't talk about this, and she doesn't want him or anyone to suffer because of her. He tells Chloe that no one knows what the future holds, and he just wants to live in this moment and share his feelings with her. He asks her to be with him, but she says no and to leave her alone. Brady says he's sorry but that is the one thing he cannot do. He tells her that she is right about what she said before, and the last thing she needs from him is pressure. Brady tells her that they need to focus on getting her well. Not wishing to give her stress, he promises to wait until she is better for romance and until that time, he will always be her friend. Chloe is grateful. He cell phone suddenly rings and it's Craig, calling to let her that he and Nancy are at the hospital for Nancy's amino. Tomorrow they will know if there has been a match. She tells Brady that she should go and he asks her if she wants him to go with her. She tells him no, she wants it to just be the family. Brady says he understands but looks hurt. Chloe touches him ever so lightly, just enough for him to know in his heart how she truly feels. He then tells her that he wishes he could have done more for her, and he tells her that he's still working on finding Sykes for her. She then leaves to meet them… At the hospital, Nancy and Craig wait for Dr. Bader to do the amino. Nancy is really nervous when she sees the size of the needle. Dr. Bader gets there to begin and tells them that they have a visitor and Chloe enters. Craig and Nancy are ecstatic that she's there. Chloe tells them that she couldn't let them go through with this without her. Nancy then asks Craig and Chloe that she is nervous enough as is, and seeing them is making her feel worse. She asks if they could wait outside, so they do. Nancy makes it through the procedure, and she tells Chloe and Craig now they just have to pray. But, as Nancy gets dressed, she is suddenly hit with abdominal pains. She fears she is losing the baby… In Belle's dorm room, Shawn is upset and staring out the window as the others try to find a way to help Shawn. Mimi gets an idea, grabs Phillip, and tells him that she needs his help to cheer up Shawn. The twins try to talk to Shawn and make him feel better, and Belle gives him a hug. Later, Mimi and Phillip show up and insist that they play Twister. Mimi thinks it will be fun, and she tells Phillip that they can also use this to crush Cassie and Rex's crushes. They play for a little while trying to keep Rex and Cassie away from Shawn and Belle. But the game gets old really fast and since Shawn still isn't cheered up, they decide to all go for a walk. They end up at Dot com, where Belle sees Brady and talks to him. She talks to Brady about how bad she feels for Shawn, and how she doesn't seem to be able to help him. Brady sympathizes; he feels the same way about Chloe. Meanwhile, Mimi flirts with Rex, and he flirts back. Rex appears to be mighty interested that she does not have a boyfriend in Salem! At the same time, Cassie begins flirting with Phillip. Shawn ends up seeing a poster of his mom and Zack, and he takes it down. Belle wonders what he is thinking, and it turns out he was just making more copies to hang. Everyone decides to head off to place the posters around town ... Meanwhile, when Brady leaves Dot Com, he walks around Salem having regrets about not finding Sykes. Elsewhere, unbeknownst to Brady, Sykes is just feet away from him on his cell phone telling the caller that he is in Salem to get his relocation assignment… In the secret room in the DiMera mansion, Tony demands Rolfe tell him everything about the connection between the twins and Stefano and the key. Rolfe tells him how he has always been monitoring the twins, and he froze them to transport them to Salem. He says that on the night of the meteor shower, he was flying a plane to try and locate the twins' satellite and to help them arrive in Salem. However, he says, a meteor hit the plane, causing it to crash. Rolfe says he barely survived; he had suffered a mild concussion and feared that he had failed Stefano and that the twins were dead. But, he continues, he has returned to Salem now to see through his maniacal mission and accepted the faculty position as the twins' professor so that when the times comes to perfect the twins according to Tony's needs ... Tony interrupts him and insists he must know the plans and he refuses to let him tinker with two innocent human beings. Rolfe replies that the twins were created so as to continue the DiMera legacy in Salem. He says they are the phoenix risen from the ashes. Tony asks him if he is saying these twins are his father come back to life in a new form? Rolfe says no, the twins are Stefano's creation and have come to Salem to fulfill the DiMera legacy. Tony is upset because that is his birthright, and he came back to Salem to carry on his father's legacy. Rolf says to Tony, "You are going to need this..." and he holds up the blue key, much to Tony's surprise… Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9425
    Ep. #9425
    Episode 251
    **from** Lexie waits for Abe to call and Tony observes her, sensing that she's keeping something from him. She doesn't tell him about the wallet and claims that she's just worried about Zack. She goes to Salem Place, convincing Tony that Lexie's hiding something... Belle thanks Shawn for joining the party for a little while, but he goes stir crazy and heads out to see Bo. Meanwhile, Cassie/Rex go to see Rolf (still under the guise of Putnam) and ask him to tell them about their DNA. They reveal that Marlena is helping them try to remember everything, which freaks Rolf out. He gets rid of the Twins and rushes to the DiMera Mansion. Bart is thrilled to see him, but Tony is less cordial and demands Rolf tell him everything he knows about the key and the Twins. Cassie/Rex return to the dorm and find Belle upset because Shawn took off. Shawn returns, furious that Abe won't accept the truth that Lexie kidnapped Hope and Zack... Hope is terrified that Zack is gone, while a disguised Larry strolls through Salem Place with her son. They have near misses with both Jack and Doug/Julie. As they trick-or-treat, Abby asks Jennifer about Colin and Jack follows them to eavesdrop. Jennifer finally spots Jack, but he surprises her by apologizing for trying to get her to break up with Colin. However, Abby gives Jack hope when she says Jennifer won't marry Colin because she doesn't love him like she loves Jack. Meanwhile, at the station, Bo and Abe have a showdown because Abe believes Lexie is innocent, but Bo thinks the wallet/itinerary prove she's guilty. Shawn arrives and Bo tells him about the new evidence, making him agree with his dad that Lexie's guilty. Shawn storms off and runs into Lexie at Salem Place, demanding the truth from her. Doug and Julie intervene and Lexie leaves feeling shaken; she hears Zack's voice calling out and follows the voice to a storeroom. She enters and the door slams shut, revealing Larry with a tape recording of Zack's voice. Lexie finds Zack and scoops him into her arms just as Bo and Abe kick down the door and bust in, catching Lexie red-handed. Larry returns to Hope, who physically attacks him; he flings her into the wall and she collapses... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9424
    Ep. #9424
    Episode 250
    Cassie and Rex dress up as serial killers for Halloween, while Belle and Shawn play Danny and Sandy from Grease. Larry takes Zack trick-or-treating in Salem Place.
  • Ep. #9423
    Ep. #9423
    Episode 249
    **from** Colin brings Tony a vial of truth serum to give to Marlena; John sits in an exterminator van, which is filled with high tech equipment to allow him to monitor Marlena's conversation with Tony through her bugged earring. Colin slips out and Marlena arrives; Tony drops the serum in some water and tries to get Marlena drink it, but he's unsuccessful. Marlena starts to snoop when Tony leaves the room and she finds the pictures of the island, which triggers the sound of waves to echo in her head, driving her into a fugue state of her own. While out of it, she knocks her earring transmitter off and it falls into her glass of water, rendering it inoperable. Tony returns and Marlena says in her trance-like state that Stefano's making her sleep so that she can save the future of the DiMeras. She snaps out of it, but Tony doesn't reveal what she's said. John barges in because he lost his connection with Marlena, and they are both forced to cover his sudden appearance. They leave and Marlena tells John that she was disoriented by a loud sound, but she can't remember what it was. John pulls up the photos of the island and plans to track down Tony's "destiny." Rolf, under the guise of Professor Putnam, defends Cassie and Rex in class; afterwards, he wants to speak with them privately, but Belle and Shawn are both wary and think they've met Putnam before. He claims he has one of those faces and gets the Twins to agree to meet with him. They go to his office, where he clamps the recovered wristbands on them and reveals that they are programmed to exhibit great strength and overpower their enemies. Rolf brings them out of their trance and they remember nothing; Shawn and Belle return because the Twins never showed up at Salem Place and the four go off, as Rolf portends a thrilling Halloween for Salem... As Chloe continues to pursue the scavenger hunt from a secret admirer, Brady confronts Philip about following Chloe. Philip accuses Brady of being the jealous one this time; meanwhile, Chloe collects a sequined mask, a lace dress and a candelabra, with instructions to meet at the pier. She sees Philip duck out of sight and assumes he's set this all up. She goes to the pier and calls out for Philip, but she's thrown when Brady appears... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9422
    Ep. #9422
    Episode 248
    At Java Cafe, Sami manages to track down Kate and proceeds to tell her that Eric will not be returning to Salem as she had been planning! Sami tells her she will not go to prison again, just as Lucas and Will show up. Will, dressed as a little devil, asks Sami why she would be heading off to jail. She covers and says that her and Kate were just fooling around. Patty, the waitress at the Java Café, comes over and asks Will if he would like to bob for apples, so he takes off. Lucas tells the girls that he is on Victor's side since he was the one who helped him get some time with Will – and to leave him and Nicole alone. He then informs them that Gene Briscoe is filing the divorce papers even as they speak, and leaves in a huff. Nicole overhears and reiterates Lucas' warning. She then proceeds to gloat to them that she and Victor will be married very soon! She asks them if they are going to give up and accept defeat? Brandon shows up and pulls Sami away. Kate and Nicole continue their war of words, and Nicole tells Kate that nobody will be able to save her from the fate she deserves! Kate then goes at Nicole about her being unable to conceive. Brandon and Sami start with a kiss. Sami tries to talk Brandon into going someplace romantic, but he wants to know if something is bothering her? Sami says nothing, just as Nicole interrupts and sends Sami off to look for Will, while warning her brother that now is the time he simply must stay away from her so he'll be safe… Brandon tells her he is sick of playing this game, but Nicole says Sami is the one playing games. Later, Kate comes up with a new plan and lets Sami in on it. She gleefully points to a Bella magazine article "how my man caught me cheating" New plan - Nicole doesn't have to cheat; Victor just has to think she did! Sami smirks Sami style ... At the hospital, Jennifer can't stop thinking about the kiss she and Jack shared. Jack shows up and tells her that he thinks he knows what happened to her cousin Hope. Jack says that he has found out that this kidnapping is about a personal agenda, not ransom. Jennifer says the cops checked the mansion out and found nothing, but Jack suspects Tony had Collin pull this off. Jack wants to question Collin, but Jennifer tells him no way. She says she told Collin she wouldn't have anything to do with him until he quit his associations with Tony, and he said he would. Jack says you can't leave the DiMeras anymore than you can leave the mob… Maggie shows up to see Jennifer, and Jack takes off. Jack trails Collin, who goes to the pay phone in the hall so Jack stands around the corner to hear what's going on. He gets out a tape recorder and records as he hears Collin say that there is nothing standing in their way, so they should go full steam ahead with the plan. He follows Collin back to Jennifer and Maggie. Collin says hello to Jennifer, and then leaves. Maggie asks Jennifer if she is still seeing Collin? Jack shows himself and says he'd like to know the answer to that question as well. Maggie leaves and Jennifer says they have more important things to worry about than Collin. Jennifer says she needs to go, but Jack says there is something she needs to hear. Jack plays Collin's phone conversation. He tells Jennifer that Collin is using her, and he is helping the Dimeras bring down her family. She is furious after hearing the tape, and asks Jack to go so she can to talk with Collin in private. Jack hesitates but eventually leaves. Collin asks what is up, and she demands to know if he is still working with Tony. Collin says if they believe he is still involved with the DiMeras then they have nothing else to talk about. Collin does admit that it will take time to completely dissolve his working relationship with Tony. He tells Jennifer his suspicious call was on behalf of the children's Halloween party. Jack shows back up and demands to know what his call was about, and Collin says they can see for themselves. Some men in costumes show up, and Collin says he hired them to entertain the kids. Collin is furious that Jen doubted him, and she apologizes. Collin tells Jen that she has to make a decision between him and her ex. At Heartly House, Belle comforts Shawn, who is still worried about his mom and Zack. Suddenly, the heater begins rattling, so Shawn tried to fix it, not realizing the Blue Key is down there… Meanwhile, Cynthia and her new groupie try to come up with a way to scare Rex and Cassie off. Suddenly, Mimi appears, in a cloud of smoke, dressed as Genie! She thinks she has the wrong day, and frets. Later, Shawn and Belle come downstairs and Belle tells Cassie and Rex that she has some sweatshirts she is making for them for. They ask for them now and Belle says she needs to finish sewing the Heartly House emblem on them first. Shawn and Belle, as well as the twins head to class, and Cynthia heads upstairs to do some dirty work. Back in Belle's dorm room, a man dressed all in black breaks in and is holding the device we once saw Tony using to try to locate the Blue Key. His plan is spoiled when Cynthia and her new friend break into Belle's room to try to locate the sweatshirts Belle bought for the twins. The mystery man is hiding in the closet, of which Cynthia doesn't see when she opens the door and find the sweatshirts. They leave and the man in black comes back out... He heads straight back to the radiator and gets the Blue Key. The man takes off his mask and it is none other than - Rolfe! "Mission accomplished!" he announces, holding the key in the air. "The Phoenix has rrrisen!" Brady comes to Salem U to find Chloe. All the girls ooooh and aaaah over Brady, as he is dressed in pants and a jacket, but it is obvious that he has eyes only for Chloe. Brady came to present her with her book on 19th century opera she left in his jeep. She thanks him just as Philip bumps into her, knocking everything out of her hands. Phillip apologizes, and leaves Brady and Chloe to continue their conversation, but he doesn't go far. He stands on the steps just around the corner. Brady finds a note on the floor with the rest of Chloe's things, and it reads: A magical journey awaits you this Halloween day Look for special clues at Salem Place, Java Cafe ... Chloe blinks. But who left it there...? Mimi finds Chloe and tells her that Cassie and Rex have major crushes on Belle and Shawn, and they have to do something about it! The two if them come up with a plan, but they'll need Phillip's help. So they ask Philip to invite Cassie to the Halloween dance, and she reveals that she will invite Rex, so maybe that will crush their Belle and Shawn crushes! Phillip cannot resist asking Chloe whom she's attending the party with? Chloe just looks at him and that was all Phillip needed. He eventually agrees to do this for Belle and Shawn. Chloe then gets a call from Brady, and they plan to meet at the Java Café for drinks. Chloe also plans to investigate her mystery note while there. Chloe heads to the Java Café. Brady is nowhere to be found, and she asks Patty, the waitress, if she's seen Brady. She tells her no, but hands her a box…She opens it and is very surprised but is unaware that both Philip and Brady observe from a distance… Meanwhile, Cynthia and her friend show up with the sweatshirts Belle made them, and she tells them that it will be a nice surprise for Belle. They go to change and when they return we see that Cynthia added "F.O" to the "Salem U." so it read "Salem U.F.O." Cynthia then insists on the best part and she gives them "antler-type" things to wear on their heads so they really do look like aliens! Everyone has a good laugh, but when the new professor shows up and starts the lecture, we see that it is none other than Rolfe – in disguise with a new name and an accent – and he gives the twins a kindly, knowing look and states that bioethics means the "survival of the fittest" ... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9421
    Ep. #9421
    Episode 247
    **from** While Larry continues to hold Hope and Zack prisoner, Bo confronts Billie as she tries to slip Hope's itinerary back into the case file. Roman intervenes and convinces Bo that Billie is an excellent investigator and may be able to offer more to the case. Meanwhile, Lexie's afraid Abe won't believe her if she tells him about finding Hope's wallet and itinerary. She avoids the subject completely and tells Abe she wants to forget the whole divorce proceedings. He tells her that he'll give her a little more time to decide if she wants to help them track down Hope, feeling drawn to her and still in love. After Abe leaves, Lexie threatens Bart to tell her anything he knows about Hope/Zack's disappearance, but he can only cower in fear. Abe goes back to the station and confronts Bo and Roman, who are ready to press Lexie for information; he says he will handle things with his wife and find out the truth. Back at the mansion, Lexie wonders if the planted evidence is a message from Rolf that he has Zack... John teaches Marlena to be a spy and gives her some gadgets, which will help her gather information on Tony when she goes to the mansion to meet with the Twins. Her lesson ends when John playfully shows Marlena a self-defense move and they end up making love... Kate tells Lucas that she's banded together with Sami to stop Nicole from marrying Victor. She's thrilled to hear that Sami is home because now she can put her plan into action. Billie comes along and the three of them discuss some of Kate's past mistakes, as well as her blossoming friendship with Roman. Lucas invites Roman to stay when he passes through, but he declines; he bumps into Billie and tells her that everything that happened at the station earlier is forgotten. Meanwhile, Victor promises Nicole that once her divorce is settled with Lucas, they will be married and he'll give her Kate and Sami's heads on a platter... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9420
    Ep. #9420
    Episode 246
    At the Hartly house, Belle tells the twins that they should go to Salem Place and get them some winter clothes and supplies. Everyone decides to go, except Shawn who wants to go see his father. Belle offers to go with him but he tells her no…Nancy calls Chloe's cell phone and asks her to join her and Craig at the hospital for their first ultrasound. Chloe says she'll be right there, and Brady offers to drive her. Brady asks Belle if she will be okay with the twins alone? Belle says of course, she trusts them and will not abandon them, no matter what dad says. At the police station, Billie finds Bo searching for leads, and she tells him that is not the way to find his wife and son. Billie says he won't find the answer on the computer, and did he ever think that perhaps someone else did this for revenge against him? He blows off this idea at first, after all, Hope is the most kindest person he has ever met. Billie still pushes and Bo realizes that maybe someone is out to get him…and they begin a search of old arrest records. Shawn comes to see Bo and gets an update on the search…still nothing but he tells her of Billie's idea about searching old arrest records. This just makes Shawn more suspicious of Billie because he doubts Billie wants them to find mom and Zack. Bo understands, but says they need all the help they can get right now. Shawn still thinks Billie is still to blame...Billie gets a call from Larry, she tells him she can do this to Bo anymore and takes off to meet with him… Larry goes to the pier to meet with Billie, and he's armed with a gun. He tells her if she insists on getting out, Hope and Zack won't be the only ones to never see their precious Bo again! He goes on to tell her that she is in too deep, so she will go through with t he plan or else! Billie agrees to continue with the plan. Larry orders her to get back to work and she knows what to do next. Billie heads back to the station, where she is caught by Bo with Hope's itinerary… Hope feeds Zack some pretzels (in moderation) as she fears that Larry may not return – that he has left her and Zack there to die. She thinks to herself that she has to convince Larry to let Zack go, because then she'll be able to take the risks she needs in order to get out of there and back to Bo and Shawn. Larry watches them and mumbles that Zack won't be with her for long... Marlena gets off the phone with Caprice and has to tell John that the twins are now rooming with Belle and Shawn. John refuses to allow this to happen. John says he refuses to allow Tony to do this, and he says Belle may be 18, but she will listen to him and not go along with this. Marlena tries to calm John; and he wants to go to the mansion to confront Tony. Marlena suggests she go over to Tony's and pretend to be paying the twins a visit in order to get some information. John doesn't like the idea, but allows her to go. After she leaves, John makes a phone call and takes off himself… At the DiMera mansion, Tony goes over the photos of the island, and the drawing of the key the twins made. Tony tells Bart that he will be as powerful as his father was as soon as he stops John Black, and he must look to Marlena… Belle and the twins hit Salem Place, and Brady meets up with them. Belle doesn't know how she is going to tell dad about this. The twins take off to get some money from Tony, and later John shows up looking for Belle and those damn twins. John runs into Brady and learns what is going on. He tells Brady not to say anything to Belle, he needs some time… Marlena arrives at the mansion and she's surprised when Tony reveals that it was Belle's idea for the twins to move into Hartley House…The twins return home and ask Tony for some money for school supplies and they confirm that it was indeed Belle's idea. Marlena tells the twins she wants to meet with them and they say whenever and take off. Marlena takes off as well… Lexie is with Celeste at Salem Place and extremely agitated about Zack. She tells Celeste that someone is out to frame her for kidnapping Isaac and Hope. Lexie soon starts talking about Abe, and she knows if he would admit he still loved her things would be fine. Celeste tells Lexie that to stop this divorce she needs to prove her commitment to him and to stop confiding in Brandon walker. Lexie takes this as Celeste telling her she can't have any male friends…Celeste tells Lexie that Abe and Brandon hate one another, and she has told things to Brandon that she would never tell Abe, and that is not how a marriage is supposed to be. Lexie says the ball is in Abe's court right now, so they should see how things go…Lexie reaches into her purse for some money for the bill and looks as though she's seen a ghost. Celeste asks her what's wrong and Lexie says everything is fine and she takes off… The twins head back to Salem Place and see John and Brady talking. They worry they are talking about them, and Rex says they can't allow Shawn and Belle to be taken away from them because it would ruin everything. They meet up with Belle, and soon Shawn shows up. He asks what they bought, and Cassie ended up buying lingerie! She holds it up and asks Shawn if he likes it? Belle says they will return that, and she also tells them that she and Shawn are boyfriend and girlfriend, so flirting is not acceptable behavior. Later, Marlena returns home, and convinces John that Tony and the Twins weren't up to the move, it was all Belle's idea. Marlena warns John not to order Belle around on this subject because he will come out looking like the bad guy. John decides to help Marlena get closer to the twins, and through them to Tony and all his secrets… Brady has dropped Chloe off at the hospital so she can see Nancy's first ultrasound. They are all deeply affected by this glimpse of the baby. The doctor can't determine whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but she says they'll know when they do the amino. Nancy asks when they can do that, and Dr. Bader says right away so they should schedule it. Chloe is going to head back to Salem Place to find Brady, but before she goes, she tells them that even if the baby isn't a bone marrow match, he or she is still a miracle… Once alone, Nancy asks Craig what they will do if the baby isn't a match? Craig asks Nancy if there is anything else she is holding back from him? He says if there is anything she knows that can help Chloe, now is the time to tell him. Nancy tells Craig that other than that one awful night with Fredrick Sykes, she's never been with any other man besides him… Lexie stops later and rumbles through her purse and she is stunned when she finds Hope's travel itinerary… Now she knows somebody is trying to frame her…She returns home and wonders who is trying to frame her and why. She runs into Tony, who knows Lexie is keeping something from him. He wishes she would trust him, and he tells himself she will learn to regret it if she doesn't. Meanwhile, Chloe heads to Salem Place and meets back up with Brady. She tells him about the ultrasound and how great it was to see Craig and Nancy so happy. Chloe and Brady meet up with Shawn and Belle and the twins, just as Belle finished explaining how she and Shawn are boyfriend and girlfriend. Cassie says "Like Brady and Chloe, I can tell they are in love." Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9419
    Ep. #9419
    Episode 245
    **from** As Bo prays for Hope to come home, Billie shows up and Bo lashes out at her, venting all of his stress and frustration. He begins to trash the room and Billie grabs him and tells him to get a grip because otherwise he'll do things that he may regret. Bo responds to Billie's compassion and thanks her for her support. Doug and Caroline show up and Bo tries to comfort his father-in-law. As they all head out, Billie hangs back and calls Larry, telling him she can't do this to Bo anymore... Abe tries to draw information from Lexie by softening with her. He apologizes for treating her like a criminal and Lexie is hopeful that they still may have a chance. As Abe presses, Lexie alludes that she does know something, but refuses to tell him until she knows he's committed to her and calls off the divorce... Philip invites Mimi, Brady, Chloe, Cassie and Rex over for a covert 18th birthday party for Belle, in spite of the fact she didn't want to celebrate in light of Hope/Zack's disappearance. Cassie slips and Shawn feels bad that he forgot Belle's birthday and didn't buy her a gift. She's touched when he proclaims his love for her in front of all their friends and thanks her for her continued support. Brady confronts Chloe about her residual feelings for Philip; Mimi sees Cassie/Rex still have major crushes on Shawn/Belle and decides she needs to end them now... Jennifer pulls out of her kiss with Jack and feels guilty for sending him mixed messages again. She resists Jack's plea to trust what is happening between them and admits that she's attracted to Colin. Meanwhile, Nicole runs into Colin, who is shopping for a ring. Nicole is miffed when Colin quickly agrees not to pursue her anymore and he reaffirms his interest in Jennifer. Later, he overhears Jennifer admit she doesn't know if she wants to shake her feelings for Colin and he sees her run out on Jack... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9418
