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Season 53 : Episode 302

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  • Ep. #9682
    Ep. #9682
    Episode 253
    Maggie is still in critical condition, and she knows who the killer is although she cannot say it. Rex is in a trance-like state after Maggie was assaulted. Tony was meditating when Cassie and Philip came to tell him about Rex and Tony kicked Philip across the room. The seven suspects were all unaccounted for at the time of the attack on Mickey & Maggie. Shawn found blood on Rex's black Halloween costume in his closet. Contributed by luckyme2032moreless
  • Ep. #9681
    Ep. #9681
    Episode 252
    Sami has a vivid dream that could prove she is the stalker and then begins acting guilty; Maggie comes to in the hospital and admits that she knows who did this to her; Most of the suspects have been located, but several of them look undoubtedly guilty again...
  • Ep. #9680
    Ep. #9680
    Episode 251
    Maggie is in critical condition as she and Mickey are rushed to the hospital; Celeste and Bonnie come face to face with the killer once Celeste fears it is too late for Maggie; and finally, Shawn chases the killer and corners them in an alley while all seven suspects are still missing…moreless
  • Ep. #9679
    Ep. #9679
    Episode 250
    Bo and Hope are at the station when the killer hacks into Bo's computer and starts to taunt him with a live feed of a video of them committing the next murder…Meanwhile, Maggie has mistakenly let a "friend" into her home, while all seven suspects are still unaccounted for…
  • Ep. #9678
    Ep. #9678
    Episode 249
    It is still Halloween night in Salem. Despite being warned not to open the door to anyone, Maggie innocently lets a "friend" in; Shawn tries again to convince Mimi that Rex is the stalker; Once again, all seven suspects are unaccounted for…
  • Ep. #9677
    Ep. #9677
    Episode 248
    Sami and Lucas are [not so] model-parents at Will's school Halloween party when a food fight erupts. And, once again, "The Salem Seven" are unaccounted for...
  • Ep. #9676
    Ep. #9676
    Episode 247
    Kate takes a huge leap of faith with Roman; Rex has an interesting visit with Marlena – and his actions when he returns home convince Shawn even more that he is the killer…
  • Ep. #9675
    Ep. #9675
    Episode 246
    Cassie gets her brother to admit that he has no memory of where he went last night; Rex then makes an unexpected, seemingly sinister visit to Marlena in her office; John and Shawn put Belle on a plane to Italy. At the pub, John meets with Shawn to discuss his plan to keeping Belle safe. John says he needs Shawn's help to convince Belle to live Salem. Meanwhile, Belle arrives at MArlena's office, and she has not slept. Marlena tells her that she needs to make sure she sleeps and eat properly to maintain a sense of equilibrium. Belle says she is too upset to eat or sleep because both her dad and her are possible targets. Belle says her dad has already challenged the killer, and she says the killer knows she is helping Maggie with her memories, so that makes her a possible target. Belle doesn't want to hear her mom says she will be all right because she can't guarantee that. Belle tells her mom that she's afraid Rex could be the killer and that she may lose someone she loves. Marlena tells Belle that she has to have faith that her dad and Roman will solve this crime. Belle just wonders how many more people have to die first. She says she could bear to lose her, dad or Shawn. Marlena's phone rings and it turns out it is Shawn calling for Belle. Shawn asks Belle to meet him because he has some news that could change her life forever. Back at the pub, John asks Belle to help him with a fashion project in Milan, which involves a big wig designer. She is stunned and asks why her? John says Kate can't leave town right now, and she proved herself with the fashion show for Basic Black. Belle is not sure because this is an important assignment, and she says she can't do this. John tells her that he really needs her help doing this, and with Shawn's help, they convince her to go to Milan. John thanks her, and after he leaves, Belle tells Shawn that she knows exactly what is going on here. She knows she is being railroaded and sent out of town because of the serial killer. Shawn admits that is what is going on, but he says her dad wouldn't trust her with this assignment if he didn't think she couldn't do it. Shawn says they just don't want to see her get hurt. Belle doesn't want to go anymore now that she knows it is all a ruse. Shawn begs her to just go to Italy and give her dad some peace of mind. Belle is worried if she goes that Shawn will go after the killer. She asks what she can do to stop him from investigating, but he says there is nothing she can say to stop him because this is who he is. He asks her to please go to Milan for him. Belle comes to a decision and says she will go to Milan. He says she is doing the right thing, and he says the jet is ready now so they have to say goodbye. The limo pulls up to the pub, and Belle and Shawn share an emotional goodbye. Shawn promises to email Belle every day. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him, and he tells her that he'll love her forever. He also tells her not to worry. At the station, Phillip shows up and tells Bo and Hope that he thinks Rex is the killer. Phillip tells Bo and Hope about tailing Rex to each of the crime scenes. Hope asks why he didn't report this right away. Phillip says Mimi and Cassie asked him not to, but he realized he had to. He says after Rex went to the crime scenes he suddenly disappeared and no one could find him. Phillip begs them to arrest Rex, but Hope says this isn't enough evidence to do so. Rex asks them to trump up some charges, but Bo says they can't do that because they are under close scrutiny. Bo suggests Phillip just sticks close to Cassie and see if he can find anything out. Later, Bo and Hope continue to work on the case. At Rex's place, Cassie shows up to check on Rex. She asks him where he disappeared to yesterday and what has he been up to? She says he looks horrible, and wonders if he is hung over. Cassie continues to question him where he went yesterday? He asks what is with all the questions. Cassie tells him that they followed him to the crime scenes yesterday, which he is not happy about. He wonders whose side she is on. Cassie tells Rex that she loves him and is on his side of course, but she is worried about him. She recounts all the evidence she knows about against him, and she begs Rex to tell her the truth. She asks why he went to the crime scenes yesterday. Rex says he doesn't know and he doesn't remember anything he did after he left her and the others. Cassie is worried about him, and he ends up flying into a rage. He grabs a baseball bat and says if Shawn or Phillip come after him than they will regret it. He then begins trashing his apartment. Cassie screams at him to stop it, and he grabs her! Rex regains himself and can't believe what he has done. She cries that she thought he was going to kill her. HE says NEVER! He says he is so sorry. Cassie wonders what is happening to him. She fears this could be part of Stefano's plan for him, and she worries that he might be programmed to kill. Cassie thinks they should tell MArlena and Tony the truth because they may be able to help him, but Rex tells her no way! Later, Rex reads the news paper story about the attack on Maggie, and how MArlena is working with Maggie to name the killer. Rex decides it is time to pay MArlena a visit. Rex takes off, and says he needs to take care of MArlena once and for all. Cassie wonders if she should call MArlena and warn her, but then she realizes she doesn't know what Rex is up to. Phillip shows up to see Cassie, he learned from the mansion that she was here, and he is stunned to see the place is a mess. He wonders if Rex did this. She asks him not to tell anyone about what they saw Rex doing, but he says he already told the police. Cassie asks how he could do this to Rex? Phillip realizes that Cassie thinks Rex is the killer. Cassie says she doesn't think he is the killer, but what he has done has made things worse for Rex. Cassie asks Phillip to just back off Rex because he is innocent. Phillip tells Cassie the problem is she isn't really sure he is innocent. Back at Marlena's office, John tells Marlena that with Shawn's help he has gotten Belle to agree to leave town. MArlena is relieved, and then she begins to talk to John about Rex's polygraph test. She thinks it is a good sign that Rex has nothing to hide, but she also knows that John probably thinks he manipulated the test results. John tells Marlena that there is something she needs to know about the test results. John tells Marlena that there is a possibility that Cassie and Rex are not her and Tony's children after all. He tells Marlena how Rex missed the question about his parents. Marlena says perhaps there was a glitch in the machine, or perhaps it was just an emotional reaction because he resents that they didn't raise him and Cassie. MArlena says she remembers giving birth to the twins, but John says it is possible she was just a surrogate. Marlena says she has a link with them, but John says she has an emotional link but possible not a biological link. He reminds her that they have never been able to confirm the twins are biologically her and Tony's kids. Marlena is devastated and damns Stefano for once again playing with their lives. Marlena asks if anyone has spoken to Rex about this? John says not yet. Marlena asks if the test results have been analyzed carefully, but John says no because the test results are missing. He says he thinks Tony stole them, but has no proof. However, when questioned about the twins he says Tony became very defensive that the twins are his children. Marlena wonders if the twins aren't hers and Tony's, than whose are they? John doesn't know, but he does think that the twins may have been programmed and sent her for a purpose. As they discuss Rex's headaches and behaviors, Rex shows up and hears MArlena ask John if he is saying that Rex is the killer? John says it is possible that Rex is a new generation of DiMera mercenaries genetically programmed to kill. Marlena is glad Belle is leaving Salem, but she is worried about John. John says he is worried about her because she was the object of Stefano's desires for years. He also thinks she should stop her sessions with Maggie. Marlena says she can't do that because Maggie needs her. John is beeped, and he says needs to get back to work. He kisses her before he leaves. Later, Marlena is alone and on her couch when Rex walks up behind her! In his hands he has a rope, and it appears that he is going to strangle her!moreless
  • Ep. #9674
    Ep. #9674
    Episode 245
    Victor finally offers Nicole an out from their marriage; Maggie is still frazzled about seeing Jack's ghost; Friends and family gather at the pub to support Jennifer.
  • Ep. #9673
    Ep. #9673
    Episode 244
    Maggie believes she is being beckoned to the other side; Belle has a hard time handling all the grief in Salem.
  • Ep. #9672
    Ep. #9672
    Episode 243
    Philip, Cassie and Mimi follow Rex as he returns to each crime scene – and then he mysteriously disappears. Anyone interested in writing a more detailed summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and we will give you the credit. Thanks!moreless
  • Ep. #9671
    Ep. #9671
    Episode 242
    A spirit who helps her grieving process visits Jen; Tony is determined to get his hands on the results of Rex's lie detector test just as Rex decides to get them for himself. Anyone interested in writing a more detailed summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and we will give you the credit. Thanks!moreless
  • Ep. #9670
    Ep. #9670
    Episode 241
    Bonnie fantasizes about what life would be like if she were a DiMera; John learns from Tek that Rex lied about one important answer on his lie detector test. Anyone interested in writing a more detailed summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and we will give you the credit. Thanks!moreless
  • Ep. #9669
    Ep. #9669
    Episode 240
    Lucas and Sami help Will prepare for a school dance; Tek gives Rex a lie detector test – and he passes. Anyone interested in writing a more detailed summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and we will give you the credit. Thanks!moreless
  • Ep. #9668
    Ep. #9668
    Episode 239
    Jack's wake continues at home; Jo & Vern are there to try and pacify an increasingly angry Abby. Meanwhile, Hope struggles with the Salem Stalker and Bo comes to her rescue. Anyone interested in writing a more detailed summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and we will give you the credit. Thanks!moreless
  • Ep. #9667
    Ep. #9667
    Episode 238
    PREVIEW: Hope finds herself face to face with the Salem Stalker. SUMMARY:
  • Ep. #9666
    Ep. #9666
    Episode 237
    PREVIEW: Bonnie presses Mimi to get pregnant and makes a pitch to the Caroline & Shawn to change the atmosphere in the Brady Pub; Kate decides that she must leave Roman - they couldn't possibly have a secure future together. SUMMARY:
  • Ep. #9665
    Ep. #9665
    Episode 236
    PREVIEW: Maggie hears the children chanting once again...and fears that she's next; Jennifer gets a sense of peace in the chapel. SUMMARY:
  • Ep. #9664
    Ep. #9664
    Episode 235
    Abby lashes out at Jennifer as she makes the decision to take Jack off life support. When Jack dies, Jennifer makes the altruistic decision to allow organ donation. SERIAL KILLER VICTIM # 2: Jack Deveraux Rest In Peace
  • Ep. #9663
    Ep. #9663
    Episode 234
    PREVIEW: Jack clings to life in the ER after Maggie finds his body in Salem Place - he has been struck down with a brick. SUMMARY:
  • Ep. #9662
    Ep. #9662
    Episode 233
    PREVIEW: John attacks Brady; Victor catches Nicole and Brady together; Mimi wakes up screaming -- is Rex to blame? Someone is brutally attacked in Salem Place - will it be Maggie, Jack &/or John? SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9661
    Ep. #9661
    Episode 232
    PREVIEW: Jennifer decides whether or not to leave Jack; Mimi, Rex, Belle and Shawn get stranded; Marlena overhears Sami threatening John's life. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9660
    Ep. #9660
    Episode 231
    PREVIEW: Maggie tries to remember details of Abe's murder; Roman learns of Sami's deception. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9659
    Ep. #9659
    Episode 230
    PREVIEW: The eyewitness targets Kate; Nicole asks Brady to lie on her behalf, while Jack lures the killer to him; Both Sami and Kate are identified by sources in the investigation - Kate by the gardener and Sami by the security guard she bamboozled. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9658
    Ep. #9658
    Episode 229
    The police dig up a witness to Abe's murder. Shawn slips Belle's purity ring back on her finger. Mimi attempts to break up with Rex.
  • Ep. #9657
    Ep. #9657
    Episode 228
    PREVIEW: Maggie hears voices; Mimi decides to break up with Rex; Shawn leaves Belle in tears; Tek completes a profile and John & Roman announce that a serial killer is among them. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9656
    Ep. #9656
    Episode 227
    PREVIEW: Tony worries that Rex's headaches are making him violent; Marlena returns to Salem; While in the shower an "attacker" approaches John. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9655
    Ep. #9655
    Episode 226
    PREVIEW: Belle removes her purity ring and encourages Shawn to make love to her. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9654
    Ep. #9654
    Episode 225
    PREVIEW: While Salem mourns Abe's death, John, Roman and Bo make a shocking discovery at Abe's home. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9653
    Ep. #9653
    Episode 224
    Abe implicates a surprising suspect before he dies. Elsewhere, Rex washes blood off his hands. SERIAL KILLER VICTIM # 1: Commander Abraham 'Abe' Washington Carver Time of Death - 16:06 Rest In Peace
  • Ep. #9652
    Ep. #9652
    Episode 223
    PREVIEW: Shawn confronts Rex over the recent attacks in Salem; Bo, Hope and John return to the crime scene; Seven suspects worry over possible new evidence; Bo & Hope announce "to Salem" that the shooter is someone Abe knows & trusts. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9651
    Ep. #9651
    Episode 222
    PREVIEW: Lexie learns of Abe's fate; Kate narrowly avoids a scene with Roman and hospital security. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9650
    Ep. #9650
    Episode 221
    PREVIEW: Jack and Jennifer go on a dangerous mission as Jenn watches helplessly as Jack's life hangs in balance, literally, from a falling scaffolding in the acid plant; Brady catches Nicole ditching her weapon and has to rescue her again, from the river. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9649
    Ep. #9649
    Episode 220
    PREVIEW: The suspects react to the shooting; Plus, why is Belle in a wedding dress? SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9648
    Ep. #9648
    Episode 219
    PREVIEW: When the clock strikes 12, Celeste's premonition comes true and Abe is shot! SUMMARY: At Salem Place, Roman tells Kate that he has something special to ask her later. She smiles and asks what he has to ask her, but he tells her he can't say it right now. He says after the Christening he has to meet Abe, but once he's done that probably after that he will take her to dinner and ask her the question later. Kate then remembers she has something to do. She tells him she'll meet him at the church. She then tells him she loves him and he repeats back he loves her too. Kate starts to look worried and Roman asks is she all right? She smiles and just says that ceremonies make her upset. Later Sami breaks into the guards box and steals the guard's gun. She then mentions that Abe has crossed the line! Meanwhile at the Kirakis mansion, Brady asks Nico where are Victor and Nicole? Nico just replies he doesn't know. Now they show Victor, who has a gun now, saying he's tired of his wife's messes. Somewhere Tony is still refusing to let Abe pin the Bo and Hope attack on him. He has a gun, so does Rex. At the church Lexie announces that Abe will be just fine. Still worried she knows he'll be fine. At Jack and Jennifer's place, Jack leaves around twelve and at the Carvers (flashback) we hear a shot and Abe grabs his gun and walks outside and then we see Abe lying in a pool of blood. Outside in the woods, Tony is talking to Stefano on the phone saying what they discussed earlier was taken care of. We then see Abe lying in a pool of blood. Back at church, Rex has another one of his headaches and drops his gun. He hits a pot, knocking the pot over, and has Caroline running over to him checking on him. He says he's fine, but has a headache and needs something to drink. Caroline leaves to get him something to drink and Rex picks up the gun. Later Jack tells Jen that it is getting late and he heard a gun shot when the clock had struck twelve. Shawn is still suspicious of Rex. He tells this to Belle and she's tired (of the subject) thinks they should talk about something else. They later sneak into the bride's room and fool around. Back at Salem Place Sami goes back to put the gun back, but as she does a guard catches her! Summary contributed by: Answer Girlmoreless
  • Ep. #9647
    Ep. #9647
    Episode 218
    PREVIEW: Tragedy strikes Theo's christening as Celeste's predictions come true; Brady confronts Nicole and Victor and demands to know what secrets they are keeping. SUMMARY: This episode takes place between 11:00 am and 12:00 Noon Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9646
    Ep. #9646
    Episode 217
    PREVIEW: Roman buys an engagement ring for Kate as he and Kate have a miscommunication; Sami devises a plan to get Brandon back. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9645
    Ep. #9645
    Episode 216
    PREVIEW: Celeste dreams that of murder in Salem; Brady finds evidence at the crime scene. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9644
    Ep. #9644
    Episode 215
    PREVIEW: Nicole and Victor are questioned in the shooting; Tom's ghost reappears. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9643
    Ep. #9643
    Episode 214
    PREVIEW: Abe investigates a shooting at the Kiriakis mansion, is it Jack? Belle renders her verdict about Rex's party behavior. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9642
    Ep. #9642
    Episode 213
    PREVIEW: After Jack is caught snooping it looks as if his life may be in danger; Belle and Mimi host a dinner party for their boyfriends; meanwhile, Jack's picture at the Horton's bursts into flames! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9641
    Ep. #9641
    Episode 212
    PREVIEW: Jack figures out the motive for Colin's murder; Cassie overhears Tony's conversation with Stefano; Nicole asks Victor to kill Abe and Jack. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9640
    Ep. #9640
    Episode 211
    PREVIEW: Abe gets a juicy tip about Colin's murder; Rex, Shawn, and Philip get into a heated basketball match. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9639
    Ep. #9639
    Episode 210
    PREVIEW: Victor catches Nicole and Brady in a very compromising position; Mickey tells Maggie that Abe heard Tom's ghost, too; Both Brady and Nicole have fantasies about one another. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9638
    Ep. #9638
    Episode 209
    Stefano's new plan could be the end of Salem; Mimi finds out Bonnie embezzled all of her money!
  • Ep. #9637
    Ep. #9637
    Episode 208
    A shocking revelation in the last five minutes of this episode! PREVIEW: Is Stefano alive??? Also, Mimi gives Rex a key to her place . . . SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep.# 9636
    Ep.# 9636
    Episode 207
    PREVIEW: Abe & Jack make plans with Mickey to update their wills; Tony convinces Sami that he's the only person she can trust; Belle comes home to witness a fight! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9635
    Ep. #9635
    Episode 206
    PREVIEW: Intruders break into Bo & Hope's house, and you'll never guess who it is! We also meet Bonnie Lockhart, Mimi's mother. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9634
    Ep. #9634
    Episode 205
    PREVIEW: Tom's spirit appears to Alice! Meanwhile, Abe makes an important announcement and Celeste draws the death card! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9633
    Ep. #9633
    Episode 204
    PREVIEW: Abe confronts Tony about the funeral wreath; Sami's first day at Basic Black turns into a nightmare! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9632
    Ep. #9632
    Episode 203
    PREVIEW: Abe receives a frightening surprise; Victor threatens to tell Brady the truth about Nicole; Shawn & Rex finally get into a physical fight. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using thecontribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9631
    Ep. #9631
    Episode 202
    PREVIEW: Marlena and John share a romantic breakfast together; Rex busts Jack for snooping around the DiMera's! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9630
    Ep. #9630
    Episode 201
    PREVIEW: Celeste receives a deadly premonition; Shawn becomes Belle's new neighbor; Sami bursts in on Abe & Lexie while they are on the phone with Brandon. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9629
    Ep. #9629
    Episode 200
    PREVIEW: Sami crashes her car into Kate; Why are Bo and Hope sleeping in separate beds? SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9628
    Ep. #9628
    Episode 199
    PREVIEW: Marlena urges John to hire Sami at Basic Black; Nicole's escape attempt goes wrong! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9627
    Ep. #9627
    Episode 198
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope get an unwanted visitor and Rex and Tony go missing! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9626
    Ep. #9626
    Episode 197
    PREVIEW: Roman tracks down Kate; Sami receives annulment papers from Brandon. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9625
    Ep. #9625
    Episode 196
    PREVIEW: John discourages Marlena to fight for Sami's job; Philip kisses Belle! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9624
    Ep. #9624
    Episode 195
    PREVIEW: Rex catches Shawn snooping on his computer; Marlena almost pulls the plug on Tony! Nicole devises a plan of her own. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9623
    Ep. #9623
    Episode 194
    PREVIEW: Lucas and Sami get a phone call from Will; Rex catches Shawn in the act! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9622
    Ep. #9622
    Episode 193
    PREVIEW: Bo vows revenge on whoever attacked him and Hope! Brady surprises Nicole by taking her hang-gliding; Belle, Shawn & Philip find Rex's 5-year plans on his computer. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9621
    Ep. #9621
    Episode 192
    PREVIEW: Marlena warns Sami that being with Tony is a mistake; Shawn and Belle are caught red-handed at the DiMera Mansion! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9620
    Ep. #9620
    Episode 191
    PREVIEW: Rex warns Cassie that Philip is up to something that could ruin their lives! John launches a search to find Tony. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9619
    Ep. #9619
    Episode 190
    PREVIEW: Hope flat lines! When Victor collapses, Nicole makes a shocking discovery. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9618
    Ep. #9618
    Episode 189
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope are rushed to the hospital in critical condition; Meanwhile, Tony vanishes! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9617
    Ep. #9617
    Episode 188
    PREVIEW: Tragedy strikes at the Basic Black fashion show! SUMMARY:
  • Ep. #9616
    Ep. #9616
    Episode 187
    PREVIEW: Lucas catches Sami eavesdropping on a phone call from Cree! Brady comes across a review of Chloe's opera in the newspaper and Nicole tries to distract him. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9615
    Ep. #9615
    Episode 186
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope execute a plan to stop the DiMera's from getting the goop; Roman forbids Kate to see Victor. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9614
    Ep. #9614
    Episode 185
    PREVIEW: Cree leads Bo to a hidden cave in search for Hope; Belle receives an expensive gift from Philip! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9613
    Ep. #9613
    Episode 184
    PREVIEW: Cassie plots to rid Sami of her and Rex's lives forever! Shawn overhears the test results for the goop. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9612
    Ep. #9612
    Episode 183
    PREVIEW: Cassie is miffed when Roman shows up at her court hearing. Shawn threatens Philip to keep his distance from Belle! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9611
    Ep. #9611
    Episode 182
    PREVIEW: Mimi breaks up with Rex. Victor warns Brady not to interfere with Nicole. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9610
    Ep. #9610
    Episode 181
    PREVIEW: Hope finds the source of the goop, but Bo can't find her! Rex warns Sami to keep her mouth shut about his secret. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using thecontribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9609
    Ep. #9609
    Episode 180
    PREVIEW: Philip surprises Belle with a kiss! Cassie finds out the truth about her biological father. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9608
    Ep. #9608
    Episode 179
    PREVIEW: Tony lapses into a coma! Victor threatens to reveal why he and Nicole are still married! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9607
    Ep. #9607
    Episode 178
    PREVIEW: Victor reveals Nicole's secret to Brady. Tony gets stabbed! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9606
    Ep. #9606
    Episode 177
    PREVIEW: Maya orders Sal to kill Tony before Tony can kill her! Lucas demands to know if Tony is in love with Sami! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9605
    Ep. #9605
    Episode 176
    PREVIEW: Lucas and Sami fall asleep in each other's arms. Mimi catches Philip lurking outside the mansion... SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9604
    Ep. #9604
    Episode 175
    PREVIEW: Brady tries to calm a hysterical Nicole. Competition rises between Philip and Shawn. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9603
    Ep. #9603
    Episode 174
    PREVIEW: Larry crashes his car and is nowhere to be found! Tony presents Sami with an intriguing proposition. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9602
    Ep. #9602
    Episode 173
    PREVIEW: Marlena forbids Belle from further involvement with the ISA; Kate and Roman catch Philip and Cassie in a compromising situation; Larry's 2nd attempt to murder Victor is foiled and Nicole & Brady chase after him – and the chase results in a terrible crash. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9601
    Ep. #9601
    Episode 172
    Larry gets another shot at Victor; Mimi questions her decision to stay with Rex.
  • Ep. #9600
    Ep. #9600
    Episode 171
    PREVIEW: Salem celebrates its Bicentennial; Tony and Victor come to an agreement; Shawn sees Philip lead Belle away to a mysterious location; Tony takes Sami on a romantic date in the park to view the bicentennial festivities. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9599
    Ep. #9599
    Episode 170
    PREVIEW: Tony plots to get Cassie fired; John gives Marlena shocking news; Sami and Lucas wake up in the same bed! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9598
    Ep. #9598
    Episode 169
    PREVIEW: Maya attempts to seduce Philip; Bo and Hope decide to solve the mystery of the goop; Jack and Jennifer kick a guest off their show! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9597
    Ep. #9597
    Episode 168
    PREVIEW: Shawn seduces Maya; Larry takes matters into his own hands. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9596
    Ep. #9596
    Episode 167
    PREVIEW: Philip and Shawn confess to Belle; Kate confides in Lexie; Cassie and Rex make a vow to never reveal their real parents' identities. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using thecontribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9595
    Ep. #9595
    Episode 166
    PREVIEW: Tony and John are trapped and slowly running out of air; Bo and Hope's bounty hunter escapade takes a turn for the worst! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using thecontribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9594
    Ep. #9594
    Episode 165
    PREVIEW: A bomb explodes on the DiMera yacht; Sami and Lucas get into a physical fight; Nicole and Larry's murder attempt goes awry. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9593
    Ep. #9593
    Episode 164
    PREVIEW: Cassie finds out devastating news about Lucas; Shawn forces the truth out of Philip. SUMMARY: Rex and Mimi rush to the hotel where they find Lucas and Cassie in bed together. Rex is horrified and disgusted to think that Cassie has slept with their half-brother, and struggles to get Cassie on her own. Once an exasperated Lucas finally leaves, Rex tells Cassie that she just slept with their half-brother! Cassie is shocked to learn that Kate Roberts is their mother, but admits to Rex that she and Lucas didn't sleep together. Rex swears Cassie to secrecy, and she tears out of the hotel room. Back at the apartment, Sami is furious that Lucas stood her up, and doesn't believe his explanations that Will didn't tell him about the dinner. Lucas tells her that it's none of her business who he dates, and suddenly, Cassie is at the door. Sami is initially furious to see Lucas's new 'girlfriend' at her home, until Cassie tells Lucas that his touch makes her sick and she never wants to see him again. Shawn and Belle meet Philip at the pub, and demand to know what he's up to. He tries to cover, but eventually is forced to admit that he's investigating Tony DiMera. Shawn is furious...Philip's extracurricular activities could have gotten Belle seriously hurt! Belle is less than thrilled to be considered unable to protect herself, and storms out. Alone, Philip and Shawn continue to talk. Shawn agrees to investigate Maya for Philip, but only reluctantly agrees to keep the truth from Shawn. When Brady offers Belle his old loft, she eagerly invites Philip and Shawn over to see her new place, but Philip is uncomfortable watching Shawn and Belle get romantic. Roman and Kate are on a date at the Brady pub, talking about their children. Kate admits that she's not thrilled with Lucas dating Cassie, but anything would be better than him dating Sami. Roman reminds her that Sami is his daugther, and that she isn't the only one responsible for the problems between her and Lucas. They agree not to discuss their children anymore. Victor and Brady are suspicious when they catch Nicole looking for bullets. Larry is getting tired of all this waiting, and goes out to get his own bullets. When he and Nicole meet up later, they decide to kill Victor that same night. Summary by IGotBluemoreless
  • Ep. #9592
    Ep. #9592
    Episode 163
    Rex uncovers the twins' biological mother! Maya takes action to kill Tony!
  • Ep. #9591
    Ep. #9591
    Episode 162
    PREVIEW: Cassie seduces Lucas; Tony gives Sami a lavish gift; Nicole buys a gun to have Victor killed. SUMMARY: At the DiMera mansion, Bart packs up Rex's laser, and Rex walks in on Tony with the mysterious vial of goop. Tony doesn't tell him what it is, but assures him that he trusts him because he is his son. Rex wonders if that is the only reason why. Rex realizes that very soon, he will be in on every level of the DiMera family business… In the living room at the DiMera mansion, Lucas has another daydream about Sami – that she is able to speak again. She comes onto him and asks him where his voice is. Cassie comes in, and he loses his concentration and she asks him if he is thinking about Sami again. Trying to cover, he kisses her. She responds as Tony comes downstairs and almost catches them, as Rex warns Cassie to stay away from "coma-boy"... Meanwhile, John tells Philip that they're waiting for the test results on the substance Philip found on the ship. Tek arrives and tells John about Tony's plans: He is taking a mysterious cruise on his yacht to South America, and that just happens to be where the cargo ship is also headed. John decides that he needs to follow Tony. He goes to Marlena's office to tell her he is going. Back at the DiMera mansion, Tony prepares to leave and he tells Bart to keep an eye on Lucas and he privately tells Lucas to keep an eye on Cassie… Once Tony is gone, Cassie comes onto Lucas again – very hot and heavy. They share a few drinks and Lucas can no longer resist her. They are headed out the door presumably to find a private place to have sex… Meanwhile, John stows away on Tony's yacht and sneaks into one of the rooms without being seen... Earlier, Marlena brings Sami home from the hospital. She wonders if Sami is hungry and tells her she will bring her dinner, but Sami writes down that she will be having dinner with Will and Lucas. Marlena is unsettled by this news, as she blames Lucas for the accident. Sami tells her she is tired and Marlena leaves so she can rest. Once Sami is alone, Tony comes by to see Sami, who is at first reluctant to let him in. She eventually lets him in and is taken aback when he gives her a diamond necklace. He hopes this will soften Sami's heart. He tells her that he is going away and when he returns, he wants Sami to be fully recovered, and able to speak the words: "I forgive you." Sami is affected… Over at the Kirikas mansion, Brady, Victor and Nicole are having breakfast together. Nicole freaks out when she sees Larry walking around outside – just as Brady reads that Larry Welch "died" in a car accident. Nicole is uncomfortable and tells Victor it is time for her ride, Nicole goes outside to find Larry, who demands that she feed him. Nicole tells him that she has something better...the cash to buy a gun. He tells her he can't do it, remember, he's dead… Meanwhile, Brady is inside singing Victor's praises until he agrees to let Nicole to work at the Blue Note. Brady is excited and cannot wait to find Nicole to tell her the good news. He goes outside, just to see him driving off. Next, we see Nicole in an alley approaching a guy to purchase a gun. We then see Brady peering around the corner wondering what Nicole is doing…moreless
  • Ep. #9590
    Ep. #9590
    Episode 161
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope attempt to escape; Lucas confesses his love for Sami. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Kate and Roman come to visit Sami and interrupt her and Lucas as they hug. Kate takes Lucas outside, and demands to know if he's falling in love with Sami? Lucas tells his mother that is crazy and there is no way. He claims he feels for her because she is Will's mother. Inside, Roman isn't sure what to think either by Sami's sudden change in attitude toward Lucas. Roman and Kate decide to leave so Sami can rest and Lucas comes back inside and blasts Sami and tells him to stop playing whatever game she's playing. She is hurt by this and he storms out. A little later, Lucas is a little uneasy by what he said to her and returns to her room. Lucas tells Sami he is sorry and that he loves her and they start kissing. They begin to undress each other and it looks very much like they will make love. It turns out that Lucas was daydreaming all of those events! He is actually standing outside of her room, but he leaves, still upset, without saying anything to her… Over at the Blue Note, Shawn tells Belle that he, too, was on the ship and he saw her and Philip. He tells her that the only reason he invited Maya out was to get her off of the ship so that Belle and Philip would not be noticed. Belle is relieved by this news, but Shawn tells her she has to tell him what she and Philip were up to. After a lot of dancing around the subject, she finally tells Shawn that Philip does have a secret – but it is his secret and she can't tell him. Shawn tells Belle that he understands, and she tells him that she has the best boyfriend in the world… In other areas of the Blue Note, Brady and Nicole are there and she is blasting Brady telling him that the atmosphere really needs a change. Before Brady gets a chance to question her, Larry calls her cell phone and tells him she still needs to get him a gun. She tells him she will take care of it, and Brady happens to overhear part of the conversation. He wonders who she is talking to and wonders what she meant by "it will kill Victor", but she covers, claiming she was talking to a contractor. She says that if the work isn't done right, it will kill Victor. She manages to change the subject quickly and they start talking about the Blue Note again. She gives him some ideas about the food, the music, the drinks, etc. Impressed by Nicole's ideas, Brady offers her a job as a manager. Nicole is thrilled but says no because Victor will never let her. Brady tells her he will take care of that and tells her he is sure he can get Victor to agree, Nicole accepts the offer. She then asks him for a $200 advance, of which he gives her... Kate and Roman also show up at the Blue Note after leaving the hospital. Roman tells Kate he doesn't want her son, Tony's lackey, anywhere near Sami. Kate takes offense to this, saying Sami is no saint either. Both agree to table the discussion and move on to kissing and are heading back to Roman's place… Meanwhile, Jesse and his two guys have left Bo and Hope chained to the chair with the car exhaust beating down on their faces. The two of them work brilliantly together and manage to wiggle out, and then they use some motor oil to slip out of the cuffs around their wrists. They are free and head outside for fresh air. Just as they get out, Hope is breathing nice clean air, and Bo notices that they have taken their brand new SUV. Now, Bo and Hope are out for blood…moreless
  • Ep. #9589
    Ep. #9589
    Episode 160
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope fight a perp; Marlena makes a promise to Cassie; Maya delivers a vile of mysterious goop to Tony. SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9588
    Ep. #9588
    Episode 159
    PREVIEW: Things heat up between Shawn and Maya; Cassie unveils big news to John. SUMMARY: At the Kirikas mansion, Nicole is trying desperately to come up with a cover story for Brady about why she was in his shower and she ends up telling him that she got covered in mud when she was out in the stables earlier. She can tell that Brady is hesitant to buy that story, so she drops her towel, hoping that he will look at her all naked and that would distract him. To her surprise, Brady gently tells her that she should not be using her body when she has so much more to offer. She scrambles around and eventually takes off out of Brady's bathroom so he can enjoy a peaceful shower. She hurries out to the stables to see Larry, who is angry with her for leaving him there with no food and he tells her he will take off and not do her dirty work. He makes it known that there is one thing she can do that just might change his mind. Nicole remembers back to what Brady said to her upstairs and she puts him back in line. Larry agrees to go through with it, but she better hurry! Nicole heads back inside and up to Brady's bathroom and she apologizes to him for her behavior earlier and tells him that she acts that way because she's bored. Brady is confused by this and asks her to leave so he can get dressed to go to work at the Blue Note. Nicole hears this and she begs him to take her along. She then realizes there is no way Victor would let her go and tells Brady this. Brady notices the desperation in her voice and tells her he will see what he can do… Back on the ship, Maya's henchmen threaten Philip and Belle's lives. Philip is pretty calm about the mess they are in and this scares Belle a little. Philip uses a tear gas to distract the men so they can get away, but the men still follow them. Phillip and the men strike a fight and Belle ends up injured. Philip is angry that Belle was hurt and is fighting for his own life just as Belle comes to. She thinks quickly and uses a cargo hook to knock out the guy Philip was fighting with. They get away and are searching for a way to get off the ship. They find a safe haven for the moment, but hear the guys coming and Philip points out that the only way off the ship is by jumping through a porthole and swimming to shore. Belle looks at him and he tells her that, once again, she is going to have to take off her clothes… Over at the Brady Pub, Shawn meets Maya and isn't sure what to think when she suggests they go someplace more private. He covers his fidgeting by telling her that he is afraid of who might see them together, including, Belle's father, who just came in. He tells her that he wouldn't want Belle to find out about Maya from her father before he's had a chance to tell her on his own. They decide to leave and is stopped by John. He dodges as many questions as possible and tells John that Maya is strictly a client and it's all business. Tony pulls Maya aside and they have a heated conversation about the diamond shipment being ready to go. Shawn and Maya leave and end up going to the Blue Note and when Shawn has a minute alone, he calls and leaves a message for Belle and is caught by Maya. He covers and tells her that he owes Belle an explanation. Shawn is soon distracted and forgets about Belle when Maya licks chocolate off his fingers… Meanwhile, back at the Brady Pub, John confronts Tony about Maya. Tony covers smoothly and tells John he is associating with her because of the antiquities… Over at the DiMera mansion, Rex is still upset that his tests revealed that he is not really a DiMera. It is obvious that him being a DiMera means everything to him. Mimi comes by and drops off a CD that she downloaded all of the data from the hospital computers that he asked her to and tells him hopefully they will find out who his mother is. Tony manages to catch Rex and tells him and Lucas both that Maya is double-crossing him, forcing him to speed up the process of creating the fake diamonds. He tells them that he will personally transport Rex's laser to South America. Tony tells Rex once again how proud he is of him… Also at the DiMera mansion, Lucas pulls away from Cassie after he learns that she is willing to sleep with him. Lucas tells her it can never happen and Cassie leaves. Hurt by Lucas, Cassie goes to the Brady Pub and gets drunk and picks up a man and they are headed out the door when John stops them. He tells the guy he cannot take advantage of her. The guy takes off and Cassie blasts John for that and when he tells her that her mother would be very disappointed, she blurts out that Marlena is not her mother!moreless
  • Ep. #9587
    Ep. #9587
    Episode 158
    PREVIEW: Belle and Philip's escape attempt goes wrong; Sami fantasizes about Lucas; Brady finds a surprise in his shower! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9586
    Ep. #9586
    Episode 157
    PREVIEW: Vin threatens Bo after a heated argument; Larry escapes with help from Nicole; Tony finds out about Cassie's past. Cassie and Lucas kiss! SUMMARY: At Jack and Jennifer's, they are getting ready to go live and find out that their guest has cancelled. Jack rushes out and leaves Jennifer alone to open the show. She is not sure what to do or to talk about and tries to get Barry to come on the air with her, but he refuses. Just then, Jack returns, he has gotten Nobu, a sushi chef from down the street, to guest on the show. Nobu makes some sushi for them to sample and Jennifer is wary of eating the uncooked fish. She mentions that she read somewhere that pregnant women should not eat raw fish – and this news almost makes Jack nearly choke on his sushi. Barry right away assumes that she is telling everyone that she is pregnant, but she assures him – and Jack – that she is not pregnant. Jack seems to breathe a sigh a relief. They thank Nobu for coming by and he leaves and Jennifer takes the opportunity to demonstrate a few self-defense moves – and manages to wrestle Jack to the floor and she takes him into a very passionate kiss… Over at the hospital, Sami is asleep and has a dream about Lucas confessing his love to her and she suddenly awakes, really freaked out. Imagine her surprise when she opens her eyes and looks around the room and sees Lucas sitting in a chair reading a book. She hurries up and closes her eyes so it looks like she's sleeping before he sees her. Tony comes into the room and he and Lucas have a long conversation about how guilty Tony feels for Sami's accident and how Tony can't believe that Lucas is sitting there with her. Lucas assures him that he is there for Will's sake only – since Sami is his mother. The more they talk, the angrier Sami gets and she clenches the sheets with her fists. Lucas eventually leaves and Sami finally opens her eyes and sees Tony. Tony gets the nurse and then tries to leave. Sami motions to the nurse to get him to stay and she writes him a message on her message board, "go to hell!"… After leaving the hospital, Lucas goes to the DiMera mansion where he finds Rex and Cassie coming home and Lucas asks Cassie what happened. She tells him she was arrested and cries on his shoulder. Just then, Tony comes home and asks what is going on and Cassie tells him that she was arrested for prostitution. Cassie heads upstairs to rest as do Rex and Mimi, who has just come by to visit Rex. Once alone, Tony learns from Lucas that Maya has been playing him. Tony realizes that he will need more diamonds, so he heads upstairs and interrupts Rex and Mimi preparing to make love. Mimi takes the queue to leave and goes downstairs for a drink. Once alone, Tony asks Rex to go into business with him. Rex quickly agrees and tells Tony he would be happy to, "father". It is quite clear that Rex wants to be a DiMera. Tony leaves and Mimi returns. Rex tells Mimi everything and they start to make love. Meanwhile, back downstairs, Cassie comes back down and turns to Lucas to help her forget what happened the night before. They start to make out and are almost caught by Tony, but manage to cover. Tony tells Rex he will take care of business and he leaves. Cassie starts to kiss Lucas again and he responds, but they are interrupted when his cell phone rings – it's the hospital, they are calling for Sami, she needs to see him. Lucas quickly takes off, leaving behind a hurt Cassie... Meanwhile, across town, Nicole is walking down the street, dressed in disguise, and manages to get Larry's police escorts out of the car by pretending to be injured. While she distracts them, Russell goes to the car and cuts Larry's handcuffs and lets him out of the car. Nicole pretends to still be hurt when the police car suddenly blows up and is on fire. She acts really surprised and the policeman go to check it out, wondering how they are going to explain this. They think the "woman" will help with the explanation, but when they turn to her, she is gone. A little later, we see Russell driving a car with Larry and Nicole safely in the backseat and Larry kisses Nicole's neck – as he promises to kill Victor for her… Over at the police station, Bo is talking to one of the guards and he tells Bo that Vin Ramsell made a deal with the DA for a reduced sentence. This angers Bo and he pays a visit to Vin in his cell and Vin makes it clear that he is not afraid of Bo… Meanwhile, Hope is visiting Alice and is telling her about having to sell the Fancy Face to fund her and Bo's new business in bounty hunting. Hope tells her that she doesn't want to sell the boat and thinks that maybe she might withdraw the interest off her trust fund until Alice tells her that due to the economy; Hope's trust fund is not what it once was. Upset by this news, Hope realizes that the only way is to sell the boat. Alice tells her that she would like to help and tells Hope that she can lend them the money they need. Hope appreciates Alice's support, but tells her she cannot take her money. A little later, Bo comes by Alice's house and Hope tells him about her talk with Alice – including the part about the money not being in her trust fund. And since they don't have much in savings, they will have to sell the boat. Suddenly, Bo's cell phone rings – it's Vin. Bo asks him what he wants and Vin tells him "your life"… Bo is not threatened by Vin, but doesn't tell Hope what he said exactly. Bo assures Hope that they'll survive... and he'll keep his family safe from Vin… Over at the Brady Pub, Belle is sitting at the bar, still suspicious of Philip. He takes a phone call and Belle overhears him mention pier 32 to the caller. Philip abruptly takes off and Belle is even more suspicious and she tells Shawn that she believes Philip is still up to something – she just doesn't know what. Shawn tells Belle everything about the night of the party – including that Cassie showed up at lookout point and came onto him and that Maya is interested in him. Suddenly, Belle sees Philip leaving and decides that she has to know what's going on with him. She tells Shawn that she is supposed to meet Kate to look over some designs and she leaves. Belle then follows Philip down to the pier. Shawn sees Belle headed in the opposite direction than where her car is parked and goes after her. He follows her all the way to the pier and realizes she is following Philip and wonders what the two of them are up to now...moreless
  • Ep. #9585
    Ep. #9585
    Episode 156
    PREVIEW: Belle corners Philip and demands answers; Brady catches Nicole in a secret meeting! SUMMARY: Anyone interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. Please remember that the summary must be your creation and you will be given the credit. Any questions, please email the co-editor at Thanks to everyone!moreless
  • Ep. #9584
    Ep. #9584
    Episode 155
    PREVIEW: Marlena finds Cassie behind bars; Shawn confronts a half-clothed Belle; Brady almost finds Rolf's body! SUMMARY: At the Kirikas mansion after Shawn catches Belle and Philip coming out of the closet, half dressed, Belle does her best to explain what happened. Shawn doesn't say anything, he just walks out the front door. Belle is worried that Shawn is really angry at her and she instructs Philip to find her something so she can go after him. Philip is headed upstairs just as Shawn comes back in with his jacket. He tells Belle that he understands and tells Belle that he trusts her. Just then, they run into Maya, who is a little too excited to see Shawn. Shawn makes sure that he makes a point of letting Maya know that Belle is his girlfriend just as Belle discovers that Maya is hot for Shawn. Once they have split up, Shawn and Belle go outside and decide to take a dip in the pool to cool down. The two are kissing and flirting around. Once Shawn jumps in, he loses his shorts and they spend time looking for them… Meanwhile, back inside the house, Maya questions Philip about Shawn and Belle. Philip is distracted by watching Shawn and Belle in the pool through the window and assumes that Philip has the hots for Belle, much in the same way she has the hots for Shawn. Then Maya propositions Philip – she tells him that she wants Shawn, and she knows that he wants Belle and that maybe they can be of assistance to each other. She has this idea that maybe they should join Shawn and Belle for a skinny-dip in the pool and she heads outside. Belle is very clear that they are not welcome and that they are going to call it a night. Philip also tells Maya he will not be a part of her plan. Once Maya is gone, Philip calls Tek and says the mission will work, but he may have to use his best friend to get closer to Maya… In other areas of the Kirikas grounds, Brady follows Nicole into the stables and questions her about what she's been hiding. She doesn't admit anything and Brady tells her he will search the stables until he finds whatever it is that she is hiding. Desperate to keep Brady from finding Rolf's body, she pretends to open up about her life. She plays the victim saying that the stables are the only place she feels free and that's why she's been spending so much time out there. Brady starts to understand what is going on in her head. They agree to call a truce since they will be living under the same roof and decide to shake on it. Inside, Henderson was unable to find Nicole for Victor, so he goes looking for her himself and finds her seemingly holding hands with Brady and demands to know what is going on. He insists that she tell him why her dress is soaked? Brady quickly responds and he covers for Nicole by saying that Nicole fell in the pool and then they went to the stables to talk over the arrangement that Brady will be living with them now. Nicole is obviously surprised that Brady didn't rat her out to Brady and is grateful to him. Victor tells her to get back into the house and change into some dry clothes to wish the remaining guests a good night. Nicole heads back inside and is relieved that nobody found the body…yet… Over at the police station, Marlena gets there, sees Roman and cannot believe that her daughter has been arrested for prostitution. Cassie insists that this is all a big misunderstanding. She tells him that he has no idea who she is dealing with – her name is DiMera! Roman comforts Marlena as Cassie insists that she get her one phone call. Marlena and Roman assume she is calling Tony and Marlena tells her she would like to speak to him as well. Cassie tells her she is not calling Tony… Over at the DiMera mansion, Mimi and Rex have returned to Rex's room and are getting hot and heavy again, both floating on clouds, as they cannot believe the feeling they both have. They are talking about the fact that Rex hates Roman Brady. He tells Mimi no body can ever know the truth because he would rather be a DiMera. Mimi asks Rex a difficult question: doesn't Cassie deserve to know Roman is her father? This obviously gets to Rex in a way he wasn't ready to think about. He doesn't have a chance to say anything else because the phone rings. It's Cassie – she's called Rex because she knows that Tony would be angry… Once Rex and Mimi arrive at the police station, he insists on time alone with his sister. Roman sends them into Abe's office and he decides to come clean with Cassie and tell her everything. He tells her that Roman Brady is their biological father. Cassie is absolutely beside herself – she doesn't know what to say or what to think. Rex tries to comfort her… Meanwhile, Mimi is outside talking to Roman and Marlena and almost spills the beans to them, but covers her story quickly. A policeman comes in and says the judge is out sick so Cassie cannot be arraigned until the morning. As much as it hurts Roman to tell Marlena this, he tells her that he has to follow the letter of the law – he will have to lock Cassie up overnight. This makes Rex even more furious, because Cassie has a phobia about being locked up – since they were locked up for most of their childhood. Marlena is also upset and Roman tells them he is sorry. Later, we see Cassie in the jail cells, as the bars close, she remembers all the time she spent locked up as a child and lays on her cot and cries…moreless
  • Ep. #9583
    Ep. #9583
    Episode 154
    PREVIEW: Nicole takes desperate measures to protect her secret; Belle and Philip overhear shocking news. SUMMARY: Both stuck in the attic crawl space, Philip urges Belle to take off her dress so she can get free. Shocked Belle tries to protest and Philip clamps his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. John/Tek try to listen in from the surveillance van, but Philip lost his earpiece. Later, Philip and Belle overhear Tony/Maya talking about their illegal diamond trading business. After Belle finally agrees to disrobe, she makes a noise, causing Tony/Maya to notice. The A/C starts up, however, and their suspicions are allayed. Belle and Philip make their way out, Philip finding his earpiece along the way. After Belle has a near miss with Victor, Philip covers and reports that all is well to John, who is relieved that Belle is alright. Belle questions who he is talking to, and Philip must reveal that he is working an undercover mission. She cannot tell anyone, not even Shawn. Philip and an embarrassed Belle hide in the closet until the party empties. Philip opens the closet only to see Shawn. It looks like Belle/Philip are caught in a very compromising position. At Lookout Point, Cassie continues coming on to Shawn. He can't believe she's doing this. He's in love with Belle, and he has no interest in being with another woman. Stung, Cassie lashes out at Shawn and warns him that Belle is going behind his back to be with Philip. Shawn doesn't believe this for a second. Shawn's rejection sends Cassie out to prove she can have any man she wants. She tries to pick up a hot young guy on the docks, but he turns out to be an undercover cop. Cassie is arrested for solicitation. Brady goes for a swim. Nicole follows him to the pool and rails at him for accepting Victor's offer to move in with them. Brady can't figure Nicole out… one minute she's slapping him, then kissing him. What's the real story here? Nicole gets a call from Larry, and they discuss breaking him out of prison. Brady overhears Nicole mention something about the stables (where she hid Rolf's corpse). He decides to go have another look. Desperate to stop him, Nicole falls into the pool and pretends she's drowning. Brady is forced to save her, but he's determined to go search the stables. Nicole gives chase, and distracts Brady from finding the body by catching up to him in her wet, clinging outfit. Then she promises to reveal her secret to him. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9582
    Ep. #9582
    Episode 153
    PREVIEW: Belle and Philip are "stuck" in a compromising position; Victor asks Brady to move in; furious Cassie propositions Shawn. SUMMARY: Bo and Hope are still preparing the Fancy Face for the sale and Shawn approaches them and cannot believe it when he discovers they are planning to sell the boat. After the three of them talk it over, Shawn realizes it is for the best and tells them he is OK with it. Shawn takes off and Bo and Hope relive some more memories in an emotional montage. They head back downstairs to make love again… Mimi and Rex are in the afterglow of having made love for the first time. Mimi is in heaven, especially when Rex tells her that he is in love with her. Mimi can hardly contain herself and tells him that she loves him too. Rex continues to woo Mimi by telling her everything that he loves about her – and Mimi is just loving it up! She tells him she is the luckiest girl in the world! The two are hungry, so they head to the Brady Pub for some dinner, but are having trouble keeping their feelings to themselves… Belle is outside of the Kiriakis mansion waiting for Philip to arrive just as Philip coordinates with John and Tek in a van. They have equipped Philip with a microphone and a camera so they can keep in touch. Philip mentions Belle is waiting for him and John is not too pleased that he has gotten his daughter in the middle of this. Philip assures John she will be OK and he takes off… Still waiting for Philip, Belle sees Cassie and Tony approach the front door to the mansion. Cassie cannot believe Belle's nerve she has for openly "dating Philip" while she and Shawn are going out. Belle tells her that they're just friends, but Cassie is convinced that Belle is leading Shawn on. They go inside and Cassie vows to teach Belle a lesson… Once inside the party, Philip spots his target talking to Tony and Philip asks Belle to distract Tony. Belle hesitates but agrees and Maya walks off and Philip follows her into Victor's study, but Victor gets there before Philip has a chance to approach her. Victor warns Maya that she wants to stay clear of Tony. As he leaves, he sees Philip and wonders what he is doing, but Philip covers saying the guests wonder what happened to their host. Philip tries to make his move again; only this time Tony beats him to it… Meanwhile, Belle realizes that Philip is nowhere to be seen and calls Shawn and asks him to come over. Shawn tells her no, but asks her if she will join him at Lookout Point. Belle exicitely says yes and hangs up. Little does she know, Cassie was standing behind her and overheard Belle making the plans to meet Shawn… Brady has changed his mind, and has decided to attend the party. As he arrives, he overhears Victor and Nicole fighting and Victor calling Nicole a "cold blooded murderer". Victor covers saying he was referring to the way Nicole is dressed, "to kill". Nicole claims she needs to freshen up and slips out, Brady is intrigued and follows her into the stables. She is putting more ice over Rolfe's body and Brady almost catches her. Nicole panics, but covers once again. Brady isn't buying it, so Nicole places a big kiss on him to distract him! Brady pulls back and reams her because "you are married to my grandfather!" Brady tells Nicole that she has a serious drinking problem and that she needs to get her life together. Brady takes off leaving behind a very angry Nicole, who snaps maybe she should use Brady's body instead of Rolfe's… Once all are back inside, Victor confronts Brady about Nicole, but he covers saying he hasn't seen her. He then tells Brady that he is sorry about Chloe and comments that it must be lonely at the loft and invites Brady to move into the mansion so he doesn't have to live alone. Brady resists at first, but Victor tells him it would be good since he is setting up the recording studio on the grounds. Brady sees Nicole looking extremely unhappy and he agrees. Victor is thrilled and says he will have Henderson make the arrangements tonight and leaves. Nicole approaches him and makes it known to Brady that she is not happy. We see Victor on the phone a little later talking to Cecelia Marin and he thanks her for getting Chloe out of Salem and out of Brady's life… Since Cassie found out where Shawn was, she heads to Lookout Point. Shawn tells her to leave and she tells him that Belle just couldn't "tear herself away from Philip" and tells him she can give him exactly what he needs… Back at the study, as Tony goes inside to speak to Maya, Philip has taken off his jacket and crawled in the air ducts above the room to eavesdrop on their conversation. As he is crawling, he drops the earpiece and Tek and John cannot get a response from him and are worried. He gets into position and is soon stunned to find out that Belle followed him. She is extremely confused and wonders what he is doing, but he keeps telling her to get out of there. Frustrated, she goes to leave, but discovers that her dress is stuck. Philip tries to help free her but he can't rip the dress without drawing Tony and Maya's attention. Philip then tells her she will have to take off her dress…moreless
  • Ep. #9581
    Ep. #9581
    Episode 152
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope say goodbye to "Fancy Face"; Roman keeps vigil over Sami; Nicole and Brady duke it out at the stables. SUMMARY: Bo/Hope arrive at the island after having taken the Fancy Face out for one final voyage. Hope has second thoughts about selling the boat but Bo assures her it's the right thing to do. Bo/Hope share a romantic dinner and end up skinny dipping and sharing memories of days past. Before heading back to Salem, Bo and Hope make love. Nicole is icing down dead Dr. Rolf's corpse in a stall when Brady nearly catches her. Nicole demands to know if Brady is spying on her. Brady laughs. It's clear Nicole is hiding something. The question is: what? In an effort to stop him from inspecting the stall, she grabs him and rips his shirt. When she won't get out of his way, he pushes her aside and accidentally rips her dress. Victor arrives on this tableau and demands to know what's going on. Nicole covers and Victor seemingly buys it. After Nicole learns Brady is planning to add a recording studio to the estate, Nicole asks about Chloe. Brady, still hurting, wants to change the subject. Nicole has just the thing for Brady to get over Chloe: booze. Brady's appalled. He insults Nicole and she slaps him. Brady storms out, leaving Nicole alone with her stiff. With Kate's support, Roman keeps vigil over Sami, who has come out of her coma. Unbeknownst to Roman, Lucas is with an agitated Sami who's just realized she can't talk. Lucas goes to get help and Roman calms Sami down. After Sami is sedated, Roman and Lucas have words. We see Lucas feels bad about what happened to Sami, and Kate calls him on this. Rex and Mimi detox from their weekend with Dr. Rolf by nearly making love. They are interrupted by a call from the hospital about Sami. Mimi encourages Rex to go see his sister. Rex/Mimi arrive at the hospital to find Roman and Kate. Roman discourages Rex from spending too much time with Sami and Rex, knowing Roman's his dad, has some heated words with him. Roman tells Kate that he never liked Rex as Mimi overhears. With Sami sleeping nearby, Mimi tells Rex what she overheard, but he doesn't seem to care. She wonders if Roman might subconsciously realize that he's Rex's father. Afterwards, Rex/Mimi go to Lookout Point. Rex gives Mimi a handmade diamond and they finally make love. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9580
    Ep. #9580
    Episode 151
    PREVIEW: Rex and Mimi make love; Belle and Philip prepare to party at Victor's; Nicole puts Rolf's body to use. SUMMARY: Tony goes to visit Sami at the hospital and is surprised when he sees her open her eyes. She looks blankly at him and he tells her to relax and he will get her doctor…Sami is awake!! Lucas and Cassie are back at the DiMera mansion and Cassie is trying to make another play for Lucas, using his want for her before as bait. Lucas reminds her that nothing happened and he rejects her and calls her a little girl and tells her that she is not ready for a guy like him. She continues to try her plays for him just as Tony returns home… Meanwhile, Mimi and Rex are upstairs in Rex's room having returned from dropping Rolf's body at the morgue. Rex tells Mimi how much he appreciated her help today and says that he couldn't have done it without her. The two begin kissing to take their minds off of the events of the day and are slowing undressing when Tony knocks on the door. Mimi hides under the covers and Rex and Tony talk in the hallway. Tony admits to Rex that he found the laser in his room. Upset that Tony invaded his privacy, but eager to get rid of him, Rex tells Tony that he created a laser that makes diamonds. An intrigued Tony tells Rex to keep this information to himself. Once Tony leaves, Rex goes back into his bedroom and him and Mimi pick up right where they left off – they are on the verge of making love… Elsewhere, Nicole disguises herself and breaks into the morgue to find a replacement body that will cover for Larry. She finds "John Doe" a.k.a. Rolf and says he will do the trick and manages to get the body out of the hospital and back to the Kirikas grounds without being spotted. She takes the body to the Stables to hide it and Victor almost catches her. She covers and says she is going to ride. Victor tells her they need to dress for the party…whew!! In other areas of Salem, Bo and Hope reminisce about their memories aboard the Fancy Face as they have decided to sell it. They are preparing it for the sale and make love in the bed like old times. A little later, they decide to go on one last sail and they are headed to Smith Island to the cabin… Over at the Brady Pub, Belle tells Philip she will attend the party with him. She leaves to get dressed and Tek comes in and gives Philip the details of the mission. The ISA wants Philip to look for Maya, a successful art/antiques dealer. Belle returns dressed and she sees Philip and Tek together and is a little suspicious, but they cover, saying Tek has come to bring Philip his dress uniform since he forgot it on the base. Belle still seems a little uneasy, but the two leave to go to the Kirikas mansion… Meanwhile, Shawn arrives at Mickey's office to escort Maya to a meeting. She clearly comes on to Shawn, but he tells her he has a girlfriend. She tells him that is not a problem and she even invites him to a party, but he politely puts her off. Little does Shawn know that she is secretly been talking with Tony DiMera and the ISA is looking out for her… After leaving the DiMera mansion, Lucas goes to the hospital to see Sami and cannot believe she is awake…she doesn't seem too upset that Lucas is there, he tells her how happy Will will be when he finds out she is awake. Sami opens her mouth to speak, but is unable to…moreless
  • Ep. #9579
    Ep. #9579
    Episode 150
    PREVIEW: Chloe bids Brady farewell and exits Salem; Mimi and Rex team up for a grisly task. SUMMARY: Chloe arrives at The Blue Note for her performance. The club is not yet open. Chloe overhears Brady and a stagehand pointing out that there really is no future for Chloe as a singer in Salem. Meanwhile, unaware that Chloe is nearby, Philip comes to meet with Brady. The guys put their differences aside and decide they both want what's best for Chloe. Meanwhile, one of the Blue Note singers talks to Chloe about the opportunity before her. Later, Philip tells Chloe that he thinks she should go and not make the same mistakes he made by holding on too tightly to the one you love. Chloe tells Brady that she has accepted Cecilia's offer. Brady, trying not to show that his heart is breaking, assures her that this is what's best for her. Chloe tells Brady that after she finishes the song she will leave tonight. With one last kiss, she is gone. Bo shocks Hope with the price tag of how much setting up shop as bounty hunters is going to cost them, and then shocks her more with his plan to finance it -- they have to sell the Fancy Face. Later, Bo and Hope go to the boat. Hope, flooded by memories, says that she can't do this. Bo promises her that all of their memories are in their heads and hearts, not on the boat, and she finally agrees. Bo comforts her and it turns passionate. He suggests they make one last memory and he leads her to the bed... In prison, Larry thinks that if he escapes, Bo and Hope will be chasing him forever. Nicole suggests that he fake his death. Larry thinks it's brilliant, but tells Nicole that she needs to come up with a dead body to substitute for his. Nicole's creeped out, but ultimately agrees. Later, Nicole, disguised in surgical greens, sneaks into the hospital morgue to shop for a corpse. Mimi and Rex are still driving around Salem trying to figure out how to dispose of a dead Rolf, who's still in the backseat. Mimi suggests Rex go to Tony for help, but Rex adamantly refuses. Rex finally tells Mimi who Rolf really was -- that he wasn't Professor Putnam and that Rolf was the one who engineered Rex and Cassie, and implanted them in Marlena. Mimi comes up with the idea to dump Rolf off at the morgue. After they succeed at dumping the body, they have a near miss with Nicole. Relieved, they celebrate with a kiss. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9578
    Ep. #9578
    Episode 149
    Chloe is torn to learn that her family is moving to New York, and worries about leaving Salem behind. Philip blows off Cassie and asks Belle to a party. Shawn meets Maya, Mickey's newest client. Nicole agrees to sleep with Larry if he kills Victor.
