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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Mon, Nov 2, 2009
    Mon, Nov 2, 2009
    Episode 11.02.09
    Mia is forced to tell Will that she slept with a bunch of guys and Chad may not be Sydney's father.
  • Fri, Oct 30, 2009
    Fri, Oct 30, 2009
    Episode 10.30.09
    While a weakened Rafe makes contact with his sister, Stefano explains his plan to Nicole.
  • Thu, Oct 29, 2009
    Thu, Oct 29, 2009
    Episode 10.29.09
    Stefano's attempt to tell Sami the truth about Sydney is stopped in its tracks by Sami herself.
  • Mon, Oct 26, 2009
    Mon, Oct 26, 2009
    Episode 10.26.09
    Carly leaves Rafe and Omar in search of Justin.
  • Fri, Oct 23, 2009
    Fri, Oct 23, 2009
    Episode 10.23.09
    Stefano learns that EJ has discovered Nicole's secret about adopting Sydney.
  • Thu, Oct 8, 2009
    Thu, Oct 8, 2009
    Episode 10.08.09
    EJ explains to Lexie about the situation with Nicole.
  • Tue, Sep 29, 2009
    Tue, Sep 29, 2009
    Episode 09.29.09
    Nicole continues to maintain that the story she told EJ about Brady is the truth.
  • Tue, Sept 22, 2009
    Tue, Sept 22, 2009
    Episode 09.22.09
    Lucas knows that something is up with Kate and Stefano's marriage.
  • Wed, Sep 16, 2009
    Wed, Sep 16, 2009
    Episode 09.16.09
    Rafe spies on Brady and Nicole, unable to hear them discussing the fact that Sydney is not Nicole's baby and that Mia's about to spill to Will.
  • Fri, Sep 4, 2009
    Fri, Sep 4, 2009
    Episode 09.04.09
    Rafe confronts Dr. Baker's lawyer, Mr. Hynes, and finally gets him to admit that a letter was mailed to Sami upon Dr. Baker's death.
  • Ep. #11203
    Ep. #11203
    Episode 253
    Rafe meets up with Tim on the pier and gives him the samples of DNA to be tested, Arianna sees what Rafe is doing. Sami calls E.J. saying that she left "Grace's" scarf at his place, E.J. then corrects her mistake by saying she said Grace's name. Chad gives blood for the paternity test to see if he's Sydney's father. Nathan sees a person having breathing problems rushes to her side. Rafe tells Arianna that he's doing this cause it's right, even if it means Sami going back to E.J. after learning that Sydney is their baby. Stefano starts to tells E.J. just how empty the house is, and he isn't trying to manipulate him. Melanie goes to Brady hoping that he'll know what to do about her dating Nathan and still wanting Philip, Brady suggests she dump them both. Chad asks Nicole what she's up when she asks to see Sydney if it proves that he is the father. E.J. tells Stefano that he isn't pressing charges against Nicole for what she did, but will never forgive her. Brady doesn't want to talk about his breakup with Arianna, and gives her some advice, not to go to Philip cause he'll break her heart again. Nathan gives the patron an emergency tracheotomy, and tells Caroline to call 911. Stefano tells Nicole to be patient and E.J. might take her and Sydney back. Sami and E.J. go to Grace's grave and mourn her together. Caroline tells Nathan that he saved that woman's life. E.J tells Sami that he can't stay mad at her. Philip tells Melanie that they should not wait to figure out what she wants, and she really came to see Brady or him. Arianna gives Caroline her notice and she asks her why she wants to quit. Sami confides in Nicole that Rafe is back and he's working on a secret case that'll effect her whole life.moreless
  • Ep. #11202
    Ep. #11202
    Episode 252
    Bo assures Carly that she can trust Hope and isn't going to turn her in. Hope admits to Victor that something really bad happened tonight. Arianna is approached by E.J. on the pier and she says she wants nothing from him. Rafe tells Sami not to tell Nicole that he's here, she stops her from coming in the door so Rafe can hide. Philip sees Melanie getting ready for her date with Nathan and he says she's wasting her time, she snaps out of it and sees Nathan arriving to pick Melanie up. Victor wants Hope to open up to him about what happened tonight, but isn't going to get anything out of her. Brady thinks of his promise to Arianna and thinks it's one he can't keep. Nathan takes Melanie back to his place and insists that she's ready for them to make love. Carly learns that his son Shawn is a father which makes him a grandpa, she sees a pic of Zack and he gives her the bad news. E.J. is taken in by Arianna's spunk and sensitivity. Brady learns from Nicole that it's possible that Chad isn't Sydney's father and she might be able to keep her. Hope tells Justin that Victor thinks Carly is a predator. Carly is startled by another appearance of Lawrence's ghost, and has a nightmare of him killing Bo. Melanie's romantic evening is interrupted by a phone call from the hospital. Sami comes by the DiMera mansion to get Johnny and tries to get E.J. to hold Sydney. Brady tells Nicole that things went badly with Arianna. Carly is arrested by the F.B.I. as she tries to leave the house.moreless
  • Ep. #11201
    Ep. #11201
    Episode 251
    Hope sees Carly in her bed and learns or her story about murderering Lawrence. Vivian wants Gus to get the other men to try harder in finding Carly. Brady heatedly walks out and sees Roman and for her to tell him the kind of person she is. Rafe and Sami get passionately intimate as they're reunited. Victor calls Hope and says that Ciara had a bad dream and was screaming for her. Gus tells Vivian that Carly is in Salem, and Gus wants to know what they're next move is. Roman tells Arianna that Brady cannot know about her being undercover and if it's blown then she goes back to prison. Justin tells Carly that he can't help her until he hears the entire truth from her. Victor asks Hope what exactly has Bo done this time. Arianna follows Brady to the pier and tells him that it doesn't have to be this way, he says that he's not going to call the cops and is gonna give her one day to quit cause Caroline deserves better. Vivian tells Gus that she's gonna sit back and relax and witness the downfall of Carly. Hope tells Bo that she's giving him 24 hours and then she's turning Carly into the police. Sami hears a knock at the door but Rafe thinks it's someone other then Nicole with Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11200
    Ep. #11200
    Episode 250
    Hope tells Justin that Ciara is mad at her cause she took her away from her father. Sami asks Nicole what exactly Mia did the right thing. Arianna asks Rafe if he changed his mind and is gonna tell Sami that she's back in town. Justin and Ciara surprise Hope with a picture she plans to use in her collage. Brady yells at Victor saying that Arianna would never sell drugs let alone touch the stuff, Victor asks Brady if he's seen anything weird around Arianna lately. Carly tells Bo to get Justin's help, Bo doesn't think it's a good idea since he's living at Victor's. Victor asks Brady if he's noticed anything weird around her lately. Lucas calls Will and learns that Mia's been lying to other stuff to. Stefano can't sell E.J. on bringing Nicole and Sydney back into his life. Sami tells Mia that if she wants to know if Will still loves her she'll have to ask him, Arianna then calls her wanting to talk to her about something important. Rafe sneaks into Sami's house to get DNA samples, but sees that Nicole is staying there. Mia goes to Java to talk to Will and says that she loves him and if he could forgive her. Hope wants to go to the house to look for some albums, Victor says to go on and see Bo. Bo asks Justin he needs to talk about a friend who need legal advice, he asks what he's doing with a picture of Hope on his phone. Brady confronts Arianna about being a drug dealer. Will agrees and tells Mia that she doesn't deserve to be forgiven and for her to live with it. Bo tells Justin that his friend is Carly Manning. Hope goes upstairs and sees a woman sleeping in her bed. Rafe prepares to leave and runs into Sami in the hallway.moreless
  • Ep. #11199
    Ep. #11199
    Episode 249
    Chad tell Mia that she doesn't have to wait to tell Will, cause he's here now. E.J. decides to check Arianna out personally and to see if Rafe knows if she's dealing drugs. Rafe tells Arianna that the baby that Sami carried wasn't Grace, and Nicole switched baby's. Mia tells Will and Chad that she doesn't know who the father of her baby is. Victor walks in on a close conversation between Kate and Stefano. Arianna now realizes everything that Rafe is telling her and how is he gonna prove the babies were switched. Chad leaves for Will to deal with Mia. Nicole brings Sydney to see E.J. and says she's giving him his life back. Will asks Mia if she was lying said she loved him.moreless
  • Ep. #11198
    Ep. #11198
    Episode 248
    Stefano explains his plan to Nicole for Mia to lie to Chad and Will and say she had multiple partners. Mia goes to Sami for help. Bo comforts Carly, who's in fear of her life. Brady and Sami disagree over Nicole. Vivian vows to get back at Carly after she receives her nephews ashes, and says that she'll deal with her personally. Rafe finds Arianna and learns that E.J. threw Nicole out of the house and doesn't know the whole truth.moreless
  • Ep. #11197
    Ep. #11197
    Episode 247
    Carly tells Bo that she has to get to the boat cause there's something that she has to do. Melanie slaps Philip when he says that they belong together. Stephanie commends Nathan at the good job he did at the hospital Halloween party, he then rejects her gift she gives him. Nicole gets a court order from Chad to have Sydney's DNA tested. Rafe wakes up and Omar tells him that he's on a boat that's docked in Salem. Carly disobeys Bo and then takes off to go and check on her patient. Nicole gives Sydney to Chad to see what it's like to be a father but he doesn't know what to do when she won't stop crying. Carly goes to check on her patient and sees that he's gone, and sees that Bo followed her. Stefano calls Nicole asking to bring Sydney to the hospital right away, and that someone is watching her and not to try anything. Rafe gets up and starts to walk hoping to find Sami. Melanie starts to flirt with Nathan and he says what exactly brought this on. Stephanie tells Philip not to get in between Melanie and Nathan. Stefano tells Nicole that Sydney's parentage is to be kept a secret forever. E.J. tells Sami to stay away from Stefano. Carly breaks down after realizing that she's now a murderer.moreless
  • Ep. #11196
    Ep. #11196
    Episode 246
    Stephanie lets it slip to Nurse Maxine that Nathan and Melanie are dating, she then asks Melanie if what she says is true or not. Mia tells Will she has to stop Chad going after custody of Sydney. Nicole comes to see Sami and she's surprised to see her thinking she should've been halfway around the world. Chad comes storming into the mansion demanding that E.J. give him his daughter, he says that Sydney isn't here. Philip realizes that Hope and Ciara are staying in the mansion. Bo tells Carly that she did the right thing by coming to him and explaining what happened to Lawrence. Philip learns that Nathan moved out and jumps to conclusions. Sami learns that Stefano has regained consciousness and had Nicole's plane turned around. Nicole realizes that Sami went to go see Stefano at the hospital. Maggie asks Bo that she thought she saw Hope as she was coming up, Bo says that it's just a friend that visiting from out of town. Sami accuses Stefano or trying to turn her against Nicole. Maggie learns that Hope moved out, Maggie says that there's someone living at her house. Philip tells Melanie that he meant what he said and wants her to be happy but with him. Hope goes to confront Bo about his so called houseguest. Chad presents Nicole with a court order saying that Sydney is being taken away from her. E.J. tells Mia and Will it's cause of Sami that he's giving up Sydney with what she did with Grace.moreless
  • Ep. #11195
    Ep. #11195
    Episode 245
    Lucas tells Nathan to go right ahead and move into his place cause he won't have to come home to an empty place, Melanie then hears his moving plans. Hope tells Justin that what if Bo is right and her moving out of the house and into the Kiriakis mansion is a mistake. E.J. walks in on Nicole and Stefano and demands to know what they're discussing. Carly explains to Bo that the reason that she's back is cause her life is in danger. Stefano tells Nicole should she tell E.J. the truth or does he have to. Nathan moves into Lucas's place. Melanie says that it's her that has to move out and not him since he is Maggie's grandson. Kate comes to Stefano's bedside after hearing of him waking up and sees Nicole has came back when she thought she'd left town. Carly tells Bo that she's the one that stabbed and killed Lawrence. Hope and Justin commiserate over their broken marriages, as Victor sees and listens to them talking. Lucas tells Maggie if she really wants Nathan to move out of her house. Nathan becomes concerned when he can't find his great-grandpa Tom's pen, Melanie saves the day and finds it. Victor tries to get Bo to come over and beg Hope for her to come back home with him, and what else could be more important then his wife. Maggie apologizes to Melanie and Nathan and says she shouldn't have made rules for them. Bo agrees to protect Carly if she will tell him everything that has happened. Nicole asks E.J. if he would like to hold Sydney, he just turns around and walks out.moreless
  • Ep. #11194
    Ep. #11194
    Episode 244
    Bo comes home to see Justin help Hope move her stuff out of the house. Carly tells Omar that she has an old fried that she can turn to, and for him to look after the patient til she comes back. Stefano orders Nicole to come back to the hospital with Sydney, but she says it's too late and she's out of his jurisdiction. E.J. asks Sami what person she's mad at this time. Arianna and Brady share a passionate night together. Stefano tells Nicole that she's not going to be able to enjoy South America, and has the plane grounded before it takes off. Carly searches for Justin while stopping and reminiscing of first meeting Bo all those years ago. Nicole asks Stefano how he got the airplane turned around to Salem. E.J. learns from Sami that Nicole took Sydney and left the country, and she helped her do so. Nicole tells Stefano that she left cause Chad is filing for custody of his daughter, and it's a case that he'll probably win. Bo asks Hope if she's joking when she says that she'll be moving into the Kiriakis mansion. Carly goes and knocks on the door and quickly leaves before Henderson can see her, thinking her best option is to go to Bo. Arianna thinks that she should never tell Brady the truth about her shady past. Lexie comes in and sees Stefano and Nicole arguing, and asks what is going on. Stefano tells Nicole that E.J. will never believe that he knew that Sydney was his and not Chad, E.J. then walks in to hear partial what they're saying. Bo sees someone breaking into his house and is shocked to see that it is Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #11193
    Ep. #11193
    Episode 243
    Victor sees that Hope and Ciara are moving out of the house. Arianna hears a noise, she prepares herself to knock the intruder. E.J. tells Stefano that he doesn't know where Nicole is and least of all doesn't care. Nicole lets herself in the mansion to get hers and Sydney's passport but runs into Kate instead. Will tells Mia that Mickey wouldn't have recommended Justin if he wasn't good enough, but Chad beats him to it and already hired him. Stefano wants to know what's going on, E.J. explains that it was revealed that Nicole had a miscarriage and faked her pregnancy and kicked Nicole to the curb. Arianna sees that it's Brady climbing in her window and says since they can't go out he's bringing the date to her instead. Nicole tells Kate not to tell the authorities or at least E.J., but will allow her to leave town with Syndey. Stefano tells E.J. that Sydney is his daughter, and tries to explain but then his monitors start to go off prompting Lexie to call for help. Justin tells Will, Chad and Mia that he can't help either one of them cause of the ties the DiMera's have with his family. Victor offers to Hope that they can come and live with him at the mansion, she says yes to see how things go. Will tells Mia not to let Chad get to her, cause he's all talk. Victor learns that Arianna has the night off from work and he thinks she could be with Brady. Stefano reaches Nicole and demands that she bring Sydney home.moreless
  • Ep. #11192
    Ep. #11192
    Episode 241
    Maggie brings an "I'm sorry" cake over to Chloe, cause they didn't have a chance to talk since the what Kate did what she did. Melanie and Nathan run into Philip and in the park seeing that he's come to watch the movie all by himself. Lexie calls E.J. and says to get to the hospital cause Stefano is waking up, Stefano starts to mutter Sami and then Nicole's name. Chloe plays the frantic message the Nicole leaves on her answering machine. Lexie tells E.J. and says that Stefano's vitals showed signs of improvement, E.J. is glad that his father is coming around. Maggie tells Chloe that if it's okay to have children even after what she went through. Kate and Stephanie have a heated discussion about Philip, saying that she belongs with Philip. Nicole tells Sami that E.J. pretty much blocked off her bank accounts when he found out Sydney wasn't his, Sami says that no one could take her place in her daughter's life. Philip tells Melanie that the reason that he's here is cause he needed some downtime. Maggie walks in the kitchen and sees Nathan and Melanie kissing. Sami helps Nicole prepare to take off with Sydney, and says to stay here and she'll be back. Philip sees that Stephanie and Kate are arguing at Java. Chloe asks Daniel if there's something he isn't telling her, he then says there could be a problem if they have a baby. Nicole tells Sydney that if Sami doesn't come through for her then they're back to square one. E.J. talks with Stefano if he knows who he is, and he responds lucidly. Maggie says that she doesn't think she can have Melanie live in her house anymore, Nathan says that she isn't going anywhere. Sami gives Nicole the $50,000 that John gave to her in case of an emergency. Daniel spotted something and tells Chloe that it might be impossible for her to conceive. Stefano says that he wants to talk to Nicole right away, and E.J. says that's not possible.moreless
