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  • Ep. #10693
    Ep. #10693
    Episode 256
    Kate tells Philip if he did the right thing by giving up Tyler. E.J. insists that he and Sami get married immediately because Stefano is about to return to Italy. E.J. tells Lucas and Sami that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. Belle learns from Hope that Bo knows she slept with Philip. Lucas goes to see Stefano, and he assures Lucas that he never ordered anyone to go after Kate. Hope tells Belle that she isn't convinced that she really wants this wedding. Lucas confronts Kate about betraying him again and that she's lost him and her grandchildren for good. Philip tells Kate that he will not let Belle marry Shawn. Sami gets a visit from Colleen's spirit and says to look inside herself and she'll see who she really desires. Lucas suggests to Bo and Hope of giving Sami an intervention by having all the Brady's at the church.moreless
  • Ep. #10692
    Ep. #10692
    Episode 255
    Nick learns that Artemis and DeMarquette's dad is throwing him an Embassy Ball is his honor and invites Chelsea to go with him. Hope tells Bo not to tell Shawn thinking of what he might do to Philip. Max tells Morgan not to blame herself with what Ford tried to do to her. Jett tells Nick and Chelsea that Ford Decker may in fact get away with rape. Ford comes in and yells at Stephanie and asks to be served, Max gets in his face and asks him to leave. E.J. interrupts Sami and Lucas to discuss possible honeymoon destinations. Bo assures Hope that he isn't going to let a Kiriakis get the best of Shawn. Shawn and Belle set a wedding date. Shawn shocks Bo and Hope when he announces that he is going to marry Belle on Thanksgiving Day. Sami tells E.J. for some time to adjust with what she has lost, E.J. says that they will be married tomorrow night. Ford comes back to the bar and Stephanie has flashes of what he did to her.moreless
  • Ep. #10691
    Ep. #10691
    Episode 254
    Commander Flynn tells Shawn that the board has read the letter and denied his entrance into the Academy. Philip comes to see Belle, she then tells him that Hope figured out what happened in the room. Hope tells Kayla about what happened with Belle and Philip, Kayla says not to tell Bo. Philip asks Belle to tell him to his face that Shawn is who she wants. Commander Flynn says that they might reconsider his application in the new year. Belle doesn't push away when Philip plants a kiss on her. Bo becomes livid after Hope tells him that Belle slept with Philip. Shawn comes home and sees Belle with Philip and Shawn accuses Philip of writing that letter, Shawn is shocked to learn that Belle is the one who wrote that letter and not Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10690
    Ep. #10690
    Episode 253
    Lucas finds the letter and learns that Johnny isn't his son and tells Sami why she never told him. Stephanie tells Nick that Ford raped Cordy and that they have to find her fast. Cordy gives the Stephanie and Chelsea the details of what Ford did to her. Max notices a bruise on Ashley's lip and immediately asks if Ford did this to her. Stefano tells Kate that he is happy that he has a grandson and the DiMera legacy lives on. Morgan passes out and Ford starts to sexually assault her. Everyone is shocked when they see on the computer Ford raping Morgan. Chelsea makes a plea for anyone to come forward, Cordy then admits to everyone that Ford did in fact rape her. Max manages to get Ford away from Morgan and Jett places him under arrest. Bo pulls some strings and places Kayla's suite under "quarantine", Steve tells Kayla that it worked and that they left.moreless
  • Ep. #10689
    Ep. #10689
    Episode 252
    Kate tells E.J. that the DNA results are in and E.J. asks Kate if one of the babies is his, he then gets confirmation that he has a son. The Halloween party at Alpha Chi Theta gets under way. Morgan wants to know what Stephanie and Max are talking about. Morgan begins to wonder if what Max said about Ford Decker is true. Lucas tells Sami that what if there was a way to make E.J. Wells disappear forever. Stephanie tells Max why didn't he tell Morgan that they're going to be working together. Slone tells Morgan that Ford is starting to get out of control. E.J. tells a thrilled Stefano that he has a grandson. Sami receives the DNA results while in Santo Domingo with Lucas. Cordy admits to Stephanie and Chelsea that Ford raped her. Ford slips roofies in Morgan's drink, when she goes to get her coat to take Ford home.moreless
  • Ep. #10688
    Ep. #10688
    Episode 251
    Sami stills insists that she and Lucas fly to Santo Domingo to get a quickie divorce. Marlena enlists Bo and Hope's help in making sure that the wedding between Sami and E.J. never happens. Belle opens up and tells Sami that she slept with Philip and that she admits that it was a mistake and that Hope knows about it. E.J. and Kate begin their plan to get Lucas back in her good graces again. Kate wants reassurance from E.J. that Lucas will not find out about this. Hope starts to get worried that Marlena might take the law in her own hands and murder E.J. Roman asks Kate if she's alright after the accident, Kate is relieved when Lucas shows up like she hoped he would. Stefano is delighted after learning that it's possible that he could have a grandson after all. Kate stops by the DiMera mansion and tells E.J. that she thinks the plan worked.moreless
  • Ep. #10687
    Ep. #10687
    Episode 250
    Nick tries to figure out to keep Chelsea alive by making sure the bomb doesn't go off. Kayla and Steve are surprised when Stephanie shows up at their door. Umar comes to Nick and Chelsea's aid and says that there was no explosives. Nick shares and emotional goodbye to Artemis and DeMarquette. Billie and Jett arrive to make sure that Nick and Chelsea are alright. Max tells Cordy that he thinks that something happened to her on her date with Ford. Chelsea interrupts as Jett offers to take her to dinner. Max explains to Morgan that Ford is the reason that Cordy is dropping out of school. Steve insists that Stephanie takes a job at the Cheatin Heart. Nick and Chelsea get cozy on the sofa and start kissing and are interrupted by Max and Morgan. Stephanie thinks that Max isn't going to forgive after what she's done.moreless
  • Ep. #10686
    Ep. #10686
    Episode 249
    Kate stands outside the nursery looking at the babies and remembers her conversation with Lucas. E.J. gives her the opportunity to keep Lucas in her life forever if she pushes Lucas to go through with the divorce. Although Kate initially refuses to help E.J., she agrees after watching the nurse replace the name 'Roberts' on the bassinets with 'Horton'. Lucas tries to convince Sami not to go through with the divorce, but she tells him she has a plan -- she will use the love that E.J. feels for her to destroy him and the entire DiMera family. Sami has a nightmare that everyone in her family dies, and is confronted by a ghostly vision of John, and E.J. appears as the grim reaper. When she awakens, she tells Lucas that she wants the divorce immediately. Nick and Billie join in the search for Chelsea while the sorority girls text all the other girls in the house to see if they know where Chelsea is, and Billie confirms with security that no one called Chelsea. Ford bristles at all the questions, and Nick gets a call on his cell phone from a frantic Chelsea who tells him that she is in big trouble. He heads to help her, only to learn he has been followed by Artemis and DeMarquette. Once there, he discovers that Chelsea was just the bait -- the kidnapper wants the boys!moreless
  • Ep. #10685
    Ep. #10685
    Episode 248
    Kate pleads with Lucas to not shut her grandchildren out of their lives. Lucas tells Kate that he is still going through with changing his name. Sami tells E.J. to shut up when he insists that her son is the spitting image of him. Chelsea tries to get Stephanie to admit that she has feelings for Max. Cordy's behavious concerns Morgan, Chelsea and Stephanie, Cordy says that she is leaving school but won't say why. Morgan asks Max if there's something she should know about. Chelsea shows no interest when Ford asks her out on a date. Morgan once again asks Max out on a date again. Lucas lets Kate hold one of the babies and that she can spend time with them. Chelsea gets a call that her car lights are on and she is then grabbed outside her sorority by someone.moreless
  • Ep. #10684
    Ep. #10684
    Episode 247
    Bo interrogates Harry fo him possibly for hitting John. Lucas has nightmares about how the twins will turn out. Belle falls apart with Hope. Abe orders to have E.J. Wells brought in so to see if he knows Harry Jenks, he said that he doesn't. Hope asks Belle if she cheated on Shawn by having sex in the room with Philip. Roman discovers Andre's phone number on Harry's cell phone and brings him in for questioning. Shawn and Philip continue to have their argument about Belle and it gets int a physical fight after Philip mentions the possibility of him sleeping with Belle. Caroline then breaks up the fight and tells Philip to get out and not to come back. Hope tells Belle that she will keep her secret and that she'll have to redeem herself by cutting Philip out of her life. Lucas tells Bo that if E.J. ends up dead he'll know who to come and arrestmoreless
  • Ep. #10683
    Ep. #10683
    Episode 246
    Belle tells Philip that she can't bear the thought of never seeing him again and the two have sex. E.J. wonders if he's the father of one of the babies. Marlena slaps E.J. for putting her and her family through so much pain. Shawn tells Hope that someone tipped off the police academy that he broke the law and he thinks that it's Philip. Sami is against the idea of the babies having another DNA test, but then agrees when Marlena observes the testing. Hope wonders who ratted Shawn out. Belle tells Philip that Shawn can never find out about the affair and asks Philip to leave. Lucas asks Sami what if the babies do in fact have different fathers. Lucas returns Kate's gift for the twins. Hope demands the truth from Belle about what happened between Belle and Philip in the room.moreless
  • Ep. #10682
    Ep. #10682
    Episode 245
    Belle pushes Philip away just in time when Shawn walks into the church. Abe tells Bo that he traced the serial number to a silver cedan that was sold several times before. Lucas handcuffs E.J. to keep him from spoiling his moment with Sami and the babies arrive. Commander Flynn tells Bo that Shawn's enrollment into the Academy has been put on hold because he defied a court order and fled with Belle and Claire and that's isn't what the Academy is looking for. Belle returns to the church and asks Philip help with her car. E.J. asks Kate's help in setting him free, but instead manages to get out and they go and see the babies. Belle and Philip go back to her place and they begin to make love. Lucas arrives to be with Sami when the twins arrive, Marlena presents Sami and Lucas her baby son and daughter. Marlena then tells Kate and E.J. as they arrive to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #10681
    Ep. #10681
    Episode 244
    Bo tells Shawn that if something ever happened to him he couldn't take it. Ruth and Wayne Wilkins come and visit Pocket at the hospital. Belle says that what if the attacks never stop on the Brady's and that something could happen to her. Marlena tells Sami if she can control being married to Stefano's son which could end with her life. Bo asks Shawn the question on when he's going to marry Belle. Shawn is invited by Commander Flynn to have breakfast with him and some new recruits. While at the church Philip says that he may have to give up Tyler, and tells Belle that he loves her and wants her back, he then plants a kiss on Belle. Sami's water breaks and she goes into labor, Marlena then calls 911.moreless
  • Ep. #10680
    Ep. #10680
    Episode 243
    Marlena tells Stefano to get out as he comes to pay his respects. Steve punches Philip when he attempts to check on what could be his son. Kate remembers to a time when she and John where in love and engaged. Bo attempts to read the serial number on a piece of the can that killed John. Marlena breaks down when she returns to an empty bedroom. Tony introduces Anna to his sister Lexie. Lucas tells Sami that she is right and that she has to marry E.J. after all, as E.J. overhears them. Stefano returns to the church to pay his respects. Abe and Bo are able to make out a few of the letters and numbers hoping it'll find John's killer. Shawn tells everyone to raise their glasses as he proposes a toast in memory of John Black. Bo tells Shawn that if Hope lost another child she couldn't be able to handle it. Belle and Sami tell Marlena that they are moving in until their mother is ready to face the world, Marlena says that it's completely out of the question.moreless
  • Ep. #10679
    Ep. #10679
    Episode 242
    Steve remembers when he first brought John to Salem. Bo and Hope wonder who already arranged John's funeral when they arrive at the church, Father Kelly says that it was paid for by Vivian Alamain. Sami tells Lucas that marrying E.J. is the only way to end the violence. Marlena feels John's presence while on the pier, she then sees Roman and Marlena says that she can't say goodbye to John. Everyone expresses their feelings about John at the funeral. Victor then arrives and then says that all the money that he has doesn't match what John has which touches Marlena. Abe tells everyone that John will be buried with full police honors. Everyone turns and sees as Stefano arrives at the church.moreless
  • Ep. #10678
    Ep. #10678
    Episode 241
    Morgan tells Stephanie that no in Alpha Chi Theta goes after the man they're with. Kayla tells Belle that they have to make John as comfortable as possible. Nick brings Maggie to talk with Jeremy, but he refuses to turn himself in. John tells Bo to win the war with th DiMera's. Stefano insists to E.J. that he did order John to be killed. Bo remembers the night that John offered to go after E.J., he then takes a needle and a bottle and decides to go after Stefano. Billie and Jett tell Morgan and Stephanie that a girl on campus was almost raped. Kate comes by to say her goodbyes to John. Roman comes in and orders Bo to put the needle containing whatever he planned to inject Stefano with. Maggie gives Jeremy one more chance to do the right thing. Bo receives some crucial evidence that could lead to the person who hit John. Morgan tells Stephanie that two rooms are available for her and Chelsea. Lucas breaks into tears when he signs the annulment papers. Jeremy goes to see Stephanie one more time before leaving town for good.moreless
  • Ep. #10677
    Ep. #10677
    Episode 240
    A tearful Belle tells Sami that John may not make it. While having dinner at the Pub Morgan tells Max that she likes what she sees. Stephanie thinks about the idea of installing a web cam in Max's bedroom. Lucas learns that Sami taped the annulment papers back together and is going through with it. John wakes up and tells Marlena that he heard every word that she said to him. Shawn-Douglas arrives and offers his support to Belle in her time of need. Morgan tells Max that Stephanie has been following them all evening. Lucas tells Sami to let the cops handle E.J. and Stefano. John tells Belle to give him a hug. Caroline and Grandpa Shawn brings Claire by to see John.moreless
  • Ep. #10676
    Ep. #10676
    Episode 239
    Stefano tells Tony and Anna that André died at Shawn's hand, Stefano then wants Tony to become head of the DiMera family. Marlena tells John to hang on while help comes, and later at the hospital is devastated when she realises John isn't going to make it. E.J. tells Sami that if they where wed then none of this would've happened to John. The sorority girls help Cordy fix her make-up and hair after she disastrously tries to do it herself, while Stephanie privately pouts about Morgan's date with Max.moreless
  • Ep. #10675
    Ep. #10675
    Episode 238
    Shawn gets a visit from Colleen telling him and tells him not to do it or else he'll be just like the DiMera's. E.J. sets his sights on Belle and attempts to hit her with his car, but he gets a call from Belle. Caroline tells Bo and Hope that she's worried what Shawn might do if he finds Stefano. André shuts off his own life support before Grandpa Shawn can do it. Officer Chatsworth tries to open the door and asks to see if Mr. Brady is alright and what is going in there. Stefano learns that Shawn was in the room with André when he died and flat out accuses him of killing him. Bo tells Stefano after saying that his father should be in jail, to take his vendetta and go back to Italy. Marlena goes to get Belle's car key and she then screams in horror as sees John get hit by a car at full speed. Lucas tells E.J. that his time with Sami is up and he is out of their lives. Belle finds Marlena and is shocked to see John lying on the road all bloodied. A frantic Marlena then calls Sami and tells her what happened to John, Lucas then suspects E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10674
    Ep. #10674
    Episode 237
    Philip tells Belle that one way or another he will have his son. Belle then tries to get Philip to rethink about breaking into Mrs. Meyers' office. Lucas tells Bo and John what Sami told the DiMera's what they can do with there vendetta. Lucas stuns everyone when he says that Stefano got the church to issue him and Sami an annulment. E.J. hints to Sami that that he thinks it's good that Will is going to be protected. Belle talks with Mrs. Meyers on Philip's behalf regarding Tyler. Officer Chatsworth tells Grandpa Shawn that he isn't allowed in André's hospital room. Grandpa Shawn goes to see Stefano at the hospital and says that why should Colleen's body never be found, Stefano then admits to telling him that his mother was alive on purpose. Philip plants a long kiss on Belle after she says that he is going to see his son tonight. Stefano is appalled at E.J.'s suggestion to hurt young Will. E.J. follows Belle after she leaves the Cheatin Heart. André regains consciousness and Grandpa Shawn keeeps him from pushing the call button.moreless
  • Ep. #10673
    Ep. #10673
    Episode 236
    Kayla tells Steve that he can't hold her to make their problems go away. Stephanie tells Max if he really wants to go out with Morgan. Lucas tells Sami to give it 24 hours to think about it. Steve tells Philip that until he has proof that he's pockets biological father, he doesn't believe him. Stephanie gets Cordy to bid on Ford, but thinks that she and him won't have anything in common. Steve attacks Philip after he accuses him and Kayla of poisoning his son. Morgan is impressed and welcomes Stephanie and Chelsea to Alpha Chi Theta. Stefano tells Steve that he is dropping the charges against him. Philip brings Linda Meyers and threatens to bring charges against Steve and Kayla.moreless
  • Ep. #10672
    Ep. #10672
    Episode 235
    Sami tries to persuade Lucas to give her a divorce. A stunned Kayla is informed that Pocket has been poisoned. Max tells Chelsea and Stephanie that they are going convince a bunch of frat guys to sell their bodies for a charity they don't know about. Stehpanie doesn't know what to do when the guys begin to lose interest in what she's saying. Ford tells Stephanie that there might be a way to change their minds. Chelsea then thinks that they have no choice but to do what Ford suggests. Philip realizes that Tyler could be in Steve and Kayla's care. Mrs. Meyers tells Kayla that they are removing Pocket from her care. Max saves Stephanie and Chelsea by being the first auctionee, Stephanie is shocked when Morgan bids $500 dollars on him. Stefano gives E.J. something that he thinks will be of much interest to him an annulment for Lucas and Sami to sign.moreless
  • Ep. #10671
    Ep. #10671
    Episode 234
    Philip tells Lauren as she lays on the floor if his son is alive. Shawn tells Belle that if Philip gets his kid back, then he gets her back. Philip calls Billie and tells her of Lauren's accident and that she said that Tyler was alive. Lauren's condition worsens as she starts seizing, Philip's watches as Lauren dies in front of him. Tony tells E.J. what he plans to do once he has Sami. Hope comforts Sami after telling E.J. to get out. Philip goes and tells Belle and Shawn that Lauren is dead. Billie has a theory that Lauren came to the hospital, Philip then thinks that Tyler has been in Salem all along. E.J. tells Sami that he will lie to his father.moreless
  • Ep. #10670
    Ep. #10670
    Episode 233
    Will tries to understand why his mother will be marrying E.J. Shawn spots Lauren at the hospital and follows her to see why she is there. Philip tells Belle that that he called the search of and that he fears that Tyler is dead. Stefano tells Bo that Steve will pay dearly. Kayla tells Adrienne that there isn't a jury that would find Steve innocent. Shawn calls Philip and tells him that Lauren is at the hospital and to hurry over before she's gone. Will thanks his mother for the sacrifice she has made for the family. Kayla tells Stefano to drop the charges against Steve. Sami tells Lucas if she'll wait for him, he tells her goodbye and walks away. Philip demands that Lauren tell him where his son is, she manages to escape and falls down a flight of stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #10669
    Ep. #10669
    Episode 232
    Stephanie and Chelsea ask Max if he would like to be the first volunteer for the auction, but refuses. André takes Hope to the roof where he and Bo have a confrontation. Stefano tells Steve that he saved Roman and that he just got Hope killed. Bo tells André that he will give him immunity if he testifies against Stefano. Sami tells E.J. that Lucas is everything to her. E.J. tells Stefano that he'll raise the babies as DiMera's and that Lucas should be eliminated. Chelsea doesn't want Adrienne to go through all that effort to supply her business and free beer and pizza for the auction. André gets shot by Bo and falls off the building and manages to catch Hope. Lucas offers Sami to run away and leave Salem behind. Lucas tells Sami that once she marries E.J. he'll never let her be with him again, Will arrives and says if she plans to abandon the family.moreless
  • Ep. #10668
    Ep. #10668
    Episode 231
    André decides to spare Roman's life and leaves Sami and E.J. tied up in the kitched with the gas turned on. Morgan tells Chelsea and Stephanie that which one of them will stay and which one goes home. Bo tries to talk Steve down when he has a gun to Stefano's head. Stefano is outraged at André as he refuses to release Roman for him. E.J. manages to cut through the ropes with a piece of glass on the floor, E.J. passes as he begins to feel the effect of the gas in the kitchen. André then takes Hope while attempted to rescue Roman. Sami tells E.J. that she cares about him while attempting to revive him. Lucas comes to the pub and sees E.J. and Sami together.moreless
  • Ep. #10667
    Ep. #10667
    Episode 230
    Stefano tells Steve that if he kills him the vendetta will go on until the end of time. Kate tells Lucas that she would anything for him, Lucas then tells his mother to stay away from him. Bo realizes that Steve is with Stefano when the guard shows up at the cemetary. E.J. tells Andre if he's really going to defy Stefano's orders after telling him that he ended the vendetta. Bo tells Sami to get out of there, Sami says that she isn't going to let her father or her babies die. Kate is devastated when Lucas says that he is no longer her son and that his name is now Lucas Horton. Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital to find Stefano and Steve gone. Steve takes Stefano hostage at the TV station in retaliation for what happened to Benjy and demands Roman be released safely.moreless
  • Ep. #10666
    Ep. #10666
    Episode 229
    Steve attempts to enter Stefano's hospital room. Lucas doesn't like what he's hearing when Sami asks him for a divorce so that she can marry E.J, Lucas says that there isn't going to be a divorce. E.J. tells Bo and Abe that he thinks he has the fast track to finding Roman. Andre tells an unconscious Roman that he's going home and that it should be an explosive homecoming. Stefano tells Kate that what if he can arrange Sami to divorce Lucas so that she can marry E.J. Lucas goes to Kate and Stefano and says that he will do what ever it takes to keep Sami from marrying E.J. Andre brings Roman into the Pub and Sami and E.J. realize that Roman has explosives attached to him. Steve manages to get the guard to leave the hospital and gets inside Stefano's room and puts a gun at him.moreless
  • Ep. #10665
    Ep. #10665
    Episode 228
    A horrified Steve tries to revive Benjy after finding him in the coffin. Shawn reveals that he wasn't the same when Santo lied about his wife, Hope then realizes that she was still alive. Abe tells Steve what kind of man would murder his own son. Steve then makes a promise to Benjy that this is one murder that Stefano isn't going to get away with. Chelsea and Stephanie attend an exclsive party at the Alpha Chi Theta sorority house. Pete tells Colleen that Santo lied and that his wife is in fact still alive, a heartbroken Colleen goes back to the church to take her final vows. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she is going to pledge the sorority. The girls say yes to having Chelsea and Stephanie in. While taking her vows Colleen sees Santo enter the church and leave, Colleen then takes off her habit and runs out, Pete and Shawn see her habit by the cliff where they think that she killed herself.moreless
  • Ep. #10664
    Ep. #10664
    Episode 227
    A confrontation between Stefano and Shawn leads to the truth about the Brady/DiMera feud. Lucas goes to Bo and asks if he's seen Sami cause she was supposed to meet him at the hospital. Sami shows E.J. the leather folio, E.J. says that she should be excited but she isn't. Abe and Steve quickly come to the conclusion that Roman is in the casket at the cemetary. Lucas tells Sami to let him know what she decides. Sami tells Stefano that she knows the terms for ending the vendetta. Abe and Steve open the casket and are shocked when Benjy is in the casket. Shawn returns to the pub and says it's time everyone knew how Colleen died.moreless
