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Season 53 : Episode 322

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  • Ep. #9926
    Ep. #9926
    Episode 244
  • Ep. #9925
    Ep. #9925
    Episode 243
  • Ep. #9924
    Ep. #9924
    Episode 242
  • Ep. #9923
    Ep. #9923
    Episode 241
  • Ep. #9922
    Ep. #9922
    Episode 240
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    Ep. #9921
    Episode 239
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    Ep. #9920
    Episode 238
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    Ep. #9919
    Episode 237
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    Ep. #9918
    Episode 236
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    Ep. #9917
    Episode 235
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    Ep. #9916
    Episode 234
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    Ep. #9915
    Episode 233
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    Ep. #9914
    Episode 232
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    Ep. #9913
    Episode 231
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    Ep. #9912
    Episode 230
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    Ep. #9911
    Episode 229
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    Ep. #9910
    Episode 228
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    Ep. #9909
    Episode 227
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    Ep. #9908
    Episode 226
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    Ep. #9907
    Episode 225
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    Ep. #9906
    Episode 224
  • Ep. #9905
    Ep. #9905
    Episode 223
  • Ep. #9904
    Ep. #9904
    Episode 222
  • Ep. #9903
    Ep. #9903
    Episode 221
  • Ep. #9902
    Ep. #9902
    Episode 220
  • Ep. #9901
    Ep. #9901
    Episode 219
  • Ep. #9900
    Ep. #9900
    Episode 218
  • Ep. #9899
    Ep. #9899
    Episode 217
  • Ep. #9898
    Ep. #9898
    Episode 216
  • Ep. #9897
    Ep. #9897
    Episode 215
    Bo continues to search for Billie, but when he finally locates her, she's in pretty bad shape. She begs Bo to warn the others, but before Bo can move, both he and Billie are shot with darts. Hope goes to Tony to ask him to help her bypass the forcefield so she can go after Bo. He declines to help her, and tries to convince her that her family would be traumatized if anything happened to her. Hope manages to get her hands on his remote and takes off, and Tony tells Bart that anyone in the jungle is fair game. Shawn awakens, and Lexie asks whether he'd prefer to see Belle or Jan. With flashbacks of Belle and Philip in his head he asks for Jan, who shocks Philip and Belle by announcing their engagement.moreless
  • Ep. #9896
    Ep. #9896
    Episode 214
    On Captive Isle, Tony explains to Bart about how he faked the victims death. He switched Jack's body with a look alike. He shot a dart in Maggie and Caroline's neck. He drugged Cassie, Roman and Doug. Alice, however was not meant to die. He programmed Marlena to veiw the murders and he went through eternal pain himself to get his name off the list. Tony still carrys the scars of the tiger! Back in Salem, Belle still awaits to see Shawn and Jan continues to tell everyone that she and Shawn are going to be married. Back on the island, John, Roman, Maggie, Doug, Jennifer, Abe and Marlena explain to Hope about their plan to escape but she claims that she won't leave until she finds Bo! John and Roman urge her to stay becuase people like Alice may get hurt! Caroline and Cassie stay behind gathering food for everyone and Bo is still looking for Billie! The captivies of Melaswen are coming back to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #9895
    Ep. #9895
    Episode 213
  • Ep. #9894
    Ep. #9894
    Episode 212
  • Ep. #9893
    Ep. #9893
    Episode 211
  • Ep. #9892
    Ep. #9892
    Episode 210
  • Ep. #9891
    Ep. #9891
    Episode 209
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    Ep. #9890
    Episode 208
  • Ep. #9889
    Ep. #9889
    Episode 207
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    Ep. #9888
    Episode 206
  • Ep. #9887
    Ep. #9887
    Episode 205
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    Ep. #9886
    Episode 204
  • Ep. #9885
    Ep. #9885
    Episode 203
  • Ep. #9884
    Ep. #9884
    Episode 202
  • Ep. #9883
    Ep. #9883
    Episode 201
  • Ep. #9882
    Ep. #9882
    Episode 200
  • Ep. #9881
    Ep. #9881
    Episode 199
  • Ep. #9880
    Ep. #9880
    Episode 198
  • Ep. #9879
    Ep. #9879
    Episode 197
  • Ep. #9878
    Ep. #9878
    Episode 196
  • Ep. #9877
    Ep. #9877
    Episode 195
  • Ep. #9876
    Ep. #9876
    Episode 194
  • Ep. #9875
    Ep. #9875
    Episode 193
  • Ep. #9874
    Ep. #9874
    Episode 192
  • Ep. #9873
    Ep. #9873
    Episode 191
    Rex questions Philip's intentions toward Belle; Belle watches as Philip blows off some steam weightlifting; Sami abruptly tells Lucas good night and they quarrel briefly; Hope tells Marlena, Roman and Doug that Jennifer and Patrick need help.
  • Ep. #9872
    Ep. #9872
    Episode 190
    Marlena, Roman and Abe accuse Tony of intentionally breaking their transmitter; Tony leaves, muttering under his breath; Sami and Lucas continue to celebrate their engagement; Bo tells John about the mysterious signal; Jan taunts Shawn
  • Ep. #9871
    Ep. #9871
    Episode 189
    Belle fantasizes about Shawn proposing; Brady and Nicole head back to work after dinner; the island residents watch and realize that their loved ones are moving on; Tony spots the transmitter and accidentally breaks it; Bo hears a mysterious beeping.
  • Ep. #9870
    Ep. #9870
    Episode 188
    The New Salem inhabitants are able to watch their families and friends via a live TV feed; Julie is shocked when Mickey likes Bonnie's new look; Rex confronts Jan about her spy gear; Brady learns about Belle's breakup with Shawn; John and Sami bond.
  • Ep. #9869
    Ep. #9869
    Episode 187
    Brady tells Nicole they make a great team; John asks Brady not to tell Belle that Marlena's corpse is missing; Jan tells Shawn she will let him see Belle out with Philip; Bonnie arrives at Mickey's in a garish outfit; island inhabitants get invitations.
  • Ep. #9868
    Ep. #9868
    Episode 186
    Belle urges Sami to go after the man she loves; Philip arrives to pick up Belle but finds Mimi and Rex; John has a theory that Stefano may be alive; Roman and Marlena set up the communication device in her penthouse; Cassie watches from the terrace.
  • Ep. #9867
    Ep. #9867
    Episode 185
    Jack is unable to reach Jennifer; Hope tries to reach Jennifer and falls; Patrick saves Hope and tries to reach Jennifer; Sami is furious with Lucas for his treatment of her; Kate convinces Philip to take Belle out for a night on the town.
  • Ep. #9866
    Ep. #9866
    Episode 184
    Hope is pinned under a portion of the wreckage; Jack spots Jennifer on a ledge in the ravine; Sami is stunned by Lucas' proposal; Belle nearly catches Jan in the bedroom with Shawn; Philip dreams that Belle rejects Shawn to be with him.
  • Ep. #9865
    Ep. #9865
    Episode 183
    Bo, John, Lexie and Celeste confer about the possibility that Stefano is still alive; John confides his suspicions to Kate; Philip tells Bo what Jan said about Shawn; Roman and Abe try to construct a transmitter; Nicole gives Brady a plane ticket.
  • Ep. #9864
    Ep. #9864
    Episode 182
    Sami continues to lash out at Lucas; Shawn, unconscious, dreams of Belle rescuing him; Philip tells Belle he still thinks Jan is lying; Kate urges Philip to make a move on Belle before Shawn returns; Patrick and Hope find the plane wreckage.
  • Ep. #9863
    Ep. #9863
    Episode 181
    Celeste holds the teddy bear and gets the impression that Marlena was buried alive; Sami attacks Lexie and is restrained by John, Bo, Lucas and Tek; Roman, Marlena and Abe are hoping their captor slipped up with the bear; Shawn hears Belle crying.
  • Ep. #9862
    Ep. #9862
    Episode 180
    Victor offers to move in with Caroline for her safety; Abe learns that Patrick and Hope are missing; Belle and Philip surprise Jan at the country house; Nicole overhears Brady offer to join Chloe in Vienna; Brady and Nicole argue.
  • Ep. #9861
    Ep. #9861
    Episode 179
    Sami refuses to allow John to desecrate her mother's grave; Lucas sides with John and workers begin to dig; Tek tells Bo that wreckage indicates Hope died in the crash; Patrick levels with Hope and they continue to search for Jennifer.
  • Ep. #9860
    Ep. #9860
    Episode 178
    When Patrick escapes, Hope follows and the two are able to pass through the barrier; Jack recovers enough to get out of the pit and search for Jennifer; John and Lucas decide Marlena's grave must be exhumed; Belle still holds out hope.
  • Ep. #9859
    Ep. #9859
    Episode 177
    Abe and Roman work to save Hope's life; Marlena guard Patrick, who pleads with her to let him go; Jan hatches a plan to keep Shawn from Belle; Brady makes a last-ditch effort to save the concert hall; Nicole comforts Brady when the plan fails.
  • Ep. #9858
    Ep. #9858
    Episode 176
    Marlena joins Roman, Abe and Hope as they question Patrick; Hope tries to short the force field imprisoning them; Jack and Jennifer are lost in the jungle; Kate interrupts Sami and Lucas; John arrives with a teddy bear found at Hope's house.
  • Ep. #9857
    Ep. #9857
    Episode 175
    Roman and Abe interrogate Patrick, who claims to be the only person who can save Jennifer; Bo and John continue their investigation into Patrick's background; Sami makes a special breakfast for Lucas; Belle sneaks a glance at Philip as he showers.
  • Ep. #9856
    Ep. #9856
    Episode 174
    Hope revives and has an emotional reunion with Alice; Roman resolves to get the truth out of Patrick; John lends Bo his private jet to continue the search for Hope; Jennifer finds Jack passed out in the jungle; Jan gloats to Shawn.
  • Ep. #9855
    Ep. #9855
    Episode 173
    Hope and Patrick wash up on the pier and are shocked to find Roman and Marlena there; Roman is suspicious of Patrick; Hope faints when she sees Alice; the search for Hope and Patrick is called off; Jennifer is worried about Jack's condition.
  • Ep. #9854
    Ep. #9854
    Episode 172
    Bo dives into the water to search for Hope but sharks drive him back; Patrick helps Hope onto a piece of floating debris; Marlena and Roman search for the downed plane; John turns to Kate over his fears for Brady; Belle says she is through with Shawn.
  • Ep. #9853
    Ep. #9853
    Episode 171
    Bo and Tek watch as a missile hits the cargo plane; Judge Fitzpatrick asks Bo to surrender his badge; Jan tells Philip and Belle about her fiance; Sami is upset after catching Lucas in bed with Manda; Mimi attacks Jan.
