Days of our Lives - Season 43

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  • Ep. #10864
    Ep. #10864
    Episode 724
    Abe gives Morgan the letter that her father left for her in his suitcase, Roman says that it's evidence and will need it back. Bo questions Morgan about his relationship with Philip, as Philip overhears outside the door. Max asks Steve and Kayla for help in finding his biological sister. Trent sees Nicole talking to E.J. Morgan starts to read the letter. Chloe arrives at the police station and knows that Philip is here for Morgan. Max tells Caroline that he has a sister out there somewhere. Trent asks Nicole if there's something with her and E.J. that she's letting on. Lexie brings Theo to see Abe but he ignores her and wanders off, she then goes after him. Chloe tells Philip that she's seeing someone else, Philip then asks her who it is, Lucas is then brought up from downstairs. Trent tells Nicole to cut off all ties with E.J. Chloe blurts out that she slept with Lucas. Theo has a fit and throws his vegetables on the floor at the pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10950
    Ep. #10950
    Episode 508
    Bo and Hope celebrate as he was appointed the new commissioner, so they draw the blinds. E.J. tells Nicole that must've been some performance she put on for the guard. Sami tells Rafe that she can't take it no more and that she wants this to be over so she can go back with her family. Nick realizes taht Max thinks that he won't make her happy. Max gets a phone call from Mr. Berman and learns something very interesting. Nicole tells Bo and Hope the truth about the night that Trent died. Sami calls Roman and learns something about Nicole, Rafe thinks that something is up and learns that she called Lucas and not Roman. Philip takes his frustration out on the punching bag, runs into Stephanie. Nicole says that she brought a gun with intent on killing Trent but couldn't do it, she says that there was someone at the entrance to the cemetary, E.J. says that maybe the caretaker saw something and they could end this thing tonight. Nick makes a phone call to Melanie and uses a voice distorter which freaks her out. Sami offers to make Rafe dinner, he says that he's gonna watch her like a hawk, she then tries to run after there's a fire on the stove. Melanie hurries back to Nick's place completely frantic and tells him that she got a weird phone call with a distorted voice. Bo and Hope believe Nicole and think that the person who was there could very well be the killer. Sami then goes to take a shower, Rafe gets even for her taking his cell phone by taking her clothes. Nicole has a theory about Stefano being the killer.moreless
  • Ep. #10949
    Ep. #10949
    Episode 507
    Philip tells Nick that it's gonna be a while before he makes any money on his project. E.J. tells Bo that Nicole is missing. Nicole is put somewhere with other felons a place that isn't University Hospital. Tony tells Roman why he's so glum and thinks it has to do with the possibility that Stefano had the Mayor killed. Evan tells Abe that it's time to say his acceptance speech. Philip tells Nick that his alternative fuel source is the not a good thing right now, Melanie tells Philip to cut the crap and that Chelsea put him up to this. Abe gives his speech and Lexie is worried he'll bring up Stefano. The doctor returns and finds that he smokes are missing, Nicole motions that Candy took them putting her on Nicole's bad side. Bo tells E.J. that Nicole was transfered to the prison hospital ward. When Dr. Sherry leaves Candy and another inmate gang up on Nicole. Philip says that Chelsea had nothing to do with it and it was his decision, Melanie tells him that Chelsea knew about the letter. E.J. comes to the prison but the nurse refuses to let him see Nicole, he says he isn't leaving til he sees her. Abe tells Roman that he's chosen the new police commissioner. Nicole screams and the Dr. Sherry and the guard enter the room. Nick tells Max that Philip thinks there's some flaws in his project, but Philip will rethink his decision, and asks Max for his help. Philip comes back and tells Melanie that Nick may fall for her sob story but he sees right through her. E.J. comes to Nicole's rescue in the hospital prison ward with a court order allowing him to take her out of here. Bo accepts the job of police commissioner. Max agrees to help Max and Nick says that Melanie will get a share of the profits cause he's in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10948
    Ep. #10948
    Episode 506
    Daniel insists on helping Chloe with her workout, she then lets him show her something. Stefano isn't going to sit back and listen Tony continue to believe he had the Mayor murdered. Abe doesn't like the way the pub is decorated, cause this isn't a party to celebrate the Mayor's death. Philip sees Daniel at the club working out and lashes at him when he's not taking care of Kate. Nick sits by Melanie's bedside while she sleeps, she wakes up askin who's in her room, Nick is shown sitting outside the door with a strange look on his face. Lexie confides in Abe that she believes that Stefano had his part in Mayor Marino's murder, Roman asks Lexie what's the matter. Nick tells Melanie when she comes downstairs that it's all coming together. Roman learns from Abe that Lexie told Stefano to cut all ties with Mayor Marino. Hope tells Bo they better hurry or there gonna miss Abe's victory speech. Lexie tells Tony that the guilt was eating at her and she had to tell Abe everything. Chloe realizes that Daniel has sincere feelings for Kate. Stefano insists to Roman and Abe he did nothing to have the Mayor killed, Roman says to Stefano that they will find the hitman and when they do he's going down. Philip comes by to see Nick about his alternative fuel source and vows it'll never see the light of day. Evan announces that Abe won the election by a landslide and is the new Mayor of Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #10947
    Ep. #10947
    Episode 505
    Stefano lays into E.J. for letting them lock up Nicole in jail who's carrying a DiMera heir, Stefano thinks that E.J. is starting to question Nicole's innocence. Melanie starts to unpack and realizes that some things are missing. Lexie tells Abe that this could be that last time they are regular citizens of Salem and Abe could be sworn in as Mayor any minute. Nicole starts to manufacture a medical emergency hoping this could be her chance. Philip and Chelsea meet and discuss Nick, Philip thinks that Chelsea doesn't want Nick to be with anyone else. Stephanie sees Max serving drinks at the Cheatin Heart and they argue over his future. Nick lies to Melanie when he said that he knocked over her purse and was putting stuff back in there. A guard recognizes Nicole from her movies and says she has to do what he wants to get what she wants. E.J. tells Stefano that Nicole that she's important to him and so's the child, he then goes to see Nicole and sees that she's not there and asks where she is. Stephanie asks Philip how his mother is doing, Philip insists on taking her back to his house cause she's too drunk to drive. Stefano calls Lexie hoping if Abe has someone in mind to fill the position of police commissioner. The guard tells E.J. that she was taken to University Hospital, he calls but says that she was never taken there. Nick has a fantasy of he and Melanie married and happy.moreless
  • Ep. #10946
    Ep. #10946
    Episode 504
    While Philip waits to hear news about his mother, he visualizes making love to Melanie. E.J. asks Nicole if she killed Trent when he gets her alone in Roman's office. Rafe tells Sami that he didn't make the top of his class to get stuck babysitting a spoiled brat. Chelsea arrives unexpectedly and learns that Melanie is going to be living with Nick at Maggie's house. Nicole's bail hearing starts and E.J. tries to get her released immediately. Nick gets the most unbelievable news that his project on the alternative fuel source is gonna be funded by another company. Bo presents his statement to Judge Fitzpatrick and that bail for Nicole should be denied, she then agrees and says Nicole should go to jail at once. Chelsea overhears Melanie tells Nick that maybe they should be something other than friends. Sami can't stand looking at mugshots, Rafe says she has to if she's going to identify the person who tried to kill her. Nick yells at Chelsea after learning she was spying on what he and Melanie where saying and that Melanie will use him, Nick then tells Chelsea to get out. Bo tells Hope that he should feel good about what happened but he doesn't. Daniel tells Kate as she lays in her hospital bed that he needs her and so does her children. Sami attempts to make a run for it, but Rafe stops her. Nicole thinks that E.J. doesn't believe her when she said that she was innocent. Nick finds a piece of paper in Melanie's purse and he reads it and sees that it says "I saw you at the cemetary and I know what you happened" and he remembers writing it.moreless
  • Ep. #10945
    Ep. #10945
    Episode 503
    Stephanie confides in Philip about her relationship worries and wishing that Melanie would just leave Salem for good, and why Philip is defending her so quickly. Sami becomes frantic when someone attempts to get in, she then tries to get Hilda awake so that she can protect her. E.J. arrives to defend Nicole when she's arrested and that the district attorney may have something, and thinks that she hasn't done anything to him at least not yet. Nick hears that Melanie is saving up for a place and offers to stay with him, Max thinks it's a bad idea, Nick says that it's only a friendly gesture. Sami is relieved when it's Rafe Fernandez and FBI agent who sees Hilda asleep he then realizes that she was drugged, and wants an explanation from Sami. Bo tells Max that they arrested Nicole and that the charges against Caroline have been dropped. Hilda wakes up and eyes Sami as the one who spiked her tea. Nicole lays into E.J. for thinking about Sami's safety rather than her and the baby being locked up. Philip gets a call from Victor saying that Caroline is free, and Nicole was arrested, and that Melanie seems to be innocent which surprises Stephanie. Hilda quits cause she doesn't want to stay another minute with Sami, Rafe says she shouldn't begged her to stay. E.J. lays into Nicole for constantly bringing up that idea that he is always going to Sami, and reminds her that she's the mother of his son. Rafe calls his supervisor and tells Sami that he's Hilda's replacement.moreless
  • Ep. #10944
    Ep. #10944
    Episode 502
    Hilda already starts to get on Sami's nerves. Hope shows Nicole something and if she would like to explain it. Lucas arrives to talk to Daniel and wants some straight answers about his mother's treatment, and what her chances are of beating it, Daniel says that it doesn't look good. Mona Roy comes to Java to do the article on Abe and the life of his family, she introduces herself to Theo but he backs off, but ends up hugging her. Nicole wanted to rip it up cause she didn't want to let people know that she and Trent were married. E.J. tells Bo and Hope to either charge her with something or back off. Sami starts to feel nauseous after smelling Hilda's cooking, Hilda assures Sami that she's never leaving her alone not for one minute. Hope tells Bo that Nicole is right the marriage certificate is circumstantial, Bo shows her the document made by Trent saying that if he's dead to suspect Nicole. Lucas thanks Daniel for being up front with him about his mother's condition. Hilda and Sami become suspicious when the doorbell rings, but is relieved when it's only a trick-or-treater. Kate undergoes her first round of chemotherapy. Bo and Hope say they have a search warrant to search the premises. Sami finds some sleeping pills thinking it's exactly what she needs to get away from Hilda, she puts some in her tea and Hilda starts to feely sleepy. Kate insists that her and Chloe call a temporary truce, but hasn't forgiven her for breaking Philip's heart. Hope finds the dress with the missing bead, to the one CSI's found in the cemetary. Chloe starts to feel dizzy and she tells Daniel that she had leukemia several years ago, he said it was nice what she said to Kate just now. Nicole is arrested for Trent's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #10943
    Ep. #10943
    Episode 501
    Mr. Berman gives Melanie the letter and to hand it over to the police, Bo and Hope tell Melanie they know about the letter and wants her to give it to them. Sami makes an appointment but Darrell comes in and catches her on the phone. E.J interrupts Nicole talking with Cynthia who's helping her with some redecorating for the nursery. Chloe runs into Philip at Java and he says that Kate has lung cancer, Philip says that he did his research on treatments and it's pretty scary stuff. E.J. talks with Nicole about marriage and offers her stability. Bo and Hope read the letter and says that Melanie is free to go, but to still not to leave town. Sami fakes her illness in order to convince Darrell to let her see a doctor, he obliges and brings a doctor to her and tells Darrell to wait outside while he examines her. Sami admits to the doctor that she isn't sick but pregnant and wants to see if the baby is alright. Melanie sees Philip with Chloe at Java and asks who he's hitting on this time. Bo finds a second envelope and has it tested for fingerprints, and Hope insists they pay someone a little visit. Darrell says to Sami that she's getting another one to watch her, he introduces Sami to Hilda. Bo and Hope arrive at the DiMera mansion to talk about her revised statement the night that Trent died.moreless
  • Ep. #10942
    Ep. #10942
    Episode 500
    Chelsea goes to Daniel to talk about Kate and if in fact if she's going to die, Daniel says he can't discuss her case. Kate meets with Lucas and Philip to discuss leaving Hearth and Home in very capable hands until she's ready to return. Max admits to Bo that he's suspicious that Melanie may have killed Trent, Bo then sees Melanie with her suitcase and stops her from. Abe and Lexie discuss Theo being uncomfortable and could have one of his tantrums during an interview or even the upcoming photo session. Bo surprises Melanie as she leaves with her suitcase about Trent leaving her a will, Hope asks her doesn't she want to know what Trent left her. Chelsea admits she feels horrible for what she said to Kate. Philip tells Kate that if Daniel can get her better then let him treat her, Lucas says that he's uncomfortable with his mother being around Daniel and insists they do they're own research. Theo goes off after breaking a mug on the floor. Chelsea remembers what Kate said about her saving Bo's life after coming out of surgery, Chelsea then vows to save her the way she saved her. Lexie gets into with a woman who mentions what she saw on the news with Abe mayoral candidacy, Lexie tells Abe this is what she was talking about. Melanie learns that she was left the remaining items from Trent's estate. Mr. Berman says that Max was recently added to the will, Max flat out doesn't want anything from Trent. Kate begins her first round of chemotherapy. Mr. Berman reveals to Melanie that her father gave her this envelope in the event of his death but refuses to give it to her.moreless
  • Ep. #10941
    Ep. #10941
    Episode 499
    Melanie attempts to burn the note that she got but Nick comes to check on her after seeing her last online blog and smells smoke, he then sees her luggage and says that she's leaving town, Nick says that he wants her to stay. E.J. wants answers from Sami what Johnny meant when he said "baby", Sami says that he was referring to Allie like in their own special language, E.J. then slips something in Sami's coat pocket. Chelsea comes into Java to do some research on lung cancer and confides in Evan that what if she's too late to make things right with Kate. Sami has a heartfelt goodbye with Johnny and Allie as Officer Darrell takes her away. Nicole says that she's not going to wait while E.J. holds Sami's hand. E.J. brings Johnny home and Nicole has a hard time calming him down when he can't stop crying, she tries singing but it doesn't work. Officer Darrell tells Sami she's staying put so she can stay safe. The killer stalks around outside ready to take aim once again. E.J. comes home to see Nicole asleep and Johnny sitting on her lap. Nick takes Melanie to Java and she has a run in with Chelsea and she slaps Melanie for bringing up Zack and the accident, Nick gets her tea while she looks at the next flight out of Salem. Sami sees something in her pocket that it's a photo of Johnny, Officer Darrell takes them and hears a noise and investigates it. The Killer tells whoever's he's talking to that she won't get away this time.moreless
  • Ep. #10940
    Ep. #10940
    Episode 498
    Lucas tells Sami that she has to do it in order to keep her children and family safe. Daniel tells Kate that it's driving him crazy when her latest biopsy results aren't in yet, then they share a kiss, Chelsea then looks for Daniel and a nurse says he could be somewhere. Philip stops kissing Melanie and wonders how good he's gonna feel after sleeping with a killer. Stephanie stops by the pub thinking she was a bit harsh with him but he gets into it with him, she then thinks now she did do the right thing. Sami agrees to enter the witness protection program, E.J. wonders why she changed her mind so quickly. Daniel's phone rings and keeps Chelsea from seeing him and Kate kiss. Chelsea tells Kate that she's ready to forgive her and be her granddaughter again, she then sees what Kate was returning to Daniel his swimming trunks. Sami tells Lucas that she's afraid to leave Johnny in that house with Nicole thinking she'll turn her son against her, Lucas assures he'll never let that happen. Max, Stephanie and Bo sees as Philip and Melanie come down the stairs, Philip says he doesn't need to call the police when they're already here. Roman and Lucas bring Johnny and Allie to make saying goodbye a little easier for Sami, Roman says that she can't bring any pictures of her kids. Stephanie tells Max what if it was Melanie and someone else gets hurt cause he's stopping Bo from finding out the truth. Melanie gets a note saying that someone saw her in the cemetary and knows what she did.moreless
  • Ep. #10939
    Ep. #10939
    Episode 497
    Philip runs into Stephanie at Java. He notices she is sad and asks what's bothering her. She tells him that Max and she broke up. Max comes into to talk with Bo and asks him why Melanie's name is circled on the suspect board. Bo says he has reason to believe that she did kill Trent. Chloe almost tells Nicole about Sami's pregnancy, but quickly changes the subject, Nicole tells Chloe that E.J. told her he wants the life with her. Melanie cuts her date short with Nick when she has a vision of Trent sitting at the bar at the pub. Chloe calls Lucas and says she doesn't have to stay loyal to Sami and is going to tell Nicole about Sami's pregnancy. The vision of Trent tells Melanie that her guilt is the reason she conjured him up. Melanie is so distraught, she runs out of the room and into Philip. Bo wants Max to cooberate Stephanie's accusation. Max states that Melanie never confessed to the killing. Stephanie overhears his statement and gets upset. E.J. sees a red dot on Sami and pushes her out of the way, just as a shot is heard. Lucas interupts Chloe before she can tell Nicole about Sami's pregnancy. E.J. tells Sami to stay down because someone is shooting at her. Roman asks Sami what she was thinking by coming back to the island. Marlena arrives and assures Sami that no one is going to hurt her. John awkwardly says that he's glad Sami is not injured and then inspects the scene and asks what the trajectory of the bullet was. He is asked to leave. Stephanie worries that she'll lose Max for good. Melanie angrily "confesses" to Philip and snidely asks if he came wearing a wire. Max asks Hope where Stephanie went, Hope suggests he go after her before it's too late. Melanie seductively offers to buy Philip's silence (and she's not talking about money). Roman says that there's only one way to keep Sami safe. She needs to go into a temporary witness protection program.moreless
  • Ep. #10938
    Ep. #10938
    Episode 496
    Lexie tells Tony that she thinks she had a part in Mayor Marino's death, since she went to Stefano and told her what he did to her, Abe and Theo and the same day he ends up dead. Chloe tells Lucas how sorry she was for jumping to the conclusion, that Sami was carrying his child. John sees Nicole in pain and insists on taking her to the hospital, she says that the pain is gone. The Killer talks on the phone with someone saying that Sami will be dead. Marlena goes to Sami thinking she must've been terrified, and offers her to come with the twins and stay with her for a bit. E.J. hears Stefano arguing on the phone with someone, Stefano says it was a business associate. Philip confronts Daniel about his relationship with Kate by flat out punching him in the face. John tells Stefano that he knows about the hit on Mayor Marino and knows that he had something to do with it. Sami tries to call Lucas with no luck. Nicole and E.J. talk about names for boys and girls, she then starts to feel the pains again. Lexie tells Abe that the reason that she didn't come into the pub cause she was worried they might have asked her some questions about the death of Mayor Marino, they head in and Abe assures the reporters that he never taken a dime from Stefano. Lucas and Chloe's romantic evening is interrupted by Sami when she calls Lucas to come and get her, they arrive at the cabin and E.J. shows up, the Killer takes aim at Sami from outside.moreless
  • Ep. #10937
    Ep. #10937
    Episode 495
    Stephanie tells Bo and Hope that Melanie confronted Trent in the cemetary with a knife and she thinks she may have killed her father. Nicole tells Lexie that Mayor Marino was killed outside the DiMera mansion earlier today. Daniel arrives and offers to pay for Chelsea's coffee when she can't find any money. Max tells Melanie that he told Stephanie what she told him earlier, and Melanie is livid about Max's betrayal, he assures her that she won't tell anyone. Chelsea asks Nick if she would meet him for dinner later, he agrees and wonders what the deal is. Stephanie is worried that Max will be charged for withholding evidence, Hope tells Stephanie that she did the right thing by coming to them with what she knows. Lexie confronts Stefano and asks if he had a part in the death of Mayor Marino, Stefano says he had nothing to do with it and why would he have the Mayor killed outside his own house. Melanie arrives at the pub and Bo wants to question her about the night that Trent died. Stephanie arrives at Java and Chelsea leaves so she could talk to Max, she then tells Max that she told Bo and Hope everything. Daniel tells Nicole that her baby is just fine. Nick tells Chelsea that something came up and says they can go out another time. Nicole starts to feel some pains as soon as E.J. leaves. Melanie has a vision of Trent with a knife in his back. Max says to Stephanie that he can't trust her and without that they have nothing, he then tells her that it's over.moreless
  • Ep. #10936
    Ep. #10936
    Episode 494
    Evan notices how distracted Stephanie is and wonders what's wrong. Sami screams as Mayor Marino's killer takes aim at her, she knocks the gun out of his hand and runs and tells E.J. that there's a dead body at the front door, Nicole thinks it's Sami just being theatrical, she then leaves and sees for herself and screams. Bo and Hope arrive at the pub and doesn't believe Max when he says that everything is alright, Bo then tells Hope that Max must do the right thing. Roman arrives and sees that it's Mayor Marino was the victim, and tells Sami that it's gonna be alright. Nicole tells E.J. that she won't stop and their baby could be in danger. Nicole overhears Sami making an appointment to see a doctor and she wonders why she needs to see one. Melanie tells Max that she doesn't know if she killed Trent or not, and asks to keep what she said a secret, Stephanie comes and wants to know what Melanie said to Max, he says that he can't cause he promised. Melanie tells Bo and Hope to focus on someone else as the person who killed Trent like someone close to home and tries to get them to focus on Stephanie. Sami tells Roman that she's able to identify the man that shot Mayor Marino, so she sits down with the police sketch artist. The Killer makes a phone call saying that Sami Brady saw him and that he'll take care of the problem tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #10935
    Ep. #10935
    Episode 493
    Max tells Caroline that she's won't be the prime suspect for long, and Stephanie says that Trent's wallet was planted in her purse, Melanie then arrives at the pub and Max flat out tells her that he knows what she did. Lucas thinks he was too late and had an abortion, Sami says that she went to this clinic cause everyone knows her at University Hospital. E.J. tells Nicole to keep her distance from Stefano. Chloe hides as Lucas and Sami leave, she then looks at her chart and learns that Sami is pregnant. Lexie cautions Stefano to end his association with Mayor Marino or his relationship with Theo will be a thing of the past, when Lexie leaves Stefano blasts what Mayor Marino did. Max gets caught in the middle when Melanie and Stephanie get into a fight. Chloe returns and slaps Lucas and says he knows about the pregnancy thinking that he cheated on her with Sami, Lucas says that the baby isn't even his, Chloe realizes that it's E.J.'s. Sami sees Caroline and Johnny in the park, so she goes and joins them. Lexie approaches Mayor Marino at Chez Rouge and threatens to expose his association with Stefano, Mayor Marino calls Stefano and he offically severs all ties after hearing what he did by bringing up the stuff that Lexie did in the past. Melanie finally admits to Max that she put the wallet in Stephanie's purse. Sami goes to the mansion to talk to E.J., she forgot her keys so she goes around to the back and sees E.J. and Nicole having sex in the living room. Mayor Marino shows up and pounds on the door demanding that Stefano talk to him, a guman then shoots him dead, Sami sees Mayor Marino dead and the person that shot him.moreless
  • Ep. #10934
    Ep. #10934
    Episode 492
    Nicole gets a surprise when E.J. shows up unannounced to go on their date. Sami tells Lucas about her talk with EJ. She told E.J. that since Nicole is pregnant with his child they should be together. Lucas thinks it's wrong to hide her pregnancy and asks how Sami is gonna explain another child to E.J. Chloe goes to see Marlena hoping that she could help her with Lucas. John tells Stefano he's giving up his claims to the DiMera empire and is moving out of the mansion. E.J. finds out that Nicole is being evicted that day. Sami tries to convince Lucas to claim he is the father. Lucas strenuously refuses and leaves for work. E.J. has Nicole's things packed and invites her to move into the DiMera mansion with him. Sami schedules an appointment at a family planning clinic. Chloe confides in Marlena that she thinks that Lucas is cheating on her with Sami. John arrives at Marlena's office and announces that he's a changed man and gave everything up related to the Dimeras for her. Lucas returns to the cabin, she's the family planning phone number and assumes that Sami is having an abortion. Stefano is horrified to learn that Nicole is moving in - but is delighted once he learns that she's carrying EJ's child. Stefano fawns over Nicole and his new Dimera heir. Lucas arrives at the clinic hoping he isn't too late. Chloe then calls Lucas and overhears that he's at the Brookville Clinic with his "wife". Marlena tells John how proud she is of him. John then shocks Marlena by giving her the signed divorce papers. He tells her he has done everything she asked, the ball is in her court- and then leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #10933
    Ep. #10933
    Episode 491
    Kate runs into Daniel after he comes out of the pool at the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe comes into the cabin and tells Sami that E.J. will know exactly what's going on. Sami shows Lucas some new clothes she bought to hide her pregnancy. Chelsea sees Lexie with Theo in the park and says to her she wanted to strangle Lacey for what she said about her and Abe and the press conference at Chez Rouge. E.J. accuses Nicole of using her pregnancy for financial gain after seeing how accustomed she is to the mansion, she then tries to leave and E.J. stops and apologizes for accusing her so abruptly, Nicole then asks if he wants to marry her. Evan tells Abe that Mayor Marino did his research on Lexie including her affairs with Tek as well as his son Brandon. Lucas tell Chloe that Sami is going to be staying with them for a while, she then leaves and tells Lucas to call her when Sami is gone. E.J. says to Nicole that he doesn't at this time to get married. Mayor Marino goes to see Stefano and says it'll be trouble if Abe gets elected. After Nicole leaves from the mansion E.J. calls Sami wanting to come to the island to see Johnny but he hangs up before she can say it's a bad idea. Lexie is cornered by a reporter and his camera, Abe and Evan arrive but Lexie insists on giving an exclusive about her future and not her past. Chloe stops by the Salem Inn to see Nicole and comes across an ultrasound photo. Sami tries to convince E.J. that he and Nicole belong together, she then breaks into tears as he leaves. Daniel tells Kate that the tests didn't show anything malignant which doesn't that there isn't anything there. Mayor Marino wants assurance from Stefano that he'll defeat Abe in the election, Stefano says that he will on one condition. Lexie says the election is about Abe and not her and what's done and will do for this city and won't result to mudslinging. Lucas arrives to apologize to Chloe, E.J. then shows up to do the same with Nicole. Kate and Daniel engage in a kiss by the pool and the two make love. Lexie tells Abe that Chelsea changed her mind about his campaign. Stefano tells Mayor Marino that he must leave Lexie and Theo out of it.moreless
  • Ep. #10932
    Ep. #10932
    Episode 490
    Melanie sees Nick having a beer at the pub and reminds that he was just released from jail on a D.U.I. Stephanie tells Max that she's taking the wallet to the police, and to think again of the possibility of Melanie actually killing Trent. Kayla tells Bo if there's been any developments in helping Caroline's case. Lucas is shocked when Sami shares her news that E.J. also got Nicole pregnant too. E.J. brings Nicole to the hospital to determine paternity of her baby, Nicole says that the baby is a blessing and that he's only thinking of himself. Lexie meets with Lacey and says that her services will no longer be required, after what happened when she turned her back and wasn't paying attention to Theo, Lacey then pleads with Lexie to give her another chance. Lucas tells Sami that Stefano will focus on Nicole's baby and leaves her completely alone, but he still thinks that Sami should tell E.J. the truth. Stephanie isn't going to let Max destroy the wallet. Melanie tells Nick that since he helped her in France, she's going to help him now and that drinking in the morning isn't the answer, Nick tells Melanie she knows what's wrong. Max tells Stephanie if she's accusing him or Melanie of murdering Trent and to make up her mind. Lacey meets with Mayor Marino and says that she may have some information that he could definately use against Abe and his campaign. Abe officially announces his candidacy for Mayor while at a press conference at Chez Rouge. Lucas tells Sami to not let Nicole take E.J. away from her. E.J. comes in as Kayla prepares Nicole as her ultra sound. Stephanie and Max bring Trent's wallet to Bo, he then asks where they got it, Stephanie says that Melanie planted it in her purse, Bo then goes to have a talk with Melanie. Nick confides in Melanie that he's drawn to her. Lacey interrupts the press conference and makes a scene about the Carver's using autism as an excuse to not look after their son, Mayor Marino watches in enjoyment from his office and applauds her.moreless
  • Ep. #10931
    Ep. #10931
    Episode 489
    Melanie continues to tell Philip that her father "gave" her his wallet. Marlena gets word that her divorce cannot be processed without John's signature. E.J. is speechless as to what Nicole just announced, Sami can't believe it either. Max tells Stephanie that he found Trent's wallet in her purse, she then thinks that he's accusing her of stealing it. Chelsea finds Kate in a boutique thinking Daniel did it to get them together, Kate admits that she's getting some tests done, Chelsea then feels terrible for lashing out at her. Sami tells E.J. that it's impossible for Nicole to get pregnant cause she's barren. Philip flat out tells Melanie that he doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. John tells Marlena that he's doing the best he can to be the man that she once loved. Sami can't believe her eyes when she sees Nicole's baby bump, she leaves and says to herself that E.J. got them both pregnant. Stephanie wants Max to see what kind of a person that his sister Melanie really is, Max is determined to give her the benefit of the doubt. Kate has her say to Chelsea for all the anger she has toward her, Chelsea says she wants to forgive her but she just can't. John tells Marlena that Nicole's pregnant and E.J. is the father, Marlena is touched that John encouraged Nicole to do the right thing. Stephanie tells Max that it's possible that she took the wallet after killing her father. Philip tells Melanie that right now she's the prime suspect in Trent's murder, he asks her if she did it, she says that she doesn't know. Nicole is shocked when E.J. wants proof that they baby is his. Marlena tells Sami that she's glad that Nicole is the one that's pregnant and not her.moreless
  • Ep. #10930
    Ep. #10930
    Episode 488
    Sami and Nicole run into each other and they try to keep the fact that they're pregnant to themselves. Daniel tells Chelsea that it's important that she find Kate and bring her back to the hospital cause her life could depend on it. Abe and Lexie are frantic to find Theo, Abe says that blaming Lacy is not help find their son, Officer Chatsworth shows them Theo's hat which was found on the side of the road. E.J. tries to convince John to seek further treatment, and to determine what Stefano really did to him he declines and E.J. says that John is a lost cause. Theo runs into Chelsea at the hospital. Sami meets with Roman and Marlena and instead of telling them her situation, Roman doesn't buy it and wants to know the real reason she called to meet with them, Sami admits that she's in serious trouble. John makes a call and asks the person to come over, it's shown to be Nicole and John says he could use a friend and that she should tell E.J. about the baby. Daniel calls Lexie and says that Theo is with Chelsea at the hospital, Lexie is delighted that Theo is okay and she and Abe hurry to be with him. Daniel says to Chelsea that she has a special connection with him, Daniel wants him and Chelsea to be friends, but she says that she doesn't trust him. Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion determined to tell E.J. the truth and she's then shocked to learn that Nicole is pregnant with his child too.moreless
  • Ep. #10929
    Ep. #10929
    Episode 487
    Hope goes to see Nick and lets him how disappointed she is when he was driving under the influence. Philip sits down with Nicole and the two have a pleasant chat about her recently dead husband. Lexie and Abe leave Theo with Lacy as they go to their meeting. Bo tells Max that even with the bloody shirt he won't be arrested cause Trent was alive after every altercation with him. Chelsea visits Nick in jail after agreeing with Hope that he shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel drunk and could've hurt someone. Scott tells Lexie and Abe that he has someone that can come up with a mayoral campaign for him, Mayor Marino approaches Abe at Chez Rouge confirming the rumors of him taking his job are in fact true. Kate is upset that she has no clue whatsoever to what's wrong with her. Bo tells Max and Stephanie to leave so he can talk with Melanie alone. Max tells Caroline that he wishes they did arrest him so she doesn't have to worry about going to prison. Chelsea tells Nick that Maggie called and asks what happened to him, he tells her that the only reason he was here is because of his prototype, she then asks what's really bothering him and about the injury on his hand. Melanie tells Bo not to focus on her and to look into Trent's enemies. Nicole tells Philip the person who killed who probably has his wallet, Philip then calls Bo and says he may have gotten some information and comes to the station. Melanie overhears Nick tells Chelsea a different story in how he hurt his hand. Daniel tells Kate to sit tight and he'll go and see if her results are back. Lacy is distracted talking on her cell phone while Theo wanders off. Philip confronts Melanie and says he knows she has Trent's wallet. Max makes a discovery and finds his father's wallet. Abe and Lexie return to the park to find out that Theo has wandered off.moreless
