Days of our Lives - Season 41

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #10438
    Ep. #10438
    Episode 257
    Alice's great-grandson Nick prepares to return to Salem.
  • Ep. #10437
    Ep. #10437
    Episode 256
    Shawn tells Willow that he plans to get his own place, she then says if there's room for her as well. Bo tells Hope that it's not too late to get back what they had and then Patrick walks in the pub. Mimi tells Bonnie of Patrick's hidden stash of money. Willow thinks that Shawn-D. doesn't want an ex hooker living in his apartment and is thrilled when he says that they will look for a place together. Steve thanks Hope for the stuff that he requested about his past with Kayla. Bonnie receives a phone call from Lauren and she says that there could be a problem with the baby. At Chez Rouge Willow tells a stunned Mimi that she and Shawn-D are moving in together. Patrick wants to know if Hope changed her mind about leaving town. Lauren tells Bonnie that she was forced to quit her job and she wants more money from her. Billie overhears Steve tell an unconscious Kayla he got his memory back when in fact he's reading what Hope wrote for him. Willow is shocked when Shawn-D tells her that he's not accepting the 10,000 cheque from Victor. Kayla regains consciousness after hearing Steve sing their song "The Rose".moreless
  • Ep. #10436
    Ep. #10436
    Episode 255
    Shawn makes his first delivery to Patrick and he wonders if his father sent him. Bo is shocked when Hope tells him that Steve wanted her to buy Billie a necklace. John tells Bo that he has new info and he should see for himself. Stephanie apologizes to her father for the way she acted earlier. Sami interrupts Kate and E.J.'s tryst. and John wonders what she's doing there. Shawn informs Victor that he is no longer his grandfather. Marlena tells Belle to take it east. Belle realizes that the money she got from Philip was actually from Victor. Mimi wonders why Patrick is giving Shawn-D money. Steve asks Hope to talk to Bo and write stuff down that he and Kayla did years agomoreless
  • Ep. #10435
    Ep. #10435
    Episode 254
    E.J. gives Shawn a job as a courier, he also says that he can't tell his father that his partner is Patrick Lockhart. Dr. Myers tries to revive Kayla with Steve and the family look on with concern. John asks Kate if he could use one of her satelites to track someone for the cops. The doctor explains that Kayla had an allergic reaction to the antidote and had a cardiac episode. Bo tells Hope that Steve has to give Kayla a reason to live. Hope is stunned when Steve asks her to buy a necklace for Billie. Shawn tells his parents that he's working for E.J. Wells, Bo tells Shawn-D to watch his back. Marlena and Bille have a heart to heart about her feelings for Steve. Stephanie tells her father that it's his fault and tells him how she feels. John is shocked when he sees Kate and E.J. making love in his apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #10434
    Ep. #10434
    Episode 253
    Steve awakes from his coma but Kayla's condition worsens. Chelsea is stunned when Kate admits Bo and Billie don't belong together. Frankie announces that he's going back to D.C. but Max says that he belongs in Salem. Steve tells Billie exactly how he feels about her, Billie admits that she wants him the way he is. Everyone goes to the hospital to wait and see if Kayla comes out of it. Max gives Mimi a job at the garage, Shawn then drops by with Willow and sees Mimi working there. Bo talks to Max and he tells him that he hired Mimi as a book keeper. Patrick tries to persuade Chelsea to spy on her dad for him. Stephanie is thrilled to see her father up and about but is concerned for her mother's health. Willow tells Shawn-D to go to E.J. for a job as a mechanic, E.J. then tells Shawn-D to meet with him.moreless
  • Ep. #10433
    Ep. #10433
    Episode 252
    Billie thinks Bo won't look at Chelsea the same way after what happened to Zack. Willow sneaks Shawn-D into her apartment disguised as a woman, Belle arrives and sees Shawn coming out of the shower. Mimi asks Caroline how she and Shawn managed to stay together for so many years. Chelsea tells Bo that she'll help in any way she can. Belle returns and tells Willow to stay away from Shawn. Bo offers Shawn-D to come home and loan him some money to support Claire but he declines. The antidote is arrives and gives it to Steve and Kayla.moreless
  • Ep. #10432
    Ep. #10432
    Episode 251
    Belle closes the door on Shawn as he comes to see Claire. Abe persuades Lexie to go into the Brady Pub to confront them, as the enter everyone looks at Lexie. Roman hits another dead end when they can't find another antidote. Sami tells E.J. to leave and Will is touched when he hears when Sami says that she loves him unconditionally. Bo explains to Roman that E.J. Wells maybe linked to the attacks on their family. Lexie tells the Brady's that their maybe an antidote they haven't tried yet. Lucas and Sami agree to a truce and be friends for Will's sake. Bo comes to question Sami about E.J. and tells her about Steve and Kayla. Lucas and Will return to Kate's as she and E.J. are getting intimate, E.J. then leaves without being spotted. Willow offers Shawn that he can move in with her now that he has no where to live. Caroline tells Dr. Myers to give them the antidote. John tells Belle to give Shawn some ground rules regarding Claire.moreless
  • Ep. #10431
    Ep. #10431
    Episode 250
    Sami and E.J. share a romantic evening at her apartment. Kate informs Lucas of Carrie and Austin's nuptuals and leaving Salem. Will tells Kate off after hearing her bad mouth his mother and tells her to stop. Max admits to Frankie that he used Stephanie to get his mind off Chelsea, Frankie then tells Max to tell Stephanie the truth. John tells Bo that he should tell Abe about their investigation. Will admits to Lucas that he still loves his mother and leaving her place was a mistake as Kate overhears. John tells Abe that he thinks E.J. Wells is the gloved hand that's committing crimes in Salem and gives Bo the O.K. to investigate him. Caroline and Shawn worry about Kayla's condition and if she'll ever recover. Abby thinks it was the gift that she bought that gave Stephanie the wrong impression. E.J. tells Sami to choose him of Lucas and Will. Dr. Myers tells Caroline that the antidote isn't working on either Steve or Kayla.moreless
  • Ep. #10430
    Ep. #10430
    Episode 249
    E.J. sees Sami at the bar at Chez Rouge and she says that she's celebrating the new and improved her. Steve and Kayla are under quarantine after being exposed to a biotoxin, Stephanie blames herself for her parents condition, Caroline assures her that she is not at fault. Carrie tells John and Marlena that she and Austin are leaving Salem after the get married. Bo tells Abe that he wants back on the force to find who's hurting his family. Lexie tells Tek that she can't help Steve and Kayla and that she doesn't work in the hospital anymore. Sami arrives at just as Carrie and Austin say their vows and everyone tells that she's not wanted there. Abe tells Bo to stay away from Patrick or he'll be off the force for good. John explains to Marlena of the situation at the hospital and postpones their wedding. Sami goes back to Chez Rouge and drowns her sorrows, E.J. says that she doesn't need her family. Dr. Myers tells everyone that he is gonna administer an antidote to save them. John thinks that Patrick is working with E.J. Wells and shares this theory with Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #10429
    Ep. #10429
    Episode 248
    Carrie arrives at the hospital with Jim Finch and he tells Lexie that she is fired from University Hospital. Steve surprises Billie by showing up at her house figuring they could hang out together. The gloved hand lingers outside Stephanie's room as he spies on her and Kayla, then Kayla get a mysterious page. John pops the question to Marlena, but she has a better idea. Austin wants him and Carrie to move to Europe together. Lexie tells Abe that she was fired and that Sami made her do it and Abe says the he will stick by her. Kayla is locked in an exam room and hears heavy breathing. Steve is apalled at Chelsea's behaviour towards her mother. Stephanie calls her dad and he rushes to the hospital. Austin proposes to Carrie which she gracefully accepts. Steve kicks the door in and him and Kayla inhale a poisonous gas. Carrie and Austin discover the couple getting married before them is John and Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10428
    Ep. #10428
    Episode 247
    E.J. tells Sami that he wants to see where their relationship will take them. Shawn is furious at Mimi when she brings up Willow's past in front of Max. John's marriage proposal is again interupted by Roman. Marlena then thanks Roman for discovering that she was missing and says that she and John are back together. Patrick thinks John is interrogating him as they meet for a drink at Chez Rouge. Marlena can't believe that Roman knew about Sami's lies all along and didn't tell her. Willow arrives at the garage and gets into it with Mimi and Shawn then asks Mimi to leave. Roman and Marlena are concerned that next time Will might do something dangerous. Marlena manages to get Patrick's cell phone and gives it to John so he can see who he's been calling. Roman shows up at Sami's just as she and E.J. are making out and quickly get dressed, and he lashes out at her for what she did to Carrie.moreless
  • Ep. #10427
    Ep. #10427
    Episode 246
    Stephanie tells Abby why Max hasn't come to visit her yet thinking he doesn't like her. Sami interupts John's marriage proposal to Marlena to talk to her mother. E.J. is revealed as the mysterious gloved hand and Patrick as his accomplice in terrorizing Salem. Determined to prove that Patrick is guilty he calls John and enlists his help. Marlena is shocked after hearing what Sami has done now and says the she can't even look at her, thinking it was a mistake coming here she leaves. Hope thanks Mimi for calling her about Shawn when she did and Mimi tells her that Willow is a hooker. E.J. threatens to tell Hope the truth is Patrick doesn't co-operate. Hope questions Maggie on hiring Willow and then goes to Shawn and lashes at him for sleeping with a hooker. Stephanie has a panic attack after Max says something hurtful to her. E.J. comforts Sami by taking her to his place.moreless
  • Ep. #10426
    Ep. #10426
    Episode 245
    Bo is brought into the station and is stunned when Hope defends Patrick insted of him. Will is shocked as Sami admits to what she did to Austin and Carrie and he said that he wants nothing to do with her and that he's moving in with his dad for good. Lexie presents Tek with a restraining order to prove that she's serious about letting him go, Tek says that it's not over. After learning Sami's downfall she offers to give Will and Lucas a place to stay. Abe relieves Bo of his duties and strips him of his badge after assaulting Patrick again. Patrick makes a phone call to meet someone and it turns out to be E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10425
    Ep. #10425
    Episode 244
    Bo and Patrick come to blows at the Penthouse Grill, and Patrick demands that Bo be arrested for assault. Austin and Carrie walk out on Sami, and Lucas tells her and Will that he can't live there anymore. Belle is upset to see a close moment between Shawn and Willow. Kate seeks Roman's help in keeping Sami away from Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #10424
    Ep. #10424
    Episode 243
    Sami is finally exposed for her scheming regarding Austin and Carrie and the 'genetic defect' that would have affected their children. Bo and Hope both worry that they may lose their son, but luckily Shawn-Douglas and Willow make it back to shore safely. Belle rails against those who kept the truth from her about her daughter's true paternity. Chelsea attempts to manipulate Patrick into going after Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #10423
    Ep. #10423
    Episode 242
    Shawn maydays for help as the storm approaches and a tidal wave crashes down and knocks him off the boat.
  • Ep. #10422
    Ep. #10422
    Episode 241
    Stephanie tells her father that she knows that he remembers her as a baby. Tek is stunned when Lexie tells him that she didn't break things off with Abe. Willow takes Mimi to meet her "Guardian Angel" and is shocked when it turns out to be Shawn. Abe tells Bo to stay off the Eve Michaels cas of he'll take his badge away. Chelsea is arrested for soliciting an under cover police officer. Shawn takes Willow out on the boat and the two end up making love on the deck. Billie encourages Kayla to fight for her marriage, she then gets a phone call saying that Chelsea is in trouble. Mimi goes to Bo about the girl he is with, and to warn him about the storm that's heading for Salem. Bo and Billie are stunned when Chelsea is brought into the station. Abe is shocked when Tek arrives at Chez Rouge and proposes to Lexie.moreless
  • Ep. #10421
    Ep. #10421
    Episode 240
    Shawn and Willow wake up in each other's arms at the garage, Shawn then asks Willow if she would like to be friends. Lauren agrees to let Bonnie raise her grandchild. Sami warns Lucas he's out of her apartment if he pulls a stunt like that again. Bo walks in on Willow and Shawn getting dressed. Patrick tells Hope that they should go away together and raise the baby. Chelsea realizes that Kate and E.J. had sex in her office and reveals her plan to get her parents together. Maggie gives Mimi a job at Chez Rouge and asks Willow to show Mimi the ropes and the two start talking and become friends. Bo scolds Shawn's behaviour towards Mimi and his relationship with Willow. Sami tells E.J. that they can't date again and suggests that they be friends. Patrick pays of Dr. Bader for altering the test to make him the father when in fact Bo is the father of Hope's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10420
    Ep. #10420
    Episode 239
    Philip tells Mimi that he's leaving Salem for good and that there's nothing for him here anymore. Sami is stunned when Lucas reveals his true feelings for her. Shawn comes to the penthouse and he and Belle end up in a fight and Shawn storms out. Kate explains to E.J. that he hasn't seduced Sami yet and he must before she can get her hooks into Lucas again. Marlena explains to John about who could be responsible for her abduction. Mimi tries to get Belle to stop Philip from leaving town. Lucas tells Will that they are close to getting E.J. out of Sami's life for good. Sami almost walks in on Kate and E.J. making out on her desk. Willow arranges to make Shawn feel better by going away with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10419
    Ep. #10419
    Episode 238
    Philip and Mimi make the decision to sign away all rights to their biological child, giving the surrogate mother Lauren all say. Bonnie later meets with Lauren, who agrees to turn the baby over to her. Shawn is furious with Victor and Kate for their part in the deception. Belle is upset because she feels Shawn has turned his back on both her and Claire. Lucas admits to Sami that he still has feelings for her.moreless
  • Ep. #10418
    Ep. #10418
    Episode 237
    Marlena is beside herself when John tells her Belle lost the baby. Lucas and Will plan to sabatoge Sami's date with E.J. Philip confronts his mother of her betrayal about Claire's paternity at Chez Rouge. Shawn attempts to see Belle but overhears her tell Carrie she doesn't want to see him. Will wants answers from his dad about his true feelings about his mother dating E.J. Philip gets angry when Kate admits that Victor also knew that CLaire wasn't his. Lucas sends a hooker to E.J.'s apartment. Victor can't believe Kate told Philip about his involvement with Claire, Shawn then crashes Max's car into Victor's mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #10417
    Ep. #10417
    Episode 236
    John arrives at Marlena's hotel room to find clues to her whereabouts. Mimi tells Shawn that she's cancelling the contract with their surrogate. Steve and Kayla embrace each other as he deals with remembering Stephanie. Sami calls John and tells him Belle lost the baby and John says that he may have found a lead in finding her mother. Lucas questions E.J. as he notices he brought flowers for Sami. Victor tells Shawn that Titan is pulling out and no longer financing his engine. Abe tells Lexie that if wants to commit to a second chance she can't see Tek again. Kayla is sad when Steve says that he still can't remember her. Bonnie tells Philip that his mother knew all along that Claire wasn't his. John rescues Marlena from a trunk in a storage facility.moreless
  • Ep. #10416
    Ep. #10416
    Episode 235
    Steve assures Billie that both Max and Stephanie are both alive. Dr. Ross explains to Philip and Shawn that in order to save Belle the pregnancy must be terminated. Roman tells Abe that Lexie is no longer a suspect and to quit his investigation of her. At the house Lexie slaps Abe for his betrayal, he then tries to convince Lexie that he meant every word. Philip signs the consent form for the procedure. The charges against Patrick have been dropped, Hope then apologizes for ever doubting him. After learning that her baby was terminated Belle angrily tells Philip to get out. Steve has a memory of holding Stephanie as a baby and breaks down crying. Shawn leaves a message for Frankie saying he wants to drop the custody suit.moreless
  • Ep. #10415
    Ep. #10415
    Episode 234
    The mysterious gloved man lingers around the garage with a wrench in his hand. Hope and Bo are shocked to learn that Mimi has known Claire's paternity since the transplant. Shawn rushes to the hospital as he arrives Belle starts to feel pains as they both start to argue. Chelsea accuses Stephanie for going after Max after they broke up. Stephanie tells her mother where her father is and Steve shows up with Billie. Bo assures Roman that his investigation against Patrick was strictly by the book. Hope tells Shawn to be with the one that he loves. Tek informs Lexie that Abe has no intentions of getting back together and that he's been investigating her. Victor and Kate wonder how Philip will react if he ever finds out they knew Claire wasn't his. Bo prepares to testify against Patrick after Cameron Reese wants to review the evidence. Abby finds a glove and a note on the garage floor. Everyone is shocked when Max's car explodes.moreless
  • Ep. #10414
    Ep. #10414
    Episode 233
    Shawn's behaviour at the garage concerns Max when he yells at him for no reason. Bo and Hope wake up in each other's arms aboard the Fancy Face. Mimi tells Patrick about her recent argument with Shawn and possibly the end of her marriage. Kate is impressed with E.J.'s business ethics in handlind the press before the Grand Prix. Bo asks Hope to come back to him, but she says that she can't answer that right now. Shawn wants E.J. to mind his own business when he brings up his and Mimi's split. Patrick's preliminary hearing begins and is surprised to see Hope arrive. Kate makes a proposition to Stephanie to be there for Philip and be his friend.moreless
  • Ep. #10413
    Ep. #10413
    Episode 232
    Mimi tells Bonnie that Shawn has walked out on her and that it's over. E.J. learns that Lucas has moved in with Sami to be closer to Will. Shawn blows off steam by shooting hoops and meets a hooker named Willow. Bo tells Hope that family is important especially to each other. Lucas looks on as E.J. asks Sami out on a date, but tells him some other noght cause she's having dinner with Lucas and Will. Willow asks Shawn if he's still in love with Belle and if he is he should go for it. Will is surprised by his sudden popularity after his disappearance and accidentally says that he hates his mother and then apologizes. Shawn and Willow share a kiss on the basket-ball court.moreless
  • Ep. #10412
    Ep. #10412
    Episode 231
    Philip wants Belle to tell him that they can move past it, she tells him that she can't. Shawn is furious with Mimi about keeping Claire's paternity a secret and then walks out on her. Chelsea tells Billie that she saw her kissing Steve at the diner. Dr. Ross explains to Belle that he baby's heart rythmis could be serious. Kate learns that they did another DNA test that proved Shawn was Claire's daughter. Kate tells Philip to walk away from Belle and to find someone else. Chelsea tries to persuade her parents to get back together.moreless
  • Ep. #10411
    Ep. #10411
    Episode 230
    Bo, Hope and Philip rush Belle to the hospital when she begins to have abdominal pains and thinks that she may be miscarrying. Shawn is shocked to overhear Mimi discussing that she knew about Claire's paternity long ago.
  • Ep. #10410
    Ep. #10410
    Episode 229
    Shawn seeks out Frankie to find out what sort of rights he has as Claire's father, and his custody suit infuriates Philip. Bonnie tries to convince Mimi that the only way to save her marriage is to leave town with Shawn.
