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Season 53 : Episode 302

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  • Ep. #10182
    Ep. #10182
    Episode 255
    Austin is furious when Sami interrupts his business dinner with Nicole, and he and Nicole leave. Maggie tries to counsel Sami not to risk what she could have with Lucas by going after Austin. Belle comes to Shawn's apartment after Mimi flees in tears, and tells Shawn that he and Mimi do not belong together. Mimi prays in the Church for an answer. While watching Marlena and Alex from Kate's apartment, John is thrilled when Marlena says she is reconsidering the divorce. John and Kate head over there after he calls her, and while he talks to Marlena, Kate tries to keep Alex out of their hair.moreless
  • Ep. #10181
    Ep. #10181
    Episode 254
    John convinces Father Jansen to go and talk to Marlena about their wedding vows then boasts to Kate that he planted listening devices while in the penthouse and, using the new ISA equipment that has just arrived, listens to Marlena tell Alex she doesn't want to go through with the divorce. Jennifer finds Jack in the bookstore holding a book on natural healing and believes her husband is going to try her suggestion, but Jack admits to Frankie that it's just a ploy. Shawn tries to cheer Mimi up, but after having a nightmare, Mimi is convinced that Shawn will never be happy unless he can have his own biological family.moreless
  • Ep. #10180
    Ep. #10180
    Episode 253
    Even though Will encourages Lucas to give it a second chance with Sami, Lucas says that it's over and heads out on a date with Sophie. Jennifer and Frankie find an address that Jack had written down and head there to learn that it's a bookstore that sells books on assisted suicide. After a woman in the park encourages Sami to move on she sees Nicole and Austin together at Chez Rouge and is determined to save Austin from Nicole. Hope and Bo wake Zack with their arguments over Shawn and Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10179
    Ep. #10179
    Episode 252
    Mimi does her best to take care of Claire when Shawn leaves her alone with the baby for a moment, but she is unable to pick her up and passes out once Shawn returns. Philip runs a bubble bath for an exhausted Belle, who imagines that Shawn is there with her. Austin refuses to tell Nicole which lady in Salem he left his heart with. Sami begs Lucas for another chance and kisses him. Will returns home from a Halloween party, upset because someone had a 'Stan' costume.moreless
  • Ep. #10178
    Ep. #10178
    Episode 251
    Jack begs for Lexie's help in ending his life, but she refuses. Jack realises how much Frankie still loves Jennifer, and thanks him for agreeing to be there for Jennifer and Abby after he is gone. Alex is able to hypnotize Marlena again when John rushes to the collapsed Jack, and when John returns to Marlena, she tells him that she loves Alex now. Shawn successfully settles Claire down for the night and offers himself and MImi up as babysitters so that Philip and Belle can have some time alone.moreless
  • Ep. #10177
    Ep. #10177
    Episode 250
    Jack manages to charm his way out of exposure after Jennifer confronts him about the call from the suicide help line, but he collapses while dancing with Jennifer. Shawn and Mimi are working the Halloween party at Alice's, and Shawn comforts Mimi after she learns Hope and Belle agree that she isn't right for Shawn. Alex nearly loses his charm after a run-in with Bonnie. John struggles to jar Marlena's memory without success.moreless
  • Ep. #10176
    Ep. #10176
    Episode 249
    Marlena agrees to spend time with John at Alice's after the chiming clock brings up old memories. Alex hastens to follow them despite Frankie's attempts to keep him where he is. Jennifer invites Bo and Hope over for pizza, then is shocked when an assisted suicide hot line calls looking for Jack. Sami is devastated when she finds an insulting message from Will on the computer, not realising it was a plant by Nicole to get revenge on her for stealing Nicole's idea. Lucas finds her crying in the hallway and admits that he's still in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10175
    Ep. #10175
    Episode 248
    Acting as intermediary, Frankie sends Marlena a letter from John requesting to meet with a marriage counselor. Alex tricks Marlena into signing the divorce papers. Hope is furious when Bo confirms that he is the person who has been supplying Chelsea with all the cash she's been using lately. After asking Shawn to be his partner in his new garage, Max takes Chelsea salsa dancing. Mimi warns Shawn that Hope isn't too thrilled with the idea of him quitting school.moreless
  • Ep. #10174
    Ep. #10174
    Episode 247
    Mimi realises that she doesn't have enough money for tuition and decides that she'll take a semester off school and get a second job working at the spa. Billie reluctantly agrees not to tell Jennifer about Jack's plans to commit suicide, and Jennifer finds renewed hope for Jack after doing some research. Max decides to use his winnings at the track to open up a new garage, and at his brother Bo's insistence, considers giving Shawn a shot at a mechanic's job. Hope is upset to learn from Mimi and Gloriane that Shawn isn't going back to school.moreless
  • Ep. #10173
    Ep. #10173
    Episode 246
    Nicole and Sami pretend that they get along in order to keep their jobs working for Austin, but Sami is fit to be tied when Nicole's complaints to Austin about a lack of a home prompt Austin to invite Nicole to move into Sami's apartment. Lucas meets Maggie for coffee before starting his first day at Titan and she offers him a few words of wisdom. Billie does her best to convince Jack that suicide is not the answer to his problems and when he doesn't listen to her she threatens to tell Jennifer what he's planning. Hope and Jennifer discuss Chelsea's extravagant spending.moreless
  • Ep. #10172
    Ep. #10172
    Episode 245
    Donald Trump arrives in Salem to donate money for the Horton Foundation. Austin hires Sami as his assistant, but she's shocked to learn that Nicole will be her boss. Frankie takes Nicole's divorce case over from Mickey. Billie tries to convince Bo that Patrick is not interested in Chelsea in any way because he's involved with her. Hope takes Jennifer to the spa so that she can relax where they run into Chelsea, who has bilked another $250 out of Bo. Jack calls Billie for help in committing suicide.moreless
  • Ep. #10171
    Ep. #10171
    Episode 245
    Austin tells Sami about his plans to stay and work in Salem, and accepts when she offers him a place to live for the time being. Jack refuses to let Abby and Jennifer believe that there is a chance for him and wants to spend as much time as he can with his family. Billie and Chelsea argue over Patrick's intentions where Chelsea is concerned, and Billie tells Kate not to continue to funnel money Chelsea's way. Bo gives Hope a model of the Fancy Face III.moreless
  • Ep. #10170
    Ep. #10170
    Episode 244
    Alex again tries to hypnotize Marlena into forgetting all about John, and shows her some photographs of them taken together, but he is deliberately vague when she asks for more information. Bo heads off to look for Abby, who took off after learning Jack was ill, while Hope stays behind with Jennifer. Patrick and Billie share a dance and a kiss, which is interrupted by a call from Jennifer. Chelsea convinces Abby to go home, then cries in Patrick's arms. Abby turns her back on Jack after learning how long he kept the truth from her.moreless
  • Ep. #10169
    Ep. #10169
    Episode 243
    After Lucas confesses that he's a recovering alcoholic, he and Sophie decide to not spend their date at a bar. Lucas offers her a place to sleep for the night. At Roman's insistence, Austin takes Sami back home where she wants to see Will and is devastated to realise Lucas has an overnight guest. John accuses Alex of sneaking into Marlena's bedroom, but Alex turns the tables when he tricks John into admitting that he was spying on Marlena from Kate's apartment. Shawn wants to gets Philip for Belle, but she only wants to be with him, prompting Shawn to remind her that they've both moved on with their lives.moreless
  • Ep. #10168
    Ep. #10168
    Episode 242
    Philip pulls back from Belle's attempts at lovemaking and suggests she go upstairs while he looks after their daughter. John spies on Marlena through the binoculars and almost catches Alex climbing the ledge to her room. Mimi falls asleep on the couch after watching The Rolling Stones and Shawn heads up to the roof, where he finds Belle. Bonnie is pleased that her attempts to infiltrate herself in Roman's life are working. Roman, Kate, John, Austin and Sami all head over to the penthouse. Lucas is touched by Sophie's interest in him.moreless
  • Ep. #10167
    Ep. #10167
    Episode 241
    Roman and Lucas talk together, lamenting their lost loves. As Bonnie tries to put the moves on Roman (much to Sami's chagrin), Sophie asks Lucas out, but he's not ready to date yet. John is pleased when Marlena locks her door against Alex, not realising that Alex plans to get to Marlena's room using the ledge outside. Shawn and Mimi talk about all the romance the roof has seen over the years, but neither are ready to take their relationship to the next level and return to the apartment. Belle admits to Philip that Shawn and Mimi together bother her, and Philip worries that she is suffering from post partum depression.moreless
  • Ep. #10166
    Ep. #10166
    Episode 240
    Abby takes off after learning that her father is dying, and while Jack encourages Jennifer to let Abby have some time alone, Abby confides in Chelsea and begs her friend to get her out of there. Sami is happy to hear about Lucas's new job, but when she congratulates him at Alice's, he doesn't care about anything she has to say. John and Kate interrupt Alex and Marlena's night out and John is able to get Marlena onto the dance floor before Alex spirits her away. Nicole challenges Austin to a game of pool with an interesting wager -- if she wins, he goes home with her!moreless
  • Ep. #10165
    Ep. #10165
    Episode 239
    Shawn and Mimi admit that the kiss meant more to them than either of them had said and return to the roof. Belle sees them kissing and nearly falls from the top. Austin and Lucas spar about Lucas' new job and Austin tries to convince Lucas to give Sami another chance but Lucas refuses to even consider it. John asks for Abe's help in proving that Marlena truly loves him and not Alex, but Abe, worried about his relationship with Lexie, is unable to help. Lucas accepts Brady's old job from Victor, but is later upset to learn that Victor offered it to Austin, who turned him down.moreless
  • Ep. #10164
    Ep. #10164
    Episode 238
    At the Fall Mixer, Abby tells Max about her childhood fight with aplastic anemia, then later Max tells Chelsea the story of how Shawn and Caroline came to be his parents years ago. Kate asks Victor to run a background check on Alex and when Victor wonders why she doesn't just ask John, she admits that she wants an unbiased opinion. Nicole is surprised to find recovering alcoholic Lucas working as a bartender at Alice's. Lexie tries to be gentle with Jennifer as she tells her that there is no hope for Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #10163
    Ep. #10163
    Episode 237
    Alex reminds Marlena how quickly John got involved with Kate after she 'died'. Kate suggests John move in with her which he agrees to do after realising that Kate's place has a great view of the penthouse. Shawn shows Mimi the bottle of wine Maggie gave him but when she spends too long on the phone, dinner is ruined. Belle and Philip invite Mimi and Shawn to have dinner with them and the baby at their home. Jack begs Jennifer not to waste her time trying to find a cure, and suggests they just enjoy their time together.moreless
  • Ep. #10162
    Ep. #10162
    Episode 236
    John is convinced that Marlena is only asking for a divorce because Alex is making her, but she assures him that this is her decision. Shawn admits to Bo that he is worried that he will ruin his friendship with Mimi if he pursues a relationship with her but Bo encourages him to follow his heart. At the salon, Mimi gets similar advice from Caroline, and Shawn is pleased when he later comes back to the apartment to find Mimi making his favorite meal. Lexie stalls when Jennifer asks her about Jack's pills, so Jennifer goes right to the source and is heartbroken when Jack admits that, yes, he is dying.moreless
  • Ep. #10161
    Ep. #10161
    Episode 235
    Austin explains that Sami was not on U.S. soil and that neither she nor Tony were ever officially claimed as enemies of the U.S., leading the D.A. to drop all the charges against Sami. Jennifer overhears Jack and Frankie talking about a secret, but Jack plays it off like it's a joke. Frankie tries to talk Jennifer out of throwing a party for Jack. Jennifer finds Jack's prescription and realises the severity of his condition. John plays off Marlena's request for a divorce, reminding her that it's her birthday. He gifts her with a photo album, but she insists it brings back nothing for her.moreless
  • Ep. #10160
    Ep. #10160
    Episode 234
    Shawn talks to Mimi about the kiss they shared and tells her that he finally realises now that Belle is in his past, but worries that kissing Mimi might ruin their friendship. Alex and Marlena spend time together at Java, but he is disappointed when she goes to talk to John. John is thrilled at first, until Marlena tells him she wants a divorce. Austin goes to the station house with Sami, where her lawyer, Mickey, tries unsuccessfully to get a detective other than Roman to question her. Kate lays into Austin about how awful Sami is, and her rants give Austin the idea he needs to save Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10159
    Ep. #10159
    Episode 233
    Lucas is upset to find Austin answering Sami's door wearing only a towel even though Austin tries to convince his half-brother that he is only there as a friend. Alex catches Lexie digging into his past again and threatens her with exposure, leading Lexie to tell John that if he wants answers he'll have to figure them out for himself. John tries to prove that Alex is a fraud but Alex manages to be able to prove that he's anything but when it comes to his work. Marlena heads to the salon where she receives hypnotic messages from Alex thanks to a certain kind of music.moreless