  • Ep. #10928
    Ep. #10928
    Episode 486
    Max insists that he and Stephanie stay in bed all day. Bo and Roman continue to work on Trent's murder case. Sami tells Lucas that there's not way he's telling E.J. that she's pregnant with his child. Melanie revisits the night when Trent assured her that he was going to stop gambling and be the father that she wanted. Nick is brought in on a DUI and says that Trent is dead because of him, also if he didn't build that prototype, Maggie arrives and scolds her nephew for his recklessness, Nick is then taking down to holding. Lucas says that he may loathe E.J. but he has a right to know that he has a kid, and mentions to Sami when she lied about Will's paternity. Max shows Stephanie the front page with a picture of Caroline. Mayor Marino commends Bo and Roman on the Trent investigation, and notices that Max's name is on the list. Roman and Bo arrive with a search warrant for Max's place, one of the officers finds the bloody shirt, Max is then brought in and Roman says to start at the top. Melanie gets a call from Stephanie asking her to come to the station and that Max is being questioned about Trent's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #10927
    Ep. #10927
    Episode 485
    Marlena backs away from John's kiss and his plans for having a romantic interlude. John refuses to have himself checked out at the hospital, Marlena leaves the mansion without her divorce papers signed he then throws a fit. Nicole realizes that E.J. is meeting Sami at Chez Rouge she says that she never should've come. Sami has a dream of her son Johnny acting like a self absorbed jerk and acting just like Stefano and Johnny shooting someone. Nicole asks E.J. who he wants to build a life with her or Sami. Sami wakes up and tells Lucas that she'll have to find a way to protect her children from Stefano. E.J. asks what important thing Nicole wanted to tell him, she said that it doesn't matter now. Stefano encourages John to stay away from Marlena cause she's a dangerous woman, when Stefano leaves the room John's condition starts to get worse and passes out. Marlena runs into E.J. and says she needs his help regarding John and convince him to have tests run on him. Nicole finds John and calls 911, he tells her to hang up the phone, John then offers Nicole to stay with him since she has no stable income to prove something to Marlena that he's a decent guy.moreless
  • Ep. #10926
    Ep. #10926
    Episode 484
    Max is relieved that Caroline made bail and is home resting. Philip leaves a message for Morgan apologizing for last night. Sami wakes up next to Lucas and starts kissing him thinking he was E.J., she then realizes it's Lucas and jumps out of the bed. Stefano warns John that he'll do whatever he can to make him his pawn once again. E.J. learns that Sami never came home last night. Stephanie asks Melanie if she really believes that Caroline actually killed Trent. John has another seizure in front of Stefano, he insists that John see a doctor. Max tells Melanie she wants nothing to do with Philip, cause she doesn't want to see her get hurt. Chelsea tells Philip that Morgan is really upset, he asks her to talk to her for him, Philip says that Kate's condition is not good. Kayla tells Marlena that it's a mistake to give up on John and to move on with her life. Lucas tells Sami to tell E.J. that she's pregnant cause she won't be able to hide it forever. Chelsea tells Philip that she regrets talking to Kate the way she did. Sami sees Stefano taking Johnny for a walk, and she says she should've asked someone else to look after him. Chelsea calls Daniel hoping to talk about Kate's condition. Sami thinks that Stefano knows that she's pregnant and wonders what to do.moreless
  • Ep. #10925
    Ep. #10925
    Episode 483
    Sami gets in a fight with E.J. about her interrupting something with Nicole and tells him to leave and doesn't tell him that she's pregnant. Philip is against Daniel treating her and wants to bring in someone who specializes in treatment of lung cancer. John is touched by Nicole saying that she wants this baby more then anything, they then leave to go to Chez Rouge. Stefano notices when and angry E.J. enters the mansion. Chloe waits patiently as she waits for Lucas at the Brady Pub. John has another seizure while having dinner with Nicole, but he refuses to go to the hospital. Sami overhears Stefano talking about E.J. and her sharing a child together and them being bonded for life. Chloe thanks Philip for helping her get a job by kissing him, Morgan then shows up and Philip says that he can't deny that he's in love with Chloe. Sami tells Lucas that she can't tell E.J. tonight with Stefano always hanging around, Lucas offers her to stay with him tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #10924
    Ep. #10924
    Episode 482
    Philip learns that Kate is back in the hospital and immediately heads there. Sami tries to figure out how she could be pregnant. Lucas says he knows (it happened the night he returned and saw her in bed with EJ). Daniel tells Kate that they're going to extract some tissue to determine if she indeed does have lung cancer. Roman and Bo tell Caroline that they're working on evidence to get the suspicion off of her. Caroline explains that she had harsh words with Trent and argued the night that he died. Nicole confides in John (after refusing alcohol) that she's pregnant. Kate insists on not having Daniel as her doctor, but Daniel convinces her otherwise. Kayla supports Max and encourages him not to give up on Melanie. Max then says something that intrigues Roman - that Trent sought Caroline out after being stabbed so perhaps he tried to tell her who stabbed him. Roman suggests this theory to Mickey and Bo. Lucas tells Sami to pick up the phone and tell E.J. he's gonna be a daddy again. Philip arrives and asks Kate what is going on. Max tells Kayla that Melanie thought he had stabbed Trent. Caroline explains that the night Trent refused to leave the pub, she brandished a knife at him. Lucas arrives and wants to know why Kate's in the hospital. Kate then tells Phillip and Lucas that she's having a biopsy to determine if she has lung cancer. Mickey gets off the phone and breaks the bad news. Witnesses have come forward saying they saw Caroline threaten Trent with a knife. E.J. goes to the hospital and Sami tells him she's fine,she's there because she fainted (but does not tell him she's pregnant).moreless
  • Ep. #10923
    Ep. #10923
    Episode 481
    Lucas immediately brings Sami to the hospital, to have Dr. Whitaker check her out. Kayla tells Victor that she doesn't him anywhere near Caroline, he assures her that he's done nothing to hurt her mother. Nicole is taken aback to what Colin said to Victor about her being unable to conceive and thinking her having a baby is a miracle. Caroline tells Bo that the Mayor is watching him closely and not to mess his job as commissioner in jeopardy. Victor offers to help Caroline get out of jail and there's nothing she can do to stop him. Melanie introduces herself to Philip, asking his help in tracking down a killer. Dr. Whitaker orders some blood test to determine the cause of her collapse. Nicole fantasizes about telling E.J., she then makes a dinner date with him hoping to tell him about her pregnancy. Victor tells Caroline that he lost her once he ain't going to lose her again, Caroline says to not do anything and do things her way. Bo gets the final lab report and that Caroline's fingerprints were the only ones on the knife, he tells Kayla that the D.A. is proceeding with charging her with murder as Victor hears from afar. Melanie assures Philip that she didn't kill her father and wants his help to prove it, but says that he can't and wishes her good luck with the search. Sami finds out from Dr. Whitaker that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10922
    Ep. #10922
    Episode 480
    Melanie tells Max that she knows he killed their father, Max says that he didn't kill Trent and says that she had more motive to want him dead. Lucas comes to take Allie and E.J. comes to take Johnny to the zoo, Sami says that the twins aren't going with either one of them. Hope tells Chelsea that Trent was murdered and her grandma Caroline is being held in jail. Bo, Roman and Steve review Trent's murder case. Mayor Marino sees everyone gathered in Roman's office and says he's doing everything to protect their mother, and if they do anything Caroline will go down and so will they. E.J. tells Sami that he's impressed with her initiative in finding a job. Chelsea tells Hope that she thinks that Melanie could be the person that killed Trent. Mayor Marino tries to get Abe to do some freelance work for him in making sure that the Trent Robbins case goes by the book, Abe then refuses. Roman tells Bo that he's right and that Nicole should be at the top of the suspects list after learning of Nicole and Trent's marriage. Hope asks Chelsea if she still has feelings for Nick after talking about him. Hope brings up Melanie as a possible suspect in the murder case. Lucas tells Sami that Caroline was arrested for murdering Trent last night. Abe tells Scott that he suggests a very intriguing offer. Lexie tells Kayla that they couldn't have picked a better person then her for the job as Chief of Staff. Chelsea and Theo reunite at the hospital and brings him a snowglobe from Europe. Bo questions Melanie and asks if she murdered Trent, she says that she didn't, Bo tells her not to leave town. Abe tells Lexie that he was asked to run for Mayor. Lucas comes home to find Sami unconscious.moreless
  • Ep. #10921
    Ep. #10921
    Episode 479
    Stephanie questions Max about the blood on his shirt. Hope insists that Bo have Caroline brought in and to be careful after what happened to Victor and the evidence. Daniel tells Kate that it's conclusive that she does in fact has lung cancer. Philip runs into Chloe at the Brady Pub, that she's having some time to herself. Nicole summons Daniel cause she isn't feeling well and can't keep anything down at all. Doug and Julie arrive at Chez Rouge, Mickey says that he's here with Melanie, Julie insists that there's something about her that she doesn't like that she could be a trouble maker. Hope calls Mickey saying that Trent is dead and that Caroline is being arrested, Mickey then goes and breaks the news to Melanie about her father. Lucas looks in and sees Philip and Chloe having a drink. Max tells Stephanie that she's starting to think that he did it. Hope concludes with Steve that she wants him to keep investigating Trent's past and that anyone could've wanted him dead even Nicole. Daniel tells Nicole that she's pregnant, which shocks her. Caroline is arrested and put in a cell.moreless
  • Ep. #10920
    Ep. #10920
    Episode 478
    Caroline goes to the cemetary to put flowers at Shawn's grave she then hears someone lurking in the background. Melanie takes something with Trent's name on it out of her wallet, Nick surprises her and she almost drops it, he said that he had something to do first. Hope is surprised when Bo says that he's taking the commissioner's job, Steve, Kayla and Maggie couldn't be happier. Chelsea accuses Kate of coming to the hospital to keep seeing Daniel and says that she's pathetic. E.J. wants to Nicole what she meant by Trent being her dearly departed husband. Max takes off his shirt that has blood on it, Stephanie then knocks on his door. Chelsea tells Kate not to hold her breath when it comes to getting back in her good graces. Maggie tells Mickey that she's ecstatic about Chez Rouge going Green. Mayor Marino tells Bo that what makes him think he has the job as commissioner. Caroline sits by Shawn's grave and says that she took care of Trent tonight and he'll never hurt Max ever again. Stephanie asks Max where he was earlier, he says he was fixing an engine at the garage. Nick introduces Melanie to his Aunt Maggie and Uncle Mickey, Maggie notices a bruise and asks Nick what happened to his hand. Daniel breaks the news to Kate that she has lung cancer. Stephanie comes across the bloody shirt. Caroline sees Trent coming towards her and he collapses and a knife in his back, Bo and Hope hear her scream and see her with the knife in her hand.moreless
  • Ep. #10919
    Ep. #10919
    Episode 477
    Chelsea tells Nick what she overheard talking "taking a next step". Philip welcomes Lucas back to the team at Titan, Lucas is shocked to see Chloe arrive at Chez Rouge when she's supposed to be watching Allie, and goes to check on the babysitter. Claude calls and threatens Trent and tells him to pay back his debt if he can't then to deliver his daughter. Roman tries to get Bo to take the job as commissioner cause he's the best man for the job, and that he'll quit. Melanie gets a phone calls from Trent wanting to see him at his hotel room, Max insists on going with her. Trent Melanie and Max that if he doesn't pay Claude back then he's a dead man, Max tells Melanie that Trent is manipulating her. Nick tells Chelsea that if he wants to start something with Melanie he would and for her to stay out of it. Chloe confides in Nicole that she's thinking of wanting out, and isn't ready to be a mother at least not yet anyway, Lucas comes and apologizes to Chloe for snapping at her earlier and offers to share a dance with him. Melanie calls Nick and asks him to come to the Salem Inn, as Max starts beating on Trent, Nick and Chelsea arrive and Nick offers to give him the grant money. Caroline arrives at the station worried about Max that he might do something he'll regret.moreless
  • Ep. #10918
    Ep. #10918
    Episode 476
    John has a seizure while with Anna, Anna then calls 911 and he's rushed to the hospital. Hope tells Bo that she doesn't think she wants the job, Bo says even though he could bring down DiMera. Stefano tells Rolf and fills him in on his plan for John. Kayla looks on as Daniel lashes at a nurse, Kayla then says that he shouldn't treat the nurses like that. Anna calls Marlena and says that she and John are in the trauma centre. Daniel wants Chelsea to move on, but she can't. Kayla and Marlena look at John's ct-scan and look at it as nothing they've never seen before. Max tells Trent that if he's smart he'll leave and if he goes near Melanie again he'll make good on his promise to kill him. John prepares to leave the hospital, and Kayla says that it's possible that John could die. Marlena tells Stefano how he can turn his back on his own flesh and blood and is the only one that could help him. Hope tells Mayor Marino that she's turning down his job offer. Trent tells Max that he doesn't have it in him to kill him, and is more like him. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that the x-rays and must get to him so he can be reprogrammed as his pawn, Stefano says he isn't useful that way anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #10917
    Ep. #10917
    Episode 476
    Trent tells Melanie that he didn't buy that whole sob story last night and knows what kind of person she really is, and she would've gone through with it if Max hadn't shown up. Hope tells Lexie that she's proud of Abe for standing up to Mayor Marino, Lexie says she'll stand by Abe 100%. Bo and Roman go to Abe about the recent robbery at an electronics store, and they offer to make some calls to get his job back. Abe suggests that Roman take over as commissioner but Roman says absolutely not. John sees Stefano reading to Johnny and Allie, when Mary takes the kids away John starts to feel dizzy. Marlena tells Anna bout John's strange behaviour and thinks he's gonna go off the deep end. Stefano notices as John's headache starts to get worse and looks like he's going to collapse, John then refuses to take anything. Marlena tells Anna that she's still going through with the divorce. Stefano and John have an argument about threatening to send each other to jail. Melanie tells Trent that she wouldn't have slept with Claude. Abe says that Bo is his next choice, Bo then refuses the job cause he's still being investigated by internal affairs. Nick says that his job will be gone once the board finds out what he did, Trent then threatens to reveal that his grant proposal was done by Max instead of him. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that John's headaches are going to eventually kill him. Mayor Marino announces on television that Abe's successor is Hope Brady, which completely shocks her.moreless
  • Ep. #10916
    Ep. #10916
    Episode 475
  • Ep. #10915
    Ep. #10915
    Episode 474
    Daniel's determined to make things right with Chelsea, Victor says he's not going anywhere near his granddaughter. Bo and Hope demand the truth from Nicole. Daniel is taken back by the results of Kate's X-ray. Trent insults Max in the pub and the two begin fighting.
  • Ep. #10914
    Ep. #10914
    Episode 473
    Lexie learns that Daniel has been called to testify at the hearing. Philip wants to know why Kate is acting like everything is okay and that she should talk to Kayla again. Nicole tells E.J. that he's unhappy then to move out of the DiMera mansion, E.J. tells her what happened at the party Stefano threw last night. Roman tells Abe that Mayor Marino would to talk to them about something. Julie assures Lexie that she's on her side, so is Mickey and Victor. Mayor Marino tells Roman and Abe that this isn't the first complaint he's received about their department. Victor learns of Daniel's testimony thinking he wasn't going to be there. Philip insists that she get the X-Rays done today and she'll be back to work in no time. Daniel arrives and thinks that Eleanor couldn't be more wrong about Lexie's qualifications as chief of staff. Abe asks Mayor Marino how much money did it take for Stefano to bribe him, he then cautions Abe and Roman for that accusations. Eleanor asks Daniel a personal question about Lexie's autistic son interfering in her work. Nicole tells E.J. that she admires him cause he puts his son's needs first. Abe says he'll find a way to get Stefano on his own and hands in his badge to Mayor Marino and quits. The board start deliberatons to determine Lexie's fate. Kate coughs up blood and Philip calls for a nurse.moreless
  • Ep. #10913
    Ep. #10913
    Episode 472
    John realizes that E.J. also got an invitation to a little gathering that Stefano is throwing at the mansion. Lexie gets an invitation to the cocktail party at the DiMera mansion, Abe comes home and she tells him she wonders if they're doing enough for Theo. Sami tells E.J. what Marlena told him and he's glad that she did a little tough love. Stefano reveals as Marlena arrives, that she's in fact the guest of honor. Abe insists on going to the party, but Lexie says she wants nothing to do with his father and rips up the invitation. Everyone gets fed up and begins to leave, Stefano says that no one leaves until they realize why Marlena is here tonight, everyone refuses to believe that Marlena could something like that to Stefano, Maarlena then admits that she did in fact put him in his coma. John then puts Stefano on notice to stay away from Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10912
    Ep. #10912
    Episode 471
    E.J. tells Nicole that he knows what she did with Sami by calling the police. Hope goes to Kayla and thinks that Caroline should watch Ciara and Joe while they have a girls night out, Kayla says that she's worried that Steve will take it into his own hands since Stefano won't be prosecuted. Stefano insists that Anna join him for a drink cause he has something to discuss with her. Lexie runs into Sawyer one of Theo's old classmates, and his mother, Lexie reveals that Theo was diagnosed with autism. Sami defends her actions to Roman, Marlena tells Sami that she's acting like a spoiled brat, Marlena tells Roman to follow her lead in dealing with Sami. Daniel runs into Nicole at the Brady Pub and asks what she's up to lately and if she wants to talk, she then tells him she's still in Salem cause of a guy. Stefano shows some old photos of Tony to Anna on what he was like back then. E.J. tells Lexie that heard about Theo's diagnosis and if she needs any help then to ask him, Theo then starts to whine when Lexie takes the spoon away from him. Hope insists that Marlena join her and Kayla at the Blue Note tonight, Hope says the Salem PD is working around to clock, Marlena reveals that Stefano is paying her back for what she did to him. Stefano reads John's letter from Sami and goes to see her at the police station and offers his help with Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #10911
    Ep. #10911
    Episode 470
    Nicole and Philip meet at the Brady Pub and discuss her hatred of Sami. Nicole share her noir-esque fantasy of killing Sami. Philip is amazed at Nicole's vivid imagination. E.J. arrives at the pub and tells Nicole he knows what she did to Sami.
  • Ep. #10910
    Ep. #10910
    Episode 469
    Tony and Anna learn that Kate is the woman that Stefano is expecting tonight. Abe ris irate that he can't put Stefano in jail after spending the better part of his career to do so. Trent tells Nicole that he's meeting John at the pub. Marlena tells Trent that her life isn't a topic to discuss neither is her children. Nicole tells John that Trent is more dangerous than Stefano and has no idea what he's capable of. John enters the pub and punches Trent out, John then starts to feel dizzy. Tony and Anna have an idea so they take over as the kitchen staff in preparing of the dinner. Lexie gets word from the hospital that she missed a very important meeting, cause that she had going on with Theo lately. Marlena tells John that he's proven once and for all that the man she loved is gone and says to stay away from her. Bo and Hope follow a lead on Trent's wife, they learn Trent is married to Misty Circle which is a name that Nicole Walker used. Stefano tells Kate that he a proposal for her and wants her to marry him, Tony and Anna are speechless as they listen in at the door. Lexie tells Abe that she was summoned to medical review board. Kate asks where this proposal is coming from and if he's in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10909
    Ep. #10909
    Episode 468
    John once again warns Marlena about not to go out with Trent. Stephanie is disgusted that Trent pimped out his own daughter, Max tells her that he has to die. Morgan tells Philip that she'll try for a fresh start but this time no more secrets or lies, Philip suggests that they go away for a few days but Morgan says it's too fast. Kate arrives and overhears Morgan say that she'll be interning at Hearth and Home, Philip convinces her that it'll work out. Victor tells Philip that he doesn't want him going anywhere right now. Stephanie and Chelsea try to get Max to rethink his idea of killing Trent, Melanie says that they have a point that she has a reputation and is willing to leave. Nicole tells Trent to keep his voice down when he called her his wife, Nicole then notices that Victor is here as well. John says that Marlena doesn't know Trent at all. Melanie goes to see Nick and learns that he and Chelsea used to date. Victor figures out what Kate and Daniel did and completely lays into and realizes why Chelsea needed to get away. Chelsea goes to see Nick in the hospital and sees Melanie and him kissing, she waits for her to leave, Chelsea then apologizes to Nick for breaking up with her. Trent tells Nicole that he has no choice but to go and have a chat with Victor but Nicole keeps from talking to him.moreless
  • Ep. #10908
    Ep. #10908
    Episode 467
    Nicole tells E.J. as long as he has feelings for Sami he can forget about her as Sami listens in. The policewoman insists that Nick tell her exactly, but he says that he can't. Chelsea lays into Melanie for standing there and not talking to the cops. Daniel calls Philip and asks that he come to the hospital cause it concerns his mother, Philip then asks Morgan to come with him. Chloe and Lucas hot shower is interrupted when Allie starts to cry. Chelsea tells Nick that he's sitting there half bleeding to death and he thinks Melanie is the victim. E.J. tells Sami and Nicole to leave the mansion and to work out their problems by themselves, E.J. comes downstairs and realizes that Allie's favorite bear is missing and is heading to the island. Max learns that Trent got Melanie to have drinks with Claude so that he'll erase his gambling debts. Sami arrives to give Allie her bear, she comes to the conclusion that she was left all alone. Philip insists that Kate listen to Daniel and have an x-ray to see what's wrong, he then learns that Kate and Daniel were together. E.J. says to Sami to put Allie down and they must leave at once. Nicole makes an anonymous phone call about a possible kidnapping. Max tells that after they visit Nick in the hospital they're all going home. The police arrive at the cabin and they tell Sami to put Allie down, Lucas thanks Sami cause this is one step to getting him full custody.moreless
  • Ep. #10907
    Ep. #10907
    Episode 466
    Lucas and Chloe arrive at the Horton cabin with Allie. Chloe and Lucas take a look at some of his family photos. Max and Stephanie learn that Melanie has apparently skipped town. Trent calls Melanie for a favor. In return for her having a drink with Claude, Trent's gambling debts will be forgiven. Melanie says she isn't for sale and hangs up. Nick calls Max and says he found Melanie. Max's cell phone has bad reception and he can't here were Melanie is. Nick approaches Melanie and asks her to leave with him. Claude arrives and Nick has a physical encounter with one of Claude's henchman. Chelsea surprises Stephanie by arriving in France. Stephanie fills Chelsea in on the kind of person Melanie really is. Daniel looks at a photo of Chelsea and contemplates calling her but doesn't. Morgan is interviewed by Chris, for the internship with the company that Anna suggested. Kate wants to skip further tests and asks Kayla for some antibiotics. Kayla explains says she can't until she knows the cause of Kate's cough. Lucas goes out to chop wood and Allie starts to cry. Morgan learns that she'll be working for Kate. Morgan she can't work for her because of Philip. Kate then tells Chris, she doesn't want to hear about the new intern and the choice is up to him. Nicole listens in on Steve, Hope and Bo's conversation about locating Trent's wife. Nicole tells Trent and he says that she needs his help. Chloe tells Lucas that the relationship isn't going to work. Claude starts to pressure Melanie to drink and to dance with him. Max gets free and knocks out Claude. He is then shot as Max and Stephanie arrive with the police.moreless
  • Ep. #10906
    Ep. #10906
    Episode 465
    Marlena tells John that she's moving on and starting a new life. Tony tells Kate that he's taking a stand against John and the DiMera's, Anna says she's dead against it. Hope surprises Bo with a picnic in the park with some of his favorites, which he's grateful she didn't cook anything. Philip asks Lucas how the custody agreement went and Sami doesn't have a choice but to oblige with the court's decision. John tells Marlena to stay away from Trent, she's then under the impression that he's jealous. Lexie tells Tony that Stefano isn't going to let him take over the family and that he should walk away. Anna tells Morgan that she has an idea of her working for one of her biggest clients. E.J. explains to Sami that he doesn't want her pulling any of these stunts around Johnny and to stay focused. Anna notices on how bad Kate's cough is and offers to take her to the hospital. John and Marlena walk in on Sami and E.J. arguing, Sami storms off and John has a heart to heart with her. Morgan tells Philip that she can't forgive him threatening to kill her father. Anna talks with Kate he having the perfect person to be an intern for her. Sami learns from E.J. as Lucas comes to get Allie that his time with her starts today. Hope tells Bo that until I.A. makes their decision to make the best of it. Tony tells Philip that he has to remove John from the equation, and when he's out then he and E.J. can deal with Stefano, Anna sees them talking.moreless
  • Ep. #10905
    Ep. #10905
    Episode 464
    Lexie tells Daniel that the board has asked to meet with her considering what occured during the lockdown. She then also confides her anxiety over Theo. Abe sees Daniel consoling Lexie with a hug. Lucas asks Chloe to join him at the Horton cabin. Kate overhears this and tells him he's out of his mind. Abe tells Daniel that he wants him to stay away from his wife. Daniel assures Abe that Lexie and he are "just friends". E.J. tells Sami that he should have word on Allie's custody soon. Kate tells Lucas that she doesn't think he should get involved with Chloe after what happened to Brady. Lexie lays into Abe for thinking she's having an affair with Daniel. Abe says it isn't the first time he's seen the two of them together. Maggie gives Chloe the keys to the cabin and has a talk with her about Kate protecting her children. Mickey tells Lucas they should know the outcome by the end of the day. Hope asks Daniel what he did that made Chelsea leave for France. Nicole asks Chloe what she was talking about with Maggie, Chloe says it was relationship advice. Sami learns of Lucas's plans with Chloe and doesn't want her anywhere near Allie. Chloe overhears Lucas saying that she's going be involved in her life. Nicole mentions Lucas seems to have already signed her up for "mommy duty". Lexie is upset during the joint therapy session with Dr. Carrington, and shares her daydream about Theo being "normal". Daniel tells Hope the issue is between Chelsea and himself. Chloe tells Lucas she's not going to the cabin with him, because he should spend more time alone with Allie. Mickey tells Lucas that the judge decided to grant joint custody.moreless
  • Ep. #10904
    Ep. #10904
    Episode 463
    Lexie tells Abe that she's tired of being patient with Theo. Kayla and Steve arrive at the park with Joe. Kayla sends Abe and Steve away (to feed the birds) so that she can talk to Lexie. E.J. arrives at the mansion with an injunction that states that Tony and he do not have to move out. Trent asks Marlena to have a drink with him, but she turns him down. John insists to Marlena that she come back home with him but she says no and goes over to Trent to take up his offer of a drink. Stefano reminds Tony that there was a time he could trust him with anything. Tony says he does not want to revisit the past. Nicole tells John that he agrees with him and reveals that Trent is a self-absorbed jerk. Stefano informs Tony and E.J.that the DiMera legacy is in very good hands. Trent offers to take Marlena out to dinner but she turns him down. Lexie daydreams about Theo being normal. John sits down to talk with Marlena, she shocks him by saying that she's filing for divorce. Stefano goes through some old photos of him and Tony. He tries to emotionally blackmail Tony by explaining how important family is to him, but Tony walks out. Stefano throws the photo album into the garbage.moreless
  • Ep. #10903
    Ep. #10903
    Episode 462
    Max tells Melanie he wants to get to know her better. Melanie says he doesn't want to know about her life. Stefano disowns E.J. and Tony (again!) for sending him to an institution instead of caring for him. Daniel watches as Chelsea plays with Theo in his classroom. Morgan asks John what he did to her father. Stefano learns that John has let Lucas live in his mansion and is glad when Lucas announces he's leaving. Victor pays a visit to Stefano and they agree it is good to be doing business together again. John tells Roman and Abe that if they won't deal with Stefano, that he'll take care of Stefano. Paul tells Philip that today is his lucky day. Chelsea and Daniel rehash whether she can forgive his sleeping with Kate (before dating Chelsea). Paul says he's ready to face the consequences of his actions and admits to all the wrongdoing on the docks (the drugs, the fire, etc.) Roman thinks Paul is covering for someone and suggests that Paul think about Morgan. Paul replies that he IS thinking of Morgan. Trent calls Melanie and wants to know what exactly is going on and admonishes her for maxing out her credit cards. Stefano reveals to John that John is not in jain because of Stefano's intervention with Paul. In return, John must keep quiet about what happened in Dr. Rolf's lab. Chelsea tells Daniel that she can't be with him because it would only remind her that he was with Kate.moreless
  • Ep. #10902
    Ep. #10902
    Episode 461
    Abe confides in Lexie that worries that he will do the wrong thing around Theo. Tony tells Stefano on the phone that coming to the mansion is a mistake. Hope tells Steve that finding Paul would definately help Bo. Morgan is reunited with her father. Paul tells Morgan that he made so many mistakes and has to correct them. Bo comes to the mansion and learns about Stefano's plan to return, he then questions John about Paul Hollingsworth and reminds him he could be facing murder charges. Max tells Stephanie he's not ready to leave France. She snidely asks if he plans to let Melanie use him some more. Mark (Theo's therapist) tells Lexie and Abe how well Theo's session went. Stefano returns to claim his mansion and his empire. Hope tells Steve that Paul's been spotted. Paul tells Morgan that it's best she not know the people he's in trouble with. Philip then calls Morgan and asks to speak to her father, he then tells Paul that he's going down. Paul tells Philip that his hand was forced when he sent that tape. Hope and an officer arrive and arrest Paul. Bo arrests Stefano upon his arrival in the mansion and Roman is delighted when Bo brings him to the station. John tells everyone to leave the house except for Marlena. Lexie admits to Abe that sometimes she's disappointed in herself when it comes to Theo. Philip tells Morgan that he wants an apology from her. Morgan asks Hope to see her father. Roman tells Bo to cut Stefano loose because the D.A is not going to press charges against. Steve is angry that Stefano will not even be charged for kidnapping his baby son.moreless
  • Ep. #10901
    Ep. #10901
    Episode 460
    John tells Lexie as she's taking Theo to his class, that Marlena is missing from her hospital room. Marlena arrives at her office and tells Cynthia(her receiptionist) that she ready to come back to work. Tony arrives and that he and Anna are moving into the mansion, he then tells E.J. that since Stefano's awake John claim to the DiMera holdings is invalid and they should make their move now. Chelsea meets with Kate and Daniel at the pub and asks Daniel if the reason that he dropped her as a patient was because he was hooking up with Kate. Anna signs for something being delivered and E.J. tells Tony that it's from Stefano. John finds Marlena when she's in a session with Dora a new patient, Marlena flat out tells John that she doesn't think she needs him in his life. E.J. and Tony go through the contents of the packages and it hints that Stefano might be returning to the mansion. Marlena and John make love in her office, and afterwards regrets it cause he's not who he is. Chelsea tells Daniel that she doesn't think she'll be able to forgive him or Kate. John and Marlena arrive at the mansion and wonder why the stuff is in his house. Chelsea opens up to Lexie that she and Daniel are over. Stefano calls Tony and says that he's on his way home.moreless
  • Ep. #10900
    Ep. #10900
    Episode 459