  • Ep. #9577
    Ep. #9577
    Episode 148
    PREVIEW: Belle spies on Phillip -- and Tek shoots her! Bo and Hope get their first bounty case. SUMMARY: Belle admits to Shawn that she thinks Philip hasn't been honest with them about what he's really doing back in Salem. Before she can get specific, Mimi interrupts. She's looking for Rex. As she waxes on about Rex, everyone realizes that she is in love. Happy, Mimi leaves, and Shawn gets paged and has to do a job for Mickey. Once Belle is alone she sees Philip moving in with Tek. She hides to try and find out what is going on but Tek sees her and shoots her. Philip is dismayed. Tek tells him to relax, it was just a tranquilizer dart. Philip rushes over to Belle... waiting for her to wake up, cradling her in his arms. Later, Shawn finds a drenched/groggy Belle. She has no memory of what happened. She must have fallen into the water, but who rescued her? She has no idea. Shawn leads her off, as Philip watches enigmatically. Bo/Hope work their first case as bounty hunters. Bo uses Tommy, a young kid but an old police contact, to get pertinent information on Ray Meeks. Knowing that Ray likes cigars and women, Bo and Hope go to Echelon in disguise to track him down. When Hope seductively identifies Ray by a tattoo on his arm, a fight breaks out and in the end Bo/Hope get the bad guy. Brady arrives at Chloe's house after she has gotten a mock-up brochure of the opera company, featuring her on the cover. Chloe insists that her family, her life is in Salem, where she will stay. The two make love. When it's over, Brady fantasizes about the future life that they would have if Chloe stayed. Brady realizes that Chloe would never attain the success that she is destined for. Chloe disagrees. She wants to stay in Salem to be with Brady and her family. Then, Nancy calls with huge news. Craig has been offered a big job in New York. They're moving! Rex believes he has just "killed" Rolf. Rex pulls Rolf out from under the pile of crates and tries to discard the body, but Mimi catches him. Mimi is appalled! Rex tries to explain and Mimi realizes it was an accident. Mimi wants him to turn himself in/confess. Rex refuses to take the risk of going to jail. Later, we find out that Rolf is alive. What will they do now? Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion to blame Tony for what happened to Sami. He is polite, tells her she and her family are free to disentangle themselves from the DiMera's; he is not interested in her or them. Out of concern for Rex, he shows Marlena the laser Rex has been keeping secret. Marlena leaves it to Rex to share with her or not. Someone has to set a good example, rather than invading his privacy. Marlena storms out, and Tony wonders what he ever saw in her. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9576
    Ep. #9576
    Episode 147
    PREVIEW: Sami clings to life; Cassie continues to seduce Lucas; Rex confronts Rolf with deadly results. SUMMARY: Nicole goes to the prison to visit Larry Welch. She tells him that they both hate her husband equally, and asks him if she helps him escape, will he kill Victor? He agrees to this and Nicole looks extremely pleased… Mimi goes into the Brady Pub and sees Kate and Roman there who had just come from the hospital. She tells Roman how sorry she is and he realizes that it is time to call his son and inform him of Sami's accident. Mimi instantly asks, "Rex?" but when questioned, she covers her tracks nicely and says she was only thinking of Rex when she knew it was really Eric. Meanwhile, Bart has taken up camp at a table not far from them and is listening to see if Mimi says anything about what she may have overheard earlier. Right away when he sees Mimi talking with Roman, he assumes that she is telling him that she heard about Tony's illegal diamond trade. Bart makes a phone call and says he needs to shut Mimi up. Once Roman and Kate leave, Mimi is alone and Bart confronts her and all she said what speaking about what happened at the mansion and Bart gets up and tells his guy that it is time. Mimi walks outside and Bart stops her once again and after some conversation, Bart realizes that it was just a miscommunication and calls off the hit in the nick of time… A guilt sticken Lucas visits Sami in the hospital and says she cannot die. Cassie comes in to find him in his guilty mode and comforts him and tells him that he shouldn't blame himself for what happened. Cassie does her best to get Lucas out of there, saying it looks as though he could use a drink. The two end up back at Lucas' apartment. Cassie is coming onto him and Lucas reminds them both that Tony is his boss and has warned him that Cassie is off-limits. Cassie cannot believe he is thinking about her father and begins to rub his shoulders. The two start to kiss and Lucas thinks the hell with Tony and they start kissing and fall back onto the couch… Meanwhile, Kate and Roman come back to the hospital and she is still trying to comfort him. Kate tells him not to give up hope – she didn't give up hope when Lucas was in a coma. A little later, the doctor comes in and tells Roman that it looks as though Sami will survive - but she might suffer permanent loss of her voice and paralysis… Brady goes to the Wesley house to see Chloe. He tells her that he is there because they need to break up. He tells her that she is too emotionally dependent on him and on their relationship. She feels this is because he is not interested in her anymore and he is in love with somebody else. Brady tries to convince her that is not the case, but she doesn't believe him. He tells her that he can't let her throw her future away for him. She tells him it's her life and her decision. They argue and after a lot of yelling, Chloe throws Brady out of the house and slams the door in his face… Meanwhile, Rex eventually finds Rolf in the warehouse and demands to know the truth about why he and Cassie were genetically engineered, and who their biological mother is. Rolf tries to cover and say that Marlena is their mother, but Rex tells him that he knows differently. Rolf is surprised to learn that Rex has cracked the code because no body was supposed to be able to crack it. Rex tells him he wants answers and he already knows that Roman is their father. Rolf reveals that is was Marlena who gave birth to them, they just didn't use her genetics. There was a donor. Rex questions who the donor was but Rolf says he doesn't know. Rex then punches him again and he falls backwards into some crates and when he gets up he says he will tell him the truth about who his mother is – just as the stack of crates fall on top of him and knock him out. Rex rushes over there and feels for a pulse and looks really freaked out…moreless
  • Ep. #9575
    Ep. #9575
    Episode 146
    PREVIEW: Mimi overhears important -- and dangerous information; Bo and Hope celebrate Zack's birthday. SUMMARY: Tony shows regret over Sami's accident. At the same time, Mimi arrives and asks Rex if he's told Tony the truth about the paternity test. Mimi puts her foot in her mouth about Sami during a conversation with Tony and Rex. Tony senses Rex's concern over this, but doesn't find out that he's really concerned about Tony finding out he's no longer a DiMera. Rex overhears Bart talking to Rolf and learns he is in town at an abandoned warehouse on the waterfront. Tony questions Bart about Rex's strange behavior. Rex tells Mimi he has something to do and leaves her at the mansion, intending to go find Rolf. Not willing to wait around all day, Mimi takes off and passes by a secret meeting between Tony/Bart and a sack full of diamonds. Tony spots her out of the corner of his eye and sends Bart after her, thinking she may have overheard something. Tony then visits Rex's room and stumbles upon something that disturbs him. Bo/Hope invite Lexie/Abe to celebrate Zack's birthday. While they're there, Lexie/Abe give Bo/Hope a special gift: an imprint of Zack's hands when he was a baby. Later, Bo/Hope ask for Abe's help in becoming bounty hunters. By the end of the day Bo/Hope have their first job: tracking down Ray Meeks. Jack and Jennifer are back from their honeymoon. In order to create a big event, Schmenkmen invites a special celebrity guest on their show and it turns out to be none other than singer Phil Vassar Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9574
    Ep. #9574
    Episode 145
    PREVIEW: With his world crashing around him, Rex takes desperate measures; Brady pushes Chloe further out of his life. SUMMARY: At the hospital, everyone is still there waiting for word on Sami. Shawn soon gets there to be with Belle. Roman sees that Lucas is there and isn't too happy so he confronts him, demanding to know what is he doing there. The doctor comes out and tells them that the deepest cut was to Sami's throat and it damaged her vocal cords. He tells them that it is possible that she may never speak again. Nicole, eavesdropping, is thrilled with this news. Just them, Victor arrives and apologizes for his wife's tactless behavior and takes her away. A little later on, Nicole, humiliated, makes a mysterious phone call from the pay phone and tells the person on the other end that Victor won't be around much longer… Bo and Hope have arrived back in Salem and are too proud to parade Vin Ramsell into the police station, which shocks Abe. Abe makes a big deal out of reading them the riot act and lets them know that he his not happy and will not congratulate them. Bo and Hope are a little confused, but Abe closes his office door and privately congratulates them on a job well done. Bo and Hope are pleased with this and Abe tells them that while they were gone, Lexie gave birth to their son. He also goes onto say that he now has two sons and tells them that he also learned that Brandon is his son. They are both happy for him and promise to go see Lexie later. Once they are home with Zack, they can hardly contain their excitement. Bo says maybe they won't have to and he suggests to Hope that they become bounty hunters… Brady and Chloe arrive at the Blue Note after leaving the hospital. Chloe is not so sure about singing again and wants Brady to sing with her. Brady pushes at Chloe and tells her she needs to be more independent. She doesn't like what he is saying and calls him on it, but he just keeps pushing her away. It works, but now Chloe is furious at Brady. She sings and she sings very beautifully. Brady soon realizes that Chloe's performance means that he will have to let her go to pursue her dreams… Once Chloe has finished her piece, Kelly Moneymaker gets up and sings a beautiful love song and Lucas, sitting in the other room at the Blue Note, is distraught over Sami and he has several flashbacks to his past relationships and encounters with Sami. He is drinking very heavily and soon becomes drunk. He just sits there, drinking and felling sorry for himself. Philip is on the pier dressed for another scuba dive and preparing for another secret mission when Tek comes up behind him. Tek instructs Philip to attach a monitor to the ship's hull. Philip dives in and Tek waits for him. Once Philip is done and ready to get out, he sees Kate come walking along the pier. Philip hangs back and Tek does his best to distract Kate. It is obvious how Kate feels…she knows that Roman and Marlena are bonding over Sami's crisis. Kate finally takes off and Philip gets out of the water and thanks Tek for distracting his mother… Meanwhile, Rex's world is falling apart as he tries to come to terms with the fact that Tony is not his father and Roman is. Mimi tries to assure him that Roman is a great guy, but Rex doesn't want to hear it. Curiosity gets the best of Rex and he gets Cassie's hairbrush to take some hair in for a test so he will learn once and for all if Cassie really is his sister. They head downstairs and they hear a piercing scream, and run into the living room to find Cassie standing over the broken glass and blood. Erin, the maid, fills them in about Sami's accident. Mimi convinces Rex that they should go to the hospital so they leave and Cassie decides to try to clean up some of the broken glass. Once Rex and Mimi get to the hospital, he drops off the DNA sample. A little later, Rex receives the results and is relieved to see that Cassie is his full sister… Tony, still upset that he played a part in Sami's accident, returns home, still covered in her blood. Cassie is trying to clean up some of the broken glass when he walks in. Cassie sees that he is not hurt and she is very happy. But she can see that there is still something wrong and hugs him. She just holds the only father she has ever known and tells him that she loves him… Meanwhile Mimi asks Rex if he has any idea who his mother might be and they are walking towards Sami's room. He just stands there, looking in and sees Marlena and Roman praying for her survival. He says, "Look at them…my sister and my father"…moreless
  • Ep. #9573
    Ep. #9573
    Episode 144
    Sami is rushed to the hospital near death. Bo and Hope smuggle Vin back to Salem.
  • Ep. #9572
    Ep. #9572
    Episode 143
    Marlena flirts with Tony and is surprised by his reaction; Rex reveals who is true father is; Sami has a near fatal accident at the hands of Tony and Lucas!
  • Ep. #9571
    Ep. #9571
    Episode 142
    PREVIEW: Brandon rushes to Lexie's side at the hospital; Belle becomes suspicious of Philip and Tek; Brandon leaves Salem. SUMMARY: When Sami learns that Lexie planted the fake paternity results into the hospital lab's computer, Sami bursts into a fit of rage and tries to attack Lexie. As Abe breaks up the catfight, Lexie continues to chastise Sami as Kate/Nicole/Lucas enjoy the show. Once Sami realizes that Brandon left, she panics, and storms out of the room desperately trying to find him. Nicole, then Roman/Kate, and finally Lucas waylay her with gloating and recriminations. Meanwhile, Brandon returns to the apartment to pack and is interrupted by Nicole. Brandon voices his anger about Sami and himself for being taken in by her. He tells Nicole that he is going back to Chicago to visit their sister Taylor and he doesn't know if he is ever coming back. Abe stops by soon after to talk with Brandon. The father/son awkwardly struggle to talk about everything that has unfolded between them the past couple of days. Abe tells Brandon that he and Lexie have named their son Theodore Brandon Carver. They hug, and in that moment, the two bond as father and son for the first time. Brandon returns to Lexie's hospital room, unseen by Abe/Lexie, for one last look at his family before he leaves. Also, Sami returns to the apartment to find Brandon gone. Lucas walks in to find her crying over Brandon's departure. Sami cuts his happiness short by hauling out and punching him. Philip runs into Belle/Shawn at DotCom. As a reporter scoops up Shawn to get the story on Shawn catching the Mayor, Philip/Belle discuss their kiss. Philip finds it intriguing that Belle didn't tell Shawn about it. Later, Belle becomes suspicious of a new ISA agent, Tek, trying to get Philip's attention. Philip introduces Tek as a marine base buddy. After they leave, Philip tells Tek to leave Belle out of the mission. Meanwhile, Shawn/Belle, suspicious, vow to find out what's going on with Philip. Marlena and John discuss Marlena's need to help bring down Tony DiMera. John wonders what Marlena's real motive is but agrees to work with her anyway. He says they need to find Tony's weakness. As Marlena plans to meet Tony, she tries on a sexy number. She thinks she knows what Tony's weakness is. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9570
    Ep. #9570
    Episode 141
    PREVIEW: Kate and her family interrupt Brandon and Sami's wedding with a shocking announcement! SUMMARY: Sami and Brandon's quickie wedding is well underway and Sami is trying to her best to get the Justice of the Peace to speed things up. Brandon isn't quite sure about Sami's odd behavior but when he calls her on it she covers and says that she just wants it short and sweet. He agrees to go ahead and the Justice of the Peace starts again, and wouldn't you know that Sami is in an even bigger hurry now. After the third time, they are finally married. As soon as they kiss, she rushes the justice to sign the paperwork… Meanwhile, still at the hospital, Nicole squawks at Lucas that he promised her Sami's head on a platter. Lucas tries to calm her and reminds her that Kate is on the phone with Roman hopping that she will have more luck. Later, Roman gets there demanding to know what is going on and why he had to put an APB out on Sami's car. Lucas won't tell him anything and Nicole says, "whatever it is, it had better be good…I'm missing ‘Fear Factor' for this!" Roman gets a call, and they learn that the car is at the Justice of the Peace… Lucas, Nicole, Kate and Roman arrive at the Justice of the Peace - but they're too late. The APB comes in handy and they learn that the newlywed couple has checked into the Salem Inn. They all rush over there. Sami and Brandon have now arrived in their room and kiss. Sami is thrilled that she is finally married. Brandon goes to take a shower and Sami orders champagne and lots of chocolate covered strawberries from room service and bounces on the bed. Brandon comes out wearing nothing but a towel and they are kissing when there is a knock at the door. Thinking it is room service, Brandon puts a robe on and opens the door…only to find Lucas, Nicole, Kate and Roman to come pushing their way in. Brandon orders them all to leave and wonders what Nicole is doing here. Brandon threatens to throw them out just as Lucas blurts out that Sami switched Lexie's paternity test and congratulates Brandon on being a new father. The look on Sami's face cannot even be put into words. Brandon turns and flat out asks Sami if it is true and she stutters around and finally admits that it is true, but she did it all for love. Brandon storms off to the bathroom to get dressed as Sami pleads at the door for forgiveness. He comes out fully dressed and takes off his wedding band and gives it to Sami and leaves, saying he is headed to the hospital to see Lexie. On the way out, room service has arrived and comes in just as the whole gang follow Sami and Brandon right out the door… Meanwhile, on Bo and Hope's adventure, they overpower that thug that Ramsell sent to kill Bo. Bo orders him to tell him everything and he eventually tells him that Vin wants him dead and Bo and Hope get an idea – to collect. The plan was to use Bo as bait, so they can lure Vin out and capture him. The plan worked!! The put Vin in the backseat of Hope's car and Bo tells her not to be afraid to shoot him. Vin still doesn't see what is going on and he tells Hope he expected more from her than to be working for a cop. She proudly says that "that cop – he's my husband" and cut to a shocked look on Vin's face. They go to say goodbye to Carlos and Carmen, and they put Vin in the back of the car, but Bo is uneasy having Hope drive all the way back to Salem alone in the car with Vin. So she has an idea. Later, we see her in Bo's leather jacket and taking his helmet, sitting on his motorcycle. She tells him that she will see him at the rest stop. She gets on and takes off, leaving a smiling Bo… Back at the Blue Note in Salem, Chloe is still upset by everything that happened and Brady brings her some tea. He tries to cheer her up as she says she blew her big chance. He tells her that she needs to follow her dream and go to Europe, but she takes this as Brady is breaking up with her. He tells her that is not true and tells her that she needs to put herself first. She says that her decision is final, and that she is NOT going. A little later, she is crying and Brady asks her to dance to a beautiful song. They hold each other tight, as they know her decision is going to be a hard one to make… Meanwhile, in Lexie's room at the hospital, after a lot of anger and frustration, Abe forgives Lexie for sleeping with Brandon, since Brandon is a product of his own affair with Brandon's mother. Brandon arrives to see the nurse taking baby Carver back to the nursery. She shows him the baby as he says nothing and storms off to Lexie's room. The gang is not far behind him and Brandon gets to Lexie's room with the whole gang right behind him. He asks to speak privately with Lexie. But she says no and looks at Abe and says it ok and tells him he can talk in front of everyone. So, he bluntly says he needs to know if he is the father of her baby. After a long silence, and a very panicked look on Sami's face, Lexie says no, Abe is the father. Nicole says that she needs a drink, Lucas looks confused and Sami seems to breath a sigh of relief. Lucas speaks up and says that Sami switched the results and Lexie eventually says that, yes, Sami did switch the test results, but they were fake…she had set her up. Sami screams "How could you?…you BITCH!" and runs over and jumps on top of Lexie and begins choking her…moreless
  • Ep. #9569
    Ep. #9569
    Episode 140
    PREVIEW: Sami and Brandon elope! Mimi comforts Rex when the results of his DNA test arrive and they prove Tony is not the father of the twins. SUMMARY: At the trauma center, Lucas is thrilled to get confirmation that Sami is behind the paternity results switch. Tony encourages Lucas to get his revenge on Sami, so Lucas contacts Kate and Nicole to alert them of Sami's impending downfall. Unfortunately, they can't find Sami. Meanwhile, Sami has convinced Brandon to elope, and, after buying wedding rings from the Justice of the Peace, the wedding ceremony begins. Locked in her room, Nicole gets the call from Lucas and tries to climb out her window. When Victor catches her, he pushes her out the window! Of course, Nico catches her below; Victor would never kill Nicole and leave his fingerprints on it. Victor lets Nicole go to the hospital. Tony informs Lexie that Lucas had information against Sami. He suggests that she tell Abe the truth. After Tony leaves, Lexie does just that. Unhappily, Abe learns that Lexie slept with Brandon when she thought her marriage to Abe was over. With Vin looking for them, Bo and Hope settle in around a campfire. Hope offers to be the bait to lure Vin out alone, but Bo doesn't like that idea. As they go to sleep in each other's arms, someone holds a gun aimed right at Bo's head. Mimi arrives to comfort an angry and frustrated Rex. At long last the DNA results are in, and he's not related to Tony, Marlena or Belle! Something in the reports catches his eye, however, and he hustles Mimi out the door. It turns out that he is related to someone who attended the family lunch at Tuscany. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9568
    Ep. #9568
    Episode 139
    PREVIEW: Brandon shocks Sami with the truth about Lexie's baby; Phillip and John team up as agents. SUMMARY: While Hope is forced to accompany Vin Ramsell to his hotel, Carlos finally revives the unconscious Bo by drenching him with a bottle of cold water. When Bo gets his bearings, he races off to rescue Hope. But before he gets there, it looks like Ramsell is going to rape Hope. Bo spraypaints a slam against Vin on the wall, tricking Vin into tracking the culprit down. Once Vin leaves, Bo rushes in to save Hope just in time. Our two heroes charge off to nail Vin Ramsell. Brandon shocks Sami by revealing that Abe is his biological father while Abe, Lexie, Lucas and Eugenia listen in. Before he can be questioned, focus shifts to Lexie who is about to give birth. Abe allows Brandon to stay for the birth of his son. After the baby is born healthy, Abe and Brandon have a tentative rapprochement. Sami freaks, as Eugenia informs her that she will tell Brandon the truth -- that Sami switched the paternity test results on Lexie's baby. Sami tries to stop her, but Eugenia cannot let Brandon marry Sami under these circumstances. Meanwhile, Lucas goes back to the lab and cleverly hacks into Eugenia's computer. He confronts Eugenia with what he has learned, suspecting that Sami is behind the false paternity reports. At the end of her rope, a desperate Sami begs Brandon to elope with her. They have to get married -- now! Philip's new undercover partner on a joint military/ISA mission is John Black. At first, John refuses to work with Philip, but Philip soon persuades him otherwise. After some questioning, Philip admits Roman Brady seemed suspicious of his real mission in Salem, but Philip didn't let on. Philip then reveals that he has already accomplished their assigned mission: to monitor a yacht smuggling unknown goods. The new team works in concert to take out a security guard, Philip knocking him out. We see John's not looking forward to working with his new young partner. Brady stuns Chloe, offering to be her manager on tour. He wants them to stay together. Chloe finally agrees, but then Cecilia shows up, and she has other ideas. When Cecelia insists that Chloe must go on tour without Brady, Chloe announces that she is not going. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9567
    Ep. #9567
    Episode 138
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope reunite under dangerous circumstances; Belle and Phillip share a hot kiss. SUMMARY: Hope goes searching for Bo and asks Carlos if he's seen him. Carlos, protective of Bo, tells her he hasn't. She finally finds out about the hotel where Vin is staying. Meanwhile, Bo returns to the hotel for his stuff and he stops Jasper when he goes for the phone. Bo's stunned to see Hope walk in, but he doesn't acknowledge her to protect her. She gets a room and he sneaks in through a window; they have a very sensuous reunion. Against Bo's better judgment, Hope gets close to Vin and Bo watches from the bushes as Hope puts the moves on Ramsell. Vin's about to take her back to his room when Bo comes out of hiding. Before he can intervene, Vin's thugs hit Bo over the head, knocking him out... Brandon shows up at the pub to invite Abe/Lexie to his wedding to Sami. They're shocked by the sudden turn around. Brandon explains that he's trying to let go of his anger and Abe/Lexie, both moved, agree to attend the wedding. Lexie suddenly goes into labor and they rush her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Eugenia demands an invitation to the wedding. Sami refuses to have Eugenia there and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Lucas moves in, sees how upset Eugenia is and tries to get some answers. He goes to the lab to investigate; Sami tries to stop him, but Brenda intervenes. When they hear that Lexie was rushed to the trauma center, Sami/Lucas/Eugenia run downstairs. Brandon tells Sami he should be there when Lexie has the baby because they're family. Sami fears Brandon knows the truth about the baby's paternity, but they are all stunned when Brandon finally reveals that he and the baby are brothers! Belle follows Philip to a warehouse after he cancels a lunch date with her and Shawn. Before Philip can explain, they hear a security guard and Philip pulls her into a hot kiss. Belle is flustered and he assures that he only kissed her because they aren't supposed to be there and he needed to cover. He gets her out of there and later goes back inside, shocked when he meets up with a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, Shawn learns from Annabeth that the mayor is planning to skip town before being arrested. Shawn stops the mayor on the pier by throwing a baseball and knocking him off his boat. Belle catches up with him, but doesn't tell him about the kiss with Philip... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9566
    Ep. #9566
    Episode 137
    At Jack & Jennifer's reception, many guests have secret agendas!
  • Ep. #9565
    Ep. #9565
    Episode 136
    PREVIEW: Jennifer gets a surprise guest as her wedding begins; Brady offers to go with Chloe to Europe. SUMMARY: John tries to get Marlena to open up about her sudden interest in bringing Tony down. She refuses to tell him and is adamant that she just wants him out of their lives. While Marlena's upstairs finishing getting ready, John learns that the ISA won't approve surveillance on Lucas. Marlena overhears John vow to find another way to get Tony. Jack stealthily sneaks Bill's mystery gift into the Penthouse Grill and to the makeshift bride's room. Jennifer and Abby enter and are thunderstruck to find Laura! After a joyful reunion, Abby takes Laura out to surprise all the other guests. Barry and the crew are setting up and Jack greets many of the guests as they arrive. Mickey, Maggie and Alice are shocked to see Laura. Roman arrives to talk to Hope and he wants to know where Bo is. They share their mutual worry for him, but Roman warns her to let Bo do what he needs to do. Lucas sees Victor enter and presents a secret business proposition to him. John and Marlena arrive in time to see Lucas and Victor, leaving them wondering what's going on. Kate corners Lucas and insists he stop working for Tony, but Lucas is saved when Jack pulls him away because it's time to start the ceremony. Hope/Alice/Laura/Abby join Jennifer in the bride's room to give her something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Laura/Alice go to take their seats as Hope/Abby help Jennifer finish getting ready. Finally, in a beautiful candlelit Penthouse Grill, the wedding begins. Abby and Hope go down the aisle, followed by Jennifer, beaming with excitement in her wedding dress... Philip is stunned to learn that Victor has locked Nicole in her bedroom. He breaks down the door and Nicole is about to bolt when Nico appears to take her to the wedding. Nicole covers with Philip and he's left curious about what's going on with Victor and Nicole. Meanwhile, Chloe is still in shock from Cecilia's job offer; Brady tells her she'll become a star and should call Cecilia right now. As Brady tries to persuade her, Philip stops by and learns of the offer. He gets a moment alone with Brady and tells him he should go with Chloe if he really loves her. Philip's words affect Brady. Later, Brady tells Chloe he wants to go to Europe with her and she's ecstatic. Unbeknownst to them, Philip watches them from the porch.. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9564
    Ep. #9564
    Episode 135
    Tony kisses Marlena - with stinging results! Chloe receives huge news about Juilliard.
  • Ep. #9563
    Ep. #9563
    Episode 134
    PREVIEW: Rex makes a surprising discovery; Hope's premonition about Bo in danger rings true. SUMMARY: Hope returns home and suddenly gets a premonition that Bo is in trouble. She tries to call him, but he can't pick up in time because he's fighting with two thugs at the Del Rio hotel. He does use the ringing phone as a distraction to win the fight and throws the guys out. As he ices his face, he calls Hope and she deduces that he's been in a fight. She wants to come down there, but Bo thinks it is far too dangerous. Hope makes plans to leave Zack with his grandparents so she can go be with Bo. While Bo is out getting food, Vin returns from fishing and goes up to his room. Bo returns, clearly on a crash course with Vin... Rex is driven to discover the problem with his DNA test results because they say that Belle isn't his sister. Mimi is bored as he analyzes all of his samples and data again and she makes a date with a guy who saw her on the dating show. Rex isn't happy about it, but the error in the test results takes priority for him. After Mimi leaves, Rex confirms that the test results were accurate and they prove without a shadow of a doubt that he and Belle are not related... Belle, Shawn, Victor and Nicole arrive at the Blue Note just in time to witness Chloe's stage fright. Brady tries to calm her by singing with her and she draws strength and confidence from him. Philip sneaks out while everyone is applauding her. Belle and Shawn are thrilled for Chloe, and Cecilia compliments the maturity in her voice. Nancy and Chloe share a tender moment as Nancy declares how proud she is of her. Victor has a quick and private conversation with Cecelia as Nicole watches them. Chloe is tired and Brady takes her home as they look forward to happier days. Shawn and Belle stay to dance and share a quiet, romantic evening. Meanwhile, Victor takes Nicole home and has sex with her. Philip goes down to the pier wearing scuba gear and slips into the water with a camera. Mimi, there for her coffee date, nearly catches him sending a mysterious message to someone with a flashlight, but Philip covers... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9562
    Ep. #9562
    Episode 133
    PREVIEW: Chloe prepares to sing at Blue Note; Sami finds out that Hope knows Lexie and Brandon slept together; Things get wild at Jennifer's bachelorette party! SUMMARY: Bo stops for dinner in a small Texas bodega and befriends a boy named Carlos. Later, he calls Jack for help in obtaining some background information on the hotel Vin is staying at. Jack discovers that an old cellmate of Vin's owns the place. When the boy's mother hears Bo talking about the Del Rio Hotel, she orders him out because her husband was killed there because of a drug-related shootout. Carlos warns Bo not to go there, but Bo can't avoid it; he goes to the hotel and uses names Jack got him to sound like he knows people who referred him to find Vin. The clerk tells him Vin's out, so Bo gets a room; as he waits for the key, two thugs try to jump him. The guys attack Bo and he holds his own, in spite of the unfair odds... Jack and Jennifer wonder about Bill's third gift and worry what it could be. Jennifer takes off for her bachelorette party, which is being celebrated with ladies' night at Echelon. Belle, Hope, Marlena, Cassie, Sami, Lexie, Kate, Mimi and Maggie all show up. Lucas is working and gets chewed out by Sami and then he's caught off guard when he runs into Kate. Lucas cracks under pressure and tells Kate that he's working for Tony, which causes her to faint; she begs Lucas not to work for Tony. As the party continues, Cassie sneaks off with a waiter she's been flirting with, Sami is stunned to overhear that Hope knows Lexie slept with Brandon and Jack crashes the party, declaring his love for Jennifer and sweeping her into a kiss... Chloe is a bundle of nerves at the Blue Note as she prepares to sing for Madame Marin. Brady and Nancy try to reassure her as Philip slips in. Nancy tries to get rid of him, but is surprised to learn that Brady invited him. Chloe's shocked to see Philip, but wants him to stay. Chloe is nervous when she spots Marin, but Brady calms her by reminding her of Marin's past as a hog-caller. Chloe finally takes the stage to sing, but her stage fright kicks in... Mimi stops by Rex's room and announces that she bought a new car. They get take-out food while they wait for test results from an outside lab. After they've eaten, they start to make out until the results come through on the fax machine. Mimi sees Rex's distress as he compares Belle's DNA results with his own and realizes something is wrong... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9561
    Ep. #9561
    Episode 132
    PREVIEW: Victor punishes Nicole for an outburst; Tony double-crosses Sami.


    Philip visits Nicole/Victor and Victor tries to play the doting husband while his son is there. After Philip leaves, Nicole confronts Victor about the charade and Victor goads her enough that she throws a vase at his head, knocking him out. Victor stops Nico from calling an ambulance and punishes Nicole by locking her in her room indefinitely... Lucas brings Cassie home from Rex\'s lunch and Tony catches their flirtatious behavior; he reminds Lucas what he\'s already told him: Cassie is off-limits. After Cassie leaves, Sami comes over to see Tony, and Lucas hides as they talk. Tony brings up Sami\'s relationship with Brandon, revealing that Sami knows Lexie and Brandon had an affair and how hard she\'s worked to hold onto Brandon. She stops herself before admitting that she switched the paternity tests. After Sami leaves, Lucas comes out of hiding and is pleased to have some dirt on Sami. He wants to use it to get revenge on her and Tony agrees to help him... At the pub, Shawn witnesses Belle\'s fame, but deals with it. Philip and Gabi arrive and whisk Belle off to another public appearance. Cassie shows up and asks Shawn if he wants to hang out with her. At first, he is reluctant, but she offers to help him study. They go to the pier where Shawn throws balls onto a distant barge while Cassie quizzes him and probes more about Philip. Meanwhile, Belle asks Philip about his assignment and why he was transferred out of his company; he claims he doesn\'t know -- he just follows orders. When Belle/Philip return to the pub, Belle steals a kiss from Shawn. Cassie flirts with Philip and makes her interest known... Brady reveals his plan to have Chloe audition for Cecilia Marin at the Blue Note, but Chloe panics because she fears she\'s not ready. He reassures her that she is ready and arranges for a pianist to accompany her as she rehearses. Chloe tries to sing, but falters and becomes emotional. Brady gets rid of the pianist, has Chloe relax and sings along with her until she is comfortable. As she sings, her voice gets stronger and they are both optimistic. She kisses Brady in the excitement just as Philip walks in. He leaves before they notice him and later opens a duffel bag packed with an automatic weapon...

    Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9560
    Ep. #9560
    Episode 131
    PREVIEW: Bo is held at gunpoint; Sami and Tony conspire against Marlena and John. SUMMARY: Bo continues his trek after Vin Ramsell and stops at a small back road bar in Oklahoma. He eats breakfast then shows the locals a photo of Ramsell. Nobody admits to recognizing Vin, so Bo apparently leaves. As Jake, one of the patrons, makes a call to Vin, Bo reappears to take the phone. Jake, threatening Bo with a gun, gets the phone back. After he leaves, Bo manages to write down Vin's phone number that he memorized when he had the phone. Rex has a luncheon at Tuscany to celebrate his early completion of courses at Salem University. Before everyone leaves for the luncheon, Marlena visits Sami and Belle, asking them to be mentors to Cassie. Meanwhile, Tony warns both Lucas and Cassie to stay away from each other after he witnesses an exchange between them. Cassie ignores Tony and asks Lucas for a ride to Tuscany. As the guests arrive and Maggie seats them, Rex and Cassie are surprised to learn of all their other half-siblings that Marlena has with previous men. Marlena and John overhear Sami talking to Tony and learn about the incident at the Blue Note. Marlena tells Sami to stay away from Tony, but Sami later tells Tony that their relationship hasn't changed. Tony is glad because he would like Sami to help him break up John and Marlena. Tony orders Lucas to stay away from Cassie again, but Cassie has other plans. She plants a kiss on Lucas. Throughout the luncheon, Rex and Mimi cleverly collect DNA samples from all of his unsuspecting family members for his research. Afterward, they go back to his room to start analyzing the samples, but Mimi successfully distracts him as they make out... Jennifer and Hope are planning the wedding as Jack talks on the phone about the show. Station manager Barry Schmenkmen drops in and proposes that Jack and Jennifer seriously consider broadcasting their nuptials on their show. Although hesitant as first, they come around and agree to have their wedding aired for all of Salem to see. Before Hope leaves, she tells Jennifer to get ready for her bachelorette party. Outside the house, Hope calls Bo to check on him and wishes him a continued safe journey... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9559
    Ep. #9559
    Episode 130
    PREVIEW: Cassie admits she is interested in Philip; Mimi loves her newfound fame; Brady is upset about Chloe's new gift; Philip reunites with Kate. SUMMARY: Lucas arrives at the DiMera Mansion and asks Tony for details about the job he's been offered. Tony hands him an envelope and instructs him to take it to a guy named Simon at Echelon and wait as he reads it. Lucas is reluctant at first, but goes to meet Simon. Meanwhile, Cassie likes what she sees when she spots Lucas at the mansion. She tells Tony that she's interested in Philip Kiriakis, but Tony is adamant she stay away from the son of his nemesis. At Echelon, Simon points a gun at Lucas, but Lucas hands him the envelope. After reading its contents, Simon profusely apologizes, revealing that Tony has given Lucas complete authority over him (Simon). Lucas tests Simon and has him put the gun to his own head and Simon nervously complies. Lucas, loving the power, returns to Tony and accepts the job... Philip reunites with Kate at Roman's house; she is thrilled to learn that Philip is home, but embarrassed when she realizes her surroundings and how she's dressed. She goes to change and Roman questions Philip about the real reason he's back in Salem. Philip evades and turns it on Roman, asking if he's really serious with Kate. Roman says he is and Kate confirms as she returns back downstairs. Meanwhile, Brady goes to see Chloe so he can be there when Philip stops over. Chloe detects Brady's jealousy, and in spite of his attempt at covering, she proves he has no reason to be jealous by making love to him. Brady bristles when Philip arrives and Chloe asks to be alone with her ex-boyfriend. Philip gives Chloe a pin that he got in boot camp because he thinks she's deserves it for her triumph over leukemia. Brady returns and Chloe shows him the pin; he's upset that Philip is giving her gifts again... Belle and Mimi return to Tuscany for a PR session for Love is Blind. Rex and Shawn are there and Rex is jealous of all the attention Mimi is getting. Mimi admits to Rex that she loves spending time with him, but she wants to have a good time and enjoys having guys fawn over her. Meanwhile, Shawn has to deal with the fact that fans of the dating show believe Philip and Belle are made for each other as a couple... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9558
    Ep. #9558
    Episode 129
    PREVIEW: Philip returns to Salem! The girls are rewarded for Love is Blind; Nicole passes out in Brady's arms. SUMMARY: Everyone is still reeling to learn that Philip is the Love is Blind hunk; Chloe, Brady, Victor and Nicole have spotted him on TV and are also surprised. Brady wonders how Philip's return to Salem will impact Chloe. He's taken aback when she asks him to go tell Philip to visit her when he can and Brady reluctantly acquiesces. On the live show, Philip is reunited with his friends and Gabi moves the show forward under the pretense that Philip/Belle could turn into a real couple. Shawn is not pleased when Philip pulls Belle into a searing kiss. Gabi surprises the girls at the end of the show with checks for $50,000 each, giving Mimi the biggest reaction because she's not used to so much money. Victor storms in with Nicole and confronts Philip for not calling. Philip is apologizing as Brady moves in and he gets a moment alone to give Philip Chloe's message, warning him to wait until tomorrow because Chloe needs to rest. Cassie comes on to Philip and offers him a ride back to base; he accepts, but sneaks into Chloe's room on the way and watches her sleep. Nancy, who saw Philip on Chloe's TV, asks Chloe how she feels about Philip's return; Chloe plays it cool, but Nancy worries that it could mean trouble. After the show, Shawn/Belle share some romantic time together and Belle admits she's worried that Philip could be back to cause trouble for Chloe and Brady... Bo/Hope talk on the phone and he updates her on his mission to find Vin. He confides that he's at a major crossroad and he isn't sure what he really wants to do. Hope tries to support Bo and their love for each other is apparent. Bo tells Hope to close her eyes and he listens lovingly as she sleeps... At Tuscany, Brady sees Nicole has been drinking heavily. He tries to get her to stop, but she snaps at him and she goes to drink elsewhere. When Victor realizes Nicole is missing, Brady overhears Nico telling Victor that Nicole went to Echelon. Brady races over there to get Nicole home and she passes out in his arms. As Brady carries her out, he comes face to face with Victor. He asks why they don't get along, but Victor tells him to mind his own business... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9557
    Ep. #9557
    Episode 128
    PREVIEW: "Love is Blind" mystery man is unmasked! Bo is forced to follow his heart; Tony hands over Echelon; Brandon makes Sami furious. SUMMARY: Abe tells Bo and Hope that he has news on Vin's location; Bo is galvanized and Abe hopes this will settle Bo down a little. Instead, Bo wants to go after Ramsell himself. Abe points out that Bo is still technically a cop and knows he'll do the right thing, so he gives Bo info on Vin's last known location. Alone with Bo, Hope encourages Bo to follow his heart. Later, Bo takes off on his bike and Hope senses that Bo is looking for more than justice... The final episode of Love is Blind goes live at Tuscany and Belle has her dinner date with the blindfolded hunk. Mimi and Cassie are on hand to offer their comments and snide remarks, while Shawn and Rex watch from the sidelines. When Gabi tells the hunk to kiss Belle, Shawn loses it and storms onto the set, shoving the hunk to the ground. Suddenly, the hunk yells at Shawn by name, then whips off the blindfold. Shawn, Belle and Mimi are stunned to see that the blindfolded hunk is Philip Kiriakis! Tony visits Marlena and John to tell them that he's taken Marlena's advice and has decided to sell Echelon. Marlena is wary and John leaves them alone to talk; Tony tries to convince Marlena that he's changed, but she remain skeptical. After he leaves for an appointment, Marlena goes off to watch Belle on TV. John tracks Tony with the device Ops planted on the limo and realizes he's back at Echelon. Meanwhile, Tony meets with Lucas and secretly asks him to take over the daily operations of the club because he doesn't want anyone knowing he owns it anymore... Sami tells Brandon that Lucas almost got her killed at the Blue Note, but Brandon thinks Sami is being melodramatic. Lucas has a hangover from drinking as Brandon confronts him about what happened at the Blue Note. He's almost caught with a drink, but he's able to cover. Lucas vehemently denies that he wanted Sami to die and says he was pivotal in saving her life. He hustles them out the door, as he has a meeting to attend. Brandon believes Lucas, and Sami is livid. She insists that Brandon is an idiot to give Lucas the benefit of the doubt. When Brandon stands up to her and refuses to accept her explanation, Sami asks that they just be happy they're engaged. Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9556
    Ep. #9556
    Episode 127
    PREVIEW: Admirers cause trouble in Salem; Rex cracks his DNA code; Chloe gets a sign from her past. SUMMARY: Hope comes downstairs looking for Bo and finds him still in the garage, listening to the police scanner. He admits that he's trying to get a lead on Vin's whereabouts and Hope tries to discourage him from pursuing Vin. Later, Hope offers to help Bo with his motorcycle; Shawn arrives and takes over for Hope. Bo tells Shawn that he quit the force and Shawn is supportive of the decision. Shawn goes inside and tells Hope he's worried about Belle winning the dating show, but Hope reassures him that Belle loves him and the show will soon be forgotten. Bo comes into the house and Hope promises him she'll support any decisions he makes... Belle and Shawn wake in each other's arms after an innocent night of cuddling. It's highly romantic until Belle realizes that she has to get ready for a press junket for Love is Blind. Meanwhile, Rex and Mimi also wake up in each other's arms after a night of cuddling. They're startled by a fervent knocking on the door and Rex gets rid of one of Mimi's admirers. They go to the Brady Pub to have breakfast and Mimi gets pulled into the press frenzy as Belle arrives with Shawn; Rex gets pushed aside and leaves quietly. The reporters ask Belle about a boyfriend and Belle feels bad when Gabi intervenes to protect the show and answers that she is available. Mimi goes to find Rex, while Belle reassures Shawn that she loves him and the craziness will end tonight after the final date is taped. Belle once again gets pulled away from Shawn for autographs, leaving Shawn unsure about Belle's confidence. Rex goes back to his room to crack his DNA code and Mimi arrives just as it appears that he has done it... Brady surprises Chloe with a romantic picnic breakfast by the river. Chloe takes off her mask to eat, then tries to seduce Brady; he's tempted, but is too protective to take any chances. As they stroll along the river, they pass the stump of the tree that Philip chopped down. Chloe spots a sprout growing out of the stump and wonders what it could mean Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9555
    Ep. #9555
    Episode 126
    PREVIEW: The winner of "Love is Blind" is chosen; Jennifer chooses a maid of honor; Sami is taken hostage! SUMMARY: The second episode of Love is Blind concludes and it's revealed that the mystery hunk chose Belle for his final dinner date. Sami is proud of her sister and urges her not to count the hunk out and to keep her options open. Guys immediately swarm to Belle and Mimi, while Cassie flirts with a guy named Christopher. Both Shawn and Rex are constantly pushed aside and are not very happy as eligible bachelors drool over Belle and Mimi. Belle and Shawn return to his room, where they kiss and snuggle with each other. Mimi, a little paranoid about being followed by any of her new fans, retreats to Belle's room and is happily surprised to find shirtless Rex cozy in bed, waiting for her. They make out and also end up snuggling. Back at the pub, Cassie gets Christopher worked up over her and then leaves him all hot and bothered... Hope continues to reel from the shock that Bo quit his job as Bo locks himself in the garage, moving boxes in search of something. As he combs through some of the boxes, Roman drops in and tries to change Bo's mind about quitting the force. Meanwhile, Jennifer stops by and asks Hope to be her matron of honor in the wedding. Hope gladly accepts, happy she can be a part of Jack and Jennifer's wedding this time. She clues Jennifer in on Bo's decision to leave the police force. Later, Hope walks in as Bo finally finds what he's been looking for in the garage -- his rusty, dusty motorcycle... Tony meets Carl, the former manager of Echelon, at the Blue Note. Bart and Bruno stand guard to protect Tony as Lucas sits at the bar, cognizant of the activity around him. He realizes that Carl intends to kill Tony and plans to take some action. Carl claims he wants to be Tony's inside man to Victor's organization. Sami enters and sits at the bar; she throws some barbs at Lucas; as she goes on, Lucas sees Carl about to attempt the hit on Tony and foils the plan. However, Sami, intending to meet Brandon, is caught in the mix and Carl takes Sami hostage. Lucas tries to save Sami by making it sound like she's expendable, but Tony finally persuades Carl to give Sami up. Relieved for Tony's help and furious at Lucas's behavior, Sami gratefully accepts a ride home from Tony... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9554
    Ep. #9554
    Episode 125
    PREVIEW: Bo quits the police force; Rex draws Mimi's blood; Victor warns Kate not to reveal her past. SUMMARY: Bo decides to turn in his gun and badge to Abe and quits the police force. Abe tries to talk some sense into Bo, but his mind is made up. He's lost faith in the system. Meanwhile, Hope and Alice talk about Bo's situation and Alice thinks it's a mistake to make any decisions in the heat of the moment; she also knows that Hope will stand by Bo, no matter what decision he makes. Hope takes Alice home and returns to find out that Bo has quit the force. She encourages Bo to follow his heart, but even he's not sure where it's leading him right now... Belle/Shawn get ready to view the second episode of Love is Blind. As Shawn waits outside Belle's dorm room, he sees Cassie getting cozy with Chaz; she gets rid of Chaz and snuggles up against Shawn just as Belle comes into the corridor. Meanwhile, Mimi goes to see Rex and is stunned when he asks her to allow him to draw some of her blood for his research to find out why he was genetically engineered. She's hesitant, but finally agrees. Everyone goes to watch the show at the pub and Shawn tells Chaz he's not welcome there. He says Chaz belongs in jail with his buddy Vin and is confident that his dad will lock them both up. As they watch the show, everyone awaits the announcement of who the mystery hunk will choose for his final date... Kate meets up with Victor and is upset because Philip has been shipped overseas with the Marines and never even called to say goodbye. Victor suspects Philip has issues with them and that's why he didn't accept permission to go home before going away. Kate asks Victor to pull some strings to get Philip back, but Victor refuses. As they casually talk about their love lives, Victor cautions Kate not to tell Roman about her past as a prostitute because he won't understand. Kate agrees, but she's uneasy about starting this relationship with a lie... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9553
    Ep. #9553
    Episode 124
    PREVIEW: The guests wreak havoc at Lexie's baby shower; Shawn makes Belle jealous; an engagement is announced! SUMMARY: Brandon and Sami run into Lucas and Will in the apartment corridor and Sami announces her engagement. Will is happy because he really likes Brandon and wishes Lucas would marry Denise. Lucas is forced to admit he broke up with Denise; Brandon takes Will upstairs to a play date and Sami takes the time to rub her happiness in Lucas's face. Lucas is confident Sami will screw it up with Brandon and tries to cool down by calling Nurse Deb. Meanwhile, Brandon returns to have a play date of his own with Sami, but she freaks when he tells her that Lexie is having a baby shower and he heard about it from one of the invitees -- Eugenia! Marlena, Hope, Jennifer and Maggie throw a small baby shower for Lexie at Tuscany. Eugenia arrives a little late and feels uncomfortable, given the circumstances. Sami crashes the shower and is relieved to find out that Eugenia hasn't said anything. Marlena pulls Sami aside and tells her she's not invited, but Lexie tells Sami she can stay. She tries to upstage Lexie by announcing her engagement, but is quickly deflated as Marlena and Lexie admit they already know. Sami wonders why Marlena thinks she'll mess things up with Brandon this time and confidently declares that they will live happily ever after. Lexie is equally as confident that the wedding will never happen... Mickey instructs Shawn to talk to a waitress at Tuscany, who's reluctant to give a deposition for the Ben Wells case. Shawn corners the waitress and charms her until she agrees to give the deposition. Belle watches on as Shawn talks to the girl and is impressed at his power of persuasion. She reminds him about the viewing party for the second episode of Love is Blind tonight at the pub and remains tight-lipped when he asks who won... Roman and Kate come to the pub and are recognized from Jack and Jennifer's show. Grandpa Shawn and Caroline greet them, overjoyed to see Roman so happy. Caroline gets a moment alone with Kate and tells her Roman was hurt badly in the past and she doesn't want to see him hurt again. Kate is nervous about withholding her secret past from Roman and he can see she's upset when he returns... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9552
    Ep. #9552
    Episode 123
    PREVIEW: Lexie makes a mysterious call; a desperate plea is made on Jack and Jennifer's show; Belle & Shawn exchange purity rings SUMMARY: Lexie comes to Sami's apartment to see Brandon and is surprised to see Eugenia about to knock on the door. Lexie asks what she's doing there and Eugenia admits she's come to tell Sami something about the paternity test, but Lexie is embarrassed she ever had the test done and doesn't want Eugenia to mention it again. Meanwhile, Brandon goes to see Roman to ask for Sami's hand in marriage. Roman gives his blessing and Brandon returns home just in time to overhear Eugenia tell Lexie that she can't keep quiet any longer. Brandon questions Eugenia, but Lexie shoos her away. Alone with Lexie, Brandon tells her that he's going to propose to Sami. She thinks he can do better, but wishes him well. Later, Lexie makes a mysterious call to someone and says she stopped Eugenia from telling Brandon about the paternity test. Meanwhile, Sami gets a message from Brandon to meet him at Tuscany. She arrives at the deserted restaurant where Brandon reveals a romantic table for two. Sami exuberantly accepts the ring and proposal... Jack and Jennifer do their show on weddings and have wedding planner Audrey Simms on to show them some tips on dresses, cakes, and the reception. Audrey, Maggie and Jennifer all model different wedding dresses for the camera. Meanwhile, Kate is waiting for her delayed flight as Roman continues to try to reach her. Another passenger listens to Kate's relationship woes. Roman gets an idea of how to get in touch with Kate and barges in on Jack and Jennifer's show. He makes a tour-de-force plea and proclaims his love publicly for Kate on the show, asking her to hurry to the show if she still returns those feelings. Kate catches the show and rushes to Jack and Jennifer's house just before the show ends, and Roman/Kate come together in a melting kiss... As Shawn talks to one of his teammates about sex, Belle has breakfast with Sami at the Brady Pub. Sami pries about Shawn and Belle's sex life and Belle is a little uncomfortable hearing how great the sex is with Brandon. Later, Belle meets up with Shawn and tells him she's bought a purity ring, which she plans to wear until she and Shawn are ready to make love, which they plan to be their wedding night... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9551
    Ep. #9551
    Episode 122
    PREVIEW: Chaz is taken into custody; Sami and Lucas are forced into a compromising position; Kate prepares to board a plane for Europe. SUMMARY: Tony, Marlena, John, Bo and Hope all head to the DiMera Mansion after Shawn's call to Bo, asking him to get there immediately. They're all shocked to learn that Belle was almost poisoned by a drink meant for Shawn. Bo gets a sample of the tainted drink and sends it to the station to be analyzed, only after grabbing Chaz and putting an APB out on Vin. Chaz is hauled into the police station and Shawn gives a statement to Roman. The drink report comes back confirming that the drink had been drugged with a potentially lethal drug. Chaz honestly claims that he didn't know what was in the drink and agrees to cooperate with the police. Bo is rocked and furious when he learns that Vin has disappeared... Lucas and Tony run into each other at the upscale brothel and are surprised to see the other in such company. Tony takes off when Marlena calls him about the party at the mansion and Lucas tips his companion. Lucas goes home and is pulled into Sami's apartment; she panicked because she's home alone and heard a noise on the fire escape. Lucas investigates and discovers the noise is coming from something Will left out there. Sami joins him on the fire escape and the window gets jammed shut. Lucas feeling contemplative, talks about how he's changed since the coma, but Sami shatters his mood. Their conversation quickly escalates, but at the end neither is able to admit that they truly want the other dead. Finally Lucas gets the window open and Sami hustles him out the door... After realizing that he loves her, Roman tries to get in touch with Kate, but she's not answering her cell phone; Kate is at the airport, preparing to leave for Europe. Roman gets caught up in the aftermath of the attempt on Shawn's life. He tries to call her again later and she chooses not to answer the phone as she prepares to board the plane... Summary contributed by aish16moreless
  • Ep. #9550
    Ep. #9550
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #9549
    Ep. #9549
    Episode 120
    PREVIEW: Marlena sides with John; the dating show continues to cause tension; Roman realizes his love for Kate - but it may be too late!