  • Ep. #11191
    Ep. #11191
    Episode 240
    Rafe starts talking saying that he has to tell Sami that Sydney is hers and not Nicole's. Chad tells Sami that he's going to think about what she said. Nicole asks Brady to go away with her and Sydney. Carly sees Bo for the first time in a long time as he's talking with Nurse Maxine. E.J. tells Stefano that he's glad that he's unconscious cause he doesn't have to deal with all the madness that going on in his life. Nicole asks Brady if something has changed and if he doesn't love her anymore, he says that he'll always love her. Victor tells Arianna that he'll keep his word and isn't tell Brady about her drug dealing, and if she's kept hers and stayed away from Brady. Chad learns from Maggie that Will is Sami's son. Lexie tells Bo that her father is stable and there's still no change. Stefano's hand starts to move again after E.J. leaves his room. Brady tells Nicole that them running away together isn't going to happen, and if she wants to be with him or wants his money. Victor agrees to sell his portion of the drug business to E.J., he then asks Victor what the catch is. Chad explains to Sami that he's not going to make the same mistakes she did with her cildren. Brady says to Nicole that he's seeing someone right now, she then gets upset and storms out of the mansion. Maggie asks Lexie if someone other female doctor is working on this floor tonight cause she looked so familiar. Omar tells Carly that Rafe was mumbling about some baby, she then gives him the antibiotics so he can tell her who he is. Lexie sees Stefano's monitors spiking and sees that he might be waking up. Chad's tells his father who is Charles Woods the D.A. that he's going to fight for his child. Nurse Maxine tells Bo that there's some drug missing from the medicine cabinetmoreless
  • Ep. #11190
    Ep. #11190
    Episode 239
    Carly instructs Omar that the man needs antibiotics, Omar asks what they're gonna do when they get him to a hospital. Bo goes to Lexie and realizes she forgot about the volunteer program she was supposed to do. Brady tells Sami he'll help her find Rafe and lets it slip that he's back together with Arianna. Nicole has a vision of Chad being hauled away by the police after assaulting. Arianna tells Roman that Victor thinks she's a real drug dealer and threatens to tell Brady all about it. Chad pushes Nicole away, she then says something that makes Chad remember and realize that Nicole is a former porn star. Sami tells Brady that she doesn't think that Arianna would find Rafe and then keep it from her. Carly says to Omar to get something for her to wear when she takes the man to University Hospital. Bo tells Lexie that when Hope and Ciara came back they moved out of the house. Arianna tells Roman to find someone else to do this undercover thing and that she quits. Chad tells Nicole that there's no way Sydney is gonna have an ex-porn star for a mother. Carly sets off to find what she needs at the hospital. Roman tells Arianna that she can't quit or else she'll be sent back to prison. Sami goes to see Chad at Java and says she has to talk to him about Sydney. Bo tells Lexie that his and Hope's argument started with Patrick and him giving Chelsea the keys to his car the night that Zack died. Nicole goes to Brady and tells him that she needs him. Carly arrives at the hospital and puts her hand on her face to keep from being noticed. Sami tries to get Chad to do right by his daughter. Carly sees Bo talking to Nurse Maxine after she gets the antibotics for her patient from the medicine cabinet. Nicole tells Brady that she wants to leave Salem and runaway with him.moreless
  • Ep. #11189
    Ep. #11189
    Episode 238
    Arianna tells Brady that they can't do this at least not here. Sami tells E.J. to admit that he loves Sydney like his own daughter. Nurse Maxine approaches Melanie and Nathan about some rumors she heard from student nurses and clear it up for her. Mia explains alot more to Will. Chad tells Nicole to meet him down at the pier. Brady asks Arianna why she's fighting him on this. Nurse Maxine wants Melanie to give her an answer that she can believe, Melanie says she took the extra shifts for a nurse who's taking time off. Sami tells E.J. that he's gonna one day find himself all alone. Lexie finds Victor in Stefano's and asks what he's doing in with her father, and says his prognosis is none of his business. Will tells Mia that sometimes Sami can be pretty persuasive when she sets her mind to it. Melanie tells Nathan that they need to think of a cover regarding their upcoming date together. Chad sees that Nicole didn't bring Sydney to the pier with her and says to do right by her and let her with the parents that she knows. Brady tells Arianna if she's holding some deep dark secret, and sees that it must involve Victor in some way. Maggie comes in realizing Melanie was expecting someone else and it being Nathan. E.J. confides in Lexie about his confusion over Sydney. Arianna tells Brady that if they proceed they have to be discreet, Victor watches as she blows their agreement. Sami agrees to help Mia with her custody arrangement. Nicole takes a drastic measure by attempting to seduce Chad to get him to back off. Stefano starts to move his hand after E.J. says that he can no longer be father to Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11188
    Ep. #11188
    Episode 237
    Arianna goes to see Brady and asks him for his forgiveness. Sami visits E.J. and learns that someone's threatening to take Nicole's baby from her. Mia tells Chad that he's ruined everything and now Nicole is never going to keep Sydney. Maggie runs into Sami while she's visiting Grace's grave and explains Nicole's predicament. E.J. makes it clear that he wants Sydney back in his life and not her. Chloe finds it difficult to refrain from having sex with Daniel when she gets an eyeful after he comes in the room wearing a towel. Chad confronts Mia about all her lies, thinking he was foolish she wanted to get back together with him and is seeing Will behind his back. Chloe gets a call from Father Matt, and asks if it's about the annulment. Brady asks Arianna if she's worried about him turning to drugs again. Chloe tells Daniel that her annulment from Lucas went through. Sami learns that Chad is the father and that means Mia gave it to Nicole, E.J. asks her if she wants to help her now. Nicole goes to an unconscious Stefano with all her worries if Chad gets DNA testing. Will promises Mia that they're gonna find a way to get through this together. Nicole tries to think of what Stefano would do in this situation but desperately needs his help, she immediately thinks she needs to get something on Chad, she calls and asks him to meet her someplace.moreless
  • Ep. #11187
    Ep. #11187
    Episode 236
    Chad tells E.J. that he didn't know about Sydney cause he didn't sign away his parental rights, and wants to see his daughter. Brian turns the tables and pulls a gun on Carly, while Rafe is still unconscious. Bo is delighted when Ciara and Hope return home. Will comes to see Mia and admits that he misses her. Sami knows why he did in fact helped Nicole is cause he's still in love with her. E.J. calls Nicole and tells her and Sydney to come to the house right away. Brian tells Carly that he though he recognized her and made is gonna do some justice for her killing Lawrence. Mia admits to Will that she knows where here baby has been all this time. Daniel and Chloe get a surprise visit from Victor and gives him the pocket watch that belonged to his father. Nicole comes to the mansion to see E.J. and Chad standing there and says for him not to come near her baby. Rafe grabs Brian's hand and Carly manages to get the gun away from him. Bo learns from Ciara that she'll visit alot and realizes that her and Hope are moving out. Carly asks him who he is and who's Sam and if that's his name. Mia explains to Will that Chad made her give him up so that he'd back off of Sydney. E.J. lashes at Nicole that Sydney wasn't exactly hers legally and Chad has rights to his own daughter. Victor tells Brady that Daniel is an idiot if he's gonna let a bimbo like Chloe sink her claws into him. Hope says that she wants to let go of the past but not if they ignore their problems.moreless
  • Ep. #11186
    Ep. #11186
    Episode 235
    E.J. asks Brady if he knew all of Nicole's secret, Brady says that he'll do it all again in a heartbeat. Carly tells Rafe that it's just her and not to give up while tries to get his heart started. Brady says that he's the reason that he lost is family and drove Nicole to do it. Daniel comes home to see that Chloe is taking care of Sydney for Nicole. Carly manages to revive Rafe and says he needs to get to a hospital or else he's going to die. Brady tells E.J. the only reason he was with Nicole is that she was going to have his baby. Carly asks Rafe who he is as he's struggles to speak. Lawrence appears to Carly while she's while care of Rafe that she has no regrets cause he was gonna hurt someone she loved dearly. Chad asks Nicole that she has nothing to do with his daughter, and learns that she adopted her. Daniel and Chloe talk about marriage and children, and he says that he wants to take things slow. Rafe wakes up and sees Sami's face instead of Carly's, and she asks if his name is Sam. Nicole asks Chad what would he do if he has Sydney in his arms right now, cause it'll be possible to get a job in this economy, he says he wants his child back and leaves. Nicole hurries over to Daniel's and says that she's come for Sydney. E.J. gets a visit from Chad saying that he's Sydney's father.moreless
  • Ep. #11185
    Ep. #11185
    Episode 234
    Nicole asks Mia to do something for Sydney. Justin tells Bo that he went to see Hope yesterday. E.J. sees a photo of Sydney on the end table when he comes into the living room. Arianna and Roman come to see Sami, she thinks that there's been. Carly hopes that she can get to Bo so he can help her. Ciara tells Hope that she's excited about heading home to Salem. Justin gives Bo the papers as to Hope's instructions. Brady tells Melanie about his part in helping Nicole lie about the baby, and gives her some advice on how not to make the kind of mistake he made. Chad calls and leaves a message for Mia about wanting to hang out later, Mia then refuses what Nicole wants her to do. Roman tells Sami that Meredith apparently disappeared, it being the day after Rafe sent her that e-mail. Omar tells Carly that a body was spotted in the water and doesn't know if it's alive or dead. Bo relunctantly agrees to send Ciara to that private school. Arianna thinks that Meredith had her hand in Rafe's disappearance cause it's all too coincidental. Carly does her best in trying to save the man's life. Will tells Chad that he's happy for him and Mia cause they deserve each other. Carly instructs Omar to get some blankets to keep the man warm. Brady says he's going to go for a run, and wants to be alone. Bo calls Hope and asks when she's coming home with Ciara. Brady sees Troy selling drugs on the pier, thinking this whole rehab thing was a lie. Chad hears Mia talking with Nicole about adopting a baby. Sami asks Grace for a favor in keeping an eye on Rafe.moreless
  • Ep. #11184
    Ep. #11184
    Episode 233
    Bo asks Victor if he's jealous of Stefano being married to Kate, he says he's more then welcome to his ex-wife. Bo learns of Lawrence's death while looking at the newspaper and Carly could be the killer. Chloe asks Nicole if she does in fact know who Sydney's real parents are. Carly explains to Omar that she did kill Lawrence. Kate tells E.J. that his life is gonna get better without having that liar in his life. Hope thanks Justin for coming so quickly, and that she could really need a lawyer. Victor tells Bo why he's so concerned for Carly when she's a name from his distant past and to keep it that way. E.J. tells Kate not to speak of Nicole in his presence. Hope thinks it's a good idea that she thinks Ciara should go to a private school and Bo wouldn't agree to it. Omar says to Carly there's no way he's going to abandon her now. Justin tells Hope that she should call Bo, he tells Justin to take those papers to Bo and if he loves her he'll understand why she's doing this. E.J. tells Mary that he'll take care of Nicole's belongings. Chloe gets a call from Lucas saying if she got the annulment papers, and to stay away from Allie and he'll handle things when he gets well. Nicole comes to the house and says she and Sydney are here to stay and asks if he doesn't miss his daughter. Kate comes into the pub and asks Chloe why can't see leave her son alone. Carly looks back at the argument with Lawrence, and what he was planning to do and she couldn't let him do it, Omar says he was unlucky in finding a private channel, Carly says it's full speed ahead to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11183
    Ep. #11183
    Episode 232
    E.J. tells Sami to give Sydney back to Nicole. Nathan lays into Philip and saying he'd still be with Stephanie if that sex tape hadn't made it on the internet. E.J. explains to Sami that Nicole betrayed him in the worst thing possible. Brady sees Nicole in the park and asks where she's been all this time and left her dozens of messages and thinks it's about Stefano being in the hospital. Melanie asks Philip and Nathan what they were arguing about. Stephanie tells Maggie that she found an article about a hot air balloon ride and didn't hesitate in asking him if he wanted to go with her. Brady finds out that E.J. knows about the miscarriage, and knows the truth and apparently put it all together and threw her out of the house. Philip and Stephanie run into each other at Chez Rouge and asks what else is wrong and he could tell her if he wants. E.J. tells Sami that Sydney is someone else's daughter and Nicole never gave birth to her and says she had a miscarriage and faked the remainder of her "pregnancy". Sami can't believe that he's shunning Sydney the way he is and knows that he truly cares about her. Melanie and Nathan end up in a lip lock. E.J. says that he wants to see Johnny and for Sami to bring him to the hospital now. Nicole vows that Sami will never get her baby back.moreless
  • Ep. #11182
    Ep. #11182
    Episode 231
    Lexie tells E.J. that after hearing what Nicole did, that he'll heal in time. Nicole enters Stefano's room and would like a few minutes alone with him, and wonders if she should tell him that Sydney is his child with Sami or keep it to herself. Victor gets word that Stefano had a heart attack and is practically at death's door. Stephanie comes by and runs into Nathan instead, and says she's starting a hospital fundraiser about having pediatric aids wing, something her mother started. Kate lays into Melanie for thinking she's trying to seduce Daniel like she did with Philip. Stephanie finds something for a hot air balloon ride, and asks if she'd like go with her tonight. Philip tells Kate not to speak to Melanie like that. Nicole tells Stefano(who's still unconcious) that she dreaded that this day would come when E.J. would find out the truth. Lexie tries to get through to E.J. that Sydney didn't hurt her and Nicole is the one that did. Nathan tells Stephanie that he's going out to dinner with Melanie tonight. Victor gloats that Kate was unable to kill Stefano. E.J. finds Nicole still at the hospital, and then sees Sami arrive with Sydney. Philip asks Melanie if she and Nathan are out on a date. Maggie asks Stephanie what happened between her and Nathan. Brady worries that E.J. will harm Nicole now that he knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #11181
    Ep. #11181
    Episode 230
    Carly then decides to call Justin. Daniel orders a scan to see if Stefano injested any poisons. Will thinks he Sami and the twins think about fun stuff tonight, she says it's E.J.'s night with Johnny. Justin receives an in flight phone call from someone unknown. Nicole explains to E.J. that Sydney is his real daughter. Maggie tells Kate before she can go in to see Stefano that she knows what she did at the restaurant by sprinkling something on his food. Chloe tells E.J. that Stefano had some attack and is very sick, E.J. says for Nicole to stay here, she confesses to Chloe that he knows that Sydney isn't her child and she miscarried E.J.'s baby. Bo gets a call from Ciara, and asks if Hope is there with her and if he could speak with her. Daniel tells E.J. that Stefano did in fact have a heart attack and can't go into see him just yet. E.J. kicks Nicole and Sydney out of the house. The man tells the police to find Lawrence's wife, cause she's the one that did this. Carly hallucinates Lawrence sitting next to her on the plane and says she's going to die like he did. E.J. tells Nicole when she comes to the hospital, to leave and get her things and get out of his house. Daniel tells Kate that he knows she married Stefano to help her clean up her crime of framing him for Chloe's poisoning. Victor hears Philip planning a hot air balloon ride, and wonders there's a woman involved, and suddenly realizes that the person is Melanie. Nathan comes home and sees Melanie practically scorching the dinner she had planned, he then asks if they'd like to go out and if she would like to consider it a real date. Lexie asks E.J. shouldn't Nicole be here, he says she's no longer part of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #11180
    Ep. #11180
    Episode 229