    Caroline finds Steve working on his website and learns he's starting his own private eye business. Melanie brings food for Max and Stephanie to the jail, but it's only candy bars. Trent calls Nick and asking him why he cancelled their meeting and tries to get Nick to tell him where he's staying. Chelsea reacts to learning that Kate and Daniel have slept together. Theo climbs into Chelsea's arms as a frantic Lexie looks for him. Melanie asks Max what's going on with him and their father and that he's hiding something from him. Trent enlists Steve's services in help finding Nick. Chelsea tells Kate that she can't wait to hear what she has to say about her and Daniel. Melanie wants Tiffany to bail Max and Stephanie out, she says Max will apologize and that he'll buy her dinner she lies and says Stephanie is Max's cousin. Lexie asks Daniel if he wants to talk about what went down with him and Chelsea, he then reveals that he spent the night with Kate. Steve tells Caroline that he thinks that Trent is really looking for Stephanie and Max and thinks it's a way to keep an eye on him. Stephanie gets a call from Steve and says that Trent is looking for her and Max.moreless
  • Ep. #10899
    Ep. #10899
    Episode 458
    Philip sees Morgan about to go into the pub he tells her that he still cares and if he's capable of killing her father, Philip goes into meet Bo and Hope, she remembers when she was dancing with him. Daniel gives Chelsea the keys to his apartment and says to wait for him there when he gets home. Marlena tells John that he's not the man that she married and turns down his offer to come to the mansion. Roman comes to check on Marlena and she tells John that Roman was once the great love of her life. Philip tells Bo that he isn't going to let him do this cause it's his mess. Chelsea gets a message from Kate saying that Chelsea mustn't know about them and confronts Daniel and then storms out. Philip is approached and served with a subpoena. Marlena tells Roman that Stefano has the disk and there's no way the old John is coming back, but John insists that he protect her from Stefano. Chelsea meets with Kate at the hospital and tells her she knows about her and Daniel. Morgan thinks she sees her father outside she goes to check, Hope asks her what's wrong, Morgan says that she saw her father.moreless
  • Ep. #10898
    Ep. #10898
    Episode 457
    Henderson brings Victor to the pub but Caroline tells him to leave and that he's no longer welcome. Bo asks Roman to talk to him as his brother and not his boss, Roman says that he can't do that. Daniel tells Philip to take it easy, Kate then arrives to take him home. Caroline tells Victor that she thinks he knows why that reporter accused Bo of tampering wih evidence. Kate tells Daniel that she feels the sense of dread that Chelsea will find out about them. Caroline tells Victor as he leaves the pub that she wishes that Bo never found out that he was his father. Bo gives Roman the original tape with Philip's threat towards Paul on it, and the one that was destroyed was a duplicate, Roman says the tape isn't enough to go on. Chelsea tells Philip that Bo made a terrible mistake in protecting him. Trent is shocked at Melanie's spending habits and cancels some of her credit cards. Stephanie thinks the reason her parents haven't called back is because of Joe. Chelsea sees Kate and Daniel in a tender moment. Max threatens to call Trent, but Melanie says she can't help Max and Stephanie because she's broke. Hope asks Bo if John is depserate enough to committ murder.moreless
  • Ep. #10897
    Ep. #10897
    Episode 456
    Max and Stephanie are still in jail while Melanie is free. John is relieved that Marlena has not lost her memory, she was just momentarilyi confused. Marlena describes what she remembers of the attack. Nick arrives in Marseille and runs into Melanie. He overhears her golddigging plans, so he pretends to have money. Melanie hears Nick talk about six figures and something about a prototype. Lucas tells Sami that their relationship is over and he wants full custody of Allie. Mickey then tells Sami that Lucas has a good case. Trent demands that Nicole to do one more thing for him. Nicole agrees but tries to claim it's the last thing she'll do for him. Stephanie flirts with a French guard to get her cellphone to her so she can call her parents. She then finds out that Nick is in France. Nick gets a call from Stephanie explaining that Max and she are in jail that Melanie left them there and that she's a con artist(something he already knows). Lexie tells John that Marlena doesn't need more stress because she has a long road ahead of her. Trent wants Nicole to find out if his daughter Melanie has run into Max. Maggie tells Lucas that she knows that he and Chloe have gotten closer. John asks Marlena to move back in with him when she leaves the hospital. Marlena says that she can't do that. Nick takes Melanie to the jail and she learns that he knows Stephanie and Max.moreless
  • Ep. #10896
    Ep. #10896
    Episode 455
    Stefano tells Dr. Rolf that he has to go underground for a while and he'll be coming with him or if he would like to stay as John's servant for the rest of his life. A nurse tells Steve and Kayla that baby Joe was examined and found nothing wrong. Lexie sees a spike in Marlena's brain activity saying whoever gave her the injection pretty much saved her life. Tony tells E.J. that John is a priority. Sami assumes that John is still hung up on Ava, but John says that he isn't, Sami says that she's going to go and see her kids. Lexie checks in on Marlena. Nicole sees E.J. in the stairwell that she no longer wants any part of him. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that John obliterated the lab, which infuriates Stefano and vows to finish John once and for all even though they have the same blood running through them. E.J. and Sami return to the mansion and E.J. sees a glass of wine on the table and thinks that Stefano was just here, he then sees the broken queen chess piece. Lucas tells Nicole that it's over between him and Sami and she sees that Chloe is with him. Tony is irate after learning from Steve that he took baby Joe. John tells Marlena to wake up cause he has something she might want to hear. Lexie says the test result show that Marlena should be waking up soon. Tony tells Anna that he and E.J. they have a plan to reclaim the DiMera name. E.J. tells Sami that they aren't going to runaway he's not going to let Stefano win. John is then grateful when Marlena opens her eyes and says he wants to retry their marriage, but he's beside himself when she asks who he is. Lucas arrives at the mansion wanting Allie and leaving with her.moreless
  • Ep. #10895
    Ep. #10895
    Episode 454
    Abe tells Tim to start working on that video feed on the 7th floor. Lucas sees Chloe passed out on the floor and tends to her and tells her to take deep breaths. Nicole sees a bit of the video feed. Abe tells Lexie that if Stefano is beind this he'll wish that he was in that coma. Steve and Kayla become frantic thinking Stefano has their baby. Kate learns from Roman that Stefano is up there with Sami, Lucas and all the rest. Stefano shows Lucas a feed of Sami and Lucas sharing an intimate moment. Roman and Abe manage to rescue E.J. and Sami, she says that Stefano was up and around. Steve and Kayla hear a baby crying thinking it's Joe. Chloe asks Lucas what Stefano is up to, Lucas says that he doesn't really care and thinks it's best that they stay put and wait to be rescued. Lexie learns that Marlena is the reason that Stefano left in a catatonic state. Roman and Abe enter Stefano's room and on the tv is shows him wanting justice for Marlena and he vows something terrible if there isn't.moreless
  • Ep. #10894
    Ep. #10894
    Episode 453
    John manages to get the ventilation system working, but Stefano says that he's too late, John checks on Tony and Anna and finds that there still breathing. Marlena is visited by her dead sister Samantha, she then tells Marlena that she crossed a line and is going to pay for it. John goes to find Stefano and finds a younger version of Stefano instead. John runs into his father Santo in the hospital, he then sees the old version of the John that Marlena fell in love with. Stefano tells baby Joe that he has plans for him. John and Santo tell the new John that he shouldn't give up on Marlena so easily. Marlena remembers some moments that she has with her sister all those years ago. Stefano tells Dr. Rolf that he's been doing a good job so far and not to tell anyone that he's working for him again and Stefano hands him baby Joe.moreless
  • Ep. #10893
    Ep. #10893
    Episode 452
    Nicole's noir fantasy sequence continues. As Nicole assumes Sami has suffocated to death, she removes the pillow from her face. Sami revives and starts fighting her, so she holds her down and finally suffocates her until she is actually dead. Lucas remembers seeing Philip and Chloe kissing at Philip's club and feeling jealous. Nicole hears E.J. coming home and quickly hides Sami's body before he can see it. Philip pulls away from Chloe realizing she doesn't really want him. Philip encourages her to go after the man that she really wants. Nicole summons Lucas to the DiMera mansion and tells him that she killed his wife. He points a gun at her but doesn't have the heart to kill her. Chloe comes by Lucas' office, but no one is there . Nicole tells E.J. that she killed Sami. He doesn't believe her at first, but then points her gun at him. Lucas arrives at his office and Chloe says that she loves him and they kiss. Roman and Abe (acting on an "anonymous" tip from Lucas) arrive to arrest Nicole for Sami Horton's murder. Lucas tells Chloe that he had no choice but to turn Nicole in to the cops. Nicole's fantasy ends and she decides to see what's going on at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10892
    Ep. #10892
    Episode 451
    Nicole fantasizes her life is like a Philip Marlowe detective noir film. With dialogue evocative of Humphrey Bogart's films, the dream includes, E.J. who is her husband who's sleeping with Sami, E.J. tells Sami to hide before Nicole sees her. In the style of Sam Spade noir films, Lucas is a private eye down on his luck - he's broke and his wife is cheating on him. He's had to fire his secretary (Chloe). After Nicole finds an earring on the bedroom floor, she realizes that E.J.'s been unfaithful. Sami returns to Lucas's private eye office and notices that she's missing one of her earrings. Philip offers a down on her luck secretary (Chloe), a job singing at the club, but says she has to change her look if he wants to sing for him. Chloe's voice and makeover makes her a hit at Philip's club. Nicole hires Lucas to help find the woman E.J.'s been sleeping with. When she shows the earring he immediately knows that it belongs to Sami. Chloe comes back to confess to Lucas that she loves him. She tells him Sami will never love him the way she does. Nicole wants to join the stakeout in order to catch E.J. and Sami together. At the office, Lucas confronts Sami about her affair with E.J. Lucas goes to the club and see Chloe and Philip kissing. Sami enters Nicole's house looking for E.J.. Nicole strangles, then suffocates Sami. Nicole's dream pauses and she looks in the mirror and says she'll always be the bad girl.moreless
  • Ep. #10891
    Ep. #10891
    Episode 450
    Kayla passes out from the vapors while attempting to yell for help. Roman tells Abe that Sami, Marlena, John, Tony, Anna, Kayla and Steve are trapped on the seventh floor as well as Stefano. Tony attempts to hit John but Tony snaps out of it. Lexie tells Roman and Abe that it's possible that Stefano has come out of his coma and is responsible for what's happening. Sami realizes that it was E.J. that she tripped in the hospital stairwell. Sami is hysterical while telling E.J. that he has to be okay and tries to get him to wake up by saying that she can't imagine her life without him in it, E.J. then opens his eyes. Tony finds Anna unconscious and urges her to come back to him, she then wakes up. Roman asks Nicole if it concerns her that Sami is with E.J. John hears Stefano's voice on the P.A. in the room and he says to John that he'll be his pawn once again. A computer tech tells Roman and Abe that he may have caught a break. Stefano enters the lab and see Kayla and Steve passed out on the floor and finds baby Joe. Nicole sees an image of E.J. and Sami kissing. Steve wakes up and he and Kayla discovers that Joe is missing. John almost has it fixed as Tony and Anna pass out from the gas. Roman learns that someone is trying to access the ventilation system on the seventh floor which isn't good.moreless
  • Ep. #10890
    Ep. #10890
    Episode 449
    Roman and a bunch of cops stake out the ER to determine the cause of the lock down. Nicole tells Philip that she heard on the news and knows what's going down at the hospital. Stefano prepares to give Marlena exactly what she did to him by trapping her inside her body. John and Tony located the power source of the seventh floor. Stefano goes down memory lane when Marlena was his Queen of the Night. John asks Tony if he's jealous that he was cut out of Stefano's will. John manages to get the power off on the entire floor, just as Stefano was about to inject Marlena with something. Philip thinks that Chloe was here visiting Lucas earlier and might still be here. Anna goes through Stefano's hospital room and hears his voice and she screams when she sees him. Stefano shows Marlena the broken disk that contains John's memories. Nicole tells Philip that she wishes that she could start over and is not proud of what she did in the past. Stefano goes back in and asks Marlena if she has anything to say. Stefano goes to check on a subdued Anna. Tony hallucinates seeing Stefano and attacks John.moreless
  • Ep. #10889
    Ep. #10889
    Episode 448
    Steve scrambles to find oxygen for baby Joe to breathe in so he won't get sick. Chloe and Lucas see the gas coming into the room and the two then head out. Kayla sets out to find Steve and Joe, she enters the lab and she gets trapped with them too. Anna tells Tony that Stefano is really trying to kill them. Sami hallucinates seeing E.J. as Stefano and then runs off. Marlena's oxygen mask is removed by Stefano and she starts to breathe in a mysterious vapor. Kayla passes out from the smoke and Steve tries to revive her. Tony tells Anna that he wishes he had more stability to stand Stefano down an end this insanity. Stefano approaches Sami and says that she could be the future of the DiMera family and that he can give her anything that she wants. Chloe enters Marlena's room and goes to get help, she looks in the mirror and sees herself when she had the scars on her face. John is determined to find Stefano. Chloe tells John and Tony that Stefano was seen outside Marlena's room. Lucas passes out from the gas and Chloe tries to wake him up. Steve passes which worries Kayla and she starts yelling for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10888
    Ep. #10888
    Episode 448
    Stefano is shocked to learn that Anna and Tony are married. Kayla tells Steve that Marlena was injected with a paralyzing toxin. Sami tells E.J. that they find need to find out what is wrong with Marlena. Sami also expresses the wish that John kills Stefano. Marlena tells Kayla that she was injected with the same toxins as she gave Stefano. John confronts Stefano in the hospital, and Stefano warns that he has plans for everyone who has betrayed him and they are already in motion. Stefano learns from E.J. that John was involved with Ava Vitali. Tony goes into see Marlena and says that he's disappointed for what she did. Stefano is delighted that the fate of his enemies will be sealed very soon. John starts choking Stefano but Steve manages to pull him off. Kayla asks Marlena if she wants to risk trying an antidote. Stefano bed is discovered empty. E.J. and Sami discover that every door on the 7th floor of the hospital is locked and from the tv newscaster that they've been quarantined. Steve becomes alarmed when something starts coming through a vent in a room where's he locked in with his baby son. Marlena agrees to try the antidote. Kayla gets a whiff of the vapor and starts to cough. Tony announces that Stefano has them trapped for a reason.moreless
  • Ep. #10887
    Ep. #10887
    Episode 447
    Marlena quietly calls for help while she remains on the floor. Anna tells John that she's been looking for Marlena and is unable to find her. She then breaks the news about Stefano being awake and lucid. John and Anna go in search of Marlena. Tony tells Stefano that his loyalty is to himself and to Anna. Sami enters Stefano's room and tells him that she heard what he said about her mother and demands to know what he plans to do to Marlena. Stefano tells Tony that Marlena injected him with drugs that left him trapped inside his body and that the citizens of Salem are in for something terrible. John and Anna discover Marlena on the floor of her bedroom and John starts CPR. Sami arrives with EJ and becomes distraught. At the hospital, Sami begs Kayla to look after her mother. John goes to confront Stefano but Sami says that Marlena needs him right now. Kayla tells John that she saw him at the church and that he seemed to be enjoying Bo being taken away by Roman. A toxic vapor appears to enter through the vent in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10886
    Ep. #10886
    Episode 446
    Brad the reporter says that he has proof that Bo tampered with evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Caroline turns to Victor and Kate and asks just what is going on. Stefano tells Tony that he is going to make everyone else that betrayed him pay. Melanie is accused of stealing Tiffany's bracelet, Max then brings it back and tells her to admit what she did but the cop puts him and Melanie in jail. Marlena attempts to get up but gets weak and collapses. Kayla turns to Steve and asks if he knows what's going on. Brad reads the e-mail that was anonymously sent to the Salem P.D. about a possible cover up and Bo is protecting Paul's murderer. Victor tells Morgan that she and Kate have to talk to Philip alone about something, Kate says that something is going down. Abe tells Bo if what the reporter is accusing him of is true the so called evidence, Bo then admits that there was a recording. Stephanie comes to the jail and says that she'll pay Max's bail but not Melanie's. Marlena manages to knock the phone off but is unable to call 911. Bo tells Roman that he is willing to accept the consequences of his actions. Philip confesses to Morgan that he threatened to kill her father, she then slaps Philip and storms out. Stephanie tells George not to let Melanie walk all over him when he comes to bail her out, he doesn't listen. Stephanie complains to the cop that she should've let Max go, he then puts Stephanie behind bars.moreless
  • Ep. #10885
    Ep. #10885
    Episode 445
    Hope and Bo are taken to St. Luke's in a horse and carriage that brings back so many good memories to Hope of her first wedding, and are surprised as they arrive that everyone the love is there waiting for them. John enters Stefano's hospital room and tries to suffocate him with a pillow, he then calls Marlena and says that they need to talk. Lexie tells E.J. and Tony that she wants to know what they're up and she wants to know now. The intruder continues to linger with a syringe towards Marlena. Hope tells Bo that when she looks into his eyes she sees the man she feel in love with. Lexie arrives in time for Hope and Bo to exchange vows and become married again. Kayla sees John in the church and becomes concerned. Marlena comes face-to-face with the intruder and tells him to stay away from her. Tony realizes that Stefano spoke to E.J. A reporter shows up and wants to quote Bo about the missing evidence. Marlena is attacked by the intruder and sticks her with the syringe.moreless
  • Ep. #10884
    Ep. #10884
    Episode 444
    Stefano wakes up and tells Tony not to tell anyone he is awake. If Tony complies then all will be forgiven. Kayla, Maggie, Julie and Chelsea help Hope prepare for her big night. Hope tries to get Chelsea to spill the beans but no one will reveal the surprise. Bo tells Steve that there's someone else that knows he tampered with evidence. Stefano quickly closes his eyes as Anna comes in the room asking Tony why he's speaking to Stefano. Tony takes Anna outside and says that he has to tell her something and reveals that Stefano is awake and heard her say she wished him dead. Hope reminisces about her first wedding to Bo in New Orleans and she figures out that she's getting re-married. John tells E.J. that the time is coming when he'll have to make a choice. E.J. comes in to see Stefano and asks for his forgiveness,as he turns to leave Stefano calls out to him. Tony lies to John and Lexie about Stefano's state. Anna asks Tony why she didn't tell Lexie the truth. Lexie does a reflex test and Stefano opens his eyes. Lexie attributes it to a muscle spasm, but suspects thatTony and E.J. are up to something when they protest further treatment. Marlena returns to her place and goes to have a shower, and someone in a ski mask enters the room. We then see Stefano laughing so we are not sure if he sent someone or if he is imagining his revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #10883
    Ep. #10883
    Episode 443
    John reads the goodbye letter that Ava left for him. Melanie tries to deal with learning from Max that he's her brother. Hope comes by to see Philip and says that she knows about the tape and Bo could lose everything cause he tampered with evidence. Tony and E.J. watch as Stefano remains in his coma. Marlena tells John that Stefano had a seizure and that he could come out of his coma and that she's not afraid that he'll accuse her of paralyzing him. Tony tells E.J. that he fears that Stefano is planning something as we speak. Melanie knows why Max looks so familiar cause he's a famous race car driver. John tells Marlena that he's going to the hospital to finish the job that she started with Stefano, Marlena reads the letter that Ava wrote for John, she then calls Roman and says that Ava jumped bail and left town. Nicole shows her support for E.J. after telling her that Stefano might be waking up. Marlena has a dream that Stefano grabbing her arm and threatening her. Melanie gets a call from Trent and she uses a sob story to get money and Stephanie watches in disbelief and thinks Melanie will ask Max for money. Police come into the Bistro and arrest Melanie. Marlena enters Stefano's room and talks to him, and his monitors start to beep rapidly, Stefano(thinking to himself that he'll have his revenge).moreless
  • Ep. #10882
    Ep. #10882
    Episode 442
    Nick tries to tell Max that he knows where to find Melanie but his phone loses the signal. Ava tells John that she thinks that she's being followed and that they could be on to her. Kate is glad that Victor is sitting up and talking like his old self again. Bo comes down for breakfast and Ciara asks why her Mommy is sad, after Ciara leaves Hope tells Bo that he's turning into a Kiriakis other than the man she loves. E.J. asks Ava that if there's anything she has to tell him now would be the time. Chelsea runs into Nick at Java and asks what he's looking at, Nick says that he can't tell her. Lexie brings Theo to Java and Chelsea looks forward to working with him in occupational therapy. Max sees Melanie walk into the restaurant, and sees those guys that confronted him outside the bistro and are looking for her. Les approaches and manhandles Melanie and Max says how much does she owe and Melanie asks who he is. Tony gives news to Lexie that Stefano had a seizure and is being brought here and there's a good chance he could come out of the coma. Ava and John decide to go upstairs and later Ava comes downstairs and puts a note for John on the table and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #10881
    Ep. #10881
    Episode 441
    Chloe tells Lucas that she feels responsible for what happened to him, Lucas says that she isn't. Bo visits Philip in the hospital. Maggie discovers Chloe doting on Philip in the hospital and asks him what Sami would say if she saw him with Chloe. Philip says that he got a note under his door saying "I Know Your Secret". Harry tells Roman and Hope that the e-mail was sent from the Java cafe, so Hope goes to investigate. Philip says to Bo that no matter what happens he's got his back. Nicole tells E.J. that she hated pushing him away, she also confesses that Trent is Max's biological father. Hope meets with Doug and asks him if he would break the law to protect a family member, Doug asks if she's the one that's in trouble. Lucas tells Maggie that he just needs sometime to himself to recharge, Maggie gives Lucas the key to the Horton cabin as Chloe overhears outside the door. Hope tells Roman that she seen footage of Ava on her computer and it fitting the time frame of when the e-mail was sent and it could be linked to John. Morgan comes back to check on Philip, and he whispers something in her ear and they share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10880
    Ep. #10880
    Episode 440
    Trent asks Nick if he's seen Max anywhere cause he hasn't seen him at the Brady pub lately. Max is approached by a mysterious men outside the French bistro as Stephanie looks on. Trent tries to call Melanie with no luck. Nick continues to look at a picture of Melanie and wonders where he's seen her before. Roman asks Lucas what happened, Lucas said he did what he asked and they almost killed him for it. Nicole learns that Lucas was sent to a maximum security prison with some hard criminals. Sami and E.J. bond over family time with Johnny and Allie. Lucas asks Roman if he has to go back to prison and Nicole and Chloe learn that Lucas made a deal with the feds and has been released from prison. Sami comes to the hospital and Lucas is coming home for good. Nick watches Melanie's video blog and realizes it's Max's sister that he's looking for. Nick calls Stephanie and says that he knows where he can find Melanie. Nicole tells E.J. that Trent is blackmailing her and that they are still legally married and forced her to stay away from him.moreless
  • Ep. #10879
    Ep. #10879
    Episode 439
    Morgan confesses to Philip that she's falling in love with him, much to Chloe's chagrin. Victor tells Daniel that he wants to talk with Bo and that it's important. Daniel lashes at Kate by saying that she shouldn't have told Victor about Philip, Chelsea tells Daniel to apologize to Kate. Victor asks Bo how Philip is doing and thanks him for what he did. Hope asks Morgan if there's anything she might've missed while going through the package. Morgan asks Chloe if she's going to tear into her again, Chloe says if she makes Philip happy then she won't interfere and says to Morgan not to hurt him. John takes Ava somewhere and she's shocked when she sees a very much alive Paul Hollingsworth in his basement. Hope tells Bo that she thinks that he found something after her and Morgan left the station. Daniel stops by Java and asks to speak with Kate. Paul learns that Philip took a bullet for Morgan and her feelings for him. Morgan thinks of the times she had with Philip and then he slowly opens eyes. Daniel apologizes to Chelsea for the way he treated Kate earlier. Chloe learns that Lucas has been admitted to the hospital. Hope gets an anonymous e-mail saying about a coverup.moreless
  • Ep. #10878
    Ep. #10878
    Episode 438
    Max runs into an old friend and she kisses him and Stephanie watches from outside. Marlena bumps into Trent while at Java and lays into him for cutting in front of a young lady in line. Nicole tells E.J. that she wants to be clear about her feelings for him. Marlena tells E.J. she is displeased with how he's treating Sami by bribing that judge to stop her from taking Johnny out the DiMera mansion. Trent sees Nicole but Nick comes in and asks to speak with him. Stephanie learns from the guy from behind the bar about a boy who knows Melanie personally. George tells Stephanie about Melanie using him to buy her expensive gifts. Trent tells Nicole that he thought he told her to stop seeing E.J. Michel makes a call to Melania saying that people are asking questions about her. Trent tells Nicole that he knows that Max is in France and to find out what he's doing there but he has an idea who he's looking for and if she doesn't he tell everyone that they are still legally married.moreless
  • Ep. #10877
    Ep. #10877
    Episode 437
    Chelsea goes into see Victor hoping to get some answers, Daniel tells Chelsea that she was doing what she was wasn't supposed to by visiting her grandfather. Hope tells that she isn't mad at him just disappointed that he won't confide in her about Paul's disappearance. Bo arrives at the DiMera mansion after hearing about the shooting and learns that it was Philip. Morgan says that it's her fault that Philip got shot. Hope tells Morgan that she can't assume that John is responsible for whatever happened to her father. Kate is beside herself when she sees Philip bleeding. E.J. gives John some good news that Ava will not be extradited to Ireland and will be tried here in Salem and Judge Fitzpatrick will he the presiding over the case. Bo learns that Philip is in recovery. Morgan calls Chelsea wanting to see Philip but she doesn't think that Kate wants her there. Kate asks Daniel if she could see Victor, she goes in and Victor wakes up and says that Philip was shot and the monitors start to beep rapidly, Daniel tells Kate that no one is allowed in his room until he says it's okay after Victor almost died.moreless
  • Ep. #10876
    Ep. #10876
    Episode 436
    Bo tells Steve that he could lose his badge or even Hope (over keeping his secret). Caroline comes by to see Kayla and discusses Bo's bizarre behaviour and is worried about him. Philip tells Kate that Bo thinks he killed Paul. Marlena interrupts Ava and John as they discuss their previous night together. E.J. informs Ava that they need to talk about keeping her out of prison. Henderson gives Philip and envelope that was found under the door. The note says "I know your secret". Philip thinks whoever's doing it is trying to get to him, he suspects it's John. Ava stops by to see Steve and tells him she's moving on with her life. John admits to Marlena that being with Ava is grounds for divorce - Marlena asks if that's what he wants.Judge Fitzpatrick stops by the DiMera mansion and E.J. mentions Ava's trial and trying to stop the extradition to Ireland. Ava asks Steve to testify on her behalf and he tells her he's going to tell the truth. Morgan bursts into the mansion and accuses John of killing her father. She looks she's about to pull out a gun so Eddie shoots at her - but Philip dives in front of her and gets shot instead.moreless
  • Ep. #10875
    Ep. #10875
    Episode 435
    Max tells Stephanie he doesn't know what he's going to say when he meets Melanie, Max then learns that there's a slight delay in getting to Marseille. Steve and Kayla continue to argue over Ava. Ava tells John that there's another option for them, to just skip bail and they could leave the country, John says that he isn't leaving Salem. Marlena tells Roman that Ava came to her for a psychiatric consult and cannot reveal any of her files due to confidentiality. Bo hears as Philip offers Morgan to come to the Kiriakis mansion tonight. Marlena comes out and asks Bo if everything is alright and if he wants to talk about it. Roman and Marlena arrive and talk about Steve and Kayla's testimony at Ava's trial. Bo questions Philip about his involvement with Morgan. Roman tells Steve that he knows that he feels somewhat guilty of the death of his father. Stephanie tells Max that she may have located Melanie at a school outside of the city. Chelsea asks Daniel what the reason is he committed to stay in Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #10874
    Ep. #10874
    Episode 434
    Morgan worries that her father might be dead and lets Philip console her. E.J. tells Ava not to make any long term plans anytime soon. Hope worries about Bo's behaviour and that he wants to work on the case by himself. Tony and Kate toast the success of Kate's Hearth and Home product line, Roman tells Kate that Paul Hollingsworth may have met with foul play, after Roman leaves Tony asks her what exactly is she hiding. Morgan explains to Philip what her father really means to her. Tony is taken back to what John said about Paul and wonders if he had anything to do with this. Bo tells Philip that he killed, but Philip maintains his innocence. Roman and Abe tell Bo that they're gonna drag the river for Paul's body. Anna tells Kate that she spoke with Carrie and that she and Austin are gonna try to start a family, she then thinks of becoming a grandmother.moreless
  • Ep. #10873
    Ep. #10873
    Episode 433
    Chelsea asks Daniel if Bo and Victor are are okay. Kate explains that they tape has in fact been destroyed. Abe explains his theory with a fellow officer about there being more to the mysterious package. Caroline asks Bo if something happened between him and Victor. Lexie tells Abe some playful therapy to help and she insists that they dip into Theo's college fund, Abe then asks if Theo is ever going to college. Kate asks Philip what exactly has he done, Philip says she'll find out soon enough, Kate insists on knowing right now. Stephanie wakes up to find a stranger in her compartment and asks were Max is and is nearly robbed. Morgan comes by and asks to speak with Philip. Daniel tells Bo that Victor is not having anymore visitors for a while and is locking his room. Abe tells Lexie that there's been a break in the Paul Hollingsworth case, and tells Morgan that her father's jacket was floating in the river.moreless
  • Ep. #10872
    Ep. #10872
    Episode 432
    Lucas tells Chloe that she shouldn't have come (to see him at the police station). Chloe came to say how sorry she was that she had contributed to his getting caught. Caroline and Maggie prepare to welcome Baby Joe as Steve and Kayla bring him home from the hospital. Marlena tells Sami she could move into her old apartment, John explains that EJ will take Johnny if she does. Ava gets turned away when calling for a place to stay. John pressures Sami to show her apartment to Ava. Steve and Kayla learn that Sami is showing Ava her apartment and react angrily. Marlena fills Roman in on how she may have a way to get the old John back and informs him that she needs his help (getting immunity for Rolf). Steve is taken back when Kayla suddenly tells Steve she didn't trust him because of what happened with Ava and how that trauma caused their baby to nearly die. John and Ava begin to make out on the rooftop.moreless
  • Ep. #10871
    Ep. #10871
    Episode 431
    Marlena offers Dr. Rolf a deal and immunity if he agrees but he says that he doesn't trust her. Sami learns that Lucas is being sent to a maximum security prison and she then completely breaks down. E.J. gives Judge Fitzpatrick a generous campaign check, she refuses at first but E.J. convinces her, she then says to John that they've bumped into each other at charity events. Max is shocked when Stephanie appears on the train and tells her to go back to Salem. Nicole fills in Ava about Trent and that she knows why she acts weird around him. Max tells Stephanie that he wants her to stay and help find his sister.moreless
  • Ep. #10870
    Ep. #10870
    Episode 430
    Ava and John toast to their future together. Morgan asks Abe to hold onto the money til when her father comes back. Stephanie tells Caroline that Max went to France to look for his sister. Caroline then reads a letter that Max left for her explaining why he left. Victor asks Bo to leave the evidence he has against Philip with him. Bo struggles with his ethics but Victor's life seems to depend on fulfilling his wish. Trent tells Nicole that they aren't done and asks her to do some detective work for him. Morgan and Chelsea wish Stephanie "Bon Voyage". Roman and Marlena discuss Sami's problems with Lucas and E.J., as well as the recent threat of E.J. taking Johnny to England. Victor indicates that Kate should play the tape and she hears about Philip's threat to kill Paul Hollingsworth. Nicole tells Trent that Max left town. Trent tells Nicole to go back and find out where he went. John tells E.J. that he wants proof that he can trust him. Kate pulls out the magnetic tape of the cassette (thus destroying the evidence against Philip). Bo calls Abe to tell him about the tape, but changes his mind and says that he doesn't think he'll be into work today.moreless
  • Ep. #10869
    Ep. #10869
    Episode 429