  • Ep. #10663
    Ep. #10663
    Episode 226
    André tells Sami that she has to choose to shoot either Lucas or E.J. Umar orders Nick to hand over Artemis and DeMarquette at once as Jeremy overhears from the next room. Roman thinks that he's going to run out of air soon. Doug, Julie, Marlena, John and Hope read the translated letters. Colleen says yes to Santo's marriage proposal. Jeremy intervenes as Umar attempts to take the kids. Lucas tells Sami to leave and to do it for him and the twins. Andre regains consciousness and escapes. Chelsea assures that she won't call the cops on Jeremy after what he did for the boys. Colleen tells Father Mallory, her father and young Shawn that she is leaving the church and is going to marry Santo. Pete then permanently disowns Colleen. Nick and Chelsea almost kiss in the heat of the moment. Roman is relieved that someone has found him, but doesn't know who.moreless
  • Ep. #10662
    Ep. #10662
    Episode 225
    Stephanie goes to the hospital to check on her father. André offers Sami a deal to spare her fathers life. Max overhears Stephanie admit that she still loves Jeremy. Jeremy hides as Chelsea stops by to see Nick. Bo stops Sami as she tries to go looking for Lucas and Roman. Chelsea thinks that Nick is hiding a girl, and DeMarquette says that it's Uncle Jeremy. Stefano assures Max that he has no idea where Roman is. Roman continues to call for help quietly even though he is a casket underground. Umar Abboud confronts Nick that he is to have the boys at once. Bo insists that Doug and Julie read the latest batch of translated letters. Stefano insists that the Brady's call a family meeting and that he won't be responsible for the hell that they will endure.moreless
  • Ep. #10661
    Ep. #10661
    Episode 224
    Bo informs Abe that Steve was stabbed by André and that he tracked by him down on the pier. Stephanie answers the door and Steve then collapses in her arms. E.J. arrives to offer his services to help find Roman, Lucas says that he's not needed. Chelsea tells Max that he drove that girl away to save him. Kayla sees the stab wound and tells Stephanie to call 911. Bo sees André go into a comdemned building. Abe tells Stephanie it's only going to get worse if she protects Jeremy. André takes Lucas hostage, he then throws a grenade in the warehouse and that Bo has a short time to rescue Roman. Sami tells Grandpa Shawn to reveal the truth of how Colleen died. André goes to the Pub and tells Sami that he has Lucas and that she has to make a choice: either E.J. or her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #10660
    Ep. #10660
    Episode 223
    Chelsea asks Billie if she can give Jett a job at the University. Nick asks Jett if they can be friends. Kayla wants Stephanie to tell her why she's in love with Jeremy. Steve tells Bo that he thinks the drawing on the door is a message that might lead them to André. André then shows up and Steve asks him that he stay away from Benjy, with Bo ready to move in on him. Kayla gives Jeremy one last chance to do the right thing but then takes off instead. Chelsea tells Jett that he spoke to Billie and that the job is his. André then stabs Steve in the stomachmoreless
  • Ep. #10659
    Ep. #10659
    Episode 222
    Abe informs Jett that the ISA has fired him. Kayla spots Jeremy as he's trying to leave the suite. Stefano tells Steve that he's tired of pitying him and he should have his final curtain call. Jett asks Chelsea that they should talk about the night that he got shot. Kayla tells Jeremy that he isn't leaving without a police escort. Stephanie learns from Chelsea that Jett admitted his love to her. Jeremy secretly calls Stephanie and she hears her Mom and Jeremy arguing and quickly goes to him. Dr. Rolf draws something on the door of the church as Steve watches.moreless
  • Ep. #10658
    Ep. #10658
    Episode 221
    Billie shows Philip some of Lauren's receipts and that there's no way that she has a baby with her. Steve tells Kayla that the thing with the pocketman is all his fault. Max realizes that Stephanie saw Jeremy as Jeremy overhears. Philip tells Billie that when he was with Belle at least they had clues and that his son could be anywhere. Belle wonders why Shawn is letting her go to Texas with Philip and if he has a hidden agenda. Jeremy accuses Stephanie of hooking up with Max. Stephanie quickly hides Jeremy in her room as her parents come home. Kayla thinks that Stephanie is hiding something whem she asks to move back home. China Lee reveals a secret to Chelsea and Nick that Artemis and DeMarquette's real father was a very powerful man with a lot of enemies.moreless
  • Ep. #10657
    Ep. #10657
    Episode 220
    Chelsea wants the juicy details from Stephanie of her and Max in the cave. Bo gives Shawn his badge for whenever he's ready to take classes. Philip tells Belle if she feels guilty that she and him almost kissed while in Tulsa. Lexie tells Shawn that he has nothing to worry about, Shawn then thinks that he can't trust Belle. Philip says to Belle that what they had is still there. Steve and Bo think that Roman was forced to make that call. Nick tells Chelsea that China Lee was released and to stay as he deals with her about the boys. Stephanie assures Max that she is not back in Jeremy's pocket and that he came back cause he loves her. China Lee says that she has got to leave the country, Chelsea thinks this is all about money. Philip gets a call from Billie and goes to see what she's found out, he then tells Belle and Shawn that Billie tracked Lauren in Texas. Jeremy lets Stephanie know that he is never going to leave her again. Bo and Caroline each want Grandpa Shawn to tell them what they need to know in order to end this vendetta. Steve thinks something is wrong when Dr. Davidoff tells him the baby digesteda toxic substance. Roman wakes up and realizes that he is in a casket and starts screaming for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10656
    Ep. #10656
    Episode 219
    Roman attempts to rescue Kate but gets knocked out by André. Bo and Hope arrive at the Pub and see signs of a struggle. Shawn insists to Belle that they try to escape his way or else they'll freeze to death. Benjy points the gun at Stefano's casket and fires three shots at him, luckily he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Lucas thinks that E.J. is using the vendetta to spend time with Sami and that he is sick of it. Stefano regains consciouness and wonders what he is doing in a casket. The powers goes out at the church. Bo and Hope rescue Belle and Shawn from the freezer. André takes Officer Williams' place to drive the hearse to the cemetary. Everyone hears André's laughter and they wonder where it's coming from.moreless
  • Ep. #10655
    Ep. #10655
    Episode 217
    André bursts into the Pub and asks Kate to bring Roman to him. Santo asks Colleen that whether or not she can trust him. Benjy arrives for the "funeral" but breaks into tears after Lexie tells him that Stefano is "dead". Shawn attacks André, but André retaliates and knocks Shawn out instead. Belle arrives as André and Kate put Shawn in the freezer. Grandpa Shawn arrives for the service. Belle hits André in the head with the bottle but he takes her cell phone, and tells Bo that he has Shawn and Belle. Hope goes after Bo to find out the truth about why he lied to her. Lexie tells Benjy not to become like Stefano, and as he sits down he's shown to have a gun. André takes Belle to join Shawn. Kate calls Roman and asks him to come to the Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10654
    Ep. #10654
    Episode 216
    André lurks around the Brady Pub in order to get his claws on Kate. E.J. goes to Sami and demands that she tell him where Stefano is. Hope tells Shawn that if Belle wants to be friends with Philip, he needs to accept and if he doesn't he could destroy his relationship with Belle. Philip and Belle are told by April that Lauren is missing and then reads the note that she left behind. Roman, Bo, Hope and Tony attempt to lure André at Stefano's fake funeral. E.J. and Sami continue to read the letters and learn that Santo proposed marriage to Colleen and her turning him down, Santo then tells Colleen to choose a life with him of a life with the church and to make a decision. Roman receives flowers and reads the card, they where from André, for Roman's death. Kate gets scared as someone starts banging on the door at the Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10653
    Ep. #10653
    Episode 215
    André enters Sami's hospital room dressed as a clown, and he quickly grabs the call button before Sami push it. Stephanie tells Max what would he do if Jeremy where out of the picture. Shawn brings Claire hoping to surprise Belle, but finds that she and Philip are sharing a room. Stephanie and Max make love in the cave by the fire. Sami tells Lucas that the clown was André in disguise and he immediately goes after him. Shawn that he can't provide for his family, and that Belle taking off with Philip was wrong. Bo and Kayla find Max and Stephanie in a compromising position. Sami tells Roman that André threatened to kill her if Stefano's death was a trap, Roman then reveals that Stefano is alive, hoping that André will be there to mourn Stefano.moreless
  • Ep. #10652
    Ep. #10652
    Episode 214
    Philip brings in Detective Morgan to talk to Lauren. Bo and Kayla tell Chelsea that Jett made it through surgery and is breathing on his own. Stephanie tells Max that she thought she saw a bear in the cave. Lauren tells Philip that wouldn't he like to know where Tyler is. Jeremy asks Nick for Steve's cell phone number. Chelsea tells Kayla that Jett admitted his feelings for her. Kayla is shocked to learn that Stephanie and Max where forced to jump out of the plane.moreless
  • Ep. #10651
    Ep. #10651
    Episode 213
    Bo congratulates the undercover cops on a job well done. Steve thinks André will show up to mourn Stefano's "death". Shawn tells Bo that he isn't going to lose Belle to Philip again. E.J. thinks that his fathers death was staged. Belle and Philip arrive at the shelter and she says that Philip is her husband. Philip spots Lauren and that the baby she is holding isn't his and demands that she tell him where Tyler is. Bo tries to get Shawn to reconsider becoming a cop. Steve gloats to E.J. that he "killed" his father. Max and Stephanie jump from the airplane and then find a cave to spend the night in.moreless
  • Ep. #10650
    Ep. #10650
    Episode 212
    Stefano tries to get Tony and E.J. to forgive one another. Steve says to himself that Stefano can't leave the hospital till he says goodbye. Max and Rawlings get into it on the plane, he is then surprised when all the girls point guns at him. Chelsea begins to get scared when she thinks that Jett is going into shock. Roman and Bo's plan to "kill" Stefano gets under way. Sami Lucas makes a harsh accusation towards Sami by saying is it about Colleen and Santo or her and E.J. Sami tries to convince Lucas that she isn't using the vendetta to spend time with E.J. Rawlings gives Max and Stephanie parachutes. While in the ambulance Jett admits to Chelsea that he loves her. Steve stabs Stefano and Tony quickly injects him with something when no one is looking. Lucas goes and tells Sami that Stefano is dead and that the vendetta is over and that they are finally safe.moreless
  • Ep. #10649
    Ep. #10649
    Episode 211
    E.J. and Sami read another letter which reveals Colleen and Santo's tryst. Jeremy takes off leaving Stephanie behind and devasated. Stephanie tells everyone Jeremy will not be flying them out. Jett tells Chelsea that he would die before he let anything happen to her, then is shot from across the room. The shooter is later revealed as Rawlings. Rawlings comes aboard the plane holds Max, Stephanie and everyone else at gun point. E.J. pressures Samantha and tries to force her to reveal feelings towards him. He takes advantaged of her drugged state to kiss her. Chelsea struggles to keep Jett alive until the paramedics arrive.moreless
  • Ep. #10648
    Ep. #10648
    Episode 210
    Nick tells Billie that Artemis and DeMarquette could possibly not be China Lee's kids. Jett tells Chelsea that things are about to get ugly. Stehpanie tells Max that whenever she sees him all she thinks about is there kiss. Nick and the boys are followed by a man wearing a panama hat. Sami orders E.J. out of her hospital room.moreless
  • Ep. #10647
    Ep. #10647
    Episode 209
    Bo tells Tony that Stefano needs to be in the hospital so he can "kill" him. Stephanie reveals to Steve that Jeremy has been smuggling women into this country. Tony insists to think of someone else who is capapble of murder like Steve. Sami recuperates in the hospital after being in the steam room. Abe tells Bo that Steve just might lose his mind again. E.J. tells Sami about the kiss they shared in the steam room. Lucas is concerned about his mother's safety so he calls Roman which makes Kate very upset, Roman then invites Kate to stay with him until André is arrested. Tony accepts Stefano's offer for him to take over the DiMera legacy.moreless
  • Ep. #10646
    Ep. #10646
    Episode 208
    Lexie and Kayla wait by Benjy's bedside. Shawn says to Hope that he is unemployed.
  • Ep. #10645
    Ep. #10645
    Episode 207
    Billie tells Philip that he may have a lead on Lauren. Steve holds the liver for Stephano's transplant hostage and states that Benjy's won't die for Stefano. Lucas rescues Sami from the steam room only to find he must now save E.J. too.
  • Ep. #10644
    Ep. #10644
    Episode 206
    Steve finds blood on Benjy's suitcase which concerns Kayla and Hope. Rolf tells Stefano that a suitable donor has been found. A homeless man finds Benjy in a dumpster. Sami asks E.J.'s help in getting out of the steam room and to save her babies lives, E.J. assures her that they will. Bo tells Steve that Benjy is alive but barely. Lucan and Roman go to Stefano for answers and learn he's going to have that surgery after all. Roman shares his theory with Lucas that maybe the liver wasn't donated at all and that it was probably stolen. Bo tries to calm Steve down as he takes the liver that was meant for Stefano hostage. Lucas attempts to open the steam room, Sami tells Lucas that she thinks that E.J. is dead after being electrocuted.moreless
  • Ep. #10643
    Ep. #10643
    Episode 205
    Bo orders Stefano to end the vendetta and he'll get his liver transplant. André refuses to hand over the folio to Lucas, he then knocks out Lucas with the end of the gun. Sami then wonders what's keeping Lucas. Benjy tells Steve that he thinks his life is in danger. E.J. is delighted when Stefano tells Bo where he can find André at the Athletic Club. Sami calls Roman but she's then confused when she can't understand why her father is talking so weird. Hope tells Steve if he wants to be a dad again. Lucas regains consciousness and finds himself surrounded by vicious dogs. Stefano gets a visit by Santo's ghost and says that the Phoenix will rise again. Steve goes to check on Benjy and comes back and that he found his hat and suitcase. André locks Sami and E.J. in the steam room. Stefano tells Dr. Rolf that the end is near.moreless
  • Ep. #10642
    Ep. #10642
    Episode 204
    Jeremy tells Jett to tell the police that he's trying to set things right again. Max learns from Jeremy that Ilsa has found all the girls in Vegas. Stephanie says to Max that whatever it was can never happen again. Sami spots André at the Health Club he then goes into the juice bar. Stefano asks E.J. if he's having second thoughts about the surgery. Bo tells Roman that Stefano dying would be the worst thing right now. André confronts Sami and she fakes passing out so Lucas can grab the folio with no luck. Roman and Bo arrive at the hospital to arrest E.J. for parking violations. Bo then shares the news with Stefano that there won't be a surgery until he agrees to end the vendetta. E.J. stabs Roman with a hypodermic needle containing a sedative. Lucas follows a woman in the steam room which turns out to be André and he then points a gun at him.moreless
  • Ep. #10641
    Ep. #10641
    Episode 203
    Jett arrives to take Chelsea to the beach. Kate agrees to meet with André to get the folio, Kate then suggests that Sami go in her place. Lexie tells E.J. that she wouldn't lift a finger to save Stefano. Chelsea tells Nick that he lets people walk all over him. Lucas realizes that his mother has gone back to being Stefano's whore. Lexie tells Stefano that she isn't going to risk her life to save him. Chelsea tells Nick that he deserves better than her and she lets him go. Hope tells Nick to go after Chelsea and if he doesn't he'll regret it. E.J. tells Stefano that if he's a match he'll donate a part of himself to him, Stefano then laughs and said it ain't over yet, and that the Phoenix will rise again.moreless
  • Ep. #10640
    Ep. #10640
    Episode 202
    Marlena asks John if Santo and Colleen where destined to be together. Sister Mary Anne asks Santo if he has seen Colleen, and that she has gone missing Tony tells E.J. that Stefano has been brought to the hospital. Bo tells everyone that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. E.J. tells Stefano to end the vendetta, Stefano says that it's too late and that there's nothing more he can do for the Brady's. E.J. learns that Stefano's liver is failing. Sister Mary Anne tries to expose Colleen's affair with Santo to Father Mallory. Colleen thinks that Sister Mary Anne thinks she was in the room. Kate admits to Lucas that she went to Stefano and begged for money. Lucas turns the speaker to Kate's cell phone, they then hear Stefano ask Kate to meet with André to get the leather folio and give it to him.moreless
  • Ep. #10639
    Ep. #10639
    Episode 201
    Marlena, John, Bo, Hope along with Doug and Julie read another batch of translated letters. A young Shawn tells Colleen not to meet with Stefano's da, Santo. Shawn wants a straight answer from Philip that he wants Belle and Claire all to himself. Colleen goes and meets Santo in his room, Santo and Colleen are interrupted when Sister Mary Anne starts knocking on his door. Shawn tells Belle that his friendship with Philip is over and that's war between them. John asks Bo if there's been any word on locating André DiMera. Belle tells Shawn that they can move in the pub on one condition.moreless
  • Ep. #10638
    Ep. #10638
    Episode 200
    Belle tells Shawn that living over the Brady Pub is the worst idea he ever had. Chelsea asks Nick why China's kids are still here and not with their mother. Stephanie tells Jeremy either be straight with her or he's going to lose her for good. Jenna starts seducing Max in the elevator. Stephanie is speechless when Jeremy tells her that he's in love with her. Shawn tells Philip that he and Belle are moving out of the mansion tonight. Jett overhears Chelsea and Nick's conversation and then Chelsea asks if Jett would like to go dancing with her. Jenna handcuffs Max in the elevator and that Mr. Lowell sends him a message. Shawn tells Belle to not choose Philip over him, Belle asks him what he'll do if she does. Max agrees to help Nick with Artemis and DeMarquette.moreless
  • Ep. #10637
    Ep. #10637
    Episode 199
    Steve becomes hurt when Kayla lets Hope look after the baby and not him. Jenna begins to make her move on Max. Nick realizes that he is stuck with Artemis and DeMarquette when he can't locate their mother. Jett explains to Chelsea that he could get fired for blowing his cover to her. Stephanie tells Jeremy that she's tired of waiting at a bar while he does business and wants him to make her his first priority. Adrienne tells Steve to be the kind of father that they never had. Jeremy tells Max that Ilsa says that it could take a week to round up all the girls. Bo tells Roman that setting himself up as bait is a mistake, Roman explains to Bo that he's well aware of the risks. A cop tells Nick that China Lee is in custody for solociting and is spending 30 days in jail. Nick tells the boys that they are going to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #10636
    Ep. #10636
    Episode 198
    Max and Stephanie's kiss becomes intense in the jacuzzi. Jeremy flat out asks Jett if he's a cop. Sami intervenes when the Nurse comes in to give Lucas a full body massage. Tony tells E.J. that he could still have Sami if she's worth the sacrifice. Chelsea keeps Jeremy from going in the hotel room from finding Max and Stephanie, Chelsea then warns them. China agrees to an annulment, Nick then shares the news with Nick. Tony says to E.J. that the Brady's might destroy the contents of the folio in order to keep it from being exposed. Max runs into a woman named Jenna Powers in the lobby and he offers to buy her a drink. Nick gets a shock when China had her kids brought to their "daddy". Jett covers for Max by saying that he dunked him in the hottub. Jenna calls someone to say that she made contact with Max Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #10635
    Ep. #10635
    Episode 197
    Jeremy tells Rawlings that he is out of their arrangement. Nurse Crimmins interrupts Sami and Lucas and says that she can't sleep in the same bed as Lucas. Chelsea tells Stephanie to face the truth concerning Jeremy. Jeremy tells Jett that someone isn't being entirely straight with him. Tony tells Stefano to do the right thing and turn in André DiMera, Stefano then explains to Tony that the vendetta will never end not unless he can destroy every member of the Brady family. Lucas wants to know if Sami plans on fighting the DiMera's to the death. Roman tells Anna that Tony is a womanizer and will always be one. China Lee introduces Chelsea to Nick's stepchildren Artemis and DeMarquette. Max and Stephanie share a kiss while at the hotel.moreless
  • Ep. #10634
    Ep. #10634
    Episode 196
    Kayla realizes that Steve called the baby son. E.J. becomes concerned when he sees Sami talking to Roman, E.J. decides to call channel 6 news to take credit for saving Lucas'life. Jett tells Max that he is a cop and that he could be in trouble. Lucas begins to have recollection of what happened to him. Lowell begins to hit on Stephanie and Max begins to hit him. Lucas gets angry at E.J. and falls on the floor and that he can't feel his legs. Jeremy questions Jett about him carrying handcuffs and if there's anything else he's keeping from him. Roman asks E.J. that he thinks that he is behind Lucas being locked in that freezer truck. Kate threatens to strangle him personally if that is in fact true.moreless
  • Ep. #10633
    Ep. #10633
    Episode 195
    Bo attempts to get rid of the bomb before it goes off and discovers that it's only a dud. Steve and Kayle bring the baby back to their hotel room. Hope finds a leather portfolio in the Tabernacle and André attempts to take it, Hope then throws it to Bo, André the takes Hope at knife point and tells Bo to give it to him or Hope will die. Jeremy reveals to Max that he is involved in smuggling women into the U.S. from Eastern Europe and that André DiMera is in charge of the whole operation. Nick tells China that Chelsea is the girl he wants to be with and not her. Stephanie walks in and see Steve holding a baby. China reveals that she wants half the money that he won in Vegas and the she'll go away.moreless
  • Ep. #10632
    Ep. #10632
    Episode 194
    Lauren quickly hides as Philip and Billie return to her apartment. Shawn asks Belle if she believes when he says thathe had nothing to do with this. Bo and Hope arrive in Ireland, not realizing that Andre is lurking nearby. Shawn tells Belle that why he didn't believe Lauren when she said that she had Philip's baby and that he may have made things worse by getting Lauren to call Philip. Billie tells Philip that it's no doing them any good standing around and rehashing old wounds. Philip accuses Shawn of being in cahoots with Lauren all along. Lexie and Abe each put in a good word for Steve and Kayla. Steve then surprises Kayla when he tells Mrs. Meyers that they will be glad to take the baby home with them. Bo attempts to open the Tabernacle but then a little boy comes in the church and then "accidentally" leaves his backpack, Bo finds a toy truck and becomes alarmed and tells Hope that it is ticking.moreless
  • Ep. #10631
    Ep. #10631
    Episode 193
    Belle confesses to Shawn that Philip bought her the wardrobe. Shawn tells Belle that Philip is trying to make him look bad. Billie and Philip go to the blackmailer's address and realizes that they missed finding the baby and the blackmailer. Sami asks E.J. to help her open the truck when they hear a woman's voice pleading for help. Philip recognizes the woman in a picture id at the apartment as Lauren the surrogate he hired to carry Belle's and his baby (that turned out to be Mimi and his). Kayla learns that a baby was left at the hospital. Shawn comes clean to Belle and says that he was in Indianapolis helping Mimi. Lauren returns to her apartment and hides when she sees the police. Kayla asks Mrs. Meyers if she could be the baby's foster mother. Sami and E.J. pull Lucas out of the truck and call 911.moreless
  • Ep. #10630
    Ep. #10630
    Episode 192
    Jim tells everyone that the key should fit in a lock in some sort of Tabernacle. E.J. sets his plan to get rid of Lucas in action. Shawn confides in Belle that he got a call from Mimi, but keeps that he went to Indiana a secret. Marlena tells Belle if she told him that Philip bought the clothes. Shawn tells Lauren no to make any more phone calls and to tell Philip the truth. E.J. locks Lucas in a refrigerated meat truck. Kate tells Sami that she did not give Lucas a text message asking him to meet her. E.J. keeps Sami from looking inside the meat truck. Bo and Hope tell Roman that they are off to Ireland to look for answers.moreless
  • Ep. #10629
    Ep. #10629
    Episode 191
    Abe tells Lexie that she is not a DiMera, she is a Carver. Belle demands the truth from Shawn on whether he went to Indianapolis that day. Billie tells Philip that he has a son out there named Tyler Kiriakis.