  • Ep. #10158
    Ep. #10158
    Episode 232
    Jennifer approaches Doug and Julie to ask for their help in planning a party for Jack, who hasn't been himself lately, as Frankie again tries to convince Jack to tell his wife the truth about his illness. Shawn find Mimi on the roof, where she laments that Belle has everything -- a husband, a baby, and even Shawn's heart. Shawn surprises both of them when he kisses her. Alex finds Lexie trying to check up on him and warns her that she won't like the result if he goes against her. While holding baby Claire, Marlena remembers holding Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #10157
    Ep. #10157
    Episode 231
    Mimi runs out of the room after Belle and Philip ask her to be Claire's godmother, and Philip goes after her to apologize. Shawn wonders what it would have been like if he was actually Claire's father. Bo and Hope argue after Bo argues with Billie about going to meet Patrick. Patrick and Billie head to The Craze where they run into Chelsea, newly rich after using the money Bo gave her to party. Austin tries to come between Kate and Sami when they get into it again but refuses to walk away from Sami the way that Kate wants him to. Hope is upset that Bo gave Chelsea $250 considering how angry he was with her when she gave Shawn money.moreless
  • Ep. #10156
    Ep. #10156
    Episode 230
    Philip is happy to see his older half-brother at Chez Rouge and asks him to stop by the hospital to see the baby, but warns Austin to stay away from Nicole. Nicole is thrilled to see Austin and tries to ply him for information about whether or not he is still interested in her, but he will only admit that he left his heart in Salem. Chelsea continues to manipulate Bo, Billie and Hope and runs out after Hope agrees with Bo and Billie, then plays Bo so that he gives her money. Philip and Belle both agree that they want to name their new baby girl Claire, then they call Shawn and Mimi to ask them to be Claire's godparents. Kate is shocked to realise that Sami and Austin are at the restaurant together.moreless
  • Ep. #10155
    Ep. #10155
    Episode 229
    Chelsea is unimpressed by Billie's attempts to get closer to her and reminds her mother that Sami refered to both Kate and Billie as whores. Maggie seats Sami and Austin away from the others when they show up at Chez Rouge for dinner, but pushes Mimi and Shawn to sit together. Bo and Hope talk about the situation with Chelsea and Hope warns Bo not to alienate Chelsea by constantly supporting Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #10154
    Ep. #10154
    Episode 228
    Sami reels when a neighbor points out all her failures with marriage, then Austin reels to learn to that Sami has kept all the wedding gowns from her non-marriages. Kate shows up at the hospital to see Philip's new baby, and both Victor and Philip try to get her out of there while Lucas vows never to forgive her. Nicole shows up at Sami's to argue with her about Kate's 'Stan' revelation, and is then shocked to see a towel-clad Austin. Mimi is devastated when Rex sends her every single momento from their time together.moreless
  • Ep. #10153
    Ep. #10153
    Episode 227
    Bonnie and Nicole toast to Sami's perpetual unhappiness. Maggie and Bonnie get into it when Bonnie offers all the left-over food from Sami's reception to Mimi. Lexie refuses to let Shawn in the room with Philip and Belle as Belle prepares to give birth, but he peeks in shortly after Belle gives birth to a baby girl. Sami gives her tale of woe to Austin who admonishes her that her problems are all of her own making, but vows to stand by her. Alex offers surprising words of comfort to Shawn as they talk about lost loves.moreless
  • Ep. #10152
    Ep. #10152
    Episode 226
    While on their 'date', Chelsea flirts with Patrick, who reminds her that he is only with her so she'll be nicer to Billie. But he plays right into her hands when he is so adamantly opposed to her dating Max. Marlena flashes back to giving birth to Belle as she and Lexie help Belle deal with her labor. Shawn cuts his night with Mimi short when he learns Belle is about to give birth. Sami's world comes crashing down as John reveals that DNA tests prove she was Stan and Lucas tells her that she is dead to him. Austin finds her crying in the garden as Lucas tells Kate she is out of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #10151
    Ep. #10151
    Episode 225
    Jennifer decides to stay home from the wedding when Jack takes ill, and both Frankie and Lexie try to convince Jack to tell his wife the truth. Sami's wedding turns into a three-ring circus as Kate shows everyone photographs of Sami's transformation to Stan. Marlena is upset after Alex asserts that both Roman and John love Kate, but pulls it together to help Belle, who fears she is in labor. Austin is headed on a flight to Salem, and offers his own toast to Sami and Lucas. Frankie finds a letter Jennifer wrote him years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #10150
    Ep. #10150
    Episode 224
    After Max pulls back from her kiss and tells her he cares enough to want to get to know her first, Chelsea turns to Patrick, and tells him he owes her a 'date'. Lexie is horrified that Alex knows about her affair with Tek and tries to convince Alex to leave Marlena alone, but he tells her he's only trying to help her. Sami's wedding is interrupted yet again when 'Stan' enters the Church. The men are prepared to arrest 'Stan' until Kate reveals it's actually her! Shawn helps Mimi when the zipper on Caroline's wedding dress gets stuck, and the two commisserate over their broken hearts.moreless
  • Ep. #10149
    Ep. #10149
    Episode 223
    Lexie threatens to tell John the truth about Alex hypnotizing Marlena, but Alex warns her that if she says anything, he'll make sure Abe finds out that she cheated on him with Tex. After Billie admits to Chelsea that she came back to Salem looking for love and fortune, Chelsea reminds her mother that Bo and Hope are happily married. Roman interrupts Sami's vows after Tek advises them an international terrorist is on the loose, and Marlena is left trying to comfort Sami. Caroline comforts an upset Mimi, then lets her try on her wedding dress, which Shawn sees her in.moreless
  • Ep. #10148
    Ep. #10148
    Episode 222
    John agrees to Marlena's insistence that Alex be allowed to stay at the penthouse rather than risk losing what little ground he has gained. Belle and Philip reaffirm their love for each other after she sees him walk with his prosthesis without difficulty. Sami continues to dream of her parents getting back together, but Roman and Caroline remind Sami that John and Marlena are still legally married. Kate is upset to learn that Austin's flight has been delayed, but thrilled when Nicole finally breaks down and tells her the truth about 'Stan'.moreless
  • Ep. #10147
    Ep. #10147
    Episode 221
    John boasts that he has finally convinced Marlena to start cutting the apron strings to Alex, only to have Marlena turn the tables on him by insisting Alex stay. Roman is worried about Tony ruining Sami's wedding after Abe tells him that Tony has been blaming everything on 'Stan'. Abby and Chelsea enjoy going through the revealing outfits Kate gave to Chelsea, but when Jennifer and Jack see Abby dressed in one of the skimpy gowns, they demand she change into something more appropriate.moreless
  • Ep. #10146
    Ep. #10146
    Episode 220
    Philip is upset to find out that Shawn brought Belle home from the wedding until he finds out that she was cramping. Sami and Lucas look forward to their wedding the next day, with Sami finally believing she will be truly happy with the man that she loves. John warns Alex to stay out of Marlena's bedroom, so Alex sneaks in through the window. Shawn stops in to see Mimi and finds her in only a towel, and the two decide to watch a movie. Brady and Chloe prepare for their wedding night.moreless
  • Ep. #10145
    Ep. #10145
    Episode 219
    Jack dances with Abby during the father/daughter dance, and thinks about all the times he will miss with her once he is gone. While Mimi warns Belle to stop trying to control Shawn, Bonnie lies to Shawn about Mimi being depressed to get Shawn to spend more time with her. Sami initially panics when Roman talks about the things found in the trunk of Tony's car, but Roman admits that stuff is useless. Victor and Kate worry about Alex' intentions for Marlena as John takes her on a romantic carriage ride, hoping to jog her memory.moreless
  • Ep. #10144
    Ep. #10144
    Episode 218
    Abby and Jennifer are suspicious when Jack and Frankie both seem determined that Jennifer be with the other. Mimi is upset to hear Belle vow her love to Shawn. Brady and Chloe prepare to head to the cottage for one night before going to Paris. When Max whines about losing a racing sponser, Chelsea says she'll get Kate to sponser him. Roman is intrigued to learn that Tony had numerous disguises in his possession. Billie is happy that Chelsea apologized to her, but Hope thinks Chelsea is up to something.moreless
  • Ep. #10143
    Ep. #10143
    Episode 217
    Belle tries to convince her mother that John is the man she's meant to be with, but Marlena turns it around on Belle when she observes that Belle obviously isn't in love with her husband. Nico holds Nicole at gunpoint, but Victor temporarily stays his aim. Before Nico can actually take care of her, Nicole gets away from him. Brady and Chloe enjoy their first dance as man and wife, sharing the dance floor with Patrick and Chelsea as well as Jennifer and Frankie. Sami is relieved when the video of Tony and his lawyer only shows the back of Tony's head.moreless
  • Ep. #10142
    Ep. #10142
    Episode 216
    Craig walks Chloe down the aisle, and all the guests are happily shocked when she lifts her veil and has no scars on her face. Kate encounters Nicole in the bridal room and tries to convince Nicole to turn on Sami, but Nicole isn't ready to give up on a future with Brady yet. Billie tries to reach out to Chelsea, who accuses her of abandoning her to go after Bo. Marlena admits to John that she was trying to imagine herself marrying him or Roman without success. Bonnie fantasizes numerous marriages but her montage is interrupted when Belle faints.moreless
  • Ep. #10141
    Ep. #10141
    Episode 215
    Chloe swears to Nancy that if her face is still scarred, she will not marry Brady. Without showing her face, she prepares to walk down the aisle. Bart sneaks a key into Tony then uses a scrambler to stop the video from taping the cell. Tony is captured in the escape, but Bart manages to get free. Billie tries to make inroads with Chelsea, who is more interested in rubbing her new dress in her mother's face. While Kate tries to convince John to separate Kate and Marlena, Alex encourages Marlena to stay at the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #10140
    Ep. #10140
    Episode 214
    Bart drops a package with a bug in it off at the police station then listens to Roman and Tek, but they soon figure out what is up. Brady is surprised to learn that John, Marlena and Alex all spent the night together (in separate rooms), and later Kate confides in John that she thinks Alex has an agenda. Sami demands that Bart hand over the 'Stan' disguise, which he promises to do once Tony is free. Alex doesn't want Marlena to divorce her husband. Nancy helps Chloe get ready for the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #10139
    Ep. #10139
    Episode 213
    Sami treats Lucas to a sexy stripshow, but things get embarrassing when Will shows up with a friend. Lexie warns Belle that she needs to be calm and avoid all stress, and Mimi accuses Belle of creating all of this drama to tie Shawn to her. John continues to push for Marlena to return to Salem, which she finally agrees to do as long as Alex comes with her, but makes it clear she's only doing it for Sami and Belle -- not him.moreless
  • Ep. #10138
    Ep. #10138
    Episode 212
    John doesn't buy Alex's explanation for why he was kissing Marlena, and orders Marlena to return to Salem with him. Belle and Philip discuss names for their baby, and pick out three names for each gender. Victor surprises both Brady and Lucas with well wishes, and gives them both an envelope. Chelsea brags to Abby that she is golng to make her family pay for everything that happened to her, and pay big. Sami is caught talking to Bart outside the bar.moreless
  • Ep. #10137
    Ep. #10137
    Episode 211
    Bo isn't willing to listen when Hope tries to warn him about Chelsea's manipulative nature. Although she is initially less than thrilled with having Kate as a grandmother, Chelsea soon relates to Abby the nice position that puts her in financially. Victor warns Lucas against marrying Sami, then congratulates Philip. Alex drugs then hypnotizes Marlena into remembering happier times they spent together.moreless
  • Ep. #10136
    Ep. #10136
    Episode 210
    Tek wants Lexie to admit that she has feelings for him, but she says that even though they've been together twice, she's still committed to Abe. Hope gives Jennifer some of Zach's old baby clothes for Jack Jr., telling her she won't be needing them anymore. Chelsea agrees to come out of the bathroom to speak to Bo and Billie, and the show her the DNA tests. Chelsea can't understand why the Bensons lied to her all her life. Abby shows up, and is thrilled about Chelsea's new family. Lexie tells Jack that he's getting worse.moreless
  • Ep. #10135
    Ep. #10135
    Episode 209
    Sami uses Roman's computer to get the information to get Tony out of jail. Kate walks in on her, and Sami and Kate (again) trade insults. Lucas asks Roman for Sami's hand in marriage, and Roman initially refuses until Lucas swears to never break her heart again. Sami gives the information Tony wants to Bart, not realising Roman planted false information in the computer. Hope tells Patrick that Chelsea is a master manipulator, but Patrick wants to believe she's just a misguided kid. Max pulls back from making love with Chelsea. While Chelsea takes a shower, Bo and Billie show up, and Max leaves so his brother and Billie can talk to Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10134
    Ep. #10134
    Episode 208
    Kate tries to piece together the burnt pictures with the clues Nicole has given her to destroy Sami, even though Roman tells her that nothing will make up for her breaking her promise. Will cautions Sami against breaking up their family again. Chelsea refuses to believe she could be Billie and Bo's child. Max defends his brother, which Chelsea initially considers a betrayal. Max takes her to a hotel, where she kisses him. Patrick admits to Hope that Chelsea learning her parents are Bo and Billie could push her over the edge.moreless