    Stephanie discovers that Max lied to her and took off, and tells Steve and Kayla. Max boards a train and heads to Marseilles. Victor's monitors start beeping rapidly as he remembers what Philip said yesterday. Bo replays the threat Philip made against Paul. Abe tells Bo that he thinks that there's something off about the package that was left for Morgan. Philip tells Kate that the reason he didn't confide in her cause it has something to do with Victor. Philip spends the night by Victor's bedside. Ciara tells Hope that Theo is starting to act mean towards her. Victor tells Bo, like he doesn't already know what's wrong. Max is secretly photographed, Max then tells him to stop. Stephanie is mad that her father told Max not to take her to France. Victor begs Bo to hold off on using the tape and to prove Philip's innocence. Remy calls someone and says that Max Brady is in France and is heading to Marseilles.moreless
  • Ep. #10868
    Ep. #10868
    Episode 428
    Hope and Bo try and track the package that Paul sent for Morgan to pick up. E.J. continues to threaten Sami with the court order that she can't take Johnny out of the house, Sami then says to E.J. that Stefano would be proud of him right now. Morgan tells Philip that he's with her. Bo tracks the package to the post office near Salem University. Philip tells the mail clerk to take another look to see if the package is there, Morgan is then amazed. Hope tells Bo to go alone cause she has to go home to Ciara. Bo arrives too late and learns that Morgan already has it. Hope and Bo stop Morgan from opening it, and shows them the warrant and insists they go down to the station. Sami is livid that E.J. plans to take Johnny to England, and she says no way he's taking him anywhere. Philip goes to see Victor and says that he really screwed up this time. Bo finds a tape recorder and hears Philip threatening to kill Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #10867
    Ep. #10867
    Episode 427
    Nicole overhears Chloe on the phone and gets some juicy information. Sami learns that Lucas and Chloe had sex and she then goes ballistic and throws food at her. Philip tells an unconscious Victor that they've had their differences and that it's because of him and makes a plea for him not to leave him. Pete breaks up the food fight between Chloe and Sami, and Sami throws a pie and it hits E.J. in the face. Chelsea asks Kate what's the real story she was talking about with Daniel earlier. Philip tells Bo that he has let his father down. Chelsea asks Kate if she thought so highly of Daniel then why didn't she let him operate on her. Victor tells Bo that he needs to tell him something, that he wants him to look out for Philip. Sami tells Dr. Rolf to pack up the twins things, Bo gets a text message and tells Hope that he got a lead in the Hollingsworth case, Sami then tells E.J. that she's not spending another night under that same roof with him. Slone gives Morgan a letter that was placed in the sorority mailbox.moreless
  • Ep. #10866
    Ep. #10866
    Episode 426
    Hope asks Philip why he and Lucas were fighting. Kate is delighted to hear from Chloe that she and Philip are history. Bo tells Philip that it's time he start talking. Chelsea starts her new job in the child development center in the hospital. Caroline checks Victor for a pulse. Max tells Stephanie to call 911. Morgan calls Philip and tells him his father had some sort of an attack and the EMT's are working on him. Daniel and Chelsea learn that Victor is being brought in. Philip tells Kate that Lucas is back in jail because he took his ankle monitor off and met up with Chloe. Chelsea is scared for Victor after Bo reminds them it's not his first stroke. Max writes a goodbye letter to Caroline and Stephanie. Hope tries to get Lucas to open up about that night. Daniel tells Caroline and Kate that Victor asked to speak with them. Chloe calls Nancy and tells her it's her fault that Lucas is going back to jail. Pete gives Stephanie the letter when she comes to the pub looking for Max. Kate tells Daniel that it would kill Chelsea if she knew what went on between them.moreless
  • Ep. #10865
    Ep. #10865
    Episode 425
    Victor and Nicole sign their final divorce papers, she then reminisces of their first wedding. Hope tells Lucas that she thinks that she can sway the judge if there was an important reason he was at the Salem Inn. Sami asks Chloe what she's doing at the police station. Victor's vision starts to get blurry and Nicole asks if he's alright. Bo agrees to let Sami talk with Lucas but not long. Caroline realizes that Stephanie's trying to fix her up with Victor, she then doesn't think that she's ready to date anyone. Max tells Trent that he wants a truce between them and that he's tired of hating him and go their seperate ways. Morgan follows Chloe and she has got plenty to say to her and thinks she's jealous of her relationship with Philip. Max tells Stephanie that he changed his mind and is not going to find his sister. Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't want him to go back to prison and what made him leave the mansion, Philip wants to hear that reason to. Caroline agrees to go to a movie with Victor, he then collapses on the floor of the pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10863
    Ep. #10863
    Episode 423
    Nicole dreams of Sami seeing E.J. and Nicole exiting the elevator after getting married. Sami calls Roman who suggests she find somewhere until A/C. Max realizes he may have a half sister when the girl who answered the phone hangs up after asking for her "dad". Stephanie says that it's possible that Max has other siblings. Nicole thanks E.J. for making her feel better. Sami sees Nicole & E.J. emerge from the elevator in various states of undress. She realizes what happened and freaks out - she tells E.J. that Lucas wouldn't be caught doing something like that. Nicole thanks Sami for dumping E.J. earlier so that he turned to her. Chloe and Lucas discuss their own elevator escapades and try to figure out how Lucas will get out without drawing attention. Chloe makes her scene as Lucas makes his get away but Sami spots him. Nicole and Roman also see Lucas and he is arrested by the Salem PD for violating his house arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #10862
    Ep. #10862
    Episode 422
    Lucas and Chloe share a moment while trapped in the elevator. Kate arrives at the barbecue and faints when she sees Chelsea and Daniel kissing. Hope tells Bo that he should cool down and let Chelsea make her choices. E.J. says Sami while making love to Nicole. Marlena sees the lab all trashed. Sami looks for Lucas and hoping he didn't do anything foolish. Max enlists Nick's help in doing some research for him cause he knows that Trent is hiding something. Marlena tells Sami that she's lost John for good this time. Lexie tells Abe that she never thought that Chelsea would get involved with Daniel. Victor tells Chelsea that the last thing she needed was to see her and Daniel kissing. Sami lays into John for hurting Marlena like this. Nick asks Trent to take him back to the University, and then takes his cellphone and gives it to Max. Kate tells Chelsea to end things with Daniel right now. Marlena sees the disk broken in half in lab. Sami arrives at the Salem Inn and learns that it's in lockdown due to people trapped in elevators. Max calls Trent's phone and a woman says Dad on the other end.moreless
  • Ep. #10861
    Ep. #10861
    Episode 421
    After hearing E.J. on the phone Lucas calls Chloe and says he needs a friend right now. Marlena says that she's here to see if John has come to his senses and isn't leaving til he does. Caroline tells Victor that she's glad he's here. John tells Marlena that the John she loved is dead and the sooner she accepts it the better. Lucas overhears Sami admit that she still has feelings for E.J. Bo and Hope say that it isn't the same without Alice. Lucas secretly meets with Chloe at a hotel but gets nervous when he sees a cop. Everyone sees as Chelsea arrives on Daniel's arm to the barbecue, Victor learns that Daniel is Chelsea's date and asks to speak to him alone. Ava sneaks into the lab and confiscates the disk. Dr. Rolf then informs them that someone has entered the lab and that security has been breached. Victor makes it clear to Daniel that he doesn't want to see Chelsea hurt. John spots Ava in the lab and asks why she's in here. Lucas and Chloe get trapped in an elevator, Chloe gets hysterical cause she's claustraphobic. E.J. and Nicole get stuck in the other one. The fireworks make the best of the blackout in Salem. Marlena tells John not to listen to Ava and not destroy the disk. John breaks the disk in half and trashes the lab as Marlena sobs outside the door.moreless
  • Ep. #10860
    Ep. #10860
    Episode 420
    Caroline gets emotional with Chelsea after saying that Shawn lived for the annual Brady/Horton barbecue. E.J. sees that Lucas is stuck at the mansion and Sami went to Bo and Hope's, Lucas says that if Sami wanted him there he would've been invited, he says to go on ahead and see what happens. Hope is ecstatic that Doug and Julie arrive at her house. Chloe tells Philip that she told Roman about Paul to only help him. Nicole shows up for John's 4th of July party. Bo tells Doug that Chelsea is dating a guy that's much older than she is. Morgan tells Chelsea that she doesn't think that her father is ever coming back. Hope tells Julie about Chelsea and Daniel. Caroline tells Roman that she hopes that Sami doesn't bring E.J. Philip tells Morgan that he has people looking for her father. Lucas tells Nicole that he doesn't need her help.moreless
  • Ep. #10859
    Ep. #10859
    Episode 419
    Stephanie wants details from Chelsea about her date with Daniel. Roman tells Bo that Paul Hollingsworth bought a ticket to South America, he checked his luggage, but he never boarded the plane. John tells E.J. that he knows that his marriage to Sami has been annulled and that he's been lying to her. Sami overhears and asks E.J. if it's true. Stephanie tells Chelsea that she's upset about Max. Trent tells Max that he came back to Salem and saw that he was happy with the Bradys. He then asks Max to keep their relationship secret. E.J. admits to Sami that the immigration scare with Leonard Burke was another one of his lies. Sami says there's nothing he says that can make her trust him again. John and Ava descend to Rolf's lab where John remembers Stefano claiming to have removed his memories. Ava tells John not to put the disk in and to leave the past- in the past. Max tells Trent that several of his family members know that he's his father. Morgan tells Bo and Roman to investigate John for her father's disappearance. Max once again brings up the woman in the picture, Trent refuses to give any information and leaves. Bo finds a letter to Morgan in Paul's suitcase.moreless
  • Ep. #10858
    Ep. #10858
    Episode 418
    Tony tells Anna that their happiness would be complete if she'd quit her job and come and work for him. Victor asks Philip if he is involved with Morgan Hollingsworth. Philip tells Victor that Paul Hollingsworth is missing. Anna gets some bad news from her boss Mr. Lumberg that he has to close that ad agency and that he's bankrupt. Anna then accepts Tony's job offer (without telling him she lost her job). Lexie tells Abe that they just have to deal with Theo's autism. Daniel and Chelsea continue their passionate kiss. Ava tells John that he should find out what's on that disk, but later (after they kiss) suggests he destroy it. Morgan asks Philip if he's getting close to her to find her dad. John and Ava head to Rolf's lab.moreless
  • Ep. #10857
    Ep. #10857
    Episode 417
    Daniel tells Chelsea that he wants to see her smile everyday. Dr. Rolf tries to put it off that's it's impossible to put John's memories on the disk. Marlena tells Dr. Rolf that she know he did this and wants him to undo it. Morgan doesn't believe Chloe's claim that she saw her father on the pier and is responsible for the fire and thinks she's covering for someone. Nicole tells Trent that she might get drunk and accidentally blurt out some scenario from his dark and murky past like when he tossed her aside when his career took off. Marlena tells John this isn't a game and that the disk could unlock his past. Kayla tells Max that he has to be certain that Trent is who he is before he does something he'll regret. Chloe gets nervous when Roman asks her what Paul was wearing that night, so she texts Lucas as Roman's getting her some water, Lucas tries to think of what he was wearing that night. John insists that Marlena tells him who her source is. Daniel surprises Chelsea with dinner in one of the hospital rooms and the two share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10856
    Ep. #10856
    Episode 416
    Bo and Hope run into Daniel at Chez Rouge and Bo asks who his date for the evening is. Caroline tells Stephanie that someone needs to talk to Max. Chelsea arrives and wants Stephanie's help in getting ready for her date with Daniel. Philip asks Chloe where she's going, she says she can't give any details but it's to help him. Marlena offers her help to Lexie and Abe. John asks Lucas who he was talking with on the phone. Trent and Nicole go out to dinner and discuss their past. Max tells Stephanie that he's going to talk to Trent. Chelsea suggests she and Daniel go over and say hi to Bo. Morgan tells Roman that she thinks that her father is missing, Chloe interrupts and says that she saw Paul on the pier the night of the fire. Steve tells Max that he once had an abusive father and knows what he's going through. Dr. Rolf gets nervous when Marlena shows John that she has the disk that was in Stefano's safe. As soon as Daniel and Chelsea leave, Bo confides in Hope that he doesn't want Chelsea dating Danielmoreless
  • Ep. #10855
    Ep. #10855
    Episode 415
    Caroline and Max discuss his biological father, Max says that he wants to be like Shawn and not his father. Marlena gets a call from Philip and that he has information about John. Yvonne tells Philip that the disk contains brain wave patterns. John insists to Lucas not to invite Chloe in his house again, Chloe tells Lucas why she didn't tell John the reason that she was here. Ava and Nicole talk about E.J. while seeing at the bar and having a drink at Jave Cafe. Philip tells Marlena that the disk that it could contain John's memories. Abe asks Lexie if she wants to talk about it, she says not yet and that Theo has serious problems. Sami learns from John that Marlena is considering giving him a divorce. Nicole tells Sami that she and E.J. almost had sex. Philip tells Marlena not to call the police, she then realizes that he stolen the disk from the DiMera mansion. Caroline tells Max what exactly he knows about his father and talking about it might help, Max opens up about a memory of him being pulled away as his father stood there and did nothing. Sami confronts E.J. regarding Nicole's accusation about them nearly having sex. Nicole confesses to John that E.J. and Sami's divorce is valid and that he's been lying to her. Lexie tells Marlena that Theo is autistic.moreless
  • Ep. #10854
    Ep. #10854
    Episode 414
    Sami tells Lucas that E.J. is moving out, E.J. says that he isn't going anywhere, and since it's John's house. Chloe can't look at Morgan without remembering her kiss with Philip. Philip tells Daniel that he doesn't know what he wants, and Chloe isn't gonna be happy when it isn't her. Chelsea wants Hope to promise not to tell Bo about her date with Daniel, she then talks about the age difference. Lucas takes off his ankle bracelet and leaves the mansion. Kate calls Lucas and wonders what's up with him cause he sounds anxious. Bo asks Caroline what's wrong with Max, she says cause he told her in confidence. John takes a phone call saying that Paul Hollingsworth won't say a word. E.J. tells Sami if he leaves the mansion then Johnny goes with him. Lucas goes to Chloe's hotel room and says that he thinks that Paul set the fire, Chloe tells him to go to the police, he says that he can't. Morgan has a few choice words for John at the Brady Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10853
    Ep. #10853
    Episode 413
    Chelsea and Morgan run into Crystle Stewart at the Salem gym. Trent runs into Nicole and they discuss their past. Trent ominously warns Nicole he's not gonna let her go again. Stephanie begs Max to tell Caroline about Trent. Chelsea tells a stunned Morgan that Daniel has asked her out on a date. Morgan reminds Chelsea that Daniel is old enough to be her father. John meets Marlena at the Brady Pub and suggests she move back in, Marlena says she's isn't ready yet. They start to discuss Ava and also Philip. Caroline asks Max if there's something on his mind that's bothering him. Kate yells at Daniel to leave her room because he isn't her doctor anymore. Trent tells Nicole that someone knows about his past him. John calls Philip and summons him to the pub, where he tells Philip that it's about time for him to cut his losses and step down. Nick tells Max that Caroline isn't the only one that's worried about him. Chelsea & Stephanie overtly push a brand name pain killer. Kate tells Lexie she is uncomfortable being around Daniel. Daniel and Philip discuss women, lust and love at the gym. Lexie discusses Theo with Kate. Max finally opens up to Caroline and says he knows who his biological father is. Marlena tells John that they should file for divorce so he can see other women and explore what and who he wants.moreless
  • Ep. #10852
    Ep. #10852
    Episode 412
    John apologizes to Marlena for his behaviour at the Pub and invites her to dinner at the mansion. Stephanie learns that Trent is Max's biological father. Philip and Morgan's kiss intensifies, Chloe is then shocked when she sees them on the pier, she then confronts them. Max tells off Trent for leaving his mother and abandoning them, he then offers to give Max money to keep his mouth shut. Nicole and E.J. make love, but Nicole says they shouldn't do this. John gets a call from someone saying that Paul is preparing to leave town, John assures that Paul isn't going anywhere. Max tells Trent that he'll consider his offer if he tells him who the woman in the picture is. Tony tells E.J. while at the Brady Pub that the DiMera ambition is a total flop when it comes to love. Victor notices a disheveled Nicole and realizes that she made a play for E.J. and he rejected her. Paul and Morgan share a heartfelt goodbye. Max and Trent agree to meet at the Brady Pub tomorrow. Paul is shown being dumped off the pier and into the water.moreless
  • Ep. #10851
    Ep. #10851
    Episode 411
    E.J. storms into the mansion and tells John that apparently Lucas and Sami agreed that he should move out. Max admits to Stephanie that he did break into Dean Robbin's hotel room. Philip tells Paul to leave town before he becomes an even more liability to him. Hope asks Marlena if John is trafficking drugs, Marlena doesn't know what John is capable of. Max goes to Trent at puts back the picture that he took from his room, he then asks him about the photo and Dean Robbins angirly asks him to leave, Stephanie knocks and knows that Max is in there. Lucas gloats as he tells E.J. that Sami was packing up some of his things earlier. Paul tells Morgan that he's leaving town cause it's not safe for him. Philip pulls a distraught Morgan into a kiss. Hope tells Marlena that she should help John before it's too late. John tells E.J. he can stay in the mansion. Ava tells Nicole that her resources are hers if she ever needs it. Marlena approaches John at the pub and asks him to have dinner with her. Max wants Stephanie to stay and hear the truth from Trent. E.J. arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and he and Nicole share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10850
    Ep. #10850
    Episode 410
    John asks Bo and Hope why they haven't arrested Philip for torching his warehouse yet. Trent discovers his hotel room has been trashed, as Max continues to hide in the suite. Stephanie tells Steve that she doesn't need protection from Max, and brings up a time when she did from him. Chloe says that she'll keep Lucas's secret cause he was there for her when she needed a friend. John calls Ava and takes her up on her offer to help with the Kiriakis situation, Ava calls Angelo and asks him and Eddie to bring Paul Hollingsworth to the DiMera mansion. Trent hears something in the bedroom, Max makes his exit out of the window. Nicole asks Philip for a favor, and that she needs protection from someone from her past. John tells Paul that he'll forgive his betrayal if he tells the truth about the fire. Nick asks Hope if she's seen Max lately cause Stephanie's worried about him. Bo shows up to take Trent's statement. Max shows up at the Pub and Stephanie asks him where he's been. Lucas comes down and hears some comotion in the living room, he then realizes that it's the man he saw down on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #10849
    Ep. #10849
    Episode 409
    Chloe overhears Roman and Abe on the pier, that Lucas living under house arrest in the DiMera mansion is enough to make him crazy. Lucas continues to lie to Sami and says he never got his ankle monitor off. Kayla tells Steve that the reason Max is lashing out at his friends is cause he's living a double life. Kate tells Daniel he isn't going to let him do the surgery. Victor tells E.J. if he thinks he's gonna blackmail so he can settle then he's dead wrong. Chloe tells Lucas it's okay, it's just the two of them and how get got his ankle monitor off. Victor agrees to settle but for half of what Nicole is asking. Stephanie wakes up to find Max missing, and goes and asks Pete if he seen him, she then calls Nick. Max waits for Dean Robbins to leave and then breaks into his hotel room and trashes the place when he couldn't find what he was looking for. Daniel gets another doctor to operate on Kate. Kayla and Steve sit as they hold baby Joe as Stephanie arrives and watches. Dean Robbins sees Nicole outside the pub, Nicole is then shocked and asks him what he's doing in town.moreless
  • Ep. #10848
    Ep. #10848
    Episode 408
    Victor accuses Philip of orchestrating the arson. Daniel insists on looking into Kate's medical history so he can figure out what's wrong with her. John tells Marlena that she isn't interested in the new him, so he's moving on. E.J. tells Nicole that he'll get her the hefty settlement if she keeps quiet about Sami's and his annulment having gone through. Philip learns that Kate is in the hospital, he then calls Lucas and tells him the bad news. Daniel is shocked as Chelsea admits that she's in love with him. Stephanie asks Max to tell her what's really going on with him, he says that he can't. Kayla tells Caroline about Max's hidden intelligence. Marlena tells John that she will be moving out of the mansion. As Lucas tries to leave the mansion to see his mother, Chloe reminds him that he can't go to the hospital. Daniel finally realizes what's wrong with Kate after hearing that she got kicked in the stomach in self defense class. Max and Stephanie make love in his room.moreless
  • Ep. #10847
    Ep. #10847
    Episode 407
    Nick tells Max that he did alot more than just clean up his proposal, and tells Dean Robbins he's returning the grant money. John gives Ava a personal tour of his house. Morgan returns to the mansion and sees Philip kisses Chloe, Chloe insists on explaning things to her on what she walked in on. Sami asks Lucas where he was tonight, she knows he lied when he said he was upstairs. Chloe tells Morgan she should keep her father away from John. Paul calls Philip and tells him that John won't know what hit him. Dean Robbins tells Max to keep his distance and if he harrasses him one more time he's gonna call the police. Stephanie tells Kayla that Max has a hidden talent that he's hiding and refuses to acknowledge it. John complains about Lucas and Sami's constant arguing and wants peace and quiet. Hope tells John that she has some bad news the goods in his warehouse burned to the ground. Nick asks Max to come to the University to take an IQ test , but Max says no. Ava is supportive of John. Bo tells Philip if he knows anything about the fire, he also says he hopes he had nothing to do with it. Chloe asks Philip if he did have anything to do with it. Ava tells John why didn't he fight dirty, Marlena then arrives at the mansion and says that she didn't want him to.moreless
  • Ep. #10846
    Ep. #10846
    Episode 406
    Stephanie asks Max what Dean Robbins has to do with him. Philip asks Morgan if she'd like to have dinner with him. Roman calls Sami and asks to speak to Lucas (who Sami knows is missing). Sami lies and says that Lucas is looking after the twins, she then gets nervous when he says he'll drop by. Stephanie tells Nick that Max got into a fight with Dean Robbins. Kate calls Daniel on his feelings for Chelsea. Nick asks Dean Robbins, and he confirms that Max isn't a fan of his theories in his book. Morgan asks Philip about his feelings for Chloe. She then gets a call from her father who orders her to stay away from Philip. Morgan tells Philip what her father just said. Roman arrives and Sami distracts him. Lucas runs into Paul on the pier. Ava asks John if he loves Marlena. When Nick learns that Max altered his work, he informs Dean Robbins that he is returning the grant money and that the person who should build the prototype is Max. Roman accusess Sami of giving him the runaround regarding Lucas - so Sami is relieved when Lucas shows up.moreless
  • Ep. #10845
    Ep. #10845
    Episode 405
    John meets with Paul and asks if he planted the drugs on his ship, Morgan enters Java and hears John's accusation towards her father. Philip insists that Chloe keep the key to the mansion and that he missed her last night. Dean Robbins stops by the pub and Stephanie tells him that she liked his speech, Max then says what he is doing here. Sami asks Lucas for another chance, Lucas tells her he doesn't fool around with married women. Stephanie tells Max why didn't he tell Dean Robbins the truth about his math skills. Morgan asks John to stay away from her father. Max lashes at Stephanie for going through his things, and that the picture of the woman was his biological mother. Chloe says to Philip if she doesn't find a job soon she'll have to leave Salem. John asks Sami's opinion about what cologne to wear for his date. Lucas meets with someone who has something to get that ankle monitor off. Chloe has a run-in with Sami at Java and tells her to work it out with Lucas. Morgan goes to Philip and asks him stop John Black, Paul calls him and says that John is on to them and wants his money as soon as possible. Chloe sees Philip and Morgan getting all cozy, she then leaves in tears. Lucas walks along the pier, but hides when he sees Chloe coming. Sami is shocked when she finds Lucas's ankle monitor under neath the sofa.moreless
  • Ep. #10844
    Ep. #10844
    Episode 404
    Nick takes the celebration over to Java and Max and Stephanie tag along. E.J. tells Nicole that Victor is gonna use anything against her, and that she shouldn't hang out with Ava. Ava spots Stephanie at Java, Nicole insists on taking their party elsewhere. Chelsea dreams of Daniel coming in and starts kissing her, Victor the asks if everything is alright, Chelsea tells Victor she wants to work at the hospital, Victor then calls Daniel. Kate goes to Daniel saying that she's in pain. Max asks Nick what Dean Robbins is doing at Java. Nicole thinks of E.J.'s kiss while dancing with someone. Victor wants to know what's wrong with Kate. John brings up to Hope the time when they where on the submarine, Hope says she doesn't want to discuss it. John tells Bo and Hope that he has proof that he was set up by Philip and Paul Hollingsworth. Ava tells Nicole that she has a date with John, she tells Ava to go for it. Max tells Dean Robbins he thinks his book is garbage, he thinks he's a con man and a fraud and that the whole University and town is gonna know.moreless
  • Ep. #10843
    Ep. #10843
    Episode 403
    E.J. grabs the phone from Nicole before she could reveal to Lucas that EJ was lying about the annulment not going through. Rusty tells John that no more shipments will come in until the Feds says so. Bo tells Hope if John is innocent he prays that Victor isn't back into dealing drugs. Philip admits to Victor that he planted cocaine in John's shipment. Nick tells Chelsea that he's still in love with her. Chelsea wants to be friends with Nick. Nick chastizes her for seeming to want him back when things did not work out with Daniel. Chloe stops by the Dimera mansion to check on Lucas and Philip follows her there. Steve and Kayla learn from Nurse Maxine that their baby is being taken off the ventilator. Nicole tells E.J. to be generous to her or his lie about being "married" to Sami will be revealed to the tabloids. John catches Philip in his house and informs Lucas that Philip and Chloe are not welcome in his house. Victor gets a visit from Bo and Hope asking him about the cocaine, he then calls Philip and tells him. Rusty tells John that he saw Paul Hollingsworth meet with Philip once after he was let go. Nicole and E.J. go to the Kiriakis mansion where they share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10842
    Ep. #10842
    Episode 402
    Stephanie stops Max from getting into it with John. E.J. blasts at Lucas for not keeping an eye on Allie and letting her wander out the door. Victor tells Philip that he is reinstating himself at Titan and he is no longer in charge. E.J. tells Sami to make sure that Lucas isn't left alone with the kids. Ava sees John on the pier, but John tells her to leave him alone. Lexie tells Daniel that she feels Theo should be evaluated by a therapist. Chelsea sees Daniel consoling Lexie. Victor tells Philip if Chloe would stay with him if she knew he planted drugs on John's ship and asked where he got them. Abe runs into John and Ava on the pier and asks him if Ava helped him with the cocaine. Stephanie tells Max he's shutting her out. Daniel admits to Chelsea that he has to make major changes in his life. Philip assures Chloe that their arrangement is still on. Abe tells Lexie that he thinks that she's right about Theo being examined.moreless
  • Ep. #10841
    Ep. #10841
    Episode 401
    E.J. tells Sami he does not want Lucas looking after Johnny. Lucas says it's not his call. Paul Hollingsworth hides on the pier as Nicole and Chloe encounter each other as they follow John and Phillip. Abe and Lexie have a difficult conversation about the problems Theo is having at school. Max blows up at Pete as Dean Robbins, Nick and Stephanie watch from afar. Daniel surprises Lexie with coffee and breakfast. Lucas sees Allie wandered outside and goes to get her. John confronts Philip at the Kiriakis mansion and wants him to confess to setting him up. Lucas is brought in to the police station and Allie is sent to Child Protective Services after he breaks the condition of his house arrest (by going outside after Allie). Stephanie is shocked when she sees Max beating up his boss. Victor arrives home and orders Chloe out of his house right now. Daniel tells Chelsea that it's time he was honest with her. Then he tells her he has been hooking up with a another woman. John tells Max there's a Kiriakis shipment coming in and he wants information. Lucas calls Sami and says that he's in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #10840
    Ep. #10840
    Episode 400
    Sami overhears Lucas on the phone saying that he wants to be moved to another location. Nicole fixes something for E.J. to cure his hangover. Sami tells John that she spoke to Marlena and she knows the reason that she left him is because her brother Eric was in a car accident. Chloe sees Philip having breakfast at Chez Rouge with another woman. Hope and Bo give Caroline a list of other things to do for the pub to go Green. Kayla and Steve receive bad news that their baby has taken a turn for the worse. Kayla tells Hope about Joe and insits that she not come to the hospital. Kate offers to put Lucas somewhere else, Sami says that he'll be staying with her and the twins. Nicole calls E.J. and tells him that she knows that he and Sami are legally divorced, even though he said they're still married. Philip gives a woman named Yvonne the stolen disc. Baby Joe's condition improving overjoys both Steve and Kayla.moreless
  • Ep. #10839
    Ep. #10839
    Episode 399
    Philip begins to have thoughts about Morgan. Sami can't seem to get Johnny to stop crying and tells Lucas that she needs E.J. Roman and Abe give John the evidence and say it's a real good reason why he should plead guilty. Nicole says to herself that she could be falling for E.J. Stephanie tells Morgan that they're waiting for her parents to come back from seeing her brother at the hospital. Lucas offers to sing the song to get Johnny to stop crying, it then works. Morgan asks Paul about the recent drug bust and if he had anything to do with it. E.J. tells Nicole to keep the fact that he's still married to Sami a secret and not to tell no one. Philip and Chloe have sex and afterwards Chloe finds that disc and asks Philip what it is. Roman and Abe admit to one another as John is released on bail that they don't believe that John is innocent. Sami goes to Chez Rouge and brings a drunk E.J. back to the mansion. John comes home to find a note saying that Marlena is gone.moreless
  • Ep. #10838
    Ep. #10838
    Episode 398
    Ava arrives at the DiMera mansion to see Marlena (because E.J. told Ava that Marlena was trustworthy). Hope updates Bo about baby Joe. Anna and Tony return from their honeymoon and arrive at Chez Rouge. Bo tells them about Maggie's restaurant becoming "green certified". Anna shows everyone her ring. John continues to tell Abe that he was set up insists Salem PD find and arrest the real culprit. Stephanie asks Max why he left Nick's celebration and if he's jealous of Nick. Anna asks Roman and Kate if they're getting back together. Marlena advises Ava to let go of her past. Marlena tells Ava says that she can not be her therapist because she would be unable to be objective. Marlena goes to see John and notices that he's claustraphobic. John demands to know if she believes he is involved with the drug trade. Ava comes into the Brady Pub and Stephanie tells her that she's not wanted here and tells her to leave, Max comments that her words were a bit harsh. Marlena tells John she believes him and that she loves him (even though she knows the "old" John isn't coming back).moreless
  • Ep. #10837
    Ep. #10837
    Episode 397
    Maggie is proud as she announces that Chez Rouge is now going Green and about Nick getting his award to build his prototype. Lexie wishes that she could convince Daniel to stick around cause he can do so good for the environment. Nicole is shocked when E.J. tells her that Sami already signed the annulment papers. Nick asks Stephanie why Max isn't here, cause he's reponsible for getting the grant for him. Dean Robbins awards Nick grant money to achieve his goal of building an alternative fuel type. E.J. tells Nicole that he's gonna fight for Sami. Kayla and Steve put together baby Joe's, but it ends up falling apart. Lexie tells Hope that she's worried about her marriage. Nick tells Dean Robbins that someone helped him with his formula's, he still praises Nick's accomplishments anyway.moreless
  • Ep. #10836
    Ep. #10836
    Episode 396
    Kayla refuses to leave the hospital until she sees her baby. Nicole walks in on Philip and Chloe in bed together. Morgan is worried she'll fail her on the internship evaluation, Max then cheers her up by saying that Tony and Anna had gotten married. Marlena tells E.J. that Sami is upstairs with Lucas and not to disturb them. Ava does her research on E.J. and finds something interesting. Max tells Morgan that John is just as guilty as her father is. Kayla, Steve and Stephanie go into the NICU to see the baby. Philip is forced to carry Nicole out after she has a big fight with Chloe. Nicole tells Ava that she wants to get to know her better. Kayla is surprised by Steve when he shows them their new apartment. Marlena goes to Roman and says that she's here to talk about Sami and not John. Professor DiCario tells Stephanie and Morgan that they're on their way to successful careers, Max overhears him talking about Nick's grant.moreless
  • Ep. #10835
    Ep. #10835
    Episode 395