  • Ep. #10628
    Ep. #10628
    Episode 190
    Jett tells Abe that his cover is blown and Chelsea knows that he is an undercover ISA Agent. Kate gives Chelsea a check for 50,000 dollars for her education. Abe tells Jett that with Lexie gone his work is all he has. Celeste tells Lexie that if she doesn't go and see Abe then to go back to that tunnel and live her life in the dark. Nick meets with Stephanie and tells her that some cops approached her and said that Jeremy was being investigated. Kate tells Roman that she slept with Stefano. Jeremy gets physical with Stephanie by grabbing her arm while on the pier when she won't tell him who said he was being investigated, she then says it was Nick. Lexie takes off the hood and Abe and her come face-to-face outside the Brady Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10627
    Ep. #10627
    Episode 189
    Kate goes to Stefano for a loan to get Mythic up and running again. Stephanie tells Steve and Kayla that she is moving in with her Aunt Adrienne. Kate plants a kiss on Stefano and doesn't think it's a kiss that of a dying man. Sami tells everyone that Santo and Colleen where destined to be together. Tony comes in the Brady Pub, Bo then tells Tony to prove that it's really him or else he'll shoot him. Tony then tells John and Bo that Bart swallowed the key just before he died. John arrives and tells the coroner that the decedent swallowed the key which is now considered evidence, John wonders what's going on when he sees Stefano and Kate laughing together.moreless
  • Ep. #10626
    Ep. #10626
    Episode 188
    Julie reads another translated letter from Colleen to Santo. Tony injects Stefano with the syringe on the table and locates the key to ending the vendetta. E.J. visualizes pulling a gun on Lucas and shooting him. Kate slaps some sense into E.J. and threatens to throw her off the pier. Stefano gives the key to Bart after snatching it from Tony, Bart then swallows it which makes Tony very angry. Andre and Tony engage in a sword fight, Bart gets caught in the middle and Andre's sword goes right through him. Stefano snaps out if his catatonic state and sees Bart dying on the floor. Andre goes after Tony and comes back to see Stefano crying and holding Bart's lifeless body. E.J. vows that Lucas' life will end and his will begin with Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10625
    Ep. #10625
    Episode 187
    Sami goes to the DiMera mansion and puts a gun to Stefano's head. Marlena and Lucas rush to get before Sami does something she'll regret. Jeremy tells Stephanie that they would live together possibly as husband and wife. Stephanie asks to meet her Aunt Adrienne and then asks her if she can move in with her temporary. Chelsea fills Nick in on Jett being an undercover ISA Agent out to nail Jeremy with whatever illegal thing he has going on, the two decide to stay friends, China Lee looks on as the two walk away.moreless
  • Ep. #10624
    Ep. #10624
    Episode 186
    Nick tells Kate that he was fired from the hospital and that he will keep her secret that she blackmailed him and threatens to expose her if she doesn't do what he wants, by Chelsea the 50,000 dollars he won in Vegas. Sami tells Belle that her father being hurt was the last straw with the Dimera's. Steve wants answers from Jeremy regarding the file he has about his felony convictions. Steve is then stunned when Stephanie that she knew about Jeremy being a criminal. Jeremy then assures that he has no intention of hurting Stephanie because he loves her. Sami tells Marlena the only was is to kill Stefano. Jett tells Chelsea that if Stephanie isn't careful she could go down with Jeremy, Chelsea explains to Jett that when he brings Jeremy down she doesn't want to see him again.moreless
  • Ep. #10623
    Ep. #10623
    Episode 185
    Roman is rushed to the hospital after being stabbed by Andre. Lucas and Sami are reunited and tells E.J. that he is out of their lives for good. Bo gives information about Jeremy to Steve and tells him that it isn't good. Nick reveals that Lucas is the father of the twins and not E.J. but leaves the fact the Kate blackmailed him out of it. Kayla and Sami learn that Roman was injured and is in the ICU. Jett tells Chelsea that the thing with Danielle was a set up and that she knew the whole time, and they are both undercover ISA Agents assigned to bring Jeremy down.moreless
  • Ep. #10622
    Ep. #10622
    Episode 184
    Chelsea sees Jett and Danielle together at the pub. Bo arrests André with Lexie's help, but he insists that he's Tony and he tells Bo something only he would know. Nick wakes up and a battered Max falls into the hotel room. Roman threatens Stefano that he better not harm Sami or the babies or else. Stefano that he will not talk to a son that sides with his enemies. Max tells Nick that Jeremy maybe running something illegal. Nick then remembers that Lucas is the father of the twins and not E.J. Bart stops Rolf and tells Stefano that he is not a match for the babies stem cells and that E.J. isn't the father. Roman realizes that the person in the room with him is André and he stabs him with a knife. Lucas receives a call from Sami and that she woke up in a hotel and he and E.J go and get her.moreless
  • Ep. #10621
    Ep. #10621
    Episode 183
    Lexie tells Bo that she isn't ready to see Abe yet. Stephanie confronts Jeremy about him being with another girl at Bo's house. John plans to use Lexie to lure André out in the open. Sami is prepped for surgery by Dr. Rolf, as Stefano prepares. Chelsea says no to Nick's marriage proposal. Marlena asks E.J. is he is behind Sami's abduction. Max secures Ilsa's services and tries to get her to open up. Lucas, Roman and E.J. agree to work together to locate Stefano's private jet.moreless
  • Ep. #10620
    Ep. #10620
    Episode 182
    Pete gives Nick advice about life and gambling. Belle tells Shawn that she is stunned by his proposal. Max wants to know everything that Jeremy is hiding from him. Kayla again mentions having another baby to Steve. Chelsea admits to Stephanie that Jeremy is cheating on her. Belle surprises Shawn by proposing to him and he says yes.moreless
  • Ep. #10619
    Ep. #10619
    Episode 181
    Philip tells Billie about the weird messages he's been getting. Sami is taken after an ether bomb goes off and E.J. and Lucas pass out. Max questions Ilsa about Jeremy. Shawn shows Billie the ring and his plans to propose to Belle. Chelsea accuses Nick of trying to embarrass her in front of Jett.moreless
  • Ep. #10618
    Ep. #10618
    Episode 180
    Bo encourages Shawn-D to propose to Belle. Billie tells Philip she'll investigate the calls he is receiving. E.J. opens a ticking suitcase that sprays Lucas, Sami and himself with a mysterious gas. Max sees Elsa (the blond one night stand foreigner that Jeremy treated like trash) in Vegas and confronts a seeming "john". Nick is still suffering from his head wound and yells at Chelsea (who appears not to notice or care about the injury). Philip buys Belle clothes and she lies to Shawn-D telling him Marlena got them for her. When the gas in Sami's apartment clears, she is missing. Shawn-D proposes to Belle on the beach.moreless
  • Ep. #10617
    Ep. #10617
    Episode 179
    Bo and Hope continue reading the letters written by Colleen and Santo. Hope and Bo discuss the feelings these two had for each and the obstacles they were facing at that time. Max and Jeremy continue to disagree with each other. Max decided to enlist Chelsea’s help in getting Stephanie to break up with Jeremy. Nick is injured when he saves Sami’s life and goes looking for Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10616
    Ep. #10616
    Episode 178
    Tony tries to convince Anna that he is not Andre, after she pulls a gun on him.
  • Ep. #10615
    Ep. #10615
    Episode 177
    Anna arrives on John's private jet and says that she is the only person who can tell if the person on the island is the real Tony DiMera. Tony is thrilled when John and Marlena arrive on the island, Tony then says that he has no plans to go back to Salem. Bo grills Stefano about the vendetta and how to end it. Stefano then reveals that Shawn Sr. murdered his own sister.moreless
  • Ep. #10614
    Ep. #10614
    Episode 176
    Hope, Sami and Marlena continue to read more letters from Colleen to Santo. Bo hangs on to André as he is hanging on the side of a building and says the map to the island where Tony is located on Bart's back.
  • Ep. #10613
    Ep. #10613
    Episode 175
    Chelsea tells Jett that Danielle is married and he gets angry. He tells her to mind her own business. Max tells Jeremy that Jett was questioning him. Jeremy confronts Jett and then Jett goes to the plane to be alone. Stephanie asks Chelsea why she is more upset over Jett than Nick. EJ agrees helps the Brady’s set a trap for André, if he can have a meeting alone with Sami. Bo shows up at the meeting place to arrest André for the attempted murder of EJ. André falls off the roof and leaves a cryptic message regarding Tony’s whereabouts.moreless
  • Ep. #10612
    Ep. #10612
    Episode 174
    Max and Jeremy disagree over the cargo that their airline is carrying. Chelsea and Stephanie investigate Danielle via the internet. Chelsea debated whether or not she should tell Jett about what they have found. Tony tells Stephano that he had to eliminate Elvis. Steve tells them that the Brady's have a theory about Tony. The Brady’s discuss Tony and André and ponder the idea. They think he might be André DiMera and decide that they need to run a DNA test to confirm the identity of the man they are calling Tony.moreless
  • Ep. #10611
    Ep. #10611
    Episode 173
    Max finds a frightened girl named Ilsa in Bo's house, and then hears Jeremy yell at her and wonders what's going with him.
  • Ep. #10610
    Ep. #10610
    Episode 172
    Determined to find the location of Sami and the twins, Tony and Bart break into Roman's car. Grandpa Shawn openly admits in the church to Bo and Hope that he killed his own sister. Roman and E.J. discuss a way to bring down Tony once and for all. Marlena tells Lucas and Sami that Roman is moving them to another safe location. Anna tells Roman that she and Tony kissed she then shocks Roman by saying it isn't the real Tony and that he's an impostor. Bart knocks out E.J. which pleases Tony very much.moreless
  • Ep. #10609
    Ep. #10609
    Episode 171
    Nick admits to Chelsea how her grandmother Kate blackmailed him into doing what she wanted.
  • Ep. #10608
    Ep. #10608
    Episode 170
    Shawn decides to head to Ireland to deal with the ghosts of his past, and the death of his sister.
  • Ep. #10607
    Ep. #10607
    Episode 169
    Doug and Julie continue to work on the letters passed between Colleen and Santo as memories from the past intrude.
  • Ep. #10606
    Ep. #10606
    Episode 168
    Bo and Hope host a fourth of July barbecue for the Bradys and the Hortons at their home. Chelsea wants to tell Jett about Danielle, but Nick tries to convince her to stay silent.
  • Ep. #10605
    Ep. #10605
    Episode 167
    Chelsea is shocked to overhear a conversation Danielle is having on a cell phone where she tells someone else that she loves them. Shawn realises that Philip is trying to get him a job out of town to keep him away from Belle and Claire. Steve is upset to see Jeremy and Stephanie dancing provocatively. Shawn prepares to leave Salem after a call from Mimi.moreless
  • Ep. #10604
    Ep. #10604
    Episode 166
    Belle is upset to hear from Philip that Shawn expects her to move into the Brady home with him, but does agree that they can't have a future if she's living with Philip. Stefano is overjoyed when E.J. tells him that he is the father, and that Sami is going to have twins. Hope and Bo lay into Roman for taking off on Anna the morning after. Anna then shows up and has the same question for Roman. Dr. Rolf says that Stefano's condition has taken a turn for the worse and he needs those stem cells. Stefano tells Tony that he was right about Elvis, and that he wants Tony to teach him a lesson. Shawn gets an unexpected job offer and he has to go to Ohio. Sami and Lucas' intimacy is interrupted when they accidentally change the channel and the sound of gunfire on the television sends the cops in their room.moreless
  • Ep. #10603
    Ep. #10603
    Episode 165
    Belle, Philip and Shawn return home to Salem with Claire. Philip gives Belle their final divorce papers so that she can be with Shawn. E.J. learns from Kate that Sami is expecting twins. Marlena gives Sami the test results and learns that E.J. is the father not. Shawn tells Hope that he was devastated when Claire ran into Philip's arms and not his. Kate thanks Nick and goes and tells E.J. to break out the cigars and that he's going to be a dad. Roman refuses to tell E.J. and Kate where Sami is. Belle asks Philip to help Shawn find a job. A guilt-ridden Nick says that he is going to do the test for real. Hope wins the bet after Roman tells Bo that he spent the night with Anna.moreless
  • Ep. #10602
    Ep. #10602
    Episode 164
    Kate scares Nick by coming in with one of the hospital board members. Steve comes in and kisses Hope and tells Stefano they are having an affair. Roman thinks something is wrong when Anna, Bo and Hope haven't checked in. Max attempts to back out of his deal with Jeremy. Jeremy changes the subject by giving him tickets to a sold out concert. Bo learns from Hope that Steve kissed her to distract Stefano from why she was really there. Nick agrees to do Kate's bidding and tamper with the DNA results. He tries repeatedly to reach Chelsea. In Vegas, Chelsea and Jett relax in a hot tub amid a decadent party. Kate cautions Nick not to share their conversation with Chelsea or he'll be sorry. Tony then tells Steve that he thinks Steve drugged his wine and then switched the bottles of wine. Stefano says that if the truth about Colleen's death is finally known, the Brady family will never recover.moreless
  • Ep. #10601
    Ep. #10601
    Episode 163
    Nick tells Billie that Kate is blackmailing him. Tony questions Anna while they dance the tango and accuses her of lying about why she was at the Brady Pub. Jett asks Chelsea to listen and apologizes and invites her and Nick to dinner with him and his fiancée Danielle. Stephanie thanks Max for sticking up for her with Jeremy. Steve tells Bo that he drugged Tony's wine so Hope can sneak in when Tony and Anna pass out. Billie calls Kate on her attempt at blackmail. Kate admits to asking Nick to falsify the test but claims she did not threaten him in anyway. Hope manages to take pictures of the letters but Stefano catches her in the living room.moreless
  • Ep. #10600
    Ep. #10600
    Episode 162
    Jeremy angrily tells Stephanie to leave after she showsup early. Kate threatens to tell Nick's boss that he stole the hairbrush from the lab to protect Chelsea. Sami is upset that the hospital did not detect the second baby during earlier sonograms. Max tells Jeremy that he will not let him treat Stephanie like garbage. Stefano reprimmands E.J. and threatens to disown him for lying to him. Stefano points out that Steve was able to procure better information. Sami tries to absorb the fact that her babies could have different fathers. E.J. asks Stefano what he can do to prove his loyalty to the family. Stefano tells him to deliver seven trunks to an airplane that is headed to Vegas. Tony arrives on the plane and tells E.J. to stay out of his business. Max learns that Jeremy is doing business with the DiMera's. Lucas admits to Sami thatt the thought of raising E.J.'s kid upsets him.moreless
  • Ep. #10599
    Ep. #10599
    Episode 161
    Kate overhears Lucas saying that Sami is having an amniocentesis at the hospital. Lucas confesses to Billie that he doesn't want to claim E.J.'s child as his own. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she didn't feel anything after spending the night with Nick and thinks something is wrong with her. Kate goes to Nick and tries to get him to make sure that the test names E.J. as the father. Stephanie wants Chelsea to admit that she wants Jett Carver. Marlena offers to change the test results to make Lucas the father, but Sami tells her that she doesn't want to put Lucas through another lie. Sami is surprised when she learns from Dr. Jacobs that she is expecting twins.moreless
  • Ep. #10598
    Ep. #10598
    Episode 160
    Dr. Berger tells Lexie that Abe has developed and infection and could reject the cornea transplant. Steve offers to go into the DiMera mansion, but says that it's too risky. E.J. calls for Dr. Rolf when Stefano begins starts wheezing. Hope asks Anna to distract Tony while she looks for the letters the Santo wrote to Colleen. Tony refuses E.J. plea for them to be brothers and to be civil again. Celeste surprises Lexie when she is reunited with her son Theo. Bart informs Tony that his ex-wife Anna is in town and at the Brady Pub. E.J. goes and offers to help the Brady's. Steve arrives and tells Tony and Stefano that Anna is on a recon mission to retrieve some letters and that someone from their family will be in on it. Lexie tells Dr. Berger that she has changed her mind and that she wants to see Abe, also tells Theo she is never leaving him again. Stefano learns that E.J. lied to him and apparently disappointed him.moreless
  • Ep. #10597
    Ep. #10597
    Episode 159
    Stefano sits down with E.J. and Tony to discuss Colleen and the vendetta. Sami brings Anna to the Brady Pub which surprises everyone especially Roman. Celeste tells Stefano that Lexie will not be attending the family meeting cause she forbied it. Marlena shows Sami a picture of Colleen Brady and she sees the resemblance of her. Anna brings letters that Santo wrote to Colleen 50 years ago. Lucas tells Sami that he is taking her to a safe house. Stefano tells E.J. and Tony that Colleen was killed by a Brady and not a DiMera. Grandpa Shawn finally tells everyone that Colleen was murdered by a DiMera.moreless
  • Ep. #10596
    Ep. #10596
    Episode 158
    Roman questions Stefano that the bomb could've been planted by a DiMera. Nick tells Jett to stay away from Chelsea. Stefano tells Tony after learning that he put Lexie in the tunnel what has he been doing since he's been away. Tony tells Stefano that if he won't destroy his enemies he will. Sami and Nick tries to make things right with Chelsea but she tells him that it's over. Stephanie gets mad at Jeremy for leaving without telling her and asks Jett if he knows that he could be cheating on her. Lucas discover that the person that leaves the package is Anna DiMera. Nick and Chelsea reconcile and then head upstairs to make love. Max asks Jett if he can bring the girl he just met to Vegas with them. Stefano orders a family sit down to have a talk.moreless
  • Ep. #10595
    Ep. #10595
    Episode 157
    Jeremy has an illicit offer for Max that could get both of them in a lot of trouble. Lucas and Sami play a CD and hear a computerized voice tells them information on how the feud began. Nick says that he can't keep doing this to himself and walks away from Chelsea and tells her that it's over. Nick realizes that Chelsea never forgave him for sleeping with Billie. John tells Grandpa Shawn that he wants the whole Brady family to sit down and discuss Colleen Brady. Sami asks Lucas to go with her to the docks with her to see if they can catch the person who will leave the package, but the cop won't let the leave. Hope decides it's time to go to the DiMera mansion and see Stefano face-to-face. Nick follows Chelsea to the beach and overhears Jett call him a loser.moreless
  • Ep. #10594
    Ep. #10594
    Episode 156
    Philip, Belle and Shawn finally catch up with Claire, but it's Philip's arms she seeks rather than Shawn's. John tries to get Bo and Hope out before the bomb goes off. John tells Doug and Julie to go and get help immediately. With Hope's help Bo is able to defuse the bomb. Lucas keeps E.J. from seeing Sami. John comes down and see that everything is okay, but the bomb starts up again and explodes. Evelyn manages to sneak away while Claire is reunited with Belle. E.J. tells Sami that he will turn state's evidence against Tony to put him away. Philip tells Belle Evelyn has been apprehended and is awaiting arraignment.moreless
  • Ep. #10593
    Ep. #10593
    Episode 155
    Hope goes down the tunnel hoping to find Bo and sees him there unconscious. Hope is relieved when Bo regains consciousness. John and Marlena seek information from Caroline about the mysterious Colleen mentioned in Santo DiMera's letter, Caroline reveals the Colleen was Shawn's older sister that died young. Celeste is thrilled when she sees Lexie alive and tells her that she was held prisoner in the tunnel and asks her not to call Abe, Celeste then takes her to the hospital. Stefano arrives at the pub and tells John and Marlena and that Sami is the only person that can get peace between the Brady's and the DiMera's. Celeste tells Lexie that Abe had another cornea transplant and Lexie suggests that he take off his bandages, and that her face would be the first thing he sees. Hope comes a cross a photo of Colleen and sees the resemblance of Sami. Lt. Myerson questions Evelyn about the missing child, Belle then starts to sing the song she sings to Claire and everyone hears Claire crying. Hope uses a key to open a music box but becomes alarmed when the things starts to beep and Bo realizes that it's rigged to explode.moreless
  • Ep. #10592
    Ep. #10592
    Episode 154
    Bo, Hope, Doug and Julie hear someone moaning in the tunnel. Steve tells Stephanie that he doesn't want her working as a flight attendant for Jeremy. Belle has a plan to get the person who took Claire to come back -- tell her the child she entered the contest with won. Adrienne tells Steve to be careful or he will just push Stephanie into Jeremy's arms. Evelyn Quarry shows up, and Belle then reveals to her that she knows that she has Claire. Hope thinks Bo is in trouble after she hears a thud, someone then climbs the rope and attacks Hope. When the mask is removed it turns out to be Lexie.moreless
  • Ep. #10591
    Ep. #10591
    Episode 153
    Hope and Bo enter Doug's old club, Doug then sings a song and they all rekindle some good memories. Philip and Belle arrive in Chicago and they think they just missed her. Stephanie confronts her father about her sex life. Nick gets into it with Jett after seeing him and Chelsea together, he later apologizes for his actions. Shawn manages to catch up with Philip and Belle in Chicago, but the three are devastated to think they've lost their chance at finding Claire. Steve and Jeremy have a long talk about his relationship with his daughter. Bo and Hope locate the entrance to the tunnel and they hear someone down there. Shawn tells Philip to go back to Salem and that he can take it from here. Doris tells Belle, Philip and Shawn that Claire was at the pageant and that the woman who brought her disguised her as a boy.moreless
  • Ep. #10590
    Ep. #10590
    Episode 152
    Shawn learns that Willow lied and that she wasn't carrying his child. Lucas goes in to save Sami by stopping the forklift. Chelsea slaps Jeremy after he forces a kiss, she then threatens to tell Stepahanie. Shawn still insists on paying for Willow's funeral. Lucas and Sami manage to rescue E.J. from underneath the debris at the warehouse. Bo gets a call from Lucas and he and Roman rush to see if Sami is alright. Nick is upset after he finds Chelsea in what appears to be a compromising position with Jett. Steve and Adrienne come back home and Steve asks what he is doing in his hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #10589