  • Ep. #10409
    Ep. #10409
    Episode 228
    Lucas and Sami are doing a live appeal for Will's return when he shows up safe and sound, explaining that he had run away from home because he was so upset after Austin and Sami's near-miss wedding. Roman asks John to join in the search for a missing Marlena.
  • Ep. #10408
    Ep. #10408
    Episode 227
    Patrick tries to get Hope to see that he is innocent of any wrong-doing, and is convinced that Bo set him up. Carrie heads to Roman for advice as to what she should do regarding Austin and Lucas.
  • Ep. #10407
    Ep. #10407
    Episode 226
    Lexie tells Billie that she doesn't think Abe wants to get back together. Tek overhears Abe's his true motives to "reconciling" with Lexie. Bo learns that he is a grandfather and Chelsea didn't alter the DNA report. Lucas tells Austin to get his hands off of Carrie after catching them kissing. Sami lashes out at Carrie when she learns that she had already cheated on Lucas. Tek tells Roman to keep him on the Eve Michaels case because Patrick wants him to prove his innocence. Lucas tells Carrie that he wants her out of his life and packs up her things and puts them in the hallway and then takes off his wedding ring.moreless
  • Ep. #10406
    Ep. #10406
    Episode 225
    Sami and Lucas learn that E.J. arranged to make a televised plea for Will's safe return. Belle goes to her dad for help and tells him that Philip took Claire after learning that Shawn is her father. Philip goes to the hospital to prove that he is her father, Shawn tells him otherwise and Philip is then arrested. Carrie says to Austin that as long as Will is missing they can't be together. Lucas wonders what Austin and Carrie are doing at "Dune". Mimi thinks that her marriage will be over know that he knows the truth. John wants Belle to tell him if she wants to be married to Philip. Sami tells Austin not to make a move on Carrie cause Lucas needs her now more than ever. After making love to Lucas, Carrie secretly goes to meet Austin.moreless
  • Ep. #10405
    Ep. #10405
    Episode 224
    Everyone prepares to Jack and Jennifer a proper send off by throwing them a party. Bo assures Kayla that Steve will remember their past together. Hope confides in Maggie that she's probably carrying a murderer's baby. Bo convinces Kayla to go to the party at the Horton house. Shawn shocks Philip and Belle when he says that the DNA report was legit and that he's Claire's father. Jack thanks everyone and tells Steve not to walk away from Kayla and if he does he'll regret it. Philip refuses to believe it and says he'll check the results himself. Hope and Jennifer say their goodbyes and she prepares to leave Salem. Philip tells Shawn not to touch Claire as she begins to cry. Jo and Vern say their goodbyes to Jack and Jennifer. Bo tells Hope that they should be together. Philip and Shawn get into it and Philip then takes Claire and runs off with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10404
    Ep. #10404
    Episode 223
    Patrick tries to persuade Tek to help him prove his innocence. Jack is rushed to the hospital where Jennifer tells Lexie to save him. Bonnie is irate that her son was arrested and wants him released. Jennifer tells Abby about her father's condition and worry if he'll make it or not. Lexie tells Jack that he is in remision which pleases Jennifer and Abby. Frankie and Jennifer share an emotional goodbye. Shawn receives the DNA report and is blown away when he is Claire's father. Jack receives news that he and Jennifer were offered jobs in London. Lexie tells Frankie that she thinks that Abe is hiding something from her.moreless
  • Ep. #10403
    Ep. #10403
    Episode 222
    Shawn is eager to see if his DNA matches Claire's. Bonnie wants Mimi to listen to her is she doesn't want to lose Shawn to Belle. Bo informs Shawn that Patrick was arrested for Eve Michael's murder. Jack and Jennifer continue their lovemaking in the cave and realizes she wants to be with Jack. Hope says that even though his fingerprints are on the disc it doesn't make him a killer, they then watch the disc and apologizes for doubting him and shocks Bo by telling him what Billie said in the courtroom. Mimi distracts the lab tech as Bonnie tampers with the results. Jennifer gets worried when Jack passes out and admits that she can't lose him again. Shawn tells Mimi that Patrick was arrested for killing Eve and thinks he was set up. Hope says to Bo that she's not ready to get back together with him and that a lot has happenedmoreless
  • Ep. #10402
    Ep. #10402
    Episode 221
    Patrick says that he has no idea how that stuff got in his closet. Jennifer and Jack share memories in the cave while hiding from Enid. Kate questions why Abe is being nice to Lexie when he treated her so badly. Max tells Abby that her parents are okay, Frankie assures her that they can take care of themselves. Bo says he will prove that Patrick killed Eve Michaels, Hope says there's no way he couldn't kill anyone. Hope tells Kate that she knows that Billie had a part in her and Bo's breakup. Bo tells Hope that Patrick's fingerprint on the missing disc, the one he was accused of stealing, Hope then begins to doubt Patrick's innocence. Jack and Jennifer make love in the cave. Abby is glad when Frankie tells her that Bo had heard from Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #10401
    Ep. #10401
    Episode 220
    Bo and Hope's divorce hearing is postponed after the judge receives a message. Patrick is arrested and charged with Eve's murder.
  • Ep. #10400
    Ep. #10400
    Episode 219
    Bo finds a mysterious number while he and Tek are looking through Eve's things for clues. Abby and Frankie finally realise that Jack and Jennifer are missing.
  • Ep. #10399
    Ep. #10399
    Episode 218
    Billie doesn't want to come between Steve and Kayla, but Kayla gets the wrong impression when she sees them dancing. Hope is determined to get the divorce.
  • Ep. #10398
    Ep. #10398
    Episode 217
    Steve runs into Billie on the pier after dinner with Kayla and the two share a kiss. Chelsea gets herself into trouble.
  • Ep. #10397
    Ep. #10397
    Episode 216
    Bo tells Chelsea that this time there's no way she'll get out of this one. Jack thinks to get the info that they need they'll have to contact Deep Throat. Bo insists on retesting Shawn's DNA against, Chelsea says it's the only way to prove she's innocent. Mimi is worried about the outcome of the test and that Shawn will leave her for Belle. Chelsea is relieved when her mother believes her innocence even though everyone else doesn't. Shawn wants his father to tell him if he wants to see Chelsea punished this time. Mimi gives her mother an idea to switch DNA results to save her daughter's marriage. Jack receives a phone call from Deep Throat wanting to meet again, so he and Jennifer hurry to meet him. Mimi cautions her mother to back off and not to try anything to jeopardize the test results.moreless
  • Ep. #10397
    Ep. #10397
    Episode 216
    coming soon...
  • Ep. #10396
    Ep. #10396
    Episode 215
    Belle unexpectedly shows up with Claire and interrupts a romantic moment between Mimi and Shawn. Bo brings Chelsea into the station for questioning regarding the folder. Jack and Jennifer team up to solve the mystery of Eve Michael's death. Frankie arrives at the station as Chelsea's laawyer, Chelsea tells Frankie that she didn't tamper with that DNA report. Phiip and Shawn both confront Chelsea and say that she is gonna pay for what she did. Mimi thinks Belle is making excuses to bring Claire over to see Shawn. Max and Shawn get into it over Chelsea. Max then learns that the only prints on the inside of the folder is Chelsea's, he then breaks up with her and walks out. Jack goes to see Sal Bandino to see the who the gun belongs to and gives the two a list of names of possible suspects and are surprised by one of the namesmoreless
  • Ep. #10395
    Ep. #10395
    Episode 214
    Jack eagerly awaits his test results determining if he's gone into remission or not. Everyone is anxious to locate Will they can't focus on their work. Abe gets ready for his "date" with Lexie to see if she's guilty of killing Eve. Chelsea tells Abby that they didn't believe the test results in the folder she left in Shawn's hospital room. Philip learns that his mother and E.J. are starting their own company together. Abe tells Lexie that he's "withdrawing" his petition for a divorce unaware that he's investigating her. Jack receives a call from a distorted voice saying that he has information on Officer Michael's murder. E.J. and Philip introduce their drivers as the press conference at Chez Rouge starts. Frankie confides in Maggie that he's tired of waiting and wants Jennifer to make her decision. Jack realizes and followed him to the warehouse and the person just disappears and Jack sees that he left a picture of the gun that killed Eve Michaels. Bo arrests Chelsea in front of everyone.moreless
  • Ep. #10394
    Ep. #10394
    Episode 213
    John, Bo, and Steve all agree that Kate is up to something. Roman catches Kate going through Eve's hotel room and arrests her. Austin and Carrie agree to tell Lucas the truth about their love for one another. Sami tells Lucas that Will is missing as Austin and Carrie were about to tell Lucas the truth. Hope takes Patrick instead of Bo to her ultrasound appointment thinking he doesn't want to be there. Steve wants Marlena to help get his memory back, Marlena tells John that she's leaving town and that she won't be back for a while. Kate is shocked when Roman accuses her of killing Eve and she suggests that she did not. Bo gets upset when the nurse addresses Patrick and Hope as husband and wife. Tek and Steve investigate the footprints outside the church, Roman discovers the disc doesn't have Chelsea on it, and realizes that Kate didn't kill Eve. Kate then tells Roman to arrest her, but he says no. Sami gets ahold of her father and tells him Will is missing.moreless
  • Ep. #10393
    Ep. #10393
    Episode 212
    Carrie wonders why Austin is telling her to get back together now. E.J. insists on calling the police and telling them Sami is being blackmailed but Sami stops him. Marlena wonders why she keeps seeing her daughter and E.J. together all the time, she's then surprised when Sami tells her that she let Austin go and be with Carrie. Steve is wondering if he and Billie ever met before because he feels he has. The mysterious gloved man has major plans for Marlena when she arrives. John tells Kate that Eve Michaels was murdered at the church last night. Carrie admits to Austin that she loves him and wants to spend her life with him. Billie is wondering if John thinks her mother had anything to do with Eve's death. Sami receives a phone call from a "mechanical voice" saying does she know where her son is. Lucas thinks that his mom is hiding something and how Eve's death freaked her out.moreless
  • Ep. #10393
    Ep. #10393
    Episode 211
    Coming soon...
  • Ep. #10392
    Ep. #10392
    Episode 210
    Roman tells Marlena to watch her back after Eve's murder. The mysterious gloved man then leaves a letter for Marlena. Austin is about to walk in on E.J. and Sami making out, Austin sees E.J. come out and wants to know why he's in Sami's apartment with his shirt off. Sami says to Austin that one day he will find a woman who will love him a way that she can't and comes to terms with Sami. Carrie tells Marlena that Austin not getting married is a sign saying they have a second chance. Lucas makes it clear to E.J. that he doesn't trust him and probably never will and tells him to stay away from Sami, E.J. insists that Lucas is jealous. Marlena recieves a job offer for her work in empowerment groups for abused women not knowing that the letter is probably a forgery. Austin brings Carrie to the roof and tells her that he wants to get back together again.moreless
  • Ep. #10391
    Ep. #10391
    Episode 209
    John and Abe are wondering who had motive to kill Eve Michaels. Austin is puzzled why Sami walked out on their wedding day, Lucas wonders if E.J. is the reason for it. Sami is consoled by E.J. after she wakes up after having a nightmare. Tek tells John and Abe about the threatening phone call and how Abe's life and Theo's were in danger. Lexie tells Austin that Sami standing him up at the alter was the best thing for him. Roman informs Abe and John that he found something on the surveillance tapes that puts Lexie at the scene and is considered a suspect in Eve's murder, Roman tells Abe to get close to Lexie by "dating her". Sami opens a letter left for her saying to give sole custody of Will to Lucas and her secret will be safe.moreless
  • Ep. #10390
    Ep. #10390
    Episode 208
    Bonnie rushes over to the loft to talk to Mimi, Mimi then tells mom to be quiet cause Shawn is asleep. Tek tells John that Officer Eve Michaels is there to help with the investigation. E.J. continues to comfort Sami and tells her that she did the right thing by stopping the wedding. Marlena walks in on E.J. and Sami laughing and wonders what's going on with them, and Sami explains that he was trying to get her to laugh again. Sami asks E.J. a favor to help her end the night right, they then show up at Lexie's and Sami demands that she tell her if she made the call, Lexie said that she didn't and that she should be afraid that someone else knows their secret. Marlena meets Eve and wants to know what she's doing with her husband. Bonnie is relieved when they never re-did the DNA test to determine Claire's true paternity and wonders if the person who switched the embryos is gonna target her daughter. Sami's surprised when E.J. admits that he is attracted to her. John tells Marlena that he's gonna find out tonight who stole the evidence and they each stumble across Eve Michaels dead outside the church.moreless
  • Ep. #10389
    Ep. #10389
    Episode 207
    Sami watches Lexie in the back of the Church and suddenly she tells Austin that she can't go through with the wedding and takes off. Austin follows her and tries to find out what is going on, but she tells him she can never live up to what he wants her to be. Austin leaves and is comforted by Carrie while Lucas watches. Kate tries to pick E.J. up, but he tells her it's more important for him to be there for Sami right now. Tek tells Roman, Bo and John that Sami was blackmailing Lexie and had forced her to tell Carrie that if she and Austin had children they would have birth defects. Frankie and Jennifer decide to head out to dinner. Kayla tells Steve that all Brady weddings have to have some excitement.moreless
  • Ep. #10388
    Ep. #10388
    Episode 206
    Tek meets up with Lexie at the hospital and tells her that Sami Brady's wedding could be a spot of trouble, but later phones her from the Church to tell her everything is alright. Bonnie panics when she hears about the file naming Shawn-Douglas as Claire's father. The wedding begins in the Church, with Marlena and Will both doing readings. Austin says his vows, but Sami chokes up when times comes to say her own vows. With Austin cheering her on, Sami talks about how much faith he has in her, and Father Jansen wonders if anyone there objects to their union just as Lexie walks in the door.moreless
  • Ep. #10387
    Ep. #10387
    Episode 205
    Marlena tells Roman that maybe Austin is marrying the wrong woman. Lexie explains to Tek that something very strange is going on at the hospital, she says she got a threatening phone call before exposing Sami. Austin tells his mother he's marrying Sami whether she likes it or not. Jennifer is excited when Hope and Bo are together at the wedding, Hope tells Jennifer that she's only here for the family. Steve tells Bo and John abouot the recent transaction in Eve Michaels bank account. Sami and Carrie are stunned when Belle says that Shawn could be Claire's father, they then tell Belle is she wishes it were true. Kate wonders if E.J. kept Sami away on purpose, E.J. then tells her that he didn't. Will congratulates his mother and hopes that nothing goes wrong. Sami gets a phone call from a mysterious person saying that if she marries Austin her secret will be exposed.moreless
  • Ep. #10386
    Ep. #10386
    Episode 204
    Philip thinks a DNA test is unnecessary considering Belle and Shawn never had sex. Lucas tries to keep Austin from going to see Sami before the ceremony. E.J. and Sami are brought into the police station and demands to be released after the arresting officer doesn't believe Sami is Roman Brady's daughter. Lexie tells Mimi that Shawn can be released from the hospital. John realizes that Sami was arrested and is able to get her released. Kate is overjoyed when she learns that Sami hasn't arrived at the church yet and prays she doesn't. John agrees to give Sami and E.J. a lift to the church and continues to make Officer Eve Michaels believe he's interested in her. Maggie brings Claire out and Shawn looks at her and thn makes Maggie a promise no to binge drink anymore. Marlena wonders if Carrie wishes if she were the bride today.moreless
  • Ep. #10385
    Ep. #10385
    Episode 203
    E.J. and Sami find shelter in a house, thinking her wedding will be ruined. Belle tells Shawn that in the file it says that he's Claire's father and not Philip. Philip insists it's someone playing a sick joke. Sami is able to contact Carrie but E.J.'s phone dies before she can tell where she is. E.J. finds a two-way radio and hopes he can make contact the Salem P.D., they contact a little boy named Joel who E.J. asks to send help. Billie tells Carrie that she should be marrying Austin and that he doesn't really love Sami. Philip vows to find the person responsible he then comes to the conclusion that it's the same person who switched the embryos. Sami finds an old trunk of old clothes and they both dance to the music on the radio. A cop arrives at the house, Sami thinks that they are saved but instead arrests her and E.J. Lexie suggests that they run a DNA test to see whose blood matches Claire's.moreless
  • Ep. #10384
    Ep. #10384
    Episode 202
    The officer lets E.J. off with a warning and Sami is beside herself when the car won't start. Chelsea calls Abby and tells her of the good deed that she just did. Hope is overjoyed when Lexie tells her that Shawn is waking up. E.J. assures that he will stop nothing from happening to Sami. Mimi promises to tell Shawn he's Claire's father, Philip almost hears her as he walks in the chapel. Chelsea asks to see Shawn which causes Hope to lash out at her. Shawn apologizes to his dad for the way he treated him, Bo then tells him of Chelsea's recent manipulation and how she changed the e-mails he sent to Hope. Sami suffers a severe burn on her face and becomes hysterical and things go from bad to worse when it starts to rain. Belle finds Claire's file and is shocked by what she reads.moreless
  • Ep. #10383
    Ep. #10383
    Episode 201
    Sami wakes up and kisses E.J. thinking that it's Austin. Hope tells Bo that she can't go into see Shawn cause of memories of the night Zack died. Bo urges Shawn to fight to come to them and to Mimi. Carrie wonders if there's something that could ruin Austin's wedding. E.J. tells Sami maybe Lucas is still in love with her, Sami assures him that she's not. Everything begins to go wrong as Sami begins to wonder if anything else can go wrong. Bo tells Chelsea to stay away from Shawn as he catches her eavesdropping on Belle visiting Shawn. Hope prays in the hospital chapel for Shawn's recovery as Bo overhears. Sami accuses E.J. of getting caught by the police on purpose. Chelsea leaves the file and walks out as Shawn wakes up.moreless