    If anyone is interested in writing a summary for this episode, please contribute your work using the contribute button ( + ) in the upper right hand corner. The only thing that we ask is that the summary needs to be your creation. Anyone who does contribute will be given the credit at the end of your summary. Any questions, please email me at Craig has finished removing the Phoenix tattoos from John, Cassie, and Rex; Tony wishes there was some way he could remove Stefano's influence from his soul, but John is certain that's impossible. John is still angry with Tony for trying to kill him and they have a score to settle; Marlena intervenes as the confrontation escalates in the trauma center. Advertisement Tony takes off and Marlena tells John she wants to have a drink - at Echelon! They go to the club and surprise Tony; Marlena is thrown as she sees Tony's club open for business and is absolutely disgusted. Later, Tony heads to an upscale condo and he makes love to a prostitute. At the same time, Marlena tells John she believes what he's revealed about Tony and knows Tony did try to kill John... Cassie hosts a raging party at the DiMera Mansion for the premiere of "Love is Blind." Mimi tries to get through to Rex, while Shawn is not thrilled at the prospect of Belle going on a date with the hunk. Meanwhile, Chaz arrives and Cassie throws herself at him, which Belle frowns upon when she witnesses it. They watch the show and everyone is hollering when Cassie is the first to be eliminated from the show. Vin secretly arrives and watches Shawn and Belle in an intimate moment as he plans to get his revenge on Bo by hurting Shawn... Bo mouths off to the press about the Salem PD and the recent drug bust. Hope tries to convince Bo to let the system do its job, but Bo is wary and vows to fight for justice - with or without the support of the Salem PD... Roman catches the beginning of "Love is Blind" and then meets with Ops. Roman's been recruited by Shane to test a new truth serum drug and Ops administers the test. Under the serum, Roman imagines being on a game show and has to choose his true love - Kate or Marlena? When he comes to, he realizes that he truly does love Kate. Unfortunately it may be too late, because Kate is at the pub planning to leave Salem for Rome...moreless
  • Ep. #9548
    Ep. #9548
    Episode 119
    PREVIEW: Chloe is finally released from the hospital and Brady has a special surprise for her; John and the twins go to have their tattoos removed; Mickey offers Shawn a job. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Chloe is on her way home after finally being released, but before she goes, she asks Craig to gather all the doctors and nurses so she can give them her sincere thanks since they helped save her life. They all wish her well and Brady and Craig take her home and there is a "Welcome Home Chloe" banner hanging for her. Nancy brings Joy to see her and Chloe can't wait to hold her. Nancy then takes Joy upstairs to put her down for her nap and Craig gets beeped to go back to the hospital. Once alone, Brady and Chloe share a tender kiss. Brady then tells Chloe he has a surprise for her and tells her he will make her dream come true to sing on stage. Chloe explains that she has all the time in the world to do that and he proceeds to tell her that he bought the Blue Note for Titan. She's a bit overwhelmed and a little reluctant when Brady tells her that he's arranged for her to sing there. Nancy returns and Chloe says she is going to check on Joy but Nancy says she is sound asleep. Chloe says she just wants to look at her and heads upstairs. Brady and Nancy discuss Chloe's reaction to Brady's news, and Nancy tells him it's a good thing he didn't tell her all of it. She just might be more than a little nervous if she knows that they invited Cecelia Marin to come and listen to her sing... Tony's is at Club Echelon before it opens and Marlena bursts in and blasts him for trying to kill John. Tony lies to her and he swears he left the Titan Gym before the tremor hit and John was fine when he left. It is clear that Marlena doesn't believe him so he suggests that John hallucinated what he saw from the extreme heat in the sauna… Meanwhile, in an alley outside of town, Vin and Chaz meet up to discuss the party and Vin has Chaz call Cassie to confirm the party for tonight. Cassie and Rex are having breakfast when Chaz calls Cassie and when Cassie is vague with the details of her phone call, he is suspicious of what she is up to. Rex doesn't get the chance to question her because John comes in and tells them he is here to help them be free from the DiMera curse. They are both curious and wonder what he means. He explains that he has set it up for all three of them to have their tattoos removed. The twins think this is a good idea and the three of them leave. Bart overhears part of the conversation and sees them leave together, so he calls Tony, who is still with Marlena, and tells him that John has taken the twins to the hospital, but he doesn't know why. Tony tells Bart to tail them, he will be right there. Tony turns and blasts Marlena, accusing her of distracting him for John so he can take off with the twins. Marlena insists she doesn't know what he's talking about and he takes off and Marlena follows him. John, Cassie and Rex have arrived at the hospital, and Craig meets them there and they get started. He does John first and then Rex. Cassie is a little leery of the needle but goes through with it. Craig is just finishing when Marlena and Tony burst in. They realize that they have all had their Phoenix tattoos removed and Marlena blasts John that that wasn't his place… Over at Dot.Com, Shawn and Belle are there and see Shawn's Uncle Mickey and join him for some coffee. They talk and Mickey tells them that he has been unsuccessful in his attempts to subpoena Mayor Shepard regarding the Ben Wells case. Shawn and Belle offer to help because no one will ever suspect college students to serve the mayor. Mickey reluctantly agrees and after making some phone calls, they learn the mayor likes to have lunch at the Echelon Club. They arrive and Belle distracts the security guard so Shawn can open the door to the private room. Once the coast is clear, Shawn slips into the room and sees the mayor eating. They mayor recognizes Shawn from the baseball team and tries to make small talk and Shawn tells him he is here to serve him and hand him the subpoena. Belle and Shawn quickly take off and they are thrilled that they accomplished the mission. They return to Dot.Com and tell Mickey mission accomplished and Mickey offers both of them part-time work in his office. Belle declines; as she has an internship at Basic Black for the summer but Shawn accepts. Mickey hands them an envelope and tells them it's their first paycheck and he leaves. Shawn opens it to find a great deal of money inside and they decide to celebrate with some mochas… Over at Jack and Jennifer's, their show takes airs again and Jack's new viewer-chosen look is unveiled – dressy but casual with no tie. They discuss all the happenings in the city including the earthquake and they have a safety expert come on with some tips on preparing for an emergency. When they close, Jennifer tells the audience and Jack that on the next show, they are going to plan their wedding...moreless
  • Ep. #9547
    Ep. #9547
    Episode 118
    PREVIEW: John reveals to Marlena that Tony tried to kill him; Eugenia has a hard time keeping Lexie's secret; Rex attempts to unlock his DNA. SUMMARY: **from** Tony is having a nefarious business meeting at Echelon when John arrives and works his way past the guard. He catches Tony off guard and confronts him about leaving him to die. Tony assures John that he'd rather have him alive and feel the same pain that Tony felt when John stole Kristen away from him. John goes for Tony's throat and is pulled away by the security guard. Meanwhile, Marlena tries to analyze her feelings for Tony as she spills her emotions onto her tape recorder at work. John comes to see her and reveals that Tony tried to kill him... Brandon checks in on Lexie in the trauma center and remembers coming to the hospital with Fay and Paul after Paul had beat both of them during a fight with Fay about her affair with Abe. Meanwhile, Sami struggles to convince Eugenia not to tell Brandon that he is really the father of Lexie's baby. Brandon heads down to the chapel and prays to God not to harm Lexie or her baby. Lexie's contractions miraculously cease and Abe and Lexie are overjoyed. Abe goes down to the chapel to pray and implores Brandon to give up this feud. Lexie spots Eugenia and calls her into the cubicle, inquiring about her earlier conversation with Sami. Eugenia evades the question and runs into Brandon; she has a hard time keeping the truth from him, but she does. Sami hopes she's muzzled Eugenia permanently, but Eugenia's not sure how long she can keep the secret... Rex confides in Cassie that he wants to unlock his DNA and find out all he can about his intelligence and abilities. Cassie's concerned because if he investigates his DNA, he will most likely crack her code as well and she's afraid what he may unearth about the two of them. Rex is undeterred, believing that the self-knowledge will empower them both...moreless
  • Ep. #9546
    Ep. #9546
    Episode 117
    PREVIEW: John's spy skills pay off; Ops rescues Lexie but her baby's life is in danger; Roman risks his life to save Kate. SUMMARY: Still trapped in the sauna at the Titan gym, John exhausts himself trying to get free. He realizes there is a connector on the inside to the thermostat and using his spy skills, he frees the cover and manages to disconnect the heat. He then uses all of his strength and tears a board from the bench and uses it to break the window and pry the machines and weights away from the door – he's free! Shortly thereafter, Ops arrives looking for him and John tells him that Tony left him there to die… Meanwhile, at the hospital, Tony runs into Marlena in the elevator as they head to find Cassie and Rex. Another tremor hits and the elevator gets stuck and they are trapped between floors. Marlena asks Tony about John, knowing they were together earlier but Tony covers and says the last he saw John was at the gym and he managed to get away before the last tremor hit. He tells Marlena what a bad guy John is because he picked a fight with him earlier but Marlena notices the bump on his head and confronts Tony but Tony says his is fine. They continue to talk about John and just as Tony suspects Marlena is onto him, he uses his injuries to distract her by saying he feels light headed. Marlena comforts him - she has Tony lay down and stretch out and put his head in her lap. Tony is playing the moment and realizes what is going on and smiles, but the moment ends shortly thereafter because the elevator starts up again. The two part ways; Tony wants to go look for Cassie and Rex and Marlena says she is going to find John. Marlena is clearly unnerved by her time alone with Tony... Over at the DiMera Mansion, Lexie is still trapped in the pit and she tries desperately to escape. She realizes something isn't right with the baby and cries out in prayer that she not be in labor. Ops has arrived at the mansion to check things out since no one is home and he hears Lexie crying. He rushes to the pit and sees that Lexie is trapped and she begs him for help because she's pregnant and thinks she's in labor. He manages to get Lexie out of the pit and calls 911. He returns to Lexie and she begs him not to leave her. He hears the ambulance approaching and disappears before Lexie has a chance to thank him or even get his name. Lexie is then taken to the ER and her contractions are becoming more intense. An officer told Abe about the 911 from the DiMera mansion and he meets Lexie at the hospital. He soon sees Brandon and orders him to stay away from Lexie. Dr. Bader is called in and confirms that Lexie is in labor and they will try to stop it, but if they can't, there is a chance the baby may not survive... Across town, Kate is still trapped in the building and cannot get the elevator to work and the door to the stairway is stuck. Roman has managed to figure out that Kate must still be trapped in that building and goes upstairs in the building next to it to try to calm Kate and to help her get out. She will have nothing to do with him carrying her across a dangling line connecting the two buildings. Roman tells her this is her only chance and she fights him with everything she's got. He tells her to trust him and tries to calm her with a passionate kiss. She continues to struggle, but Roman has her tied up and at to the window and she begs him not to let go of her. He promises just as she faints, as she mentioned earlier she was afraid of heights. He makes a joke that that will make it easier and he takes her and they both make it safely to the other building. Roman then wakes Kate up and he insists that she get checked out at the hospital. She tells him that she is fine and once she is all back together and realizes what just happened, she is furious with Roman because she thinks that he would rather risk his life than admit that he loves her... Brady and Nicole rush Victor to the ER and the words "cardiac arrest" are being thrown around and this worries Brady. Nicole tells Brady get out of there and to go visit Chloe, but he tells her he is staying until they hear about his grandfather's prognosis. Once he gets word on Victor, Brady does go to visit Chloe. Brady tells her he cannot believe that she risked her life to find him… Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon return to the hospital and Sami lays into Eugenia for interrupting Brandon's proposal to her. Sami tries every chance she gets to convince Brandon to leave so they can go back to the retreat and he can "finish that question he started earlier". Brandon quickly shoots her down every time saying he is needed here. Sami is also very worried that Eugenia will tell Brandon about her changing the paternity test results and threatens to tell on her for screwing up another patients lab results if she spills the beans. A little later, a light that was loosened from the tremors breaks from the ceiling and almost hits Eugenia, but Brandon sees this and pushes her out of the way. Sami is unnerved by this as she saw the whole thing happen. Sami is even more panicked when Eugenia tells Sami that Brandon saved her life and she owes him so she wants to tell Brandon the truth…moreless
  • Ep. #9545
    Ep. #9545
    Episode 116
    PREVIEW: Tony leaves John to die; Lexie goes into labor with no one to help her; Victor's life is in danger. SUMMARY: **from** John's trapped in the sauna after the earthquake because of a fallen weight machine and Tony is unconscious outside the sauna. He finally wakes up and John asks for his help, but Tony flatly refuses. John can't believe Tony will leave him to die and Tony retorts that John would've let him die at the island compound if Marlena hadn't forced John to help him up from the pit. He's forced to reluctantly admit that Tony is right. Tony turns up the heat in the sauna before he leaves John there to die... Lexie wakes up trapped in the pit she fell in on the DiMera grounds. She cries out for help when she realizes her cell phone isn't working. Meanwhile, Abe's concern rises because he still hasn't made contact with Lexie and he's inundated with police business at the station. He sends cops out to search for Lexie, but no one can find her. Back in the pit, Lexie feels a contraction and fears she's in labor... Roman is increasingly concerned about Kate and realizes she could still be in that abandoned building. He goes to the building across the way and calls out to Kate, promising to save her. He shoots a line through the window of Kate's building and attempts to rescue her... Chloe is frantic when she can't locate Brady after the quake and goes down to the trauma center to search for him. She collapses and Craig finds her, takes her back to her room. Meanwhile, Nicole recovers from the accident, but Victor and the driver are still unconscious. She can't open any doors because of the tree on the car and it looks like Nicole may kill Victor while she has the chance. Before she can do anything, Brady arrives and pulls them from the car. Victor is in serious condition and they must get him to the hospital now... Belle/Shawn/Mimi volunteer with victims at the hospital, while Cassie/Rex discuss Rex's responsibility in the disaster. Rex revels in the power as Cassie helps a young girl who is alone. Later, Mimi, Belle and Cassie see a provocative promo for the reality show and Shawn fears this is just the beginning of their reality craze...moreless
  • Ep. #9544
    Ep. #9544
    Episode 115
    PREVIEW: Tony and John argue about how to catch Rex's kidnapper; things shake up at the penthouse party; Brandon's proposal is interrupted. SUMMARY: John and Tony are both at the Titan Gym waiting for the kidnapper to make his move and John gets a call from Ops, who is outside the gym. Tony tells his men to wait for instructions from him. The guys are ready to kill the kidnapper but Tony tells them to be patient and he will inform them when they can take care of him. Tony then gets out of sight by entering the sauna, and is more than a little surprised to find John in there. John informs Tony that they are both there for the same reason – because Rex has been kidnapped. The two are distracted when another tremor hit and it knocks the trashcan with the money over. They see the kidnapper going for the money and even though John tells Tony not to try and grab him, Tony insists on doing it his way and yells for his men to grab the kidnapper. Another tremor hits, this time it allows the kidnapper to slip by Tony's men and he escapes. John assures Tony he has it under control and he calls Ops and tells him to grab him. Ops is ready for him and manages to get him, handcuffs him and alerts the police. John and Tony argue about the operation and John accuses Tony of staging the kidnapping to impress Marlena. Tony says he has no idea what he's talking about but John says this was all his fancy way to worry Marlena and then be the one to return Rex to her. The argument is cut short when a more serious tremor hits and Tony is knocked to the floor and is unconscious; and John is thrown into the sauna and several weights and machines are lodged in front of the door and John is unable to get out… Cassie has freed Rex and they head to the tunnel to check out the laser. Cassie is a little freaked out by all of this and Rex realizes the laser has created a crevice underground and may have affected a fault line. Cassie is still unsure what any of this means and Rex explains to her that he was trying to turn coal into diamonds with the laser. He reaches and turns it off and says he hopes he turned it off in time… Meanwhile, Belle, Shawn, and Mimi show up to see Marlena at the penthouse. Marlena fills them in on what happened to Rex and they all worry. Rex calls Marlena and lets her know he is safe and they all rejoice. Marlena asks him to come by, so he and Cassie stop over and it leads to an emotional reunion between Rex and Marlena. Marlena offers to fix everyone lunch and Cassie gets a phone call from Chaz, who is, unbeknownst to Cassie with Vin, and he asks Cassie if she can swing having that party at her house that night. Cassie says her friends will never go for it if they know he is involved so Chaz tells her to tell them she is throwing the party for the premiere of the dating show. Chaz tells Vin they are set and Vin is happy to know that Shawn will be attending the party. Cassie then invites Belle, Shawn and Mimi to "her party to watch the dating show". They all agree, as they could use some fun and something to take their minds off of things. Just after that, the big one hits and everyone screams in horror as the penthouse shakes... Abe brings Celeste into the ER because he found her with a sprained ankle from taking a fall during one of the tremors. Celeste is more worried about Lexie because Abe says that he still hasn't heard from her, and she's not at home or answering her cell phone… Brandon and Sami are at the resort and Brandon is preparing to propose to Sami, but they're interrupted by a call from Abe, wondering if Brandon has seen Lexie. Sami fears that Brandon will want to go back to Salem to look for her, but Brandon tells her that he thinks Abe is overreacting and tells her he is not going anywhere. He starts to propose again, but this time they're interrupted by a phone call from Eugenia and she tells Brandon that Craig has ordered all available personnel to come in. Brandon agrees to return home, but Sami urges him to finish asking her the question he wanted to, but the moment has passed and they pack their things up to head home... Meanwhile, Celeste is released from the ER and Abe gets called back to the police station, unaware that Lexie is unconscious at the bottom of a pit on the DiMera grounds…moreless
  • Ep. #9543
    Ep. #9543
    Episode 114
    PREVIEW: Tremors rock Salem! Rex and Cassie have a psychic connection; the quake shakes Nicole and Victor; Lexie gets trapped. SUMMARY: **from** Cassie is a wreck because Rex has been kidnapped and insists Tony save him now! The kidnapper tells Tony to drop the money in a trashcan at the gym. John also gets a call from the kidnapper, demanding a million from him as well. John tells Marlena about Rex and promises that he will handle this on his own. Meanwhile, Rex is tied up in a warehouse and begs the kidnapper to release him so he can stop the tremors. The kidnapper leaves and Rex tries to connect with Cassie through a psychic connection. She feels Rex's danger and manages to track him down. He urges her to untie him so he can stop the earthquakes, but another one rumbles through and Rex fears it may be too late. Back at the penthouse, Marlena calls Ops and implores him to help John with this kidnapping situation. John makes the drop at the gym, but slips into the sauna to wait for the kidnapper to make his move. He's surprised when Tony shows up and realizes Tony was tapped for money too. Before anyone can make a move, the gym is hit with more tremors, frightening everyone there... Kate is surveying new office space in an abandoned building and Roman tracks her down, advising her against the place because it is in bad shape. Kate and Roman fight about their relationship and she insists he leave. They both have fantasies of what they want: Kate wants Roman to commit, while Roman wants a commitment free relationship. They are both jolted out of their fantasies by a tremor and Roman worries for Kate's safety in the old building... Victor and Nicole are driving to the symphony together when Victor begins to share his regret about their failed relationship because of Nicole's infidelity. Nicole is thrown and privately saddened by everything Victor reveals. As the earth shakes in Salem, a tree falls on their car... Lexie visits Abe at the station to talk about Palmer's fate, but Abe is concerned that Lexie is out with all these tremors and urges her to go home. She thinks Abe is overreacting and insists on going for her daily walk. As Lexie strolls along the DiMera grounds, an earthquake hits and Lexie tumbles into a pit...moreless
  • Ep. #9542
    Ep. #9542
    Episode 113
    PREVIEW: Rex gets kidnapped and his experiment ruined; Chloe is nervous about other women in Brady's life; Hope comforts Bo in the sauna. SUMMARY: Nancy, Craig, Chloe and Brady are talking and Craig gives Chloe the good news - that the transplant took! She is going to be fine. Chloe breathes a sigh of relief and then Craig tells her that she can go home tomorrow, but she has to promise to adhere to strict guidelines to avoid infection. Chloe says she knows and she is just very happy. They celebrate with sparkling cider, but the celebration is cut short when Craig gets called back to work and Brady announces that he has to leave to go to a symphony fundraiser with his grandfather. He thought Chloe would be OK with it because it will raise money to keep music in public schools. She tells him to go and he promises to come back and tell her all about it. Alone with Nancy, Chloe tells her that she's afraid that Victor will try to convince Brady to break up with her, but Nancy reassures Chloe that he'll fail if he tries… Meanwhile, at the Kirikas mansion, Victor and Nicole are entertaining guests with drinks before they head to the symphony. Nicole spots an alluring woman who strangely resembles Chloe and realizes that Victor is trying to set her up with Brady. Victor does not confirm or deny this fact so once Brady arrives, Nicole takes extreme pleasure in spilling Victor's plot to Brady. When Brady confronts Victor about it, he tells Brady that he wants to set him up with Linda Browning professionally. As soon as Brady heard the name, he knew who she was and was thrilled because she's a major music executive. Brady agrees to speak with Miss Browning and Nicole cannot believe that Victor managed to pull off fooling Brady. Victor just makes a statement saying that is why he is who he is. One the way out, Brady calls Chloe, and tells her that she has nothing to worry about... Rex watches his laser on the monitor in his room at the DiMera mansion and talks into his recorder that he hopes this laser turns coal into diamonds. He is startled when Mimi knocks on his bedroom door and he doesn't notice when a drunk man wanders into the tunnel and knocks over the laser. Mimi tries to talk to Rex about their relationship. She says they don't have to be lonely anymore and Rex admits that he is lonely and says that's the way it has to be for now. Mimi realizes she is getting nowhere and storms off. Rex tries to stop her, but is unsuccessful. He goes back into his room and looks at the monitor and cannot believe it when he sees the laser pointing toward the ground. He rushes out to stop it… Meanwhile, downstairs, Cassie tells Tony that she wishes her mother would leave John so she can be with Tony. Tony acts suspiciously and Cassie wonders if he may have something up his sleeve. He denies this fact but Cassie still offers to help in any way possible, but Tony refuses. Rex comes running downstairs, and is headed out the front door when Tony stops him and lectures about the fact that Rex is spending so much money. He promises they will talk about it later and runs out the front door, leaving behind an extremely confused Cassie and Tony… Rex is headed toward the tunnel and he is crossing through an alley, and he is stopped and held at gunpoint by the guy who sold him the part for the laser earlier. He orders Rex to call Tony and takes the phone from Rex and when Tony answers, the guy demands a million dollars – cash for Rex's safe return. Tony agrees and tells him he will do whatever he wants him to do and he tells Tony he will be in touch with further instruction. Tony tells Cassie that Rex has been kidnapped and she freaks out, but at the same time, they feel the ground begin to rumble and Rex says "oh, no…" Bo and Hope are working out together at the Titan gym and Bo is still upset that Vin and Chaz are out on bail. Hope tries to comfort him and leads him into the out of order ladies' sauna, promising him they'll generate enough of their own heat and steam. As things get passionate, they feel the earth move - literally!moreless
  • Ep. #9541
    Ep. #9541
    Episode 112
    PREVIEW: John confronts Marlena and Tony at the gym; Vin uses Shawn in a plot against Bo; Belle visits with Chloe. SUMMARY: **from** Tony runs into Marlena at the gym and sees she's distracted. He tries to draw her out and invites her to talk to him at the juice bar; she's touched by his caring, but asks him to stop because it's confusing her. He is privately thrilled that he's getting to Marlena and learns that she and John had another fight. Meanwhile, John meets with Ops in the gym sauna and Ops tells him that Marlena is at the gym now and she's with Tony. He storms over to them at the juice bar and Marlena flies off the handle, accusing John of still spying on her. John points out he's always finding them together, but blames himself. He apologizes to Marlena for fighting with her and begs for her forgiveness. She can't resist his plea and she's stunned when John tells her that Tony has acquired Echelon and Marlena explodes, accusing him of exploiting women. She and John leave and Tony is furious with his brother... Roman and Bo argue at the police station about Bo's vigilante tactics at the stakeout the other night. Bo takes Roman to Ben Wells' gravesite and softens a bit when Roman insists on taking responsibility with Bo about Ben's death, because they could have prevented it by discovering Vin's operation months ago. Meanwhile, Chaz meets up with Cassie at DotCom; Vin joins them and learns that Cassie is tight with Shawn. Cassie wants to introduce Shawn and Belle to Chaz and Vin, but when she turns around, they are gone. Outside, Vin tells Chaz he's going to get back at Bo by exacting his revenge on Shawn... Belle visits with Chloe while Brady and Shawn talk at DotCom. Belle confides how happy she and Shawn are right now and Chloe admits that things are great with her and Brady as well. Belle goes back to DotCom and Brady goes back to keep vigil at Chloe's bedside. Chloe and Brady are anxious when they hear that Craig is coming to the hospital to explain her latest blood test results...moreless
  • Ep. #9540
    Ep. #9540
    Episode 111
    PREVIEW: Abe lashes out at Bo; Cassie, Belle and Mimi appear on Jennifer and Jack's show; Brandon surprises Sami. SUMMARY: Bo, Hope and Lexie are at DotCom as Abe reads Roman's report on the drug bust and isn't happy, so he calls Bo into the station on his day off. Abe reads him the riot act for jeopardizing the case because he tried to break into Vin's house without a warrant. Bo tells Abe that he did what he had to do and he believes that justice should come first. Abe is worried about Bo's actions and is scared that he will compromise future cases. Abe reluctantly tells Bo that Vin made bail and is free and this upsets Bo beyond words. Abe senses Bo's anger and warns him not to go after Vin... Jack and Jennifer are ready to go on the air with their next show, when Barry Schmenkmen shows up and says he is Ralph's brother, and he is the new producer. Belle, Cassie and Mimi are there to be guests to talk about the dating show they're doing. During the broadcast, Jennifer announces that viewers have voiced their concern that Jack's look is "boring, with a capital B" so they are going to test three new looks and the audience will vote on the best. Hope and Lexie watch the show from DotCom, where Lexie has revealed to Hope that she slept with Brandon. While waiting for Jack to come downstairs with his new clothing, Jennifer asks the girls who won the final date, but no one will give. Shawn tagged along for the ride and was watching from behind the camera and Jennifer uses that as a opportunity to ask him what he thinks about it and he bashes the reality show format and thinks that his "girlfriend" shouldn't be doing it. Jennifer then asks the viewers to give their opinion and to vote if they think Belle should do the show or not. When the results come in, it is a tie and Jennifer suggests the only way to work it out is to let Belle continue to do the show and see what develops. Belle can sense Shawn's jealousy and thinks that he thinks that she won the show… Meanwhile, Rex is still working on his secret project. As he continues to record his thoughts, he reveals it will be fully functional after he gets one more part... Brandon gives Sami an invitation to spend the weekend in the same suite at the resort where they made love for the first time. Will overhears their plans and blasts Sami that she can't go, as they were supposed to spend the weekend together. Sami assures him that she won't be gone long and says he can stay with his father. Will storms out and goes to knock on Will's door and she finds a girl there, Denise. Lucas tells her that she is a schoolteacher. Sami asks Lucas to keep Will, but he says he can't because he and Denise have plans. Meanwhile, Denise has quickly won Will over and she tells Lucas that it is fine that they keep Will and she tells him what fun they will have. Will then tells Sami that he is OK with her going away now, which hurts Sami's feelings. Sami barges out of there and finds Brandon at home and when she describes Denise to him, he goes running out and over to Lucas' apartment and color Sami flabbergasted when she learns that they went to college together and even dated for a while. They leave Lucas' apartment and Brandon can sense Sami's anger but tells her that he thinks Denise will be good for both Lucas and Will - which only raises Sami's anger. Sami tells him maybe they shouldn't go away, but Brandon insists they go. She agrees and she hears commotion in the hallway and opens the door and sees Denise and Will walking arm in arm down the hall and she locks eyes with Lucas as he stops to pick up he keys and they are both unsettled by Sami's look which could be taken as jealousy...moreless
  • Ep. #9539
    Ep. #9539
    Episode 110
    PREVIEW: Roman's jealousy surfaces; Kate unveils her past; things get wild when Shawn and Belle make up. SUMMARY: **from** John is shocked to see that Marlena has acquired a bug detector and he's less pleased when she reveals she got it from Roman. She admits her belief that John is so insecure about her relationship with Tony because of her history of infidelity. John counters that his feelings toward Tony stem from Tony's actions and nothing else. Marlena tries to reason with John and he agrees to work on coexisting with Tony for his wife's sake... Roman drags Kate back to his house to talk and reveals how jealous he felt when he saw Kate dancing with Tony at Tuscany. He accuses Kate of trying to retaliate by using Tony, but Kate claims she has nothing to get back at him for. Later, Kate demands to know why Roman can't tell her he loves her and he tries to hedge and distracts Kate by making love to her. Kate tries to talk to Roman and reveals part of her secret past as a hooker, only to realize that Roman is asleep. She gets dressed and rushes out of the house in tears... Rolf, dressed as Putnam, visits Rex at the mansion to check up on him. Rex is curious why Rolf is always so interested in his and Cassie's lives and Rolf finally blurts that he was the doctor who delivered both Rex and Cassie. Rex is surprised, but pleased to realize that Rolf is part of the DiMera camp and promises to show Rolf what he's been working on. After Rolf leaves, Rex goes back into the tunnel and makes some final adjustments to his device... Belle and Shawn are ready to reconcile and discuss how they can avoid the same pitfalls and patterns that always seem to cause problems for them. Belle promises to try being less reactionary; Shawn admits that he may forget sometimes to tell her the "little" things, but she has no reason to worry because he loves her. Belle tries to prove to Shawn that she can be a carefree spirit and accidentally starts a food fight in Hartley House...moreless
  • Ep. #9538
    Ep. #9538
    Episode 109
    PREVIEW: Marlena and Roman confide in each other; Rex plants his mysterious device; the dating game tears relationships apart. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Chloe tells Brady that Victor won't stop until she is out of his life, and that is what her dream was trying to tell her. He tells her that his grandfather has reservations against her, but he won't let him control him, but Chloe says he came between her and Philip. Brady is worried by this and reminds her that she is the one who broke things off with Philip, not Victor. Chloe agrees but says that Victor set the stage. Brady is unsettled by this and asks her what she means, does she wish she hadn't broke things off with Philip? Before she has a chance to answer, a nurse comes in to draw blood from Chloe. Brady asks if this can wait, but she says no it cannot. Chloe thinks something is wrong, but the nurse says everything is fine and explains that she is on a deadline because Dr. Wesley just has a rush on them. Brady returns after the nurse takes Chloe's blood. He wants to continue their discussion, but she doesn't. He says it is important and Chloe tells Brady that he doesn't understand how his grandfather feels about her. He says he does, and when she was with Philip, Victor didn't see her as daughter-in-law material, and he was right. She asks him what he is saying? Brady explains that Victor knew she and Philip weren't right for each other, but the two of them should think about maybe talking about getting married in the near future and he kisses her forehead. He tells her like it or not she is stuck with him. Later, he congratulates her on eating all her dinner. She wants dessert but he says that was the Jell-O. She is disappointed and he promises her whipped cream and chocolate sauce after she gets out of the hospital. He tells her he loves her and she falls asleep on his shoulder… Rex is wandering the underground tunnels of Salem with a flashlight and Stefano's map looking for coal. Eureka! He found it. Meanwhile Belle, Mimi, and Gabby head to the DiMera Mansion to pick up Cassie for the next taping. Cassie tells Mimi and Belle that they both look like losers in those outfits. Cassie tells Mimi to go upstairs and look in her closet to find something decent to wear. Mimi says she likes what she has on, and Belle says that Mimi looks beautiful. Tony shows up and is furious with them for arguing in his home. Suddenly, Shawn comes around the corner and asks to speak to Belle. She agrees and they head outside. Tony speaks with Gabby, who tries to come onto him. Tony says he's a very busy man, and they eventually leave. Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle are talking outside. Shawn tells her that he misses her, and says that they belong together. He says he knows that, and he thinks she does, too. He tells her that he is ready to change, and he asks her if she is ready to try and stop being so disappointed in him. Mimi, Cassie and Gabby walk past them outside and are telling Belle they have to go. Shawn is pushing Belle for an answer, they are yelling at Belle from the car that they have to get going. Belle runs off without answering Shawn… Later, after the taping is over, it's now dark out and they return to the DiMera mansion. Mimi comments that she loves the spotlight and Cassie asks her if she was leading her brother on? Mimi tells her no, but it is hard to make a relationship work when the guy keeps shutting her out. Rex and Shawn come in and Gabby comments that she likes what she sees in Rex. She asks him to be on the next show of "Love is Blind", which makes Mimi jealous. Rex isn't sure but excuses himself and heads upstairs. Mimi is unsettled and follows him upstairs and asks him why he is pushing her away. Mimi goes on about how great their kiss was, citing Hollywood couples as an example. Rex makes it clear he doesn't want to talk to her and closes the door in her face, and she ends up walking off. Rex then sneaks back out with a big duffle bag… Meanwhile, back downstairs, Shawn has pulled Belle aside and asks her to quit the show now. Belle doesn't want to bail this late in the show and says the "hunk" seems nice. She also says she signed a contract. Shawn tells her that he loves her, and he knows she loves him. He tells her he loves her body, mind and soul and she has him repeat it again. He says that he loves every thing about her, even that she's a perfectionist and knowing he's not perfect. All he can do is promise never to make that mistake again. Belle is touched and tells him that there is something she needs to tell him about the show. She tells him that she purposely did things to try to turn the hunk "off" because he is the only guy she wants. Shawn kisses her passionately. Belle tells Shawn that she wants to get back together, but it has to be different this time… Meanwhile, back in the foyer, Gabby is talking to Cassie about convincing Rex to do the next show. Cassie then offers to help Gabby find two other hunks on campus for the next show. Gabby seems pleased with this idea. A furious Mimi comes downstairs and vows to forget Rex and put all her energy into the show and where it will lead her… Rex returns to the tunnels and sets up his project, which looks almost like some hi-tech gun… At the gym, Marlena runs into Roman. She came looking for him because she needs a favor. He says he will help and she tells him she needs a bug sweeper! Roman asks if someone is spying on one of her clients? She says no, on her. She explains that John bugged her and she is upset that no one is giving Tony a chance to prove himself. She thinks fatherhood has changed him and it is unfair that John won't give him a chance. Roman says he understands why she would be upset, but he also understands where John is coming from. Marlena defends Tony because she thinks he is a changed man. Marlena then says all she wants is peace between her family and the DiMera's. She says she is tired of being spied on, and she asks Roman to help her… Meanwhile, over at Basic Black, John is meeting with Ops and they talk about how to get the goods on Tony. Ops has put a report together for John on all of Tony's companies. As John looks through the report he is shocked to learn that Tony now owns Echelon. He knows that is not Tony's cup of tea and he must be up to something. John thanks Ops and as they talk about their next step, we see Kate impatiently waiting in the lobby for John to finish his "meeting". She answers the phone and it is Tony – calling to ask her out to Tuscany for dinner. Kate agrees and Marlena has arrived just in time to hear Kate agreeing to meet Tony for dinner. Kate hangs up and Marlena admits that she overheard her making plans with Tony and asks about Roman, but Kate tells her they're over. Just then, Ops and John walk out of John's office and John apologizes to the "courier" for taking so long. Ops plays along and leaves. Kate gives John some paperwork to review. She asks if she can leave early, she has a dinner date. He tells her that's fine and she leaves. Marlena asks John if it gets easier to lie to people. He tells her if it's for the greater good. The two make dinner plans and Marlena suggests Tuscany, but wants to stop home to change first… At Tuscany, John and Marlena arrive and are seated just as they see Tony come in with Kate. John asks Marlena if she knew they would be here and if that is why she suggested Tuscany? Later, Maggie herself clears John and Marlena's plates, noting they hardly ate anything. John reminds her she hasn't answered his question. Marlena changes the subject and comments that she likes the food there, even though they didn't eat much. Coatless, Tony returns to his table and tells Kate everything's been arranged. Unsure if she's ready for the next move, he convinces her to live dangerously and takes her hand and pulls her to the dance floor. The two dance a very sexy tango in the middle of Tuscany and everyone watches. John and Marlena are more than shocked, and they see Tony seductively strokes Kate's arm as they continue their performance. Just then, Roman shows up and is furious! Marlena spots Roman and excuses herself and she tells him he should just talk to her, but he says he only came here to give her the bug sweeper, and he shows her how to use it. She thanks him and tells him that Kate really does love him. Roman declines and walks off and Kate and Tony continue dancing. Tony tries to kiss her, but she pulls away. Marlena returns to John, and she apologizes to him and says that she hates fighting with him. Meanwhile, Kate thanks Tony for the dinner and the dance, but it can't happen again because she is in love with someone else. Tony offers to walk her to her car, but she tells him she will be fine and heads out the front door. Bart comes in and tells Tony he has the address he wanted and they head out back to the limo… Outside in the parking lot, Kate goes to give her parking ticket to the valet, Roman interrupts and says she will be going with him. She asks him what he wants? Roman says he wants to settle things once and for all. She refuses, but the tells her he could always handcuff her again and she reluctantly agrees… Elsewhere, Tony knocks on a door and out walks a beautiful blonde dressed in very sexy negligee. She hands him a drink, they kiss and they go inside… John and Marlena return to the penthouse, and he comments that she is being so quiet. She tells him that she isn't sure about his secret life. If they can keep talking they'll be okay. They agree it's a good time for the making up part and they begin kissing. They get very passionate and her purse gets accidentally knocked to the floor and the bug sweeper spills out. He picks it up and asks her what is this?…moreless
  • Ep. #9537
    Ep. #9537
    Episode 108
    PREVIEW: Shawn has a heart-to-heart with Alice; Palmer reminds Lexie of her past; Shawn and Belle have a close encounter at the gym. SUMMARY: **from** Jack and Jennifer's show is a hit as Bo and Hope watch from Tuscany and witness the live arrest of Carson Palmer. After Bo leaves for the station, Shawn has a heart-to-heart with Alice and rushes off, motivated. Hope and Maggie play with Zack and Hope leaves after talking with Alice. At the station, Bo has a confrontation with Vin; he breaks the news that Palmer has been arrested and Vin threatens Bo. Abe and Roman rush in to pull Bo off of Vin as he tries to choke him. Lexie tells Palmer she's disgusted with him, but feels a twinge of guilt when he reminds her that she hasn't always been a model citizen. Later, Abe overhears Vin making a threat against Bo and Roman; he tells them about the threat, warning them to watch their backs. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer wrap up their first show on a complete high. After the crew has cleared out, they begin to make love... Roman goes to see Kate, but things don't go well as Roman admonishes her for her declaration of love over the police band. Kate thinks Roman is a typical male and they leave things strained as he storms out. Belle commiserates with Kate and they go to the gym to work out and blow off some steam. They run into Hope and Shawn there; Hope admits to Kate that she feels like she needs direction in her life, while Shawn can't fight his feelings for Belle and pulls her into a scorching kiss... Brady visits Chloe in the hospital and Craig reveals that Chloe is finally out of isolation. He's hopeful about her recovery, but Chloe is not so optimistic about the future. She confides her fear that Victor will try to break them up, especially now that Brady is going to work for Titan, but Brady tries his best to reassure her... Tony overhears Rex asking Bart about the secret tunnels under Salem. Rex has to cover and goes upstairs to work on his mysterious project, while Cassie is in the living room entertaining friends. They pressure her to throw a party at the mansion and she promises to think about it. Tony almost catches her drinking with her friends, but she sneaks them out the back door and offers Tony's associates the drinks from the used glasses. Later, Cassie goes upstairs and tries to find out what Rex is up to, but he shuts her out. She goes back downstairs and Tony reveals that he knows she's still doing the dating show against his wishes, but she has Tony wrapped around her finger as she convinces him to agree that she can continue with the show...moreless
  • Ep. #9536
    Ep. #9536
    Episode 107
    PREVIEW: Jennifer and Jack's first show shocks Salem; Shawn grows concerned about Hope; Kate offers Belle an exciting opportunity. SUMMARY: At Basic Black, Brady arrives to talk to his father, who is in the midst of a meeting with Kate. Kate excuses herself so the two of them can talk. Brady starts off by thanking John for giving him time off to be with Chloe, especially after he begged him for the job. John can tell there is more on Brady's mind than that and he tells Brady just to spit it out, so Brady says that he is quitting. He goes on to explain that he helped Chloe make a list of things she wanted to do and that got him thinking about his own life. He says that beyond the superficial perks of his job there, he hates it. John says they both knew that he wasn't going to make it his career. John tells Brady he did a good job, and hopes that he has a plan and asks him if he's going back to school? Brady says no, he's going to work for Victor at Titan. John tells him no way. John tells him that he doesn't want him working for Victor because of his "other" dealings. Brady tells him that he made sure what he would be doing was legit, and that Victor would never put him in any danger. Brady also points out to his dad that he isn't the safest person to work with either because of his own dealings with Stefano and Tony. John realizes Brady is making sense, and Brady asks for his blessing and John slaps his arm and wishes him luck. John then asks Brady what he is going to do at Titan? Brady says perhaps starting a music division and John wonders maybe creating a record label so he could sign on new talent like Chloe? Brady says maybe and now that the Blue Note is up for sale, that could be a venue to showcase new talent. John knows Brady will be a success and make his mark upon the world. Brady then asks John how things are with Marlena and the twins. Brady says he hopes that Marlena has an easier time with them then she did with him. John tells Brady he's very proud of him and knows his mother would be, too… Meanwhile, Belle comes in to also see her father and she is obviously upset about something. Kate runs into her in the lobby after leaving John's office and she tells Belle that her dad is in taking to Brady right now. Belle says that figures - because she's always waiting in line to talk to her parents these days. Kate and Belle end up back in Kate's office and they are talking about Belle's problems. Belle says she feels bad because her problems are so trivial compared to others – like Chloe. Belle opens up to Kate, and says she feels horrible about her behavior towards Shawn. Kate asks her if she wants to talk about it? Belle flashes back to the fight with Shawn over her panties and she explains to Kate what happened. Kate looks a little surprised and confused, but suggests that she talk to her mom about this. Belle says her mom already feels like a failure as a mom as is, so she doesn't want to bother her with this. Kate tells Belle that she used to be an advice editor and tells Belle to just let it all out and she'll see if she can help. Belle tells her everything. She tells her that Shawn is responsible and trustworthy with everyone but himself. She tells her that Shawn runs around half naked with girls at away baseball games. She doesn't know why he can't be responsible about his own life but he can when it comes to others. Kate asks Belle if it is possible that she has outgrown Shawn? Belle says she hasn't been acting all that mature either. Belle says that she needs something else besides school to balance her life and Kate has an idea. After commenting on how days of the week underwear are hard to find, and Belle agreeing with her, Kate calls it a retro fad and she asks Belle to help her research underwear trends for Basic Black. Belle looks confused and Kate offers her a summer internship at Basic Black… Later, Kate and Belle go to John's office and Kate introduces Belle to John as the newest employee. Belle tells John that Kate offered her a summer internship. John is happy and hugs both Belle and Brady and Brady tells him that he should feel better now that at least one of his kids will be working there. John winks at Kate and Kate smiles… Meanwhile, Lexie has arrived at Carson Palmer's office and he invites her in but before she can explain what she's doing there, he gets a call from the female officer contact at the police department informing him of Vin Ramsel's arrest. He apologizes to Lexie and rushes off... Over at the Salem Police Department, a surprised Shawn arrives to see his father Bo and finds his mother there. She tells him for once there is some good news. She explains that Bo made a big drug bust. Suddenly, Bo hauls Vin into the station. Vin is laughing at Bo and says some people in high places will make him pay for this mistake. Bo tells him that he is not scared. Vin refuses to talk without his lawyer present. Abe says it is a good idea to let Ramsel sweat a little, so Bo helps Vin up out of his chair, by grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt and tells him he's going to sit in a jail cell for a few hours to contemplate his miserable existence before he goes on record. Vin head-buts Bo, and Bo punches him in the face and slams him down on the desk in front of everyone, including the DA, who has just entered, and tells him that he is playing by his rules now! He turns him over to the officers who take him to his cell. Carson Palmer applauses and everyone looks at him. Bo asks Palmer if Ramsel will ever see jail time. Palmer plays it cool and says that it depends on if Bo followed the law. Abe snaps that Palmer owes Bo a thank you for catching Salem's most dangerous criminal, not a reproach. Palmer coolly makes an exit, but runs square into Lexie who was waiting for him in the hallway… Lexie tells Carson that she knows he is in trouble and she may be the only person who can help him. Carson looks interested and Lexie explains that she heard that Jack and Jennifer are going to be starting their talk show today, and they are going to discuss the Vin Ramsel case. Lexie plays it cool and explains to him that she is worried that they will expose confidential information which will cause the case to be thrown out and that could blow his ability to prosecute him. Palmer appreciates the tip, but asks why she is telling him this? She covers again and says she's about to have a baby and wants the world a safer place and she wants to make their neighborhood a safe place. She then throws in there that she has known him since high school, so, why wouldn't she tell him? Carson agrees to check it out and Lexie says that she knows a short cut and will drive him over there… Over at Tuscany, we find Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Zack having lunch. Bo tells them about Jack and Jennifer's show going live today. Hope says she didn't even know about the show. Bo says he has sources that let him know about it, and they will have a "special" guest. Maggie offers to bring a TV over to their table so they can watch it. Hope comments that Shawn is quiet, but he says he is just hungry. Hope tells him he should call Belle and invite her to join them, but Shawn quickly nixes that idea. She asks him if something happened between him and Belle? Shawn covers and tells her no. Maggie then brings over the TV and they turn on the show… Over at Jack and Jennifer's, Jack is shocked when he returns home just before their first show is about to air. The living room is filled with the crew and Jack is going on and on about how the show was supposed to take place in the studio. Jennifer tries to calm him and explains that "Hannah's Household Hints" contract wasn't picked up so they needed to start today, LIVE. Jack is rambling on a mile a minute and Jennifer tries to keep is calm and says that Ralph has everything under control. They strip Jack down and cover him in make up and he frets. Jennifer is sure that making funny comments should be easy, as only Jack can do that. Jennifer and Jack rush to the front door and the countdown begins. They are on the air! Jennifer introduces herself as Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux as her husband, well, her ex-husband. Jack is nervous and just stands there and listens while Jennifer attempts to run the show. Jennifer tells the audience that they used to work for the Salem Spectator and that they thought a talk show format would be fun. She turns and finishes buttoning Jack's shirt for him as he manages to utter single syllables and asks her if the opening song will be used all the time? She explains that it is their theme song, so yes, it will. Jack makes it known that he doesn't like it. Jennifer jokes and tells him if they get cancelled and picked up again, he'll get to choose the next theme song. He says he needs 24 hours to prepare, mumbling that this is a deal breaker. She agrees with the 24 hours and shakes his hand to seal the deal as they smile going and break for a commercial. Ralph is off camera, hiding his face in his hands and shaking his head in disbelief… During the commercial break, Jack promises to be better when the doorbell rings. Jennifer tells him that is their first guest and goes to answer the door. Jack realizes they're coming back and panics, but welcomes everyone back to his house, as Ralph keeps correcting him they're in the house. Jack then says that it is time for his pet peeve for the day. He uses his own "TA-DA" sound because there is no other sound effect available. Jack explains that his pet peeve is getting French fries at a fast food restaurant and you have to ask for catsup and then they only give you a couple. And man, are those things hard to open and they don't hold much. He demonstrates that you need to open with your teeth and warns "granny" to watch her dentures as to what you have to do to open the bags as Ralph cringes... Meanwhile, Jennifer has opened the door to find Palmer and Lexie and Palmer threatens to stop what she's doing. Jennifer covers and tells him that they have all the proper permits. He tells he knows what she is doing and he knows about her story on the Vin Ramsel case, and she looks at Jack in the distance doing the show. She tells them he's presenting some hard hitting news right now, as it's obvious he is showing how to open catsup bags. She invites Palmer to come inside and talk to the masses on their show. As journalists they feel it's their duty to present what they found out. Palmer declines, saying he doesn't want her to grill him on TV. Jennifer feels it's their right to say their thoughts then and tells Palmer he's right not to want to face Jack as he knows what a wild card he is. They turn and see Jack talking and waving hands at the camera. Palmer changes his mind, says it is the perfect time to set the record straight. He comes in and heads to the living room and Lexie whispers to Jennifer that she wouldn't miss this for the world and they exchange satisfied smiles and Lexie also heads to the living room. Jack is wrapping up and he tells the viewers to put about 30 packets of catsup in some boiling water for a lovely tomato bisque. Meanwhile, at Tuscany, Shawn wonders if they are going to talk about catsup all the time? Hope says they are probably just trying to make people laugh. Jack then sees Jennifer walking Palmer in and says they're going to commercial and will return with a very special guest. When they return, Jennifer introduces District Attorney Carson Palmer and Jack offers him coffee, tea or catsup? He quickly makes it known that he is not amused and they get on with the show. Jennifer and Jack right away mention Maria Annendel and Vin Ramsel and how they hope they'll be prosecuted. Palmer promises he will do just that. Jack then asks if Palmer knew about Maria's record when he was seen dining with her recently. Palmer is very uncomfortable and they tell him they know the full story. Palmer realizes that they are on live TV just as Jack tells him that they know he and Vin Ramsel are in cahoots and – ta-da! In walks Abe and arrests Palmer live on the air! Jack and Jennifer high five each other and Palmer realizes Lexie set him up. The Brady's are still watching at Tuscany, looking very satisfied. Abe has the officers handcuff Palmer as he reads him his rights, still live, on the air… Back over at Tuscany, we return to the Brady's after Abe has arrested Palmer and Bo said he wouldn't have missed this for anything…moreless
  • Ep. #9535
    Ep. #9535
    Episode 106
    PREVIEW: Kate turns to Tony to forget Roman; Bo arrests Vin; Jack quits the paper and Jennifer has a surprise! SUMMARY: **from** Tony receives a fax with a photo of Vin and he sends it to Victor, but neither of them knows who the man is or why he's hiding at Echelon. Tony wants to deal with it, but Bart reminds him that he has a lunch date. Meanwhile, Kate is finishing a business lunch at Tuscany when Maggie intercepts her and tells her she should watch the police news conference to see her boyfriend, but Kate retorts that Roman is her ex-boyfriend. Hope and Lexie are there for lunch and they talk Kate into joining them to watch the conference. Tony arrives with his lunch date, whom Kate recognizes as a head of a large investment firm, and he slides up to them, curious at all the excitement. Tony reacts when he sees a picture of Vin during the conference and realizes he's the man who's hiding at the club. Tony has a minion tell Hope where Vin is and she rushes to tell Bo. Kate is left alone with Tony and he suggests an idea on how to relieve her obvious tension. Kate is indignant at the proposition, but Tony assures his intentions are only honorable. Later, Tony and Kate collapse in the back of his limo, spent from some mysterious physical activity... Abe, Roman and Bo have spent the night interrogating Chaz, Maria, and chasing Vin, respectively, but they've all come up empty handed. Bo can see Roman is distracted and Roman admits that Kate snubbed him earlier; Bo thinks maybe Roman didn't respond to Kate's declaration of love because he doesn't return her love. TV crews arrive for a press conference held by Abe, who asks for the public's help in apprehending Vin Ramsell. Bo gets an idea while watching some old news footage of Vin and has a tape spliced of Vin mentioning Carson Palmer. He takes the tape to Maria and convinces her that Vin has been apprehended and he's talking. Maria spills everything and admits that Carson is on Vin's payroll. Hope bursts into the station and tells Bo about Vin's whereabouts. Bo rushes to Echelon and arrests Vin, while Hope, Bo and Abe celebrate back at the station... Jennifer is working on something secretive when Jack comes home and announces that he filed his story with the paper and then quit. Jack gets a call and rushes off; Ralph is panicked because Jennifer hasn't told Jack that their first show is today, or that the show will be taped in their living room. Jennifer gets an idea for a first guest and makes a mysterious call to Lexie, asking for a favor. Later, Lexie is at Jennifer's house receiving last minute instructions. Jack returns home, thunderstruck that his house is crawling with a TV crew and the show goes live today!moreless
  • Ep. #9534
    Ep. #9534
    Episode 105
    PREVIEW: Shawn tries to convince Belle to quit the show; Sami is fed up with Brandon; Marlena and John reveal secrets. SUMMARY: At the Hospital, Lucas pulls Sami from her receptionist job to make copies of material for his board meeting. She refuses, but Brenda tells Sami to do as Lucas says and she has no problem covering for her as she's use to covering for Sami's two hour coffee breaks. He wants 5 copies collated before the meeting starts, 3 hole punched and in covers. Sami is furious as Brenda tells her the main copier has been having problems and she'll have to double check everything. Brandon approaches Sami and she vents that she is angry that she has to be Lucas' errand girl, but Brandon tells her to be nice to Lucas because he has a lot riding on this meeting. He tells her that his department is hoping to get a chunk of money from the board. She agrees to be nice, but Lucas was lurking and suggests that she listen to Brandon. Lucas tells Sami that he can withhold money from Brandon's department unless she is willing to cooperate. She tells him that she won't kiss his butt, but he tells her she might have to. Later, the board meeting begins and Lucas explains that Mrs. Horton Victor Kirikas won't be able to attend. Sami arrives with a coffee tray and Lucas offers coffee to the rest of the board and orders Sami to pour it. He warns her what might happen to Brandon's money if she doesn't go along. Sami argues, but goes along and pours their coffee. Lucas is enjoying watching Sami squirm and he asks her for individual lumps of sugar and then some milk. He intentionally bumps her arm and makes her spill the milk, then yells at her for it. She tries to control her anger and keeps her cool and wipes up the table and Lucas then asks her for a muffin, saying she can call it a day after getting it. She brings the muffins over and goes to leave just as she overhears a board member commending Lucas for the email yesterday about all the money he allocated to Brandon's department! Sami is furious and approaches Lucas and chastises him for humiliating her. They go back to the nurses station and Lucas tells her he thinks they work well together and they should work together more often. Sami refuses to take orders from Lucas any more, and she swears that she will get him good! Brandon tries to break things up between them. When he learns what Lucas did for his program, he thanks Lucas. Lucas takes off, and Sami reams Brandon wondering how he can thank him. Brandon tells Sami that Lucas is not the one embarrassing her, she is doing that all on her own… In Marlena's office, she arrives just in time to meet with her new patient, Mr. Smith. He turns out to be John's ISA friend "OPS". Meanwhile, John shows up and Kelly tells him that Marlena is with a new patient. John tells her that he will wait for her to finish up. As he does, he notices a black briefcase on the chair in the waiting room and panics… Inside, OPS is talking to Marlena about how stressful his job is and how it is affecting his health. OPS says people at work make mistakes and then blame him because he is in charge of supplying his co-workers with equipment. Marlena is confused and says she really doesn't know how to proceed with therapy since she doesn't know what he does for a living. Suddenly, John bursts in and tells him that he doesn't want to answer that. Marlena is furious with John for bursting in, and by the looks John is giving OPS, she asks them if they know one another. OPS covers and shay he knows of him, everyone in town does. Marlena is interrupted by Kelly because one of her patients is on the phone. Marlena leaves, and John demands to know what OPS is up to. OPS says he was ordered to check out his wife. John is angry and OPS says that Shane said he would be but they need to know if Marlena knows John is ISA. Marlena then comes back and tells John that she already knows everything! Marlena says she has known for some time that he has been working for the ISA. She says she'll support him if this is something he feels passionate about. She just hopes it isn't a way to go after Tony. John says of course it is! OPS excuses himself so they can talk, and John tells Marlena that he feels Tony is taking over the family business. He then asks Marlena if she's okay with the fact that he's investigating the father of her children? She tells him to do what he has to do, and she will deal with the fallout if and when it comes. John has to call his ISA contact and assure him that security won't be breached by Marlena. John tells her he's only doing it to protect her and their family. Asking for a kiss from her favorite spy and makes light of the situation saying the safety of the free world depends on it. She smiles a little and agrees to do it for her country... Over at the DiMera mansion, Rex is sneaking around doing work on his project. Shawn comes to the door to see Rex, Eliana sends him upstairs. Rex hides a box under his bed before letting Shawn in. Shawn tells him he is there to return a book he left at the dorm. Rex hopes Shawn isn't mad at him for bailing on him. Shawn says he isn't. Shawn then asks Rex for some advice about Belle. Rex tells Shawn to take action before she hooks up with some other guy. Shawn thinks it is a little too soon for Belle to be dating again. Rex tells Shawn not to be so sure, and he tells him that she and Cassie are going to be contestants on that new show, "Love is Blind". Shawn doesn't seem happy and rushes out and Rex opens the box to find circuit boards galore in it. Later, Eliana knocks on his door and offers him breakfast. He refuses but asks in the future, she announce any of his guests. She apologizes and agrees. He pulls out a box and starts working on it. Later on, we see him check out a digital counter on the box, turn if off again and carefully puts it in his backpack… Over at Dot.Com, which has been turned into the TV studio, Belle, Mimi and Cassie are being beautified for the show. The producer shows up and gives them the low down on what is going to happen. Gabby encourages them to go crazy and wild, do whatever it takes to come out on top. She says after today, one person will be eliminated. She tells them that the two finalists will go on to have lunch dates with the hottie, and then he will make his decision. She also the hottie's face will be covered, so he can't see them and they can't see him. As they all begin arguing with one another, mainly over Cassie's outfit, Cassie notices the newspaper and reads that Chaz was arrested in a drug bust. She says this must be a mistake. Belle says that it is no shock to her that Cassie would be attracted to a criminal! Cassie warns Belle that she might end up in jail after all – for her murder! They soon begin to argue once again, and Mimi tries to break things up. The girls are then introduced to Randy, the director of the show. He tells them not to hold anything back once the cameras start rolling. He explains that the hottie will come through those doors and points to the doors and in comes Shawn. Belle makes a crack that she will forfeit but he comes over to her and begs her not to do this because he loves her. He says he knows she is mad at him, and doing this stupid dating show is no way to get back at him. Belle gets even angrier with Shawn, and she tells him that she will win this show! The show goes on the air, and Gabby introduces the three girls. She then brings in the mystery man, who is wearing a hat, a blindfold and a scarf over his face, as well as a sweat suit to cover up his physique. He talks through a microphone which alters his voice. The guy makes his choice, but we don't know what the choice was. Gabby tells the girls that they have to keep the choice secret until the next show. After the taping of the show, the girls do a photo shoot. Shawn continues to watch Belle, and he doesn't like how she is acting. During a break in the photo shoot, the host tells the three girls that next time the girl who lost will narrate the other two girl's dates with the mystery man, and it is her chance to be brutally honest about the other two. The photo shoot starts again, and the three girls begin to argue again. The photo shoot eventually winds down, but the arguing between Belle and Cassie keeps going. Shawn pulls Belle away from Cassie, and she lays into him! She tells him to stay out of her life, and walks off. Once alone, Shawn is hurt and knows they are in trouble. Then, Jordan, a girl from Salem U, sees Shawn and wonders if they can have a cup of coffee. He agrees and they head to the counter. Belle then comes back inside just in time to see Shawn and Jordan together and she can't figure out why she keeps pushing him away…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9533
    Ep. #9533
    Episode 104
    PREVIEW: Hope, Jennifer and Jack take down Maria; Tony demands Cassie quit the TV show; there is trouble between Kate and Roman. SUMMARY: **from** Bo chases after Vin's car, but gives up when civilian lives are put at risk. Roman brings Chaz into the station and tries to get information on the drug operation, but he doesn't give. Meanwhile, Hope finds Jennifer in an alley and they hide when Maria returns to the car with a big guy. In Palmer's office, Jack sneaks out to the corridor with some of the papers that would have been shredded before Carson can catch him and then confronts the DA, demanding he reveal what he's done to Jennifer. Carson is clueless and leaves; Jack checks his voicemail and gets the message from Jennifer. He gets to the alley in time to help Hope and Jennifer subdue Maria and her buddy. Bo returns to the station and tries to pump Chaz for the goods on Vin, but still to no avail. He dashes out of there when he learns of Hope and Jennifer's ordeal. Jack and Jennifer go to Vin's house and are stunned at the magnitude of drugs being confiscated. Abe searches Echelon for Vin, but doesn't find him hidden in a back room... Tony is happily surprised when Rex moves back into the mansion with Cassie. He's impressed and curious by all the scientific equipment his son has accumulated. Cassie announces her involvement with the reality TV dating show and is not happy when Tony insists she will not be on the show. She placates Tony and says she won't participate, but later tells Rex that nothing can change her mind. She orders him to keep her secret in exchange for her keeping his secret scientific experiment under wraps. Later, Tony gets a call from his bouncer at Echelon and learns that the police are casing the place for someone who is hidden in the club. Tony calls Bart and they head off to an undisclosed location... Palmer goes to the Blue Note to meet with the Mayor and do some damage control. Kate overhears him painting the Bradys as the bad guys and casually calls him on socializing right after the big drug bust. Kate hears about the shootout and that Roman was in the line of fire. She goes incognito to the station and witnesses his negative reaction as the other cops tease him about his girlfriend's declaration of love over the radio. Kate leaves without talking to him and abruptly hangs up when he tries to call her later...moreless
  • Ep. #9532
    Ep. #9532
    Episode 103
    PREVIEW: Jack and Hope try to find Jennifer; shots ring out at Vin's house; Belle, Cassie and Mimi audition for a TV dating show. SUMMARY: **from** Roman urges Bo to wait for backup, unaware that Vin already knows that they are there. Vin takes duffel bags full of money to his car and impatient Bo starts to move in. Chaz opens fire from the house and Bo/Roman are caught in the crossfire. Roman gets hit and goes down, but he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Reinforcements finally arrive and they arrest Chaz, but Vin escapes and Bo gives chase. Meanwhile, Hope and Jack find Jennifer's abandoned car in the parking garage. Jack tries her cell phone again and they discover her phone and purse underneath the car. Realizing Jennifer must be in danger, Jack and Hope split up to find her. Jack goes back to Carson's office and witnesses Palmer shredding documents. He distracts the devious DA and breaks into the office, stealing a couple of documents in the "to be shredded" pile; Jack is still there and it looks like he may get caught as he hears Carson about to re-enter. In the meantime, Jennifer wakes up tied, bound and gagged in the trunk of Maria's car. She manages to untie herself and forces her way into the back seat. She finds Maria's cell phone and calls Hope, who races to rescue Jennifer... Brady visits Chloe at the hospital and must talk to her on a phone because she's still in isolation. He tells Chloe that he's decided to accept Victor's job offer at Titan. He tracks his grandfather down at Echelon, and Victor is forced to explain what he's doing there. He covers about his meeting with Tony and is pleased to learn that Brady will take the job. Brady asks Victor again if the business is legit and Victor gives him his word. After Brady leaves, Victor discusses his legal and illegal business with Tony. Victor wants Tony to respect the old staff at Echelon, but Tony retorts that he plans to clean house there. Brady returns to Chloe, who's upset after Brady called her from the club. He protests that it was completely innocent and he finally gets her to break a smile... Cassie, Belle and Mimi wait to audition for the reality TV dating show. The producer/hostess witnesses the trio fighting and thinks they are perfect and exactly what the show is looking for. Belle needs some convincing, but finally agrees to be a contestant...moreless
  • Ep. #9531
    Ep. #9531
    Episode 102
    PREVIEW: Bo and Roman make an illegal entry; Jennifer is in danger; Rex decides to move home. SUMMARY: At the Hartley House, Cassie walks right into Belle's dorm room, which upsets her because Cassie doesn't live there anymore. Cassie tells Belle that since they are still family, she can still come visit her. Belle tries to apologize for their fight before, and then asks Cassie what she is doing there? Cassie says she is looking for Chaz. Chaz is walking past and happens to hear his name, comes in and tells Cassie about another party. Cassie tells him that it sounds like fun and asks him to call her. Belle gives him the cold shoulder and is rude to him. He tells Cassie that he is headed to the party house and will call her later. Chaz takes off, and Cassie lays into Belle for being so rude to Chaz and Belle tells her to get out if she wants to hang out with creeps like Chaz. Cassie leaves and heads up to Rex's room. Up in Rex and Shawn's room, they are doing homework and Mimi comes by, letting Shawn know that she wants some alone time with Rex. Shawn takes Mimi's queue and takes off. Once alone, Mimi tries to see what Rex has been working on, but he hides it from her. Mimi asks him how Cassie is doing, but he has been so busy he hasn't heard of her problems. She begins to fill him about Cassie's brush with the law. Cassie gets to Rex's room just in time to overhear Mimi telling Rex what happened with her. She finishes the story for Rex, and then she begs him to move home with her to the mansion. Rex thinks it might be a good idea, but Mimi lets it known that she doesn't like that idea. Mimi tells him that she doesn't want him to move because she won't see him as much. Rex assures her that she can visit him at the mansion. Cassie convinces Rex to start packing now. Rex thinks he could get more work done at home, but he's not sure. While Rex isn't looking, Mimi snoops at Rex's project, but when he sees this, he becomes upset and tells her to get away from his work. This makes Rex decide to move back home, and Mimi tells Rex that she doesn't have to visit him and leaves. Once alone, Cassie tells him that he made the right decision to move back to the mansion with her. Back in Belle's room, Shawn comes by and tells Belle they should try and settle this. Belle gets upset and tells him that she thinks they are just too different. She thinks they have tried so many times to make love, and it never happens, and she thinks there is a greater reason. Shawn thinks it is because of circumstances, but she says deep down in her heart she feels she doesn't want to make love to him. Shawn asks what can he do to prove himself, but Belle feels that he can't, she feels that they have no honesty and that they just don't belong together. Belle reminds him of the Jan situation. Shawn is upset that Belle won't let that go and Belle turns and picks up a box and gives him his ring back. He says fine, and that if she doesn't trust him, he will just find someone who does… Mimi goes back to Belles room, and both of them complain and moan about Cassie running their lives. Belle tells Mimi about the breakup with Shawn. They both celebrate as well as wallow in their singledom. Shawn returns to his room just as Cassie is leaving and he tells them about the breakup. Cassie returns to Belle's room to get some of her things and rubs it in Belle's face about her and Shawn. Then, Penny comes in with some flyers, telling the girls about a new reality dating show that is casting at Salem U. The girls read the flyers and all decide that they are going to try out… At the Brady house, Hope is still listening to the police band radio. She hears the officers at the station joke with Roman about his lady friend. They are calling him "Captain Romeo" but neither he nor Bo answer calls. This begins to worry Hope and Abe. Hope can't take it anymore and she calls Julie and asks her to come watch Zack while she goes to the station… Meanwhile, at the Police Department, Abe discovers that they have had no contact with Bo or Roman and Jack and Jennifer are talking about the show, and they see Carson Palmer come in. He is there to grill Abe about what the Brady Brothers are up to now. Abe orders Carson to get out or he'll arrest him for obstructing offers duties. Jack and Jennifer are listening from the hallway and hide as they see Carson leave. But before he leaves, he pulls a female cop aside and instructs her to keep him up to date, he wants to know what the Brady's next move is. She agrees and he leaves. Jack and Jennifer decide to follow him back to his office. Hope arrives at the station to see Abe, frantic, sure that something has gone wrong. She wants Abe to order backup, but he says that he can't spare anyone right now. She fears that Bo will try to do it alone. Abe tries to reassure her that everything is under control. Meanwhile, the female cop calls Palmer and tells him that the brothers are ready to move… Jack and Jennifer have followed Palmer back to his office and have caught him in a secret meeting. They hear him talking to someone but can't see who. Jack informs Jen that he placed the bugged pin he gave her in Carson's office so they listen. It's Maria with him and they talk about "taking care" of Jack and Jennifer. When Maria leaves, Jennifer follows her, much to Jack's protest. He is going to keep an eye on Carson. Down in the parking garage, Maria realizes she is being followed and sneaks up on Jennifer and knocks her out with her purse. We later see Jennifer tied up and gagged in the trunk of Maria's car… Meanwhile, on the stakeout, Bo and Roman snoop around the house. Bo picks the lock as Roman scolds him for doing this illegally. Bo knows this is a drug house, but Roman says they won't be able to use any of the evidence without a search warrant. Roman suggests an easier way, and they peer through an open window. When they look inside, they see a table full of drugs and Bo says "Jackpot". They hear a car pull up and they hide in the bushes. It's Vin and he goes inside and gets a warning call from Palmer, "code blue". Jack overhears this and heads to the police station. When he gets there, he tells Abe what he heard, but Abe thinks Jack has nothing. Jack says Jennifer will get the goods from Maria, but when he tries to call her, she doesn't answer. Jack begins to worry that something has happened to her… A while later back at Vin's, Maria shows up and tells him that she spotted the guys out front. (She remembered Bo from the other night). Bo and Roman make it back to the car and radio for backup and to tell Abe what they found. Abe says they have no available units right now and orders them to sit tight until backup arrives. Maria continues to fill Vin in and she tells him about Jennifer. He isn't too happy and tells her to dump her somewhere…he doesn't care what she does with her, do whatever it takes to get rid of her. Vin grabs a gun and says he'll take care of the cops. Bo and Roman are waiting for the back up, but it never comes. Meanwhile, Jack is still trying to call Jennifer, and still no answer. We see Jennifer again in the trunk as she comes to with a panicked look on her face… Back in the car, Bo becomes very impatient and mutters and moans about having to wait. He wants to rush the place and Roman tries to talk him out of it. They see Maria drive off and Bo wants to follow her, but another car pulls up. This time it's Chaz. He goes inside and Vin tells him that he got a "code blue" from Palmer and it's time to go to war. He opens a drawer full of guns. Bo and Roman see Vin come out of the house and stare at them and Bo says he can't wait any longer and tells Roman, "I'm going in" and jumps out of the car….freeze frame on Bo's face…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9530