  • Ep. #10133
    Ep. #10133
    Episode 207
    John and Victor stopped by to see Brady and Chloe and wanted to pay for the wedding, then were shocked when Chloe bolted from the room. Victor felt that the name 'Alex North' was familiar, but couldn't place it. Marlena peppered Alex with questions about her past, but he wouldn't give her a lot of answers, for fear of jeopardizing her recovery. Chelsea took great pleasure in watching Bo pummel Patrick until Hope forced her to admit that she had manipulated all of them. Chelsea slapped Billie when she told her she was her biological mother. Dressed as a priest, Bart told Sami if she didn't help Tony break free, he would show everyone photographic proof that she was Stan.moreless
  • Ep. #10132
    Ep. #10132
    Episode 206
    Bo feels guilty that he and Billie had no idea their daughter was alive. When they go to the beach to find her, they find only Max. Nicole reveals to Kate that Sami spent time pretending to be a man, but doesn't give the man's name. Sami is thrilled to see Will arrive home from camp, and tells him all about her and Lucas' reconciliation and upcoming wedding. Chelsea allows Patrick to believe that Max attacked her.moreless
  • Ep. #10131
    Ep. #10131
    Episode 205
    Bo and Billie are thrilled to learn that Chelsea is their daughter, but less than thrilled when they learn Patrick has spilled the beans to Hope. Patrick tries to convince Chelsea he is not interested in her romantically, so she again turns to Max. Sami gives Belle some advice about love, and suggests she stay with Philip. Jack's plan seems to be working as Frankie and Jennifer get closer while locked up together. Abby and Josh share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10130
    Ep. #10130
    Episode 204
    Bonnie is thrilled that Sami wants to hold her reception at Alice's and that money is no object. Belle is uncomfortable when she overhears a discussion between Shawn and Philip, in which Shawn tells Philip that he can hear him and Belle making love. Caroline welcomes Frankie home at the Church, and is glad to have her two youngest sons (Frankie and Max) back in town. Patrick tells Chelsea he is too old for her, then warns her off Max. Josh gives Abby an unusual gift. Billie and Bo are shocked to read the DNA results.moreless
  • Ep. #10129
    Ep. #10129
    Episode 203
    Chloe again tells Brady that she can't marry him because of her scars, and he reminds her that everything is already in place. Chelsea rants about Billie to Abby, refusing to let Billie take the place of her beloved mother, and accusing Billie of butting in on her and Patrick. Frankie and Jennifer are both at St. Luke's (Jack's idea) when their song, Stand By Me, begins to play. Kate prods Tony for information on Sami which he is more than willing to give, if she gets him out of there. After seeing Tony, Sami decides to help him out so she can save her own skin.moreless
  • Ep. #10128
    Ep. #10128
    Episode 202
    Bo finds Patrick and Chelsea in the clinch and punches Patrick, but Hope realises the kiss had to be at Chelsea's instigation and warns the young girl against flaunting her sexuality with the wrong man. Billie runs into Kate after leaving Tony and tells her mother that Tony's news could change all their lives. Alex stops his and Marlena's make-out session by telling her they can't be doing that right now.moreless
  • Ep. #10127
    Ep. #10127
    Episode 201
    Sami continues to worry that Tony will tell everyone that she was Stan and her marriage to Lucas will never take place. Kate and John meet at the Brady Pub for breakfast, and Kate admits to John that she believes Roman just 'settled' for her because he couldn't have Marlena. Patrick again suggests to Billie that Chelsea could be her daughter, but Billie reminds him that Mickey never insinuated Chelsea could be adopted. Marlena confronts Alex and asks if they share a past together because she has memories of him, but he tells her she's only transfering her feelings for John onto him.moreless
  • Ep. #10126
    Ep. #10126
    Episode 200
    Max and Chelsea are trying to make love when Patrick and Chelsea burst in on them. In typical fashion, Chelsea directs her anger toward Billie. Victor kicks Nicole out of the mansion, and although she tries to get help from Brady, he's unwilling to help her out. Up in the mountains, Alex begins his therapy with Marlena in earnest, trying to help her remember her past.moreless
  • Ep. #10125
    Ep. #10125
    Episode 199
    Tony is brought into the Brady Pub, and Bo and Hope are happy to reunite Shawn and Caroline. Lexie turns on Tony once and for all. Cheslea and Max head for the bedroom. Nicole is shocked to see Victor alive and well. Belle is jealous of Mimi and Shawn, and Mimi calls her on it.moreless
  • Ep. #10124
    Ep. #10124
    Episode 198
    Sami has nightmares about Lucas finding out she was Stan and turning away from her. John drops Alex and Marlena off at the cabin for her treatment, and doesn't have an answer for her when she wonders why, if they are so close, she slept with her ex. A shocked Abby listens on Chelsea's cell phone as Chelsea and Max make out. Billie defends Patrick to Hope and Bo, and Hope believes her, although Bo is still suspicious.moreless
  • Ep. #10123
    Ep. #10123
    Episode 197
    Jack reiterates to Frankie that he is dying, and asks Frankie to look after Jennifer once he is gone. Mimi tells Shawn that if Belle really wanted to be free of Philip, they'd have used birth control. Chelsea confirms to Max that she wants to sleep with him. An explosion interrupts Tony's revelation of who Georgia really is.moreless
  • Ep. #10122
    Ep. #10122
    Episode 196
    On a night at Alice’s, Chelsea decides she is going to give Max something special. Jack levels with Frankie and tells him the truth. Shawn and Mimi go out, upsetting Belle. On DiMera Island, Tony arranges a brief family reunion for Bo before his execution.
  • Ep. #10121
    Ep. #10121
    Episode 195
    Hope is thrilled to reunite with Caroline and Victor. Sami and Lucas renew their passion, with Nicole hiding outside in the rain watching them. Billie and Patrick both arrive on the island, but it isn't long before Patrick finds herself all alone ... and Patrick hands Bo over to Tony. Frankie decides he has to leave Salem that night, but Jack is determined to get him to stay so he can take care of Jennifer.moreless
  • Ep. #10120
    Ep. #10120
    Episode 194
    Chloe is convinced that her scars are so hideous that they will ruin Brady's life, but Brady doesn't care and tells her that he'll move if she wants to. Sami has no interest in helping Nicole, but when the other woman threatens to tell Lucas about her being Stan, she agrees to help her. Frankie admits that he loves Jennifer, but tells Max nothing will ever come of it, then warns Max not to hurt Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10119
    Ep. #10119
    Episode 193
    Alex has John sign a release so that he can take Marlena away to the mountains to recover, then does not let him or Roman say goodbye to Marlena. Kate lets Billie use one of the Titan jets to get herself and Patrick to the island to help Bo. Tony holds Caroline and Victor at gunpoint and admits that he's doing what he's doing for revenge after having lost Kristen years ago. Mimi goes to see Shawn at Philip's urging.moreless
  • Ep. #10118
    Ep. #10118
    Episode 192
    Roman details to John everything that Kate did to Sami and Lucas, and John defends her, telling Roman that Sami was awful during his 'death'. Alex tells Marlena that the reason she's having memories of him is because she's projecting her problems with the men in her life onto him. Talking in the hallway, Philip reminds Mimi how she once had a crush on Shawn, which gets Mimi thinking. Sami and Lucas have a whip cream fight.moreless
  • Ep. #10117
    Ep. #10117
    Episode 191
    Philip dreams about making love to Belle while she is on the rooftop, passionately kissing Shawn. Lucas asks Sami for her engagement ring back and Sami is devastated until Lucas makes it clear he still wants her. Roman tells Kate that he can't trust her after what she's done to Sami, and turns his back on her. John brings Marlena momentoes from their life together, but she doesn't recognize anything.moreless
  • Ep. #10116
    Ep. #10116
    Episode 190
    Roman and Lucas listen in shock as Sami plays the tape of Kate admitting to all of her wrong-doings. Bo is desperate to find Hope and calls the coast guard looking for help. Bart, a steak on his eye, tells Tony about Hope's attempts to escape them. After his pain pill kicks in, Philip asks Shawn to help him get upstairs so he can meet Belle in bed. Eugenia promises to ruin both Kate and Sami before rushing out in tears.moreless
  • Ep. #10115
    Ep. #10115
    Episode 189
    Sami jumps out of Lucas' cake to wish him a happy birthday, and then presents him with his gift -- a box of tapes. Chelsea and Abby manage to elude the cops, leaving Max to deal with the officer who approaches the house. Jack watches as Jennifer and Frankie watch some old Horton movies and comments to Billie that they're falling in love all over again.moreless
  • Ep. #10114
    Ep. #10114
    Episode 188
    Jack burns his hand on the grill, but doesn't even notice until Frankie calls his attention to it. Alex tells Lexie his plan of action -- to isolate Marlena from everyone but him. Julie agrees to help Sami throw a surprise party for Lucas.
  • Ep. #10113
    Ep. #10113
    Episode 187
    Hope gives Bo some sleeping pills to help him catch a few hours of rest, but when she goes aboard, the mystery lurker grabs her. Chloe continues to be self-conscious about her scars, but determined to help her, Brady phones Belle for helping planning the wedding and designing Chloe's gown. Nicole bumps into Eugenia in the street to get her to drop the tapes, which go down the sewers. After assuring John he'll protect Marlena from Tony DiMera, Alex has a flashback of him and Marlena kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10112
    Ep. #10112
    Episode 186
    Marlena learns that she was pregnant with Roman's baby and lost it. Nicole and Sami sneak around Eugenia's apartment. Kate learns Belle is pregnant as Belle again tells Shawn it's over.
  • Ep. #10111
    Ep. #10111
    Episode 185
    The Hortons and the Bradys live life in Salem.
  • Ep. #10110
    Ep. #10110
    Episode 184
    The Hortons and the Bradys live life in Salem.
  • Ep. #10109
    Ep. #10109
    Episode 183
    The Hortons and the Bradys live life in Salem.
  • Ep. #10108
    Ep. #10108
    Episode 182
    At the dance contest at Alice's, couples are eliminated one by one until Patrick and Chelsea win the contest. Maggie tells Bonnie that she had better pay for the bills she charged, but Bonnie warns her that if she doesn't back off she'll sue Mickey. Belle learns she is pregnant, and she and Shawn try to figure out a way to make it work.moreless
  • Ep. #10107
    Ep. #10107
    Episode 181
    After watching Jennifer and Frankie reminisce, Jack is more convinced than ever that Frankie is the perfect person to take his place when he dies. Rex is shocked when he overhears Belle talking to Mimi about the abortion that Mimi had. Shawn and Belle plan to begin their lives together once Philip is stronger.moreless
  • Ep. #10106
    Ep. #10106
    Episode 180
    Marlena is rushed into the hospital, where the assorted members of her family and various friends alternately worry about her condition and accuse each other of causing it. Jack has a nightmare about Jennifer moving on with Patrick after his death, and is determined to make sure that never happens. When he sees Jennifer and Frankie reminiscing in the garage, it sparks an idea. Max wrangles Billie into dancing with him at Alice's that night as Chelsea wrangles Patrick, neither realising Billie and Patrick have some tricks up their sleeves too.moreless
  • Ep. #10105
    Ep. #10105
    Episode 179
    Brady surprises Chloe with a romantic evening, and when she's dressed all in her finery, like Brady, she ceases to see her scars. Jack and Jennifer arrive to see Bo and Hope off, and Hope makes Jennifer promise that if anything ever happens to her and Bo that she and Jack will raise Zack. Shawn tells Belle that he'll let her go for now, but he expects her to come to him when she's ready to leave Philip. Belle warns him not to wait, because part of her does love Philip, even if it's not the way she loves him. John attacks Roman after learning that Marlena's baby isn't his, and as Marlena watches from the top of the steps, she swoons and takes a tumble.moreless
  • Ep. #10104
    Ep. #10104
    Episode 178
    Sami is devastated when Lucas brings over the things she left at his place, reminding her again that they are over. He regrets that they ever slept together, but Sami refuses to regret it because it gave her Will. Billie accuses Bo of caring more about Hope than their daughter and after she turns on Hope as well, Hope reminds her that she raped Bo that night, and has no right to talk. Shawn tries to convince Mimi to tell Rex about the abortion, but she refuses. Belle continues to have stomach troubles. Marlena finally sits John down to tell him the truth about the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10103
    Ep. #10103
    Episode 177
    Sami and Eugenia have it out, and Eugenia confesses everything to Sami. When Lucas walks in, however, Eugenia denies every word, and Lucas tells Sami that they're finished forever. Shawn and Belle narrowly miss being caught making out by Philip, who says Roman is trying to bring Victor home. Chloe tells Brady she wants to get the surgery. Mimi confesses part of the truth to Rex, but doesn't tell him about the abortion. Hope refuses to let Bo go off with Billie to search for Georgia, but surprises both when she offers he rown help. As Roman/Kate and John/Marlena prepare to renew their vows, Marlena collapses, and Roman announces that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10102
    Ep. #10102
    Episode 176
    Mickey lays it out to Bonnie -- there marriage was never legal, Maggie is the love of his life, and Chez Rouge is Maggie's new business. He agrees to let her keep the honky-tonk, but makes it clear they are finished. With family and friends watching, Maggie and Mickey remarry.