    Ep. #9418
    Episode 244
    Bo and Abe still have no clues about Hope and Zack's where-abouts. They go to the DiMera mansion and search it for clues. They find the Rolf's secret room and Abe tells Tony that Rolf is wanted for questioning. Tony says Rolf no longer works for his family, and nobody has seen or heard from him in months. Tony demands Bo and Abe leave since they have found nothing to incriminate him or his sister. He asks Bo and Abe to leave and that causes Bo to lose control and he punches the wall and tells Tony to turn over Hope and Zack. Abe pulls Bo off Tony and tells him to stand down. Tony warns Bo that if he continues to threaten him then his search for his son and wife will come to an abrupt end! When Bo returns home, he calls Shawn and tells him to keep concentrating on school. He goes to enter the house and realizes his front door is unlocked, and he wonders what is going on. Turns out it is just Alice waiting for him; she tells him to have faith and pray for Hope and Zack. After Alice leaves, Bo takes her advice and begins to pray. It is clear it is becoming hard for Bo to control his emotions and a female hand touches his shoulder and he turns around and says, "Hope?"… At Brandon's place, Brandon and Lexie look through Hope's wallet, trying to figure out who planted it in her car, and Brandon suspects Tony. Lexie says she just wants to find clues to Hope's abduction. Lexie tells Brandon Tony would never do this to her, and Brandon asks Lexie to be honest and tell him where was she when Hope disappeared. Lexie swears she has no idea how Hope's wallet got into her car, and then she realizes that Brandon thinks she is nuts and set this whole thing up, including framing herself. Brandon says he's only trying to protect her. Suddenly, Abe shows up and demands Brandon open the door. Lexie hides the wallet in her purse and Brandon says he'll get rid of him. Abe says he has come to talk his wife, alone. Brandon refuses to allow Abe inside and he slams the door! Lexie can't believe this, and asks Brandon to let him in...after all, he did just call her his wife. Brandon finally gives in and tells her OK, but to stay in his apartment, he'll wait in the lobby. He tells her to be careful what she says because he could be laying a trap, and if she needs him to call his cell phone and he'll be right up. Brandon lets Abe in… Abe tells Lexie that he wants to apologize to her for the way he treated her earlier… At the Spectator, Jen is working around the clock to help Hope and Zack. Nobody has seen Jack, and Jen wonders where he could be. Harold is trying to track him down and Jennifer is a mess because he just took off again. She thinks she knows who is behind this kidnapping…just as Collin shows up; and he knows she suspects the DiMeras. Jennifer tells Collin she can't trust him if still insists on being Tony's doctor. Collin tells her he will make a referral and will quit treating Tony. This makes Jennifer feel a little better but she is still uneasy. Collin receives a phone call on his cell phone by Tony (of which Jennifer doesn't know) and he is order to get over to the mansion – NOW! Collin says he has to go, and he realizes that Jennifer still doesn't trust him. She tells him that when he walks away from the DiMeras then she will. Collin promises to prove his loyalty to Jen because she means the world to him. Collin takes off, and Jack shows up. Jennifer demands to know where in the hell he has been. Jen asks him if he knows what has happened, and if he even cares. Jack shows her proof that he had been in Cedar Rapids, looking for clues. Jennifer relaxes a little and thanks Jack for everything. They share a passionate embrace, and Jennifer tells him to go home and get some rest. Jack refuses, so Jennifer tells him a sugar fix will help…They become emotional, and when Jack comforts Jennifer, it eventually leads to a comforting kiss! As Collin arrives at the mansion, Tony tells Colin he's tired of being blamed every time something bad happens in Salem and he's finally going to do something about it. Tony says they will all pay, he's taking the plan to a new level and the action begins now! He insists that Colin help him with this; Colin refuses, and tells Tony he's out - and Tony laughs at him! Collin says too many things have changed since he signed on for this…but he's forced to give in when Tony threatens to break up his relationship with Jennifer... Collin agrees not to leave, and Tony says that it is time the people of Salem learn what real power can do! Tony says they will start with John's beloved…Marlena! Brady is at DotCom listening to some music when Chloe approaches him. She tells this isn't going to work, she's not going to make it. Brady asks what she means, what has happened? Chloe says she just had her first class and doesn't know if she can do this. Brady can't believe that is what she meant, and he says the old Chloe is back, she is alive and well. She's confused, but he tells her he's thrilled that she's acting like a normal student instead of focusing on her sickness. This makes Chloe's day... Brady suddenly blurts out that he loves her. However, when he realizes she is not ready to hear that or say it back to him, he claims he was saying that he loves having the old Chloe back. They talk about times before she got sick, like when they first met and the first summer they spent together…They later discuss Hope and Zack's kidnapping. Chloe understands how not knowing leaves one feeling so powerless. Chloe wishes there was something they could do for Shawn. Brady says the only thing they can do for Shawn is to be there for him, help him through the days, don't let him give up. Chloe thanks Brady for the pep-talk, and she decides to go hit the books. Chloe's cell phone rings and she reveals it's Phillip and says he can count on her and she'll be there as soon as she can… Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9417
    Ep. #9417
    Episode 243
    **from** Hope awakens in the basement and the mystery man returns; she is still reeling that her abductor is Larry Welch! He reveals that he has new, more powerful connections that helped him secure an early release from prison. They both recall their tumultuous relationship and Hope assures Larry that Bo will find her/Zack and rescue them. Larry's confident that he's set up another prime suspect with some incriminating evidence; he reminds Hope that she ruined his life and destroyed all his dreams of becoming President -- threatening that it's payback time... Lexie/Brandon pull into the mansion driveway after searching for clues about Hope/Zack all night. She takes him down to the secret room and they get into an argument because Brandon suspects that Tony is involved in Hope's disappearance. Lexie suddenly feels dizzy and Brandon talks her into going to the hospital; when they get in the car, she's shocked to find Hope's wallet under the seat. Just then, Bo/Abe arrive and ask why she seems so agitated. She slips the wallet to Brandon and they all enter the mansion. Alone with Brandon, Lexie thanks him for taking the wallet and swears she didn't kidnap Hope/Zack. He believes her, but Lexie panics because she realizes she's being set up... Lucas meets up with Philip to give him a set of keys to the apartment; he advises Philip not to get too committed at his age and suggests that maybe he should pursue Belle. Meanwhile, Chloe consoles Belle for all she's going through and urges her not to feel responsible for Philip, too. Philip comes over and comforts Belle when he learns about Hope/Zack's abduction. Chloe sees their close dynamic and later wonders if she's truly over Philip... Cassie arrives at Shawn's house to check up on him; she's there when Bo returns home, confirming that Hope/Zack were abducted. When Bo leaves, Cassie offers Shawn her support and he responds, allowing her to embrace him. Shawn tries to focus on his schoolwork because Bo urged him that it's what his mother would want; Cassie reveals that she and Rex will be taking a class at Salem University. She offers to employ her photographic memory to learn everything and tutor Shawn so that he can keep up, and he agrees... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9416
    Ep. #9416
    Episode 242
    Belle goes to sit with an anxious Shawn at the house; Bo calls to tell him of the lead from the flight attendant. Belle is worried about the twins safety if Tony is really behind it. They try to call them but no answer. They think to call Marlena just as they hear a loud noise and find Cassie and Rex have crashed Tony's car into a tree, after Cassie stole Tony's car keys; having heard that Shawn is having problems. The two enter the Brady house, as if nothing happened…the agents in attendance are leery about this. Shawn tells them it's OK. The FBI agents and cops keeping watch at the house want to take them in for questioning, but Shawn has them call Roman over. Roman gets the agents to back off, and although he is pleased to make the acquaintance of the Gemini twins, he is furious when Rex reveals that John is at the DiMera Mansion with Tony right now. Roman gets the FBI agents watching the house to back off. After Roman leaves, Belle suggests that they do what the Brady's always do in a crisis: pray for Hope and Zack's safe return... Roman is at Basic Black, canceling his lunch date with Kate and filling her in. Kate is sympathetic that Hope and Zack have gone missing and tries to comfort him. Roman gets called to the Brady house… John brings Marlena to Tony, who's still in a fugue state. They question him about Hope and his agenda in Salem; Tony says that a man in white told him that Marlena would unlock his dreams. He also reveals that this man came to him while he was on an island where he was told his destiny would be fulfilled. Tony comes out of the state and is concerned about what he may have revealed; John accuses him of faking the whole thing so he would not be questioned – which John immediately starts to do. Roman arrives and tells Tony that he does not need to answer any questions; and then privately reprimands John for disobeying his request not to confront the DiMera's and for interfering with the police investigation, which he may now well have ruined! John promises to use his resources now to try and track down Hope and Zack. John then tells a surprised Roman that Tony mentioned an island in his state… Brady storms into Kate's office and demands to know "what the hell happened while he was away". Billie swivels in the chair and blasts at Brady, "just who do you think you're barking at?" Billie takes out her anxiety over the Hope situation on him. She tells him he has no right to bark at Kate just because this is his daddy's company. He accuses her of only being back in town to break up Bo and Hope again and she tells Brady about Hope and Zack's disappearance. Brady apologizes for arguing with her before and she admits she was a little hard herself. Billie saw Kate with Roman before he left and later confronts her mother about the relationship. Billie tells her she doesn't want her dating Roman because he's her boss. Kate asks Billie if it's because she has a thing for Roman herself and Billie quickly says no. The two agree not to pass judgment on each other and Kate gets called away. Billie, alone Kate's office, calls the mystery knuckle man and he tells her he's had a problem, but he's taking care of it. She still wants to come to Cedar Rapids to be with Bo and he tells her to stay put. So, Billie promises, "I'll stay clear of Bo for now". Brady, having returned to the door, overhears. Sensing she's not alone, Billie turns around, but Brady is gone... Chloe returns to DotCom because she wants to cut the tension between her and Philip and hopes they can be friends. Phillip tells her that he doesn't want to be just friends, he knows they're meant to be together. He tells her he overheard her telling Brady about taking a class at Salem U and tells her about his history class he's taking with Belle. Brady calls Chloe to check it and she doesn't tell him that she's with Philip. He says he'll call her later and they can get together. Phillip figures out it was Brady and asks her why she didn't tell him she was with him. She says she doesn't want any more tension. Phillip urges her to meet Brady, but he's not giving up. He offers to walk her home but she declines. Phillip leaves and Chloe just sits there…. Once alone again, Tony, looking for some aspirin, tosses some papers to the floor, among of which is the satellite photo of an unknown island... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9415
    Ep. #9415
    Episode 241
    Bo visits Glen and promises J.T. that he will find Hope and Zack. Colin worries that Tony may reveal too much. Cassie and Rex tell Marlena about their plans to attend Salem University.
  • Ep. #9414
    Ep. #9414
    Episode 240
    Jennifer brings Abby to the hospital for a follow up after her accident. Jack arrives just in time to witness Jennifer and Colin having a moment. He tells them that his car broke down 10 miles out of town and that he hitch-hiked into town and Jennifer seems impressed. Jennifer then tells Jack that when they're done, there's an unknown breaking story happening at the police station they need to get working on. Jack assures his support. Colin is displeased with Jack being there as Jennifer and Abby head off to the appointment. Jack then tells Colin that he knows it was him who misplaced his cell phone the day of Abby's accident. Jack assures that he won't rat Colin out yet, but tells him to watch his back. Colin gets a page and takes off… Nicole runs into Lucas and asks to speak with him. She then takes him onto the terrace and lashes out at him for stopping her wedding. She then tries to strangle him. Lucas pleads with her and she eventually lets go and Lucas tells her she's crazy. He then tells her that Victor is only using her for her looks and Colin arrives just in time and Lucas takes off. Nicole tells Colin that she needs more pain medicine, he says he'll help her and then kisses her. She pushes him off but he insists that what she came for. Nicole says he's still lusting after Jennifer and he accuses her of being jealous. He kisses her again and she pushes him off and then leaves. Colin tries to go after her but Tony cuts him off and informs him of Hope and Zack's disappearance and tells him that Lexie cannot be implicated… Lexi rushes into the mansion and tells Tony about Hope & Zack. She asks him if their father had anything to do with it and he tells her no. She gets worked up, continuing to tell Tony that need to find HER son and she eventually collapses. Tony rushes her to the hospital. As they arrive, she tells Brandon she is fine and almost faints again. She tells Brandon she needs his help to find Isaac. She asks Tony to leave them alone and explains. Brandon tells Lexie he thinks Tony could be behind it. Lexie continues to defend Tony; unaware he is listening around the corner. She tells him she needs his support about getting Abe back for her and he won't give it to her. Tony interrupts them and Lexie goes to see the doctor and Tony tells Brandon that he heard everything and that he better stay away from his sister or he wouldn't want to know what he'll do…Lexie comes back to find Brandon and tells him she really needs him. He remember their night of passion and promises Lexie he will be there… They are hugging and Lucas comes around the corner and sneers that Sami picked a bad time to leave town. Belle is trying to clean up Shawn's room after he burst out of there earlier and Philip comes to clear out his stuff. He's surprised when Belle bursts into tears, upset because Shawn stormed out of there earlier. She can't find Shawn anywhere and Philip tells her he'll be there for her. He confides in Belle that he's moving into Lucas' apartment and he's planning on taking a music course at Salem U. that Chloe is taking. She talks him out of it and convinces him to take a history course with her instead. Billie pulls Shawn over and realizes he's on his way to confront Lexie. She takes his keys and when he tries to take them back, she threatens to arrest him. He promises her he will not go to the DiMera's and she lets him go. He goes back to his dorm room and Philip makes himself scarce. Shawn tells Belle his mother and brother are missing. Belle feels for Shawn and promises to help him through this... Jennifer tells Jack to go get started on the story. She receives a phone call from Roman, who informs her of Hope and Zack's disappearance. Billie makes a phone call and tells the caller that she's learned Bo is on his way to Iowa. We see the mystery knuckle man on the other end and he asks if everything is OK. She assures him that no one suspects her... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9413
    Ep. #9413
    Episode 239
    **from** Shawn wakes up surprised to see Bo in his room; he's anguished when he learns that his mom and brother are missing. Bo admits he suspects kidnapping, and Shawn immediately assumes it was Lexie. Bo tells Shawn he's going to Iowa to investigate, wants Shawn to stay at the house in case any ransom calls come in. Meanwhile, Lexie confronts Abe about being tailed, but she becomes distressed when she learns that Zack is missing and that Abe suspects her. Bo warns Lexie that if he doesn't find Hope in Cedar Rapids, he's coming after her... Nancy/Craig take Chloe to the hospital for her latest test results. While waiting, she admits to Nancy that she can't tell Brady she loves him because she doesn't want to hurt him if she dies like his mother did. Nancy feels for Chloe, but has to excuse herself when she gets a bout of morning sickness. Chloe talks to another cancer survivor who's preparing for her future. Chloe, Nancy and Craig finally get the news that Chloe is still in remission; she goes to share the good news with Brady, while Craig is left to deal with Nancy's horrible cravings... Philip asks Belle to meet him at Dot Com, where he tells her he's taken a job to get his life back on track. Brady comes in and warns Philip to stay away, revealing how he unjustly had Brady locked up in Dry Creek. Belle's shocked and walks out on Philip, who's furious with Brady. When Chloe arrives, Brady tells her about his confrontation with Philip and she wishes they could all get past the tension. She tells Brady that she's decided to move on with her life and plans to take a class at Salem U.; Philip overhears and calls the registrar's office to enroll in the same course. Later, Belle goes to see Shawn and rants about Philip. Upset about his mother and brother, Shawn explodes and Belle thinks he's jealous; he contemplates telling her about Hope/Zack, but can only pull her into a kiss then he dashes out... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9412
    Ep. #9412
    Episode 238
    John still fears that the twins may linked to Stefano. Agent Spector assures John that the DiMera mansion will be under constant surveillance. Agent Spector tells John that Belle and Shawn went to visit the twins and this angers John. He then tells John he is glad Marlena is still working with the twins, but John in leery about that and tells him he doesn't want them near Marlena or Belle. Spector then suggests to John that they use Belle and Shawn's closeness to the twins to their advantage… Shawn is angry with Belle for offering Rex his room before even discussing it with him first, but Belle eventually convinces Shawn that they should try to work it so Cassie and Rex can be their roommates. Shawn tells Belle he has to leave to take care of something and when he returns Belle discovers that Shawn has asked Caprice to help them, and she agrees. Shawn gives Belle an ankle bracelet with a heart on it to symbolize their love. She thinks it's a good idea to wear now, under her clothes so the twins don't see it because they know that Cassie has a crush on Shawn and the same for Rex with Belle... Tony bonds with the twins over an exquisite dinner. They meet Celeste and Lexie; Celeste gets a strange vibe from them as she remembers the reading of Stefano's will and him bequifing her paper dolls that say, "we must reclaim our youth". Celeste later leaves and heads to Dot Com where she spots a book on the Gemini twins. She (literally) runs into Caprice there and asks Caprice if she knows her. Caprice tells her, "no, but I know you…Frankie". Celeste hurries out of there… Back at the mansion, the twins want to go out and see Belle and Shawn, but Tony thinks they should stay in; he promises them to look into the idea of them going to college... Cassie wakes later after having a nightmare and Rex tries to comfort her… Billie has an interesting phone call and tells the caller she will keep an eye on Bo… Isabella appears to Brady and she asks him if when Chloe said she had something to tell him if he thought she would confess her love to him…he tells her no and says he's just happy about the baby. She assures Brady that life is short and to make the most of it. He gets a knock at his door and she tells him "that's news". It is John, and Isabella vanishes. John tells Brady that the corrupt judge and the sheriff in Dry Creek have been fired for violating Brady's civil rights. They decide to plan a good 18th birthday party for Belle... We see the mysterious knuckle man driving a car, we see Zack in his car seat, then we see Hope, blindfolded and gagged, on the floor of the car. The knuckle man was talking to himself how he needed to do his job and then tells Zack that his mother is even more beautiful than she was when he first knew her… Bo is convinced that Hope and Zack have been abducted. He is filling in Abe and Roman on what's next. As Billie walks in as if nothing happened, Bo gets an idea about who is responsible. Billie looks guilty but says she had nothing to do with it. Bo says not her, Lexie. He wonders if this is her way of getting Isaac back. Abe and Roman put a surveillance team on the DiMera Mansion and they promise to help Bo get his wife back. Roman's suspicions still grow about Billie because she's back in the precinct after being kicked off the mayor's task force... She assures him she was sick at the time and Roman doesn't buy it because it wasn't too long ago that Billie was begging Abe for her old job back… At the mansion, Lexie wonders if the strange gifts that were left in Stefano's will was his way to get Zack back for her…moreless
  • Ep. #9411
    Ep. #9411
    Episode 237
    **from** It's clear that Victor/Nicole's wedding will have to be postponed as Gene Briscoe confirms that Lucas and Nicole's divorce papers were signed but never processed. Victor is certain Kate did this deliberately and both he and Brandon think Sami is involved in some way, too. Fay, Philip and Brady leave once they realize the wedding is off and Kate/Sami are left to deal with Victor/Nicole/Brandon. Sami feels the walls closing in and abruptly decides to take Will to Colorado to visit Eric and her grandparents, leaving Kate to take the fall and deal with Victor. Kate comes up with an idea that will stop the wedding and she's delighted because Sami will absolutely hate it... Jennifer/Colin arrive for their dinner date at Tuscany; they hear about the foiled wedding and Colin mistakenly assumes that Sami stopped the wedding with pictures of him kissing Nicole. He slips and is forced to confess everything to Jennifer, but he lays the blame of the photos on Sami, convincing Jennifer that he was breaking things off with Nicole when he kissed her. Jennifer confronts Sami about the pictures and blames her for stopping the wedding. Sami reveals the real reason the wedding was cancelled and Colin is upset that he told Jennifer everything. She asks if things are really over between Colin/Nicole and he swears they are through... Chloe's circumspect when Mimi asks about her relationship with Brady; Philip arrives and Chloe's concerned about Philip crashing with Belle. Brady comes to talk to Belle and Chloe gets him to leave with her, wanting to avoid a confrontation. Mimi convinces Philip to learn from his mistakes and start over, while Brady gives Chloe a present: a trophy cup inscribed with "World's Greatest Big Sister" on it. Brady encourages her not to wait for a bone marrow match and start doing what she wants... Bo is unsettled when he discovers that Hope/Zack missed their flight. He calls Glen and learns that he was with them all the way to the security gate; none of the family has heard from her either and she doesn't answer her cell phone. He doesn't start to panic until the next flight from Cedar Rapids arrives and Hope isn't on it. Meanwhile, the mystery man has kidnapped Hope and Zack... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9410
    Ep. #9410
    Episode 236
    Bo is on the phone with Hope and tells her to hurry home; he misses her. She says she's on her way… Phillip has arrived at Tuscany for the dinner party Victor is throwing to celebrate his engagement to Nicole. Brady is already there and Phillip is less than pleased to see him, however, he attempts to apologize to Brady for what happened in Dry Creek. Phillip also admits to Brady that he knows about the closeness of him and Chloe. Brady assures Phillip that Chloe is doing great and Phillip believes Brady to be rubbing it in his face. As Victor and Nicole arrive with Faye, Victor once again promises Nicole the best gift of all. Bo rushes to clean up the house for Hope's homecoming and Caroline pops in to give him a hand. Bo assures her that Hope is cool with Billie being back in town, especially since Billie is now working with the mayor. He also tells her that he feels Shawn is homesick and the two of them agree to hold a big homecoming party for Hope and Zack this weekend. Bo has a night at Green Mountain Lodge planned when Hope gets home. As Sami promises Brandon she'll keep a low profile at the bar, she asks him to make his appearance a quick one. Sami is interrupted by a phone call, and it's Kate. She informs Sami that the P.I. she hired came up empty handed. They agree to keep in touch as details develop. Meanwhile, Brady sees Sami sitting at the bar and he asks her if she's there to ruin his grandfather's night. Sami tells Brady that Brandon has asked her to wait for him and he agrees to keep quiet. Sami then makes a crack about Nicole being so much closer to Brady's age than to Victors. Brady then walks away and Sami is determined to stop the wedding no matter what the cost… Phillip has confronted his father, says Congratulations, and tells him he's leaving. Victor will hear nothing of it. Phillip says that's too bad since he doesn't want him living with him anymore either. Victor orders Phillip to sit. But Brady overheard the two of them talking and asks Phillip where he's been staying. Phillip tells him he's crashing with Belle, which angers Brady. Victor has whispered something in Maggie's ear and she told him she would take care of it. A while later, she tells him it's done and then Victor makes a big speech about how wonderful his life is with Nicole and that he has a big surprise. He tells her that they are going to be married right there right now. Nicole tries to look happy and Sami about chokes. Gene tells Victor everything is set for the wedding and Nicole says she won't sign a pre-nup. Gene tells Nicole there's no pre-nup, but she still seems skeptical. She later then defends Victor to her mom and Brandon as they continue to ask her if she is sure she wants to marry Victor. No one understands how this wedding could happen so quickly and Victor tells them that Mayor Shepherd has agreed to perform the ceremony. Sami frantically calls Kate with this turn of events. Kate orders Sami to stall until she finally comes up with something she thinks can prevent the wedding. Kate is angry at Lucas because she believes he is taking Victor's side. Lucas admits he doesn't have a problem with Victor because he has done so much for him. Kate, still desperate, tears Lucas's apartment upside down looking for his legal papers. Lucas finally says they were burned in the mansion fire and Kate says they were in a fire-proof box. Lucas, remembering Henderson bringing him the box, retrieves it and Kate believes she has hit the jackpot. Sami, unsure how to stall, trips a waiter; Maggie catches her, but Nicole invites her enemy to join in the celebration. The wedding ceremony begins and at the part about "if anyone believes these two should not wed…" Kate and Lucas burst in and yell, "STOP!" Everyone is shocked as to why they're there and Victor throws Kate out. She refuses and tells Lucas to tell them why they can't marry. Lucas, hesitating, tells Victor Nicole can't marry him because the two of them are still married! Bo arrives at the airport and awaits the passengers getting off the plane. He sees everyone exit the plane, including the crew…but no Hope. A worried Bo says, "Where are you, Fancy Face?" Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9409