    E.J. realizes that Dr. Baker had his hand, to make sure Nicole got the baby she wanted. Philip thanks Sami for helping Lucas get into rehab. Carly looks back as Lawrence and her left Salem years ago in the present comes home to see her preparing to leave him, she picks the knife and stabs him, Carly thinks that Bo is the person that can help her. Justin admits the truth to Bo that him and Adrienne are going through a rough time. Chloe and Daniel arrive at Chez Rouge and see Kate there with her new husband, but it's not going to let it interfere with their dinner and has something for her. Stefano collapses while out to dinner with Kate. Lawrence is discovered and the person checks his pulse, but sees that he's dead. Bo gets an alarming phone call from Carly. Sami goes to put flowers on Grace's grave and says it's gonna be difficult, she then sees Will. Daniel quickly goes to see if Stefano is alright, and wonders what Kate did to him. Bo asks who it is that's calling him, but Carly doesn't respond back. E.J. refuses to hold Sydney and says that she isn't his daughter. Daniel tells Kate not to go anywhere near Stefano. Bo tells Justin that the phone went dead just suddenly, as Carly's plane hits some turbulence. Sami tells Will she has to run cause she has to get Johnny and Allie cause they're coming home today. The stewardess tells Carly that she can try her call again once the plane levels off. Nicole tells E.J. that he's blaming Sydney for her mistakes, Nicole admits that she wasn't lying when she said it was his biological daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #11179
    Ep. #11179
    Episode 228
    Sami goes to Maggie hoping she can give her a job at Chez Rouge, Kate says that she can't picture Sami being a waitress. Carly plunges a knife in Lawrence and he collapses saying she won't get away with this. Chloe tells Daniel that Lexie has given her a clean bill of health. Bo asks Justin for his services as a lawyer, but Justin says that isn't in his expertise. Philip apologizes to Chloe for what his mother put her through, and gives her annulment papers from Lucas thinking it'll make it easier for her. Nicole openly admits to E.J. that she infact lied. Mia has a secret meeting with Brady at the pier, but they aren't in the clear cause she's done something. Stefano cautions Maggie that she'll lose lots of money if she loses him and Kate as customers. Chad goes up to Mia after Brady leaves. Nicole reveals that Sydney isn't their biological child, E.J. feels like the biggest idiot in the world. Bo tells Justin that he doesn't want a legal seperation, cause he's thinking he also has a says in what's best for Ciara. Carly wipes her fingerprints off the knife, and goes in the desk looking for her passport. Chad asks Mia how things go so complicated, she says that everything changed, Will arrives on the pier and asks if it's true that she and Chad are together again and says she didn't waste anytime. Sami doesn't want Maggie to create a position on her behalf. Carly boards a plane and then tells a fellow passenger she's headed home to Salem. E.J. tells Nicole where exactly did she get Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11178
    Ep. #11178
    Episode 227
    Nicole meets up with Brady at the Cheatin Heart, and says things didn't go well and E.J. needs to digest something he found out last night, Brady says he's going to find out the truth sooner or later. Sami gets a surprising visit from Mia she knows what went down with her and Will last night. Rafe wakes up to hear scraping, he sees Meredith buiding a brick wall around him. Will tells Chad if he's gonna use this to get back with Mia it ain't going to happen, Chad says that it's already happened. Mia tells Sami that she and Chad got back together again, Sami says that there's something doesn't add up. Nicole brings Brady to the mansion so he can explain the phone call he made, but E.J. tells him to get out. Roman tells Arianna that Meredith's story checks out she lost her job in Florida, and is making ends meet by renting out her parents house here in Salem, he says if she hears anything to keep him posted. Sami tells Mia that she knows she's lying and something she isn't telling her. A dazed Rafe tells Meredith that Sami's baby is still alive. E.J. gives Nicole a gift, she opens it and sees the fake pregnant belly in the box. Arianna calls Meredith and says that she's coming over, and wonders how she's gonna keep her from seeing Rafe. E.J. asks Nicole that the salesperson said she was in tears when she bought it, and wonders if she was pregnant at that time, he then plays to tape about her saying she had a miscarriage and the truth about Sydney. Arianna arrives and see the partial brick wall and asks what is going on in here. Meredith emptys Rafe's pockets and pushes him into the river. Nicole tells E.J. that in his heart he has to believe that Sydney is his, E.J. says that's impossible cause his daughter is dead. Carly and Lawrence are in a lovers quarrel and she stabs him in the chest.moreless
  • Ep. #11177
    Ep. #11177
    Episode 226
    Stefano proposes a toast to his new wife, he then asks what's taking Nicole so long. Victor asks Philip what he thinks of his mother's marriage to Stefano, he says she's out of his life for good, he then sees Stephanie as she arrives at the house. Nathan tells Melanie that they've been bothe reinstated back at the hospital, she embraces him and looks like she's gonna kiss him. Brady asks to Nicole to meet with her down at pier 52, E.J. intervenes and asks who she was talking to. Philip tells Stephanie that he's glad that she ended things cause she would have to deal with more Kiriakis family trouble and having Kate for a mother in law, Stephanie admits that she thinks ending it wasn't a good idea. Maggie overhears Nathan bring up to Melanie about them possibly going out on a date. E.J. tells Nicole that she isn't going anywhere and to go back in the living room with the others. Brady tells Nicole that Arianna knows that she had a miscarriage but she doesn't know when, Nicole says that she has a plan and needs his help to pull it off. Maggie tells Nathan that him going out on a date with Melanie will be a terrible mistake, thinking she'll break his heart. Someone records Nicole and Brady's conversation. Brady is outraged that Nicole told E.J. that he relapsed and is taking drugs again. Melanie finds the box and asks Maggie and Nathan if they're talking about her. The man gets the info that he needs from Nicole that she had a miscarriage, he plays the message for E.J. and learns the truth. Nathan tells Melanie that he makes his own decisions regarding the people he goes out or spends time with. Brady says he'll do whatever it takes to help Nicole, she then graciously thanks him. E.J. begins to see things clearly for the first time in a long time, and Nicole's been lying to him for months. Maggie cautions Philip that if he hurts Melanie he'll answer to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11176
    Ep. #11176
    Episode 225
    E.J. asks Nicole to look after Sydney for a bit, she scrambles to try to locate Brady before it's too late and sees Kate and learns that she lives in the mansion now. Arianna runs into Meredith and asks why she's buying Morter mix. Will comes home and Sami says she got an e-mail from Rafe saying he won't be coming back ever. Chad asks Mia if she wants to get back together with him, Mia says she'll do anything to make sure her baby is safe. Rafe struggles to get free so he can relay his good news to Sami about her baby being Sydney. Will explains that the father of Mia's baby knows about it and tells Sami that they need to help Mia. Stefano shocks Nicole saying that he married Kate, and to welcome her new mother in law. Chad asks Mia that he'll do whatever it takes to get his baby back, Mia says that if he does that and he'll lose. Meredith tells Arianna that the reason she's here is to fix up her parents house, Arianna invites her to have a drink with her. Nicole insists on moving out of the mansion, E.J. says she isn't leaving until the finish their conversation. Stefano asks Nicole if E.J. found out something he shouldn't have and that's why their honeymoon was cut short. Chad tells Mia to push Will out of her life for good and then they'll talk. E.J. questions Kate about her motives for marrying Stefano. Mia finds out that Will told Sami about her baby, and uses it to end it with him, he goes to Sami and says that he screwed up and needs her help. Meredith comes home and Rafe hides the nail, but she takes something and knocks him out again. Arianna thanks Roman for meeting with her and asks him to run a check on Meredith and see what he finds. Mia tells Chad that she did what he asked and broke it off with Will. Meredith works to trap Rafe behind a brick wall that she's building.moreless
  • Ep. #11175
    Ep. #11175
    Episode 224
    Sami and Arianna call a truce so they can find Rafe together. Chad tells Mia what exactly what she did with his baby. Chloe overhears Victor tells Daniel that he'd rather die then to see him marry someone like her. Meredith checks on Rafe and sees that he's still out cold and says he won't be reunited with Emily cause murderers go to another place. Chloe comes in the room and says that Victor is right and she isn't worth it. Arianna admits to Sami that several years ago she made a mistake and Rafe stepped in and took a hit cause of it. Mia explains she gave her and Chad's baby up for adoption and doesn't know where she is, Chad doesn't believe and he knows she wouldn't give her baby to total strangers. Arianna tells Sami that if it's possible that the DiMera's had Rafe abducted out of the country. Will comes in and tells Chad to get away from Mia, they then get into it, and learns that Chad knows everything about the baby. Meredith uses Rafe's cell phone to send Sami an e-mail and Arianna a text message, Arianna thinks that this isn't like Rafe at all. Daniel gives Victor an ultimatum, but Victor has special plans for him. Rafe learns from Meredith that Stefano brought her back to Salem. Mia goes after Chad and tells him she did what she had to do for their baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11174
    Ep. #11174
    Episode 223
    E.J. asks what secret is he talking, and Brady realizes who he's been talking to. Arianna asks Sami where Rafe is cause he hasn't been returning any of her calls. Meredith tells Rafe that she's doing to him what he did to Emily years ago. Chloe tells Daniel that he can stand up and says that she'll marry him. Will tells Mia that his dad is off to the rehab centre so he can get the help that he needs, and now admires what she did for her baby, he's then shocked when Mia describes the adoptive parents. E.J. confronts Nicole about the phone call from Brady and says that her secret is out. Daniel tells Chloe that he insists on telling Victor about their engagement. E.J. grabs Nicole and tells her he knows that she's lying to him right now, cause he doesn't believe that Brady has fallen off the wagon and for her to call Brady back right now. Father Matt tells Chloe that he'll do what he can to help her, Chloe says that she followed her heart and that she wasn't supposed to be with Lucas. Daniel shares his news with Victor and he says he couldn't be happier for him. Arianna tells Sami that wherever Rafe is right now he's better off without her. E.J. tells Nicole to get her suitcases cause they're heading back to Salem right now. Brady tells Mia that he screwed up big time and it's his fault that E.J. knows. Victor cautions Daniel's of Chloe's ruining Philip, Brady and now Lucas's lives. Will admits to Sami that Mia told everyone that she went to rehab and it wasn't true and it was to cover the fact that she had a baby. Meredith tells Rafe that when he wakes up maybe as sorry for what he did to Emily. Chad overhears Mia talking to Will about her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11173
    Ep. #11173
    Episode 222
    E.J. and Nicole arrive in Paris, she thinks all her troubles are behind her. Sami scolds Lucas for practically killing himself and needs to check himself into rehab immediately or he'll never see his daughter again. Maggie tells Will that someone else other then Chloe drove him to do what he did, and it's Kate for marrying Stefano. Philip tells Kate that all her secrets and schemes caused Lucas to drink and almost die, Stefano offers to go with her to the hospital, she says she'll go alone. Arianna tries to get Troy to arrange a meeting with the head boss, Brady walks in and sees them talking. Lucas agrees Sami is right and will enter rehab, and then tells his family he apologizes for putting them through. Sami tells Lucas that Maggie found the perfect place, but there's a catch he'd have to leave Salem. Nicole and E.J. enjoy a romantic morning and are interrupted by a phone call from Stefano, he tells E.J. about his nuptuals to Kate and they're both on their honeymoons. Daniel stops Kate on the pier and sees the ring on her finger and learns of her so called wedding last night. Arianna tells Brady that she found out that Nicole had a miscarriage, he asks how she found out and can't tell anyone about this. Lucas tells Sami that Mia is an addict and believes that she's clean but is a little concerned for Will. Sami tells Chloe that Lucas asked to see her, he then asks to forgive him, and he'll work on forgiving while he's away. Stefano shuts the door in Brady's face when he comes looking for Nicole. Chloe is thrown when Daniel proposes to her. Lucas can't believe that Kate went through with the wedding, and never wants to see her again, Kate overhears from the door.moreless
  • Ep. #11172
    Ep. #11172
    Episode 221
    Meredith panics when Sami comes home. Maggie scolds Kate for using her to set up Daniel and poison Chloe. Philip shocks Melanie when he says his mother is marrying Stefano. Victor makes the gesture of asking Kate if he can give her away. Arianna calls Troy hoping to get a meeting with the boss, and runs into Brady outside the Pub. Sami gets a call from Sister Claire, which gives time for Meredith to get Rafe out of the room before he's seem. Tad tells Will that they can't leave Lucas alone cause he's really sick. Arianna tells Brady that he doesn't have to avoid eating at the pub cause she works there. Kate asks Stefano why did he invite all those people to Chez Rouge for the wedding. Theo asks Lexie to do what Stefano asks and walk down the aisle with him, Lexie then agrees for his. sake. Sami calls and leaves a message, Meredith is concerned when Rafe falls over on the floor facing the living and scared that Sami will see him. Brady asks Arianna to be completely honest with her and maybe then can work out their problems. Will calls Maggie and says his father is passed out drunk in her kitchen. Sami tries to find Arianna so she can locate Rafe. Meredith welcomes Rafe to his new home. Philip walks out as Stefano and Kate are pronounced husband and wife, and only Victor applauds the outcome. Theo wants a taste of bubbles and his tantrum cause Kate to spill her drink on her dress. Meredith tells an unconscious Rafe that Sami will never talk to him again. Chad tells Mia that one day she'll trust him to tell him what really happened.moreless
  • Ep. #11171
    Ep. #11171
    Episode 220
    Maggie sees Chez Rouge all decorated and learns Stefano set it all up for his wedding to Kate. Philip vows Kate will never be his mother if he marries the man that tried to kill him. Victor tells Kate to get out of the mansion, she surprises him by saying she's getting married and has a good laugh when the person she's marrying is Stefano. Lucas and Philip figure out that Stefano promised to help Kate with her crime in return getting married to him. Mia tells Will that she's never had someone like him in her life, Chad then walks in and sees them kissing. Abe asks Maggie why would Kate marry Stefano and thinks he practically forced her to do this. Chloe is released from the hospital and moves in with Daniel. Kate tells Victor that she doesn't want to go to prison and doesn't have a choice, Victor says if she does this then her children will be out of her life forever. Chad tells Mia and Will that there's a new assignment that they have to carry an egg around for two weeks to learn responsibility for parental training. Roman tells Abe that forensics went over the hotel room and says that Stefano had it completely wiped down. Victor tells Stefano that he's not going to interrupt the wedding and wouldn't miss it for the world. Will tells Chad that there's more to parenting then just looking after a child. Lucas goes to the Cheatin Heart, and fantasizes Chloe and Daniel laughing about him, he then orders a scotch. Philip tells Kate that she does have a choice and not marry Stefano and if she does she'll no longer be his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11170
    Ep. #11170
    Episode 219
    E.J. and Nicole make a toast while en route to their honeymoon. Brady admits to Victor that he had his hand in helping Daniel give the medicine that saved Chloe's life, and needs his help in another matter. Lucas can't believe that Kate is marrying Stefano, a person that ordered a hit on Philip. Philip asks Melanie what's going on with her and Nathan. Kate worries that Stefano hasn't been able to hide her crime. A cop comes to talk to Daniel, Chloe doesn't want him taken away and that Kate is the one that poisoned her, Daniel learns that he's been cleared of all charges. Brady tells Philip that he's the reason that got Melanie to trust Daniel. Chloe tells Father Matt that she broke her vow with God, which made her turn to Daniel again. Roman says to Kate that he ain't finished with her and he'll find evidence that points to her for Chloe's poisoning. Lexie asks Stefano the real reason that he's marrying Kate, and he doesn't want her telling E.J. when he calls. Lucas tells Kate that if she goes through with this wedding to Stefano all she'll have is him and not her children. Maggie tells Victor that Daniel was hospitalized. Kate tells Stefano that Roman is starting to get suspicious, and she's shocked that he wants to get married tonight and at Chez Rouge. Lucas fills Philip on their mother and Stefano's nuptuals. E.J. confesses to Nicole that he wouldn't have married her if she wasn't pregnant with Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11169
    Ep. #11169
    Episode 218