  • Ep. #9852
    Ep. #9852
    Episode 170
    Jack rescues Jennifer from the cliff and carries her to a cave; Patrick flies the stolen cargo plane below the radar but doesn't hear military warnings that he is in restricted airspace; Tek tracks the plane; Philip and Belle confront Jan.
  • Ep. #9851
    Ep. #9851
    Episode 169
    Jennifer dangles from the jungle cliff; Brady finds Nicole tied to a chair; John accuses Nicole of trying to kill him to keep him from talking to Crystal; Sami and Belle drown their sorrows in ice cream; Lucas brings Manda back to his place.
  • Ep. #9850
    Ep. #9850
    Episode 168
    Patrick tries to convince Hope he is the only one who can save Jennifer; Bo and Tek race to the airfield; John continues to question Crystal, who breaks down and promises to tell all; Nicole enlists Jan's help in framing Crystal
  • Ep. #9849
    Ep. #9849
    Episode 167
    Hope holds Patrick at gunpoint on the plane as he prepares for takeoff; Bo believes Celeste's prediction means Patrick will kill Hope; Bo and Tek hear a signal from Hope on a police band; John corners Crystal and demands answers.
  • Ep. #9848
    Ep. #9848
    Episode 166
    Bo charges to Hope's rescue; Patrick manages to subdue Hope and cuff her to her car; Bonnie asks Celeste if Patrick will die but Hope's death is predicted instead; John sends Earl to bug the Kiriakis mansion; Nicole calls John on his plan.
  • Ep. #9847
    Ep. #9847
    Episode 165
    Hope tries to arrest Patrick but he manages to break free and grab her gun; Tek tries to track Jennifer's computer messages from Jack; Lexie blames herself for Jennifer's death; Bo questions Bonnie about her son; Belle makes her televised plea.
  • Ep. #9846
    Ep. #9846
    Episode 164
    After Bonnie steals his pirate coin and sells it to a pawn shop, Patrick takes the money from her and tries to get it back, but the man refuses to sell. He finally smashes the glass and takes it back. Bo tries to get Tek to run a background check, but Tek is unsuccessful. Luckily the ISA do better. While Abe and Roman argue with Tony over their mysterious captors, Jack desperately searches the jungle for Jennifer, whose plane has gone down, and who is hanging for her life off a cliff. Philip arranges for one of the cars in the race to have a message to Shawn on it, and Belle is then thrilled to meet Casey Mears.moreless
  • Ep. #9845
    Ep. #9845
    Episode 163
    After much pleading from Belle, John agrees to get her an introduction to NASCAR's Casey Mears. With her plan in motion, Belle reminds herself of her promise to give up on Shawn if her plan doesn't work. John shows up at Earl's to try to hire Earl on as a security consultant, but Earl refuses. However, once his wife overhears, she tells Earl that he either takes the job, or gets out. Brady makes nice with Nicole and Crystal, but is unable to get anything out of them as all Crystal wants to talk about is how hot John is. Bonnie taunts Julie with the fact that she is not on any form of birth control and could be pregnant even now.moreless
  • Ep. #9844
    Ep. #9844
    Episode 162
    Jennifer manages to call Hope on her cell phone, but as the cousins are talking, the plane starts going down. On the island, the citizens hear the crash, and Jack, who hears Jennifer calling for him, is determined to save his bride. Julie reluctantly apologizes to Bonnie after believing that she stole money from the till, but when she finds her in bed with Mickey later that night, Bonnie's possible thievery is the least of her worries. Brady and John keep an eye on Earl, then Brady heads back to the mansion to try to get Crystal to go back to the bar. He calls John to report on his lack of success, and John tells him that Earl has also called it a night.moreless
  • Ep. #9843
    Ep. #9843
    Episode 161
  • Ep. #9842
    Ep. #9842
    Episode 160
  • Ep. #9841
    Ep. #9841
    Episode 159
  • Ep. #9840
    Ep. #9840
    Episode 158
  • Ep. #9839
    Ep. #9839
    Episode 157
    Hope is drawn to a bear in a store selling earrings like the one she found, and can't resist buying it. A mystery man lets himself into Jack and Jennifer's house in the dual Salem. Patrick promises Lexie that he will take care of Jennifer. Shawn refuses to believe that Belle has given up on them.moreless
  • Ep. #9838
    Ep. #9838
    Episode 156
  • Ep. #9837
    Ep. #9837
    Episode 155
  • Ep. #9836
    Ep. #9836
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #9835
    Ep. #9835
    Episode 153
  • Ep. #9834
    Ep. #9834
    Episode 152
    Marlena is thrilled to see Maggie on the fantasy island, and the two talk about how much they miss their loved ones. Maggie is uninterested when Marlena talks about Bonnie. Julie and Bonnie get their lines crossed, and Bonnie orders a very spicy order of Chinese from Julie, who is disgusted that Bonnie is already considering herself the next Mrs. Horton. Kate and Lucas watch Sami with Ray, not realising that she's trying to find a way to bring Kate down, and Lucas issues her an ultimatum. John tells Brady about Crystal and Nicole being in jail at the same time, but Brady defends Nicole to his father.moreless
  • Ep. #9833
    Ep. #9833
    Episode 151
    When Kate and Lucas spy Sami with Ray Diaz at the Blue Note, Kate once again goes to work on her son, trying to convince him that Sami is just as evil as she's always been. Philip admits to Belle that she is his mystery woman, but Belle is too caught up in her misery over Shawn's disappearance to hear her. Crystal accuses Nicole of being jealous of her growing closeness with John, but Nicole reminds her of John's legal entanglements, and tells her that John is only out to trap her.moreless
  • Ep. #9832
    Ep. #9832
    Episode 150
    While Kate and Lucas talk about Lucas' relationship with Sami, Sami has a fantasy about Kate being in prison with a Martha Stewart look-alike. Jan realises she doesn't need to shoot Belle when she watches Philip and Belle slow dance, and takes some pictures to show Shawn. Mickey, Julie, and Patrick try to get Jennifer to calm down and understand that Jack is gone, and all three are shaken when she collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #9831
    Ep. #9831
    Episode 149
    Patrick calls Bonnie on her actions when he catches her stealing from Jennifer's groceries. Jennifer is overjoyed when she begins receiving messages from Jack on her laptop. Nicole throws a drink on Crystal then follows her to the bathroom where she tells her about John's history with the police and ISA. Shawn fantasizes about Jan killing Belle as Jan aims her gun at Belle while Philip is out of the room. Marlena swoons when she sees Victor, who is furious to learn from her that Nicole is free.moreless
  • Ep. #9830
    Ep. #9830
    Episode 148
    Brady invites Nicole out for dinner to forget their troubles. John warns Kate not to interfere with Philip and Belle. Mimi thinks the earring in Shawn's loft is familiar.
  • Ep. #9829
    Ep. #9829
    Episode 147
  • Ep. #9828
    Ep. #9828
    Episode 146
  • Ep. #9827
    Ep. #9827
    Episode 145
  • Ep. #9826
    Ep. #9826
    Episode 144
  • Ep. #9825
    Ep. #9825
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #9824
    Ep. #9824
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #9823
    Ep. #9823
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #9822
    Ep. #9822
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #9821
    Ep. #9821
    Episode 139
    John returns to work and is temporarily nonplussed by the sympathies expressed by secretary Joelle, but quickly catches on that Kate has been doing his work for him, as they talk about how much they miss the ones they love. On the island, Marlena is in shock as Alice explains that they're not dead, but it takes Roman's appearance and his assurance that they are indeed alive and well for her to believe it. At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole is shocked to find Crystal standing at her door, and does some fancy footwork to convince Brady that her adult film star friend was a rehab patient of Marlena's. Lucas tries to cheer Sami up by taking her to the Blue Note, but encounters with first Bo and Hope then later Kate and John ruin their date.moreless
  • Ep. #9820
    Ep. #9820
    Episode 138
    Mickey gives Bonnie a brooch he had initially given Maggie when they had opened Tuscany, and even Bonnie is surprised at herself when she finds she just doesn't feel worth of gift, which Mimi later congrulates her mother for. Bo and Hope continue to be concerned that they have yet to hear from Shawn, and Bo finally tells Hope that he'll put in an unofficial request to have the other officers keep an eye out for him. Nicole keeps an eye on Shawn while Jan is preparing to bail Crystal out of jail, but visions of a shirtless Brady almost have her releasing him from his bonds until she has second thoughts. A griefstricken Sami feels like she has lost everyone who loves her, but Lucas assures her that he will still be there for her no matter what.moreless
  • Ep. #9819
    Ep. #9819
    Episode 137
    Shawn tries a different tack with Jan, and tries to convince her that he wants her instead of Belle. Luckily he's saved in the nick of time as Nicole forces Jan to go and bail Crystal out, while she (in Mrs. B garb) searches for the evidence Jan has on her. At the funeral, Sami still insists that she can hear Marlena calling for her, and together Belle and Sami try to open the casket. John finally gets it open, and they have to accept that Marlena is gone.moreless
  • Ep. #9818
    Ep. #9818
    Episode 136
    Citizens of Salem gather for Marlena's funeral, but it's not a well-attended event. Lucas and Will try to comfort a distraught Sami, while Philip tries to comfort Belle, who only wants Shawn. Jan continues her plots with Shawn, who continues to plea for his release. After Crystal calls Nicole demanding Nicole post her bail, Nicole calls Jan and manipulates her into paying for Crystal's release.moreless
  • Ep. #9817
    Ep. #9817
    Episode 135
    In Salem, Belle is worried that she hasn't heard from Shawn, and begs Philip to hold her while she sleeps, which he is only too willing to do. Shawn tries to convince Jan that they were never going to have a baby and that Paul raped her, but she is too far gone. Milbauer apologizes for cutting Marlena's head with a scalpel, but says he had to prove she was really dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9816
    Ep. #9816
    Episode 134
    Celeste is shocked when Marlena starts talking to her and tells her that there will be even more deaths, but neither John nor the mortician believe her. Rex tries to track Shawn using a chip he'd once put in his jacket, but the batteries run out. Shawn realises how far gone Jan is when she starts talking about 'Shawn Jr.', the baby she lost.moreless
  • Ep. #9815
    Ep. #9815
    Episode 133
    Sami and Belle finally manage to start rebuilding their relationship as they mourn their mother. Hope and Grandpa Shawn try to keep John and Bo from killing each other. Shawn realises that Jan is his kidnapper.
  • Ep. #9814
    Ep. #9814
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #9813
    Ep. #9813
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #9812
    Ep. #9812
    Episode 130
    Marlena is shot by the snipers on live television as her Sami, Will, and Lucas watch in horror.