  • Ep. #10382
    Ep. #10382
    Episode 200
    Chelsea vows to do the right thing before the night is over. Shawn is rushed to the hospital and Mimi calls Hope and tells her Shawn is in the hospital. Bo tells Billie that he is given up on Chelsea and wants no part of her. Hope calls Bo and tells him to come to the hospital cause Shawn has alcohol poisoning. Abby tells Frankie how she feels about him taking her mother to the wedding. Bo sees Chelsea and Billie arrive at the hospital and tells them to leave cause their not wanted. Max tells Abby that she has her own life and that she shouldn't worry about the decision her mom makes. Mimi goes into see Shawn and tells him that she will tell him everything if he pulls through. Max is worried that Chelsea plans to do with the DNA test results. Hope tells Bo that she's glad that he's here for their son.moreless
  • Ep. #10381
    Ep. #10381
    Episode 199
    Caroline and Bo arrive at the house to ask Hope a favor confident that she'll say yes to escorting Bo to Sami's wedding. Philip suggests that Shawn and Mimi move out of the loft and away from Salem. Abby tries to persuade Chelsea to tell the truth about the DNA results even though Chelsea won't tell Abby who the people she's talking about. Belle and Mimi worry that Shawn and Philip will run into each other. Bo confronts Chelsea about her e-mails to Hope and tells her until she cleans up her act he's out of her life. Hope tells Mimi it's not her fault for setting boundaries for the babies and then agress to help Mimi look for Shawn. Mimi finds Philip and Shawn drunk and takes Shawn back to the loft and sleeps she then realizes that he's unconscious. Chelsea decides to tell Belle who Claire's father is.moreless
  • Ep. #10380
    Ep. #10380
    Episode 198
    Abby's mad at her mom for saying that she can't be at a family picnic that she planned because of plans with Frankie to go to Sami's wedding. Mimi makes a plan for visitation plan for the children which Shawn doesn't like. Philip tells Shawn that he doesn't want him anywhere near Belle or the baby. Lexie admits to Chelsea what she did to Bo and Hope by keeping Zack from them. Abe thinks Lexie is using Theo to get on his good graces, he then tells her to get an attorney cause he intends to get sole custody of Theo. Max says to Chelsea that he'll never leave her no matter what. Belle tells Mimi that the babies deserve to know their biological fathers but Mimi's against the idea. Jack warns Abby that E.J. is not someone she should be hanging out with. The mysterious gloved man puts a file where Chelsea can see it and finds oout Claire's true paternity.moreless
  • Ep. #10379
    Ep. #10379
    Episode 197
    Billie tells Patrick that Bo is determined to save his marriage to Hope no matter what. John takes out Officer Eve Michaels to work her for information. E.J. surprises Sami with a romantic dinner on the eve of her wedding. Hope tells Kayla that she and Patrick are seeing each other which surprises Kayla. Steve apologizes to Stephanie for walking out thinking her and her mother will be harmed. Eve lets it slip to John that Kate told her about his and Marlena's separation and John tells Bo that Eve might be involved somehow. Austin sees Sami and E.J. half naked in E.J.'s apartment and believes Sami when she said nothing happened. Hope and Patrick accidentally get handcuffed together while practicing police methods. Billie tells Chelsea maybe she should dedicate her community service to Zack. The mysterious gloved man lurks outside E.J.'s apartment spying on Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10378
    Ep. #10378
    Episode 196
    John enlists the help of Tek to help find whoever stole the evidence. Officer Eve Michaels informs the mysterious gloved man that Bo's investigating and the she wants more money. E.J. continues to persuade Stephanie to be the new driver of the car that he plans to build. Lucas then tells Stephanie that if she takes the job she'll regret it. Kate gets E.J. to help her to prevent Sami and Austin from getting married. Bo tells Hope what he thinks of the summons and rips it up, Bo is shocked to learn that Patrick is considering becoming a cop and vows to keep that from happening. Bo is surprised when Hope says a different version of the e-mail that he sent him. Tek and John are confident that their plan will flush out the culprtit. John tells Kate that he and Marlena are separated.moreless
  • Ep. #10377
    Ep. #10377
    Episode 195
    Billie is mad that Chelsea won't do her community service. Hope tells Patrick that she told Frankie to go ahead with the divorce. Steve admits to Bo that he's drawn to Kayla, Bo says to Steve that it's a good sign. Sami and Austin make arrangements to get married the next which infuriates Kate, she then agrees to come. E.J. makes an announcement to build a race car and to be partners with Austin, Sami and Kate. Caroline thinks that a game of darts will jog Steve's memory. Patrick confesses to Hope that he wants to be with her and be a father to their child. Kayla is surprised when Steve calls her sweetness, she tells him he used to call her that. E.J. approaches Stephanie with the idea of being their driver and sponsor all of her races. Bo receives divorce papers and then goes off to find Hope and finds her in Patrick's arms. Austin and Sami are thrilled with their wedding just 24 hours away as the mysterious gloved man outside their door.moreless
  • Ep. #10376
    Ep. #10376
    Episode 194
    Marlena tells John that she'll know where she's at until she finds herself. Shawn says to Belle that they have to forget about their past and remain friends. Max tells Abby that maybe working in the garage is the best thing for her but is convinced after hearing her work ethic. Jack thanks Frankie for getting him on the protocol and curing him, Jennifer then reminds him of a time when they took Abby to the aquarium as Frankie overhears from the kitchen door. Belle returns the ring that Shawn gave her along time ago. Marlena tells Roman that she and John are separating which completely shocks him. Philip tells Mimi his theory of someone switching the samples on purpose. Max says to Frankie where does he fit in if Jack goes into remission, Frankie says he loves Jennifer and he's not gonna lose her.moreless
  • Ep. #10375
    Ep. #10375
    Episode 193
    Marlena and John return from their trip. Belle visits them and tells them the news that she is pregnant. Marlena and John are shocked to discover that Shawn is the father. Belle explains there was a sperm mix up in the in-vitro lab. Belle tells her parents that she wishes she could go back to Shawn and live a life with him. Marlana and John tell Belle to live a life with Philip, and to stay committed to her marriage. Austin surprises Sami with the news that he plans on having the wedding sooner, since he and Carrie let each other go. Carrie and Lucas begin to repair their burnt apartment. Marlena makes a devastating decision -- to separate from John! Marlena says that she just needs some time to think everything through. Meanwhile, Belle says her goodbyes to Shawn. Belle says that she will no longer bother him. Abby begins to fall for E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10374
    Ep. #10374
    Episode 192
    Jack prepares to leave the hospital. Jennifer, Frankie, and Jack talk about their awkward situation. Jack says that when he thought he was dying he wanted Jennifer to marry Frankie, so she could be happy. Frankie says that he`ll just move back to the garage, but Jennifer says that they all need more time to think this over. Bo gets ready to run DNA tests on the envelope from the gloved perosn. Bo asks Sami if a crime has been committed, but Sami says "no". Bo begins to suspect that Sami has done something wrong. Bo and Kate talk. Sami knows that Kate is hiding something, and she thinks she knows what it is. On the roof of Carrie`s apartment, the gloved figure watches her and Austin kiss. Carrie stops kissing, and says that her and Austin have to let each other go.moreless
  • Ep. #10373
    Ep. #10373
    Episode 191
    Belle prepares to leave the hospital with the good news that her unborn baby is fine. Belle and Mimi continue arguing about Belle`s love for Shawn. Belle tells Mimi that she would knows she is afraid of losing Shawn, but she would never purposefully hurt her. Mimi says that she is in absolute war with Belle. Philip and Shawn talk. Philip says that he feels like someone switched the sperm at the in-virto lab on purpose. Carrie changes her mind about telling Lucas the truth about her love for Austin. Carrie says that she doesn`t trust herself to be alone with Austin. Sami takes one of the envelopes from the gloved person, to Bo to have it DNA tested.moreless
  • Ep. #10372
    Ep. #10372
    Episode 190
    Mimi tells Shawn and Belle to be open and honest with her. Austin and Carrie explain there whereabouts to Sami and Lucas. Bonnie tells a shocked Kate about the mix-up with at the hospital that Mimi is carrying Philip's baby and Belle is having Shawn's, they brainstorm on how who has to gain with switching the sperm samples and declare war on Belle. Mimi wants Belle to admit to her face that she loves Shawn. Steve says to Della that she wants to go home, but he doesn't know where home is, he then admits that he misses Kayla even though he doesn't remember. Stephanie assures her mother that her father will come back. Bonnie and Kate tell Philip that Belle is in the hospital. Kayla is thrilled when Steve returns to the Pub and tells her that she got to him. Stephanie sees her parents embracing each other. Austin confides in E.J. that he's in love with Carrie and how he's gonna break it to Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10371
    Ep. #10371
    Episode 189
    An envious Stephanie sees Max and Chelsea having dinner for two at the Brady Pub. E.J. sees Austin and Carrie having sex on the roof, but they didn't see him and keeps Lucas and Sami from going to check on them. Mimi sees Belle and Shawn kissing and holds off that she saw them. Austin tells Carrie not to have any regrets about being together. Dr. Ross tells Belle that her baby is doing fine and to get some rest to avoid stress. E.J. tells Carrie and Austin to trust him to help explain to Sami and Lucas. An overjoyed Abby tells Chelsea that her dad is going to be just fine. Rita lets it slip that she saw Belle and Shawn kissing thinking he was her husband. Sami admits to Lucas that she's still the same lying bitch she's always been.moreless
  • Ep. #10370
    Ep. #10370
    Episode 188
    Shawn waits with Belle as she gets checked out by the doctor, and is relieved when she's declared to be fine. Carrie finally admits to Austin that she only married Lucas because she thought she was pregnant, and says that according to Lexie, she can never conceive. Mimi decides to put an end to Shawn and Belle's relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #10369
    Ep. #10369
    Episode 187
    Jack has an out of body experience while unconscious in his hospital bed. Belle is amazed on how Claire calms down when Shawn is holding her. Sami is determined to hide whatever's in the letter, Lucas wants to know what's going on. Frankie gives Jennifer something Jack told him to give to her. Abby tells her father to fight and to come back to them, unaware that he can hear her. Patrick tries to encourage Mimi to tell Shawn and Belle the truth. After hearing Abby's plea, Jack vows that he doesn't want to die. Belle starts having cramps thinking something is wrong with the baby and is rushed to the hospital. Jack begins to flatline as the doctors try to revive him, Lexie comes out of Jack's room and says that he mighjt actually pull through. Carrie sneaks to the roof to meet Austin and the two end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10368
    Ep. #10368
    Episode 186
    Lexie tells Frankie and Jennifer that Jack's taken a turn for the worse. Kayla returns home and wonders why Stephanie is feeling down, she wonders where her father is and she tells him he's not coming back to Salem. Sami and E.J. find out Carrie was never pregnant. Jack tells Jennifer to move on with Frankie after he dies, Abby comes in his room and says that she won't let him die. Carrie tells a shocked Sami that she can never have children. Maggie brings Jack, Jr. to see his daddy in the hospital. Austin gives Sami the letter someone slid under her door and is reluctant not to read it to everyone. Stephanie confides in her mother that there's a guy she likes but is afraid to tell him how she feel. Steve is determined to find out who erased his memory and staged his death unaware that the mysterious gloved man is watching.moreless
  • Ep. #10367
    Ep. #10367
    Episode 185
    Chelsea goes back to erase what she had wrote and finds Max and Stephanie holding each other. Lucas catches the mysterious gloved man outside Sami's apartment, but he gets away. A frantic Kayla calls her mother and tells her that Steve doesn't want to remember his life with her. Sami refuses to tell E.J. thinking he'll turn his back on her too, he assures Sami that he'll stick by her no matter what. Chelsea apologizes to Stephanie and Max, she assures Chelsea that she is not after Max. Max refuses to forgive Chelsea for the way she treated Stephanie. Kayla decides not to lose Steve again. Max tells Chelsea that he still loves her even after what she's done. Kayla walks in to see Steve and Della kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10366
    Ep. #10366
    Episode 184
    Carrie admits to Lucas that she only married him because she was pregnant and Austin overheard every word. Steve tells Kayla that they should go their seperate ways because he doesn't want to hurt her. Abby tries to talk some sense into Chelsea that Stephanie and Max are just friends. Kayla tells Steve that she can't say goodbye to him again by saying that one day he'll remember again. The mysterious gloved man leaves a not for Sami and slides it under her door. Chelsea goes through Stephanie's things and discovers she wants Max to herself, Chelsea then takes her lipstick and writes "Whore" on her locker. Austin comforts Carrie after admitting to him she could never have children. Stephanie sees what Chelsea wrote on her locker and the two embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #10365
    Ep. #10365
    Episode 183
    Philip gets angry when he sees Belle and Shawn together when he comes out of his hospital room. Lucas asks Carrie if she regrets marrying him if she wasn't pregnant with his child. Kayla is introduced to Steve's "wife" Della and looks to Steve for an explanation. Sami tells Austin she won't wear his ring, she then starts to confess but changes her mind and admits to E.J. that once Austin finds out he won't marry her. The mysterious gloved man continues to keep watch on Steve and Kayla. Max demands that Chelsea is continuing her partying ways and walks out on her. Mimi makes an announcement, but after visualizing the outcome she changes what she was originally going to say. Carrie can't bring herself to tell Austin that she was never pregnant. Stephanie tells Max that he wasn't meant to be with Chelsea after all.moreless
  • Ep. #10364
    Ep. #10364
    Episode 182
    Steve and Kayla travel to Cincinnati to search for clues to find out what was behind Steve`s death and the loss of his memory. Steve and Kayla arrive at a bar. Unbeknownst to them, the gloved figure has followed them. The mysterious figure pays a guy to cause trouble for Steve and Kayla. Steve gets in a fight with this guy. Kayla is impressed when Steve wins! A beautiful woman enters the bar and announces that she is Steve`s wife! Bo vows that he will win Hope back. Hope also makes a vow. She vows that Patrick will always be apart of her unborn baby's life. Patrick is shocked, now that Mimi has told him that Shawn is Claire`s biological father. Patrick advises Mimi to tell Shawn the truth. Shawn is still reacting to Belle saying the she wants to have Shawn's baby more than anything! Belle also tells Shawn that she doesn`t believe that she married Philip in good faith. Shawn also knows that he is happy that Belle is having his baby. Philip is shocked at Mimi`s announcement. Belle and Philip continue talking about their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #10363
    Ep. #10363
    Episode 181
    Billie again encourages Bo not to give up on his marriage to Hope, but Bo tells her that everything with Chelsea, Zack and now the baby Hope is pregnant with has changed things forever. Lexie tries to reassure Carrie that Lucas will be there for her, but Carrie can't forget that she married him for all the wrong reasons, and will never love him the way that she loves Austin. Sami initially turns down Austin's proposal because she believes the ring is too expensive, but when he asks again she accepts, with E.J. watching from the wings. Later he goes downstairs to prepare dinner and Sami meets up with Patrick, telling him all about her past. Mimi slips up when Patrick talks about loving someone who has a child with another person, and admits to her brother that Shawn-Douglas is Claire's father.moreless
  • Ep. #10362
    Ep. #10362
    Episode 180
    Austin prepares a romantic dinner for Sami on the roof with Maggie's help. Lexie tells a distraught Carrie that she was never pregnant and that she may never have children. Frankie tells Jennifer to take a break from being at his bedside. Chelsea decides to give Max some competition by dancing with another guy at Dune Sami assures E.J. that she will tell Austin the truth tonight. Max wants to take Stephanie to the club for helping him with his car. Abby's not going to let Chelsea do this to Max not after all that he's done for her. Max and Stephanie walk into "Dune" and see Chelsea dancing with a guy. Austin re-proposes to Sami and she says that she can't marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #10361
    Ep. #10361
    Episode 179
    Stephanie assures Max it's not his fault Philip got hurt. Max's car explodes on the scene in front of everyone. Chelsea enlists Abby's help in getting Stephanie away from Max. Philip says to Belle that he would rather die than see her with Shawn. Carrie and Austin visualize being with one another. Austin offers Lucas and Carrie to live with him and Sami until their place is finished. Sami tells E.J. that this could be the last night she spends with Austin. Chelsea thinks she's lost Max for good and blames herself, and vows to make Max forget about Stephanie. Shawn promises Mimi that he'll never go back to Belle and that he'll stick by her. Belle confesses to Shawn that she wants to have his baby and she wouldn't want anything more. Lexie calls Carrie to tell her to come to the hospital and that he test results are back.moreless
  • Ep. #10360
    Ep. #10360
    Episode 178
    Sami talks with E.J. about the stranger who continues to threaten her. E.J. tries to persuade Sami to alert the police. Belle begins to worry about her husband because he was so angry. Shawn makes a startling confession to Belle.
  • Ep. #10359
    Ep. #10359
    Episode 177
    Belle and Philip have a huge fight at their apartment about the unborn baby. Philip leaves Belle with a hard decision to make. Carrie tells Austin that she heard his confession.
  • Ep. #10358
    Ep. #10358
    Episode 176
    Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Mimi all deal with the sperm mix-up. Sami deals with a strange person who continues to drop notes under her door. Patrick wants to become part of Hope`s new baby`s life.