    Daniel thinks that Bo asked to meet him to talk about Chelsea. John regains consciousness and is placed under arrest for assaulting a police officer and drug trafficking, and requests that E.J. be his lawyer. Chloe tells Philip that she's here to say goodbye and that she's leaving Salem. Chelsea asks Ava what she's doing at the police station, she then introduces herself as Bo's daughter. Nick insists on hearing Daniel's ideas about his renewable energy source. Henderson gives Chloe that was delivered, she realizes it's her divorce papers. E.J. overhears Sami tells Lucas that she has feelings for him. Sami signs annulment papers in front of Lucas. Philip and Chloe make love. Chelsea wonder what Nick and Daniel are disagreeing about. Ava listens in on E.J. and thinks that she's found her attorney. Marlena tells Roman that John cannot be locked up. Lucas tells Sami that he just needs a little space to get over this.moreless
  • Ep. #10834
    Ep. #10834
    Episode 394
    Chloe tells Philip that the police and says that they found drugs on one of John's shipments. Stephanie becomes concerned for Max after hearing about something going down on the docks, she's relieved that he's alright. John tells Marlena that he doesn't deal drugs and vows to prove it, but Roman isn't letting him leave the mansion cause he's a prime suspect. Lucas upsets Sami and asks him to leave the room. Lucas apologizes and asks Sami to be honest with him about her feelings for E.J. Abe arrives to ask Philip a few questions about the cocaine that was found, Philip says he's not involved in this. John punches Roman, which shocks Marlena, Roman says he has to arrest John, John says no to handcuffs. Sami tells Lucas that she wants to start over again with him, but he can't cause she feels the same for E.J. Marlena sticks John with a needle and John asks why she would do that to him.moreless
  • Ep. #10833
    Ep. #10833
    Episode 393
    Lexie reveals to Daniel that she's worried about her marriage. Morgan stands up to Chloe. Philip tells Morgan that John has to pay for what he's done, John arrives and says that will never happen. Marlena tells Sami that if her future is with Lucas then to fight for him. Lucas tells E.J. that him moving is the only solution to his problem. Morgan thanks Philip for standing up for her with John. Lexie agrees to take a break and have breakfast with Abe. Chelsea tells Morgan that Philip is checking her out. Abe lays into Lexie after learning she spoke with Daniel about their marital problems. Sami demands answers when E.J. receives a package from Nicole. John tells Marlena that Roman's services won't be necessary. Lucas tells Sami that he layed awake at night thinking, he then plants a kiss on her.moreless
  • Ep. #10832
    Ep. #10832
    Episode 392
    Kayla has a dream about Ava stealing her baby, Ava then walks in bringing her flowers and feels responsible for her being the hospital. Philip meets a mystery man at the pub. Lucas tells Sami that since she slept with E.J. he's not gonna believe a word she says. Nicole see E.J. about to go into the pub and figures she needs him right now. Chloe asks Philip what the meeting he has was all about. John asks who Lucas is and why he's addressing Sami with such disrespect. Marlena tells Lucas that Sami is telling the truth and she has missed him terribly. Chloe tells Philip that she wants him to help her forget about Brady, Philip thinks that Chloe is exactly what he needs right now. Ava helps Kayla by showing her a photo of her son that she took with her camera phone.moreless
  • Ep. #10831
    Ep. #10831
    Episode 391
    Kayla has a dream about Steve telling her that their son is dead. Lucas looks forward to being with the woman that he loves when he arrives at the DiMera mansion. Steve and Kayla worry about their newborn son. Roman talks to Kate about her relationship with Martino Vitali, Kate explains that Stefano introduced her to Martino years ago and was a frequent client of hers. Kayla and Steve try to figure out what to name their son. Abe and Lexie begin their marriage counselling. Lucas is devastated when he catches Sami and E.J. having sex and says that he's taking Allie and leaving and never coming back. Anna is speechless when Tony asks her to marry him, and gracefully accepts. Sami learns that Lucas is gonna be living in the mansion too. Lexie and Abe have a breakthrough in their session.moreless
  • Ep. #10830
    Ep. #10830
    Episode 390
    Daniel push away from his kiss with Chelsea and announces that it's wrong, and they kiss again. Abe and Lexie experience marital problems while playing with Theo. Mickey tells Lucas that he can spend the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. Lucas tells Maggie that he can't wait to see the look on Sami's face when she sees him. E.J. and Sami continue their love making. Nick tells Max that it's possible that Chelsea is into Dr. Jonas. Lucas is shocked when he learns that Sami is living in the DiMera mansion. He then regrests not taking any of her calls or letting her visit him. Daniel pushes Chelsea into a locker when a colleague enters the room. Lexie is paged just as she was planning to have a romantic night with Abe. She reiterates her belief that they need counselling. Mickey and Maggie are glad they didn't tell Lucas the whole story about Sami and E.J. both living in the mansion. Nick calls the professor that Max claims corrected his work to confirm Max's story.moreless
  • Ep. #10829
    Ep. #10829
    Episode 389
    Lexie tells Steve and Kayla that they can't go see their baby in the NICU. Stephanie tells Max that Lexie and Dr. Elman are excellent doctors but wonders if they're enough to save her little brother. E.J. considers knocking on Sami's room while Sami restlessly paces inside. While looking at a picture of Lucas she removes his wedding ring from the chain around her neck. Mickey visits Lucas and asks if he'd like to get out of Statesville and go home. Lucas tells Mickey to do whatever it takes. Daniel asks another doctor how he stays in one place. Sami confesses to E.J. that she is jealous of his attentions to Nicole but that she enjoyed kissing him- she did not do it just to annoy Nicole. Lexie tells Steve and Kayla that their baby is in excellent hands and will be monitored around the clock. Maggie surprises Lucas with some of Alice's donuts and says that he's a fool for not allowing Sami to come see him. Chelsea goes to Daniel and asks him to check on Kayla and Steve's baby and then confronts him about his refusal to date her. Nick confronts Max with his suspicion that it was not his work that was submitted into the Dean's office. Sami tells E.J. she's forgiven him for raping her and reveals that she too raped someone with the warped belief that she could force them to love her. Lucas is ecstatic when Mickey says that he's being released. E.J. and Sami kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10828
    Ep. #10828
    Episode 388
    Hope calls Stephanie and tells her that her mother has gone into labor. Victor is shocked to see that Chloe is still living in the mansion and that Philip invited her to stay. Sami and E.J. discuss the kiss they shared outside the pub. Dr. Elman is gonna try another medication and if it doesn't work then she'll have no choice but to deliver it early. Steve asks Lexie if the baby can survive if it's delivered now. Philip and Victor argue over Chloe, Victor explains to Philip the fact that he's keeping secrets from him as well and tells him he knows about him breaking into the mansion. Stephanie and Steve pray the baby will survive. E.J. gets a call from Statesville, Sami then asks if Lucas will be coming home, E.J. says that he won't be and that he tried everything that he could. Victor gives Philip his legacy and says that he's earned it. Chelsea learns that Bo was in a gun fight tonight and lays into him. Dr. Elman delivers Kayla and Steve's newborn son, Kayla starts to worry when he isn't crying.moreless
  • Ep. #10827
    Ep. #10827
    Episode 387
    Dr. Rolf gives Sami some advice after she announces that E.J. is nothing but a two-timer. Bo tells Martino that the person who intended to shoot Steve on the pier, is the same one who killed Dr. Neusbaum. Steve sees that Kayla is in pain and they anxiously wait for the ambulance. Nicole tells E.J. that once Lucas comes back Sami won't give him a second thought. Dr. Rolf surprises Sami by saying that he heard E.J. talking on the phone with the Statesville warden and she could be seeing Lucas soon. Max apologizes to Stephanie for not trusting her. Ava offers proof that the shooter does in fact work for her father. Sami confronts E.J. about his efforts to get Lucas released from prison. E.J. and Sami discuss how his raping her has caused her harm and changed her. E.J. then says that his life also changed the night that he raped her and has been trying to become a better person. Angelo then reveals to Ava that Dr. Neusbaum was giving her the wrong drugs, under orders by her father. Martino reaches for a gun and aims it at Ava and Bo shoots and kills him.moreless
  • Ep. #10826
    Ep. #10826
    Episode 386
    Bo calls Hope tells her not to tell Kayla that Steve is in danger. Philip learns about the Opera House his father planned to build and dedicate it to his sister Isabella. The sniper continues to wait for the right moment to shoot Steve. Chelsea asks Kate how she could get a man to realize that he's in love with her. Sami asks Marlena to watch the twins and she then goes to the gym. Daniel insists that he speak with Marlena in private, she then tells John to leave the room. Ava insists that she warn Steve about the impending danger. Nicole tells Philip that he's not gonna forgive him for hooking up with Chloe. Bo and Hope apprehend the shooter. Martino comes to the Pub and Ava questions him about what he planned on doing to Steve. Kayla experiences some severe abdominal pains while trying to get up. Marlena realized that John eavesdropped on Daniel's therapy session. Martino is arrested on two counts of murder, as well as the attempted murder of Steve.moreless
  • Ep. #10825
    Ep. #10825
    Episode 385
    Stephanie asks Max what he really did with Nick's prototype proposal. Nick lashes out at a student saying that he's too busy. Kayla learns that Steve insists on Hope taking her to her doctor's appointment. Steve goes to meet E.J. at the Pub, hoping to get what he wants from him, a mysterious man watches them from outside. Roman tells Sami that he'll talk to Lucas but he isn't promising her anything. Ava tells Angelo that she's going to live her life in the present instead of the past. Nick apologizes to Alicia, and he is shocked to learn that his prototype was already delivered for approval. Sami learns that Lucas isn't ready to see her just yet, she then receives an e-mail from Lucas saying that he's letting her go and to forget about him. Stephanie wants to know why Max isn't telling her what he really did with Nick's paper. Ava demands that Angelo tell what else he knows about her medication. Kayla is put on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. The mystery man follows Steve to the pier with a rifle and takes aim. Stephanie tells Nick that Max redid his work, he then goes and says that they need to talk. Ava tells Angelo how he knew that she had an appointment at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10824
    Ep. #10824
    Episode 384
    Sami pulls away from the kiss she planted on E.J. thinking that she made a mistake and runs into the Pub. Philip put the disk that he stole from the DiMera mansion into his computer so he can see what John is hiding, Chloe then arrives and Philip asks if Brady came back with her from Switzerland. Sami tells Caroline that she has to see Lucas right away, Sami is then upset when Lucas refuses to see her. E.J. thinks Sami is jealous and liked the way he threw herself at him. Philip tells Chloe why didn't she stay with Brady, Chloe says that Brady made it clear he didn't want her there. Sami sees a softer side to Dr. Rolf and thinks he isn't all that bad. Chelsea asks Daniel if he's using his past to let her down gently.moreless
  • Ep. #10823
    Ep. #10823
    Episode 383
    Nicole confronts Victor at the pub and accuses her of poisoning her dog. Lexie goes and asks Daniel to consult on a case at the hospital, Daniel then refuses. Marlena accuses Dr. Rolf of taking the disk. Hope tells Abe and Roman that she wants to work the case of Ava's murdered doctor, since Bo should be taking it easy, Abe gives it to her. Bo thinks it'll be too dangerous for Hope. John tells Dr. Rolf that he doesn't believe he took the disk. Daniel lets it slip to Lexie about the last time he got close to one of his patients, he then opens up about his wife. Chelsea tells Victor she is falling for Daniel. Sami sees Nicole and E.J. embracing outside the Brady Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #10822
    Ep. #10822
    Episode 382
    Nicole breaks in on Ava, Roman and Abe talking at the station. She demands the police do something to keep Victor from throwing her out of his mansion. Bo threatens to kill Martino - because if it weren't for him his father would still be alive. Roman and Abe learn that Bo got into it with Martino at the pub. Marlena sees a portrait of herself hanging where the photo of Stefano used to be, Marlena asks John to take it down. Marlena finds out about Sami and John's discussion about his life with her. Chelsea asks Daniel if he's married after he pushes away from their kiss. Daniel says that they can never be together. Ava asks her father if he paid the doctor to deliberately drug her with the wrong medications. Ava tells Martino that she's thinking clearly for the first time in her life. Chelsea goes to the pub and tells Nick that it's over between them. Dr. Rolf looks on as John tells Marlena that the disk is missing.moreless
  • Ep. #10821
    Ep. #10821
    Episode 381
    Bo hears Chelsea say Daniel's name while asleep on the couch. Max continues to work on Nick's grant proposal. Daniel is summoned to the Brady Pub by Martino and he wants him to take over Ava's case, Daniel then refuses his offer. Lexie discharges Ava, who is healthy enough to be sent to prison. Roman sees Ava in a catatonic state and is unresponsive. Chelsea tells Bo that she doesn't think it's a good idea for him to head into work. Chelsea tells Morgan when she stops by that Bo is still kicking himself over her not being to have any kids. Max tells Stephanie not to tell Nick about it, Nick walks in and asks what Max and Stephanie are talking about. Nick asks Max if he's seen his grant proposal at the Pub anywhere. Bo heads to confront Martino after learning that Dr. Neusbaum's body was discovered in the water, Abe tells Roman that Bo is the person to put Martino on notice. Daniel tells Chelsea that he was asked to stay and consult on another case. Ava learns of her doctors death and isn't surprised. Nick tells Max that he thinks that Daniel is interested in Chelsea. Bo tells Martino that they need to have a little talk.moreless
  • Ep. #10820
    Ep. #10820
    Episode 380
    Sami and John have a heart-to-heart discussion about how Sami would feel if E.J. is deported. John suggests Sami could go to London with EJ. Then John asks Sami to tell him how Marlena and he fell in love. Sami asks John if he's seen what was on the DVD yet. John says that he wasn't ready to look at it yet. E.J. and Nicole meet in an alley. EJ pays Nicole for her testimony on his behalf with the immigration officer. Nicole says that if he weren't in love with Sami then she would go after him herself. John asks Sami to tell him about the time when she thought he was her father. John then puts the disk in his lap top but can't make it out, he then thinks it's encrypted. After Sami and John go to bed, a masked robber sneaks in and steals the disk containing John's memories.moreless
  • Ep. #10819
    Ep. #10819
    Episode 379
    Philip tells Max that he has a way for him to make some extra cash. Kayla asks Martino why he would hire a doctor to give Ava some pills that would hurt her. Sami and E.J. arrive to talk with Leonard Burke, she then wants to know what Nicole is doing at the police station. Kate asks Chelsea if she wants to be more than just friends with Daniel. Lexie tells Daniel that the real reason he's leaving Salem is because of Chelsea. Leonard first questions John on Sami and E.J.'s marriage. Max tells Philip that he isn't going to spy on John or Paul Hollingsworth, Morgan then hears Philip and Max talking and confronts Philip. Nick thinks that Chelsea doesn't want him around, after Nick wanted to go to the Horton cabin with her and she didn't seem interested. Morgan then challenges Philip to a game of darts at the Pub. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she cares for Nick, Stephanie asks if she plans to break up with him. Daniel comes by to see Chelsea and says his goodbyes and leaves and comes back and kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #10818
    Ep. #10818
    Episode 378
    Martino Vitali holds Earl at gunpoint on the pier for telling Bo where the compound was. Sami and E.J. catch Marlena and John kissing, Dr. Rolf drops the tray after saying that the old John is back. Tony and Kate are surprised when the director thinks that Anna is perfect for the commercial. Steve asks Ava why would Dr. Neusbaum wouldn't want her to get better. Kate and Anna prepares to shoot her first commercial for her new product line, but they get into an argument. John orders Rolf to remove the painting of Stefano, he then discovers that wall safe behind it and is determined to learn the contents of it. Kayla tells Steve that Ava tried to take her own life after leaving her at the altar. Bo's snitch Earl is found dead in a dark alley. Kate gets a call from Martino Vitali who is an old friend of hers. John and Marlena agree to testify on Sami and E.J.'s behalf. Martino arrives at the hospital to check on Ava. Dr. Rolf is worried with what John might find on the disc. Ava is glad that her father is here to help.moreless
  • Ep. #10817
    Ep. #10817
    Episode 377
    Chelsea has a daydream that Daniel professes his love to her. Daniel tells Bo to blame him and not himself for what's wrong with Chelsea. Ava has a tantrum while being restrained in her hospital bed. Hope learns that Daniel is no longer Chelsea's patient. Lexie suggests she and Abe go for marriage counselling. Kayla asks a colleague to have Ava's pills tested. Max sees Nick working on his grant project at the Pub and tells him to take a break. Kayla learns that Stephanie is in love with Max and that he was there for her when she Steve and her where missing. Stephanie lashes out at Ava. Chelsea tells Bo that he shouldn't blame himself, she's grateful that he's here and not dead. Daniel tells Lexie that since his work is done, and he's leaving Salem. Abe tells Ava that she doesn't care who her father is and that she'll get justice. Kayla shows Lexie the report showing the test results on the medication.moreless
  • Ep. #10816
    Ep. #10816
    Episode 376
    Anna bumps into Tony while he comes into the pub and calls her a klutz before realizing that it was Anna. Lexie tells Abe that she had a difficult day at the hospital, and wondering if Abe has a few moments. Hope brings Ciara to the hospital hoping it'll make her happy. Daniel tells Kate that he is no longer on Chelsea's case. Anna asks Tony if something is going on with him and Kate. Max tells Stephanie that he got Pete to cover for him so they can spend some time together so they head up to his room for a romantic night. Bo and Hope renew their love for one another. Lexie and Abe agree to make time for Theo and themselves. Chelsea asks Daniel the reason behind his resignation. Hope tells Bo not to blame himself for what's wrong with Chelsea. Chelsea calls Stephanie crying that Daniel dropped her as a patient, so Stephanie goes and has a chat with him. Nick goes and to see how Chelsea is coming along, she then says that she can't have kids due to the infection.moreless
  • Ep. #10815
    Ep. #10815
    Episode 375
    E.J. and Sami try to prepare for his immigration hearing. Sami tells John and Marlena that Brady is alive and that Victor framed Chloe for his disappearance, John then tells Victor that he made a mistake by playing god with Brady. Bo blames himself for Chelsea's inability to bear children. Philip informs Victor that he's not gonna be charged. Philip insists on going to the police station to see why John is going there. Roman and Abe tell Paul that they'll drop the pending charges against him if he points the finger at John Black. Lexie wants answer from Daniel about him wanting to get emotionally involved with Chelsea. John calls Roman and Abe's bluff when he asks to see the evidence they have against him, he then has a flash and keeps it from Marlena. Chelsea breaks down after having a memory of Zack, Hope then tells Chelsea that it took her a long time for her to realize that God had a plan for him. Morgan tells Philip that her father is a decent and honest man, Philip says that her father is guilty. Marlena tells John that something happened to him while he was in Roman's office. Hope and Chelsea share a tender moment, as Bo overhears from outside the door. Marlena insists the John talk with Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #10814
    Ep. #10814
    Episode 374
    Ava tells everyone that her father is not going to be happy when he hears about what happened. Abe tells Kayla and Steve that Stephanie has disappeared. Nicole tells Chloe that Brady is in a rehab facility is Switzerland, Chloe explains that Brady is an addict. Abe tells Bo that Chelsea is back in the hospital. Sami and E.J. prepare themselves for the questions that the Leonard Burke may ask them. Chelsea is glad when Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital. Victor says that Chloe's recklessness by introducing him to low lives nearly cost Brady his life. Chloe yells at Victor for setting him up and making everyone think she did something to Brady. Ava makes her call wanting her father to come and help her. Max comes to Stephanie's rescue and manages to get her away from her abductor and Steve and Kayla are delighted that she's alright. Philip tells Victor why didn't he tell him about Brady sooner. Ava falls to the floor and begins to have a seizure and Roman has her brought to the hospital. Sami can't believe that E.J. is giving up. Chloe goes to Abe wanting to press charges against Victor. Daniel tells Chelsea that with the infection and scarring, she won't be able to have any children.moreless
  • Ep. #10813
    Ep. #10813
    Episode 373
    Max and Stephanie continue sharing their dance together. The mystery man hides when he hears someone coming. Chloe tells Philip that Victor has kicked her out of the mansion, Philip insists that she stay as his guest. John tells Marlena that he has a date with Nicole Kiriakis, Marlena says that it's inappropriate. Abe tells Roman that Hope and Bo are missing and could be in serious trouble with the Vitali crime family. Kayla sees Steve and Ava in bed together, Steve realizes that Ava set the whole thing up. Nicole confronts Victor while he is visiting Chelsea that he can't kick her out of his house and threatens to expose his dirty secret. Bo manages to loosen the ropes on his hands and knocks out Angelo. Max and Stephanie go up to his room and begin to make love. Ava pulls a gun on Kayla and Steve and says the next person who comes throught the door dies. Marlena tells Dr. Rolf to bring her husband back. John realizes that Nicole is hear to spy on him. Roman and Abe arrive on the Vitali compound and find that everyone is okay and Abe arrests Ava. Angelo orders the man to go ahead and do it. Stephanie is abducted from the Pub by the mystery man.moreless
  • Ep. #10812
    Ep. #10812
    Episode 372
    Marlena asks Paul if John persuaded him to bribe anyone to delay any of Victor's shipments. Daniel is concerned that Chelsea's temperature continues to rise. Tony comes to Chelsea's hospital room and wants to discuss the commercial for her ad campaign. Steve wakes up naked next to Ava. Lexie tells Abe that no one has heard from Bo since Chelsea was brought in and tells him that Hope has been missing since before Bo was released. Steve tells Ava that he isn't Patch anymore and she needs to put the past behind them. Abe questions Chelsea about Bo and Hope. Chelsea asks if her father and Hope are in danger. Philip tells John that neither he nor Victor is gonna back down. Marlena plants a kiss on John and says that she thought about him while she was away. Steve promises Ava that he's willing to do what she wants but only on his terms (letting Kayla go). Chelsea mentions to Daniel she wishe he wasn't her doctor (so that they could date). She then tells him to forget what she said. Daniel gets some test results back and is disturbed by them.moreless
  • Ep. #10811
    Ep. #10811
    Episode 371
    Marlena returns home to John's delight. Kayla tells Angelo that she wants to speak with Ava alone. Stephanie sees Max and Morgan hugging and gets jealous. Max tells Stephanie that it was innocent. Kayla questions Ava about the medication she's taking. Max comforts a distraught Stephanie, who is still worried about her parents missing. Dr. Rolf confides to Stefano's portrait that he doesn't like the version of John that Stefano created. The mystery man continues to watch Stephanie and keep Angelo updated. He follows her as she leaves the pub. Max tells Stephanie that he thinks that she was jealous when she saw him with Morgan. Dr. Rolf retrieves the disc containing John's memories, and puts it back just before Marlena can catch him with it. Stephanie finally tells Max that she loves him. E.J. overhears Marlena asking Sami if she's starting to feel something for him. Max tells Stephanie that he loves her too.moreless
  • Ep. #10810
    Ep. #10810
    Episode 370
    Chelsea suffers from severe secondary infection from her operation. Victor arrives at the hospital to check on Chelsea. Sami runs into E.J. while she's working out. Lexie attempts to contact Bo to tell him about Chelsea with no luck. Daniel tell Kate that he's gonna make sure that Chelsea is alright. John asks Paul if Philip or Victor ever bribed him, John then takes his silence as a yes, Paul assures John that he never accepted any money from them. Philip tells Morgan that John that he ruined her father's job and reputation and that things for Paul could get much worse. E.J. and Nicole discuss her divorce from Victor. Nicole encounter Jillian Michaels(trainer from The Biggest Loser) while at the gym. Victor tells Lexie that Bo was asking about the Vitali family before he was released from the hospital. Paul tells John that he wants his life back and can't afford to get caught in another scandal. Nick overhears Daniel and Chelsea talking while in her hospital room. Sami is irate when she sees E.J. with Allie and with Nicole. John overhears Philip talking with Paul's daughter Morgan. Sami punches Nicole after saying something about Allie.moreless
  • Ep. #10809
    Ep. #10809
    Episode 369
    Daniel tells Lexie that with the spike in Chelsea's temperature he thinks it might be a complication from the surgery. Kate orders Daniel to start talking and explain what's wrong with Chelsea. Nick comes the hospital to see Chelsea and says that Morgan told him that she collapsed. Sami tells E.J. that unless he drops Nicole as a client he's not going to the park or anywhere with Johnny ever. Kayla blasts Ava for sabotaging the plane and killing her father. Nick asks Kate if she's had any luck reaching Billie and confides that he's been unable to reach Bo. Ava announces that she will arrange a reunion with Shawn in hell and tells Angelo that she wants them dead. Kayla tries to calm Ava down by saying that she's a good person and that the unborn child that she's carrying hasn't harmed Ava. E.J. theorizes that John is correct and that the reason Sami doesn't want him hanging around Nicole is that she's jealous. Steve asks Angelo to protect Ava and reminds him that isn't a cold blooded killer. Chelsea asks Daniel if the test results he received are bad or not. Hope, Steve, Bo and Kayla are tied up, and Bo realizes that Hope has passed out (from loss of blood). While Daniel is checking her pulse, Chelsea fantasize that he kisses her. Ava announces that she will keep them prisoner until she can take Kayla & Patch's baby and she will decide who gets to live and who dies.moreless
  • Ep. #10808
    Ep. #10808
    Episode 368
    Philip asks Nicole to spy on John Black. In exchange he'll help her get a monetary settlement when she divorces Victor. John tells Paul that he's putting him back on top and Paul will owe him big. Philip tells Nicole to go into the Brady Pub and start to work on John. Morgan wonders what Philip is up to. Kate takes Chelsea back to the Kiriakis mansion where she passes out. Daniel followed them and finds Chelsea unconscious. Ava tells everyone what Steve did to her all those years ago (leaving her at the altar). Morgan tells her father that she knows that John Black is responsible for putting him in the position that he's in. Philip keeps watching Nicole and John from afar. Kate tells Daniel that Chelsea have had the surgery. Daniel tells Kate that it was Chelsea's decision. Steve tells the rest of the story. As he saw Ava approach the alter, he started having flashbacks of his wedding to Kayla. He realized he couldn't go through with marrying Ava. He went outside and was grabbed. Nicole tells Philip that everything went great and that she'll be having dinner with John tonight. Chelsea asks Daniel not to leave her side. Ava tells Steve that after he left her she collapsed and was taken to a hospital. Ava tells Patch she hates him for ruining her life.moreless
  • Ep. #10807
    Ep. #10807
    Episode 367
    Someone comes into Max's room while he sleeping. Philip asks Nicole why it took two years for her to come back to Salem and did something happen in California. Hope is shot in the shoulder, Steve prevents Bo from shooting Ava, he then knocks her out. Stephanie tells Max that she's worried about her parents, but Max doesn't want her to get herself hurt, Stephanie tells Max not to touch her, she then apologizes. Nicole suspects Chloe is responsible for Brady's disappearance and she and Chloe get into it. Ava regains conscious and hits the alarm button and they prevent Bo, Steve, Hope and Kayla from leaving the house. Philip tells Chloe to try adjust to living under the same roof as Nicole. Ava tells her cousins to kill them all. Steve then yells at Ava after she pushes Kayla, that if she wants to hurt someone do it to him and not his family. Philip tells Nicole that he wants her to work for him. Angelo grabs the gun from Ava before she can shoot Steve. Stephanie agrees to stay with Max tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #10806
    Ep. #10806
    Episode 366
    Angelo tells Ava that there's been a breach and there's an intruder. Bo and Kayla infiltrate the Vitali compound and realize that they've been discovered. Sami is irritated that Marlena left her at the DiMera mansion with John and E.J. John tells Sami that E.J. is working for Victor's wife Nicole which John thinks he chose a Kiriakis over his own family. Steve and Hope think that Ava is going to kill them so they'll be no trace of them. E.J. explains to John that Nicole is married to Nicole in name only, John tells him he hasn't decided if he's gonna let him defend Nicole yet. Bo hides as Kayla is spotted on the grounds and says that she's Steve's real wife and demands to see Ava at once, Bo then knocks out both the guards. E.J. explains to John about Sam and Nicole's history. Hope realizes that Bo is nearby. Steve asks Ava to untie them, Ava realizes that the intruders came for him and "Kayla", Bo and Kayla arrive pointing guns at Ava. Ava realizes she kidnapped the wrong woman and takes a gun and shoots Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #10805
    Ep. #10805
    Episode 365
    Hope has nightmares about Ava killing Bo and Kayla. Philip confronts Nicole about calling the Austrian authorities and having Chloe taken away to their consulate. Kayla and Bo look at some surveillance footage and sees Hope in the backseat of Ava's car. Bo enlists the help of a informant that he used before, Earl then says that the Vitali's have a compound on the outside of town. Steve has some more flashbacks of him and Ava together. Philip wants Nicole to leave the mansion, Nicole then calls E.J. and he tells Philip that she has every right to stay in the mansion. Kayla threatens to tell Abe and Roman if he doesn't let her tag along to find Hope and Steve.moreless
  • Ep. #10804
    Ep. #10804
    Episode 364
    Lexie tells Bo that it's Daniel's call whether he gets released or not. Hope tries to think of a way out, thinking she was in worse situations. Dr. Jonas agrees to release Kayla if she promises to take it easy from now on. Lexie asks Bo why he doesn't want the police involved and what's going on with Hope. Ava tells Steve that once they're back together the world can take care of itself. Marlena tells John what's the use of him being her project if he's not going to remember their life together. Ava tells Steve that he's gonna make a decision about who he loves. Lexie thinks that Bo knows more than he's letting on. John realizes that Marlena leaving town to sort things out for a while, John says he doesn't want her to leave. Kayla assures Lexie that she and Bo aren't gonna do anything foolish that would jeopardize his recovery. Steve tells Hope that him leaving Ava really screwed her up. Bo and Kayla get Caroline to come and pick them up from the hospital. Angelo catches Steve in "Kayla's" room and tells him to get back to his. Caroline asks Bo and Kayla what they plan on doing.moreless
  • Ep. #10803
    Ep. #10803
    Episode 363
    Anna runs into Tony at Chez Rouge and learns he's waiting for Kate to show up. Kayla insists that Bo stay in the hospital while she goes looking for Steve. Max asks Stephanie if Kayla and the baby are okay after hearing that she was admitted to the hospital. Ava plans a romantic for her and Steve and for "Kayla" to watch and she prepares a slide show with pictures of them together. Paul tells Morgan that the charges against him could be dropped, Morgan asks how that is going to happen and if he'll end up in jail. John tells Marlena that if he can get along with her, then it's possible he could with the others he can't remember. Kayla thinks they should call the police, but Bo says that Steve was adamant of them not getting involved. Anna hits on John during dinner at Chez Rouge. Victor lets Bo and Kayla in on just how dangerous the Vitali family really is and to stay away from them. John tells Anna that he knows that he's hitting on him to make Tony jealous. Steve starts to get mesmerized by Ava, and Hope tries to snap him out of it by him seeing the sonogram. Tony agrees to help Paul Hollingsworth which delights Morgan. John and Marlena share a dance together. Kayla insists on going with Bo to find Steve and hope together.moreless
  • Ep. #10802
    Ep. #10802
    Episode 362
    Max tells Stephanie that he doesn't have time for her right cause he has to work, she then expresses her feelings to Caroline about wanting Max back. Nicole asks E.J. to be her attorney, and promises a huge percentage if she gets the settlement she wants. Paul goes to John and threatens to bring him down if he doesn't get him out of this legal mess that he's in, Marlena watches their conversation from outside the Pub. Chloe calls Philip and explains her situation. Mickey tells E.J. he doesn't think it's a good idea to represent Nicole. E.J. tells Nicole that he's considering taking her up on his offer in being her lawyer. Marlena tells John that she doesn't want to start over and that she wants the man she fell in love with. Caroline tells Max to take it easy and spend more time with his friends. The people tell Chloe that she's going to put in custody and then extradicted back to Austria. Sami fills in E.J. about the time Nicole broke Eric's heart and she doesn't want to see him hurt. John tells Marlena to take him on as a project and mold him into who he once was. Philip realizes that Nicole is the one who called the Austrian Consulate.moreless
  • Ep. #10801
    Ep. #10801
    Episode 361