    Ep. #10589
    Episode 151
    Bo gives Shawn the envelope containing the results of the second DNA test he had done. Philip and Belle tells Shawn that they have a lead on Claire. Stefano tells Sami to consider the ones that she loves and how far she'll be prepared to keep from mourning them. Sami then asks Stefano who this Colleen person is, but he keeps changing the subject. Nick tells Chelsea that when this is done he wants to spend the night with her. Lucas threatens Tony that if he hurts Sami or the baby he will kill him, Tony then gets Bart and points a gun at him. Stefano tells Sami that he'll stop the vendetta if she marries E.J. and raises their kid as a DiMera. Chelsea returns home to find Jeremy coming downstairs and tells her that he is living there now. A fork lift starts up a begins coming towards Sami and E.J. and Stefano disappeared.moreless
  • Ep. #10588
    Ep. #10588
    Episode 150
    Sami is hurt when Lucas tells her if he can trust her to stay away from Stefano and E.J. Lucas then forbids Sami that she can't go anywhere near E.J. or Stefano. Bo tells Shawn that there was an accident and that Willow and his baby are dead and immediately heartbroken that his child is dead. A man named George Stemmer gives Belle and Philip information about Claire, that he saw a woman drive in a car with her, and comes across a website for a baby pageant, Philip and Belle decide to go to Chicago. Bo tells Shawn that he had another DNA test done to determine paternity of Willow's baby. E.J. gives Sami a letter from Stefano saying that he wants to meet with her. Doug and Julie tell Bo and Hope that they search through the old club for clues.moreless
  • Ep. #10587
    Ep. #10587
    Episode 149
    Marlena talks to Belle about her true feelings for Philip, on how she probably feels safer with Philip then with Shawn. Stefano says that there will be no end to the vendetta unless old wrongs can be righted. Sami and EJ head back to the mansion with Stefino in the ambulance. John Black meets Stefino says Marlena can't wait to dance on his grave, and on his way out, John threatens EJ with his knife. Roman believes Nick and Chelsea and says he's going to let it go for now, but Nick still has the inquest on Willow's death to go through, which Chelsea says she won't leave his side. Chelsea asks Bo if he believes that she didn't start the fire.moreless
  • Ep. #10586
    Ep. #10586
    Episode 148
    Roman thinks that Nick isn't being honest about Willow Stark's death. Sami and E.J. prepare to confront Stefano. Grandpa Shawn tells Bo that that no good can come from opening graves. Hope, Doug and Julie agree to start at the beginning to figure out who Colleen is. Bart tells Tony that someone had requested an ambulance for Stefano. Nick tells Chelsea where to find the hairbrush where he buried it. Tony tells the EMT's to go away but insist that that they see his father first. Bart then finds Sami and E.J. lurking around outside. Bo sees Chelsea and wonders what she is doing at a crime scene. Chelsea ask Bo to say the words she wants to hear ('I trust you'), while Nick stands beside her. Stefano is then taken into the ambulance, E.J. and Sami manage to sneak away from Tony and Dr. Rolf and get into the ambulance, Stefano then opens his eyes and looks at Sami and calls her Colleen.moreless
  • Ep. #10585
    Ep. #10585
    Episode 147
    Lucas agrees to have the food tested for poison. Sami wants to go with E.J. to go see Stefano but E.J. thinks it's a bad idea. Julie translates the letter written in Italian for Hope and Bo saying that Colleen, the love of Santo DiMera's life, was taken from him. Nick tells Willow to give him the hairbrush and to quit fooling around. Sami comes up with an idea for them to see Stefano. Nick and Willow get into a fight and Willow falls an hits her head. Nick becomes hysterical when he can't revive Willow and calls 911.moreless
  • Ep. #10584
    Ep. #10584
    Episode 146
    E.J. tells Tony to call off the hit on Sami or else he'll kill him. Lucas offers to put bodyguards on Sami 24/7 to keep her safe. Nick sees Chelsea coming into the Brady Pub with Jett and sits down and has lunch with him. Maggie tells Nick that the bank told her that his credit card has been over it's limit, Nick realizes that it was Willow. Nick confronts Willow on her recent expenses and that she is done protecting her and to give him his card back. Dr. Rolf gets the order from Tony to take out Sami disguised as an orderly delivering her food. E.J. tries to get into Sami's room but is stopped by a cop at her door. Maggie tells Nick that his room was ransacked and Willow calls Nick saying that she found the hairbrush and to meet him or she is turning it over to the police.moreless
  • Ep. #10583
    Ep. #10583
    Episode 145
    Sami tells E.J. to quickly get her out of the car. John and Bo confront Tony and asks him what he did with Sami. Jeremy tells Stephanie and Chelsea that they lost their investor and that their airline (To Touch The Sky) could end before it even starts. Stephanie suggests that they go to Max Brady and see if he wants to be an investor. Jett hits on Chelsea by asking her if she is seeing anyone. E.J. gets Sami out of the car and Lucas shows up and accuses E.J. of putting her in danger. Max agrees to invest in the airline, which concerns Chelsea. Tony kicks John and Bo out of the DiMera mansion since they don't have a search warrant. After insulting her boyfriend Chelsea tells Jeremy that she has no intention of being one of his flight attendants. Stephanie wonders when Jeremy tells her not to tell Bo about his venture.moreless
  • Ep. #10582
    Ep. #10582
    Episode 144
    Marlena and Hope assure Sami that Tony will never harm her or the baby. Shawn turns down Philip's invitation to move into the mansion. Sami shows Marlena the letter she and Lucas found at Maison Blanche in New Orleans. After Philip leaves Shawn tells Belle he thinks Philip has an agenda. Hope thinks she is able to read the name Brady on the letter. Shawn is astounded when Belle says that he went to Willow to get her to give him a break. E.J. is shocked to see John as he comes into the station. Hope tries to get Grandpa Shawn to explain why the Brady's and the DiMera's hate each other so much, Hope thinks he knows more when he changes the subject. While passing Sami, Bart injects her with something which causes her to pass out. E.J. manages to make a run for it when he takes a call on his phone. Sami wakes up taped to the driver's seat in her car and carbon monoxide starts to come in and passes out before she can scream for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10581
    Ep. #10581
    Episode 143
    John is touched by Sami's embrace when he arrives at the Brady Pub. Willow tells Philip that maybe he wants to have Belle back and that's why he's helping find Claire. Tony tells E.J. that Stefano refuses to drop the Brady/DiMera vendetta. Belle tries to absorb the bombshell that Shawn dropped on her. Bo has a plan that he shares with John to get E.J. in for questioning and then John reveals that E.J. shot him in the boathouse. Philip goes to Willow to take it easy on Shawn and that he's been through enough. Everyone thinks that Sami making a deal with Stefano is a mistake but Hope and Marlena say otherwise. Shawn tells Willow that he wants to be a father of their baby and learns that they are having a son. Willow tells Shawn not to trust Philip and that he isn't his friend. Philip invites Belle and Shawn to move into the mansion so they can focus on finding Claire as a group.moreless
  • Ep. #10580
    Ep. #10580
    Episode 142
    Roman asks John if he can identify E.J. as the person who shot him, but Marlena tells him that he doesn't remember it. Bo tells Belle and Shawn that he has information about Claire from Tinda Lao and wonders if Philip can be trusted. Stephanie tries to persuade Chelsea to become flight attendants and take a once a week trip to Las Vegas to earn extra money. Willow tells Nick that he isn't getting rid of that easy and blackmails him into paying for the apartment. Bo shows Belle, Shawn and Philip, that someone ripped out the tracking signal on Claire's life jacket. Marlena tells John that the doctor wants to release him from the hospital and to go home with her. Shawn breaks the news to Belle the Willow is pregnant with his child.moreless
  • Ep. #10579
    Ep. #10579
    Episode 141
    E.J. tries to prevent Tony from getting his hands on Sami. Hope slaps Willow after saying that she will never let her child drown, Hope then tells Willow that she'll do whatever it takes to keep her from ever seeing her child. Shawn tells his mother to hit Willow with everything that they have and the Brady's are going to war. Willow asks Hope to keep her out of jail and then Shawn can be apart of her baby's life. E.J. and Sami leave thinking Tony wouldn't harm his own brother, they manage to get out unharmed and Tony becomes irate. Marlena and Belle each encourage John to wake up. John opens his eyes which astonishes Dr. Tucker as her observes. Sami agrees to give Stefano the stem cells only if she is operated on by a real doctor in a hospital that can keep her baby safe, but is doing it to prevent harm from her family. Shawn tries to figure out how to tell Belle that Willow is carrying his child.moreless
  • Ep. #10578
    Ep. #10578
    Episode 140
    Nick tells Chelsea that his Aunt Maggie's house isn't the place to have sex, Chelsea then discovers that he found a plavce for them to live. Shawn tells Belle that Claire is not coming home. E.J. explains to Sami that the stem cells from her unborn are needed to save Stefano's life, Sami then comes face to face with Tony. Chelsea sees Willow at Nick's window and realizes that Nick has been helping her. Marlena tells Dr. Tucker that she refuses to take John out of state to a facility. Sami tells Tony that that there's no way he is touching her or her baby. Marlena and Dr. Tucker go back in the room and miss seeing the call button fall to the floor as John's hand moved. Shawn runs into Willow at the hospital. E.J. is outraged to learn from Tony that they plan to take the fetus for safe keeping in case Stefano gets sick again, E.J. says that he'll have to kill him if he intends on harming the child.moreless
  • Ep. #10577
    Ep. #10577
    Episode 139
    John comes to Belle in a dream and tells her that Claire is alive. Marlena learns that Belle suffered severe shock and was taken to the hospital. Lucas tries to calm Sami down by saying that there's a 50-50 chance the baby could be his. Tony tells E.J. that if he ever wants to speak to their father again then he better not disappoint him. Philip tells Victor that he failed to protect Claire. Tony orders E.J. to bring Samantha Brady to him immediately. Sami receives a package to meet Carley Roney at Chez Rouge. Celeste comes by and tells Lucas that E.J. now knows that it is his baby. Marlena tells Belle that after he last dream she found the Italian coin in John's hand. Hope doesn't want Belle to get her hopes up by assuming that Claire is still alive. E.J. pops up in Sami's car and cloraforms hermoreless
  • Ep. #10576
    Ep. #10576
    Episode 138
    Maggie tells Hope that she thinks that the underwear that she found belongs to Chelsea. Kayla puts up a bunch of photos on the wall and Kayla takes Steve on a trip down memory lane. Gabby tells Bo that they where located and they are alive. Kayla injects Steve with a relaxant in order for him to get better. Nick agrees to set Willow up in an aprtment, which she is grateful. Gabby learns the kids are alright and on their way but where unable to find Claire. Hope tells Chelsea not to jump to conclusions about Nick. Shawn tells his father that he lost Claire. Hope tells Caroline that Belle, Shawn and Philip are okay and the heartbreaking news that Claire is still missing. Gabby tells everyone that the seas are getting worse and they've changed it from search and rescue to a recovery mission.moreless
  • Ep. #10575
    Ep. #10575
    Episode 137
    Bo tells Steve that he gave the statement to Gabby to keep at the hotel in the safe. Celeste uses her powers to see if Samantha is carrying a Dimera baby. Belle tells Philip that she is sorry and asks for his forgiveness for taking Claire away from him. Sami presents Will with some presents that she got for him while they where in New Orleans. Steve pulls a knife on Bo and tells him to give him the statement and Kayla shows up and tells Steve to put the knife down. Kate slaps Lucas after he tells her that if she gets in trouble she is own her own. Celeste reveals to E.J. that the spirits say that he is the father of Sami's baby. Gabby tells Bo that the boat went down with Belle, Philip, Shawn and Claire on it.moreless
  • Ep. #10574
    Ep. #10574
    Episode 136
    Lucas and Sami see Celeste talking to E.J. and Sami tells E.J. that she will not have the amnio. Shawn tells Philip that he is taking control of the boat. Sami and Lucas plot to teach E.J. a lesson he'll never forget. Celeste tells E.J. that if he is the father, then he has to stand up to Stefano and save his baby's life. Philip, Belle and Shawn agree to work together to stay alive. Bo tells an irritable Steve on the plane to shoot him and get it over with. Shawn realizes that the engine blew thanks to Philip and sit tight and ride out the storm. Steve lurges the plane toward the ocean and says to give him the statement or else they both die.moreless
  • Ep. #10573
    Ep. #10573
    Episode 135
    E.J. spots Sami and Lucas at Maison Blanche. Philip yanks the radio out of Belle's hand as she almost attempts to tells Shawn where they are heading. Stave looks as Bo gets Shawn to sign the statement implicating E.J. Belle thinks Philip has lost his mind when he smashes the radio after ripping it out. Philip admits to Belle that he never stopped loving her and then they hit a major storm. Shawn tells Bo that he is getting on that plane with Steve with or without him. Sami laughs at the idea of E.J wanting to start over as friends. E.J. then openly admits to Sami that he did rape as Lucas overhears. Steve drops Shawn at Philip's boat. Steve then tells Bo that he's not going to let him turn E.J. in. Celeste then tells E.J. that Stefano's condition is deteriorating and that if he wants to save his father's life, he'll the need stem cells from Sami's unborn child.moreless
  • Ep. #10572
    Ep. #10572
    Episode 134
    Philip finds the GPS and realizes that Belle put it in his knapsack. While in New Orleans, Sami and Lucas come across Maison Blanche and Sami recognizes the name as Stefano's old house. Bo tells Steve straight out that he thinks that E.J. sent him here to kill him and Shawn. Hope decides not to go to Tinda Lao and Billie then tells Hope that they are going to get the DiMera's once and for all. Bo and Shawn learn fron Gabby that the GPS blip on the screen has disappeared. Philip gets word of a typhoon headed their way. Steve and Bo get into and Shawn tries to break it up.moreless
  • Ep. #10571
    Ep. #10571
    Episode 133
    Maggie finds a pair of womens underwear in Nick's room as Willow is hiding in the bathroom and wonders what's going on. Chelsea asks Nick to move out of his Aunt Maggie's house. Bo tells Shawn that there is no way he is getting on that plane with Steve. Philip wants to make the best of things by bringing Claire up on deck to look at the stars. Gabby shows Bo the gun that she found in Steve's which convinces Shawn that he is up to no good and then Bo asks Gabby to put it back where she found it. Philip vows to Belle that he will return to Salem the minute Claire calls him Daddy.moreless
  • Ep. #10570
    Ep. #10570
    Episode 132
    Chelsea tells Hope what to do if she's ready to lose her virginity. Hope begins to worry when Adrienne tells her that she thinks E.J. sent Steve to kill Bo and Shawn. Nick tells Willow that she has to leave Maggie's house, he then tells her to hide when Maggie checks on him. Chelsea goes to Nick's room and tells him that she is ready to go to the next step in their relationship, she then storms out when Nick doesn't appear to be in the mood. Bo learns from Hope that E.J. sent Steve to Tinda Lao, Bo then gets Gabby to get Steve away from Shawn so he can talk to him privately and shares with Shawn what Hope told him as Steve overhears nearby.moreless
  • Ep. #10569
    Ep. #10569
    Episode 131
    Kayla tells Adrienne that it's possible that Steve was sent to Tinda Lao to kill Bo and Shawn. E.J tells Lucas that Sami drugged him the night and Sami confirms that she did and that Celeste talked her into killing E.J. Philip knocks out Shawn and leaves with Belle and Claire. Gabby realizes that the message was that she has the GPS and Bo locates the boat and it's heading to Australia. Adrienne gives Kayla a gun and is shocked to learn that she plans to use it on Steve if necessary. Kate doesn't understand why Lucas is staying with Sami after all the lies that she has told him. Sami and Lucas prepare to leave for their honeymoon in New Orleans to help with the Katrina victims and E.J. follows them after they get on the elevator. Bo and Shawn hear a plane overhead and learn from Gabby that the person is looking for Bo Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #10568
    Ep. #10568
    Episode 130
    Sami tells Lucas that there's a possibility that the baby that she's carrying could be E.J's. Shawn is glad his father is there to help look for Belle and Claire. At the church Willow overhears Nick and profess his love for Chelsea. Bo insists that they use a dog to track down Claire's scent by using an article of her clothing. Sami tries to convince him that him leaving is the best thing, but is stunned when he refuses to leave her when she needs him the most. Philip asks Belle if she would consider them being a family again. Lucas continues to suprise Sami that since the baby is half her he will love it anyway. Shawn and Gabby search desperately for Belle and Claire, who is holed up in a cave with Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10567
    Ep. #10567
    Episode 129
    Kayla takes a drill to the lock on E.J.'s apartment door. Kayla tells Will that E.J. will indeed pay after hearing what he pulled at his parents reception. Sami asks Lucas to forgive her, but is shocked when Lucas tells her not to be up set on their wedding day. Kayla tells Roman and Hope that E.J. sent Steve to Tinda Lao. Stephanie tells Nick to go look for her cell phone at the church hoping it'll bring him and Chelsea back together when she reaches under her blanket and and that she had her phone all along. Lucas cuts a piece of cake and shoves right into his Kate's face which stuns everyone in the room. Sami punches E.J. in the face. Kayla prepares to go to Steve when Hope tells her that Stephanie was in an accident. Sami is relieved when Lucas tells her, privately, that he has always known E.J. was involved in his rescue, and tells him did something else in exchange for saving his life.moreless
  • Ep. #10566
    Ep. #10566
    Episode 128
    E.J. begins to walk towards Sami and sits down in front. Sami and Lucas are pronounced husband and wife. Kate is then upset that he didn't stop the wedding. Everyone gathers at Chez Rouge for the reception and Lucas and Sami have a first dance as a married couple. Roman is told by Kayla that Steve was abducted by thugs possibly sent by E.J. After the DVD tribute to Sami and Lucas is over the picture of Sami and E.J. in Lexie's car appears on the screen and Sami tries to explain, that she had no choice but to help E.J. escape. Stephanie gets hurt when Chelsea's reckless driving gets out of hand. E.J. flashes the Devil card in front of Steve and orders him to go to Tinda Lao to kill Bo Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #10565
    Ep. #10565
    Episode 127
    Sami worries that her marriage is doomed if she marries Lucas without telling him the truth, and E.J. shows up at the church to watch the ceremony. When the photographer can't make it, Will insists on doing the job. Steve begins the de-programming process with Kayla by his side. Roman tells Sami that she will get it right this time. Chelsea learns that Willow is out of jail when she stops by Chez Rouge. Nick and Max get an eyeful when Stephanie shows up at the church. Billie asks Chelsea if Willow is telling the truth about Nick taking the hairbrush from the lab at her request, she then lies to her by saying it isn't true. Kate appears in the back of the church which makes Sami nervous and then E.J. walks in.moreless
  • Ep. #10564
    Ep. #10564
    Episode 126
    Steve tells Adrienne that he is turning her in to his 'superiors'. E.J. shows up at the hospital, and realises that Adrienne was planted there by Bo and Kayla. Adrienne turns out the lights in the common and manages to get Steve out of the hospital. Kayla thanks Adrienne for her help. Duck tells Philip to take Claire and run, but Belle tells Philip that he's going to have to kill her first. Belle goes after Philip when he takes Claire and leaves. Shawn tells the sheriff that he doesn't want to press charges against Duck. Celeste tells Sami that Kate stole the photo that shows her and E.J. in Lexie's car. Sami starts to tell Lucas the truth but Will says that it's time to get to the church.moreless
  • Ep. #10563
    Ep. #10563
    Episode 125
    Billie lays into E.J. about using her security system to spy on Bo and says that their contract and partnership is now null and void. Philip begins to wake up but goes back unconscious. Roman brings Adrienne in and has a wire to tell Bo when she sees Steve. Gabby tells Duck to let Belle and Shawn go, Philip comes downstair and Philip tells Shawn and Belle that if they agree to shared custody of Claire then all this can end right now. E.J. goes to Kate and asks her where Philip is and says that he is on an island called Tinda Lau somewhere in the South Pacific. Adrienne tells Bo that Dr. Granger is bringing in Steve in the eating area. Duck pulls out a gun on Shawn who tries to escape with Belle and Claire and says that they aren't going anywhere. Adrienne finally breaks through to Steve by getting him to remember Kayla and her. Duck then shoots Shawn and Philip yells at Duck for doing that.moreless
  • Ep. #10562
    Ep. #10562
    Episode 124
    E.J. keeps Kate from blowing Sami out of the water with what she discovered. Philip tells Shawn that there is no way that he and Belle are leaving the island with Claire. Belle asks Gabby for a pass key to Philip's room in order to find out what he is up to. Lucas sprays Kate and E.J. with a fire extinguisher after he and Sami catch them conspiring. Philip thinks Gabby is keeping him at the bar so Belle can go through his room. Philip begins to feel the effects of the sleeping pill that Gabby put in his beer. Kate tells E.J. just what exactly is he planning to do at Sami and Lucas' wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #10561
    Ep. #10561
    Episode 123
    After telling Abby that she broke up with Nick, Abby then tells Chelsea that Nick plans on returning the hairbrush. Kate goes to Abe and apologizes for her behaviour the other night but Abe wants to know what she's really up to. Lucas tells E.J. to get out of Sami's room or he'll throw him out himself. Nick posts Willow's bail and is glad to be getting out of jail. After Lucas and E.J. leave Sami's monitors start to go off and she is concerned for the baby. Chelsea openly admits to Abby that maybe she did use Nick a little and she tries toget her to tell Nick what she told her. Stephanie convinces Abby and Chelsea to join her for a night on the town. Kate stumbles upon something and thinks she's got Sami, Kate then sees Celeste and says that she knows her dirty little secret.moreless