  • Ep. #10101
    Ep. #10101
    Episode 175
    Max needles Frankie over still harboring feelings for Jennifer, but Frankie assures the younger man that Jennifer is with Jack and he has moved on. Chelsea's plans to surprise Patrick in the shower are shattered when it turns out to be Billie in the bathroom with her. Philip narrowly misses seeing Shawn pull Belle in for a kiss at the jail, but Shawn is shocked when Philip tells him that he's out on bail -- Philip asked the judge for a favor. Sami tries to convince Lucas that Kate has been up to no good, pointing out the number of calls she's received from Eugenia in recent months.moreless
  • Ep. #10100
    Ep. #10100
    Episode 174
    Chloe tells Brady she just can't sing at the wedding, and after talking to Marlena, Brady has a surprise for her -- she's agreed to ask top-notch plastic surgeon Dr. Travis to take a look at Chloe. While visiting Shawn in jail, Mimi tells him about the abortion, and is surprised when Shawn urges her to keep quiet. Belle and Philip head to the hospital so he can have his first fitting for his prosthesis. While Philip is shocked to learn his doctor also has one, Belle is in another room getting a check up from Lexie and wondering if she's pregnant. Patrick and Billie worry about Chelsea and Max while downstairs, not realising that upstairs Chelsea is plotting ways to get Patrick in bed.moreless
  • Ep. #10099
    Ep. #10099
    Episode 172
    Once Patrick learns that Chelsea's place is being foreclosed on and she and Billie will have nowhere to live, he offers to let the two move in with him, which Billie accepts. Belle is thrilled to learn Marlena is pregnant, and amazingly understanding when her mother explains that it is Roman's baby. Maggie tells Mickey that she wants out, but Mickey manages to convince her to stay by telling her that he's chosen her -- not realising Bonnie thinks he's chosen her. Kate and Roman make love in her office.moreless
  • Ep. #10098
    Ep. #10098
    Episode 172
    John is surprised to find out that Marlena knew Chloe was alive, and then Marlena is surprised to find out that John kept Isabella's cottage. Brady continues to see Chloe only as he once saw her, without any scars. Sami is hiding under Eugenia's bed when she overhears a conversation between Eugenia and the psychic Kate paid off. Bo and Hope arrest Shawn, but when Hope tells Lucas that Kate has the money to do anything she wants, Lucas begins to wonder if maybe Sami isn't telling the truth after all.moreless
  • Ep. #10097
    Ep. #10097
    Episode 171
    Shawn is convinced that he and Belle will reunite the same way that Mimi and Rex did, but Mimi tries to remind him that the situations are completely different -- neither she nor Rex was married to another person. Bo is upset when he is assigned the duty of arresting Shawn for leaving the country. Kate is shocked to find Sami at Lucas's place in her robe, fresh out of the shower. Philip shows Belle the extent of his amputation, and the two end up getting passionate. Sami breaks into Eugenia's apartment looking for proof of her duplicity with Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #10096
    Ep. #10096
    Episode 170
    Philip, Belle and Shawn return home from Germany, but Shawn gets less than a hero's welcome when Roman arrests him for leaving the country. Rex brings Mimi home from jail just in time for Belle and Mimi to have a heart to heart about the men in Belle's life. Marlena admits to Roman that he is the father of her baby, and the two are lost for words when John arrives with plans to celebrate his and Marlena's wedding anniversary. Shawn gets himself deeper in hot water by telling Kate that if Philip hadn't lost his leg that Belle would never have chosen him.moreless
  • Ep. #10095
    Ep. #10095
    Episode 169
    Mimi guesses that Marlena is pregnant when she comes to visit. Lucas catches Nicole and Sami scheming. Rex is so confidant that the video tape will free Mimi, he tells her about it.
  • Ep. #10094
    Ep. #10094
    Episode 168
    Nicole seeks Sami's help in getting Brady back. Jack brings Jennifer out for a romantic evening. Rex hopes new videotape evidence will free Mimi.
  • Ep. #10093
    Ep. #10093
    Episode 167
    Bonnie sends a cake with a file in it to Mimi at the prison, but the metal detectors catch it. Patrick offers Mimi advice on her black eye, but Bonnie is horrified to realise that this could be her daughter's life. John warns that if she continues to attack Sami, Roman and Marlena will turn on her as Sami is still their daughter, no matter what she's done. Lucas remains convinced that Sami made the choice to sleep with Brandon, leaving Sami more determined than ever to prove Kate was behind it. Chloe reveals her face to Brady, but he doesn't even see her scars when he looks at her. She finally starts to believe they may have a future after all.moreless
  • Ep. #10092
    Ep. #10092
    Episode 166
    Bo surprises Hope with their new boat, the Fancy Face III, and the two give their new boat a very romantic christening. While Heather continues her talk with Philip about how he won't be a burden, Belle makes it clear to Shawn that her choice is Philip. Chloe continues to hide her face from Brady as he blames Nicole for her 'death'.moreless
  • Ep. #10091
    Ep. #10091
    Episode 165
    Brady confronts Nicole and accuses her of interfering with his relationship with Chloe. Chloe defends Nicole and tells Brady that it was her idea to deceive him. Philip gets a visit from Heather Mills McCartney at the hospital. Belle decides to stay with Philip.
  • Ep. #10090
    Ep. #10090
    Episode 164
    Max and Chelsea heat things up.
  • Ep. #10089
    Ep. #10089
    Episode 163
    Frankie Brady surprises Jennifer.
  • Ep. #10088
    Ep. #10088
    Episode 162
    After catching Shawn and Belle in an embrace, Philip wants to know what is going on between them. Nancy refuses to share any information about Chloe with Brady.
  • Ep. #10087
    Ep. #10087
    Episode 161
    Jack is determined to spend his remaining time with his family. Philip confronts Shawn about his true feelings for Belle. A suspicious Brady follows Nicole to the clinic. Tek and Lexie make love. Chelsea and Abby are thrilled to spend time with their hero, Max Brady.
  • Ep. #10086
    Ep. #10086
    Episode 160
    Shawn wants to be alone to talk to Belle. Philip wakes up in and experiences phantom limb pain.
  • Ep. #10085
    Ep. #10085
    Episode 159
    Sami tries to make things up with Will and Lucas, and when Roman comes by, states that Tony forced her to do what she did. Marlena and Mimi talk, and Mimi admits that she hasn't been able to tell Rex the truth. Brady pushes Nicole away, telling her that as long as there is a possibility that Victor is alive he cannot be involved with his step-grandmother. Shawn wakes Belle in Germany and she leaves Philip's room to talk to him, but when Philip calls, she hurries in to her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #10084
    Ep. #10084
    Episode 158
    Marlena has a consultation with Dr. Bader, who tells her that her pregnancy could be in jeopardy. Rex tries again to get Mimi to tell him the truth, but she bolts. Billie has a new suggestion for finding Georgia, and is disgusted to learn Hope helped Shawn go to Germany to break up Philip and Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #10083
    Ep. #10083
    Episode 157
    Brady assures Lucas that he is on to Nicole. Lucas is determined to find out exactly who Stan is. Shawn prepares to go to Germany.
  • Ep. #10082
    Ep. #10082
    Episode 156
    Marlena doesn’t believe the results of her test and asks the lab to run them again. When Roman sees the lab results Marlena lies and says they belong to a patient. Nicole and Sami scheme to cover their tracks.
  • Ep. #10081
    Ep. #10081
    Episode 155
    Belle wants to be the person to tell Philip his leg has been amputated. Marlena feels ill and seeks medical advice. Lucas warns Brady that Nicole can’t be trusted.
  • Ep. #10080
    Ep. #10080
    Episode 154
    Belle is upset over Philip's injuries.
  • Ep. #10079
    Ep. #10079
    Episode 153
    Chloe returns to the clinic and tells Craig that she doesn't think she'll ever be able to tell Brady the truth. Belle admits to Marlena and John that part of her still loves Philip and she wants to be there for him. Nicole is convinced that Sami and Stan are one and the same.moreless
  • Ep. #10078
    Ep. #10078
    Episode 152
    Chloe watches from the bushes while Nicole explains to Brady that the phone call with Chloe was simply a DiMera plot. Belle and Mimi commisserate over Philip's amputated leg while Belle prepares to go to Germany. Hope pushes for Shawn and Belle to be together but Bo believes she needs to honor her marriage vows.moreless
  • Ep. #10077
    Ep. #10077
    Episode 151
    While on their romantic getaway, Bo and Hope agree to stop arguing and make love on the beach.
  • Ep. #10076
    Ep. #10076
    Episode 150
    Chloe has made a decision about Brady. Bo and Roman vow to find Victor and Caroline.
  • Ep. #10075
    Ep. #10075
    Episode 149
    Brady is in s rush to get back to Salem after hearing Chloe's voice on the phone. A tearful Mimi learns that the judge has moved up her sentencing to the same day as her wedding to Rex. Sami is reunited with her parents.
  • Ep. #10074
    Ep. #10074
    Episode 148
    Welcome home from the war zone everyone; the party commences at Alice's.
  • Ep. #10073
    Ep. #10073
    Episode 147
    Jack collapses on the kitchen floor!
  • Ep. #10072
    Ep. #10072
    Episode 146
    Tony dials the phone and connects Brady to Chloe!
  • Ep. #10071
    Ep. #10071
    Episode 145
    Roman suggests a welcome home party for everyone, held at Alice's.
  • Ep. #10070
    Ep. #10070
    Episode 144
    The Marines arrive to save our hostages and Tony is arrested. Philip finds himself in a life threatening situation. Bo plans a romantic getaway with Hope.