    Ep. #9409
    Episode 235
    **from** Victor has invited Philip, Brady, Brandon and Fay to Tuscany for a dinner party to celebrate his engagement to Nicole. Philip attempts to apologize to Brady for what happened in Dry Creek, while Sami promises Brandon she'll keep a low profile at the bar. Brady's not pleased when he learns that Philip is crashing with Belle because he's been kicked out of Victor's house. Kate calls Sami and she shoos Brandon away; Kate reiterates that they must find something on Nicole soon. Meanwhile, Brandon and Fay continue to ask Nicole if she is sure she wants to marry Victor. Everyone is a bit taken aback when Victor surprises Nicole with the announcement that he plans to have Mayor Shepherd marry them right now. Sami nearly chokes on her drink and frantically calls Kate with this turn of events. Kate orders Sami to stall and she finally comes up with something she thinks can prevent the wedding. In her desperation to delay until Kate arrives, Sami trips a waiter; Maggie catches her, but Nicole invites her enemy to join in the celebration. At the very last minute, Kate and Lucas arrive and stop the wedding. Everyone is shocked when Lucas says Nicole can't marry Victor because she is still married to Lucas! Bo gets a call from Hope, who tells him that she's finished packing to come home. Bo teases her with plans for a romantic evening and prepares for Hope's homecoming by cleaning the house. Caroline arrives and helps her son; they talk about how much they've all missed having Hope around. Hope calls again on the way to the airport, which makes Bo all the more anxious for her to get home. He has flowers and toys in hand as he waits for Hope and Zack to arrive. As the last of the passengers disembark, Bo becomes concerned when he doesn't see his wife or child... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9408
    Ep. #9408
    Episode 234
    Cassie and Rex tell Marlena and John they are ready to go home with Tony. Bo is happy that Hope is on her way home but suspicious of Billie, who is at the station to beg for her job back. When Roman sees Sami and Kate being civil to each other, he is immediately suspicious.moreless
  • Ep. #9407
    Ep. #9407
    Episode 233
    Shawn, Belle and Phillip try to revive Dozer after he passed out on Belle's bed. After Dozer is taken away by parametics, Caprice lectures the residents about the dangers of alcohol. Meanwhile at the Cheetin' Heart, Sami and Kate share their hatred for Nicole and decide to pair up to bring her down. The pair head over to the hospital and use the balcony intercom to listen in on Victor and Nicole's private dinner. Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9406
    Ep. #9406
    Episode 232
    Rex and Cassie are worried about what might happen to them…Tony shows the guardianship papers to John and Marlena and tells Agent Spector to hand over the Twins. Marlena protests telling Tony he has no right and takes the twins back to their room and tells them to hang tight for just a little while longer. Agent Spector tells John and Marlena that if they don't give the twins to Tony that they would be breaking the law and he leaves to make some phone calls. John accuses Tony of finishing his father's dirty work. Tony denies any previous knowledge of the twins and shows John the article in The Spectator, just as the twins come out and introduce themselves to Tony; and they're ready to go home with him... John and Agent Spector prevented Tony from taking custody of the Twins until a formal hearing can be arranged... Chloe has begun to sing again – her emotions really seem to be into it. She has a smile on her face. And when Craig confronts her about her happiness being because of Brady…she admits it. Craig understands Chloe's feelings for Brady and encourages her to follow her heart. He also tells her that it is OK for her to tell Brady about the baby; after all, he's been so involved and he seems to care a great deal about her. Craig flat out asks Chloe if she is in love with Brady, but she can't admit it. She tells him she is afraid things will turn out the way they did with Phillip and she didn't want that. Craig assures her Phillip and Brady are two different people and she should tell her new feelings to Brady. She's calls Brady and asks him to meet her… Meanwhile, Roman asked Brady to meet him at the Cheatin' Heart. Roman was upset once he had heard what went down in Dry Creek and the fact that Brady didn't tell him about it. He put his job on the line to help Brady out after all. Brady understands Romans feelings and tells him he's sorry for blowing Sykes' cover and making him head for the hills. Roman then apologizes to Brady for the way he treated him when he first returned to Salem -- he sees now that Brady is a compassionate young man. They both decide to put aside their differences and make a fresh start. Brady takes a chance and asks Roman to help him track down Sykes again, but he's unable to assist because the program is in lock down because of the leak. Salem U has won the football game and the dorm is ready to party! Cynthia is still upset that Belle won heartbreaker instead of her and is still bugging Dozer to help Belle live up to her name. Dozer eventually agrees to do this, although he is completely smashed. Belle heads up to her room to get her camera and Philip startles her when he grabs her as she walks in; Phillip says he's in a bad place because he saw Chloe and Brady very close earlier at Brady's apartment. Belle helps him cope as he pounds on the wall. Dozer, in a drunken walk, barges in on them. Phillip quickly throws him out just a Shawn is coming upstairs. Dozer tells Shawn he'll have to get in line to see Belle because she's getting busy with Philip. Shawn punches Dozer and Cynthia tries to break it up but it was Philip and Belle that broke it up. Cynthia, who witnessed everything, spreads the word that Belle is a player; and she encourages Dozer to get even with Shawn by ruining Belle's reputation. Belle is upset because Shawn questions her about Philip hanging in her room again. She does damage control downstairs and heads upstairs to be alone, but Dozer, with influence from Cynthia, follows her and suggests they have some fun. Shawn, wanting to make up, goes to Belle's room and finds her lying on top of Dozer on her bed... Brady goes to Chloe's house and she tells him she may have a bone marrow donor – she'll know in about 9 months. She tells him Nancy is pregnant. Brady is ecstatic and can hardly contain himself – he tells her with love there comes hope and they share a second kiss... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9405
    Ep. #9405
    Episode 231
    **from** John and Marlena continue to disagree about what to do with the Twins -- Marlena wants to take them home, but John fears they could be programmed pawns on Stefano's that could be triggered at any time. Marlena thinks this is an even better reason to keep them close, but John is firm as it looks like they can't compromise... Tony catches Jack snooping through his computer and kicks him out of the mansion. He later reveals to Colin that he planted the computer so that he could catch Jack red-handed. Tony tells Colin that he has a plan in motion that involves the story in The Spectator and the Twins. Jack goes to the police station, where Alice and Bo are talking about Hope, as well as the story on the "aliens." After Alice leaves, Bo reads Jack the riot act for running the story on the Twins. Jack has bigger problems and tells Bo that he's been kicked out of the DiMera Mansion and is sure that Tony/Colin have all sorts of nefarious plans. Hope calls Bo and tells him that she and Zack are coming home. Meanwhile, Tony shows up at the hospital basement and says he's willing to take the twins home... Craig and Nancy tell Chloe that she is going to be a big sister and that there's a chance the baby could be a bone marrow match. Meanwhile, Isabella tries to convince Brady that his trip to Dry Creek wasn't a waste of effort or time. Bo shows up and is curious whom Brady's talking to. Brady is forced to cover, but Bo feels Isabella's presence as he reminisces in his old loft. Then, Chloe comes over and surprises Brady with her optimistic attitude... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9404
    Ep. #9404
    Episode 230
    **from** Nicole spies on Sami in a close moment with Brandon; she gets her alone and blames Sami for her infertility problems, claiming Sami lured her to the morgue and attacked her. Sami negates, but Nicole threatens to expose her to Victor unless Sami hands over the tape and photos with Colin. Sami runs out with a 30-minute deadline and slams into Brandon and then Lucas. She has to physically attack Lucas to get out; Brandon thinks Lucas gets off on provoking Sami and that he's hooked on her, which hits a nerve with him. Meanwhile, Kate corners Victor and Nicole and demands some accounts back that Nicole has stolen. Sami returns to the hospital and Nicole gets Victor out of her room; she turns over the tape/photos and insists that Nicole leave her alone. Nicole promises, but reveals that she crossed her fingers after Sami leaves. When Victor returns, she "breaks down," saying she can't handle Kate and Sami. Kate and Sami both overhear as Victor promises to destroy Kate/Sami as a wedding day present to Nicole... Marlena calls John to tell him that she's done with the intense part of her work with Cassie/Rex. John meets her there and is anxious to take her home, but she first wants to grant the Twins' wish - to be released. Marlena insists Spector let them go. Although he protests, she finally convinces him to call his superiors. Spector returns and says Cassie/Rex can be released, but they need a guardian; Marlena volunteers, but John refuses... When Belle wakes up with Shawn in her bed, he explains that he slept in the other bed, but crawled in with her this morning. Philip suffers from a hangover and regrets his actions from the night before. He declares that he's going to stay away from alcohol and Chloe cold turkey. They make it downstairs in time to hear the winner of this year's "Homecoming Heartbreaker" contest, which Cynthia has been vying for; to her chagrin, Belle wins. Dozer makes a move on Cynthia and she agrees to go out with him if he makes Belle live up to her title and break someone's heart tonight...moreless
  • Ep. #9403
    Ep. #9403
    Episode 229
    **from** Abe visits Fay and she confides her fears that Victor may have an issue with Nicole's fertility problems. Brandon tries to get through to Nicole, who is very callous about her diagnosis. She makes Brandon think that Sami was the cause of her condition. He counters that Nicole won't be any happier once she marries Victor and storms off to the nurses' station, where Lexie grabs him. He promises to keep the secret that they made love as he stares daggers at Abe; they go inside and Abe admonishes Lexie for delaying the divorce proceedings. Lexie asks Abe to reconsider the divorce, but he's unbending and asks Fay out to dinner. Nicole goes to the hospital nursery and runs into Celeste, who suggests she think long and hard before marrying Victor. Later, Nicole lashes out at Fay and Brandon stops her. She tells Brandon that Abe is getting closer to their mother, but he vows it'll never happen... Nancy/Craig come home from the hospital and she wants to start setting up for Chloe's 18th birthday party, but Craig wants her to take it easy because of the baby. They debate whether or not to tell Chloe about the baby and decide to wait. Meanwhile, Philip overhears about the party for Chloe from Belle/Shawn and he realizes Chloe's back in town. As he sulks about not being able to go to the party, Cynthia sets a plan in motion with Dozer to get Philip drunk. Brady brings Chloe home and she is genuinely surprised when Belle, Shawn and Mimi arrive with gifts. They catch up and Chloe's glad to hear that they're all attending Salem U. Just as Belle prods about the trip, Philip crashes the party. It's an awkward moment and Chloe tries to reach out to him, but his inebriation causes him to beg Chloe to take him back. Before a fight ensues, Belle and Shawn drag Philip out of there. While Brady comforts Chloe, Belle/Shawn drop Philip off to sleep in Shawn's bed. Belle says Shawn can sleep in her room; as they go to sleep, Shawn gives Belle a kiss and slips into bed with her. He forces himself to pull away and they say "I love you" before going to sleep in separate beds. After the party, Craig and Nancy witness a longing look between Chloe and Brady, but both deny any kind of relationship... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9402
    Ep. #9402
    Episode 228
    **from** Nicole is ready to be discharged and can't refuse when Victor wants to move her into the mansion. This doesn't sit well with Kate or Philip, especially since Philip just got kicked out. Colin delivers news that Nicole must remain in the hospital for additional testing because the accident may have caused permanent fertility problems. Although she never wanted kids anyway, she works up emotion for Victor's sake. He stands by her and promises that he still wants to marry her. Meanwhile, Kate sneaks a peek at Nicole's file and goes to taunt her about her condition, but Nicole wins the war of words. Kate finds herself being comforted by Jack, who mentions that Colin may still be an obstacle to Victor/Nicole's wedded bliss. Kate pulls it together and tells Sami that she intends to win... As Jack eavesdrops, Bo confronts Colin about the breach of hospital security. Colin suggests Bo check with his niece, Sami. Belle/Shawn go to check on the twins, but are sent to see Bo, who is now the police liaison for the hospital basement. Later, Belle overhears Sami talking to Jack and deduces that she leaked the story to the tabloids; Jack helps Sami cover, while Belle hides her interest in the twins. Bo encourages Jack to forget about the aliens and continue digging dirt at the DiMera Mansion. Determined to do both, he calls Jennifer as they prepare to roll with their story. Bo offers Philip a place to stay, but Philip declines because he doesn't want to cause a rift between Bo and Victor. Instead, Philip goes to mend fences between Belle and Shawn, promising to find another place to crash. As he watches Belle and Shawn go upstairs, he's enticed by Cynthia to take a beer and start drinking... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9401
    Ep. #9401
    Episode 227
    **from** Everyone is shocked to see the headline in The Intruder about aliens in Salem. Tony tells Colin he needs to get them under his control now that everyone knows. He baits Jack with the paper and later anonymously gives Jack and Jennifer all the information on the twins to run in The Spectator. Meanwhile, John is befuddled when Spector shows him the security tapes and he sees that Sami was near the area, fearing she may be the leak. He confronts her, but she covers about getting lost while delivering a report to the morgue. Lucas also takes a couple shots at Sami and they blame each other for Will's behavior. Jennifer questions Colin about the twins and he continues the pretense of being honest. While Jack's attempt to get into the basement is foiled, Tony surprises John down there and points out all the coincidences regarding the Gemini twins; Tony thinks that they may be connected to his father and offers a subtle suggestion that he and John work together to find the "key" that will unlock this mystery... Chloe/Brady arrive home and Craig meets them at the loft; he's thrilled to learn that Sykes is alive, but angry that Chloe and Brady tried to find him on their own. He asks them not to tell Nancy about their search because it might upset her. Craig returns to the hospital, where Nancy is frazzled that he didn't even tell her about the "aliens." He confides that he's suspicious of Sami, but can't prove it. Later, he announces that the twins are not a threat and that they're definitely human. Back at the loft, Brady and Chloe are forced to deal with their feelings as Isabella watches them; they agree there's chemistry, but the priority has to be to find Chloe a bone marrow match. Brady promises to be there for Chloe every step of the way... Cynthia stirs up trouble by telling Shawn to go to Belle's room, knowing that Philip spent the night there. Philip answers the door in his underwear and Shawn is livid. Belle and Mimi return from their class; Mimi gets Philip out, leaving Belle/Shawn to fight about his lack of trust. Cynthia makes some catty comments about moving in on Belle, but Philip promises they are just friends. Later, Mimi sees The Intruder headline and shows Shawn/Belle... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9400
    Ep. #9400
    Episode 226
    **from** Brady surprises Chloe for her 18th birthday by decorating the tent. Chloe's sad that they have to return to Salem without any more information than when they arrived in Dry Creek, but Brady's hopeful that they will find Dr. Thompson and that one way or another she'll find a bone marrow donor. He gives her a special gift: season tickets to the New York Metropolitan Opera, promising she will be healthy enough to use them next year. The chemistry between them intensifies as they look at each other and finally are drawn into their first real kiss... Craig and Nancy are still elated that she's pregnant and they go to their first prenatal appointment; they discuss the idea of having an amniocentesis, which could give them an early indication of whether or not the baby will be a donor match for Chloe. They emphasize to each other that the baby will be loved regardless of whether he or she is a match for Chloe or not. Later, Craig is furious when he catches a reporter from The Intruder at Sami's desk. Little does he know that the reporter is there to see Sami. She covers and meets privately with him, although she's almost caught by Brandon as well. Sami's pleased when the reporter returns with the headline about aliens in the hospital basement because now she can pay for her romantic getaway. Meanwhile, Craig gives Nancy a special gift: a picture frame of two interlocking hearts -- one has a picture of Chloe when she was a baby, and the other will be for their new baby... Colin tells Tony about his discovery in the hospital basement, as well as information about the key. Tony is determined to see the twins, confident that they are some product of Stefano's. He's shocked when Bart comes in with the newspaper and sees the headline revealing the twins to all of Salem. Meanwhile, Cassie and Rex tell Spector about their visit with John. As Rex surfs the Internet, he learns about certain privileges they are being denied and the twins plan to ask for their release or break out if necessary... Episode Pictures (including Brady & Chloe's first kiss!!) courtesy of
  • Ep. #9399
    Ep. #9399
    Episode 225
    **from** Tony orders Colin to find out what is going on in the basement of the hospital. Meanwhile, John is down there interrogating Cassie and Rex; he's thrown when he shows the twins his tattoo and Cassie mutters, "The Phoenix." He realizes they don't know anything except what Marlena has told them. Tony calls John and asks him to come to the mansion, as a diversion to get Colin into the basement area. After John leaves, Colin chloroforms a doctor to gain access to the area; he uses a high tech gadget to disable the security cameras and takes photos of the area and the twins while they sleep. As he's doing this, Cassie has a nightmare with Belle and Shawn trying to rush them out of the hospital. John shows up at the DiMera Mansion and Tony spins a tale to keep him occupied. John leaves and runs into Jack, warning him to be careful around the DiMeras. Later, Tony learns that Colin was successful and realizes it's just a matter of time before he uncovers the truth... Jennifer lays into Jack for not being available after Abby was hurt at the park. He apologizes, but Jennifer feels she's the one who ought to be apologizing - she was just so scared. Jack bristles when he finds out Colin tended to Abby; Jennifer gets into a heated argument with Jack over Colin and she comes to the conclusion that either Jack is wrong or Colin is up to no good... Shawn tells Mimi about his fight with Belle; she thinks things will work out with time, but Shawn isn't sure. Philip comes clean to Belle about not going to New York with Chloe and she calls him on his immature behavior. Shawn realizes Belle's still angry with him and Mimi fears that Cynthia's prediction of "Heartbreak House" may come true. When Philip realizes that Victor has cut him off, Belle invites him to spend the night in her room. Cynthia overhears this and plans to start with Belle and Shawn as she plans revenge on her former classmates... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9398
    Ep. #9398
    Episode 224
    **from** Kate confronts Victor about stealing another account from under her; he advises Kate to give up because she will continue to lose until she is nothing. Victor goes to tell Nicole the good news, but can't find her. She's down in the hospital morgue, where she's lured Sami under false pretense. She threatens Sami and plans to extract her revenge for all the things Sami has done to her. They wrestle over a bottle of formaldehyde and the ad from The Intruder falls out of Sami's purse. Sami grabs her things from Nicole and runs off, but she gets lost outside of the area where the twins are being kept. She overhears John talking to Spector in the corridor about the Gemini twins from outer space and decides to submit the alien story to The Intruder. Meanwhile, Nicole runs into Victor and he's curious what she's doing in the morgue. She indignantly covers and tells Victor to get off her back. However, she's pleased when Victor tells her he snagged the account she had been vying for before the accident... Chloe calls to check in with Craig/Nancy, who are relieved to hear that she's OK. Nancy signals Craig not to mention the baby because she doesn't trust the last pregnancy test results; Chloe hates lying to Nancy and Craig, but Brady reminds her that they can't say anything about what they're up to. They head back into Dry Creek and learn that Dr. Thompson and his wife put their house up for sale and didn't leave a forwarding address. Chloe's afraid she'll never find her father, but Brady implores her not to give up... Belle is upset when John refuses to take her back to see the twins. Shawn tries to calm her down, but they only end up arguing more about Cassie/Rex when Shawn says she's obsessed. Belle is furious and throws Jan back in his face, saying she still doesn't completely trust him after that whole fiasco. Shawn storms out and runs into Philip, who's been thrown out of the house by Victor because he's postponed college. Shawn tells Philip about the fight, while Belle shares her troubles with Caprice. Philip absorbs Shawn's view of how Belle needs to take care of someone and ends up going to see her because he didn't know where else to go... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9397
    Ep. #9397
    Episode 223
    **from** Sami wants to plan a romantic getaway with Brandon, but realizes she can't afford the place she has in mind; a headline soliciting stories for cash in The Intruder makes her think she can find a story for them. Lucas shows up, demanding that Sami sign the custody papers for Will. Brandon intervenes, but Sami signs the papers out of fear that Lucas will reveal the tape from Vegas. Brandon gets a call from Lexie and leaves; before Lucas takes off, he tells Sami that her dad is putting the moves on Kate. Sami goes to confront Roman, who's trying to win Kate over, and overhears him referencing Kate's past with Stefano. She confronts Kate, but Roman forces Sami to leave. Sami returns to her apartment with an idea to expose Kate's past with Stefano to finance her getaway with Brandon. In the meantime, Roman asks Kate out on a real date and she agrees. After he leaves, Kate scoffs at Roman's spiel about genuinely caring for her and is furious when she learns she lost a big account to Titan... Jennifer/Maggie are watching Abby and Will at the park. Jennifer opens up to Maggie about her persistent feelings for Colin and her lingering feelings for Jack. She admits she still loves Jack, but is afraid of getting hurt again. Will hits Abby with a swing and she sustains a head wound. Lucas shows up and takes Abby and Jennifer to the hospital. Abby cries to see her daddy and Jennifer asks Maggie to call Jack... Colin tells Tony he's sure that Jack is just looking for dirt for his story; he's cool with Jack when he enters, but Colin has to leave when he's paged. Jack's cell phone vibrates in the foyer (it's Maggie calling about Abby) and Colin turns it off and pockets the phone. Jack does try to get information on Colin from Tony; he also tries to work Bart after seeing Bart's dislike of Colin. Tony overhears and realizes that Jack is out to get Colin. Meanwhile, Lexie tries to feed Jack information to write about her to look good in Abe's eyes. Cameron arrives and blows it when she says they'll make Abe pay. Lexie and Cameron meet with Brandon; they try to offer Brandon money for his silence. He's adamant that he won't help her and his silence cannot be bought... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9396
    Ep. #9396
    Episode 222
    **from** Nancy is rushed to the hospital after she collapses when Philip announces that he's returned without Chloe. He covers that she's not in New York, but does reveal to everyone that Brady is with her. Nancy's worry escalates when Craig can't contact Chloe or Brady by phone. Nancy's lab results are returned and Craig tells her that she's pregnant! Meanwhile, Victor is upset that Philip deferred enrollment at Columbia. Belle thinks Philip is withholding information about Chloe, which causes him to rage against her as she presses the issue. Colin overhears Belle tell Shawn that Marlena is unreachable while she's down there... Brady and Chloe draw closer as they enjoy a night by the campfire. Brady tells Chloe about the star that John gave Isabella; he promises her that they'll find a bone marrow donor. At the end of the night, she falls asleep in Brady's arms... Brandon meets up with Sami to find out the whole truth of what happened with Nicole and the blackmail. She hedges around the truth, but Brandon insists that she be honest with him. Kate sees them together and threatens to tell Victor, but Sami retorts that Kate has fallen out of the loop because she's free to see Brandon now. Kate is curious about Sami's swollen eye and vows to find out the truth. Brandon and Sami wipe the slate clean and re-introduce themselves to each other. They plan to see each other tomorrow, as Sami dreams of her future with Brandon... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9395
    Ep. #9395
    Episode 221
    Citizens of Salem gather for the Light the Night walk. Nancy faints when she learns Chloe did not return to Salem with Philip. Brady and Chloe share a sleeping bag.