    Stefano tells Kate that Daniel couldn't have gotten far in the condition he's in. Roman asks Philip if he's seen Kate and explains that Daniel is cleared and Kate is now a person of interest. Maggie tells Melanie and Nathan that everything will turn out fine. Hope tells Bo that she and Ciara are gonna be staying at Doug and Julie's vacation home, and that he isn't coming with them. Daniel passes out in the bushes in the park while attempting to get to Chloe. The cop says that Nathan is free to go but Melanie has to stay. Chloe tries to get Lucas to see that Kate is gonna kill Daniel, and tries to get out of the bed, Nurse Maxine tells her that Lexie knew this would happen. Hope explains to Bo that the reason for leaving cause the doctor thinks Ciara is picking up on the tension between her parents. Nathan goes to get the money needed to get Melanie out of jail. Philip learns that it was Daniel's idea to give Chloe the medicine needed to save her life. Kate is shocked to what Stefano wants in return for his help. Maggie said she was ready to write a check for Melanie, Nathan says he pawned something. The cop locates Daniel and informs Stefano, Lucas gives the cop his statement by punching Daniel out. Philip asks Melanie if she thinks that Kate really did poison Chloe. Justin comes by and Hope asks him to come in, Bo thinks that Justin is leaving with Hope. Stefano tells Kate to watch her temper and be grateful, cause of what he did for her and tells her to sign the paper. Nurse Maxine takes Chloe to see Daniel. Kate tells Lucas that she and Stefano are getting married.moreless
  • Ep. #11168
    Ep. #11168
    Episode 217
    E.J. tells Nicole that he would love to go away but he says it ain't possibe. Rafe ponders that what if he's right about Sami's baby still being alive. Kate asks the person which turns out to be Stefano for help. Daniel gets the gag off his mouth and starts screaming for help and hopes that someone hears him. Rafe contacts an old F.B.I. buddy and asks to meet him at the Brady Pub. Chloe tells Lucas she didn't mean to hurt him, and she broke it off with Daniel long before they got married and tells him about her promise to god. Stefano tells Kate what she needs his help for. Chloe is taken back to the taping and realizes that Kate is the one that poisoned the food. Daniel manages to get free, and passes soon after that. E.J. and Nicole finally decide to honeymoon in Paris, but Nicole has bigger plans. Rafe's friend advises him to collect some DNA samples. Stefano tells Kate that he'll help her but his assitance comes at a price. Lucas refuses to believe that his own mother would stoop to poisoning his wife and planting evidence against Daniel. Rafe calls the convent and asks Sister Claire he'd like to talk to Sami, he then heads over to Sami's to get some of Grace's things and sees that Meredith followed him there. Kate brings Stefano to the hotel and she's livid when Daniel isn't in there. Meredith says that she needs to have closure and not to take that call from Sami, he does and she knocks him out with a fire poker. Nicole says farewell to Salem as she heads out with E.J. Lucas refuses to help Chloe find her boyfriend.moreless
  • Ep. #11167
    Ep. #11167
    Episode 216
    Lucas can't believe that Chloe is actually awake. Daniel watches as Kate puts a chemical in a syringe. E.J. calls Nicole and asks to meet him at Java and he's already here talking with Will. Mia tells Nicole that there's no way that Will is gonna break his promise, Nicole better pray that he doesn't or she'll be in a world of trouble. Rafe and Arianna talk about Nicole's miscarriage and tries to figure out when it happened. Roman tells Melanie that he just can't let her and Nathan go and has to talk with Chloe first. Chloe tells Lucas the last thing she remembers is shooting the show, Lucas says alot has happened since then. Sami calls Rafe and says for him not to hang up cause she has to talk with him. Maggie comes home and tells Mia to be honest with her, she can clearly see she isn't fine, Mia says she went away to have a baby and not to go to rehab. Will reconiles with Mia and he promises to keep her secret. Lucas tells Kate that Chloe woke up, and is still defending Daniel and says she's in love with him. Chloe tells Roman that Daniel would never hurt her, cause he loves her. Rafe learns from Sarah that Dr. Baker was buying and selling babies illegally. Sami tells Sister Claire that she's staying here to get away from it all. Rafe puts it all together, that Nicole faked being pregnant after her miscarriage, and Nicole had Dr. Baker switch babies and that Sydney is Sami's real child and it's still alive. Nathan tells Maggie that what they did turned out to be a good thing after all. Roman thanks Chloe and what she said to him helped alot.moreless
  • Ep. #11166
    Ep. #11166
    Episode 215
    Lucas tells Lexie that he knows exactly who poisoned Chloe and they're right over there. E.J. tells Sydney that Nicole walking off like that is pretty much his fault. Rafe spies on Nicole and Brady and learns that her secrets are going to come out tonight cause of Mia. Kate attempts to get the recording but is overpowered by Daniel. Will asks Mia where the baby is now, she says that she gave it up for adoption. Nathan tells Lexie that he administered the drug to Chloe but Melanie didn't have anything to do with it. Rafe gets information on Nicole from Sarah. Lexie then calls the police on Melanie and Nathan. Kate tells Daniel that this thing is far from over. Melanie asks Nathan that what if they just helped Daniel finish Chloe, Roman arrives and asks if that's a confession. Will storms out telling that he needs to think about what she just told him. Kate gets the upper hand on Daniel by knocking him out before he can call the police on her, she then ties him to the bed. A nurse tells Lexie that Chloe seems to be coming out of the coma.moreless
  • Ep. #11165
    Ep. #11165
    Episode 214
    Rafe now knows that he's on the right track when receiving the restraining order. Brady tells Arianna that it's none of her business what he helped Nicole with, Arianna says she's worried that he might get hurt. Lucas comes in and asks what Nathan and Melanie are doing, Lucas cautions Nathan that Melanie will hurt him to. Will tells Sami that if she wants to spend time with herself then to go for it. Daniel calls Kate and tells her about the deal that the D.A. presented him with. Mia calls Will and says she has tell him something and should've told him a long time ago. Nicole is told by E.J. that she won't be needing her french cause they're aren't going to Paris after all. Sami stays at the convent hoping to find some direction in her life, and the Nun says she can stay as long as her hearts desire. Kate asks Daniel to take his shirt off as precaution if he's needing a wire. E.J. tells Nicole that he got a call from Judge Fitzpatrick regarding the restraining order she issued keeping Rafe away from her. Brady tells Mia it's not the best idea to tell Will about her baby, she says she's going to tell Will she had a child and gave it away. Arianne tells Rafe that she heard Brady and Nicole in the park thanking him for what he did for her. E.J. asks Nicole what does Rafe have on her, Nicole says she's going to tell him everything. Will comes to Maggie's and Mia opens up to him about her giving up her baby. Lexie tells Lucas that there's a recent spike in the toxin in Chloe and someone administered another dose. Daniel tells Kate that he got her entire confession on tape.moreless
  • Ep. #11164
    Ep. #11164
    Episode 213
    Daniel learns from Nathan that he had those gloves tested and no trace of the poison that was in Chloe. E.J. tells Brady to get away from Sydney when he sees him in the park with Mary. Arianna tells Roman that she wants out of this undercover operation and her reason is that she fell in love. Rafe vows to find out what Nicole did one way or another. Daniel says that Chloe has to have another dose administered, Nathan says that he can't, Melanie then offers to do it herself. Sami tells Nicole if she's threatening Rafe in any way. Stefano stops by the pub and sees Kate there by herself and joins her. Rafe tells Sarah that Dr. Baker was found dead in the Dominican Republic and that he was murdered. Daniel calls Justin and he tells him that a meeting was called, Daniel then tells Melanie and Nathan if they don't move right now Chloe will die. Sami explains to Nicole that she isn't going to let her turn Rafe against her. Stefano tells Kate that he knows there's more to what happened to Chloe then she's letting on. Arianna tells Roman that she's not afraid of getting hurt, but doesn't want Brady to know about her past. The D.A. tells Justin and Daniel that his is prepared to offer a deal to Daniel. Nurse Maxine stops Melanie and asks what she's doing, cause it isn't her shift, she gives Nathan the medicine and says it's showtime. Brady sees Arianna like she no longer has a friend in the world. E.J. tells Stefano that he made a decision and isn't going on his honeymoon. Sami stays at the convent in hopes of finding direction in her life. Nicole presents Rafe with a restraining order and if he comes near her he goes to jailmoreless
  • Ep. #11163
    Ep. #11163
    Episode 212
    Philip tells Melanie that despite everything they're alot alike and is a great friend, Brady walks in and almost sees them kiss. Victor tells Arianna she made a wise decision about ending things with Brady. Mia writes in her journal that she doesn't know what to do about her feelings for Will and Chad. Hope sees that Justin is shot, as Dean gets up. Mia tells Chad their actions have consequences. Dean holds Hope at gunpoint and says she's responsible for Justin's getting shot. Maggie tells Chad that he brought trouble into her house and thinks they need to have a little chat. Mia spills coffee by her laptop and goes to help wipe it up, Mia comes back and thinks that he's reading what she typed. Hope causes a distraction and tells Ciara to run, Dean shuts the door to keep her from running out the door. Will asks Mia what kind of connection she and Chad will always have. Melanie defends Philip to Brady, which leads him to believe that she's in love with him. Chad tells Maggie that he's sorry and can't figure out what's wrong with Mia cause he knows she's keeping something from him. Justin slowly takes out his phone and calls Bo. Arianna struggles to control her emotions after coming to check on Mia and having an encounter with Brady. Bo answers his phone and hears Hope arguing with Dean and quickly hurries out the door and races to get to Hope and Ciara. Melanie asks Arianna what she was thinking about breaking it off with Brady. Victor tells Philip he knows about the video and all he can says is well done. Will tells Mia that he feels he can't trust her and asks what the secret is, and says they're done. Maggie tells Chad that Mia is dating Will and has to get over her. Bo comes home and engages in a struggle with Dean and is arrested. Melanie tells Brady that she doesn't believe that Arianna doesn't love him. Arianna tells her boss which turns out to be Roman, that she can't do this anymore cause she walked away from someone she really cares about.moreless
  • Ep. #11162
    Ep. #11162
    Episode 211
    Sami sees E.J. with Sydney and she checks to see if she's alright and he tells her to keep her hands off of her. Brady tells Victor that Arianna broke up with him, Victor says he's sorry but Brady knows he doesn't mean it. Philip apologizes to Melanie knowing that posting the video wasn't her fault. Bo is this close to identifying the third person in the kidnapping and getting what that person deserves. Rafe tells Nicole he's gonna escort her to the convent personally. E.J. learns that Sami and Sydney had gotten close when she babysat for her. Ciara whispers into Hope's ear that Dean is the other person involved. Arianna calls Rafe saying she really needs her brother right now. Dean asks Hope what's her hurry in getting him the ransom money, and he knows that she's on to him and pulls out his gun. Bo and Justin argue over Bo's handling of the kidnapping, Victor hears them arguing and Justin says for Bo to tell him what's it about. Nicole becomes nervous when she thinks Sister Theresa is about to come in the room, but the nun says that she had an emergency. E.J. questions Nicole about her friendship with Sami and her fight with Rafe. Brady and Sami bond over having been hurt by the ones they love. Justin comes by the house and tells Hope that the money was wired into Dean's account as Dean holds Ciara with a gun pointed at her. Stefano remembers Rafe and Nicole's conversation before they left for the convent and reveals he had part in sending Sister Theresa away. Justin barges in and starts fighting with Dean, he knocks Justin and Hope out, Justin gets up and Ciara and Hope hear a gunshot.moreless
  • Ep. #11161
    Ep. #11161
    Episode 210
    Hope tells Dean that that girl Brenda had a connection to someone here in Salem. Philip goes to Bo for answers, and he says he knows about the video, thinking also that Melanie put the motel manager up to it. Brady tells Melanie that everything will be just fine, she says Arianna is lucky to have someone like him. Sami brings by and tells Nicole that there's something that she forgot at her place. Rafe goes to Sister Theresa and she recognizes a picture of Nicole and says she was the reason that Sami was at the clinic that day in the first place. Bo tells Philip that there's no way that Melanie knew about the video and was pretty much a victim just like he was. Victor reveals to Arianna that he knows her secret and gets her to admit that she's a drug dealer. Sister Theresa says the next time she saw Mary was after she had her baby and she also wanted to see Grace. Stephanie tells Philip not to leave and then hands him the ring that he gave her. Victor tells Arianna that he has no plans on telling anyone or will interfere in her business. Rafe thinks that he's gonna have the answers to all the questions he's been asking very soon. Hope tells Dean that she's gonna make sure that he gets the reward money for helping save Ciara, but he says she doesn't have to go through all that trouble. Sami tells Roman that she's sad and it's cause of Rafe. Rafe tells Nicole that it's pretty impressive that she got to Sami's mail before he did. Brady doesn't believe Arianna when she says that they need to take a break and wants to know the real reason and something else must've happened. Melanie has a painful encounter with Nathan, after he says that he doesn't know her at all. Rafe tells Nicole that she knows she used the name Mary and visited knew Sami was pregnant with E.J.'s baby. Hope brings Dean to see Ciara one more time, he becomes worried after learning that she's starting to remember things. Sami tells Roman that she doesn't know what to do and is still in love with Rafe. Ciara screams for Hope when she hears Dean flicking his lighter.moreless
  • Ep. #11160
    Ep. #11160
    Episode 209
    Brady takes charge of the leaked video of Philip and Melanie and tells the motel manager to have it taken down. Nathan and Stephanie can't believe when they watch the video. Sami tells Sydney she's taking her back to Nicole, a woman comes in the pub and says that the baby looks like her. Melanie tries to explain about the online sex video. Maggie catches Chad in her house and says that she's calling the police, but he says he's a friend of Mia's, Maggie asks why's she's never met him if he's friends with Mia and sees that Chad he also has Mia's mail in his hand. Melanie tries to lie to Stephanie about it, but Nathan demands that she tell the truth and it says it only happened once. The motel manager tells Brady that he's having problems taking the video off, Brady says to do it right now. Rafe tells Nicole that the reason he's here is to get his mail and doesn't tell her he's here to the registered letter. Mia comes home and covers Chad and says that she did agree to meet with him her here. Melanie says she didn't make the video and didn't put it online. Victor tells his associates to dig up any information on Arianna and wants to everything about her background cause has her claws into Brady. Philip arrives at the hospital and sees Stephanie and Melanie arguing and asks what it's about. Nicole makes an excuse and says she feels sick and in the process flushes Dr. Baker's letter down the toilet, Rafe then goes into the bathroom thinking Nicole is up to something. Chad tells Mia that the reason that she covered for him is cause she still loves him. Philip tells Stephanie the reason that he didn't tell her about his night with Melanie is cause she wouldn't have forgiven him. Mia walks in the house and asks what Nicole is doing with her letter, she says that its' from her lawyer and it's about a restraining order and for her to give it back so she can rip it up. Victor tells Arianna that they need to talk cause it's a pressing matter. Mia hands the letter to Nicole and she thinks that it's all over. Rafe gets a call from Sister Theresa saying that he wanted to speak with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11159
    Ep. #11159
    Episode 208
    Will tells Sami not to hang around the house all day feeling sad cause Rafe is gone, and can't go to java cause Mia is on her way over right now. Stephanie presents Philip with a gift thinking she couldn't wait til their wedding night. Melanie wishes that video would away, Nathan comes in the door and she folds her laptop, he thinks that she's still studying. Brady asks Arianna to come over since he has the house to himself. Lexie gets a call from Abe and tells Stefano and E.J. that Dr. Baker was murdered in the Caribbean. Melanie is relieved when Nathan is talking about the practice test and not the video, she then signs for Mia's letter. Nicole goes to great lengths to retrieve the letters about Dr. Baker's death, but learns that they've already left and are being delivered. Stephanie tells Philip that she doesn't care where she lives as long as they're together. Lexie sees a spike in Stefano's blood sugar level and says to E.J. that something is going on with him. Rafe goes to William Hynes office and says he found his card in Dr. Baker's wallet and asks why he had it. Melanie goes to Brady for a favor and her predicament of the video of her and Philip and to get it off before Stephanie sees it. Kinsey goes to Chad feeling down that her spot on the cheerleading squad to Mia of all people. Rafe points a gun at Mr. Hynes and asks what it's gonna take to get it out of him. Kinsey and Chad steal Mia's keys without her looking. Nurse Maxine tells Stephanie that she approves of the ring that Philip gave and wishes her all the best. Will warns Mia that his mother's diary was stolen and pretty much ruined his life. Nicole signs for the registered letter for Sami. William tells Rafe that he mailed letters and Sami should be getting hers soon. Brady and Arianna get a room and then confront the motel manager. Chad finds Mia's letter on the kitchen table at Maggie's place.moreless