  • Ep. #9811
    Ep. #9811
    Episode 129
    Marlena regains consciousness on the roof, but Bo has given a 'shoot first, ask questions later' order. Kate pushes Philip to take advantage of Belle while Shawn is gone but he refuses; he reminds her that he pined after Chloe while she was in love with Brady, and he won't pine after Belle while she loves Shawn. While Julie accuses Bonnie and Patrick of all manner of crimes, Patrick sneaks out to the Cheatin' Heart after getting a call from Shawn, and gets Jennifer's bearer bonds back from his mystery associate.moreless
  • Ep. #9810
    Ep. #9810
    Episode 128
    Crystal swipes the keys off Earl, the guard she seduced, and tries to convince Marlena to go to the rooftop with her. Although Marlena initially demurs, she finally agrees, and once there, Crystal conks her on the head with the butt of a gun. At the Deveraux house, Bonnie tries to defend herself and her son as Julie verbally attacks her, and Bonnie proves that the money in her purse came from lottery winnings.moreless
  • Ep. #9809
    Ep. #9809
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #9808
    Ep. #9808
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #9807
    Ep. #9807
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #9806
    Ep. #9806
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #9805
    Ep. #9805
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #9804
    Ep. #9804
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #9803
    Ep. #9803
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #9802
    Ep. #9802
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #9801
    Ep. #9801
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #9800
    Ep. #9800
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #9799
    Ep. #9799
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #9798
    Ep. #9798
    Episode 116
    Lucas and Sami finally admit that they are in love. Philip and Shawn continue fighting over Belle, and Shawn accidently hits Mimi who had come to tell that there has been stabbing at the women's detention facility where Marlena is. Marlena is accused of killing an inmate.
  • Ep. #9797
    Ep. #9797
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #9796
    Ep. #9796
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #9795
    Ep. #9795
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #9794
    Ep. #9794
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #9793
    Ep. #9793
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #9792
    Ep. #9792
    Episode 110
  • Ep. #9791
    Ep. #9791
    Episode 109
  • Ep. #9790
    Ep. #9790
    Episode 108
    Jennifer continues to ask Patrick if he is her guardian angel, but he says that she alone is saving herself and her baby. After watching a touching scene between Jennifer and Abigail, Patrick tells himself he can't keep doing this to them. Sami and Lucas begin to make mad, passionate love ... until Sami is awakened by the ringing phone to realise it was only a dream, and Hope tells her that John is trying to prove Marlena's innocence. A spiteful Bonnie, knowing that the mechanical bull is broken, manipulates Julie into taking a ride on the mechanical bull, knowing that at the very least she'll be thrown and humiliated.moreless
  • Ep. #9789
    Ep. #9789
    Episode 107
    Patrick takes Jennifer back home, and they arrive just in time to save Julie from bats. Later, Celeste offers to read his leaves and also expresses interest in seeing his doubloon, but knowing her past connection to Stefano, Patrick refuses. Shawn leaves the loft after seeing Belle in Philip's arms, and heads to Alice's. He doesn't realise that Belle and Philip walk in on him saying that he's not sure he can ever forgive her. Mimi is horrified when she and Rex walk into the soon-to-be country bar to find her mother on a mechanical bull.moreless
  • Ep. #9788
    Ep. #9788
    Episode 106
    Shawn comes by after Bo and Hope listen to the message Alice left for them, determined to spend the night, but Hope reminds Shawn that he once lied about Jan, so maybe Belle deserves a break. Sami and Lucas take a jumpy Will home and put their son to bed. Sami isn't quite willing to stay alone, so Lucas agrees to stay with her. John refuses to let Celeste near Marlena, until Lexie reminds him that this would have been her and Abe's wedding anniversary. Celeste soon gasps out that Marlena is innocent.moreless
  • Ep. #9787
    Ep. #9787
    Episode 105
    Sami still refuses to believe John, especially when Marlena swears that she did not confess. Belle tries to explain to Shawn why she lied, but all he can think about is that Alice is dead because of that lie. Jennifer prays for the life of her baby and Patrick slips the doubloon into her hand. Later, Lexie is shocked to realise Jennifer is out of danger.moreless
  • Ep. #9786
    Ep. #9786
    Episode 104
    John lunges at Bo after the doctor tells them that the stress of an interrogation could kill Marlena, and Bo is all for it. Shawn reels from Belle's admission that she lied to give Marlena an alibi, and goes to the chapel to pray. Jennifer begs Lexie to try an experimental medication, hoping that it can save her baby's life.moreless
  • Ep. #9785
    Ep. #9785
    Episode 103
  • Ep. #9784
    Ep. #9784
    Episode 102
  • Ep. #9783
    Ep. #9783
    Episode 101
    Bo and Hope are shocked to find Alice barely alive, and desperately trying to tell them what happened. Hope begs her grandmother to hang on as Bo calls for help. Tek and Lexie finally show up, and Lexie has the heartbreaking job of telling Bo and Hope, and the recently arrived Shawn and Belle, that Alice is gone. Despite Shawn's grief, he does his best to comfort Belle, as Hope tells Bo that if Marlena is guilty, it means that Belle lied about her alibi ... and that Belle may be responsible for Alice's death. At the penthouse, John confronts Marlena, who caves and runs into his arms, only to pull back with his gun in her hands and telling him that she will kill him. She tries to force him off the balcony, and as the two struggle, Marlena trips and falls over the side, much to a watching Sami's horror. Nicole is terrified that Marlena has figured out that she and Jan were behind Victor's death, but all Jan can think about is getting Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #9782
    Ep. #9782
    Episode 100
    Luckily for John, Sami's bullet missed, and he is able to overpower her and handcuff her to her car. Sami remains convinced that John is the serial killer, and is desperate to save her mother. Kate and Lucas, who took off from his apartment to find Sami, manage to free her, and Sami insists that John is after Marlena. Jan prepares to drop the stereo in the tub to electrocute Belle when suddenly the power goes off, and Nicole is there, berating Jan for trying to use the same method on Belle that she did on Victor. Shawn shows up to find Belle asleep, and tries to find the words to tell her about Marlena. Although Alice tells Marlena that she still loves her despite what she has done, it's not enough, and Marlena claims her final victim.moreless
  • Ep. #9781
    Ep. #9781
    Episode 99
    As Alice begs Tom for strength to help her get through this, Marlena watches her from outside, planning exactly how she will kill the Horton matriarch. As she walks into the door, she is confronted by Roman's spirit, who begs her not to do this. Although Marlena can't forget all the good times, she also remembers her victims as well, and says she is doing all this for her family. Kate tells Sami that John says Marlena is the killer, but Sami refuses to believe her, and takes off. After she and John collide on John's way to Alice's, Sami holds his gun on him, and refuses to believe him when he swears Marlena is the killer. Jan watches Belle in the tub, fantasizing about killing her and getting Shawn for herself, as Shawn rushes over to Belle's. After crashing the car, Shawn continues on foot.moreless
  • Ep. #9780
    Ep. #9780
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #9779
    Ep. #9779
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #9778
    Ep. #9778
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #9777
    Ep. #9777
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #9776
    Ep. #9776
    Episode 94
    Jennifer goes to the Horton house to pay her respects to Doug. Later, Julie breaks down over Doug's body. A ghostly Tom tells Alice to go to his grave once more. Alice goes to the cemetery and Doug's clue is finally uncovered! Lucas tries to get Sami to let go of all her hatred, but Sami says she can't. John tells Marlena that Tek was the one who made him suspect her. Marlena wonders why Tek suspected her in the first place. John brings his laptop and shows her the photographs from the graveyard. He then leaves. Marlena does a victory dance. Then, Julie arrives and tells her that Doug had promised to leave a clue if he ever found out the killer's true identity. Marlena remembers seeing Doug burying something and realizes she knows where that clue is ... Tek convinces Hope to look over the evidence against Marlena. He says Belle's alibi is questionable. Hope points out that Marlena was poisoned too. Tek feels that Marlena could possibly have eaten just enough to make her sick or it could have been a failed suicide attempt. Hope insists that Marlena has no motive. John comes in, furious at Tek for suspecting his wife. He eventually calms down and Tek and Hope leave, after John tells Hope he is sure of Marlena's innocence. He looks over the evidence and it's clear that he still has his doubts ...moreless
  • Ep. #9775
    Ep. #9775
    Episode 93
    Lucas and Will wish that Sami would come to Doug's wake. At the Horton House, Doug is resting in his coffin and the wake is winding down. Julie and Alice talk about Doug and we are treated to flashbacks from when Hope was a little girl and when she was first married to Bo. Lucas and Will arrive and pay their respects. Later, Sami shows up too and tells Julie she wishes she experienced a love like Julie and Doug's, fairytale like. Julie says she and Doug had a lot of ups and down's and gives Lucas and Sami some advice on love, while we see some more great flashbacks of Julie and Doug. Marlena calls the police and tells John to turn her in, but John ends up hanging up the phone. Marlena tells John that he thinks she is the killer because of Stefano! John thinks blaming the killing's on a dead man is absurd and Marlena explains that that there will always be a part of John that is controlled by Stefano. A part that believes that he can't trust anybody and that all relationships are doomed. Marlena lies that John has been repeating mantras in his dreams and this hits John hard. Marlena urges not to let Stefano win, to fight it and John realizes that Marlena's "theory" is right! He hugs her asking her to forgive him and she does. Marlena smiles, satisfied....moreless