  • Ep. #10069
    Ep. #10069
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #10068
    Ep. #10068
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #10067
    Ep. #10067
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #10066
    Ep. #10066
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #10065
    Ep. #10065
    Episode 139
  • Ep. #10064
    Ep. #10064
    Episode 138
  • Ep. #10063
    Ep. #10063
    Episode 137
  • Ep. #10062
    Ep. #10062
    Episode 136
  • Ep. #10061
    Ep. #10061
    Episode 135
  • Ep. #10060
    Ep. #10060
    Episode 134
  • Ep. #10059
    Ep. #10059
    Episode 133
  • Ep. #10058
    Ep. #10058
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #10057
    Ep. #10057
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #10056
    Ep. #10056
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #10055
    Ep. #10055
    Episode 129
  • Ep. #10054
    Ep. #10054
    Episode 128
  • Ep. #10053
    Ep. #10053
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #10052
    Ep. #10052
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #10051
    Ep. #10051
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #10050
    Ep. #10050
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #10049
    Ep. #10049
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #10048
    Ep. #10048
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #10047
    Ep. #10047
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #10046
    Ep. #10046
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #10045
    Ep. #10045
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #10044
    Ep. #10044
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #10043
    Ep. #10043
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #10042
    Ep. #10042
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #10041
    Ep. #10041
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #10040
    Ep. #10040
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #10039
    Ep. #10039
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #10038
    Ep. #10038
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #10037
    Ep. #10037
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #10036
    Ep. #10036
    Episode 110
    Tek tries to get more information about Jan's attack from Mimi, but Bonnie realises her daughter was the one who attacked Jan and covers for her, saying she was in the backroom at Alice's. As a devastated Nicole and a lovestruck Chloe watch on, Brady delivers a beautiful eulogy for Chloe and then proposes to the urn containing Chloe's ashes with Isabella's ring. After telling Jennifer about Billie and Patrick having sex in the spare bedroom, Hope encourages Jennifer to move on with Patrick. Rex finally agrees to go on the mission with Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10035
    Ep. #10035
    Episode 109
    While examining Jan, Lexie realises she has a skull fracture and will probably have some brain damage. Tek is the officer in charge of the investigation, and Lexie suggests that Mimi might know what Jan was up to. At the Church, Nicole realises there is something not quite kosher but Nancy soon interrupts, asking Nicole to leave, and urges Brady to say goodbye to Chloe. After seeing a TV news alert about Jan's attack, Mimi accidentally spills coffee on Shawn which brings back his memories of being kidnapped. Far from being furious, Belle actually feels sorry for Jan.moreless
  • Ep. #10034
    Ep. #10034
    Episode 108
    After hearing noises from upstairs, Bo and Hope walk in on Patrick and Billie in the aftermath of having sex. Hope finds the whole situation amusing until Bo blows up at Hope. Once alone, Hope makes it clear how embarrassed she was, and tells Bo to sleep on the couch. Stan/Sami watches as Mimi and Jan's fight ends in Jan hitting her head, and after telling the cops what he saw, Stan/Sami taunts Mimi about how she'll go to death row. John is furious to see Kate slap Belle, but both Kate and Belle cover for the truth about what really happened. Shawn tries to convince Rex that they can succeed where the ISA has failed in rescuing Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10033
    Ep. #10033
    Episode 107
    Hope ruins the afterglow of making love with Bo on the boat by bringing up all the good times Bo and Billie had together on the Fancy Face. She suggests Patrick as a good man for Billie, but Bo is adamant that Patrick isn't right for her. Stan/Sami offers to help Jan in her plotting, but Jan initially doesn't want any help until Stan/Sami reveals that he knows all about Mimi's abortion and Shawn's kidnapping. Thanks to the spiked drinks, Billie is less inhibited as she dances with Patrick, and Abby warns Chelsea that if they get together, it's all her fault.moreless
  • Ep. #10032
    Ep. #10032
    Episode 106
    Chelsea and Abby watch jealously as Billie and Patrick make plans to go to the Alice's, and once there, Chelsea learns Billie is a recovering alcoholic and spikes her drink. Bo and Hope spot a boat for sale and are reminded of their times on the Fancy Face, and Hope encourages Bo to buy another boat, but he says she and Zack are his priority now. Belle wants to throw Mimi and Rex an engagement party, but Mimi talks her down to a small party with only a few of their closest friends in attendance.moreless
  • Ep. #10031
    Ep. #10031
    Episode 105
    John confronts Stan/Sami on the docks and after hearing him on the phone threatens to sic the ISA on him. While the two struggle, John realises Stan is actually a woman. When Mimi receives a note from Rex requesting a rendezvous she is convinced he knows all about the abortion, but instead, he has set up a romantic dinner on the roof. Knowing that Nancy plans to tell Brady she is alive, Chloe calls Craig to enlist his help in stopping her which luckily he does, in the nick of time. Nancy then invites Brady to a memorial service for Chloe.moreless
  • Ep. #10030
    Ep. #10030
    Episode 104
    Nancy again tries to get Chloe to tell Brady that she is really alive by showing her a newspaper clipping of Nicole and Brady together. Chloe agrees to tell him the truth, but changes her mind after seeing her face in the mirrors. Mimi heads down to the docks to find Stan/Sami, but finds Mimi there and assumes that Jan told Stan/Sami about her abortion. The two fight, and wind up in the water together. Stan/Sami calls John to let him know he has more pills for him. John says he doesn't need them, but Stan/Sami advises he'll be at the usual place. Shawn is convinced that he and Rex can find Philip together, but Hope, Belle and Bo try desperately to convince Shawn that the idea is crazy.moreless
  • Ep. #10029
    Ep. #10029
    Episode 103
    Mimi and Lucas search Sami's apartment looking for signs of the mystery man while Stan/Sami hides in the closet, and Stan/Sami is furious to hear Mimi blame Sami's bad karma for everyone's problems. While those in Salem watch a video feed of the hostage rescue mission, Bart frets that they will soon be discovered but Tony tells him that the video feed is yet another of his schemes. Abby tries to comfort Chelsea, who is upset over Billie and Patrick's closeness, while Patrick asks Billie to the Swing Into Spring dance.moreless
  • Ep. #10028
    Ep. #10028
    Episode 102
    While talking about the marriage that never happened, Will asks his father if he thinks maybe Kate could have been to blame, but Lucas assures his son that Kate is innocent. Mimi is convinced she sees someone in the window and calls Rex, but by the time he comes, Stan/Sami is no longer there. After finding a baby bootie, Mimi makes chase. Rex interrupts a talk between Bo, Hope, Belle and Shawn to tell them about a covert mission John has set up to track down Philip. Salem watches as Philip appears in another video feed.moreless
  • Ep. #10027
    Ep. #10027
    Episode 101
    During a talk with Bo, Shawn begins to have more flashbacks of his time with Jan, and his father makes him swear to talk to him before he confronts Jan. In the castle, Marlena and Roman bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking while, coincidentally enough, John and Kate do the same back in Salem. As Bart watches Tony torture Philip he begs his boss to stop, but Tony tells him that it is all part of his plan. Stan/Sami finds a crying doll and uses it to torture Mimi.moreless
  • Ep. #10026
    Ep. #10026
    Episode 100
    While Belle advises Hope that she is not going to go forward with her relationship with Shawn until after she has a chance to tell her husband the truth, Shawn accuses Bo of being too busy looking for his daughter to care about his other kids. Abby lashes out at Jennifer after seeing how upset Jennifer is when Patrick hugs Billie. Jennifer bursts into tears, and confesses to Abby that she thought Jack had come back, and shows her the dog-eared magazine pages. Stan/Sami and Chelsea both eavesdrop on Patrick and Billie as Patrick, remembering how he promised Abby to stay away from Jennifer, hits on Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #10025
    Ep. #10025
    Episode 99
    Bo and Hope find Shawn and Belle in bed together, and while Bo pulls Shawn aside to talk to him about what he's been doing lately, Hope is secretly pleased that her son is involved with his Belle, despite the fact that she is married to his half-uncle. Stan/Sami meets Chelsea on the docks and tries to help her with a few suggestions. At learning that Chelsea has already tried to drug Patrick to get him into bed, Stan/Sami commends her on her sneakiness, and compares her to Sami Brady. Patrick promises Abby he will stay away from Jennifer while Billie suggests that Jennifer is interested in Patrick.moreless
  • Ep. #10024
    Ep. #10024
    Episode 98
    Jack manages to knock Tony out and see Marlena and Roman, but Bart soon returns him to his cell. Later, Tony torments Marlena and Roman with images of Kate and John having sex, and the two give in to their own emotions. While Patrick finds out from his contact what he wants done about Billie, Rex catches Chelsea and Abby with fake IDs. John kicks Kate out after she trashes his pills but later changes his mind after taking a pill and begs her to stay. Stan/Sami threatens Mimi with the fact that she knows all about her abortion.moreless
  • Ep. #10023
    Ep. #10023
    Episode 97
    At the docks, Billie and Patrick both realise that Bo is going to find a way to blame the doll on Patrick. Down there at the same time, Mimi offers to release Rex from their engagement because she can't have children, but he refuses. Lexie and Abe both try to help Kate and John deal with his drug addiction. While Kate checks on John, Abe and Lexie talk about his losing his sight, and also his inability to make love to her. After learning Shawn has been in an accident, Hope is furious with Bo and blames him for the accident, accusing him of being too concerned with finding his daughter with Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #10022
    Ep. #10022
    Episode 96
    Stan/Sami watches as Billie sobs for her daughter on the docks, and is pleased when Billie finds the 'Georgia' doll. While looking for Abby, Patrick finds a sobbing Billie and once again offers to help her find her daughter. Belle rushes to Shawn's aid after his motorcycle accident and tries to get him to the hospital, but he begs her to take him home so that no one will find out he was drinking and driving. After John issues his ultimatum about helping Philip, Kate wonders if she is being punished for all the misery she caused Lucas, Sami and Will. Hope warns Bo that if he continues to put his search for Georgia ahead of her and their sons, she will leave him.moreless
  • Ep. #10021
    Ep. #10021
    Episode 95
    John promises to help Kate find Philip and pops a pill. When Kate catches him she makes good on her threat to call the cops, but hesitates when John warns her she'l' never find her son if she turns him in. Hope again shoots down the theory that Georgia could be alive and well, and Billie accuses her of not wanting them to find their daughter so she won't have to worry about losing Bo. Bart manages to get Jack out of the house before Patrick and Jennifer come in. When Jack comes to he asks if Patrick is working for the DiMeras, and Bart admits he doesn't know. When Belle refuses to make love to him until Philip learns the truth, Shawn storms off on his bike and soon crashes.moreless
  • Ep. #10020
    Ep. #10020
    Episode 94
    Hope is furious to find Bo comforting Billie, and demands that Bo make a choice: it's either her and the boys, or Billie and Georgia, but it can't go both ways. A drugged Jack is propped up against the door, unable to speak but able to hear as Jennifer, outside, tells Patrick all about their love. After a nightmare where both the men in her life are dead, Belle heads to Lookout Point where she and Shawn are overtaken by passion. Marlena and Roman are again devastated to watch John and Kate getting closer.moreless
  • Ep. #10019
    Ep. #10019
    Episode 93
    Hope attempts to convince Kate that Philip and Belle's marriage was a mistake and that Belle and Shawn have the right to be together, but Kate reminds her that Belle vowed to love, honor and cherish Philip. Stan/Sami is inwardly thrilled to run into Will on the docks, but when Lucas shows up and assures Stan/Sami that he and Will's mother are finished, Stan/Sami is destroyed. Bo and Billie listen to a tape of a young girl singing childhood rhymes, but they have been altered for maximum effect.moreless
  • Ep. #10018
    Ep. #10018
    Episode 92
    Hope encourages Belle to go to Shawn and to be with him, which is overheard by Kate who later confronts Hope and warns her to stop interfering in Belle and Philip's marriage. Still recovering from the shock of finding out that the DNA tests on the hair follicles prove Georgia is alive, Billie is shaken by a vicious phone call from Stan/Sami. Lucas talks with Jennifer and Alice, and assures them both that he and Sami are over for good. While Bart and Madison hold their guns on Jack, Jack holds a gun on Tony.moreless
  • Ep. #10017
    Ep. #10017
    Episode 91
    Abby and Chelsea are worried that Patrick will suspect that they were responsible his role in what happened at the Cheatin' Heart, but realise he doesn't suspect a thing. After evading Brady's questions by telling him he worked with John with the I.S.A., Stan runs into Chloe and is shocked to realise she's alive. At a special anniversary party for Alice, she does her best to convince Maggie not to walk away from Mickey. Jack is again subdued by the fake Jennifer.moreless
  • Ep. #10016
    Ep. #10016
    Episode 90
    Jack realises that the woman he is dealing with is the imposter, which is proven when she takes off her mask and reveals herself. He knocks her out and takes the gun she was holding on him. While Marlena wakes up after a dream where she and Roman never escaped the castle, Stan offers John a bag of drugs on the pier just as Brady shows up. After a confrontation with Hope where Shawn admits that he is failing in his attempts to get Belle to cheat on Philip, Shawn takes off. Billie and Bo are devastated when another lead peters out.moreless
  • Ep. #10015
    Ep. #10015
    Episode 89
    Belle falls apart while watching the newscast of Philip's abduction. Mimi (knowing Jan is lurking about) suggests Shawn give her some space, so Shawn leaves and when Jan presses him to 'be together', he demands the truth about the previous summer. Hope is adamant that there is no way Shawn would ever interfere in Belle and Philip's marriage, but says Kate's children would commit adultery in a heartbeat. When the real Jennifer comes home, she and the fake Jennifer barely miss seeing each other as Jack wonders what he should do. Bo and Billie are thrilled when the test results show a match.moreless
  • Ep. #10014
    Ep. #10014
    Episode 88
    Kate encourages Billie to use Georgia to come between Bo and Hope, but Billie reiterates to her mother that Bo and Hope belong together. Later, Billie tells Bo about Philip being missing and, after reminding her Philip is his half-brother as well, embraces Billie. Jack and Jennifer finally make it back to the house, but he is shocked by something he sees outside. Philip is tortured by the guards who insist Belle will find comfort elsewhere, but Philip is convinced Belle would never break the vows they made in front of God. Rex, Mimi, Jan, Shawn and Belle all watch the video the captors forced Philip to make.moreless
  • Ep. #10013
    Ep. #10013
    Episode 87
    Chelsea continues to put the moves on Patrick but things are interrupted when Billie shows up to try to convince Chad the bartender to lean on Jenkins to drop the charges against her and Patrick returns to the back room, where he accuses Eddie of drugging him. John promises to help Kate find Philip. When Shawn remembers the cage, Jan tells him that they liked being kinky together and reminds him that he and Belle were from different worlds. Belle realises she needs to stand by her husband, even if she loses Shawn as a result.moreless