  • Ep. #10357
    Ep. #10357
    Episode 175
    Belle, Philip, Shawn and Mimi are outraged at how such a thing like this could happen. Jack begins his experimental treatment to possibly cure whatever he has. Bo won't accept the fact that Patrick is the father of Hope's baby. The mysterious gloved man escapes through an emergency exit at the hospital. Sami gives E.J. the letter that explains what it claims that she had done and she then burns it and E.J. vows to her that he will find out who wrote it. Austin sees the fire and rushes to Lucas' apartment. Billie learns that Patrick is the father and not Bo. Austin rescues Carrie, but Lucas passes out from smoke inhalation while trying to get out, Sami then goes in to rescue Lucas but E.J. gets both Sami and Lucas out. Hope says that she needs time away from Bo to sort things out. Hope tells Jennifer the good news that she's pregnant and that it's Patrick's. Frankie overhears Jennifer tells Jack that she can't live without him.moreless
  • Ep. #10356
    Ep. #10356
    Episode 174
    Billie asks Austin if he still loves Carrie and still wants to marry Sami. Carrie starts to feel dizzy and collapses on the bed. Belle and Philip are called back to the hospital unaware of the problem. Dr. Jaynes tells Shawn and Mimi there's a possibility that her and Belle's eggs were switched as the mysterious gloved man watched from behind the curtain. E.J. tells Sami that he's willing to listen to what she's so worried about. Carrie refuses to go to the hospital on her wedding night. Dr. Bader gives Hope the chart and realizes that Patrick is the father of her baby. Dr. Jaynes confirms that each egg is with the right person but is shocked to say that Mimi is having Philip's baby and Belle is having Shawn's baby. While Carrie and Lucas are asleep the curtain catches fire by a lit candle. Austin tries to fix Billie up with E.J. Wells.moreless
  • Ep. #10355
    Ep. #10355
    Episode 173
    Dr. Bader prepares Hope for an ultrasound to see how far along the baby and who the father is. Shawn says if the baby is his dad's, he hopes his mom doesn't take him back. Nurse Betty is worried the wrong fertilized egg went to the wrong patient. Bo tells Hope that this baby could be their future together. Abby tells Chelsea the good news about her father possibly being cured. The mysterious gloved man watched as the nurses baffle over the possibility of a mix up with the eggs. Stephanie pulls Max into a kiss outside of Dune. Caroline tells Shawn to let go of the anger towards his father. Chelsea asks Max for a second chance and assures she's not playing games, Max then kisses Chelsea and Stephanie sees them as she's walking out of the club. Dr. Bader informs Hope that the blood tests are ready.moreless
  • Ep. #10354
    Ep. #10354
    Episode 172
    Lucas and Carrie spend their first night as husband and wife. Belle and Mimi and Shawn's surrogate are both implanted with the fertilized eggs. Jennifer admits to Jack that she can't let him go. Nick pulls away from the liplock with Kayla saying that he can't do this. Frankie researches Jack's illness online and sees something that might save him. Max wonders why Chelsea cares who he's meeting at Club Dune. Sami has a proposition for Chelsea by asking her to be apart in her wedding. The mysterious gloved man remains undetected at the hospital. Lexie tells Jennifer that Jack's condition is getting worse. Austin tells E.J. about Sami handling his account personally. Jennifer is overjoyed that Frankie may have found a cure for Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #10353
    Ep. #10353
    Episode 171
    Carrie and Lucas celebrate as their wedding reception starts at Chez Rouge. Alice wonders if Bo and Hope will ever get back together again. Bo sees Hope arrive at the reception with Patrick as her escort. Abby tells Chelsea that she should swallow her pride and give Max a chance, Max then admits to Chelsea that he's in love with her. Roman thinks Kate will do anything to keep Austin from marrying Sami. The mysterious gloved man eaves drops on Dr. Jaynes about the upcoming procedure. Kayla wonders if Stefano DiMera is the reason why Nick can't remember his life as Steve Johnson. E.J. tells Sami and Austin that they shouldn't rush into marriage, Sami then wonders if E.J. has an ulterior motive. Austin asks Carrie to dance, the same with Lucas and Samimoreless
  • Ep. #10352
    Ep. #10352
    Episode 170
    Chelsea sees Max arrive at the church with Stephanie. E.J. wonders why Stephanie is with Max. Roman walks Carrie down the aisle to marry Lucas. Kate interrupts the wedding, telling everyone Lexie has something to say but is shocked when Lexie didn't say what she wanted to hear. Kayla says if Nick saw Stephanie it would open a whole lot for him. Stephanie is shocked to see her father alive and is even more shocked when she realizes that he doesn't remember her. Roman cautions Kate to stay away from Carrie and Lucas, and not to ruin their happiness. Father Jansen pronounces Lucas and Carrie husband and wife. Max is overwhelmed when learns that E.J. and Stephanie know each other. The mysterious gloved man watches Belle, Shawn, Philip and Mimi at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10351
    Ep. #10351
    Episode 169
    The mysterious gloved man continues to lurk at the hospital. Everyone arrives as Carrie and Lucas' wedding starts. Will has doubts that his dad's wedding will end in disaster just like he and his mom's. Tek wants to know why Lexie didn't blow Sami out of the water and why Carrie is marrying Lucas and not Austin. Max is face to face with a sexy new race car driver not knowing that it's Kayla and Steve's daughter Stephanie. Roman tries to persuade Abe to give Lexie a second chance, Abe then tells Roman that he can't get over her betrayals and changes his mind when he sees her and Tek outside the church. Shawn tells Belle and Mimi that they're eggs were fertlized successfully. Kate tells Billie to go after Bo if Patrick is the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10350
    Ep. #10350
    Episode 168
    Salem celebrates the 4th of July with the annual Brady-Horton barbecue. Sami wants to know if Lexie is biding her time to expose her at Lucas and Carrie's wedding. Carrie almost tells Austin the truth, but instead tells him he should be with Sami. Kate's suspicions are correct when she sees Sami and Lexie talking privately. Abby decides to spend time with her father, with little time that he has left. Frankie tells Jennifer to bring Jack to the celebrations on the pier. Kayla reminds Nick of their first 4th of July with Stephanie, and is overjoyed when he remembers something, but Nick tells her that he guessed he got Stephanie to stop crying. Max sees Chelsea dancing with another man and tells Chelsea that he's done with her. Jack and Jennifer reminisce of memories of the past with each other. Kate refuses to let go that Sami is up to something, Austin tells his mother to back off. Max takes his frustrations on the race track and gets into a fender bender.moreless
  • Ep. #10349
    Ep. #10349
    Episode 167
    Sami daydreams that Lucas as the groom and not Austin, Carrie also visualizes a future with Austin the day before her wedding to Lucas. Bo is confident that he's the father of Hope's baby and not Patrick. Austin wonders if Carrie is having second thoughts about the wedding. Shawn is furious to learn that his mother is pregnant but isn't mad at Patrick because he was there for her and her father wasn't. Bonnie is overjoyed to learn that she maybe a grandmother. Dr. Jaynes tells Philip that his sperm could be useful for a long term pregnancy for Belle. The mysterious gloved man continues to lurk around the hospital. Austin demands the truth from Carrie on why they can't be together.moreless
  • Ep. #10348
    Ep. #10348
    Episode 166
    Bonnie tries to keep Mimi from Leaving and divorcing Shawn. Chelsea tells Abby that she plans to say no to Max about being exclusive. Max is crushed when Chelsea tells him she wants to date other men. Lucas apologizes to Sami about his harsh accusation and asks foe her forgiveness. Lexie confides in Roman about him talking to Abe to smooth things over between them. Nick tells Kayla that his memory may never come back at all, but insists on Kayla telling him more about the past. Kate insists that Lexie still has something on Sami and vows to uncover it. Philip tells Shawn to stay away from Belle after learning that Shawn still cares for her. Belle and Mimi find out that the eggs taken from them are viable. The mysterious gloved man switches Belle and Mimi's petri dish covers containing their viable eggs.moreless
  • Ep. #10347
    Ep. #10347
    Episode 165
    Mimi thinks Shawn settled for her when he couldn't have Belle. A mysterious gloved man lingers on the fire escape outside of Sami's living room window watching as Lexie is ready to expose Sami. Kayla tries to jog Nick's memory by taking him to familiar places. Shawn is stunned when Belle refuses to help him get through to Mimi. Jennifer tells Jack not to leave her not yet after his pain gets worse. Lexie gets a phone call that keeps her from ratting on Sami. Mimi tells Shawn that he shouldn't trust her at all. Nick has a memory flash of him and Kayla together kissing. Lexie wants to know who made the mysterious phone call that kept her from exposing Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10346
    Ep. #10346
    Episode 164
    Jack asks Nick to take him back to the hospice, but Jennifer and the others say otherwise. Dr. Stuart tells Hope that she has symptoms of pregnancy. Hope debates on whether Bo or Patrick is the father of her child. Kate is curious to what Lexie is about to reveal to everyone. Kayla is grateful to Jack for bringing Steve and giving her life back to her. Bo and Patrick get into it at the hospital, Billie tries to separate the two. Lexie asks Carrie if she'd had a chanmce to be with Austin again would she dump Lucas. Sami starts to tell the truth, then Lexie admits that she's been blackmailing her. Kayla tells Nick that she vows to make him remember their life together.moreless
  • Ep. #10345
    Ep. #10345
    Episode 163
    Nick tells Kayla if she's sure she wants to know what happened to him. Shawn blames his father for his mother being in the hospital. Jack is reunited with his son J.J. and thanks Abby for bringing him into see him. Lucas thinks Sami did something wrong and unforgivable but Austin doesn't believe him so Lucas offers to find proof, he then calls Lexie to come over. Jennifer tells Frankie that she thinks of him as her husband no matter what. Shawn tells Bo that he knows what it's like to lose someone you love, Philip thinks that Shawn is still in love with Belle, Mimi leaves the room in tears. Kayla is shocked to hear the stuff that Steve went through. Jack sees Jennifer and Frankie comforting each other. Shawn tells his father that he wants nothing to do with him. Hope is shocked to learn that she maybe pregnant as well as Patrick and Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #10344
    Ep. #10344
    Episode 162
    Bo brings Hope to the hospital to find out why she fainted at St. Luke's, he's then shocked to see that Patrick came to check in on her, Bo then tells Patrick to leave the hospital. Jack is brought home by his family to spend his remaining days. Sami tells Austin that she wants to elope but Austin has other plans for a special wedding with all their families. Kayla wonders if Nick remembered something but is sad when he said he said that she looked beautiful. Lucas wants to know why Sami wants to marry Austin so fast. Frankie tells Jennifer what does it mean for them now that Jack's back in the picture. Kayla wants to know what really happened the day that Steve "died".moreless
  • Ep. #10343
    Ep. #10343
    Episode 161
    Shawn and Philip take their wives to the hospital, but Mimi's condition is uncertain as doctors examine them. Bo is hopeful that Steve and Kayla's reunion will show Hope how much they are meant to be together.
  • Ep. #10342
    Ep. #10342
    Episode 160
    Kayla is shocked when she comes face to face with Steve while she is at his grave, and faints. Jack's family and friends are thrilled to see him alive and well, but devastated to learn that he is still dying. Frankie commits a selfless act.
  • Ep. #10341
    Ep. #10341
    Episode 159
    Jack decides to head into the Church just as Frankie and Jennifer are being pronounced man and wife, and Steve takes a walk around the grounds. Blaming her for the end of her marriage, Lexie is determined to punish Sami for what she has done and prepares to blow her out of the water.moreless
  • Ep. #10340
    Ep. #10340
    Episode 158
    Bo believes there may be hope for his marriage after discovering that Hope spent the night sleeping on the porch rather than leave him on the island with no way to get home. Jack decides he and Steve should stop at St. Luke's in the hopes that it may jar Steve's memory.moreless
  • Ep. #10339
    Ep. #10339
    Episode 157
    Abby tells Chelsea that Max cares about her very much and then looks up to see him outside her bedroom window. Max wants to take the next step in his relationship with Chelsea by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Worried about bad luck, Jennifer closes the door on Frankie as he attempts to see her before the wedding. Kayla tells Jennifer that she shouldn't worry about bad luck ruining her wedding. E.J. rescues Sami from the water. Lucas questions Sami's motives when Austin, Carrie and Lucas see them together, but Austin has faith in Sami. Hope learns that it was Bo who kidnapped her and took her to the Horton Cabin. Bo lets Hope know that she's not leaving until she hears what he has to say. Abe is furious with Lexie and starts throwing his fists at Tek and throwing him around the room. Abe tells a distraught Lexie that their marriage is over. Concerned for Jack's health, Nick takes him to a motel and the two decide to go to Salem in the morning.moreless
  • Ep. #10338
    Ep. #10338
    Episode 156
    Lexie is worried that she and Tek will be discovered at the motel, the mysterious figure has an envelope for Abe, and drops it off at the Pub. Billie tells Patrick that he shouldn't be at Jennifer's party and he and Bo almost get into it. Nick and Jack leave the hospital and prepare to leave for Salem. E.J. and Sami enter a "Tango Contest" on the docks and shocked to hear they won. Mimi and Shawn-D catch their potential surrogate Holly drinking and smoking at the Brady Pub. Jennifer, Kayla and Hope each talk about what would've been if things went differently in their lives over bowls of ice cream. While en route to Salem Jack shows Nick a picture of Steve and Kayla's wedding picture. Abe walks in and sees Tek and Lexie in bed together. Hope is kidnapped on the street.moreless
  • Ep. #10337
    Ep. #10337
    Episode 155
    Max wonders if Chelsea tampered with the evidence herself. Abe tells Billie that Bo could lose his badge as well as do jail time. Nick is stunned when his DNA matches Jack's and that he may be telling the truth. Kayla arrives at the Brady Pub and is welcomed by Caroline and Shawn. A mysterious figure watches as Tek and Lexie make love at a motel. Hope misunderstands Jennifer when she thought she was cancelling the wedding to Frankie. Abe is ready to do anything to get back what he and Lexie had. Shawn-D and Mimi decide to have a surrogate, they then meet Holly who sounds perfect. Nick tells Jack that he'll go to Salem if he does. Kayla tells Hope that she's not leaving until she and Bo work things out.moreless
  • Ep. #10336
    Ep. #10336
    Episode 154
    Bonnie learns of Mim's miscarriage and goes to be with her daughter. Tek finds something that might clear Bo's name, the video shows Bo hitting the vent and the screen going blank before the culprit is shown. Jennifer tells Frankie that Kayla is coming for the wedding. Lexie tells Mimi and Shawn-D that she can't have children. Hope doesn't believe Bo when he says that he didn't tamper with the evidence, and goes to stop her from signing the divorce papers. Sami prepares for a photo shoot with E.J. Wells which pleases Kate when she sees them. Belle and Philip are stunned when they learn he has a low sperm count and how they can't get pregnant when they had no trouble with Claire.moreless
  • Ep. #10335
    Ep. #10335
    Episode 153
    Caroline and Shawn fret that Kayla will never come back home. The orderly tells Jack his name is Nick Stockton, and he has no idea who Jack is, and he's not his brother. Kayla struggles with whether or not to return to Salem. Abe investigates the claims against Bo. Chelsea and Hope have a face-to-face.moreless
  • Ep. #10334
    Ep. #10334
    Episode 152
    Sami bursts into Lexie's office wanting to know if she has cancer or not, she's relieved that her tests came backc negative. Mimi is rushed to the hospital by Belle, Philip goes to the hospital where the doctor tells them she lost the baby. Jack is shocked to see his brother Steve, but he tells him that he's not. Chelsea is found guilty and is sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a suspended driver's licence which infuriates Shawn and Hope. Shawn finds out the Mimi was rushed to the hospital. Caroline calls Kayla and tells her that Bo and the rest of the family want her to come home. Lexie tells E.J. to stay away from Sami. While praying in the hospital chapel Tek warns Sami that all her bab karma will come back to bite her. Bo is stunned when Chelsea thanks him for stealing the evidence, he tells her he didn't and vows to find out who did. Hope tells Frankie that she's ready to sign the divorce papers.moreless
  • Ep. #10333
    Ep. #10333
    Episode 151
    Bo begs the judge for leniency on Chelsea and offers himself up as the guilty party for letting her get behind the wheel that night. Mimi begins to feel ill, and worries about the in vitro. Jack believes he sees a face from his past.
  • Ep. #10332
    Ep. #10332
    Episode 150
    Chelsea's trial begins as Kate works on a dirty copy to get her daughter off and Bo and Hope continue to grow further apart. Sami is intrigued when E.J. has a surprise for her.
  • Ep. #10331
    Ep. #10331
    Episode 149
    Sami is upset when she opens Carrie's wedding dress by mistake. Chelsea confides in Kate about what she has been doing as Hope opens another poison pen e-mail written by Chelsea and supposedly from Bo.
  • Ep. #10330
    Ep. #10330
    Episode 148
    Chelsea stages a phone call claiming Bo is just playing up to Hope to get her to go easy on Chelsea, knowing Hope will overhear. Watching E.J. and Sami together gives Kate the idea to use E.J. to get Sami out of both Lucas and Austin's lives.
  • Ep. #10329
    Ep. #10329
    Episode 147
    Marlena tells John that it's her fault that she lost the baby. Hope in a fragile state of mind sees Zack screaming for help, Bo calls Marlena to come over to talk to Hope, Chelsea overhears Bo saying that he will support Hope at the trial and not her. E.J. helps Kate out when her car won't start, and Kate wants to know if he's hitting on her. Sami and Austin approach E.J. with an offer but he greatly refuses. Marlena wonders why Hope sent Bo away when it was clear that she wanted him to stay, she tells her about her vision of Zack. Sami sets out to find out what E.J. is hiding, Kate sees Sami on the fire escape and leaves to see what she's up to and is shocked to see E.J. fondling Sami on the roof. Hope has another vision of Zack and then realizes that she has to repair her marriage to Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #10328
    Ep. #10328
    Episode 146
    Belle remains upset with Philip about his plans to be a racecar driver. E.J. slips when talking with Sami. Chelsea tries to convince Max to make love to her.