  • Ep. #9774
    Ep. #9774
    Episode 92
    Rex tells Mimi he can't marry her and Mimi realizes they're still not ready. Brady tells John that he fears Nicole might not approve the funds necessary to complete the concert hall for Chloe. Victor's ghost tells Nicole that she won't get away with all she's done. Brady shows up and asks her to approve the funds. Nicole signs the document in order to take Brady by her side. Brady calls Chloe (in a one-way call) and tells her the news. Nicole burns the model for the opera house and says Chloe will never come home. Hope is worried that Bo will end up dead, too. She convinces him to rest for a few hours and then secretly leaves the house in order to find the killer! Marlena fantasizes of shooting Belle and Shawn! Shawn and Belle go to the loft and Belle finally tells Shawn the truth... then realizes he is asleep! At the penthouse, John tells Marlena of his hypnosis session and is sure that Marlena is the killer. When Marlena tells him she was with Belle, he calls Belle to confirm it. Marlena feels like this is a dream. She grabs the letter opener and tells John that if he thinks she is the Serial Killer then there's only one thing left to do!moreless
  • Ep. #9773
    Ep. #9773
    Episode 91
    Mimi is very angry with Bonnie and tells Bonnie she doesn't want to be a Lockhart anymore! Bonnie tries to convince her to go after Shawn and Mimi absolutely denies that. Mimi then leaves to go find Rex. Rex calls Shawn in order to help him with Mimi. Shawn calls Mimi and asks her to meet Rex. Tek seems to believe that Marlena might be the killer, but John, Hope and Brady refute his suspicions. Marlena writes a list with people who could be potentially dangerous to her, including John. She then burns the list. John tells Brady that Belle lied to Shawn. Belle goes to the penthouse and asks Marlena for advice on whether she should tell Shawn that she lied to him. Marlena tells her no! Mimi finds Rex outside of the Cheatin' Heart and asks him to marry her! Shawn finds Belle at the park and Marlene eavesdrops on their conversation. Marlena says that if Belle tells Shawn the truth she will end up mourning him not marrying him!moreless
  • Ep. #9772
    Ep. #9772
    Episode 90
    Bonnie tells Rex Mimi is not ready to get married yet. The person who came back into Mimi's life turns out to be her brother, Patrick! At night, Patrick tells Bonnie to give him his money back. Rex doesn't propose to Mimi and she is very disappointed. Brady accuses Phillip of being a hypocrite since Phillip is in love with his best friend's girlfriend! Mimi realizes Bonnie refused Rex permission to marry her and starts choking Bonnie! Belle is determined to tell Shawn that she lied about Marlena's whereabouts yesterday night. John goes into convulsions after realizing that Marlena is the Salem Serial Killer! When he wakes up from the hypnosis he tells Hope and Tek that he still doesn't know who the Killer is. Bo has put a monitor at St. Luke's, sure that the Killer will go back to the scene of the crime. Three photos are downloaded, featuring Alice, Celeste and Marlena. Hope asks who the killer is?moreless
  • Ep. #9771
    Ep. #9771
    Episode 89
    Marlena goes into confessional and tells Father Jansen that John is a threat to her. However, she leaves before Father Jansen can confront her and see who she is. Marlena runs into Alice and Celeste in the cemetery and Celeste has another premonition: Someone is very close to naming the killer! Rex tells Shawn he wants to propose to Mimi but hasn't got the cash for a ring. Shawn has an idea. Belle treats Mimi to a day at the spa. At the pub, Bonnie receives the papers with the agreement on Tuscany and tells Julie she will do it. Julie starts formulating a plan to run Bonnie out of business. Brady defends Nicole to Philip. Shawn Sr. gives Rex his own wedding ring. Nicole and Jan decide to work together to get what they want. Rex asks Bonnie for permission to marry Mimi and Bonnie says absolutely not! Outside the pub, Mimi turns around to see someone who has come back into her life! Hope realizes John knows something. Tek puts John in hypnosis and John remembers that while he was chasing the "figure" the figure turned to him and he saw Marlena! He yells: "Noooo!"moreless
  • Ep. #9770
    Ep. #9770
    Episode 88
    In the morning, Bo visits the Kiriakis Mansion and once again accuses Nicole for the crimes. But he still doesn't have any proof. Later on, Nicole finds Jan and threatens to kill her if Jan doesn't give her all the evidence! Bo tells Brady he's sorry that Victor ever was in the suspect list. Julie and Mickey meet Patrick at Jen's house and Julie wants Jennifer to be careful. Alice asks for Tom's help and his spirit tells her to go someplace! Julie has a hard time accepting Doug's death. Bonnie shows up. Mickey tells Jennifer and Julie that he has signed Tuscany over to Bonnie! Patrick realizes that Bonnie has blown all his money! Celeste's crystals show her that another Horton is to die next. The crystals also show her Tom Horton's grave stone. Alice arrives at Tom's grave stone. Later Celeste goes there too and accidentally prevents Alice from finding the note that Doug left just before he died. Celeste warns that a person very special to the Hortons will die!moreless
  • Ep. #9769
    Ep. #9769
    Episode 87
    Mimi and Rex make love. Then, Mimi goes on a rant about her mother wanting to marry a rich man and Rex thinks she is dropping hints that she wants to get married. Mimi says she's far from it. Rex invites her to a special dinner tomorrow. Nicole realizes the evidence is gone. Brady thinks that she is the killer. Victor's ghost appears to Nicole and tells her that Jan didn't destroy the evidence. Jan decides to hold on to the evidence as insurance, in case Nicole tries to kill her! At the cemetery, Belle is about to tell Shawn she lied about Marlena's whereabouts but she changes her mind. Lucas tries to convince Sami that they are meant to be together. He suggests that all move to London and be a family. Kate calls him and lets them know about Doug. At the Horton house, Julie asks Hope if she suspects Marlena and Hope says no. They tell Alice that Doug is dead. Lucas, Shawn and Belle all arrive to pay their respects. Marlena tells John that he is no longer the man she fell in love with. Sami bursts in and tells Marlena to kill John with the letter opener and then they'll claim it was self defense! Marlena takes her out to the patio to scold her and refuses to kill John. Sami says it's kill or be killed!moreless
  • Ep. #9768
    Ep. #9768
    Episode 86
  • Ep. #9767
    Ep. #9767
    Episode 85
  • Ep. #9766
    Ep. #9766
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #9765
    Ep. #9765
    Episode 83
  • Ep. #9764
    Ep. #9764
    Episode 82
  • Ep. #9763
    Ep. #9763
    Episode 81
  • Ep. #9762
    Ep. #9762
    Episode 80
  • Ep. #9761
    Ep. #9761
    Episode 79
  • Ep. #9760
    Ep. #9760
    Episode 78
  • Ep. #9759
    Ep. #9759
    Episode 77
  • Ep. #9758
    Ep. #9758
    Episode 76
  • Ep. #9757
    Ep. #9757
    Episode 75
    Hope comforts Bo and reminds him that Victor's will is to be read the next day and should answer all their questions. Bo advises Shawn to apologize to Belle and convince her that whatever is between them doesn't need to be there. Patrick worries that Jennifer has seen the copy of Jack's obituary that he keeps in his wallet.moreless
  • Ep. #9756
    Ep. #9756
    Episode 74
    Marlena thanks John for his faith in her as she flashes back to the murders of Roman and Tony. After Belle points out that Marlena was with them, Shawn wonders if he needs to rethink his theory. Kate consoles Philip over the loss of his father, and Philip says he will make Victor's murderer pay.moreless
  • Ep. #9755
    Ep. #9755
    Episode 73
  • Ep. #9754
    Ep. #9754
    Episode 72
  • Ep. #9753
    Ep. #9753
    Episode 71
  • Ep. #9752
    Ep. #9752
    Episode 70
  • Ep. #9751
    Ep. #9751
    Episode 69
    Valentine's Day continues in Salem; Belle convinces Marlena to join her and John at Tuscany; Someone sends all the women at Tuscany bloody roses; As John investigates the bloody roses, Shawn's suspicions culminate with a shocking revelation to Belle: he knows the killer is her mom, Marlena! Philip brings Kate to Tuscany to celebrate Valentine's Day; A locksmith arrives at the Kirikas Mansion to remove the cuffs and Nicole is afraid that Jan will not be able to kill Victor in time for her alibi to stick... The lights flicker throughout the mansion because Jan has dropped the radio into Victor's bath and he gets electrocuted; After hitting her head, delusional Sami pressures Lucas into kissing her; Despite his best efforts, Lucas admits he loves her, too, and it looks like they are going to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9750
    Ep. #9750
    Episode 68
  • Ep. #9749
    Ep. #9749
    Episode 67
  • Ep. #9748
    Ep. #9748
    Episode 66
  • Ep. #9747
    Ep. #9747
    Episode 65
  • Ep. #9746
    Ep. #9746
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #9745
    Ep. #9745
    Episode 63
  • Ep. #9744
    Ep. #9744
    Episode 62
    A murderous Marlena spies on Kate and John. Shawn tries to cheer up Belle with a gift. Sami and Lucas can't deny their feelings for each other. Brady turns his back on Nicole.
  • Ep. #9743
    Ep. #9743
    Episode 61
    John takes Marlena back to the penthouse, and evne suggests sleeping on the sofa, but she demands that he leave. She finally blurts out that she's the killer, but John completely misunderstands her comments, and takes it to mean that Marlena thinks that she is the killer's next victims. After finally getting John to leave, Marlena sits down to pour over a scrapbook of her victims, but is particularly agitated when she comes to the pictures of Roman. She flashes back to Roman's shock that she was the killer, and murmurs to himself that his big mistake was marrying Kate. She tells herself that she'll have to kill Celeste if Celeste knows the truth, but after looking at a picture of John, she decides to go tell him the truth, because John has always understood.moreless
  • Ep. #9742
    Ep. #9742
    Episode 60
    Julie and Jennifer are horrified by the changes that Bonnie has wrought in Mickey. Belle attacks Celeste and says she's either crazy or a liar. Sami reminds Kate that she doesn't even know who Lucas's father is.