    Nick sees Chelsea and Daniel at Java. E.J. and Sami continue their ruse as a "happy" married couple when they arrive at Chez Rouge. Chloe tells Philip that she's worried she might go to jail, Nicole keeps to herself that she overheard them. Philip asks Nicole to go somewhere so they can talk, she waits for Philip to leave the room before using the phone requesting a phone number. John arrives at Marlena's office and says that he wants to give the "old John" back. Daniel asks Nick to keep an eye on Chelsea since he noticed something wrong with her. Nick then asks Daniel if he goes on coffee dates with all his patients. John asks Marlena to hypnotize him, in order to remember his past. Nicole runs into Sami and E.J. having dinner. Chloe answers the phone, after saying her name the person hangs up. Marlena shares some memories of her and John and then asks if he remembers. E.J. is curious to why Nicole gets under Sami's skin. People arrive to take Chloe to the Austrian Consulate. Marlena tells John that he's free to live his life the way he pleases. Philip then realizes that Nicole is responsible for what's happened to Chloe.moreless
  • Ep. #10800
    Ep. #10800
    Episode 360
    Stephanie tells Kayla not to get worked up because stress is not good for the fetus. Stephanie stops Kayla as she attempts to go look for Steve. Hope sees Steve outside her window and breaks the window to get out too. Dr. Neusbaum comes by for his session with Ava and he senses that she's up to something. Bo tells Lexie that he wants her to release him. Lexie insists that he talk to Roman about Hope missing. Kayla tells Roman that she's worried about Steve, Roman dismisses her worries. Bo asks Lexie not to tell Roman what's going on. Roman then arrives and asks Lexie what Bo has been up to. Steve and Hope make it out as far as the wall but are caught by Ava's security. Ava learns from George that "Kayla" and Steve are missing from their rooms. Stephanie comes back to see that her mother is not in her hospital bed. Kayla goes to see Bo and asks him what he knows about Steve and doesn't believe him when he says Hope is home resting. Bo tells Kayla that Ava kidnapped Hope. A mysterious nurse takes Stephanie's picture with his camera phone. Ava stuns Steve by revealing she knows about his first child (Stephanie) and threatens Stephanie if he tries to escape again.moreless
  • Ep. #10799
    Ep. #10799
    Episode 359
    Anna once again has to put up with being filmed by Mark. Ava asks Steve who is on the phone. Morgan opens up to Tony about the recent issues that her father Paul Hollingsworth is going through, Tony embraces Morgan as David films it. Kate asks Tony if he has anything for her. David secretly asks Stephanie to strike up a conversation with Anna since nothing exciting is happening so far. Lexie tells Kayla that her baby will be at risk if she leaves the hospital. Ava doesn't believe when Steve says it was a real estate agent he was talking to, Steve tells Ava that he doesn't like to be pushed by anyone. Tony watches Marks video and enjoys what he sees. Anna watches David's film and sees Morgan and him hugging.moreless
  • Ep. #10798
    Ep. #10798
    Episode 358
    Stephanie lays into Kayla for jeopardizing her baby. Chelsea yells at Bo for attempting to leave the hospital and wonder where he was going. Steve tells Hope that dinner with Ava never happened, and that she passed out last night. Philip shows John the morning paper saying that Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted for taking bribes. Ava wonders what Steve and "Kayla" are arguing about. Chloe and Nicole have a confrontation at the breakfast table regarding Brady. Bo asks Dr. Jonas that he notices that Chelsea has a bit of a crush on him. Victor shows up for a therapy session with Marlena, Victor says that his life is crumbling around him that Nicole Walker is back. Kayla asks Stephanie where Steve is and what he's keeping from her and she wants to know regardless. Chloe and Nicole engage in a fight. Stephanie opens up to Kayla about Ava. Caroline asks Bo where Hope is cause Ciara thinks something is wrong. Angelo thinks that this fight with Steve and "Kayla" is pretty convenient. Chelsea covers the fact that she is not feeling well. Ava allows Steve to answer his cell phone and it's Kayla asking him what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #10797
    Ep. #10797
    Episode 357
    Ava insists that Steve kiss "Kayla", but demurs saying he doesn't like an audience. Kate asks Nicole what she's doing in Salem, Nicole says that she couldn't stay away. Rusty tells Max to get back to work after seeing him take a long break with Stephanie. Nicole tells Victor that's she's retaking her claim as his wife since they never signed any divorce papers. Steve implores Hope to follow his lead in fooling Ava. Daniel is amazed at how interesting Chelsea's family is. Victor demands Nicole leave the mansion. Ava suspects something is wrong when she realizes that "Kayla's" stomach is flat and she has not experienced morning sickness. Ava suggests having "Kayla" checked out by a doctor. Daniel visits Chelsea and says goodnight to her before he leaves the mansion. Ava asks Angelo to move "Kayla" into another room so that she and Steve can have dinner. Max and Stephanie share a kiss on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #10796
    Ep. #10796
    Episode 356
    Sami explains EJ's problems to Marlena and John. Victor invites Daniel to dinner at the Kiriakis mansion, and thanks him for saving Bo's life and Chelsea's, Kate arrives and Victor invites her to join the celebration. Sami suggests to Marlena that she and E.J. live with her, Marlena suggests that they move in with John in the DiMera mansion. Chloe leaves the table in a huff when Victor insults her and Philip follows her. Sami insists that Marlena move in as well, and Marlena eventually agrees that it's a good idea. John tells E.J. that he's gonna keep an eye on him in case this is a DiMera coup. Everyone is surprised when Nicole Walker crashes the dinner party at the Kiriakis mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #10795
    Ep. #10795
    Episode 355
    Bo collapses while attempting to get out of bed, Lexie comes in and is relieved when Bo has a pulse. Hope finds a blue binder under the mattress and wonders what Ava is hiding. Maggie has a plan for Mr. Burke as Sami and E.J. continue their ruse. Steve asks Ava to see his wife, Ava tells Steve that if he lays a hand on her he'll make sure he and "Kayla" are never reunited. E.J. tells Leonard that Mickey offered him a job at his law firm. Hope realizes it's a scrap book filled with her and Steve's memories. Steve tries to convince Ava that he can be the man that he once was if she'll let him. Kayla starts to have pains and Bo immediately calls for Lexie. Sami is surprised to learn from Mickey that E.J. does have the credentials to practice law in the U.S. Lexie examines Kayla when she has severe cramps. Maggie thanks Mickey for giving E.J. a chance. Ava reunites Steve and "Kayla". Bo once again attempts to get out of bed to rescue Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #10794
    Ep. #10794
    Episode 354
    Hope asks Ava what she will do if Steve chooses to stay with Kayla. Ava says that it wouldn't be good for anyone. E.J. tells Sami that they have to prove that their marriage is real and not only in name only. Nick has some great news and insists on waiting until Max and Stephanie arrive so they can hear it too. Hope tells Ava that her (Kayla's) father died at 30,000 feet after what Ava's cousins did to the plane. Ava asks what happened. Hope explains that the plane depressured and they lost oxygen and Shawn suffocated. Max and Stephanie arrive and Nick shares the news that he has gotten his grant. Stephanie wonders what's wrong with Max, Max assures her that he's fine. E.J. wants Sami to do what she does best, which is, lie through her teeth. Max visits Grandpa Shawn's grave and says that he gave Nick a little help and is looking after Caroline. Ava comes by to put flowers on Shawn's grave and when Max leaves Ava breaks down in tears and apologizes to Shawn. Hope attempts to escape by breaking the window so she can get out, she gets the window open and an alarm goes off. Morgan asks Max why he almost ruined Nick's project, Max tells Morgan the machine wouldn't have worked anyway. E.J. and Sami put on a show at Chez Rouge for the immigration agent.moreless
  • Ep. #10793
    Ep. #10793
    Episode 353
    Marlena learns from Maggie that John has summoned her to Chez Rouge. Stephanie asks Steve if his need to go out suddenly has something to do with Ava. Ava tells "Kayla" that her family blames Steve for what happened to her and would like to see him dead. Bo tells Abe to call off the search for Hope. Abe wonders what changed Bo's mind about his concern for Hope. Hope tells Ava that she had met and fallen in love with Steve about 20 years ago and that for a long time ago everyone thought that Steve had died. During that time Steve had no memory of his past and that is when he met Ava. Marlena is not impressed with John's attempts at wooing her, and is insulted when he presents her with a diamond necklace. Max tells Stephanie that he feels deeply for her. She teases him for not being about to say the word love. She then says that she feels the same way and they kiss. Steve brings Bo up to speed about his past with Ava, and that Ava is holding Hope thinking that she is Kayla. Marlena offers Maggie the necklace and suggests she sell it and give the money to charity. Maggie counsels John not to take the stereotypical approach in dealing with Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10792
    Ep. #10792
    Episode 352
    Kayla attempts to sneak out to see Bo but is stopped by Steve. Dr. Jonas leads Chelsea to think she won't be released from the hospital, but she's pleasantly surprised when Max and Stephanie arrive to take her home. Philip ask Chloe where she is going. Chloe says that she has an audition for a Wagnerian opera. Lexie tells Bo to get back in bed (as he was trying to climb out to look for Hope). Ava tells "Kayla" to call Steve. Steve figures out that Ava has Hope. Kayla then asks Steve who was on the phone. Steve starts to explain about Ava, Kayla starts to have pains. Bo asks Abe to put an APB on Hope since she's no where to be found. Abe tells Lexie they should have dinner and spend some alone time soon. Philip comforts a distraught Chloe after she fails to get the job and learns everyone thinks she's responsible for Brady's disappearance. Bo makes arrangements with Philip for Chelsea to recover at the Kiriakis mansion. Hope learns that Ava became mentally ill after being jilted by Steve. Bo gets a call from Steve saying that he may know where Hope is.moreless
  • Ep. #10791
    Ep. #10791
    Episode 351
    Philip asks Max about when he dated Morgan (Paul Hollingsworth's daughter). Morgan and Stephanie visit Chelsea in the hospital. Kate tells Tony and Anna that she's chosen Tony's advertising firm. Ava explains to Hope (who she thinks is Kayla) that she will get Patch back. Max warns Philip not to use Morgan to get to her father. Bo calls Hope and wonders where she is. Anna vows revenge against Tony after learning that he's acquired Kate Robert's account. Bo and Chelsea share a touching moment as they're reunited. Bo wonders if anyone has seen Hope. Ava reminds Hope that she said nothing about letting her go. Stephanie and Morgan learn that part on their internship will entail a cameraman following them around. Morgan walks in and the camera catches Tony and Kate in an awkward moment. Hope asks Ava how she plans to bring Steve to her. Ava responds that Hope will be the one to lure him in. Abe and Lexie discuss how to spend more time together despite their busy work schedules. Philip tells Tony (in front of Morgan) that he wants to use his agency to promote Kiriakis shipping.moreless
  • Ep. #10790
    Ep. #10790
    Episode 350
    Bo tells Kayla that there's plenty of doctors that can take care of him and for her to go home and rest. Hope is attacked by Ava in the hospital parking garage with chloroform. Dr. Jonas tells Chelsea that if everything goes smoothly she can be released tomorrow. Ava puts Hope in the back seat of her car and throws her coat and purse in the garbage. Steve takes Kayla away when Dr. Jonas comes in. Angelo put Hope on the bed, Hope then wakes up and Ava calls her Kayla and tells he that she knows she's pregnant with Steve's baby. Nick comes and checks on Chelsea, Chelsea tells Nick that what she went through is wanting her to make a better person, Nick reveals that part him was mad when she wanted to be Bo's donor. Hope goes along and pretends to be Steve's wife. Hope finds the pictures of her family and realizes just how sick Ava really is. Daniel showers Chelsea with compliments.moreless
  • Ep. #10789
    Ep. #10789
    Episode 349
    Angelo tells Ava that she should get over Patch. Kayla becomes frantic when Bo's monitors starts rapidly beeping. Marlena learns of Belle and Shawn's plans to leave Salem, Sami arrives with the twins and learns of their plans to leave. Kayla tells the doctor in charge that she is trying to save Bo's life, and says that he's not going to have any more medication that he prescribed. Angelo lets Ava take a walk on the grounds of her house, George returns and tells him Ava left the grounds, Angelo realizes that she lifted his car keys. Kayla tells the doctor that what he prescribed could've killed Bo. Marlena learns that John bought Belle and Shawn a boat, Marlena tells that the person that she thinks is her father, isn't that person anymore. Ava arrives at the hospital and looks on as Steve and Hope embrace. Steve tells Hope that someone's gunning for Kayla because of him, and that she's the reason the plane crashed. Kayla tells Hope to go do something to take her mind of worrying about Bo, she then agrees. Marlena and Sami get emotional while saying their goodbyes to Shawn and Belle. Ava follows Hope as she leaves the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10788
    Ep. #10788
    Episode 348
    Paul tells Max to reload the shipments back on the Kiriakis' boats. Max calls Philip to tell him some of his cargo shipments have been placed under quarantine. Victor arrives at Marlena's office for his therapy session. Belle and Shawn arrive at the DiMera mansion and say they're leaving town, John callously dismisses them with no more than a request for a postcard. John then offers to buy Shawn and Belle a boat to sail on. Max learns that Paul (the man that gave him the orders) is Morgan's father. Steve holds off on sharing his news about Ava with Kayla. Philip calls Victor, and tells him John was behind their shipment being quarantined. John finalizes the deal with customs to hold shipments from the Kiriakis business. Belle and Shawn bring Claire to see Bo and say goodbye as they are planning to leave very soon. Hope says a part of her doesn't want them to go. Victor offers Max an opportunity to work for him on a regular basis and to keep his eyes and ears open. Victor attempts to make Paul an offer, but Paul turns him down.moreless
  • Ep. #10787
    Ep. #10787
    Episode 347
    Anna arrives and attempts to lure Ethan and Morgan to come and work for her with no luck. Chelsea asks Dr. Jonas if Bo is okay, he tells her that he's is stable. The Brady's wait to see if Bo's body accepts the transplant. Hope tells Caroline that she's not leaving Bo's bedside. Steve goes into check on Bo and tells Kayla to go home and get some sleep for the baby's sake. Bo regains conscious not realizing that he had surgery. Stephanie checks in on Chelsea, Chelsea then says that the surgery went well, Stephanie then teases Chelsea by asking if Dr. Jonas is single. Anna asks Tony what idea he has in getting Kate's account to his firm, she realizes his is better than hers. Philip wants to talk to Belle, she then tells him of her plans to sail the world with Claire and Shawn, Philip says bon voyage and that he'll miss her. Tony tells Anna that she doesn't need Morgan or Ethan, she wants his help, Anna retaliates by breaking a painting on his head. Steve and Kayla relax back at their suite, Kayla tries to hide the pains that she's having from Steve. Tony and Anna's arguing lead them to start making out in his office.moreless
  • Ep. #10786
    Ep. #10786
    Episode 346
    Lexie and Kayla begin to prep Bo for surgery. John tells Marlena that the Brady family is cursed. Philip wants to know what future plans that Shawn and Belle are talking about. Chelsea talks with Billie on the phone, upset that she can't be there for her. Caroline tells Max and Stephanie that if anyone can make it Chelsea and Bo can. Dr. Jonas warns Chelsea that she's risking her life. Marlena doesn't realize John is keeping secrets. Shawn asks Belle to put their plans on hold to see if Bo is alright after the surgery. Nick stops by and gives Chelsea a stuffed animal for good luck. Chelsea and Bo's surgery starts as everyone waits in the waiting area. Paul Hollingsworth calls John and asks to meet him regarding Kiriakis shipping. One of the medical team tells everyone that the partial pancreas was taken out and Chelsea is holding her own.moreless
  • Ep. #10785
    Ep. #10785
    Episode 345
    Dr. Jonas explains that Bo doesn't have much time, maybe a few hours, Victor asks Dr. Jonas if there anything else he can do. Stephanie tells Max that he makes his family proud as well as her. Hope tells Dr. Jonas that she promised Bo that he was going to make it, and he is the only doctor that can help keep it. Kate tells Roman that Chelsea is missing from the hospital. John tells Marlena that what he is now is what is how it's going to stay. Chelsea goes into Bo's room and tells her dad how much she loves him. Hope tells Dr. Jonas that she spotted Chelsea in Bo's room. Dr. Jonas injects something into Bo's hoping it'll give him some more time. Victor congratulates Steve on Kayla's pregnancy. Lexie tells Dr. Jonas that Chelsea's blood is clear to operate.moreless
  • Ep. #10784
    Ep. #10784
    Episode 344
    Marlena tells Philip that John is enjoying the high life and is going to take him and Victor down. Dr. Jonas tells Chelsea that until he knows her blood alcohol level he can't do the operation. John asks Paul what he knows about Victor Kiriakis, Paul said that his shipping business is what made him who he is today. Dr. Jonas tells everyone that Chelsea's life and Bo's life are at risk. Belle tells everyone that Chelsea was drunk when she brought into the E.R. Shawn lashes out at Dr. Jonas regarding him yelling at Chelsea. Hope tells Belle that because of Chelsea's stupidity she could lose Bo. John tells Philip that his first executive decision is to liquidate Kiriakis shipping.moreless
  • Ep. #10783
    Ep. #10783
    Episode 343
    Victor runs into Caroline in the park, she says she was on her way to the hospital, but is scared that Bo will die. Kayla asks to speak with Shawn alone. Kate finds Chelsea at the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea says that she wanted some time to herself. Victor assures Caroline that they will find a donor for Bo. Shawn thinks he's the donor at first, Kayla then explains that the needs to contact the donor and getting their consent. Kate goes after Chelsea, she then calls Nick and asks if she's spoken with him. Hope is overjoyed to learn that there's compatible donor for Bo, Kayla says that Chelsea is the donor. Chelsea passes out in the park, as her phone starts ringing, Kate then continues looking for her. Shawn calls Kate and tells her to call her if she finds Chelsea. Bo says no way Chelsea is going to risk her life for his. Kate finds Chelsea unconscious and tells Shawn that she found her. Dr. Jonas tells Lexie that Chelsea has been drinking.moreless
  • Ep. #10782
    Ep. #10782
    Episode 342
    Eddie tells Ava that he doesn't think the woman in the picture in Steve's wife, Ava still insists that it's Hope. Lexie asks Daniel to take a look at something, he realizes they have found a match for Bo. Steve tells Kayla that she has to take it easy now that she's pregnant. Bo makes preparations for his death, and asks that Steve take care of Hope, Steve tells Bo that him dying isn't a done deal yet. Shawn tries to talk some sense into Bo when he begins to talk about death, Shawn then encourages him to fight. Dr. Jonas tells Kayla and Lexie he found a match for Bo and to get him prepped for surgery. Hope lays into Bo for giving up so quickly and urges him to fight with all he's got. Dr. Jonas asks if the donor is still in the hospital and if not to find her quick.moreless
  • Ep. #10781
    Ep. #10781
    Episode 341
    Lexie lashes out at Daniel for not bringing up a possible treatment sooner. Dr. Berman sees for himself that John is alive. Nick tells Max that it seemed like he was trying to ruin his career. Max asks why he would do that. Nick then apologizes to Max for his behaviour. John offers Marlena to join his meeting, and she suspects that he's will try to delay Victor's shipment. Steve is upset when Stephanie tells him that she ditched her guard. Hope encourages Bo not to give up. Daniel warns that the experimental surgery could kill Bo and the donor. Abe tells Lexie that maybe she should take a break. Steve fires Stephanie's guard and pretends to agree that she doesn't need one. When she leaves, he hires another guard for Stephanie. Marlena tells John that his behaviour frightens the hell out of her, John says that the feeling is mutual. Marlena calls Philip to warn him about something going on at the docks. Max sneaks a peek at Nick's note book and changes a few things. Chelsea tells Nick that she wants to be Bo's donor. Marlena stops John from bribing a customs agent.moreless
  • Ep. #10780
    Ep. #10780
    Episode 340
    Stephanie listens as Steve lays into a man for not protecting his wife like he's supposed to be doing. Marlena realizes that John keeps forgetting he's half Brady and is focusing on being all DiMera. Kayla insists that Daniel perform the experimental surgery on Bo, Daniel says that the odds are that won't be successful, Victor insists that he do the surgery. Max finds Caroline in the hospital chapel and they each say a prayer for Bo. Hope assures Bo that they're talking about a possible treatment for him. Philip says that Dr. Jonas is the best diagnosticians in the world, Chelsea hopes that he didn't get here too late. Daniel tells Lexie and Kayla that if Bo and Hope agree then he'll do the transplant surgery. Daniel says the transplant could kill the donor. Everyone offers to get themselves tested to see if they're a match. Bo doesn't want anyone putting their life at risk, Hope says that there is no other way, Caroline says that she isn't going to lose another family member.moreless
  • Ep. #10779
    Ep. #10779
    Episode 339
    Dr. Rolf brings in Marlena, Shawn, Belle and Claire for family dinner night at the mansion. Stephanie runs into Steve in an alley and asks who that person he was talking to, he says it's an undercover police informant. Lexie and Kayla vow to save Bo's life. Bo tells Hope that he's going to fight this thing with everything he's got and that somethings inside him and doesn't know how much time he has left. Marlena gives John a album of family photos, but declines, Shawn then gets him to look at them. Kayla comes across a website and she and Lexie learn that Dr. Jonas performed a pancreas transplant with amazing results. Shawn tells Belle that he thinks that Dr. Rolf can bring the old John back and doesn't trust him. Stephanie wants Steve to tell Kayla about Ava, if he doesn't then she will. John tells Belle that she's looking at the real him and it isn't going to change. Hope wants more information about the surgery that could save Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #10778
    Ep. #10778
    Episode 338
    Chelsea introduces Daniel to Kate, when she invites him to come and sit at their table at Chez Rouge. Shawn asks Belle if she would marry him all over again. Philip tells Chloe that she recorded her phone conversation and had it translated and asks her if she killed Brady. Stephanie comforts Max as she learns that his punishment from hiding Ford's body is to work on the docks and offers to take his shifts at the Pub. Stephanie tells Caroline that she got an internship working with Anna DiMera at an ad agency. Max visits his fathers grave and says that he can't mourn for him, and thanks for teaching him how to be a real man, as Stephanie overhears. Belle and Shawn says their vows to each other in the park. Chloe tells Philip to go to hell, Philip can't wait to watch as her life implodes. Belle suggests to Shawn that they sail around the world like he did when he was a child, Shawn says when his dad is better then they'll do it. Kate tells Chelsea that there's nothing wrong with going after a guy with both money and promise.moreless
  • Ep. #10777
    Ep. #10777
    Episode 337
    Sami and E.J. bring Johnny to the pub to see Caroline. Hope and Chelsea grow closer over their love for Bo. Steve works with Abe to find Ava, Abe shows Steve the FAA report that just came in and says that it doesn't link Ava to the place crash. Dr. Jonas runs into Hope and Chelsea on the pier. Lexie tells Bo that Dr. Jonas is world class and that he's in good hands. Steve tells Kayla that it isn't safe to go back to work. Leonard from INS approaches E.J., Sami tries to assure Leonard that E.J. was disowned and is no longer a DiMera. Lexie thinks it's a bad idea for him to look over some paperwork. Ava looks at a photo of Steve, she then has a memory of them on the beach saying that he'll never leave her. Victor arrives to check on Bo and learns that he's working while he should be resting, Bo then has a setback. Chelsea tells Victor that she loves him, thinking that she never got to tell Grandpa Shawn often. Leonard asks Sami and E.J. have a marriage based on love, Sami then asks him to leave, Leonard says he'll be back with an order for E.J. to leave the country. Lexie tells a devastated Hope that Bo's prognosis doesn't look good. Ava is delighted when Eddie tells her he may have found a way out for her.moreless
  • Ep. #10776
    Ep. #10776
    Episode 336
    Nick asks Max why he's trying to screw up his grant project up and Morgan telling him she saw him rip a page out of his notebook. Marlena sees Dr. Rolf at the door is shocked that John isn't pressing charges against him. Victor arrives and asks Caroline to have a cup of coffee Tony offers Anna a job working with him at DiMera Advertising, but she says that she wants to succeed on her own terms. Morgan tells Chelsea and Stephanie that in a couple of days they could be at each other's throats since they each received internship interviews. John says no to Marlena's invitation to a family dinner. Morgan goes in for an interview with Tony, Stephanie has one with Anna, they later tell each other they got hired at the agency they both wanted. Dr. Rolf starts to get nervous when he sees the disc that contains John's memories, John instructs Rolf to lock up the laboratory and to bring him the key, Rolf realizes he has no choice but to take the job as the butler. Marlena insists that Victor come for a session. Rolf takes the disc and puts in the safe in the living room.moreless
  • Ep. #10775
    Ep. #10775
    Episode 335
    Chelsea runs into someone while feeding the squirrels in the park. Ava is determined to learn the name of Steve's wife. Kayla asks Steve why he doesn't want her to stay inside. Victor guarantees that Bo is going to be more happy times to come, and explains that he had a specialist brought in. Renee doesn't like someone taking over her case regarding Bo, Victor says that he's not taking over just observing. Chelsea is introduced to Dr. Daniel Jonas, she recognizes him from the park, who promises to try and save Bo's life. E.J. has the annulment papers drawn up and tells Sami that all she has to do is sign them, E.J. then discovers that his Visa has expired and fears he's going to be taken back to England. Lexie tells Victor that she insists on checking Dr. Jonas's credentials before letting him in on Bo's case. Sami has an idea to keep E.J. from leaving the country. Chelsea asks Daniel if he's able to make her father well.moreless
  • Ep. #10774
    Ep. #10774
    Episode 334
    Chloe asks Philip for a favor. Chelsea tells Stephanie that Bo could die if they don't find what's wrong with him. Steve tells Abe that he was planning on marrying Ava, but he felt there was someone else out there that he loved, he asks Abe to keep a low profile and not to tell Kayla. Max tells Morgan not to move in on Nick cause he's with Chelsea. Philip sees Chloe talking on the phone, he put something in the living room so he can listen to what she's saying. Morgan tells Nick that there's something that he needs to know about his friend Max. Abe tells Steve then why didn't Ava just kill him. Philip learns from the translator that Chloe did threaten Brady before he went missing, Chloe then wonders what's going on when she enters the room.moreless
  • Ep. #10773
    Ep. #10773
    Episode 333
    Tony and Anna go and see Stefano, and notice no change in his condition. E.J. goes to Sami to discuss what almost happened between them yesterday after her grandfather's funeral. Marlena watches as John goes through Stefano's finances, John refuses to give Stefano's money away. Victor learns that Bo's pancreas is shutting down, and he is taken aback my Isabella's death, Lexie assures Victor that there is no malignant cells that indicate cancer. Sami tells E.J. they must get an annulment. Tony will never know the extent of Stefano's evil or just how he got the way he is. Belle surprises John by bringing Claire by the mansion, but is disturbed when he says that he's too busy to spend time with her. Caroline says that she isn't going to lose Bo either. Claire finds the disc with all of John's memories on it. Stefano's lawyer tells John that he found something about Stefano's estate.moreless
  • Ep. #10772
    Ep. #10772
    Episode 332
    Anna promises her boss to get new clients and to blow Tony's company out of the water. E.J. tells Sami that he feels out place. The Brady Family gathers at the Pub for Grandpa Shawn's wake as Kimberly says her toast and everyone joins in. Ava then lurks outside the Brady Pub and looks at Steve in the window. Anna and Tony have the same idea of going to each other's company. Bo starts to feel dizzy, Bo asks Hope to stay for Caroline as Steve takes him to the hospital. Kimberly bids farewell to her family as she heads back to L.A. Ava introduces herself to Hope thinking she's Steve's wife and asks if she loves Steve. Anna manages to convince Tony's secretary that he'll ask to sleep with him. Bo tells Steve to go back to Kayla, the Nurse goes in and sees that Bo is in cardiac arrest and calls for Lexie. Ava looks at a picture of Hope and says it's a big mistake that she loves Steve. Lexie says to Hope that Bo's pancreas is shutting down and if it does he'll die.moreless
  • Ep. #10771
    Ep. #10771
    Episode 331
    John sees Marlena consoling Roman in the church. Caroline says that Frankie won't be able to make it to the funeral, she then says that she doesn't think she can make it through the day, she's then surprised when Kimberly comes into the pub. An undiagnosed Bo is released from the hospital to attend his father's funeral. Hope asks Lexie just how serious Bo's condition is. Max asks Kimberly is Shane has any leads in who sabotaged the airplane causing his father's death. John says that he's here to pay his respects to Shawn and didn't mean to interrupt them. Philip tells Sami if she has spoken to Lucas. Victor offers to drive Caroline to the church, Kimberly tells Victor that she hasn't forgotten the pain that he caused. Steve sees Ava outside the church and goes after her, but couldn't catch her. Caroline offers to go for walk before she says goodbye to Shawn. Roman and Kimberly share their thoughts on what Grandpa Shawn meant to them. Caroline says her final goodbyes to Shawn.moreless
  • Ep. #10770
    Ep. #10770
    Episode 331
    E.J. arrives with Allie and Johnny at the pub. John insists on going to see Stefano. Sami is delighted to learn that Belle and Shawn have reconciled. Caroline insists on continuing to plan Shawn's funeral. Ava sits and stares at a picture of Steve embracing her. Stephanie senses that her father is keeping something from her. Abe comes to the mansion and tells Marlena that he has unfinished business with John. Steve had someone run a background check on Ava, but the information that he received didn't pan out. Abe tells John he thinks that he's dangerous, and plans to hold him for 72 hours. John then calls Lexie for her medical opinion that John doesn't seem to be a threat. Caroline talks with E.J. and tells him she knows how he feels and she sees him trying to be a better person. She tells him how Shawn forgave her for being unfaithful with Victor. E.J. comforts Sami when she starts crying and there is a moment where it seems like they will kiss, until Sami backs away. John and Marlena go and see Stefano in the sanitarium. John tells Stefano that they are half brothers. Stefano mutely screams a denial.moreless
  • Ep. #10769
    Ep. #10769
    Episode 330
    Roman asks Bo what happened after the plane took off from Ireland. Shawn and Belle surprise Bo by bringing Claire to see him. Caroline also comes to see Bo. Bo then asks Caroline if his father died for nothing (since Bo may be dying). Lexie says that Shawn did not die in vain and that Bo isn't going to die on her watch. Ashley tells Chelsea that she maybe off the hook with the cops, but she isn't with the Alpha Chi Theta sorority. The sorority "sisters" decide to put what happened behind them and to go back to being friends. Steve manages to track down the mysterious woman following him and tries to strangle her. Ava then admits that her people sabotaged the plane. She tells Patch (as she calls him) that she plans to get him back. Chelsea, Stephanie and the rest of the sorority decide to get jobs, so they start looking at the help wanted ads. Max shows up and is upset that his final words to his father weren't that he loves him. Stephanie tells Max that his father loved him very much and knew that Max loved him. Morgan then sees Stephanie and Max embracing.moreless
  • Ep. #10768
    Ep. #10768
    Episode 329
    E.J. and Sami wonder why Marlena asked Sami to come to the DiMera Mansion. Tony asks Anna to come with him to the mansion because he has been summoned as well. John says that the mansion is his home and that there's a new heir in town. Roman states to Steve that only someone who's deranged would sabotage a plane. John insists that Marlena take him to see Stefano so he can see for himself that he's comatose. Lexie offers her condolences to Kayla for her father's death. The mysterious stranger leaves a note for Steve at the nurse's station. John stuns everyone by saying that he's Colleen Brady's son which makes him both a Brady and a DiMera. Tony sees John massaging Anna's feet and asks what's going on. Lexie realizes that John is actually her Uncle. Tony is unsuccessful at convincing Anna to sleep with him. Steve reads the threatening note and realizes that the woman is in Salem and is a danger to his family.moreless
  • Ep. #10766
    Ep. #10766
    Episode 327
    Marlena realizes that the kiss from John wasn't a dream. Belle and Shawn wake up in each others arms from spending a romantic night together. Chloe feels awkward even though she and Philip didn't have sex. Kayla fears she is losing her baby. Chloe and Philip refrain from having sex. Victor offers to get his own search and rescue in the air and Max and Stephanie offer to go as well, but Roman says if he doesn't hear anything in 12 hours then he'll consider it. Nick and Kate tell a Chelsea that they're there for her when she's worried about her father. Hope tells Bo not to give up on them and to fight to stay alive. Lexie overhears Victor and Caroline discuss what a great son they have and hopes that he comes home soon. John brings food. Abe tells everyone that they found the wreckage when someone set off a flare. Kate calls Chelsea and tells her that John's plane was found.moreless
  • Ep. #10765
    Ep. #10765
    Episode 327
    Bo is revived and doesn't remember anything, Hope then tells Bo that his father is dead. Steve asks Kayla what the problem is. Chloe insists on helping the others. Bo breaks down while holding his father's lifeless body. Kayla asks Chloe to go and get Marlena for her. Stephanie tries to calm Max down by saying that they will be found. Roman is frustrated that he can only sit and wait for his family to be found. Philip comforts a concerned Chloe. Caroline hopes and prays that the St. Christopher's medal is protecting Grandpa Shawn. Victor and Kate arrive at the police station to hear if there's any word on the recovery effort. Caroline is grateful that Maggie came to be by her side. Roman tells everyone that the rescue planes are coming back and won't search again til morning. Caroline thinks there's something that they can do, they all go to the church and light a candle for everyone who's lost. Chloe and Philip attempt to get warm and end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10764