  • Ep. #10327
    Ep. #10327
    Episode 145
    Shawn and Mimi worry that the implantation will not take, then go and celebrate with Belle and Philip at Chez Rouge. Sami convinces Lucas, Austin and Carrie that they need to show E.J. what Salem is like, and the group heads to Chez Rouge. Bo takes Hope to dinner at Chez Rouge, where they run into Shawn and Mimi. Max takes Chelsea out to dinner at Chez Rouge. Shawn tells Austin that he cannot have the account. E.J. is upset to see Max Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #10326
    Ep. #10326
    Episode 144
    Bo promises Chelsea he will stand by her, but goes ballistic later when he sees Billie and Patrick making amends. Mimi dreams of a future with Shawn and their child, but Lexie warns Shawn that this is by no means a guarantee. Marlena asks both Roman and John to give her time to deal with the newfound reality of her miscarriage. E.J. denies Carrie's assertations that they've met before. Hope and Bo share a kiss at Zack's grave.moreless
  • Ep. #10325
    Ep. #10325
    Episode 143
    Sami is shocked when a towel-clad E.J. shows up to borrow a wrench and the towel slips. Philip offers to underwrite Max and Shawn's racing team if they let him be a driver. Shawn tells Mimi that he'll stick with her whether or not the in vitro works. Chelsea flees after a confrontation with Hope. Bo begs Hope to give him another chance.moreless
  • Ep. #10324
    Ep. #10324
    Episode 142
    Jennifer holds a Memorial Day barbecue at her house with her family. Marlena isn't sure or whether to see her friends or family. Hope returns home but tells Shawn who's glad to see his mother that the house isn't her home anymore, but Shawn assures her that it will always be. Bo tells Billie that Hope didn't return home with him which pleases Chelsea. Dr. Butler assures Jack that he could leave the hospital a cured man. Abe tells John and Marlena that they haven't found Alex's body, Marlena then worries that he might still be alive. Bonnie wants Patrick to tell her if something happened between him and Hope. At Jennifer's house Chelsea opens the door and is shocked to see Hope back in Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #10323
    Ep. #10323
    Episode 141
    Jack is waiting to see if the drug was able to cure him of his disease. Hope admits to Bo that she still loves him, but is angry after a phone call from Jennifer and learning that Chelsea's trial date was moved up and for Bo not telling her right away. Lexie tells Abe that she wants to have another baby, but Abe tells her that she can't. Mimi and Shawn await the results to see if her egg is viable. Sami is determined to make amends by telling Lexie she should get retested, Lexie then comes to the conclusion that Sami wants her to have cancer. Jennifer is at her wits end with Abby and her behaviour towards her. Dr. Ross gives Mimi and Shwan the news they've been waiting for. John prepares to take Marlena home to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #10322
    Ep. #10322
    Episode 140
    Abby is upset to learn that her mother and Frankie are engaged and lashes out and threatens to move out, Jennifer is shocked by her behaviour. Chelsea becomes hysterical and nearly admits to Billie what she did to Bo and Hope. John and Marlena share a romantic reunion on the island. Bo is furious to find Hope in Patricks arms. Mimi overhears a conversation between Shawn and Belle and her admitting about regretting to ever losing Shawn. Frankie finds the website "The Sluts of Salem" and sees pictures of Chelsea and Abby. Bo pleads with Hope to come home and work things out.moreless
  • Ep. #10321
    Ep. #10321
    Episode 139
    Jennifer announces her engagement to Frankie to Maggie and Alice, Josh wants him and Abby to take the next step in their relationship, Alex gets ahold of Marlena and threatens to kill Marlena if John makes a move. Father Jansen tells Sami that he can't absolve her sins if she's not honest with him. Bo tells Billie that he's going after Hope, Billie offered to go, but Bo insists that she stay with Chelsea, Max assures Chelsea that everything will turn out alright. Dr. Butler tells Jack that he could be a candidate for the drug after all. John and Alex fall over the cliff, John offers to save Alex but then lets go and falls to his death. Hope learns that Patrick was working for the police undercover, she realizes that she was wrong t oever doubt him. Jack signs the form to take the drug and go home to Jennifer and the kids.moreless
  • Ep. #10320
    Ep. #10320
    Episode 138
    After reading Will's report Sami decides to do the right thing by going to the church and praying, Billie helps Bo unload all of Zack's belongings, until it brings up painful memories, Hope realizes that she should've listened to Bo about Patrick, Patrick then expresses his feelings for Hope, but she rejects him. Mimi admits to Father Jansen that she never told Shawn the truth about Claire and he then tells her that in the eyes of God they're union is null and void. Bonnie wonders why Sami got Austin to propose to her and lets it slip that her daughter is in confession. Alex reveals his true colors to Marlena and tries to throw her off the cliff but John arrives and knocks Alex out, he then realizes that the pendant that Marlena is wearing is how Alex has been controlling her he rips it off and throws it away, Alex and John go for the gun.moreless
  • Ep. #10319
    Ep. #10319
    Episode 137
    Kate wants to know what Sami has on Lexie, but she says that there's nothing, Kate doesn't believe her and tells her to confide and tell her the truth, Sami breaks a bottle of champagne and thinks that she is jinxed, Will says that it's bad karma. Alex is beside himself when Marlena protects John by saying that he's the man that she loves, Lucas tells Carrie that he thinks that Sami is up to something or has already done something, John is brought in for questioning by the island police, Austin tells Will that he and his mother will walk down the aisle, Will says that he'll believe it when he sees it. Abe says that he will never forgive Lexie if she ever cheated on him.moreless
  • Ep. #10318
    Ep. #10318
    Episode 136
    Alex is unsuccessful in finding Marlena until he overhears Patrick and Hope. Abe's romantic dinner with Lexie is ruined by Theo's request for a younger sibling. Shawn and Mimi begin the in vitro process. John is frustrated that Marlena cannot remember what Alex did to her. Will is happy to hear both that his father and Carrie will have a child and that his mother is marrying Austin.moreless
  • Ep. #10317
    Ep. #10317
    Episode 135
    Jack declines to let the doctors save him, but it turns out to be a moot point because he wasn't eligible for the procedure. Chelsea realises that Mimi is keeping something from Shawn and is determined to find out what it is so she can use it against her. After Sami makes an impassioned speech about not waiting to find love, Austin proposes marriage. Victor slips up about Claire during his birthday celebration while talking to Chelsea, who gets suspicious. Kate is thrilled to learn of Carrie's pregnancy, but horrified to learn of Austin's engagement. The Bradys celebrate Frankie and Jennifer's engagement.moreless
  • Ep. #10316
    Ep. #10316
    Episode 134
    Hope distracts Alex so that John has a chance to work on Marlena, whose memory comes flooding back. When Austin fails to propose to her, Sami asks him to move out so she can get on with her life. Chelsea tries to force Max to fire Shawn, but he refuses. Lucas has some 'baby-to-be' gifts for Carrie.moreless
  • Ep. #10315
    Ep. #10315
    Episode 133
    Austin can't help but feel jealous that Carrie and Lucas are starting a family, and admits to Sami how much he wants one of his own. Jennifer admits to Frankie that she wants to take the next step in their relationship -- marriage. Jack's doctors believe that a new procedure may give him a new lease on life. Alex tells Patrick he wants to own Marlena, body and soul. Bo is upset to come home and find Jennifer cleaning out Zack's room at Hope's request. John wants Hope's help in protecting Marlena from Alex.moreless
  • Ep. #10314
    Ep. #10314
    Episode 132
    Sami worries that Carrie is changing her mind when she says none of Kate's designs will work and that she needs time alone with Lucas, but is thrilled when the duo return and Carrie announces her pregnancy. Chelsea begins to feel some remorse over what she has done to Hope's life, but is still determined to keep Hope from learning the trial date has changed. Marlena is initially upset to learn Alex is selling her penthouse, but he convinces her that they discussed it and she agreed. Alice and Maggie both encourage Jennifer to move on with Frankie, none knowing that Jack is alive and (un)well.moreless
  • Ep. #10313
    Ep. #10313
    Episode 131
    Marlena makes a stand against Alex and destroys his drug supply, but he injects her with a backup. Austin convinces Will to give Sami another chance and Will tells Lucas he's going to move back in with Sami part-time. Hope tells Patrick her marriage to Bo is over, but she will return to Salem to see Chelsea face justice. Mimi is relieved and touched to learn that Shawn and Belle were painting the nursery as a surprise for her.moreless
  • Ep. #10312
    Ep. #10312
    Episode 130
    Hope and Bo talk on the phone, each wanting to know if the other has slept with Patrick and Billie respectively. Neither will say the words, but they both get the answers they want. Patrick agrees to help Alex. John calls the realtor to make an offer on the penthouse and then uses the realtor's call to Alex to pinpoint his location. Marlena realises what Alex has been up to. Shawn lies to Mimi about plans with Belle, leading Mimi to worry that he's cheating on her with his ex. Bonnie tells Mimi she'll keep an eye on Shawn and Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #10311
    Ep. #10311
    Episode 129
    Bo gets Hope's number when Caroline 'accidentally' spills the contents of her purse and calls, only to hear Patrick on the other end of the line. Chelsea manages to manipulate Max into a kiss. Mimi and Shawn have fun at the garage. Sami tells Austin to move out and he falls for her scam, telling her that while he still loves Carrie, he'd like to try to make it work with her. Carrie and Lucas decide to go to Venice on their honeymoon.moreless
  • Ep. #10310
    Ep. #10310
    Episode 128
    Sami warns Tek that if the truth about his affair with Lexie comes out, neither the Salem P.D. nor the I.S.A. will want him on their payroll. Marlena believes Alex when he tells her that the life insurance policy is to protect both them and their children. After Lexie re-confirms her earlier diagnosis, Carrie tells Austin goodbye. Mimi calls Bo 'Dad' and both of them like the sound of it. Caroline calls Hope trying to reconcile her and Bo, but only makes it worse.moreless
  • Ep. #10309
    Ep. #10309
    Episode 127
    Lexie starts to tell Carrie the truth about what Sami blackmailed her in to doing, but then Abe interrupts them. Lucas tells her to get out so that he could talk with Austin, Austin then scolds his brother for talking to Sami like that, Hope tells Patrick that what happened between them was a mistake, Mimi and Shawn fantasize about having their own baby while waiting to see Lexie about Invitro Fertilization, Caroline tells Bo that he should find out where Hope is and tell her to hold off on the divorce, she then secretly calls Frankie and asks him for Hope's phone number.moreless
  • Ep. #10308
    Ep. #10308
    Episode 126
    Belle treats Mimi to a day at the spa, Bonnie is surprised to hear that Mimi could possibly have her own children after all, Lucas goes to Kate and wants her to give him the wedding of their dreams, Lexie runs into Carrie on the pier and she admits that she loves both Austin and Lucas, she also admits that she wants to tell Austin that she still loves him without hurting Lucas, so she tells Lexie to run her tests one more time to see if she can have a healthy baby, Austin sits down with Sami and tells her that they're relationship might not lead to marriage after all and admits to her that he still wants to be with Carrie.moreless
  • Ep. #10307
    Ep. #10307
    Episode 125
    Carrie and Austin continue to hide from the police at "Dune", and wants to know why she's marrying Lucas, Lucas is determined to know what Sami has on Lexie cause he's starting to get suspicious, Alex and Marlena arrive on the same island as Hope is staying, Hope tells Patrick that she wants to be with him and the two make love in his bungalow, John is determined to locate Marlena before Alex can harm her, Shawn and Belle talk at the bar at Green Mt. Lodge and she tells him she's a fool for letting him go. Kate tells John that Marlena will be coming back as soon as possible. Jada vows to make whoever made that phony drug tip will pay dearly.moreless
  • Ep. #10306
    Ep. #10306
    Episode 124
    Hope and Patrick arrive at the Casino for a night of fun and gambling, Bo kisses Billie thinking she's Hope, Billie stops before it gets out of hand, Abby apologizes to Chelsea for what she said and did, Max demands to know what Chelsea is hiding, she refuses and walks away and hooks up with two guys at another table at Java. Bo tells Billie that they can have the love they once shared together, Jennifer tells Frankie that she wants to have sex with him on the chaise, Abby takes Chelsea's advice and makes a move on Josh and kisses him, Bo and Billie and Patrick and Hope each start to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #10305
    Ep. #10305
    Episode 123
    Mimi is devastated when she overhears Belle telling Philip that Shawn is only suggesting adopting a baby because he knows Mimi will never give him one of his own. Abby is furious with her mother's relationship with Patrick and has some harsh words for her. Billie begs Bo not to give up on his marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #10304
    Ep. #10304
    Episode 122
    Jennifer calls Hope and tells her what Bo's doing involving Patrick, Sami has the cops come to Dune to get even with Lexie for making a fool of her. Frankie tells Chelsea what's stopping her from telling Bo the truth, Carrie, Austin, Sami and Lucas hide to prevent from getting caught thinking that if they get arrested their jobs and lives will be at risk. Abe nearly spots Lexie and Tek at the club, after escaping through a window, Lucas kisses Sami to keep from getting caught by the police, Jada covers for Lexie by saying that a bracelet Abe found is hers, but she saw Lexie wearing it earlier. Abby slaps Chelsea after she says that her mom wants to sleep with Frankie, Abby walks in on her mom and Frankie making love.moreless
  • Ep. #10303
    Ep. #10303
    Episode 121
    Patrick realizes that he wasn't responsible for Alma's death, Hope tells him that Bo instant messaged her, and he tells her to contact Bo and try to work things out, Bo tells Billie that his marriage to Hope is over and he drowns his sorrows in alcohol, Lexie in a druken haze nearly admits the truth to Austin, Tek enlists the help of Jada to give Sami what's coming to her by handcuffing Austin and Carrie together for a charity dance, Bo realizes that with Zack gone and Shawn married that there's nothing left to fight for, Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Philip run into each other and Philip tells them about their plans for the evening.moreless
  • Ep. #10302
    Ep. #10302
    Episode 120
    Alex and Marlena prepare for take off to their honeymoon, but Marlena has second thoughts about the trip, Shawn begins to read the letter that Mimi wrote revealing that he's Claire's father but she stops him and reads the letter herself and leaves out the certain parts. Roman tracks John to the airstrip and asks to give him all the weapons that he plans on using against Alex, Tek offers to console Lexie but she brushes him off and leaves the hospital, Lucas, Carrie, Sami and Austin head to "Dune" for a good time and Lucas and Carrie each ask Sami and Austin to stand up for them at their wedding, John pleads with Marlena not to get on the plane with Alex and he makes sure that John can't track where they are going.moreless
  • Ep. #10301
    Ep. #10301
    Episode 119
    Austin tries to understand why Carrie chose Lucas over him, Lexie tells Alex and Sami that she's telling everyone and hope that she'll be forgiven for what she did. John plants a kiss on Marlena hoping that will jog her memory, Shawn has a surprise candlelight romantic evening for Mimi, Philip is concerned that Belle has second thoughts about being married to him, she later surprises him by saying that she wants to have another baby with him, Lexie changes her mind, by telling Celeste that she couldn't risk losing Abe if the truth came out.moreless
  • Ep. #10300
    Ep. #10300
    Episode 118
    Jennifer gets a phone call from Hope and she tells her that she won't let her divorce Bo, Hope then tells Jennifer that she's on the island with Patrick Lockhart, everyone gathers around to hear what Lexie has to say, by telling that it won't be easy for what they are about to hear, Bo informs Frankie that he's using every resource to find Hope, John is determined to get Marlena to remember the love they once shared, Alex plays a tape of him and Abe for Lexie and is horrified that Abe would never forgive Lexie if she cheated on him and would kill anyone who went near his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #10299
    Ep. #10299
    Episode 117
    Sami tries to stop Alex from changing Lexie's biopsy results, but she's too late. She later debates whether to tell Lexie the truth or not, Hope explains to Patrick the contents of Alma's letter, hoping that he won't leave. John stops Tek from following him at the hospital and assures him that he's only here to talk to Lexie about Alex. John tries to talk some sense in to Marlena by confessing his love to her. Lexie calls everyone to the hospital so that she can tell them the truth. Chelsea goes to the church and confesses her sins to Father Marquez, but he can't give her absolution until she comes clean to her father.moreless
  • Ep. #10298
    Ep. #10298
    Episode 116
    Alex catches Sami in the records room at the hospital and is shocked to hear that he plans to change Lexie's biopsy results to make her think she doesn't have cancer when she could have, John goes to Bo and tells him that he wants the cops tailing him off his back, Patrick wants to leave the island but Hope insists that he stay. Mimi interupts Belle's attempt at telling Shawn she loves him. John and Bo are determined to get back the women they love.moreless
  • Ep. #10297
    Ep. #10297
    Episode 115
    Alex prepares to take Marlena on their honeymoon and puts the Penthouse on the market, Bo calls Shawn to help him with finding Hope after telling him about the divorce, Patrick tells Hope that he's responsible for Alma's death by admitting he had ties to the mob, Sami decides to stop Lexie from telling Abe the truth. Bonnie overhears Belle tell Sami at Java that she still loves Shawn, Lexie finds needlemarks on Marlena's arm. Bonnie warns Mimi that Belle is on her way to the apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #10296
    Ep. #10296
    Episode 114
    Hope is determined to find out what Patrick is hiding, Lexie has her examination and is concerned that she could have cancer, Celeste assures her that she could not get it, Sami tells Eugenia that she and Austin will make it this time, but Eugenia tells her that she's deluding herself. Abe and Bo decide to find Patrick and bring him in, but Billie is against the idea, Kate confides in Chelsea that she'll get the maximum sentence if she tells the truth. Lexie tells Sami that she's ending the blackmail and the liesmoreless
  • Ep. #10295
    Ep. #10295
    Episode 113
    Patrick tries to convince Hope to hold off on the divorce, but she's still determined. Kate tries to keep Chelsea from telling Bo and Billie the truth, Jennifer tells Frankie that she doesn't want to rush into a relationship, Bo tells Abe that Hope asked him for a divorce, Abe then encourages Bo to fight, Bo then finds out the descripion of a wanted felon matches Patrick's, Chelsea convinces Max that she wants to be a better person and take responsibility for killing Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #10294
    Ep. #10294
    Episode 112
    Chelsea wants to tell Bo and Billie the truth but Kate advises her that would be a huge mistake. Lexie tells Celeste about her condition and about being blackmailed by Sami and Alex North and her mother tells her about the Cancer in the family. Hope vows never to return to Salem or to Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #10293
    Ep. #10293
    Episode 111
    Hope calls Mickey and tells him that she wants a divorce from Bo, Jennifer and Frankie admit their love to one another while on their getaway at the Green Mountain Lodge, Celeste confronts Lexie about her affair with Tek and tells her to end it, later on Lexie feels a lump in her breast while showering.moreless
  • Ep. #10292
    Ep. #10292
    Episode 110
    Chelsea thanks Shawn for saving her life, but he tells her that his feelings for her haven't changed and that he would've done the same thing for anyone. Marlena wakes up and remembers everything but Alex drugs her again before John and Roman get to the Penthouse.
  • Ep. #10291
    Ep. #10291
    Episode 109
    Shawn and Philip arrive with their wives as Bo and Billie continue to try to save Chelsea from the sewers and Philip, Shawn and Chelsea all end up in danger. Austin and Sami get romantic and make love as Lucas and Carrie also cement their relationship by making love. Patrick and Hope watch the news from Morgan Island and Hope is furious to see Bo letting Shawn risk his life to save Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10290
    Ep. #10290
    Episode 108
    Patrick tries to cheer Hope up by taking her sailing, but she can only think about Bo. Lucas and Carrie celebrate their engagement with Sami and Austin. Bo and Billie finally realise that Chelsea is trapped in the sewers as the men prepare to seal her in.
  • Ep. #10289
    Ep. #10289
    Episode 107
    Bo is determined to salvage his relationship with Hope, who is ready to just cut out on the whole thing. Billie worries when she can't get ahold of Chelsea, who is still down in the sewers. Lucas and Sami wish each other good luck with their new lives.
  • Ep. #10288
    Ep. #10288
    Episode 106
    Hope takes off her wedding ring and throws it in the ocean, Bo regrets losing his temper with Chelsea and Billie assures him that as well. A Utility worker finds Chelsea down the manhole and calls 911, Bo receives word about someone falling down in the sewer and when he arrives he's shocked that it's his own daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #10287
    Ep. #10287
    Episode 105
    Lucas tells Will if it's all right if his Aunt Carrie is in his life and not Sami, but he has difficulty accepting the fact that his parents won't be together. Bo tells Chelsea that he is sick of her lies and tells her that maybe prison is probably the best thing for her, and after Billie backs Bo up, she then storms out of the house in tears and falls down a manhole.moreless
  • Ep. #10286
    Ep. #10286
    Episode 104
    Bo and Hope get their wires crossed as Bo tells her that he meant what he said in the e-mail he sent, and she's convinced he's talking about the divorce. Kate wonders if Carrie is hesitating on accepting Lucas' proposal because she's still in love with Austin. Jennifer and Frankie make love.moreless
  • Ep. #10285
    Ep. #10285
    Episode 103
    John is arrested for Alex North's attempted murder and Roman offers to make certain John doesn't leave the apartment until after Alex and Marlena have left town. Hope is devastated that Bo agreed to get a divorce via e-mail, not realising Chelsea actually sent it. Billie encourages Bo to e-mail Hope and tell her he wants to stay together. Kate is thrilled to learn what her manipulative daughter has done.moreless
  • Ep. #10284
    Ep. #10284
    Episode 102
    Shawn sees John in the belfry with a rifle so Tek goes into position to take out John. Roman and Shawn race up there to try to stop him from killing Alex, Shawn calls Belle on her cell phone and tells her that her dad is ready to take aim at Alex so she moves in front of him and when Father Jansen pronounces Alex and Marlena hiuband and wife John is beside himself.moreless
  • Ep. #10283
    Ep. #10283
    Episode 101
    John sets a trap for Alex in the Church and lays in wait for him, planning to get him out of their lives once and for all.
  • Ep. #10282
    Ep. #10282
    Episode 100
    Celeste is concerned about the state of Abe and Lexie's marriage, and isn't at all pleased with Tek's role in her daughter's life.
  • Ep. #10281
    Ep. #10281
    Episode 99
    Shawn and Mimi's attempts to enjoy a romantic honeymoon are interrupted by Belle.
  • Ep. #10280
    Ep. #10280
    Episode 98
    Shawn and Mimi return to the loft to spend their first evening together as husband and wife. Carrie tells Lucas that she wants to start a family with him. Abe warns John to be careful where Alex is concerned.