  • Ep. #9741
    Ep. #9741
    Episode 59
    Tony's autopsy reveals his cause of death was a fatal dose of a drug, not complications from his tiger wounds; The guard identifies the mysterious doctor that entered Tony's cubicle was Marlena, and to cover, she makes up a story and tells the police that a nurse entered his room while she was there; Lucas tries to get to the bottom of Sami's 'I love you' comment at the circus but both are too afraid to admit their true feelings; Rex feels guilty that he accused Tony of being The Salem Stalker; Lexie comes up with the brilliant idea of having Marlena hypnotize her mother to unearth the killer's identity that apparently rests in Celeste's subconscious; Celeste experiences an unaccountable chill as she and Marlena briefly lock eyes; Sami hatches a plan to really make Kate miserable after an innocent comment made by Will makes Sami realize that the best way to make Kate miserable would be for Sami and Lucas to get together; When Lucas later returns home, and making sure Kate can see, Sami plants a juicy kiss on Lucas... and he can't help responding.moreless
  • Ep. #9740
    Ep. #9740
    Episode 58
    Tony, realizing his life is slipping away, desperately tries to name the killer to Lexie and John but is unable to speak, but he Tony manages to reach out and grab Marlena's hand; Tony later has a relapse and goes into full cardiac arrest, but loses the battle and dies; Lexie comments that Tony's body seemed to be shutting down and orders an autopsy, which gives her some startling results; John wonders why Tony grabbed Marlena's hand and she explains, saying that as Tony was dying he was remembering the past when he and Marlena were closer; Tony's ghost appears to Celeste and tells her it is up to her to stop the killer; Brady and Victor ask Nicole if she had anything to do with Tony's relapse/death; Nicole lies and admits she came to see him but never got into his room, but her lies come back to bite her when Victor finds her barrette in Tony's cubicle and realizes Nicole lied to him; Belle continues to worry about her parents; Shawn receives the bad news from John that Tony has died; Mimi sees that Rex is really hurting and tries to help him by offering to go to the hospital to visit Tony, and after a while of thinking about it, he decides he does want to see Tony, to ask for his forgiveness... as they're about to leave, Shawn and Belle arrive and break the news that Tony is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9739
    Ep. #9739
    Episode 57
    Tony goes into cardiac arrest and Lexie gives her brother the adrenaline he revives and is poised to reveal the killer's identity; Nicole continues to prey on Brady's big heart and lies to him about Colin Murphy's murder and she goes to the hospital where she tries to confront Tony; Celeste has a premonition that Tony will die; Shawn brings an emotional Belle home, wanting to take care of her; Belle appreciates his gesture but she wants to be the one to pamper him he saved her and her dad's lives; Belle gives him a sensual massage and they talk about their fears of Tony dying before he can reveal who the killer really is; Little do they know they have their own more pressing matters... voyeuristic Jan is hiding, in the rain, on the fire escape watching them.moreless
  • Ep. #9738
    Ep. #9738
    Episode 56
    In the aftermath of the tiger's rampage and circus fire, the tiger has gotten away; John and Hope ask Marlena to speculate from the list of circus attendees as to who could possibly be the killer - Unless it's Nicole, Marlena has no idea; Tony is rushed into the ER; Tony is stabilized and Lexie is confident he will pull through and name the killer; Celeste gets major vibes that Tony will not make it; evil is near and the killer is about to strike; Nicole is being kept under surveillance in case they need to question her about murder cases in town; Brady tells Nicole he believes she is innocent; Belle encourages Marlena to reunite with John; Marlena tries to enlist John in helping Belle through their separation but John still doesn't understand why they are apart; Rex feels guilty that he believed Tony was the killer; Bonnie "faints" to get Mickey's attention and he brings her to the hospital for tests; Julie is suspicious of Bonnie's intentions and Mickey tells Julie to stop reading into the situation; Bonnie asks Mickey to take her home with him and Julie fears Mickey is getting in over his head; Later, we see the killer, in a white doctor's coat and latex gloves break into the hospital drug storeroom and steal a syringe and a lethal drug; There is an officer outside Tony's cubicle but he allows the "doctor" to enter. The killer is about to administer the deadly drug, as Tony opens his eyes and recognizes his assailant – pan up to reveal the face of The Salem Stalker, none other than our dearly beloved Marlena!…moreless
  • Ep. #9737
    Ep. #9737
    Episode 55
    Everyone is horrified as Tony, about to name the killer, is attacked by Horton the Bengal tiger; The killer disables the lights and when the emergency lights come on, we see that the tiger has dragged Tony's body off; Hope orders the tent to be cleared and the hunt is on for Tony, the tiger and the killer; John orders Marlena to hide someplace safe until the tiger and the killer have been caught; He also orders Philip, Shawn, and Rex to take Belle and Mimi to safety; Bonnie, Mimi, Kate, Belle, Sami, and Julie take refuge in the empty tiger cage, but Belle sneaks out to try to help Shawn and her dad; Doug and Philip try to get the backup generator working; Hope, Shawn, Rex and John, armed now with a different tranquilizer gun, continue the hunt; The women in the cage are scared and to protect them, Sami locks the cage; Bonnie accidentally sets the straw next to the cage on fire with a cigarette butt and everyone battles the flames; Finally, the fire is put out and the women are saved; The tiger threatens Belle and Shawn and John both distract the tiger to try to save Belle; The tiger attacks John, who is locked in a life and death struggle with the savage animal, but Shawn is able to take a shot and scares the animal off with a tranquilizer dart; Lexie refuses to leave the tent until she has found Tony - he could still be alive; She and Celeste sneak off to search for him and they are briefly caught between the tiger and the killer; John and Hope save them; Lexie and Celeste do eventually find Tony - he is still alive; Paramedics are called and rush him to the hospital; John prays that Tony survives... at least long enough to name the killer.moreless
  • Ep. #9736
    Ep. #9736
    Episode 54
    It is a race against the clock as Tony takes the center ring and attempts to expose The Salem Stalker; Our masked killer unleashes Horton the tiger using a drugged dart, which turns Horton into a ferocious beast; Brady finds himself trapped and hiding in tight quarters with Nicole as they try to avoid the tiger; Nicole wants Brady to make love to her and forces him into a kiss - which is interrupted by Victor; Sami, Lucas, Doug, and Julie look for Will, but as Sami and Lucas find Will, Horton finds all three of them; Will climbs to safety but Sami and Lucas are forced to find haven in a clown car; Lucas wants to go out where the tiger is to warn everyone, but Sami slips and tells Lucas she loves him - she quickly backpedals but Lucas is clued in and gives her a kiss; John and Hope track the tiger and the tiger nearly gets an unassuming Marlena but John steps in and saves her; Bonnie, still without her contact lenses, stumbles upon the killer's remote control device and unknowingly releases the bucket of blood teetering on the catwalk above Tony - - this lures Horton; In appreciation for a job well done, the killer quietly hands Bonnie her glasses; And finally, despite many warnings, Tony is attacked by the tiger and dragged out of the center ring a la Ray Horn.moreless
  • Ep. #9735
    Ep. #9735
    Episode 53
    The circus is in full swing as Sami takes aim at Kate with a very sharp knife; Lucas escapes and rescues Kate; Sami tries to save her own hide by saying she had no intention of hurting anyone, she just wanted John and Kate to know how her father felt at the other end of a knife; Marlena and Sami have a heart-to-heart talk and Sami expresses remorse for some of her previous actions; Marlena continues to be fearful in John's presence; Nicole and Victor show up for the festivities and Victor warns his wife that Tony will name her as the killer; Jennifer puts on a brave face, but when she hears about a young mother who died of cancer she falters; The Horton's publicly celebrate Alice's birthday under the big top but Alice sees another vision of Tom - she fears he is trying to warn her of more impending doom; Tony continues to hide backstage and Celeste warns that if he waits for his moment in the spotlight the truth may go to the grave with him; Hope and John find themselves on the trail of a circus magician who disappears, but Shawn, Belle, Rex, and Mimi find the unconscious magician as Tony appears in the center ring wearing the magician's costume and ready to pull the killer's name out of a hat; Doug has a close encounter with the killer; Blood falls onto Alice's birthday cake, but the blood is not seen yet; Tony is about to name The Salem Stalker just as he/she opens the door to the tiger's cage…moreless
  • Ep. #9734
    Ep. #9734
    Episode 52
    The Horton Foundation circus begins; Tony lurks in the shadows, still planning to reveal the identity of the stalker during the finale; The killer stalks the tent and overhears Celeste reminding Tony about her premonition of an out-of-control tiger; Sami puts together a plan to accidentally kill Kate after hearing Lucas plan a knife-throwing act with a blindfolded Kate; Sami locks Lucas in a portable restroom and takes his place onstage - and Kate panics as Sami begins throwing real knives; Lexie has made arrangements for Jennifer to have another ultrasound; Jennifer refuses to confide in Abby about the risk to her own life; Lexie has to give bad news... the baby probably will not survive and Jennifer's life is also threatened; After Jennifer overhears Abby talking to Doug and Julie about how the baby has to survive to keep her daddy's love for them alive, she is deeply moved and announces her decision to have this baby, no matter what the risk; Shawn, Rex, Philip, Belle and Mimi perform a death-defying high-wire act; Bonnie asks Mickey to volunteer for the dunking booth, but he declines and Bonnie is forced to take his place; The killer breaks into a supply tent and steals a drug and then injects the drug into a blow dart and shoots the dart into the tiger's rump - the docile tiger turns into a raging beast…moreless
  • Ep. #9733
    Ep. #9733
    Episode 51
    Salem residents wake up to an anonymous ad in the newspaper announcing that the identity of The Salem Stalker will be revealed at the Horton Foundation Circus; John tells Hope he suspects Tony placed the ad - and he is correct; Hope gets a call from Bo with an update on the search for Billie, but she doesn't tell Bo about the ad; Hope warns Tony the cops and the ISA won't allow him anywhere near the circus, but when Celeste arrives at the circus, she sees Tony miraculously emerge from a very small crate; Belle and Shawn visit Marlena and almost catch her with Jan; Jan secretly meets with Nicole; Lucas and Philip find an unconscious Kate in her room at The Salem Inn, but she eventually shows up at the circus; Sami begins to scheme: if she can make it look like an accident, she could kill Kate and get away with it; Brady overhears Victor threaten Nicole's life and Victor insists that this is Nicole's last day of freedom; Later, Nicole listens in on a phone call as Victor urges Tony to announce Nicole as the killer and she vows not to let this happen. Finally, Brady catches sight of Nicole at the circus.moreless
  • Ep. #9732
    Ep. #9732
    Episode 50
    Tony meets privately with Victor and Nicole listens; Victor tells Tony that Nicole murdered Colin Murphy and, he believes all the other victims; Nicole is aghast when it looks like Victor is using Tony to put a hit on her and takes off; Bo must seriously re-think his position and Hope urges him to go to Europe to look for Billie; Bo and Hope are privately aware this could be their final goodbye; Bo leaves and we see the Salem Stalker lurking outside the house; Shawn is suspicious when Tony talks about the tiger being the perfect instrument of death for a clever killer; We see the killer lurking and listening and Tony catches a glimpse of a black-hooded figure; Shawn goes after them, but the killer gets away; Brady meets with his dad for advice about Victor and Nicole, John advises him to stay out of the middle, but Brady doesn't know if he can; John and Belle learn about Bo going after Billie; Nicole goes home and tries to convince Brady that Victor is the guilty one... he murdered Colin and now he wants to pin all the killings on her; Victor enters and blasts his wife and Brady doesn't know whom to believe.moreless