  • Ep. #9394
    Ep. #9394
    Episode 220
    **from** Jennifer pulls away from the kiss she initiated with Colin and gently probes about his true self. He reveals that he covered for her father while in Africa, because Bill had organized underground medical runs to rebels in Africa; Jennifer feels guilty for hating her father because she had believed he was having an affair at the time. She calls her dad and apologizes; she later has second thoughts about Colin and wonders if she's had him pegged wrong too. Meanwhile, Jack tries to talk Bo into saving Jennifer from Colin. Bo is confident Jennifer can take care of herself, but he tells Jack that he and Jennifer have discussed Jack and she's afraid to get involved with Jack because he might hurt her again. Jack tells Bo that he's moving into the mansion and Bo warns him that he may be walking into a trap... Tony orders Bart to track down Marlena, but he reveals she's MIA. When Tony goes into another fugue state, Bart calls Colin over; while in the state, Tony has a memory of a man telling him his future has arrived. When he revives, Tony doesn't remember the recollection and Bart tells him what he murmured. Jack shows up at the mansion and walks in on Colin treating Tony; he warns Colin that since he's the family doctor, he's fair game for the story as well... John brings Belle/Shawn to see Cassie/Rex in the hospital basement; they are surprised at how well the twins are speaking, thanks to Marlena's hypnotherapy. Belle promises that if the twins don't remember anything about their family, she and Shawn will be a family to them. Meanwhile, John tries to see Marlena and is frustrated when he's told she's been in meetings and probably won't be available for another twenty-four hours. He voices his concern to Bo because he sees the tight relationships between Belle/Shawn/Marlena and the twins as a sign of danger... Lexie shows up at Mickey's office for the divorce meeting without her lawyer. She tries to convince Abe to reconsider, but he insists it's over. He remembers how happy they were back when they wed in Chicago and thinks only a miracle can fix things. Meanwhile, Celeste refuses to help Lexie, which makes her realize that Jack may be the only one that can help her win Abe back... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9393
    Ep. #9393
    Episode 219
    **from** Sami visits Nicole and demands she get Victor to back off about Brandon and hand over both incriminating tapes. Nicole refuses; Victor and Brandon enter and Sami dodges into the bathroom. Victor urges Nicole to reveal what Sami did to incite her last night, but Sami dangles the tape and Nicole buckles to one of the demands. She tells Brandon and Victor that Sami wanted her to back off about Brandon, but she doesn't try to get the tape. Brandon's angry that Victor tried to pressure Sami, but Nicole takes the blame. Victor/Brandon leave and Sami comes out, furious that Nicole didn't ask for the tape. She convinces Sami that having Brandon is more important and that asking for the tape would only raise Victor's suspicions. Later, Sami feigns surprise when Brandon tells her everything Nicole confessed. He thinks Nicole/Sami are withholding information and he insists Sami tell him the whole truth... Jennifer goes to the Salem Inn to talk to Colin and is surprised to see Jack there. He tries to convince her to give up the charade and pulls her aside when they see Tony arrive. Tony reprimands Colin for brushing him off and tells him not to get too involved with Nicole or Jennifer. He reveals Colin was meant to get close to Jennifer in Africa to have good references for a job at University Hospital, but now that he has that job, he's not supposed to be involved with her anymore. Jennifer, charged from her conversation with Jack, barges in on Tony/Colin and pumps Tony for information. Tony leaves and Jennifer comes onto Colin; he doesn't believe she really wants to be intimate, so she pulls him into a kiss. Meanwhile, Jack decides to get to Colin via Tony and boldly follows him into the limo. Jack pitches the idea of doing a series of articles on the new house of DiMera; Tony, with his own agenda, agrees to let Jack move into the mansion... Lexie comes to the hospital to see Brandon after learning that Nicole is reviving from the coma. Abe is there to question Nicole; when he sees Lexie, they fight about their divorce proceedings. She hates it that Abe is distracted by Fay; Lexie gets Fay alone and subtly lets her know that Abe is not available. He overhears and admonishes Lexie, who is enraged when Abe takes Fay off for coffee... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9392
    Ep. #9392
    Episode 218
    **from** Lucas tracks Sami down and tries to get her to sign joint custody papers, threatening to use Will's recorder to play the tape with all her lies. Sami grabs the recorder and takes off while Lucas isn't looking. Meanwhile, Victor and Brandon argue about what's going on between Nicole/Sami. Victor leaves as Lucas walks up and ribs Brandon about Sami. Nicole has a nightmare about Sami and takes it out on a nurse, who pages Colin. Sami spots Colin as he's about to enter Nicole's room and sneaks in before him. She hides and records Colin and Nicole's conversation, including his confession that they'd slept together! Nicole threatens to slap Colin, but Victor walks in and is unsettled; he takes Colin outside and tells him he's off Nicole's case. Back in the room, Sami comes out of hiding and reveals that she taped everything. Nicole snatches the recorder from Sami, throwing it out the window. Unfortunately, Sami pulled the tape beforehand. Nicole slugs Sami just as Victor re-enters with Brandon; they try to find out what's going on, but Nicole can only rage some more, forcing Brandon and Victor to have her sedated and restrained... Chloe stops Brady from beating Philip long enough to have him explain. Philip claims he was trying to save Chloe, but she tells him he was only trying to possess her. She realizes she needed Philip to forget about her illness, but finally tells him that it's over between them. As difficult as it is, Chloe asks Philip to leave; Brady urges Philip to accept what Chloe's saying and Philip leaves. While Brady watches over Chloe as she falls asleep, Philip vents his anger by throwing his fist through a wall... Roman brings Kate flowers to replace the ones she refused earlier. He presses her to confide in him about her history with Stefano, but she only tells him that Stefano didn't do anything to her - she did it herself. Lucas interrupts, shocked to see Roman in an intimate moment with his mother. Kate shuts down on both of them, asking them to leave. Roman tells Lucas to give Kate some space, while Kate curses Stefano, promising she'll never forget... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9391
    Ep. #9391
    Episode 217
    **from** Although Sami didn't get the key for Tony, he gives her the incriminating photos of Nicole kissing Colin in exchange for Sami's promise to find out what Marlena and John are involved in at the hospital. Tony tells Colin about the drawing of the key and Colin reveals his encounter with Spector and that Marlena is still unreachable. Tony confronts Colin about meeting with Raymond Grant, but Colin denies that the meeting had anything to do with the DiMeras. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to tell Brandon about Sami's lies, but is delayed by Craig, wanting to examine her. Just as Nicole is about to spill the beans, Sami pops her head in and flashes the incriminating photos to Nicole. She drops the subject of Sami completely and feigns exhaustion. Brandon leaves and Sami sails in, trying to get the upper hand. Later, Victor asks Brandon if he knows what's going on between Sami/Nicole because he's convinced that Sami did something to Nicole before she was shot and he's determined to find out what it was... Philip admits he forged the note from Brady, but lies and says he did it to protect Chloe. She's furious, but Brady takes the high road and defends Philip's actions, saying Philip was doing what was best for Chloe. Later, the sheriff brings Brady's keys back and asks to talk to Philip; Brady and Chloe overhear that Philip was responsible for Brady's unjust incarceration, causing Brady to slug Philip... Nancy is worried because she hasn't heard from Chloe, but Craig manages to distract her by making love to her. Afterward, he tells Nancy that if she's that worried, he'll book the next flight to New York City... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9390
    Ep. #9390
    Episode 216
    **from** Tony tightens his leash on Sami and presses her to steal the key back from John. She hates to betray her family, but goes to search the penthouse for the key. John confronts Tony, but doesn't learn anything new. Instead, Tony asks what John and Marlena have been up to lately, but John can't divulge about the twins. Colin watches as John covertly tells something to Spector; he reports this to Tony, who is furious that Colin doesn't have anything more. John heads home and catches Sami pillaging the penthouse, but she covers; he gets rid of her quickly because Spector is on his way over to talk about the twins... Belle and Mimi joke about the superstition that today is Friday the 13th and Caprice comes in; they try to get her to talk about her past a bit, but Caprice won't reveal anything. As Mimi switches back the contents of her purse with Belle's from the other day, the key falls behind the radiator, but no one sees this. They head over to Salem Place, where they run into Sami; she finds the drawing of the key in Belle's purse and snatches it for Tony. Later, Belle tells John that Rex lost his key, but she has a picture of it; when she goes to get it, she learns that it is missing. Meanwhile, Tony shows Sami that he has blackmail pictures of Nicole kissing Colin, but he takes them back... Colin, Fay, Victor and Brandon are there as Nicole wakes up from her coma. Victor shows her the ring on her finger and questions Brandon about Sami. This confirms Brandon's suspicions that Victor is the reason she can't be open about her feelings for him. Fay tells Victor that she knows he really loves her daughter, while Brandon asks Nicole about Sami. Nicole remembers Sami trying to kill her twice and it looks like the truth may finally come out... Billie finds out that she's being transferred to work with the mayor's security detail. She's seething because she thinks this is Bo's way of getting rid of her. Bo/Roman/Abe can see her fury and wonder if she still does love Bo. Meanwhile, she calls the mystery man and reveals that she does have some agenda to get closer to Bo...moreless
  • Ep. #9389
    Ep. #9389
    Episode 215
    **from** Jack and Jennifer finish their story on the "Celebration of Heroes" as Abe/Roman/Bo/Billie linger with the commissioner and the mayor. Shawn and Belle arrive late and Shawn is upset to hear that Bo/Billie have been assigned as partners. Belle/Shawn move off to have a private picnic, while Roman and Abe head back to the station and Jack asks Billie out to celebrate her commendation. Later, the mayor asks Billie to become a member of his private security detail; she politely turns him down because she's happy where she is right now. Bo is upset and returns to the station, telling Roman and Abe that he wants Billie transferred out now. Belle and Shawn enjoy time with each other, as they talk about Marlena caring for the twins and their transition into college. Meanwhile, Billie crosses through Salem Place and runs into the mystery knuckle-cracking man and wants to know what he's doing here... After Chloe and Philip finish packing, she wants to leave a note for Brady with the sheriff. Chloe's stunned to find Brady at the police station and Philip feigns shock. Chloe explains what happened and Philip is forced to corroborate her story that Brady is innocent. The three head back to the motel and Chloe asks Brady about the note he sent her; he realizes the note was forged and accuses Philip of setting him up... Abe questions Roman's motives for getting close to Kate. Roman deflects the questions and wonders if Abe is projecting his need to move on with Lexie. Later, Roman gets a bouquet of flowers he sent to Kate returned to him, with a note saying she's not into playing games... Jack and Jennifer talk about her uneasiness regarding her father, but she doesn't reveal much. Instead, she covers by probing if Jack thinks Billie is truly over her feelings for Bo; he thinks she is and believes Billie is being totally sincere. Later, Jack surprises Jennifer with a pastry and a candle in it to celebrate her birthday. Jennifer's touched that he remembered and Jack promises that he'll never forget...moreless
  • Ep. #9388
    Ep. #9388
    Episode 214
    **from** Billie is enthused to be partnered full time with Bo. He tries to fight it, but Abe's hands are tied because the order came from the commissioner. Billie makes another mysterious call and says she has good news about Bo... Jennifer and Jack work to uncover the secrets surrounding Tony, who is trying to unearth the mystery about John and the key. Tony's irked when he learns that a portion of the hospital is closed off, even to Colin. When Colin questions Craig about it, he gets an unsatisfactory answer; Craig won't even tell Nancy what's going on. Sami reports to Tony that John/Marlena are gone all the time and he warns her that she'd better produce the key if she wants his help with Brandon. Lucas forces Sami to tell Mickey that they've decided upon joint custody of Will and to draw up the papers. Colin gets a page from the hospital and he rushes to tell Brandon and Victor that Nicole is coming out of her coma. The "Celebration of Heroes" kicks off in the park as Alice is honored for her contributions to the community, as well as her son, Bill Horton for his work in Africa. The tribute to her father, who couldn't be there, has a strange effect on Jennifer. Kate and Victor make donations on behalf of Basic Black and Titan, while Roman and Abe unveil plans for a memorial to those who've died in Salem in the line of duty. Abe is upset when Lexie and Tony make a generous donation to a trust fund for families of fallen police/fire fighters, but he leads the applause for them, wanting his fellow workers' families to benefit. Brady finally has his moment in court, but things are bleak when his court-appointed public defender turns out to be related to the judge; he suggests Brady plead guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court. Meanwhile, Chloe and Philip go back to the clinic, only to find no sign of Brady or Dr. Thompson. Philip wants to take Chloe to New York, but she wants to go back to Salem, so they head back to the motel to pack...moreless
  • Ep. #9387
    Ep. #9387
    Episode 213
    **from** John/Marlena/Spector discuss the ramifications of the twins being Stefano's genetically engineered human weapons. Marlena leaves to move Belle into her dorm and John goes in to see Cassie/Rex. He discovers that the blue key unlocks their bracelets; underneath each bracelet is a tattoo of a wing and when John puts them together, they form a Phoenix. Marlena returns and is shaken when John tells her that Stefano has come back through the twins... Belle/Shawn argue over her preoccupation with the twins and he storms out. Belle's greatly relieved when Marlena comes home and says she is taking charge of the twins' care. Meanwhile, Shawn/Bo arrive at Hartley House, the dorm Shawn and Belle will be living in. Hope calls Shawn on his cell and wishes him luck starting college. Belle/Marlena move Belle's stuff in and she apologizes to Shawn for fighting with him. As they get acclimated to Salem U., Belle learns that Caprice will be her R.A. Mimi's displeased to learn that Cynthia will also be living in the dorm, which has a history of being called "Heartbreak House." Philip feels guilty about ruining Chloe's chances of getting better by scaring her father away. He makes a false promise to send Nico looking for Brady and later realizes that he and Chloe are growing further apart. He tells her that he's postponing enrollment at Columbia and holds her in his arms. Chloe has trouble sleeping and finds herself looking at the letter from Brady, worrying what her future holds... Bo/Jennifer are stunned to hear Jack/Billie enter, making comments about the comfort of Billie's mattress. Realizing nothing happened between Jack/Billie, Jennifer informs Bo/Billie that they'll be honored at the "Celebration of Heroes" tomorrow. Billie's unsure about getting an award for killing a man, but Bo reassures her that she deserves the commendation. Shawn's proud to learn that Bo will be honored, but asks if Bo can avoid working with Billie in the future. He promises to do his best, but is shocked when he/Billie get identical letters from the commissioner. Meanwhile, Jack/Jennifer argue about her relationship with Colin; when they see Spector and realize something mysterious is happening at the hospital, they're off in pursuit of the story...moreless
  • Ep. #9386
    Ep. #9386
    Episode 212
    **from** Sami spots Lucas spying on her and Brandon on the rooftop. Brandon leaves and Lucas/Sami go for each other's jugular. She doesn't reveal Victor's threats for her to stay away from Brandon, but Lucas finds out later, when he talks to Victor. He plans to use this leverage he's gained to get Sami to sign joint custody papers with Will. Meanwhile, Nicole clutches Victor's hand while he talks to her and he tells Colin and Brandon. As Colin examines Nicole, she grabs at his pants, but he says it must be reflexive. Later, Tony corners Sami, who's feeling pressure from Victor, Lucas and the possibility of Nicole reviving and she finally agrees to help Tony get the key back from John, in exchange for the neutralizing dirt Tony has on Nicole... Marlena meets John and Spector at the hospital; Spector reveals Cassie/Rex aren't cooperating and asks for Marlena's advice. She demands to sees the twins, and while Spector is hesitant at first, he ultimately takes John and Marlena to the basement of the hospital, where the government is keeping the twins. Marlena finds Cassie and Rex terrified as they cling to her, begging to be let out. Marlena wants to use hypnosis to treat the twins and insists Spector put her in charge of their care. He balks at the idea, but Marlena convinces him that she is the only one the twins are responding to. Meanwhile, Colin catches a glimpse of Spector and remembers Spector as a government agent. Later, test results on Cassie/Rex indicate they are human and their DNA has been genetically engineered... Kate goes to see Roman and seduces him as she searches all the pockets of his clothing for the note from Stefano. He realizes what she's after and reveals the note, pressing her to tell him what secrets she's keeping for Stefano. Kate covers, but recalls a visit from Rolf a long time ago; he urged her to accept Stefano's offer, promising she'd regret it for the rest of her life if she didn't. Kate is distressed as Roman tries to draw her out and runs off...moreless
  • Ep. #9385
    Ep. #9385
    Episode 211
    **from** Belle yells at John for turning in the twins and she runs out to be with Shawn. Marlena feels for Belle and she and John also get into it over Cassie and Rex. Belle can't stop worrying about her friends, but Shawn and Mimi manage to distract her for a bit when he tells Belle that they've both gotten into the same co-ed dorm at Salem U. Later, Belle almost sees the blue key (that Rex slipped into her purse) when she and Mimi swap purses, as well as the contents of them. Meanwhile, Spector visits John and Marlena, telling them that Rex doesn't have the key on him. Marlena reveals that he had the key in Bo/Hope's garage, but Spector leaves and returns empty-handed... Jennifer questions Colin about Tony, but he suspects that she's up to something; she covers by coming onto him and they almost kiss. Colin is paged before they do and he goes to meet Tony privately. Tony appeals to Colin for help by using his friendship with Marlena to find out what John knows about the key. In the meantime, Alice learns she is the winner of the cookie contest; Nancy overhears and offers her congratulations. In a touching moment, Alice offers to donate her award winnings to leukemia research. Jennifer helps by persuading Oliver Wentworth to underwrite Salem's first ever "Light the Night" walk... Mickey brings the divorce papers to the police station and runs into Lexie, who's waiting to see her parole officer. Mickey tries to get Abe and Lexie to talk, but both are unswayable and it appears the divorce is inevitable. Lexie goes to the hospital and has an altercation with Craig; she runs into Abe again and he's certain he's doing the right thing...moreless
  • Ep. #9384
    Ep. #9384
    Episode 210
    **from** Bo, Jack and Jennifer meet and find that they have all hit dead ends in their efforts to bring down the DiMeras. Jack wants Jennifer to ditch her plan of dating Colin; she agrees to give up, but she breaks her promise and calls Colin when she sees Jack/Billie together. Jennifer has a difficult time with the news about Jack and Billie dating, but tries to be accepting; however, she lets loose when Billie interrupts their meeting. Bo also lashes out at Billie, but she fights back by reminding him that the feelings they shared in the past were mutual. Later, Colin receives an engraved silver bullet, bequeathed to him from Stefano and he immediately knows what to do with it - little does he know, Bo is nearby. Meanwhile, Roman goes to dig for information on the DiMeras from Kate. He sees her with a check in hand from Mr. Grant and pockets a note from Stefano that thanks her for her continued discretion... Sami goes to the hospital in search of Colin, but runs into Lucas, who feels he needs to keep a close eye of her. She finds Colin asleep and mumbling; she pretends to be Nicole to get him to admit something about his relationship with her, but he wakes up and pretends to still be asleep, giving Sami no information. She leaves and Lucas confronts her about being the cause of Nicole's coma. Brandon hears this and gets rid of Lucas; Sami goes up to the rooftop with Brandon and he gives her a bracelet. They begin to kiss passionately while Lucas spies on them... While Chloe sleeps, Philip pays off the sheriff for arresting Brady. Chloe's worried about Brady when she wakes, but the motel clerk comes by with a letter from Brady, explaining his absence. Philip suggests they go on their original trip to New York, but Chloe refuses to leave without Brady. She goes to shower and Philip pays the clerk for delivering the forged note...moreless
  • Ep. #9383
    Ep. #9383
    Episode 209
    **from** As the spaceship takes off, Shawn reacts as he sees a U.S. flag attached to it; Agent Spector appears and thanks Belle/Shawn for leading them to the twins. Meanwhile, Marlena fears for the twins' safety and argues with John that they aren't dangerous. John gets a call from Spector, and he and Marlena head up to the hilltop. Marlena apologizes as she tries to calm Belle and Shawn down. Belle insists Spector tell them what he's done with the twins, but he keeps mum. Belle becomes outraged when she realizes John thinks the twins are a threat and that he was involved in their capture. He tells Spector that the twins had a key identical to the one he stole from Tony, causing them to believe that they've found the other key. While Marlena worries about the fate of the twins, Cassie and Rex lie strapped down in a very sterile looking area... Lexie moves back into the DiMera Mansion, much to Celeste's chagrin. As they settle, Tony orders Bart to find out what John and Marlena are up to. Later, Lexie opens up to Tony about her sadness and loneliness, and Tony admits that he also feels alone because of all the time he lost in his coma. They reaffirm their plan to prove the goodness in the new house of DiMera. Meanwhile, Abe comforts Fay, who is keeping vigil at the hospital. Although she's wishful of a future with Abe, her selflessness tries to offer him hope for some kind of reconciliation with Lexie. Celeste pages Abe and tells him that Lexie has moved back into the mansion, convincing him that his wife is gone for good. Bart returns with no sign of John or Marlena, but Tony is confident that he'll find a way to deal with John... Sami is as honest as she's ever been with Brandon, confessing that she lied to him when she said she didn't want to be with him. He recalls his conversation with Nicole, when she said Victor had the goods on Sami; he assumes Victor had something to do with her behavior, but she denies, telling Brandon she can take care of everything. Brandon accepts this, but decides to talk to Nicole when she wakes up so he can ride to Sami's rescue...moreless
  • Ep. #9382
    Ep. #9382
    Episode 208
  • Ep. #9381
    Ep. #9381
    Episode 207
    **from** Marlena is surprised to see Agent Spector with John, but John reveals that Spector is his government contact and urges Marlena to tell them what she's learned about the key. She tells them about the aliens and Spector abruptly leaves. John also takes off, causing Marlena to call Belle and warn her to take Cassie and Rex somewhere safe because she fears Spector could be after them. Belle/Shawn take them to the hilltop, where a craft circles overhead. They assume that Rex/Cassie must've made contact and this is their mother ship. Unbeknownst to Belle, Rex slips the key into her purse before boarding the ship... Sami badgers Tony to help her with Brandon; Tony agrees in exchange for a favor -- he needs Sami to steal back the key that John stole from him. Sami is horrified and draws the line at usurping her family. Tony convinces her that he's only retrieving what is rightfully his and Sami agrees to think about it... Brandon and Lexie discuss their affair and pledge to remain friends. He regrets that he wasn't able to stay friends with Sami, but he realizes that Sami also could have been shot and he goes to talk to her. He overhears Tony tell Sami that he needs her to do something for him and just as he's about to get his moment with Sami, her cell phone rings and she's ecstatic that the love of her life is back. Brandon is sure it's Austin and walks off. Meanwhile, Lexie admits to Tony that she slept with Brandon. He convinces her to move back into the mansion and they'll show the whole world the new house of DiMera...moreless
  • Ep. #9380
    Ep. #9380
    Episode 206
    **from** Brady and Chloe blame Philip when they learn that Dr. Thompson ran away, fearing he overheard that they knew he was Sykes; Brady leaves Chloe in the motel and goes to search for him. Meanwhile, the sheriff thinks Philip was trying to steal drugs and starts to arrest him, but he bribes the sheriff to find and arrest Brady instead. Brady is shocked when the sheriff shows up in the motel lobby and hauls him into court, where Judge Broe throws him into jail. Later, Chloe talks to Nancy and claims she's in New York with Philip. Nancy is worried, but agrees to continue to try and get pregnant with Craig. Philip finds Chloe and she explains what she/Brady were doing in Dry Creek. He feels guilty, but wants to be the hero and find Dr. Thompson. Chloe prays Brady's already done that, but Philip knows that's not possible... Nicole's heart monitor goes berserk when she sees Sami's hand on the plug to her life support and she fears Sami is trying to kill her. Colin, Brandon, Victor, Roman and Nurse Brenda rush in. They all catch Sami there and assume she must've had something to do with the alarms going off. Nicole slips back into the coma and Victor growls another warning at Sami to be careful. Later, Roman tries to talk to Sami, but she swears she hasn't done anything wrong. She tries to talk to Brandon and Colin, but both of them are too concerned about Nicole. Brandon and Fay protest the fact that Victor put the ring on Nicole's finger; they feel she should be conscious for that to happen. He defends himself and says he just wants to give her hope to wake up... Jack tells Jennifer about his suspicions that Colin may have been involved in the hit on Victor. She runs into Colin and he tells Jennifer that he's only interested in her; Jennifer is befuddled because she saw him kissing Nicole and doesn't know what to believe...moreless
  • Ep. #9379
    Ep. #9379
    Episode 205
    **from** Sami, poised to pull the plug on Nicole's life support, wrestles with her conscience about the consequences if she does anything drastic. She has a series of fantasies of how horrible life would be if her family learned the truth about her and if Victor learned that she killed Nicole. Brandon comes to visit Nicole and Sami hides in the bathroom; she overhears him admit that he wants Nicole to wake up so she can urge him to stay away from Sami, despite the fact that he still loves her. Sami is encouraged to pull the plug until she has a fantasy of actually killing Nicole, which scares her into leaving Nicole alone. Fearful she loosened the plug, Sami makes sure it is secure just as Nicole revives with a look of sheer terror on her face... While Brady and Chloe wait for Dr. Thompson to return, Philip arrives at their motel and gets the clerk to tell him where they are. Brady preps Chloe to meet her father and they're taken to an exam room to wait. Philip bursts in and confronts Brady, punching him in the gut. Dr. Thompson and his wife, Nurse Thompson, are alarmed and she calls the sheriff; Dr. Thompson listens in the hallway and panics when he overhears Chloe reveal that they're here to see Dr. Sykes. As the sheriff arrives, Chloe/Brady learn that Dr. Thompson has taken off and Brady accuses Philip of ruining everything... Marlena goes to see Shawn and Belle in Bo/Hope's garage. She is taken aback when she meets Cassie and Rex for the first time, drawn to them as much as they are to her. Marlena tells the twins she wants to take them to the hospital to help them remember where they came from. Belle gets the twins to reveal their blue key and Marlena recognizes it as identical to the one John stole from the DiMera Mansion. As Marlena holds the key, she decides not to take the twins to the hospital, insisting no one must find out about the key...moreless
  • Ep. #9378
    Ep. #9378
    Episode 204
    **from Abe/Roman are investigating the shooting and Abe comforts Fay when she learns that Nicole was shot. Brandon sees them together and Abe later tells her that Brandon knows they had an affair. Lexie sees Abe with Fay and tries to repair the damage she's done... Victor, Brandon and Fay keep vigil near Nicole's room, while Sami prays that Nicole doesn't pull through surgery. Nicole survives, but is in a coma and on life support; Victor visits her and finds the engagement ring, placing it on her finger. He overhears Sami wish that Nicole won't wake up and vows that she will be sorry if she had anything to do with Nicole being hit in the crossfire. Later, Sami visits a comatose Nicole and considers pulling the plug... Shawn confronts Bo/Billie about the kiss he witnessed at the Salem Inn. They explain they were working undercover and Billie privately reassures Shawn that Bo was only comforting her because she shot and killed her first criminal. Meanwhile, Jennifer runs into Bo while getting the shooting story for the paper; she tells him that Jack asked Billie out on a date. Later, Jennifer subtly asks Colin if he knew about the hit and he vehemently denies... Brady/Chloe arrive at a motel in Dry Creek, North Dakota to find her biological father, who's using the name Dr. Ben Thompson. Brady warns her to be careful; otherwise they might scare him away. They go to Dr. Thompson's clinic and Chloe pretends to have an injured ankle to see him. Meanwhile, Philip has Nico track Brady's credit card activity and heads to Dry Creek to find Chloe...moreless