    Ep. #10764
    Episode 326
    John comes to and sees everyone unconscious and wonders if they're dead or alive, and notices that Steve is hanging on. Belle and Shawn wake and see that Claire is okay. Chelsea wonders if Stefano DiMera has anything to do with the plane going down. Belle checks on Chloe and Philip. Roman tells Abe that he doesn't fell comfortable with John on the plane with his family and friends. Max tells Lexie that her family is evil. Marlena has a piece of metal in her leg, Belle manages to get her out. Hope tells Shawn to see if Bo has a pulse, Shawn says that his father is breathing. Kayla tells Shawn that his grandfather gave up his oxygen so they can all live. John gives Claire a juice box, while bonding with her. Kayla tries to revive Steve by saying that she's pregnant, Steve then wakes up which relieves her. Marlena asks John to pull the piece out. Shawn and Hope with Marlena's help manages to revive Bo. John tells Claire to cover her ears as he shoots a signal flare into the sky. Kayla feels pains and thinks that the baby might be in trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #10763
    Ep. #10763
    Episode 325
    Roman learns that the Pilot of the plane never called to change the flight plan. Grandpa Shawn refuses the oxygen mask insisting that Bo needs it more, Grandpa Shawn pulls the cord out and dies, Hope says to Kayla not to say anything about Grandpa Shawn's death. Hope asks Kayla if Bo is going to die, Kayla then vows to everything she can. The oxygen runs out in the airplane and everyone loses consciousness. John and Steve restore oxygen to the plane and everyone wakes up. Marlena tells every to brace themselves as the plane makes an emergency landing. Bo checks on Grandpa Shawn and realizes that he's dead. Caroline is concerned when Abe tells her that John's plane went off radar. Abe and Roman try to track the disabled plane. John says this it as the plane is about to reach land with no landing gear.moreless
  • Ep. #10762
    Ep. #10762
    Episode 324
    Stephanie and Chelsea overhear Abe and Lexie discussing that it isn't too late for the safe returns of the ones they love. Everyone agrees to share the oxygen mask, John keeps his oxygen cause he's the only person who can save them. Shawn and Belle remove their oxygen masks and they express their love for one another. John finds Steve passed out in the cockpit and put oxygen to his mouth Chloe wonders why the back up system is kicking in yet, Philip thinks who sabatoged the plane knew what they where doing. Bo gets Grandpa Shawn to breathe in the oxygen from the mask. Kayla confides in Marlena that she thinks she should tell Steve that she's pregnant. Bo admits to Hope that he has cancer and there's a chance that he'll die. John attempts to fix the pilots oxygen to save Steve. Bo passes out in the aisle from lack of oxygen when the plane hits some turbulence. John manages get Steve breathing again.moreless
  • Ep. #10761
    Ep. #10761
    Episode 323
    Steve tells everyone that John has taken the helm and is determined to land the plane. Stephanie tells Max that he's more than just a friend, she then kisses him. John assures that no one is going to die on the airplane. Abe assures Sami and E.J. they don't need to be in a safe house anymore and that the coast is clear. Max tells Stephanie that the kiss they shared earlier was a mistake and shouldn't have happened. John says that they can't change course and their losing oxygen. John searches the cockpit, he and Marlena realizes the pilots have been drugged. E.J. looks on as Sami watches Lucas's DVD with Allie. John has a plan to land the plane without crashing it. Max and Stephanie discuss how to proceed with their relationship. Marlena tells everyone that the plane has been tampered with and it wasn't an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #10760
    Ep. #10760
    Episode 322
    Victor and Caroline run into each other in the park. Chelsea asks Victor and Caroline how they came to have her father. Kate pleads with Roman to have Lucas's prison sentence remanded. Bo tells Marlena that he has to tell Hope something in case they don't make it, Marlena says that maybe she can help. The Captain assures John that he'll make sure his family is safe. Steve wonders why Kayla told Hope that everything is going to be okay when she knows that it won't. John realizes that the planes radio doesn't work. Caroline explains the truth about how Bo learned that Victor was his father. The Captain tells John that they're losing pressure in the cockpit which everyone starts to get concerned. John tries to figure out the problem with the plane. Roman tells Kate that there's nothing that he can do regarding Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #10759
    Ep. #10759
    Episode 321
    Steve sees the mysterious woman in the air strip and gets off the plane. Shawn feels bad about leaving Colleen behind. John tells Marlena that he saw Santo and Colleen together on that hill. Tony arrives to help E.J., Anna then suddenly shows up with gifts for Allie and Johnny she sees that Tony is there too. The woman manages to get away before Steve could get to her. Lucas tells Sami he doesn't want to wait for him, just to promise that she'll always love him. Hope tells Bo that she's going to drop the subject of asking him what's wrong. Philip asks Chloe that if Brady comes back is she going to ask for a divorce. Lucas gives Sami a DVD to show at all Allie's birthday's. Anna tells Tony that he hasn't seen anything yet. The plane has a bit of turbulence while en route from Ireland.moreless
  • Ep. #10758
    Ep. #10758
    Episode 320
    Sami panics when she can't find Allie, but is relieved when she finds E.J. holding her in the rocking chair. Chelsea, Nick and Stephanie surprise Max with a birthday party in the park. Hope tells Kayla that she knows that she's keeping something from her. Marlena tries to explain John's cold behaviour about Colleen's funeral arrangements. Steve insists to Bo that he should tell Hope about his illness after he almost collapses, but he refuses. Shawn doesn't think he can manage saying a few words about his sister. John tersely agrees to hold the urn if it will get Marlena off his back. Sami rushes to see Lucas not realizing his sentencing hearing was today - so she can say goodbye. Everyone takes a handful of Colleen's ashes and scatters them on the ground. John stays alone in the woods after the service and sees the ghosts of Colleen and Santo reunited with a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10757
    Ep. #10757
    Episode 319
    Lexie manages to get in touch with Philip and asks to speak with Kayla. Grandpa Shawn tells John how he can be so cruel after saying the Colleen is going to be damned and for him to leave. Colleen tells John that who he is now is how he's going to be forever and that it scares her. Colleen insists on telling John that he has to hear this from her. Chloe says to Philip that this new John is scary. Colleen asks Belle and Shawn to work on their love for one another, they say that they'll keep their promise. John asks Marlena how much time does Colleen have left. Shawn and Belle agree to work towards a better marriage. Colleen asks of John so that she can hold him in her arms, she then dies peacefully as everyone watches. Grandpa Shawn is sad that he lost his sister for the second time. John says that he doesn't feel anything after Colleen's death. Lexie tells Kayla that she's pregnant and that she should tell Hope about Bo's condition.moreless
  • Ep. #10756
    Ep. #10756
    Episode 318
    Marlena explains that John attempted to kill Colleen, and reveals something shocking to everyone that Colleen is John's mother. Chloe turns down a job offer Milan, Philip wants to know the real reason she isn't taking it. Shawn, Steve, Philip and Bo go in search for John. Marlena tells Kayla and Hope that John's a ticking time bomb and what he might do. Morgan explains to Chelsea that she broke the sacred vow of trust and Stephanie and Chelsea's fate will be decided by the girls at the Theta house. Belle brings Claire to see Colleen. Bo tries to stop John from committing suicide, John asks Bo to kill him since he failed his mission. Kayla becomes concerned when Hope starts to feel dizzy and almost faints. Colleen makes a painful confession to Grandpa Shawn that she can't go back to Salem cause she's dying and she wants to die with her family around her. Marlena tells John that she wants to hypnotize him. Steve and Kayla need to tell Bo and Hope about their condition.moreless
  • Ep. #10755
    Ep. #10755
    Episode 317
    Shawn is delighted that Claire is back safe with him and Belle. Kayla reveals to Bo that his physical showed something troubling and he should go back to the states immediately. John reveals to Colleen that he was sent here to kill her. Victor explains to Chelsea that Crawford Decker is no longer going to be a problem. Roman says that the autopsy results prove that Ford died from a fall down the stairs. Victor lays into Crawford, and that he once lost a daughter, and his behaviour towards Chelsea was inappropriate. Shawn thinks that something is up with Kayla. Belle and Shawn wonder what the future holds for them. Philip calls Victor and says that they found Claire and that she's safe. Marlena begins to regain consciousness and attempts to stop. Victor calls Bo to give him an update on Chelsea and that she's not going to be charged. Hope thinks that Steve knows something about Bo. John then pushes Marlena away, and is about to complete his mission Colleen then reveals to John that she is his mother, he doesn't believe her at first. Marlena asks Colleen how she became to be John's mother, Colleen saysthat she never stopped looking for John. Victor offers Billie a job at the Titan office in London, England.moreless
  • Ep. #10754
    Ep. #10754
    Episode 316
    Lexie comes to check on Allie (who has a fever) at E.J's request. Steve and Kayla bring Grandpa Shawn to Ireland. Marlena catches John as he attempts to leave the room. Lucas tells a shocked Sami that he pled guilty to the attempted murder of E.J. Philip asks Chloe what he can do to convince her that he's over Belle. Kayla fills in Bo and Hope on Stefano's condition and that he's on life support. Bo tells Steve and Kayla that Grandpa Shawn Brady is in for the shock of his life when he sees his sister. John tells Marlena that he wouldn't harm Colleen. Colleen and Shawn reunite and they immediately embrace. Sami tries to get Lucas to change his plea but he refuses to do so. John requests to speak with Colleen alone, but Marlena thinks it's a bad idea. John knocks out Marlena as Colleen watches in disbelief. Lexie tells E.J. that she just found out that Kayla is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10753
    Ep. #10753
    Episode 315
    Colleen reveals that she faked her death 50 years ago by leaving her nun's habit by the cliff and making everyone believe she killed herself. E.J. walks in as Sami is yelling at Lucas over the phone. Crawford comes to the pub after seeing Ford's body and says he has a change of heart and will press charges against Chelsea. Lucas confesses to Abe and Roman that he shot E.J. and doesn't want a trial and no lawyers. Kate goes to Victor and asks for his help regarding Chelsea, and explains that she was almost raped by someone, Victor says that he will handle the situation. Colleen explains to everyone where she's been all this time, and asks forgivness in taking Claire, so she asks Crystal to bring her in. John attempts to make a move on Colleen but is stopped by Marlena. Colleen says that what she did was out of love and the same thing for Brady Black as well. Lucas asks Sami to bring Allie so he can say goodbye to her. Victor sits down with Crawford. Chelsea and Stephanie feel bad that Max will take the fall for Ford's death. Colleen says that she doesn't have Brady and asks Chloe if she knows where he is.moreless
  • Ep. #10752
    Ep. #10752
    Episode 314
    Lexie tells Roman that she's going to order more tests on Stefano, as no one can hear Stefano's plea for help. Anna scolds Tony for not consulting her before buying a new business. Lexie wants to meet with Tony and E.J. at the hospital. Shawn, Belle, Philip and Chloe arrive at the Bed & Breakfast looking for Crystal. Adrienne calls Steve and asks to meet him at the Brady Pub. Marlena tells the woman that she thought she was dead, the woman assures her that she's not. Sami tells E.J. that she was told that she'll have to testify at Lucas's trial. Roman calls E.J. and tells him to come to the hospital. Adrienne tells Steve that she, Justin and the boys are leaving Salem and she and Steve have an emotional goodbye. Belle tells Crystal as she enters the room where Claire is. Anna tells Caroline that she has an interview for the competition of Tony's company that he bought. Hope and everyone can't believe their eyes when they're introduced to a not so "dead" Colleen Brady, and learn that she was behind Claire's kidnapping. Stefano opens his eyes but can't speak as Lexie, Tony and E.J. leave his room.moreless
  • Ep. #10751
    Ep. #10751
    Episode 313
    Shawn and Philip agree to set their differences aside when in search for Claire. Bo and Hope learn Crystal's whereabouts in a town called New Ross, and that the police have lost Crystal. John and Marlena are met with a surprise when they enter Saint Obbin Bed & Breakfast in Ireland. Marlena prepares in case John decides to pull a double cross on her. Roman tells Chelsea that he has no choice but to arrest her for Ford Decker's murder. Stephanie lashes out at Crawford thinking Ford took after him, and asks how many women that he raped. Philip and Shawn shakes hands and say that everything is good between them. Belle swears that Shawn is the only man she has ever loved. Crawford says no to the D.A.'s deal of no jail time for Chelsea. Hope and Bo enter the B&B unaware that John and Marlena are there as well. Crawford just wants someone to tell him where Ford's body is. Shawn learns from his parents where Crystal was spotted and decide to head for New Ross.moreless
  • Ep. #10750
    Ep. #10750
    Episode 312
    Steve tells Kayla that he's upset that he couldn't protect Stephanie from being raped, even though her attacker is dead. Hope is sure that she and Bo are going to find out who's behind this when they get to Ireland. Roman is told that Stefano suffered a stroke, and Marlena is the one that called it in. Tony prepares to ask Anna something important but is interrupted by Caroline. Abe tells Bo and Hope to get their annual physicals at the hospital. John tells Marlena that he isn't a killer, but Marlena says that he's a liar. Lexie offers to give Bo his physical, while Kayla takes care of Hope. Steve tells Crawford that he'll never fogive his sone for raping Stephanie. Stefano tries but can't speak to tell the doctors that Marlena did this to him. Tony tells Anna that he bought an advertising agency, she is then disapppointed when she didn't get the proposal that she was hoping for. Roman asks Marlena if she did anything to Stefano when they where alone together. Marlena manages to sneak John out of the hospital. Caroline persuades Anna to buy a business and be in competition with Tony. Lexie learns that she's the new Cheif of Staff, she then learns that Stefano was admitted.moreless
  • Ep. #10749
    Ep. #10749
    Episode 311
    Roman and Abe welcome Hope back to the force as if she never left. Chelsea tells Crawford that they never intended to kill Ford just to scare him. John dreams of Stefano giving him orders to take someone out. Roman questions Rob about him looking at hard time behind bars, Rob says that he'll jump bail. Marlena tells Stefano that she's going to give him something that'll put him in a catatonic state and the condition will be permanent. Rob says that once Claire is out of the country they'll never find her if she hasn't already left. Chelsea explains to Crawford the details of what happened to Ford that night. Marlena injects Stefano with the drug and watches as her slips away into his body. Crawford vows that anyone who was involved with killing Ford will pay. Max tells Steve and Kayla that he helped move Ford's body. Hope tells Belle, Shawn, Philip and Chloe that Crystal took Claire to Ireland and she is already there. John asks Marlena to help him get to Ireland to fulfill his quest.moreless
  • Ep. #10748
    Ep. #10748
    Episode 310
    John undergoes a psych test, which confirms Dr. Carrington's theory that he is void of emotions. Shawn tells the stranger at the door that he came to get the girl and Stefano sent him. Kayla tells Stephanie to that Steve should know what happened to her. Chelsea tells Nick that she's beginning to have second thoughts. The stranger attacks Shawn and puts him in a choke hold but Chloe knocks him out. Rob then shows up and says that he's Stefano's enemy. Stefano is delighted to see Marlena, she warns him that he won't be. Sami goes to see John and he thinks he remembers her. Steve is beside himself when Kayla reveals that Stephanie was raped. Abe is against the idea of Marlena using sodium pentathol on Stefano. Sami asks John for a hug. John visualizes strangling her. Stephanie begs Steve not to be mad at Kayla for keeping her secret. Stefano begins to tell Marlena about John's mission. Shawn demands that Rob tell him where Claire is. After the fight, Shawn then finds a folio containing pictures of his family. Nick says it's time for Chelsea to tell Crawford the truth. Back at the police station, Roman questions Rob about where Claire is. Chelsea tells Crawford that Ford is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #10747
    Ep. #10747
    Episode 309
    Marlena tells John that it wasn't her call for him to be transfered to the psych ward. Belle makes an attempt to leave the hospital but Philip stops her. Detective Sullivan tells Bo that the sorority girls are involved and that they appear to be lying. Marlena questions John about his mission. Chelsea worries that Nick will end their relationship. Chloe and Shawn may have found out where they took Claire, they visit the storefront where Crystal was first spotted and quickly hide when the door opens. Marlena suggests John undergo hypnosis. Belle then is taken by Philip to see John and asks why he is in restraints. Marlena explains to Belle that John has no memory of his life. Bo explains to Chelsea that she needs to tell him what she knows and that he thought she learned her lesson from what happened to Zack.moreless
  • Ep. #10746
    Ep. #10746
    Episode 308
    Billie tells Nick that she knows when he's hiding something. Chelsea tells Morgan and the others that she thinks that telling the truth is what they should do. Stephanie explains to Max that Chelsea called an emergency meeting to vote to whether or not to keep Ford's death a secret. Hope tells Bo that it's time that she got back in the game and came back to the force full time to help Claire. Dr. Carrington gives John truth serum so Marlena can find out what Stefano did, John reacts when Marlena mentions Stefano and the mission, that he gave him. Dean Lochlan and Crawford Decker and want to know from Nick where Ford is.moreless
  • Ep. #10745
    Ep. #10745
    Episode 307
    Philip assures Belle that he seeing her father wasn't a dream. Sami tells E.J. that once they're safe to stay away from the twins. Marlena says to Hope that isn't John in there not yet anyway. Crystal takes good care of Claire after she has a bad dream. John tell Marlena that he had a dream about her. Lucas finds Stefano's cell phone and calls Sami. Philip tells Belle that this is where he wants to be unless she doesn't want him here. When John dreams about Marlena, she begins to believe there may be hope for their future. Stefano checks that Lucas called Sami while he was with his lawyers. Sami tells E.J. that Lucas's life has already been threatened and now he's bunking with Stefano. Crystal sings to Claire to calm her down.moreless
  • Ep. #10744
    Ep. #10744
    Episode 306
    Steve assures Caroline that Claire will be found. Marlena tells Bo and Hope that Belle was overwhelmed when she saw her father, Marlena says that there was something there. Sami and E.J. disagree on the best way to protect Johnny from Stefano. Roman tells John that there's no way he can trust him, and that he isn't going to let him do what Stefano programmed him to do. Kayla calls Steve and says that it's time, but Steve is right outside their door. John gets out of his restraints and takes Marlena and Hope hostage, the cops intervene as John has a flash of him in Stefano's basement. Steve and Kayla get interrupted by Caroline. E.J. and Sami hear a noise, he goes and finds a box with a baby rattle. E.J. calls Abe and he offers to get Sami and him to a safe house. Marlena asks John why he chose not to kill her and Hope, while being reshackled.moreless
  • Ep. #10743
    Ep. #10743
    Episode 305
    Lucas learns that Stefano will be his new cellmate, and he explains to Lucas that he's chained to the wall so they don't kill each other. Bo tells E.J. that he thinks that John's return and these kidnappings are a smokescreen for something big. Hope warns Sami not to trust E.J. Marlena tells John that he may not remember Belle, she is his daughter and that she needs him right now. Philip calls for help as Belle begins to frantic after hearing about Claire. Marlena manages to get Roman to fix it so that John can see Belle. Stefano is pleased to find a cell phone inside his dinner. Marlena tells Belle that she has a surprise for her and she and Philip are surprised when John walks in her hospital room, Belle is thrilled to have her father back, John doesn't let on that he doesn't remember her. John then takes a pair of scissors while hugging Belle. E.J. tells Sami that he got a call from Stefano and that he sent a chauffer to come and get him but he then ran. Bo tells Hope that he found medication for Claire that Crystal purchased in Canada and that she isn't out to hurt her or Belle.moreless
  • Ep. #10742
    Ep. #10742
    Episode 304
    Philip overhears as Shawn promises an unconscious Belle that he'll bring Claire home. John thinks that Marlena is working for Stefano and Rolf. Bo theorizes with Hope and Roman that Stefano wasn't involved in Claire's abduction then who was. Marlena tells John that she will kill Stefano before she lets him anywhere near him. Philip wants Chloe to comfort Shawn so he can be there for Belle. Shawn explains to Chloe that whoever did this is going to pay and won't rest til he finds Claire. Marlena refuses John after making another attempt to help him escape. Philip goes into see Belle after Shawn leaves with Chloe. John learns that Stefano had taken a vital organ from him. Roman asks Marlena on why she changed Dr. Carrington's orders for John not to be drugged. Marlena asks John to come and see Belle together. Shawn tells Bo and Hope that he saw a tattoo on Rob's arm. Belle awakens at the hospital to learn that Crystal and Rob got away with Claire. Roman and Bo think that they have a lead.moreless
  • Ep. #10741
    Ep. #10741
    Episode 303
    Shawn and Philip argue over the best way to rescue Belle and Claire, Bo tells them that the van that they're in are in route. Crystal wants Claire sedated for the trip, Belle knocks the bottle out of her hand. John tells Marlena why he was brought to the hospital, to help him escape. Bo tells Shawn and Philip to stay out of sight. Bo sees Rob meeting with someone on the pier. Marlena tells John that she has missed him so much and for him to look into her eyes. Belle throws hot coffee at Crystal and escapes with Claire. Rob takes off with Claire as Belle falls into the cold water. Philip jumps in to get Belle out. John agrees to meet with people that Marlena said that he used to know. Rob tells Crystal that they need to go with Claire somewhere to regroup. John says to the Nurse not to give him any drugs. The paramedics attempt to revive Belle when she flatlines, Philip is devastated when they say that she's gone but is glad when Belle reagains consciousness. Shawn tells Bo that he almost had Claire but they got away.moreless
  • Ep. #10740
    Ep. #10740
    Episode 302
    Shawn and Chloe return to the Pub after enjoying ice skating. Roman shows Stefano the search warrant that mean he has a right to search the mansion. Stephanie tells Max that she's grateful for what he's done for her. Philip tells a devastated Sami that Belle was taken. Marlena can't believe when John asks her who she is. Hope says that Marlena had found John. Philip tells Sami that he made no attempt to contact Shawn about Claire and Belle. Belle tries to reassure Claire that everything is going to be fine, she then tells Crystal and Rob where they are taking her and who are they protecting her from, Crystal says it's Stefano DiMera. Philip calls Shawn and says that Belle and Claire where taken. Chelsea tells Stephanie that Billie knows about Ford and that one od his contact lenses was found in the basement. Marlena brings John into the living room and everyone is shocked to see him alive. Shawn tells Philip that Belle was taken because of him. Stephanie was about to tell Chelsea what she's been hiding, Crawford Decker arrives and tells Chelsea that she isn't going to get away with killing his son. Roman places Stefano and Rolf unde arrest. Stephanie admits to Crawford that Ford raped her, Chelsea asks if it's true.moreless
  • Ep. #10739
    Ep. #10739
    Episode 301
    Chelsea tells Nick that she never would've told him about Ford Decker. Belle asks Philip's help in getting her marriage back together. E.J. tells Marlena that John is in Dr. Rolf's laboratory in the DiMera mansion. Nick tells Chelsea how are they going to deal with the fact that there's a dead body now involved. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that John is progressing nicely, Stefano thinks that he can embark on his mission even sooner than expected. Billie asks Chelsea a few questions, also that she and the police found one of Ford's contact lenses in the basement. Crystal sees Belle and Philip talking at Java. Marlena thanks E.J. for telling her about John, Bo then calls Roman to move ahead quickly to getting to John. Stefano thinks that E.J. might betray him. Marlena, Bo, Hope and Roman arrive at the mansion with a search warrant. Rob points a gun at the cop and shoots him, and Crystal and Rob make their move on Belle, Philip hears Belle scream as the talk on the phone and quickly goes to her. Marlena and Hope encounter John in the basement. Nick says the don't think they have a future if she doesn't take responsibility for her actions. Marlena asks John what have they done to him with no response.moreless
  • Ep. #10738
    Ep. #10738
    Episode 300
    Belle is angry when she sees Chloe with Shawn and Claire. Philip tells Sami that Lucas is out of options and she's his only hope. Stefano tells E.J. that if he walks out that door he won't walk back in. Marlena asks Crystal why she's doing this to her by saying that John is alive and asks if he is, Crystal says that Stefano DiMera has him. Roman says to Marlena that if John is with Stefano then they'll get him out. Nick tells Marlena that the ashes that he checked where at least a few years old and not John's. Belle confronts Philip and accuses him of playing games with her. Shawn tells Chloe that Brady will turn up. Marlena stops by Sami's to talk to E.J. and asks him for his help in getting in the mansion to look for John, he tells her that he can't. Shawn tells Chloe that they should hang out more often. Marlena tries to get E.J. to change his mind and prove that he isn't like Stefano, E.J. then admits to Marlena that John isn't dead.moreless
  • Ep. #10737
    Ep. #10737
    Episode 299
    Stefano tells John that once he starts this assignment there's no turning back. Philip thinks that Lucas should plead guilty be reason of insanity. John wants answers from Stefano about why he can't show his face in Salem. Bo and Hope stake out Crystal's associate Rob. Lucas says to Philip that he is not putting the blame on Sami for him shooting E.J. Marlena tells Roman that what if John is still alive by exuming John's ashes. Bo tells Rob and Crystal that they're bringing her in for questioning. Marlena asks Nick that she wants to see if John isn't dead. Roman wants Marlena to tell him why Nick has John's ashes. Kate gives Sami a letter and tells her that if she ever cared about Lucas to help him before it's too late. E.J. confronts Stefano after he discovers he sees guys repossessing his furniture.moreless
  • Ep. #10736
    Ep. #10736
    Episode 298
    Crystal and Rob watch as Marlena leaves her house. John tells Stefano that he wants to go outside. Hope asks Kayla how her appointment with the fertility doctor went. Belle and Hope reach an understanding. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that Marlena is here to see him. Stefano tells John to hide, and gives him a device so he can listen to conversations in the house. Crystal wants to know what to do when the police are guarding Belle around the clock. Steve assures Kayla that he's committed to having another child. Max tells Stephanie that he meant what he said about being there for her. Stefano is stunned when Marlena pulls a gun on him while questioning him about Crystal's identity and Brady's disappearance. Marlena senses something familiar and then leaves Stefano's house. Roman and Bo run into a stranger named Rob and question him about a C.B. DiMera. Steve sees Stephanie at the hospital with Max and asks what's going on. Stephanie is relieved to hear Kayla's assurances that her father didn't say anything about her appointment.moreless
  • Ep. #10735
    Ep. #10735
    Episode 297
    Kate summons Billie to talk to Lucas to persuade him let her. E.J. demands that Dr. Rolf tell him who the "houseguest". Marlena encourages Roman, Abe and Bo to bring Stefano to his knees. Shawn arrives with Chloe to get Claire and tells Philip that he's not going to let him steal his daughter, like he stole his wife. Billie tells Kate that Lucas refuses to let her visit him in jail. E.J. sneaks back into the mansion and goes downstairs and sees that John Black is the mysterious "houseguest" and Stefano walks in and says that it's magnificent isn't it. Philip applauds Chloe and that their plan is working perfectly. Stefano stops E.J. from calling the police, and says that he won't let E.J. go against him. Roman is concerned when he thinks Marlena might take the law into her own hands. Stefano tells John to the mission he's sending him on is his destiny. E.J. tells Sami that he sees Stefano in a way that he's never seen him and as long as he's alive no one is safe.moreless
  • Ep. #10734
    Ep. #10734
    Episode 296
    Stephanie thinks that Chelsea telling Nick about Ford is a mistake, Chelsea says that Nick already knows something is wrong. Hope and Bo prepare Shawn for his first orientation at the Police Academy. E.J. starts a fight with Carmine to keep him from hurting Lucas and Sami runs to him as she hears fighting. Crystal attempts to contact Marlena, she thinks something is wrong when she doesn't anwser. Philip tells Belle to stear clear of the woman that tried to grab her cause she could be dangerous. Philip tells Chloe it's her job to give Shawn a reason for him not to take Belle back. Roman and Belle come to Marlena's rescue, but Marlena said that the man saved her life by fixing her wiper on her car. E.J. tells Lucas that he should be grateful that he saved his life. Crystal tells Hope to give Marlena a message and that she's in danger. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano he will not fail him and that he will mold their "houseguest" into a soldier to do Stefano's bidding. Abe calls Bo and tells him that E.J. thwarted the hit on Lucas's life. Stefano sees their "friend" with his arm around Rolf's throat. Stephanie tells Max that Ford raped her. Nick learns that Ford is dead and says that he is shocked that Chelsea never called 911 and wants no part of this. Stefano orders him to release Rolf and thinks that he has redeemed himself.moreless
  • Ep. #10733
    Ep. #10733
    Episode 295
    Belle rejects Philip's suggestion of hiring a bodyguard. Marlena insists on calling Roman. Stefano is mad that Carmine hasn't made his move yet. Dr. Rolf insists to Stefano that they discuss their "houseguest". E.J. tries to warn the police that Lucas's life is in danger, he then tells Kate that he thinks that Stefano is going to try something. Sami attempts to call Will with no luck, so Roman offers to call him. Lucas is told he has a visitor - before anything happens to him. Crystal callls Marlena and apologizes to her about scaring Belle and asks to meet with her at the Brady Pub. Sami talks to Will and tells him that his father was arrested. Will says to tell Lucas that he loves him and hangs up. Stefano sees some progress that Dr. Rolf had made with his project. Belle calls Roman and tells him Marlena went to meet some woman. Dr. Rolf attempts to give an injection to the houseguest, but the subject grabs his hand to stop him.moreless
  • Ep. #10732
    Ep. #10732
    Episode 294
    Stefano tells Carmine that there's something he wants taken care of right away. Sami asks E.J. what he has on Stefano after learning that E.J. stood up to him. Shawn brings Claire by, he then refuses to talk with Belle. Philip tells Lucas that he wants to help his brother. Stefano tells Dr. Rolf that he needs someone to follow his orders if not then he'll do it himself. Hope tells Shawn that she knew about Belle's affair after when he and Philip where fighting. E.J. tells Sami that Lucas is likely in danger. Marlena tells Belle that she should go and visit Sami cause Lucas was arrested for shooting E.J. Roman then arrives, Marlena says the reason she didn't tell Belle about the psychic telling her that John's alive cause she's going through enough. Philip asks Lucas why he's so determined to pay. Crystal makes a phone call to someone that she needs to meet with them. Philip tells Shawn that Belle could be in danger, Shawn refuses and asks him to leave. Roman tells Marlena that discovered more about the woman in John's photo. Crystal and Rob corner Belle and they take off as she screams for Sami. Marlena calls Stefano and his "houseguest" picks up and then hangs up. Lucas calls Sami and she listens to the message that he misses. Lucas is put in a cell with Carmine. E.J. assaults a cop in order to be put in the same cell as Lucas. Marlena sees someone coming towards her and she pulls out a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #10731
    Ep. #10731
    Episode 293
    Roman and Bo wonders why Chloe waited so long to come forward. Bo gets a package to meet Hope at Chez Rouge. Maggie is delighted when Marlena arrives at the party. Philip suggests to Chloe she hopes she doesn't care what he has in mind to secure her freedom. Marlena sees someone that resembles John but turns out not to be him. Belle seeks Shawn's forgiveness and if they can get past it. Steve becomes concerned and thinks that Kayla is hiding something from him. Marlena spots Crystal and goes after her, Crystal says that Brady's life is in danger. Shawn demands a divorce which devastates Belle. Belle tells Philip that she and Shawn broke up. Marlena asks Chloe if she has a connection to Crystal and the DiMera's. Marlena promises to put her family back together and and god help anyone who tries to stop her. Chloe and Philip ring in 2008 together.moreless
  • Ep. #10730
    Ep. #10730
    Episode 292
    Chloe calls Philip and says the she needs his help and is being followed by a cop. Stefano arrives for Giovanni. Belle remembers having sex with Philip while kissing Shawn. Caroline asks Shawn's help with something in the back. Philip comes in to wish Belle a Happy New Year and to talk about their future. Sami apologizes to Lucas for everything that she put him through. E.J. says no to Stefano to taking his son for a walk thinking that he won't bring him back. Lucas then tells Sami that he's done something that he can't undo. Lucas says to Sami that he lied and that he did shoot E.J. in the back and that he did it for them. E.J. thinks that Stefano is going to do to him with what he did to Renee. Roman tells Philip that Chloe is being placed under arrest. Kate asks Roman when he arrives to let them go. Chloe explains to Philip why she had to lie and thinks of a way. Belle confesses to sleeping with Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #10729