  • Ep. #11158
    Ep. #11158
    Episode 207
    Lucas refuses to forgive Chloe, Craig walks in and asks why he's talking to his daughter like that. Hope tells Bo that maybe it's best if they sleep in seperate bedrooms. Daniel checks Kate's room for those latex gloves, but then hears as she comes in and thinks of where to hide. Victor hears Justin talking on the phone about Kate, he says it's nothing he reminds his nephew that he works for him. Dean sits in the park flicking his lighter and saying he didn't kill Brenda so he could lose that reward money. Philip and Stephanie get serious and says he loves her and only her. Nathan tells Melanie that he's helping her with her schoolwork to get back in her good graces, Maggie walks in and tells Melanie she saw the way she looked at her grandson just now. Bo and Hope tend to Ciara after hearing her scream after having a nightmare. Craig tells Lucas not to let his anger for Chloe cloud his judgment cause he's leaving in the morning to go gome to Joy and Nancy. Dean comes by the house and asks Bo if he can take off work for a while and use that reward money, Bo says he's not eligible for it. Kate asks Daniel what he's doing in her room. Victor learns that Justin is investigating Kate and tells him to call those people back and call it off. Hope tells Dean that she'll do what she can to make sure he gets that money and says to Bo that Ciara is safe cause of him, Ciara asks why they're fighting. Daniel explains to Kate that his meeting with Justin is running late and came up here to see if she was in here. Hope once again hears Justin arguing with Adrienne on the phone, and says he isn't the only one having problems with they're spouse tonight. Melanie gets an instant message from a friend from Marsielles and sees the video of her and Philip making love in that hotel. Philip tells Victor that he's happy and that he and Stephanie are back together again.moreless
  • Ep. #11157
    Ep. #11157
    Episode 206
    Brady agrees to meet Arianna at the park after her appointment. Victor learns that Arianna is the is the new dealer that Troy is talking about. The hotel manager sees Philip with Stephanie and sees that it ain't the girl he was with that night. Craig tells Kate that all Chloe's vitals are improving, but Kate doesn't want Lucas to get his hopes up. Lexie enters the room and sees that Chloe woke up and Lucas said she spoke out Daniel's name. Melanie gets a call from Nathan, she then gives the phone to Daniel and says that Chloe is awake and first thing she said was his name, Maggie sees all the commotion and learns the good news. Victor asks his contact to make sure that Arianna doesn't see him, he then hides behind a crate. Melanie tells Maggie that she feels deep down that Daniel couldn't have poisoned Chloe. Lexie comes out and says that Chloe has slipped back into a coma. Arianna doesn't believe that Mr. Constantine isn't the boss and wants to meet the real boss and if not she'll do her business elsewhere. Brady tells Daniel to let Justin handle this and for him not to fly off the handle and go to the hospital, Daniel then vows to make Kate pay for what she did to Chloe. Melanie and Nathan enter the Cheatin Heart and watch as Philip put a ring on Stephanie's finger. Brady tells Daniel that Chloe is fine and Craig is gonna be with her all night and doesn't have to worry. Victor tells Troy to keep working with Arianna until he figures out what to do with her. Daniel tells Justin that he can prove Kate had her hand in poisoning Chloe, cause he remembers seeing Kate wearing some latex gloves and the poison could still be on them. Victor finds Brady and Arianna and says he has something to tell them, he the apologizes to her for his behaviour. Melanie has a wedding present for him and says he isn't telling Stephanie about they're tryst.moreless
  • Ep. #11156
    Ep. #11156
    Episode 205
    Sami admits to Rafe that the reason she came down the Dominican Republic is cause of him. Victor catches Brady and Arianna together, and asks what's going on. Stefano lays into Nicole and why she didn't tell him about the letter Dr. Baker sent to his lawyer sooner. Daniel injects the drug into Chloe's I.V. and says that it's all he can do now and to wait. Sami asks Rafe if he has evidence against Dr. Baker about Grace. Nathan stops Kate before he can go into Chloe's room. Stefano tells Nicole how E.J. is gonna react when he finds out he's been helping Nicole and lying to him, and says the best thing is to get the letter before it's mailed. Arianna and Brady have a good laugh after Victor tells him he has a room and to use it. Melanie manages to get Daniel out of the room before he's seen, Nathan sees that the coast is clear. Arianna and Brady move their romance to his room. Stefano manages to get the name of Dr. Baker's lawyer, and asks to have him summoned to his house immediately, Nicole asks if he's mailed the letter to the police yet. Chloe starts to make a recovery when Nathan sees her heart monitor spike eratically. Arianna gets a call from Troy to come to pier 6, and has a meeting with the man in charge, she tells Brady that she has leave. Stefano thanks Mr. Hynes for his cooperation and there being one more thing to discuss that Rafe Hernandez tried to call him and not to call him back. Nathan tells Daniel the good news that Chloe is improving but is still in a coma. The head guy turns out to be Victor Kiriakis and is intrigued in meeting someone who can move a product at a fast pace. Rafe and Sami decide to go their seperate ways. Mr. Hynes says to Nicole that he didn't tell Stefano one thing though, about that not only copy of the letter intended to mail, but two others for Mia and Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11155
    Ep. #11155
    Episode 204
    Brady doesn't believe when Arianna says that it's no big deal being with that guy that attacked her. Rafe enters Dr. Baker's room and he sees a rope around his neck, Rafe is then attacked by two people. E.J. tells Nicole that he knows that she's keeping something from her, Stefano says that she'd better tell him. Rafe is left unconscious on the floor as the men leave. Kate tells Daniel that they shouldn't have talked on the pier or at all for that matter. Arianna explains that Troy came to the pub and apologized cause Troy was practically high when he accosted her. Stefano tells E.J. that he and Nicole are planning a surprise birthday party for him before they head off on they're honeymoon. Sami enters the room and sees Rafe on the floor and quickly goes to him. Stefano assures Nicole that Dr. Baker isn't going to be a problem for her anymore. Lucas calls Kate and asks for her help in dealing with what to do with Chloe. Brady takes Arianna back to the Kiriakis mansion. Melanie finds Daniel and Melanie says that he's the person that he needs with the proper medical knowledge, Nathan says he hasn't agreed to do it yet. Lucas tells Kate that he wants to take Chloe off life support. Sami screams when she finds Dr. Baker dead, Rafe hurries and covers her mouth, Rafe goes to check to see if Dr. Baker is actually dead. Melanie says that Lucas plans on pulling the plug on Chloe tonight, Daniel realizes that he doesn't have much time left. Kate tells Lucas that Daniel might not face any charges cause Justin is a good attorney. Melanie distracts the guard and Nathan makes sure that Daniel gets into Chloe's room. Arianna and Brady finish they're nice warm swim in the pool and Brady has an idea on how to keep her warm. Daniel prepares to inject something into her I.V. Nathan gets nervous when he learns from Lucas that Kate is in Chloe's room. Kate approaches the door and starts to turn the knob. Nicole tells Stefano about the letter that Dr. Baker wrote in the event of his death explaining the baby switch.moreless
  • Ep. #11154
    Ep. #11154
    Episode 203
    Rafe tells Arianna that he has to find Dr. Baker and to find out what it happened. Craig arrives at the hospital and tells Chloe that her father is here now. E.J. asks Mia to hold Sydney while he takes a call. Sami tells Nicole that she got a call from Dr. Baker and she had to break the news that Grace was dead. Dr. Baker says that Nicole better come through for him, cause he'll lower the boom. Daniel makes a play for Kate, while pretending to be drunk. Brady finds Mia and the park and she says that everything is not okay. Rafe sees an incoming call from Dr. Baker and he hopes he'll stay on long enough for him to trace it. Sami tells Nicole she knows that something is wrong and has to know what it is. Mia's life is impacted by a comment made by E.J. Craig tells Lucas that he didn't do this to Chloe. Rafe sends Dr. Baker a text pretending to be Nicole after pinpointing his location in the Dominican Republic. Nicole tells Sami not to deal with Dr. Baker but to talk to her instead, she then thinks that the good doctor crossed a line. Mia tells Brady that E.J. let her hold Sydney and doesn't want to get in trouble with Nicole. Kate sees right through Daniel's little charade and rips open his shirt hoping to find a listening device. Arianna gets a call from her contact to meet with her in the park, she then gets Pete to cover for her til she gets back. Craig tells Chloe that her mother and sister don't deserve and need her in they're lives. Brady sees Arianna making some sort of deal with some stranger in the park. Sami learns from Pete that Rafe is on his way to the Dominican Republic, which gives her an idean and heads there to. Brady wants answers seeing that was the guy that attacked weeks before. Kate wonders if Daniel's playing her or not.moreless
  • Ep. #11153
    Ep. #11153
    Episode 202
    Kate has a fantasy of her in bed making love to Daniel. Brady tells Daniel that he can't help him cause he did his research on the drug he wants to give her and that it could kill her. Abe tells Lexie after he gets the word that Ciara was found and that she's safe. Melanie tells Nathan that Stephanie and Philip are probably gonna get back together. Philip and Stephanie learn from a cop searching the woods that his niece was located and is with her parents. Bo and Roman convinced that they're maybe a third accomplice in Ciara's kidnapping. Brady tells Daniel that he's known Kate his whole life and doesn't think she's capable of doing this awful thing. Lexie says that bullet went right through and with some rest he should heal nicely, she's then shocked when Roman tells her that the person that took Ciara was a registered sex offender. Hope brings Ciara to the hospital and everyone's glad that she's alright, and asks Lexie to have Bo checked out cause he was hit on the head pretty hard. Bo assures that Kyle didn't touch Ciara at all and wonders what would've happened if he in fact did. Nathan suggests that someone other then Lucas should allow a treatment for Chloe, Kate says that isn't any of his business. Brady enlists Melanie's help in finding who the person that's framing Daniel. Roman tells Hope that he can't find any connection between Brenda and Kyle to her, and can't think of this thing being really over. Philip remembers his night with Melanie and thinks that honesty is the best policy if he wants a future with Stephanie. Ciara hears Dean clicking his lighter while she's being held by Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #11152
    Ep. #11152
    Episode 201
    Rafe tells Nicole that she's here to talk about Sami and her baby that died. Sami asks Dr. Baker how he got her cellphone number, Dr. Baker comes to the realization that she knows. Chad tries to get Mia to not get into the car with Kinsey when she's that drunk, and says if she went with him then it'll end up like last time. Roman tries to narrow it down to where Ciara could be, Hope can't imagine what they've done to they're daughter already. Dr. Baker learns from Sami that Grace died. Brenda yells at Dean for shooting Kyle and says that he's part of new plan. Will offers to sleep her at the pub for Caroline, Lucas says he should be out hanging out with his friends. Dr. Baker wonders why Nicole didn't tell him that Mia's baby died and Sami's is very much alive. Will gets a call from a friend saying that Mia's in the hospital and heads off to be with her. Mia thanks Chad for saving her life and Will sees them embracing when he arrives. Dr. Baker tells Nicole when she finally answers her phone why she didn't tell him about Grace dying and the price for keeping him quiet just went up. Lucas asks Sami what she's thinking in letting Nicole be her new best friend. Bo and Hope are reunited with Ciara, they find Dean with a gunshot wound as well as the kidnappers dead on the floor, and Bo asks what happened here. Rafe takes Nicole's cellphone and puts it in her pocket, probably hoping to see who really did call her. Will says Chad doesn't have to explain and knows he made sure Mia wasn't in that car. Chad overhears Mia telling Will about the journal that she writes in. Kyle shows some signs of life when he starts to move his fingers and almost says something, attacks Bo and says he didn't do this alone. Sami starts to wonder why Dr. Baker really called her.moreless
  • Ep. #11151
    Ep. #11151
    Episode 200
    Rafe asks Sami why she's suddenly best friends with Nicole when she's hated her for so long. Dr. Baker leaves a message and says it's the last one that he's leaving and if she doesn't wire him that money then he's calling Sami. Bo tries to get through to Hope by saying that if the ransom is paid then Ciara will die for sure. E.J. tells Nicole that they DNA testing is done, and everyone seems to be in good health. Mia is delighted that Will showed, he says that he's not staying long, she asks if he'd like to dance with her, Chad looks on with envy. Lexie and Abe tell Roman they're stumped about what Theo said, Roman asks Theo what he means by Ciara being with an angel, Theo starts to tug on Abe's arm and Roman then realizes that the perp that took Ciara has a tattoo of an angel on his left arm. Rafe tells Arianna that he made a mistake of telling Sami to be careful about being friends with Sami and her telling to butt out of her life. Bo is certain that things will fall into place, but Hope says that she can't be with him on this one. Brenda and Kyle come in and asks Dean what he's doing with Ciara. E.J. surprises Nicole with a trip to the Caribbean, but Nicole realizes that Dr. Baker is there and says no, E.J. says just how beautiful it is and what's the real reason she doesn't want to go. Dr. Baker calls Nicole's phone with no answer, and then he'll have no choice but to bring her down. Dean tells Kyle that some kid recognized the angel tattoo, and says that they don't have much choice. Kinsey arrives at the Cheatin Heart drunk and sees Mia pull away from Will, and tells Chad that there's probably a reason for that. Mia makes it clear for Chad that she and him aren't together anymore, he then asks what would've happened if he hadn't left when he did. Dean goes through Brenda's hotel room and gets all of his things as if he was never there. Roman thinks that Hope has found something while searching the database for one of the kidnappers. Dr. Baker calls Sami, and calls her Colleen. Hope, Roman and Bo search the room and find a map and Ciara could be in one of the circled areas. Brenda screams as Dean points his gun at Ciara.moreless
  • Ep. #11150
    Ep. #11150
    Episode 199
    Nurse Maxine asks Nicole to leave the room while she draws Sydney's blood. Bo and Hope agree that they should work together on this, cause after Zack died they're marriage almost didn't make it. Nicole says that Stefano had better come through for her, Stefano says when has he ever let her down. Dean tells Brenda and Kyle the best way to get to Bo is to go around him and his wife is the key. Bo refuses to give up the only leverage they have against the kidnappers. Will tells his friend that he can't go to the party cause his little cousin is missing, Chad offers his services but Will refuses, he then sees that Mia will be all alone at the party. Dr. Baker doesn't know what to do when he's in way over his head in more debt. Mia hears Nicole talking and asks if something is wrong with Sydney. Rafe asks Sarah to do some checking into the patients to come up to make some sort of connection, and wonders why Nicole is in the records and Sami isn't. Hope tells Justin that Bo going on air puts Ciara in even more danger. Dean watches as Bo offers the five million dollars for the safe return of his and Hope's daughter. Nicole refuses Mia's blood donation cause she gave up her rights when she gave up her baby. Arianna has a theory of Sami using an alias, Rafe says he already thought of that. Nicole gets a call from Dr. Baker, he then threatens to call and tell Sami what really happened at the clinic that night. Mia sits and writes in her journal thinking she should stay away from Sydney and live hr life with Will. Nicole is in a bind when Dr. Baker says he's willing to go to prison if he doesn't get what he wants, Stefano says that everything is well with the DNA tests but she doesn't seem happy and says that Dr. Baker called her again. Hope tells Bo she can't believe he drove her in front of the camera and says he's going to get Ciara killed and storms off angry. Chad plays a song that brings back special memories for him and Mia, Will walks in and sees them locking eyes. Ciara hears Dean flicking open his lighter. Stefano tells Nicole that she'll deal with Dr. Baker personally and her secret is safe with me. Bo asks Justin to take a step back cause he's getting to involved, Hope then lashes at Bo and says that if Ciara does die after his stunt she'll never forgive him for this.moreless
  • Ep. #11149
    Ep. #11149
    Episode 198