  • Ep. #9731
    Ep. #9731
    Episode 49
    Tony and Celeste speculate that Celeste's vision and Tony getting a tiger's claw/tooth from his Zen master means that the serial killer is somehow connected to a tiger, when they arrive at the park, they are shocked to see the tiger and Tony is fascinated by it - the perfect killing machine; Doug and Julie explain that they rescued the tiger from an inhumane situation and that it will be given to the circus performing for the Horton Foundation benefit; John wants to move back into the penthouse, but Marlena refuses and goes back to Roman's grave; Marlena asks Roman if John is the killer and the sky grows dark and a vicious wind whips up. Marlena has had a waking nightmare – that she is attacked by the tiger! Hope arrives back home as Agent Spector tells Bo the person who is in danger is Billie Reed she has disappeared in Europe; Newspaper clippings of the Salem killings were found in her hotel room and there was an audio message left for Bo – the message is full of static and Bo can only hear Billie saying she needs his help; Spector tells Bo he needs Bo to find Billie but Bo says he can't; Spector is sent a cleaner version of Billie's message and all are shocked to hear Billie say she has proof to ID the serial killer but will only tell Bo; Bonnie and Mickey come to the park and Mickey is happy that Doug and Julie are back but Doug and Julie wonder about the budding relationship between these two.moreless
  • Ep. #9730
    Ep. #9730
    Episode 48
    Roman's funeral is a somber occasion and draws together family and friends from near and far; Marlena has a disturbing nightmare in which she is mauled by a tiger and Roman appears to take her home; Belle pleads with her mother to give their family a chance and Marlena makes an effort by leaning on John for support at the funeral service; Marlena later discovers her name has accidentally been etched onto the tombstone beside Roman's; Kate remembers her promise to Roman and makes an effort toward peacemaking with Sami, but Sami points out that Kate's marriage was never consummated and is therefore invalid; Hope is deeply disturbed by a dream that Roman's funeral turns into Bo's; Bo later finds Agent Spector waiting for him in his living room with news that someone important to him is in grave danger; Jennifer prays for the health of her unborn baby and continues to deal with Abby's anger and grief; Doug and Julie return to town with a big surprise - a giant Bengal tiger; Celeste visits Tony and proposes that they share information, when he shows her the tiger tooth and claw she realizes that the yellow eyes she envisioned were those of a tiger and she fears someone else will die.moreless
  • Ep. #9729
    Ep. #9729
    Episode 47
    Tony receives instructions from Stefano regarding Rex - he needs to make amends with him; Tony goes to Rex and Shawn's loft and attempts to extend an olive branch and professes his innocence; Rex tells Tony that he is a Brady and that his life as a DiMera is over. Shawn welcomes Rex to the Brady family; Rex gets another headache and Mimi thinks it could be a sign that the killer is going to strike again; Hope and Jennifer talk about the possibility of Jennifer having to terminate her pregnancy; Celeste thinks that the killer is going to strike again and she goes to Jennifer's and goes into a trance; Tony faces off with his Japanese Zen master, Hanzo Hattori; Hanzo gives Tony what he calls the instruments of his opponent - instruments of a real killer: a tiger claw and tooth; When Nicole shot at Victor, she missed; Brady tries to find out what is going on, but Victor will not tell him that Nicole tried to shoot him - and Nicole uses this to her advantage – and she tells Brady that Victor killed Colin…moreless
  • Ep. #9728
    Ep. #9728
    Episode 46
    Tony's charges are dismissed after Marlena's testimony; Tony offers Mickey a huge bonus and he accepts the check on behalf of the Horton Foundation; Tony confides in Celeste about Victor's belief that the suspect is female; Victor promises to be in touch with Tony about his potential "female" suspect - Nicole hears this and vows to take care of Victor first, she later grabs a gun and shoots Victor; Marlena still will not speak to John, and after the verdict is announced Marlena heads out of the courthouse and is abducted by a mystery person wearing leather gloves and a black hooded sweatshirt…she is taken to a secluded room and she is bound and gagged - the mystery person is John; Bo looks at a photo of Roman and wonders why his brother's ghost hasn't visited him like his mother's did; Bonnie kicks "the seduction" of Mickey Horton into high gear and when a fantasy becomes a reality, Bonnie finds herself in a lip lock with old man Horton…moreless
  • Ep. #9727
    Ep. #9727
    Episode 45
    Marlena testifies on Tony's behalf and tells the court that she doesn't believe Tony is the serial killer; Bo lashes out and tells Marlena that if Tony is released and there is another murder, there will be blood on her hands; John asks Celeste if she still believes he is going to kill his wife and Celeste says yes; Nicole meets Jan and calls her on her psychotic need to be with Shawn; Bo asks Victor for help in finding out info on Tony; Victor goes to Tony and he confides to Tony that he believes the Salem Stalker is a woman and Tony agrees; Nicole overhears them; Shawn tells Belle about the feeling that he is being followed; The subject of Jan comes up and Shawn says the girl he chased out of the police station looked a lot like her; Belle tells Shawn about her dad moving out and she thinks for the first time in her life that her parents' love is in jeopardy.moreless
  • Ep. #9726
    Ep. #9726
    Episode 44
    Brady and Chloe have a romantic last morning together; Nicole learns Chloe is leaving and surprises them by appearing to apologize for her previous behavior, but Nicole is still determined to make Brady hers; Lexie tells Jennifer the ultrasound shows that the fetus is in jeopardy and Jennifer herself could be at enormous risk; Bo confronts Mickey about defending Tony and Mickey insists that Tony get a fair trial; Tek testifies and everyone is rocked to learn that not only is there no solid evidence but that the murder weapon was not the samurai sword but the knife that was used to cut the wedding cake; Marlena still refuses to talk to John; Victor tells John he thinks Tony may be innocent - he suspects the murderer might be a woman; Roman and Abe appear to Celeste again and restate that Tony is not the killer; Celeste tells Marlena and the judge is about to rule when Marlena enters and announces that she would like to be heard…moreless
  • Ep. #9725
    Ep. #9725
    Episode 43
    Marlena visits Tony in jail and rails at him for what he has done to the people she loves and is horrified when Mickey tells her he is going to be Tony's legal counsel; Belle is worried that the perfect family of John, Marlena, Sami and Eric didn't survive, so how will theirs? Shawn discovers he has "captured" Nicole and not the girl who was following him; Nicole sees Jan hiding but makes sure Shawn doesn't know; Victor tells Nicole that she must stay away from all the men in his family and warns her that he'll see her in the death chamber if she is the serial killer; Nicole later finds Jan in the park and tells her that she helped her out before - and now she needs Jan's help; Lexie brings Jennifer some baby clothes and pours out her heart; Lexie later takes Alice, Abby, and Jennifer to the hospital so they can hear the baby's heartbeat; But what should be a happy occasion turns tragic as Lexie is forced to tell Jennifer that something is wrong with the baby…moreless
  • Ep. #9724
    Ep. #9724
    Episode 42
    Brady and Chloe share a romantic breakfast and make a New Year's resolution to spend the year together, but Chloe gets a phone call with the opportunity of a lifetime – but Chloe gets a phone call offering her a starring role in a prestigious opera company Brady tells her she has to go, but Chloe says she afraid to leave Brady in Salem with Nicole; Victor rubs it in Nicole's face that she will never have Brady and she warns him that she will or she will go after Bo and Philip and maybe even Shawn; Mickey is presented with a challenging career request – to represent Tony DiMera; Bonnie tries to convince him to take the case, but it isn't until Celeste tells him of her visit from Roman and Maggie declaring Tony's innocence that he agrees to take the case; Tony tells Bart that wanting Mickey as his lawyer is all part of his plan; Bo is with Hope at the station to make an airtight case against Tony – and he vows DiMera will not get out of jail this time, because they're having a hard time making the evidence stick; Shawn goes to the police station and tells his parents about the odd sensation he has that he is being followed; Jan watches and is almost exposed, but she gets away, and Shawn chases her - and it looks like he might have caught his "stalker" – outside the Kirikas estate…moreless
  • Ep. #9723
    Ep. #9723
    Episode 41
    Shawn begins to sense that someone is watching and/or following him; Kate asks Marlena to sign over her rights to be buried next to Roman to her and Marlena hesitates; Marlena reiterates that she still blames John and Kate for Roman's death; Kate then encourages Marlena not to give up on John and the two head off to visit Will together; Sami wakes up in bed with Lucas and they call a truce, the two end up in a tickle fight; Marlena tells Sami that John moved out – now she vows that her next target is Kate; Belle goes to check in with her parents and gets devastating news from her father that he has moved out and then wonders if Caroline's prediction will come true after all: will her father end up killing her mother? Ghosts of Salem's recently deceased visit Celeste – Roman and Maggie both tell her that Tony is innocent and that the killers true identity is in her subconscious; Celeste is rocked to the core: if she figures out who the killer is, she will be the next target…moreless
  • Ep. #9722
    Ep. #9722
    Episode 40
    Everyone is still in shock about Roman's death; Marlena continues to act extremely out of character and pushes John further away; Belle is worried that her parents are going to break up; Marlena calls Eric and Carrie to give them the news that their father is dead; Jan breaks into Belle's loft and tries on her negligee; Belle wants to make love to Shawn but he tells her this is not the way; Rex makes peace with Kate and the two share a nice moment; Philip takes Kate home and tells her he will spend the night; Kate encourages Philip to fight for Chloe; Lucas goes to Sami's apartment and Will tells him that Sami needs him; Sami then asks Lucas to stay the night and she balls in his arms; John moves out of the penthouse, this time with Marlena's consent; The commissioner asks Bo to take Roman's place as acting commander, and after discussing with Hope, Bo accepts; Victor grills Nicole and asks if she murdered Roman; Nicole will not say anything, just that she saved them from being arrested - and he owes her; Celeste has visions as if she is looking through the killer's mask... She then realizes the police arrested the wrong man and the killer is still at large…who will be next? She has a vision of Bo and Hope…moreless
  • Ep. #9721
    Ep. #9721
    Episode 39
    John, Bo and Hope have caught the mysterious trespasser, pulled off his hood and discovered that it is Tony just as Kate discovers her groom dead in Tuscany's kitchen; Victor is suspicious that Nicole killed Roman to get the evidence that she killed Colin; Tony is arrested... again; Kate is in denial that Roman is dead and is convinced they will spend their wedding night together; Brady and Chloe go home and share in their grief by making love, unaware that Nicole is listening at the door, vowing that nothing is going to stop her from getting what she wants; Sami lashes out at Marlena, saying it was her fault that Roman died and then Marlena lashes out at John telling him it was his fault; Mickey invites Bonnie to spend the night; Grandpa Shawn appears to suffer a heart attack but, thankfully, it's only a reaction to all the stress; Rex has a deep emotional reaction to Roman's death and Grandpa Shawn's collapse and he and Grandpa Shawn share an embrace; Later, Rex confronts Tony, who insists that Rex is acting like a Brady and he is smarter than that... Finally, the police take Roman's bloody body out and Tony tells Bo that this isn't over…moreless
  • Ep. #9720
    Ep. #9720
    Episode 38