    Ep. #9530
    Episode 101
    PREVIEW: Kate admits her love to Roman; Brady considers a job offer at Titan; Sami makes a secret call. SUMMARY: **from** Kate worries as she sees Roman and Bo packing guns for their stakeout at Vin's house. She tries to pull Roman aside and tell him that she loves him, but the words get stuck and she just tells him to be careful. After the guys leave, Hope takes Kate to her house to wait until the stakeout's over. Hope gets an idea and takes out the police radio and tunes it to the same channel Bo and Roman are using so they can ensure that their men are safe. Meanwhile, Bo and Roman note several people going in and out of the house and call in their suspicion that drugs may be involved. Hope hears Bo on the radio and greets him. Bo chastises her for being personal on the radio, but before signing off, Hope puts Kate on the radio and she finally blurts that she loves Roman. Before Roman can respond, Bo sees Vin leave the house and decides to move in. Roman tries to stop him, to no avail. Kate takes Roman's lack of response to mean that he doesn't return her love. She's convinced it's over and leaves Hope's house in tears... Brandon continues to try to get Sami to let him into the apartment and makes an attempt to knock down the door. He pretends to be hurt and Sami worriedly opens the door; he works hard to comfort and reassure her and they end up making love. Afterwards, they start to get into it again and Brandon admits he'll always be connected to Lexie's baby. Sami assumes he still thinks he's the baby's father, but he promises that he doesn't believe that. Alone, Sami calls Eugenia to make sure she hasn't slipped that the paternity test results were switched... Victor calls Brady to the mansion and offers him a job at Titan; he wants to groom him to take over one day. Nicole overhears and is livid that Brady is being fed by a silver spoon - again! Brady agrees to consider the offer and has a confrontation with Nicole on his way out. She presses him not to accept the offer, warning Brady that he is not qualified. Brady turns the tables by pointing out that Nicole had to sleep her way to the top of Titan...moreless
  • Ep. #9529
    Ep. #9529
    Episode 100
    PREVIEW: Cassie and Belle fight; Sami throws Brandon out; things heat up between Mimi and Rex. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Sami is on the phone taking a message from a doctors wife for her husband. Sami feels bad because her husband is having an affair and she doesn't even know it. A nurse points out that some women can't see what's right in front of them and motions to Sami that Brandon is with that pregnant woman again. Sami says he won't be with her for long and takes off. When she returns, she has a guy named George, who works in the pharmacy, over to meet Gwen. She introduces George to Gwen and it is obvious that she is trying to make a love connection between the two. She takes Brandon off to the side and says they should let them talk, but Brandon tells her that this isn't going to work. Sami hurries up and says what a crush George has on Gwen, but Brandon tells her that he knows she did this to get him away from Gwen. Lexie then comes up and says that, for once, she agrees with Sami. She thinks that Gwen and George look good together and they may make a beautiful new family. Brandon asks Lexie to excuse them, and drags Sami out to the terrace. She thinks he wants to make out, but he pushes her off and tells her to quit working him, he doesn't like it. Brandon then tells her that he will be Gwen's birth coach, and she should get used to it. Brandon goes back inside and goes over to Gwen and asks when the next class is, but Gwen tells her he doesn't need him anymore, George has offered to be her partner. Brandon looks very annoyed and Gwen thanks Sami for introducing her to George because they have so much in common. Lexie thinks this is funny and George and Gwen take off together. Lexie tells Brandon that it seems she won't be seeing him in Lamaze class anymore. She leaves, and Sami and Brandon make plans for lunch… At the Brady Pub, Shawn comes in and looks very tired. Lisa comments that he looks tired and he says he didn't sleep much. She offers to bring him his usual, and John comes in and sees him and goes over to talk to him. Shawn comments he is tired and John lets him know that he knows that he and Belle slept together, but Shawn quickly lets him know that nothing happened. Shawn is not in a good mood, and he's upset that Belle went to her father with their problems. Shawn wants John to know what happened so he doesn't cross examine Belle that they had a fight and she threw him out. John tells Shawn that maybe Belle was the mature one and men have to be patient and not push. Sami and Brandon walk by at that moment and Sami takes the opportunity to taunt John about how he "waited" for her mom. Brandon pushes her ahead to their table as Shawn takes his breakfast and assures John that he is not giving up on Belle, and takes off. OPS comes into the pub just as Shawn is leaving to talk to John, he has a delivery for him - a report on Tony DiMera. OPS tells John that Tony has a new security system, but he hasn't come up with a way to bypass it - yet… Alone at their table, Sami comments that John has some strange friends as she watches OPS leave right after John did. Brandon tells her to mind her own business. Sami finally asks what Lexie has that she doesn't? Brandon tells her that she is overreacting, and tells her that he just wants a rational discussion. She finally tells him she's not going to put up with him preferring to be with a married woman over her any more and rushes out. Brandon tries to stop her, but she runs off. Outside, as Sami is storming off, Lexie is walking into the pub and notices Sami running off. She walks in and asks Brandon what happened. He tells her that the problem is his fault and there is something that Sami doesn't know about. Lexie tells him secrets are no good and she wants him to be as happy as she is right now. Over at the Hartley House, Mimi comes to see Belle to get the details about last night with Shawn. Belle tells her that it was the worst night of her entire life. She explains that they had a fight and she kicked him out. Mimi asks what Shawn did? Belle says she can't say because it was over something stupid. Mimi assures her that she can talk to her and Belle does tell her that she was wearing her days of the week panties and Shawn made fun of her. Mimi says those are for everyday – not the first time you have sex! Belle continues and says the fight didn't end there, and she tells her about finding out about Shawn's partying. Belle says she and Shawn are just too different. Mimi doesn't know what to say, because she doesn't have any experience with this, so Belle decides to go home and talk to her mother. A little later, Mimi is still in Belle's room working on a paper, and Rex comes in. He says he is there looking for Cassie, but Mimi reminds him she got kicked out. Rex thinks she maybe came to get some of her things. Rex talks to Mimi about Cassie, and he asks her to try to be Cassie's friend. Rex tells Mimi that he thinks she is sensible and it would be good for Cassie. Mimi reluctantly agrees, and this eventually leads to a very passionate kiss. A little later, Shawn comes to Belle's room, looking for Belle, but he only finds Mimi and Rex. They have trouble pulling away from each other but when they do, Shawn eventually asks Mimi if she thought maybe Belle picked a fight with him so she didn't have to have sex? Mimi says that she doesn't think that sounds like Belle, but maybe subconsciously it was? Mimi turns and asks Rex, who tells her he goes to Shawn for advice about girls. Shawn leaves and Mimi asks where they were? Rex tells her that they have a problem. Mimi disagrees. He tells her that he doesn't want to do anything that will hurt her - look what happened to Shawn and Belle who were so close. Mimi assures him that she is not Belle and he is not Shawn and they being kissing again… At the Black penthouse, Marlena talks with Cassie. Cassie says that she feels like she is under a microscope and Marlena is studying her. Tony shows up and tells Cassie that the games are over, she is coming home with him now! Cassie refuses and Marlena and Tony step into the hall to talk in private about how to deal with Cassie. Marlena gives him some advice and they go back in to talk to Cassie, but Cassie is not cooperating. She says she is going back to her room and storms up the stairs. Tony is frustrated and Marlena tells Tony that he's finally become a parent. Belle comes in and is upset to find her mother having breakfast with Tony. Marlena tries to calm her but Belle says they will talk later – she is going up to her room. She won't stop ranting and stomping up the stairs long enough for Marlena tell her that Cassie is up there. Belle opens the door and is furious to find Cassie laying on her bed, going through her things. Cassie explains why she is here, and that John brought her here to be with her mother. Cassie quizzes Belle about how things are going at the dorm, and she says that Belle must be happy to be alone with Shawn. Belle tells her that she doesn't want to talk about Shawn because they had a fight. She says she came here to talk to her mom, but she is finding DiMera's everywhere. Cassie snaps at Belle that if Shawn were her boyfriend - then she would find better things to do with him than fight! Cassie and Belle then end up in a huge fight! They are attacking each other and rolling on the floor and Tony and Marlena hear the commotion and run up and break up the fight. Tony takes Cassie downstairs and Belle tells her mom that it is obvious if she wants any attention from this family then she has to act like a bigger jerk than Cassie! Meanwhile, Tony scolds Cassie for acting the way she just did. He tells Cassie that she is a DiMera and should be proud of her heritage. Cassie and Tony make up and hug, and she says she wants to feel like she belongs to someone. Marlena and Belle come downstairs, and Marlena tells Cassie that she is welcome there anytime. She thanks Marlena and hugs her, and gives a smug look to Belle. Cassie and Tony leave, and Marlena asks Belle what she wanted to talk to her about. Belle refuses to say anything and says that her coming here has been a mistake. She goes to walk out and her father is coming in and when he calls her, "tink", she bites his head off and storms out… Meanwhile, on the limo ride home, Cassie tells Tony how John and Belle are so close and she says that she needs that from him, too. She says that John rescues Belle and makes her feel safe. Tony says he won't promise to turn himself into John Black, but she'll always be loved and protected. He then says that if Belle Black's nose gets pushed out of whack, that's too damn bad. Cassie laughs... Over at Brandon and Sami's apartment, Brandon comes home and is surprised to find his bags packed and sitting in the hallway. He unlocks the door and tries to go inside, but Sami has the chain guard on the door. He asks her to open up and we see Sami crying her eyes out on the couch as he pleads with her to open the door… Back at the dorm, Shawn is in the hallway after just having come out of Belle's room and Belle has returned to the dorms and almost literally run right into each other. They share a common silence until Shawn asks her if they can talk. She just looks at him, doesn't say a work and walks right past him and into her room and closes the door. Freeze frame and fade on a hurt Shawn's face…moreless
  • Ep. #9528
    Ep. #9528
    Episode 99
    PREVIEW: Victor surprises Brady; Bill arranges Jack's gift to Jennifer; Bo gives Nicole a stern warning. SUMMARY: **from** Brady tries to put on a brave face for Chloe since it's the day of her transplant. Craig is assuring Brady that Chloe is expected to be weak as Nancy joins the duo. Brady gets a surprise visit from Victor; he offers his best wishes for Chloe and then cryptically tells Brady he wants to talk about his grandson's future, but only after Chloe is out of the woods. After Victor leaves, Craig, Nancy, and Brady go in to visit with Chloe before the transplant begins and each takes a short time to be alone with her. They all wait outside the room while the transplant begins and Brady takes Joy in his arms, praying for Chloe's life... Bo and Hope are having breakfast at the pub when Jack and Jennifer join them; they all agree to collaborate on the investigation of the rise in crime. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at the pub, unaware that Nico is following her. Before she can enter, Roman and Kate approach and the women get into a minor catfight. They all enter and Nicole is glad to see Bo, but Roman/Kate get to him first. Roman's cognizant that Bo abruptly ended the conversation at the table, but doesn't press the issue. Bo explains that he doesn't think Roman would approve of his tactics or partnering with Jack. As Jennifer tells Hope about last night at the Blue Note, they're interrupted as Jack gets an urgent call from Vern to get to the TV station immediately. Jack and Jennifer arrive at the station and learn that Bill has arranged for Jack's gift to be a talk show for Jennifer and Jack, since Oliver Wentworth owns the station. He introduces them to the station manager, Ricardo Diaz, and while they initially refuse, they quickly start to warm up to the idea. Back at the pub, Nicole finally corners Bo and tries to tell him of Victor's nefarious dealings, but before she can, Victor appears and foils her plan. Bo warns Nicole not to play him against his father again and Victor gloats that Nicole will never get the upper hand. Bo/Hope head to the police station and Abe reads Bo the riot act for breaking into the files and pursuing the gang investigation. Roman steps up for his brother and suggests that he remain on the case with Roman as his partner. Bo's forced to agree and they begin to prepare for a stakeout, while Hope and Kate worry about their men; Hope urges Kate to tell Roman how she feels about him...moreless
  • Ep. #9527
    Ep. #9527
    Episode 98
    PREVIEW: Bo goes to great lengths for info on Palmer; Jack regains consciousness; John bails out Cassie (literally)! SUMMARY: In Belle's dorm room, she and Shawn are getting hot and heavy. They are kissing and are well on the verge of finally making love. Shawn slowly caresses her body and he makes a wise crack that Belle is wearing the wrong day. Belle is confused and asks him what he means and he says her panties are tomorrows. She stops and says that since it is after midnight she changed them. Shawn thinks this is funny and starts laughing but Belle doesn't think it's so funny. Shawn chalks his laughter up to he is just nervous. Shawn has trouble quitting laughing and this sparks an argument. Shawn tires to get her to calm down and eventually suggests that they start over and forget about it. They begin kissing again, and Shawn is telling her how when he's not with her, he's always thinking about her. Even when he was away on his baseball trip he couldn't stop thinking about her, even with all the guys and girls coming in and out of his room all night. The "girls" part angers Belle, and she questions Shawn what he meant by that. Shawn says the other guys invited the girls over to party, and some of them stayed there all night. Shawn assures her that it didn't mean anything, he did nothing with them. Belle snaps at him that he should have told her about it if it was no big deal, but he still tries to assure her, but Belle has a hard time believing him. She gets up and opens the door and tells him to get out! He gets up, in nothing but his boxers and tells her that she is over reacting, but Belle doesn't think she is. She picks up his clothes and throws them into the hallway, but before either of them has a chance to say anything, a girl is passing in the hallway and she sees this and she recognizes Shawn. She comes in and Shawn asks "Amy, what are you doing here?" Turns out she goes to State and is here visiting. And, as it turns out, she was one of the girls in Shawn's room that night. She calls Shawn "Tarzan" because of their night of fun. Amy proceeds to tell Belle a story about Shawn jumping off the roof of the hotel into the pool in nothing but his boxers, but when he hit the water, he lost his shorts, and that resulted in him having to drape a little towel around him. She says that everyone chanted "Tarzan!" and he did the "tarzan" yell. She tries to get him to do it again, but he sternly tells her no. Amy goes onto say that after that is when he crashed, even though the party moved to Shawn's room. Belle tells Shawn that there is a side of him that she has never seen. She tells him that he must have grown bored with her, so he jumped at the chance to party with some sexy cheerleaders. She once again tells him to get out and tells him to go party with people who appreciate the real Shawn Brady… At Club Echelon, John is there and is quizzing Tony when John's cell phone rings. It is Cassie, she has been arrested for public drunkenness, and asks John to come help her. He wonders why she is calling him and she tells him that she doesn't want her mom or dad to know about this yet. John tells her he will be right there. John takes off and leaves Tony wondering where John is going in such a hurry… Outside the club, Jack regains consciousness and sees a pair of breasts in his face. He asks has he died and gone to heaven? The woman is Natasha and she pulls Jack up and into her breasts and tries to comfort him. Jennifer is standing by and sees this and tells Jack that he isn't dead, at least not yet. Jennifer confronts the woman and says that is her ex-husband and her current fiancée. Natasha says that's ok. Jack politely thanks Natasha, but says that he is taken. Natasha tells Jack to come see her when he wants a real woman and leaves. Jennifer just looks at Jack and he says he can explain. Jennifer says that is not necessary, she knows exactly what is going on between him and Natasha. Jack tells her it isn't what she thinks. He tells her everything – about how he got recognized and he called Bo, he was attached by the bouncer, etc. Jennifer tells him she will wait with him for Bo to return. They head back inside, and Jennifer is shocked by what she sees... In the parking lot in Bo's car, Maria has come onto Bo. She thinks he is cute and strong, and kisses him! Bo plays along at first but eventually tells her that is not what he's looking for right now. She says she thought he was looking for a good time, and he says yes, but a chemically induced one. He wonders if she can help. She tells him no at first until he gives her some money. She tells him she will see what she can do and she takes him to a house, and tells Bo to wait in the car, she will handle it. Bo doesn't stay, in fact she barely gets out of the car, and he is right behind her. Maria knocks on the door and Vin answers it and tells her the party is almost over - where has she been? Bo then comes up to the door and says he wants to party. Maria snaps that she told him to wait in the car, but Bo says he wants to party now. Vin asks Bo for references and he tries to get smart with him by naming some dead presidents but Vin tells him he won't sell him anything. Maria goes inside and Bo takes off, upset that he got nowhere. He returns to the club and meets up with Jack and Jennifer. He explains to them what happened and gives Jennifer the address to the house, so they can run a check on it. Bo tells them that he is going to look for some incriminating evidence on Palmer, and walks off. Jennifer wonders why a guy would come to such a club, and Jack says probably loneliness. Jennifer and Jack eventually leave to go home, and they express their happiness have one another and such a great relationship. They kiss and make love on the couch. Back at the club, Bo has gone undercover again to continue investigating. He ends up "picking up" Natasha. They sit at a table, order some champaign and begin talk. He tells her his name is "Norman" and he is a little nervous, this is his first time. She calms him and he wonders how she does it all the time. They talk some more and he eventually leads into the fact that she is so nice, unlike a woman he saw earlier, that he heard someone call "Maria". Natasha says that Maria is a hard one and anybody else would be fired for treating the guest that way, but Maria gets away with it. Bo goes on questioning, asking her if Maria has connections or something and Natasha wonders why he is so interested in Maria. He tries to cover, but she's not buying it and to says goodbye to Bo. Once again, he has gotten nowhere… At the police station, Cassie tries to explain to Abe what happened to her, but he is preoccupied with the fact that someone, who he thinks is Bo, has broken into his file cabinet. John gets there and heads into Abe's office, as an officer makes a phone call to someone to get down here because John just arrived. John walks into Abe's office and asks what Cassie did? He says Cassie was found drunk in public, and her and some other kids did some damage to Salem Place, but they haven't charged her with anything yet. Just then, enter smug Carson Palmer, who says that is just like Abe, always doing favors for his friends. He reminds John that he is an honorary Brady, so once again the Brady's are getting special treatment. Carson wants Cassie locked up, but John says she is a first time offender and isn't looking at any hard time. He also warns Carson not to cross him, otherwise he will regret it. Carson then takes off and Cassie is impressed. She realizes John really does care about her, and she is touched. John begins to lecture Cassie that she shouldn't be drinking because she's underage and it is a crime. Cassie is shocked that is all she is getting from him. John says that he knows a lot of this is new to her, and tells her that he thinks she's learned her lesson. Cassie says she has learned her lesson, and John offers to take her home. She thanks John and gives him a hug. Suddenly, in walks a very upset Tony. Tony says he followed John and demands to know what is going on. He wonders why he wasn't called. Abe explains what happened, and tells him that Cassie wanted John to be called. Tony asks to speak with Cassie alone and Abe and John step outside. Once alone, Tony lectures Cassie for embarrassing herself in public and for dragging his name through the mud. He tells her he is taking her back to the dorm, and he becomes more upset when Cassie tells him that she got kicked out. John comes back in and tells Tony to give her a break, she is just being a kid. Tony snaps at John that this is none of his business, but John says it is because he is a relative. Tony tells Cassie he is taking her home, but Cassie says she doesn't want to go home with him, she asks John to take her home with him so she can be with her mother. Tony tells her that she is not leaving with John. Abe asks John if Marlena is at home and he tells her she is so he allows John to take Cassie home to her mother. Tony then tells John he will not come between him and his daughter…moreless
  • Ep. #9526
    Ep. #9526
    Episode 97
    PREVIEW: Jack is attacked at a Gentleman's Club; Belle and Shawn begin to make love; Chloe has a terrifying dream that her sister is missing. SUMMARY: **from** Jack is at Echelon, an upscale gentlemens club, looking for Maria; he's surprised to see Tony DiMera there, as well as Lucas. Tony is checking out the club and Lucas learns that he is the new owner. Later, Tony is privately impressed as he witnesses Lucas saving a hostess from a rowdy patron; the hostess takes Lucas to a back room to thank him properly. Jack sees Maria is one of the exotic hostesses and tries to subtly pump her for information, but she recognizes him from the Blue Note and has him thrown out. Later, the bouncer discovers Jack still loitering and knocks him out cold... Belle/Shawn watch as Cassie angrily packs her things, anxious for her to get out so they can be alone. When Shawn goes with Cassie to get her luggage, Belle calls her dad and he realizes that Belle/Shawn are going to have sex. John isn't thrilled, but realizes there isn't much he can do to stop it. Belle assures him they will be safe and that they're ready for this next step in their relationship. Belle and Shawn are shocked when Cassie says she's going to a party tonight with Chaz; they let her go and things start to heat up as Belle and Shawn begin to make love... Brady is with Chloe when she has a terrifying dream that her sister is missing. Unable to calm her, he brings Nancy and Joy to the window so Chloe can relax. Brady lets Nancy visit with Chloe while he goes to see John. Meanwhile, Bo asks John to run a background check on Carson Palmer and reveals that he knows John is ISA. Brady comes in and they all decide to watch a ball game to avoid discussing their various issues. Jack calls Bo, who leaves the penthouse to tail Maria. When he gets to the club, he calls John and informs him that Tony is at Echelon. Brady returns to Chloe, finding her in much better spirits, while John heads out to see what Tony is up to. As Bo waits in his truck to follow Maria, she raps on his window, gets in, and opens her coat, revealing her naked body. John goes to the club and has a minor confrontation with Tony; they're about to come to blows when John gets a call from Cassie, saying she's just been arrested...moreless
  • Ep. #9525
    Ep. #9525
    Episode 96
    PREVIEW: Marlena accuses John of treating her like a criminal; Jennifer and Jack confront Palmer, but he plays it cool; Belle is stunned to discover that Cassie is completely recovered from her hangover. SUMMARY: At the Black penthouse, Marlena comes downstairs, adjusting her earring in silence. John approaches her and tells her that she came to bed in silence, and she has been cold and distant all day. Marlena is very angry about the bug John put in her purse and tells him that she does not like being treated like a criminal… Over at the Hartly House, Belle enters her room, only to find Cassie on the floor doing sit-ups. Belle is surprised that she is feeling so well. Cassie tells her that Chaz came by and he gave her a Prairie Oyster. It contained a raw egg and Worcestershire sauce that seemed to do the trick. Add that to a couple shots of whiskey and she's better. Belle says she cannot believe she would drink again after being so sick, but Cassie shrugs it off. She tells Belle that her and her boyfriend, Chaz, are going to a party tonight, thrown by some guy named Vin. Belle tries to reason with her, but she refuses to listen. Belle tries to call Marlena, but is told she will have to handle it herself, that it was not a good time. Belle hangs up and Cassie looks a little too pleased. Once Marlena hangs up with Belle, John tells her that he just wants to protect his family, but Marlena will not hear of it. She tells him he is irrational, and he says if that is what she thinks, he has nothing more to say. He turns away and she asks him where he got the bug, and wants to know what other little tricks has he acquired, but he is now silent. She talks about their relationship and how it has always being based on trust, and wonders what has happened to them? John says he must protect his family, no matter what, but Marlena will not put up with it. John asks why not, unless she has something to hide. They argue about Tony, and Marlena points out that she thinks John is afraid that Tony will take Marlena away from him, just like he took Kristen from Tony. John argues back, pointing out Tony's motives. Marlena has had enough and says she is going for a walk. She picks up her coat, and checks all the pockets, telling John she is looking for a tracking device. He assures her there isn't one and she takes off… Meanwhile, back at the Hartley House, Mimi and Rex are talking about math, and Rex offers to help her, but Mimi says could never concentrate, while looking into Rex's beautiful eyes. She tells him she could see into his soul through them, but he doesn't believe in something he cannot see. Chaz then comes downstairs, and they ask what he is doing there, and he tells them he is helping a friend. He tries once again to convince them to come to the party but they refuse again and they leave. Once he is gone, Mimi makes a crack about getting drunk, just as Professor Bahlah walks in and tells them he hopes they know that Hartley House has a zero tolerance policy for drinking, and you could be expelled from the house for doing so. They assure him they were talking about an off campus party they have no intention of attending. The professor asks Rex for some help and Mimi excuses herself to go find Belle. The Professor shows Rex a math problem the PHD candidates in his department cannot seem to solve, and a lot of grant money is riding on it. Rex agrees to take a look at it, but only if the Professor promises to give him all the tests he needs to graduate early, and that he speaks to his other teachers to get them to do the same. Since so much prestige and money is riding on it, the professor agrees, and Rex solves it in a matter of minutes. Bahlah thanks him, making a joke about his humor needing work, but his math talents are otherworldly. Rex gets upset and tells him not to call him "otherworldly" as he is not an alien. Bahlah assures him that it was a joke, and see, his sense of humor does need work. Rex relaxes and the professor offers Rex a job after his early graduation, but Rex says he has an experimental research project he wants to work on first. The professor seems interested and asks about it, but Rex refuses to say what it is, only that it is top secret, and that people will be blown away… Back upstairs, Belle and Cassie are now arguing about John, and Cassie remarks that John never liked the twins to begin with. Then they argue about Belle and Belle flashes back to the day she learned that the twins were her mothers kids, and Mimi comes in. Cassie quickly takes off for a shower, and Belle tells Mimi that Cassie is not going to ruin her night. Mimi asks if that means her and Shawn are going to have sex, but Belle doesn't say anything. When Cassie comes back in, they argue more about being sisters, partying, drinking, Chaz being bad news, and on and on… Rex has arrived but mostly just stands here and listens. Belle tries to talk to her, but Cassie refuses to listen to reason, and flounces off. Rex goes after her and they argue. Cassie tells him they may be twins, but she wants to find herself and discover who she is, apart from him. Meanwhile, Belle is having several flashbacks to various arguments she has had with Cassie over Shawn. Rex comes back in, saying he made no headway with Cassie, and wonders what they are going to do. Belle says she is through worrying about her, and she will stay out of Cassie's life… Downstairs, Cassie arrives in the lobby and she asks another student if they have seen Chaz, but the gal has not seen him. She asks Cassie how she is feeling, and says that she heard that she has a bit of "the hair of the dog". She tells Cassie that she has more if she wants it, and she pulls a cold can of beer from her purse. Cassie thanks her, and the gal leaves. Cassie looks relieved and she opens the can, just as Professor Bahlah comes over to her looking for Rex. He realizes Cassie is hiding something behind her back, and when trying to hide it, Cassie drops the opened can, he sees that it is beer and reminds her of the zero tolerance policy, and says he will have to report her. She tells him that she can explain… Jack and Jennifer arrive at Carson Palmer's office and they pretend to be exterminators, telling Palmer's secretary that the place is overrun with mice. She says that she hasn't seen one, and Jack then holds up a dead, white mouse up by the tail. The gal screams and runs out. Jennifer smiles, and opens her purse, and Jack puts it in her purse. Inside his office, Carson is on the phone, telling someone that Bo Brady and Jack Deveraux are getting too close…just as Jack and Jennifer burst in. Palmer is angry, but Jack and Jennifer start right in with questions about the woman he was with. Palmer covers and says he picked her up at the bar. Jack and Jennifer know that is a lie, and tells him that they know her name and ta-da! She is a woman he prosecuted in the past! He then digs himself in deeper and says he was just picking up an attractive woman, but later recalled prosecuting her, so that was the end of it. He then orders them to leave, which they do, but not before promising to be back for the truth. Jack and Jennifer return to the Spectator, excited to know they are getting close. Harold comes in with a file, filled with more goodies on Palmer. Jack and Jennifer study it and discover that Palmer is excellent at raising campaign money, but doesn't account where it all went. Jack has an idea to "shed more light" on the situation, and they take off with some mini flashlights. Later on, back in Palmer's office, he is on the phone with Maria trying to warn her, that Jack and Jennifer know who she is and to stay away from him. He goes to leave and gives his secretary Carol some explicit instructions, of which we do not hear. He leaves, and Jack and Jennifer are hiding around the corner, and they try to sneak in, but are stopped by Carol, who is on to them now. She tells them she knows they are Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux, two reporters at the top of Palmer's blacklist! They leave but hide around the corner again and once Carol is gone, they try once again to break it, only this time they are stopped by a security guard. Jack covers and says he is a process server who was unable to deliver a summons, and wanted to leave Palmer a note. The guard tells him too bad and tells him to call and leave a voice mail message. Jack pretends to leave, and he and Jennifer go back again. This time, Jennifer takes off a brooch, and picks the locks on both doors. They get into Palmer's office, and Jennifer gets an idea to hit the redial on the phone to see who Palmer may have called after they left. A sexy voice answers "Club Echelon". Jennifer quickly hangs up, and Jack tells her that is a "Gentlemen's Club". Jennifer wonders how he knows that. Jack quickly changes the subject and says he will go and tells her to go home to Abby, he will see her later. Jennifer wishes him luck, but no luck with the ladies. He tells her that she is the only lady he wants to get lucky with. They kiss and he tells her they have all the luck in the world, and he leaves. Once alone, Jennifer tells him to be careful…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9524
    Ep. #9524
    Episode 95
    PREVIEW: Bo listens to Jack's theory that Carson Palmer is in league with Salem's new crime boss; Hope helps Jennifer with her Palmer probe; Sami gets upset when she witnesses Brandon talking with Lexie at the hospital. SUMMARY: **from** Jack goes to Bo with his theory that Carson Palmer is in cahoots with the new crime boss in Salem, and Bo admits that would explain why so many criminals are getting off easy. Carson interrupts them and announces that he'll prosecute the drive-by shooter. Bo/Jack know he's only doing it because he's under so much public pressure and Carson is privately determined to stop their investigation. Meanwhile, Hope goes to see Jennifer at The Spectator and help her with the Palmer investigation; they find a photo of Carson's mystery date at the Blue Note. They bring the photo to Jack and Bo at the station and learn that the woman's name is Maria Annendel, and she has quite a rap. Jennifer and Jack decide to confront the DA, while Hope is happy to be working so closely with Bo again... Victor goes to see Tony, who plays it cool by offering Victor a friendly game of billiards. He accepts and hustles Tony, winning the game; afterward, he demands to know what's on Tony's mind. Tony responds that it's time for Victor to repay him for calling off the threat on Larry Welch's life. Victor is curious and Tony shows him a piece of paper with his "price" on it. Victor doesn't want to part with the particular asset and Tony suggests they play for it. Victor agrees, believing he can beat Tony, but Tony wins the game, as well as the prized asset... Sami freaks when she sees Brandon talking to Lexie at the hospital. Lexie wants him to keep his distance, but before Brandon can reply, Sami interrupts them. Lexie lets Sami have it by revealing that Brandon has joined her Lamaze class. Alone with Brandon, Sami is incensed by this, but Brandon assures that it has nothing to do with Lexie. Later, Sami overhears Lexie thanking Eugenia for expediting her lab work and complimenting her work at the hospital. Sami privately warns Eugenia to keep her mouth shut about the paternity switch because no one can ever know that Brandon is the biological father of Lexie's baby...moreless
  • Ep. #9523
    Ep. #9523
    Episode 94
    PREVIEW: Brady maintains a vigil at Chloe's bedside; Bo vows to nail Ben Wells' shooter and find out why gang violence is on the rise; Belle and Mimi help Cassie nurse a whopper of a hangover. SUMMARY: It's a brand new morning in Salem and over at the Hartley House, Rex and Shawn are in the lobby playing video games and Mimi arrives with coffee and heads upstairs. Upstairs, in Belle and Cassie's room, Cassie is covered up in her bed moaning and groaning. Belle is watering her plants and she is tempted to pour water on her. Mimi comes in whispering and Cassie speaks up and tells them not to talk so loud. Belle walks over to her and uncovers her and Cassie asks for water. Belle smiles and hands the watering can to Mimi, who dumps it on her. Cassie jumps up and says that she feels like she is dying and needs a doctor. Belle tries to call Marlena, but can't reach her so she offers aspirin and water. Belle tells her that if she does this again, she will not take care of her. Mimi and Belle begin to lecture her about the dangers of… and Cassie cuts them off and asks if they are talking about sex, because she knows more than they do. Belle tells her they were talking about drinking with a guy she hardly knew and Belle tosses her the aspirin and a bottle of water and they leave for class, telling her to have a nice day… Back downstairs, Shawn asks Rex what he wants to do about breakfast and Rex goes into a speech about being bored with college and wants to get out there and experience life. He goes on and on about how people pretend to be your friends and then stab you in the back and you can't trust anyone. He says the golden rule should be "Do unto other before they do unto you". Shawn points out that he sounds like Tony DiMera talking. Rex defends Tony, saying he is the only one who has been consistent with them since being in Salem… Meanwhile, over at the Salem Police Department, Hope arrives with Zack to see Bo. Bo is in Abe's office on the phone with the parents of Ben Wells and he tells them that he will catch who did it. Just as he hangs up, Hope and Zack come in and Bo is glad to see them and picks up Zack and holds him tight. Bo rants that Ben died and the shooter was set free. Hope tries to comfort him and tells him that it wasn't his fault, but Bo is beating himself up. He says that there is something wrong with the system and the victims have no rights. He is very passionate and questions his own effectiveness and considers quitting the force. Hope gives him her support and leaves… Meanwhile, back at the Hartly House, Hope and Zack come in to see Shawn. She runs right up to him and gives him a hug and a kiss. Everyone oohs and aahs at Zack and Rex and Penny take Zack for a walk to show him off. Hope and Shawn talk and Shawn wonders what is going on. She tells him that she is disturbed about the gang shooting and the kid dying and just wanted to make sure he was okay. He assures her he is and she seems a little more at ease. They chat for a while and when Zack returns, covered in chocolate from some cookies, her and Zack leave… Belle and Mimi come downstairs ready to go to class. They run into Rex and Shawn and Belle and Shawn stay back and Mimi and Rex take off. Outside, Rex and Mimi run into Chaz, the guy from the pub the other night, who is looking for Cassie. Mimi tells him she is sleeping and another guy approaches from being and they learn he is Vin. They invite Rex and Mimi to a party, and while Rex seems interested, Mimi quickly turns them down. Once they are gone, Rex is upset with Mimi because he wanted to go and experience life… Chaz is walking the halls of the Hartly House and makes his way to Cassie's door. She opens the door, a little embarrassed and she can she that she is hung over. He tells her he has what she needs and pulls out a flask. Says she needs a taste of the dog that bit her... Over at the Hospital, Victor comes in and asks the nurse if she has seen his grandson, Brady Black. The nurse tells him to try Chloe's room and see if he can convince him to take a cat nap, or at least get something to eat. In Chloe's room, Brady is watching Chloe sleep and Isabella suddenly appears. Brady is more than surprised to see her, but she tells him that she is there to offer him support. She notices the butterfly he bought and reminds him how fragile they are. She reflects about when she was a little girl and trying to help a butterfly emerge from its cocoon and when she tried, it died. She tells him that Victor explained to her that sometimes things need to struggle to survive and live on their own. Just then, Victor opens the door and says, "Isabella?" Brady thinks he can see her, but he says that seeing Chloe lay there brought back memories of his daughter. He has flashbacks of Isabella's wedding day, and him giving her her mother's pearls and then of her telling him she has cancer. He tells Brady that he can very strongly feel her presence there. Brady looks at his mother, but she tells him that Victor cannot see or hear her. Victor apologizes for the way he treated Brady earlier and asks how Chloe is doing. Brady gives him an update and Victor asks if there is anything he can do. Brady appreciates the effort but says he feels there is nothing that he can do for her. Victor tells him about Isabella and says that they can keep her alive through their memories. Brady tells him that he can't help but look at Chloe and think how his mother fought the same battle, and Victor says he is proud of him. Isabella speaks to Victor, although he cannot hear her, saying she feels that Victor has changed and would hate to see him fall back to his old ways, but she has faith in him. She asks Brady for some help and Brady tells Victor that Isabella loved him. He goes onto say that he should let go of the bitterness and anger, because that is what Isabella would want. Victor talks about when Isabella died and the last time he saw her. He wishes he could hear her voice once again and Brady tells him that he can always talk to him. As Victor goes to leave, he turns and tells Brady that his mother lives in them. Victor walks out and Brady looks at his mother, who thanks Brady, and then she vanishes. He sits by Chloe and she wakes up, and apologizes to him for the way she talked to him earlier. She tells him that she had a wonderful dream, that he was always there. Brady tells her that now she knows it wasn't a dream... Outside, in the hallway, Nico rushes up to Victor, and tells him that Tony DiMera wants to meet with him…NOW. Meanwhile, back at the police station, Bo has dragged some kid named Tommy into the station for info. Bo reminds him that he is going to be an informant for them. Tommy tells him that there is someone powerful out there and if you are down with him, he can hook you up with what you need. Bo demands to know who it is, but Tommy claims he doesn't know. Bo tells him to find out and Tommy agrees, but only if Bo makes it look like he isn't volunteering info. Bo tries to resist and Tommy finally convinces him to punch him. Bo punches him right in the side of the face and then drags him outside and tells the other cops to get him out of there. Just then, Hope arrives back and they talk about the "Mr. Big" and Bo vows to find out who it is. He asks her to keep quiet and she asks what she can do. He only wants her to stay safe. She tells him she doesn't want him to fight it alone. As she leaves, she thinks that she will help him. She then calls her dad and asks if he and Julie would watch Zack for a while. They agree and she leaves. Back inside, Bo gets an urgent call and asks "how big?" He then tells them to get down there now – RIGHT NOW!…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9522
    Ep. #9522
    Episode 93
    PREVIEW: Cassie finds herself in over her head when she drinks too much and collapses at the pub; Belle and Shawn get hot and heavy; Sami fears Brandon is getting too close to Lexie; Marlena makes further breakthroughs with her memories of the twins. SUMMARY: **from** Tony, John and Marlena continue their interrogation of Rolf, which causes Marlena to recall the moment when the Twins were taken away from her and marked with their Phoenix tattoos. Rolf confirms that the Twins were part of Stefano's plan to ensure the future of the DiMera name and to create a more perfect DiMera. John wants to get Marlena out of the mansion, but she insists on time alone with Tony. As John gets the car, they bond intensely off everything they've learned. After Marlena and John leave, Tony sees Rolf has escaped and couldn't care less, because he's learned everything he needs to solidify his position with Marlena... Shawn and Belle show up at the pub, where Cassie, Rex and Mimi are still partying. Rex/Cassie are worried about Cassie hanging around an upperclassman, Chaz, who's surreptitiously giving her beer. Belle confronts her and suspects she's drinking, but Cassie denies. Meanwhile, Mimi asks Shawn to give Rex some pointers to help further their blossoming relationship. Rex picks up some techniques from Shawn and uses a couple of his lines, unknowingly suggesting he/Mimi leave for some time alone. Before they get out the door, Cassie collapses in a drunken heap. They bring Cassie back to the dorm and walk in on Belle and Shawn, hot and heavy... Brandon/Sami go to the Blue Note and Brandon blows a gasket when he sees Lexie and Abe there; he storms over and tells Lexie she should be home resting. Abe warns Brandon to back off. Meanwhile, Sami sits alone and Lucas comes along with a flight attendant he's picked up. She stirs trouble for him when she mentions the multitude of women he's been spending time with lately. Brandon returns and Sami is bent out of shape about Brandon's constant obsession with Lexie. She turns the topic to Lucas and Brandon suggests Sami/Lucas go into counseling together for Will's sake. Sami thinks Brandon should understand why she wants to keep Will away from a bad father, considering his own past with a horrible father, but Brandon tells Sami not to mention his dad. Meanwhile, Lexie overzealously reminds Abe he is the father of her baby and panics when he asks if there's ever been any doubt of their baby's paternity...moreless
  • Ep. #9521
    Ep. #9521
    Episode 92
    PREVIEW: Marlena remembers the past; Nicole attempts to turn the tables on Victor; Jack and Jennifer team up to investigate Carson Palmer; Kate woos Roman with a night of romance. SUMMARY: At the Blue Note, Jack and Jennifer walk in, ready to celebrate. As they sit down, she pulls out a bridal magazine, saying they have a lot of decisions to make. He tells her that the only part of the wedding he wants to talk about is the honeymoon, the rest of the wedding is her department. He tells her that he will read all the magazines later, even the ones that she has stuffed under their bed. Jennifer is giddy that he even knows about those. She proceeds to tell him about the call from her dad and Jack says that he knows that Bill wasn't happy to hear they're together again. She explains her dad is just concerned for her. They soon see Carson Palmer walk in with a woman who may as well have just walked in from the streets. Roman and Kate also arrive. As Roman and Kate are seated, Roman discovers that Kate had pre-ordered his favorite beer on ice, corn-nuts and BBQ corn chips. He is impressed that she did all of this for him. She just teases him that he loves the "blue collar cop" role. They enjoy each others company and he wonders how he will repay her for her thoughtfulness. He then says maybe he should pay some guy to stop the Penthouse Grill elevator between floors for a couple hours alone with her again. Jack tells Jennifer that Palmer will lose his title once he's finished with him. Jennifer then has to stop him from approaching Palmer just as Kate and Roman come over to congratulate them on their engagement. Jack asks them if they have wedding bells in their future and Jennifer tries to subtly kick him under the table and he stops. Kate just smiles and says that Roman, like all divorced guys, finds that wedding bell tones don't ring in their frequency. Roman then spots Palmer and Kate suggests they ignore him and return to their table. Roman can't stop looking at Palmer, but he is in his own little world at his table and hasn't managed to spot any of them yet. Jack tells Jennifer that you can't buy champagne and caviar on a DA's salary and heads over to talk to him. Jennifer tries to stop him, but she is too late. Palmer sees Jack, but tells him to leave as he is on a date. Jack asks her for her name but Palmer interrupts before she has a chance to say anything and asks Jack when he'll stop being a reporter. Jack says when Palmer will be stop being such a DA, and this causes Palmer to stand up. Jack learns that Palmer is planning on going into politics just as Jennifer escorts him away. Once back at their table, Jennifer notices that Palmer's date is doing all the talking and wonders why. Jack then says that he recognizes that woman from somewhere. They see her get up and Jack wants to follow her until they realize she's going into the ladies room, so Jennifer follows her. Once alone, Jack proudly says, "that's my girl". In the ladies room, Jennifer "accidentally" knocks the woman's purse to the floor and offers to help pick it up. Jennifer scoops up her belongings and goes to walk out. As she goes for the door, the woman tells "blondie" to stop. She says that her wallet is missing and tells Jennifer to give it back. Jennifer plays innocent, but opens her purse up anyway and acts surprised when she finds her wallet and returns it. The woman checks it and says that everything is there, and she leaves. Jennifer breathes a sigh of relief. Back at Roman and Kate's table, Roman is obviously distracted by Palmer's presence, and he excuses himself to talk with him while his date's away. Palmer tells Roman that he should have checked who was there before coming. Palmer tells Roman that he is keeping a close eye on him as well as his brother Bo. Kate walks over to take Roman back to their table. Palmer greets Kate and asks Roman how it feels to date Victor's ex-mistress. Kate stays cool and takes Roman away, but Palmer continues about Bo being Victor's son. He wonders if the Salem PD is in bed with the world famous Greek tycoon? Or maybe the Brady brothers are on Victor's payroll? Palmer hopes that Jack is listening to all of this and looks over at him and Jack waves in acknowledgement. Kate returns and very coolly, but very softly tells Palmer that men who talk big are making up for their own "deficiencies". Roman then pulls her away and says that he doesn't want Palmer targeting her too. He tells her that he will protect her, but she tells him that she is worried that it might cost him his career. Roman tells her not to worry about that and tells her that he wants to be with her now and in the future. He tells her that Palmer can take his threats and shove them. Just then, Palmer's date returns to their table and gives him a hug and kiss. Jennifer follows and when she returns to her table, she tells Jack what happened. She tells him that she tried to get her wallet, but she got caught and she says that she also found out what kind of a person she is, and she is and more then a "tad" cheap! Jack isn't sure what that means and Jennifer tells him that she would never be invited to the Salem's Woman's Club. Kate notices that Palmer is looking at them, but Roman says that Palmer's date is a dog compared to her and Palmer is just jealous. Kate tells him the woman is gorgeous, but Roman says she's not his type… Jennifer then asks Jack if Palmer is dangerous and Jack says that if Palmer feels that getting involved with pinky rings and a line of thugs backing him up would improve his career, that could make him very dangerous… Meanwhile, over at the Kirikas Mansion, Victor is on the phone threatening what will happen if a shipment doesn't arrive on time when Nicole walks in. Victor is dressed for bed and Nicole tells him that she's onto him and she's not going to let him get away with it. He wonders what she is getting at and she says that she had to walk in the cold from the garage because he changed the locks on her car to keep her prisoner there. He tells her to get out of his room and slams the door in her face. Victor then tells Nico to track down the "Mr. Big" in Salem. He says that he is glad that Bo came to him to see if he knew who this guy was, because he wants to improve their relationship by getting the information. He tells Nico that if this guy has any connection to his own business, he doesn't want to know about it. Nicole is standing outside the door and hears everything and smiles. Victor sends Nico to work and asks him to turn off the lights on his way out. Victor gets into bed and Nicole comes in, quietly and approaches him in bed and straddles him. He turns on the lights and tells her to get off him, but she tells him she overheard him talking to Nico about all his illegal activities. She demands her freedom or she will tell Bo that he is involved in organized crime. She tells him that a murder against the mob is no big deal. Victor tosses her to the floor and laughs and tells her that she is a loser, and she was stupid for losing her five million dollars. Realizing she's been defeated, she stomps off, threatening to make him beg for mercy one day. He just lays there and laughs... Meanwhile, Marlena and Tony are in Tony's limo on their way to see Rolf. She says that she needs to call John, but Tony asks her not to. She tells him that John has a right to know what's going on, but Tony tells her that they should spare John's feelings on this. He then says that John's temper will rise and he'll go after Rolf when they want to get information out of him instead. Marlena silently agrees… Meanwhile, over at the Black Penthouse, John is leaving a message for Marlena wanting to know why her cell phone is turned off. He then calls Caroline to see if Marlena went back to the pub. With no luck, he turns on a device that he pulled out of his pocket... At the DiMera mansion, Tony and Marlena have arrived and are walking to the front door. Tony admits that he is nervous about what they'll find out. Just then, John approaches them, wanting to know what's going on. He is very upset with Marlena that she didn't call and invite him to join them. Tony speaks up and admits that it is his fault, he asked Marlena not to call him. John then thinks that Tony is trying to bond with Marlena. Marlena asks Tony if he could give her some time alone with John and he goes inside. Marlena asks John how he knew where she was, and he asks for her purse. She things he's trying to stall, but gives it to him and he opens it and pulls out a tracking device. She is very upset, and says that she feels like he doesn't trust her. John tells her that it's Tony he doesn't trust. Tony opens the door and tells them he wants to get on with the interrogation, so they go inside. Marlena firmly tells John they'll talk about it later. They enter the living room, to find Rolf tied to a chair. As soon as Marlena sees him, she has another flashback to the babies being born. John then says that he recognizes him, too. He says that he remembers him being with Stefano in a lab somewhere. Bart whispers an apology to Rolf and unties him before being dismissed. Tony tells Rolf to tell them the truth. Rolf admits delivering the twins. Tony yells at Rolf for the truth, and he is upset they didn't even know their children existed. Rolf then says that he supervised their upbringing. John asks about a closet full of toys and baby furniture on the island. Rolf commends him on his memory and said they had to airlift the twins off the island. John damns Stefano for controlling the twins just like they did him. Tony demands details and Rolf calmly tells him that Stefano paid him for his brains and loyalty and he will not tell them anything. Tony threatens to kill Rolf but he doesn't budge. Marlena asks Tony to let her try to talk to Rolf and he agrees. She implores him to know more about her children. Rolf tells her that she had the babies with her for "several months" before they were taken away. Marlena yells at him that she'd remember that if it were true. John then speaks up and he reminds Rolf that Stefano is dead and won't know if he talks now. John grabs Rolf and pulls him up and reminds him that Stefano trained him as a highly effective assassin and unless he wants a most uncomfortable experience, he better start talking! Rolf then reluctantly agrees to tell them everything they want to know…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9520
    Ep. #9520
    Episode 91
    PREVIEW: Sami's plan to get close to Brandon backfires; Abe and Lexie start Lamaze classes; Belle and Shawn make up. SUMMARY: **from** Marlena returns home from the pub with Tony right behind her; he wants to talk about Cassie/Rex and suggests they do it over dinner at the Blue Note. She can see that he is a regular here as mobster-type men continue to interrupt them. Bart approaches them with news that he's tracked down Rolf and Marlena insists on going with Tony to question him about the conception of the Twins... Brandon and Sami are enjoying living together as Brandon makes dinner and Sami balances her checkbook, but things turn sour when Brandon rejects Sami's suggestion to open a joint bank account. He accuses her of trying to push him toward the altar, but the fight is interrupted when Fay arrives. Not soon after, Brandon is paged to the hospital, but Sami suggests Fay stay and visit. She attempts to befriend Fay to get closer to Brandon, but it backfires as she insults Nicole and pries about Fay and Abe's affair. Fay storms out of there, leaving Sami worried... Abe and Lexie arrive at the hospital for their Lamaze class. They cross with Brandon and he is surprisingly civil to Abe while Lexie is there, but when she steps away, he lets his true feelings surface. Abe and Lexie go off to their class, but Abe is called out of the class by an emergency phone call. Brandon sees Abe on the phone and rushes to be with Lexie. She spots him and shoots him a lethal look, but he ignores her and goes to another expectant mother, who is alone and gratefully accepts his help. Abe returns, unhappy to see Brandon there; they both try to ignore him. The woman compliments Brandon, telling him he'll make a great father someday as he locks eyes with Lexie... Belle meets up with Shawn in the locker room and blasts him for being unfaithful. He's taken aback and clueless, but Belle spits out that another girl answered his cell phone. Just then, the baseball team's equipment manager comes through and thanks Shawn for lending her his phone. Belle apologizes and admits that she was jealous; Shawn thinks they need to start trusting each other again and they start to get hot and heavy when the coach comes in to lock up. He tries to interrupt, but they are oblivious...moreless
  • Ep. #9519
    Ep. #9519
    Episode 90
    It's an Old-Fashioned St. Patrick's Day Celebration at the Brady Pub! PREVIEW: St. Patrick's Day celebration at Brady pub - Irish dancing and Gaelic spoken! Abe and Bo argue over gangs; Nancy takes Joy to visit Chloe; Cassie tells Belle to sleep with Shawn. SUMMARY: Brady runs through the halls of the hospital towards Chloe's room after hearing the page for him to return there. He gets there and finds Craig and asks him what is wrong. Craig tells him she is OK, she just had another chemo treatment, and she is feeling depressed. He says he tried to help but she told him to "scram" so he thought maybe Brady could give it a shot. He goes into her room, but Chloe tells him that she wants him to leave her alone. He refuses to go anywhere, but she pleads with him and he eventually does as she asks, and as he steps into the hall, Chloe starts to drift off to sleep… Over at the Black Penthouse, John runs downstairs to open the door to Belle, who is crying. She comes in, and tells John that Shawn is away, and when she called his cell phone, a girl answered. John tries to calm him Izzy B down and does his best to reassure her and to tell her to give Shawn the benefit of the doubt. The doorbell suddenly rings again, only this time, it is Brady. He thinks he's interrupting but they tell him to stay, as Belle asks him about Chloe. Brady fills them in on her progress and Belle asks Brady to give Chloe her love. Belle says she remembers she has to be somewhere and she leaves. Once alone, Brady asks John about how he dealt with Isabella when she was dying. He asks him if he felt as helpless towards her and he feels towards Chloe. Brady explains that Chloe had more chemo, and is pushing him away. John just simply tells him to hang in there. He tells him to be there for her, but not to push... At the Salem PD, Hope comes in to see Bo and he asks her how her session with Marlena went, and Hope tells him that Larry was there. Bo looks concerned, but she quickly replies that he was there in her mind only, as Marlena told her to imagine Larry was there, so she could lay into him for all the wrongs he's done. She tells Bo she feels so free now. Lexie comes in, and comments how happy Hope looks and says she is upset because Abe working so hard, just as he comes out of his office. Abe walks up and hugs Lexie, but he drops a file. Bo picks it up, and sees that is stays that Eddie Monel has been released. Bo is steamed, and blasts Abe about the gang-bangers making the streets unsafe. Bo is ready to go after him, but Abe orders him not to leave. They are interrupted by Lexie feeling the baby kicking, and takes Hope's hand so she can feel also. Lexie says that she has nearly completed her Community Service and thinks she may return to being a doctor again. Hope mentions that since Zack is starting pre-school, she will have time on her hands, and she might rejoin the force. Bo quickly voices his opinion that he doesn't think that is a good idea. Hope tells him that is such a double standard: How come is it O.K. for him to be in danger but not her? Abe mentions to Lexie about not being able to make a Lamaze class, so Hope volunteers to be her coach in his absence. Lexie says that would be great and worries about what has happened between them. Hope hugs her and tells her the past is the past and they can be friends again. Lexie suggests they all go to Brady Pub for the St. Patrick's Day celebration, but Bo says he's not interested. Hope voices her opinion about wanting to help protect Salem's kids in some way or other, and vows to Bo that she will think of something. They all walk out to head to the pub and they are very loudly singing "Oh, Brady boy" to the tune of Oh, Danny boy"… At the Heartly House, Cassie is alone in her room and has decided she will snoop through Belle's desk. She finds a box labeled "private" and when she opens it, she finds a necklace that Shawn gave Belle, and she picks it up and "thanks Shawn", and then she reads a letter he wrote. In the midst of the letter, Marlena walks in, saying she is shocked. Cassie looks so guilty, but says that she can explain. Marlena doesn't realize what Cassie is really doing and she thinks her genius daughter was studying because of some books on the top of the desk. She says she thought Cassie supposedly never needed to open a book. Marlena says she came because she wanted to spend some time with Cassie. Cassie plays it out and says that everyone in the dorm has gone to parties celebrating "some saint", and no one invited her. Marlena tells her OK, get her coat, they're going out… Back at the hospital, in the hall, Nancy is in a wheel chair, waiting to pick up Joy so they can go home. Craig arrives and starts to push her and Nancy asks him if he will take her to see Chloe. Craig tells him she is very tired after her treatment and Nancy insists she needs to go. Craig takes her and Chloe doesn't look too upset and the three of them chat a while and Nancy gives Chloe a picture of Joy to hold on to. This brings tears to Chloe's eyes and she tells them she's worried, but Nancy comforts her, telling her it is OK to be scared. Craig and Nancy leave and Chloe holds onto Joy's picture. Once outside, Nancy expresses her concern to Craig that she doesn't want to leave Chloe while she's like that. Craig tells her to worry about herself and Joy and to let him worry and take care of Chloe. A little later, Chloe seems to fall asleep, and Brady has retuned and just watches her sleep through the window. Craig and Nancy come back so Joy can say bye to her big sister and they hold Joy up to the window and knock and Chloe wakes up and sees Joy looking at her. This makes Chloe smile… Over at the Brady Pub, it is a St Patrick's Day celebration! It is filled with St. Patrick's Day decorations, green beer and punch, loud Irish music, and lots of people. Mimi is dressed for the occasion and she sees Rex come in, and goes to greet him. He wishes her a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Gaelic, saying he researched the day on the internet, and studied the language for a couple of hours. Rex notices that everyone is wearing green, but says that he forgot. Mimi assures him it's OK, and tells him that her Irish "Granny" made her striped socks that she is wearing. Grandpa Shawn is telling jokes and Caroline tells everyone to dance! Rex quickly refuses, because he doesn't know how. Mimi tells him that he doesn't have to be perfect, but he says he does! A couple of people dance a jig, and Mimi does a solo number. Rex stands and watches her, and is seemingly impressed and he smiles at her. Marlena and Cassie come in, and Mimi sees a guy checking her out and tells her there's a guy there that wants to be with her and Cassie immediately assumes it's Shawn. Mimi tells her no, and points to the guy checking her out. Cassie doesn't seem too excited and Mimi tells her to forget Shawn, there's lots of cute guys right there, and teaches her how to dance an Irish jig. Cassie learns fast, and is dancing solo when Belle arrives. Cassie realizes the eyes have gone off of her and are focused on Belle and is not happy. Marlena sees that Rex has been watching Mimi, and she tells him he should pursue it. Rex quickly tells her that he doesn't want to be vulnerable, and says you lose you power that way. He storms off, and Marlena looks concerned… Mimi eventually convinces Rex to dance a slow one with her and he is seemingly enjoying himself. He abruptly breaks away and Mimi asks what is going on. Marlena sees Belle and goes to talk to her and Bo, Hope, Abe and Lexie come in. Everyone is enjoying themselves, as there is lots of laughter, music and dancing. Cassie walks up to Marlena and Belle, and Marlena walks off, leaving Belle alone with Cassie. Belle is clearly not happy about this and tries to walk away, but Cassie follows and takes the opportunity to ask if she and Shawn have had sex yet. Belle tells her it is not OK for her to be asking these questions but Cassie keeps at her and tells her that she is going to have to put out. Belle tells her that she is not one to give advice, since she has no experience in that area. Cassie tells her that it is easily fixed, and grabs the guy checking her out earlier and asks him to dance. The two dance and Cassie looks as though she has another agenda in mind… John comes in and finds Marlena. He tells her how happy to see his two favorite girls in same place and tells her about the visits from Belle and Shawn. Marlena seems surprised, as Belle didn't mention anything. John says that he doesn't like the tension between them, and he asks her how to end it. Marlena suggests they dance. Bo, Hope, Abe and Lexie are sharing a table and having a good time when Bo's cell phone rings. He seems upset and when he hangs up, he tells Abe that Ben Wells died earlier. The poor guy never regained consciousness. Bo lets on that he is very angry, but Abe orders him off the case, saying he is putting Roman in charge. He tells Bo to say put, but Bo takes off anyway. Abe turns to Hope, and tells her that Bo is making a big mistake…fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9518
    Ep. #9518
    Episode 89
    PREVIEW: Jennifer announces her re-marriage to Jack; Bo confronts Carson Palmer; Victor sees Nicole is unhappy. SUMMARY: **from** Jack, Jennifer and Abby share a happy breakfast together. As Jack tries to fix the toaster, he gets a call from the paper about a press conference being held by Carson Palmer. He goes to cover the conference and is extremely suspicious of Palmer's spin on the recent arrest and conviction statistics. When Jack asks some questions about gang activity, Palmer evades and abruptly ends the conference. Meanwhile, Jennifer gets a call from her father and she tells him that she and Jack are going to re-marry. As she listens to her father, she manages to repair the toaster. Jack returns and tells Jennifer he's convinced something is going on with Carson Palmer and he's determined to figure out what it is... Bo is furious when he sees a gang member he arrested is out on lack of evidence and already being hauled back into the station. Roman speculates that there may be someone behind all these "technicalities" that are increasing the gang activity in Salem and Bo vows to bring him down. Meanwhile, Brady is pacing nervously while Chloe has another chemo treatment and Nicole is unhappy because Victor has dragged her along to a hospital board meeting. Bo shows up to check on the victim of a drive-by shooting and runs into Victor; he asks Victor if he might be behind the gang activity, but Victor genuinely denies. Brady sees Nicole spill coffee on herself and helps her clean it off, unaware that he is dabbing at her chest. He senses her unhappiness, but she covers and says she's very happy. Victor comes to collect Nicole and Brady watches them go, wondering if they truly are happy. Bo sees the victim, then returns to the station and has a heated confrontation with Carson Palmer...moreless
  • Ep. #9517
    Ep. #9517
    Episode 88
    PREVIEW: Marlena blasts John for his secret spy game; Belle gets a surprise when she calls Shawn; Roman digs up dirt on Kate. SUMMARY: At the Hospital, John shows up to see Marlena. It seems that she left this morning without saying good bye. She is extremely cold to him and snaps that she is there because she is a doctor and has patients. But she wants to know where he was last night, and she wants the truth. He avoids the question but she already has her suspicions that he is after Tony, and she lets him know that she is not pleased with him and storms off… Brady is sitting with Chloe and Belle watches the two of them from outside her door. She is having trouble falling asleep and he offers to tell her a bedtime story. She eventually drifts off to sleep and he spots Belle and slips out. He tells her what is going on with Chloe and Belle tells him that she could see from his face that he is in love. She tells Brady that she is still upset that Shawn didn't trust her enough to tell her what he was going through, and now he's away. Brady tries to comfort her. She tells him that she can't believe how Shawn treated her. Craig comes by and tells them that the harvesting of Joy's bone marrow was a success and they are ready to proceed with the transplant as soon as Chloe is up to it. Brady goes back in to tell Chloe the good news just as she is waking up. Later, Belle is sitting visiting with Chloe and they talk about Brady. Belle has brought some more magazines and offers to read to her. Chloe tells Belle that she is impressed with her fashion sense and Belle talks about how she was going to study design in Paris and that it was cut short. Chloe tells her that she thinks that she and Shawn are "star-crossed" and thinks it is romantic. Belle expresses that she feels otherwise. Belle asks Chloe about her and Brady's "closeness" and Chloe wonders if she means sex. Chloe is a little embarrassed to talk about it, but does tell her that they are happy in every way and she believes that they were meant to be. Belle admits she's not sure if she can trust her body with Shawn when he can't trust her completely enough to confide his secrets with her. Chloe tells Belle that maybe she should wait until she's in a good place with Shawn. Just then, Brady walks in and they quickly get quiet. He offers to leave so they can talk some more, but Chloe asks him to stay. He tells her that he has a surprise for her: Basic Black edited their video from Colorado and added some music to it. He puts it in the VCR and they watch. (The music playing in the background is Chloe singing "Easy to Love" as they sang that night in the hot-tub). As the three of them watch it, Belle sees the two of them totally in tune with each other and she quietly slips out. The look on her face as she watched them makes it clear that she is envious of what they have. She goes into the hallway and goes to a pay phone. She calls a number and we hear a female voice on the other end answer and says, "Shawn Brady's number"…and she hangs up… At Basic Black, Kate is deep in thought when Roman comes in, bringing her briefcase that she left it at his place that morning. She tells him that she thinks that she is spending too much time thinking about him and it is effecting her judgment. He asks what is going on with her and she tells him that she was thinking about last night when they spent the evening with Bo and Hope and how she doesn't feel that she fits in with him or his family. She talks about her shady past as he says nothing she has ever done could change how he feels about her now. She cuts him off and rushes out to a meeting… Roman is alone in Kate's office when John drops in. John jokes with Roman wanting to know "when the hell did you start working for me?" They talk about Kate and Roman asks him how things are with the ISA. John tells him about investigating Tony and keeping Marlena out of the loop. Roman asks him since he is his police contact if he needs to tell him anything. John tells him that thinks Marlena would object to him working for the ISA and try to stop him because her children are involved. Roman thinks this would come between them. John blows up at Roman, telling him that he would like nothing better, but Roman explains that he is over Marlena and is moving on with Kate, after all, he's in her office waiting for her. John apologizes and says that he just misses being a Brady. Roman assures him that he will always be one of the family, but John tells him that he can understand how Kate has those feelings of not fitting in. Roman assures John that his family is great and should be proud of them. John thanks him and leaves as Roman waits for Kate to return… Once Kate does return later, she finds Roman sitting at her desk reading articles she downloaded from the internet. She gets very angry with him and threatens to call security. He says he had the right to read them, since they are all about him. She admits to having him investigated and she says that all she learned is that he is a good guy. She says she feels that she is the opposite and has lost her moral center. He thinks she is too hard on herself and he kisses her. She asks him to leave so she can get some work done. On his way out, he informs her that he too is going to be doing some investigating on her to learn all he can about her. Once gone, Kate says she doesn't think that's a good idea… Over at the DiMera Mansion, Tony is having breakfast and is joined by Rex. After talking a bit, Tony realizes just how intelligent Rex really is, as he told him that his IQ test "freaked out" the doctors. Rex asks Tony just what is he up to…he knows he is involved in something and he isn't fooling him. He says that he noticed all the new security cameras around the mansion. Tony covers and tells him that it is to protect the two of them. Rex says he doesn't buy it, and points out that they live at the dorm most of the time. Rex mentions Dr. Putnam and Tony asks Rex if he knows where he is. Rex wonders why all the questions and he asks Tony why he has so many secrets and wants to know what the plan is. Rex can't understand all this, but Tony explains that keeping your secrets is important to build up your power and keep it. Tony advises him to wear a mask and armor at all times and that he must never reveal his real feelings. He tells him who you are is your own business… Tony tells Rex that maybe he doesn't crave power like him but Rex assures him that he does want to control his own destiny. Rex talks about not wanting to be a "normal" person, putting in your time at a job, much like the Brady's. Marlena comes in, surprised that Eliana just let her right in, without announcing her. Tony says that the staff has been told that this is Marlena's second home and can come and go as she pleases. This makes her a little nervous but she says that she is there to see the children and Tony offers to leave her and Rex alone. She tells him about her fight with John and how she fears that John is keeping secrets from her. Tony was listening in and he pipes up saying he knows where John was last night and what he was up to. After excusing Rex, Tony tells her about John breaking in and planting the bug. Tony goes on about how John is after him. Marlena tells him that she will see that John does not disrupt the children's' lives and abruptly leaves. Once she is gone, Tony smiles. Rex returns and blasts Tony for making Marlena upset enough that she left without saying good bye. Tony tries to explain that she only wants what is best for them. Rex demands to know why John was there and if Tony is trying to take Marlena away from him. Tony says it would serve John right. Rex asks if it is because of what happened with Kristen, is he after revenge? Rex asks Tony if he is looking for second chance at love. Rex tells him that it is apparent that Tony is in love with Marlena and asks him about the mask and armor he is supposed to be wearing… Back at the Hospital, John tracks Marlena down after she leaves the mansion and he tells her that they need to talk and that he doesn't want her angry with him. She asks if he has good reason for breaking in and spying on Tony. She is extremely angry with him and says she demands to know what he is up to. John tells her that it is between him and Tony. Marlena barks at him, "The hell it is!" and storms off disgusted…moreless