    Philip apologizes to Melanie and says that he couldn't tell Stephanie the truth and that what they shared shouldn't have happened. Stefano tells E.J. that he doesn't think Victor ever believed he had anything to do with Ciara's kidnapping but he's just looking for someone to blame. Hope thinks Bo has made things even worse for Ciara when he grabbed the phone and said the kidnappers won't get the ransom money. Melanie tells Stephanie how would Nathan react to her getting back with Philip. Justin tells Bo that he thinks that he's dead wrong if he thinks they're gonna call back. The nurse tells Rafe that she doesn't recall the name Nicole Walker, but Rafe says that there must be something around that he can use. E.J. tells Stefano that he's going to try for complete genetic testing, which makes Nicole really nervous. Brenda tells Kyle for them to ditch Ciara and just to leave and not look back. Rafe goes through some files and thinks he's got Nicole right where he wants him. Theo goes on about Ciara and Abe and Roman asks when did he see her, he keeps saying that he saw her. Sarah remembers E.J. being at the clinic the day that Nicole gave birth to Sydney, and Rafe is so grateful. Theo says he saw Ciara with the angel. Dean makes Kyle who seems to have a change of heart that he's to do things his way, Brenda asks him how exactly they're gonna get that money. The hotel manager watches the tape of Philip and Melanie having sex with delight. Stefano tells Nicole she doesn't have to worry about anything. Rafe learns that Sami and Nicole delivered their babies the same day, after the nurse recognizes a picture of Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11148
    Ep. #11148
    Episode 197
    Rafe tells Arianna that someone has agreed to meet with him and says they have information on Dr. Baker. Stefano tells E.J. that they have a major problem. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that he got the $100,000 dollars wired to his account. Hope waits in the park to make the drop for Ciara. Brenda tells Kyle not to be nice to Ciara cause he doesn't know how things are gonna go down. Officer Hartman asks Bo if he's okay, after he has the vision he works quickly to try to get to Hope. Brenda sees that Hope is at the dropoff spot and alone. Victor tells Justin if Bo is ever going forgive himself if he screws this up. Bo warns Hope after getting a vision. Stephanie asks Philip exactly what happened with him and Melanie last night. Dr. Baker is in more deep in debt when the horse that he bets on loses. Stefano and E.J. meet with Victor on the pier and asks if there's any news on Ciara and they had no part her abduction. Officer Hartman shows Bo and Hope a report on the child going back once the ransom is paid, Hope says when they call again she paying it. Rafe questions one of the nurses at the clinic and doesn't know where Dr. Baker is and pretty doesn't want to know. Melanie comes back and asks Philip if he told Stephanie about them, Philip says she wants to get back together with him, Melanie says if last night meant anything to him at all. The nurse starts to tell Rafe that something happened at the clinic. Hope tells the kidnappers that she'll drop the money off, Bo then grabs the phone and says that there'll be no pay off.moreless
  • Ep. #11147
    Ep. #11147
    Episode 196
    Stephanie tries to get ahold of Philip, Nurse Maxine says that he wasn't admitted in the hospital last night. Officer Hartman overhears and sees that Justin brought the ransom and it's been delivered, and goes and telephones Brenda. Nathan tells Lucas that there's been no change in Chloe's condition, Stephanie says that she's worried cause staying out of touch isn't like Philip at all. Dean reveals to Brenda and Kyle that Hope is the reason that he didn't make detective and he got the promotion that he should've had. Bo says to the kidnapper that they're not seeing a dime of the money til they see that Ciara's alive, Brenda says to check his wife's e-mail. Daniel tells Kate that he promises to do whatever it takes to help Chloe, and other then Chlo, she is one sick lady. Hope sees the pic of Ciara and is glad that she's alive, and Dean smirks in the background with delight that Hope's suffering. Melanie tells Nurse Maxine that she'll be taking a personal day and won't be attending school, Nathan asks if she's cutting class cause of him. Stephanie catches up with Philip at the Kiriakis mansion and fills him in on Ciara's kidnapping and she's proud of walking away from his family. Melanie tells Nathan that him choosing Stephanie over her is the best thing that happened to her. Lucas tells Chloe that he was going through some boxes in their house and found something and shows Nathan her living will, Lucas learns Chloe's life is in his hands. Bo is against the idea of Hope going in there alone, she thinks she'll mess it it up like when Kayla was shot, she pleads with Bo to let her do what she think is right. Philip tells Stephanie that they have nothing to talk about since she ended things with him, and asks if she wants to get back together with him. Officer Hartman is thinking everything is finally going his way, he then lets Brenda know and she then takes Ciara to meet up with her mother. Bo then has a vision of the kidnappers shooting Ciara and her dying in Hope's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #11146
    Ep. #11146
    Episode 195
    Melanie slaps Philip before he can make a move on her. Stephanie takes Nathan to the Cheatin Heart and tends to his bruises cause of Philip. Brady asks Arianna to explain where there's a packet of cocaine on the floor. Hope tells Bo that there's a strong chance the abductors are people that they in fact know. Ellen brings Tracy to the station cause there's something that she remembered about Ciara. Brady asks Arianna if she seen anything or anyone suspicious in here at all today. Melanie tells Philip that she's trying to think of her self respect and her new lease on life. Tracy tells Hope about the man that gave Ciara that loilipop at her birthday in the park, and everything clicks into place. Justin tells Victor about the ransom demands and attempts to call Philip, but he ingores the call, Melanie is then impressed. Victor tells Justin that the money has been transfered. Philip tells Melanie that she's the one that he wants to be with. Hope thinks that Ciara was taken because Bo is a Kiriakis and a Brady. Kyle tells Brenda to keep it down and let Ciara sleep. Brady tells Arianna to call the cops and report the drugs, she wonders if they'll think he'll be a suspect and that they're his. The cop gives Bo and Hope a "lead" and then heads to the pier and calls Brenda and says if they're ready for phase two. Bo asks Victor for some names and that he calls the shots in bringing his daughter home safely. The cops explains that the "lead" was a dead end and wasn't Ciara. Victor sees Stephanie with Nathan in the park and says that she's already moved on and calls her a tramp, Stephanie learns that Philip turned his back on the family and that Ciara was abducted. Hope gets a call and the cop prepares to trace it and it's Brenda with a voice distorter saying it's on her head if anything happens.moreless
  • Ep. #11145
    Ep. #11145
    Episode 194
    Daniel accidentally interrupts Brady and Arianna's moment on the patio and explains his plan on saving Chloe. Ciara tells the person that she wants to go home, but he says that she can't at least not yet. Philip asks Melanie exactly how he's gonna make him feel better. Stephanie tells Nathan that Melanie definately thought that tonight was in fact a date. Bo asks Hope if she gave Ciara that bear that he found in the woods. Victor says that Daniel should rely on Brady as an ally cause the whole family is here for him. Brady tells Daniel that there must be another way in. Melanie arrives at the pub wanting to talk to Arianna, she says it ain't a good time, Melanie says not to player and what's going on with her. Daniel tells Brady that he thinks he can bring Chloe out of the coma and needs access to her medical records. Philip tells Victor after being given another assignment that he's quitting for good this time. Bo reads the ransom note to Hope saying the kidnapper wants five million dollars of they'll never see Ciara again, Justin then heads over to talk with Victor. Hope then realizes that Ciara was kidnapped cause of the article in the paper about that donation and the people thought she was rich. Arianna finishes weighing a shipment of cocaine, and puts it away when Brady knocks on the door of the pub. Philip calls Stephanie and leaves a message, he then sees her with Nathan and abruptly starts beating on him. Philip tries to explain what happened with Victor but Stephanie refuses and leaves with Nathan, Melanie shows up thinking Philip blew it yet again. Brady finds a packet containing a white powder substance on the floor. The nurses see some improvement in Chloe's condition and sees that she's fighting hard. Justin tells Victor of Ciara's kidnapping. One of the kidnappers is revealed to be on the Salem police force.moreless
  • Ep. #11144
    Ep. #11144
    Episode 193
    Stephanie apologizes to Sami for being late and asks what the boxes are for, she says that Rafe is moving out. Victor hears Philip on the phone making preparations to take care of the education for Carlo's children as he promised. Rafe puts a flash drive in the hospital computer to find info on Dr. Baker but Melanie catches him and asks what he's doing. Hope is alarmed when Bo suddenly has to make a quick call, Bo phones and reaches Ellen and asks if he can talk to Ciara, Ellen says she can't find her, they all head over to the park. Melanie tells Rafe that he's not going to charm his way out of this situation. Arianna tells Brady she's glad she found him and has a gift for him. Victor tells Philip to stay out of it and to forget about that educational endowment, also that bad stuff just happens and for him to get used to it. Sami tells Maggie that there's a change of plans cause Johnny has a terrible cold, Maggie learns that she and Rafe have ended things. Hope, Justin, and Bo join Abe in the search. Brady opens his gift and sees that it's a coupon for a picnic for two. Dr. Baker is confronted by someone who wants him to give him money that is owed. Melanie leaves and Rafe goes back over to the computer and he runs into Sami and she asks if he's changed his mind about leaving Salem. Hope learns from Bo about a car speeding away minutes before Ellen lost track of Ciara, Hope then becomes a wreck and desperately wants her girl back. Melanie meets Nathan for their date and becomes upset when Stephanie shows up. Abe gets word of where the car was seen and Hope and Bo hurry to catch up to their daughter. Melanie sees that Philip is on the pier remembering the day that Tony DiMera died, cause he too was a good person and didn't deserve it. Brady and Arianna get intimate after a warm moonlight swim. Bo finds Ciara's bear on the ground in the forest.moreless
  • Ep. #11143
    Ep. #11143
    Episode 192
    Dr. Baker tells Nicole that all it takes is one phone call and her life goes up in smoke. Rafe tells Arianna that there's something going on with Nicole but plans to find out what and isn't leaving Salem just yet figuring Sami will want him to protect her. Lexie runs into E.J. at Grace's grave saying she was on her way to the carnival. The stranger lingers in the bushes, and waits til Bo leaves before he goes and takes Tommy Bear from Ciara's backpack. Bo tells Abe to look after Ciara while he and Theo at the carnival. Nicole tells Stefano that she needs more money to pay off Dr. Baker, but he says he isn't giving him a penny. Bo tells Hope that Ciara is in very good hands and has nothing to worry about. Ciara notices that Tommy Bear is missing, the man comes back and offers to help her look for him, but she says that she can't go. Nicole asks Stefano if he wants E.J. to find out about the baby switch, Stefano agrees to give him money but it's the last time. Lexie asks E.J. if he does in fact still have feelings for Sami, but he says he has a wife and child that he adores very much. Nicole thinks that E.J. is with Sami crying on his shoulder after hearing about her and Rafe breaking up. Arianna tells Rafe that he can use her laptop in the back so he can do his research on this Dr. Baker person. Lexie tends to a girl that hurt her hand and that gives the stranger the opportunity and lures Ciara away by saying that her mother was in an accident, Theo sees the whole thing but doesn't say anything. Rafe calls some old contacts and desperately needs a favor for some information. Hope tries to phone Ellen so she can say goodnight to Ciara but Ellen doesn't seem to be picking up. Bo has a recurring vision of him finding Ciara's bear in the woods.moreless
  • Ep. #11142
    Ep. #11142
    Episode 191
    Kate enjoys the idea of Daniel being put to death, if the state doesn't then she'll do it herself. Hope is delighted that Justin is back in Salem and she asks how Adrienne and the kids are, Justin sees that look on Victor and says he'll focus on the case and will catch up later. Nicole sees E.J. all sad and she realizes that he's thinking about Grace, E.J. says it's time to move on. Sami tells Rafe that he can't just talk about it and to just say that Emily's death was just an accident, Rafe says that he can't tell her what she wants to hear. Justin tells Victor that he knows that something is going on and wants him to explain everything. Daniel asks Lexie to help him save Chloe, Abe walks by and asks what he put in his wife's hand, Lexie say it's a drug he wants to administer to Chloe to save her life. Abe tells Daniel that he's hereby making a citizens arrest. Dr. Baker phones Nicole from his island paradise and demands more money from Nicole. Kate asks Victor if Justin puts the spotlight on her, Victor says she'll be in big trouble. Daniel is brought before D.A. Charles Woods about him going near Chloe and requests that his bail be revoked and placed back in his cell, Justin shows up and says that he's his new lawyer. Rafe collects his things, and says for her to take Johnny to the hospital to have that cough looked at. Charles questions Lexie about the experimental drug to administer to Chloe and it being the same that put her in the coma. Bo and Hope show Ciara the Fancy Face and stories of them sailing around the world with Shawn when he was little. Sami kicks the door closed as Rafe is leaving and starts to cry. The mysterious stranger lingers as Bo tells Ciara she's going to have fun at the Carnival. Will comes home and asks where Rafe is and she says he's never coming home again. Abe stands up for Daniel and says that there was no violation and Daniel didn't enter the room and wasn't a threat. Hope thinks that there's problems with Adrienne after overhearing Justin talking to her on the phone. Ellen goes after Tracy, the stranger approaches Ciara on a bench and presents her with another heart shaped lollipop. Will tells E.J. that he doesn't think it's any of his business at what's going on here. Rafe listens as Nicole is on her phone talking with Dr. Baker.moreless
  • Ep. #11141
    Ep. #11141
    Episode 190
    Maggie tells Kate that there's good news that there's an increase in Chloe's brain activity. Rafe tells Arianna that he's gonna handle things, Arianna says like the way he handled the night Emily died. Sami leaves a message on Rafe's voicemail and then goes to answer the door thinking it's Rafe but it's Lucas. Daniel wants Victor to put a guard outside Chloe's room at least till she recovers, but Victor refuses. Lexie comes in the room and Maggie asks if there's a chance that Chloe might be waking up, Lexie says that brain spikes are common and wishes she had better news. Kate asks Lexie if Chloe is going to be with them much longer. Bo is told by D.A. Charles Woods that if there's any need for investigating he won't be involved cause Daniel is Victor's godson and if they do both he and Hope are suspended. Lucas tells Sami that it's possible that Rafe did kill his fiancé. Nurse Maxine tells Daniel that he's not allowed anywhere near Chloe, she says that she says Chloe is still in a coma and was a spike in brain activity. Charles tells Kate that Victor intervened and released Daniel on a 60 million on bail money. Lexie stops Daniel from entering Chloe's room and says that if he goes in there his bail might be revoked. Victor asks Bo and Hope if they think that Daniel is in fact guilty. Lucas tells Sami that since Rafe refuses to talk about Emily's death makes him look even guiltier. Lucas lays into Maggie for lying to him and not telling him the truth after the explosion and tells her to get out of his sight. Bo and Hope learn when Justin comes in the mansion that he'll be representing Daniel. Kate tells Lucas that if Chloe does die then the charges will be premeditated murder and Daniel will be executed.moreless
  • Ep. #11140
    Ep. #11140
    Episode 189
    Rafe has it out with E.J. outside the pub and says he doesn't have to worry about him anymore. Chad tells Mia that she didn't tell Will, Will then wants to know exactly what that is. Rafe tells Arianna that he's leaving town. Lexie and Abe bring Theo by to see Sydney, and it doesn't go well. Sami tells Nicole that she and Rafe had a fight and doesn't look like he's coming back, and thinks that there's more to it then just the letter, and is amazed that Nicole is defending Rafe and thinks she knows why. Kinsey tells Chad that she can pretend to be civil to Mia even though deep down she'll hate every minute of it. E.J. tells Stefano that Rafe did seem a little odd. Arianna takes a break to go and talk with Sami. Stefano praises that Rafe is playing right into his hands. Arianna comes to talk to Sami and asks what she did to make Rafe wanna leave town. Nicole tells Stefano about the letter that Meredith wrote accusing Rafe of killing Emily. Will tells Mia it's okay and should feel sorry, and asks why she didn't tell him that she wasn't a virgin. Theo is thrilled when Rafe returns his stuffed animal charlie to him. Sami shows Arianna the letter and says for her to read it for herself. E.J. asks Stefano and Nicole what exactly are they arguing about. Rafe sits by Grace's grave and says that he has to leave and that it's what he has to do and there's no way he can tell Sami the truth. Nicole tells E.J. that Stefano overreacted and that he always thought the worst of her and to acknowledge that they have a beautiful little girl and asks if they're alright. Sami thinks of calling Rafe and asking him about what happened to Emily.moreless