    Ep. #10729
    Episode 291
    Marlena tells Hope that a woman told her that John is still alive and actually believes her. Hope thinks that the meeting of the woman was a set up. E.J. tells Sami that he may have found Kate and Lucas. Kate tells Lucas that she is going with her. Stefano wants his "houseguest" back before someone sees him. Stefano and Rolf go and search for him, a little boy tells them that he seen him. Lucas has second thoughts of leaving, and says that he's going to turn himself in, Kate thinks that this is a mistake. Billie arrives with a cop instead of Crawford. Chelsea and Max remove Ford's body from the house inside a old water heater. Sami tells E.J. to look after the twins while she goes to find Lucas. Hope and Marlena go to track down the psychic, someone says that building is condemned, Crystal appears and watches as they leave. Stefano is relieved that he has returned. Sami arrives and pleads with Lucas not to go.moreless
  • Ep. #10728
    Ep. #10728
    Episode 290
    E.J. goes to the DiMera mansion and Dr. Rolf says that nobody is allowed in right now. Roman explains to Sami that he may have to arrest Lucas for attempted murder. Crawford comes to speak to Chelsea wanting to know where Ford is and goes and searches til he finds him. E.J. sneaks into the house and someone knocks him out from behind. Max and Chelsea conclude that they need to remove Ford's body from the Alpha Chi Theta house. Stefano says to E.J. that he'll know about the houseguest in do time. Billie tells Crawford to leave or he'll be arrested for trespassing. Rolf tells Stefano that their "houseguest" has taken off.moreless
  • Ep. #10727
    Ep. #10727
    Episode 289
    The Brady family gathers at Alice's and decorates the tree with their individualized ornaments. EJ shows Stefano he can stand. Chelsea feels guilty about killing Zach and Ford. She hallucinates visions of Ford taunting her. Max has to dress as Santa and Nick as an elf. Max reads a religious story to the children at the hospital. A psychic tells Marlena that John is still alive. Sami rushes home to find a goodbye letter from Lucas. Nick plugs Walgreens. Alice wishes Tom a Merry Christmas. Stefano works on his new "soldier".moreless
  • Ep. #10726
    Ep. #10726
    Episode 288
    Belle publicly denounces Philip in front of her friends and family. Stephanie is honest with Kayla about her rape. Marlena says that Chloe is lying about Brady's whereabouts and Roman takes her to the station. Doug and Julie arrive for Hope's birthday. Stephanie tells Kayla not to tell Steve about her rape.moreless
  • Ep. #10725
    Ep. #10725
    Episode 287
    Lucas tells a shocked Sami that he won't be home for Christmas. Philip coldly rejects Chloe after almost having sex in his office at Titan. Bo and Hope enter Chez Rouge for their surprise anniversary party, which are delighted that Shawn planned it. Sami tells Lucas that him not being home has something to do with the gun that he hid from the police. E.J. meets with Tony at the church and tells him that Sami has walked out on him for good. Philip wants a background check on Chloe, and wants to know who's funding her stay and where Brady is. Chloe stops by and Bo offers her to stay for some cake. Tony tells E.J. to stand up to Stefano and to be a man that Sami can love. Philip learns that there's no divorce seperation between Chloe and Brady and that he's been missing for three weeks. Sami tells Lucas that while he was out she called Will.moreless
  • Ep. #10724
    Ep. #10724
    Episode 286
    Shawn thanks Maggie for helping plan an anniversary party for Bo and Hope at Chez Rouge. Chloe apologizes with what she said at the reunion. Lucas asks Billie to be Allie's godmother. Belle tells Philip that she doesn't need him around and that there's nothing between them. Shawn tells Chloe how she can show her face after the stunt that she puilled. Belle is livid when she finds out from Philip that he's taking Chloe out on a date. E.J. tells Sami to get out after telling him that she wants to annul the marriage, E.J. then threatens that her family will die. Sami then lifts his wheelchair backwards, Lucas comes in and Sami says that it's over and wants to come home to Lucas. Shawn tells Belle that things are going to change around here. E.J. tells Lucas that he hope that he goes to jail for shooting him. Billie goes to Maggie saying that there's something going on with Lucas and that he won't with Allie at Christmas. Chloe pulls Philip into a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10723
    Ep. #10723
    Episode 285
    Sami confronts E.J. about eavesdropping on her and Lucas, Sami then asks E.J. if he's faking his paralysis. Marlena tells Roman that he was never a mistake. Belle discusses Claire and how much her parents love, Hope wonders which father is she talking about Shawn or Philip. Kate is thrown for a loop when Lucas confesses to her that he did in fact shoot E.J. at the church and vows the he isn't going to lose his children. Philip tells Shawn that if he goes through with his threat Belle can be charged as an accessory. Roman tells Marlena that the charge of attempted murder has been changed to a misdemeanor. Kate vows to protect Lucas, by asking him to leave the country. Shawn doesn't tell Bo that Belle was involved with the gun. Marlena asks Roman to track down the mysterious woman in John's photograph. Hope learns from Bo that Belle and Philip planted the gun and he wanted a night with Belle in return.moreless
  • Ep. #10722
    Ep. #10722
    Episode 284
    Max finds Stephanie and Cordy, he then thinks that Stephanie isn't telling him everything, she then explains of Cordy's suicide attempt. Jen tells Philip about the plea bargain agreement, Kate then realizes that she has to serve 18 months in prison. Stefano consults with Alessandro Chavez about an old nemesis that has resurfaced and that she has to be dealt with. Marlena and Hope clean out John's closet and then she tells Hope that she threatened to kill Stefano. Philip tells Jen that they are declining the offer and tells her to leave his office. Max lays into Stephanie when she compared him to Jeremy. Philip tells Jen that Roman was considering a cover up to save Marlena, and wants leniency if she testifies against Stefano. Stefano asks Rolf to take him to the lab to examine his "secret weapon". Kate agrees to wear a wire to nail Stefano. Hope tells Marlena that the photo might lead to nowhere.moreless
  • Ep. #10721
    Ep. #10721
    Episode 283
    Steve comes home to find Kayla has set up a romantic evening. Stephanie discovers Cordy in the bathroom stall at Chez Rouge and she attempted suicide, Stephanie then says that she was raped by Ford. Chelsea tells Nick that Ford Decker is missing and that's what the meeting was about. Sami tells Marlena that she was honest with E.J. about her feelings. Morgan gives Max an early Christmas present which touches him. Chelsea and Nick hear a scream and go see what's wrong. Marlena asks Sami if Will's coming home, she says that he wants to stay in Switzerland. Max thinks of something to keep Nick from checking the water heater in the basement. Sami tells Marlena that she only pretended to tell E.J. that she's in love with him. Cordy asks Stephanie to come to therapy with her. Marlena asks Sami that if she loves Lucas to annul her marriage to E.J. Max breaks up with Morgan which devastates her.moreless
  • Ep. #10720
    Ep. #10720
    Episode 282
    With Maggie's help Nick has a special dinner for Chelsea at Chez Rouge, Chelsea is then touched. Lucas tells Sami that his gun is in the package. Morgan says that Cordy might crack and if she does it's over for all of them. Bo tells E.J. to keep the package until he gets to his apartment. Morgan and Stephanie assure to Cordy that Ford isn't going to hurt her or anyone else again. Sami asks Lucas point blank if he's the one that shot E.J. Stefano gives E.J. some letters and to read them and they'll tell him what he needs to know. Nick notices that Chelsea is a bit distracted. Chelsea then sees Max come in the restaurant and avoids seeing him by kissing Nick and tries to enjoy the evening. Kate tells Lucas that E.J. has the package, but Lucas says that he already knows that. Lucas and Sami go to get the package, Bo then arrives. Morgan calls Chelsea and says that Billie is here and wants to talk about Ford. Bo tells Sami that Lucas hired a Nurse to look after the twins. Bo then requests Lucas's passport. Stephanie tells everyone that Cordy isn't in her room, and she's worried what she might say.moreless
  • Ep. #10719
    Ep. #10719
    Episode 281
    E.J. hears Lucas argue with Sami demanding to know where that package is. Hope advises Philip to leave Belle alone. Philip tells Chloe to convince him that they have a connection between them. Sami asks Lucas what's in the package. Sami goes to return the stuff that E.J. sent for the twins, she lets E.J. now that he's been eavesdropping on her and Lucas she asks for the receiver. Bo corners Kate and demands to know the contents of Lucas's package, she says that she doesn't know until Bo gets a call and says that she won't believe who has it. Kate tells Roman that there was a time that he was once forgiving for all the things that she did wrong. E.J. opens the package and finds the gun.moreless
  • Ep. #10718
    Ep. #10718
    Episode 280
    E.J. poses as Lucas and orders the package to him. Shawn tells Belle his future is ruined. Bo thinks that Billie is covering for for Lucas. E.J. is shown holding Allie while standing up, he goes back to his wheelchair before Sami can see him, she then asks E.J. how he got Allie out of her crib. Hope tells Shawn what Philip did that got him so worked up, but doesn't tell her what Belle did for him. Billie tells Bo that Lucas told him that he was at the church. Bo and Hope then go in search of the Nurse that took care of the twins. Lucas tells Kate that the package wasn't at the warehouse, someone then follows him after he leaves Chez Rouge. Emily tells Bo that she looked after them for only an hour. Bo tells Hope that Lucas took off in Kate's car after going out the back door. Sami finds the baby monitor and realizes that E.J. has been spying on her and Lucas. E.J. then signs for the package. Shawn once again tells Belle that there's no room for Philip in there lives.moreless
  • Ep. #10717
    Ep. #10717
    Episode 278
    Shawn questions Belle about her rendevous with Philip after being named SuperCouple of Salem High. Bo realizes someone has tampered with Steve and Kayla's car. Lucas calls Steve and asks for his help. Billie comes over and asks Lucas where he was the night that E.J. was shot. E.J. asks Sami that he thinks that she knows who shot him. Cynthia makes another attempt to seduce Philip. Belle explains herself to Shawn that it's not what it looks like, and admits that she and Philip planted the gun to make him look good. Chloe tells Philip that she told Shawn everything about seeing her at his hotel room. Philip overhears Shawn and Belle argue. Bo and Billie discuss E.J.'s shooting. Lucas tells Sami that he's going to pick up a package.moreless
  • Ep. #10716
    Ep. #10716
    Episode 278
    Steve convinces Kayla not to call Bo. Abe tells Bo that he may have a way to analyze the weapon. Belle and Shawn attend their high-school reunion together and are catch up with some old friends. Cynthia plans to rekindle something with Philip. Chloe turns down Jason's invitation for a hook up later. Sami sees E.J. trying to put togther a jumper chair for Johnny. Caroline tells Hope that Shawn is lucky to have Belle. Kate is stunned to learn that Lucas had the gun delivered to himself. Hope mistakenly sees Steve and Kayla in an awkward position in the backseat of a car. Chloe saves Philip from Cynthia by saying that they're together. E.J. plants a baby monitor in Lucas's apartment and listens as Lucas and Kate talk about intercepting a package. Chloe tells Belle that she and Brady aren't married anymore. Bo and Abe arrive at Lucas's apartment and are sure that he got rid of the gun. Kayla learns from Hope that Belle didn't stay away from Philip as she promised. Lucas tells Sami that the police are looking for a gun, and he says that they're isn't one. Chloe tells Belle that she doesn't recognize her and that Shawn deserves a lot better.moreless
  • Ep. #10715
    Ep. #10715
    Episode 277
    Lucas wants reassurance from Kate that the gun won't get traced back to him. Kayla asks Steve if he wants to have a baby with her, Steve says to Kayla that they should rethink the whole thing. Kate suggests to Lucas that they should cut the brakes to Steve and Kayla's car. Hope tells Bo that she has his back, he goes in and has an encounter with Lee who points a gun at him. Lindy shows a picture to Bo and sees that Lucas bought the gun. Kate sets her plan in motion. Steve tells Kayla that someone tried to cut the brakes in her car. Lucas learns that the police had traced the gun and that he and Kate are in big trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #10714
    Ep. #10714
    Episode 276
    Kate tells Philip that she overheard Roman talking to a cop and to keep Marlena's name out of it. Stephanie thanks Max for helping with Ford. Marlena thinks that Roman is there to arrest her, but he tells her that she didn't hit E.J. Bo and Hope think that it was Lucas who gave Kate the gun that was fired at the church and asks Philip to call the D.A. about the coverup. Chelsea has a memory of Ford falling down the stairs, Stephanie says that the girls went to their classes. Roman tells Marlena that he is giving her the gun back and the ballistics report and that it "never came into the station". Chelsea in contemplating turning herself in to the police. Max buries Ford in the basement. Abe tells Bo and Hope that Kate's gun was traced to someone, and suggests that Bo take Hope. Max dresses up in Ford's clothes and makes it look like that he left the sorority. Kate threatens to call the D.A. if he doesn't arrest Marlena. The girls come home and Stephanie and Chelsea and lie and say that Ford is no longer in the basement.moreless
  • Ep. #10713
    Ep. #10713
    Episode 275
    Caroline asks Max if there's a special girl that he has his eye on. The Theta sisters debate over how to dispose of Ford's body. Marlena tells Sami that if she did shoot E.J. then she would go to prison for attempted murder, Sami then tells her that Stefano will see that she never makes it to prison. E.J. tells Lucas that he doesn't think that Sami is going to run back into his arms. Stephanie calls Max and that she needs his help and learns that Ford is dead and in the basement. Chelsea has a nightmare that Ford comes into her room to finish what he started. Sami tells Lucas that she has to make E.J. believe that she's falling in love with him. Lucas goes and asks Kate who she intended to shoot at the church. E.J. sets a plan to get Sami to come over, Sami then sees E.J. on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #10712
    Ep. #10712
    Episode 274
    Anna and Tony visit E.J. and Giovanni at his apartment, Tony then tells E.J. to keep him and his son as far away from Stefano. Lucas tells Sami to go and sleep in her marriage bed with E.J. Tony urges Stefano to leave E.J. and his son alone. Stefano tells Dr. Rolf that his old nemesis is alive and this time it's not going to end unless one of them is dead. Chelsea manages to hit Ford and he falls down the stairs, Morgan then discovers that he doesn't have a pulse. Ford's accidental death has Chelsea and the rest of the sorority sisters in deep trouble, Stephanie thinks that it's a bad idea to call campus security. Sami assures Lucas that she only told E.J. that she loves him to get him to fight to live and making love on the couch. Stefano asks Dr. Rolf how the patient is and to wait until he's at full strength for fighting power.moreless
  • Ep. #10711
    Ep. #10711
    Episode 273
    Philip has a dream about Belle telling that she left Shawn to be with him. Belle and Shawn make love, after he gives her an erotic massage. Hope learns from Bo that Belle wrote the letter that caused Shawn not to get into the Academy. Hope tells Bo that maybe he was right about wanting to tell Shawn about Belle's affair with Philip, Bo is then shocked to learn that Belle and Philip where together the night before she married Shawn. E.J. tells Lucas that Sami professed his love for him, Lucas then thinks that Sami would never say that to him. Ford prepares to have his night with Sloan. Philip has another dream this time of Belle killing Shawn. The Alpha Chi Theta sisters set a trap for Ford. Ford thinks something is up when he shows up instead of finding Sloan. Ford asks Chelsea to try his drink first. Belle thinks of Philip after making love to Shawn. Sami tells E.J. that she can't stay with him and has to figure things out with Lucas and asks him not to choose between Lucas and him. Ford and Chelsea each have their drinks, while the rest wonder what's happening. Stephanie and the rest of the sorority sisters run out to stop Ford from raping Chelsea.moreless
  • Ep. #10710
    Ep. #10710
    Episode 272
    Max tells Adrienne that he and Stephanie will close up so she can go home to her kids. Stephanie tells Max that what he said about Morgan is true and that it was nice to have a break from her. Chelsea and the rest of the Alpha Chi Theta girls plot to take down Ford Decker themselves. Ford prepares as he begins to entertain Ashley in his room. Sami and Lucas get cozy on the couch and then Stefano knocks on the door, Lucas says to Sami that he doesn't care what Stefano walks in on, Sami see as her shows up with E.J. Stephanie opens up to Max the fact that she never should've gotten involved with Jeremy. Chelsea changes Cordy's mind and tells her that Ford won't be harmed it's just to teach him a lesson. Sami overhears Stefano talk about Italy, Sami then says that he isn't taking Johnny anywhere. Morgan and Chelsea ask Slone if she was the other girl that Ford raped, Slone says that she wasn't. Chelsea suggests that Slone be the bait for Ford, which she says that she'll do it. Stephanie and Max share a dance at the Cheatin Heart. E.J. tells Sami that she should stay in his apartment tonight. Chelsea fills Stephanie in on the plan for Ford.moreless
  • Ep. #10709
    Ep. #10709
    Episode 272
    Shawn learns from Bo that he helped bust Kate. Chloe asks if Belle is with someone at the hotel other than Shawn. Bo shares the news with Shawn that his bust could put him in the Academy sooner than expected. Kate calls Philip and tells her of her predicament and that she was charged. Chelsea shows Bo the photos that she took hoping to get Ford arrested, and Stephanie asks her how could she do that. Bo tells Chelsea that he can't use the photos because they where taken illegally. Steve suggests to Bo that they pretend the photos where dropped at the station "anonymously".Chloe sees Philip as he comes out of the hotel room. Shawn surprises Belle when she comes home and and the two make love. Stephanie tells Steve and Bo not to go after Ford and threaten him physically. Philip meets with Chloe and convinces her that nothing is going on between and Belle and him. Philip is then shocked when Chloe reveals that she and Brady got divorced. Steve and Bo pay a visit to Ford Decker and Steve punches him for threatening Stephanie on Thanksgiving. Chloe tells Philip that she is moving back to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #10708
    Ep. #10708
    Episode 271
    Philip tells Belle that he has set the plan in motion to help Shawn. Nick and Chelsea enter Ford Decker's room and find disturbing evidence to incriminate him. They learn that Ford is using legal prescription drugs to rape girls and learn that he raped another Theta girl the night of the auction (from a book in which he rates the girls that he has raped). Belle admits she still has feelings for Philip. Shawn oversees a gun purchase in the alley behind the pub. Kate learns that Philip didn't exactly get rid of the gun like he said that he would, Philip tells Kate that she has nothing to worry about. Hope delivers Marlena's clothes to Bo and tells him Marlena admitted that she took a shot at E.J. at the church. Nick and Chelsea hide as Ford returns with a girl to his dorm room, but leave Ford's book turned open on the desk. Philip is delighted that Belle showed up at the hotel tells her they don't need to do anything. Ford confronts Nick and Chelsea about going through his things. Belle runs into Chloe and assumes that Shawn is in the room. Roman goes to Kate and places her under arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #10707
    Ep. #10707
    Episode 270
    Marlena questions Belle if she's happy with Shawn and also asks her if she wishes that she married someone else like Philip, Belle then realizes that Hope talked to Marlena. Chelsea tells Nick and Stephanie that Ford isn't going to stop, unless they stop him first. Chelsea assures Cordy that Ford is being watched and making sure that he doesn't try anything. Bo lectures Shawn that he screwed up when he messed up that footprint at the crime scene, and also about following orders. Chelsea asks Nick that she needs his help in breaking into Ford's room, but tells her no, agrees to go with her thinking that she'll get hurt. Shawn mistakenly lets it slip to Bo that Belle wrote that letter that caused him not to get into the Academy, Bo then tells Shawn if he can trust Belle. Belle then calls Philip to go ahead with his plan to get Shawn in the Academy, and that she'll have one night with him.moreless
  • Ep. #10706
    Ep. #10706
    Episode 269
    Bo questions a defensive Marlena about E.J.'s shooting, Marlena says that she was babysitting Claire the night of Sami and E.J.'s wedding and wasn't there at the church. Sami says no to bringing Gianni to see Stefano. Lucas asks Belle why she looks so down and if she and Shawn are having problems. Belle tells Lucas that Sami would never let Allie be seperated from her brother Johnny. Philip says to Shawn that he won, and offers a handshake as a peace offering. Lucas tells Belle that he thinks that Sami is falling in love with E.J. Marlena is upset that Bo is even thinking that she would make an attempt to kill E.J. Bo admits to Hope that he was working her so he plans to catch her disposing of the evidence when she gets back home. Roman tells Bo that he may have found something. Marlena puts clothes and a gun in a garbage bag, Hope then arrives and asks her if she needs help disposing of it. Stefano is shocked when E.J. sides with Sami regarding Gianni. Marlena tells Hope that she isn't sorry for what she did. Belle tells Philip not to call her again, when she comes by the pub, Philip explains to Belle that he make sure that Shawn gets into the Academy by hand delivering evidence. Roman and Bo see as Shawn is at a crime scene. Marlena explains the details on how she prepared to shoot E.J., Hope thinks that it's possible that the bullet hit E.J. Sami asks Lucas if he indeed still loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #10705
    Ep. #10705
    Episode 268
    Sami goes to see E.J. and he tells Sami that she's the reason that he isn't dead. Stefano approaches Bo and asks him why hasn't been an arrest in E.J.'s shooting, he then tells Bo that there was a woman wearing black and to figure it out himself. Shawn and Belle enjoy their first day as a married couple. Hope tells Marlena that Belle didn't end things with Philip and they're still in a relationship and is appalled that she listened to Belle's messages. Belle realizes that she left her cell phone at Bo and Hope's house and is worried that she listened to the message from Philip. Sami tells Bo that she remembers the woman dressed and thinks that it maybe Marlena.moreless
  • Ep. #10704
    Ep. #10704
    Episode 267
    Marlena gives Belle the purity rings that she and Shawn had in high school put on a necklace. Belle then gets a call from Philip, but she then hangs up quickly. Stephanie insists on staying with Cordy in the hotel suite as Steve and Kayla got to the wedding. Maggie says that Alice can't be here but gives Belle very special gift. Chelsea and Shawn share a tender moment after remembering Zack and wishes he was celebrating with the family. Hope believes when Belle say it was Mimi who phoned. Sami is angry when Lucas reveals he named their daughter Alice Caroline Horton without discussing it with her first, but tells him that she loves the name. Shawn receives a gift from Victor. Marlena walks Belle down the aisle and sees the watch and recognizes it as the one Philip wore. Philip tells Billie that he sent a reminder to Belle of what they share together. Stephanie and Cordy start to get scared when Ford shows up and begins to bang on the door. Belle stops the wedding but starts when she had her vows memorized. Father Kelly pronounces Shawn and Belle husband and wife. Marlena enters the DiMera mansion and asks Stefano to give Sami her freedom, she says that she will vow vengeance. Stefano says to Marlena that he's not finished with her. Hope realizes that it was Philip who called and listens to the message.moreless
  • Ep. #10703
    Ep. #10703
    Episode 266
    Belle arrives at Philip's office at Titan, Philip asks if she still wants to marry Shawn then to do what's in her heart. Kayla tells Stephanie that she is certain that Steve doesn't know that she could be pregnant. Chelsea asks Adrienne if she could post flyers in the Cheatin Heart. Ford then looks outside as he sees Chelsea and the rest of Alpha Chi Theta. Kayla tells Stephanie that she should go to the hospital and have an HIV test. Billie tells the girls that Ford could be capable of something other than drugging and raping women. Stephanie ssyd that she already had an HIV test done and it came up negative, she says that she has to get a check up in 6 months. Shawn overhears Hope and Bo talking about their concerns. Ford goes ballistic on Chelsea about the flyers that all over Salem U. Chelsea punches Ford in ther face and Adrienne tells him to leave. Steve tells Kayla that he knows that she lied about the pregnancy test not being hers. Belle and Philip almost make love the night before the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #10702
    Ep. #10702
    Episode 265
    Kayla consoles Stephanie when she learns she bought a pregnancy test. Philip meets a young woman at the Cheatin Heart and offers to make him forget whoever's bothering him. Hope surprises Belle when, with her house decorated for the wedding but Belle says that she doesn't deserve it. Hope tells Belle that she told Kayla about the affair. Sami is shocked to learn from Lucas that he put Will on a plane back to live with Carrie and Austin and isn't coming home. Kayla insists that Stephanie go in the next room and take the test. Philip tells Max that he shouldn't have to let woman help take off his prosthetic. Sami reads a letter from Will saying that he wants things to go back to the way they where before E.J. came into the picture. Kayla lies to Steve by saying that the pregnancy test is hers. Lucas tells Sami that if she loves him, just sign the custody agreement, if not then stay with him and forget about E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10701
    Ep. #10701
    Episode 264
    Kate confides in Roman that she gave the gun to Philip to get rid of it. Bo suggests to Roman that they find the shooters before Stefano does. Sami lies to E.J. to encourage him to fight to live. She tells him his son needs him and that she wants him to live. Bo takes Steve to the station so that Ballistics can check the gun. Philip tells Belle that if she can lay next to to Shawn and not think of him then go ahead and marry Shawn. He tells Belle to call him. Kate asks Philip if he believes her when she said that she didn't shoot E.J. Stefano asks Sami how it went talking with E.J., Sami says that she thinks that she's going to be sick. Bo is shocked to learn from Roman that Steve lied to protect him and the gun that was in the pub was his. Stefano thanks Sami for giving E.J. the will to live and promises that her family is safe. Shawn asks Belle if there's anyone telling her that they shouldn't get married.moreless
  • Ep. #10700
    Ep. #10700
    Episode 263
    Steve waits for Shawn and Caroline to go in the kitchen to get the gun. Bo once again tells Kate where the gun is. Sami continues to pretend that she loves E.J. Steve goes to get his gun and Shawn sees him and asks him what he's doing. Steve calls someone saying that he'll try to get it later. Bo tells Roman to give Abe the order to search Kate's place. Lucas asks Billie to give him the name of a good attorney, casue he tells her that he might need one to get custody of his daughter and has no reason to trust Sami. Shawn shows Bo the gun that Steve was looking for when he caught him earlier. Billie tells Lucas how is Sami going to react when she finds out that he got a lawyer behind her back. Sami is appalled that E.J. will abandon his son because he'll be confined to a wheelchair. A cop brings Will home and explains to Lucas that was drinking, Will then tells Lucas that he wants to go and live with Carrie and Austin so he doesn't have to see his mom wreck his life.moreless
  • Ep. #10699
    Ep. #10699
    Episode 262
    Dr. Berman tells Stefano that E.J. could make it if he's stabilised. Tony tells Stefano that E.J. needs a father's love. Philip tells Lucas that the gun is gone. Colleen's spirit tells Sami that now isn't the time to be deceiving herself. Chelsea tells Cordy her situation when she was almost raped earlier this year. Stephanie tells Cordy that she knows exactly what she is going through by explaining when her mother was raped. After seeing Ford, Cordy then says that she has to go. Morgan says that she'll be happy to testify against Ford. E.J. asks Kate to bring Sami to her. Morgan said that Dean Lochlan the evidence was without merit, Chelsea then plans a retaliation by telling everyone on campus by putting up flyers, all the sorority sisters agree. Stephanie then has a flash of someone sexually assaulting her. Philip is shown to have the gun and didn't in fact throw it away like he said. Stefano says that he will not rest till her finds who did this to E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10698
    Ep. #10698
    Episode 261
    Morgan says to Chelsea she can't prove that Ford drugged her and that without Cordy they can't name Ford Decker as the campus rapist. Kayla questions Steve on where he was at the time that E.J. was shot. Lucas tells Kate that he wants the gun that he gave him, she says that she gave it to Philip. Dean Lochlan tell Chelsea, Morgan and Stephanie to keep their tempers under control. Sami tries to show her support to E.J. but he says this is coming from someone who vowed to make his life miserable. Ford shows up confident that he'll get off scotfree. E.J. tells Sami that he doesn't want her pity and to leave and be with Lucas and that he'll talk to Stefano and say it's what he wants. Kate asks Lucas if he shot E.J. after learning that he bought two guns. Chelsea wonders where Cordy is and tries to call her to see what's keeping her. E.J. starts seizing as Stefano calls for help. Cordy shows up and says that she can't testify against Ford. Collen visits Sami and tells her that she knows what she has to do. Steve has a memory of leaving the church after the shooting.moreless
  • Ep. #10697
    Ep. #10697
    Episode 260
    Philip questions Kate about the gun before he agrees to get rid of it. Bo tells Hope his theory of a conspiracy regards to E.J.'s shooting. Stefano wants the truth from Roman - whether he shot E.J. or not. Stefano is told by Dr. Berman that E.J. is paralyzed from the waist down. Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't have to ask him if he shot E.J. cause she knows that he loves her. E.J. wakes up from surgery and learns of his condition. Sami says to Lucas that EJ was not the only target and that one of the bullets hit her dress. Kate tells Philip that she accidentally fired her gun at the church. Stefano calls Sami and says that E.J. is awake and is asking for her, Lucas then tells her not to go because he figures the threats will only continue. Roman tells Bo and Hope that the doctors where unable to get the bullet and it's still in E.J. and that's where it will have to stay.moreless
  • Ep. #10696
    Ep. #10696
    Episode 259
    Stefano tells Sami that Roman is on the top of the list of people who could've shot E.J. Kate assures as she looks at Stefano's portrait. Lucas asks Bo if he's accusing him of shooting E.J. Bo wonders why Lucas referred Sami and E.J. as married if he wasn't there. Abe questions Roman on where he was during the shooting at the church. Roman has a flash of him pointing a gun at E.J. but isn't the one who fired it. Belle accuses Philip of using Claire as an excuse just to see her. Lucas and Sami embrace each other as they run into each other at the hospital. Shawn gets his messages from Belle and quickly goes home to check on Claire and learns that Philip was with them at the hospital. Bo comes by the DiMera mansion and asks Kate where she was and who gave her the gun. Lucas puts the gun in a package and has it delivered. Philip asks Kate what she did with the gun.moreless
  • Ep. #10695
    Ep. #10695
    Episode 258
    Shawn tells Bo about his first night at the police station. The wedding between E.J. and Sami starts, Father Kelly pronounces Sami husband and wife, multiple gunshots are fired in the church and E.J. is shot and he's about to kiss Sami. Philip enters the pun as Belle is talking to Shawn on the phone, Philip brought some of Claire's toys from the mansion. Claire is gets hot coffee spilled on her and is rushed to the Emergency room. Billie learns that Lucas was atthe church and if he doesn't tell Bo or Roman it's going to make him look guilty. Kate asks Philip to get rid of the gun that she has on her. Steve hides a gun at the Brady Pub and he tells Caroline that E.J. was shot. E.J. tells Sam to look after Gianni. Stefano tells Sami that if Elvis dies then the rest of the Brady's will follow.moreless
  • Ep. #10694
    Ep. #10694
    Episode 257
    Kate pulls a gun on Stefano and E.J. at the DiMera mansion. Stefano acknowledges to Kate that he told Lucas the truth. Will tells Sami that he has changed his mind and doesn't want her to marry E.J. and says that he should go back with Carrie and Austin. Lucas tells a devastated Sami that if does in face marry E.J. that they're future is over. Kayla realizes that Sami is marrying E.J. tonight. Sami is visited again by Colleen's spirit and she tells her that she's doing the right thing. Kate wants Lucas to forgive her, he tells her to stop the wedding if she wants to see her grandkids again. Lucas takes out a gun and then puts it back in the dresser. Sami agonizes over her decision at the church as her family tries to talk her out of it and she passes out. Bo asks Roman for his weapon, but he kept one in his sock. Sami walks down the aisle and guns are pointed at the groom.moreless
  • Ep. #10767
    Ep. #10767
    Episode 228
    Sami and E.J. come to the hospital and asks Roman when everyone is coming. Shawn and Belle arrive with Claire, Caroline then sees two bodies come in. The survivors are brought to safety. Shawn almost tells Caroline about Grandpa Shawn. Abe asks John just how did the plane end up crashing. Victor sees Chloe with Philip, and learns that Philip's prosthetic leg was broken in the crash. Kayla hurries and embraces Stephanie. Caroline sees as Bo is brought in and wonders if this is what they didn't want to tell her. Lexie orders a series of tests on Bo. Caroline then learns and breaks into tears as Grandpa Shawn's body is brought into the hospital. Shawn tells Caroline on how Grandpa died so his family could live, Caroline then asks on seeing him, Maggie then consoles her. Marlena believes E.J. when he said that his family didn't sabatoge the plane. Steve overhears as Kayla tells the doctor that she might be losing the baby. Bo asks Lexie if he has pancraetic cancer like his half sister Isabella had. Victor approaches Chloe on Brady's whereabouts, Chloe says that she didn't do anything to him.moreless