  • Ep. #10012
    Ep. #10012
    Episode 86
    At Chelsea's house, Chelsea and Abby get ready for Chelsea's big night out, with Chelsea decked out to the nines, complete with Jennifer's perfume. Jack and Jennifer are together at the cabin, where Jennifer talks about Abby and Jack Jr., and Jennifer catches Jack up on the Billie situation. Bo and Billie are at the hospital awaiting the DNA results on the sample of hair they brought in, while Hope chats with Lexie. Kate blames Belle and Shawn for Philip being missing in action.moreless
  • Ep. #10011
    Ep. #10011
    Episode 85
    Hope maintains her conviction that Georgia probably isn't even alive, sparking criticism from both Bo and Billie, just as a bag of 'Georgia Brady's hair winds up on the doorstep. Kate admits to John that she finally put Roman's house on the market, as she could bear to live in that house without him there. As Rex, Mimi and Jan duke it out, Belle comes rushing in, hysterical, to tell them that Philip has been taken hostage. Jack and Jennifer continue their reunion, and Jennifer tells him she wants to take him someplace special.moreless
  • Ep. #10010
    Ep. #10010
    Episode 84
    John has another rough night so Kate calls Lexie, and after Kate and Lexie talk about the likelihood of Belle committing adultery with Shawn. Jack and Jennifer share a passionate reunion as he tells her all about his struggles to get home to her. While Philip faces interrogation and torture, Belle decides to break things off with him via e-mail. Jan continues to torment Mimi even after she returns home from the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10009
    Ep. #10009
    Episode 83
    Mimi is nearly in hysterics over the thought that she cannot ever have children, and Bonnie, Belle, Shawn and Rex all try to offer support. As the search team hunts for Philip in vain, the guards tell Tony that Philip nearly killed one of them as they were capturing him. Looking at a photograph of Jack, Jennifer suddenly faints just as the real Jack rushes in to hold her in his arms. Abby and Chelsea both agree that the baby will bind Patrick and Jennifer, which neither of them want.moreless
  • Ep. #10008
    Ep. #10008
    Episode 82
    Abby and Jennifer argue after Jennifer realises Abby has changed the grades on her report card but Chelsea convinces her to go back in, only to get upset herself when she sees Patrick and Jennifer embracing. After Mimi learns that the abortion has damaged her fallopian tubes and she will never be able to have children, she is devastated, and shares the news of her infertility with Rex. Shawn composes an e-mail to Philip asking him to call home immediately and signing it from Belle, and when he leaves the room, Jan hits the 'send' button.moreless
  • Ep. #10007
    Ep. #10007
    Episode 81
    Billie fantasizes about the life she, Bo and Georgia could have had as she dreams about all the anniversaries they might have had if Georgia had lived. John hides the pills he got from Stan/Sami as Kate returns to the apartment with news of Philip's special mission and nearly finds his stash. As the doctors examine Mimi, they learn that something has gone wrong, and tell Mimi that they have bad news for her. Philip decides to go it alone and is captured.moreless
  • Ep. #10006
    Ep. #10006
    Episode 80
    Kate walks in on Shawn in Philip's bathrobe and Belle tries to explain that she dropped some lasagne on him but Kate is furious that Belle is already cheating on Philip so soon after their marriage. Hope calls a halt to her and Bo's romantic evening after learning that Billie is back for at least a couple of more days, and Bo again reminds her that she's the only woman he loves. Stan/Sami taunts John with the painkillers, and without Kate there, he comes close to taking them. Philip is determined to get home to his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #10005
    Ep. #10005
    Episode 79
    Bo stops Billie from going to a hotel and tells her she has to stay at the house, then is shocked when she reminds them that this would have been their wedding anniversary. Tony leaves a special dinner for Roman and Marlena, who are shocked to realize that Tony somehow managed to learn their favorite foods from their marriage. John admits that there is more he could have done to help Sami, but Kate tells him Sami's problems are not his problem. Sami opens the door to find a man standing there with an envelope full of cash, and a box full of tricks.moreless
  • Ep. #10004
    Ep. #10004
    Episode 78
    Marlena and Roman begin kissing in their sleep, waking to Tony coming into their room to tell them all about Sami's heartache. During their special evening together, Hope can't stop talking about how Billie is coming between her and Bo. Nicole tells Brady about seeing Nancy at the clinic and he hurries over, having no idea Chloe is there. Sami is tormented when she sees and hears Revenge everywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #10003
    Ep. #10003
    Episode 77
    Hope eavesdrops on a conversation Bo has with Zack, and is then touched when he prepares a special evening for them. After she helps her with her singing, Clara encourages Chloe not to give up on the man that she loves. While Lucas and Billie talk about Sami, Will informs his mother that he is moving in with Lucas. Craig asks Nancy to promise she will not interfere in Chloe and Brady's relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #10002
    Ep. #10002
    Episode 76
    Brady tries to convince John to move on in his life with Kate. Shawn tries to pressure Belle into telling Philip about them for his own selfish reasons. Kate is thrilled by the outcome that Lucas and Sami won't be getting married after all. Kate puts Roman's house on the market. Sami goes to family members and discovers that she has no one to help her out and no one believes her, Sami vows to make everyone who didn't help her pay.moreless
  • Ep. #10001
    Ep. #10001
    Episode 75
    Patrick and Jennifer talk about Billie and although Patrick defends her, Jennifer swears she knows Billie and that Billie will do anything she has to in order to get what she wants. Sami continues to beg Lucas not to give up on her and Brandon tries to help out. Will won't listen to anything his mother has to say, and blames everything on her. Hope worries that Billie will succeed in coming between her and Bo, and Bo promises that Billie will not stay in their home unless absolutely necessary. Mimi and Rex wait as the doctor's plan to do another test.moreless
  • Ep. #10000
    Ep. #10000
    Episode 74
    Belle realises that Philip has signed up for a dangerous mission just to get home and knows she can't put him at risk by breaking his heart now, but changes her mind when Shawn keeps pushing her. Sami is elated when Lucas tells her he still loves her and still wants to marry her, but he breaks her heart when he tells her that even though he loves her, it is over between them for good. Mimi tries to tell Rex the truth about the abortion, but is interrupted when he proposed with an antique ring that just happens to have belonged to a couple from 1905.moreless
  • Ep. #9999
    Ep. #9999
    Episode 73
    Belle talks to Mimi, and tries to convince her that everything will be alright between her and Rex, and when Rex comes in, Mimi tells him that it's time she tell him the truth. Philip is looking forward to returning home to Salem and his bride, but Jake reminds him that he needs to be focussed during this mission, or he won't make it. Hope is furious to find out that Billie spent the night in their guest room while Bo slept on the couch. Brandon warns Kate that she will end up losing both her son and her grandson.moreless
  • Ep. #9998
    Ep. #9998
    Episode 72
    While Belle comforts Mimi in Salem, Philip's buddy Jake tells him about a dangerous mission coming up and how they need volunteers. Philip volunteers in the hopes he can get home sooner. Sami and Brandon both plead her case with Lucas, both convinced that Kate is behind everything. As Sami continues to talk to Lucas, Brandon privately accuses Kate of sending the e-mail. Shawn finally tells Jan that it's over.moreless
  • Ep. #9997
    Ep. #9997
    Episode 71
    Lucas tells a devastated Will that Sami chose Brandon over them, and there will be no wedding. Meanwhile, Sami dressed in her wedding dress and shows up at Lucas' door. Brady and John have a heart to heart and Brady tries to get John to move on with his life, but John says that Marlena is the one and only true love of his life. It's the morning after Valetine's Day in Salem as Maggie prepares Mickey a special Valentine's Day breakfast, which Bonnie interrupts.moreless
  • Ep. #9996
    Ep. #9996
    Episode 70
    Roman and Marlena take a trip down memory lane as Tony pipes rose scent into their room, then watch on the T.V. as Kate, dressed in Marlena's pyjamas, snuggles with John. Bo goes down to the station to get Billie and Patrick out of jail, and is furious with Patrick when he tells Bo he took Billie to the Cheatin' Heart to get a drink. Lucas blasts both Sami and Brandon, unmoved by Sami's tears. He tells Brandon that he is welcome to her and storms out.moreless
  • Ep. #9995
    Ep. #9995
    Episode 69
    Sami and Brandon wake to hear an angry knocking on the door. Both are shocked to realise they're in bed together. Sami dives under the covers as Brandon lets Lucas in the door. Bonnie seeks comfort from Belle as the wait for news on Mimi, and tells Belle she's glad she's there for Mimi, then talks about how romantic it will be when Philip comes home. As Brady and John scuffle on the docks, they're overheard by the cops who come to arrest them until John pretends he's there on an I.S.A. mission. After finding Sami in Brandon's bed, Lucas tells Brandon he can have her.moreless
  • Ep. #9994
    Ep. #9994
    Episode 68
    Bo surprises Hope with a romantic Valentine's Day surprise, but their evening together is interrupted when Bo gets a call from a fellow officer, who has just arrested Billie for being drunk and disorderly down at the Cheatin' Heart. Brady confronts John about his drug addiction when he sees him trying to shoot up, but John insists he is not going to stop. After Mimi is rushed to the hospital, the doctor realises that she is experiencing complications from her abortion. Lucas gets pulled over by a traffic cop while speeding to the hotel to save Sami from Brandon.moreless
  • Ep. #9993
    Ep. #9993
    Episode 67
    Lucas refuses to believe that Sami would cheat on him the eve of their wedding, but Kate maintains that she is with Brandon at that moment. When a phone call elicits no response, Lucas insists on going down to the hotel, convinced that Sami would never betray him this way. Belle tells Shawn that she just can't break her husband's heart by e-mail, and Shawn reminds her all the pain that lies cause, pointing out that it was Philip's decision to join the Marines. Belle refuses to do anything more until she talks to Mimi. John is desperate for a fix, and even visions of Marlena cannot stop him from buying drugs down at the docks.moreless
  • Ep. #9992
    Ep. #9992
    Episode 66
    Jack is pleased to realise they're approaching land as he happens to pick up a Salem radio station on the radio. Back in Salem, Jennifer listens to the same station after being comforted by Julie. Abby and Chelsea are at the Cheatin' Heart when Billie and Patrick come in. A jealous Chelsea wants to know what Billie's story is. Chloe is furious with Nancy when she realises Nancy tried to arrange a meeting between her and Brady. Kate tells Lucas that Sami is with Brandon at a hotel.moreless
  • Ep. #9991
    Ep. #9991
    Episode 65
    Shawn continues to push Belle to tell Philip that things are over between them. Although Belle protests and tells him she loves her husband too, it isn't long before she's preparing to send him a Dear John via e-mail. Jennifer is left trying to referee between a sniping Billie, Bo, Hope and Patrick, fresh back from Europe. She finds herself torn when Patrick comforts Billie. Nicole and Brady meet Clara at the clinic, the little girl whose medical care they are paying for, not realising how close Chloe is. Kate pretends to be devastated that Sami is out with another man.moreless
  • Ep. #9990
    Ep. #9990
    Episode 64
    Shawn pushes Belle to dump Philip by e-mail, but Belle thinks it would just be too cruel. Later in the loft, Belle is swamped with memories of her first love, which overshadow her memories of her husband. While Eugenia keeps an eye on Sami and Brandon, Kate heads over to Lucas' and turns on the waterworks while pretending to regret hiring a private investigator. Nancy encourages Chloe to be strong while they are at the clinic, even though Chloe still refuses to call Brady. Mimi is tormented by visions of the child she and Rex could have had.moreless
  • Ep. #9989
    Ep. #9989
    Episode 63
    Jan reminds Belle how much Philip loves her, and how his death will be on her hands, and Belle tries to convince her how much she loves Philip. Jan points out that at least Shawn has amnesia as his excuse, and wonders how Belle rationalizes cheating on her husband? Mimi apologizes to Rex for helping Belle and Shawn get together and says that's what she tried to tell him in the tub, but every time she looks at the doll Jan left, she sees Jan taunting her. Kate calls Lucas and tells him her P.I. found nothing.moreless
  • Ep. #9988
    Ep. #9988
    Episode 62
    When her plan to shut the lights down doesn't work, Jan finds a group of marines and tells them about Shawn trying to break up the marriage of one of their friends, so they rough him up. After realising Brandon is in town, Sami rushes over to the Carver house where she demands to know where he is from Lexie and Celeste, who refuse to play along. Kate drugs first Brandon, then later Sami as she shows up to see him. Dressed as a maid, she lets Sami into Brandon's room as the drugs begin to take effect.moreless
  • Ep. #9987
    Ep. #9987
    Episode 61
    Rex finds Mimi packing and tells her to just ignore crazy Jan, admitting that he fell asleep in the bathtub and missed her whole confession. Bo gets jealous as he first sees the picture of Hope and Patrick kissing, then spots Billie in Patrick's arms. Eugenia hacks into the horoscope site to change Sami's horoscope at Kate's insistence. Billie insists Bo return to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #9986
    Ep. #9986
    Episode 60
    Belle decides now is the time to tell Philip that she wants to be with Shawn instead, but Philip gets a call and has to ship out that very day. Mimi tearfully tells Rex all about her abortion while he is in the bathroom, then packs to leave. Hope reminds Bo of how devastated they were when Glen took J.T. from them and suggests that Georgia and her new family will be equally devastated, and he accuses her of not wanting him to find his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #9985
    Ep. #9985
    Episode 59
    Philip talks about a marine buddy of his who received a Dear John letter and ended up never going home. Jan gives Mimi and Rex a gift of a very realistic looking doll, prompting Rex to wonder if Mimi is pregnant. Even though Hope points out that Georgia LaMarque is unlikely to be their daughter because of their blood types, it takes a letter from Tony to convince Bo and Billie they're looking in the wrong place.moreless
  • Ep. #9984
    Ep. #9984
    Episode 58
    Bo and Billie believe they have finally found their daughter, Georgia, but the girl's adoptive parents have other ideas. While Kate and Eugenia still make their plans to break up Brandon and Sami, an air-bound Brandon tells a seatmate about Sami. Mimi locks Jan in a closet to get Shawn and Belle some alone time, and Jan tells her she's sunk.moreless
  • Ep. #9983
    Ep. #9983
    Episode 57
    After finding out that Brandon received the e-mail, Eugenia (who used to be a travel agent) hacks into the airline database to find out if Brandon has purchased a ticket yet. Philip tells Belle that he understands that she misses Shawn because part of him does too, but Shawn isn't the same guy anymore. Jan reminds Shawn that Belle and Philip said vows in front of God, but Shawn is sure that Belle will break those vows.moreless
  • Ep. #9982
    Ep. #9982
    Episode 56
    Shawn continues to beg Mimi to help him get close to Belle, but Mimi tells him she can't continue to lie to Philip. Hope and Patrick arrive in Europe to find Bo and Billie, who are managing to get themselves into even more trouble. Sami is shocked to learn that John gave the pearls she was promised to Belle as a Christmas present.moreless
  • Ep. #9981
    Ep. #9981
    Episode 55
    Billie wakes from a dream where she and Georgia had reunited, and swears to Bo that she knows their daughter is there. Sami promises Lucas she will play nice as they go to the penthouse so that Sami can get the pearls her grandmother promised her.