  • Ep. #11139
    Ep. #11139
    Episode 188
    Lucas tells Kate that he's gonna make sure that Daniel doesn't make bail after what he did to Chloe. E.J. wants Nicole to tell him why Sami's life is already a living hell, she says it's cause of him. Will is shocked to learn from Mia is not a virgin and that she's already been with Chad, Rafe arrives at the gym and asks Will what's wrong. Sami starts to read the letter that Meredith wrote, but she crumples and throws it in the garbage thinking it was her grief writing it, but gets it and continues reading it. Bo tells Daniel that he's going to be in his cell until he's ready for trial. Lucas asks Kate if feels it need to tell Chloe that he forgives her. Abe asks Lexie if Chloe's condition has improved at all, but she says it's the same. Chad follows and finds Mia sitting on a bench in the park crying and says he doesn't like to see her like that. Nicole tells E.J. that she isn't on Sami's side and wants him to make peace and let Sami live her life, but he can't get passed her lying to him. Rafe comes home and Sami asks him if what she read in the letter about Emily true. Lexie is amazed when Abe tells her that Theo got accepted and will be starting kindergarten. Victor comes to see Daniel and says all the arrangements have been made for his release, Daniel asks Victor if he knows who really did this. Will tells Mia that he wants to be with her and the two share they're first kiss. Rafe storms out after having a fight with Sami about Meredith's letter and for actually believing it. Daniel wants to know if Kate did this. Kate is delighted that Daniel's bail was denied. Chloe starts to talk and says Daniel's name.moreless
  • Ep. #11138
    Ep. #11138
    Episode 187
    Stefano tells Nicole that everything is falling into place and is gonna have Rafe packed and out of town in no time and that he killed Emily Hudson his fiance, he brought her sister Meredith to town. Mia asks Will how things well with his stepmother, Will says that he doesn't want to talk about it and to leave him alone. Roman sees Stephanie and sees that she's a mess organizing stuff from work. Melanie turns Nathan down for coffee when he says that he has some free time. Kinsey shows Chad the outfit she's going to be wearing to try and woo Will with. Will apologizes to Mia and tells her that Chloe is in a coma and was cheating on his father. Maggie asks Melanie that the reason she's pushing Nathan cause she feels she's not worthy of him. Nicole warns Sami that E.J. has done something that she's not going to like it. Chad and Kinsey reset their plan to break up Will and Mia. Sami tells Rafe after seeing the headstone that E.J. will not get away with this. Meredith tells Stefano that she's made sure that Sami will know everything that Rafe did to Emily by writing Sami a letter. Nicole tells E.J. that she was out shopping for Sydney and nothing more. Sami confronts E.J. with what he did to Grace's headstone. Melanie goes to see Nathan sitting in the park and for him to hear her out and says that she had a reputation for being the person she was before, Nathan says he doesn't need to be distracted right now. Roman tells Stephanie that she'll get over her ordeal with Owen and bounce back, Stephanie says that she found someone recently and is friends with him. E.J. asks Sami who told her about the gravestone, she says that she visits there all the time and figured it out when she saw the name change. Chad asks Will what's going on with Kinsey, Will says that he's not interested in her cause she isn't his type. Nathan asks Melanie he wants to try the dinner thing again. Sami comes home and opens the envelope and starts to read the letter.moreless
  • Ep. #11137
    Ep. #11137
    Episode 186
    Philip tells Stephanie that leaving him was the best thing she ever did. Kate is shaken by her fantasy of kissing Daniel. Nicole helps Sydney celebrate it being six months since she was born. E.J. lays flowers at Grace's grave, and sees the last name Brady on the headstone. Chloe suddenly flatlines, and Nathan rushes in and tells Lucas that her heart monitor clip must've fallen off her finger. Daniel grabs Kate and asks how she got into his cell. E.J. comes home from seeing Grace and he tells Nicole that she'll be officially a DiMera. Nathan explains to Lucas that he is Chloe's next off kin and it's up to him to decide. Stephanie tells Philip that he's one of the good guys and tries to get him to open up about the death of his employee. Nicole asks E.J. what he was doing at the cemetary tonight, he said that he had a dream about Sami. Nathan apologizes to Stephanie for being so late and the two have their picnic. Father Matt comes into Chloe's room and hears Lucas saying for what she did she deserves to die. Philip is glad when Carlo's wife Joyce comes by the mansion, she then apologizes for the way she treated him earlier and he wasn't responsible for her husband's death. Nicole sees E.J. lash out while at the cemetary once again.moreless
  • Ep. #11136
    Ep. #11136
    Episode 185
    Carlo calls Philip and says that there's been some trouble down by the pier. Kate torments a comatose Chloe and covers up what she is doing when Hope walks in and asks her what exactly did she do to Chloe. Arianna assures her contact that they'll run the drugs through the pub and won't have to worry about Brady again, Bo shows up and asks what's going on. Daniel asks Lucas if he really loves Chloe and is just going to let her die. Hope tells Kate that what she heard her say sound like a confession to me. Brady bringss the picnic basket and makes a call to Philip, when Philip is tending to Carlo and calls 911. Melanie gives Nathan what he needs to stay awake, and is unable to go out cause she just started her shift. The EMT's arrive and the officer tells Philip that it'll Bo that'll be questioning him. Nathan is so grateful to Stephanie that he's able to leave the hospital early, he then asks her if she'd like to go to a concert in the park, but Stephanie says that it's still too soon for her. Lucas calls Kate and asks to meet her in private cause he has to talk with her about something. Stephanie asks Melanie's help in signing the paper so that it'll look like Nathan signed out. Bo asks Philip if he'll be able to sleep tonight knowing that Carlo probably won't be going home to his family tonight. Nathan comes back to the hospital remembering that he forgot to sign out, Stephanie says that he has nothing to worry about, Lexie shows a bunch of interns that someone like Nathan everything seems to be in order. Lucas confronts Kate and says that Daniel told him the truth and why she didn't tell him about the affair and him saying that she poisoned Chloe, and when she knocked that deviled egg out of his hand. Brady accidentally knocks over Arianna's bag and the drugs come out. Bo learns that Carlo died while en route to the hospital. Carlo's wife Joyce slaps Philip and tells him to get out of her sight. Brady interrupts Arianna and someone bringing a package to the pub. Philip runs into Stephanie in the park and he's glad that she's here. Melanie asks Henderson if he's seen Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #11135
    Ep. #11135
    Episode 184
    Lucas can't believe Daniel's accusation that Kate would something that drastic as to kill his wife. Brady realizes that Nicole doesn't know and explains that Chloe had some toxin in her system. Stefano tells Meredith that he'll take care of everything. The phone rings and Rafe is nervous thinking it's Meredith calling to tell Sami everything, she answers startled to learn that Chloe's in a coma. Kate comes back to get her things, Victor says for her to get out of her house and out of his sight. Stefano asks Meredith if she would let another innocent woman fall victim to the man who killed her sister cause she didn't fill Sami on the details of Emily's death. Nicole tells Brady that Chloe confided in her and says she loved Daniel but tried very hard to get him out of her head. Daniel tells Lucas that he's certain that Kate would do anything to protect her children even committ murder. Meredith writes Sami a letter expaining Rafe killing Emily. Lucas tells Daniel about the scarf that was found in his apartment right before he poisoned Chloe. Victor agrees to let Kate stay in the mansion for Philip's sake, she then tells Brady that Victor is letting her stay after all. Nicole tells Stefano to lay off of Rafe. Daniel asks Lucas to that when Chloe wakes up she's gonna tell him that she's and him are in love and is gonna start a new life together. Kate sits and tells Chloe that she was starting to fall for Daniel and that ain't gonna happen all thanks to her. Stefano asks Nicole why she doesn't want him to go after Rafe, cause she doesn't he'll discover her secrets.moreless
  • Ep. #11134
    Ep. #11134
    Episode 183
    Stefano tells Meredith the reason that he brought here to Salem, and tells her he found out that she was raised and why she never thought about coming home. Kate tells Will that someone tried to kill Chloe. Lucas confronts Daniel about his affair with Chloe and poisoning her and they start to fight. Nicole visits Chloe in the hospital and is saddened by her condition. Sami tells Rafe that there's something he's not telling her. Meredith tells Stefano that the person that killed Emily is here in town. Rafe confesses to Sami that he had a chance to stop Emily from dying and he didn't, Sami says that there's nothing that he could've done since it was an accident. Daniel tells Lucas not to talk about Chloe that way and says he went after her, but she resisted cause she loved him. Nicole confesses to a comatose Chloe that she had a miscarriage and she found Mia and she passed of her baby as her own, and ended up switching Sami's baby with Mia's, she then sees Chloe's hand move. Will is shocked when Kate tells him that Daniel was in love with Chloe, and they fact that Chloe tricked him. Meredith tells Stefano that Rafe killed her sister after what she found out about him. Nurse Maxine tells Nicole that it was only an involuntary movement. Lucas tells Daniel that he's starting to remember that Chloe was in Daniel's apartment when the gas explosion took place, Daniel explains that Lucas that Chloe stayed with him cause of a promise to god. Rafe lays in bed and remembers holding Emily in his arms, as Sami sleeps.moreless
  • Ep. #11133
    Ep. #11133
    Episode 182
    Nurse Maxine tells Brady that Chloe is to have any visitors right now. Sami goes to the pub to talk to Arianna to find out where Rafe is, and she then realizes he could be at Emily's grave. Chad works out while remembering his time with Mia back in high school. Mia assures Nicole that Chad believed the story of her going to rehab. Chad sees Will come into the gym and Kinsey asks why's he's staring at him and says it's cause Will has something that he wants. Sami finds Rafe and apologizes but he says she shouldn't have come to the cemetary, Sami says that after last night she doesn't judge him one bit. E.J. remains disturbed about his dream. Brady takes out a guy that comes towards Arianna in the park and starts beating him. Nicole tells Stefano that something is horribly wrong and E.J. knows something is going on. Nicole tells Stefano that Sami is gonna get evidence from Rafe. Sami tells Rafe that she ran into Emily's Meredith right here and she's visiting and is still in Salem. Arianna asks Brady why he's so upset, he explains that his ex-wife Chloe was brought into the hospital last night and is in a coma. Mia doesn't believe Kinsey when she says she's happy to see her. Chad tries to reconnect with Mia. Rafe goes to the Salem Inn to see Meredith, and she's says it's been a while since he killed her sister. E.J. tells Stefano that last night he couldn't get Sami out of his mind. Sami runs into Nicole with Sydney in the park and she says that she and Rafe broke up or something. E.J. tells Nicole that bad news that Chloe is in a coma. Will arrives at the hospital and asks what's wrong with Chloe. Sami is surprised that Rafe came back, and he tells her that he loves her. Meredith thanks Stefano for arranging her return to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11132
    Ep. #11132
    Episode 181
    Bo continues to tell Abe that he doesn't think that Daniel did in fact poison Chloe. Daniel tells Hope to watch Kate very closely and then you can prove that she set him up, Hope tells Daniel that if something else happens to Chloe then the police can nail her. Victor tells Kate that he isn't going to stand by and watch her frame Daniel, and wonders what she's going to do keep Lucas from suspecting her. Rafe tells Sami that she's been lying to him ever since she came back, Sami says that it's none of his business, she then asks Rafe to tell her what happened to Emily. Philip tells Lucas that Daniel was brought in on possibly poisoning Chloe, and Lucas is outraged. Victor tells Kate that he's so looking forward to bringing her down. Kate tells Philip that Daniel had an affair with Chloe, and that gave. Lucas sits by Chloe's bedside and tells her he's not going to be alone and tells her to fight. Sami tells Rafe her life story and every bad thing she's ever done. Hope finds it weird that Kate doesn't want her to talk to Lucas, and Victor doesn't want her talking to Kate. Bo places Daniel under arrest for the attempted of Chloe, despite his instinct that he's innocent, Victor arrives and says that Daniel didn't do it. Rafe agrees to tell Sami the truth on the day of his and Emily's wedding about her and her getting in a car crash. Bo asks Victor if he in fact knows who did poison Chloe, but he says that he didn't. Kate tells Lucas that Daniel was having an affair with Chloe, Lucas then goes into see Chloe and tells her "How could you!". Daniel is booked and then taken down to a holding cell.moreless
  • Ep. #11131
    Ep. #11131
    Episode 180
    Meredith tells Sami that she doesn't want to talk about Emily's death. Daniel is brought to the police station in handcuffs, but Bo's gut feeling tells him that he's innocent. Roman tells Rafe that if he wants to know what Sami's up to then to ask her. Lexie sees Kate fooling around with Chloe's I.V. and tells her to get out so she can examine her. Victor comes by and hears Chloe is at death's door, and says for Kate how she's going to put suspicion off of her. Daniel explains his theory to Hope about Kate tape recording and her splicing it together to make it look like an argument with Chloe. Abe tells Bo to use the evidence against Daniel and have him charged. Rafe calls the pub and learns that Sami didn't show up there, she comes home and she tells Rafe she was never there. Meredith opens up and tells Sami that everything changed with Emily cause of Rafe. Bo calls Victor wanting the name of a good attorney, cause he's charging Daniel with attempted murder. Daniel tells Hope that Kate may have confided in Victor about her plan. Bo gets the report back that Daniel's fingetprints are the only ones on the poison bottle. Victor tells Kate that Bo and the police may not believe him but Lucas might. Lucas rushes into the hospital and asks Kate what's wrong with Chloe, Victor tells Kate if she should tell Lucas or if he should.moreless
  • Ep. #11130
    Ep. #11130
    Episode 179
    Rafe tells Sami that he wants to pick up where they're picnic left off, cause the last one was ruined. Nicole asks E.J. why he doesn't think of her as Sydney's mother. Philip tells Stephanie that Chloe may be dying. Daniel tells Bo and Hope that he didn't poison Chloe but says he thinks Kate did. Kate can't believe that Daniel has the gall of accusing, so she then puts on a performance by getting them to believe she didn't. Stephanie tells Philip that she got into a fight with Melanie and accused her of sleeping with her. Melanie tells Maggie that she's sorry for Chloe, Maggie asks if everything is alright between her and Nathan. Rafe asks Sami if everything is alright, she suddenly remembers Meredith in the park crying. Bo asks Kate if she knows who really poisoned Chloe. Maggie reveals that she told Lucas about Chloe's affair with Daniel, and Lucas forget after being in that gas explosion. Hope is stunned that Kate didn't think about notifying Craig or Nancy about Chloe's condition. Daniel tells Brady to do whatever it takes to keep Kate away from Chloe. Stephanie tells Philip that she still loves, and he says what she plans on doing about it, they almost kiss and Henderson says that Lucas's plane will be here in 2 hours. Kate sits by Chloe's bed and tells her to just give up and die. Nathan tells Melanie that he would love to reschedule their dinner date. Roman gets back to Sami and says Meredith is staying at the Salem Inn. Daniel is dragged out in handcuffs after learning that bottle had his fingerprints on it. Stephanie and Philip agree to be friends. E.J. has a dream of Sami in bed holding Sydney. Sami meets with Meredith on the pier. Roman goes to see Rafe with some questions and needs some answers.moreless
  • Ep. #11129
    Ep. #11129
    Episode 178
    Bo and Hope question Daniel about Chloe's poisoning. Melanie slaps Stephanie after she calls her a slut and says for her to never call her that again. Philip tells Brady that there's now two women in his life. Maggie hopes and prays that Chloe doesn't die, Daniel screams at Chloe from afar not to give up and Lexie manages to stabilize her. Nicole tells E.J. that minute is all it takes for something bad to happen to Sydney, so she says she'll keep an eye on her personally. Lexie comes out and says that Chloe is stable but she's in fact in a coma and doesn't know when she could recover. Brady stops the quarreling between Stephanie and Melanie. Stephanie learns Melanie took Philip's keys cause he was too drunk to drive cause he still thinks of you. Maggie tells Nathan that the police are accusing Daniel of poisoning Chloe. Melanie gets a call and tells Brady that someone tried to kill Chloe. Daniel says that the housewarming gift was something he ordered and didn't make and didn't know how the poison got in those apples, Hope says she wants him to stop lying and to explain the phone records that were pulled. Stephanie comes by to see Philip. Daniel starts to think that it was Kate that set him up.moreless