  • Ep. #9377
    Ep. #9377
    Episode 203
    **from** Shawn returns home just in time to save Belle and avert any destruction with the power saw. He's unable to discern if the power saw incident was accidental or not. When he hears that Belle is going to stay in Salem and attend Salem University, he decides to stay nearby as well. Shawn learns Bo is at the hospital and goes there to talk to him about Rex, Cassie and Billie. After he leaves, Belle calls her mom and asks Marlena to meet her at Shawn's house. When Belle tries to explain to Rex what is about to happen, he is upset, leaving Belle feeling guilty... In the attempted hit on Victor, Nicole is shot and Billie kills the hit man in self-defense. Before she loses consciousness, Nicole murmurs Sami's name to Victor, making him suspicious. Sami tries to comfort Brandon, but she realizes Brandon will never forgive her if she's responsible for his sister's death; if Nicole wakes up and blabs Sami's secrets, she's equally as doomed. Nicole goes into surgery and Victor threatens Sami that her life will get worse if he finds out she had anything to do with this. Meanwhile, Billie has an emotional breakdown after killing the hit man; Bo offers his support and Shawn walks in to find Billie in his father's arms... Brady/Chloe stop at a diner so she can call Philip. He's devastated when she tells him she can't go to New York, but she doesn't say anything about searching for her father because of the confidentiality concerns with the Witness Protection Program. Philip has Belle call Brady, who reveals that he is out of town; Philip assumes Brady must be with Chloe and asks Nico for help to track them down. Meanwhile, Chloe apologizes for the way she's treated Brady lately and is excited about this journey. Brady privately wonders if this journey is the one Isabella spoke of... Nancy experiences symptoms of morning sickness and takes a pregnancy test while Craig goes to deal with Nicole in the trauma center. He returns to Nancy, who's upset because the test is negative. Her hope dwindles as she fears that a baby who's a bone marrow match is Chloe's last chance...moreless
  • Ep. #9376
    Ep. #9376
    Episode 202
    **from** Shawn/Belle bring Cassie/Rex back to the garage as Cassie continues to freak out about the key. Shawn finally convinces Belle that it's time to turn the twins over to someone who can help them and he takes off to find Bo. Alone with the twins, Belle tries to figure out what the key opens and Cassie/Rex have a memory from when they were younger and locked in a white room by a man. Cassie becomes more agitated off the memory and more jealous of Belle. When Rex momentarily leaves the garage, Cassie turns on a power saw... Victor shows up unexpectedly at Nicole's apartment and asks about her edginess earlier. She covers her tryst with Colin, but unbeknownst to her, Sami is listening in the corridor. Victor gets a call from Bo and has to leave quickly, canceling his dinner plans with Nicole; Sami bursts in and threatens Nicole to get Victor to back off or she'll blow her out of the water. Nicole is undeterred and promises to discredit Sami so no one will ever believe her even if she does say anything to Victor. Meanwhile, Bo tells Victor the details about the hit and Victor insists on being part of the stakeout. Victor ends up at the Salem Inn, along with Bo and Billie posing as a couple. Fearing they may have been discovered, they kiss each other and Shawn sees them. Nicole tracks Victor down at the inn and Sami has followed her there; desperate to stop Nicole, they both run into the lobby, just as the hit man fires a shot. Sami pushes Nicole directly in front of Victor and Sami, Nicole, Bo and Victor are all in the line of fire... Chloe is getting ready for her trip to New York with Philip when Brady shows up at her door. When he learns that Chloe is going on a vacation with Philip, Brady reveals that he is leaving town to track down her biological father. Chloe's rocked as Brady fills her in on all the details and decides she wants to go with him to search. Philip calls Chloe and leaves a message that he's on his way, unaware that Chloe is taking off with Brady...moreless
  • Ep. #9375
    Ep. #9375
    Episode 201
    **from** Cassie/Rex are almost arrested, but Shawn and Belle manage to clear them. Shawn has had it and wants to turn them in, but Belle wants to solve the mystery of the key first. They go to the hilltop where the capsule landed in search of the key; just as they are about to leave, Belle spots something shiny and Shawn brings the key down from a tree... John talks with Roman about his fear that the DiMeras are about to strike. Roman confirms with the news about the hit on Victor, warning John not to interfere. John agrees, but promises he'll do whatever it takes to protect his family... Brady is upset after his argument with Roman and Isabella appears, telling Brady to go back to Roman. He lashes out at his mother and storms off. He runs into John at Salem Place and asks his dad how he handled knowing Isabella was going to die. John says it took faith in knowing that their love would last even after her death. Brady goes to see Roman, who tells Brady he can't tell him anything, but he purposely leaves a file on his desk. Brady reads the file, which contains all the information on Chloe's father in the Witness Protection Program. Roman returns and he and Brady share a huge unspoken moment of healing as Brady silently acknowledges what Roman's done... Nancy overhears as Philip tells Chloe he's decided they should go to New York. Philip, Craig and Chloe work hard to convince Nancy that it's all right. Philip leaves to pack and Nancy/Craig give Chloe a surprise: a wig that looks similar to Chloe's real hair. Chloe goes to meet Philip at Salem Place, where he takes her shopping. They run into Brady and do not tell him anything about their plans. Later, the P.I. reports to Craig/Nancy that Dr. Sykes didn't have any children as of 1993. He also shares that Sykes testified in a drug case and then completely disappeared; Nancy fears that Sykes may be dead, but Craig refuses to give up hope...moreless
  • Ep. #9374
    Ep. #9374
    Episode 200
    **from** Abe confronts Lexie about the scarf he found at Brandon's as he catches her lying yet again. Lexie doesn't tell Abe that she slept with Brandon; she continues to lie and Abe tells her to leave -- he's filing for divorce. After Lexie leaves, Abe goes to the station and confides in Roman/Bo about what happened. As they offer their support, Abe calls Mickey and order the divorce papers to be drawn up. Meanwhile, Lexie runs into Brandon and begs him not to tell anyone that they had sex. Brandon promises, but it appears he's got some sort of ulterior agenda... Billie and Bo are assigned via Roman to work together on an undercover case. There's a hit on Victor for revealing Stefano's secret airstrip and Bo/Billie must pose as lovers to prevent it from happening. Bo is against the idea because if anyone sees them posing as a couple, they may get the wrong idea and he won't be able to reveal what's going on. However, Bo feels he owes it to Victor since his life is in danger because he helped Bo/Hope get Zack back by telling them about the airstrip. He finally agrees, but doesn't tell Hope about the assignment when she calls and says she needs to stay in Iowa longer than expected. In the meantime, Billie enthusiastically goes shopping for a sexy negligee for tonight... Sami tries to trap Colin into admitting he's having an affair with Nicole, but he covers by saying he and Nicole's "affair" is a hospital fund raiser that they're planning together. Sami refuses to give up and tries to trap Nicole, but Colin calls her and warns her that he told Nicole about their "affair." Nicole easily deflects Sami's suspicions, but Sami still thinks something is going on between them... Brandon tries to talk Nicole out of marrying Victor, but her mind is made up. She's nervous about Victor's warning, but focuses on keeping Brandon away from Sami...moreless
  • Ep. #9373
    Ep. #9373
    Episode 199
    **from** Sami is thinking of a way to get Brandon when he suddenly shows up at her door. He demands to know why she dumped him, but she refuses to tell him because of Victor's threats. As the fight escalates, Billie arrives because someone reported the disturbance. Sami tells Billie to mind her own business and cries that she wants Billie, Brandon and Nicole to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Victor that she has a surprise for him tonight and she plans to accept his proposal. Victor is thrilled and goes to the Salem Inn to book the bridal suite for tonight. He runs into Roman, who warns him that Nicole is poison. Back in her apartment, Nicole has a nightmare of being handcuffed to Victor. She wakes and is surprised when Colin comes over. He wants to vent and eventually goads Nicole into having sex. Still steaming, Sami goes to confront Nicole and arrives just as Colin is leaving Nicole's place; she follows him and catches him in a lie as he tries to cover. Victor calls Nicole and she assures him she can't wait for tonight. Brandon knocks on her door and demands to know what she's done to Sami... Billie panics when she overhears Roman on a phone call with the Commissioner and assumes she's being thrown off the force. She confides in Bo, and he offers to talk to the Commissioner himself. She declines, but is touched that Bo believes in her enough to offer. She calls her mysterious contact and reveals she may be out of the station soon. Billie leaves; Roman returns, hands Bo a key to the Salem Inn and says Bo's spending the night with Billie... Jack and Jennifer argue about Colin and how she pushes Jack away every time they get close. He storms off and goes to see Billie for an exclusive about the drug bust. They commiserate together about being town pariahs and talk about convincing everyone that they're not pining over old flames by dating each other. Meanwhile, Bo comforts Jennifer as she gushes over Jack and realizes she may still have feelings for him. As she thinks Jack can't hurt her again, she sees Jack and Billie making plans for their first date...moreless
  • Ep. #9372
    Ep. #9372
    Episode 198
    **from** Afraid that Lexie may have gone to Brandon for comfort, Abe searches all over town for her. He ends up at Brandon's loft, where Brandon and Lexie are making love. As they cuddle in the afterglow, Abe pounds on the door. Brandon gets dressed to answer the door and Lexie makes him promise that he won't tell Abe that she's there. He assures her he will, but after he lets Abe in, he places Lexie's scarf in plain view. Abe sees it and takes it, just as Brandon intended. Brandon returns to Lexie, who tells him to forget that this night ever happened, and runs out. As she leaves, Brandon tells himself that it did happen and he will have revenge on Abe... Tony goes into one of his trances and unconsciously says that Marlena will unlock his dreams. Colin hears this and tells Tony that he will use his professional relationship with Marlena to solve the mystery. Later, Colin goes to Dot Com and sees Jack, Jennifer and Abby in a close family moment. Jennifer spots Colin and tries to cover any ideas that may be in his head by agreeing to have dinner with him. Jennifer notices that Colin is carrying a copy of the book that she saw Marlena buy earlier. As soon as Colin leaves, Jack/Jennifer flip through the book and come to the conclusion that Marlena and Colin are both treating Tony. Meanwhile, Tony tries once more to persuade Marlena to be his therapist; he thinks the answers they're both seeking are buried in his mind. She refuses, but they do agree that Tony can give Marlena any information he finds on his own... Philip takes Chloe on a virtual tour of the world and surprises her by telling her he's going to take her on a trip wherever she wants. After clearing it with Colin, she agrees to go anywhere Philip wants to take her. While Philip steps away for a moment, Marlena comes over to ask about what happened at Brady's loft. Chloe apologizes, but she's tired of Brady's doomed outlook on her situation. Meanwhile, Brady visits Roman to get information on Chloe's biological father; Roman wishes he could help, but he won't compromise the safety of Dr. Sykes. Frustrated, Brady storms home and rails Isabella for sending him on a chase full of dead ends. When she fails to appear, he fears that he has driven his mother away as well...moreless
  • Ep. #9371
    Ep. #9371
    Episode 197
    **from** Nicole accuses Sami of pursuing Brandon, despite Victor's warnings. Sami defends that Brandon came after her, but Nicole threatens her to cut all ties with Brandon or else Victor will destroy her. Brandon calls Sami to ask what's keeping her and she hangs up on him abruptly. She tries to throw Nicole out, but opens the door to Victor, whom Nicole called while Sami was on the phone. He forces her to call Brandon and break their date, as well as any future engagements. Meanwhile, Brandon's surprised when Lexie shows up. He's furious when Sami calls, thinking she's played him once again and turns to Lexie. At the police station, Celeste convinces Abe to talk to Lexie and give her one more chance. Abe tries to call her on her cell phone, but she doesn't answer; she stays focused on Brandon and they end up in a torrid rebound kiss... Philip is brimming with anger when Chloe tells him she's having dinner with Brady because she wants to preserve their friendship; when she gets there, Isabella materializes and urges Brady to play the piano while Chloe sings. John is deeply affected and tells Brady/Marlena that the song they performed was one of Isabella's favorites. Chloe resents Brady for bringing up the connection to his dead mother again and storms out of there. Alone, John and Brady fill Marlena in on the possibility that Chloe's father may be in the Witness Protection Program and she suggests Brady talk to Roman, since he used to work with the program. Meanwhile, Philip talks to Kate, who expresses her concern about being so optimistic that Chloe will recover. He lashes out at her and takes off. Chloe comes running back to Philip and he sees she's upset; he impulsively suggests that they leave Salem for a while... Marlena goes to see Tony and returns the items Stefano bequeathed to her and John. Wanting to sever all ties with the DiMeras, she says she can't be his therapist, either. He protests, but Marlena holds her ground and leaves. Alone, he goes into a fugue state and dreams of being comatose on a gurney and a male voice instructing that Marlena must be the one to turn the key and unlock his dreams...moreless
  • Ep. #9370
    Ep. #9370
    Episode 196
    **from** As Shawn/Belle check in after spending the night at the Horton Cabin, Belle nearly misses John holding the key and he almost unfolds the picture that Cassie drew of the similar looking key. Marlena/John are intrigued at the mention of the kids' new friends Cassie/Rex, but don't pay much attention to it. After they leave, Marlena shares her concerns with John about Sami spending time with Tony and about Tony saying her name in his fugue state. John thinks it's a great idea that Marlena's agreed to be Tony's therapist, but she refuses to compromise doctor/patient confidentiality by wearing a wire. They're interrupted by Brady, who is there at Isabella's urging, to apologize for the way he treated Marlena when he first came back to Salem. He invites them to the loft for dinner and then leaves them to argue more about Tony... Shawn and Belle run into Mimi at Salem Place and they're all thrilled to learn that Chloe has been released from the hospital because she's in remission. As they talk to Craig/Nancy, who are buying Chloe some things at the mall, they all see Chloe/Philip across the way and Belle is struck with an idea. Nancy and Craig realize the house is empty and rush home to try and make a baby. Meanwhile, the kids approach Chloe wearing hats and bandannas, so she won't stand out with her hair loss. Belle tells her about the twins and Chloe can't wait to meet them. Mimi goes to get Cassie/Rex some food and Philip goes to get a surprise for Chloe. After Philip leaves, Brady calls and invites Chloe to dinner. Meanwhile, Shawn gets a call from Kevin, who says that Rex has been sending ship to short messages. Shawn wants to turn Cassie/Rex in, but Belle begs for a little more time to solve the mystery of the key. When Philip returns to Chloe, he invites her to dinner as well...moreless
  • Ep. #9369
    Ep. #9369
    Episode 195
    **from** Hope calls Bo and is upset that she couldn't reach him last night, but understands that he was on assignment; she tells him that Lexie bribed Barb to keep the secret of the baby switch. Bo consults with Roman and then calls Abe, who has just made love to Lexie and is bringing her breakfast in bed. Abe is distraught and horrified to learn that Lexie is still keeping secrets when Bo breaks it to him that she knew about the baby switch. Abe blows up at Lexie and kicks her out, telling her he's filing for divorce... Later, Roman tells Bo about his kiss with Kate and admits he's trying to get inside her comfort zone to learn her connection to Stefano. Meanwhile, Billie is aghast at the thought of her mother being romantically linked to Roman, given her own past history with him. Kate assures Billie it's not like that, but she keeps the kiss a secret. Roman talks to Kate and tells her they'll speak more later, while Bo doesn't tell Hope that he worked undercover with Billie on the drug bust... Brandon and Sami make plans to finish what they started last night on the hospital roof. After Brandon gets off work, they're going to go back to his loft to make love. Nicole stops by to see Brandon and hears him talking to Sami on the phone; she's shocked and upset when Brandon tells his sister that he and Sami are a couple. Nicole can't believe it, knowing Victor threatened Sami to stay away from Brandon. She heads over to Sami's apartment and confronts her...moreless
  • Ep. #9368
    Ep. #9368
    Episode 194
    **from** Brandon and Sami kiss in the storm on the hospital roof; he pulls away, but she finally admits she loves him and means it this time. They almost make love on the rooftop, but security guards open the jammed door before they do. Brandon promises they'll pick up where they left off tonight in his loft... Billie and Bo are trapped in the warehouse by a fallen electrical pole and its loose live wires. They're forced to stand on a crate to prevent getting electrocuted. Later, Bo hoists Billie onto a beam above them that leads to a window. Billie escapes through the window and calls for help, but injures herself from the fall. Bo sweeps her off her feet and insists she see a doctor... Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Sami, who she hasn't been able to track down. Tony swears she's not there and takes Marlena around the house to prove it. After the search, Tony goes into a fugue state and hears a voice repeating, "You know what you must do." Marlena hears Tony mention her name and she tries to draw him out. When he revives, Marlena says he mentioned her; Tony insists on working with her if he's going to get the help he needs. Marlena finally concedes to see Tony a couple of times, leaving him to believe that if he works with her, she may be the answer to all his problems... Roman and Kate are stuck in the Penthouse Grill elevator together. Roman tries to silence Kate by covering her mouth, but she bites him. As she puts perfume on it to disinfect the penetration, an appointment card falls out of her purse for a meeting with Raymond Grant, the executor of Stefano's will. Roman probes and offers his help, but Kate insists she's not meeting with Grant. She asks why Roman is hovering and he says it's because of the attraction, but Kate claims there is no attraction and tries to prove it by kissing Roman, which has a surprising impact on both of them. They finally get out of the elevator and Kate's glad that's over, but Roman assures it's far from over...moreless
  • Ep. #9367
    Ep. #9367
    Episode 193
    ** From ** Jennifer and Colin are stranded in the lifeguard shack as the thunderstorm pounds Salem. Colin tells Jennifer the car is stalled and they may have to spend the night. As Colin makes advances, Jennifer decides to use the microphone in the brooch to allow Jack to hear. Panicked, Jack secretly sends a state trooper to rescue them. They come back to the hospital, where Jennifer finds out Jack sent the trooper to save her. Meanwhile, Jack pumps Tony for information; Tony's cooperative, but doesn't reveal much. He tells Colin that he plans to work with John and he's more determined than ever to get John to trust him enough to share what he knows about the mysterious key... John tells Brady that it's possible they haven't been able to find Dr. Sykes because he may be in the Witness Protection Program. Brady's worried about how optimistic Philip is being and reluctantly tells his dad about Isabella. John believes Brady has felt his mother's presence, but he doesn't believe she's been there in a physical sense. The lights go out in the loft, but John chalks that up to the storm. He counsels Brady to heed the messages he believes he's getting from Isabella; after John leaves, Isabella appears and tells Brady he is the only one who can help Chloe... Philip continues to feed Chloe's denial and tells her he loves her now more than ever. They reminisce and realize that even the worst things they've encountered couldn't break them up. They kiss passionately and it looks as if they may make love, but Chloe pulls back; Philip is understanding and says all he needs is to hold her... Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Kevin are curious about the picture Cassie drew of the three-pronged key and wonder what it could be. They all call home to get permission to stay on the island because of the storm and teach the twins some more social customs. Cassie and Rex learn the concept of love and watch as Shawn and Belle and Kevin and Mimi share tender goodnight kisses. Later, Cassie has a nightmare and Rex comforts her as everyone wonders what has her so frightened. Belle hopes they can find this mysterious key and solve the mystery of who Cassie and Rex are and where they came from...moreless
  • Ep. #9366
    Ep. #9366
    Episode 192
    **from** Abe presses Lexie to reveal all the secrets she's been keeping so they can start anew. They're interrupted and Abe has to take a work call privately; Brandon shows up and implores Lexie not to reconcile with Abe, but she gets rid of Brandon just before Abe returns. Lexie breaks down as Abe presses her, but she lies and says there's nothing else she's keeping from him. With renewed faith, Abe believes her and takes her upstairs to make love... Bo calls Hope and tells her about the video that proves Stefano was somehow behind the baby switch. Hope gets emotional after hanging up and Barb, feeling guilty, reveals she learned of the baby switch long before anyone else. She didn't tell anyone and went to Lexie, who wasn't surprised. Hope realizes Barb is saying Lexie knew about the switch even before Barb! She confirms and discloses that Lexie gave her hush money not to tell anyone... Billie switches places with a pregnant detective to get in on Bo's drug bust. Bo is furious, but they have to let her participate. The drug dealer likes Billie and makes a move on her, causing Bo to barge in and save her. The dealer uses her as a human shield, but Billie wrangles her way out and the druggies are arrested. Bo stays behind and reads Billie the riot act for changing police orders. As they argue, Hope tries to reach Bo with the shocking news Barb shared, but only gets his voicemail. Meanwhile, lightning from the storm hits something outside and comes crashing through the warehouse, about to hit Bo... Roman flirts with Kate as they both wait for dinner guests at the Penthouse Grill. He tries to get more information about her past with Stefano, but to no avail. When she gets a message that her guest has to reschedule, Kate leaves; Roman follows her onto the elevator and they get stuck together when the storm takes out the electricity... Sami tells Caroline that she plans to become Brandon's secret admirer and leave him little trinkets that will remind him of her. She goes to the roof to leave the first one and fantasizes about being with Brandon. He rages onto the rooftop and takes his anger out on Sami when he finds her there. Fed up, Sami tries to leave, but the door is stuck from Brandon slamming it shut. The storm breaks and it starts to pour on the two of them. Drenched and screaming at each other, Brandon and Sami end up in a passionate kiss...moreless
  • Ep. #9365
    Ep. #9365
    Episode 191
    **from** While flipping through a reference book on constellations, John finds information on the Gemini twins. He confronts Tony, who realizes that Sami told John about his philanthropic work; he smoothly covers and tells John that they can use the satellite technology to do charity work together. However, he is unsure what Stefano had planned to use the technology for. Later, Tony meets with Colin and wonders if Colin can trust Jennifer. Colin assures Tony that he won't take any unnecessary risks... Rex draws the Gemini constellation and Belle wonders if that is where he and Cassie are from. Mimi and Kevin show up at the cabin, seeking shelter with Shawn, Belle, Cassie and Rex. Later in the day, Rex and Cassie draw a picture of a three-pronged key; unbeknownst to the kids, it replicates the one John has... Jennifer and Jack are curious about what Colin is up to after seeing him being photographed kissing Nicole while romantically pursuing Jennifer. Jack gives Jennifer a pin wired with a microphone so she can contact him if she feels she's in danger; it also allows Jack to listen in on their conversation and gather more dirt on Colin. Jennifer notices that Colin is watching them and puts on a show of telling Jack to stop buying her gifts, but she secretly pockets the brooch. Colin takes Jennifer on a picnic by the beach, where she confronts him about his encounter with Nicole. He lies, but is saved when it starts to pour; they find shelter inside a lifeguard shack... Victor shares dinner with Nicole at the Penthouse Grill and has a serious talk with her about competition of the heart. He asks Nicole if she's still seeing Colin, but she denies. She almost slips and tells him about kissing Colin and the ring he gave her, but she stops herself when Victor bedazzles her with all the things she could enjoy if they become husband and wife. He warns her, however, that the consequences would be dire if she ever cheated on him...moreless
  • Ep. #9364
    Ep. #9364
    Episode 190
    **from** Lexie crumbles in Abe's arms and begs him to give their marriage one more chance, but Abe informs her that he plans to file for divorce. She swears she is deeply sorry and refuses to have anything to do with Brandon again. Abe feels her pain and draws her into a passionate kiss. He explains to her that he wants to fix their marriage, but they need to take it slowly. They arrange to face their demons later and wipe the slate clean... When Sami turns to John for advice on how to get Brandon, he warns her that Brandon may have been involved in the baby switch. He also tries to convince her to cut her ties with Tony before it ends up hurting Marlena. Sami reaffirms her belief that Tony is a good man and defends him by telling John about the good deeds he's doing with the satellite photos of the island. John doesn't say anything, but his curiosity is piqued as he remembers Stefano holding Marlena hostage on an island. Later, Sami goes to the DiMera Mansion, where Tony explodes at her for telling John about the photos. He tries to cover and quickly changes the subject to Abe and Lexie's reunion; Sami is thrilled to hear this and heads off... Shawn/Belle take Rex/Cassie to Smith Island, where they agree to try and teach the twins to communicate for one more day. They sit on the beach, reminiscing about Puerto Rico and kissing when they notice the twins watching them. Cassie and Rex seem to understand better and Belle/Shawn realize they can communicate with them... With her leukemia in remission, Chloe is released from the hospital. As she gets ready to leave, Brady shows up to apologize for their misunderstanding, but Chloe doesn't want to ruin her happy day. Back at the Wesley house, Philip is having their tree planted in the yard. She gives Philip a kiss, thanks him for bringing her out of her lifelong isolation. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy learn about the truth behind the baby switch and decide to celebrate the good news by taking another shot at making a baby...moreless
  • Ep. #9363
    Ep. #9363
    Episode 189
    **from** At the station, Abe/Bo stare on as Lexie is forced to watch the hospital surveillance tape. Lexie is distraught and runs out while Bo tries to comfort Abe. Despite his love for Lexie, he feels his marriage is truly over and plans to file for divorce. Upon returning to the mansion, Lexie demands that Bart tell her Stefano's role in the baby switch. Bart doesn't give her any direct answers, but enough that she realizes her father was responsible. Lexie leaves and ends up on Abe's doorstep... Tony and Bart are looking through some photos of an island and trying to connect them to the blue key. Sami bursts in, eager to know if Tony's done anything to help her yet. He insists she show a little patience, but Sami can't wait and goes to see Caroline. She implores Caroline to talk to Victor on her behalf, but Caroline refuses, telling her to grow up and learn to love selflessly... Billie comes into the hospital to help Brandon with an abused teen that won't talk. Billie gets the girl to open up and admit that her father beats her. The moment also brings Billie and Brandon closer, since they both have a history of abuse. Later, Brandon shows up at the DiMera Mansion, looking for Lexie. Tony refuses to tell Brandon where she is. Later, Tony confesses to Bart that while he doesn't like either of Lexie's suitors, he'd rather see his sister with Abe... Kate confronts Nicole about the rumors she's been spreading concerning Basic Black. Nicole unashamedly admits it and Kate physically attacks her; Roman passes by and breaks it up. Nicole saunters off and Roman brings up the attraction between the two of them. Kate denies, but Roman is confident she'd accept if he asked her out. Meanwhile, Nicole meets Victor, who has a ring box for her. She opens the box, but it's empty. Victor tells her that when she's ready, they'll put a ring in it together. Nicole accidentally mentions being offered another ring, but covers when Victor asks about any other men in her life. Back at the DiMera Mansion, Tony receives the damning photos of Colin and Nicole kissing...moreless