  • Ep. #10279
    Ep. #10279
    Episode 97
    Billie confronts Chelsea with the consequences of her actions. Shawn tells Belle that part of him will always love her, but they need to move on. Lucas and Sami watch Austin and Carrie at Shawn's wedding reception.
  • Ep. #10278
    Ep. #10278
    Episode 96
    Shawn and Mimi finally become man and wife as their family members look on. Caroline is surprised that Belle changed her mind, but Belle says she doesn't want Claire to end up like Sami. Sami continues to manipulate both Lexie and Carrie, encouraging Carrie to choose Austin.
  • Ep. #10277
    Ep. #10277
    Episode 95
    Shawn is furious that Chelsea had the gall to show up at his wedding and hurt when Bo leaves with her.
  • Ep. #10276
    Ep. #10276
    Episode 94
    Marlena finally remembers her pasts with both John and Alex. Shawn and Mimi's wedding begins.
  • Ep. #10275
    Ep. #10275
    Episode 93
    Mimi, her mother and Kate worry that Belle will stop the wedding but Caroline tries to convince Belle that she needs to talk to her husband.
  • Ep. #10274
    Ep. #10274
    Episode 92
    Marlena begins to remember her life with John as Alex watches, as she talks in her sleep, Abe and Tek see Alex go down the hall, but he quickly goes into Lexie's office and steals her key to the medicine cabinet, Sami later goes into Lexie's office and threatens to expose her affair with Tek if she doesn't help her.moreless
  • Ep. #10273
    Ep. #10273
    Episode 91
    Belle drowns her sorrows in a pitcher of Green Beer and again goes to Caroline to talk about her love for Shawn and Caroline tells her to let him go. Marlena's condition improves in the hospital as she heals from her wounds and her daughter comes to see her. Carrie is devastated to learn that an ovarian cyst years ago has limited her time to have children. The Bradys celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the pub, where Shawn runs into Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #10272
    Ep. #10272
    Episode 90
    Austin and Lucas to the hospital after she collapses, much to Sami's chagrin. Marlena enters Lois cabin just as the hot water blows up and is rushed to the hospital for treatment. Bo and Billie manage to save Chelsea from an uncomfortable situation at the club. Mimi calls Kate to help her make sure the wedding goes off as planned. Patrick dreams about Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #10271
    Ep. #10271
    Episode 89
    Patrick continues to take care fo Hope after her close call with the cliff. Eugenia chides Lucas for the time he spends with Sami. Lexie and Tek enjoy stolen moments together at a nightclub. Alex rigs up the water heater at Lois' cabin to get rid of any possible evidence.
  • Ep. #10270
    Ep. #10270
    Episode 88
    Alex shows Marlena the brochure about the place he wants to use for the honeymoon, then a letter where he is named executor of Lois' estate. Sami watches Carrie in pain and makes the choice not to help her sister, but lies when Carrie catches her there. Father Jansen questions Shawn and is satisfied by what he hears. Sami suggests the four of them dining together when Austin and Lucas fight over Carrie.moreless
  • Ep. #10269
    Ep. #10269
    Episode 87
    Hope tries to save the little boy on the island and, when she looks at him, she sees Zack's face. She falls over the cliff and is luckily saved by Patrick. After listening to Mimi's talk about love and forgiveness, Shawn finally forgives Bo and asks him to come to the wedding. Sami gets an eyeful as first she spies Tek and Lexie in a clincher, then watches as Carrie grabs her stomach in pain. Both Lucas and Austin plan on preparing a special dinner for Carrie, which Caroline finds very amusing. Father Jansen overhears part of Shawn and Mimi's conversation and assumes Shawn knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #10268
    Ep. #10268
    Episode 86
    Billie tries to convince Bo that Chelsea feels awful about Zack's death but Bo is furious when he sees tabloid photos of Chelsea drunk. Father Jansen refuses to marry Mimi and Shawn unless Shawn knows the truth, but Bonnie is determined to keep Mimi quiet. Hope does her best to help a little boy that reminds her of Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #10267
    Ep. #10267
    Episode 85
    Hope leaves a message for Bo asking him to make sure Chelsea is punished to the full extent of the law. Carrie can't stop thinking about Austin and turns to Caroline for advice. Will and Sami talk about what Lucas had to say about his feelings for Carrie. Bo isn't sure what happened the night before.moreless
  • Ep. #10266
    Ep. #10266
    Episode 84
    Billie worries what will happen to Chelsea when Bo tells her that he will do whatever Hope wants him to. Austin does his best to help Carrie get over her claustrophobia. Sami overhears Lucas talking to Will about his feelings for her. Chelsea goes out drinking.
  • Ep. #10265
    Ep. #10265
    Episode 83
    John and Marlena come close to making love when Alex shows up and John realises that Marlena isn't quite clear on who he is, prompting him to call Lexie for advice. Both Austin and Sami and Carrie and Lucas stop before they manage to make love, and when Will comes home from camp with a sprained ankle, Lucas and Sami spring into action. Shawn again pauses in reading the letter, not feeling right with Belle and Philip right there. Mimi doesn't push him when he stops reading, and later, Belle and Philip listen as Shawn and Mimi make love. Austin and Carrie head out to get medication for Will and Austin comforts Carrie when they're stuck in an elevator together as Lucas comforts Sami, who worries that Will's accident could have been worse.moreless
  • Ep. #10264
    Ep. #10264
    Episode 82
    Austin comforts Sami after finding her crying while watching a video of her and Lucas in better times and kisses her, with the two falling back on the couch together. Philip misinterprets Belle's comment about lying about their true feelings and wonders if she regrets marrying him since he lost his leg. Even though Lucas can't stop thinking about Sami, he and Carrie commisserate over her being another year older and he tells her he wants a future with her. Shawn stops reading Mimi's letter when he hears her crying and she tells him she's an awful person, and wants him to continue reading. Alex flashes back to his honeymoon with Marlena, which shows that Lois was right and he really was an abusive husband.moreless
  • Ep. #10263
    Ep. #10263
    Episode 81
    John breaks into Marlena's room after she comes back from dinner with Alex and while at first she asks him to leave, all of a sudden she wants him to stay! Mimi finally writes down the truth about baby Claire in a letter for Shawn. Lexie and Tek get passionate in the backseat of her car and are nearly caught. Shawn wants to know what Victor is so desperate to tell him when Philip interrupts with a toast.moreless
  • Ep. #10262
    Ep. #10262
    Episode 80
    Patrick and Hope run into each other at his bungalow and Patrick tries to convince Hope that she's making a mistake by leaving Bo. While Mimi's bridal shower and Shawn's bachelor party are going on, Victor again beseeches Kate to tell Shawn the truth about being Claire's father. Jennifer and Frankie enjoy a romantic date, which ends with a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10261
    Ep. #10261
    Episode 79
    Billie finally starts to see what kind of person her daughter is when Chelsea tries to manipulate her into going after Bo. Unfortunately, that isn't enough to stop Billie and she goes to Bo, who shoots her accidentally! Neither Hope nor Patrick realise that they are both headed to the Morgan Islands. Carrie and Lucas enjoy going on their first real date.moreless
  • Ep. #10260
    Ep. #10260
    Episode 78
    Bo tries desperately to keep Hope from leaving town but is unsuccessful as she heads to the Morgan Islands. Shawn tells Mimi that Hope has left town and she will not be at their wedding. Marlena encourages Belle to make a stand on the men in her life. Victor welcomes Carrie into her new position at Titan.moreless
  • Ep. #10259
    Ep. #10259
    Episode 77
    Abe continues to push Lexie away, and although she initially rebuffs an amorous Tek when he comes to her later, she finally gives in and the two make love in her office. Patrick says his goodbyes to Chelsea and Billie, and tries to convince Billie that Chelsea is manipulating her for her own means, which Billie wonders about after he's gone. Shawn slips and lets Bo know that Hope is leaving town when he shows up at the Pub to ask Caroline for help in planning the wedding. John overhears Alex talking to Lois' body about what he has planned for Marlena, but when he tries to tell Abe, he has no proof. Marlena tells Belle she needs to make a decision where Shawn is concerned -- either make a stand for him, or walk away.moreless
  • Ep. #10258
    Ep. #10258
    Episode 76
    Chelsea goes to see Abby, ostensibly to ask her friend for advice on how to reach Hope. Chelsea manipulates Abby into taking a peace offering to Hope, and then suggesting that Hope get away to the same island Patrick is headed to. Alex surprises Marlena by bringing in a wedding planner for their vow renewal, which is none other than Calliope. Mimi and Shawn argue about the plans for the upcoming wedding and are prepared to push it off until Bonnie offers to take all the planning off their hands, and reveals she's hired Calliope to take care of everything. Alex stops by the morgue to see Lois.moreless
  • Ep. #10257
    Ep. #10257
    Episode 75
    Hope and Jennifer leave the motel after seeing Billie and Bo in bed together. When Bo wakes up later, Billie is fully dressed and back in the chair, and he thanks her for being there for him, but she feels guilty for having listened to Chelsea. Shawn looks at Mimi dressed in Caroline's wedding gown, but it's Belle's face he sees. Bonnie overhears Shawn confessing his love for Belle, but doesn't tell Mimi. Kate pushes Mimi to keep quiet. Chelsea goes to Patrick's to pick up some clothes, still angry that he turned her in, and overhears him talking about going to a small island. John is shocked to see that Alex has given Marlena the wedding gown she originally wore to marry him in!moreless
  • Ep. #10256
    Ep. #10256
    Episode 74
    Jennifer is shocked when Hope tells her that she kicked Bo out of the house. Chelsea calls Billie at the motel where she spent the night with Bo (him on the bed, her in a chair) and tries to convince her mother that they need to break up Bo and Hope. Chelsea overhears Jennifer and Hope planning to go to the motel after Hope learns about Bo's drunken bar experience from another officer and calls Billie, who (after some convincing) strips down and climbs into bed with Bo as Hope and Jennifer arrive. Alex shows Marlena the announcement for their wedding renewal in the paper. Frankie posts bail for John, but warns him to stay away from Alex. Shawn tells Belle they have no future together. Kate and Bonnie manipulate Mimi to keep her quiet.moreless
  • Ep. #10255
    Ep. #10255
    Episode 73
    Billie promises Bo that she'll always be there for him after he thanks her for helping him out the night before. Austin admits to Kate that he is worried about losing Carrie to his half-brother. Belle seeks answers from Shawn on how to make their relationship work. Carrie tries to get Lucas to see how much he and Sami still love each other.moreless
  • Ep. #10254
    Ep. #10254
    Episode 72
    Bo is convinced that he deserves what he's getting and that Zack's death was his fault, but Billie promises him she'll be there for him. Mimi overhears as Shawn and Belle admit that they're still in love with each other, but Shawn says he doesn't want to break up Belle's family. She leaves before Shawn tells Belle that all they'll ever be is friends. Sami overhears Austin venting to a friend on the phone that maybe he should just give up on the idea of his own company. Tek asks Lois to point to the person who hurt her, but she points to John thinking that she needs his help ... then flatlines.moreless
  • Ep. #10253
    Ep. #10253
    Episode 71
    Billie manages to save Bo from getting arrested at the bar by telling the officers he just buried his son, then follows him out of the bar where he breaks down in the alley. John tries to blame Alex for Lois' near death experience as Marlena reminds John that he was the one who brought the murderous Lois to town in the first place. Mimi dreams about telling Shawn and Belle the truth about Claire's paternity and having them decide to be together. Lexie tries to convince Abe to go away for the weekend, but his impotency has him brushing her off.moreless
  • Ep. #10252
    Ep. #10252
    Episode 70
    Bo warns Patrick that he had better stay away from his wife, but Hope surprises them both when she defends Patrick and tells Bo that he's no longer welcome in their home. Billie and Chelsea are talking, and Billie is shocked when Chelsea suggests that the smart thing to do is capitalize on Bo and Hope's problems and try to break them up. Belle leaves the restaurant in tears after seeing the engagement ring that Shawn has given Mimi -- the traditional Horton ring she had expected to one day wear herself. John convinces Marlena to return to Lois' room with him to hear what she has to say, but they find her hanging from the ceiling.moreless
  • Ep. #10251
    Ep. #10251
    Episode 69
    Bo is able to do some fancy footwork to get Chelsea out on bail. Patrick takes Hope home and tries to comfort her, but she is inconsolable after a box of Zack's school things arrive. Bo is furious to come back to the house and find Hope in Patrick's arms. Bonnie continues to push Shawn and Mimi to make wedding plans. Shawn and Mimi plan to go out to dinner, unaware that Belle and Philip are planning to go to the same restaurant. Under the influence of the truth serum, Lois tells John all about Alex' plans for Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10250
    Ep. #10250
    Episode 68
    Bonnie and Mimi continue to argue about telling Shawn the truth, but Mimi once again caves to her mother's pressure. Hope turns on Bo at the gravesite, and it's Patrick who offers her a shoulder to cry on and a ride home. Kate tries to hide her glee from Billie as the rift between Bo and Hope continues to widen. Abe catches Lexie and Tek together, but they cover, saying they were worried about him. The police arrive to arrest Chelsea, and Bo reads his daughter her rights.moreless
  • Ep. #10249
    Ep. #10249
    Episode 67
    Shawn finally learns the truth about Chelsea's involvement in Zack's death, and Bo's involvement in Chelsea's driving, he blames his father for Zack's death. Kate is happy to see that Bo and Hope are growing farther apart, and Billie lashes out at her mother for taking such pleasure in a time of such pain. Bonnie almost has second thoughts about pushing Mimi to lie to Shawn, but when Mimi returns to the loft and admits that she wants to tell Shawn the truth, but Bonnie warns her that if she does she'll lose Shawn. Marlena takes Alex home from the funeral so that he can continue to recuperate while John goes to talk to a now able to see Abe about his concerns.moreless
  • Ep. #10248
    Ep. #10248
    Episode 66
    On the morning of Zack's funeral, Bo continues to look for Hope, only to learn that she doesn't want to see him. Jennifer has a vision of Jack telling her to let Frankie wear his cufflinks. When she offers them to him, the two end up kissing passionately. Kate encourages Chelsea to go to the funeral, ostensibly to make Chelsea look better, but her real motivation is to drive a wedge further between Bo and Hope. Bonnie continues to feign illness to push Mimi and Shawn together. At the funeral, Bo tries desperately to comfort Hope but she doesn't want him near her. Grandpa Shawn tries to sing Danny Boy but falters in his grief, so Doug helps him finish the song, Despite Billie's warnings, Chelsea goes to the funeral, where a horrified Hope slaps her.moreless
  • Ep. #10247
    Ep. #10247
    Episode 65
    Billie is able to buy Chelsea some time when the district attorney shows up and demands she be placed under arrest. Jennifer, Maggie and Alice try to convince Hope not to let Zack's death ruin her marriage to Bo and she finally agrees to go talk to him but is upset when she finds him, Billie and Chelsea in an embrace. Carrie overhears Austin admitting that he loved what he did with highstyle while he and Sami are having dinner with his business manager, Larry Tate. Nicole and Roman share cocktails at the bar and she heads over to his place to give him a night that he'll never forget. Lexie again insists to Tek that she wants a future with her husband and, while alone with Abe, they learn that Zack was the corneal donor.moreless
  • Ep. #10246
    Ep. #10246
    Episode 64
    Chelsea and Billie are both furious with Patrick for exposing the truth, and Billie tells him that anything they had is over for good. Bo takes off looking for Hope, who has gone to Jennifer looking for a shoulder to cry on. Patrick ends up at Jennifer's place in time to hear Hope declare that she never wants to see Bo or Chelsea again. Mimi tries to tell Shawn the truth about Claire, but Bonnie throws a wrench in her plans by claiming ill, and things get even better for Bonnie when Lexie backs up her claims. Tek kisses Lexie and tries to convince her to leave Abe for him, but she maintains that she is committed to her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #10245
    Ep. #10245
    Episode 63
    Carrie is tempted to go and work for Austin supervising highstyle, but Lucas counters by offering her a position at Titan and hiring all of highstyle's old employees, which Austin can't afford to do. Austin is crushed when she takes Lucas up on his offer. Hope initially refuses to believe that Bo gave Chelsea permission to drive or lent her his car, but when she finally accepts the truth she rushes out, leaving Bo, Billie, Patrick and Chelsea behind. Bonnie pushes Mimi and Shawn to marry as soon as possible , insinuating that it will greatly improve her medical situation. Caroline encourages Belle to focus on a future with Philip rather than dreaming about a past with Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10244
    Ep. #10244
    Episode 62
    Mimi is unable to go along with her mother's lies and tries to tell Shawn that he is the true father of baby Claire, but those plans hit a snag when a desperate Bonnie fakes a heart attack to keep Mimi from telling the truth. Mimi is still determined to come clean with her fiancé until Bonnie's heart monitor stars to react. Hope is furious and launches a verbal assault on Chelsea and Billie -- Chelsea for killing Zack and Billie for covering up for her. Chelsea tries to defend herself by telling Hope that Bo let her use his car. Austin plans to ask Carrie to work with him to oversee highstyle, which doesn't sit well with Sami or Lucas. Belle admits to Caroline that she still loves Shawn, and wishes he were Claire's father.moreless
  • Ep. #10243
    Ep. #10243
    Episode 61
    Hope demands the truth from Billie, Patrick and Chelsea, which Patrick, unable to lie, tells her. Billie tries desperately to convince Hope that Patrick is lying, but Patrick shows her the videotape proving Chelsea was driving. When Bo reads Patrick the riot act in private, Patrick realises Bo knew the truth all along but lied to Hope. Chelsea, who ran off to see Max, returned to face the music but faced Hope's ire instead. Carrie tells Lucas that Sami still loves him, but he's more interested in her. Austin asks Sami if she's prepared to go after Lucas in a business sense, destroying their chance of reconcilation. Mimi is shocked to hear Bonnie explain how Shawn is Claire's daddy. Caroline visits and notes the resemblance between Claire and Shawn as a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10242
    Ep. #10242
    Episode 60
    Patrick confronts Chelsea with the truth that she was the one driving the car that night and although Chelsea begs him to keep quiet, Patrick refuses to let Billie go to jail for a crime that Chelsea committed. At Caroline's suggestion, Bo again tries to tell Hope the truth about the accident but can't when she breaks down over seeing evidence from the accident. John finds Alex alone with Lois, but Alex is able to cover up his actions. Marlena later tells John that he needs to accept that she has chosen Alex. Bonnie is upset to hear that Shawn and Mimi have put off their wedding and, alone with Mimi, blurts out the truth about Shawn and Claire. Frankie is shocked when Billie admits to him that she is lying to protect Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10241
    Ep. #10241
    Episode 59
    Lucas warns Sami that no matter how much she wants Austin, he is always going to love Carrie. Lucas knows Austin will never give up on Carrie, but after the highstyle takeover he has no chance. After trying to comfort Chelsea, Caroline pulls Bo aside with some questions and he tells her the truth about what happened, prompting her to tell him to come clean. Carrie asks Sami about her and Lucas and is stunned when Sami says that although she will always love Lucas, she wants Carrie's blessing to go after Austin. Austin and Kate hire Frankie to defend Billie, and he tries to convince her to tell the truth but Billie is determined to stick to her story. Patrick sees a convenience store's security footage of the night of the accident and that Chelsea was driving.moreless
  • Ep. #10240
    Ep. #10240
    Episode 58
    Kate tries to deny that Shawn is Claire's father, but as Bonnie continues to push she breaks and admits the truth. Kate is surprised to learn that Bonnie agrees with her that Belle and Philip belong together, but Bonnie wants some monetary rewards for her silence. Alex continues kissing Marlena, and slowly his plan is revealed. He had Lois released from the insane asylum so that she could go after Marlena, which was all part of Alex' grand master plan. Shawn asks Philip to be his best man, which he accepts. Elsewhere, Mimi tells Belle about her plans to wear Caroline's dress, and asks her to be her maid of honor. Marlena encourages John to be with Kate, as they will never be together.moreless
  • Ep. #10239
    Ep. #10239
    Episode 57
    Hope tries to comfort a distraught Chelsea, which interrupts Bo's attempts to tell her the truth. Bo takes Chelsea aside and tells her that he needs to come clean, but she warns him that if he does, he'll have lost Zack, her, and also Hope. Bonnie overhears Kate offering to have Basic Black pay for Shawn and Mimi's wedding and realises that Kate knows that Claire is Shawn's daughter. Lois continues to insist that John has lost Marlena to Alex forever, and that John and Kate are meant to be together. Claire is taken off life support as she is now doing well enough to breathe and function on her own. Alone with Lois, Alex pulls her in for a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10238
    Ep. #10238
    Episode 56
    Chelsea is worried that Patrick will find the evidence he needs to clear Billie, knowing that it can only implicate her. Max wants Chelsea to come clean, but he is visibly upset after talking to his agent and realising his career will be over if it gets out that he lied to protect the woman who killed his nephew. Billie tries to cover for Bo when Hope sees them embracing, and insists it was at her instigation. Hope runs into Chelsea and embraces the girl, convinced she feels guilty because of what Billie did. Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Sami finally learn of Zack's death and of Billie's confession but it isn't long before they're back to squabbling over the highstyle takeover.moreless
  • Ep. #10237
    Ep. #10237
    Episode 55
    Bo tries to convince Billie to tell the truth, but she says that they just can't throw Chelsea to the wolves and begs him to keep quiet. Patrick gets no answers from Chelsea so he decides to check out Max' garage for clues as Chelsea, alone with Abby, burns her temporary license. Marlena tells Alex she wants to renew their vows as an insane Lois insists that Kate loves John and they belong together. Jennifer confides in Hope about the DVD message that Jack left encouraging her to be with Frankie. Hope is furious when she arrives at the police station to find Bo embracing Billie.moreless
  • Ep. #10236
    Ep. #10236
    Episode 54
    Bo heads down to the station to see Billie once Julie, Maggie and Alice show up to comfort Hope, but Hope is furious that he's going to be with the woman who killed their son. Austin tries to reverse his takeover of highstyle without success. Sami blames Nicole, Nicole blames Sami, and Austin steps up to take the blame. Lucas comforts Carrie. Kate heads to the police station where she is horrified to learn that Billie confessed to killing Zack. While visiting Billie in her cell, Kate is shocked to learn the truth. Abby and Max drag Chelsea down to the police station and try to convince her to come clean.moreless
  • Ep. #10235
    Ep. #10235
    Episode 53
    Roman tells Billie that Bo told him the truth, but Billie insists on taking the rap for Chelsea. Jennifer asks Frankie to stick around Salem as her friend, to which he agrees. Austin tries to apologize for taking over Carrie's company, but she's furious with him. Patrick comes home and refuses to believe that Billie hit Zack, but a nervous Chelsea says nothing. Hope is grief-stricken when she returns home to see Zack's room, and has a vision of him. Patrick goes to the station to see Billie, where they both admit they love each other.moreless
  • Ep. #10234
    Ep. #10234
    Episode 52
    Although pleased at his recent success in obtaining highstyle, Austin is devastated for Carrie. Sami encourages him to go to her, and 'finds' a business card with the company name on it. Austin is horrified to realise that he just took over Carrie's company, and comes clean with her right away. Shawn is suspicious of Kate's willingness to give he and Mimi an all-expenses paid honeymoon, but she insists she just wants to thank him for everything they've done for Philip and Belle lately. Marlena is able to stop John from throwing Alex off the roof and tells him that it was all Lois. which even Lois admits to. Bo tells Roman that Billie is lying to cover for Chelsea, and Roman urges his brother to come clean.moreless
  • Ep. #10233
    Ep. #10233
    Episode 51
    Hope realises that Bo is covering for Chelsea, but assumes it's because he doesn't want her to know her mother is a murderer. Chelsea wants to come clean, but Billie refuses to let her, prompting Chelsea to tell Billie she loves her for the first time. Jennifer and Frankie discuss his feelings for her, and he admits that he came back to Salem for her. John is prepared to kill Alex after Marlena's near-miss experience until Marlena gets him to understand that Lois is the guilty party.moreless
  • Ep. #10232
    Ep. #10232
    Episode 50
    Max tries to convince Chelsea to come clean about what really happened, but Hope overhears Billie saying that she was the one who killed Zack. Austin realises Carrie is down about something and she admits that someone is trying to steal her company, and asks Austin for advice on how to handle it. Alex finally manages to break free of his restraints and is there to grab Marlena as Lois sends her over the rooftop.moreless
  • Ep. #10231
    Ep. #10231
    Episode 49
    Jennifer watches the tape from Jack. Kate tells Belle about Shawn and Mimi. Hope and Bo learn Zack's killer confessed.