    Roman confronts the killer in the kitchen with a surprising reaction as he unmasks his attacker... and is later cut down by a sharp blade; Bo and Hope hunt for clues and find a cufflink and fear that Tony has come to the wedding to harm Roman; Marlena persuades Sami to give Roman her blessing on his wedding day... but unfortunately, they can't find Roman to tell him; Nicole shows Victor the envelope that Roman had with the evidence proving her guilt, but does not submit any details as to how she obtained it, she just says it is their get-out-of-jail free card; Shawn, Belle, Brady and Chloe make New Year's resolutions; Shawn strongly implies to Belle that he intends to marry her in 2004; Philip, having finally made it to the reception, is shocked to see Chloe in Salem; Bo, Hope and John capture what they believe is the killer outside Tuscany; In the kitchen, we see a pale, bloody hand fall out of a crate; Celeste, plagued by premonitions, suffers a seizure; Celeste's worst fears come true as Kate, covered in blood, staggers back into the reception giving a bloodcurdling scream...moreless
  • Ep. #9719
    Ep. #9719
    Episode 37
    Nicole vows to herself that she will get Brady into her bed; New Year's Eve is in full swing at Kate & Roman's reception and to lighten the mood, Bonnie leads the guests in Country line dancing; Word of Tony posting bond is spread around, which causes the PD to bump up security; Sami learns from Nicole that Brandon has a new girlfriend; Roman receives a mysterious phone call from someone who says they have proof that Nicole murdered Colin Murphy and that Victor covered it up – they will give him the evidence at Midnight; Alice comes to the rescue of the ruined wedding cake with her world famous donuts; Kate attempts to make peace – again - with Sami but Sami lashes out at Roman for marrying Kate in the first place and tells him that he is no longer her father; Tony is in a dungeon-like room, and vowing to himself that he will destroy the Brady's, once and for all; Later, Celeste says the killer is there and Tony is in the bushes; Roman tells Nicole he will put her and Victor away for killing Colin Murphy; The killer sneaks into the kitchen and turns off the lights, then Roman's informant calls him and says the evidence is in the kitchen, but when he goes to retrieve it, the killer corners him…moreless
  • Ep. #9718
    Ep. #9718
    Episode 36
    Sami confronts Roman and tells him that she will kill herself if he marries Kate, and when Roman doesn't buy it, she tells him that she hates him and she will not be a part of his life; Lexie visits Tony and tells him to burn in hell and later tells Celeste that she no longer considers herself a DiMera; Tony continues to declare his innocence and is ultimately released on bond; Nicole refuses to give up and makes another pass at Brady at the wedding and Chloe tells her to take a hike; Marlena apologizes to Kate and agrees to be her matron of honor; Lucas and Shawn come up with a way to force Sami to "hold her peace"; Kate & Roman exchange their vows and are declared man and wife; Rex cannot help but smile as he watches his parents tie the knot; When Tony is released from jail – he tells his lawyer he is not attending a wedding, but rather, a funeral; Finally, when the happy couple cuts into the wedding cake, blood oozes out…moreless
  • Ep. #9717
    Ep. #9717
    Episode 35
    Rex finds the messages the killer has sent in Tony's PDA; Shawn finds Roman and John and Roman arrests Tony and he is charged with the murders and he tells Roman the danger is not over; Kate is stung that Marlena will now be her matron of honor; John confronts Marlena later and asks her if she is in love with Roman; Kate tells Roman that she believes Marlena still loves him; Roman reassures her only guests with numbers invitations will be allowed to attend the wedding, just as we see an authentic wedding invitation next to the killer's mask, gloves, and knife on a desk; Sami destroys what she believes is Kate's wedding dress to prevent the wedding; Rex seems inconsolable after Tony is arrested; Chloe runs out on Brady and Victor tells her she hasn't won; Brady manages to get through the Chloe and Chloe marches back inside and slaps Nicole right across the face! Celeste faints after getting another premonition of a blood-drenched bride and groom; Bonnie runs into Mickey and he asks her help setting up at Tuscany for the wedding; Mickey runs to the police station and wants to strangle Tony; Bonnie then agrees to help Mickey with the wedding party at Tuscany. Celeste moves in with a portentous warning: the danger is far from over...moreless
  • Ep. #9716
    Ep. #9716
    Episode 34
    Kate and Roman's wedding is underway, but the killer sends Roman another message that he will not live to see his honeymoon; Marlena tells John that if Roman marries Kate it will be his death sentence; Sami vows to stop the wedding - no matter what it takes; Celeste overhears Sami plotting and warns her that if she's not careful, her plan will blow up in her face; Sami prays to God asking for forgiveness because she is about to sin; Tony runs into Lucas and later sends an extremely suspicious message via his PDA; Celeste sees a wedding veil covered with blood and feels evil is present; Kate asks Marlena to be matron of honor, but Marlena turns down her request; Brady finds Nicole naked in his room as he gets undressed to shower – and she throws herself at him, just as Chloe comes in to find them in a very compromising position; Rex and Mimi spread Cassie's ashes on the hilltop where they were first found; Rex, Mimi, Belle and Shawn meet up and later after having heard about Roman's threat and Rex says he knows how to trap the killer; Rex breaks the code of the killer's messages and programs a special ring and sends a message to the killer – imagine their surprise when they hear the special ring coming from Tony's PDA nearby…moreless
  • Ep. #9715
    Ep. #9715
    Episode 33
    Everyone gathers for Christmas at Bo & Hope's house where Jennifer shares her good news with the rest of the family and Roman and Kate announce their engagement with one piece of shocking information – they will marry tomorrow; Will and Sami spend Christmas morning at Lucas' and then Lucas invites Sami to stay for dinner and Will tries to get them to kiss under the mistletoe; Brady and Chloe share a romantic morning, unaware that Nicole is listening at the door; Victor gives Chloe a priceless Christmas gift from Brady – a set of pearls that belonged to Isabella – which more than infuriates Nicole; Jennifer gets an appointment with Dr. Bader and the news of the pregnancy mends fences between Jennifer and Abby; Bonnie cooks a big breakfast for Mickey and then the two head to the hospital where Jennifer reads the Christmas story to the children; and finally, the killer checks in with Roman – this time it's a picture of a blood moon with a message: "You won't live to see your honeymoon night"…moreless
  • Ep. #9714
    Ep. #9714
    Episode 32
    When Sami and Kate see Roman and Marlena embracing in the park, Sami thinks her prayers have been answered; Sami then happens to later stumble upon Roman proposing to Kate – she says yes! It's the traditional tree trimming party at Alice's as each member of the family hangs their ornaments; Brady starts to worry that Chloe isn't on the jet when she didn't call him and Nicole is overjoyed by his misery; Just as Brady is about to give up, he hears Chloe singing Christmas carols in the distance and opens the front door and there she is! The two share a very tender and joyful reunion as Victor and Nicole watch from the doorway – Nicole, of course, with tears in her eyes; and finally, Santa tells Jennifer that Jack will give her a very special present this year then she annouced she is pregnantmoreless
  • Ep. #9713
    Ep. #9713
    Episode 31
    This time, it's Lucas' turn to fantasize about making love to Sami; John again frightens Marlena and she wonders if Celeste's premonition will come true; Hope arrives at Belle's and deduces that she and Shawn are having sex; Shawn and Bo do their best to shop for Belle and Hope, and we see the humor of the men's good intentioned but wrong-headed shopping impulses as they pick out lingerie for Hope and Belle. When Belle and Hope are out doing shopping of their own, they spot the guys and come up with a plan to get what they want for Christmas; Roman tells Lucas his plans to propose to Kate and Sami tells him he is making a mistake and vows that she will kill before she will let her dad propose to Kate; and finally, Marlena asks Roman if he really wants to propose to Kate because she still loves him…moreless
  • Ep. #9712
    Ep. #9712
    Episode 30
    Jan stands in the pantry, ready to spring on Belle with the hammer; Bonnie and Mimi are lucky and manage to get away from the killer; Roman and Rex think they have The Salem Stalker cornered yet he/she gets away – Roman takes a shot at the killer and later finds blood and orders CSI out there right away; Bonnie uses her attack to her advantage with Mickey and he offers to drive her home - and Bonnie jumps at the chance; Sami and Lucas have a misunderstanding, but end up going to sleep in the same bed and Sami has a dream about making love to Lucas, but eventually ends up fast asleep in his arms; Rex and Shawn return to the loft and Rex tells Mimi he almost lost her, but he's glad she's OK; Shawn and Belle plan to head upstairs again and Jan cannot believe it when she hears they are both still virgins – and then vows that they better behave themselves so she can be Shawn's first; and just when Roman thinks he's safe – the killer is watching him from behind the trees…moreless
  • Ep. #9711
    Ep. #9711
    Episode 29
    The killer runs around Salem Place after having attacked Sami, who narrowly escaped and Roman has to eliminate more suspects – Rex, Kate, Sami and Lucas are eliminated. Lucas takes Sami home and puts her to bed after having escaped the killer's attack, but she gets freaked out and runs into Lucas' apartment and climbs into bed with him; Belle and Shawn continue to share a romantic evening, still unaware that Jan is in the apartment; Everyone hears the sirens around the city and Shawn and Rex split and go to give Roman and hand, and worried for her mother, Mimi runs out to check on her mom and ends up face to face with the killer alongside her mom and Max…moreless
  • Ep. #9710
    Ep. #9710
    Episode 28
    The killer lurks outside the Brady Pub, watching Roman; Roman debates giving Kate a ring for Christmas and Sami tells Lucas she will not let her father and Kate ever be together; Belle and Shawn share a romantic evening at home - although Jan is never far and Jan has some pretty steamy fantasies about Shawn; Nicole continues to try to tempt Brady – but he tells her he is waiting for Chloe; Victor calls Chloe and tells her he will send his jet to bring her home; Lucas and Sami argue over the stunt Lucas pulled and Sami warns: if Lucas tries it again, she'll have every right to kill him; Lucas then buys Sami dinner after Grandpa Shawn tells them they need to get along for Will's sake; Kate follows Roman trying to protect him and he mistakes her for the killer, just as the killer takes a swing at Roman, but gets away…the killer then meets Sami and takes another swipe at her…moreless
  • Ep. #9709
    Ep. #9709
    Episode 27
    TEK tells Bo that he is most likely the next victim after Roman; Bonnie and her dog Max, open a "charity" Christmas tree lot in Salem, and Bonnie slips some alcohol into Mickey's eggnog; Bonnie then has two naughty fantasies – one about Rex and one about Mickey; Rex plans a romantic evening for Mimi; Bo & Hope host a tree trimming party to kick off the holiday season; A potentially dangerous package arrives and scares the family because all they hear is ticking coming from inside the box! Jan continues to follow Belle and Shawn and vows once again that she will have Shawn for herself; Bonnie notices Jan lurking around and goes to confront her, but gets distracted and doesn't get the chance to tell Mimi; and finally, Bo gets another message on his PDA from the killer – it's a skeleton head wearing a Santa Hat that says, "Death never takes a holiday"…moreless
  • Ep. #9708
    Ep. #9708
    Episode 26
    John tries to convince Belle to go back to Europe – and she refuses; The "killer" turned out to be Lucas, and Roman has to arrest him and he says that he was only trying to scare Sami; Shawn tells John that he would die to save Belle's life; Lucas and Sami bicker as Lucas vows he will do whatever it takes to protect the women he loves…women? And Shawn tells Belle that tonight they will be going to bed together…moreless
  • Ep. #9707
    Ep. #9707
    Episode 25