  • Ep. #10560
    Ep. #10560
    Episode 122
    Kayla suggests to Roman that Adrienne go to bat for her brother Steve. Willow tells Nick that Hope wants her to sign over her baby. E.J. disguises himself in scrubs to get into Sami's hospital room with a syringe as soon as Lucas leaves. Stephanie agrees to fight for her father a little while longer. Kayla asks Roman if they can fight the court order keeping her away from Steve. Kayla enlists Steve's sister Adrienne to help him get out of the hospital. Sami yells for help after E.J. injects something in her I.V. and then leaves. Nick agrees to post Willow's bail under the condition that she keep this a secret. Adrienne agrees to go undercover at the State Hospital to help Steve. Lucas tells Sami to that she shouldn't be afraid of the truth, and then E.J. walks in.moreless
  • Ep. #10559
    Ep. #10559
    Episode 121
    Philip shows up. Belle is able to throw hot tea in his face and tells Shawn that he is here. E.J. thanks Celeste and she reveals that forced her to get Sami to agree to kill him. In return he promised to tell her where Lexie is. Hope wants Willow to sign over her parental rights to Bo and herself, which infuriates Willow and she refuses. Sami screams and reveals that she saw a man in the bathroom, she then collapses and Lucas takes her to the hospital. Kate later finds E.J.'s business card in the restroom and confronts Sami about it at the hospital. The sheriff tells Philip that Tinda Lau has no extradition treaty and that he can't do anything, so Philip tells Duck that he is renting a room and isn't letting Belle and Shawn out of his sights. Willow calls Nick and tells him that she needs his help. Kate overhears Celeste and E.J. discussing their plans.moreless
  • Ep. #10558
    Ep. #10558
    Episode 120
    Hope tells Shawn what Willow has done to her house and is convinced that the baby she's carrying is Shawn's, which leads Shawn to believe it as well. Sami shares her theory with Celeste that E.J. somehow put semi burned gasoline can in the bed and that he's still alive, Celeste tells her that she'll do her best in telling E.J. not to Sami. Billie tells Bo that Philip could've been the one who set up the surveillance in his house, Bo then warns Billie that if Philip harms Shawn he will hold her and Kate responsible. Kate tells Lucas that he is sitting back while Mythic is going down the drain and that they could be unemployed. Billie demands that Kate tells her where Philip is and thinks she is the reason their family is so screwed up. Celeste makes a phone call to meet someone. Bo warns Shawn that Philip knows where he is and is on his way. Belle says that she is tired of running and wants to stay and fight. Hope suggests to Bo that she and him raise Willow's kid. While in the ladies room at Chez Rouge, Sami screams as she sees E.J. in one of the bathroom stalls.moreless
  • Ep. #10557
    Ep. #10557
    Episode 119
    Kayla wants Bo's help in helping her break Steve out of the hospital. Sami receives a telephone call from some who's breathing on the other end. Shawn and Belle reconnect, and she then tells him that she called her mother. Hope offers to go with Bo to Tinda Lau to look for the kids. Philip overhears a conversation between Hope and Marlena and learns where Belle and Shawn are hiding. Belle is relieved that Shawn isn't mad when she called Marlena. Bo is against the idea of breaking Steve out. Sami hides her suitcase under the bed to keep Lucas from finding it. Shawn and Belle push the beds together and the two make love.moreless
  • Ep. #10556
    Ep. #10556
    Episode 118
    Belle calls Marlena and tells her that she wants to come home, but she tells her to stay and work things out with Shawn, she tells her about the dream she had about her father showing her a coin. Bo tells Stephanie aggrivating her mother is not what she needs right now. Lucas is surprised when Sami tells him that she wants to go to New Orleans to help rebuild houses. Kayla slaps Stephanie when she says that she is wasting her time waiting for her Steve to come home. Everyone receives word about the death of E.J. Wells. Gabby lets Belle have it for making Shawn worry about her. Marlena checks John's hand and is relieved when she finds the coin. Bo tells everyone that no body was found in the cabin.moreless
  • Ep. #10555
    Ep. #10555
    Episode 117
    Dr. Granger gives Steve a round of shock therapy treatment. E.J. yells out for Samantha to come help him but Celeste tells Sami that the cops are coming and they can't be found there and they leave. Kate takes an axe to the hotel room door to check on Lucas. Bo, Kayla and Stephanie are shocked when it seems that Steve has changed his mind about giving a statement, Kayla then finds burn marks on his tempel. Shawn returns to the room and Belle and Claire and their things are gone, Gabby gives him a letter that Belle and when he read it the more he realizes that he loves her. Kate is shocked when she sees Sami come out of the bathroom, and tries to convince Lucas that she was with E.J. with no luck. Bo tells Dr. Granger to give E.J. a message that it'll take more than a court order to keep him and Kayla away from Steve.moreless
  • Ep. #10554
    Ep. #10554
    Episode 116
    Abe tells Roman that he is going to have another cornea transplant and to be back at work real soon. Steve breaks down as Kayla brings Stephanie to see him and she see him bruised and asks him who di this to him. Shawn tells Belle that Gabby says that she doesn't want her anywhere near him. Roman thinks Kate has lost her mind when she tells him about Sami and E.J. getting married. Sami breaks down to Celeste and says that she can't do it. Belle has a dream about her father and he explains to her if she trusts Shawn or not. Abe calls Celeste and she confirms that Sami is with Lucas. Shawn tells Gabby after she attempts to come on to him, questions the whole idea of travelling together. Celeste and Sami attempt to leave the cabin until E.J. calls out her name. Roman agrees to go with Kate to the hotel to check on Lucas. Kayla and Stephanie tells Roman and Abe that Steve is ready to talk. Sami realizes that she forgot her suitcase and sees E.J. standing behind her, he goes unconscious again and she makes a run for it and Sami and Celeste watch as the cabin burns with E.J. inside.moreless
  • Ep. #10553
    Ep. #10553
    Episode 115
    Kayla and Maggie are astounded at Stepahanie's new look as she walks into Chez Rouge. Belle clears the air with Gabby on her feelings for Shawn. Kate says that if Sami is with E.J. she'll tells Philip to kick the door in. Kayla explains to Stephanie exactly what her father has gone through since she left. Dr. Kraft tells Kayla about her being taken off of Steve's case and is worried about his safety. Stephanie tells Abby to have a fake boyfriend, someone Maggie will approve and still keep seeing Max. Sami starts kissing E.J. and the lipstick does the trick and Celeste gets the gasoline and starts pouring it everywhere and Sami strikes a match.moreless
  • Ep. #10552
    Ep. #10552
    Episode 114
    Kate wants Philip to tell her what he and E.J. are up to. Sami is able to drug Lucas, but gets Celeste's help in getting there on time. Willow wants to know who stole the brush Nick or Chelsea. Belle overhears Shawn and Gabby's conversation. Philip promises Kate that he will not tell E.J. where Shawn is if her finds him. Chelsea flat out accuses Willow framing her by planting her brush at Bo's house. E.J. thinks that Sami is playing him for a fool. Duck is concerned when he tells Shawn that he fell for Gabby's little sob story.moreless
  • Ep. #10551
    Ep. #10551
    Episode 113
    Celeste tells Sami that she has to drug Lucas. Roman approaches Willow and tells her he thinks she took the brush. Philip tells E.J. that he wants an update, E.J. gets Will to teach him how to hook up the surveillance stuff. Max explains to Chelsea that they have been down that road and he doesn't want to go back, Chelsea then shocks Max by saying that the reason she is mad at Abby is because she knew about Nick and Billie. Kate realizes that E.J.'s fiancée is an anagram of Sami's name, she then goes to tell Lucas but he refuses to listen. E.J. is confronted by Kate and says that she is on to him. Nick begins to regret his actions of taking the hairbrushmoreless
  • Ep. #10550
    Ep. #10550
    Episode 112
    Sami is believed that she can't go through with killing E.J. Celeste tells Sami that tonight E.J. will be roasting in hell. Sami scolds Will when she learns that E.J. paid him to install a few things. Willow asks Nick to prove that the hairbrush isn't hers. Chelsea begins to seduce Max by taking off her coat revealing a sex outfit and the two end up kissing. Will yells at his mother for her spending more time with E.J. than her own family. Roman approaches Nick about the "missing" hairbrush from the lab.moreless
  • Ep. #10549
    Ep. #10549
    Episode 111
    Maggie calls Max a player after laying into him about him and Abby in New York. Belle is confused when Duck tells her that the letter that she and Shawn mailed never came across him at all. Gabby learns from Shawn that she will be on her own when they get to Australia. Abby tells Chelseas that Nick still has her hair brush. Chelsea then questions Nick's faith in her, when she asks him if he thinks that she started the fire. Shawn asks Gabby if she mailed the letter. Dr. Kraft tells Steve that she has been re-assigned from his case. Abby calls Max a self centered jerk after saying that they can only be friends. Chelsea calls Max as part of a payback plan for Abby. Foley and another guard has Steve cornered in the eating area.moreless
  • Ep. #10548
    Ep. #10548
    Episode 110
    Belle tells Shawn that he's not considering letting Gabby come with them to Australia. Nick tells Abby that he stole the hairbrush from the lab for Chelsea, Abby then tells Nick that Chelsea is just using him. Steve takes a stand against the hospital food. Billie doesn't want Chelsea to move in with Bo and asks her to come back home with her. Steve uses Dr. Kraft's computer to order pizza for the fellow inmates. Chelsea tells Billie that she doesn't think they can be mother and daughter again. Joe and Steve get into it and then the food arrives.moreless
  • Ep. #10547
    Ep. #10547
    Episode 109
    Bo asks Steve how he got out of his hospital room last night. The Sheriff tells Belle and Shawn that Philip has a 250,000 dollar bounty on their heads. Kayla and Hope learns that E.J. brought the yellow flowewrs in her room. Will agrees to hook up the converter to get the videos from his phone to the television by bribing him with 200 bucks. Hope is worried what E.J. will do when he finds Shawn. Kayla tells Steve that the deal is off and she is telling Stephanie about her father. Bo tells Hope that E.J. planted surveillance equipment in their house. Gabby offers to go with Shawn and Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #10546
    Ep. #10546
    Episode 108
    Sami gets nervouse when Lucas tells her that he has a surprise for her tomorrow night after the photo shoot. E.J. goes into Kayla's hospital room while she's sleeping and tells her that she shouldn't have interfered. Lucas tells Will that he is close to nailing E.J. for embezzleing from Mythic. Bo apologizes to Chelsea for suspecting her and for not being the kind father for her. Steve goes to see Kayla after drugging the cop's water with his pills. Lucas approaches E.J. with the accusation of him embezzlement. Steve warns E.J. at gunpoint not to go anywhere near Kayla.moreless
  • Ep. #10545
    Ep. #10545
    Episode 107
    Steve tells Marlena that she's the last person he wants to see. Bo tells Kayla that the photos that she took aren't enough to bring E.J. in. E.J. and Philip disguise themselves as electricians to to set up the surveillance to eventually learn of Shawn's whereabouts. The painter thinks something is up so he calls Bo and tells him about the electricians. Marlena shares news with Steve that he can be able to reverse what E.J. has done to him by having him reprogrammed. Marlena learns that Kayla was in an accident. Philip and E.J. are able to escape without being seen, Philip then warns E.J. not to cross him. Marlena tells Bo that what's it going to take to bring in E.J. Wells for Kayla's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #10544
    Ep. #10544
    Episode 106
    Lucas shows Kate that E.J. has been embezzeling from Mythic, which she is furious. Sami tells Celeste with conviction that E.J. has to die. Philip tells E.J. that he knows that he sent Willow to break into Bo's house. Kayla tells Steve that she got an e-mail from Stephanie and that she thinks she's in love. Lucas is beside himself when Kate wants him to forget that he ever saw those documents. Celeste gives Sami lipstick that has a powerful narcotic that will knock him out and they will burn the cabin with E.J. inside. E.J. says yes to installing a security system in Bo's house without him knowing.moreless
  • Ep. #10543
    Ep. #10543
    Episode 105
    Kate interrupts Abe and Celeste's dinner at Chez Rouge by saying that Celeste and Sami are up to something. Lucas discovers that E.J. has been cooking the books at Mythic and Billie isn't going to let him call the police. Abe tells Kate off that she could accuse Celeste of something like that and tells her to leave. E.J. tells Sami to meet her at the cabin tomorrow night at 9:00, she then calls Celeste and tells her that she is in with the plan.moreless
  • Ep. #10542
    Ep. #10542
    Episode 104
    Max tells Roman that he would do it all over again just to protect his family. Nick shows Chelsea the hairbrush and hugs him and says thank you. Kate tells Lucas to cancel the wedding for his sake. Roman questions Max's feelings for Abby while visiting her in New York. Willow tries to convince Chelsea that she will be in jail real soon. Lucas wants to what E.J.'s deal when he finds out that he called Sami again. Lucas lays into Kate by saying if he is forced to choose between her and Sami, he would pick Sami everytime. E.J. is stunned by Sami admission that he is the father of her baby and wants it to be raised as a DiMera.moreless
  • Ep. #10541
    Ep. #10541
    Episode 103
    Kayla tells E.J. to enjoy his freedom while it lasts. Philip visits Willow in jail and she tells him that E.J. told her to break into Bo and Hope's house, Philip tells her that she is safer is jail. Kayla shows Roman pictures of Stefano with a scar proving that he got John's kidney, Roman then tells Kayla that she could've gotten herself killed by taking Max to Italy with her. Jack tells Abby who the man was that left her suite. Chelsea tells Abby that if she goes home to Salem all will be waiting is a prison cell. Nick visualizes the consequences of his actions and goes ahead and takes the brush thinking that Chelsea is worth it.moreless
  • Ep. #10540
    Ep. #10540
    Episode 102
    Philip tells Gabby that he is not leaving until he knows for sure that she is telling the truth. Max overhears Jack tells Abby why he doesn't want her anywhere near her. Nick tells Sami that E.J. hacked into her file at the hospital lab. Steve tells Kayla what was she thinking putting her life on the line by seeing Stefano in Italy. Lucas learns that Sami never had an amniocentesis and E.J. realizes that something is up. Philip and Kate head upstairs to look for Belle and Shawn and they are able to put one over on him, as Duck "comfirms" Gabby's story of them leaving. Abby offers Chelsea and Max to stay the night in her hotel suite, Max then hides as Jack sees Chelsea and alot of room service food.moreless
  • Ep. #10539
    Ep. #10539
    Episode 101
    After seeing one of Claire's toys Philip and Kate confront Gabby about it and she admits that Shawn, Belle and Claire are there but they just missed them. Kayla tells Max that maybe the love of his life is Abby. Jack tells Abby that Max Brady is not right for her and that she should stay away from him. Maggie tells Nick that nobody should make him do something he doesn't want to. Kayla calls E.J. and tells him that she has proof that John's was for Stefano. Celeste tells Sami that E.J. played her like a violin and that she bought the whole act. Nick debates whether or not to help Chelsea, he goes in the lab and sees E.J. at the computer. Gabby shows Philip Belle's wedding ring as proof that they aren't there. Max shows up at Abby's hotel room and is delighted to see him and then Jack knocks on the door.moreless
  • Ep. #10538
    Ep. #10538
    Episode 100
    Celeste tells Sami that the lab report has to be believable to fool E.J. Gabby tries to convince Belle to stay. Max and Kayla disguise themselves as members of the cloth to get in to see Stefano. While in Stefano's room Kayla is tempted to pull his plug. Duck tells Shawn that he still owes him money and unless he pays he's not going anywhere. Sami thinks E.J. believes that he is not the father of her baby. Steve learns from Dr. Kraft that Kayla is in Italy. Philip arrives on the island and asks Gabby is she has seen Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10537
    Ep. #10537
    Episode 99
    Belle tells Shawn that maybe it would be best if they packed up and went to Australia. Joe zaps Steve with a stun gun after attempting to get into a fight with him. Kayla and Max get on a plane to Italy. Chelsea wonders if Nick thinks she did start the fire after refusing to get rid of the hairbrush that was found at the scene that Chelsea admitted was hers. Belle tells Gabby why she is so interested in her daughter and if she has her sights on Shawn. Max tells Kayla that he will disguise himself as a priest to get past Stefano's guards. Dr. Kraft blasts Joe for using his stun gun on Steve when he should've been protecting him.moreless
  • Ep. #10536
    Ep. #10536
    Episode 98
    Gabby tells Shawn that he caused trouble for them by throwing Charlie out. Kayla invites Max to go with her on a dangerous mission to Italy to confront Stefano DiMera. Duck tells Gabby that he wants Shawn and Belle to leave immediately. Dr. Kraft tells Steve why he won't give the medication a chance to work. The sheriff questions Shawn about assaulting Charlie but gets nervous when he asks to see his, Belle and Claire's passports. Duck waits for Belle to leave and then searches the room to see what Shawn is hiding and finds that fake passports and shows them to the sheriff and Gabby since there was no warrant he can't do anything. Max agrees to go to Italy with Kayla and insists that they go to New York to thank Abby first. Duck tells Belle to watch her back and that Gabby might set her sights on Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10535
    Ep. #10535
    Episode 97
    E.J. demands answers from Sami on why she and Celeste are planning to murder him. Willow discovers Hope in her room and wants to know what she is doing with her jewellry and why she set fire to her house. Bo arrives with a warrant to search Chelsea's room. Shawm saves Gabby from being manhandled by a regular at the bar. Hope goes after Willow after she runs away. E.J. calls Bo hoping Sami will confess to him about what she's planning with Celeste but is not surprised when she doesn't. Gabby asks Belle if she would be jealous if Shawn fell in love with another girl. Kate tells Philip and Lucas to call a truce between the two of them.moreless
  • Ep. #10534
    Ep. #10534
    Episode 96
    Philip and E.J. come to terms on a deal to search for Shawn. Sami is in the loop when Kate and Chelsea set up for her wedding shower. Chelsea is relieved when Hope says that she believes she didn't start the fire. Celeste is blown off by Sami when she calls her. Gabby makes an attempt to cozy up to Shawn after his fight with Belle. Celeste presses Sami that about E.J.'s conversation with Nick regarding her test results. E.J. sees Sami and Celeste together and hears their plot to kill him.moreless
  • Ep. #10533
    Ep. #10533
    Episode 95
    Lucas finds the blank test form and thinks the worse about the baby and Sami tells him everything is fine. E.J. wants to know from Nick the results of Sami's amnio, but Nick says that he can't discuss it. Shawn says to Belle that she shouldn't have gotten the twin beds behind his back. Steve wants Kayla to promise not to say a word to Stephanie about him being in a mental hospital. Celeste hides when she sees E.J. talking to Nick at Chez Rouge. Belle tells Shawn that she is not ready for a relationship with him. Lucas ruins Sami's mood for love when he brings up E.J.'s name. A desperate Willow goes to E.J. and he gives her a name of a fence who can unload Hope's jewellry.moreless
  • Ep. #10532
    Ep. #10532
    Episode 94
    Kayla tries to convince Roman to have Steve taken to the state hospital. Belle explains to Shawn that the reason that she was calling home was because she misses her mother. Chelsea learns of her mother's accident and tends to her when she starts to feel dizzy. Billie reads Chelsea's journal saying that shecan't forgive her mother for sleeping with Nick. Dr. Kraft tells Kayla that they found his medication in the air vent and that he can't be helped. Shawn gives a letter to Gabby to be mailed to Roman, she then rips it up and throws it in the garbage.moreless
  • Ep. #10531
    Ep. #10531
    Episode 93
    Duck thinks that Shawn and Belle are running away from something. Marlena tells Steve that she called Roman and that the police are on their way. Celeste runs into E.J. at the Penthouse Grill and asks her why she was with Sami. Celeste tells him she was meeting someone who never showed. E.J. reminds her that she is part of the family and Celeste tells him that she is not. Marlena sprays Steve in the face with mace to keep him from getting away. Shawn explains his situation with and Duck realises why he's on the run. Steve offers to Kayla that they run away together if she unties him. Shawn sees Belle makes a phone call trying get in touch with her parents. Celeste tells E.J. that she has not been meeting with Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10530
    Ep. #10530
    Episode 92
    Kayla asks Marlena if she's going to do something before someone gets hurt. Steve takes Billie to an abandoned isolated cabin and then leaves her there. Shawn and Belle have an argument when she suggests that they have a room with two beds. Willow tells Chelsea that she knows that she is a suspect in the fire. Steve comes back to see if Billie is alright. Kayla and Marlena find Steve and Billie and Steve tells them to leave. Gabby tells Belle that her father can marry her and Shawn on the island if she wants. Duck asks Shawn if he has anything to hide.moreless
  • Ep. #10529
    Ep. #10529
    Episode 91
    Billie is able to get rid of E.J. and he then calls Kayla and tells her that Steve is with Billie. Willow gets emotional after seeing her baby's sonogram and Nick consoles her. Sami urges Chelsea to make peace with Billie by talking to her. Marlena tells Kayla that maybe Stefano needed John's kidney. Chelsea knocks on the door and asks if Billie is home, she leaves and Billie yells at Steve for ruining her reconciliation with Chelsea. Marlena and Kayla realize that they are too late when they arrive at Billie's apartment. Nick once again tries to convince Chelsea forgive him for sleeping with her mother, but Chelsea says that she can't. Steve and Billie swerve off the road. Willow is visited by Chelsea and warns her to stay away from Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #10528