  • Ep. #9980
    Ep. #9980
    Episode 54
    Sami visits Father Jansen at the rectory to talk about her upcoming wedding, and confesses to him all she knows about Mimi's secret abortion, John's drug usage, Jan's abduction and drugging of Shawn, Belle's lust for Shawn while wed to Philip, and her own love for Lucas and Will.
  • Ep. #9979
    Ep. #9979
    Episode 53
    Via closed-circuit camera Marlena and Roman watch, their hearts breaking, as John and Kate lay in bed together, not realising Kate is only trying to help John deal with his withdrawal symptoms. As Sami threatens to reveal what she knows about Mimi, Lucas warns her to keep her mouth shut.
  • Ep. #9978
    Ep. #9978
    Episode 52
    Maggie offers Bonnie a check to leave town, but Bonnie tells her she's going to stick it out as Mrs. Mickey Horton. Nicole faints after seeing Chloe in the closet, but by the time she and Brady check it out, Chloe is gone. Sami continues to eavesdrop on Mimi and Jan's conversation, but doesn't learn anything new.moreless
  • Ep. #9977
    Ep. #9977
    Episode 51
    After blasting Mimi for helping Shawn and Belle meet in secret, Sami overhears Jan warn Mimi that if she keeps helping Shawn and Belle, she'll tell the truth about the abortion. Nancy again tries to convince Chloe to tell all her friends the truth, but Chloe threatens to cut her out of her life if she doesn't stop pushing.moreless
  • Ep. #9976
    Ep. #9976
    Episode 50
    Jennifer is surprised when Patrick defends Billie, and wonders if he is developing feelings for her. Kate and John again argue as she tries to get him to give up the drugs, but he refuses. Bo blasts Billie for getting them tied to chairs, and believes Georgia was never there.
  • Ep. #9975
    Ep. #9975
    Episode 49
    Brady believes John when he insists he doesn't have a drug problem and that it's a one-time only thing, but Nicole is convinced that John is lying to them. Kate also believed him, but changes her mind when she sees proof of his addiction. Shawn begs Belle to help him figure out what happened, swearing to her that he never would have returned her purity ring through Jan. Bo and Billie go to the home where they believe Georgia lives, but her 'parents' turn out to be DiMera minions.moreless
  • Ep. #9974
    Ep. #9974
    Episode 48
    Jan is determined to punish Mimi for crossing her, and starts telling Rex about Mimi's abortion. Brady confronts John about his drug usage, and John insists the drugs were prescribed for him by a doctor from the I.S.A. Nicole is shocked when both Kate and Brady buy John's apologies. Jennifer is convinced that Billie manipulated Bo into going to Europe with her, but Patrick isn't so sure.moreless
  • Ep. #9973
    Ep. #9973
    Episode 47
    When Brady confronts his father about his drug problem, John turns the tables on his son and brings up his relationship with Nicole. Shawn begs Mimi to help him meet up with Bellle and even though Jan has warned her not to, Mimi sets up a meeting. When Hope blames Billie for Bo lying to her and going to Europe, Patrick defends her.moreless
  • Ep. #9972
    Ep. #9972
    Episode 46
    Belle continues to wonder why Shawn stopped the wedding, but when Shawn shows up to see Belle, Philip will not let him in. Chelsea continues her quest to make Patrick fall in love with her and accidentally erases Jack's message. Brady, Kate and Nicole confront John with the truth about his drug abuse. While doing laundry on the freighter, Jack fantasizes about coming home to Jennifer.moreless
  • Ep. #9971
    Ep. #9971
    Episode 45
    After Billie overhears a furious Hope argue with Billie over why he went to Europe, she encourages him to go home and promises to call if anything comes up. She doesn't mention that she thinks she has a lead on the family who adopted Georgia. Shawn makes bail, thanks to Mickey. Brady, Nicole and Kate realise that John is into drugs after Nicole warns Brady that she recognizes the signs. Jack gets a job on a boat doing laundry in exchange for a ride home.moreless
  • Ep. #9970
    Ep. #9970
    Episode 44
    Mickey calls Hope to tell her that Shawn has been arrested and it currently at the police station. Kate calls in a personal favor with Judge Fitzpatrick to make sure Shawn faces maximum punishment but when she wavers, Kate goes above her head. The police nearly catch Jack, but he evades their eyes. Later, he nearly comes face to face with Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #9969
    Ep. #9969
    Episode 43
    Kate warns Mimi that she had better not interfere in Philip and Belle's marriage, but Mimi is firmed that, married or not, Belle belongs with Shawn, not Philip. After Shawn and Philip get into it, Lucas and Rex pull Shawn back and Philip breaks the news to Belle that Shawn was both drunk and stoned. Sami eavesdrops and overhears Lexie ask John to look into the drug thefts. Bart asks around about an escaped Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #9968
    Ep. #9968
    Episode 42
    Shawn demands Belle tell him if he was too late, and if she and Philip are married. He is crushed when she tells him they are. Lucas warns Sami that she cannot make trouble for people, because if something happens to him, she needs to have someone she can lean on, but when she overhears Jan admitting she drugged Shawn, she's intrigued. Bo admits the he still loves Billie as a friend, but if it comes down to choosing between her and Georgia or Hope and the boys, Hope and the boys will always come first. Hope is upset to realise that Bo is not at the house.moreless
  • Ep. #9967
    Ep. #9967
    Episode 41
    Shawn crashes into the church, injuring both Belle and Philip. As a result of the crash, St. Luke's catches fire. Shawn apologizes to Belle, but that's no comfort to Philip. Billie doesn't want Bo to come with her, and Hope wonders how she'll tell Bo about this latest stunt. When the nurse notices her medical cart has been broken into, Sami considers turning John in. Nicole worries about Brady, who keeps insisting that Chloe is nearby. Jack escapes from the castle.moreless
  • Ep. #9966
    Ep. #9966
    Episode 40
    Belle hesitates as it comes time to walk down the aisle, as Shawn is determined to stop her from marrying Philip. Billie is determined to leave Salem to search for Georgia, but Bo manages to catch her before the plane takes off. While Brady recovers at the clinic and dreams of Chloe, Chloe realises how much he still loves her. Thanks to closed circuit cameras, Marlena watches as Belle's wedding falls apart. Sami is shocked to see John injecting himself.moreless
  • Ep. #9965
    Ep. #9965
    Episode 39
    Brady and Nicole have an accident on the way to the church. Shawn tries to return Belle's call but Kate intercepts it. Jan drugs Shawn to keep him from going to the church. John gives Belle gifts her mother had left for her. Hope tends to Bo.
  • Ep. #9964
    Ep. #9964
    Episode 38
    Bo tells Billie she can't search for Georgia with Patrick, and she appears to acquiesce. John struggles to stand so he can walk his daughter down the aisle. Mimi persuades Belle to call Shawn. Philip has pre-wedding jitters. Jan drugs Shawn's drink.
  • Ep. #9963
    Ep. #9963
    Episode 37
    Belle, Philip, Rex, Mimi and Kate work frantically to pull off the wedding. Despite hazy fantasies of marrying Shawn, Belle says she loves Philip. Sami throws a tantrum because she wanted to get married first. Shawn asks Alice for advice about Belle. Bo is ill from his wounds.
  • Ep. #9962
    Ep. #9962
    Episode 36
    Belle learns that Philip is about to ship out. Sami apologizes to John for sending the card. Nancy scolds Chloe for not going to Brady. Nicole fantasizes about marrying Brady. Brady thinks he spots Chloe at church. Billie wants to search for Georgia.
  • Ep. #9961
    Ep. #9961
    Episode 35
    Rex and Billie try to authenticate the message to see if it is really from Georgia. Belle sees the Christmas card Sami sent to John and is furious. Shawn awakens with a hangover and Jan offers him a drink. Hope notices the gash on Bo's side and is upset. Sami runs into difficulty getting her annulment.moreless
  • Ep. #9960
    Ep. #9960
    Episode 34
    Billie is stung when she sees Bo with his family at church. Bo surprises Hope and Zack, dressed up as Santa Claus. Bo and Shawn fight at the Horton Christmas party. Sami makes a scene at John and Kate's party. Bonnie makes a big impression.
  • Ep. #9959
    Ep. #9959
    Episode 33
    Bo, trying to find a flight, meets an old man named Wenceslas. Tony gives Jack a video featuring Jennifer with Patrick. Bo is anxious to get home to his family for Christmas. Grandpa Shawn tries to boost Hope's flagging spirits. Sami and Lucas quarrel.
  • Ep. #9958
    Ep. #9958
    Episode 32
    Nicole tells Brandon she is tired of competing with a ghost for Brady's love. Bonnie encourages Mimi to tell Rex about the abortion. Sami asks Julie for advice on Brandon and Lucas. Chloe's call to Brady is cut short. Billie realizes Bo is bleeding.
  • Ep. #9957
    Ep. #9957
    Episode 31
    Jan accidentally admits that she held Shawn against his will. Bo overcomes the snakes but falls on a sharp spike. Nicole feels festive but Brady's mind is on Chloe. Rex finds a small piece of hardware on the floor. Hope and Doug bail Julie out.