  • Ep. #9516
    Ep. #9516
    Episode 87
    PREVIEW: Sami defends herself to Roman; Kate and Hope call a truce; Tony discovers surveillance gear in the mansion; Mimi and Rex share a kiss at the carnival. SUMMARY: Roman runs into Sami/Brandon at the carnival and voices his disapproval of their new living arrangement. Sami defends the decision and takes a shot at Roman's sleazy affair with Kate. Meanwhile, Kate sees Lucas and he also bags on her about her relationship with Roman. Tensions rise as Brandon and Sami cross with Abe and Lexie and Brandon challenges Abe to a test of strength. Sami excuses herself when she spots Eugenia talking to Lucas; she's horrified to learn that Eugenia knows Sami switched the paternity test results and begs her not to spill the beans. Eugenia enjoys making her sweat as she goes off to play with Lucas. Meanwhile, Lexie thinks it's a mistake that Brandon moved in with Sami. As she waxes on about Abe being the father of her baby, Sami nervously moves up and assures Brandon that she's fine and everything is going to be perfect... Bo and Hope continue to enjoy the carnival when they run into Roman and Kate, making things tense. In a private moment, Kate and Hope decide to help mend the rift between the brothers and suggest they double date for dinner at Tuscany. At dinner, Hope recalls a time when Roman saved Bo's neck and they start to move toward reconciliation. The couples dance and Bo tells Hope that he'll find it in his heart to forgive Roman because he's family. They switch partners and Bo grills Kate about her feelings for Roman. She blurts that she's falling in love with Roman and Bo urges her to tell Roman how she feels. Kate and Roman leave to spend the night together and Hope is proud of Bo... John realizes Tony found the bug he planted in the secret room and explodes when Ops reveals the bug was never field-tested. Meanwhile, Tony checks with Bart, who is busy emptying the secret room. Tony wants an update on Rolf's whereabouts, but Bart can't find him because he's disappeared so far underground. Tony demands that Bart find Rolf so he can have the answers he's searching for...moreless
  • Ep. #9515
    Ep. #9515
    Episode 86
    PREVIEW: Bo sweeps Hope off to the St. Luke's Carnival; Brady makes Chloe a special promise; Victor and Tony make a devilish deal. SUMMARY: At the DiMera Mansion, Tony comes home and finds Bart sitting in the dark at the chess board. Tony questions him and Bart explains how Rolf has left, sayonara, averedecchi. Tony is angry, and says that Rolf may be through with the DiMera's, but the DiMera's are not through with him! They head down to the secret room to look for clues as to where Rolf may have went. Tony hears a strange beeping noise. Bart looks around and he finds John's "wally wabbit" very easily. Tony orders Bart to seal the room tight, as it is no longer "secret" since his nemesis gained entry so easily. He remarks that the bug is something from his father's era, and he doesn't need it any more, and he tells Bart to get rid of it. Bart throws it to the floor and is about to smash it with his foot, but Tony stops him. Tony speaks directly into it, saying this is the last transmission he will get, then Tony stomps on it. He then orders Bart to get a new security set up, find out what the state of the art is and go better. He doesn't want anyone to come near the house without him knowing. He tells himself he has his children, his legacy to think of now… At the hospital, Mimi and Belle arrive at the nursery, and are distracted from going to see Chloe by all of the babies. Rex and Cassie show up, and Belle is less than thrilled. Belle tells them Chloe's baby sister is in Mrs. Wesley's room and she barely spits that out and Cassie right away asks where Shawn is. Belle explains that he is in the dorm with a cold but she says she will call him later. They all head to Chloe's room. Meanwhile, in Chloe's room, Brady is showing Chloe how to bring up the hospital, newborns, and eventually a picture of Joy on his laptop. He then tells her about wanting to take vacations, going first to Australia, the Sydney Opera House, then to Italy and LaScala. The gang comes in and they are bearing gifts. Belle has brought matching outfits for Chloe and Joy while Mimi has brought tons of magazines. Chloe is surprised to see the twins, as Rex hands her a big bouquet of flowers. Brady pulls Belle aside and assumes things are going well with the twins, because they're together. Belle tells him they just showed up. Brady suggests that Belle just ignore Cassie like he does, but she feels bad because Cassie is family. Craig comes in to check on Chloe and Belle asks him about how long the recovery period is after a transplant, Rex has extensive knowledge about the procedure and Craig is impressed. Rex explains that he has been researching. Craig suggests he go into medicine, and Mimi calls him Doogie Howser. Rex says maybe but after being in court, he is also interested in the law. Belle explains about what happened at Larry's sentencing and how she faced death, and Chloe speaks up that she knows all too well what it's like facing death. Chloe mentions to them about knowing the St. Luke's carnival is tonight and she convinces them all to go. They agree and they leave and Chloe tries to convince Brady to go too, but he declines as he would rather stay there with her. Brady then tells her he has an idea, stay put, he'll be back in 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes… Once he returns, he has a surprise for her. Since she can't go to the carnival, he has brought the carnival to her. He hangs a dart board on the wall and then giving her the darts. He holds a balloon in the center of the board, telling her to throw. Chloe balks at throwing darts at balloons while Brady holds them, but she finally does and misses. She has almost hit him "where it hurts" and his eyes are open wide. She jokes that it's to prevent him from messing around with anyone else, but she seriously tells Brady that she wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to wait. He promises to wait for her forever... At Tuscany, Bo and Hope arrive and are welcomed by the ever so beautiful Maggie, and get seated. They are there to celebrate Larry's sentencing. They toast to "No More Larry Welch". They are trying to enjoy themselves, but the formality of the locale doesn't suit them and Hope says she is not hungry and Bo tells her they have to leave and the two walk out… Bo leads a blindfolded Hope into the middle of the St. Luke's Carnival. Her blindfold comes off and Hope is absolutely delighted…saying it is perfect and they kiss. They walk around, enjoying the sights and cotton candy, when Hope spots the kissing booth. She goes over and she makes a deal with the girl behind it, and motions Bo to come over. There is then a nice flashback to the carnival all those years ago and the kissing booth where Bo and Hope shared their first kiss. Return to the present, Bo the girl 30 tickets and begins to kiss Hope… Belle, Mimi, Rex and Cassie all arrive, and also walk around. Belle is sad to be there without Shawn but tries to make the best of it. Mimi keeps Cassie and Rex distracted and Rex wins a stuffed animal and gives to Mimi. Mimi then spots the kissing booth, gets Rex to go over, as she has made her own deal with the gal. Just as she gets behind the booth, Rex smiles and Cassie walks about going on about funnel cake and pulls Rex away. She tells him that Belle left, and he was off with Mimi she was lonely. Mimi, very disappointed, runs into Sister Rose, who talks her into taking a turn in the dunk booth. Mimi reluctantly gets in, taunting the guys who try to dunk her. Rex approaches and he nails the target with his first throw. Mimi comes out, soaking wet and freezing, and finds Rex waiting for her with a towel. He puts the towel over her head, and tries to warm her up. Sparks are flying and he tells her they never got to have that kiss and his pulls her into a very steamy kiss, right on the lips… Cassie realizes Belle, Rex, and Mimi have gone their separate ways and is walking around by herself and she accidentally stumble upon the kissing booth and the girls begs her to "kiss cute boys for half an hour" she needs a break. Cassie agrees… Meanwhile, Belle has returned to her dorm room, loaded down with stuffed animals, and she calls Shawn. She tells him about the carnival, and how she may give her winnings to Zack, tells him she misses him, and wishes him luck at the game tomorrow... Back to the carnival, Bo and Hope spot a fortune teller. Bo tells her that he wants no part, but Hope laps that stuff up, so they go. The fortune teller says that although she has had a rough time lately, she has lots of positive energy, and she has a long life ahead, and that she will have peace of mind and great happiness. Hope is very relieved. As they leave the fortune teller, Bo returns to get his jacket. He pays off the teller, thanking her for doing exactly as he asked. He is determined that Hope will have peace of mind. The screen splits to Bo and Hope and Hope is looking up, smiling…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9514
    Ep. #9514
    Episode 85
    PREVIEW: Tony's death threat affects Larry's plea bargain; John puts his spy gadgets to good use. SUMMARY: **from** Victor stares daggers at Larry as he announces the deal is off; everyone believes Larry is reneging on his plea bargain with the D.A., but Tony knows it's his response to the death threat. The judge calls a recess and Victor asks Bo for a moment alone with Larry. Victor meets with Larry and learns of Tony's threat, realizing his plan has a kink and he may have to sacrifice his wife. Victor pulls Tony aside and demands Tony to rescind his death threat, but Tony refuses. Marlena arrives at the hearing and begs Tony to do the right thing when she learns what's going on. She is able to convince him when she implores him to be a positive role model for Cassie and Rex. With Lexie's help, Tony gets Abe to send Larry a message that it's his lucky day. Larry returns to the hearing room and goes ahead with his guilty plea. Hope is freaked when Larry asks the judge for possibility of parole, but the judge denies, giving Larry two consecutive life sentences. As Larry is dragged off, Hope hugs Bo in relief... John breaks into the DiMera Mansion using the spy gadgets from Ops and makes his way down to the secret room. He overhears Rolf angrily telling Bart he's quitting the DiMera organization. As Bart reluctantly helps Rolf move his stuff out, John takes advantage of their absence and plants the bug in the room; he makes it out without being detected. Marlena meets up with John back at his office and almost sees one of his spy tools, but he distracts her with a hot kiss... With Abby's approval, Jack and Jennifer send the binturong off to the zoo. Later, Jack puts on a puppet show and uses the opportunity to tell Abby that he and Jennifer plan to re-marry. Abby runs upstairs to take a nap and Jack has another surprise for Jennifer as things begin to really heat up...moreless
  • Ep. #9513
    Ep. #9513
    Episode 84
    PREVIEW: Hope freaks out in court; Abby gets a new, African pet; Shawn finds Belle in his bed. SUMMARY: In Salem Park, Brandon has met his mom for lunch, and he tells her about moving in with Sami. She is not happy and he gets upset and she thinks that Sami Brady is nothing but trouble and for him to think with his head. After the two of them go a few rounds about how Sami will break his heart he just asks her to give Sami a chance and she eventually agrees to keep an open mind… At the Hartley House, Shawn returns to his room from baseball practice to find Belle in his bed waiting for him but he tells her that he's coming down with a cold and doesn't want to get her sick. Belle is still very uneasy about the fact that Cassie and Rex are her new siblings. She expresses that she's upset about Larry Welch and how she has been thinking about how she almost died. He tells that he's going off for their first away game, but promises to spend lots of time with her when he returns. She tells him that she feels that she needs to go to the hearing for closure but she is not sure she can face the man who almost killed her. Shawn promises to stand by her as they head out for the hearing... Over at the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole comes downstairs dressed to go riding, but Victor demands to know where she is going. The two exchange words as she still feels she is being kept a prisoner. They are interrupted by the doorbell and Victor tells Nicole to answer it. She answers it to find Kate. Kate is there to inform them that Larry is being sentenced today. Nicole says that she doesn't care, but Kate is making Nicole extremely fidgety. Victor tells Kate to leave, but Kate mentions Philip. She explains that he has a leave coming up and he is just very busy. Victor listens as she tells him this but informs her that in the future, the news of Philip can be conveyed by telephone. Once Kate has left, Nicole panics, thinking that Kate is suspicious. Victor assures her that they are the only two who know the truth. He assures her that if Larry doesn't plead guilty, he will be killed. He then demands that she change, because she will be accompanying him to the hearing… At the DiMera Mansion, Tony is leaving to attend the hearing when he runs into Lexie. He tells her that he is going to make sure that Larry pays for framing Lexie for Hope and Zack's kidnapping. His talk makes her nervous, and she points out that he sounds too much like their father. He changes the subject and tells her that the twins are his and she is thrilled for him. She is, however, stunned once he tells her that Marlena is their mother. He tells her that he wants to make up for lost years and that he will look out for his family and he will protect all of them, including her. He realizes that he is late and rushes off. Fearful, Lexie follows him as she does not want him to take the law into his own hands… Over at the Courthouse, Hope arrives with Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer and Hope go inside and Jack and Carson Palmer exchange words. Jennifer asks Hope is she is sure that she really wants to be there, but Hope assures her that she needs to be there for her own peace of mind. Meanwhile, Larry is still in his cell and Bo comes to see him and tells him that the judge is going to throw the book at him. Larry proudly says he turned Hope into a "whack job" as Bo grabs him through the bars and begins to choke him. He asks him what it feels like to have his life in someone else's hands. Abe and Roman rush in and pull him off and Larry continues to taunt him, making fun of Hope. Larry just keeps at Bo and eventually Abe and Roman encourage Bo to leave. Before Bo leaves, he tells Larry that they are going to get him out of their lives for good. After they leave, Larry says "Don't bet on it!" Back outside the courtroom, Jack and Palmer are still at it and Jack blasts Palmer for his incompetence in this case, because he first had Jack, Jennifer, then Shawn and wonders if he is he sure that he has the right guy this time? Jack goes in and tells Jennifer head home and take care of Abby, he can handle this. Jennifer doesn't want to go until she gets a call from Abby, who tells her that Grandpa's gift has arrived and that there is a sticker on the box that says "Alive". Jennifer goes home, and tells Jack to cover the sentencing. Later on, Jennifer calls Jack, frazzled, and tells him to come home immediately; he hears a scream and he hears Jennifer yell at Abby to stay away from that and then they're cut off. Jack rushes out of the courtroom… At Jack and Jennifer's House, Jack approaches the front door, and he hears Jennifer yelling at Abby. He quietly goes inside and he grabs an umbrella for protection. He makes his way into the living room and Abby runs over to him and she tells him to look at her gift. He looks ahead and asks what the HELL is THAT? Abby tells him that his name is Horris and the camera pans over so we can see the weirdest black creature crawling across the sofa. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer tells Jack it is a "binturong" but Jack says he doesn't care where it's "been"…what is it? Abby wants to take it to school for show and tell and runs to the kitchen to get it something to eat. Later, Jack has gotten it into its cage, and Jennifer tells him that her father says there are more surprises to come. Jack tells Abby that Horris needs a nap and so does she and he sends her upstairs. A little later, Jennifer gets a phone call from the DA's office with a word of warning that they are not to print a word of Jack's earlier conversation with Palmer. Jack says that he is not afraid of him. They are interrupted by a noise and they turn around to see that the cage is empty and then they hear a crash in the other room... Back in the Courtroom, Kate arrives and spots Victor and Nicole arriving and takes the opportunity to taunt Nicole before taking her seat. Tony and Lexie arrive, and she explains to Abe she is there for Tony. Bo makes sure that Hope is okay as Larry is brought in. He looks her square in the eyes and says, "Hope…always a pleasure". Shawn and Belle also arrive and Larry and Victor share an evil eye and Larry remembers Victor's visit in jail. The hearing begins and Larry has waived his rights to counsel and will represent himself. Hope then remembers back to the night Larry had her and Belle trapped in her house. The judge asks if anyone has anything to say as the door opens and Alice enters, wanting to address the court. She takes the stand, and says that she is speaking on behalf of the Brady's and the Horton's. She looks at Larry and tells him he is a "very bad man". She says that she feels prison is too good for him, but she hopes they lock him up and "throw away the key". Hope mouths "thank you" to her. The judge then asks if anyone else has anything to say and Hope is going to take the stand. She talks about her family and Larry mumbles to himself he wonders if she wants any nachos to go with that cheese. She continues, saying she refuses to be angry anymore because it is sad that all he has in him is hate and bitterness. She says it doesn't matter what his sentence is, his punishment is inside of him, eating away at him until there is nothing but a hollow shell of a man. She says that she prays that he will never get the chance to hurt the ones she loves again. Once she finishes, Bo hugs her to show his support. The judge says they will take a brief recess and Tony approaches Larry and tells him that as soon as the judge passes his life sentence, the sooner he will be a dead man. Lexie hugs Hope, and tells her that she is proud of her. Nicole sees Tony and Larry talking and worries about it, but Victor tells her not to. The judge returns and allows Larry to make his statement. He gets up on the stand and says that he wants to change his plea to NOT GUILTY, the deal is off. He stares at Victor…then Hope…and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9512
    Ep. #9512
    Episode 83
    PREVIEW: Nancy's water breaks and she gives birth to Chloe's baby sister! Sami serves Brandon a romantic lunch; Victor makes Nicole's life miserable. SUMMARY: **from** A nurse excuses Brady so she can check Chloe's vitals and she wakes up, concerned to learn that Nancy still hasn't given birth. Anxious and alone, she gets up and leaves to see Nancy. Meanwhile, Nancy overhears that Chloe is scared about her transplant and wants to go see her daughter. Brady shows up just as Nancy's water breaks and she goes into active labor; he rushes to tell Chloe, but he's alarmed when he finds her bed empty. Nancy overhears when Brady tells Craig that Chloe is missing. Brady finds Chloe and brings her to the birthing suite just in time to witness her sister's birth. Nancy and Craig give Chloe the honor of naming the baby and she chooses the name Joy because the little girl has already brought so much joy to their lives... Odell P. Smith introduces himself to John as Ops and has brought John the latest in spy gadgets for his quest against Tony DiMera. Ops is impressed by John's spy room, but John is not thrilled that Ops is sticking his nose into his personal life. John decides to utilize Ops's sophisticated bugging and surveillance breaking devices to get into the DiMera Mansion and finally get the goods on Tony... Brandon comes home from work to find a romantic lunch prepared by Sami. Touched, he wants to take her out to a romantic dinner; she goes over to ask Lucas to keep Will overnight and Nurse Deb answers the door. Sami is furious that Lucas has a problem with her living with Brandon while he's hosting a nurse playground in the apartment. Meanwhile, Victor continues to make Nicole's life miserable and demands she take off a red sweater he doesn't like. She runs off to Brandon and asks to borrow some money. His curiosity is piqued, but Nicole covers why she needs cash. Nico brings Nicole home and Victor reveals that she's been replaced at Titan so she can spend all her time making Victor happy. Sami returns to Brandon; upset off her argument with Lucas and learning that Nicole stopped by, she distracts Brandon by seducing him...moreless
  • Ep. #9511
    Ep. #9511
    Episode 82
    PREVIEW: John gives Tony some ground rules about Marlena -- and confides his true feelings to Kate; Chloe begins her treatments. SUMMARY: In Chloe's hospital room, she is laying there and Brady is staying right by her side. She has just had her first radiation treatment and is being told what lies ahead for her. She asks Brady to hold her as she is very scared. Brady gets up on the bed next to her and tells her he will help her through this time. Brady compares this experience with a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis. She'll be re-born in a sense after this procedure. Later, Craig comes in and Brady excuses himself to check some cell phone messages. Craig tells Chloe that he talked with her oncologist about her tests and she is going to be okay. Craig gives her a kiss and says everything will be okay. Chloe tells him that she's dreamed of this day for so long, and tells him how when she was young and burst her head open and needed stitches. She whacked her head on a dresser while doing ballet spins and was taken to the ER. While in the ER she remembers praying that her daddy would come and kiss her owie and tell her everything would be okay. Craig bends over and kisses her forehead gently and tells her everything will be OK (very touching scene here). Later, Chloe wake up and finds Brady fluttering a stuffed butterfly he got for her at Barron's Department Store. She tells him she wants him to take a nap with her and he kisses her, agreeing. We return to Brady thinking Chloe is asleep cuddling her butterfly and tries to get up, but she opens her eyes and asks him not to leave… In other areas of the hospital, Nancy is still in labor. She is extremely frustrated that they won't let her go to Chloe's bedside, but Craig assures her that Brady is by Chloe's side. Nancy kids with Craig that their new daughter is already causing problems by taking her time. As time goes on, Nancy grows more and more frustrated about not being able to be near Chloe when she has a strong contraction. Craig tells her she can't get up with the epidural. She continues to have strong contractions and she realizes that she can feel his hand on her leg, saying the epidural has worn off and she wants to go be with Chloe! He tells her no, but she tells him either he helps her or she's going on her own… At Dot.Com, Lucas is talking with Kate about Brandon and Sami moving in together, and he is furious because Sami did not consult with him before she moved in with Brandon. Lucas damns Sami for doing this to him and Will and he wishes he could ring her neck. Roman shows up and suggests he not do that. Roman catches on after listening to Kate defend Sami's having someone live with her as the way of the times. Roman shocks Lucas and Kate when he agrees with them, this is a bad idea because Will is impressionable and he doesn't want to see him getting attached to Brandon and have him leave. Lucas continues to badmouth Sami, saying she can't hold onto a man, so this will keep happening. Roman tells Lucas to stop pushing it. Kate asks Lucas to excuse them, and he agrees and comments on how "subtle" that was and goes to the counter for more coffee. Kate and Roman talk in private. Roman wishes Sami would have told him about this. He also thinks they should make a commitment and marry. Kate tells Roman that he is a hypocrite; they have been sleeping together for months without talk of a commitment. Roman disagrees and says he and Kate aren't living together, nor do they have a small child to worry about. Kate asks why they can't just have a few laughs and good sex then? Roman suggests they can fix that. Kate jokes if he is talking about making an honest woman out of her? Roman gets embarrassed and she laughs and tells him not to worry. Roman says he has to take off, he will call her later and he leaves. Lucas returns and asks what happened. She tells him, and he asks her if she would really want to marry Roman. Kate tells a surprised Lucas that Roman's probably been the best guy she's ever involved with. After Lucas mentions Roman's virtuous tendencies, Kate admits that's why she knew their relationship was doomed from the start... Later on, Lucas is listening to some music and bumps into a gal, but can't place her. We learn she's Nurse Deb from the 3rd floor nurses station. She is very open that she is hitting on him and they hit it off, and talk about jazz singers they like. They discover they both like older jazz and how she's not seeing anyone right now. Lucas suggests they go back to his apartment for some food, jazz and whatever else might happen. She zeros in on him and accepts, saying she thinks they'll be on the same wavelength about a lot of things… At the Hartley House, Marlena has gone there to see the twins. She heads to Rex and Shawn's room and catches Rex just as he was leaving, but he decides to make time for her. Marlena is impressed by his room and she inquires about an object and is told it's an atom smasher. He explains he made it, not even a school project. Marlena was hoping to see Cassie as well and learns Cassie aced another history test. Marlena is shocked to learn Cassie doesn't even go to class yet aces everything. Rex tells her he goes to his classes, but Cassie kids it's only to check out the girls in them. Cassie automatically assumes Marlena's surprise at their intelligence as thinking they're freaks. Marlena says no, she thinks of them as incredibly gifted. Cassie and Marlena admit they couldn't sleep thinking about this new development. Cassie asks how she could have forgotten giving birth to them? Marlena can't explain how come the memory was lost to her about their birth, but felt the connection the first time she met them. She'll love them forever now. Rex says she isn't to blame, she was a victim of Stefano just like they were. Cassie worries that they may be like Stefano, but she says they won't. Marlena asks them to go to breakfast and talk, but Rex says they have been invited to brunch at the mansion. Cassie tells Rex she'll drive herself and she'll meet Rex there. Once alone with Marlena, Cassie asks if this is only temporary again, like before. Marlena assures her it's not and she would do anything to change what happened to them. Cassie sees Marlena is crying, and is touched. Cassie asks if she's going to work now, but Marlena tells her she's going to stop by and see John first… At the DiMera mansion, Tony is having some sort of a "meeting" with two gentleman in the living room with the doors closed and Eliana disturbs him to let him know John Black is here and won't leave until he sees him. Tony goes to see John, who wants to talk to Tony about some rules for their little family. Tony questions John's sincerity in welcoming the twins into the family. John tells him he came in peace. He realizes Tony is trying to cover something and pushes him to learn more and suggests they go in the living room and talk, but Tony says no. John pushes and Tony tells him that he's expecting Cassie and Rex for brunch and the staff is preparing the living room for it, so it's off limits. John doesn't believe him, and decides to lay down the ground rules. He says #1: Marlena is not to be hurt and #2: Tony is not to feel anything about his wife. Tony warns John to control the green eyed monster. John warns him to listen to what he said or the twins will lose the father that they just found. John takes off and once alone, Tony tells "bro" they're playing this game by his rules, not John's… At Basic Black, John arrives and Marlena walks in right behind him. John tells her about seeing Tony and that he tried to make a truce with him for her sake and for the twins, but things didn't go so well. She tells him that she hopes they didn't have another sword fight. He chuckles and tells her no. She tells him about her visit with the twins and hoping things will work out in time. Cassie is standing in the doorway and overheard her say that and says she can start now. She asks Marlena if they could still have that late breakfast together, "Mom". Marlena is thrilled until Cassie mentions having it at Tony's. Marlena doesn't think that's such a good idea, but John disagrees and tells them to have a good time. Marlena agrees and after she and Cassie have left, tells himself "damn, damn, damn"...just as Kate walks in. He tells her about Tony and Marlena being the twins parents and Marlena's heading to the "lions den", with his blessing. Kate inquires if John has investigated Tony, knowing his ex-cop background. He agrees and asks her to keep it from Marlena. Kate's secretary buzzes in that she has a visitor and Kate exits to find Roman waiting for her in the lobby. He apologizes for running out on her earlier and she tells him she was only teasing him about a wedding and thought he liked playing games. He tells her he does, but his way as he grabs her into a big kiss. A black man watches from behind a plant and has a big smile on his face. Roman suggests they leave, but Kate tells him they can go to her office and lock the door… Back at the DiMera mansion, the two men Tony was meeting with leave. They leave saying they'll contact him when "it's" over. Rex comes to the door just as they've left and when he questions who they were, Tony tells him they are accountants, tax season. Rex shrugs it off and Tony questions where Cassie is and Rex tells him that she's with Marlena. Listening to Tony talking about how Marlena is the most caring, unselfish woman, Rex tells Tony he know that he loves her. The two sit at the chess board and Tony explains that Marlena is married to John Black and doesn't trust him in lieu of everything his father did to her. There's no point in loving a woman who can't return his affection and therefore there is no point in him answering the question. Cassie and Marlena show up, and Tony thanks Marlena for coming. Tony sends Rex to tell cook they're ready to eat and Cassie offers to hang up Marlena's coat. Marlena tells Tony that it was John's suggestion she come and Tony feels they have to work together to make the twins feel loved. Tony agrees and says they should work together to do what is best for the twins… Once again at Basic Black, the strange black man enters John's office saying this place is alright and thought John was expecting him. John doesn't know him, but his eyebrow raises as the man says the magic words. "I have what you need to take Tony DiMera down". Freeze frame on John's face as that statement is said...moreless
  • Ep. #9510
    Ep. #9510
    Episode 81
    PREVIEW: Mimi has a close encounter with Rex; Chloe and Brady make love; Shawn and Belle have an emotional reunion. SUMMARY: **from** Rex is looking for Belle and finds Mimi, sick as a dog, in Belle's bed. She's glad to see Rex, but he's upset when he learns that Belle is with Shawn. Mimi picks up on this and he admits that Belle is his sister. Cassie returns from the police station, where she was looking for Shawn, and Mimi tells her to leave Shawn alone. Cassie wonders why Mimi won't tell her where Shawn is and she throws a picture frame when Mimi blurts that they're probably having sex. Rex tells Cassie to pull it together and suggests she go back to the mansion. When Mimi spills cough syrup on Rex's shirt, she strips the shirt off of him and his body turns her on... Shawn/Belle reunite at the pier and he explains why he's been released. He apologizes profusely for pulling away from Belle and promises he only did it because he didn't want to make her an accessory. Still hurt that Cassie was Shawn's confidante, Belle thinks the tension between her and Cassie will only escalate now that they are half-sisters. Shawn tries to reassure Belle that adding Rex and Cassie to her family doesn't change anything, but Belle is not convinced. Cassie goes to the pier and spots Belle and Shawn so close together and runs off in the other direction... Nancy's labor continues as Chloe prepares to be admitted for her bone marrow transplant. It dawns on Chloe that she won't be able to have any physical contact for a while, so she grabs Brady and takes him home to make love. Craig pages Brady and they're forced to return to the hospital because it's time to start her treatment...moreless
  • Ep. #9509
    Ep. #9509
    Episode 80
    PREVIEW: Shawn is released and rushes to find Belle; Jennfier stops the presses with word of Larry's confession. SUMMARY: At the DiMera, mansion, we return to Marlena and Tony telling the twins that they're their parents. Belle and Brady walk in and overhear from the foyer. John explains that they were conceived in a lab and that on the island, Marlena remembered giving birth to the twins, and it appears that Tony is their father. Marlena reminds them that she once had a strong maternal sense towards them from the first time she saw them in the Brady garage. Tony promises Cassie and Rex that they are part of the family they've always longed for, but Cassie thinks they can't be a family because Tony and Marlena aren't married. Marlena rationalizes this notion and attempts to explain that there is more to being a family than just a marriage and she tells the twins they have a place in her family. Rex says that can't be because the two of them don't even like each other. Tony disagrees, he says he likes their mother very much. John also tells the twins that he knows he was harsh with them at first, but that's because his focus has been on protecting his family and that's why he's acted in the way he has to them, but in lieu of this news, he's willing to reevaluate their relationship. Cassie snaps at John and tells him "too little, too late". She then says they will never have enough love in their hearts for her and Rex because they only love Belle and Brady and will only feel contempt for them. John tells Cassie that he knows how she feels because he felt the same way when he came to Salem with no memory and no one to care for him. He says that he resisted love from others and asks her not to do the same. He tells her that the most wonderful mother in the whole world is standing right there and he suggests to Cassie that she let Marlena do that. Brady walks over and hugs Rex and welcomes him to the family. He stands in front of Cassie and she cries. Marlena hugs Belle while Rex asks Tony if he's sure about this. Marlena tries to help the situation and tells them that when she remembered their birth, a cloaked figure took them away on a boat and she screamed for them. Everyone watches as Marlena remembers and Rex and Cassie can see Marlena's pain, and the love she feels for them. Tony and John ask Marlena if when they found her on the cliff, if that was the memory she was having. She says yes. She remembers calling out, but forgot about it until now. She stands up and Rex goes to her open arms. Cassie is unsure and watches. She finally rushes into Marlena's arms in tears and calls her mom. Marlena assures her everything will be alright. Belle is having a hard time with this and runs out. Brady privately tells John that he is impressed that he is taking this so well and John says he'll accept the twins for Marlena's sake, but still vows to bring down Tony… At the police station, Bo and Hope are visiting Shawn celebrating the news of Larry's confession when suddenly DA Palmer bursts in, furious that his "no visitors" order has been defied. Bo and Palmer go head to head, and Palmer accuses the Brady's of running the department single handedly, which he vows to bring to and end. Bo tells Palmer a.k.a. the "little man" that his loud mouth and arrogance prevails. Hope and Shawn try to keep Bo calm as Palmer shouts in Bo's face telling him to hit him. Abe and Roman walk in and Abe tells them both to shut up. They tell them that they have retrieved the murder weapon and the lab just confirmed it. Palmer thinks this is great news, just what they need to charge Shawn. When asked where they found it, they say it was right where Larry said it would be. Palmer accuses the Brady's of covering up again and Roman tells Palmer to back down. Abe pulls both Palmer and Roman into the hall to talk. Alone in the visiting room, Hope and Shawn hug as Bo takes in Palmer's reaction. Bo overhears Roman going to bat for Shawn and is touched. Palmer returns to the visiting room and tells Shawn he's free to go. Bo tells Roman he overheard him with Palmer in the hall and although still upset with him, he appreciated it. Shawn tells his parents he'll see them at home later as he's anxious to see Zack.. There's someone else he's got to see right now. Hope winks at Bo and tells him ok. Shawn just walks out, big smile on his face… Shawn rushes to the dorm room, and he is standing outside of Belle's room. He remembers their discussion in the visiting room before knocking softly. He receives no response and he walks into the dark room and sees Belle is asleep. He quietly walks over to her bed and kisses her hair. Mimi jumps up as he falls to the floor! She says that she has a nasty cold because her immune system was down because of worrying about him and asks if he's really there? Mimi just keeps rambling on and finally hugs him. She tells him her coughing was keeping her little brother up all night, and she thought Belle is in Paris, so that's why she's in her room. She continues rambling. Even Shawn laughs, saying it's good to be around her and laughing again. The two friends hug. Mimi's cell phone rings and it's Belle. She doesn't tell Belle about Shawn, she suggests Belle come to the dorm and talk, but Belle tells her she's got a lot of thinking to do and is going for a walk along the pier. Mimi hangs up and tells Shawn, who rushes off to the pier as well… Bo and Hope return home as the clean up crew is replacing their broken window. The furniture is draped with cloths and the foreman tells him they'll be done soon. Bo and Hope go back outside. Bo suggests they go somewhere else, but Hope says that she knows she has to work through it and Larry's not driving her out of her own home. Bo suggests she tell him what happened and they'll work through it together. They walk back inside and the crew leaves, saying they'll be back tomorrow to finish up. Hope says she is going to get some clean clothes to take back to the pub for the night. Bo suggests they stay there, but frantic, Hope says no. Bo thinks they should spend the night in their own bed and try to expel her demons with Larry. Bo wants to fill her mind with happy memories and carries her upstairs... At the Salem Spectator, Jack and Jennifer are desperately trying to find a spin on Shawn's story to help him with public opinion. Jennifer suggests to Jack that they point out how he saved his mother and girlfriend's lives. Harold interrupts and brings Jennifer the mail and she finds a letter from her father, saying he's sent her a surprise and he hopes she will be home to receive it because it should arrive soon. They just hope it's good news… Later, they are still hard at work when Harold answers the phone and comes rushing into Jennifer's office and trips over the wastebasket in the process! He has come to tell her that there is breaking news at the police station. Jennifer picks up the phone and learns new evidence came in and Shawn is free because Larry has confessed to Colin's murder. Jennifer calls for a staff meeting and orders them to "STOP THE PRESSES!" Jack teases her about her always wanting to say that as they focus on re-doing the front page. Jennifer issues assignments and she sends Harold to the police station for the full story. Jack asks Jennifer for something and she kisses him on the cheek, willing to get him anything he wants. The two share a big kiss right on the lips as he types away like crazy. Later, the story is off to the presses. Jennifer sits on Jack's lap saying that they can't go home until the papers hit the street. Jack says that's OK and he closes the blinds, locks the door and turns off the light as they fall to the floor. We hear Jennifer saying, "Oh Jack" as the scene closes… Meanwhile, back inside the DiMera mansion, Tony smiles at Cassie and Rex and promises to always take good care of his family. Marlena smiles while looking at the twins as well, but looks up to find Tony smiling at her when he said that he will always take good care of his family and her smile falls and freeze frame and fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9508
    Ep. #9508
    Episode 79
    PREVIEW: Larry gives Abe a confession; Victor and Nicole plant evidence; Marlena tells the twins that she is their mother. SUMMARY: **from** Belle gets a note to Shawn, reaffirming her love for him, while Larry "confesses" to Abe in exchange for second- degree murder charges. Kate and Roman arrive at the pub and Nicole nearly confesses to him, but Victor shows up and stops her in time. Inside, Bo/Hope are determined to find the real killer, but are still angry with Roman for arresting Shawn. Abe calls and asks them all to get to the station immediately, where he fills them in on Larry's confession. Bo and Hope visit Shawn and tell him the good news. In the meantime, Victor and Nicole plant Colin's gun on the grounds of the mansion and Larry tells Roman where the murder weapon is (based on what Victor told him). Victor watches from the house as Roman and Abe find the gun exactly where Larry said it would be. He reminds Nicole he saved her big time and now he really does own her... Nancy is in labor, but the baby is not planning to arrive anytime soon. Chloe and Brady pace outside, cognizant that Chloe needs to start prepping for the bone marrow transplant soon. Craig, Chloe, and Nancy share a tender moment as Chloe admits she's feeling more optimistic about her future, thanks to Brady. She also reveals that she's not sure if she can ever forgive her grandfather for lying, but she's already forgiven Nancy for giving her away. Meanwhile, Belle arrives and laments to her brother about calling Shawn stupid. They're interrupted with a message from Marlena, saying she/John are back in town and they want Belle/Brady to come to the DiMera Mansion... Marlena tells John how wonderful he has been, in spite of everything they discovered, and how good it is to be home. They make love and then head over to the DiMera Mansion. Meanwhile, Tony returns to the Twins and tells them he has news. He's taken aback by Rex's new cynical point of view after learning that Shawn has been charged for Colin's murder. Marlena and John arrive and she emotionally tells Cassie and Rex that she remembered giving birth to them, therefore making her their mother -- and Tony is their father. Belle and Brady arrive just in time to hear that Marlena and Tony are the parents of the Twins...moreless
  • Ep. #9507
    Ep. #9507
    Episode 78
    PREVIEW Shawn's day in court is disrupted by an outburst; Victor visits Larry in jail and blackmails him into a confession; Nicole reacts to Sami and Brandon's news. SUMMARY At Sami's apartment, Nicole shows up there looking for her brother. Sami says Brandon is at home – he has moved in with her. Nicole loses it and goes off, and says this is the worst idea Brandon has ever had! Lucas comes around the corner and agrees with Nicole. Sami tells him to mind his own business, but Lucas says this effects him because it effects Will, who is at an impressionable age. Brandon comes out and calms down Sami and states that they need to talk rationally with Lucas. Sami refuses but Brandon pulls her aside and convinces her. Sami says she will do this for him only. Lucas wants to know if they asked Will about this before they moved in together? Sami tells him that she doesn't have to ask his permission because she is his mother. Brandon tells Lucas to come inside to talk to Sami and he and Nicole will talk in the hall. Lucas comes inside and the two exchange some ugly words and Lucas tells her that Brandon doesn't really love her. He then threatens to take Will from her again. She warns him not to even think about trying that! Lucas says that Will is now old enough to pick which parent he wants to live with, and they both know who he would pick! The two continue to go back and forth, and Lucas says he is going to lay some ground rules which Sami will follow or else. Lucas tells her that number one is he doesn't want Will calling Brandon dad and he can't act like a father figure to Will. Sami refuses, and then flaunts in Lucas' face that one day Brandon will be Will's stepfather. Lucas laughs and tells Sami that she is pathetic if she thinks Brandon will ever marry her. Sami tells Lucas to get out, and starts throwing things at him. He doesn't leave at first, but more things go flying through the air. He eventually leaves… Meanwhile, in the hallway, Brandon talks with Nicole. She tells Brandon that she thinks Sami is manipulating and controlling him, but he says that she is the one being controlled and manipulated. Nicole whines and Brandon asks her what is wrong now? Nicole tells him that she is as good as dead. Brandon asks Nicole not to talk like that, and he asks what did Victor do to her? Nicole covers and says that Victor got mad at her for running off to the bars, and he was right to do so. She then says that Victor didn't marry her so that she could go boozing at trashy bars, and it is time she grows up. They then see Sami chase Lucas out, and Nicole tells Brandon to get back to his girlfriend because she has to get home. Nicole leaves, and Sami and Brandon go back inside. Sami then begs Brandon never to leave her alone with Lucas again because she hates him. Brandon says that he can't worry about Lucas right now because Nicole is in a bad place. Sami tries to distract him and she suggests they focus on one another. Sami begins telling Brandon how good it will be for Will having him here and showing him what a normal family is like. She tells Brandon maybe they should make things official. Brandon asks if she is talking about what he thinks she is talking about? He tells her that he loves her and is committed to her, but he wants to take things step-by-step to make sure it lasts. Sami is obviously hurt, but tells him that she understands… Nicole is waiting for the elevator in the hallway and runs into Lucas. He wonders why she isn't in a better mood. He tells her he will help her if he can, so she asks him to lend her some change. He isn't sure what is going on, but digs into his pocket and hands her a penny, and then snaps that is all she is worth. Nicole says she will flip the coin and that will decide whether she should stay or run. The coin says she should stay, so she decides to turn herself in, and she gets into the elevator. She leaves behind a very confused Lucas… Over at the police station, Victor shows up and says he wants to visit Larry. Larry wonders what he wants, but Victor just tells him that he wants him to help him solve the murder of Colin Murphy. Larry says everyone knows that it was Shawn that killed Colin. Victor snaps at Larry and tells him to shut up and listen to what he has to say. He shows Larry the bullet shell with Bo's name on it, and he says he knows what his plan was. He asks Larry how the plan went so wrong? Larry admits Colin was supposed to kill Bo for him, but he was an "incompetent hit man". Victor then taunts Larry with the list of charges against him. Larry tells him that he is beginning to feel a sense of day-ja-vous. Larry tells him the last time he visited him in jail, he made him take the wrap for a crime he didn't commit. But he asks Victor what wants him to take the fall for this time? Victor tells him to guess, and Larry knows what Victor wants. Larry tells Victor that he refuses to put his ass on death row to save Shawn Douglas. Victor tells him to do exactly what he says or else he will have him off'd in prison – and he knows he can do it. Victor then gives Larry instructions on what exactly what to say to the police… Meanwhile, Lexie shows up with some food for Abe. He is not in a good mood because Shawn is facing a life sentence. The two talk and Lexie lets her false alarm last night slip, and it worries Abe. She says they were just braxton-hicks contractions, and that she was checked out. Abe makes her promise to tell him if this ever happens again. Lexie tries to convince him to stop worrying about her. An officer comes in and says she needs to talk to Abe alone and Lexie heads home. The officer tells him about Larry Welch's visitor. Abe heads down to the cells and asks Victor what he wants with Larry? Victor tells him that he just wants to make sure Larry pays for what he did to Hope. Victor leaves and Abe goes to leave and Larry stops him, telling him he has to get something off his chest… At the courthouse, Grandpa Shawn tears into Roman for betraying his family. Meanwhile, Cassie continues to whine that she wants to talk to Shawn. Belle tells her to shut up! Meanwhile, Bo and Hope continue to plead with Shawn to take back his confession and plead not guilty. The hearing begins, and the judge tells Shawn that he is charged with the murder of Colin Murphy and how does he plead? Shawn says nothing. Shawn thinks about killing Colin, and Mickey tries to persuade him to change his mind. Shawn refuses, so Mickey enters a plea of guilty. Belle suddenly stands up and says, "Shawn, no!" Grandpa Shawn turns and gives Roman a nasty. Kate just holds Roman's hand, letting him know to ignore it. Belle then begins pleading to Shawn and begging him to plead not guilty. The judge threatens to throw Belle out if she does not stop this. She is convinced she can save him and she continues to plead with Shawn, but the judge has her taken out. Caroline and Jennifer go out to check on Belle. Shawn is asked once again if he wants to plead guilty? He turns and looks at his parents, stands up, and changes his plea to not guilty. The entire courtroom is relieved. The judge tells council to make their pleas and DA Palmer says that bail should be denied because he is a danger to the community as well as himself, and he is a flight risk because of favoritism in the police department. Bo stands up and yells that they cannot keep his son in jail! Bo is warned to sit down, or he will be joining Miss Black outside and Hope gets him to sit down. DA Palmer then continues that Shawn is a danger because he is a drug addict. Mickey tries to argue that Shawn didn't know what he was taking were dangerous but the judge agrees with the DA and decides to deny bail. Shawn is taken out, and the DA decides that Shawn will get no visitors other than his lawyer. Bo is furious and tries to attack Palmer. Roman gets Bo to calm down, but Bo refuses to take advice from him. Bo tells him if he had talked to Shawn first before arresting him then he would have realized Shawn was innocent. He tells him about Shawn's statement about shooting Colin in the back, and Roman says that's great, he is innocent. But the two get into a huge fight over Roman's betrayal of his family. Roman offers to help clear Shawn, but Bo says he doesn't want his help. However, Hope accepts it because the more help they get the better off Shawn is… Rex goes outside to tell Bell the news and Cassie wants to stay back to see Shawn, but he drags Cassie with him. Outside the courtroom, Belle is crying to Caroline and Jennifer that Shawn is in trouble and she couldn't help him. Just then, Rex comes out and tells Belle that she did help Shawn - he changed his plea to not guilty. Belle, Jennifer and Caroline are all relieved, and Caroline tells Belle that she did good. The three hug and Cassie looks very annoyed. Belle convinces Caroline and Jennifer to go back inside, she is OK now. Rex tells Belle that what she did was very brave. She says she wasn't trying to be brave. Belle then tells Cassie that she will probably be called to testify, so she needs to be very careful about what she says. Cassie says she will help Shawn any way she can. The head back inside the courtroom and Belle sees Shawn as he is being taken away, and she tells Shawn to remember that she loves him. Belle hugs Shawn, and once again, Cassie is extremely annoyed. Shawn does not take his eyes off of Belle and he tells her that it will be okay, and he is dragged off. He is still focused completely on Belle. Bo stops the cops and tells Shawn that he will find the real killer. Hope hugs Shawn and says she loves him. Once more, Cassie is more than a little annoyed when Shawn tells them that he loves them all, and he asks his parents to take care of Belle. Hope takes and holds Belle and tells him they sure will...moreless
  • Ep. #9506
    Ep. #9506
    Episode 77
    MURDER AT MIDNIGHT SOLVED! (solved to the viewers, anyway) PREVIEW Belle confronts Cassie and Shawn over their shared secret; Jennifer apologizes to Hope; Bo unveils his theory as to how Colin was killed. SUMMARY **from** Belle visits Shawn and she chews him out for keeping this secret. He admits that Cassie knew because she witnessed the shooting and Belle walks out, deeply hurt. She goes and confronts Cassie, accusing her of keeping Shawn's secret because she wants him. Cassie panics and tells Rex she'll do anything to help Shawn. Later, Abe visits Shawn and tells him that the forensics report doesn't match Shawn's story because Colin was shot in the abdomen at close range. In spite of this, Shawn still believes that he killed Colin. Meanwhile, Victor sees the headline about Shawn's confession, while Bo combs the terrace for any leads to clear his son. Victor confronts Bo, who is hell bent on finding the real killer, sending a chill down Nicole's spine. After Bo leaves, Victor demands Nicole give him the gun, and she's forced to hand it over, along with the bullet shells she picked up. Victor sees Bo's name etched on one of the casings and storms out. Nicole learns he's gone to the police and she assumes he's turning her in, but he's really there to meet with Larry Welch! Hope is at the pub, upset by the article about Shawn's confession in The Spectator. Jennifer arrives and apologizes, but she and Jack had to run with the story. Hope is taken aback when Jennifer slips that she and Jack are sleeping together again and Jennifer reveals they're engaged. Jennifer promises to do whatever she can to help Shawn's case via public opinion and Jack seconds that as he enters. Later, Bo/Hope see Shawn and Bo lays out a theory that Shawn may have shot at Colin, but he missed. Shawn admits he never checked for a pulse on Colin -- someone else could have come along and killed Colin with the gun Shawn dropped. Jack/Jennifer arrive at the hearing room and learn from Mickey that Shawn's case doesn't look good. Hope refuses to let her son throw his life away, as both his parents beg him to plead innocent at the arraignment... Roman goes to the Cheatin' Heart to blow some steam and Kate is there to comfort him. She realizes what a stickler he is for the rules and how she always breaks them, but they end the debate in a passionate kiss. Kate thinks Roman should go to the arraignment to support the family and he agrees to do it. Kate is proud of him and stands by his side as he comes face to face with Grandpa Shawn and Caroline...moreless
  • Ep. #9505
    Ep. #9505
    Episode 76
    PREVIEW Chloe and Brady return home as Nancy goes into labor; Brandon and Sami's plans to move in together change. SUMMARY At Brandon's loft, Sami is knocking on the door and Brandon opens the door and can see she is worried. He asks her where Will is and her stuff is? She tells him that her moving in isn't going to work. She then hands Brandon back his key. He wonders what is wrong? Sami says Will didn't take the news too well and he refuses to move, and is accusing her of trying to take him away from his father again. Brandon just stands there as Sami explains but then he turns around and walks out. Sami wonders what he is doing when he returns with a suitcase. He tells her that if she can't move in with him, then he will move in with her! Sami is flattered and kisses Brandon. She tells him that he is the love she has waited her whole life to find. The two pack and he says he will get the rest of his stuff later and they head off to Sami's apartment… Meanwhile, at Green Mountain lodge, Chloe wakes up and Brady is still sleeping and she heads into the bathroom. She looks in the mirror and sees that she is having another nosebleed. Brady wakes up and hears Chloe sniffling and he heads to find her to see what is wrong, and worries when he finds her tending to a nose bleed. He doesn't say anything and walks away back out to the room. He waits a minute and calls to her and she says she will be out in a minute. When Chloe returns, she pretends everything is fine. Brady orders breakfast, and Chloe looks at the paper, and then says they have to go home right now. He wonders why and they see the headline about Shawn's arrest. As they prepare to go home, Brady tells Chloe that he knows about her nose bleed. Chloe agrees to talk to Craig about it, and she tells Brady that she's not afraid anymore - because of him. Brady remembers that Belle is in Paris and doesn't know about this, and thinks he should be the one to tell her. He calls her in Paris, but gets no answer. Brady continues to comfort Chloe, and she says she has so much to live for, especially him. Chloe tells Brady that he is her life. The two leave and when they arrive at the Wesley house, Chloe realizes something must have happened because Nancy's hospital suitcase is missing. Chloe is trying to call the hospital just as Craig calls her cell phone and tells her that Nancy is in labor… Back at the DiMera compound, John and Marlena wake up. John is going for a run. Marlena tells him that she wants to talk, but he says when he gets back. John refuses to believe Marlena is Cassie and Rex's mother because there is no solid proof. Marlena says that she knows she is their mother, and that Tony may be their father. John says he has to go for a run and leaves. Marlena then goes to Tony's room to talk with him. They talk about the twins, and how children can create bonds between parents, even if the parents were separated from their children for years. Marlena talks about her situation with Roman and Sami and Eric. Tony says their situation is much different from her and Roman. Marlena says if they are the twin's parents then they will work together to raise them. But she also tells him that she has doubts that he is their father. Marlena refuses to put strain on her marriage when they don't know if he is the twins father or not. Tony says there may a way to get information, and he calls Rolf on a web-phone. As he is talking, Tony shows Marlena the phone and asks her if she recognizes Rolf, and she does! Meanwhile, John returns to the room and sees that Marlena isn't there. He wonders what Tony is up to now. He heads out and over to Tony's room, where he finds Marlena. He wonders what she is doing in Tony's bedroom. Marlena then identifies Rolf as the man who delivered the twins. Tony claims he is calling about the twins, and he wants to know if he is their father. Rolf just tells him that he can't say. Tony asks if he ever took samples from his body? John wants to talk to him, but Tony stops him, but Rolf heard the rustling in the background and asks where he is, and who is with him? Tony tells him that he, John, and Marlena are at the compound, and that Marlena remembers giving birth to the twins and that he delivered them. Rolf then tells Tony that he did take a sample from Tony, but they are playing a dangerous game. John is furious, but Tony is now certain more than ever that he is the twin's father. Marlena is ready to accept that Tony is the father, and that he was manipulated by Stefano just as they all were. John asks about this doctor, and Tony says he was his father's right-hand man, but he will get answers from him about the twins. John still believes the twins are dangerous, but Tony says they are good kids. Marlena says they are her children, and she will love them if they will have anything to do with her. Tony says they will explain everything to the twins, but John snaps that he and Marlena will tell them. Tony says he is their father, so John should back off, but John refuses. Marlena asks Tony for a minute with John. Tony goes to the hallway, but he listens at the door and John and Marlena talk about their future and the twins. John tells Marlena that he won't let anything separate them, and that he will try and love the twins and accept Tony as a part of their life because he loves her. Marlena thanks John for his support. Tony comes back in and he tells them that he hopes they can all work together for the twin's sake. He says that he wants to be a wonderful father to them. John and Marlena say they are headed back to Salem, and Tony says he will return as well. They decide that they will tell the twins together. Once John and Marlena are gone, Tony vows to himself, that he will begin to plan his "life" with Marlena… Back in Salem, at the DiMera mansion, Cassie and Rex are visiting from the dorms because everyone has been asking them Shawn. Cassie thinks it is all over now, but Rex wonders if she is worried it is over for Shawn, or for her. They end up in a huge argument about Shawn and Belle. Rex sings Belle's praises and it's obvious that Cassie is annoyed. Rex says Belle is honest, and that Shawn isn't. He says they don't know as much about Shawn as they thought they did, and now everyone is turning on them. Rex decides to do some legal research on what might happen to Shawn, and Rex and Cassie get to work trying to help Shawn. As they are doing this, they begin to question everyone who is in their lives, including Tony. Rex suggests that they search the house to try to find information on Tony. They walk around the house and they find the secret room. There, they come across Rolf, AKA Professor Putnam to them. They wonder what he is doing there. He says he is there at Count DiMera's request. He covers and tells them that he is doing research for him. When they question him, he says he can't say what the research is, and asks them to keep this secret for him. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, Rolf leaves, and the twins look around the secret room. Rex tries to break into Tony's computer, but is unable to…moreless
  • Ep. #9504
    Ep. #9504
    Episode 75
    PREVIEW Shawn is booked for Colin's murder! A drunken Nicole turns to Brandon for help. SUMMARY **from** Bo and Hope are outraged as Roman arrests and books Shawn for Colin's murder. Abe is called in and Bo accuses his brother of choosing duty over family. Belle convinces Roman to let her talk to Shawn and she's thrilled when Shawn admits he pushed her away because he loves her and wanted to protect her. After Belle leaves, Hope asks Abe if she can speak with Shawn and she reassures her son that she believes in his innocence. Hope asks Belle to stay with her at Shawn/Caroline's house and Belle agrees. Meanwhile, Bo and Mickey talk to Shawn, who explains exactly how he shot Colin. Once Shawn finishes his story, Bo proclaims that Shawn didn't kill Colin! Nicole starts to get drunk in order to forget the sex she just shared with Victor. He cuts her off from the alcohol in the mansion, so she heads out to the Cheatin' Heart and bribes the bartender to give her some after-hours booze. Meanwhile, Sami wakes up from a terrible nightmare that Lexie and the baby had come between her and Brandon. She keeps the contents of the dream from Brandon, but admits to being a bit insecure. Nicole calls Brandon and he goes to pick her up. He tries to talk her into coming home with him, but Nicole leaves with Nico when he comes to collect her. Meanwhile, Sami goes home to be there when Will stops by in the morning and drops by the hospital to ask for tomorrow off to move. She runs into Lexie, who is experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions after learning that Shawn was arrested for Colin's murder. She meets with Dr. Bader and everything checks out fine. Lexie gets another shock when Sami reveals that she and Brandon are moving in together. When Nicole returns home, Victor tells Nicole her life as a prisoner in the mansion is far better than life in the penitentiary, where she could end up because he has irrefutable proof that she killed Colin...moreless
  • Ep. #9503
    Ep. #9503
    Episode 74
    PREVIEW Bo chases Larry; Shawn rushes to rescue Belle and Hope; Marlena recalls the twins' birth! SUMMARY At the DiMera compound, Tony has the tower room set up like it was when Marlena was held there. Marlena looks all around and says that something very important happened here. John is obviously uncomfortable with this idea, but Tony refuses to let him disrupt what is going to happen. Marlena tells them that she will do whatever it takes to remember what happened to her. Marlena gets up on the bed and lays down (almost looks like a hospital bed) and before long, she begins to have memory flashes. She remembers being in that very bed the night of a terrible storm and seeing a doctor at the end of her bed as she is in a fetal position, giving birth to the twins! Dr. Rolf was the doctor who was there and encouraged her to deliver them (although at this point, Marlena makes no reference that she knows who the DR is). As she is telling John and Tony about this, Tony grabs Marlena's hand and says, "You gave birth to the twins here. Our babies. Yours and mine"… Meanwhile, in Salem, at Jack and Jennifer's, Jack is laying on Jennifer's bed looking at a picture of Abby. He soon finds that Jennifer saved their wedding album, because he sees it lying on the table. He is about to look at it when Jennifer walks into the bedroom in a long, white, sexy nightgown. The two begin kissing and Jack takes off that nightgown. The two kiss some more and end up on the bed, and the two make love. In the after glow, they reminisce about their wedding day. Jennifer says she just recently found the wedding album in the attic, which is where she packed it away. Jack tells her that he never stopped loving her. She tells him that the person she was when she married him was crazy about him, but now she is deeply in love with the man that she married. Jack is flattered by this and he tells her he has a surprise. He pulls out her wedding ring. He says she sent it back to him after their divorce was final, but he kept it. He tells her that he would like for her to wear it again, until he gets her a new ring for their new life. He puts the ring on her finger and they start kissing again… Over at Green Mountain Lodge, Chloe and Brady return after having come from the Wesley house. Chloe states that she is tired, and she also says she feels sad because of what happened at the house. She then says that things have changed between her and Nancy for the better, and that she knows that Nancy wouldn't have given her up if she was given a choice, it was all her grandfather. Brady wants to help Chloe take her mind off of that and he convinces her to join him in the hot tub. The two share a very romantic evening in the hot tub, where Brady sings to Chloe. Later, Brady carries Chloe to bed. Once Chloe falls asleep, Brady says a prayer for Chloe to live… Over at the hospital, Bo leaves and tells Shawn to rest. Shawn tries to get up, he says he wants to go check on his mom, but the nurses say he has to stay over night. Bo assures Shawn that he will go home and check on Hope. Meanwhile, Kate is still trying to be there for Roman. She again asks him if he wants to talk? Roman finally tells Kate that he over heard Shawn confessing to Bo about killing Colin. Roman tells her that he has to arrest Shawn - because it is his job. Kate is baffled by this news that Shawn could be a murderer and she tells Roman that the choice he has to make is a difficult one, and she doesn't know if she could make it if she were in his place. He knows what he has to do and he goes to find Shawn. Once he gets to Shawn's room, he can't find Shawn anywhere… He soon learns Shawn went home and all hell has broken loose and he heads out... Back at the Brady house, Larry comes to in the basement where he passed out and Hope remains unconscious upstairs and Belle grows weaker by the minute. Bo gets home and talks to the cops watching the house. As he is talking to them, Larry sneaks through the bushes, but makes a little shuffle noise. Bo is ready to head inside, he is worried as the cops said all has been quiet and they explain that a teenage girl with blonde hair went inside a while ago. Bo figures out that it was Belle and really worries because Hope isn't answering the phone. He is headed to go inside just as he sees Larry head into the sewer. Bo follows Larry down into the sewers, just as Shawn arrives home to find the cops banging on the door. They explain the door is locked and he gets out his keys but sees that the lock has been rigged to stay shut. Shawn breaks the living room window open and goes inside. He sees his mom passed out and Belle not far behind. He wonders what Belle is doing there and she tells him there is carbon monoxide in the house. The cops eventually break down the door, and he tells them they have to get them out of there. The cops take Hope and carry her out and Shawn tries to break Belle free and ends up breaking the railing to free the handcuffs and he picks her up and walks out the front door with her… Once outside, the medics are there and Belle and Hope are given oxygen, and Shawn asks Belle what she is doing here? She tells him all about Larry, and that she loves him. Hope has come to and tells Shawn that she loves him too. Shawn holds both Belle and Hope's hands as the paramedics take care of them. Shawn realizes it's Belle and he asks her how she got here, and why didn't she stay in Paris? She explains that Rex came with her and convinced her to come home and face her problems. Belle says she couldn't stay away, she had to come home to him, even if he kept turning away from him… Bo chases Larry around the sewers, and eventually corners him and the two struggle. Larry pulls a gun, but Bo gets the upper-hand and beats Larry to a pulp, trying to knock him out. Larry taunts Bo and tells him that Hope is dead because of the carbon monoxide he let into the house. Back outside the Brady house, Bo brings Larry up the driveway and asks the other cops to book him. He then sees Hope and goes to her, very relieved that she is alive. Not long after this, Roman gets there just as Larry is taken off. Bo tells Belle how sorry he is that she got caught up in this mess. She just tells him that she couldn't stay away from Shawn. Shawn grabs and holds her tight, and Roman looks on, worried about what he has to do. Roman approaches Shawn and tells him he is under arrest for the murder of Dr. Colin Murphy. This news shocks Belle and Hope, and infuriates Bo…moreless
  • Ep. #9502
    Ep. #9502
    Episode 73
    PREVIEW: Belle and Hope fight for their lives when Larry reveals himself! John and Tony fight in a fencing duel. SUMMARY: **from** Belle sees Larry and tries to knock him out, but he catches her and forces her to nail the windows shut as gas continues to spread throughout the house. Larry disables all the door locks and Hope succumbs to the gas and passes out. Larry handcuffs Belle to the staircase and makes his way back to the basement, but finds himself trapped in with the deadly gas. Meanwhile, Shawn is brought into the trauma center and Craig discovers that Shawn is taking drugs. He informs Bo, who is horrified; Cassie and Rex arrive, also very worried about Shawn. Bo learns the pills weren't Hope's original prescription and realizes Larry must have switched them. Roman overhears Shawn as he finally confesses to Bo that he shot Colin. Kate arrives and tries to comfort Roman, who now had to choose between his family and his job. He sends Cassie and Rex home, while Bo takes off to check on Hope. As Shawn worries about his mother, he's unaware that Roman is about to confront him about his confession to Colin's murder... Tony has brought in workers to assist with his plan to unlock Marlena's memories. She goes out for a walk on the cliff and remembers hearing a baby cry and calling out for someone to stop. John and Tony's animosity escalates to a fencing duel that ends in a draw. They hear Marlena scream and rush outside to see her on the crumbling cliff. John saves her in time and Marlena is frustrated that she's still only recalling bits and pieces. Tony tells them the workers are done and if his plan works, Marlena will remember everything before the night is over... Victor shows Nicole a mysterious file and forces her to confirm that everything in it is true. Victor tells her copies of the file are in his safe, along with the video of her and Colin. He promises that she's going to pay for her stupid mistakes for the rest of her life. Victor tells her she'll continue to do what she does best as he begins to make love to her...moreless
  • Ep. #9501
    Ep. #9501
    Episode 72
    PREVIEW: Larry's poison plan affects Hope, Shawn and Alice; Chloe learns of her Grandfather's deciept. SUMMARY: On the DiMera Island, Marlena wakes up and she hears Dr. Rolf's muffled voice in her head and gets up and leaves John sleeping in their room. Tony sees her walking around and he follows her. When John wakes up, he doesn't see Marlena and he goes to search for her and he finds her sleeping on a sofa. Tony, drink in hand and fully dressed, joins them saying Marlena won't wake up this time. Suddenly, cut back to John sitting straight up in bed – it was just a dream. He then realizes maybe not, because Marlena isn't there. Marlena is still walking around the house and Tony is still close behind her. Hearing Dr. Rolf telling her to breathe and she's almost made it… she suddenly collapses as Tony rushes to catch her and picks her up into his arms. This happens just as John comes in and he sees Tony holding Marlena. Marlena suddenly wakes up and jumps out of Tony's arms to John's side. Tony explains what happened and didn't wake her because she might have been remembering something. Marlena leaves and John tells Tony that he will kill him if he touches Marlena again. Tony simply tells John that if she collapses in his arms again, he will catch her. Marlena returns and says that everything in her past is hazy to her. Tony says he has some ideas to help her remember, but John is skeptical. She has to know the truth and will do whatever Tony asks… Meanwhile, back in Salem, Belle and Rex arrive back at the DiMera mansion and she thanks him for helping her see that Shawn needs her now. Cassie comes into the foyer, and realizes what Rex has done and is not happy with her brother. Belle explains that she is 18 and she will not run away from her problems anymore, Paris will be there in the future. Belle learns from Cassie that Shawn is at home and heads over there. Cassie wants to try to stop Belle from going over there, but Rex stops her. She then tears into Rex for leaving her alone to follow Belle to Paris. She doesn't understand why he can follow Belle to Paris but it's not OK for her to spend time with Shawn. Rex tries to explain the difference, but Cassie doesn't want to hear it. Rex pushes her enough about the two of them not having any secrets and she blurts out that Shawn killed Colin Murphy. She tells him that's what happened that night he wondered where she was – that she was hiding in the bushes at the Kirikas Mansion and that she saw it happen. Rex can't believe his ears and he can't believe that Cassie is keeping this secret. He tells her that she has to go to the police. She refuses and he tells her if she doesn't, he will… Over at the Wesley's, Nancy is downstairs and she opens the front door to find her father standing on the other side. He just walks right in, and it is clear that Nancy is not happy. Craig comes downstairs and he realizes that Nancy called her father against his wishes. Nancy begins to talk, tells her father that it was eating her alive and knows it was bothering him too…She then stops herself and asks her father isn't he going to ask how Chloe's doing? She then demands to know why her father lied to her all those years ago and make her give Chloe up. Nancy explains that she knows he lied to her about her due date to force her to give up Chloe. Dr. Miller just stands there, doesn't say a word. Nancy tells her father that he ruined her life and he ruined Chloe's… Speaking of Chloe, her and Brady are still at the Green Mountain Lodge and Chloe is in a bubble bath and asks Brady to join her. He jumps in and they sit facing each other. The kiss and are just happy to be together. When we return to them later, she is sitting in front of him and he is washing her hair. (Very romantic scene here). Later, they are in nothing but bath robes, and Brady suggests they do some night skiing so they can have another bath. Chloe tells him she's tired after her attempt to ski all day and just wants to go to bed. This worries Brady, but she assures him that she is fine. He relaxes and tells her going to bed is fine with him and they kiss. Chloe stops and says that first she needs to call home because Craig and Nancy don't know where they are. She dials the phone and her and Brady share a seductive smile. Craig answers the phone but he is talking softly as Nancy and her father are in the room. Craig tells her that everything is fine, and he says he'll call her back later. Chloe expresses her concern, but he assures her that Nancy and the baby are fine. She hangs up and she tells Brady that she senses that something is wrong and Brady offers to take her home. She thanks him and they decide they'll come back if they find all is well at home… They arrive at the Wesley's during Nancy and her father's heated argument. Nancy asks her father to look in Chloe's eyes tell the truth – so that Chloe would know that she was conceived in love and why she couldn't grow up with her parents. He cannot say anything and Nancy tells her father that she wants nothing more from him, that he didn't want to know Chloe, so he won't know his other grandchild. Nancy tells him that he is no longer a part of their family. Dr. Miller asks Chloe for forgiveness. Nancy refuses to let her father do this. Chloe doesn't say anything, she is on the verge of tears. Dr. Miller apologizes to Chloe and tells Nancy he'll respect her wishes and that he loves her and that he will continue to pray for the health and happiness of her family. He tells her that he will continue to hope to be part of the family again one day. He walks out and Nancy apologizes to Chloe for all of this. Chloe then apologizes to her as well because she spent so much time making herself miserable over this. She now has her family and her future to look forward to. Nancy tells Chloe that everything will be okay now. The two hug and Craig reminds them it's still Valentine's Day and Chloe asks them if they mind if her and Brady go back to the lodge. They tell her that is fine and they leave… At the police station, Roman tells Bo that they tracked down the origin of the tuxedo stud they found on the Kirikas terrace. He tells Bo that it was from a rented tux, but it wasn't rented by Larry – it was Shawn's. Bo is a little relieved, but Roman tells him that it didn't just fall off, it was torn off during an apparent struggle. Bo thinks that Shawn must've just snagged in on a bush or something… Back at the Brady house, Shawn joins Hope and Alice in the living room as they all wonder what's wrong with them. Alice thinks perhaps they all have the flu. Hope is glad that Gran is going to spend the night, but Alice just wants the comfort of her own bed. Not wanting either of them to go out, she tells them she'll call Maggie. Bo calls and tells Hope about the fact that the fingerprints on the matchbook were Larry's and he says that he has tightened the security around the house and not to worry. Shawn in the meantime, has taken some more pills. When Bo asks Hope what is wrong, she tells him that she thinks they're coming down with the flu. Bo asks to speak with Shawn and he tells him that he wants him to come down to the station, now, to clear something up… Back again at the police station, Shawn arrives to see Bo. He takes another pill before going in. Roman and Bo take him into Abe's office to ask him questions about Colin's murder. Bo tells Shawn about the tuxedo stud they found, and they ask him how it was ripped out of his shirt? Shawn flashes back to his struggle with Colin, and we see that during this time, the stud fell off of his shirt and to the ground. Shawn doesn't say anything, he just stands there. Bo asks Roman for a minute alone with Shawn and after Roman leaves, he pleads with Shawn to tell him the truth. Grabbing his leather jacket and holding his face, he continues to plead that the quieter he is, the worse it looks for him. Bo begs Shawn to tell him the truth about the night Colin was murdered because he is under suspicion now! Shawn asks for a minute to himself and Bo agrees, walking to the other side of the room for some coffee and Roman comes back in. Shawn takes some more pills – in fact, he takes the rest of the bottle… Bo is upset that Roman called the DA and Abe, but Roman knows covering up doesn't help anyone. Bo angrily says that his son had no reason to kill Colin Murphy, and says that he still thinks it was DiMera's doing. Shawn jumps in and asks them to stop fighting, he will tell them everything. Cassie and Rex rush in just as Shawn says this and Cassie tells him not to do it! Shawn tells Cassie thanks for everything, but he has to get it out in the open. Cassie tells him again not to say anything! Shawn suddenly starts ranting that Roman wants him to be the murderer so they can wrap up the case. They all just look at Shawn, not believing what they're hearing and seeing because next Shawn throws the suspect board to the ground! Bo tries to calm him, but Shawn eventually collapses right into Bo's arms… Meanwhile, back over at the Brady House, Hope is in the driveway and she yells goodbye to Gran as Maggie is driving her home. Belle then walks up the driveway, and Hope is still a little out of it, but she realizes it's Belle and they talk in the driveway. Larry is hiding in the bushes and he overhears Hope telling Belle about the matchbook that Bo found and they know that Larry is still alive. Belle can tell that Hope isn't feeling well and suggests they go inside. Hope agrees as the two walk inside. Larry can't believe about Bo finding the matchbook and his smoking habit is helping his plan go up in smoke. He sneaks away – and straight into the Brady basement… Upstairs, Hope and Belle talk about Shawn. Hope tells Belle that she's sorry about all the problems she and Shawn have been going through. Hope tells her that Shawn was so upset when he missed her at the airport…Belle is happy to hear this, saying she knew Shawn didn't want to break up with her…As the two of them talk some more, Hope is still trying to figure out why they had broken up in the first place. Belle tells her that she wonders the same thing, but Hope tell her that Shawn told her they it was a mutual decision for him and Belle to give each other space. Belle gets upset, denying her wanting space. Hope offers to talk to Shawn for Belle, but Belle says that won't help. She explains that for some reason Shawn is pushing her away and punishing himself. She says that is why she came back to Salem – to try and find the reason why Shawn has been pushing her away and why he feels he doesn't deserve her. Hope tells Belle she loves her very much and is proud of both her and Shawn. She tells her that she wants to help and promises not to be defensive of her son. She tells him that if has hurt her, she wants to know. Hope is starting to feel dizzy again and Belle asks about her headache. She offers to leave, but Hope says she wants her to stay. She explains that Zack is with Doug and Julie and asks Belle if she would mind getting her some antacid. Belle heads upstairs and Hope, holding her stomach, struggles up out of the chair. She sees a man in blur across the room. She thinks it's one of the cops and tells him she was feeling sick. It's actually Larry, and he approaches her and says, "sick?" Hope freaks, but knows there are police guarding the house. This time she doesn't have the strength to approach him, and he grabs her by the wrists as she falls to her knees. She says that she isn't crazy, he is alive. He tells her it's him, in the flesh as he strokes his face with her hands…moreless