    Ep. #10528
    Episode 90
    Benjy signs Celeste that Stefano thinks that Sami's baby is a gift from God. Sami tells Chelsea that if she would once again be one of her bridesmaids, which she accepts. Steve asks Billie if it's just business between her and E.J. Roman tells Kayla that Steve would likely go to Billie for help. Sami receives a note from Celeste to meet her in the ladies room. Celeste then warns Sami that Stefano is absessed with her baby. Kayla and Roman catch up with E.J. at the Penthouse Grill and demand to know what he has done with Steve.moreless
  • Ep. #10527
    Ep. #10527
    Episode 89
    E.J. admits to Willow that he took her check, Willow realizes that E.J. never intended on paying her for breaking into Bo's house. Kayla goes to Steve telling him that she'll prove that E.J. made him take John from the hospital. Belle tells Shawn that she's not leaving where she is and Shawn agrees to stay only if he works and pays his way. Steve tells Kayla that if she tells Stephanie everything he will never forgive her. Sami and Lucas ask Chelsea to live with them for a while. Steve escapes the hospital using Kayla as a hostage and locks her and Joe in his room. Billie is shocked to see Steve in her apartmentmoreless
  • Ep. #10526
    Ep. #10526
    Episode 88
    Shawn and Belle encounter and father and daughter while on the run. Billie explains to Hope that the reason that Chelsea ran away is because she found out the she slept with Nick. Kate consoles Philip at St. Luke's and invites to dinner with her, Lucas and Sami at Chez Rouge. Hope asks Bo if he thinks Chelsea started the fire. Chelsea is shocked when she assumes that her father thinks she started the fire to his house. Belle and Shawn stay at Duck's until they get on their feet.moreless
  • Ep. #10525
    Ep. #10525
    Episode 87
    While breaking into Bo's house, Willow accidentally sets the house on fire and leaves Chelsea's hairbrush as evidence. Billie reveals to Bo that she slept with Nick and Bo tries to find Chelsea and talk to her. Sami goes to Nick to see if he can help her by making a fake lab report to show Lucas as the father of her child. Chelsea runs into Jed who lends a helping hand to her. Hope gets Ciara out the house and calls Bo. E.J. finds the check he gave Willow and burns it and flushes it down the toilet. Chelsea says goodbye to Salem as she leaves. Bo and Hope finally name their daughter -- Ciara Alice Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #10524
    Ep. #10524
    Episode 86
    Steve tells E.J. that he wants out of the hospital. He doesn't help him and Steve is sent back to his cell and put in restraints. Chelsea tells Billie that she is nothing to her and moves out, planning to leave Salem forever. Max takes Abby to the Penthouse Grill to thank her for her hard work, where Maggie shows up, and Abby uses Jed to cover for Max. Jed wonders where Willow got the money. Willow overhears Chelsea telling Abby about Nick and Billie and saying goodbye for good and Willow takes Chelsea's hairbrush from the girls washroom before she is heading to Bo's to do the break-in.moreless
  • Ep. #10523
    Ep. #10523
    Episode 85
    Celeste tells Sami that the only way to get rid of E.J. is to kill him. Billie is adamant about keeping her fling with Nick a secret. Kayla demand answers from E.J. wanting to know what he did to Steve. Steve manages to get Dr. Kraft's cell phone and calls E.J.moreless
  • Ep, #10522
    Ep, #10522
    Episode 84
    E.J. offers Willow money if she will break into Bo's house, she refuses but E.J. gets her kicked out of the Y, forcing her to accept the job. Abby doesn't think Nick telling Chelsea about him and Billie is a good idea. Billie confronts Nick about telling Chelsea, but Nick won't budge. Sami tries to tell Lucas what her secret is but she is interrupted by Celeste who came by to light a candle for Lexie and Tek.moreless
  • Ep. #10521
    Ep. #10521
    Episode 83
    Nick apologizes to Chelsea for kissing her and she plants another kiss on him. Bo think Billie's idea is great until he finds out that E.J. Wells is her financial backer. Kate is stunned when Lucas gives her an invitation to the wedding and that Sami wants her there. E.J. gives Sami 48 hours and then he goes to Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #10520
    Ep. #10520
    Episode 82
    Sami refuses to confess her sins before she marries Lucas. Chelsea is tutored by Nick and the two end up kissing. Shawn tells Belle that he will get her and Claire off the island. Billie shows E.J. a security device you activate on your phone, E.J. then shows his gratitude by kissing her. Sami insists to Lucas that they get married somewhere else. E.J. tells the doctor to give his father a rare gun. Shawn, Belle and Claire prepare to set sail before the storm hits.moreless
  • Ep. #10519
    Ep. #10519
    Episode 81
    Philip insists that Willow give him proof that Shawn, Belle and Claire are still alive or to quit bothering him. Claire gets worse and Belle tells Shawn that they have to get off the island or else she will die. Roman overhears Sami threaten to kill E.J. if he calls her again. Jed tells Max that he should be glad that a girl like Abby fell in love with him.moreless
  • Ep. #10518
    Ep. #10518
    Episode 80
    Bo tells Kayla that Steve will be remanded to the state hospital cause of his violent mood swings. Hope goes to Willow and offer to pay her medical bills for her baby and asks if the baby is really Shawn's. Belle thinks that Shawn looks at her the same way he looked at Willow. Steve tells Kayla and Bo that they are dead to him and not to contact him. Hope lashes out at Willow for insisting that Shawn is dead, figuring that she's hiding something she calls Philip. Belle and Shawn reach an understanding and that they could be together one day.moreless
  • Ep. #10517
    Ep. #10517
    Episode 79
    Nick tells Max and Mimi that her blood was found on her father's ring. Mimi is shocked after Bonnie confesses that Mimi killed her father. Abby learns that Jed is Willow's brother and after telling him about her being a prostitute he confronts her about her lies. Bonnie urges Mimi to leave Salem for good after remembering killing her father. E.J. warns Sami to give him the info or Lucas finds out he may not be the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10516
    Ep. #10516
    Episode 78
    Sami wants answers from E.J. to why he followed her and Lucas to Chez Rouge. Nick and Chelsea are stunned to Dr. Rebert's denial of Chelsea's claim. Abby comforts Max when he doesn't know how to deal with Mimi's ordeal. Nick tells Dr. Endo that he has evidence and later Dr. Rebert resigns from the hospital. Abby feels stupid when she learns that Jed was telling the truth about having car trouble. Sami refuses to help E.J. by getting info from her father, he then threatens to tells Lucas the truth about their night together. Shawn and Belle end up in a lip lock while getting cozy and Belle quickly stops it.moreless
  • Ep. #10515
    Ep. #10515
    Episode 77
    Willow assumes that Philip is turning her into the police, he assures her that he's not. E.J. wants Sami to do a paternity test to see who's the father of her baby. Philip informs Roman and Bo that Shawn, Belle and Claire are dead. Bo then finds a message from Shawn saying that they are safe.moreless
  • Ep. #10514
    Ep. #10514
    Episode 76
    Belle, Shawn and Claire try to create a camp and live on the island. Steve and E.J. talk about what to do with John -- it seems E.J. just wants John's kidney. Steve panics and gets Kayla, bringing her back to do the surgery. Nick rescues Chelsea from Dr. Hebert's greasy clutches, and becomes her knight in shining armour.moreless
  • Ep. #10513
    Ep. #10513
    Episode 75
    Marlena refuses to help Kayla look for Steve after seeing the bruising on her neck. Chelsea decides to make Nick jealous after she sees him come in and notices her with Dr. Rebert. Philip is told that they found blood on the life raft and that Claire could be dead. Belle becomes hysterical when she can't find Claire, Shawn calms her down when he finds her. Willow is attacked by Philip and she tries to make it up to her by reminding him that he has Shawn's baby. Nick tells Maggie that Chelsea is underage and quickly takes the bottle away from her. Dr. Rebert punches Nick and warns him not interfere with him and Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10512
    Ep. #10512
    Episode 74
    Belle, Shawn and Claire run into Willow while they are trying to escape. Shawn tells Belle they have no choice but to jump in the water. Roman tells Mimi that Bonnie confessed to killing her father, but she thinks her mother is covering up for someone else. Max is more interested in Abby, but so is the new guy on campus, Jed. Chelsea starts her new job at the lab, and she and Dr. Hebert flirt in front of a very peeved Nick. Philip is glad when Officer Stratton arrives to arrest Shawn and put him in the brig but is furious to learn that Willow let Shawn and Belle escape with Claire.moreless
  • Ep. #10511
    Ep. #10511
    Episode 73
    Kayla doesn't want Steve to walk out on her and tries to stop him from leaving. Shawn explains to Belle that no one is going to break up their family and tells her that he may have a plan. Philip laughs at the idea of Willow looking after Claire as her nanny. E.J. wants to be invited to the wedding and offers his jet to take Sami and Lucas anywhere in the world. Philip dangles Willow over the railing as she pleads with Philip he pulls her back up. Belle tells Shawn about the vent in the bathroom, he climbs in it. Chief Officer Stratton then arrives at the cabin and wants to speak with Shawn but Belle tells him he's in the shower. E.J. finds out that Sami is pregnant and tells his father Stefano the good news, Steve shows up and flashes the death card in front of him and orders him to bring John Black to him. Lucas wants to know why Sami doesn't want E.J. to know that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10510
    Ep. #10510
    Episode 72
    Steve has a nightmare about E.J. and wakes up choking Kayla. Celeste confronts Sami about the night Lexie went missing and Sami confesses everything. Chelsea accepts the job at the hospital and Nick is caught eavesdropping. Lucas finally stands up to Kate.
  • Ep. #10509
    Ep. #10509
    Episode 71
    E.J. has his father Stefano brought back to Salem and is determined to find a cure for his illness. Steve wakes up after having a nightmare and realizes that he is choking Kayla, he tells Kayla that he will go talk to Marlena. Dr. Rebert calls Chelsea and asks her to come in for an interview, Nick evesdrop.moreless
  • Ep. #10508
    Ep. #10508
    Episode 70
    After Abby fixes some of the cars in the garage, max takes her out to dinner. Abby tells Max that she has feeling for him and was jealous of him and Mimi. Max admits to Abby that he had feelings for her, even while he was dating Chelsea. Bo angirly tells Chelsea to get out of his house as she tries to explain that she didn't know what Patrick was planning. Hope calls Billie to alert her Bo kicked Chelsea out of their home. Hope then tries to talk to Bo about why he is so anger with Chelsea. Hope points out that she has seen real changes in Chelsea and does not want Bo kicking her out of their lives for her. Nick comes over to Billie’s home looking for Chelsea and they talk about the whole internet thing. After Hope calls, Nick figures out that Chelsea is probably at Max’s garage and they go over there. Chelsea tells Nick to leave and she and her mother have a heart to heart talk.moreless
  • Ep. #10507
    Ep. #10507
    Episode 69
    The captain leaves for a moment to check some thing out and tells Philip, Willow, Shawn and Belle that they need to keep it civil or they will end up in the brig. Philip tells Belle he forgives her and wants her and Claire back with him. Belle is stunned that Phillip would think that she would move back in with him. Outside of the cabin, Willow tells Shawn she’s pregnant with his baby. When captain returns, he states that once they land, they will all be turn over to the embassy. He also says Claire and her parents are restricted to their cabin. Philip demands a cabin next door and the captain gives him the one across the hall. After visiting Billie and learning that Victor has evicted her from the apartment, E.J. uses this information to separate Lucas and Sami. Then he tries to manipulate Sami into admitting she is pregnant. First he tries to get her to drink a toast with alcohol, se refuses stating that she lost her taste due to Lucas issues. Then he attempts to light a cigar and she states that she does not allow smoking in her apartment. Lucas returns home and asks E.J. to leave. Chelsea shows up at Bo and Hope’s home devastated after what has happened with Nick. Roman calls Bo and tells him to come to the station immediately. Chelsea and Hope bond and forgive each other for the past. At the station Roman tells Bo that Patrick Lockhart has fingered Chelsea as his accomplish. He arrives home and begins yelling at Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10506
    Ep. #10506
    Episode 68
    Philip and Willow arrive on the ship and locate Belle and Shawn. They get into an argument with the Captain about who has the rights to Claire. E.J. shows up at the station and drops the charges against Steve. Steve tries to refuse E.J.’s help, but Kayla won’t let him. After Kayla leaves Steve tries to get E.J. to admit that he and his father tortured him. E.J. threatens Kayla if Steve is not careful. Steve gets angry and E.J. seems to put Steve into some kind of trance. Sami gets all emotional when Lucas proposes to her. E.J. comes by the apartment after his confrontation with Steve and finds the box that the ring was in. He fishes around for what is going on and begins to suspect that Sami is having a baby. Chelsea is extremely embarrassed when she discovers that the man she is kissing is not her online friend. She leaves to find Nick and heads to his house. He is not home, but Maggie lets her into his room. She is shocked when she sees two movie posters hanging on his wall. The posters are from the movies Shane and Patton. Chelsea figures everything out pretty quickly and when Nick walks in she lets him have it. She tells him she hates him and storms out.moreless
  • Ep. #10505
    Ep. #10505
    Episode 67
    Roman threatens to arrest Sami after learning about the stunt she pulled with Kate. Max and Mimi learn from Nick that the test comfirmed the skeleton is that of her father David Lockhart. Billie tells Chelsea that she's proud of her and that Bo and Hope are as well. Celeste tells Abe that she doesn't think Lexie left of her own free will. Belle and Shawn are worried they'll be exposed after seeing their picture in the paper. Sami is relieved when Lucas commends her on the way she handled things with his mother. Mimi tells Abe that the skeleton is her MIA father. Chelsea runs into "Dr. Shane Patton" while appyling for the lab assistant position and showers him with kisses.moreless
  • Ep. #10504
    Ep. #10504
    Episode 66
    Steve confronts E.J. and tells him that he remembers what he did to him. Dr. Deardon tells Shawn and Belle that their daughters immunize part in her passport isn't stamped. Lucas asks Philip to ask for his job back from Victor, Victor then walks in and tells Lucas to get out. Belle and Shawn each start to show interest in one another while getting ready for bed. Willow tells Philip that she may have found them.moreless
  • Ep. #10503
    Ep. #10503
    Episode 65
    Belle and Shawn argue about leaving the cabin. Belle finally gives in and they agree to go out, but Claire has spiked a fever. Billie confronts Sami about her stunt inside, and realises that Sami is pregnant. She tries to protect her from Kate and E.J., but arouses E.J.'s suspicions. Steve undergoes his first treatment session with Dr. Beale and recalls visions of E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10502
    Ep. #10502
    Episode 64
    Lucas confronts his mother about setting up Sami again which she openly admits. While dreaming Marlena asks John whether of not he is dead. Sami sees Billie and E.J. together while leaving her apartment and Sami tells Billie that she's worried about her. Kate tells Lucas that he refuses to see the truth about the night he was saved. Sami puts the disc of E.J. and Kate having sex and everyone is shocked when they see it. John tells Marlena that her fear is the only thing that will keep her alive. Dr. Tucker tells Marlena about Steve having committed himself after waking her up before John can tell her something important.moreless
  • Ep. #10501
    Ep. #10501
    Episode 63
    John has an out of body experience while Marlena talks to him. Steve tells Kayla that he will commit himself for evaluation. Roman wants Sami to tell him the truth no matter what. E.J. offers to help Billie move her boxes. Kayla urges Dr. Beale help him get his life back. Marlena prepares to transfer John to a another care facility but changes her mind when he speaks to her. Roman questions about E.J. helping Sami lift the beam off of Lucas. Sami is determined to expose Kate's secrets.moreless
  • Ep. #10500
    Ep. #10500
    Episode 62
    Steve demands answers from Benjy. Willow tells Philip that Shawn is her baby's father. Sami tells Lucas that this whole 'story on TV' is a scam. Philip realizes that Willow's pregnancy could be useful to him. Kate brings in an expert to convince Roman that there's no way Sami could've lifted that beam.moreless
  • Ep. #10499
    Ep. #10499
    Episode 61
    Shawn and Nick convince the police to call Roman in Salem. They discover that Shawn did not kidnap Claire but that this is a custody issue and he is released. Philip finds Belle at their hiding place, but Claire has been sneaked out by Chelsea. Shawn and Belle hook up in front of the Police station, but based on the delays they missed their way out of the town. Merle comes up with another way out, but they need more money. Nick leaves and comes back with the money they need. Willow goes through Philip’s stuff look for items to steal. She is caught by Philip and he kicks her out. Kate sets the scene for Sami to re-enact her rescue of Lucas. She is unable to move the beam and Lucas busts in and orders her to stop trying because of the baby. Kate is stunned to hear the news. Steve and Kayla are having dinner and E.J. arrives at the restaurant. Steve decides to question E.J. about his lost time and ends up attacking him.moreless
  • Ep. #10498
    Ep. #10498
    Episode 60
    Chelsea assures Belle that Philip is not going to get his hands on her or Claire. Belle panics when Merle returns and reports on Shawn's visitors, whom she immediately realises were Philip and Willow. Chelsea says she wants to be more like Claire. Sami meets with the producers and goes out to lunch with Kate, telling her that they're more alike than they realise -- Lucas keeps giving both of them second chances. E.J. tries to buy Will's affection with a Playstation 3, which Lucas finally agrees to let him have. Lucas refuses E.J.'s job offer. Shawn is angry to learn that Philip is having him charged with kidnapping.moreless
  • Ep. #10497
    Ep. #10497
    Episode 59
    Nick lies to Chelsea that the woman he's in love with is a married woman named Madge. She tells him she's been around the block a few times. Philip assures Victor that he doesn't trust Willow, but feels he owes her for the help she's given them so far. Merle tells Belle that Shawn has been arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #10496
    Ep. #10496
    Episode 58
    Chelsea and Nick realize that Philip and Willow are following them. Lucas is offered a job by Kate to work at Mythic which after she encourages him to talk to E.J. Belle and Shawn realize that the Toronto police are pounding on the door. Philip tries to put fear in Nick and Chelsea, Nick assures Chelsea he has a trick up his sleeve. Sami is stunned when Kate tells her that a producer wants to do her story on television. At the airport Chelsea distracts Philip so Nick can put something in his suitcase. Sami explains to Lucas what to do what he thinks is best and he goes to talk to E.J. Philip is detained when security finds a knife and tells Willow to call his father. Lucas tells E.J. the only way he'll take the job is if he moves out of his building.moreless
  • Ep. #10495
    Ep. #10495
    Episode 57
    Max and Philip get into it for tying up Mimi and putting her in the trunk. Willow shocks Hope by saying that she's pregnant with Shawn's baby, she then accuses her of lying. Chelsea explains that she's the last person they would expect to help Shawn and Belle. Nick devises a plan to go with Chelsea to give Shawn the money, Bo then agrees if Nick goes along. Max tells Philip he refuses to help him and Philip then vows to find them and if he does it won't be pretty. Hope explains to Willow that she will expoase her for the lying tramp that she is. Abby tells Max that she's quitting and that she's going to school full time. Willow overhears Nick tell Maggie about him going to give Shawn money and she then calls and tells Philip. Steve admits to Kayla that he had an episode while driving Shawn and Belle to Canada and agrees to see Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10494
    Ep. #10494
    Episode 56
    Mimi tells Roman that her mother and brother stole the bones from the morgue and leaves out that it's her father. Kayla's worried about Steve until he shows up with bruises and tells her that the kids are fine. Shawn calls the Brady Pub pay phone and Chelsea's answers and tells Shawn she wants to help him. Mimi confides in Max that the bones are that of her father. Shawn tells Belle that everything is going to be alright. Roman confronts Bo and Steve about the stolen delivery truck. Merle explains to Belle and Shawn that there's a freighter that goes to Africa. Roman thinks Steve helped Belle and Shawn escape into Canada. Belle realizes that Philip reported her wedding ring stolen so that she couldn't pawn it. Bo agrees to give Shawn money to leave the country thinking they're being watched Chelsea offers to take the money to him.moreless
  • Ep. #10493
    Ep. #10493
    Episode 55
    Shawn and Belle find a safe place in Canada. They decide to call home, but to be safe Shawn calls the pay phone at the Brady Pub. Chelsea answers the phone and promises to get Shawn’s dad back to the Pub. Victor tells Lucas the he needs to go to Canada and kidnap Claire back for his family. When Lucas refuses Victor fires him. Sami goes to the police station to see E.J. He tells her that he just can’t forget about their night together and wants a future with Sami. He inquires if she is pregnant and Sami lies and states that she was using protection. E.J denies any involvement with Lexie and Tek’s disappearance. Abby and Chelsea are accepted to Salem University. Chelsea is very interested in who the mystery man is in her mother’s life and grills Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #10492
    Ep. #10492
    Episode 54
    Sami and Lucas’s romantic evening is ruined. First Roman stops by to tell them that EJ is turned himself into the police. Unfortunately because Lexie and TEK are gone (and lied) there are no witnesses against EJ for shooting John, he will probably not be charged. Then Victor calls Lucas and wants to have a meeting with him first thing in the morning. Lucas thinks Victor is going to order him to find Claire and her parents.