  • Ep. #9956
    Ep. #9956
    Episode 30
    Determined to expose Jan, Mimi leads Philip, Rex, Shawn and Belle to the place where Shawn's cage was. Bo and Billie are left for dead in a pit filled with snakes. Shawn begins to have hazy memories of his imprisonment. Rex and Philip talk about children.
  • Ep. #9955
    Ep. #9955
    Episode 29
    Mimi brings Shawn, Belle, Philip and Rex to Jan's country house. Chloe's doctor tells her of a surgeon who may be able to help. Bo and Billie are determined to find their daughter. Jan insists she has done nothing wrong. Brady and Nicole visit John.
  • Ep. #9954
    Ep. #9954
    Episode 28
    Shawn and Belle have a talk but the misunderstandings continue. Roman and Marlena hear the explosion and hope for a rescue. Bart and the guards try to break down the door. Hope seeks solace from Celeste's readings. Bo has trouble reviving Billie.
  • Ep. #9953
    Ep. #9953
    Episode 27
    Bo and Billie find Georgia's room and a locked file cabinet. Lucas overhears Sami begging Brandon to stay in Salem. Shawn wonders if his memory is playing tricks on him. Belle tells Philip about her dream in the barn. Lexie says her goodbyes to Brandon.
  • Ep. #9952
    Ep. #9952
    Episode 26
    Shawn and Belle are rushed to the hospital after the fire. Kate bribes the psychic to give Mimi faulty information. Bo and Billie find clues leading them to Georgia. Rex questions Mimi about what happened to her. Belle finds the courage to level with Philip. Lucas gives Sami the news about Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #9951
    Ep. #9951
    Episode 25
    Hope tries to reach Bo on their old satellite phone. The barn catches fire with Shawn and Belle inside. Roman continues to work on escape plans. Billie and Bo reach the DiMera castle. Lexie is concerned about John. Kate offers to care for John. Sami calls the psychic.
  • Ep. #9950
    Ep. #9950
    Episode 24
    Brandon admits he loves Sami but vows not to come between her and Lucas. Shawn and Belle try to get warm and dry in the barn. Kate tells Lucas that marrying Sami is a mistake. Mimi and Jan struggle with the gun. John's suffering continues.
  • Ep. #9949
    Ep. #9949
    Episode 23
    Jan leaves Mimi locked in the cage, but Mimi manages to turn the tables. Shawn pulls Belle onto the riverbank and revives her. Kate arrives to pick up Lucas at the gas station. Trapped alone, Sami and Brandon are tense. Bo wonders why Billie kissed him.
  • Ep. #9948
    Ep. #9948
    Episode 22
    Mimi calls Belle and leaves a message for Shawn, but while driving with Belle to meet her, they have an accident. Sami, Brandon and Lucas skid off the road in a snowstorm. Hope's power goes out as a knock sounds at the door. Bo dreams of happier times with Billie.
  • Ep. #9947
    Ep. #9947
    Episode 21
    Sami and Lucas are devastated to realise that since Sami never filed the annulment papers at the courthouse that she and Brandon are still legally married. Hope is furious to learn that Bo plans to go to Europe with Billie, but he says it is the only way to find Georgia. Jack is desperate to get out of the DiMera castle, but when he asks about Cassie, Tony tells her that she is dead. Abby and Chelsea are caught sneaking into the house after curfew.moreless
  • Ep. #9946
    Ep. #9946
    Episode 20
    As Bo and Billie discover information that leads them to believe that Georgia is being held prisoner in the DiMera castle, Jennifer warns Hope that Billie will do whatever she has to in order to get Bo back in her life. Later, Bo ruins Hope's plans for a romantic evening by announcing his own plans to go to Europe with Billie. After the collison, Sami is convinced that she and Lucas have killed Brandon, until he opens his eyes. Chloe fantasizes about Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #9945
    Ep. #9945
    Episode 19
    Despite their romantic rendezvous in the shower, Brady is relieved that he and Chloe didn't actually make love. Tony pays a visit to Caroline and Victor in his castle and gives them a gift of two doves, which he suggests they name Nicole and Brady. Nancy tries to reassure Chloe that she will always be beautiful, but Chloe is convinced that no one can love someone with her scars.moreless
  • Ep. #9944
    Ep. #9944
    Episode 18
    Philip agrees that it is a good idea that Belle can figure out whether it is he or Shawn in her heart before the wedding, but Jan, not willing to leave anything up to chance, plies Shawn with drugs and booze. Mimi worries that Jan is up to something.
  • Ep. #9943
    Ep. #9943
    Episode 17
    Although Belle admits to Shawn that she still has feelings for him, a desperate Jan gets him drunk back at the loft to keep him away from Belle. Sami is frantic to elope before Celeste's premonitions can come true, but Lucas convinces her to go out for a nice, calming dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #9942
    Ep. #9942
    Episode 16
    Nicole breaks the news to Jan that neither Colin nor Victor died when they thought they did, meaning she isn't really a murderer. Jan warns her that she could still blow her out of the water to Brady. Upset at Belle's plans to marry on her and Lucas's wedding day, Sami pushes for immediate blood tests, then tells Lucas that she wants to elope. Bo and Billie continue to hunt for Georgia, only to learn that their only clue burned down over a decade ago. Hope is shocked when Bo tells her that should have let Shawn stay in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #9941
    Ep. #9941
    Episode 15
    When Belle and Philip announce that they plan to get married on the same day as Lucas and Sami, Sami is furious, feeling that Belle is turning into another Carrie. When Belle suggests John walk them both down the aisle, Sami loses it completely. Brandon and Lexie are devastated when Abe admits that the doctor believes his sight is only temporary and he will soon be blind again, but Abe reminds his family he is grateful that he was one of the lucky ones who got to come home. Hope berates Shawn after learning he has been arrested on drinking and driving charges, and is shocked to learn he dropped out of school. They call Bo, but he is busy with Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #9940
    Ep. #9940
    Episode 14
    Sami's perfect Thanksgiving is ruined when she and Lucas take things into the bedroom and the turkey burns. Kate shows up and saves the day by announcing she has the perfect place for them to go. Sami and Brandon are both shocked when that perfect place is the Carver house. Billie asks Patrick to help her find out about her daughter, but Bo assures her that they don't need Patrick's help. As Hope jealously watches the two together, Bo and Billie plan to find their little girl. Belle and Philip go to see John and tell him they plan to marry as soon as possible, since Philip is shipping out. Jack misses his wife and son, and Bart, trying to comfort him, says they'll be there soon.moreless
  • Ep. #9939
    Ep. #9939
    Episode 13
    Jan wakes up alone, not realising Shawn has gone to Alice's at Mimi's request, and when she finds Belle alone, she brags about her and Shawn's romance. Philip returns from the roof, where he had been taking a phone call, and tells Belle he has been called to the front lines. While getting the bread to stale for Fay's mid-western stuffing, Brandon goes to his wallet for the recipe and instead finds photos of himself and Sami. Lucas and Sami have little success in comforting Will and convincing him that the wedding will go off without a hitch. A knock at the door reveals Alice, who has come to share the Horton family recipes with Sami. Patrick find Billie, who is at the graveyard saying goodbye to Georgia, and takes her to Jennifer's so that Bo can tell her their daughter is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9938
    Ep. #9938
    Episode 12
    Bo is desperate to get to Billie before she can get on the plane as he has news for her that will change her life. While Patrick joins forces with Bo to help him, Hope goes to see Jennifer to tell her all about what is going on. Lexie admits to Kate that John may never walk again as a mysterious figure injects John's I.V. The figure watches from the bathroom as John crashes and is brought back. Jennifer gets nothing but attitude from Abby, who continues to blame her for Jack's death. Chelsea promises to talk to Abby for her. Mimi tries to convince Shawn that he is making a mistake by letting Belle marry Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #9937
    Ep. #9937
    Episode 11
    Before Belle can accept Philip's proposal, a jealous Shawn starts slinging the insults, leaving Belle crushed. After a quick visit to see John and ask for his blessing, Philip again asks Belle if she will marry him, and he agrees. As Billie is saying her goodbyes to Salem she bumps into Celeste. Celeste tells Billie that if she leaves Salem she will be making a big mistake if she leaves Salem, because the key to her future is there. Maggie and Bonnie go at it again and end up chasing each other around the kitchen with butcher knives while Mickey watches helplessly.moreless
  • Ep. #9936
    Ep. #9936
    Episode 10
    Shawn denies his father's insistence that he is in love with Belle and affirms that he plans to marry Jan, then reminds Bo about both Billie and Carly when Bo tries to tell him there is only one true love in each man's life. Sami and Lucas happily welcome Maggie back to Salem, but they are shocked when Maggie tells them that Mickey just married Bonnie. Maggie does a little matchmaking as she pushes Shawn to ask Belle to dance to the song Our Love is Here to Stay. Kate shocks Sami and Lucas by announcing that Basic Black will pay for the wedding and honeymoon. Philip proposes to Belle. Someone injects John's I.V.moreless
  • Ep. #9935
    Ep. #9935
    Episode 9
    Bonnie suggests she and Mickey get an annulment in an attempt to manipulate him into choosing her, but he surprises her when he admits that may be for the best. Brandon tries to get Lexie to ease up on Sami, insisting that he and Sami are finished, and she's moving on with Lucas. Doug and Julie scrap their plans for a romantic evening to look after Zack so that Bo and Hope can support Maggie, who is shocked and devastated to see what has happened to her beloved Tuscany. Sami runs into Eugenia and is truly sorry about Eugenia having lost her job, but Eugenia is determined to destroy Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #9934
    Ep. #9934
    Episode 8
    Billie admits to Patrick that she was only on the island because she allowed herself to be kidnapped so the ISA could get access to the DiMera mainframe. Sami allows Brandon to comfort her over the death of her parents, but then is left scrambling to explain things to Lucas. Both Belle and Kate are shocked to see how much pain John is in when they visit him in the hospital. Bo and Hope celebrate their homecoming by making love.moreless
  • Ep. #9933
    Ep. #9933
    Episode 7
    Roman and Marlena come to on the crawler, and are shocked to realise that Tony has taken their blood and clothes to make their families believe that they are dead. Tek has the unwelcome job of informing Lexie that they firmly believe there are no more survivors. Mickey says he can't turn his back on his marriage to Bonnie, and suggests they all live together.moreless
  • Ep. #9932
    Ep. #9932
    Episode 6
    Abby is devastated to realise that Jack is gone for real this time and blames Jennifer, telling her she wishes she were the one who died. Lexie is worried when Brandon decides to hang around Salem for Abe, hoping that he won't get drawn back into Sami's life. Bo and Hope are shocked and suspicious of Shawn's new girlfriend, Jan, who desperately tries to cover up. Sami blames John for him making it home when her parents couldn't.moreless
  • Ep. #9931
    Ep. #9931
    Episode 5
    Jennifer and Patrick make it home to Abby, who introduces them to her friend Chelsea before meeting her new brother, Jack Patrick Jr. Lexie consults Dr. Nash on Abe's eye problems, wondering if it's an omen of things to come. Maggie is shocked when Bonnie reminds her that since she was legally dead, her marriage was declared null and void.moreless
  • Ep. #9930
    Ep. #9930
    Episode 4
    Julie is shocked and happy to learn that not only is Doug alive, but Maggie is alive as well! Shawn is shocked to find his parents alive and well in the doorway. Kate walks into a hospital room expecting to find Roman, but it's John instead. Lexie thanks Tek for bringing Abe home to her.moreless
  • Ep. #9929
    Ep. #9929
    Episode 3
    In the seas, the coast guard searches for the fishing trawler, and some of the Salemnites begin to make their way home. Bonnie is desperate to get Mickey to the justice of the peace so they can be married. Celeste reads the leaves for Salemnites.
  • Ep. #9928
    Ep. #9928
    Episode 2
    The Salem crew managed to convince the coast guard to check out the Japanese trawler to see if there are any survivors on board. After talking to Belle about adjusting Caroline's wedding dress to fit her instead, Sami goes to see Father Jansen, not realising Brandon is on his way there as well. Bonnie worries about her upcoming marriage to Mickey, and seeks spiritual advice from Celeste.moreless
  • Ep. #9927
    Ep. #9927
    Episode 1
    Sami goes to the Carver home to confront Brandon and ask that he leave town, but Lexie informs her that he has already left. Adrift in the ocean, Caroline, Victor, Jack, Cassie, Roman and Marlena are rescued by a Japanese fishing trawler which is also carrying Bart. Jennifer and Bo plead with the coast guard for them to go after the other survivors, but the coast guard says it's too dangerous.moreless