  • Ep. #9362
    Ep. #9362
    Episode 188
    **from** Abe and Bo watch in shock as they see the ID bracelets magically change on the enhanced surveillance video. They realize immediately that it's not magic, but really a plan of Stefano's being executed. Meanwhile, Roman is yelling at Billie because she's complaining that she hasn't been spending time in the station; he thinks it's because she wants to be around Bo. Roman watches the tape and Abe sends for Lexie to come see it as well. Billie sees the babies on the tape and is reminded of the baby she lost; Bo walks in and she asks if he ever thinks about Georgia, but he gets a call from Hope before he can reply. Later, Lexie is brought in and forced to view the tape... Jack and Jennifer spy on Colin, who has a private moment with Nicole. She spots Victor and pulls Colin to an isolated area of Salem Place, in order to remain discreet. Per Tony's orders, Colin gets close to her and gives her a friendship ring. Afterward, he pulls her into an intense kiss and a hidden photographer snaps some pictures. Nicole pulls away, shoving the ring back at Colin. Later, Victor calls Nicole and asks her to meet him at the mall. Jack has seen the kiss and the photographer and is curious about what is going on. When Colin calls Jennifer to set up a dinner date for that evening, Jack is determined to lure him in and find out what he's up to... Lexie and Brandon have an intimate moment on the terrace at the nurses' station. Sami is working and dying to eavesdrop on them and break them apart for good. Visions of Victor plague her and she is constantly reminded of his threats to distance herself from Brandon. Sami knows she has Tony on her side, but she fears it may not be enough...moreless
  • Ep. #9361
    Ep. #9361
    Episode 187
    **from** Marlena stops John before he can say anything more to Tony, fearing he'll reveal that he stole the key. John spins it and confronts Tony about his "friendship" with Sami. Tony plays the martyr, says he/Sami are merely friends and he goes. John follows him and "accidentally" lets him see some research about special metals developed for space, which Tony doesn't react to. Meanwhile, Marlena is still unnerved as she remembers holding the key for the first time. Tony runs into Lexie and prepares her for the possibility that Stefano did have a hand in the baby switch. He returns to the mansion and summons Bart; he learns about the satellite Stefano put into orbit and demands to know what plans his father had for it. Later, Tony/John/Marlena ponder the mystery of the key, wondering what secrets it will unlock... Cassie/Rex are still freaking out after seeing Philip's keys and Belle/Shawn try to calm them. When they both leave the room, Cassie/Rex run off and hide on the docks. John is wandering down there and almost catches them; he takes out the blue key and Cassie/Rex panic. John leaves and Belle/Shawn come in so Shawn can pay the harbormaster the rent for the Fancy Face slip. Belle spots the twins and Shawn leads them onto the boat with a plan to get the aliens to trust them... Craig goes to watch the surveillance tape one more time with Bo. They don't see anything new and Craig goes, but Bo watches the tape again and thinks he sees something this time. Abe/Bo can't be sure, so they send the tape to be enhanced by a video technician. The video tech tells them he thinks they've got the break they've been looking for... Nancy's temperature is up and she's ready to make a baby, but can't track Craig down anywhere. She runs into Lexie and they argue about the lawsuit. Craig finally returns and Nancy yanks him into his office to make love. Nancy fears she won't get pregnant in time to save Chloe's life, but Craig reassures her. When Craig has to leave, he runs into Lexie, who tells him that she will win her lawsuit and prove that Craig and the hospital were responsible for the baby switch...moreless
  • Ep. #9360
    Ep. #9360
    Episode 186
    **from** Nicole and Kate exchange words at the hospital and Kate goads her with the threat of losing Victor. Later, Nicole asks Victor to take care of Kate like he did with Sami, but he challenges her to handle Kate on her own. Meanwhile, Kate goes to see Marlena and admits that she does know why Stefano willed her a jar of kippers; she reveals she had a past with him, but finds it too painful to disclose too much. Marlena is understanding and offers to listen when Kate is ready to talk about it... Sami refuses to stay away from Brandon, but Victor reminds her that he owns her, leaving her no choice but to back off. Meanwhile, Tony is frustrated and impulsively decides that Colin must retrieve the key from John. Suddenly, Tony's electronic device detects the key in the hospital. Meanwhile, John visits Marlena in her office and tries to get her to open up about why she reacted so fearfully when she grabbed the key from him last night. Sami runs into Tony and asks for his assistance with Brandon again. Tony promises to help her and enlists Colin's help to neutralize Nicole. John sees Sami with Tony and confronts her; he tells Marlena about catching Sami/Tony together and then gets in Tony's face... Lexie is in a great mood and wants to celebrate; the letter from Stefano that was hidden in the family crest has renewed her hope in the future. However, Brandon is in a foul mood because of Abe; Lexie tries to draw him out and reveals that she knows Abe slept with Fay. Brandon can never forgive Abe, which Lexie understands. There is a hint of heat between these two as they plan to meet up later... Brady meets with the P.I. and pumps him for information about Dr. Sykes. Meanwhile, Philip distracts Chloe with a preview of the different seasons they'll spend together. Chloe embraces Philip; Brady walks in on this and blasts Philip because she just got out of isolation. Alone, Brady tries to tell Chloe about Isabella, but she thinks he's saying she'll die like his mother and gets upset. Philip soothes her as Brady goes home and lays into Isabella because her plan has only distanced Chloe further. She tells him that he must go on a journey and disappears...moreless
  • Ep. #9359
    Ep. #9359
    Episode 185
    **from** Belle and Shawn continue to try and help the aliens adapt to life on Earth. They realize the twins have picked up some catch phrases from TV and cleverly parrot the words they learn from commercials and other shows. Philip meets the twins, who Belle/Shawn have named Cassie and Rex, based on the names of the Gemini twins. Rex shows dexterity for the computer and Cassie seems to have a photographic memory. The mystery deepens as they freak out by the sight of Philip's keys... Sami tries to empathize with Brandon and get her hooks back into him by sharing her memory of seeing Marlena and John make love on the Titan conference table when she was younger; she thinks that was a lot more traumatic than what he went through seeing his mom kiss Abe. Brandon doesn't fall for her manipulation and blows her off. Later, Nicole tries to get reassurance that no matter what Sami does, Brandon will stay away from her. Brandon promises, which pleases Nicole. Meanwhile, Victor carries through with his promise to Nicole and orders Sami to let go of Brandon. He uses her Las Vegas confession to blackmail her, leaving Sami completely trapped... Hope and Zack leave for Iowa to be with JT during his surgery. Bo tells Hope not to be jealous; he's not interested in Billie and working with her won't be a problem. Meanwhile, Kate and Philip question Billie's motives for coming back to Salem. She swears it's not to get Bo back, but when Bo takes Hope to the airport, Billie is there, spying on them...moreless
  • Ep. #9358
    Ep. #9358
    Episode 184
    **from** John informs Bo that the key is made from a special metal intended for space; he can't wait for Tony to come for it and reveal the secret of what it unlocks. Meanwhile, Marlena has a nightmare about a stranger pressing her to fall asleep. She's woken up when Tony arrives to apologize for how the will reading upset her. Tony fakes a catatonic state and uses an electronic device to scan the place for the key once Marlena leaves the room; it isn't there and he pockets the device when Marlena returns. She catches him with his hand in his pocket and he pulls out the missing queen from John's chessboard, apologizes, and leaves. Tony returns to the mansion and finds a note in the dollhouse mansion from Stefano, revealing that if he opens the door with the blue key, it will open the door to his dreams. When John comes home, Marlena insists he give the key to Tony. She grabs it from him and is gripped with an anxiety that makes her realize they must keep the key from the DiMeras... Sami visits Abe and asks if he ever had an affair with Fay, but he quickly evades and tells Sami to stay out of it and steer clear of Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon vents to Nicole about Abe always interfering when he's with Sami. Nicole is not pleased to hear this, but when she tells Brandon she's back with Victor, he becomes upset, too. Later, Victor visits Nicole and agrees to keep Sami away from Brandon. Brandon walks in on Abe/Sami, demanding to know what they're talking about. Abe refuses and is about to fight him when he's called away. Alone, Sami tells Brandon that even if Abe did have an affair with Fay, Brandon needs to get past his rage before it consumes him... As Bo and Hope continue to share her last night in Salem before her trip to Iowa, Belle and Shawn are holed up in the garage with the alien boy and girl, teaching them how to speak. The aliens don't understand much, but they're interrupted when Bo comes to get Hope's luggage. Shawn says he'll bring the luggage in, making Bo a little suspicious. The alien girl follows Shawn to the house and he distracts his parents long enough for Belle to take her back to the garage. Later, the aliens freak out at the word "key" and the mystery man continues to watch the Bradys...moreless
  • Ep. #9357
    Ep. #9357
    Episode 183
    Sami picks a fight with Billie as she's moving into Austin's apartment. Billie and Brandon get to know each other as he helps her move boxes into her apartment, which makes Sami jealous. Sami asks Brandon if they could ever be friends again. Hope packs for her trip to Iowa. Shawn and Belle rescue the aliens from The Aliens and hide them in his parent's garage. At the hospital, Brady and Craig get into a fight in his office which makes Nancy blow up at them both. Just as Chloe is out of isolation and headed home she discovers she's losing her hair.moreless
  • Ep. #9356
    Ep. #9356
    Episode 182
    Salem puzzles over Stefano's strange bequests. Brady is more determined than ever to find Chloe's father. The Gemini twins find themselves in a strange situation with a local gang, The Aliens.
  • Ep. #9355
    Ep. #9355
    Episode 181
    A terrifed Sam confront Brandon on his hatred toward Abe. Citizens of Salem receive odd funeral bequests from Stefano.
  • Ep. #9354
    Ep. #9354
    Episode 180
    The citizens of Salem gather at the DiMera mansion for Stefano's memorial service and remember how he hurt each of them.
  • Ep. #9353
    Ep. #9353
    Episode 179
    Brady is visited again by Isabella. Belle and Shawn save the aliens from drowning, but Shawn doesn't believe they're really aliens. After the aliens run off, Belle and Shawn go over to Brady's loft. Over at the DiMera mansion, Bo and John attempt to open the mysterious crate that has been delivered to the mansion but are stopped by Tony and Lexie. Brandon tells Sami he wants nothing to do with her. Back in the house, Marlena warns Sami about Tony. With everyone back upstairs, Tony decides he can't wait any longer and opens the crate and is giddy at the sight of it's contents.moreless
  • Ep. #9352
    Ep. #9352
    Episode 178
    Roman and Billie arrest the members of the street gang "The Aliens". After everyone has left, the real(?) aliens come out of hiding and are found by Belle & Shawn. The aliens jump into the Salem river to escape the teens. Bo tells Hope about Billie's new job and Hope leaves to confront Billie at the police station. Hope returns home to find Alice watching Zack and the two discuss the Billie situation. Bo discovers the invitation to the reading of Stefano's will. Over at the DiMera mansion, Lexie and Sami have it out in the DiMera foyer. Out on the terrace, Sami tells Brandon she wants him back as Lexie eavesdrops. Bo barges in on the festivities and demands to know what business Stefano has with his wife. While talking with Marlena, Tony slips into a catatonic state and calls out her name.moreless
  • Ep. #9351
    Ep. #9351
    Episode 177

    Bo continues to grill Billie about her decision to join the Salem PD. Bo's reaction makes Billie ask if his relationship with Hope isn't a trusting one. Over at the Brady Pub, Lexie asks Brandon again to join her over at the free clinic. Sami barges in telling Lexie she has no right to tell Brandon what he should do with his career. Lexie accuses Sami of stalking them. The aliens run into trouble with a gang on the pier. Marlena, John, Hope, Shawn and Caroline all receive invitations to the reading of Stefano's will. Bo returns home and tells Hope that Billie is back in Salem.

  • Ep. #9350
    Ep. #9350
    Episode 176
    **from** John is very suspicious about Tony and Sami's clandestine meeting, but Tony covers, suggesting that Sami has followed John's lead and she's befriended him. John is evasive and warns Sami to stay away from Tony. Sami ignores John and Tony says he'll pretend to be involved with Sami if it will help her get Brandon back. He invites Sami to dinner tonight at the mansion, telling her that he'll invite Brandon/Lexie as well. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Kate about how John's been extending himself to Tony. She supports the move, which leads Marlena to believe Kate knows what John's plans are. John approaches them and reveals to Marlena that he's planning to expose Tony as a true DiMera. John/Marlena get an invitation to Tony's dinner party as Tony sets up his dinner guests for some payback... Billie pleads her case with Bo/Roman, explaining why she decided to become a cop. Her goal was to work with Roman because they worked together undercover a few years ago. Billie admits that she was secretive about her plans because she was afraid Bo would try to stop her and insists it's not to pursue Bo. Roman makes it clear that he won't bring Billie on if Bo objects... Shawn follows Belle to the park and tries to calm her down after Philip yelled at her at the hospital. They don't realize that the aliens are watching them as they hide in the nearby bushes. The alien girl is tipsy from the wine and pops out of the bushes. She runs to Shawn and recreates their first meeting by pulling him into a kiss... Brady is stunned as he sees his dead mother's ghost and tries to convince himself she isn't real. Isabella reaches out to her son and tells him she's here to help. Brady lashes out at her for dying and leaving him and John. He fears Isabella is here to comfort him because Chloe's going to die from the cancer, just like his mother did. Isabella doesn't confirm or deny, but she does urge Brady to express his love for Chloe. He shuts down on her and wakes with a start. Brady decides it was just a dream, until he sees a picture of Chloe that Isabella moved -- proof that she was really there...moreless
  • Ep. #9349
    Ep. #9349
    Episode 175
    **from** John goes to see Tony and gives him a leather bound volume of Edgar Allen Poe stories. Meanwhile, Sami sees Brandon and Lexie together and goes to the police station to get Abe to work things out with her; Abe tells Sami to mind her own business and Roman warns her not to get involved. She ignores him and calls Tony to meet her at the hospital. Tony arrives and asks Lexie to go to the bone marrow drive with him; John is there when they walk in and Tony makes a generous donation to the Leukemia Foundation. John matches Tony's donation as they continue the ruse of friendship. Lexie suggests Brandon quit the hospital and work with her at the free clinic, while John catches Tony/Sami secretly meeting in the hospital alley... At the bone marrow drive, Shawn/Belle argue about the aliens and if they're real. The argument reminds Belle how angry she was at Shawn for lying and Brady suggests that maybe Shawn/Belle just aren't meant to be. Philip hears Belle retort that Brady shouldn't offer advice since he's been denying that he loves Chloe, which infuriates Philip. He confronts Shawn, then Belle, and storms off feeling betrayed. Upset, Belle runs off in tears and Shawn goes after her. Meanwhile, Brady goes home, exhausted. He hears someone call his name and turns to see Isabella... The aliens sneak into the Wesley House and steal Nancy's robe and Craig's shirt, wearing them incorrectly. They take out the photo of Belle/Shawn and the boy rips it in half, keeping the "Belle" side and giving the "Shawn" half to the girl. She takes out the bottle of wine they stole and starts to drink from it. Meanwhile, Craig reports the break-in and informs Bo that he's received the nursery surveillance tapes, which corroborate the nurses' story that the babies were in the wrong bassinet, but had the correct ID bracelets on. He sends the tapes to Bo and then Craig/Nancy head to the hospital; he has a run in with Lexie, promising her lawsuit won't destroy the hospital... Abe tells Bo/Roman that the top rookie from the police academy has decided he wants to work with Roman, but Abe makes it clear that it's solely Roman's decision. He leaves for a meeting and Bo/Roman are shocked when the new rookie enters and is none other than Billie Reed...moreless
  • Ep. #9348
    Ep. #9348
    Episode 174
    **from** At the pub, Chloe's friends make posters for the bone marrow drive. Bo drops in and asks Shawn why he told Agent Spector a different story than he told his parents. Shawn covers and says he/Belle have decided that what they thought they saw was a dream. Later, Belle confesses to Shawn that she's having trouble forgetting about the aliens. Brady is troubled and wants to express his true feelings to Chloe, but he knows she has to focus on getting better. They all head to the hospital to hang the signs in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Billie lurks outside the pub, watching Bo. The aliens steal a bottle of wine and a photo of Belle/Shawn from the pub; Bo chases after them, but he doesn't get a good look at them. Billie evades detection and murmurs that everyone will know the truth tomorrow... Jennifer tells Jack what she overheard between Tony/Colin at the hospital. She thinks Colin "kidnapped" her to banish any lingering suspicions, but they're not gone. Jack is against Jennifer getting involved with Colin in any way, but she insists on helping because only she can get the inside track on Colin. Jack informs Bo of Jennifer's desire to work with them to get information on Colin. Meanwhile, Jennifer approaches Colin and forgives him. She tells him she still has feelings for him and they plan to go out to dinner soon... Abe summons Lexie to his office, making one last attempt at reconciliation. She softens when he talks about Zack, but storms out when Abe can't deny his joy that Stefano is dead... Craig/Nancy decide to make a baby, a child they want very much, in the hopes that the baby will also be a bone marrow match for Chloe. Though they know it isn't the right time of month to conceive, they begin to make love...moreless
  • Ep. #9347
    Ep. #9347
    Episode 173
    **from** Marlena and Tony brace themselves for John to explode when he walks in on them meeting together, but he's completely civil with Tony. John offers an olive branch and wants to give Tony the benefit of the doubt, despite how difficult he knows it will be. As a sign of gratitude toward John's peace offering, Tony invites John/Marlena to dinner and they accept. Later, Colin questions Tony about his plan; Tony reveals that he has every intention of getting closer to John and Marlena... Colin leads a blindfolded Jennifer onto a secluded sandy beach with a romantic campfire. Attempting to do damage control after she saw him with Tony, Colin admits to Jennifer that he came to Salem because of her. He also reveals that he was engaged to Elizabeth as part of an undercover operation, although he can't disclose the details. Jennifer stews over what Colin's said and asks him to take her back to Salem; she runs into Jack and tells him she believes him and wants to help find out what Colin's really up to... Shawn/Belle stroll through Salem Place and they talk about their alien encounters. Unbeknownst to them, the stowaway aliens are also running through the mall. Julie and Maggie leave Zack with Shawn/Belle for a bit and return stunned because they saw two kids practically naked at the mall. Meanwhile, the aliens hide by a dumpster in the alley and find a canvas bag with an "I Love Salem" logo. Shawn/Belle just miss them as they leave for the Brady Pub... Nancy flips out when Craig tells her that Chloe is in isolation because of an infection, which requires limited exposure to germs and bacteria. Nurse Brenda interrupts with good news: the surveillance tapes from the night of the baby switch have been located and are being sent to the hospital. Soon after, they receive bad news from the P.I. that Chloe's aunt hasn't heard from Sykes in years and she doesn't have any children of her own. Overall, it looks like Sykes has fallen off the face of the earth. Later, Craig tells Nancy they do have one other option to help Chloe; they could have a baby..moreless
  • Ep. #9346
    Ep. #9346
    Episode 172
    **from** Belle/Shawn have spent the night at Lookout Point and Belle has a nightmare that aliens are abducting them. Hope and Marlena come to the hilltop and try to convince the kids that they've imagined the aliens. They're relieved when Belle and Shawn accept that aliens don't exist; little do their moms know that they're lying. Marlena/Hope leave and Shawn starts to think that maybe they did imagine the aliens and he tries to convince Belle. As they get into the truck, the aliens peer out from the back, now stowaways... Colin finally succeeds in reviving Tony and learns more about the fugue states that Tony has been experiencing; they've become more frequent over the past few years. Tony confides in Colin about the key and asks for his assistance in retrieving it from John. Meanwhile, Jennifer is at the hospital and eavesdrops as Colin talks to Tony. Colin catches her, but Jennifer claims she didn't hear anything. Meanwhile, Jack gives Bo all the information he has on Tony and they form an alliance to expose Colin and Tony for the evil people they are. Jack makes a big show of quitting his job to keep Jennifer at bay while he investigates Colin. Harold calls and alerts Jennifer, who demands to speak to Jack, but Colin grabs her from behind before she can say anything... John is distracted after lying to Marlena, but Kate helps by suggesting that John feign friendship with Tony to get the inside track on what he's planning. John likes the idea, but feels it could be dangerous. When Marlena returns to the hospital, she's shocked to see Tony waiting in her office. He claims to need help coming to terms with Stefano's death, but Marlena refuses to treat him as one of her patients. John shows up and is thrown to see Tony alone with Marlena... Kate checks in with Billie, who claims to be having a wonderful time at Green Mountain Lodge. She's really in a warehouse, where a big, tough guy is ordering her around. When Billie's free of the guy, she pulls out a gun and decides it's time. Later, she goes in a disguise to Salem Place and listens to Bo and Hope's conversation...moreless
  • Ep. #9345
    Ep. #9345
    Episode 171
    **from** John/Marlena celebrate their belated anniversary at Tuscany. Marlena tells John the best gift he could give her would be to end the feud with the DiMeras once and for all. John believes Tony is a threat, but allows Marlena to believe that he's letting it go. She gives him a new leather briefcase as a symbol of the durability of their marriage, and he gives her three charms -- the sun, the moon and the stars. As Marlena goes to call Belle, John privately vows that he must watch Tony to protect his family... Jennifer is upset when she finds Jack's file of information about Colin on a shared computer drive. He pleads with her to read it because he fears for her safety, but she is unwavering. Jack finally gives Jennifer an ultimatum: if she won't give him the green light on this story, then he quits! Meanwhile, Colin and Tony meet at the hospital and it's revealed that Colin is working with Tony; his mission is to help Tony claim his position as the head of the DiMera house. As Tony's explaining his ruse of the catatonic state last night, he falls into a stupor before Colin's eyes and whispers one shocking word: Marlena... Lexie and Craig argue over the lawsuit and Craig warns that the truth will come out. Craig pushes to make sure the nursery surveillance tapes are found from the night JT/Zack were born and later meets with Mickey to discuss how to protect the hospital. Meanwhile, Tony tries to persuade Lexie to drop the lawsuit, but she is determined to clear her father's name and get revenge. Lexie warns Sami to stay away from Tony and Brandon, which only motivates her to work with Tony... Victor invites Nicole to dinner and tells her that he believes fate has brought them back together. Nicole wonders if she can ever achieve the "true love" she sees John/Marlena celebrating and ultimately decides to take Victor home with her, where she plans to test out this relationship on her terms...moreless
  • Ep. #9344
    Ep. #9344
    Episode 170
    **from** Lexie's hearing begins and Tony makes an impassioned statement on her behalf as John/Marlena and Bo/Hope incredulously watch on. Hope then speaks about the hell Lexie has put her family through and begs the judge to protect her son from such a madwoman. Lexie also makes a statement, but doesn't admit any wrongdoing or express any remorse. As the judge retires to make a decision, the tension is palpable in the courtroom between John/Tony, Lexie/Abe as well as Bo/Hope/Lexie. The judge returns and sentences Lexie to probation, community service, and continued psychiatric counseling. He also forbids Lexie to have any contact with Zack until Bo and Hope approve it. Lexie walks out with Brandon and Tony, vowing revenge; at the same time, a process server delivers papers to Craig, revealing that Lexie is suing the hospital... Shawn/Belle return to the hilltop, surprised to find the area sealed off by the government. Before they can leave, Abe spots them and has them talk to Agent Spector. They tell him abbreviated facts and are later even more convinced that the aliens were real... Chloe is lethargic from the chemo treatments and visits with Craig and Nancy. Mimi/Kevin meet Philip and Brady outside the room and call Shawn/Belle, telling them to come to the hospital right away. Philip/Brady have a surprise for Chloe and take her to a private VIP suite, filled with many of her things from home to decorate the room. Nancy/Craig go to clean out Chloe's old room and Craig tells her that the P.I. has located Dr. Sykes's sister in New York. Nancy thinks she could forgive Sykes for what he did to her if he can help save Chloe. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn seem distracted and reveal their close encounter to their friends. Everyone is a bit skeptical, but Chloe really wants to believe; Brady is affected by Chloe's speech and thinks they all need to believe...moreless
  • Ep. #9343
    Ep. #9343
    Episode 169
    **from** Shawn/Belle cannot find any sign that what they saw last night actually took place, but they assume that those kids were aliens from another planet. They go to Shawn's house where John, Marlena, Bo and Hope have gathered and are worried sick because Shawn/Belle didn't come home last night. When they tell their parents about the aliens, no one can take them seriously enough to believe them. Then, Bo gets a call from Abe and Roman, asking them to come to Lookout Point. John and Bo go to the hilltop and find a Hazmat team and scientists scouring the area. John/Bo deduce that the kids saw a meteor landing there, nothing else. Meanwhile, the mystery man with the distinctive watch lurks outside Bo and Hope's house, spying on Belle and Shawn... Sami is trying to track down Brandon and realizes he must be with Lexie when she sees the headline in the newspaper for Lexie's hearing. Brandon has breakfast sent up to Lexie and joins her to cheer her up. A cop interrupts them, saying he's been sent by Abe to accompany her to the courthouse. Lexie is furious that Abe would do this and sends him away. In the corridor, the cop tells someone it didn't work and Sami pops out, disgruntled that her plan to lure Brandon away failed. Brandon catches her in the hallway and tells Sami to stop interfering in his life... Brady wakes up on the bed next to Chloe; Nancy enters, forcing him to leave. Philip harasses him because he's furious after seeing Brady with Chloe. They argue, but Philip manages to calm down when Brady explains the situation and how scared Chloe was. They come to a cease fire for Chloe's sake and enlist Nancy's help with a plan to cheer Chloe up...moreless
  • Ep. #9342
    Ep. #9342
    Episode 168
    Colin begins to examine Billie when Phillip notices his sister in the ER. Once Colin leaves, Billie makes Phillip help her escape from the hospital, saying it's a matter of life and death. Phillip takes Billie to Kate's suite at the Salem Inn for a reunion. Once Billie is alone, she makes a phonecall to an unknown person to discuss her plans for Bo Brady. Back at the hospital, Bo tries to locate the Jane Doe who's car was hit by the meteor but she's escaped. Craig is furious that such a thing could have happened. Soon after, Craig's PI arrives to tell Craig he's located Dr. Frederick Sykes in New York and Craig orders him to go there. Colin and Jen have another tension filled discussion about their feelings towards each other. Meanwhile, out in the woods Belle and Shawn are terrified by the alien spacecraft that's crashed infront of them. The ship begins to make some disturbing sounds and Shawn pulls Cassie and Rex from the craft before it explodes. Belle noticed the two are not breathing and they perform CPR to revive them. Soon after, the aliens run off, with Belle & Shawn giving chase.moreless
  • Ep. #9341
    Ep. #9341
    Episode 167
    The Gemini meteorite comes crashing down in Salem, bringing in two new faces, and showing that someone from the past is back.