    Kate sees EJ and yells at him for have her accounts frozen and putting their business at risk. EJ smooth talks Kate regarding the charges and his sudden trip. He tells Kate that she must choose sides.

    Billie and Nick discuss their night together and Billie tells him that it was irresponsible and he needs to find someone his own age, like Chelsea. Nick is more interested in Billie. Chelsea wants Nick to hire her.moreless
  • Ep. #10491
    Ep. #10491
    Episode 53
    On their way to Canada, the police catch up to Shawn, Belle and Steve. Steve has another episode and goes into the back of the truck. He throws boxes from the back of the truck at the police car. Steve jumps from the truck after ordering the kids to drive straight through.

    Philip storms into Roman’s office and wants to know what he is doing to find Claire. Phillip warns Roman that he better do his job.

    Lucas is thrilled about the pregnancy and plans a celebration. While he is gone, Sami gets a call from EJ. When Lucas returns he finds a distraught Sami and figures that she is upset over the baby. Sami tells Lucas that she wants to have his baby.

    Chelsea takes Abby and Nick out to dinner to make amends for the things she has said and done to them in the past. When Billie shows up, Chelsea tells everyone that she is going back to school and she encourages Abby to enroll with her at Salem University. Billie leaves when Chelsea begins talking about her mystery man and Nick follows.moreless
  • Ep. #10490
    Ep. #10490
    Episode 52
    Lucas and Sami are spending a quiet time at home. Sami is having troubles with nausea and also seems to be preoccupied by something else. Once Sami finds out that Lexie and Tek are missing, she becomes hysterical thinking that E.J. killed them. And then announces that she is pregnant in the middle of an emotional moment. Marlena has another dream about John and thinks he is trying to warn her that Steve is in trouble. She tells Kayla about her dream and Kayla confides in Marlena about Steve's episodes. Philip shows up to stop Belle and Shawn from leaving. Steve arrives in the nick of time and he has a stolen a delivery truck. They take off to Canada.moreless
  • Ep. #10489
    Ep. #10489
    Episode 51
    Philip arrives at Max's place and tells Mimi he wants to know where Claire is. Belle and Shawn learn that there's an amber alert out on Claire and worry they won't get away. Abe tells Lexie that there's something wrong with her statement and wants her to tell her the truth. Bo tells Kayla that the best thing for Shawn is he and Belle to stay way from Salem forever. Steve arrives and shows Bo that he took E.J.'s travel Visa. Lexie admits to Abe that she was with Tek the night and Abe tells Lexie their marriage is over. Mimi refuses to give up Belle and Shawn's whereabouts. Abe tells Bo that Lexie lied about witnessing John's shooting and that they have no case. Tek tells Lexie they should leave together and they get into an accident. Max rescues a tied up Mimi saying she had to give where Belle and Shawn where.moreless
  • Ep. #10488
    Ep. #10488
    Episode 50
    Bo learns from Kayla that Steve went to Mexico and never mentioned offering to take her along. The kidnapping plot to take Claire from the hospital is set in motion. Belle goes to see her father at the hospital to say goodbye as Marlena overhears. Will lets his mother know that he's proud of her. Marlena offers to help Belle with her plan. Steve tells E.J. that there's an eyewitness to him shooting John. Chelsea wants Sami to tell her how she can win over the Brady's. Philip lets Belle hold Claire and Shawn knocks him out and they run off with her. Steve assaults E.J. when he brings up his headaches and manages to steal his wallet and cell phone. Philip bursts into the pub and vows whoever helped Belle and Shawn will pay.moreless
  • Ep. #10487
    Ep. #10487
    Episode 49
    Stephanie's plane is delayed so Kayla brings her to the pub to say goodbye some more. Roman asks Bo to go to Mexico City to persuade E.J. to come to Salem. Steve's headache continues to torture him and has a memory of getting shock therapy. Sami is surprised when E.J. calls her and asks her if she has anything to do with the police following him. Steve begins to trash his and Kayla's suite at the Salem Inn. Lucas wants Sami to tell Roman about E.J. so she calls him and Roman says they will trace the call. Chelsea doesn't know why "Lonely Splicer" signed off saying goodbye. Bo suggests that Steve go to Mexico and get E.J. to face his crimes and asks to take Kayla with him.moreless
  • Ep. #10486
    Ep. #10486
    Episode 48
    Shawn tells Belle that Philip plans to take Claire out of the country and that he has to play by Victor's games by kidnapping her. Mimi and Max think of a way to get to Claire before Philip can leave with her. Bo tells Kayla that he's not going to let Victor take his son's daughter away from him. Mimi realizes that Claire has to be immunized before she goes to some place exotic. Shawn asks his Aunt Kayla and she confrims Claire's doctor's appointment. Stephanie says her goodbye to her parents and grandparents. Steve plays his harmonica to block out the headache he's having but it doesn't seem to work.moreless
  • Ep. #10485
    Ep. #10485
    Episode 47
    Marlena tells an unconscious John that she will never give up on him. Mimi goes to see Philip at the mansion and the two get into it and realizes that he's acting just like his father, Mimi then finds Philip's passport and realizes that he's taking Claire out of the country. Sami learns from her mother that Claire was given to Victor and Philip. Willow offers Shawn a deal to get Claire back, Maggie then fires for insubordination. Lucas tells Kate to believe that Sami has changed, but deep down Kate knows something is off about Lucas's rescue.moreless
  • Ep. #10484
    Ep. #10484
    Episode 46
    Philip takes the stand and unwraps the bandages on his face. Belle and Shawn initially insist that the man on the stand is not Philip, but Victor is able to provide proof that it is his son. Stephanie drops by the garage to let Chelsea, Abby and Nick know that she is leaving town, and doesn't mince words when she tells Chelsea what she thinks of her. Lucas, Sami and Will spend time together at the hospital, looking forward to their future together as a family. Shawn and Belle are devastated when the judge determines to give temporary custody of Claire to her legal father, Philip, advising them that he will revisit his decision in ninety days but they must attend parenting classes, and can have supervised visitation during that time. Shawn attacks Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10483
    Ep. #10483
    Episode 45
    Bonnie and Conner panic when Abe and Lexie come by the house looking for Mimi. Bo, Hope and Marlena wait outside the court room, there to support their children who are battling Victor for custody of Claire. Victor brings Willow up on the stand to testify about Shawn's affiliation with E.J. Wells, and Willow lies about Shawn's feelings toward his daughter. Max and Mimi show up to lend their support, and are among the shocked courthouse residents who see a bandaged Philip wheeled in.moreless
  • Ep. #10482
    Ep. #10482
    Episode 44
    Max and Mimi again try to make love, but are again interrupted by Shawn as he seeks their assistance with being character witnesses in court. The two agree, and are then too worried about Belle and Shawn to continue their tryst. Belle sits at John's bedside and tells him about her worries for the upcoming custody hearing. Marlena confides in Roman that she believes John is still there, and that the doctor's prediction is wrong. He agrees with her, but when he finds her out on the balcony and saves her from nearly falling, has trouble believing her assertation that John called to her. Bonnie convinces Conner to help her break into the morgue and steal the skeleton.moreless
  • Ep. #10481
    Ep. #10481
    Episode 43
    Stephanie tells her parents that she plans to move to Dayton to join a racing team. Billie confides in Bo that she fell off the wagon after what happened with Steve. Lexie tells Abe what should she do if she can't identify E.J. as John's shooter. Nick admits to Abby that he did sleep with Billie and tells Abby not to tell Chelsea. Lexie calls Tek and tells him if he's absolutely sure he saw E.J. shoot John, and tells Roman that she's sure. Abe tells Max and Mimi that the ring that was found with the body was actually stolen. Billie thanks Bo for taking her to an AA meeting and tells him of her one night stand. Steve tells Stephanie to go ahead and take the job and not to stay away forever. Max offers Mimi to stay at his place for a while. Roman tells Abe that he's worried about Lexie. Lexie tells Tek that they're business is over and not to call again.moreless
  • Ep. #10480
    Ep. #10480
    Episode 42
    Kayla gets Belle and Shawn a lawyer who thinks he may be able to help him. Steve continues tp flip out causing Beverly to call the police. Hope can't belive it's been a year since Zack died as Kayla consoles her. Chelsea is speechless as Nick to let her have it and Abby tells Nick that Chelsea liked it. Dan informs Belle and Shawn that Victor set them both up and it's Belle that has to get her act together. Steve tells Bo about Benjy and these headaches and the noises. Abby has an idea for Nick to "kill" Dr. Shane Patton. Beverly decides not to press charges if Steve never comes to her office again. Maggie realizes that Nick has woman trouble. Abby realizes that Nick slept with Chelseas's mother. Billie tells Chelsea that she found an apartment for the two of them.moreless
  • Ep. #10479
    Ep. #10479
    Episode 41
    Bonnie and Mimi go to the police station to get Conner released. Shawn tells his parents that Victor had Claire taken away. Billie turns down her mother's offer to stay with her at her suite. Stephanie thinks Chelsea's "boyfriend" isn't who he says he is but refuses to listen. Steve and Bo learn from Beverly that Claire is in foster care until after the trial. Abby wants to know what Nick is keeping from him after threatening to tell Chelsea the truth. Sami offers Lucas' old apartment which Billie gracefully accepts. Shawn tells Victor to take his offer and shove it. Caroline then tells Victor to get out of the Pub. Nick finally tells Chelsea exactly what he thinks and lets her have it.moreless
  • Ep. #10478
    Ep. #10478
    Episode 40
    Bonnie tells Billie that she and Chelsea to find somewhere else to live. Steve tells Kayla why John only responds whenever he goes near him. Roman comforts Marlena after dreaming of John waking up. Beverly arrives to take Claire but Shawn locks him Belle and Claire in the hospital chapel. Bonnie wants an explanation on why she's being evicted. Marlena learns from Roman that E.J. got away and wants to know what he plans are in catching him. Steve tells Belle and Shawn that Victor has filed for full custody of Claire on Philip's behalf. Abby walks in on Mimi and Max in a moment and wonders he never said "Thank you" for rescuing them on Christmas. John says Marlena's name as she leaves his hospital room. Bonnie and Mimi learns that Conner has been arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #10477
    Ep. #10477
    Episode 39
    Marlena and Belle wait for Dr. Tucker to give them more information about John. Bo and Hope let Shawn hold his baby sister. Steve again begins lose control as he sees the devil on a kid's shirt. Mimi confides in Max that she just needed to see him and Shawn walks in on them kissing. Dr. Tucker tells Marlena and Belle that John won't come out of his coma. Mimi, Max and Shawn agree to start over and put the past behind them and Max gives Shawn his job back. Kayla tells Hope that she's worried that she'll wake up and Steve won't be there. John's monitors go off as Steve goes near his bed and Marlena requests another EEG. A photographer takes a picture of Claire while Mimi takes her for a walk. Shawn tells Belle that she maybe right about Beverly investigating them. The photographer gives the pictures to Beverly and to tell Victor they are ready to make their move. Bo and Hope decide to have a contest to name their new baby, whom they temporarily christen Doodlebug.moreless
  • Ep. #10476
    Ep. #10476
    Episode 38
    Bonnie calls Conner and asks him to come home after visiting Patrick with Mimi at the jail. Chelsea nearly catches Billie and Nick together when she arrives home from Chez Rouge. Belle worries for her father, but when she spots Beverly Healy and learns she is from CPS, her worry takes a new direction. Bo and Hope are awed by their new daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #10475
    Ep. #10475
    Episode 37
    Nick and Billie get passionate at her place after she has too much to drink. Chelsea looks forward to a job working at Chez Rouge. Kate tells Roman that she believes Sami is lying. Mimi and Max are surprised to learn that the skeleton is not that of a Civil War soldier.moreless
  • Ep. #10474
    Ep. #10474
    Episode 36
    Sami doesn't tell her father the truth about E.J. escaping. Chelsea goes to Chez Rouge and asks Maggie for a job as a waitress. Kayla rushes to tend to Steve as he collapses in the hallway. Billie reads the letters that Steve wrote telling her what she meant to him. Abby continues to tell Nick about telling Chelsea about him being "Lonely Splicer" Roman tells Sami how she knows that E.J. got away after learning the John was shot. Lexie explains to Abe that she didn't hypothetically see E.J. shoot John and worries about her safety. Maggie hires Chelsea on a trial basis. A frustrated Bille turns to alcohol when she realizes she's all alone. Nick sees Billie and comforts her and they end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10473
    Ep. #10473
    Episode 35
    Steve, Kayla, Benjy and his wife Sonia have dinner at Chez Rouge. Lexie tells Roman that she saw E.J. shoot John even though she knows she didn't. E.J. and Sami head for the road block in order to get through, E.J. says he'll help Lucas if she makes love to him. Lucas hallucinates his mother telling him Sami won't be back and then Will saying not to give up. Sonia signs Benjy to give Steve the "thing" so they can leave but Kayla and Steve receive word about John and head for the hospital. Bo delivers Hope's daughter and Patrick admits that Bo is the father and not him. Marlena tells Bo at the hospital that if John dies she will never forgive him. Benjy gives Steve the death card.moreless
  • Ep. #10472
    Ep. #10472
    Episode 34
    Tek tells Lexie that she must listen to what he has to say and won't leave until he does. Sami watches as the roof crahes in on Lucas and a beam pins his legs. Patrick tells Hope that he is to get her away from Hope and then kill her. E.J. tells John that his father Stefano sent him to kill him. Roman is concerned for John when he loses contact with him. John tells Roman what E.J. tells him to say that E.J. never showed up. Sami tells an unconscious Lucas to stay awake and that she can't lose him and then goes for help. John is shot and drops to the ground and Tek immediately goes for help and tells Lexie that John was shot. Bo arrives and tells Patrick not to hurt her and Hope's water breaks and goes into labor. Roman learns what happened to John and goes to help him. E.J. takes Lexie's car and makes a getaway and runs into Sami and agrees to help him escape if he helps Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #10471
    Ep. #10471
    Episode 33
    Chelsea wonders if Nick will ever tell her when he's going to find Lonely Splicer. Roman thinks E.J. bought Sami's story and is about to make his move. Lucas and Sami get caught in a blizzard while en route on a ski trip. Hope informs Patrick that she's not going away with him and he then pulls a gun on her and forces her to go with him. John tells Marlena that he will only consult with the police about E.J. Nick tells Abby that Chelsea will hate him if she learns that he is her online boyfriend. Sami and Lucas give into passion and make love by the fire in the cabin. Bo gets a call from Chelsea and learns that he lost the tail on him. John realizes has no choice but to help Roman out after Bo goes to help Hope. Nick can't bring himself to tell Chelsea the truth. E.J. pulls a gun on John at the boathouse. Marlena arrives with Will and learns that John went after E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10470
    Ep. #10470
    Episode 32
    Everyone gathers at Alice Horton's for the annual tree trimming party. Abby rescues Mimi and Max not before they share a kiss. Steve gets Clay Aiken to perform for him and Kayla by singing "Everything I Have".