  • Ep. #9500
    Ep. #9500
    Episode 71
    PREVIEW: Bo and Hope rush home after a call from Alice; a letter from Stefano is unearthed on the island. SUMMARY: **from** Shawn returns from the airport and takes another pill to ease the pain of missing Belle. Alice sees him pop the pill and he covers; she senses that something is wrong and calls Bo and Hope, who are still enjoying their romantic getaway at Green Mountain Lodge. Bo sees Hope's concern and they go home. Larry, still in the basement, overhears Alice/Shawn talking and realizes Shawn is taking the poison pills. When Bo/Hope get home, Shawn loses his temper that Alice called them; they think he's so frazzled because he couldn't stop Belle from leaving. Bo gets called away to the station with urgent news about Larry; his prints were on the matchbook that Bo found, proving that Larry is indeed alive. Alice seems to be out of sorts a bit (because of the gas) and Hope tells Alice she should stay the night... Belle is stunned to see Rex on the plane and learns that he's a last minute replacement in the exchange program. He knows what she's been going through with Shawn and thinks she already regrets leaving Salem. Belle admits he's right and is overcome with a sudden urge to return home... John/Marlena are rocked to find Tony at the island compound; Tony thinks he should be part of the search for the Twins' parentage, which displeases both of them. John/Marlena privately discuss teaming up with Tony and are interrupted when Tony returns with a letter from Stefano he found in the bedroom. It mentions the items bequeathed in the will and warns Tony to tell Marlena that the more she searches for answers from her past, the more she will wish to be back in a long and dreamless sleep. Stefano also mentions the Twins and calls them Tony's destiny, which enrages Tony because the veiled comments still lead to nowhere. Tony refuses to have his strings pulled and tears the letter to pieces. Shocked by this denouncement of Stefano, John and Marlena finally agree to form an alliance with Tony to solve the mysteries of the past... Roman/Kate are at the Tuscany bar and Roman probes about Kate's secret past with Stefano. They talk about John's investigation of Tony and Kate thinks it's a bad idea for John/Marlena to be on that island. Roman wants to talk about his relationship with Kate, but he's called away on police business...moreless
  • Ep. #9499
    Ep. #9499
    Episode 70
    PREVIEW: Tension increases between John and Marlena; Brandon asks Sami to move in with him and she accepts! SUMMARY: At the Green Mountain Lodge, Doug and Julie are in their room and Julie is in the other room putting Zack down to sleep and Doug, dressed in a tux, is on the phone and he orders candy, and roses for Julie. She comes out and she is dressed in a beautiful blue dress and tells Doug that Zack is asleep, poor little guy, he's coming down with a cold. The two of them discuss that they are glad that they are in the bridal suite, and they had plans to go out to celebrate, but since Zack is sick, they decide to stay in and have their own Valentines Day celebration. Julie tells Doug how much she loves him and how jealous her friends are of their marriage. She says their friend Roberta got Trivets for Valentines Day because her husband doesn't "get it" like Doug does. They happily recall other Valentines Day celebrations around the world they've celebrated. He tells her his favorite was in Salem in her apartment when he kissed her for the first time. She quickly tells him that wasn't Valentines Day, but he tells her that everyday with her is Valentines Day. The two of them go to kiss and suddenly Zack starts crying from the other room. Julie goes to check on him and when she comes back, she tells Doug that she rubbed his little back for about five seconds and he went back to sleep again. She says he dropped his favorite stuffed animal and that was what woke him up. Doug tells her that he remembers how devastated Hope was when she lost her Winnie the Pooh at that age. Julie listens, trying not to laugh. Doug sees that she's holding back and asks her why, and she tells him that Hope's Pooh had a "Hoover Accident" She explains that it's head got sucked in and burned up the vacuum cleaner as she demonstrates by a slash across the throat saying it got decapitated. Gran and Julie decided not to tell Doug because he is such a blabber and would have told Hope. They toast and go to kiss again and this time there is a knock on the door. Doug goes to answer it and it's room service with dinner for two, flowers and chocolates. She looks at him and he tells her it's for the most beautiful girl in the world. The two look very lovingly into each others eyes… Also at The Green Mountain Lodge (although at this point, no reference is made that that is where they are…) Brady and Chloe come inside, as they had just been skiing and are frozen. Brady offers to warm Chloe up and they cuddle with each other. She tells him she has a gift for him and she gives him a CD containing love songs she's singing for him. They begin dancing and kissing and make love. Later, they are cuddling in bed and the two of them recite a poem written by William Blake: To see a world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour The two start kissing again… Back in Salem, Sami and Brandon arrive at Tuscany for dinner, see the place is packed and Sami gives Brandon a hard time for not making reservations. Maggie approaches them and says she will try to find a table for them, and tells them to enjoy a drink on the house. They sit at the bar and Sami tells Brandon she will make sandwiches at Brandon's if they can't get in. Maggie returns, and whispers to them that she snagged a table for them. She seats them just as Mickey comes in with a bouquet of flowers and wishes Maggie a Happy Anniversary… Once Sami and Brandon are seated, Sami watches enviously as Mickey tells Maggie how much he loves her. He tells her he has arranged for her to have the night off. He escorts her to a reserved table and she sees that it is reserved for them. The two of them discuss the 25 years they have been together, while Sami watches, happily. Maggie and Mickey discuss the odds of Sami and Brandon staying together and she reminds him how so many people thought the same thing about them 25 years ago… Back at Sami and Brandon's table, Sami tells Brandon she is unsure why he brought her here? Perhaps to dump her? He tells her he chose it as because reminded him of their time in Italy. She tells him that she has a gift for him, but it isn't something you can find in a store. Brandon looks a little nervous as she pulls a plastic baggie out of her purse. She assures him that it is nothing illegal, as she tells him she's an Irish girl and it's a four leafed clover she got when she was a little girl. Feeling like she got luck out of the clover, she wanted to give it to him for good luck, too. She then tells him he's the man she's been waiting her whole life for. He kisses her and thanks her. He then tells her that he has all the luck he needs… A little later, they have finished their dinner and Brandon tells her he hopes she saved room for dessert. She tells him she is full, but Maggie comes by and Brandon tells him that they will have the "special" for dessert. Sami is confused because she saw Brandon and Maggie sort of "signal" each other when he ordered that. Turns out the "special" for dessert is a bowl of candy conversation hearts. Sami is confused, "this is the special?" Since she has just stated that she was full, she just politely nibbles on one of them. Brandon stops her mid-way and tells her she has to read the hearts. She is still confused and she picks one up, "be mine". She eats in and picks up the next one, "be mine". She wonders if they all say "be mine"? Brandon challenges her to find one that doesn't say "be mine" and she starts picking through the bowl, but they all say "be mine". She keeps digging and she finds a key in the middle of the hearts…!!! She looks confused, but Brandon asks her to move in with him! Once past the shock, Sami jumps up and lands on Brandon's lap, saying "YES!!" Maggie and Mickey watch from their table, and she tells him that she helped Brandon when he came by earlier. Mickey comments that Sami and Brandon would be living in sin, but Maggie tells him it's 2003 and not the dark ages. She tells him that she knows Roman will be OK with it and Maggie stands up and starts an applause. Sami then realizes and it completely embarrassed and quickly returns to her seat. She tells him she is excited and how she will cook and clean for him and that she hopes he won't regret the decision… On the DiMeria Island, John strokes Marlena's face as she is sleeping and he tries to wake her up as we hear a mans muffled voice telling her to sleep. She finally wakes up and she sees that John has decorated the room with candles. John tells her Happy Valentines Day. He tells her he wants to fix them some dinner and he has brought some filet mignon steaks for them. She wonders how? But he tells her that it is the miracle of dry ice. The two talk and they begin to make love. Later, John offers to start dinner. He has a small bottle of champagne and they toast each other. He then gives her a beautiful Valentines Day card. She then reminds him why they're there – to get to the truth. He hands her some pictures, she looks at them – one of Eric and Sami and one of Belle and Brady. She looks at them and John tells her that if it turns out that Cassie and Rex are her children too, that it will be an incredible gift to them. She hugs him in appreciation. John holds her tight, promising to get at the truth. He tells her he does want to find the truth and face it together. Later he has grilled their filets over the fire and the two start kissing again. Suddenly, they hear a noise in the other room. Marlena freaks out and John tells her they are not alone…moreless
  • Ep. #9498
    Ep. #9498
    Episode 69
    Bo & Hope share a romantic Valentines Day Fantasy! PREVIEW: Jennifer makes Jack a proposal he can't refuse! Rex and Mimi try to reunite Belle and Shawn. SUMMARY: **from** Rex asks Belle if she is sure she wants to go to Paris and gives her Shawn's Valentine's Day present that was delivered from Baron's. She opens it to find a blender with instructions on how to make a snowman, symbolizing their love year round. However, she is disappointed when she realizes that Shawn must've ordered it before they broke up. Meanwhile, Cassie wants Shawn to have a good time with her, but he's subdued knowing that Belle is leaving soon. Mimi shows up and gives Shawn the gift Belle had bought for him for Valentine's Day, which she took from Belle's room. It's a notebook with excerpts about Shawn from Belle's journal. Rex and Mimi hope the gifts will reunite Shawn and Belle, but Belle's conviction is strong to leave Salem. Alice shows up at the house after Mimi and Cassie leave and she can see Shawn's pain, urging him to stop Belle from going to Paris. Shawn rushes to the airport, but he's too late -- Belle is already in the air. Meanwhile, Larry is tampering with pipes in Bo and Hope's basement, while Alice is upstairs visiting with Shawn. He wishes Bo and Hope a happy time together, because it will be their last... Bo and Hope awaken in each others arms at Green Mountain Lodge and his gift for her arrives: a heart filled with miniatures representing significant moments in their past. Hope wonders what would have happened if they hadn't met when they did, but Bo is sure their paths would have crossed at some other point. They fantasize about meeting years later at the Blue Note and the chemistry is instantaneous even then! Jennifer wakes up and is tickled when Abby knocks on the door dressed as cupid and shoots her with a rubber arrow. Jack reveals himself as Abby's puppeteer and gives Jennifer a special Valentine's breakfast, as well as a heart shaped watch. He tells her to take all the time she needs to heal and he'll wait for her forever if necessary. Jennifer is moved and dresses up as Santa and proposes to him, just as he dressed as Santa many years ago and proposed to her. Jack accepts and they head upstairs together, ready to make love...moreless
  • Ep. #9497
    Ep. #9497
    Episode 68
    PREVIEW: Bo whisks Hope away for a romantic Valentine's weekend; Brandon tells Lexie he can no longer be her friend. SUMMARY: At the Police Department, Bo and Roman discuss the case and try and trace the tuxedo stud back to Larry. Roman tells Bo that there are many on the force that do not believe that Larry is alive, and that Bo is only trying to divert attention from the real killer. Bo says that is ludicrous, and he wants to know who came up with this idea? Roman says it was the DA, and he's pressuring the commissioner not to put too many officers on the search for Larry Welch. Bo vows to find Larry and says that he will throw him in prison and that will prove he is alive! Abe is in his office and Sami barges in, telling him that Lexie needs him right now. He wonders what she is up to, but she covers and says that she has learned that Larry may still be alive and tries to persuade Abe that Larry may come after her. Abe suddenly gets a call from a cop that is watching his house. Abe has given them orders to tell him if Lexie has any visitors and tells him that Brandon Walker has just arrived. Abe rushes out, leaving Sami standing there... Meanwhile, at the Carver House, Brandon drops by, unannounced, and Lexie isn't sure what to think of his visit. He tells her that he has decided to respect her wishes and is going to lay off Abe. She is happy to hear that but isn't happy with his just dropping by. She hopes that they can be friends again and asks him how Sami will feel about all this. Brandon says she will just have to accept it because he and Lexie have a "connection", and he looks down at her stomach as he says this. She tells him that she doesn't like the way he said that or the fact that he looked down at her "baby" when he did. He insists that she's seeing things and she tells him that he has no connection with her baby. Brandon tells her to calm down, she is crazy just as Abe comes in wanting to know what is going on. Brandon tells Abe that he won't bother them anymore, and he leaves. Once alone, Abe asks Lexie what he wanted and she tells him that Brandon told her that he is going to quit the "I hate Abe" routine, but Abe doesn't believe him. He goes on about how he has tried with Brandon and he should get over it and quit blaming him for his dad's behavior and his mother falling in love with him. Lexie tells him that she doesn't want to talk about this anymore and Abe pulls out a Valentine's gift for her. It's a heart shaped ring with a place in the center for the baby's birthstone. She feels bad because she has nothing for him, but he tells her that in a few months, she will give him the greatest gift of all… Back at Brandon's loft, he has come home and Sami comes by, asking how it went with Lexie. He tells her what he told Lexie and Sami is impressed. Brandon asks why she is there and to stop pushing him. She wants to talk and he tells her she should have waited for him to call her. He then tells her that he can't promise that he won't see Lexie again and Sami wonders where does that leave them? They are interrupted by Lexie calling, and she tells Brandon to leave her alone. The baby is not his and for him to stay away from her, he is no longer welcome at her house. Sami isn't thrilled to learn that was Lexie on the phone and he asks her to leave. But Sami says she is sorry for being sarcastic about Lexie. Sami then begins talking about how much he turns her on and how much she needs him and they kiss… Over at the Hartley House, Shawn apologizes to Mimi and she urges him to work it out with Belle. She says she loves both of them and they hug. Belle and Rex come in and she asks what is going on. Belle and Shawn are both uncomfortable so Shawn leaves. Belle then tells Mimi and Rex that she still has packing to do, so they leave. Once outside, Mimi tells Rex she needs his…they have work to do before Belle leaves, she grabs him by the hand and they walk off… Later on, Mimi and Belle walk up at Lookout Point and Belle wonders why they're there. Mimi tells her that she has a gift for her. Just then, Shawn and Rex pull up in Shawn's truck and Belle realizes what they're up to. Mimi walks away as Rex and Shawn get out of the truck and walk over to Belle. Mimi honks her horn and Rex takes off, leaving Belle and Shawn alone. They realize what has happened and he tells her not to worry, he will give her a ride back. They get into the truck and Shawn realizes that Rex took his keys. They realize they're stuck there and Belle realizes where they are – they're in the spot where Shawn built the snowman last year. Belle is uneasy and gets back into the truck, but cannot even turn and look at Shawn. When she is turned away, Shawn takes another pill. She expresses her wish that they could go back in time, but he quickly tells her that they can't go back in time as he grabs her and starts shaking her, telling her to stop! She asks, "stop what, what am I doing?" He tells her to stop loving him. Belle is scared and can see that there is something terribly wrong. He covers and tells her that Larry might still be alive and he is worried about his mom. She says she is sorry and goes to hug him. He backs off, yelling that Larry has to die. Belle is very frightened of him and tries to run off. He tries to stop her but she keeps going… Belle is back at the dorm and Rex comes by. She tells him that she is furious with him and Mimi for what they did. She tells him that Shawn has become a different person, and he is scaring her. She says this man is not the Shawn she fell in love with… Mimi goes back to Lookout Point and sees Shawn and he is upset with her as well. He tells her about Belle running off and flagging a bus at the bottom of the hill. Mimi apologizes. She gives him his keys and he breaks down, telling Mimi that he has lost Belle. Mimi doesn't understand what he is going on about and he tells her to stay away from him. She notices his hands shaking and he tells her to just leave… Over at the Brady House, Hope is asleep on the sofa when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to see a bouquet of roses and Bo's voice saying "Happy Valentine's Day Fancy Face". She tells him he shouldn't have, and the flowers lower and it's Larry! He comes right on in, taunting her. She tells him it isn't real – he is dead. He pulls out a gun and tells her that he is alive and real. He says that she is his for life and pulls her into a kiss after asking her to be his valentine. Hope is scared just as Bo rushes in, yelling for him to let her go as Larry turns and shoots him. Hope freaks out and yells, "NO!". Cut to Bo putting a wet rag on Hope's forehead and she jumps up, wondering if Bo is OK. He is a little unsure what she's worried about, and she tells him that Larry shot him. Bo then tells her she was just dreaming. She tells him about it and says that Larry was right, he will always be with her and will never go away. Bo holds her. Bo tries to calm her fears, telling her if she going to beat this, she must keep the faith and keep fighting, but she is scared and not sure if she can. Bo says he knows how… In the meantime, Larry is in the sewers drawing on a map as rats squeak in the background. He says that it's time this sewer rat pays a visit to the happy home… Later, Roman drops by the Brady's, as Bo has called him over, and he assures them that he will take care of things while they are gone. Hope is surprised to learn that Bo has made arrangements for them to go to Green Mountain Lodge for a few days. He has even invited Doug and Julie along to watch after Zack. Hope is excited by this and Roman is going to leave. Hope thanks him for looking after her. Outside, Roman talks to one of the cops as Larry listens through the sewers. After Roman has left, Larry crawls out of his manhole, saying "Honey, I'm Home"… Back inside, Bo calls Shawn to tell him they are leaving and Shawn assures him he will be okay. As Hope takes the phone to talk to him, we see Larry in the basement listening through the furnace vent. Bo hurries her along, telling her that Doug and Julie are waiting. They gather their things and head out. But, downstairs in the basement, Larry smiles, and says, "While you're gone Mr. & Mrs.…I'll be doing a little house keeping. When you come back, your home will be your own private HELL!"…Fade...moreless
  • Ep. #9496
    Ep. #9496
    Episode 67
    PREVIEW: Larry hides underground while Roman closes in on him; Shawn takes out his anger on Mimi. SUMMARY: Larry continues to hide in the sewers and Hope is roused from her sleep by a cop; she panics and thinks he's there to arrest her for Colin's murder, but Bo runs up and explains that the police are there for her protection. He drops the bomb that Larry might be alive and Hope is distraught as Bo reveals that Larry may have been gas lighting her and making her believe that she killed Colin. This theory is confirmed when Roman calls Bo with news that the onyx part of a tuxedo stud was found on the Kiriakis terrace. Bo asks Hope if Larry was wearing a tux at the wedding; Hope says yes, but is unsure if it was real or imagined... Shawn's agitation continues to escalate and he yells at Mimi when she begs him to reconcile with Belle. He goes home and overhears Bo/Hope talking about Larry, thinking they are talking about him. He goes to pound the bag in the basement, but Bo comes down and stops him. Shawn goes back to the dorm and apologizes to Mimi, who's sure everything will work out all right, but Shawn isn't so sure... John and Marlena continue to spy around the DiMera compound and John finds a book on genetics and how to grow killer twins. In the meantime, Marlena has found baby things and is affected to think that the Twins might be hers. She and John go to bed after he sweeps the room for any bugs. Marlena falls asleep listening to the pounding surf and she's out like a light when John tries to apologize... Lexie chides Tony for trying to walk so soon after the accident, but he is determined to be on his feet again by the end of the day and she watches him make it all the way across the room. Bart tells Tony about the APB on Larry and Tony orders all his men to comb the city. Lexie is upset to hear Tony talk like Stefano and he tells her that he's going away on a trip to retrieve the mother of the Twins... Kate confides in Roman that her relationship with Stefano wasn't criminal, but she can't reveal anymore. Roman doesn't want the secret to come between them and is called away on police business...moreless
  • Ep. #9495
    Ep. #9495
    Episode 66
    PREVIEW: Belle bids Salem "adieu" for Paris. SUMMARY: At the Harley house, Belle is finishing up packing for Paris. She realizes that she has too many clothes and not enough room. In the hall, Cassie runs into Shawn as she is bringing more luggage for Belle. He tells her that he is more nervous, but she insists the pills probably haven't kicked in yet. They go into Belle's room, but Belle is not sure what to think when she sees Shawn. Cassie leaves to give them some time alone. They aren't alone long when Shawn gets a call from his dad. Belle realizes it's Bo and tells Shawn she is going to get her laundry and leaves. Bo explains to Shawn about the possibility of Larry still being alive and Shawn flies off the handle. Bo tries to calm him, but Shawn says he's going to kill him, and Bo says that this is a police matter. Shawn is upset because "that will be the day" and hangs up on Bo. He then moves restlessly around the room, eventually putting his fist thru the window. Belle comes in, shocked, and wants to know what is wrong. Shawn says things are bad, really bad. Belle tries to tend to him but he backs off from her telling her to stop. She demands he go to the hospital, he probably needs stitches. He tells her no, but threatens to call 911 if he won't go with her. He agrees and they walk out. They run into Cassie in the hall and she insists she go along. Belle tells her no and tells her to call housekeeping and have their window fixed… At the Dew Drop Inn, Bo is outside, gun drawn, and outside the door, disguises his voice and says "Delivery for Larry Welch". He kicks the door down, and bursts in, but the place is as clean as a whistle. Bo looks around but realizes that Larry has taken off, as he found an open window in the bathroom. Roman shows up and wants to know what is going on. Bo tells Roman about his suspicions that Larry may be alive, tells about the planted bloody towel which was really chicken blood, about Hope's visions, and how the last time Larry turned and ran, instead of just vanishing. He tells him that he found the match book which led him to this motel. Roman wants to know why Bo didn't tell him, as this was police business. Bo tells him, "for the same reason you kept quiet about Sami taking your gun…..until you knew that she didn't kill Colin.". Roman doesn't respond to this. The room is scrubbed clean with no fingerprints anywhere. They call the manager in, who claims the man who rented the room a couple weeks ago had long blond hair and a mustache. He cannot I.D. Larry's picture, but Bo tells him he is getting an artist to come in and modify the picture. The manager agrees and leaves. Roman is still confused about why Larry is trying to make Hope think she killed Colin. Bo explains everything, and Roman and Bo wonder if maybe Larry killed Colin. Roman tells Bo he is going to call Shane and see if he can come up with a Larry/Colin connection. Larry, meanwhile, has entered the sewers, damning Bo and threatening Hope. He gloats that no one knows about him, but he knows what they are up to. He talks about the pills, deciding that if Shawn starts taking them, Hope will be watching her son self-destruct, while accusing herself of murdering Colin. He chuckles… Later, back at the police station, Bo tells Roman that he's going to have to break the news about Larry to Hope, and he just hopes she can handle it… Meanwhile, at the hospital, Craig is taking blood from Chloe, and Brady stands by. Chloe is in a depressed mood, thinking that nothing will work out for her. Craig tries to reassure her about her upcoming bone marrow transplant. She isn't convinced everything will be OK, but Craig and Brady are sure it will be. Craig takes off and Brady tries to cheer her up, and they decide to work on her list of things to do before she goes back into the hospital and is confined to isolation. The first thing is for her to say goodbye to certain people, and another is to sing her favorite arias from a stage. Brady tells her she will not have to say good bye to anyone. Belle arrives at the hospital with Shawn. Craig takes Shawn back into the ER and Belle stays back and talks with Chloe. Belle says she is worried about Shawn, but she's not going to be able to be here for him because she's going to Paris… Meanwhile, at the nurses station, Sami tries to talk to Brandon, but he is busy. She is then stopped by Lucas, who informs "Scami" that he has a lot of work for her. She objects, but he tells her he is in charge of entire hospital clerical department, and that includes her. Brenda comes up, and says that's true. Sami is not pleased by this, but just then, Kate comes by, and asks her for a number to reach Marlena. Sami tells her that she was told to contact Marlena's assistant if they needed to get a hold of her. Lucas then teases Sami about "studly" not being around, and tells Sami he wants the files of all patients in the past two years who did not have insurance. She says she is on break, and Lucas replies, yeah, he heard she that she is always on a break. Brenda tells her that she can take a break, but she must follow Mr. Roberts' orders first. Sami smirks, "Mr. Roberts…" Meanwhile, Nicole has arrived at the hospital for a check-up, and has sunglasses on. Brandon spots her and he sees that she is suffering from a major hangover. They go out on the terrace, and Brandon lectures Nicole on the mess she has made of her life. Nicole says her life is great, a dream come true! She says that she is Cinderella. He asks if Victor is Prince Charming. Or, he wonders if he more like the Beast, as is "Beauty and". Brandon presses Nicole, and he wants to know why things are strained between her and Victor. Nicole finally admits that Victor knows of her affair w Colin. She then says that Colin cashed her $5 million dollar check and she says that she is glad he's dead. Brandon asks if she killed Colin. She can't believe this and he asks about Victor. They argue more and Nicole says her life isn't any more screwed up than his, but the difference is she has the guts to admit that it was their lousy parents who left them with messed up lives. Nicole tells him that is why he's with Sami, Salem's resident psychopath. Nicole then tells him that he should run far from her! Brandon says they are talking about her, and he asks her if she is any danger from Victor. Nicole says not as long as they stay married. Brandon asks what would happen if she left Victor? She says he would never hurt her because he loves her. Brandon then asks if she was investigated by the cops for the murder, would they find anything?… In the meantime, Cassie arrives for her therapy appointment with Dr. Griffith. Brenda says he has not arrived yet, so she asks about Shawn, but Brenda has not seen him. Cassie tells her about Shawn's accident and she says that if he came into the emergency room, that's where she'll find him. Cassie takes off to find him just as Kate comes by, and bumps into Cassie. Kate introduces herself, because the two of them haven't officially met. Kate says Tony is thrilled that she may be her daughter, and she also hopes they find their mother. Cassie comes back with wanting Marlena to be their mother, and she goes into a rage about how she hates her for it. Kate tells her how she lost her own two children, being told they were dead, and how wonderful to have found them again. Cassie leaves, and Lucas is standing by and he tells Kate he overheard some of that. He tells her that he thinks he knows why she is upset. She gets when she thinks of her lost time with Austin & Billie. She says yes, those memories are painful. Kate walks off and she goes out to the terrace, where she has interrupted Nicole and Brandon before Nicole had a chance to answer Brandon. Nicole and Brandon go back inside. Kate calls Roman, telling him she wants to see him right away, and is coming to the police station… Meanwhile, Sami returns with the boxes of files to give to Lucas. She then is tempted to go listen to Brandon & Nicole on the terrace, via the intercom, but changes her mind. She decides to take her break and heads out to the stairwell… Meanwhile, outside the ER, Belle has walked off to find Sami and finds her in tears in the stairwell. The two talk and Sami tells Belle that she and Brandon had a fight and he is taking a time out. Sami tells Belle that she was right before, she has messed up every relationship she has been in. Sami says Brandon is talking with Nicole right now, and she says she has to know what they're talking about and tries to walk off. Belle stops Sami from going to spy on them, and they continue to talk about their boy problems. Sami tells Belle she is making a mistake leaving Shawn and giving Cassie a chance to sink her claws into him. Belle says that Cassie claims she doesn't like Shawn that way, but Sami says she doubts that. Belle says she can't think about Shawn right now because she has to focus on Paris. Sami says that she should follow her heart, and maybe things will work out for her and Shawn. Sami says she wants her to be happy, but she's just not convinced that her running to Paris is the right thing. The two finish their talk and Sami says she needs to go back to work, and she wishes Belle a wonderful time in Paris and to be happy. Belle tells Sami that no matter what happens with Brandon, she will be okay… Once Sami is back to work, she bumps into Brandon, and asks him to talk, but he says he has to talk to Lexie first and takes off. Lucas stops her next, saying he wants her to deliver all those files to his apartment tonight!… Meanwhile, back in the ER, Craig examines Shawn and says his pulse is racing and asks if he is on any medication. Shawn avoids answering that question by saying it just hurts like hell. Craig tells him that the anesthetic might cause a reaction if Shawn is taking anything. Shawn just tells him to give him the stitches without any. Craig does this and Shawn expresses him pain by facial expressions only. Once done, Shawn goes to walk out and runs into Brady and Chloe, who tease him about hurting himself. Brady makes a joke about if he was trying to get onto fear factor. He blows up at them both, shocking them, and then storms off… Belle returns after her talk with Sami and Cassie also shows up. Belle says her good byes to Chloe and Brady since she is leaving tomorrow. They hug… Cassie approaches Shawn and he tells her he is no calmer, he is more upset than ever. He tells her he is afraid of what he will do, or who he's going to hurt next. Belle comes over to try to talk with Shawn, but she tells him goodbye because she is leaving tomorrow, and she flashes back to their breaking up…moreless
  • Ep. #9494
    Ep. #9494
    Episode 65
    PREVIEW: Bo tells Shawn he thinks Larry is alive; Jennifer takes a pregnancy test and reveals the results. SUMMARY: **from** Bo sends Hope with a police escort without telling her that he thinks there's a chance Larry could still be alive. She returns home and finds Shawn holding her discarded pills; she tells him she's not taking them anymore and asks him to throw them away. Unbeknownst to them, Larry is listening in the bushes and he's upset that Hope threw out his "poison" pills. Larry follows Hope to the kitchen and witnesses her recalling key events of the night Colin was murdered. Meanwhile, Cassie urges Shawn to take some of Hope's medication to calm his nerves a bit. Bo comes home and tells Shawn that Larry Welch is alive, while Cassie goes inside and talks to Hope. Later, Hope has a dream of Larry's corpse turning into Colin's and she sees Shawn holding a gun. Bo calls Jennifer for help and he finds a matchbook from a motel in the brush. He storms the motel room and kicks the door open, stunned by what he sees... Jennifer takes the pregnancy test with some gentle coaxing from Jack and learns that she is not pregnant. After Bo calls Jennifer, she relays the news to Jack that Larry could be alive and she finally breaks down and tells Jack that she loves him... John and Marlena discover more clues at the DiMera Island compound that lead Marlena to believe she is Cassie and Rex's mother. They argue about the Twins and both secretly vow to convince the other of their point of view regarding the Twins...moreless
  • Ep. #9493
    Ep. #9493
    Episode 64
    PREVIEW: Hope confronts Larry and confides in Bo; Roman turns his back on Kate. SUMMARY: John and Marlena arrive at the DiMera compound. She is a bit shaken, but John assures her that she will be okay. They are able to just walk in, which makes John think that someone was expecting them. Marlena is once again drawn to the painting of the ocean. She tells John that she is stronger now and is ready to face her memories…but that she is also afraid of what they may find there. John assures her that she had no power over what happened to her when she was there, reminding her that she was drugged and frightened. She asks what if they find out she gave birth to the twins and then gave them to Stefano to raise. Marlena begins to remember more as she looks at the picture and hears the sound of the crashing waves. She says she thought at first it was fear she was feeling when she heard the sound, but now she knows it is grief. She then realized that the sound of the ocean calmed her. Marlena then has a flash of the operating room, and she is singing "rock-a-bye-baby". A voice tells Marlena that she did the right thing and she won't regret it. Marlena cries and tells John that "he" told her that she wouldn't regret it. Back to reality, Marlena is crying and she tells John everything, but he wonders, "regret what?"… At the Hospital, Craig and Dr. Ash are with Tony and he is very anxious to get out of there, demanding to Craig that he be released today. Craig tells him that he is not ready to release Tony. Dr. Ash says he will take full responsibility for Tony's rehab. Dr. Ash convinces Craig to leave with him and they will talk in Craig office. The two leave and Tony tells Rex that Craig is being too cautious. Rex says that he agrees with Craig and Tony says how he always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He tells him that he is such an independent thinker. Rex tells him he wishes everyone would quit thinking that, but Tony tells him that they will all make up for lost time when he gets home. Rex tells Tony that he shouldn't be worrying about him, it is Cassie that is desperate for love and family and that she still thinks this fairy tale family is going to come true. Tony says that they can count on him and the DiMera's. Rex says it was the DiMera's that locked them up and turned them into freaks! Tony says that they are not freaks, and he will try to make right his father's wrongs and give them the life that they deserve and give them as normal of a life as possible. Rex tells him to only worry about Cassie. Dr. Ash returns to them and Rex leaves to go back to school Dr. Ash says Dr. Wesley insists he stays in the hospital. But, Tony says he wants out of the hospital NOW and tells Dr. Ash to make it happen. He says that they both know that he is far better off recuperating at home. Later on, Craig comes back and releases him, but says he is putting in the report that is against his better judgment. Once alone, Tony gets a phone call from Rolf, who informs him that John and Marlena are at the compound. He says that they are right on time and just too predictable as he chuckles… In the Lobby of the hospital, Belle sees Cassie and offers her a ride back to school, giving her a chance to talk to her about Shawn. Once they arrive back at the dorm, Cassie is going on and on about everything under the sun and Belle suddenly stops her, wanting to talk about Shawn. She asks Cassie to respect Shawn's wishes and give him space so he can sort through his problems. Cassie then realizes that Belle doesn't want her to see Shawn while she is away, but she promises to be there for him, because she isn't going anywhere, unlike Belle. Belle tells her that she has had a crush on Shawn since the night they gave them CPR, when she experienced what felt like a kiss. Cassie says it isn't a crush… at least not anymore. She says she and Shawn have grown closer, more like best friends, and they share things. Belle asks her if Shawn has told her what is going on with him right now and she says yes. Belle is hurt, and asks to be left alone. Cassie, with a very satisfied smile on her face, leaves. Once outside, Cassie says be careful about asking for honesty…you may learn things you don't like. Later, Belle is laying on her bed, holding a picture of Shawn and crying. Rex then comes by and is asking about Cassie. Belle is sure that she is where ever Shawn is. Belle tells him that Shawn can't tell her what is wrong, but he can tell Cassie. Belle says but soon she'll be thousands of miles away, and he won't have to worry about protecting her anymore. Seeing that she is upset, Rex goes over and hugs her… At Basic Black, Kate slept on John's desk and she wakes up to find Roman sitting across from her. She realizes that they are still locked in John's office and she is furious with him. He tells her that he will let her out if she tells him what she knows about Stefano. She refuses and only wants a toothbrush and coffee. Roman refuses to leave her alone and is not giving up. Kate is sick of this game, and she says she knows this is just a game. She snaps that he was only using her for information. He admits yes, at first, but it didn't take long for him to fall for her. They throw insults back and forth and Kate tells him that he "would unzip for anything in a dress". Roman says he cares for her a lot, and he wants to help her. He hates seeing her being sucked into Tony's world, and he doesn't want to see another DiMera hurt her. Kate tells Roman that he is the only person who can hurt her now! Roman says he cares about her, but Kate says she doesn't believe that. Kate thinks that Roman just used her, and Roman says Marlena sure was wrong about her. Kate can't believe Roman talked to Marlena about them, and she accuses him of trying to make Marlena jealous. Roman says he and Marlena's love was in the past, and she is the woman he wants. Kate says he doesn't want her, he is just using her to get what he really wants. Roman says it kills him to see her hurting like this. She tells him to leave her alone and he says if that is what she wants he will. He goes to unlock the door, telling her he is NOT giving up, she needs to trust someone. He leaves and Kate turns around, with tears in her eyes… At the police station, Shawn arrives to meet with his father, per his request. He walks into Abe's office and sees his name and Belle's on the suspect board, rattling him. Bo comes in and startles him, with causes Shawn to nearly jump out of his skin. Bo calms him down, explaining it is routine to list everyone that was there. Bo tells Shawn about the dish towel in the garbage, but never mentions the blood on it. He asks him if he saw anyone put it in the garbage, but Shawn says no, and he wants to know what his dad isn't telling him. He says it is no big deal, Hope is just having some memory problems and is misplacing things. Shawn suggests to Bo to take himself off the case, but Bo refuses, vowing to catch the killer. Shawn asks him why he cares who killed Colin, he didn't even like the guy. Bo says it is his job to find this killer and put them away. Shawn continues to freak out, and says he has to leave. Bo sees how jumpy and nervous Shawn is and asks Shawn if he wants to talk about something? Shawn says no, and races off. Once outside, Cassie calls Shawn's cell phone and he tells her that he has to tell what he did. She tells no and that he has to come and pick her up at the dorm. Shawn agrees and hangs up and walks out. Once gone, we see Bo standing in the doorway with a puzzled look on his face... At the Brady Home, Hope returns from a jog and Larry is watching. She goes inside and sees her pills. She decides she needs to eat something before she takes any and heads to the kitchen. Larry runs in and switches the bottles. Hope returns and notices that the bottle seems to have more pills in it than before. She sees the door is cracked open and walks over to it. She opens it to find Larry standing there. She tells Larry that she will fight him and get rid of him! Larry says the only thing that will get rid of him is for her confess to the murder and she covers her ears. She reaches out to grab Larry and he turns and runs off. She goes back inside and ponders taking the pills until she realizes that she faced Larry on her own. She keeps thinking about it and is unsettled because unlike before, Larry turned and ran away, the last time he vanished into thin air. She heads outside to look around, and doesn't see anything. She then tosses the bottle of pills in the garbage can… Shawn and Cassie come to the house to check on Hope, but Shawn sees that Hope's car is gone. He tells Cassie about Hope's strange behavior lately and how scared she is. He blames himself and kicks the garbage can over, the pill bottle falling out. Cassie tells him he needs to find a way to calm down. Shawn bends down to pick up the mess and sees Hope's pills and Cassie asks what they are. He tells her that they are some kind of tranquilizers. She tells him maybe he should take one... Meanwhile, Hope goes to the station and tells Bo about her latest "vision" of Larry, and how he seemed really real this time. She tells him that is was really hard for her to believe that he was just in her head this time. She is really worked up as Bo tries to calm her down. She tells him that she went to make him disappear, but instead of disappearing he turned and ran! Hope says this time it scared her because she didn't think it was all in her head. She excuses herself to use the rest room as Bo begins to think about all she told him. He begins to wonder if Larry is really dead. He wonders why Larry would be telling her to confess to a murder that happened after he was killed??? He asks "Is Hope seeing the REAL Larry?…Is that bastard still alive?"…fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9492
    Ep. #9492
    Episode 63
    PREVIEW: Roman demands answers from Marlena about the twins; Brandon comforts Shawn, while Sami advises Belle on the art of boyfriend management; Hope confronts Larry and confides in Bo; Roman turns his back on Kate. SUMMARY: **from** Roman asks Marlena if she is the mother of the Twins, and while she doesn't confirm nor deny, she tells Roman that his days of saving her are over and urges him to focus on Kate. Meanwhile, John tells Kate to tend to Basic Black while he is away with Marlena. Kate inquires if Marlena is the mother of the Twins, but John tells her to let it go. Roman arrives after John's left and locks himself in with Kate, preventing her from running away from the truth anymore. John meets up with Marlena and they say good-bye to Belle, ready to find out the answers to Marlena's missing years... Brandon runs into Shawn feverishly shooting hoops and can see he's in a bad place; he offers Shawn a chance to open up and Shawn starts to respond to Brandon until he quips that it's not like Shawn killed someone. Shawn covers and says he's broken Belle's heart, but Brandon thinks there's more to the situation. Shawn wants off the subject and they get into a heavy-duty basketball game. Brandon worries about Shawn as he plays a little too viciously. Meanwhile, Sami thinks Belle is a fool for leaving Salem and giving Shawn his space. They commiserate over their love troubles and Sami imagines telling Brandon the truth about Lexie's baby and he walks out on her. Shaken by the fantasy, Sami decides she can't be totally honest with Brandon. Sami gets Belle to admit that she wishes Shawn would stop her from going to Paris. Marlena returns and tells the girls she's leaving town for a bit; Sami calls Brandon, but he's still upset with her and hangs up, while Belle calls Shawn, who abruptly disconnects the call as well... Jack returns to Jennifer's house all packed and reveals that he's moving back in. He's also bought a home pregnancy test for Jennifer to take and promises that he will stand by her if she's pregnant. They decide to get some rest and take the test in the morning...moreless
  • Ep. #9491
    Ep. #9491
    Episode 62
    PREVIEW: Hope unknowingly falls deeper under Larry's spell; Jennifer drops a bombshell on Jack; Tony hatches a new plan. SUMMARY: In Tony's room at the hospital, Kate shows up with a big bouquet of flowers for him. He tells her that he is glad to see her. They begin to talk, and Kate warns Tony that if he continues to press her for information about her dealings with Stefano, then their relationship, or any chance of one between them, is over. He agrees that they will not talk about Kate's past. Instead, they talk about Tony's. Tony tells Kate that he has reason to believe that he is the twins' father. Kate wonders if Marlena is their mother? Tony says he doesn't know. Kate thinks Marlena must be grieving for the time she lost with the twins… In other areas of the hospital, Sami continually tries to talk to Brandon, but he keeps blowing her off. Roman comes in and asks to see Tony: police business. Sami tells him that Kate is in with Tony, and she brought flowers. They get into a huge argument about who Roman should or shouldn't date. Roman tells her that she has no business telling him these things. Sami ends up in tears and says that she had a fight with Brandon earlier and is just taking it out on him. She wonders why nothing ever works out for her. He accepts her apology and she tries to ask him about the murder investigation, Brandon overhears and tells Sami that the murder is none of her business so she should lay off it. Roman wonders what is going on, and if Sami has anymore information to give him? Sami says no, she's already mistakenly fingered Tony, and Brandon is right, she should stay out of it. Brandon asks to talk to Sami in private, and they go onto the terrace. He tells her to stop trying to point the finger at Nicole. Sami claims that she was trying to make sure they weren't investigating Nicole. Sami asks if he brought her out here to yell at her? He says no, he has something else to tell her, something she won't want to hear. Sami thinks it is over between them. Brandon says he doesn't want to end it, but he will never chose between her and Nicole. Sami says the words just came out of her mouth, and she knows they were crazy and that she really didn't mean them. Brandon tells Sami that he loves her, and that he doesn't expect her and Nicole to be friends. However, he says that she does have to accept that Nicole will always be in his life, and he will always protect her. He manages to again squeeze in the fact that Sami was trying to put the idea in her father's head that Nicole is a suspect. Sami claims that she was only trying to make sure that Nicole wasn't a suspect because of the fact that Brandon told her earlier that he would confess to the murder in order to protect Nicole. Sami says she would do anything for him, but he says he doesn't know if she is helping him or herself. Brandon tells Sami that when she wants something she goes after it, and she doesn't care who she ends up hurting. Brandon says one of these days he or someone he loves will be the one to get hurt. Sami says she lost her temper, and she points out that he loses his temper sometimes as well. Brandon says he knows, and he apologizes for the blowup earlier. Sami tells Brandon that she loves him, but Brandon says that sometimes love isn't enough… In the meantime, Roman goes to Tony's room and overhears Kate talking about Marlena grieving for the time she lost with the twins. Roman says Marlena more than made up for the time that she lost with Sami and Eric and demands to know why the two of them are talking about his kids. Kate says she wasn't, she was talking about the Gemini twins. Roman insists that Marlena is not their mother, and he wonders what ideas Tony is putting into Kate's head. Tony tells him that he believes he is the twins' father, and that Kate jumped to the conclusion that Marlena was their mother. Roman asks to talk to Tony alone, so Kate leaves. Roman says he has an update on the hit and run. Roman says the car that hit him was reported stolen that morning, so he doesn't know any more. Tony pushes him for information and Roman tells him that the station will keep him informed and he leaves… Roman heads to Marlena's office and he finds Kate leaving a note for Marlena. He wonders what it is, but she folds it, puts it in an envelope and seals it. She marks it personal and leaves it on Marlena's desk. The two of them walk out and Roman asks Kate to have a cup of coffee with him. She says she doesn't have the time, but he wants her to make time. Roman warns Kate to stay away from Tony because he is just like his father. Kate asks if Roman thinks Marlena is the mother of the twins. Roman says if she is, then it is a new low for Stefano. Roman tells Kate that he'd like to protect her from the DiMera's, but she needs to tell him what she is hiding. Kate says nothing. He tells her that she knows where to find him and he takes off… At Jennifer's, Jack asks her what it is that she's not telling him? Jennifer remembers the bloody towel, and tells Jack nothing. She says they should just leave everything to the police. Jack is confused by this, but when he pressed Jennifer about it the phone rings. It is Bo calling to tell her that the towel is being analyzed, and he hopes he has not put her in an awkward position by asking her to keep this secret. Jack learns Bo is on the phone, and he wonders if something happened at Hope's that has her upset. Jennifer says nothing happened. Bo then realizes that Jack is with her, and they hang up. Jennifer tells Jack that Bo just called to thank her for coming by. Jack asks if Hope is doing any better. She says that Hope is just trying to recover, but she is still having residual effects from the kidnapping. Jack still wonders what is wrong with her, but she says that she is just tired and she doesn't feel well. Jack wishes she would talk to him and tell her what is bothering her. She says she can't tell him. Jack says she said that she loved him, but now she is keeping secrets. Jennifer says she does love him, and it is because she loves him so much that she can't tell. He quickly asks her what? She tells him she can't tell him that she thinks she is pregnant! Jack asks if she is saying . . . she says she is saying that it would be Colin's. She says she was so desperate to save him that she just didn't think. She heard him threaten his life and she would have done anything to keep him from leaving that room. Jack still thinks that perhaps she has the flu. She says maybe she does, she hasn't taken a test yet. Jack is a little relieved by this, but wonders why she hasn't taken the test yet? She says she doesn't want to admit that it is true. Jennifer asks Jack how he will feel if she is pregnant with Colin's baby? He can't look at her, and when she asks him to look at her, he tells her that he's sorry, but he has to go. Jack walks out, and Jennifer is devastated… At the Brady house, Hope makes herself go to the basement and tells herself, it's just the basement. She is fairly calm, but she turns around and sees Larry standing there. Meanwhile, upstairs, Bo walks in after calling Jennifer from outside. He comes in and doesn't see Hope, but he hears a struggle in the basement. He goes downstairs and finds Hope punching a punching bag. She tells him that she signed up for a self-defense course to polish up her skills. Bo says that this is not the way to get rid of Larry. She gives Hope the pills that Marlena prescribed for her. Hope says she signed up for this class to get into better shape and to help herself. She says the victim sign she was wearing around her neck is gone. She says she isn't discounting therapy, but she is doing everything she can to protect herself. Hope says he is going to start taking the pills now, and Larry Welch will never get her again! The two head upstairs. A little later, Hope is in the kitchen and Bo is in the living room. The phone rings and Hope picks it up at the same time Bo did. Hope doesn't say anything, she just listens…It's the lab about the towel. The technician says the blood isn't human blood, and Bo is relieved. They hang up the phone and Hope heads into the living room and asks Bo what that was all about. He tells her about finding the towel in the trash can. She then realizes that Bo believes that she killed Colin. Bo says he still doesn't think that. He tells her that he wanted to check it out and didn't want to worry her. He once again tells Hope that she is not a killer. Bo says the blood was chicken blood, that's all. The two discuss how a rag with chickens blood ended up in their trash can. She remembers having chicken the other night, but Bo said store bought chickens don't bleed like that. She remembers that Shawn took the chicken innards over to the neighbor's dog and maybe he used the towel to clean up and then threw it away. Bo says that is a possibility and he will ask Shawn about it first thing in the morning. Hope says she feels better and wonders if it's the pills starting to kick in. She resolves not to keep any more spooky thoughts in her head and will make an appointment with Marlena. She's going to get well for him and the boys and no one, especially Larry Welch, will stop her… Meanwhile, Larry returns to his motel room with his own pill bottle. He is upset that Bo found the bloody towel instead of Hope. Holding and waving his gun around, he has another plan in mind. Bo can't blame the towel on him, after all, he's dead and a poor innocent ghost. Taking the pills out of the bag, he plans his next move. He says he has one more move before going to Step two and holding the pills, says "Hope honey, you're going down. Once you take these pills, you're never going to need a refill...You know what they say...what doesn't cure you...will kill you"…….moreless
  • Ep. #9490
    Ep. #9490
    Episode 61
    PREVIEW: Marlena rejects Cassie and Rex; Shawn & Belle share an intense kiss yet Shawn breaks up with her anyway; Brady and Chloe make love. SUMMARY: At Brady's loft, he and Chloe are there and Brady expresses his worries about Tony's condition. He says that he wouldn't be able to handle it if Tony ends up paralyzed because of him. Brady wants to call the hospital for an update on his condition, but Chloe says she will do it. She is, after all, the daughter of the chief of staff, she may have more pull that he does. After she calls the hospital, she tells Brady that Brenda told her Tony's out of surgery, but too soon to know if he's still paralyzed. Brady says that he is to blame. Chloe tells Brady that she can't help but feel grateful to Tony and maybe instead of feeling guilty, perhaps he should try to feel the same way, because he saved his life. She says if it weren't for him, they wouldn't be where they are right now. They talk and cuddle on the couch and she is happy to be there in his arms and looking into her eyes – which is her favorite thing to do. Brady makes a joke about locking the door so they can stay there forever. She says that will be a problem because she has to leave him soon. Chloe explains and says that she will have to go back into the hospital soon and that she will be in isolation. Brady tells her about all the plans he has to do around his place, and he shows her that he has planted a garden on the terrace for her and the flowers will all have bloomed when she is ready to come home from the hospital. He tells her that he promises to make every day from now until she goes into the hospital special and happy, and those memories will hold her over until she gets out, when they will make more happy memories. The two quickly begin kissing and he hints that he wants more, but Chloe hesitates thinking they should wait until he's all better. He says it was only a head injury, the rest of him works just fine. They begin kissing again, and when we return, wee see that candles are lit and "My Destiny" (see the lyrics in the "quotes" section below) playing in the background and Chloe slowly opens Brady's shirt take and starts kissing his chest. Brady responds and slowly takes off Chloe's shirt and they make love on the sofa… At the Wesley house, Craig is trying to put together a crib for the baby. Nancy is sitting on the couch, enjoying watching her husband struggle with it because the directions aren't in English. Nancy tells Craig that they need to find out what happened with her pregnancy with Chloe and they need to find out what happened now. She suggests that they call her father, after all, he was the chief of staff at the hospital when Chloe was born and he should no. Craig quickly tells her he doesn't think that's a good idea. Nancy wonders if he wants to know what happened or not? Craig says he does, but right now, they need to take care of her and Chloe. They return to trying to put the crib together. Nancy tells Craig of her worries that someone may have lied to her about Chloe and she wonders if there was a pay off involved. Craig tells her not to worry about that now. Craig heads to the kitchen to make some lemonade and Nancy calls her father and asks him to come for a visit. He obviously tries to avoid it, but she asks him to think about it and hangs up just as Craig comes back. He asks her who she was talking to, but she covers and says it was a friend from lamas class. Craig has the feeling that she isn't telling him something… At the Hartley house, we see a replay of Belle telling Cassie, Rex and Shawn that she is leaving. Cassie is extremely happy with this news, but Rex drags Cassie out of there so Shawn and Belle can talk. Cassie makes it clear that she is not happy that Rex pulled her out of there, but Rex says they have to go anyway… Inside, Shawn is clearly shocked that Belle is going to leave. She asks if there is any reason she should stay? He tells her no, and the two of them begin arguing. Belle asks him why he can't tell her what is wrong, and then she wonders what is going on with him and Cassie. She asks him if he has decided Cassie is the woman for him? He says no, and he looks into Belle's eyes and says that he doesn't want things to be this way and that loves her. Belle says she loves him too, and she thought that this was it - this was the time she thought they would get it right and be together forever. Belle says that she knows this has to do with Colin's murder, and she tells him that whatever happened, they can work through together. Shawn still won't tell her anything. He just tells her that he will miss her, and Belle begs him not to let her go. She walks up to him and they both resist but once they touch each other, they can't help it and they share a very passionate kiss. Shawn tells her that he wants her and she asks him to make love to her. Shawn pauses for a moment and then backs away and says they can't. Belle asks why he is pulling away from her? He has a flashback and remembers shooting Colin, and then tells Belle that if she loves him then she should go to Paris. Belle says she will go, but it isn't what she wants. Shawn says it isn't what he wants either, but it is the way it has to be. Belle thinks that whatever he is hiding it can't be that bad. Shawn flashes back and remembers Cassie telling him that if he tells Belle the truth, then he is risking her future. Belle says she doesn't understand any of this and Shawn assures her that in time – she will. He tells her that she is better off staying away from him, and the sooner she leaves, the better… At the hospital, Marlena and John are in her office and she tells him that she has invited the twins to come see her so that she can tell them that she's removing herself from their case. John wonders how and why she came to this decision? She says it is because she can't remain objective. They share a long talk and John wants to support Marlena. The twins show up, and Cassie hopes it is something good. Marlena tells them that it could be a whole new beginning for all of them. John leaves them alone, and Marlena tells them that something has happened that changes her relationship with them, and that is why she wants to talk to them. Cassie thinks this means she wants to be their mother now. Marlena says she wants them to stay close. She explains to them about how she has to have distance from her patients to really be helpful to them. She tells them that she has deep feelings for them, and that makes her an unhelpful therapist to them. Cassie thinks Marlena is blowing them off, and that they are nothing but lab rats to her. Marlena says that is not true. Cassie tells her that she hates her and never wants to see her again, and tries to run out. Rex tries to stop her and tells her that she hasn't heard Marlena out. Cassie refuses and runs off. Rex lashes out at Marlena and tells her that she has no idea what kind of hell she is putting her through. Marlena says she just can't be their therapist, that is all. Rex also thinks she is pulling away from them, and that Cassie is feeling rejected by her. Rex tells her that Cassie is changing, she is going after things she can't have and she is keeping secrets from him – something she never did before. Rex then tells her that he thinks it will be better for both of them if they don't see her at all! Rex takes off and Marlena sits in her office and cries… Cassie is tearing through the hallway of the hospital and runs (literally) into John. She demands that he tell her that he put Marlena up to this. He denies this and she tells him that she hates him. She lifts her sleeve and shows John her tattoo and says she is a DiMera now, all DiMera! Cassie says Tony and Lexie are the only people who have been kind to her through everything. They get into a huge argument over the DiMera's. John tries to calm her and tells her that Marlena cares about them and is only trying to do the best thing for them. Cassie says that is not true, Marlena never cared about them. Cassie says Marlena and her daughter are both cruel and selfish, more than any DiMera. Cassie says she hates Marlena for lying to her, and she will never forgive her for this and takes off… John goes back up to see Marlena and to try to comfort her. Marlena tells him that she fears she's done a terrible thing. John says that they will know the truth in a few weeks, but Marlena says that could be too late. Marlena says if she is their mother, she may have already lost their trust. John says the sooner he leaves to go to the island and find the answers, the better for all of them. John tells her that he is afraid to go away and leave her alone right now, and offers to call Sami and Will to stay with her while he is away. She says that's not necessary, she will be fine because she is going with him. John asks her if she is sure? Marlena says whatever secrets they have to find, they will find together… Rex tracks Cassie down back at the dorm, and tells her to forget about Marlena and John. Rex assures her that everything will be okay. She says it won't be okay until Shawn breaks up with Belle and can be with her. She says then she'll have someone who loves her and only her! Rex tries to get her to go stay the night at the mansion, but Cassie says no, she's too tired. She heads to open the door to her room, and Rex tries to stop her saying Shawn and Belle might still be in there. She tip-toes up to the door and listens and hears Belle and Shawn fighting, which couldn't make her happier. Cassie hears Shawn break up with Belle, and she says that her dreams are finally coming true, and now Shawn can be with her… Back inside Belle's room, she tells Shawn that she never really knew him, and that maybe they were never meant to be… fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9489
    Ep. #9489
    Episode 60
    PREVIEW: Bo overhears Hope's startling confession; Sami gives Brandon an ultimatum. SUMMARY: Marlena and John discuss the possibilities of what they may discover if they return to the DiMera Island compound. John has difficulty even considering that Marlena could be a mother to the Twins and he persuades her that the answers they need have to be on the island. Although they don't have to rush since Tony is temporarily out of commission, he urges Marlena to be ready to leave soon... Tony/Lexie share their anger toward Stefano; Tony lashes out at Rolf, who swears he didn't know the Twins could be offspring of Tony's and he claims ignorance about the details of the Twins' mission and breeding. Tony asks Rolf to summon Stefano's private physician, Dr. Ash; Lexie does a sensory test on Tony, who feels the pin prick in his foot... Bo is stunned to find the bloody towel in the garbage can and becomes more distraught when he overhears Hope confessing to Jennifer that she killed Colin. Bo interrupts and explains things to Jennifer; she stumbles upon the towel, which Bo hid in the kitchen, and he is forced to explain everything. Jennifer agrees to keep the towel a secret from Hope when Bo tells her he'll have it analyzed and see what is going on. Before Jennifer leaves, Hope urges her to confide in Jack and take a pregnancy test. Bo calls John and arranges for secret lab testing on the bloody towel, while Hope decides to take control of her life again and enroll in self-defense classes. Meanwhile, Larry forges a prescription for Hope that promises a fate worse than death for both Bo and Hope... Nicole convinces Jack to broaden his canvas of suspects in Colin's murder investigation, causing him to suspect that Sami could be covering for Brandon. Jennifer returns home and is shaken by Jack's declaration that they need to look at less obvious suspects, fearing Hope could be implicated. Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon assess their relationship as he expresses dismay at her attempt to frame Nicole. Sami's relieved when she deduces that Brandon is innocent, however, she isn't happy to hear that Brandon would go to prison to protect Nicole. Sami forces Brandon to choose between her and his sister and he asks her to leave. Nicole shows up, ecstatic to see Sami scurrying away...moreless
  • Ep. #9488
    Ep. #9488
    Episode 59
    PREVIEW: Brandon learns about Sami's double-cross; Belle tells Shawn she's leaving Salem. SUMMARY: Shawn and Cassie approach the cemetery. She thinks it's creepy, but he says he is looking for answers. He says that his mothers family is buried there, and he visits his great-grandfather's grave. He explains that he doesn't remember him too well, he was pretty young when he died. But he knows that Hope loved him as well as Alice, who always talks about feeling him near. He wishes he could seek his advice right now. He says that he remembers a time when he was younger and was sick with a fever and his mother put him in a cool bath that he had a dream that someone placing a cool hand on his forehead. He looked up and it was Tom. After that he felt better. He says that he wishes he was there to help him now. He says Hope always says that with her mother, Addie, and Tom up there watching over them, she feels better. Looking upward, he asks what he should do. He feels a breeze and he is sure that Tom is there. Cassie then wonders if he got his answer. Shawn says yes, it's just not the one he wanted. She says will help him, but he says this is something he must do alone and leaves. Cassie follows him… Meanwhile, Rex and Belle return to the dorm and she is still upset about Shawn. She asks Rex to teach her to be independent and take things like he does. He tells her that being free has its price. She says that it can be very hard having a mother that is a shrink because she ends up turning her into another one of her patients. Rex assures her that Marlena loves her, but Belle is having trouble with her advice. Rex admits that he is lonely but she says she has never seen him that way. He tells her he would like to "be hooked" on someone. She assures him that he will find someone someday. Rex, looking nervous, is muttering that he told Shawn that he would be no good at this. Belle wonders what he means? Did the two of them talk about her? Rex finally spills and tells her that Shawn told Rex about the breakup and asked him to watch after Belle. Belle is upset that Shawn told Rex that they broke up, because she told Shawn no. Rex asks if there is anything he can do to help, she says he is sweet for caring, but no. She says if someone doesn't want you, you can't force yourself on them. Then, Penny knocks on the door and says this letter just came for Belle. She opens it and reads it and she is excited. Rex asks her what it is? She says it's "fate…just what I needed". A little while later, Belle sees Cassie and Shawn in the hall and she calls them inside. They go in and she says she has to tell them something. She explains that she applied last spring, before her and Shawn go back together, for a design school in Paris and was put on a waiting list. This letter tells her that there is an opening and she has decided to go. She is leaving in 2 weeks and will be gone for 2 months... At Jennifer's, she comes home from work, still feeling bad. Jack is there and says that Abby had dinner with Alice. Jack still thinks she has the flu, but she tells him that she doesn't think it's the flu. He asks her what else could it be? She then has flashbacks of sleeping with Colin. Jack repeatedly asks what is wrong, but the phone rings, it's Bo… At the Brady house, Bo and Hope come home from the hospital and she explains to him about hearing Larry keep calling her a murderer. In between these scenes, we see Larry applying white make up. He is sure that she is freaked out enough to confess to murder. He says for the "piece de resistance"…and pours fake blood into his hand and smears it on the mirror. Back at the Brady's, Bo tries to keep an eye on Hope but she assures him that she is okay. He has to leave and calls Jennifer to come over and sit with her. Once Bo is gone, she tries to keep busy and she picks up the newspaper and the headline screams "No Suspects in Murphy Murder". Outside, Larry watches from the bushes as Bo drives off. He has a "bloody" rag that he plants under the lid of the garbage can. Back inside, Hope is cleaning up and heads outside with a bag of garbage… Jennifer tells Jack she needs to go see Hope. Jack tries to stop her, but she says good night and she leaves… At Brandon's loft, Sami is on the phone with Jack asking why he doesn't have the evidence yet to nail Nicole. He tells her to relax, he has Harold tailing her and she is now at the Cheatin' Heart. When Sami hangs up with him, she does a "happy dance", just as Brandon walks in. He wonders just who is she trying to nail. She covers and make up a story about throwing a surprise wedding shower for a friend of hers and not letting her find out. She starts kissing him trying to distract him, and she even suggests they go away for Valentine's Day. He quickly changes the subject and talks about the murder investigation. She then changes the subject back, and that makes him suspicious… Bo knocks on the door and comes in and wants to question Brandon. Sami tries to discourage this, but Bo tells her he has to and he needs her to leave. Sami refuses to go anywhere! Brandon convinces her to leave, which she unhappily does, but in the hallway, she fears that he will slip and admit that he murdered Colin. She decides that she needs to move quickly to frame Nicole so she rushes off. Inside, Bo assures Brandon he is not after him, because Brandon thinks that Abe sent him. Bo just wants to ask questions concerning Victor and Nicole. In particular, why Colin was invited to the wedding. Brandon says that they don't need his permission, but Bo wants to know if Nicole and Colin were still seeing each other… Meanwhile, at the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole is enjoying a drink. There is a guy is hitting on her but she reminds him of the murder at her wedding, referring to herself as the "Black Widow Bride"… "Come to my wedding…get a bullet in your back!" She keeps on drinking and talking a mile a minute when Jack shows up and tries to pump her for information. She tells him stay out of her way or he may "end up just like good ol' Colin". Jack keeps at her and she gets quite snappy with him and claims she did not kill Colin. Jack tells her that he saw her kissing Colin in Salem Place and he knows that there was a photographer there. He asks her what happened to the photos? She tells him to leave her alone and she excuses herself to the ladies room, "one place you can't follow me". Once she is gone, Sami approaches Jack and wants to know what is going on. He tells her to leave before Nicole sees them together and gets suspicious, but Sami just sits there. Uh-Oh. Nicole is standing behind them wanting to know why Sami is trying to frame her. Nicole says she is going to tell Brandon what is going on and that she is framing her and takes off. Sami quickly goes after her… Once Nicole arrives at Brandon's loft, Bo has already left. She quickly starts to tell Brandon that Sami is trying to frame her for the murder. Sami barges in, claiming that Nicole is lying. Nicole keeps talking and trying to tell Brandon everything, with Sami interrupting her every two seconds calling her a liar. Brandon flat out asks Sami if Nicole is telling the truth and she tries to convince him otherwise. He then reminds her that they are not supposed to keep secrets from each other anymore and Nicole is heard laughing in the background. Sami then sees there is no way out and admits that she is trying to frame Nicole. Sami and Nicole argue and Nicole says that Sami isn't good enough for Brandon, and storms out. Once alone, Sami tells Brandon she was doing it for him, because she knows that he killed Colin… After leaving the Cheatin' Heart, Jack goes to Alice's house and she said Abby has gone to bed. Alice asks about him and Jennifer and he tells her that they were getting close. He also talks about Jennifer's involvement with Colin and how he used her. Jack says if he weren't already dead, he would kill the jerk. He quickly says that was a figure of speech. Alice tells him that he is the jerk for doubting the love between him and Jennifer. Jack says he doesn't know anymore, but says that he does know that they love each other. He then tells her that a dose of bad medicine from Colin Murphy should not keep them apart, and Alice agrees… Outside the Brady house, Larry has just planted the bloody rag just as Jennifer pulls up and Larry immediately grabs his gun as she walks up the driveway and looks in that direction. She squints her eyes and just stares off into space. Hope comes outside with the trash and she sees Jennifer passed out on the ground and rushes to help her. Jennifer comes to but she can't remember what happened, just that she felt dizzy. She then blurts out, "Oh, my God, I really am pregnant!" Hope gets Jennifer inside, and Hope looks shocked and asks her about it. Jennifer explains that she wasn't sure, but since she just fainted, it has to be true. Hope says that since her and Jack have gotten closer, well, maybe…Jennifer tells her that she wishes it were Jack. Back outside, Bo drives up and Larry hides in the bushes. He is walking towards the house, but her hears a noise in the bushes and goes to investigate. Inside, Hope realizes what Jennifer was getting at and says Colin has to be the father - and Hope is shocked. Jennifer is devastated but Hope tries to tell her that Jack loves her and he will understand. Hope tells her that they can get through this. Jennifer is just beating herself up about Colin. Hope suddenly blurts out "Colin is gone…he is dead…I killed…" and stops herself. Too late! Jennifer seems to have picked up on it. She asks Hope what she just said. Hope tells her that she is sure that she killed Colin. Jennifer just sits there, trying to take in the news. But, back outside, Bo looks around and doesn't see anybody and heads back towards the house. He happens to see the "bloody" rag under the lid of the trash can. He picks the rag up and says, "What the HELL?" and looks toward the house….Fade to black and white, except the rag – it turns bright red…moreless