  • Ep. #9340
    Ep. #9340
    Episode 166
    **from** Tony listens to the jack-in-the-box and learns that John has his key. Colin comes over and wants to talk business, but Tony refuses. He inquires about Tony's fugue states, but Tony withholds the information. Colin leaves the mansion, aware that someone is following him. Meanwhile, Abe returns Stefano's ashes to Lexie; he tries to reach out to his wife, but she is too angry to listen. After Abe goes, Lexie and Brandon head to see Tony, but when they get there, Tony insists Lexie come somewhere with him. Colin shows up at the barbecue, furious with Bo for putting a tail on him. Bo admits responsibility for the tail and Abe orders him to remove it. Grandpa Shawn corners Colin and asks about his relationship with Tony, but Colin covers and implores his uncle to get Bo off his back. Belle makes an announcement about the bone marrow drive, getting much support and volunteers; Jack and Jennifer even offer to use the newspaper to help with the drive, since they know what it's like to have to find a bone marrow donor. Meanwhile, Sami is upset when Lucas tells her that he's taking Will to Africa for the summer. She confides in Roman about how lonely she feels; after an emotional good-bye with Will, Sami leaves the party distressed. Jack is sobered when Abby tells him he works too much and Jennifer reminds him that work used to consume him. Tony and Lexie arrive and he smashes the jack-in-the-box, revealing the bug inside. Lexie is upset when she sees Zack, but Hope keeps her away. Tony goes home, upset that he couldn't lift the key from John. Brandon comforts Lexie after seeing Zack; meanwhile, the meteor shower has begun and everyone in Salem sees one big meteor headed their way. Sami is terrified and stops at the DiMera Mansion, asking to stay with Tony... Nancy and Craig meet with a P.I., Pete Legrand, about finding Chloe's father, who seems to have disappeared. Meanwhile, Philip brings a telescope to Chloe's room to watch the meteors, but she falls asleep before it starts. Brady sees Philip at the BBQ and goes to see Chloe; she awakens and insists he stay to watch the fireworks with her. She's terrified when she sees the meteor heading their way...moreless
  • Ep. #9339
    Ep. #9339
    Episode 165
    **from** John has spent the night carefully searching the DiMera Mansion and finally finds a secret compartment in the desk drawer, with a mystery object inside. John is almost caught by Tony, but sneaks out and calls Marlena, asking her to meet him at the police station. Meanwhile, Roman has returned from Aremid; he reports that the ashes and the body are being tested. John and Marlena arrive at the station separately and he reveals the object he took from the mansion: a three-pronged cobalt blue key. Tony's story is corroborated when they receive confirmation that the body buried in Aremid is Andre DiMera; however, the ISA could not verify the identity of the ashes without any solid bone fragments, so they worry that Stefano may still be alive. Everyone heads to Bo/Hope's house for the Brady/Horton BBQ. Meanwhile, Tony realizes the key is missing and Bart shows him the surveillance tapes. They realize the cameras were rigged so that whoever broke in wouldn't be seen. Tony is furious because the missing object holds the key to his future, as well as his past. Later, Tony discovers the bug in the jack-in-the-box as the BBQ preparations continue... At DotCom, Victor/Philip arrive for Philip's first day of work. Philip defies Victor and says he won't work there this summer because he needs to devote himself to saving Chloe. When Philip mentions Isabella, Victor softens and lets him off the hook for the summer; he'll have Philip pay for the damages later. Philip joins Mimi and Kevin and they talk about the meteor showers. Cynthia comes over and sincerely says she's sorry that Chloe is sick, which deeply affects Philip. Meanwhile, Jack/Jennifer discuss Tony and the upcoming Gemini meteor showers. Jack confronts Victor and wants to know what he's found out about Colin; Victor stonewalls, which frustrates Jack. Nicole watches Philip and Victor and then cryptically chats with Victor about his plans for today, convincing him to come for a surprise she has planned. They go to an isolated hillside, where Nicole has prepared a picnic. As Victor goes to send his driver away, Nicole looks over the cliff, glad to see how far of a drop it is...moreless
  • Ep. #9338
    Ep. #9338
    Episode 164
    **from** Lexie/Bo wait for Colin to explain what he's doing at the DiMera Mansion; he admits he's done research on Tony's blood disease and wants to treat him. Lexie urges Tony to let Colin examine him, but Tony refuses. Suddenly, he collapses and goes into a catatonic state. Lexie/Bo/Colin rush him to the hospital; he revives and insists he's tired and wants to go home. Lexie asks Colin to follow him; they meet up at the mansion and Colin reveals that he and Tony are connected when he compliments him on faking the episode. Colin's glad Tony has come to Salem because they have work to do; Tony can't focus and asks Colin to leave. Meanwhile, John plans to use his "Soldier Black" skills to gather incriminating evidence against Tony. Marlena is worried and prays for John's safety. As Tony heads upstairs to bed, John breaks into the mansion... Brandon confronts Sami about her involvement with Tony and admits that he's afraid for her. Sami loves the way Brandon is responding and sticks by her decision to help Tony. When Tony's brought to the hospital, Bo catches Sami listening outside his cubicle and warns her to steer clear of him. Sami assures she will, but Bo suspects that she's up to something. Meanwhile, Bo's suspicions of Colin mount and he puts a tail on his cousin. Later, Sami sees Brandon comforting Lexie and realizes she has to make a move to keep Brandon's attention... Nancy is upset to see that Chloe has written a will. As Chloe sleeps, Nancy reads it and learns that Chloe understands why Nancy gave her up for adoption and bequeaths her the name "Mom." Chloe awakens and Nancy runs out, leaving Craig/Chloe to bond. Meanwhile, Philip accuses Brady of moving in on Chloe, but Brady fights back and confronts Philip about dating Cynthia. He reveals that she was part of the plan to reunite Belle and Shawn. Nancy reprimands them for arguing when Chloe's fighting for her life; they call a truce and go to cheer Chloe up. Shawn/Belle arrive and Belle pitches the idea of a bone marrow drive. Later, Craig asks Bo for help in tracking someone down... Shawn surprises Belle with a romantic picnic on Lookout Point. Belle gives Shawn the torn up heart from their snowman and they tape the two pieces together as a symbol of their renewed relationship. They star gaze together and Belle reveals a dream she had about an unknown person taking her on an adventure to another world...moreless
  • Ep. #9337
    Ep. #9337
    Episode 163
    **from** Lexie and Tony continue to bond as siblings, but she's furious that Tony handed over Stefano's ashes to John. She goes to the police station and asks for them back. Abe feels sorry for her, but refuses to give up the ashes. John, Roman, Abe and Bo are planning to use ISA equipment to run a DNA check on the remains... Sami spots Brandon at the hospital, and he's upset because Lexie is spending time with Tony. She knows he's going over to the mansion to "save" Lexie, so Sami heads over there and flirts with Tony; Brandon arrives and immediately figures out what Sami is up to. He takes her back to the hospital and demands to know what she's planning with Tony... Colin breaks things off with Nicole because of Victor's warning; it's obvious he has some skeletons in his closet that he doesn't want discovered. Nicole realizes that Victor has interfered and invites him to a fourth of July rendezvous. Despite her apparent plans for him, Victor is one step ahead of Nicole... Roman prepares to go to Aremid and oversee the exhumation of the body. Bo takes the transcription of Tony's statement to the mansion for Tony to sign. Abe grieves to see his wife become a DiMera more and more everyday; John has a plan of his own to investigate Tony. Later, Colin goes over to see Tony at the DiMera Mansion; Bo shows up and is curious to see his cousin there and wants to know what he's up to...moreless
  • Ep. #9336
    Ep. #9336
    Episode 162
    **from** Lexie goes to see Tony and he confirms that Stefano is truly dead. Tony shares Stefano's last wishes with Lexie, which were to carry on the DiMera legacy with her brother. John shows up and is enraged to see Lexie there. As he rips them apart, Marlena arrives and stops him; he's upset that she followed him there. Just then, Eliana enters and tells Tony that his father is here. It turns out to be Stefano's ashes and Lexie/Tony share their grief. John demands to have them tested for authenticity; Lexie refuses, but Tony hands them over, asking only that John treat them with respect. John/Marlena leave with the ashes, fearful that the real nightmare is still to come... Craig/Nancy go to see Chloe and raise her spirits, but they're not happy to learn that Brady spent the night. Craig reads him the riot act, but softens when he realizes that Brady had Chloe's best interests in mind. He asks Brady to get tested as a bone marrow donor, since that is Chloe's best chance for a cure. Craig and Nancy rush out when Craig gets beeped and find out that no one has heard from Chloe's father since 1993. Meanwhile, Chloe/Brady set a date to watch the meteor showers together... Shawn brings breakfast to Belle and she surprises him when she says she's not going to Columbia's summer program. She goes to wake Brady, but comes back worried because it looks like he never slept in his bed last night. Belle confides to Shawn that Brady admitted he loves Chloe; they kiss and then Belle is shocked to see the newspaper headline about Tony DiMera. Caprice shows up and assures Belle that her parents are fine. Shawn then shows them an article about the meteor showers and Caprice portends that they can trigger a magical time for young people in love... Jennifer/Jack wake up after spending all night working on the Tony DiMera story together. She admits the story is huge for The Spectator, and it's all due to Jack. Jennifer's curious about where he went afterward, but Jack covers his agenda about Colin and says nothing has panned out yet. Later, he mentions Colin's reaction, but Jennifer orders him to leave Colin alone; Jack swears he'll get proof that Colin is hiding something...moreless
  • Ep. #9335
    Ep. #9335
    Episode 161
    **from** Lexie is devastated to hear that Stefano is dead. John doesn't believe it, despite the death certificate Tony produces. Tony explains that he tracked down Stefano and was with him when he died in a car accident; his last request was for Tony to look after Lexie. Abe/Roman take him into the station and Bo/Marlena try to detain John, but he sneaks out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sami follows Brandon/Lexie to the station. Roman orders the exhumation of "Tony's" body and later reports that the death certificate is real and the ISA has confirmed the death of Stefano DiMera. Without evidence, Abe is forced to release Tony. Lexie wants to go to the mansion with her brother, much to Brandon's disapproval. He confides in Sami that he doesn't trust Tony, thinks he's dangerous. Sami realizes she needs to get into a position to be rescued by Brandon to win his heart and meets up with Tony; she thinks he's innocent and gives Tony her number, encouraging him to call her for help. As Tony exits the station, John warns Tony that he'll do whatever it takes to put him behind bars... Jack follows Nicole/Colin to Nicole's office and hears her ask Colin about his interest in the DiMera drama. Colin distracts Nicole with a kiss and they make love. Jack returns to the restaurant and tells Jennifer to follow Tony to the station. He goes back to the Titan offices, but is caught by Victor. He orders Jack out and then sees Nicole's light on; Victor walks in just as Nicole/Colin are dressing. Victor excuses Nicole and reveals to Colin that he's investigating his past; he warns Colin to end things with Nicole or he'll expose all of Colin's secrets. Meanwhile, Jack overhears everything in the corridor... Brady admits to Belle that he loves Chloe, but snaps out of it and backpedals, trying to cover his true feelings. Meanwhile, Philip sneaks in after visiting hours to see Chloe. He brings her gifts, trying to distract Chloe from her illness, but she calls him on it. She asks him to leave, and Brady shows up right after Philip goes. Brady doesn't impose himself on Chloe and lets her listen to her music. He watches over her after she falls asleep, still listening to the music...moreless
  • Ep. #9334
    Ep. #9334
    Episode 160
    Everyone is shocked when Tony says it was André who died in Aremid. Further shock when Tony says Stefano is dead. Brady admits to Belle that he has deep feelings for Chloe. Brandon tricks Sami into admitting she cares for him.
  • Ep. #9333
    Ep. #9333
    Episode 159
    All of Salem turns out for a mysterious dinner to be held at the Penthouse Grill, believing that it means Stefano DiMera is back in town. When the doors open, everyone is shocked to see Tony DiMera. Craig and Nancy learn they are not compatible matches for Chloe, and Nancy finally tells Craig about being raped by Dr. Sykes.moreless
  • Ep. #9332
    Ep. #9332
    Episode 158
    **from** Jennifer is stunned to see Jack/Sami kissing; Sami is equally as shocked and assures Jennifer that nothing is going on between them. Sami prods Jennifer to admit that she/Brandon broke up; Jennifer confirms and Sami hightails it out of there, leaving Jennifer and Jack to have a serious talk. Jack admits that he wants a future with Jennifer and Abby, but he's given up on her and she'll have to come to him if she's interested. Meanwhile, they'll confine their relationship strictly to work. Later, Jennifer gives Jack a leading story about Stefano DiMera... Brandon thinks Lexie is moving back into the mansion, but she informs him that she is staying at the Salem Inn with Celeste. John arrives, accusing Lexie of being in cahoots with Stefano. Brandon defends Lexie as John bashes her and refutes everything she says. After John leaves, Brandon helps Lexie move her things to the inn. Sami learns that Brandon is there and she's fuming when she sees Brandon holding Lexie in his arms. Brandon/Lexie are interrupted when the hotel manager delivers a note to Lexie. She is ecstatic to learn that her father is coming back! John invites Abe to attend Marlena's party at the Penthouse Grill; Roman graciously offers to steer clear, given the party is to celebrate John/Marlena's wedding anniversary. Abe/Roman agree to keep John informed about Stefano, whom they are convinced is returning to Salem... Colin gets another mysterious call and warns Grandpa Shawn that Bo/Hope shouldn't return home just yet, but a worried Grandpa Shawn reveals they're already on their way back. Nicole interrupts, but Grandpa Shawn cleverly covers by bringing up the upcoming meteor shower. Nicole goes home to change into something sexy for dinner and Colin gets another cryptic call with bad news. Bart listens to everything happening at the Brady Pub via the bugged jack-in-the-box. When he hears that Nicole and Colin will be at the Penthouse Grill with everyone else, he anticipates that they'll all enjoy the big show. Meanwhile, the mystery man lurks outside the pub, watching Colin and Grandpa Shawn...moreless
  • Ep. #9331
    Ep. #9331
    Episode 157
    **from** Jennifer confides in Alice about her disastrous weekend with Brandon and everything that transpired at the B&B. As much as she hates to admit it, Sami was right and Jennifer feels guilty for playing Colin/Jack/Brandon against each other. Meanwhile, Colin goes to The Spectator looking for Jennifer; Jack corners him and advises him to give up on her, but Colin insists that Jack is playing a guilt trip on Jennifer... Brandon is upset when an elated Sami tells him how Jennifer ran off to save Jack at the B&B. He meets Jennifer at the pub to let her know it's over between them. Jennifer is apologetic and admits that she's been unfair to all three guys. Brandon encourages her to cut Jack and Colin loose as well because they don't deserve her. Meanwhile, Sami goes to Jack and urges him to make a play for Jennifer. She's shocked when Jack says he's through chasing after Jennifer. She makes tries to change his mind, but Jack attempts to prove it by kissing Sami -- just as Jennifer walks in... Abe is surprised when Lexie is released from the psych ward so soon after her escape. He fears she's delusional, but Dr. Dellman confirms Lexie's story. She reveals that she's still planning to sue the hospital and says she'll stay at the Salem Inn for a while. Abe feels that Stefano is influencing Lexie, but she denies and says she is completely in control. Later, Brandon meets up with Lexie and Abe in the cafeteria; Abe is put off by Lexie's warm reception to Brandon as she thanks him for standing by her. Meanwhile, Bart pays off Dr. Dellman for releasing Lexie; she stops by the mansion and learns that Rolf has left, assuming that he's gone to get Stefano. Just as she's about to leave, Brandon arrives... Shawn brings Belle to the pub to celebrate their renewed status as a couple. His grandparents have helped set up a romantic table for two. Shawn gives Belle belated graduation gifts, trying to convince her to go to Pepperdine. Although she loves him, she thinks it would be best to find herself apart from him at Columbia. Later, Belle gives Shawn his graduation gift: a kiss, their first one in a long time...moreless
  • Ep. #9330
    Ep. #9330
    Episode 156
    Nicole and Colin have coffee at the Brady Pub and Colin suggests forming an alliance to get the people they want. John meets with Kate at the pub and asks her to plan his and Marlena's early 3rd anniversary party for Friday. Marlena shows up and after Kate leaves John tells her he knows Stefano is on his way back. Bart, using the Jack In The Box bug to listen in e-mails Rolf asking if John should be taken out because he's getting too close. Craig demands Nancy tell him who Chloe's father is so he or any of his children can be tested for bone marrow compatibility. At the loft, a ghost watches over Brady.

    Somebody's listening...

    Capture courtesy Days Aheadmoreless

  • Ep. #9329
    Ep. #9329
    Episode 155
    At the Full Moon Inn all is revealed after Colin shoots Jack. The hotel is a murder mystery theme hotel and Harry and Iris are shocked to learn the two didn't know that. Jack and Sami are furious, and Sami tears into Jen for stringing along Jack, Brandon and Colin. Back in Salem, John storms the DiMera mansion looking for Stefano with Marlena and Roman following behind him. In one of the secret rooms, Rolf receives a call informing him of an arrival and Rolf tells Bart he has to leave and gives him an important assignment. In another empty secret room, John finds an order slip for Stefano's favourite wine. At the Carver house, Lexie turns herself over to Abe. Over at University Hospital, Chloe is rushed into the ER by the teens where they are told of Chloe's diagnosis. Chloe begins her chemotherapy.moreless
  • Ep. #9328
    Ep. #9328
    Episode 154
    Brady and John discuss the strange occurances at the loft. John reads a tabloid reporting the Gemini Meteor Shower and goes into Soldier Black mode. Brady recieves a strange message on his computer to get to the hospital. At University Hospital, Nancy and Craig anxiously await the results of Chloe's last series of tests. The call comes in, and Craig and Nancy are devistated by the confirmation that Chloe has leukemia. Over at the Last Blast ... Shawn tells Belle that he never had sex with Jan and that Paul Mendez raped her. Belle can't take the news and runs off. Mimi and Kevin turn Cynthia and Jason's punch filled balloon prank back on themselves. After a speach by Chloe about wasting their lives, the class of 2002 boot Cynthia and Jason from the dance. Chloe goes to talk to Ms. Perez, who then goes to Mimi and tells her that her punishment is over and that she may dance the last dance with Kevin. As the final song plays, Chloe & Phillip and Mimi & Kevin and Shawn is left all alone until Belle comes and invites him to dance. Shawn is visibly moved. But, all the happyness of the Last last Blast comes to a screeching hault when Chloe collapses to the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #9327
    Ep. #9327
    Episode 153
    The Last Blast continues as Chloe feels depressed over her possible illness and Belle is still hurting from Shawn's revelation. Cynthia and Jason start plotting revenge on Shawn and Phillip. Brandon pulls Lexie from the Salem River and tries to convince her to go back to the hospital to prove her sanity. Abe tells Celeste he is convinced Brandon is helping Lexie. Jen and Colin arrive at the Full Moon Inn and try to find Jack and Harry and Iris claim they've left. Jen & Colin don't buy it. Sami has found a flashlight and she and Jack try to escape the passageway when Jack is strangled with a purple feather boa. Once he's free, Jack is convinced this is retaliation for sending those mobsters in Vegas to prison. Colin intercepts a phone call in the lobby and realizes what's happening here and grabs a gun from a drawer. Jack and Sami escape the passageway and come running downstairs to see Jen and Colin. Jack is relieved to see them, when Colin pulls out the gun and shoots Jack in the chest.moreless
  • Ep. #9326
    Ep. #9326
    Episode 152
    At the Green Mountain Lodge Nicole is furious with Colin for using her the way he did and attacks him. Brandon and Jen try to relax after spotting Colin with Nicole but are disturbed by the smashing sounds in their room. After telling Colin to back his bags, Brandon is called back to Salem by Lexie. Bo takes Hope and Zack away from Salem on the Fancy Face II till the Lexie situation blows over. Unknown the them, Lexie has watched them set out to sea and jumps in after them with Brandon looking on in horror. At the Full Moon Inn Sami escapes Harry in the passageway. Jack tries to find where Sami has disapeared to and notices his car battery is missing. When he comes back inside he overhears Iris on the phone plotting to take care of "Mr. Deverocks" and Jack assumes he's been targeted by the mob he sent to prison in Vegas. After "knocking out" Iris, Jack tries to call the police but the call is routed back to Iris pretending to be the police from the front desk. Jack calls Jen on his cellphone to try and get her to get help, suddenly she hears a gunshot over the phone and is terrified when the line goes dead. Jack escapes into the bookcase passageway and sees Sami's disembodied head.moreless
  • Ep. #9325
    Ep. #9325
    Episode 151
    Abe informs the Brady's that Lexie has escaped. The teens head off to their last Last Blast.