  • Ep. #10469
    Ep. #10469
    Episode 31
    Lucas openly admits to everyone that he cares about Sami which surprises even her. E.J. wants Will to say if his mother was lying about him having his appendix taken out. John says that Sami has agreed to help with dealing with E.J. Max pulled something in his shoulder and Mimi takes over hitting the brick wall and Max is amazed by her strength. Will attempts to pull a fast one over E.J. by showing him phony stitches and pulled it off. Lucas lets it slip by calling Sami his wife and Sami liked it when he said that. Max and Mimi locate a dead body behind the wall and use the gun next to it to blast the lock. Chelsea thinks she found where Victor is hiding them and goes off with Abby and Stephanie. Abe collapses in front of everyone and worries about his eyesight. Sami begins her plan by telling E.J. that her father plans to arrest him after Christmas and that he has "forensic evidence". Abe agrees when Lexie suggests that he see a cornea specialist.moreless
  • Ep. #10468
    Ep. #10468
    Episode 30
    Shawn tells Belle that he's going to make peace with Max and Mimi and ask for his old job back. Lucas wagonts Sami to go to the police and tells them what she heard E.J. say but she refuses thinking Lucas and Will are going to get hurt. John resigns from the case and Bo tells Abe and Roman that he wants in and Abe agrees. Steve gives Kayla a special present two tickets to a Clay Aiken concert, but she then realizes she can't go. Max and Mimi share a romantic moment while trapped together, they then find tools to dig themselves out. Patrick threatens to re-open the charges if she doesn't go away with him. Kayla tells Steve that Alice Horton wants him to read the Christmas story at the hospital this year. Roman and Abe vow to protect Sami as she tells them what E.J. said about Stefano. The bum leaves Max and Mimi trapped and took their money. Marlena tells Sami that she and John remarried in Italy and Sami surprises her by saying that she wants her to be happy. Roman doesn't like the idea of Sami delivering phony information to lure E.J. into a trap. The woman that Belle and Shawn ran into at Java turned out to be a paid informant sent by Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #10467
    Ep. #10467
    Episode 29
    E.J. tells Patrick that John knows his identity and he and Patrick return to Salem. Mimi and Max attempt to stand up ans try to get out of the ropes. Abby is glad that her feelings for Max are out in the open. Billie is crushed when Steve tells her he got his memory back and is going back to Kayla. E.J. threatens to kill Patrick's mother if he doesn't return to Salem with him. Roman enlists Chelsea and Abby's help in their quest to find Max and Mimi. E.J. instructs Patrick to get Hope out of Salem ASAP. Roman tells Bo and Hope that E.J. Wells in Elvis, Jr. Stefano's son. Mimi and Max realize that they are trapped in a church basemnent.moreless
  • Ep. #10466
    Ep. #10466
    Episode 28
    Hope sees Steve and Kayla and she learns that he got his memory back. Roman informs Bo that Kate could be in on it with Mimi and Max's disappearence. Marlena finds the death tarot card in John's coat pocket and demands an explanation. Chelsea feels unwelcome at the Brady Pub when everyone worries about Max. Roman is against the idea of breaking into Victor's house but then tells Bo to be careful. Abby finally admits her true feelings for Max. Steve and Bo search Victor's house and finds proof that someone was there.moreless
  • Ep. #10465
    Ep. #10465
    Episode 27
    Belle agrees to let Victor see Claire one more time before he leaves for Canada. E.J. wants to know how much Sami heard while he was on the phone, she says that she didn't hear anything. Shawn tells Belle that he ended things with Willow and she then torched his apartment. Marlena asks Stefano what he wants and he points to a picture of him and Susan Banks and Elvis, Jr. and realizes that the baby in the picture is E.J. A frantic Sami tells Lucas that she heard E.J. mention Stefano DiMera's name and Lucas says that they should leave right now. Victor asks Kate to continue to lie top everyone until he and Philip return. Shawn and Belle are beside themselves wehen Roman tells them Victor was behind Claire's kidnapping and possibly hiding Philip. Stefano laughs as he tells John to shoot him, but Marlena convinces John to leave. Sami thinks of a plan for Lucas to tell Will to call her and make an excuse to get her to come home. Roman arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and Kate4 wonders what he's doing there and finds evidence that she was not alone. Rico orders to E.J. from Stefano to kill John Black and then leave Salem forever.moreless
  • Ep. #10464
    Ep. #10464
    Episode 26
    Marlena stops John from entering Stefano's hospital room thinking there's danger ahead. Lucas arrives at the press conference for Mythic, E.J. sees Lucas and insists that he say hello to Sami. Shawn puts out the fire tha Willow started and lashes out at her for doing this as the fire department arrives. Bo feels that he let down Shawn and Zack and Chelsea is reponsible. Marlena insists that she and John leave befoer it's too late. Lucas tells E.J. that he's here to protect Sami from him in case her tries anything, Sami then tells Lucas off for following her and E.J. Willow tells Shawn that the home that he made for his daughter is now gone. Marlena hurries to rescue John from Rico by pulling a gun on him and asking to see Stefano. Willow is arrested for arson and Shawn blames himself for her behaviour. Bo offers Shawn to come back home with him and Hope after being evicted from the building by the landlord. Sami overhears E.J. mention Stefano DiMera's name and is immediately scared. Rico tells Marlena that Stefano will see her alone and not John.moreless
  • Ep. #10463
    Ep. #10463
    Episode 25
    Bo finds Hope's travel itinerary and Hope says that he has nothing to worry about. Nick and Abby go back to the garage concerned for Max's safety. Shawn tells a devastated Willow that she must move out and she then storms out. Abby and Nick are shocked when they see the garage ransacked and immediately call 911. Lucas tells Sami that E.J. has an agenda in taking her to Alabama on a business trip, E.J. then suggests that Lucas come along. Willow goes to Bo and Hope and tells then that Shawn has just dumped her and wonders what they plan to do about it. Shawn meets E.J. at Chez Rouge anf tells him he can't work for him anymore. Roman asks Abby to describe the mysterious van to him and she says that she can't remember. Hope explains to Willow about Claire and Willow gets Hope mad by saying that she's not going to be with her baby's father. Grandpa Shawn says it doesn't look like a prank to him and worries about Max. Willow returns to the apartment and sets Shawn's things on fire. Lucas decides to follow Sami and E.J. to Talladega.moreless
  • Ep. #10462
    Ep. #10462
    Episode 24
    Patrick threatens to call the cops on his mom if he doesn't get his money back. Max goes to Roman with the theory that Victor is hiding Philip somewhere, Roman tells Max to keep him posted. Kate wants to know why Victor kept this from her and their son needing a face transplant. Bo and Hope begin to get closer by rebuilding their marriage. Patrick says it's not okay for Mimi and Bonnie helping themselves to his money. Victor tells Kate that he filed a custody suit on Philip's behalf for all rights to Claire. Abby is worried when she sees a mysterious van outside and Max goes to check it out. Hope is wondnering how to tell Bo about her and Patrick's trip together. Roman tells Bo that Victor possibly hired the woman to take Claire. Bonnie explains to Lauren to be patient and that more money will be coming in very soon.moreless
  • Ep. #10461
    Ep. #10461
    Episode 23
    Steve and Kayla enjoy a hot bubble bath and a joyful reunion. Max and Mimi tell Kate about Victor has known all along about Philip and is probably hiding him. Belle and Shawn tell Victor that they are going to limit his visitation with Claire which doesn't please him. John and Marlena decide whether or not to beleive that Stefano is dead or alive. Rico enters John and Marlena's hotel room and John gets the upper hand and demands who sent him. Kate lifts Victor's house keys while leaving a message for him in his coat pocket and goes to find out his secret. John tells Marlena that he's going after Stefano alone and that she should stay out of it. Victor threatens to take action if Shawn and Belle deny him Claire and he and Shawn get into it. John agrees to let Marlena to meet Stefano and gives her a gun in case. Mimi thanks Max for standing up to Shawn for her and for giving her a job. Kate hears music from behind a wall, Victor shows up and Kate asks him to open the door and is reunited with Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10460
    Ep. #10460
    Episode 22
    Kayla cannot believe Steve's claims that his memory is back after all the times he claimed it as before. He tries desperately to convince her that he is finally back, but she has trouble believing him. Chelsea asks for Nick's help in locating the man in the photo, and Billie tries to convince her to leave it alone while Nick insists he doesn't even know how to do what she wants. Willow lashes out at Belle, telling her that she is living with Shawn. Alone, Willow admits to Shawn that he's the closest thing she's ever had to a real relationship and isn't exactly sure how to proceed. Bo is prepared to move out until Hope assures him she knows he didn't attack Patrick. John and Marlena desecrate the DiMera crypt in Italy and learn that Stefano's body is not there. Shawn later tells Belle that he loves her and is not in love with Willow.moreless
  • Ep. #10459
    Ep. #10459
    Episode 21
    Kayla's determined to find out if Steve is pretending to remember their past. Chelsea shows Billie a picture of her "soul mate". Willow tells Shawn that it wasn't his fault that Claire was abducted. Belle confides in Hope that she get past the idea of Shawn sleeping with a hooker. Bo wonders how E.J. got a hold of the criminal record of the person who brought Claire back. Steve is stunned when Kayla confirmed that something wasn't right about him. Bo corners the Red-Haired women at the Cheatin Heart and asks her if someone paid her to take Claire. Hope wonders if Belle is jealous of Willow she then says that she's not. Patrick's idea of leaving town before Christmas has Hope wondering if he's lying about Bo hitting him. Bonnie's attempt at seducing E.J. goes awry and E.J. then goes to Patrick threatening him to do something about his mother. Willow overhears Shawn about to tell Belle and she interupts before he can. Kayla is worried when Steve remembers something about Victor being after them and begins to get hysterical.moreless
  • Ep. #10458
    Ep. #10458
    Episode 20
    Chelsea tells Abby and Stephanie about her online friend, and the two are naturally skeptical. While Stephanie returns to Chelsea's place to see if she's received any new messages, Abby hangs out with Nick, who admits to being Chelsea's on-line friend. Marlena and John celebrate their marriage in Italy, then meet up with Stefano's henchman, Rico, who swears that Stefano is dead and Tony in jail. John decides to infiltrate the DiMera crypt to find out for sure. Mimi and Max stop by Victor's to share what they know about Philip, and Victor tells them that Philip was involved in an undercover C.I.A. operation. While Victor talks inside with Philip, Max and Mimi agree that they don't believe him.moreless
  • Ep. #10457
    Ep. #10457
    Episode 19
    John and Marlena enjoy a night together in Italy. E.J. confesses to Kate that he wants Sami to have his child and Kate thinks that he's joking but assures that he's serious. Lucas tells Sami that she's making a mistake working for E.J. and tries to convince Lucas that it'll be alright. The "perp" returns to the diner and Bo wants to know where Claire is, Bo relizes that he didn't take her. Hope wonders that Shawn will lose his daughter cause he didn't spend enough time with her. Shawn tears into Belle on how she wasn't watching Claire. Sami learns of Claire's disappearance and goes to be with Belle and tells Shawn to stop yelling at her. Bo goes to E.J. and accuses him abducting a baby girl, he then says that he didn't. Kate tells Lucas about E.J.'s plan for Sami to have his baby and ends up laughing. The woman brings Claire back and says that she found her in her car. Lucas explains to Sami E.J.'s plan which leaves her speechless. John proposes to Marlena with someone looking at them. Victor pays off the woman who abducted Claire on a job well done.moreless
  • Ep. #10456
    Ep. #10456
    Episode 18
    Bo refuses to be released and wants to take Patrick to court to prove what a liar he is. Sami tells E.J. that she won't prostitute and tells him that she still quits. Victor explains to Lucas that he wants him to run Titan while he's away on business, Lucas is unaware that Philip is in the next room and is listening to them, Victor then lies to Lucas about the person's identity. Max wants Mimi to tell him why looking for Philip is important to her. E.J. presents Sami with Austin's shares in Mythic to Sami if she accepts the job. Mimi thinks that it's her fault that Philip re-enlisted, Max tells her that it was his decision and not hers. Victor tells Belle that he wants to set up a trust fund for Claire but Belle is hesitant to accept it. Bo wants to know what deal Hope brokered to get Patrick to drop the charges. Sami accepts E.J.'s offer which infuriates Lucas and wonders why she wants to work with him. Belle realizes that Claire is missing and gets all frantic and immediately calls the police. Max and Mimi are told that the person that they are looking for was checked out several days ago.moreless
  • Ep. #10455
    Ep. #10455
    Episode 17
    Hope tries to persuade Patrick to drop the charges against Bo, cause he doesn't believe he assaulted him. Sami and Lucas enjoy a romantic evening watching a movie on the couch and the two end up making out. E.J. suggests Sami to come to Mythic which infuriates Kate by saying over her dead body. Mimi asks Bonnie for air fare to Atlanta to get Philip which she refuses, but says she'll tell Patrick that she took his money. Abby tries to convince Max that he likes Mimi and almost gets him to admit it. Bo tells Billie that Hope has lost all confidence in him cause he can't keep his hands off of Billie. Lucas tries to get Sami to quit her job with E.J. and says that he'll go with her. Patrick agrees to drop the charges against Bo on one condition that they go away together. Bonnie goes to E.J. and tells him what Mimi said and threatens to go to the police with the information, E.J. then hands her money to keep her mouth shut. Lauren tells Bonnie that she better keep giving her money or else. E.J. tells Sami as she quits that he was intending on making her a full partner in Mythic.moreless
  • Ep. #10454
    Ep. #10454
    Episode 16
    John tells Bo that he will stop at nothing to prove that he didn't beat up Patrick. Abe begins to have vision problems while looking at some paperwork. Tek then asks Abe for a recommendation to find employment and won't leave until he does. Kayla confides in Lexie that she thinks that Steve is lying about his memory for her benefit. Billie admits her feelings for Steve and that it's killing her and Steve vows to make it right. Tek resorts to blackmailing Abe by threatening to talk to his surperior about his performance as the Commissioner. Marlena realizes that Bo is covering for John and he's still investigating E.J. Wells. Abe tells Lexie that his eyes are bothering him again and worries he'll lose his sight again. Marlena suggests to John that they go to Italy and fight DiMera together, she then keeps Bo's name out of it by saying that she knew what he was up to. Kayla says she wants to go to the mountains and wants Steve to go with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10453
    Ep. #10453
    Episode 15
    Lucas and Sami send Will off on his ski trip so Lucas can focus on Sami. John tells E.J. that he knows that he didn't beat up Patrick and not Bo. Patrick admits to Hope in the hospital that he never stopped lovinh her. Max and Mimi continue their search for Philip with no leads. Bonnie calls Mimi and tells her of Patrick's condition, she then takes a wad of cash from her son's pockets. Abe tells Bo that he's fired from the Salem PD and then booked. Lucas and Sami beging making out on the couch and Sami quickly stops it from progressing. Abby tells Max that maybe Mimi could possibly start to have a thing for him, Max tells Abby that they're just friends. Hope tells Shawn that she can't deal with Bo anymore and is finished with him, Shawn then wants to know why she believes Patrick over his father. Sami is approached by E.J. in the hall and asks for forgiveness and that he never meant to hurt her, which she gladly forgives him. Max and Abby are concerned when Mimi says "Love, Ya" over the phone after telling her that they found Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10452
    Ep. #10452
    Episode 14
    E.J. is livid when Patrick calls him and says never to call him again. Bo arrives at Patrick's and says to stay away from Hope and that he will make sure that he's apart of the baby's life. Shawn tells Willow not to hide anymore when someone knocks on the door which turns out to be E.J. who threatens to fire Shawn if he doesn't explain, he then says that Patrick hasn't been paying him. Billie explains to Hope that she's sorry for Chelsea's behaviour and for taking the picture. Kate wonders if there's something more about the picture and accuses her mother of putting Chelsea up to it. E.J. goes to Patrick about Shawn not receiving and begins to hit him. Kate applauds Chelsea thinking her granddaughter has potential. A weak Patrick calls Hope saying that he needs her and when she arrives he tells her Bo did this. Willow and Shawn enjoy driving in the car he just bought and head to Chez Rouge for dinner. Billie calls Bo and tells him that Patrick was taken to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10451
    Ep. #10451
    Episode 13
    Abe, John and Roman put their heads together to figure out who the intended victim that E.J. will be told to murder. Billie is horrified when Patrick shows her a picture of her and Bo in bed together and Chelsea admits to taking it and sending it to Hope and Steve. Kate arrives at the Penthouse and Marlena asks Kate if she's sleeping with E.J. and she also insists not to trust him at all. Hope wants an explanation about the picture of him and Billie as Bo is shocked to see it. Kayla begins to have trouble breathing after seeing the picture and Steve calls Lexie, Steve then breaks a date with Billie. Hope tells Patrick as he arrives at her house that it isn't a good time and to stay out of her personal life. Bo tosses Chelsea's computer out the door and breaking it so can no longer cause trouble with it. John agrees to go to Italy and check out E.J.'s connection to Tony or Stefano, he later lies to Marlena by saying it's a "business trip" for Basic Black.moreless
  • Ep. #10450
    Ep. #10450
    Episode 12
    Belle tells Marlena that she can't stop thinking about Philip and that he could be in danger. Victor calls upon Dr. Weinstein to help repair Philip's face. Mimi and Max go to to the photographer and ask if they can see a blow up of the photo and later Art calls Victor and tells them about his recent visitors. Bo arrives at Shawn's and wonders why he wasn't at the Pub for Thanksgiving yesterday. Abe again questions Celeste to see if she was threatened by E.J. of the DiMera's. Marlena tells Belle that she can't keep Shawn away from Claire. Bo has an idea on getting John involved because of his past with Tony and Stefano. Shawn turns off his phone and he and Willow make love on the couch.moreless
  • Ep. #10449
    Ep. #10449
    Episode 11
    Salemnites prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Nick takes Chelsea with him to the Brady Pub as his guest, but no one is too pleased to see her. When Chelsea comments that her family won't give her a chance, Nick tells her that this is her chance. His words spur her to apologise to Abby for an earlier slight as well as to try to make amends with Hope, but Hope is called away by Steve, which convinces Chelsea it's wrong to even try. Max brings Mimi as his guest, and while Caroline is pleased to see her, Bo warns Max that Mimi is nothing but trouble. Lexie gets Celeste to admit that E.J. is involved with DiMera business. Kate and Billie share a lonely Thanksgiving. Chelsea returns to the apartment and sends Steve and Hope the photo of Bo and Billie in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #10448
    Ep. #10448
    Episode 10
    Chelsea takes steps to ensure that Billie ends up with the man she wants her to be with.
  • Ep. #10447
    Ep. #10447
    Episode 9
    Abe is furious to find Tek with his wife and their argument turns physical. Shawn turns on Hope when she tries to give him advice. Before things go any further between them, Sami asks Lucas if it's more than just sex.
  • Ep. #10446
    Ep. #10446
    Episode 8
    Tek takes off after Abe rejects his idea about busting into E.J.'s safety deposit box, and only moments later Abe okays John doing it since he's not on the force. Tek drowns his sorrows at a bar, where he sees Lexie. E.J. shows up after Sami sends Will off to school, determined to expose her true motivation behind leading him on. Lucas comes in as E.J. is man-handling Sami and demands he leave, then heads to Wells' apartment where he dumps a bucket of paint on him before returning to Sami, who was reminded of Alan. Belle drops Claire off at Victor's for a visit and is waylaid by Kate, who has a photo she thinks is Philip to show her. Victor takes Claire to a secret room, where a bandaged Philip awaits. Willow demands Shawn make a choice -- is she his girlfriend, or his dirty secret?moreless
  • Ep. #10445
    Ep. #10445
    Episode 7
    Tek digs through E.J.'s bank records hoping to find something the police can use against him. Kayla begins to regain her health.
  • Ep. #10444
    Ep. #10444
    Episode 6
    Smokey Robinson rescues Marlena from the bad weather. Steve tries to keep Kayla with them.
  • Ep. #10443
    Ep. #10443
    Episode 5
    Dr. Myers tells Steve that he is free to go, but he doesn't want to leave while Kayla is in such rough shape. Patrick is upset when Hope tells him that she has asked Bo to move back home. Billie warns Chelsea not to spread rumors about her and Bo. Marlena jumps out of the plane and John pull out all his resources to locate her. Marlena is then rescued by some with an axe.moreless
  • Ep. #10442
    Ep. #10442
    Episode 4
    Steve has a flash to the past when he sees Benjy signing at him from outside the quarantine room. Victor takes Claire to visit a bandaged mystery person in a wheelchair at the mansion. Belle warns Shawn that Willow is unstable and she doesn't want Claire anywhere near her. John and Marlena experience plane trouble on their way to Canada.moreless
  • Ep. #10441
    Ep. #10441
    Episode 3
    Bo calls Sami and asks her to distract E.J. so that the person who is going through his apartment can get out unaware that it's Kate. Dr. Myers tells the Brady's that Kayla's system is failing and that she needs an antidote quick. Sami is touched when Bo says that she's proud with what she just did. E.J. tells Will that she and his mother are together again says that there's nothing him or his father can do about it. Roman is told by Bo Sami's participation in his case. John shows Marlena a ring the resembles Stefano's that was found in E.J.'s apartment. Steve sees a stranger who sparks recognition.moreless
  • Ep. #10440
    Ep. #10440
    Episode 2
    Steve realizes that he can't keep lying to Kayla by pretending that he remembers her. Patrick is against Hope having an amniocentisis thinking she'll find out Bo is the father, Dr. Bader then asked for more money. Bo tells Roman they should re-examine the stuff in Lockhart's locker. Lucas and Sami reminisce about the day they had with Will. Kate explains to Billie that she doesn't know if Steve is in love with Kayla or Billie. Lucas tells E.J. that he'll wipe that smug look off his face if he touches his mother again. Stephanie thanks her father for giving her mother a reason to live. John and Bo listen as Kate tell Bo doesn't trust him a move in which John reveals his plan to Bo to have Kate search his apartment. E.J. leaves the Penthouse Grill early and calls Kate to warn her that he is on his way home. Kayla begins to have breathing problems and Dr. Myers rushes in to stop the problem.moreless
  • Ep. #10439
    Ep. #10439
    Episode 1
    Will, Sami and Lucas have dinner at the Penthouse Grill after having a fun day at the amusement park. Shawn-Douglas and Belle each return the cheques to Victor and each tell him to back off. Lexie notices Sami laughing with her family while having dinner with Abe even when her career as a doctor is over. Victor wants a few minutes with Belle and Shawn-D and they can return the money back when he's finished talking. The bartender makes a bet with Nick to ensure Chelsea's freedom a gives him his watch as collateral. Will leaves hoping his father will try to figure out for his mom to deal with Lexie. Shawn is angered when Belle says that Victor is allowed to see Claire but as long as it's by her rules. Sami goes to apologize to Lexie but she tells her to take her apology and go straight to hell, she later follows Sami to the ladies room and pours champagne on her head.moreless