  • Ep. #10230
    Ep. #10230
    Episode 48
    Billie is horrified to learn of Zack's death, and of Chelsea's role. When Bo refuses to lie to the police or Hope, Billie takes matters into her own hands. Marching Chelsea over to the police, she confesses to Zack's death herself. Zack visits Shawn and Belle in a vision, telling them that they are meant to be together. Carrie and Austin are both on cloud nine after their date together, but Lucas and Sami know that everything will crash and burn when Carrie learns Austin took over highstyle. Lois and Marlena struggle and Lois manages to knock Marlena unconscious before dragging her to the stairwell.moreless
  • Ep. #10229
    Ep. #10229
    Episode 47
    Chelsea tries to explain to Bo that she didn't even know Zack was there, but he is too distraught to listen. When she asks him if he hates her, he hugs her tightly and swears he loves her, but he can't look at her. Abe and John discuss Alex' nefarious plots for Marlena, not realising that Lois is the real threat. When Lois suggests putting Alex in restraints, John jumps on the idea. Lexie checks on Claire, and has to give Belle the bad news that Claire has spiked a fever, prompting Belle to break down in Shawn's arms. Jennifer tries to comfort Hope, who refuses to rest until she finds the person who killed Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #10228
    Ep. #10228
    Episode 46
    Bonnie begins to worry that Shawn is Claire's biological father and pushes Mimi to spend her time comforting Shawn, not commenting on the likelihood of Shawn being a match for Claire. Bo insists that he wasn't driving his vehicle when it hit Zack, but stonewalls when the police want to know who was driving his car that night. Sami and Lucas both shake themselves out of a fantasy about having sex and go back to arguing about Austin and Carrie. Chelsea confesses to Max that she believes she killed Zack, then is confronted by a devastated Bo. Abe comforts Lexie, who is devastated about having lost Zack now for a second time. Shawn offers comfort to Philip and Belle by telling them that Zack will live on through Claire.moreless
  • Ep. #10227
    Ep. #10227
    Episode 45
    Sami and Lucas end up kissing passionately while asleep, thinking of Austin and Carrie respectively. They argue when they both reach consciousness, but end up falling back in bed together. As Shawn makes his determination to get revenge on the person who killed Zack clear, Chelsea finally begins to realise that she may have been the one who killed her half-brother. Victor believes that telling Bo and Hope that their son's liver is saving their granddaughter might lessen their pain, but Kate tells him that Philip's pain must be his first concern. Jennifer comforts Hope as Bo learns that it was his vehicle that hit Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #10226
    Ep. #10226
    Episode 44
    Lexie tells Bo and Hope that Zack is brain-dead and there is nothing that can be done for him, but tells them he may be a possible match for Claire and Hope agrees to let them test him. Austin promises Carrie that they can make a long distance relationship work, then tells her that he never stopped loving her. Max assures Chelsea that the hit-and-run driver who killed Zack will be captured, neither realising that it was her. Lois sneaks into Alex' room to tell him about her plans for Marlena, and when he comes to he grabs her. The cops are unable to give Abe further information about the case because he is no longer on the force.moreless
  • Ep. #10225
    Ep. #10225
    Episode 43
    Mimi tries to comfort Shawn as he rails against a God that would take Zack from them. Maggie calls Hope to ask her to come to the hospital to be with Hope. Hope and Bo try to say goodbye to Zack. Hammond and Daniels tell Abe they're close to arresting a suspect.moreless
  • Ep. #10224
    Ep. #10224
    Episode 42
    The two officers investigating Zack's case follow their lead to Max Brady's garage where an inspection of the vehicle inside reveals that it's Bo Brady's vehicle. Still in a coma, Alex has flashbacks to when Marlena received all her bruises, courtesy of Lois Banks. Lois prepares to kill Alex, but when she sees Marlena she thinks she has found a better target. Bo and Hope, surrounded by family and friends, continue to pray for a miracle where Zack is concerned. In the operating room, Lexie refuses to accept that Zack is braindead and there is nothing she can do.moreless
  • Ep. #10223
    Ep. #10223
    Episode 41
    Lucas and Eugenia watch as Sami swears to Carrie that she has changed and is no longer the person that she used to be. Later, Lucas tries to dissuade Carrie against pursuing a relationship with Austin, telling her that he's changed since they were together. Lois accuses Marlena of defending Alex the same way she did years ago as John tries to defend his reasons for shooting Alex. The police become suspicious when neighbors mention seeing a tow truck near the accident scene as Max tows Bo's car to his garage. Bo finally reaches the hospital where Mimi, Shawn and Hope are waiting for news on Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #10222
    Ep. #10222
    Episode 40
    John sees Alex trying to get into Marlena's room via the ledge and shoots him. Alex is rushed to the hospital where Lexie tries to save him. John bursts in to tell Marlena about Alex, inadvertantly saving her from a homicidal Lois Banks. Hope refuses to wait for the ambulance and tells Mrs. Morrison that she will take Zack to the hospital herself. Bo agrees not to tell Hope about the accident that Chelsea had with the car, not realising that Chelsea is the one who hit Zack. Victor is determined to tell Shawn, who admits that he has proposed to Mimi, the truth, but before he can Shawn gets a message from Hope to come to the trauma center. Bonnie is thrilled to learn of Shawn's proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #10221
    Ep. #10221
    Episode 39
    At Sami’s apartment, Austin and Carrie leave for some time alone on the rooftop. Nicole arrives outside Sami’s apartment, complaining that after working hard all day at the office, Sami didn’t invite her to her New Year’s celebration. Bo arrives to Chelsea’s help. Chelsea reacts in fear that her license will be re-suspended. Philip tells Lexie that he and Belle wish to wait a little longer before taking Claire off life-support. [ Recap available. ]moreless
  • Ep. #10220
    Ep. #10220
    Episode 38
    Hope and Bo drop Zack off at the Morrisons for a sleepover before going to the hospital. Chelsea manages to convince Bo to let her borrow his truck for the evening. Alex uses his one phone call to call Marlena to beg her to be safe and to stay away from Lois. Victor is willing to maintain his silence on Shawn being Claire's father, but only for the time being. Sami manipulates Carrie and Austin into staying at her place for her New Year's party.moreless
  • Ep. #10219
    Ep. #10219
    Episode 37
    Carrie admits to Austin that she wishes she and Sami could be closer, and the two sisters encounter each other at the apartment. Sami pretends she wants to try again with her sister, which Carrie finally begins to believe. Lucas tells Kate that he isn't going to interfere in Carrie and Austin's relationship, but once Kate leaves (after being disgusted at learning Eugenia is Lucas' assistant), Lucas and Eugenia discuss how Carrie will be hurt because Lucas kept quiet about Austin taking over her company. Lois says she wants to press charges against Alex and he is taken into custody by John and Roman. John calls Marlena and warns her not to let anyone in, but she doesn't see Lois as a threat even though, at that very moment, Alex is trying to convince John and Roman that Lois hates Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10218
    Ep. #10218
    Episode 36
    Kate is pleased to learn that Carrie and Mike have broken up and that Austin is again interested in his ex-wife. Carrie runs into Roman, who is thrilled to see her, and admits that she just couldn't come home earlier after the way she ended her marriage to Austin. Lucas turns down Sami's offer for the two of them to work together to break up Austin and Carrie, then shocks Kate when he tells her that he's interested in Carrie. Shawn and Belle talk about how no mother should ever have to bury her child, and Belle tells Shawn about Marlena's son D.J. Marlena refuses to believe Lois' claims that Alex abused her, even when Lois produces a photograph of a beaten Marlena. Alone, Alex tells Lois he's not going to let her spread her lies, and when she notices other people looking, Lois pretends that Alex was threatening her.moreless
  • Ep. #10217
    Ep. #10217
    Episode 35
    Chelsea and Max arrive on Bo and Hope's doorstep only to find that no one's home. After opening the door with the key Bo and Hope gave her, Chelsea thinks this is a good opportunity to take some of daddy's cash. Later, Chelsea recalls Bo's reactions to her accident. Max tries to reassure her by saying that Bo, Hope and Billie are there to support her, not hate her. Max defends Bo and Hope. Chelsea and Max make out on the sofa. Hope pays Jennifer a visit. Jennifer says that she still thinks of Jack everyday although she knows in her heart that he's gone. Frankie joins them, with Hope surprised to see he's still in town. Jennifer later claims she doesn't need help from anyone. Hope confronts Frankie, asking him how he can just leave Jennifer and her family at a time like this. Frankie says that Hope agreed that he should stay and not break his promise to Jack. Hope says that she can tell that Frankie still has feelings for Jennifer. After sharing a goodbye hug, Frankie leaves for Washington. Seconds after leaving the house, Hope and Jen hear Frankie yell. Lucas, Will and Carrie share breakfast together. Later, a woman from down the hall stops by, and instead of dropping off mail sent to the wrong tenant, she recalls the entire past love triangle between Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Sami, all to Carrie’s face. At the penthouse, John, Marlena, and Alex discuss what John, Roman and Kate saw up at the cabin the night before. Although John sees otherwise, Marlena claims that Alex could have saved her life. Alex reminds John that he and Marlena are still married, driving John into a state of irritation. Marlena says that all of the facts John uncovered about Alex are untrue. John pronounces the love he still has for Marlena, yet Alex attempts to push John away from her by reminding him yet again that they are married. John brings in Dr. Banks to reveal to Marlena all of the crimes Alex has committed on her. Austin reminds Sami and Nicole that they are strictly just friends. Nicole tells Sami that Austin would never want to be in another relationship with her. Sami tells Nicole that her dear sister Carrie is back in Salem and recollects on her past history with Austin and Carrie.moreless
  • Ep. #10216
    Ep. #10216
    Episode 34
    John, Roman and Kate head up to the mountain where Alex has taken Marlena, fearing that Marlena is in grave danger. Up at the cabin, Marlena is asleep on a couch in front of the fireplace. Alex arrives with a kindling in his hand. Marlena wakes up, frightened, seeing Alex with the wood. When John, Roman and Kate arrive at the cabin, they hear Marlena screaming and running around. The three think she is being attacked by Alex, and rush in to save her. John manages to get Alex away from her, but Marlena explains that she screamed because a flying ember by the fireplace caused her clothes to catch fire, and that Alex was doing nothing more than trying to put the fire out with his hands. John and Roman say they have reason to believe Alex poses a danger to Marlena, and Kate agrees. At the hospital, Shawn and Mimi console Belle. Later, Shawn gives Belle a necklace. There is still no donor for Claire. Bo and Hope share a Christmas moment with Zack. Chelsea arrives on Bo and Hope's doorstep, and Bo is surprised to see her. Later, Bo has a surprise for Hope -- he has hired a professional photographer to take their family portrait. As the whole family prepares for the photo, Bo invites Chelsea to be in the picture as well. After which Shawn invites Mimi to join in the photo. Meanwhile at Alice's home, the Hortons continue to celebrate Christmas. Jennifer feels someone is outside, she opens the door and discovers that it's none other than Frankie, with Christmas presents for Jennifer and family. Jack still lurks outside, saying that what he did was for the best and wishes his family a Merry Christmas. Sami learns Carrie is back in Salem via seeing her with Austin on the hospital balcony. Sami steps out onto the balcony to see Carrie, who later explains that she is no longer with Mike.moreless
  • Ep. #10215
    Ep. #10215
    Episode 33
    Jennifer and Hope talk about Jen spending her Christmas without Jack. Jen nearly opts out of going to the annual Christmas tree-trimming at Alice's home, but decides to go at the last minute to keep Abby and Jack Jr. from being disappointed. John learns more about Dr. North and his behavior, and fears that Marlena is in great danger. As Roman arrives, John contacts the police as well as the ISA to help locate and catch Dr. North and Marlena, who has left town with him. Lexie tells Belle and Philip that Claire's only hope of survival lies within a liver transplant. Belle prays that her daughter will be okay, asking for a sign that Claire will live. At the Horton's, many Salem residents gather to hang their ornaments on the tree. While Jen and Abby decorate the tree with their ornaments, someone appears to be lurking outside, watching from the window... Carrie returns to Salem with Lucas after a six-year leave. After wandering around the hospital, Carrie spots Sami, and refuses to let her enemy of a sister know that she's back in town. Austin looks around for Sami, and later steps out onto a balcony, where he finds none other than Carrie. Carrie wishes Austin a Merry Christmas. Lexie later asks Shawn to read to the children patients at the hospital, following the tradition his great-grandfather Dr. Tom Horton started.moreless
  • Ep. #10214
    Ep. #10214
    Episode 32
    Bo tries to convince Frankie to stick around, but Frankie is determined to do as Jennifer wishes. Hope tries to convince Jennifer that sending Frankie away is not the right thing to do, and wonders if her cousin is sending him away because she thinks there's a chance that she may fall in love with him. Hope and Bo take Zack to see Santa Claus so he can make his Christmas wishes. Austin keeps trying to call the C.E.O. of highstyle to let them know that he is poised to take over the company, but first Becky hangs up on him, then later, after too much Christmas cheer, Becky loses the message. John is thrilled when his I.S.A. contact gets him in touch with Lois Banks, an old school chum of Alex and Marlena's, who says Alex is abusive!moreless
  • Ep. #10213
    Ep. #10213
    Episode 31
    Chelsea and Max argue over her hatred for Bo, saying that "he would never lift a finger to help me ever again" after the accident. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope arrive at the church, where Jennifer is holding a brief memorial service in honor of Jack. Lexie and Abe sit in the church and remember Jack. Frankie arrives at Jen's to see if she's alright. Jen walks in, saying she has to be alright, for it was what Jack would have wanted. Abby goes to the Java Cafe to see Josh. Josh wishes he could get off work to accompany Abby to the service, but Abby advises that the memorial is for immediate family and friends only. Chelsea tells herself that her entire life has been a lie, that she lost everything she has held near in her life: her parents, her car, her home, etc. In Los Angeles, Sami accidentally donates a $100 bill instead of a $1 bill to an irritable Santa. Sami claims it's all Lucas' fault, whom she ran into. Lucas sees Sami's hand in the money bucket trying to retrieve her $100. All Sami gets back in the end is $1. Nicole asks Austin about the woman he thought he saw at the Rolling Stones concert the other night. Becky and Carrie discuss Carrie's previous lover.moreless
  • Ep. #10212
    Ep. #10212
    Episode 30
    Jennifer tells Frankie that her biggest regret is not having a chance to say goodbye to Jack before his death, and she begins to plan his memorial service. Frankie confesses to her that Jack asked him to be there for her and Abby. Austin is upset when the videographer tells him that he cannot rewind the tape to see where Carrie was sitting, and nearly misses encountering her as he returns to his seat. Bo and Hope are horrified when they are told that their daughter is dead, but the staff soon realises they have made an error and assure them that Chelsea will be just fine. Lucas and Sami encounter each other and she tries to make small talk, but he walks away from her.moreless
  • Ep. #10211
    Ep. #10211
    Episode 29
    Bo and Hope discuss Chelsea's recent activities and while Bo is convinced that she's learning from her mistakes, Hope isn't quite so sure. After receiving a call that Chelsea has been in an accident, Hope and Bo drop Zack off at Maggie's and rush to the hospital. Mimi finally maanges to convince Shawn to get some rest, but then does some research on blood typing. When Bonnie learns what Mimi is up to, she reminds her of other Salemnites whose parents blood type wasn't compatible with their childrens. Lucas, Carrie, Austin and Sami enjoy The Rolling Stones concert, but Austin is shocked when he sees Carrie on the jumbotron.moreless
  • Ep. #10210
    Ep. #10210
    Episode 28
    Family and friends surround Philip and Belle as Father Jansen arrives at University Hospital to baptize Claire and to give last rites. In Los Angeles, Austin wins tickets to The Rolling Stones and takes Sami, while Lucas is able to score two tickets and takes Carrie to the concert. Chelsea ignores Bo's warnings and ends up getting into a terrible accident.moreless
  • Ep. #10209
    Ep. #10209
    Episode 27
    John and Marlena share a memory under the mistletoe, but Marlena still chooses to be with Alex. Kate starts to think that Alex is right, that she actually may still have a chance with John. Shawn and Belle continue to bond over Claire after he puts himself at risk to donate excessive blood for the her. Bo and Hope appreciate their healthy family as they spend an evening together. Hope gives Bo a Christmas stocking for Chelsea to show him she will welcome her with open arms for the holidays. Lexie informs Belle that Claire's liver might be failing. Kate painfully notices the way Shawn is comforting Belle through her moments of need.moreless