  • Ep. #9324
    Ep. #9324
    Episode 150
    Jack and Sami arrive at the Full Moon Inn and are anxious to find Jen and Brandon. What they find instead is no Jen or Brandon, a bloody book, a loaded gun, and the strange owners Harry and Iris, and when they decide to leave Sami is abducted through a secret door behind the bookshelf. Back in Salem, Kate and Victor exchange venom at the Java Cafe and Kate takes great pleasure in pointing out Nicole kissing Colin. Victor reveals to Kate he has plans for Nicole. After Kate leaves, Victor meets with Nico who tells Victor that Colin's past is filled with many holes. Meanwhile at Green Mountain Lodge, Jen and Brandon decide to spice things up by taking a dip in the hot tub, at the same time neighbors Colin and Nicole do. Jen and Brandon overhear Colin and Brandon goes over to confirm it.moreless
  • Ep. #9323
    Ep. #9323
    Episode 149
    Brady is proud to see Chloe deliver a beautiful speech as valedictorian, and Philip seizes the moment to try to get her back again. Jennifer makes a speech to the assembled students.
  • Ep. #9322
    Ep. #9322
    Episode 148
    It's graduation day at Salem High and everybody has gathered in the school gym. Shawn and Jan have another argument and she begs him not to tell anyone about Paul raping her, but he tells her it's time the truth came out. Shawn pulls Belle aside and tells her that Jan was lying, but Belle isn't ready to forgive Shawn and blaims him for all the pain she's been in for the last few months. Meanwhile at University Hospital, Jen and Brandon continue to discuss their weekend plans and come up with a plan to keep Jack and Sami off their backs.moreless
  • Ep. #9321
    Ep. #9321
    Episode 147
    The truth comes out about Jan's pregnancy. Jan's mother takes her out of the Brady house. Some strange things start happening at Brady's loft. Craig tells Chloe she might have leukemia and Chloe takes more tests to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Ep. #9320
    Ep. #9320
    Episode 146
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9319
    Ep. #9319
    Episode 145
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9318
    Ep. #9318
    Episode 144
    Everyone arrives at the church and have random conversations with each other. Bo and Hope receive the call from the DNA lab at the church. Rolf poisons the baptismal fountain with too much of his portion after John and Roman startle him, and it's now possible that the water could really kill Zack. Lexie overheats Bart on the phone with Rolf discussing the plan and Lexie is furious that Rolf went ahead with it after she told him not to. Lexie decides to crash the ceremony to save Isaac, Bart disguises himself as a drunk so that Lexie can get in without being noticed. As the ceremony starts, Lexie hides in a confession booth. Bo & Hope announce that Bo is Zack's birth father and everybody is overjoyed. Father Jansen starts the ceremony and Lexie watches in horror as he prepares to pour the water onto Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #9317
    Ep. #9317
    Episode 143
    Kim and Melissa return to Salem for the christening of Zack Brady. Shawn still cannot accept Zack as his brother which continues to cause friction between his parents and himself. Celeste and Lexie have another argument over her actions. At the Brady Pub, Abe, Roman, John and Kim discuss the security precautions for the christening and fear that Stefano may return and crash the ceremony. Abe joins Lexie at the DiMera mansion and Lexie throws him out. Bart provides Rolf with his priest disguise that he will use to gain entry to the church and poison the baptismal fountain with his potion that will make Zack appear to be dead. As everybody starts leaving for the chapel, Bo and Hope receive a phone call from the DNA lab regarding Zack's paternity test.moreless
  • Ep. #9316
    Ep. #9316
    Episode 142
    Lexie decides that she will sue University Hospital over the baby switch fiasco. Brandon threatens Lexie that if she goes through with her lawsuit he will testify that she knew all along about the switch. Craig threatens Lexie that if she takes her case to court she will go down for the switch. Celeste tries to take Lexie home but she is too upset and walks off. Bo and Hope call Abe over to their house and they tell him about Isaac's name change, and ask him if he will be Zack's godfather, he accepts. Lexie, cowering behind bushes overhears Bo and Hope tell Jen that Abe is going to be Zack's godfather and she is furious. Bo and Hope ask Jen to be Zack's godmother. Kate and Lucas inform Sami that Will will be going with him for the weekend which upsets Sami. When Lucas leaves to fetch Will from "Uncle Brady" Sami taunts Kate that Victor now has the photos of her as a prostitute and will someday use them to bury her.moreless
  • Ep. #9315
    Ep. #9315
    Episode 141
    Celeste brings Lexie into the ER after she fainted in the DiMera mansion. Jen goes to the ER to return Brandon's beeper and Jack soon appears hunting for information on the baby switch. Jack questions Lexie about the switch and asks if she knew about the switch in advance and she answers "Of course I did!" but then quickly covers for herself. Jen agrees with Jack that there's a big story here and officially assigns him to the baby switch story. Shawn confronts Belle about what happend the day Jan lost her baby and the two get into a huge argument over how Shawn could believe Jan over her. Mimi goes to Bo about Jan's miscarrage and asks what Jan was wearing when he found her (red shirt, dark pants, wet hair). Mimi calls Chloe and gets Belle to tell Chloe what Jan was wearing when she left and she tells chloe she was in grey sweats. Chloe and Mimi know they've got her, and proceed with phase 2 of their plan.moreless
  • Ep. #9314
    Ep. #9314
    Episode 140
    Craig and Nancy return to a furious Chloe and the two fill in Chloe on how they blackmailed Cecelia with her past as a prized hog caller which got her a spot in the master class in the summer. Phillip and Mimi continue with the plan to trap Jan in her lies. Hope has a controntation with Jan's mother at the Brady Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #9313
    Ep. #9313
    Episode 139
    Bo, Hope, Doug, Julie and Zack return home on the Kiriakis jet. Once in Salem Bo, Hope and Zack go to the DNA lab to have a paternity test done. Jen and Brandon head to the Brady Pub where they're stalked by Sami, Colin and Nicole. John begins having nightmares. Rolf concocts a plan to make everyone think Zack has died so that Lexie can get him back.moreless
  • Ep. #9312
    Ep. #9312
    Episode 138
    Nancy and Craig arrive in New York and pose as masseurs to get to Cecelia Marin. As they massage the opera diva, they play a tape of Chloe singing and the diva is not impressed. Nancy and Cecelia almost get into a fight and when she calls for security she loses her voice. After Craig fixes her throat she refuses to allow Chloe to audition for her. Jen and Brandon have a picnic in the park with Jack watching from the bushes. Marlena calls John home for a quicky.moreless
  • Ep. #9311
    Ep. #9311
    Episode 137
    Bo & Hope remember making love and the two celebrate the revelation that Bo is the daddy. The two are overjoyed and make love in Gina's bed. Craig and Nancy find out where Cecelia Marin is staying in New York and decide to talk to her in person. Phillip is still on his date with Cynthia and tries to get information about Jan's miscarrage out of her. Sami gives a depressed Belle some advice on snagging a man and suggests getting Shawn into her bed. Victor runs into Sami and Sami hands over the tape of Roberto's confession and her photos of prostitute Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #9310
    Ep. #9310
    Episode 136
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9309
    Ep. #9309
    Episode 135
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9308
    Ep. #9308
    Episode 134
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9307
    Ep. #9307
    Episode 133
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9306
    Ep. #9306
    Episode 132
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9305
    Ep. #9305
    Episode 131
    Victor proves to Sami that he has the tape, and tells her that now he owns her. Chloe goes to see Brady when she is unable to make her audition. Jennifer agrees to work with Jack on the story about Lexie running off with Isaac. Belle, Mimi, and Caprice talk about Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #9304
    Ep. #9304
    Episode 130
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9303
    Ep. #9303
    Episode 129
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9302
    Ep. #9302
    Episode 128
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9301
    Ep. #9301
    Episode 127
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9300
    Ep. #9300
    Episode 126
    Colin asks Nicole out, and then asks Brandon and Jennifer if they want to double date. Belle nearly reunites with Shawn before seeing Belle at the hospital. John, Marlena, and Caprice help Brady move into the loft.
  • Ep. #9299
    Ep. #9299
    Episode 125
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9298
    Ep. #9298
    Episode 124
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9297
    Ep. #9297
    Episode 123
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9296
    Ep. #9296
    Episode 122
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9295
    Ep. #9295
    Episode 121
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9294
    Ep. #9294
    Episode 120
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9293
    Ep. #9293
    Episode 119
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9292
    Ep. #9292
    Episode 118
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9291
    Ep. #9291
    Episode 117
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9290
    Ep. #9290
    Episode 116
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9289
    Ep. #9289
    Episode 115
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9288
    Ep. #9288
    Episode 114
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9287
    Ep. #9287
    Episode 113
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9286
    Ep. #9286
    Episode 112
    Philip is concerned when Chloe shows no enthusiasm about them being in New York together for school. Belle throws the Pepperdine envelope in the trash unopened. Jack crashes and burns in Vegas when his lies are revealed.
  • Ep. #9285
    Ep. #9285
    Episode 111
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9284
    Ep. #9284
    Episode 110
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9283
    Ep. #9283
    Episode 109
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9282
    Ep. #9282
    Episode 108
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9281
    Ep. #9281
    Episode 107
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9280
    Ep. #9280
    Episode 106
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9279
    Ep. #9279
    Episode 105
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9278
    Ep. #9278
    Episode 104
    Sami vows revenge on Kate and Lucas. Austin talks with Nicole and tells her that he's accepting Carl's offer to head up Permalash in Ney York and will work with Nicole and Titan. Austin tells Nicole it's time for him to move on, and as he heads for the door he stops, runs back to Nicole and gives her a long kiss (with Sami watching) and then gets his bags and walks out the door leaving a crying Nicole standing in the hotel lobby. Back in Salem, Lexie freaks when she sees Hope holding Isaac and tries to get her baby away from her, but Hope refuses to let him go. With everyone in Dot Com watching as the two women fight over baby Isaac, Celeste is demanding to know why Hope is laying claim to her grandson and is stunned to learn of the baby switch. The Salem PD arrive and Hope demands they call Bo & Abe down there. When they arrive Hope is forced to give Isaac to Lexie and she agrees. While Bo is carrying Isaac over to Lexie, Bo has a white flash like the ones Hope has been having.moreless
  • Ep. #9277
    Ep. #9277
    Episode 103
    Marlena and Roman take Sami up to Roman's room to get some sleep. Austin packs his bags and prepares to leave Vegas, he stops to tell Lucas that he will make sure he gets to spend more time with his son. Before leaving for good, Austin finds Nicole. In the casino, Colin tells Jennifer that Elizabeth has left him. Jack and Greta have a run in with a couple of gangsters and his briefcase of resumes is switched for their briefcase of stolen money.moreless
  • Ep. #9276
    Ep. #9276
    Episode 102
    Sami continues to beg Austin in the bridal room and in desperation tells him she's having his baby. Austin picks her up and starts taking her out of the room, Sami asks happily if they're going to the chapel, but Austin has other plans. He tells Sami she's going to the drug store, to get a pregnancy test that she's going to take in front of him. Sami tries everything she can think of to make Austin change his mind, including Will. But Austin has had enough and calls Sami a bitch and leaves. Sami loses it and rips the bridal room to shreads. Austin goes to the chapel to tell everybody about the break up, but Sami's hot on his trail. As he begins to explain why he won't marry Sami, Sami bursts in and begs him to stop. She makes a big speach, but Austin still won't budge. Finally, he caves, and decides not to explain why he broke off the wedding and leaves the chapel and a crying Sami on the floor. Nicole decides to put on Victor's engagement ring.moreless
  • Ep. #9275
    Ep. #9275
    Episode 101
    Chloe collapses and is rushed to University Hospital. Bo and Hope give J.T. to the Reibers for an overnight visitation. Celeste returns from her trip to Tibet to find Lexie living in the DiMera mansion. Lexie and Celeste go to Dot Com and Hope arrives soon after. Hope sees Isaac alone with Celeste and holds him for the first time knowing that he is her biological son.moreless
  • Ep. #9274
    Ep. #9274
    Episode 100
    In the hotel bridal room, Austin confronts Sami after overhearing her admit that Lucas did not hit Will. Austin comes to the realization that Sami has been lying to him all this time and really didn't change her ways and dumps her on the spot. A devistated Sami clutches to Austin's leg and begs him not to do this. In the casino, Elizabeth overhears Colin on his cell phone discussing his plans to use her. Colin is shocked to find Elizabeth's stuff removed from their hotel room and a note telling him goodbye and good riddance.moreless
  • Ep. #9273
    Ep. #9273
    Episode 99
    Nicole begs Austin to stop the wedding, he refuses but asks Nicole to be there as his friend. Once Austin leaves, Nicole falls to the floor in tears but quickly picks herself up and decides she must stop the wedding. Sami and Lucas have a controntation in the Bridal Suite. Sami attacks Lucas on the floor of the suite. Austin overhears Kate and Victor discussing Sami and her blackmail attempt to get him transfered to Hawai'i, using Phillip as leverage and is furious.moreless
  • Ep. #9272
    Ep. #9272
    Episode 98
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9271
    Ep. #9271
    Episode 97
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9270
    Ep. #9270
    Episode 96
    Episode recap available.
  • Ep. #9269
    Ep. #9269
    Episode 95
    Victor sees Nicole and Austin embrace, and later asks why she's not wearing his ring. Sami gets flowers from Lucas, who shocks Kate by telling her she wants to see Sami & Austin happy. Jack and Greta spy on Jennifer and Brandon as they kiss. A heart broken Colin also sees them kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #9268
    Ep. #9268
    Episode 94
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9267
    Ep. #9267
    Episode 93
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9266
    Ep. #9266
    Episode 92
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9265
    Ep. #9265
    Episode 91
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9264
    Ep. #9264
    Episode 90
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9263
    Ep. #9263
    Episode 89
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9262
    Ep. #9262
    Episode 88
  • Ep. #9261
    Ep. #9261
    Episode 87
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9260
    Ep. #9260
    Episode 86
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9259
    Ep. #9259
    Episode 85
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9258
    Ep. #9258
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #9257
    Ep. #9257
    Episode 83
    Shawn tries without success to explain things to Belle. Belle wishes Jan and Shawn good luck with the baby, then walks off. Shawn prays that once he gets through this, he hopes to be together with Belle again. Austin doesn't want to be transfered to Hawaii, because he wants Will to be near Lucas. Sami doesn't tell Austin about the blackmail but continues to pressure him to move to Hawaii. Victor tells Nicole about his plans for Austin, and is then slapped when he accuses Nicole of being in an affair with Austin. Nicole threatens to quit her job. KAte is furious when Roman tells her about Sami's possible plans for moving to HAwaii with Austin.moreless
  • Ep. #9256
    Ep. #9256
    Episode 82
    When Victor refuses to be blackmailed then orders Sami out of his office, she tells him that she will show Philip the pictures unless he transfers Austin to Hawaii within 24 hours. Victor walks in on Nicole and Austin while Nicole is pleading for Austin not to marry Sami. She is ordered into Victor's office, then Austin confronts Sami. Roman is fooled when Kate gives a phony speech about how Lucas' recovery has changed her life, and how she hopes Sami will feel the same. Later Kate tells Lucas that Sami doesn't stand a chance. After Jennifer tells Brnadon what Jack told Greta, he isn't sure if Jack will ever get out of her system.moreless
  • Ep. #9255
    Ep. #9255
    Episode 81
    A devastated Belle demands to know why Shawn slept with Jan when he admits to being the father. Bo trys to reassure Hope, who is wondering how to deal with losing a child and gaining a grandchild at the same time. Nicole convinces Austin not to rush into things with Sami, yet he thinks marriage is the cure. Sami overhears. Philip can't take his eyes off Chloe. Cynthia comes to Chloe with the video, and is told that Philip has already explained everything to her. Cythia strongly suggests to Chloe that she should see the video. Will she?moreless
  • Ep. #9254
    Ep. #9254
    Episode 80
    Kate makes Sami bring Will to see Lucas. They both fight, and Kate says her reasons why she's going to win, especially since Roman is on her side. Sami attempts to attack Kate, but is then easily tripped. Sami calls Victor after pulling out pictures of Kate as a hooker, and she vows to win. Austin tells Nicole about Lucas, and is suprised when she is truly happy. Inside, he wishes Sami were more like Nicole. When Austin tells her the wedding has been moved up, Nicole is unhappy, and asks if he's just doing it for Will. A friendship is growing between Austin and Nicole. Brandon asks Jennifer if he's her boyfriend when they go for a workout at the gym, and she says yes. Brandon wants to take their relationship up a notch, but Jennifer isn't so sure. Jack is shocked when Greta reveals her feelings about him, since he thought that by telling her he was gay, her romantic feelings for him would subside. Philip gives Chloe a rose and is desperate, yet Chloe doesn't know if they should date. Shawn confronts Belle and tells her he is the father of pregnant Jan's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9253
    Ep. #9253
    Episode 79
    Even though JT isn't Hope's son, she is still bonding with him. She tells Bo that she wishes he was JT's father yet that is impossible. Hope has a white flash of a gloved hand and is determined to find out what it means. Bo tells Roman that Stefano and John aren't the fathers of Hope's baby. Lexie pretens to be shocked when Abe tells her that they definatly have Hope's baby, yet she is truly taken back when he tells her that Stefano and John aren't the fathers. John is comforted by Marlena over the pain of "losing" a child. He's having trouble relizing he's not JT's biological father, and he realizes this is how Roman felt when told he was not Belle's father.moreless
  • Ep. #9252
    Ep. #9252
    Episode 78
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9251
    Ep. #9251
    Episode 77
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9250
    Ep. #9250
    Episode 76
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9249
    Ep. #9249
    Episode 75
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9248
    Ep. #9248
    Episode 74
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9247
    Ep. #9247
    Episode 73
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9246
    Ep. #9246
    Episode 72
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9245
    Ep. #9245
    Episode 71
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9244
    Ep. #9244
    Episode 70
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9243
    Ep. #9243
    Episode 69
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9242
    Ep. #9242
    Episode 68
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9241
    Ep. #9241
    Episode 67
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9240
    Ep. #9240
    Episode 66
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9239
    Ep. #9239
    Episode 65
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9238
    Ep. #9238
    Episode 64
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9237
    Ep. #9237
    Episode 63
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9236
    Ep. #9236
    Episode 62
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9235
    Ep. #9235
    Episode 61
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9234
    Ep. #9234
    Episode 60
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9233
    Ep. #9233
    Episode 59
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9232
    Ep. #9232
    Episode 58
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9231
    Ep. #9231
    Episode 57
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9230
    Ep. #9230
    Episode 56
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9229
    Ep. #9229
    Episode 55
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9228
    Ep. #9228
    Episode 54
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9227
    Ep. #9227
    Episode 53
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9226
    Ep. #9226
    Episode 52
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9225
    Ep. #9225
    Episode 51
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9224
    Ep. #9224
    Episode 50
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9223
    Ep. #9223
    Episode 49
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9222
    Ep. #9222
    Episode 48
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9221
    Ep. #9221
    Episode 47
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9220
    Ep. #9220
    Episode 46
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9219
    Ep. #9219
    Episode 45
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9218
    Ep. #9218
    Episode 44
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9217
    Ep. #9217
    Episode 43
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9216
    Ep. #9216
    Episode 42
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  • Ep. #9215
    Ep. #9215
    Episode 41
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9214
    Ep. #9214
    Episode 40
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9213
    Ep. #9213
    Episode 39
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  • Ep. #9212
    Ep. #9212
    Episode 38
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  • Ep. #9211
    Ep. #9211
    Episode 37
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  • Ep. #9210
    Ep. #9210
    Episode 36
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9209
    Ep. #9209
    Episode 35
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9208
    Ep. #9208
    Episode 34
    The morning after Bo finds out John's J.T.'s father, Bo and Hope seperately remember their good & bad times together while Hope desperately tries to make Bo listen to her.
  • Ep. #9207
    Ep. #9207
    Episode 33
    This special episode of DAYS features many past clips showing how important Christmas is in Salem.
  • Ep. #9206
    Ep. #9206
    Episode 32
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9205
    Ep. #9205
    Episode 31
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9204
    Ep. #9204
    Episode 30
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  • Ep. #9203
    Ep. #9203
    Episode 29
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  • Ep. #9202
    Ep. #9202
    Episode 28
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  • Ep. #9201
    Ep. #9201
    Episode 27
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  • Ep. #9200
    Ep. #9200
    Episode 26
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  • Ep. #9199
    Ep. #9199
    Episode 25
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  • Ep. #9198
    Ep. #9198
    Episode 24
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  • Ep. #9197
    Ep. #9197
    Episode 23
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  • Ep. #9196
    Ep. #9196
    Episode 22
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  • Ep. #9195
    Ep. #9195
    Episode 21
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  • Ep. #9194
    Ep. #9194
    Episode 20
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  • Ep. #9193
    Ep. #9193
    Episode 19
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  • Ep. #9192
    Ep. #9192
    Episode 18
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9191
    Ep. #9191
    Episode 17
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9190
    Ep. #9190
    Episode 16
    Hope queries Jennifer about her love life, but all Jennifer will do is admit that she's doing her best to forget about Colin. Nancy is determined to outshine Colin and Elizabeth at the party. Barb calls Lexie demanding money, threatening to tell the truth if she doesn't get it. Cynthia agrees to stop spreading the rumors that she slept with Philip if he agrees to go out with her again.moreless
  • Ep. #9189
    Ep. #9189
    Episode 15
    Shawn and Belle agree that they're not ready to consummate their relationship. At Tuscany, the couples of Bo/Hope, John/Marlena and Mickey/Maggie enjoy an evening together. Jack is shocked to learn that Harold is the one who has been massaging him, and Harold encourages Jack to come out of the closet. Jennifer gives Brandon a back rub at his place.moreless
  • Ep. #9188
    Ep. #9188
    Episode 14
  • Ep. #9187
    Ep. #9187
    Episode 13
  • Ep. #9186
    Ep. #9186
    Episode 12
  • Ep. #9185
    Ep. #9185
    Episode 11
  • Ep. #9184
    Ep. #9184
    Episode 10
  • Ep. #9183
    Ep. #9183
    Episode 9
  • Ep. #9182
    Ep. #9182
    Episode 8
  • Ep. #9181
    Ep. #9181
    Episode 7
  • Ep. #9180
    Ep. #9180
    Episode 6
    Elizabeth is hurt to realise that the only reason Bo is even talking to her is because he's trying to get dirt on Colin. Abe is upset because Stefano is paying all the bills, and tells Lexie that a man likes to be able to support his wife. While enjoying a day in the park with Will, Sami and Austin decide that the time has come to make it official. Nancy points out to Chloe that she was always miserable with Philip, and says Brady makes her much happier. Barb demands $1 million from Lexie, and says she and Glen are moving to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #9179
    Ep. #9179
    Episode 5
    Harold is furious with Greta and accuses her of wanting Jack for herself, but she tries desperately to convince him that all she wants is for him and Jack to be happy. Philip tries to manipulate Brady where Chloe is concerned, but Brady isn't interested in playing that game.
  • Ep. #9178
    Ep. #9178
    Episode 4
    Glen initially wants nothing to do with Barb's plan and thinks they should make good with the $5000, but when his boss fires him he's willing to reconsider. Shawn and Brady talk about Brady's feelings for Chloe while Philip eavesdrops on Chloe and Belle's conversation about Brady. Greta tries to set Jack and Harold up, but when Jack catches sight of Jennifer, he blows both their plans.moreless
  • Ep. #9177
    Ep. #9177
    Episode 3
    Bo is intrigued when Elizabeth talks about how often Colin would be pre-occupied with other things and take off at times. After Brady makes a joke about dating Nicole, Belle asks Chloe what she would say if Brady actually asked her out. Jason tries to convince Philip to make another bet, but he remembers what happened the last time. Lexie tells Brandon that Barb is blackmailing her with the truth about the baby switch.moreless
  • Ep. #9176
    Ep. #9176
    Episode 2
    Hope tells Jennifer that Colin said they were merely casual friends, and Jennifer is relieved that no one knows she followed Colin to Ireland. Shawn takes Jan to the hospital after she passes out, and then gets the third degree about his future from Marlena.
  • Ep. #9175
    Ep. #9175
    Episode 1
    Lexie pays Barb to keep quiet about JT's paternity, but Barb says she'll be wanting even more money from her soon. Jan has stomach pains and worries about her baby. Alice shows Belle and Shawn the ruby back in it's necklace.