  • Ep. #9487
    Ep. #9487
    Episode 58
    PREVIEW: Nicole remembers more about Colin's murder; Shawn asks Rex for a favor. SUMMARY: **from** Bo goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to question the staff some more and Victor reveals that his driver confided that Hope was acting strangely that night. Bo digs and is relieved that Hope never did or said anything incriminating. Victor senses Bo's relief and asks his son if there's more to it, but Bo turns the focus on Victor/Nicole. He notes the tension between the newlyweds, but Victor covers; when Bo asks why Colin was invited to the wedding, Victor says because Colin was Nicole's doctor and that's the only reason. Meanwhile, Nicole visits the terrace for the first time since the murder and is drinking heavily. She decides to go out and remembers realizing her veil was ripped and wishing Colin had left her alone. In the meantime, Shawn finds Hope worked up when she remembers Larry taunting her about being a murderer and she insists Shawn take her to see Marlena. Hope starts to open up to Marlena about the night of Colin's murder. Bo calls to check on Hope and gets the machine, so he calls Shawn and learns that Hope is with Marlena. Bo gets to Marlena's office just as Hope is about to reveal her belief that she killed Colin. He stops her and privately tells her that she can't even tell Marlena; Shawn comes up to the door and hears Bo promise to nail the real killer, knowing his father is out to nail him... Marlena and John are considering returning to the DiMera compound when Belle comes in to see her mom. John goes to check on Tony and Craig reports to Lexie, Cassie and Rex the surgery went well, but they'll have to wait to see if Tony will be able to walk again. Lexie and the Twins go in to see Tony and Cassie blurts their belief that Tony could be their father. John enters as Tony declares he also believes that he's the Twins' father. Cassie gets upset as John begins to interrogate Tony and Rex takes her out. Meanwhile, Belle gets emotional as she explains how Shawn is pushing her away and Marlena advises her that she can't help someone who doesn't want it. Shawn runs into Rex and asks him to be there for Belle. Alone with John, Tony waxes on about the future he'll give the twins. John confronts Tony about pressing Marlena to be a mother figure to the twins, but Tony promises that he'll back off. Marlena meets up with John and he's amped to go to the island while Tony is laid up in the hospital, but Marlena refuses to leave the Twins at the mercy of their new father...moreless
  • Ep. #9486
    Ep. #9486
    Episode 57
    PREVIEW: Hope and Shawn both decide to confess to Colin's murder; John prepares to return to DiMera island. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Cassie is resting after giving blood, and Rex gives her some juice. Shawn comes in, and Cassie sends Rex out for breakfast and some magazines. Shawn tells Cassie that Belle is gone and that's good because he wants to talk to her. Shawn takes this opportunity to tell Cassie he can no longer keep the secret, and cannot ask her to either. He is going to tell. Cassie tells him it's her decision, and that she wants to keep the secret. Shawn tells her that too many people get hurt, and secrets have a way of coming out anyway. He goes to leave, and Cassie is agitated and jumps up to stop him, and faints in his arms. Shawn helps her back into bed and she says that she just got up too quickly. Shawn explains how the Salem P.D. all think that Tony is responsible for Colin's murder, and Cassie protests that Tony says he's always blamed for everything, and he's always found innocent and since he was out of the country, it's not possible. He says he can't keep hurting people the way he has, like Belle. Cassie asks if he broke up with Belle? Shawn says he tried but she won't let him unless he can tell her that he doesn't love her. Cassie doesn't look pleased by this, but still tells him that he cannot confess. Shawn says he is going to go confess, and abruptly leaves. Rex returns, and he stops Cassie from getting up to stop Shawn. He says she needs to get better, and he wants to know what has her so freaked. Cassie says nothing, and that everything is going right. She says not only are they DiMera's, but they can both have what they want, Belle and Shawn. Cassie happily tells him that Shawn and Belle broke up, that she has Shawn, and he can go for Belle. Rex says that won't happen, because they would be cousins if Tony turns out to be their dad. He then says he did some research and any number of people in the world could have the blood markers she does… Meanwhile, in other areas of the hospital, Sami overhears Lexie ask Brenda to pull up her blood work on the computer, as she wants to check to see if she has her brother's marker. Sami gets worried, and wonders if something will show that will indicate the results of the paternity test were tampered with. Sami snaps at Brenda that the computer not be touched as she was working on something. Brenda assures Sami that she saved her work, and will get Lexie's info in a minute. Brandon comes up, telling Lexie he is sorry about her brother and wishing luck, as he knows Tony is in surgery now. Sami sees this and tries to put a stop to it quickly as she tries to pull him off to the side to "tell him something….privately". Making a long story short, Sami and Lexie are going at it - insults are flying, and Sami almost lets it slip that she knows her and Brandon slept together, but Brandon stops her and Sami covers. Brandon then tells Sami he wants to talk to her NOW, and Sami is all "finally" and they go out to the balcony. Brandon lays into her, letting her know he is very angry. Sami tries to shush him, but he is too angry. They argue and he tells her to stop obsessing over his friendship with Lexie. She hurries up and apologizes, don't me mad at me, I'll do better, etc. etc. etc. They agree that they will be OK now that there are no more secrets between them. They hug and Sami thinks "just one more secret, one you can never know" and Brandon thinks the same as Sami can never know why he feels so protective of Lexie's baby... At the Brady house, Bo comes downstairs searching all over the house, calling Hope's name, but she is no where to be found. We see her outside in her car, deciding she can't do this anymore, and that she must go to the police station to confess to Colin's murder. She is just getting ready to drive away when Bo gets in the other side. He wonders what she is doing and she tells him that she's going to see Abe and Roman. He refuses to believe she is guilty, and somehow gets her to go back inside. Bo says he can't let her confess alone, but Hope tells him that if he is with her, then Abe will know he tried to cover it up. He then tells her that before she confesses to anything, they have to be absolutely clear. Hope says she would have done anything to stop Colin that night. Still, Bo feels that she didn't do it. Bo says he believes that the killer is someone that they haven't even considered yet. he thinks the killer is someone who would let someone like her or Jack take the rap for this. Bo asks Hope not to do anything until she has all the pieces of that night back and in place. Then they hear Zack crying and Bo sends Hope to take care of him. A few minutes later, Shawn comes in, looking distraught and wanting to talk to his father, but wonders why he's not at the station. They begin to talk about how Shawn couldn't find his mom that night, and he was worried because of how upset she was. Bo says, yes, she thought she saw Larry and was freaked. Just then, Hope comes down stairs, and insists to know what Bo is doing. She says she thought they weren't going to talk about this? Shawn asks, "not talk about what?" Bo explains that Shawn already knows about her Larry visions. Shawn heads upstairs to see Zack… Upstairs, Shawn talks with Zack and apologizes for letting him down. He tells him he did something wrong, he has to make it right, and he may have to go away for some time, so they will not see each other for a while. He explains about being scared, about not wanting to hurt Grandpa and Mom, tells him how sorry he is, and is more or less saying goodbye. He turns to leave, but breaks down crying at the door… Shawn goes back downstairs and when pressed for what he wanted to tell them, he tells them about the tension between him and Belle. They wonder if Belle is OK after Brady's accident. When Shawn tells them he doesn't know, they start asking more questions. He then tells them they are giving each other space. Hope tells him that she doesn't want their family problems to come between them. Hope thinks there is more, but Shawn says he can't talk about this anymore and runs out of the house… Once outside, Shawn tells himself that he can't confess with his mom there, he can't let her know that her son is a murderer. Back inside, Hope is glad that Shawn doesn't know she is the murderer. Bo tells her to stop saying that because it isn't true and that he is going to find the murderer and personally escort them to prison… Back at the hospital, Lexie goes to see the twins and they are talking about being DiMera's, and having a real family. Cassie sees Lexie and says she is part of the family too. Lexie says she can't think about them being related to Tony right now because she's too focused on Tony's surgery. They ask Lexie about her history with Tony. They see that she and Tony are very close. She agrees, but reminds them they were not raised together, as they were. She says she already had a wonderful family, a mother, and a loving husband…when she found out she was a DiMera. They were not too pleased, as they did not think much of the family. However, she says she learned to get along with everyone. She says if they are DiMera's, then they are related to John and Belle. Cassie says Rex doesn't want that because he likes Belle in a girlfriend kind of way. Lexie says would be great if they were family. Lexie says she's going to see what the status is on Tony and she leaves. Cassie then tells Rex that if they are DiMera's, then Belle will be off limits to him. Rex says she already is off limits, but Cassie says she won't be for long. Rex tells Cassie to stop, but Cassie says Shawn is her true love. She admits if she couldn't be with Shawn because he was family then she would be devastated… Back at the Nurses station, Lexie learns that she doesn't share the same blood marker as Tony, and hopes that Cassie giving blood is enough. Then, Brenda gets a phone call and tells Lexie that Tony is out of surgery. She worries that it is too soon. She goes back to the twins to tell them that Tony is out of surgery already. Early. They wonder if he will walk again… In Marlena's office, John is pacing the floor, and just about to go looking for her, when she comes in. She asks him to look at the papers she brought….they may have answers to the questions they have had about the twin's parentage. Marlena tells John that she's felt more emotionally connected to the twins then she's been willing to admit. She also tells him that she has had vague memories that include a lullaby, and a sense of loss. She didn't tell him before because of what he was going thru learning about Tony being his brother. She says at first she thought it was her being separated from Sami and Eric when they were younger, but that was not it. So she had some research done to try and show her blood type, mixed with Tony's could not parent the twins….but it showed just the opposite. She could be their mother. Marlena is very upset, and John assures her that if they got through Tony being his brother together, they will get through this. She reminds him of how connected she feels to the twins, and he says that he understands that, but asks her not to expect him to feel the same way. They talk about the research, and Marlena wonders what if Stefano is the father. She is horrified at the idea. John tells her that until they know for sure whether she and Stefano are the parents, they must be very careful, and they are going to research the past. John tells her the one way they may get their answers is to revisit DiMera Island….and since Tony is laid up, now would be the best time to do so. Marlena, drying her tears, agrees…moreless
  • Ep. #9485
    Ep. #9485
    Episode 56
    PREVIEW: Jack comforts an ailing Jennifer; everyone learns that Tony could be the twin's father. SUMMARY: **from** With the threat of paralysis, Tony fears that his dream of having children may be destroyed forever. Meanwhile, Brady feels guilty that Tony may be paralyzed for rescuing him and he's stricken when Tony tells him the file he unearthed was actually a charitable gesture toward John and Basic Black. Brady tells John about this, but is unmoved and tells Tony he won't let Brady be indebted to him... Belle agrees to give Shawn the space he needs, but promises to wait for him, while Cassie is relieved to learn that Shawn won't confide in Belle. They learn of Brady and Tony's accident and all head to the hospital. Meanwhile, Marlena talks to Sami about her complex relationship with Tony. John, Marlena, Sami and Lexie are stunned to learn that Tony has a very rare blood type -- one he shares with Cassie. He needs a transfusion for surgery and Marlena persuades Cassie to donate her blood. Meanwhile, everyone reels off the realization that Tony could be the father of Cassie/Rex. John and Lexie are unable to determine which side of the family the gene derives from. Sami freaks out when she hears Lexie say she'll check out her medical records regarding the blood types, fearful she'll discover the doctored paternity test results. Shawn overhears John mention that Tony is the prime suspect in Colin's murder and decides he can't ask Cassie to keep his secret when Tony could be implicated. Belle chats with both Brady and Sami about her forlorn love life; Brady advises her not to wait for Shawn, while Sami urges Belle to cling to Shawn with all she's got. As Tony's wheeled off to surgery, Cassie asks Marlena to be the one to take the blood for the transfusion. Rex and Marlena each take one of Cassie's hands as John watches the family tableau... Jack is at the hospital asking Sami about Tony's accident when he learns that Jennifer is home sick with the flu. He brings her some comfort food and lovingly cares for her. She's feeling much better until she comes to the horrifying realization that she may be experiencing morning sickness...moreless
  • Ep. #9484
    Ep. #9484
    Episode 55
    PREVIEW: Shawn breaks Belle's heart; Brady and Tony are in critical condition. SUMMARY: In Belle's room, she impatiently waits for Shawn. She calls and leaves a message for him. She tells him that she is still waiting for him. Rex waits with Belle and tries to assure her that Shawn will be here because he loves her. Not wanting to cause any trouble, Rex goes to leave but Belle convinces him to stay. Belle admits that she fears Shawn and Cassie are together, but Rex doesn't think so. He tells her of their visit with Marlena earlier and how Cassie was so upset that she rushed off. He says he believes Cassie has some kind of need inside and needs to fill it. Belle thinks her need is Shawn. Belle wonders how he took the news from her mom and he assures her that he is okay. He assures her that Shawn will show up and goes to leave. She thanks him and tells him that he will find that someone special for himself someday. With a smile, he leaves. Belle continues to pace the floor and worry about Shawn. She looks out the window and says she fears that Shawn is going to break his promise... Meanwhile, still outside Tuscany, Shawn and Cassie are discussing what happened the night of the murder. He admits that he fought with Colin killed him. Cassie questions him further as he explains in detail, (we see in the details in flashbacks). He was looking for his mother and saw Colin looking through the window, muttering about killing Bo. Shawn jumped him and they struggle for the gun. Shawn grabs it and demands to know why he is after his dad. They argue and Colin says that Bo should not be aloud to live. What makes him so special? Shawn tries to force him inside to tell Bo everything. Colin refused and didn't think Shawn would shoot him because "mommy and daddy wouldn't approve". Colin continues at Shawn and called him a coward. Suddenly, there is a noise in the bushes that startles both of them, Colin turns around and Shawn fires the gun, hitting him in the back. Back to reality - Cassie tries to justify it all to Shawn, but he calls himself a murderer. She tries to convince him that he isn't a bad person and that he was doing it to protect his family. Shawn realizes that she saw it all and then we see the shooting from her point of view in the bushes. Cassie flashbacks - It was HER that made the noise that frightened them, by stepping on some branches. Back to reality - She promises to keep his secret and never tell. But he wants to confess and says he intended to, but because of his mother's condition and then his grandfather having a heart attack, he didn't. He says he must go to the police and confess and walks off, but Cassie stops him. He goes onto tell her that there is one thing he doesn't understand…he was sure that they would find the gun with his fingerprints all over it, because he dropped it, right there on the terrace. But it seems to have disappeared. He says they will find it eventually and he must go and tell his family and Belle, as he can't lie to her again. But Cassie won't let him, telling him that he can't involve Belle. She says that Belle will try and protect him and put herself in danger in the process. She convinces him that she knows everything and can talk to her and not to put Belle at risk of going to jail... Just then, Rex shows up asking what is going on. He is not happy to find Shawn with Cassie. He reminds Shawn that Belle is waiting for him and is worried about him. Shawn says he knows but just stands there. Rex wonders why he doesn't go to Belle? Cassie tries to stop him, but he knows he has to go and he leaves. Once Shawn is gone, Rex snaps at Cassie for trying to break up Shawn and Belle. Rex tells her to stop trying to take Shawn away from Belle because he belongs with her. Cassie says not anymore he doesn't! She tries to leave, but Rex demands to know what she is up to. She says that Shawn needs her. Rex still wants to know what is going on. He says he hates seeing her clinging to people like Marlena and Shawn who can't give her what she needs. Cassie says what she and Shawn have is more than just love, they are destined to be together - and she has known that since she first saw him at Lookout Point. She refuses to abandon Shawn when he needs her now more than Belle and flounces off… Back in Belle's room, she puts on her coat just as Shawn comes in. She hugs him tight, telling him she was worried. He takes her hand as she asks what is wrong. She asks if something is wrong with his grandfather or mother? He says the problem is with him…he is what is wrong. He tries to leave, but she wants to know what he is talking about. He promises that he loves her but more than she knows, but he can't involve her. She gets upset, thinking he doesn't trust her. He asks her to trust him, but she says he can't talk about trust when he can't trust her. She then realizes that it has to do with Colin's murder because that is when his behavior changed, but Shawn covers and tells her that his family having such a rough time and doesn't want to dump it all on her. She pleads with him to tell her, but he tells her that he is letting her go. He says that he is going to give her space as he sorts this out. She says, "you're breaking up with me…" and he says "yes". He then has several flashbacks of shooting Colin. Belle is crying and Shawn tries to go to her, but he just can't bring himself to touch her. They just stand there… We see a replay of Tony waiting for Brady on the street and the car speeding right at Brady. Tony dives at Brady to move him out of the way, but they are both struck by the car. Chloe rushes over as both Tony and Brady lie motionless. Brady is unconscious and Tony lay awake, but doesn't move. John rushes up and says he saw the whole thing happen. He says the driver didn't even try to slow down, almost as though they running him down on purpose. He covers Brady with his coat and calls 911. He tells the operator that he doesn't know who hit them, but gives them the license plate number. Chloe is crying and holding Brady's hand and John finally turns and asks Tony if he is hurt and Tony says he can't move. John tells him that he saw the whole thing happen and he saw him save his son. He then turns back to Brady. Just as he does this, Tony says he can't feel his legs. The sirens of ambulances are heard in the background. Once at the hospital, Craig tells Chloe and John that Brady is okay and only has a mild concussion. Chloe wants to see him and they walk in. John comforts Chloe and tells her that Brady needs her. He wakes up and asks where he is and they explain what happened. In the other room, Craig and a technician check Tony's x-rays and inform him that he has a spinal cord injury and needs surgery. Craig explains that it is a complicated surgery and that there are no guarantees that it will be successful and may still be paralyzed from the waist down… At the Brady House, Hope tries to call Abe but Bo takes the phone from her. She is sure that she killed Colin, but Bo says he will go to his grave proving her wrong. She says she doesn't want to be saved this time and that Bo is in denial. But he refuses to believe it. She is sure that she did it and is blocking it out but Bo says there is no proof and for her to forget it. She says she wants to do the right thing and is afraid that if she did kill Colin that she fears what she may do to someone else. Suddenly, Abe knocks on the door. Bo tells Hope not to mention Colin. Bo answers the door, and Abe tells Bo that they have to talk about the investigation. (See a guilty look from Hope.) Bo suggests Hope go and check on Zack, which she does. Abe tells Bo that Carson Palmer is giving them grief about not nailing the killer, and having him and Roman kicked off the case because he feels like the Brady's are protecting one of their own. There is a crash and we see that Hope was on the stairs and dropped a glass. Bo and Abe see Hope on the steps, and Bo tells Hope not to worry about Carson's suspicions because no one in this family killed Colin. Abe then gets a call and has to leave… Back at the hospital, John has explained everything to Brady and wants to know why Brady was meeting with Tony. Brady explains about the file he downloaded from the server and imagines he would be pretty angry about that. But then they don't understand why Tony saved him. Abe shows up and John explains what happened. Meanwhile, Tony is being told that his spine has been injured, and he will need surgery to restore the use of his legs. Tony asks when they will do the surgery? Craig tells him that there is a lot to consider, and there is a possibility that he may not walk again even with surgery. Tony is devastated by the news that he could be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. Craig leaves and Bart shows up to explain what happened. Bart says he doesn't know what went wrong. Tony tells Bart that no one was supposed to get hurt, he was supposed to save Brady and come out look like a hero, they would back off, and he would be able to go after Marlena. Tony says if his condition is permanent he and his inept driver will suffer, and John and Brady will pay the highest price of all! Tony decides he will go through the surgery. John comes in to see Tony and ask why he did what he did? Tony says because he is his brother and Brady is his nephew. Tony says he is as protective of his family as John is… In the other room, Craig convinces Chloe to go home. She hesitates but leaves, but not before Brady can whisper that he loves her (and see Craig grinning from ear to ear after hearing that) and Chloe responds and takes off. Once alone, Brady asks Craig about Tony's condition… Back at the Brady house, once Abe had left, Hope panics and is sure that they will find out that she did it. She is sure that because of the letter, the DA will come after Bo and it will lead to her. Bo vows to prove she didn't do it by finding the bastard that did. He says he is going to find Murphy's killer and put them away for life…freeze frame and fade...moreless
  • Ep. #9483
    Ep. #9483
    Episode 54
    PREVIEW: Brady attempts to hack into the DiMera server; Belle tells Shawn she's ready to make love. Colin's killer confesses! SUMMARY: **from** Bo/Hope return home from Alice's birthday party and Hope is stunned at the realization that she may have killed Colin. She finally remembers some of the lost moments from the night, leading her to confide in Bo that she thinks she could have murdered Colin. She admits she saw Larry at the party and he called her a murderer, triggering all these memories. Hope picks up the phone to call Abe, but Bo stops her, adamant that they're not calling anyone... Chloe is concerned that Brady is trying to hack into the DiMera server and Bart catches the breach, alerting Tony of the problem. Tony plants bogus information in a file so Brady will find it; as he does this, he orders Bart to arrange a "life altering experience." John shows up at the loft to warn him to stay away from Tony and off Chloe's glances, sees that Brady has hacked into the server. He shuts down the computer and has a heart-to-heart with his son. John returns home and is concerned about Brady's drive to take on Tony. However, he's relieved to learn that Marlena told the Twins she can't be a mother to them; she feels guilty and unsettled. Back at the loft, Brady hacks back into the server and gets into the folder Tony purposely planted for him. Brady is surprised when Tony calls him to reveal he knows Brady has broken into their network and has the info. Tony wants to meet with Brady and discuss the situation. Chloe tries to stop Brady, but to no avail. When Brady goes, she calls John and alerts him that Brady is going after Tony. Chloe follows Brady to Salem Place and John arrives just as Tony and Chloe see Brady in the path of a speeding car. Tony lunges for Brady as they both are now in the path of the oncoming car... Belle decides she/Shawn should spend the night together and make love for the first time. Shawn professes his love for her and agrees to meet her later. Meanwhile, Marlena meets with the Twins and gently tells them she can't be a mother to them. Cassie feels extremely rejected and runs out on Marlena and Rex. Rex is understanding of Marlena's decision, but feels his sister's sense of abandonment as well. Marlena is impressed by his ability to empathize and is affected when he tells her that he wants to follow in her footsteps and study psychology. Later, Marlena admits to herself how connected she feels to the Twins and that she does love them. Rex goes to the dorm to look for Cassie and finds Belle prepping for her night with Shawn and she impulsively hugs Rex, but she wonders what could be keeping Shawn. Cassie is holding Shawn back because she's tracked him down at Tuscany and blurts that she needs to talk to him about Colin's murder. She reveals that she saw Shawn arguing with Colin on the terrace and she also saw him take Colin's gun and shoot him. Shawn is shocked Cassie knows and admits he killed Colin Murphy...moreless
  • Ep. #9482
    Ep. #9482
    Episode 53
    Happy 89th Birthday Alice Grayson Horton! PREVIEW: Everyone celebrates Alice's birthday and reminisces about her life; Hope makes a startling announcement. SUMMARY: Family and friends of Alice Horton gather at Tuscany for the surprise party as last minute preparations. Maggie and the head waiter fuss with the flowers and food while Shawn and Mickey try to figure out the DVD player. Belle comes to the rescue and fixes the problem with the DVD player, but Shawn suddenly takes off to get an extension cord, but really some fresh air. Jennifer and Maggie hope they will surprise Alice and Jack and Abby arrive. Sami and Brandon get there and compliment everyone of how nice they look. Maggie tells Sami she's sorry Roman couldn't make it, but Sami says that he's too busy on the investigation. She asks Brandon never to become a cop, as they never have time for their personal lives. Maggie cracks that Roman didn't do so bad in that department, but Sami bites her tongue and doesn't say a word. Sami then tells Maggie that Marlena sends her and John's regrets, as did Caroline, as she's busy taking care of Grandpa Shawn and Zack. Maggie understands, knowing how hard Shawn took Colin's death. Sami figures he'll understand after he learns what a "double crossing, blackmailing slut" Colin was. Maggie just looks at her very plainly and finally says that she didn't think a man could be called that. Sami said for him it's an exception and he got what he deserved… Meanwhile, outside, we see a repeat of Hope carrying the box of box when someone touches her shoulder. She freaks out and says she will kill you, Larry! She realizes it is just Bo and is relieved. She hugs him and freaks about what's happening to her as Larry watches from the bushes and he realizes she's more whacked out then he thought. He thinks it will just take one push and Fancy Face will go over the edge. Jennifer and Jack look at a special photo book for Alice when Will and Lucas get there. Jack tells Abby that her favorite cousin is there and Abby just moans. Lucas sees them together and asks if Jack and Jennifer are back together and Abby replies they're getting along and asks him not to jinx it. Sami and Brandon rush up, as she's happy to see her son. She runs up to hug him and she calls Will "baby" as he groans. Lucas said Will is not a "baby", but a young man. Maggie grabs the kids to help with the special project in the kitchen. Lucas asks Sami, as he cleverly calls her "SCAMI", what she's doing there being she's not related to his grandmother. Jack and Jennifer see this as a queue and take Brandon and walk away. Sami blows up at Lucas about that and said Will is Alice's grandson and she is his mother so of course she is there. She then goes onto say that she grew up next door to Alice, and that she spent more time with her then he has. He tells her it's too bad that Gran's good side didn't rub off on her. She threatens to smack that goatee right off his face if he doesn't shape up!!! Maggie gets a call from Lexie who apologizes for not feeling up to coming. Brandon and Sami overhear that she is talking to Lexie and Brandon looks concerned when he hears Maggie telling her that the sickness will go away. Sami looks a little worried by this, but suddenly, Belle walks up and calls Brandon "sexy". Brandon seems very flattered by this but Sami wonders where Shawn is. Belle looks worried. We see that Shawn is outside having flashbacks about finding Colin's body and he tears apart some bushes. Out front, Bo and Hope talk about her problem and Larry overhears them and refers to Bo as "BOZO". Hope says that she doesn't want to ruin Gran's party and Bo tells her that Mrs. H. just wants Hope to be happy and she's not alone. Together, they'll beat this thing. Larry doesn't agree… Bo and Hope bring in the box as Jennifer joins them. She senses Hope's mood as Bo signals for her to talk to Hope. The two agree they need to be inspired from Gran. Belle joins Shawn on the patio as he continues destructing the bushes. He snaps at her at first, saying she doesn't need to follow him, he's a big boy. She turns to leave but he stops her and she tells him to leave the plant alone or he'll kill it. Larry is listening as Belle tells him that he can tell her anything, she's grown up and can handle things better now. He agrees he needs to tell someone. He tells her about his mom seeing Larry Welch and blacks out, not remembering things. She asks if there's anything else he hasn't told her. He tells her how disappointed he was that their New Years Eve plans were interrupted. She assures him it's not a sign, everything will be okay. Larry smiles, saying this is almost too perfect. Inside Bo and Hope talk about Zack. She tells him about throwing the vase at Shawn. Then we find out that Alice is finally there! Everyone hides and turns out the lights. Julie and Doug bring Alice in. She sees the nice restaurant and comment on how nice it looks as everyone jumps out yelling "SURPRISE!" as the lights come on. Alice is truly surprised (as is Frances, see notes below) and touched as she throws a kiss and almost cries in happiness. The smiles and love her friends and family emit are obvious too… We join the party after they've finished dinner. The fire is crackling as Julie and Doug promise a night of excitement. Alice asks what kind of excitement? They promise a special guest will appear later. Julie says that testimonials are first, beginning with her. She pulls out a huge book and Alice comments on the size of it, but Mickey says it's because she's lived a very full life. Julie says Alice Grayson was born on January 23 and Alice finishes with 1914 and was the daughter of Sid and Abigail (nodding to little Abigail) Grayson. She continues and says that when she was 21, she met Tom Horton. Together they had 5 wonderful children, Tom Jr., Addie [her and Hope's mother], Mickey, Bill and Marie. The grandchildren came next "to cause more problems", Julie, Hope and Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that she is more responsible for giving her the white hair, then the great grandchildren, but no great great grandchildren yet...and the camera pans on Shawn and Belle… Julie then turns it over to Maggie. Maggie said becoming a Horton was the luckiest day of her life. She says that Alice opened her heart and home to her and made her hers. If everyone that Alice has helped over the years stood side by side, they'd reach around the world, and everyone lifts their hands in agreement. Maggie says she hopes everyone is enjoying their wonderful meal. They all pipe in and she credits Alice with the mentoring in food preparation. Her nurturing covers all the bases. It starts with stomachs and ends up touching their souls. She hugs Alice and tells her she loves her. She tells everyone that when most people retire, Alice and Tom started a community center out of their home. She mentions Alice's other careers as Bo speaks up about Alice being an undercover agent and gets up to tell everyone about when Alice helped to bust Roman out of jail as she knew they were trumped up charges. We see a wonderful flashback of Bo stirring cake batter with Alice and Bo wants her to leave the kitchen as he puts the cell key in the batter so she won't be implicated as an accessory. She refuses, and back to present, he said Mrs. H. was the original rebel with a cause. Alice laughs and Bo credits that's how his wife got the gutsy nature and even became a cop when it wasn't something women did then… Mickey stands and calls the Horton women "unique". He tells how his parents were surprised after 50 years of marriage to learn that is wasn't legal and that he was privileged to be at their wedding, to see them recite the vows that they have always lived. More flashbacks of Tom and Alice reciting their vows. We join Alice saying part of the vows and how she stood on the altar and mentions the candle in the window and how she like, that candle, wanted to be that for him. To light the way for him home. Mickey recalls a special bouquet of white roses, as we see the flashback, they gave her at one time...a rose for each child, grandchild and great grandchild. He announces their two latest family additions will give her another bouquet and Abby and Will present her with 22 yellow roses. Parents of Will and Abby smile as they watch the presentation and everyone claps for Alice. Julie makes a toast for all the good times in Alice's life as wine glasses clink. Julie announces the mystery guest. She tells everyone that Dr. Tom Horton was a poet and loved to saunter in beret and disguise to the beach bar to recite his poems. His nom deplume was Norm DePlume. The local TV station taped it, but Tom, in a fit of modesty, wouldn't let them run the tape. They kept it in their vaults and Shawn, resident genius, put on DVD format. The mystery guest is Tom Horton!!! They play it and Tom is reciting a love poem written for Alice. We see Tom in blue beret and sunglasses and goatee. We see everyone's face as they watch, including Alice's, all near tears, as Tom's poem pleads with his wife to never stop dancing with him, as he couldn't bear it if she did… Alice tells everyone that she wants to see all the couples kiss. They remind her it's not a wedding, but she says it's her birthday and her wish, so all the couples kiss... Bo & Hope, Mickey & Maggie, Doug & Julie, Sami & Brandon, Shawn & Belle, and Jennifer gives Jack as kiss on the cheek, which he promises never to wash again. Mickey goes to present gifts from friends and a few that couldn't make it. The family decided to get her something that symbolizes her life…so far. Bo jokes "a new donut maker". They made donations to her name to charities. He pulls out a list and reads them: ~Habitat for Humanity; camera pans to Shawn and Belle ~Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; pan to Doug and Julie ~Make a Wish Foundation; pan to Bo and Hope ~The Heifer Foundation; pan to Jack, Jennifer and Abby, as Jennifer clarifies that Abby bought a goat for a family in Guatemala so they could have milk. ~The Horton Center; see Maggie and Mickey, so they continue their good work Mickey announces that Alice has an announcement of her own to make. She's endowed a "Tom and Alice Horton Fund" for the hospital to continue their good work. Mickey says that Alice is asking Lucas to administer the fund. Lucas is surprised, and Sami is just as surprised that they've asked Lucas. He, Maggie and Alice hope that Lucas will accept and he agrees. He kisses and hugs her and thanks her for her confidence in him. Alice also asks that Jennifer and Hope co-chair the board for the foundation and they both are touched and agree as the hospital has done so much for their families. Jennifer tells Jack that she hopes she can do it all. Jack tells her she's her grandmother all over again...she's got her kind heart, same stubborn streak, same wonderful smile. Jennifer tells him that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever told her… Lucas can't resist gloating to Sami that they'll be working together at the hospital as he'll be handing out money and she'll be serving him coffee. Maggie announces it's time to dance as the song "Always" plays. Belle turns to moody Shawn who finally takes her in his arms as other couples dance. Lucas goes to Alice and takes her hand and sits with her as she watches everyone dance and she remembers her younger years and we see flashbacks of her playing pool, hugging Hope at her and Tom's wedding, putting Christmas balls on the tree, with her granddaughters during special moments and ending when Doug has her and Tom sing the end of the same song as his club. The song ends as she flashes to her and Tom dancing… Julie and Maggie present the "Alice Horton Quilt". It's her life in quilt squares. They got everyone in the family to make a square representing something in Alice's life and the hospital quilters, that Alice organized a long time ago, put it together – for her. There are 12 squares, but they only identify 9 of them. Alice asks if the first one is a donut. Close, but no… ~A life preserver that Hope and Bo made to represent all the times she's saved their lives. Hope goes and kisses her and tells her she loves her. Alice asks if the second one is a donut and Doug and Julie agree partly, but, no… ~it's a circle of life from Doug ~The 3rd one is a ruby and says "more precious than rubies" from Belle and Shawn. Belle repeats, "more precious that rubies" and Alice holds her ruby necklace in her hands. ~The next one is from Mickey. It's a gavel because he learned right and wrong from his parents and became a lawyer because of it. ~Maggie made a pair of red dancing shoes from her and Melissa because she taught them how important it is to do something you love. ~Julie made a square of a brown haired angel to represent Addie. ~Abby made a tree with her and Jennifer's name on it and Abby said she added daddy's name after they got there tonight. ~Jennifer made a candle for Alice to always light the way. ~The last square is a bone. Lucas says it's from his dad to represent all those archeological expeditions he went on years ago. Mickey reads a note Bill sent as well, saying if his mom needs a new hobby, she can become a detective, as Lord knows, no one could keep a secret from her. Look at a worried Shawn as he hears that Jennifer said that's true and Jack asks if Gran inspired her to become a reporter. She tells him Gran called always called her nosy, but he's the one to inspire her to become a reporter and together they'll find the truth about who killed Colin. She won't believe he's dead and gone until they know who killed him. Hope overhears this and Doug worries if she's ok. Hope steps outside for some fresh air. She tells herself that Larry's dead and buried. She then suddenly hears "MURDERER!" and looks around, thinking she's hearing things and flashes back to seeing Colin dead in the snow. She looks up, seeing Larry, and he says, "You killed Colin Murphy, don't you remember? REMEMBER…!" Inside, it's cake time! The HUGE cake is carried in. It's full of candles and they carry it to Alice. Belle thanks Shawn for bringing her. He hugs her as the family sings Happy Birthday to Alice. She asks Abby and Will to help her blow the candles. Hope comes in the back door just in time to see the candles blown out and it gets dark. And Hope worries if she really did kill Colin? Fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9481
    Ep. #9481
    Episode 52
    PREVIEW: Sami learns what Brandon's been hiding; Hope is plagued by visions of Larry; Victor and Nicole return from their honeymoon. SUMMARY: **from** Sami/Brandon are together at the loft when Fay stops by and asks to speak to her son alone. Sami obliges, but listens from the hallway and is speechless to learn that Brandon may have killed Colin. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer acknowledge that they love each other but still have a lot to work through. Jack recalls seeing Nicole/Colin kissing and a photographer taking pictures; Jennifer reveals that Sami took credit for that. She leaves for Tuscany and Jack calls Sami to meet him. He confronts her about the photos and, realizing it could be a motive for murder on Nicole's part, she doesn't correct him that Tony had the pictures taken at her request. Sami's electrified and does everything she can to fuel Jack's suspicion of Nicole. Sami returns to Brandon, determined to protect him by railroading his sister, while Jack feels he's got a lead... Belle opens up to Cassie about her feelings for Shawn and how distant he's been lately. Cassie feeds into Belle's insecurity and tags along when Belle leaves for Tuscany. Meanwhile, Hope continues to be plagued by visions of Larry and throws a vase at Shawn, thinking he's Larry! She's horrified and tearfully explains that she's suffering from PTSD and asks Shawn to help her figure out what happened the night Colin was shot. Shawn denies seeing her after she disappeared, but it's apparent he knows more as they head off for Tuscany, where preparations are underway for Alice's surprise party. Maggie/Mickey are there when Jennifer/Hope/Shawn/Cassie/Belle arrive, while Larry lurks outside in the bushes, ready to haunt Hope some more. Mickey and Maggie are worried about both their nieces as Hope and Jennifer commiserate over their recent troubles; Jennifer avoids a direct answer when Maggie asks about her future with Jack because she's so uncertain about it herself. Belle gets Cassie to leave and Hope is caught off guard outside Tuscany... Victor/Nicole return from their honeymoon and Nicole is miserable in her "gilded cage." He bursts her bubble when he reveals that the $5 million check was cashed and gone forever. Victor says that video he has is the perfect motive for murder, but Nicole counters that it provides a good jealous motive for Victor as well...moreless
  • Ep. #9480
    Ep. #9480
    Episode 51
    PREVIEW: Sami hides the truth from Brandon -- and he rejects her ultimatum; Belle helps Cassie & Rex move back to school. SUMMARY: At Brandon's loft, Sami and Brandon are cuddled up on the couch. She tells Brandon that she is not going to hold a grudge about him and Lexie sleeping together. He is happy to hear this, but tells her he wants to forget it. Sami explains that she can't forget and wonders why it happened in the first place. Brandon says they were just two friends trying to comfort each other, and he tells her that he never loved Lexie. He also tells her that he's sorry he didn't tell her earlier because he values honesty so much. He tells Sami this is it - no more secrets from now on. They hug and agree. Later, they toast each another, and they kiss. Sami then remembers changing the paternity test results and starts to feels guilty. She tells Brandon that she hates this feeling - that she is so jealous of Lexie. Brandon assures her that nothing will come between the two of them now. Sami thinks the way he just said that was cold and unconvincing. She apologizes and says that she has never had self-confidence and she has never been the girl who looks so great that she doesn't have to worry about someone taking her boyfriend. She also says she doesn't have a good job or even a degree. She wants Brandon to promise to never see Lexie again, for her sake. Brandon refuses, and says that the two of them are friends. Sami quickly comes back and says that after they slept together, she doesn't see how they can actually go back to being just friends. Brandon tells her that he is sick of spending so much time talking about Lexie. Sami says he has to cut her out of his life. She tells him that if he loves her, he will do this for her. He asks her why she is doing this? Sami tells him that Lexie is still stringing him on, and says that he will not let Lexie and Abe be together. Sami explains that when her mother left her dad for another man that it totally screwed up her life. Brandon says Abe will betray Lexie just like he has done in the past. Sami then tells him that if that happens, Lexie will come running back to him. And we're back to he has to choose between her and Lexie. Brandon refuses to choose, and she snaps that he just did! She tells Brandon that if he doesn't push Lexie out of his life for good, she is leaving and not coming back. Brandon tells her that he can't do that. She heads to the door and Brandon just stands there. She stops and turns and looks at him and says that she can't believe he would just let her leave. He tells her it's her choice. Sami tells him that if he leaves the door open to Lexie, she will eventually come back to him. She says he's going to have to make a choice. Brandon tells her that he won't be forced to make choices like this… At the DiMera mansion, Belle comes over to help Cassie and Rex pack to go back to school. She is intercepted by Tony, who wants to talk with her, as he just wants to take time to get to know his niece. She quickly snaps back that she says she is not a DiMera. Tony tells Belle that he has something to show her, a very special picture. She tells him she is not interested but he takes out a picture of his mother, her grandmother. Belle says she is beautiful, and that she didn't have a drop of DiMera blood in her - but he does. Belle tells him that she agrees with his father, he is not part of their family. Tony tells her that John is wrong, and he hopes she will come to accept him. He then offers her a gift. She tells him that she cannot accept it, but he tells her that it belonged to her grandmother, and she would want her to have it. Belle agrees to take it, only because it belonged to her grandmother. It is a brooch and she pins it on her sweater and comments on how beautiful it is. She thanks him for it. Meanwhile, the twins are in the foyer and wonder why Tony and Belle are speaking. They listen in, and Cassie is angry that Belle gets everything she wants, first Shawn and now Tony. Cassie and Rex go in, and Cassie admires Belle's brooch. When Belle explains that it was her grandmother's, Cassie asks how John will react to her wearing it? Meanwhile, at the Hartley House, Brady and Chloe are carrying boxes in, as they are helping Belle move back to the dorm. Brady is very upset because Belle is nowhere around. Caprice comes in and tells Brady that Marlena told her about John and Tony being brothers. Chloe says that maybe Tony is different, but Brady snaps back that he is just as dangerous as Stefano ever was. Chloe tells him that he needs to let Belle decide what type of relationship she has with Tony, but Brady says she will have no relationship with Tony! Caprice agrees with Chloe, she says that Belle is a big girl and they need to let her make her own choices… At the Black Penthouse, Marlena is outside on the balcony and she has more flashbacks of being in a white room, singing "Rock a-bye-baby" and in real time begins to cry. John comes over and asks her what is wrong? She comes inside and says it is Tony, what if he's right? Marlena says that he needs to accept that he is Tony's brother, and it could be a positive step towards ending this feud. She then begins to talk about the legacy of hatred and violence and wants it to stop - she doesn't want this war to move into their children's generation. John tells her that he believes that Tony has ulterior motives and wants to take her away. Marlena tries to convince him that isn't the case, but he fears for her and his children. They have a long talk and he eventually tells her that she's right, but he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. They plan to have dinner together, and then Marlena leaves. Marlena steps into the hallway and makes a (mysterious) phone call and asks them to meet with her, she needs to talk. Back inside, John gets a phone call and says, "SHE'S WHERE?" and he takes off… Belle finally arrives at the Hartley House a little later, with the twins. Brady is upset when he finds out she was at the mansion. Tony comes in behind them and Brady quickly warns Tony to stay away from his sisters. (Note: Belle has taken the pin off at this point). Cassie starts inquiring about the missing pin just as John shows up. John tells Brady he will take it from here. Brady is angry as he sees Tony pull Belle aside. Brady wonders how his father can let him just talk to Belle. John tells him nothing will happen to her in front of everyone. Tony hands Belle the brooch back, but it's in a box so John or Brady didn't see it. John does finally approach Tony and he tells him to stay away from his family and his wife. Belle tells John that she was only helping Cassie and Rex move. John tells Brady that he doesn't want the war passed onto his children, and so it will end right now with him. As Tony walks out he is furious with John and calls him a hypocrite as he remembers John telling him to say away from his wife… It was Kate that Marlena called and they have met at Tuscany for coffee. Kate is feeling lonely because most of her family is gone, Billie in Paris, Austin in New York and Philip in Basic Training, she only has Lucas and Will left. However, she says Will is having some major attitude problems and has been downright cold and rude. Marlena says she has seen this change in Will also, and she thinks that Will is trying to assert himself. Kate says that Lucas is trying to be the "cool dad" to Will, and that he is convinced that Will is perfect as is and anything negative in Will is Sami's fault. Marlena and Kate realize that this is not good, so they talk about trying to get Will to a child psychologist. Kate says Lucas would never agree to that, but Marlena says she will try to work on Sami and she should try to work on Lucas. The two agree that is what's best. Kate then realizes that Marlena called her there and wonders what is upsetting her? Marlena tells her that she seems to be wallowing in feelings of guilt and regret. She tells Kate that she is in so much pain that she can't even tell John about it. She tells her about Tony and about Stefano holding her captive on the island. She also mentions remembering the lullaby and talks about how when she was held captive, she felt that she wasn't there for Eric and Sami and how Sami suffered because of it. She then goes on about John and Tony being brother and now John has become obsessed with Tony's every move. Kate tells her that she is not to blame, they have both been victims of men who pretended to love them. Marlena feels guilty for talking about the time she lost with her children when Kate lost time as well. Kate tells her it is okay. Marlena gets paged and has to leave. After Marlena leaves, Kate says the only difference is Marlena only lost time, but she lost SO MUCH more…fade…moreless
  • Ep. #9479
    Ep. #9479
    Episode 50
    PREVIEW: Jennifer asks Jack to spend the night; Tony makes Kate a tempting offer; Marlena has a twin memory and in an effort to push Brady out of harm, a speeding car strikes Tony and Brady! SUMMARY: **from** Marlena confronts Tony about encouraging the Twins to think of her as their mother, accusing him of trying to pull her away from her own family. She bashes the Twins' mother for abandoning them and becomes emotional; Tony thinks it is proof she loves Cassie/Rex and he gives her a picture of them. She slams out, overwhelmed with all the talk of the Twins. Alone, Tony is confident that Marlena won't abandon him or the Twins. Later, Marlena is drawn to the picture of the Twins and recalls being in the white room, crying and reciting a lullaby... Bo wakes Hope and asks if she was dreaming of Colin, but she can't remember. Jack and Jennifer come over to prepare for Alice's birthday party; Jack helps Bo get decorations from the basement and vents his frustration about not being able to protect Jennifer from Colin. Meanwhile, Jennifer admits that she's having trouble being with Jack because of what happened with Colin. Marlena comes over to check on Hope, who encourages Jennifer to confide in Marlena. As Marlena urges Jennifer not to blame herself, Hope sees Larry outside, unaware it's the real Larry in white face to look like a ghost. When Jack/Bo return to the living room, Bo sees Hope distracted and she reveals to everyone that she just saw Larry and is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. They rally their support and Jack/Jennifer leave so Marlena can work with Hope right now, since she just saw Larry. Jennifer asks Jack to stay the night with her and hold her, while Marlena has Hope describe the Larry vision to her. Hope realizes Larry looked different than he did when he "appeared" in the past, so much more real... Roman and Kate are at Tuscany, still handcuffed to one another; they sling insults at each other and Roman finally removes the cuffs, moving off to eat alone. Kate is surprised when the bartender delivers a bottle of champagne from Tony, who tries to move in on Kate. Kate resists Tony's advances. He tries to put a grain of doubt in her mind about Roman's motives and she pushes Roman away when he attempts to intervene. Tony offers Kate double the amount Stefano bequeathed her if she tells him the reason she was left so much money. Kate refuses to give Tony anything, blurting that his father took enough from her. After she leaves, Roman warns Tony not to hurt Kate...moreless
  • Ep. #9478
    Ep. #9478
    Episode 49
    HOPE REVEALS EVERYTHING TO BO! PREVIEW: Shawn and Grandpa Shawn conspire for revenge; the twins welcome John to the family; A stunned Brady walks in on Sami and Tony kissing. SUMMARY: **from** Hope wakes up after passing out and Bo gently confronts her about what's really troubling her. He urges her to open up and she finally tells Bo how she's being haunted by visions of Larry and now she's blacking out and losing time. After Hope falls asleep, Bo curses Larry, while Hope dreams of seeing Larry's dead body morph into Colin's corpse. Bo is alerted when Hope murmurs Colin's name in her sleep... Shawn visits Grandpa Shawn, who's sleeping after his collapse. Shawn, riddled with guilt, says how sorry he is about Grandpa Shawn's heart problem, Colin's death and he wishes he could fix it all. Shawn's thrown when Grandpa Shawn reveals he's awake and asks Shawn what he wants to make right. Meanwhile, Belle brings Cassie/Rex to the pub to wait for Shawn; Belle becomes emotional as she confides that Shawn has been withdrawing from her and she fears it will be detrimental to their relationship if he continues to shut her out. Shawn joins them in the pub and drops a bottle, which makes him recall picking up a gun on the Kiriakis terrace the night of the wedding. Cassie recounts being at the Kiriakis Mansion and seeing Shawn pick up the gun... Marlena/John tell Belle/Brady about John's new blood connection to Tony. John flips out when Cassie and Rex show up with flowers to welcome John to the DiMera family, adamant that he will never consider Tony or the Twins' family. Rex confronts John about judging him and Cassie without knowing them and Brady/Belle shuffle them out. Alone, John reveals that he thinks that all the Gemini connections are part of a DiMera plot to bring Tony, Marlena, Cassie and Rex together as a family. Marlena doesn't want to consider that and exits hastily... Tony has Sami brought to the mansion and confronts her for ratting him out to the police. He urges her to realize her potential and commit to getting what she wants. He also tells her she should dump Brandon and then he pulls her into a kiss. Sami yanks away just as Brady arrives; he demands to know what's going on, but Sami covers. He gets in Tony's face and warns him to leave his family alone. As they leave, Sami insists Tony was lying, but Brady suspects Sami to be the one who's lying. Alone, Tony decides he'll use Sami to woo Marlena and Brady to get control of John...moreless
  • Ep. #9477
    Ep. #9477
    Episode 48
    PREVIEW: Sami physically attacks Lexie; Roman "locks" Kate into a second date; Larry stages a scene to push Hope over the edge; Chloe learns whether or not she's still in remission. SUMMARY: **from** Hope shows up at the pub, concerned after hearing about Grandpa Shawn collapsing. Bo explains about Grandpa Shawn's heart condition and it's apparent that he's equally concerned about Hope. He can't help but worry about his wife's mental health when she explains that she was incommunicado because she was at the grocery store. Aware that she keeps covering, Bo confides that he and Marlena think Hope is suffering from the after-effects of her kidnapping. Hope denies and is saved when Belle and Shawn enter. She excuses herself and Shawn asks Bo about the murder investigation. Bo's curiosity is piqued at his son's interest, but Shawn claims he's asking because of the note implicating the Brady family. Bo tells Shawn to keep that note a secret from Grandpa Shawn because he can't be upset in his condition. Shawn and Belle leave as Hope returns; Bo tries to pick up their conversation, but Hope is distracted by visions of Larry. Trying to escape the visions, Hope leaves the pub and sees Larry's corpse lying on the ground. She loses it when his corpse gets up and starts moving toward her. Bo, who's followed her out, sees Hope panic and he catches her as she faints dead away... Brady is upset thinking he's a DiMera and Chloe successfully pulls him out of the depths of despair. He apologizes for worrying about his family tree when she could be coming out of remission. Craig shows up with the great news that Chloe is still in remission and Brady congratulates Craig about the news that he's Chloe's father. Later, Belle/Shawn show up and Belle gives Brady the wonderful news that he's not a DiMera after all and Chloe tells Shawn and Belle that Craig is her father... Sami and Lexie share words and Lexie tells Sami she intends to sever Sami's relationship with Brandon for good. Sami physically attacks Lexie and Eugenia, the lab technician, pulls Sami away. Lexie tells Celeste that Brandon will send Sami packing once he learns she attacked Lexie and her baby, but Sami vows to get rid of Lexie first... Roman and Kate continue to dance around the idea of a relationship as Roman reminds Kate what a nice time they had on New Year's Eve. Roman asks Kate out on another date and slaps handcuffs on her when she delays her response...moreless
  • Ep. #9476
    Ep. #9476
    Episode 47
    PREVIEW: John and Marlena explain about Daphne DiMera; Cassie, Rex and Belle try to comfort an upset Shawn. SUMMARY: **from** Grandpa Shawn is taken to the hospital, but Craig later diagnoses the attack as minor and says he can go home. Everyone assembles in the waiting room, while Tony and the Twins linger in the pub. Cassie and Rex want to go to the hospital because they care about Shawn, Belle and Marlena, and they go against Tony's warning. Cassie hopes that since Belle is a DiMera and Shawn is a Brady that it will create a wedge between them, but she's upset to learn that Stefano wasn't John's father and that Belle and Shawn seem closer than ever. Cassie, Rex and Belle are cognizant that Shawn is upset and his agitation escalates when Hope can't be located. Meanwhile, John and Marlena explain that he and Tony share a mother, Daphne DiMera. Roman, Bo and John discuss the murder case and the coincidence that the note from the safe contained the same information that Tony divulged in his statement to the police. They all believe Tony could be involved with Colin's murder because of his involvement with the DiMera organization... Caroline can't get Grandpa Shawn to calm down about Tony because he still feels that Tony is nothing but trouble. She tries to look at the brighter side of things by telling him that John and Tony share a mother, so John is not Stefano's son, but Grandpa Shawn isn't any more pleased by this news... Tony gives Bart cash to pay off the forger who wrote the note from Colin. He's happy to hear that John has changed his mind about exhuming Daphne's body and takes it as a sign that he's gaining ground with Marlena, because she must've talked John out of it. Meanwhile, Marlena is unsettled as she recounts Tony asking her to be a mother figure to the Twins...moreless
  • Ep. #9475
    Ep. #9475
    Episode 46
    PREVIEW: Larry lurks outside Colin's wake; Grandpa Shawn collapses when Tony reveals the truth about John's mother. SUMMARY: **from** The family gathers at the Brady Pub to pay "respects" for Colin. Chloe and Brady mill around distracted as they wait for Chloe's test results. She's fatalistic, but Brady tries to snap her out of it and their love for each other is apparent. Marlena/Bo/Shawn are worried about Hope, who's still fighting visions of Larry. Unbeknownst to them, Larry is lurking in disguise outside the pub. Bo and Roman tell Caroline and Hope about the note from Colin found in his Salem Inn safe, warning the authorities to suspect the Bradys, especially Bo, if he dies. They decide not to tell Grandpa Shawn about the note and John believes Tony planted it and then had Colin killed because he had turned on the DiMeras. Tired of everyone's concern, Hope says she's going to pick up Zack from Doug/Julie; she takes a bag of garbage to the alley behind the pub where Larry is hiding. Larry sees that Hope is haunted by his ghost, excited that he can use this to complete his revenge on her... Tony thinks Cassie/Rex have discovered Stefano's journal, but they are only looking at the DiMera family Bible and a photo album. He's paternal as he gives them a brief history of the DiMera family, including the history of John and Kristen, which he tells himself will be avenged because he plans to take Marlena away from John. The Twins want to visit Shawn/Belle, but Tony advises against it; instead, Tony heads for the pub to pay his respects, with the Twins following him. Tony is surprised to see them and Cassie gives her heartfelt sympathy to Shawn, saying it's good Colin is dead because he was a bad man. Grandpa Shawn finally comes downstairs and is furious that Tony is there; the family restrains him, telling Tony to leave. Tony insists on talking to Marlena, but John doesn't want him anywhere near his family. Grandpa Shawn joins in the argument and Tony takes this opportunity to drop the bombshell that John is Tony's half-brother. John is furious because he/Marlena were planning to tell Brady/Belle privately after they left the pub. Cassie is surprised to learn that John and Tony are half brothers and tells Rex it's just like the Bible story of Cain and Abel. Brady takes Chloe home while Grandpa Shawn explodes at Tony, then collapses; everyone rushes to his help, while Tony just stands there, smiling...moreless
  • Ep. #9474
    Ep. #9474
    Episode 45
    PREVIEW: Jennifer allows Jack to spend the night; forensics offer new insight into Colin's murder; Chloe heads back to the hospital. SUMMARY: At Jennifer's house, she is dressed for bed and she listens as Jack talks on the phone. He hangs up, telling her that Jo will bring Abby home, so they do not have to go pick her up. Jennifer begins rambling on and on about having no food in the house, market is closed, but there is a 24-hour deli that is open... Jack stops her, saying that they have to talk before Abby comes home. Jennifer is very upset, and feels guilty because she doesn't know why she thought she could take on Colin alone. Jack tells her that he knows she was only thinking of saving his life. Jennifer tells him that she blames herself because she knows that she only did it to save the man she loved. Jack tells her that Colin victimized her, making her feel she had no other choice, just as Lawrence Alamain did years ago when he raped her. Jennifer says she has always thought that was the absolute worse time in her life, but now, this is. She questions what she did, and Jack asks how he can help her, but she tells him that she doesn't think he can. He tells her he should go but she asks him not to. Jack talks of the New Year, and how they saw it in together, and it is a new beginning. They kiss, and share an emotionally charged moment and just then, Abby walks in. They all share in telling each other Happy New Year, and Abby asks Jennifer if it would be OK for Daddy to spend the night, since it is late, and he'd have to go home alone. Jennifer says sure it's OK if he wants to. Jack makes sure it's noted that he wants to. Jack and Abby race upstairs to get ready for bed and Jennifer just watches and smiles. She then puts her hands together, looks up and says, "Thank You". She turns out the lights… Meanwhile, at the Wesley house, Nancy is relaxed on the couch, when the doorbell rings. Craig answers the door and it's Brady. They want to make dinner but Craig and Nancy tell them that they can handle it and Craig suggests they go for a walk. Nancy is concerned about Chloe going out in the cold but Craig assures her everything will be fine. So, Brady and Chloe leave. Once alone, Nancy tells Craig that she knows something is bothering him, and he tells her that he thinks it's important to get her medical records from when she gave birth to Chloe. They could be important…but the papers need her signature. She eventually agrees, but she makes sure she tells him that if she ever thought for a minute that Chloe was his daughter she would have never given her up… Chloe and Brady are on their walk and they wish on a shooting star. Chloe talks about Colin and how life can be suddenly cut so short. Brady kisses her and says he got his wish and wonders what she wished for. She tells him that she wished for gray hair…this confuses him, but she tells him that she wishes that she will live long enough to acquire it. They walk and suddenly see a chopped down tree, and Chloe wonders what happened to it…She remembers back to the carved initials, "P & C forever" Brady asks if the tree had special meaning, and she tells him about it. She then talks about that part of her life being over, and a new year is upon them, with good things. They kiss, and she bends over to pick her gloves up, and her nose is bleeding. Brady worries about this and Chloe says she feels fine. He asks her if she's sure, maybe they better just tell Craig to be sure. Chloe then remembers that this whole thing started when she first got a bloody nose, before she knew she was sick…She agrees to go home, but she turns and looks at the tree again and thinks, "nothing is forever"… They arrive back at the Wesley house and Craig comes downstairs and they tell him what happened. Craig thinks it's a good idea to do another blood test, just to be sure. He tells them to go on to the hospital, he will tell Nancy he has to check on a patient and meet them there... At the Police Station, it is a zoo and Marlena comes to see Bo, but he is in a meeting. She says she will wait, just as John shows up, both saying how they were trying to call the other. John apologizes for storming out of the penthouse and mentions Tony being brought in for questioning. Marlena, not surprised, tells him of Tony's visit, looking for John. She continues on, saying that she thinks the exhumation of Daphne DiMera is a mistake, that she is a doctor, and she studied the DNA results, and the sooner John accepts the results as true, the better. It will not change the man he is...and he should let his mother rest in peace. John tends to agree with her and he says he just doesn't want to hate anyone… In Abe's office, Bo says he thinks Colin's letter saying if anything happens to him, to check on the Brady family, is a fake. He says that since everyone knew that Bo and Colin didn't get along that doesn't matter and that was just a way to point blame. Roman agrees. The lab results arrive, and it proves that the letter is authentic, it is Colin's handwriting and his fingerprints were all over it. Roman wonders if maybe Colin could have been coerced into writing it. The DA barges in, insisting that the Brady brothers be taken off the case. Abe tells Palmer that it is HIS department, he has no authority, and to go talk to the Commissioner. Roman says he wasn't even at the wedding, and Bo says all his movements have been accounted for. Palmer wonders about the rest of the Brady's, do they all have alibis? Abe says they are all in the clear. Palmer says he will leave, but warns that if a Brady turns out to be responsible, he will NOT cut a deal… John and Marlena come in, and get filled in on the investigation. They learn of the letter, the lab results, of Sami's involvement and how she ran to Tony. Marlena can't believe any of this, but Roman also tells them how Sami stole Roman's gun, accidentally fired it in the Salem Inn parking lot, and then returned it. Her story checks out. John realizes that once more that the Brady's are a target of the DiMera's. Roman tells John he is not a Brady, but John replies that anyone who attacks a Brady also attacks him, because he is a Brady in his soul… Bo and Marlena talk about Hope. He tells her about Hope's strange behavior, beginning with when they were decorating the Christmas tree, and she went into basement, and he heard a "blood curdling scream", over a supposed mouse. He tells her how she doesn't seem to want Zack at home, and how she left the wedding. Marlena suggests that if Hope is having problems, she may feel Zack is safer away from her. Bo agrees that is possible. Marlena asks if perhaps Hope came upon something at the wedding that scared or bothered her, but Bo replies that it could not be cause she would have told him. Marlena tells him that it would be a good idea for the family to be supportive… Meanwhile John and Roman talk of their pasts, and how they have both suffered at the hands of the DiMera's. Roman agrees, but says at least John was able to keep the woman he loved. John suggests they work together, and Roman finds no fault in that, as they both look through the window to Abe's office and see Marlena talking to Bo. Marlena comes out, and tells John what a special man he is, her husband, her hero, and they kiss… The photos from the crime scene arrive, Bo, Abe and Roman talks of perhaps Victor being involved. He knew about the contract that was put out on him, and perhaps could have hired someone? They agree to bring Victor and Nicole in for questioning as soon as they return from their honeymoon. Bo hates the idea his father could be involved. Roman then says he wonders why (Grandpa) Shawn wants to have a memorial service for Colin, but Bo reminds him that family is important to him, and that Colin was a cousin. They wonder if Tony would show up. They state that the more they narrow down the suspects, the more it looks like Tony. Bo moves some names around on the Suspect Board, pinning Victor's under Tony's, and takes a long look at Hope's before he moves it to the bottom... Fade to black & white…moreless
  • Ep. #9473
    Ep. #9473
    Episode 44
    PREVIEW: Roman questions Shawn about Colin's murder, while Bo questions Tony; Sami tells Brandon she knows he slept with Lexie. SUMMARY: **from** Bo is concerned when Hope tells him that she still isn't sleeping well, she hasn't picked up Zack, and is constantly distracted. He calls Marlena and implores her to come and see Hope; after Bo's gone back to the station, Marlena reveals that Bo called her because he's worried. Hope insists she is coping, but she's distracted by Larry's voice in her head as Marlena brings up the possibility that Hope may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. As Marlena and Hope take down the Christmas tree, Hope breaks an ornament and is hit with a memory of a body on the ground at the Kiriakis Mansion, but the body isn't Colin -- it's Larry... Shawn and Belle arrive at the police station so Shawn can be questioned about the night of Colin's murder. Belle can see Shawn is nervous and tries to reassure him. As Roman asks Shawn if he saw anything suspicious, Shawn remembers seeing Colin just before he was murdered on the terrace, but lies to Roman and says he didn't see anything. Tony arrives for questioning after being summoned by Roman as he was leaving Marlena's penthouse and he pumps Belle for information about the murder. Shawn and Belle exit and Shawn tells her there's something he has to do alone and he heads off to the Kiriakis Mansion, where he has a memory to seeing Colin dead on the terrace. Bo shows up in time for Tony's questioning and presses him to admit that Colin was more than a physician to the DiMeras. Tony denies and turns it on Bo, saying Colin confided that he didn't feel welcome by his family. Later, a letter is turned in from Colin's safe that he wrote, saying if anything should happen to him, the Brady family should be viewed as suspects, especially Bo... Brandon takes Sami home and asks her why she thinks he hasn't been honest with her. Sami reveals that she knows he slept with Lexie and brings up the baby. Brandon assures her that Lexie already did a paternity test and the baby isn't his. Knowing that she switched the results, Sami presses on about what he would have done if the baby were his. Brandon admits he wouldn't abandon Lexie or the baby, but promises that it's over with Lexie. Sami is unconvinced and still unsettled...moreless
  • Ep. #9472
    Ep. #9472
    Episode 43
    PREVIEW: Bo questions Jack and Jennifer; Sami points suspicion towards Kate; John devises a drastic plan; Sami loses control and calls Lexie a whore. SUMMARY: **from** Jennifer refuses to respond to Abe and Bo's questions about the night Colin was murdered. Abe warns she could be charged with obstruction of justice, while Jack freaks out in his cell when he learns Jennifer is being interrogated. He tries to escape, but is subdued; when Abe and Bo hear about his escape attempt, they assume Jack's trying to protect Jennifer. She's rocked at the deduction that Bo, Abe and Jack suspect she killed Colin and Bo convinces Abe to put Jack/Jennifer together to get the answers they need. As soon as they do that, Jack admits he thought Jennifer killed Colin and was protecting her, while she thought Jack was the murderer and was trying to protect him. Jennifer becomes emotional, but Jack urges her not to beat herself up for sleeping with Colin... Roman calls Sami and Kate into the station and reveals that the bullet that killed Colin was the same caliber bullet Roman's gun takes. The test results come back positive for gunpowder residue on Sami's gloves. Roman excuses Kate and Sami comes clean that she stole his gun to try and scare Colin because he had threatened her; while she was trying to track him down, she accidentally fired the gun in the Salem Inn parking lot. Roman gets more test results which indicate that the bullet in Colin was not fired by Roman's gun, so she's off the hook. Kate returns to the station and tells Roman she understands why he had to question her. He's moved by her willingness to forgive and forget and tells her how much she means to him. She's flustered and leaves the station, unsure how to respond... Tony is surprised when Marlena agrees that John should not exhume Daphne DiMera's body and offers to talk John out of it. Tony opens up about his mother and asks Marlena to be like a mother to the Twins, as he tries to fill the void role of a father in their lives. Marlena is incensed as Tony explains how he feels a strong connection toward Cassie and Rex; she's unable to deny it when Tony mentions how he can see that Marlena feels that strong connection as well... Brandon asks Lexie if she told Abe that he came over the night of Colin's murder, but she promises she did not as she profusely apologizes that she even implied that he could kill someone. Lexie feels the baby kick for the first time and Brandon takes her to the station to be with Abe. Sami sees them together and takes her anger out on Lexie, especially after being grilled by Roman. Abe takes Lexie into his office and feels the baby moving. Meanwhile, Brandon is shocked when Sami calls Lexie a whore, but she shuts down on him when he inquires and he's taken aback when Sami says they've both blown their promise to be honest with each other...moreless
  • Ep. #9471
    Ep. #9471
    Episode 42