    Jan watches with fury in her eyes as Shawn and Belle share a romantic reunion and then has a fantasy about what it would be like to break the two of them up and have Shawn for herself; John and Marlena are headed home for a romantic evening, but are interrupted by Jan's desperate call for help; Kate fantasizes that Sami is the next victim of The Salem Stalker just as Sami comes face to face with the killer; Roman sees The Salem Stalker and a chase ensues – and Roman catches him and he removes the mask, and is more than a little shocked by the killers identity!moreless
  • Ep. #9706
    Ep. #9706
    Episode 24
    Brady has a phone conversation with Chloe - elated that she has agreed to come home for the holidays; Jan continues to follow Shawn just as Shawn has a misunderstanding based on a phone conversation with Belle; Sami breaks into Kate's office and plants evidence on her computer that will finger her as the serial killer, gets caught and decides to try Kate's hotel suite, and has a visitor pop out of Kate's closet at her…moreless
  • Ep. #9705
    Ep. #9705
    Episode 23
    Marlena begs Roman to reconsider going toe-to-toe with the killer and she asks him to partner with John – and the police agree that is the best option; Victor's surprise for Brady is revealed – it's Stevie, Isabella's college friend and she has plans to build an opera house for Chloe to sing in; John tells Kate to remain by Roman's side, it's the only way to keep him safe; Lucas and Sami have a heated discussion and Sami denies having any feelings for Lucas – and the fact that she enjoyed the kiss that Lucas planted on her the other night and then Sami follows in Marlena's tracks and falls into an open grave, and it's Lucas who bails her out.moreless
  • Ep. #9704
    Ep. #9704
    Episode 22
    Everyone in the church following Caroline's funeral fights with one person or another and it takes Hope telling them not to give the killer the benefit of the doubt that calms them down – they all agree that it will help no one to turn on each other now; Roman takes the news of his imminent death while holding his ground and refuses round the clock protection, but instead offers himself as bait to trap the killer; Sami tries to convince her mom and dad to go away together; Tony gloats over the fact that John's name has been placed on the suspect list; Sami continues to fall apart and Lucas tells her that he will always be there for her; Victor has a surprise for Brady, which freaks Nicole out that she will lose Brady forever.moreless
  • Ep. #9703
    Ep. #9703
    Episode 21
    The Brady's hold Caroline's funeral and they prepare to say goodbye; Marlena is in the graveyard at Caroline's open grave when she sees Caroline's name on the headstone morph into her own, she then falls in and suspects that John pushed her; Roman tells Kate that he convinced a judge to grant her bail and releases Kate from her cell; Jan steps up her surveillance of Shawn; Sami continues to point the finger at both Kate and John; Rex tells Kate and Roman that he knows who the next victim will be; Bo receives another ominous message from the killer - another victim is fingered – "Commander Roman Brady, killed in the line of duty".moreless
  • Ep. #9702
    Ep. #9702
    Episode 20
    Sami continues to push and push at Roman and then vows to kill before anyone hurts her mother or father; Bo and Hope finally track Shawn down and convince him to stay at the house and when he finally talks to Belle, Jan lurks outside – and vows that if Belle comes home, it will be a fatal mistake; Sami tells Lucas she is afraid she will end up alone and Lucas tells her that he will always be there – and then he kisses her! Roman visits Kate in her cell and reconfirms his belief in her innocence and vows to clear her name; Rex and Mimi make up.moreless
  • Ep. #9701
    Ep. #9701
    Episode 19
    Bo worries that his mother is not resting in peace, and then has a very disturbing dream about her and she tells him that their family will suffer further; Marlena will not let John move out and he and Sami exchange some colorful words which could be mistaken as threats; Roman later tells Sami that it is time that she grew up; Jan continues to stalk Shawn in the shadows, vowing that Shawn will not be in love with Belle for much longer.moreless
  • Ep. #9700
    Ep. #9700
    Episode 18
    Celeste conducts a séance for Lexie and Jennifer and everyone gets to hear Abe say that John will kill Marlena; Brady gets a chance to talk to Chloe and finds out that Victor has offered to bring her home for the Holiday's; After hearing Abe say that Marlena is in danger, Sami orders Roman to arrest John, when they arrive, they find Marlena and John in a compromising position; John offers to move out of the penthouse, which makes Sami glee with delight.moreless
  • Ep. #9699
    Ep. #9699
    Episode 17
    Sami needs a serious attitude adjustment as she blasts her mother for being married to John and then she continues to push Roman into helping prove that John is the killer, and when Roman digs deep down, he discovers that John has no alibi for any of the murders; Jennifer and Lexie bond in mourning over their lost husbands and Celeste helps Lexie cope by channeling Abe for her which allows the two of them to share one last dance together; After they dance Lexie begs Abe to tell her who killed him. Abe tells her that he cannot tell her but assures her "That the best is yet to come"; Bo continues to search for clues in the murders; Nicole spills the beans to Brady that Victor is planning to bring Chloe back to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #9698
    Ep. #9698
    Episode 16
    Rex pushes Mimi away; Jan continues to stalk Shawn and secretly takes pictures of him and Philip; Tony stumbles upon the crime scene and learns that Cassie is dead and calls Stefano and tells him it wasn't supposed to happen like that; Roman questions Kate and when the lab reports prove that it was Cassie's blood on Kate's hands, he has no choice but to arrest her for Cassie's murder; Roman admits that he believes in Kate's innocence and promises her that he will do everything in his power to clear her name – which infuriates Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #9697
    Ep. #9697
    Episode 15
    Salem is rocked by the Thanksgiving death of Cassie; Once Kate sees Cassie, she goes snaps out of her days and into a state of shock; Rex confronts Kate, angrily accusing her, saying it wasn't Cassie's time to die; Sami tests Roman's last nerve by making an announcement to everyone in Salem Place that Kate Roberts is the serial killer and it almost causes a riot; Rex holds Cassie tight in his arms, crying and begging her to come back – until she is placed in a body bag; Caroline continues to talk to Celeste; Philip finally learns that his mother is also the biological mother of Rex and Cassie; Marlena receives the horrifying news that Cassie is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9696
    Ep. #9696
    Episode 14
    Salem residents try to have as normal a Thanksgiving as ever, despite the recent horrors befalling their loved ones – Bo and Hope are hosting dinner at their house; Grandpa Shawn decides to spend a quiet day with Kayla and Kimberly; Roman and Kate share a romantic morning; Sami tells Lucas that they share siblings; Cassie has a dream and figures out the killer's identity and then she gets a call from the killer and tells them she knows it's them and is on her way to tell Roman when Celeste's premonition becomes reality – Cassie's bloody dead body is discovered at The Salem Fall Celebration – she falls from the inside of a piñata and we see Kate standing there with a bloody knife in her hand – has she been caught red-handed…???moreless
  • Ep. #9695
    Ep. #9695
    Episode 13
    Sami spills the beans that twins are really Roman Brady's kids – and then the whole truth comes out: that Kate and Roman are their true parents, and this news draws Roman and Kate back together, which infuriates Sami; Cassie thinks that she knows who the killer is; Caroline continues to communicate with Celeste from beyond the grave and tells her that the killer was there looking over her casket – and all seven suspects were accounted for as making appearances at the wake…moreless
  • Ep. #9694
    Ep. #9694
    Episode 12
    Rex tells Bo, Roman and Hope his theory: the next person who threatens the killer will die - the cop who comes close to cracking the case will be a target! Victor warns Nicole that if and when he brings Chloe back to town, her chance with Brady is gone; Sami blurts out that that Tony is not really Rex and Cassie's father; and Caroline is still trying to warn Celeste that the killings are far from over – and that Marlena will be the next victim – killed by her own husband, John…moreless
  • Ep. #9693
    Ep. #9693
    Episode 11
    Marlena collapses at the Brady Pub - is she the next victim of The Stalker? A weeping Roman holds a seemingly lifeless Marlena in his arms, saying: I love you, Doc! Caroline makes contact with Celeste again during her wake; Rex is released from jail and tells Bo that he knows yet again who the next victim will be; Sami makes it clear to John and Kate that they are not welcome at Caroline's wake and that her parents will be getting back together - and if they try to stop it, they will be sorry.moreless
  • Ep. #9692
    Ep. #9692
    Episode 10
    Caroline reaches out to Celeste from the coffin; Bonnie has a fantasy involving Mickey Horton; Victor tries to strangle Nicole - again; The Salem Stalker taunts Bo via his PDA and signals: another victim's time is up – and just then, Marlena collapses, seemingly lifeless...
  • Ep. #9691
    Ep. #9691
    Episode 9
    Shawn and Brady heave a heart to heart talk; Someone is watching Shawn D. from afar - Jan Spears is back in Salem; Kimberly comes to town to help comfort the Brady family; Victor wants Nicole out of his house and Brady's life once and for all and gives her divorce papers to sign; The Salem Stalker contacts Bo via his PDA and sends him a distorted video of his mother who taunts him that he couldn't save his own mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9690
    Ep. #9690
    Episode 8
    Caroline's autopsy report arrives - she was poisoned; Marlena and Roman are drawn closer together and John and Kate see them together; Will has some misconceptions about the state of his parent's relationship after he sees Lucas half-naked in Sami's apartment first thing in the morning.
  • Ep. #9689
    Ep. #9689
    Episode 7
    A heartwarming episode as we bid farewell to a beloved citizen of the Salem community because Bo and Roman find their mother in the church - nothing could have saved her from the Salem Stalker; Brady has a steamy fantasy about Nicole; Sami tells Kate she's going to make sure that she is never with Roman again; Victor tries to strangle Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #9688
    Ep. #9688
    Episode 6
    Rex states the police have made a mistake arresting him and declares that someone else is going to die, and the details he gives to Mimi only make him look more guilty; After the funerals, Bo and Roman catch an intruder in the church – and you'll never believe who it is; And finally, the countdown hits zero, but it is too late to save Caroline Brady?moreless
  • Ep. #9687
    Ep. #9687
    Episode 5
    Celeste has another death-impending premonition – and it comes true…right down to the last detail; The triple funeral for Abe, Jack and Maggie is held - but is crudely interrupted.
  • Ep. #9686
    Ep. #9686
    Episode 4
    The residents of Salem prepare to say goodbye to three loved ones; Shawn is determined to pin the crimes on Rex and tries to enlist Mimi's help; The killer contacts Bo via his PDA and declares that the next murder will take place within an hour…
  • Ep. #9685
    Ep. #9685
    Episode 3
    Lucas falls off the wagon and then stuns Sami when he plants a kiss on her; Caroline is keeping a secret from her family and won't divulge her whereabouts when Maggie was killed; Kate and Victor make a devilish deal.
  • Ep. #9684
    Ep. #9684
    Episode 2
    Victor offers an unhappy Caroline support after Maggie's death and Grandpa Shawn catches them holding hands; Nicole and Brady find themselves in a truly compromising situation and they share a passionate kiss; Cassie visits Rex in jail where he cryptically predicts his exoneration - the killer will strike again while he's behind bars! And the killer "strikes" once again and destroys the evidence that Philip and Tek were working on…moreless
  • Ep. #9683
    Ep. #9683
    Episode 1
    A special heartwarming episode sharing the final moments of Maggie Horton as she passes away with Hope, Shawn, Jennifer, Alice and Mickey at her side. The DNA tests come back on Rex's clothes and Roman arrests him for the murder of Maggie. And it turns out there is an explanation for Sami's dream. Lucas is shocked to learn of Kate's big secret.moreless