  • Ep. #10208
    Ep. #10208
    Episode 26
    Lexie comes with bad news about the baby, which Belle has to face alone as she had earlier sent Philip home to get some rest. Lexie refuses to allow Belle or Shawn to donate any more blood, but Shawn lies to the nurse taking the blood so that she'll take more. John and Kate end up at Chez Rouge along with Alex and Marlena, prompting Maggie to arrange some alone-time for John and Marlena under the mistletoe. Sami is hurt when Austin recognizes and is enthralled with a woman from his past in New York, Rory Finch. Carrie admits that she still has feelings for Austin, but won't risk getting in the middle of a triangle with Sami again. Carrie is hurt to see Austin and Sami kissing, but it's only for charity.moreless
  • Ep. #10207
    Ep. #10207
    Episode 25
    Austin nearly loses Mr. Giles' support when he refuses to get rid of the highstyle executives when he takes over, but Nicole smoothly inserts herself into the conversation and saves Austin's bacon. Jennifer tries to convince Frankie and Hope that she really did see Jack, but all Frankie can find when he looks is a cat. After finding a locket in the front yard Frankie heads around back and overhears Jennifer telling Hope that she only wants Jack. Carrie hides in a stall when Sami comes into the bathroom to try to get the wine off her dress, and Carrie is both infuriated and touched when Sami admits that she misses her sister and wishes they could be closer. After another medical crisis for Claire leaves Philip in tears, Victor agrees to keep quiet about Claire's paternity for now.moreless
  • Ep. #10206
    Ep. #10206
    Episode 24
    Lucas and Carrie have dinner, fully unaware that Austin and Carrie are in the same restaurant. She's hurt when he offers to buy highstyle, but slightly mollified when he tells her that he was only making the offer to help her. Nicole steals a document from highstyle and brings it to the restaurant to show Austin, then 'accidentally' dumps wine all over Sami's dress. Hope realises Frankie truly wants to stay when he calls her to say goodbye. Out in the garden, Jack advises Jennifer that he's dead and she should prepare to move on with Frankie. Victor is disgusted by Kate's attempts to change Shawn's blood type in the computers and even learning that Claire is Shawn's daughter rather than Philip's doesn't sway him.moreless
  • Ep. #10205
    Ep. #10205
    Episode 23
    Carrie has to cut her dinner plans with Lucas short to wrap the Christmas gifts for her employees children, and although Lucas is surprised she goes to such lengths, he offers to stay and help her out. Kate breaks into the hospital records room so that she can alter the records that would prove Claire as Shawn's daughter, but is caught by a security guard. Sami is thrilled when Austin uses his airmiles to fly her to Los Angeles with him and Nicole. While Nicole tries to land a job at highstyle as 'Mary Smith', Austin and Sami unwittingly go to the same restaurant Carrie and Lucas are at. Jennifer tells Frankie that she has leaned on him enough and it's time for him to get back to his own life.moreless
  • Ep. #10204
    Ep. #10204
    Episode 22
    Carrie reminds Lucas that their dinner isn't really a date, but Lucas thinks of it as a second chance. After learning Austin still cares for her, Lucas warns him off then talks to Kate, who tells Lucas to do whatever he has to in order to get his woman. When Austin talks to her, she advises him of the same thing, not realising that Carrie is the woman in question and her two sons will be going up against each other. hawn talks to Hope in the cafeteria, and tells his mother he'll be there for Belle and Claire, even though he will never be with them, and Hope wishes him well with Mimi. After Austin won't tell Sami exactly his feelings for Carrie, Sami calls her sister to assure herself that she is still out of the country. Belle and Philip are devastated when Claire's latest test results come back.moreless
  • Ep. #10203
    Ep. #10203
    Episode 21
    Lucas is shocked when Eugenia shows him the newspaper article about Jack's death, and immediately phones Salem and gives Julie his condolences to pass on to Jennifer. Mimi and Shawn both pray for baby Claire's health in the chapel, but unfortunately the baby's health continues to worsen. Sami and Austin disagree about Carrie, then Sami runs into Eugenia who also takes advantage of the situation to get in a few digs. Kate keeps quiet about Claire's true paternity as she comforts a grief-stricken Belle. Becky sees Carrie with a picture of Austin and asks her about it, but Carrie insists to her assistant that Austin is in her past.moreless
  • Ep. #10202
    Ep. #10202
    Episode 20
    Gathered at the Deveraux house, Bo, Hope, Billie, Roman, Frankie, Abby and Max finally get Jennifer to see that Jack is gone. Hope and Billie briefly bond over their worry about Claire, both knowing what it feels like to lose a baby. Kate worries that the doctors will discover that Philip isn't the baby's father when Claire needs a blood transfusion, but Lexie doesn't even test him because he's on medication. Sami is furious when she learns Austin still has feelings for Carrie, while in Los Angeles, Carrie remembers better times with Austin and agrees to have dinner with Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #10201
    Ep. #10201
    Episode 19
    Bo and Hope break the news about Jack to Shawn, and are shocked to hear that Claire is doing so poorly, as she could easily have been Shawn's daughter. Jennifer breaks down while making pancakes, then rages at a neighbor who says it's best Jack died before Jennifer could watch him suffer. Kate offers Mimi a job at Basic Black, thinking that if Shawn and Mimi get married, Philip will be happy with Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #10200
    Ep. #10200
    Episode 18
    Lucas is shocked to see that highstyle's C.E.O. is Carrie Brady, and over dinner they discuss her failed relationship with Mike and their mutual bitterness where Sami is concerned. Kate is willing to do anything she has to in order to keep Philip believing that Claire is his little girl, and decides that Mimi is the key to her son's happiness. Jennifer refuses to believe Jack is dead until she sees his body after everything they've been through in the last couple of years. Victor comforts a tense Philip, who admits to his father that he couldn't take it if he lost Claire. Hope breaks down while she and Bo tuck Zack in for the night and admits she couldn't handle it if she ever lost Bo. Sami is furious to learn that Austin has never stopped loving Carrie. Carrie turns down Lucas' offer to take over highstyle and makes him promise he won't tell anyone she's back in the U.S.moreless
  • Ep. #10199
    Ep. #10199
    Episode 17
    Abby and Jennifer refuse to believe that Jack is dead, even though Bo, Hope and Frankie try to get them to understand that there is no way he could have survived. Sami believes it's too much of a risk, but Nicole wants to score major points with Austin. Kate is determined not to ever let anyone find out that Shawn is Claire's father. Victor misunderstands her concern that Philip will 'lose' Claire, but she doesn't correct him. Nicole tells Sami that Titan is going after highstyle. Sami undermines Nicole by telling Lucas that Austin is going after highstyle. Jack's car is pulled from the river, but Jack isn't inside. Lucas is shocked at who the C.E.O. of highstyle is.moreless
  • Ep. #10198
    Ep. #10198
    Episode 16
    On the bottom of the river, Bo gets his foot caught in debris and is unable to get up. After his oxygen line is cut, Bo loses consciousness but is saved just in time by Patrick and surfaces holding Jack's license plate. Belle is distraught to hear that not only is Marlena leaving John, but Alex is her legal husband. John encourages Alex to leave town, hoping that this way Marlena will choose him, but when Alex insists on saying 'goodbye' to Marlena, she tells him to stay! Jennifer and Abby both try to convince themselves that Jack will be back soon, but when the others arrive back at the house, they realise there is something horribly wrong. After breaking into the hospital computers, Kate realises that Shawn's blood type means he could be Claire's father.moreless
  • Ep. #10197
    Ep. #10197
    Episode 15
    Bo, Hope, Patrick and Frankie all search for Jack's vehicle, and Bo and Patrick are able to put their differences aside long enough for Bo to trust Patrick with handling the air hose while he dives. Nicole eavesdrops on Lucas' celebratory conversation with Victor over the Clear Visage account and overhears him discussing plans to take over a new company, highstyle, which sends her rushing back to Austin. Alex books a one-way ticket out of Salem while John tries to convince Marlena not to choose Alex unless and until her memory fully returns. Jennifer and Abby call the hospital to find out if there is any word on Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #10196
    Ep. #10196
    Episode 14
    Frankie realises that someone's car went off the bridge, and begins to search for Jack, who is struggling to get his seatbelt undone. Jack loses consciousness as the water gets higher and higher inside the car. While Belle and Philip tend to Claire, Kate realises that the baby cannot possibly be Philip's genetic child. Alex believes that Marlena has chosen John, and decides to leave town, but makes amends with Lexie before he does. Shawn and Mimi talk about their night together and what it means for their relationship. Marlena searches desperately for Alex to tell him that she chose him.moreless
  • Ep. #10195
    Ep. #10195
    Episode 13
    Shawn and Mimi make love during the storm. Hope goes through family photos for the special website for Alice. Bo comes home and feels guilty about missing Zack's Thanksgiving play. Doug and Julie become stuck in their car on the road on their way to Mickey and Maggie's due to the police salting the road. Jennifer reminisces of her past with Jack, and how she won't be able to go on without him as Frankie relives a few memories of his own of his long-dead relationship with Jen. Meanwhile, Doug and Julie remember relationships of past and present couples in Salem such as Lucas/Sami and John/Marlena. After making love, Mimi asks Shawn if he would take the chance to be able to switch places with Philip if he could. Mickey and Maggie sit on the couch and look through family photo albums, reminding themselves of just how close a couple Tom and Alice were. At the hospital, Kate thumbs through Claire's records and discovers a shocking secret. Marlena tells Alex she knows who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Meanwhile, Jennifer has trouble getting in touch with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #10194
    Ep. #10194
    Episode 12
    Back from their date, Shawn and Mimi start to get amorous, but when they encounter one catastrophe after another the two wonder if they're ever supposed to be together. Belle and Philip's lovemaking is interrupted by a crying Claire, and when they realise the baby has a fever, they rush her to the hospital where Lexie tells them the baby is in serious shape. Marlena is devastated by what she sees through the telescope but has no time to dwell on it after hearing about the baby. Kate is surprised by what she sees in the baby's chart. Jack sneaks out in the night to get the centerpiece for Thanksgiving, and as he and Jennifer speak via cell phone, the car goes into a skid.moreless
  • Ep. #10193
    Ep. #10193
    Episode 11
    Alex gives Marlena a gift of pearls that had belonged to her before, which bothers her at first. When Alex sees an intimate moments between Kate and John (she's massaging him after he threw his back out) through the telescope he tries to hide it from Marlena, but she sees anyway. Austin and Nicole refuse to allow Sami to make soup for Will in the apartment but Lucas helps her out. After she finds proof that Lucas has stolen the Clear Visage account, she heads over to the apartment, interrupting Austin and Nicole's talks about life, love and Nicole's ability to have children. Belle is in pain watching how close Shawn and Mimi have grown.moreless
  • Ep. #10192
    Ep. #10192
    Episode 10
    John is upset when Marlena encourages him to be with Kate, telling him that while she has no memory of any moments they may have shared together, she does remember having Alex in her life. Austin and Nicole continue to apply for loans for office space and renovations, even though they have no guaranteed clients. Lucas and Sophie begin to make love to celebrate the Clear Visage account, but are interrupted by Sami, who wants to make soup for a sick Will. Stuck in an ice storm, Frankie and Jennifer trade reminisces about a teacher from high school, and each are left hopeful. Jack is furious with Billie after she revives him and sabotages his attempt to kill himself.moreless
  • Ep. #10190
    Ep. #10190
    Episode 8
    Sophie recognizes Lulu as a woman with a history of marrying men for their money then getting everything from them in a divorce settlement, information Lucas uses to blackmail Lulu into making Hans give the Clear Visage account back to Lucas. John is convinced that Alex is lying when he can't find a record of Alex and Marlena ever having been divorced, but Alex informs him that he was a special ops agent that was captured and presumed dead, so they never were divorced. Austin shows Nicole and Sami around his proposed office apce, which just happens to be Brandon's old loft. Jack and Jennifer share a romantic dinner, with Jack planning to kill himself later.moreless
  • Ep. #10189
    Ep. #10189
    Episode 7
    Nicole and Roman end up at Chez Rouge together, Nicole drowning her sorrows over Austin's happiness with Sami getting the Clear Visage account, and Roman is drowning his sorrows over Kate's reports that Marlena doesn't even remember him. John tries to convince Marlena that Alex is a fraud, but Marlena has a flashback of Alex proposing marriage to her. Even Kate believes Alex is telling the truth. Philip overhears as Belle admits to Mimi that part of her will always love Shawn, but is pleased when his wife says she loves him too.moreless
  • Ep. #10188
    Ep. #10188
    Episode 6
    Roman and John are shocked that Alex was able to provide information indicating that he and Marlena were once married, and Alex tells them all the story of their courtship. Sami is successful in wresting the Clear Visage account away from Lucas after she brings in Dr. Schnitzel's fiancée Lulu, leaving Lucas fuming. Belle tries to blame her actions on her post-partum depression, but Mimi wonders if maybe Belle is depressed because she regrets marrying Philip and wants to be with Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10187
    Ep. #10187
    Episode 5
    Roman, John and Alex all make their own pitches as Marlena prepares to decide which of the three men she wants to be with, then she shocks John and Roman by announcing she chooses Alex, and shows the others a picture of her and Alex years ago -- a wedding picture. After eavesdropping on Austin and Nicole's pitch for the Clear Visage account with Eugenia's help, Lucas wins the contract. Belle swears to Mimi that she is over Shawn even though she believes Mimi is going for Shawn on the rebound, but in a slip refers to Shawn as Claire's father. Sami is determined to prove to Austin that she can be just as much an asset as Nicole and meets a woman wiht an answer.moreless
  • Ep. #10186
    Ep. #10186
    Episode 4
    Hope and Frankie plan a party for Jack in Jennifer's stead so that Jack can surprise Jennifer with a romantic evening and numerous reminders of their romance. Sami is flustered to learn that Eugenia is Lucas' new assistant at Titan and after Austin shuts her out of the meeting, accidentally reveals that Austin is going after Clear Visage, prompting Lucas to try to get a meeting with them first. Roman is at Kate's dropping off their divorce papers when Marlena calls so Roman, Kate, John and Alex all head over to learn her decision.moreless
  • Ep. #10185
    Ep. #10185
    Episode 3
    Alex and John both try to convince Marlena that they are the man for her but Alex trumps John when a fax arrives for him that will change all of their lives forever. Marlena asks Alex to spend the night elsewhere while she thinks. Billie warns both Nicole and Sami not to try to seduce her brother, then heads up to the roof to catch up with Austin while both women try to eavesdrop on the conversation to find out the identity of Austin's love in Salem. Belle finally accepts that Shawn has moved on with Mimi when Mimi apologizes to her, but she can't help but wish she were with Shawn instead of her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #10184
    Ep. #10184
    Episode 2
    Alex searches the Internet for the answer to his problems with John and suggests a partnership to Kate, telling her that if he gets what he wants, so does she. Shawn admits to Belle that he wants Mimi, but tells her that if Mimi really doesn't want to be in his life he'll accept that and find another woman he can be with. John is thrilled that Marlena seems to be remembering their love, but she still wants to know how she could sleep with Roman if she loved him. While at the Church, Mimi has a religious experience with a statue and decides to try it out with Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10183
    Ep. #10183
    Episode 1
    Alex suggests that if he and Kate work together she can certainly get John for herself, but although she loves John, Kate is unwilling to join forces with Alex. After helping Belle calm baby Claire, Shawn admonishes Belle for not ever wanting him to marry, and tells her that she'll have to learn to accept that they'll never be more than friends. John again tries to encourage Marlena to give their marriage another try but before he can tell her whether or not he still loves Kate, Marlena stops him and tells him to think about it. A crying Mimi prays to the Madonna at Church and has a vision of the statue telling her to forgive herself and move on with her life.moreless