    PREVIEW: Tony makes an odd request of Marlena; Belle confesses something to Shawn about the shooting. SUMMARY: **from** Jennifer is distraught as Jack continues to sit in his cell. Hope, still stressed about the visions of Larry she keeps seeing, tries to comfort her cousin. Mickey goes to talk to Jack, but Jack refuses to retract his confession. Later, Jennifer is taken off for questioning about Colin's murder. Abe gives Billie her job back, but she immediately quits. Roman offers her a job with the ISA in London, but Billie is indignant. Kate takes her to the airport and says good-bye and Billie changes her flight to London, making it clear she's going to work for the ISA... Shawn is upset over the events at Victor's wedding and tells Belle he doesn't want to talk about Colin. Belle doesn't think the Bradys could stand any more stress; if one more bad thing happened to them, they'd all fall apart. Shawn is short with Belle and edgy about the future... Marlena receives the portrait back from the ISA lab and it's clean of any bugs. John and Marlena still don't understand why Tony gave it to her, making John wary and worried. Marlena points out the fact that it's possible John could be related to the Twins. Meanwhile, Tony returns from Montreal on a commercial flight so that his presence outside the country could be established. Rex is upset because Cassie disappeared last night and she won't tell him why. Rolf, dressed as Putnam, is relieved to find them after they both vanished last night. Tony's furious when Rolf tells him that he's been re-programming the Twins to protect the DiMeras and he orders Rolf to deprogram them immediately! Rolf completes the deprogramming; later, Cassie says to herself that no one can ever find out what she did last night. Some documents are delivered to Tony and he dashes out. Back at the penthouse, John refuses to believe he could be related to Cassie and Rex and he storms out just before Tony barges in and adamantly states that he'll never let John dig up his mother's grave...moreless
  • Ep. #9470
    Ep. #9470
    Episode 41
    PREVIEW: Bo reacts to a surprising confession; Victor confronts Nicole with the sex tape; Roman learns what Sami's been hiding. SUMMARY: **from** Hope sees the headline in the paper about Colin's murder and rushes to the station to see Bo, who brings her up to speed about Jack's confession. Hope joins Maggie and Jennifer; Maggie goes to tell Alice the news of Jack's confession while Hope and Jennifer watch Jack being led off to his cell. Hope is certain when she tells Jennifer that Jack didn't do it. Against Mickey's counsel, Jack continues to insist that he killed Colin. Bo, Roman and Abe are not convinced because the list of suspects is long and there is no murder weapon. Mickey implores Jack to level with him and he thinks Jack's story is very weak, causing Jack to clam up. Jack is thunderstruck to learn that Bo knows Jennifer slept with Colin and shuts down on everyone. Meanwhile, Jennifer is terrified Jack shot Colin because she slept with him and she's frustrated because the police won't let her talk to him. Bo and Mickey realize Jack is protecting someone, and both their eyes land on Jennifer... Nicole is a wreck and determined to get her money back. Victor stops her on her way out and she is thrown when he produces the videotape Colin was blackmailing her with. Victor forces her to watch it with him and says it looks like a motive for murder and locks the tape in a high tech safe. Victor promises that Nicole will remain his wife, but under a whole new set of rules... Bo notices that Roman's gun isn't secured in its holster and Roman discovers it's been fired! He quickly discounts Kate and realizes Sami was the only other one who had access to it. Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon talk about the murder and Sami admits that Colin was blackmailing her, but only tells him part of it -- that she saw Colin/Jennifer together and he wanted her to tell Jack. Roman shows up with a cop, who takes Brandon in for questioning; he asks Sami if she took his gun and she lies. He tells her that fingerprints and residue tests can tell who fired that gun. After he leaves, Sami pulls out her gloves from last night and takes them out to the trash. Roman carefully retrieves the gloves and puts them in an evidence bag. Later, Abe questions Brandon and has a strong sense that he's hiding something; Brandon's alibi cannot be verified, but without proof, Abe is forced to let him go...moreless
  • Ep. #9469
    Ep. #9469
    Episode 40
    PREVIEW: Suspects arise in Colin's murder: Brandon, Nicole, Jennifer, Jack, Sami, Hope and Bo. SUMMARY: **from** Brandon is the first to appear when Belle screams and he pronounces Colin dead as everyone else rushes onto the terrace. Meanwhile, Roman/Kate catch Sami just as she puts the gun away, but Sami shifts the focus off her and blasts Kate for pursuing Roman. Sami's forced to admit things are getting serious when Roman tells her he wants to be with Kate. Roman's called to the murder scene, leaving Sami/Kate alone at the house; Kate questions Sami about Colin's murder and agitated Sami storms out, crashing her car right outside Roman's house. Abe sees Lexie's distracted and reveals he's been aware that something's been bothering her. Lexie covers and then Abe is called to the Kiriakis Mansion. Back at Bo/Hope's house, Bo asks Hope about the blood on her hand. Hope's thrown to see the blood and assumes she cut herself when she was slicing an apple. Bo asks why she left the wedding and she says she was tired and had Victor's driver take her home. He's still bothered that she left without saying anything and admits he's worried that Larry is still affecting her. Hope cuts in, adamant she doesn't want to talk about Larry. Bo's upset that Hope would prefer to let Zack spend the night at his grandparents; he calls Shawn to tell him he found Hope and learns of the shooting. He doesn't tell Hope and asks Shawn to come home to watch over his mom. Hope notes Shawn's distracted state and urges him to push bad thoughts out of his head, just as she tries to forget Larry when she thinks she sees him again, saying "he" didn't kill Bo because he's dead... At the mansion, Jack, Jennifer, Belle, Brandon, Fay, Victor and Nicole surround Colin's body; Brandon sneaks off when he sees the police arrive. Abe/Roman take everyone inside and Abe questions Belle, while Jack continues to press Jennifer about how she knew Colin was dead. Fay worries about Brandon and Abe is suspicious when he learns that Brandon left the scene. Sami and Kate arrive and Sami volunteers that neither she nor Brandon killed Colin. Brandon goes to see Lexie and admits he left the crime scene because he figured Abe would blame him. Bo arrives at the mansion and he gets Abe to agree to hold off on questioning Hope. Nicole's torn veil is found and she says she went outside for air before the wedding. Bo pulls Jack aside and Jack is rocked to learn that Colin had threatened his life and Jennifer didn't tell him. Abe calls Lexie to see if she knows where Brandon is and she lies; Brandon slams out when he assumes she thinks he killed Colin. Victor and Nicole share a loaded look when Abe prepares to question her. Bo is suspicious when Jack tries to protect Jennifer from being questioned. Jack stops Bo from going to Jennifer and impulsively confesses to killing Colin and Jennifer is rocked to hear his admission of guilt...moreless
  • Ep. #9468
    Ep. #9468
    Episode 39
    MURDER AT MIDNIGHT PREVIEW: Belle lets out a blood-curdling scream after finding a dead body at the Kiriakis wedding. Also, Bo finds Hope with blood on her hands. SUMMARY: The summary is written a little different today. Since 95% of the episode took place at the Kirikas mansion, I thought the best way to write it up was in the exact order it took place… Part One: The guests gather and wait for the start of the wedding. Chloe and Brady slip away to the front hall as Bo and Jennifer exit to get something to drink. Chloe comments on how tense everything is. Brady tells her he wishes it were over already so they could be alone… Sami walks in the dining room and pulls out the gun and says, "if there was any other way…" Just then, Belle walks in and wants to know what she's doing… Upstairs, Nicole is still reading the letter from Collin and he tells her the 5 million dollars was only a down payment and how she should save her pennies. He lied to her about there being no copies of the tape and he will be back for more. She doesn't realize Victor is standing there, and he wants to know who the letter is from… Back downstairs, Fay talks to Brandon and she tells him she is worried about the wedding to and she also feels it is a mistake, but he needs to fake it... Bo hands Jennifer a drink and they discuss what she did. Bo promises to make Collin pay for what he did and goes off to find him... Jack approaches Jennifer and tells her what Collin told him earlier, about the two of them sleeping together. He asks her if it's true and she looks to the floor… See the replay of Hope walking outside for some air and she overhears Collin on his cell phone, saying he is going to kill Bo Brady tonight. He turns around and she hallucinates that it is Larry Welch pointing a gun at her. She runs back inside the house and runs into Shawn, which startles her… Part Two: Shawn catches up to Hope and wants to know what is wrong, but she assures him that she is okay and rushes off, but he is clearly worried about her. Standing alone, she says aloud, trying to convince herself that she what just happened is all in her head – there is no gun… Fay can tell that something is bothering Brandon and wants to know what. All he tells her is that Collin Murphy has hurt Nicole and he may be a DR, but he is still scum… Jack begs Jennifer to tell him that it isn't true, as she lowers her head, apologizing and tries to explain... Back in the dining room Sami hurries and puts the gun back into her purse just as Bo comes in, asking if either of them have seen Collin. They tell him no, and he leaves. Once he's gone, Belle asks Sami what is wrong. Sami covers and says this is the first wedding she has been to since her and Austin and she is just upset. Belle tries to comfort her and asks if everything is OK with her and Brandon. Sami tells her she will make sure it is. Belle then asks her if she wants to sit together during the ceremony, but Sami suddenly tells Belle that she has to take care of something and rushes off. As she's leave, Shawn comes in. Belle comments on Sami's weird behavior and Shawn says that everyone there is acting strange… Back upstairs, Nicole hides the letter from Victor as he asks why she is so upset. She covers and tells him that the letter is from her mother. He wonders why that would make her upset and she says her mother told her not to mess it up. He wonders why Fay would say that? Nicole remembers sleeping with Collin and then later seeing the tape. Once again, Victor asks her what is wrong. But suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Victor opens the door, and it's Bo, asking to speak to Victor alone. They step outside and Nicole still looks panicked… In the hallway, Bo asks Victor if he's seen Collin and Victor tells him no and wonders why he's looking for him. Bo tells him that Collin has hurt some people he loves and is going to stop him. Victor tells Bo to let him handle Collin. Bo wonders why him? Victor tells him that he has his reasons and he assures Bo that he can take care of it and Bo leaves. Once alone, Victor calls Nico and tells him to "take care" of the good doctor – now. Back downstairs, Chloe and Brady go outside and share a kiss as Collin watches from the bushes, gun in hand. He says to himself for the lovebirds to get out his way… Part Three: Victor returns to Nicole's room as she is beginning to get dressed. He suddenly grabs her and asks if she is committed to him and asks if she has anything to confide in him. She tells him that she loves him and looks forward to starting their new life together. He thanks her for re-assuring her love for him and he kisses her on the cheek. He says he is looking forward to giving her the life that she deserves and walks out. She picks up the letter again and reads it again. She says she has been waiting for so long for the life that Victor can give her and swears that no one will take it away from her. Downstairs, Fay and Brandon continue to talk about how nasty Collin is. Brandon tells her that Collin has hurt both Nicole and Sami. He tells her that he needs to take care of him and decides to go for a walk. Fay begs him to not do anything foolish. He agrees and Fay leaves to go freshen up…Brandon walks the other way and asks a man at the door for his coat…Jack and Jennifer continue to talk and Jennifer eventually admits that she slept with Collin. Jack asks her if Collin forced her to do what she did. She tells him no and tries to explain, but he tells her that he can't listen anymore and can't even look at her and walks off. Jennifer breaks down into tears and Hope comes by and wants to know what's wrong. Jennifer asks her to get her out of here and the two walk off… Bo enters the living room, still looking for Collin, and asks Henderson if he's seen him. Henderson tells him, very bluntly that he can't keep track of individual guests and excuses himself to the kitchen. As Henderson is leaving, Victor comes around the corner and tells him to tell the staff to be on the lookout for Collin Murphy. Bo tells him good luck, he's searched every room and closet in the place and can't find Collin. Just then, Victor sees the chairs are empty and wonders where his guests are. He then yells for Henderson to round up the guests, he's ready to get married. Back outside, Brady and Chloe are still kissing, with Collin watching from the bushes. Henderson comes outside to gather them and tells them the wedding is about to start. They head inside and Collin goes around to the window wondering where Bo is. He looks inside and sees Bo with Victor. Collin says, "best man…try dead man." Part Four: Hope and Jennifer are standing outside, and Hope wants to know what is wrong. Jennifer tries to explain. She rambles on about that on Christmas her and Jack said they loved each other. Hope is happy to hear this but can't understand why that makes her upset. She says it's Collin. She tells her that she actually heard Collin say that he was going to kill Jack and how she had to do it to save him and now Jack hates her. She says it doesn't matter what it takes, she will make it right and she takes off… Hope stands there looking off deep into space and she remembers hearing Collin's phone call and him saying he was going to kill Bo… Inside, Henderson does his best to get the guests in place. Bo is worried because he doesn't see Hope anywhere but Victor asks him to stay and wants to start the wedding… Back outside, Collin is still looking in through the window, gun still in hand. The music starts, but there is no Nicole. Victor asks Henderson to find out what's going on but comes back empty. Victor asks Bo to say something, he's going to check it out. Bo explains that there has been a delay but will get going soon. Bo asks Shawn to go look for his mother. Brady and Chloe wonder what's going on and Brady jokes that maybe her hair is messed up or maybe she gained a pound and her dress doesn't fit…The guests just wait and the justice of the peace asks Bo if there is a problem and Bo chuckles and says it is a big house, maybe the bride got lost. Back outside, Collin prepares and he suddenly hears rustling in the bushes. He turns around and has a panicked face… Part Five: Bo tells the justice of the peace that he must leave to go and find his wife and son and runs into Victor and Nicole just as they are the living room. Nicole doesn't look too pleased to be going through with this all of the sudden. Bo tells Victor that Hope is missing and he is going to look for her, but Victor insists that he stay by his side during the ceremony. Bo agrees. Bo announces that the wedding will begin and the music stars. Victor walks Nicole down the aisle, still not looking too happy. She almost stumbles and looks as if she is going to faint when they almost reach the alter. At this point, the only guests that are seated are Fay, Belle, Brady, Chloe and Marie. Hope, Shawn, Jack, Jennifer, Brandon and Sami are all nowhere to be seen. The justice of the peace starts the ceremony…The words, "dearly beloved" fade into the ending when he pronounces them man and wife and tells Victor kiss the bride. He kisses Nicole, but she still looks very shaken up. Everyone applauds. Suddenly, Shawn stumbles in at the back of the room, rubbing and shaking his head and appearing very disoriented. Bo sees him and congratulates Victor and approaches Shawn. Bo thinks he's acting this way because he couldn't find Hope. Shawn tries to talk, but Bo keeps cutting him off telling him that he feels the same way whenever Hope is out of his sight. Bo tells him not to worry and to go have a good time and he will go and find his mother. Even after Bo walks off, Shawn still seems very disturbed… Part Six: Everyone is congratulating the couple, but Nicole is extremely fidgety. Belle approaches Shawn, who is still distraught. She tells him that the wedding was nice but he didn't miss anything special. She realizes that something is wrong and thinks he's worried about his mom. She says his dad is looking for her and he is still freaking. She volunteers to go with him and look for Hope. He agrees and takes her hand and they walk off. Victor, with his hand on the back of her neck, bluntly asks Nicole why she was so late for the wedding. She just looks off as Fay approaches them and congratulates them. She tells Nicole that she is worried about Brandon because he left before the ceremony and hasn't come back yet. Nicole tells her not to worry, there is nothing to worry about anymore… Brady and Chloe are glad it is all over and Chloe wants to know if they can leave. They go up to congratulate Victor and Nicole and Brady tells them he has to take Chloe home and they leave. Fay suddenly notices that Nicole isn't wearing her veil. Nicole very coolly says that she forgot it. Fay seems a little surprised by this…Brady and Chloe walk out the front door, and the camera pans to the ground and we see the veil lying in the snow... Part Seven: Brady and Chloe return to Brady's loft and they both scream (literally) about how bad that wedding was. They are glad to be alone and Brady can't help but worry about Victor making the wrong decision. Chloe wonders if Victor really loves Nicole. Brady says someone has to...after all, she IS beautiful (if don't know, Kyle Lowder (Brady) and Ari Zuker (Nicole) are married in real life). Chloe says sure, if you like that type. Brady says this is his type and kisses Chloe. Brady wonders what to do now and Chloe drops some hints of how they can celebrate. But Brady says first thing is first and he pulls out party hats, sparkling cider and noisemakers. They have some fun, and lots of kissing… Back at the wedding, Fay tells Nicole that she is going to look for Brandon and walks out. Victor tells Nicole he can't believer she forgot her veil and he won't tolerate that type of lax behavior now that they're married. He tells her he knows that's not why she was late. She assures him that she just needed more time, as she told him already. He tells her that she's lying. Fay walks outside, and runs into Jennifer and asks her if she has seen Brandon. Jennifer tells her no and Fay walks off… Jack approaches Jennifer and she begins to apologize. Jack tells her he doesn't want to hear it if it's about Collin. He tells her that he wants to just forget about Collin. She tells him that she can't. She says, "he's always gonna be with me now, always…" Part Eight: Chloe and Brady kiss and wish each other Happy New Year. They discuss resolutions and she says she is just going to live in the moment and take it as it comes. He asks if he can join her and she says she is counting on it. He tells her he has confetti and they both take a handful and throw it in the air. They begin kissing again…Back at the wedding, Victor and Nicole get more congratulations then Victor grabs her by the arm when she tries to leave. He tells her that he knows why she was late. Outside, Fay is walking around and is yelling for Brandon. Then we seem Sami returns to Roman's house and takes the gun out. She says "I did it for us, Brandon"… Shawn comes back inside the house and asks Victor and Nicole if they've seen Hope or Belle. He tells them he can't find either one and he and Belle split up to look for Hope. They tell him no and he walks off. Jack and Jennifer came back inside and are now standing in the foyer and he asks her if she wants to be with Collin. He wonders this because she said Collin will be a part of her. She says no, she never wanted to be with Collin, she hoped and prayed for to be dead. She then tells him that her prayer had been answered. Jack looks confused… Outside, Belle hears Fay yelling for Brandon and she begins yelling for Hope. Bo rushes in the front door at home and calls for Hope, with her coming out of the kitchen. He explains that they've been looking everywhere for her. Back at the mansion, Belle is still looking for Hope and when she goes around the corner, she screams at the top of her lungs…she has just found Collin's lifeless body in a puddle of bloody snow... Back at the Brady's, Hope isn't saying anything, she just rubs her head. As she does this, Bo notices blood on her hand and asks, "What happened to you?" ...Fade to black. Click here for SoapCity's pictures of the Wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #9467
    Ep. #9467
    Episode 38
    PREVIEW: It's New Year's Eve, and the residents of Salem prepare for the Kirikas/Walker wedding; Colin earns more animosity than he already has; Hope is still seeing Larry everywhere. The setup has begun for "Murder at Midnight"! SUMMARY: **from** Bo/Hope go to the pub and run into Roman; Hope has more visions of Larry, while Bo and Roman discuss the possible break-in at the Horton Cabin. Kate arrives dressed to the nines for her New Year's date with Roman only to learn they're spending the night at his place. Sami crosses with Colin and they both threaten to reveal what the other has done. Jack's tweaked by Jennifer's behavior and she privately tries to tell Bo about Colin's threat toward Jack, but Colin enters and she aborts the idea; she suggests Colin spend New Year's Eve with her, but he says he has duties to tend to. At Roman's house, he and Kate discuss their failed relationships and end up making love. Sami comes over and realizes Roman's with Kate; he can't help her with Colin, so she steals Roman's gun... As the wedding is near its beginning, Brandon rails Nicole about the blackmail and Victor reveals that his focus of destroying Kate/Sami is now being focused on his future bride. Jack follows Colin to the Kiriakis Mansion and Jennifer meets Jack there; Bo, Hope and Shawn arrive at the mansion, where Hope sees Larry and tries to exorcise the image from her mind. Bo senses something is wrong with Hope, but she covers when Colin arrives. Chloe and Brady also arrive, enamored with one another. Nicole is worried that Colin is there and even more so when Victor says he invited him. Nicole goes upstairs and finds a note from Colin saying that he'll continue to blackmail her. Jennifer corners Bo and finally tells him about Colin's threat toward Jack and painfully admits she thinks she neutralized Colin by sleeping with him. Meanwhile, Colin takes great pleasure in telling Jack that he slept with Jennifer. Brandon vows to stop Colin for hurting Nicole and Sami. Hope steps out onto the terrace for some air and overhears Colin on the phone, saying he intends to kill Bo... As Cassie pouts over Shawn, Rex urges her to get a life. Tony learns Colin is planning to leave town and overhears the Twins say they must protect the DiMeras. He tracks down Rolf and demands to know what Rolf's done to them. Tony has something else to deal with and has Rolf baby-sit the twins. Cassie tells Rex to find Dr. Putnam while she goes to find Shawn... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9466
    Ep. #9466
    Episode 37
    PREVIEW: Hope overhears Colin's plan to murder Bo. Cassie vows to stop Belle and Shawn from spending New Year's Eve together. SUMMARY: **from** Tony slips and calls Cassie "Marlena," which piques Cassie's curiosity, but Tony covers. Meanwhile, John visits Daphne DiMera's grave as Marlena waits in the car. Tony appears and both men learn the other knows the truth. John's furious and claims that Tony will never be his brother, despite any DNA tests. Marlena intervenes and Tony thanks her, which irks John more. Back in the car, Marlena tries to calm John, who swears Tony will end up in one of the cemetery plots if he comes after Marlena. Alone, Tony comments how John has inherited his father's temper, making it clear Tony knows the identity of John's father... Sami is waiting for Brandon in his loft when he returns; he's frustrated he couldn't get to Colin because he's been in surgery all night. Nicole arrives, gets rid of Sami, and demands Brandon give back the check he stole from her. Brandon refuses, but Nicole implores her brother that she has to take care of this on her own. Sami goes to Tony for help and fills him in on what Colin asked her to do to Jack. Tony pieces together Colin's plan and tells Sami he will handle Colin. Meanwhile, Colin receives a hand-delivered invitation to Nicole/Victor's wedding and gets a call from Larry, reminding him that he only has until midnight tonight to kill Bo. Back at the loft, Brandon finally concedes and gives Nicole the check. She leaves to deliver it and Sami returns to Brandon, shaky and nervous, convincing him to make love to her. Nicole gets the tape, believing she's in the clear, but Colin says it's just beginning... At DotCom, Bo and Roman discuss the lack of evidence they've accumulated in Raymond Grant's office. Elsewhere, Victor tells Nico that Colin won't be a problem after tonight. Kate arrives and tells Victor she knows about his "wedding present" to Nicole; Victor tells Kate not to worry about it and she goes. Roman shows up and threatens Victor not to hurt Sami/Kate, but Victor dismisses Roman's concern. After Roman leaves, Bo comes over and Victor asks him to be his best man. Roman returns to DotCom and sees Kate, who pales when he tells her he confronted Victor about his plans for Sami and Kate. He promises to protect them and they make plans to spend New Year's Eve together... Shawn/Belle meet and plan their special night together at the Salem Inn. Bo comes up and Shawn privately tells Bo his suspicions that someone was at the Horton Cabin. Cassie/Rex invite Belle/Shawn to spend New Year's Eve at the mansion, but they decline because of the wedding and "other plans." Cassie sneaks a peek in one of Belle's bags and sees a negligee. Bo plans to check out the Horton Cabin before the wedding, unaware that Larry is hiding out there; Cassie vows she'll stop Belle and Shawn from making love once again... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9465
    Ep. #9465
    Episode 36
    PREVIEW: Hope gets a birthday surprise from Bo; Jen and Colin make love; Brandon vows to protect Nicole from Colin. SUMMARY: At the Brady House, Hope comes downstairs, worried that she slept so late only to find the living room filled with red balloons. Bo suddenly pops up from hiding behind the chair and tells her "happy birthday!" He got up early and had Caroline pick Zack up and decorated the house. He says that there are surprises there, but she must find them. She wonders how? He hands her a pin and tells her to "start poppin'". As the day goes on, we see them running around the room and she is popping the balloons, looking for her present. She finally pops one and out comes a note. It is a day at the Salem Inn Spa and a suite reserved for them for the night. She is happy and she hugs him, but over Bo's shoulder in one of the balloons, she sees Larry's face and remembers him telling her, "I shot Shawn with a camera, next time, I'll use a gun". Her instincts kick in and she wants to know where Shawn is as she is worried about him… Meanwhile, at the Horton Cabin, Larry is cleaning up the place, just in case anyone goes there, he doesn't want to leave a trail. Suddenly, he hears a noise outside and sees Shawn and Belle approaching. He hides behind the wood for the fireplace. Shawn and Belle had come there for some time alone and glad that there are no snooping parents...or no Cassie trying to hug Shawn...or no Rex making goo-goo eyes at Belle. It's cold in there and they decide to build a fire. Shawn goes to get the wood when his cell phone rings…it's Bo. He's calling to see if Shawn wanted to wish his mother a happy birthday. He wishes her a happy birthday and Hope asks him if he's ok. Shawn insists he's fine and he'll see them soon. He then gets back on the phone with Bo and tells him that he and Belle are at the cabin and they are going to build a fire. Bo says that's fine, but to make sure they open the flue, the tool is in the shed. After they get off the phone, Hope is still uneasy. Shawn goes to get the tool and Larry watches Belle, holding his gun. Shawn notices that there are ashes in the fireplace and that the flue is already open, but figure that maybe Mickey and Maggie had been there. They go to get wood and as Shawn takes and knocks a chunk of wood off the back, which hits Larry in the head. (that was just too funny!!!). After they leave with the wood, we see blood rolling down Larry's head and he passes out. Shawn can't seem to get the matches to light because they're too damp so they decide maybe they should just go. Larry suddenly comes to, and is still watching them. As they head to the door, Shawn notices the Santa beard, but pays no attention and tosses back down and they leave. After they are gone, Larry says that they are lucky he didn't have to shoot them...he is after the big fish… In Victor and Nicole's room at the Salem Inn, we see a replay of Victor snooping through Nicole's stuff and finding the check to Collin. He puts it back and Nicole comes out of the bathroom in only a towel. She wonders what's up? He tells her that he forgot he had a meeting and has to go and then he rushes out. After he is gone, she realizes that he must have found the check and panics... Jack is still at Dot.Com calling around everywhere trying to locate Jennifer. Brandon is there as well, looking for Sami. Brandon calls Sami on her cell phone, just after Sami witnessed Jennifer and Collin in the hall. She tells him where she is and that she had seen Jennifer earlier. She tells him to order her a latte and she will be there. They hang up and Brandon tells Jack that Sami had just seen Jennifer at the Salem Inn. Jack suddenly rushes out to go there. Meanwhile, up in Collin's room, he is suspicious about Jennifer coming on so strong, thinking she is up to something. She swears she isn't and he tells her that he loves her and that he wants to hear her say that she loves him, which she reluctantly does. We next see them in bed, kissing and undressed and she is having flashbacks of Christmas night with Jack and their kiss. She thinks she loves Jack and would do anything to protect him. The two of them have made love and afterward, she has her back to him and is crying. He wonders what's wrong? She tells him that she is okay and she loves only him and that Jack is NO THREAT to them… Back downstairs, Jack arrives and runs into Sami in the lobby. He asks about Jennifer, but Sami tells him that Jennifer left. She walks off and thinks she is NOT going to be the one to tell him that Jennifer is two-timing him. Jack picks up a phone and has the front desk ring Collin's room, but there is no answer. Jack is panicked just as Bo and Hope arrive for their day and see Jack. Hope goes on to her facial and Bo volunteers to help Jack out. Jack tells Bo he is worried that Jennifer has taken on Collin all by herself and he needs to stop it. He wants to go up to Collin's room, but Bo insists he will take care of it, and heads up to Collin's room himself… Jennifer and Collin are still in bed when there is a knock at the door. Jennifer freaks and gathers her things and goes into the bathroom. Collin puts on a robe and opens the door. Bo wonders why Collin is in his robe? He tells Bo that he was sleeping because he worked all night at the hospital. Bo comes inside and asks him if he's alone. He tells him he is and Bo seems satisfied and leaves. Collin slams the door wishing him a Happy New Year. Jennifer comes out, fully dressed, telling Collin that she has to leave because she has to go pick up Abby. He tells her again that he wants her to go back to Ireland with him, but she makes up excuses...her job...her family...Abby in school. He thinks it's because of Jack, but she tells him no. She asks him to stay in Salem a while longer until she can work out the details. After she leaves, Collin is more sure than ever that he needs to get rid of Jack… Bo returns to the lobby, informing Jack that Collin was alone. Suddenly, Jack gets a call on his cell phone, it's Jennifer. She's crying and just keeps telling him that she is so sorry...she begins to cry harder and can hardly talk. She covers and tells him that she was chasing down a story and he wants to meet up with her, but she says she can't. As the camera pans back, we see that she is around the corner in the lobby watching him. They hang up and Jack is sure that Jennifer is in some kind of trouble… Hope comes to get Bo for their massages and as they leave the lobby, she sees Larry, telling her that she can't get away from him… Meanwhile, back at dot Com, Brandon meets up with Nicole (who is visibly shaken). She tries to explain it as pre-wedding jitters, but Brandon isn't buying it. She eventually cracks, telling him that she has been unfaithful to Victor and she thinks he knows. Brandon tells her that marrying Victor is a mistake and tries to get her to just call off the wedding. But she won't and eventually tells him about the tape and that someone, she is not naming names, is blackmailing her. Brandon tells her to tell him who it is; he will kill him. She refuses but does tell him about how she suspects Victor saw the check and knows. Sami just then walks up, asking what they are talking about. Nicole is very upset that Sami is there and starts crying… We see Victor on the phone with the wedding planner telling them that he wants one more wedding invitation "Dr. Collin Murphy at the Salem Inn". He makes it clear that Nicole is not to know about this… Just at this time, Collin makes a call to Sami and demands that if she wants to keep Brandon from finding out the truth to meet him NOW! Sami rushes off. Nicole then decides that she needs to go home and feel out Victor, to see if he knows anything and she leaves. But once she is gone, Brandon says to himself he's sorry he went through her stuff, but he had to know. He pulls out the check from his pocket. He sees the $5 Million before anything. But then he suddenly sees the name on the check is none other than the good doctor, Collin Murphy… In an alley, Sami gets there and Collin makes sure he rides her about how long it took. She demands to know what he wants as he tells her that he saw her in the hallway earlier, spying on him and Jennifer. He tells her that he wants her to take Jack out to Lookout Point tomorrow night at exactly 11:30 pm and tell him what she saw and heard. He says that it is only fitting, since she is the biggest snoop in town. She tells him no way, but he threatens to expose her DNA switch to Brandon. Sami says she will do her best, but doesn't understand why Collin wants Jack to know. Collin tells her not to ask questions and to do what he says. She reluctantly agrees and leaves. After she is gone, Collin fantasies about what it will be like and he sees Sami and Jack standing on Lookout Point and her telling Jack. Jack seems very upset and asks Sami to leave. After Sami is gone, Collin walks out and pushes Jack over the cliff. Back to reality - he says "what a tragedy, Jack loses Jennifer and takes his own life." Then he laughs and...fade on Collin's face…moreless
  • Ep. #9464
    Ep. #9464
    Episode 35
    PREVIEW:Chloe learns that Craig is her father; Victor catches Nicole in a huge lie; Colin vows to keep Jack away from Jennifer. SUMMARY: **from** Colin goes to see Jennifer and catches Jack professing his love to her and kissing her; he leaves before Jack/Jennifer see him. Jennifer heads out and Jack stays behind for Abby. Colin's on the roadside and gets a call from Tony, but delays the meeting because of his rage toward Jack. He pulls a gun from the glove compartment, ready to kill Jack. Jennifer spots Colin (not the gun) and hears his resolve to kill Jack. Colin takes off, with Jennifer in pursuit. Meanwhile, Sami meets with Tony and asks him to protect her from Colin, but when she won't tell him why, he refuses. She goes to DotCom and runs into Jack, who's confident about getting back together with Jennifer because things won't work with Colin. Jennifer follows Colin to the Salem Inn, where he meets with Tony and explodes when Tony warns him not to lose focus. Jennifer eavesdrops from the corridor and watches Tony leave. As she turns to go, Colin opens the door and catches her; desperate to save Jack, she tries to seduce Colin. Sami enters the corridor, coming to see Colin, and stops in her tracks when she sees Jennifer beg Colin to make love to her... Nicole is at the Salem Inn to give Colin the $5 million bribe and is almost caught by Victor; she covers that she's there to overcome her fear after being shot and convinces Victor to get a room so they can be together for a while. He complies and in the room, she asks him to draw her a bath. Nicole sneaks the check into her glove just as Victor reenters. While Nicole is in her bath, Victor picks up her glove and finds the check for $5 million to Colin... Nancy insists Craig explain how he can be Chloe's father, promising not to get upset. Chloe walks in as he reveals he tracked down Sykes and Nancy finally breaks down and tells Chloe that Sykes raped her, but is pleased that he's not Chloe's father -- Craig is... Roman questions Kate about Raymond Grant, but she distracts him by admitting Victor's threats to destroy her/Sami. Sami enters and is furious Kate told, thinking it's her way of winning Roman. Later, Kate meets with Tony and he inquires about the secret bequest. He deduces that Stefano left her a large sum of money and advises her to confide in him, threatening that if she doesn't, he will find out why... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9463
    Ep. #9463
    Episode 34
    PREVIEW: John and Marlena learn the truth about John's biological father; Hope continues to have "visions" of Larry. SUMMARY: In Collin's hotel room, he looks at a photo of him and Jennifer in his wallet. He wonders why he ever let Jennifer get away, and he vows that he will not make that mistake again. He says he will have her and he won't let her go. He has fantasies about he and Jennifer making love. He looks at the picture again and thinks about his new life with her in the New Year…He is anxious to have Jennifer for himself – and to get rid of Bo and, vows to himself, to be rid of Jack as well… At the penthouse, Marlena and John are alone understanding Belle and Brady's absences, but missing them. John says he wished Sami and Will had stopped by because he wants Sami to feel comfortable there. He confides in Marlena that he still loves Sami as if she were his real daughter – and heck, for a while, he thought she was. John is very anxious because he is still waiting for Shane's call with the DNA results – he is so worried that he is Stefano's son. He says he thinks that Stefano used him to take Marlena away from her family. Marlena tries to convince him that he had nothing to do with Stefano's plans. The two begin kissing, and John thanks her for supporting him while they wait for the test results. The two of them then have flashbacks to what they thought was their last Christmas together in Aremid. Later, Marlena disappears into the kitchen and brings out some chocolate pudding parfaits with whipped topping for them to enjoy. Marlena starts to feed it to John, but she ends up throwing it at him and getting it all over his face! The two have a whipped cream fight and enjoy licking the spoils off the other's faces! Suddenly, in the midst of all the fun, the phone rings. John knows it's Shane because it's on the private line. They bid each other happy holidays and then John asks for the DNA results. We see John with a straight face and then he hangs up. Marlena asks him if he is OK and he tells her that the DNA shows that he is not Stefano's son. He explains that Daphne DiMera and Phillemina Alamain were sisters, and that Daphne had an affair and quietly gave birth to a son and gave him to her married sister and her husband, Leopold Alamain, to raise. He says they adopted him, and he became Lawrence's brother and their legal son. This means that John and Lawrence are cousins, which is how the previous DNA test showed them as relatives. John believes that since Daphne cheated on Stefano and tried to give her son up in secret that Stefano must have learned this and came after him later in life. John is still concerned – if Stefano isn't is father, then who the hell is??? Marlena says they shouldn't think about that right now, and they head upstairs. She surprises him by putting on a "Mrs.' Claus" little sexy number and the two of them make love. Afterwards the two talk and John is relieved that he is not a DiMera. Marlena tells him that they will face whatever comes their way from now on together… At the Horton Cabin, Larry prepares dinner still using the canned food he found and he proposes a toast to the Horton Family for letting him use their vacation home for the holidays. He then says he didn't get a gift – yet, but he will - Bo's death. He then fantasizes about kidnapping Hope again and telling her that Bo is dead – but he didn't kill him - cousin Collin did... At Jennifer's, Jack gives her a Christmas gift. She says that's funny. He right away says no, it's not funny, it won't squirt water at you. She says it funny because she got him something too. Jennifer opens her gift and it's a Santa Claus holding a pen and paper list. She looks stunned, and Jack looks confused. She just tells him to open his. He opens it up and it's a Mrs. Claus! The two of them are a perfect pair! Jack tells her that everything about her has become a part of him, and he suggests they begin again. Memories of Christmas past, including the one where Jack comes down her chimney dressed as Santa and then him proposing to her. They put Abby to bed, and then they discuss the risks of getting involved with Collin and what's in jeopardy if she messes up. Jennifer assures him that she has to do this for their family. She also says this is about them as well, and they continue to have flashbacks of Christmas pasts. The two of them end up in a very passionate kiss. They stop and look at each other smiling and kiss again. Jack then picks her up off the floor, as the two exchange a very "satisfied" look (see notes below) and he starts to walk to the stairs. Just as they get to the stairs, Abby comes down and wants to know why dad is carrying mom? They tell her that mom stubbed her toe, and daddy was carrying her upstairs. Abby is confused and says she just wanted a glass of water. They take Abby back to bed, and she asks them to stay with her until she falls asleep. Jack hesitates and says OK. Jennifer snuggles up on the bed with her, admitting being tired too. Jack watches both his girls sleep, and tells them he loves them and they each respond they love him too as they both fall asleep. Jack smiles, wishing them a Merry Christmas and softly retreats… At the Brady house, Zack has gone to sleep, and Shawn and Belle have taken off for a drive. They joke that if that's the case, they won't be seeing him for a while. Bo gives Hope her big present, which is himself. He promises to continue to love her with his entire being for the rest of his life. He also has one more thing, the music box with their song playing in it. They flashback to when Bo first gave Hope the music box, and they dance to the song, and then kiss. We see another flashback to when Bo gave her the bearskin rug and Bo wonders where it is? Hope says they'll have to find it. Suddenly, Hope sees Larry watching them outside and she freaks out. She says he is out there! Bo runs outside, but no one is out there. Bo asks her whom she thought she saw? Hope covers and tells him that she thought she saw Collin outside, but it must have been a neighbor looking at their lights. They snuggle in front of the fireplace, and are soon headed upstairs…At the end, we're treated to the two in bed enjoying each other as Christmas music is playing in the background…fade… Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9462
    Ep. #9462
    Episode 33
    Christmas in Salem! PREVIEW: Philip says a final goodbye to Chloe and Salem before departing on a life-altering adventure. SUMMARY: **from** Bo, Hope and Shawn celebrate Christmas Day big for Zack because it's his first Christmas as a Brady. Belle joins them and Shawn gives her a gift: a night planned for New Year's Eve at the Salem Inn, where they plan to make love for the first time. Meanwhile, Abe and Lexie share a romantic Christmas together and exchange gifts involving the arrival of their first child. Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle and Zack all head over to the Brady Pub to be with the family and Abe and Lexie show up with a gift for Zack. Lexie waits outside, but Hope insists Lexie come in and give the present to Zack herself. It's a huge moment of forgiveness as Hope allows Lexie to see Zack and then Lexie makes the big announcement that she's pregnant... Chloe and Brady wake up under the tree after making love last night. They make love again and then go to the hospital just as Nancy is being released (and still reeling from the news that Chloe is Craig's daughter). At the hospital, Mickey and Maggie are dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus, while Roman, Colin, Grandpa Shawn, and Caroline help prepare for the party. Mickey has laryngitis and can't read the Christmas story, so Alice stops Chloe on her way out with Brady and her parents and asks her to read it to all the sick children. Jack, Jennifer and Abby arrive at the party after spending the morning together and later, Colin tells Jennifer that he's thinking about moving back to Ireland. After Chloe and Brady take Nancy home, they make love, while Nancy still has trouble dealing with the fact that she gave up Craig's baby... Philip says good-bye to Victor and Kate, and later tells Belle, Shawn and Mimi that he's leaving. He gets a chance to see Billie and Lucas before he takes off, as well. Brady and Chloe arrive after Belle called them and Brady has a heart-to-heart with Victor, who is glad Chloe is out of Philip's life and warns his grandson to be careful she doesn't break his heart the way she broke Philip's. Victor promises Philip that he'll take care of Kate; Chloe wishes Philip a fond farewell as he picks up his bag and walks out the door... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9461
    Ep. #9461
    Episode 32
    Christmas Eve in Salem! PREVIEW: The Horton family gathers for Christmas with their famous decorating tradition; Chloe and Brady make love under the Christmas tree. SUMMARY: At the Horton's, the family gathers for Christmas Eve. The Brady's arrive with armloads of gifts and are greeted by Doug and Julie, Mickey and Maggie, the Devereax trio, Will and Lucas. Hope comments on how hot it is in there and Julie says it must be 90 degrees and it's been that way for days because she doesn't think that Alice has turned off the oven. Abby squeals that Will's ate so many cookies they had to make more. Jennifer tells Lucas that she's happy that he and Will could be there, as does Julie tells Jack. Lucas and Jack are happy to be there too. Bo teases about Santa going overboard and Will mouths off about knowing WHO went overboard and tells Zack that there is Santa. Lucas assures Abby there is and asks her what she wants for Christmas. She tells him there's only one thing, to spend Christmas with her mom and dad. Jack and Jennifer exchange a satisfied look. Bo tells Doug that they spoke to Glen and Barb earlier and that they thanked him for all the gifts they sent to JT. Hope can't wait for Shawn to see his gift and Bo mentions the hole in his wallet as a result. Hope says she's missing Shawn and she hopes that he and Belle arrive soon… On their way to Gran's, Shawn and Belle stop by the DiMera Mansion, and they bring Christmas presents for Cassie and Rex, explaining they like to share their blessings. Cassie shows them all the presents Count DiMera has for them and asks if Belle and Shawn were sharing blessings when they locked Rex out of his dorm room door that night. Rex scolds Cassie about her manners, but she continues by asking if they set off enough heat to set off the sprinklers. Belle found it strange the sprinklers only went off on the 3rd floor, but Cassie doesn't respond to this. She then lets on her knowledge about sprinklers and that they don't all go off at the same time, they're heat sensitive. Cassie then, rather rudely, tells them that she hopes their evening wasn't ruined. Shawn realizes the time and say they need to go…He bids them a Merry Christmas and they leave. Once gone, Cassie thinks to herself that by next Christmas, Shawn will be hers… Meanwhile, in Nancy's room at the hospital, Craig notices something on her monitor and Dr. Bader is there and Chloe and Brady are not far behind. Chloe fears it's bad news, but Craig assures her it's good news - as Nancy's blood pressure has returned to almost normal. Dr. Bader says with proper rest, medication and avoiding stress, it should stay that way. Craig tells Chloe that Nancy would do anything for her daughters. Chloe says she isn't thinking about her bone marrow transplant right now, she just wants her mother and sister to be okay. Dr. Bader sees that Nancy's heart is speeding up and Craig tells Chloe that probably means she's waking up. Craig goes over to her just as she opens her eyes, so Craig's face is the first thing she sees. He tells her both she and the baby are okay. Nancy worries about how long she was out and Chloe says, "It's Christmas Eve" and Nancy turns her head and Chloe says "Merry Christmas Mom". Dr. Bader tells them she hopes to send Nancy home for the Holidays if her blood pressure continues as it is. Nancy couldn't be happier. Craig suggests to Chloe and Brady that they go celebrate and he'll stay with Nancy. Chloe doesn't want to leave, but Brady says he thinks that Craig wants to be alone with his wife and they leave. Once alone, Craig and Nancy tell each other how much they love each other. Later Craig comes back in a Santa hat and Nancy hopes Santa can tell her that she can go home for Christmas. He gives her a gift and she wonders what it is. Craig tells her it's good news and if she can handle the excitement of it, she can handle anything. She opens it up and sees it's a file folder. She opens it, and sees that it's test results. He tells her it's a paternity test. He says the test shows the DNA bond between a father and a daughter…She asks him, rather abruptly, how he thinks this is good news...She later rants to him how can he think he wasn't the father of the baby, as her blood pressure and heart rate increase. He tries to calm her and tells her he's sorry. He doesn't mean this baby, he means another little girl, "our little girl". Nancy looks confused and Craig tells her, "Chloe. Chloe is ours"… Outside the Kirikas Mansion, Nicole worries about Colin's tape as she stands in the cold. She damns Collin for blackmailing her. She then wonders what she will do if Victor ever sees the tape… Inside, we see Victor and Kate's unhappy reaction about hearing that Phillip has joined the Marines. Kate wonders why? Victor credits the bad decision to Chloe's influence as Phillip feels he still has to prove something to her by risking his life. Phillip says that he's growing up and moving on with his life. He is upset that his parents still aren't proud of him. Kate wants Victor to use his contacts to get him out of this, but Phillip says no. He is still upset and runs out… Alone with Victor, Kate worries their son may be going off to war. Nicole arrives, asking what's up with Phillip? Kate tells her if anyone should risk their life, it's her and to drop dead! Kate leaves as Victor, very bluntly, asks Nicole where the hell she's been. She tells him she was shopping and he tells her about Phillip joining the Marines and shipping out immediately. Surprised, she hugs him and tries to lighten the mood by suggesting they open some presents. Victor pushes her back and tells her to stop it! Nicole figures her life will be perfect, ruined or over, thanks to Collin. She asks Victor what is wrong – is he upset about Phillip or something else? He apologizes to her and she lets out a sigh of relief… Meanwhile, back at the Horton's, Shawn and Belle arrive. Belle comments on the beautiful ornaments and is told how Shawn almost sat on the box a couple of years ago. The traditional Horton ornament hanging begins as each family member takes their turn at hanging their own ornament. Doug and Julie go first, then Mickey and Maggie. Jennifer puts out her hand for Jack to take and they go to the tree with Abby and hang their ornaments in a tight group. Shawn holds Zack as Shawn hangs his ornament next to John Thomas' on the tree. Bo and Hope do the same with their own. Hope kisses Gran and she takes Zack's ornament and hangs it on the tree next to hers and Bo's. Mickey carefully unwraps Alice's ornament and hands it to her standing next to the tree as she hangs it. He then gives her Tom's and she hangs it next to her own. Mickey helps her straighten them on the tree as Alice looks up, telling Tom they're all still there and are so blessed as Hope hugs her and Doug and Julie lovingly watch from behind… At the penthouse, John and Marlena sit and bid each other Merry Christmas. She wishes him she could give him the one present he'd like, not to be a DiMera. He wonders if that's how he got so much hatred – if Stefano turns out to be his father. Marlena tells him he is a loving man and he loves him family. She then says they should head over to Shawn and Caroline's, because that's where their family is. Jus then, the doorbell rings and John tells her to get rid of them. It's Tony – and he's bearing gifts. He has Bart bring in a red draped gift and Marlena unraps it and it is the portrait that she found on the island. Marlena stares at it as Tony tells John that Marlena should have the painting of herself. John wonders why Tony gave her the gift. Tony claims he just wants to prove he's not his father and thought Marlena might want the portrait. John tells him no, they don't want it and asks Marlena to agree. Startled, Marlena tells him they accept it. Tony's takes this as a sign that their family's will get along in the future and bids "Merry Christmas to all and to all, a goodnight" and leaves. John admires the painting saying it's prettier in person than her picture of it. John figures it's time to do a little celebrating and the two head out the door… At the Wesley House, Chloe and Brady come through the door and Brady is carrying a tree on his shoulder. Chloe says she can't believe they got one this late on Christmas eve. Knowing how many ornaments Nancy has, Chloe kids they better get started decorating or they'll be there all night. The two head to the attic to get the decorations. Later, Brady gives Chloe a "Baby Sister" stocking and she tells him she bought her a gift today. Brady kids that he bets it won't fit in that stocking and Chloe says he's right. She takes it and hangs it on the mantle with the others. Brady brought the angel from his loft for the top of the tree and he helps Chloe up so she can place it on top. All the decorations are up and Brady gives Chloe a surprise. It's an envelope that she reads aloud, I owe you a trip to Los Angeles" He tells her for the trip there they missed. He tells her for whenever she wants to go, he figures they can go after the baby's born or after her transplant and she's cured. She gives him her present that she says she bought on her ten minute shopping spree. It's a snow globe with a cabin and a man and a woman outside of it. She couldn't believe how she ever thought she wasn't lucky as she found that so quickly. He tells her he can't believe he waited so long to tell her that he loved her. She tells him she loves him to and they kiss… At the Brady Pub, Grandpa Shawn announces that he is closing the pub for the Brady Christmas Eve party. Just then Phillip arrives, asking to spend a little time with them. Hugging, they agree. We see Bo and Hope are there and Mom and Pop do a private toast to Bo and Hope, saying they couldn't wish them any more love then they already have, so they wish them peace. Kate arrives and taking Phillip aside, asks if he told his friends. He tells her no, he wanted to enjoy the night without questions and worries. Touching his face, she understands. Roman joins her, glad she accepted his offer to come. She tells him she didn't have anyplace else to go. John and Marlena arrive and tell Bo and Hope they need to talk with them about Tony DiMera. They tell them about the painting and about Tony bringing it as a gift. Suddenly, Marlena remembers it's Bo and Hope's wedding anniversary and she wishes them a happy anniversary. She comments how much she's looking forward to spending the evening with her friends, family and turning to John, saying you big guy, the man I love. She kisses him and Hope tells her she took the words right out of her mouth as she turns to kiss and hug Bo. Bo and John look at each other with concerned looks… Back at the DiMera Mansion, Tony opens a gift from Cassie and Rex as they thank him for giving them a home. He finds a framed picture of the twins. Bart comes in and comments on all the "loot", saying there's more to come from upstairs. Tony hands Bart an envelope, Bart wonders what it is? Tony tells him it's his Christmas bonus. Bart is almost speechless, saying Stefano never gave him one. Tony tells Bart this is his house now and compliments Bart that the bonus is for what he lacks in intelligence (through no fault of his own, he adds), he makes up for in loyalty and obedience. Bart whispers to him that Rolf needs to see him in the secret room as Tony disappears. Bart sees the twins and he tells Rex he'll show him how to play his new Game Boy (?). Tony joins Rolf in the secret room and Rolf says he just wanted to give him an update on the Legacy Project. Tony tells Rolf he wants to show him what he got himself for Christmas and walks over and uncovers the Marlena portrait, saying Marlena has no idea hers is just a copy… During the closing montage, we hear "Chestnuts Roasting on an open Fire" softly playing in the background, as everyone is enjoying Christmas Eve with loved ones… At Alice's, Doug and Julie share a kiss under the mistletoe as Mickey and Maggie laughingly kiss, saying they don't need mistletoe. Alice wishes Tom a Merry Christmas while looking up… At the DiMera Mansion, Rolf peeks in the living room as Cassie listens to her walkman while Rex and Bart are still playing with Rex's gameboy(?)… At the Kirikas Mansion, Victor and Nicole toast with champagne as he watches her as she's deep in thought, and she drinks her whole glass of champagne in one gulp... At the Brady Pub, Sami and Brandon hug as Kate kisses Roman on the cheek. Belle and Shawn engage in a kiss, as Philip watches from the window… At the Wesley house, Chloe and Brady have a fire crackling as they kiss and fall to the floor together… At the hospital, Nancy is speechless as she takes in the news that Craig is Chloe's father. He monitors her blood pressure, which stays stable as he closes the folder. He puts his hand on her stomach and Nancy smiles and they stare into each others eyes… Back at the pub, Bo and Hope hold Zack and kiss in a booth as Marlena tells John she loves him and they kiss after he tells her the same. In the secret room at the DiMera mansion, Tony gazes at Marlena's portrait and toasts it with a glass of wine saying "to the future" Freeze frame with Tony in one half of the picture and Marlena from the portrait in the other half… Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9460
    Ep. #9460
    Episode 31
    PREVIEW: Billie submits to a lie detector test; Lexie reveals the father of her baby; Colin resorts to blackmail to get what he wants; Nancy, Craig and Chloe pray for a Christmas miracle. SUMMARY: **from** Billie takes a lie detector test to prove that Larry set her up and she passes with flying colors. Roman and Kate are pleased that Billie was telling the truth, while Abe learns that Larry had access to codes and information that would have made him look legitimate to Billie. She's exonerated and Abe assures her that she will probably get her badge back. Bo and Hope are upset over this and Hope thinks that even if Billie is telling the truth about Larry, she still has residual feelings for Bo... Lexie reads the doctored paternity test results and is thrilled to see that Abe is the father of her baby. Brandon hassles Lexie, who is pleased to show him the test results, but he can't accept that Lexie's going back to Abe after all the times he turned his back on her. Meanwhile, Colin blackmails Sami and promises he won't tell anyone that she changed the test results if she does things his way. Then, he blackmails Nicole for $5 million in exchange for keeping the sex tape he made away from Victor. Sami meets up with Brandon and tries to get his mind off of Lexie by inviting him to spend Christmas with her family... Chloe and Craig keep vigil at Nancy's bedside as she slips further into unconsciousness. Brady goes to Chloe and teaches her how to pray for a miracle, while Craig gasps as Nancy's heart monitor changes... At DotCom, Belle tells Mimi that she and Shawn didn't make love last night because the sprinklers went off. They spot Philip, who's an absolute wreck because he's lost Chloe and doesn't know what to do with his life now. He talks to Belle and Mimi, who are both very worried about him. As he leaves, Philip spots something that sparks an idea in him and he rushes off. Meanwhile, Nicole meets with a wedding planner and Victor is amused when Nicole lays into her for bringing cheap samples. Later, Philip calls Victor and Kate together to tell them that he's enlisted in the Marines... Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9459
    Ep. #9459
    Episode 30
    PREVIEW: Philip is devastated to learn that Brady and Chloe have been intimate; Nancy's life and that of her unborn child's - hangs in the balance. Also, Jennifer makes a heartfelt apology to Jack, hoping she has a future with him and Shawn and Belle are on the brink of making love. SUMMARY: At the Hartley House party, the lobby is filled with students, all celebrating the joyus end of finals and the start of the holiday season. Shawn and Belle are dancing closely and making out and Cassie, obviously very annoyed, looks at them and vows to stop them from taking their relationship further. Rex tells Cassie they need to pack, Tony is expecting them. Cassie says she's not going anywhere. Shawn and Belle continue to discuss their big night and they both have decided that they are sure; Belle tells Shawn she knows it's right because she loves him so much. The two decide that it's time to head upstairs. Belle is nervous because Caprice is there and she suspects that Rex and Cassie have are watching. Meanwhile, Mimi talks to Phillip about his leaving for New York to go to Columbia, but he wants to talk about Chloe, and how he doesn't want to leave while she is sick. Mimi talks about how she and Kevin had a long distance relationship - and that sometimes first loves work out and sometimes they don't. Mimi tells Phillip that Chloe has moved on, and he needs to as well. Phillip tells her he doesn't want Chloe to be alone and Mimi reminds him that she's not alone – she has family and friends, and she hesitates, but says she also has Brady. Phillip can see where she's going with this. Mimi lets it slip about Shawn and Belle's plans and how Cassie is watching, so Philip says he will take care of Cassie, and he takes her, not too willingly, outside to make snow angels. Rex sees this and he asks Mimi why she is trying to get rid of Cassie. Mimi says they're not trying to get rid of her, just that Phillip needed to go outside and wanted some company. Belle, having seen Mimi's signal that Cassie is gone, takes Shawn and they head upstairs… At the Park, Chloe is walking and Brady spots her and throws a snowball at her. She turns around, as she is not amused, and sees that it's Brady. She tells Brady that she can't hurt him, and that she's not worth the risk Nancy is taking… She then turns extremely cold to him and he tells her to stop being so selfish and they begin to argue. Brady says that Nancy is fighting for her life because of her but she isn't fighting at all and it's letting everyone down. Chloe explains that she is afraid that she will end up hurting everyone. Just about this time, we see Phillip and Cassie walking through the park. It doesn't take long for Phillip to spot Brady and Chloe and he stops. Cassie sees the look on his face and tells Phillip that she's cold and is going inside and she leaves him there. Phillip hides behind the bushes and listens to Brady and Chloe's conversation… There are no words to describe the look on Phillips face when he hears Brady tell Chloe, "you told me you loved me…" He then goes on to tell her that if she doesn't want to hurt him to stop pushing him away, but to lean on him because he loves her and wants to help. He continues by saying that he has no regrets about anything in their relationship and asks her if she can say she does. Chloe can't say anything…Brady then says that when they were in Colorado and they made love, it changed their lives forever and that it is the best thing that ever happened to him. Cut to an even more devastated Phillip. Brady tells Chloe that she has so many reasons to live and she just needs to believe that…This breaks Chloe down and she runs into Brady's arms and they share a long embrace. In the meantime, Phillip, having heard and seen enough, has walked off. Chloe suddenly gets a call on her cell phone from Craig and he tells her she better get to the hospital…Nancy isn't doing very well (explained below). Chloe turns around and snaps at Brady that he was wrong...Nancy is dying and rushes off… Phillip walks down to the river and we see him wiping the snow off the "P & C 4 EVER" tree, and he has flashbacks of their relationship. He remembers everything from the first last blast dance when he first realized he was in love with her and all the times after that. He remembers after they broke up but how she couldn't stay away from him and when he first carved "P & C 4 EVER" into that tree. It is a nice sequence of scenes and they way they played it with the music just fit Phillips state of devastation. He then says that Chloe doesn't need him anymore and he picks up an axe and begins to chop down the tree… In Shawn's room, he is lighting candles and Belle comes into his room, dressed in only a robe. She tells him that she is sure she is ready as he takes off her robe, telling her she is beautiful. The two kiss and fall back on the bed… When Cassie gets back to the dorm, she goes to Cynthia for help, but she is busy making out with some guy on the couch and doesn't have time for her. Cassie talks to Rex and he informs her that Shawn asked him to sleep in Belle's bed and Cassie realizes that Shawn and Belle are having sex right now and she is determined to stop them. Caprice comes in and advises Cynthia to take her display of affection to a more private place, and the two of them head for the door. Just then she runs into Cassie and Cassie tells her that Shawn and Belle are having sex right now and Cynthia advises her to "put out the fire" before it's too late… Back in Shawn's room, Shawn is massaging Belle's back and Belle tells him he thought of everything. The two begin kissing again… But, in the hallway, Cassie says "this will put out their fire" as she opens the fuse box. (I believe by mistake), she turns on the sprinkler and she ends up getting drenched, but it appears she's too late as Belle and Shawn are at the point of consummating their relationship… Back at the hospital, Collin comes up to Craig and informs him that he is leaving Salem, as he got an offer overseas that he can't turn down. Craig tries to talk him into staying, especially since he is Chloe's doctor, but no go. Collin tells Craig that if there's anything he can do…and Craig says yes, he can do him one favor… Later, Craig goes to see Nancy, who isn't doing so good, and she tells him nice try sending Dr. Murphy in, he's very persuasive, but not persuasive enough… She has not changed her mind and is determined to carry the baby as long as she can. She says every day she carries the baby, the better the chances are for Chloe. Craig explains that he is worried about her as she explains that the baby is their miracle and now they must believe. Craig pleads with her to change her mind but she gets really agitated with him and begins to have trouble. Later, Dr. Bader is with them, as Nancy is sleeping, and she explains to Craig that Nancy's kidneys and liver are now in danger and her BP is still too high. Craig tells her to prep for surgery – he wants to take the baby now by doing a c-section and wants Dr. Bader to assist. She says that they can't do that and he tells her he'll scrub in. She tells him he cannot operate on a family member. She tries to talk him out of this by asking him what he would do if it were any other patient. He says this isn't any other patient, this is his wife. Craig breaks down and begins to cry, and says he MUST do something. Dr. Bader tells him that they have to follow Nancy's wishes. (This is when he calls Chloe). At the Salem PD, Jennifer has called a meeting with Jack and Bo by asking them to meet her there and she fills them in on what she overheard in Collin's room. Jack is very upset with her for putting herself in danger as she explains how and what she found out. She tells them about hearing Collin admit that he was on the DiMera payroll and that she is sure neither of them had anything to do with the murder of Raymond Grant, but how they're worried about what the police will turn up in Grant's office. Jack tells Bo that since Jennifer heard it straight from the horses mouth to arrest Collin. Bo explains that they have no proof and that he needs specifics. Jack doesn't understand and says that "we all know" what going on and Bo says they can't go to the commissioner with "we all know…" Jack asks Bo about the evidence at Raymond Grant's office and he explains that they pretty much came up empty there. Jack doesn't want Jennifer in danger, but Bo says in order to get the proof they need, Jennifer needs to continue, or Collin will become suspicious. He says that it has to be her to bring him down. Jack is very uncomfortable with this, but she is determined to follow through. She tells her she will be OK, Collin wouldn't hurt her. She tells him that she can use her relationship with Collin to bring him down. Jack still says no way. Jennifer says she must do this to avenge and protect her family, and Bo offers support and promises to wire her and have backup ready. Jennifer tells Jack that she is upset that Collin played her for a fool and now she wants to "nail him". Reluctantly, Jack tells her to "sign me up" as he wants to help. Bo leaves and Jack offers to take Jennifer home… On the way home, Jack and Jennifer stop in the park…Jennifer tells him that she wants to talk to him. Jack tells her he isn't up to fighting. She tells him that she doesn't want to fight and admits that he was right about Collin all along. She says that she went after the wrong man on purpose and that it is a pattern in her life. He looks hurt by this, but she says a pattern after him…She explains that ever since she was a little girl and they took her mother away, she has had trouble trusting people. She talks about the crazy and risky life she and Jack shared and says that she is ready to take a risk again. She says she knows that she doesn't have the right to ask because of all the times she's turned him down but asks if they could start over…and Jack says no…See Jennifer's face fall. He tells her he doesn't want to start over, because in order to do that, they would have to forget about the past and he doesn't want to forget a minute of it. But, he says, before they can move on with the future, they must put this Collin mess in the past. He tells her to be careful because he worries about her. She looks up a little but and she asks him if he would like to spend Christmas morning with her and Abby. With a smile, Jack says that wild reindeer couldn't keep him away… Meanwhile, Collin visits with Larry, still dressed as Santa. Larry is still upset that Collin isn't following his orders, and he threatens him again. Collin threatens Larry right back, saying that he is a wanted man. He informs Larry that he has a new plan, and he pulls out his gun. He tells him that he will take care of Bo, but in return, wants all the info Larry has on him…or "Santa will be wearing a bit more red this year." Larry reluctantly agrees, but says he will not give Collin the $2 million. Larry walks off and wonders why Collin is eager to kill his own family for no money… After Larry has walked off, Collin says he doesn't need Larry's money when he can get $5 million from Nicole…plus he can have Jennifer to boot…"Lucky me" he says… Bo comes out of a store and spots Collin and he walks right past Larry in his disguise. Collin tells him his plans to return to Ireland. Bo asks about his relationship with Jennifer and Collin tells him not to worry, it will all work out. They say their goodnights, and as Bo leaves, Collin says that once he has his ducks in a row, it will be a permanent goodnight for Bo…and anyone who gets in his way….fade… Episode Pictures courtesy of
  • Ep. #9458
    Ep. #9458
    Episode 29
    Nicole unwittingly saves Victor's life. Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Philip prepare for the Hartley House "Winter Solstice" party.
  • Ep. #9457
    Ep. #9457
    Episode 28
    Jennifer learns the truth about Colin's motives. Sami plots to learn the paternity of Lexie's baby.
  • Ep. #9456
    Ep. #9456
    Episode 27
    Nancy takes legal steps to protect her unborn child. Larry threatens Colin after Colin makes a grim discovery.
  • Ep. #9455
    Ep. #9455
    Episode 26
    Billie is tempted to drown her sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart. Jack and Jennifer call a truce for the holidays.
  • Ep. #9454
    Ep. #9454
    Episode 25
    John receives final proof that Tony is his brother! Shawn tells Belle he's ready to make love. The twins uncover another DiMera secret. Hope suffers from post-traumatic stress.
  • Ep. #9453
    Ep. #9453
    Episode 24
    Colin prepares to kill Bo; Cassie and Rex attempt to poison Kate; Hope's halllucinations worsen.
  • Ep. #9452
    Ep. #9452
    Episode 23
    Brandon learns of Lexie's pregnancy; Cynthia agrees to help Cassie pursue Shawn.
  • Ep. #9451
    Ep. #9451
    Episode 22
    Sami discovers Kate in Roman's arms; Chloe makes it clear to Philip that she loves Brady.
  • Ep. #9450
    Ep. #9450
    Episode 21
    Tony learns just how far the Brady/DiMera feud goes back. Shawn throws Belle a belated birthday party. Sami tries to get Brandon to impregnate her.
  • Ep. #9449
    Ep. #9449
    Episode 20
    Brady and Chloe return to Salem and Chloe's new found happiness is shattered when she learns the truth about Nancy's grave condition; Lexie learns that she's pregnant...which Sami overhears. Bo and Hope share a special dance to Kelly Moneymaker's love song "Can't Live Without Your Love."
  • Ep. #9448
    Ep. #9448
    Episode 19
    Cassie and Rex plot to attack Kate. Marlena's nightmare troubles John. Tony starts to decipher Stefano's journal.
  • Ep. #9447
    Ep. #9447
    Episode 18
    Hope confronts Billie, with violent consequences. Larry reveals his secret ally.
  • Ep. #9446
    Ep. #9446
    Episode 17
    Billie is suspended! Nicole threatens Kate. Rolf programs the twins to protect all DiMeras.
  • Ep. #9445
    Ep. #9445
    Episode 16
    John and Tony fight over Marlena. Brady and Chloe consummate their love. Craig faces an agonizing decision.
  • Ep. #9444
    Ep. #9444
    Episode 15
    Craig is shocked and thrilled to realise that he is Chloe's biological father. Chloe and Brady exchange 'I love you's. Sami tells Lexie that Brandon is hers and hers alone. Stefano's lawyer tells Colin that the two million is his once Bo is dead.
  • Ep. #9443
    Ep. #9443
    Episode 14
    Abe is trying to reconnect with Lexie, but the only man in her mind is Brandon. Hope and Bo worry because Larry's body hasn't turned up yet. Billie, Kate, and Philip have a lonely Thanksgiving.
  • Ep. #9442
    Ep. #9442
    Episode 13
    Jack is angry to know that Jennifer knew the truth all along, and is even more shocked to realise Billie is still alive. Lexie defends Tony to Abe, then tells Abe she never wants to see him again.
  • Ep. #9441
    Ep. #9441
    Episode 12
    John is shocked to think that Tony DiMera may be his half-brother. Jack is shocked to learn that Hope was kidnapped by Larry Welch. Brandon blames Abe for Lexie's death.
  • Ep. #9440
    Ep. #9440
    Episode 11
    A tearful Kate signs the papers to take Billie off life support. Marlena helps John save Tony's life.
  • Ep. #9439
    Ep. #9439
    Episode 10
    Marlena's trapped in the secret passage, and John demands Tony tell him where she is. In the passage, Marlena discovers a life sized portrait of herself, and a note that she urgently must take to John. Craig tends to Sykes leg, furious over what he did to Nancy. Craig tells him about his daughter Chloe, but Sykes says it's impossible for him to be the father. In Denver, Brady & Chloe enjoy their time together. Shawn's having trouble with his dad being in jail and his mother dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9438
    Ep. #9438
    Episode 9
    Sami and Brandon vow their eternal love to one another. Philip tells a reporter that they may have to take Billie off life support.
  • Ep. #9437
    Ep. #9437
    Episode 8
    While Craig hunts Sykes in Salem, Brady and Chloe are forced into an emergency landing.
  • Ep. #9436
    Ep. #9436
    Episode 7
    Brandon and Sami enjoy a romantic getaway. Jennifer tells Jack that she can't write the story, and asks him to. Bo is arrested for Lexie's murder.
  • Ep. #9435
    Ep. #9435
    Episode 6
    Brady and Chloe go Hollywood, but there's trouble on the plane. At the Brady Pub, Shawn refuses to accept his mother's death and Bo tries his best to comfort him. The Brady's receive news that Lexie has been brought to the hospital after her collapse in the jail. Bo insists on going but is told by Roman he's been suspended after his attack on Lexie earlier and will be arrested if he goes near the hospital. Bo sneaks out of the Pub and heads to the hospital anyway. Later, two reporters show up at the Pub demanding information on the Hope Brady case and Shawn blasts them. Meanwhile, at the hospital Lexie's escape is in full swing but just as she's about to fly away Bo catches up with her and strangles her dead!moreless
  • Ep. #9434
    Ep. #9434
    Episode 5
    Bo gathers the family (sans Colin) for a meeting about Hope. After examining Billie, Craig believes she might be brain damaged. Philip tells Kate about seeing Chloe and Brady kiss.
  • Ep. #9433
    Ep. #9433
    Episode 4
    Bo's attempt to attack the truth of out Lexie get him arrested by Abe. Billie is shocked to learn that she isn't really a member of the I.S.A. Craig asks Brady's help in finding Frederick Sykes.
  • Ep. #9432
    Ep. #9432
    Episode 3
    Rolf tries to reassure Tony that the fugue states are only temporary. Billie warns Larry that Roman is beginning to suspect that Lexie was framed. Nicole realises that Sami set her up at the Cheatin' Heart. Kate again refuses to disclose her past with Stefano to Roman.
  • Ep. #9431
    Ep. #9431
    Episode 2
    Craig, Nancy and Chloe learn the baby is a girl and a match for Chloe. Hope sees Billie talking to Larry and realizes she was in on her abduction. After Billie leaves, Larry comes in to torment Hope. Saying she is now officially "dead". Cassie and Rex visit Shawn and get into an argument over Tony's involvement in his mother's abduction. After they leave, Bo arrives home to break the news to Shawn about the bloody sweater and the note.moreless
  • Ep. #9430
    Ep. #9430
    Episode 1
    Isabella appears to Brady and tells him to help Chloe find her father. Nancy and Craig discuss names for the baby. John is shocked to realize he nearly shot Shane Donovan. Billie is devastated to see the pain the Bradys and the Hortons are in believing that Hope is dead.