  • Ep. #11128
    Ep. #11128
    Episode 177
    Hope tells Maggie and Kate that some incriminating evidence was found and he'll be treated as a suspect. Melanie asks Philip what he's doing, he says he's giving her what she wants. Kate goes over and says herself for Chloe to just die. Will asks what Mia was writing about, she says that he needs to know the truth. Daniel does his best to save Chloe. Bo tells Hope there's no way that Daniel was involved in poisoning Chloe. Melanie tells Philip that there's someone else that she's interested in. Bo comes into question Daniel about Chloe's condition. Mia tells Will that there's something else about her, she starts to explain but Chad jogs by asking what's going on. Bo asks Daniel to explain to him what's going on with Chloe's condition. Chad tells Mia that he ran into Nicole asking him to stay away from her, but he says that he can't. Kate tells Hope she confesses that it's all her fault. Lexie learns about Daniel's affair and realizes that it all makes sense, and tells Hope that Chloe didn't want Daniel anywhere near her. Nathan tells Stephanie that Melanie took off with her ex. Chad tells Mia that he wants another chance with her and to give it some thought, Will wants to know what he wants her to think about. Hope asks Lexie if she can talk to Chloe and says there's a good chance she might not make it. Mia reveals that she and Chad once dated. Stephanie confronts Melanie that all she wanted was Philip. Bo tells Daniel that he has to look at the evidence and doesn't think he did this to Chloe. Kate watches in delight as Chloe flatlines and the police have hold of Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #11127
    Ep. #11127
    Episode 176
    Hope asks Maggie what's going on, she says she received a rather strange phone call from Chloe. Maggie says she had never heard Daniel talk like that before. Chad tells Mia that he knows she's a liar. Bo tries to call Maggie's and Chris answers, and says that they're taping now and hangs up abruptly. Nicole apologizes to Will and explains that she has changed since she and Lucas were together. Chloe collapses during taping. Philip tries out his charm on Melanie, but she says that she won't take a spin in his car. Philip grabs another beer and turns to leave. Melanie says there's no way she's letting him drive drunk. Chad tells Mia that he tried to get her to try drugs many times and doesn't believe she started using when he left town. Maggie tells Bo and Hope that Chloe and Daniel had an affair. Philip and Melanie end up at the Horton cabin. She says the reason he's drinking is cause of Stephanie. Nicole tells Mia that she wants every piece of information on Chad, so she can do something. Kate tells Bo and Hope that Daniel suddenly quit the show and planned to leave town. Daniel fights to save Chloe, and tells Nurse Maxine that he's not going to let her die. Nurse Maxine states that Chloe's blood pressure is still dropping. Mia closes her laptop sudenly when Will shows up, and doesn't want him to read what she wrote about her pregnancy. Nicole runs into Chad and she says she's Mia's sponsor and his worst nightmare. Lexie tells Daniel that she may have the answers he's been looking for. Bo has Daniel's apartment searched and one of the cops finds the bottle of medicine that Kate hid earlier.moreless
  • Ep. #11126
    Ep. #11126
    Episode 175
    Sami learns the woman crying is Emily's sister Meredith. Kate tells Chloe if she's up to it to continue taping and won't have to worry about Daniel anymore. Stephanie tells Nathan that he wants to interview him cause he's a Horton and the history behind it. Roman comes by and tells Rafe that what he did with Grace almost cost Sami both her children but says that his heart was in the right place. Daniel asks Philip if his intense workout has anything to do with his breakup. Sami tells Meredith that she lost a daughter and is here right in the cemetary. Rafe assures Roman that he'll protect Sami in any means, Roman says that he better live up to his word. Melanie tells Maggie that she's on her way to meet and have dinner with Nathan. Sami asks Meredith how in fact Emily died, Meredith says that she doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. Kate laces some brownies with the poison, thinking she won't have a problem with anyone else eating them. Stephanie tells Nathan that she hopes he and Melanie have a great time, she turns around and sees Philip and he says hi to her, and asks to be friends but he doesn't want that. Melanie waits at the pub wondering what's keeping Nathan. Rafe arrives for the picnic and asks Sami what's wrong, and mentions to her that Roman noticed he was moving in and later gave his blessing. Daniel tells Chloe that there's only one woman for him. Nathan apologizes to Melanie for being late, but gets paged when he sits down. Philip comes into the bar and asks Melanie if she would like to go for a drive in his new car. Kate sits down and uses Chloe's phone to call Maggie and Kate plays the tape. Sami asks Roman to look into something concerning Meredith Hudson and her family.moreless
  • Ep. #11125
    Ep. #11125
    Episode 174
    Chad tells Will that he spoke to Kinsey and she said something about Mia going off to rehab, Will refuses to listen and leaves. Maggie congratulates Melanie on passing her test, Maggie then reads some of Mia's writing and is really impressed. Rafe surprises Sami with a picnic but things go wrong, when the a/c breaks down. Arianna tells Brady that why don't they start over, so the reintroduce themselves to one another. Will asks a friend if any of the Salem West students will be at this pool party so he hopes to see if Chad is telling the truth. E.J. tells Stefano what exactly are they up to, cause Sydney already has a trust fund. Mia drops a mug after Chad tells her that he knows the reason that she left school and asks what Mia was using. Rafe tells Sami that he fixed the a/c and to hold the ladder cause he's coming down, and falls. Brady kisses Arianna and to try to prove a point, but says he has to run. Stefano tells E.J. that Nicole and him are talking about is about his other daughter Grace. Will walks in Java and sees Chad and Mia holding hands. Sami breaks down in Rafe's arms and says that she can't ever lose him. Chad tells Will that maybe Mia isn't really that into him. Nicole tells Brady that she has a bad vibe about Arianna and her brother, she walks in with Grace and Arianna refuses to tell Nicole anything. Brady tells Maggie that he took her advice and searched for her and made a mistake. Arianna tells Melanie to back off and stay out of her life. Chad doesn't buy Mia's rehab story for a second and wonders what's really going on. Sami sees someone crying at Emily's grave.moreless
  • Ep. #11124
    Ep. #11124
    Episode 173
    Nathan catches Melanie and asks if she's planning on cheating on her test. Victor asks Brady what's wrong with having breakfast at the Pub. Stefano reads all the information on Rafe, and sees something interesting about Emily Hudson. Nicole tells Sami if they can call a truce. Nathan tells Melanie that being a nurse isn't about her it's about focusing on other people. Arianna tells Rafe abput the person she's interested in and that he's a recovering addict. Nathan tells Melanie if she's not passionate about being a nurse then to find another career. Brady tells Victor about Arianna, Victor says she's a fool if she can't see Brady is clean and to forget about her. Arianna tells Rafe that she doesn't need a man to be happy. Nicole accidentally admits a scandalous secret to Sami that she lost a daughter. Sami tells Nicole she knows there's something going on and she knows why. Melanie's mad at Arianna for rejecting Brady. Nathan tells Melanie that she passed her test, and offers to take her out to dinner to celebrate. Arianna makes a call and says she's the manager of the Pub and everything is set, Brady then shows up wanting to talk with her. Nicole reminds Stefano of his promise to take care of Rafe, Stefano says that she still has something to worry about.moreless
  • Ep. #11123
    Ep. #11123
    Episode 172
    Philip tries to work things out with Stephanie. Daniel hands in his resignation at the hospital to Lexie. Brady arrives to get his watch and wonders what Melanie's done this time, he then sees she's trying to get Philip and Stephanie back together. Chloe gets sick and tells Lexie to keep Daniel away from her. Bo and Hope throw a birthday party for Ciara, the mysterious stranger lingers behind the tree and has his sights on Ciara. Abe asks Bo if he still having those visions, he opens up and says about his one about Zack. Stephanie leaves and says that she doesn't blame Melanie. Maggie learns that Daniel quit the show, and asks Chris what went down with Daniel and Chloe. Bo explains to Abe that he's gonna make sure that his latest vision doesn't come true. Daniel tells Lexie that she can't talk him out him out of resigning from the hospital. Melanie feels terrible, but Stephanie says that her heart was in the right place. Philip tells Brady that they just can't lose Stephanie. Lexie sees Chloe toss and turn saying Daniel's name, and she wonders what he did to her. The stranger approaches Ciara when she's all alone and says that today is his birthday too and it makes them buddies. Chloe wakes up and sees Daniel, but it's Kate who rushed to her after finding out she was sick. Hope asks Ciara where she got that lollipop from, Ciara says she got it from her friend.moreless
  • Ep. #11122
    Ep. #11122
    Episode 171
    Stephanie learns from Lexie she got the job at the hospital and must attend the orientation meeting at 4. Kate gives Chloe the day off, Chloe hangs up and collapses on the pier. Melanie convinces Stephanie to come to the Horton cabin, and promises to have back in time, she then calls Philip and attempts to get him to come, Maggie comes home and asks what Melanie is up to this time. Will tells E.J. that he has photos of Grace and and entire portfolio of them and offers to e-mail it to him, and Mia sees them shake hands. Chloe collapses and has dreams about Daniel, Kate then walks by and says things are gonna get worse for her. Sami and Rafe's domestic bliss turns passionate. E.J. asks Mia why should she care what kind of father he is. Philip and Stephanie come face to face and realize they've been set up. Kate goes to see Daniel and he says he's quitting the TV show, which delights her. Chloe seizes and crashes, Lexie tells them to get a crash cart, and wants to know what's causing it. Melanie tells Philip that he and Stephanie should at least talk. Daniel tells Kate that he's quitting the hospital, cause of Chloe. Sami finds a box with a ring in it, and Rafe tries to explain and she realizes that it was meant for Emily. Rafe and Sami pick Johnny up at the park, E.J. says to himself that Sami should enjoy it while it lasts. Chad sees Mia and Will together at Java. Lexie can't find anything and needs to page Daniel, but Chloe doesn't want him near her. Kate plays the edited tape with joy and thinks she's got her revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #11121
    Ep. #11121
    Episode 170
    Brady learns that Daniel loves Chloe but ended it. Rafe burns the newspaper clipping of Emily's death. Will learns Rafe is moving in and then smells that something was burning, Rafe asks him not to touch that. E.J. and Sami argue about Rafe moving in. Kate thinks she'll be discovered when Chloe tells Lucas say she recognizes that scent she's smelling. Rafe tells Will he agrees what he did about Grace and keeping it from E.J. was wrong, and what's it gonna take for him to be Sami's kid again. Arianna apologizes to him about being so abrupt on him earlier. Kate manages to plant the poison and leave Daniel's. Will asks Rafe if he's really willing to leave, Rafe says that Will's more important. E.J. tells Sami he won't pursue the custody, and if she's willing to spend her life with Rafe then he wants to know everything about him. Brady asks Arianna to pick a day to go out but she brushes him off. Chloe tells Nicole she's jealous cause she thinks Daniel's involved with a new woman. Will realizes that Rafe really does love his mother, and is willing to move out so he can come home. Kate scolds Chris for being late, and he notices where her scarf was cause it completed her outfit. E.J. tells Sami he has few questions to ask her about Rafe moving in. Will apologizes for his behaviour towards her and tells her he has practice and wishes he could help Rafe unpack. Kate watches as Chloe eats another laced food while taping a segment, and Lucas leaves for the airport to go to Hong Kong.moreless
  • Ep. #11120
    Ep. #11120
    Episode 169
    Nicole thought she got through to E.J. to drop the custody suit, but he plans on making his move to make sure Stephanie doesn't testify. Sami asks Rafe to move in with her, but Rafe says that it's not the thing to do right now. Lucas tells Kate that Chloe is feeling better and is getting her appetite back, she then continues her plot to kill Chloe by lacing some more of her food. Stephanie is introduced to Nathan, and picks up her phone and said someone named Philip is calling. Melanie tells Brady that she's going to help Stephanie and Philip reconnect. Brady tells Melanie to stay out of his personal life, Melanie says it's for Philip. Kate is given a box which contains a key to Daniel's apartment, she pays the locksmith handsomely. Nicole tells Sami she's glad she could make it, and says that things are different now, but Sami says she has to let her see her son. Kate lets herself in and plants the poison somewhere Daniel will find it. E.J. goes to see Sami but sees Rafe, and also that he's moving in to. Stephanie asks Philip not to call her again. Nicole tells Sami that E.J. isn't pursuing the custody suit, and to be careful cause he isn't over what she did. Kate hides when Lucas and Chloe come into Daniel's place. E.J. tells Sami to get away from Sydney, and he has something to say. Daniel tells Brady that Chloe had a close call last night. Chloe thinks there's someone else here in the apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #11119
    Ep. #11119
    Episode 168
    Brady finds out that Melanie was counting the cards. Stephanie says to Victor that she's walking away from the Kiriakis family. Bo counsels Philip and tells him to walk away from his father and Titan. Nicole tells .J. that Stephanie broke up with Philip and is gonna testify against him, and asks what he's gonna do. Victor cautions Stephanie that if she testifies that people could get killed. Hope gives Ciara a new stuffed animal other them Tommy Bear, after remembering Bo's vision and tells her to stay where she can see her. Philip tells Victor to back off of Stephanie. Melanie tells Nathan that she's willing to bargain so he can get his clothes back. Caroline tells Victor that Stephanie isn't a pawn in his little game. Hope tells Bo that she's still terrified of his vision and doesn't think she can deal with happened to Zack all over again if Ciara is hurt. Ciara trades her stuffed giraffe with her friends that looks like Tommy Bear. Brady asks Arianna where they would like to go for dinner. Philip and Stephanie say their goodbyes to each other. E.J. tells Nicole that he does trust her. Nathan tells Melanie that she better study hard for that test. Brady tells Arianna that he's a recovering addict and is trying to stay clean, Arianna says this isn't going to work. Melanie tells Philip about her day and learns he and Stephanie ended things. Hope and Bo pick up Ciara unaware that she switched toys. Stephanie is told by Nurse Maxine that the interview, went well and Stephanie literally bumps into Nathan, he humbily apologizes.moreless
  • Ep. #11118
    Ep. #11118
    Episode 167
    Philip is glad that Stephanie came to the house, but she's here to return the car to him. Brady and Arianna are about to kiss when they hear Melanie scream and rush out to see what's wrong. Mia tells Will that Chad was exaggerating and that he isn't her boyfriend. E.J. asks Nicole why she's calling Sami when they agreed that her name isn't to be mentioned again. Victor tells Bo he doesn't have to worry cause there is no feud with the DiMera's anymore. Brady realizes that Nathan is Maggie's grandson. E.J. tells Nicole if she understands why he's mad that Sami didn't tell him about Grace. Bo thinks Victor threatened Stephanie and that's why she was tramatized, Victor says that he was only comforting her that's all. Will tells Chad to get out and leave Mia alone, Will asks Mia why she didn't tell him about this guy. Philip says to Stephanie that he's ready to go to Greece, cause he's ready now. Stefano tells Nicole she knows about the disguise she used to take Johnny to see Sami, and that she's slipping and warns her of E.J.'s rage. Stephanie tells Philip that going away isn't going to solve anything, and she'll be safe when she's not with him. Melanie asks Brady, Nathan and Arianna to play a game of strip poker. Nicole learns of Stephanie's breakup with Philip and she plans to testify against E.J. in her kidnapping. Bo asks Philip what happened, he says their father happened that's what. Melanie and Arianna wipe the floor with Nathan and Brady at poker leaving them almost naked. Victor tells Stephanie that there's no way that she and Philip are ending things.moreless
  • Ep. #11117
    Ep. #11117
    Episode 166
    Arianna and Brady realize they've been set up by Melanie. Will comes to talk to Sami, but gets irritated at the thought that she's up to something and leaves, Rafe asks Sami what she did this time. Johnny tells E.J. that he has a secret about his mother. Nicole puts Sydney down to get her bottle and comes and sees her gone. Nathan shows Maggie his great grandfather Tom's medical bag, and that Alice was insisted that he take it. Mia learns that Chad has taken a job at Java. Nicole and Mary are relieved when Stefano has Sydney, and balks at the idea of him spending time with her in the morning. Nathan tells Maggie that he doesn't think he'll have the same expectations as Tom did. E.J. tells Nicole about the secret Johnny has about his mother, she says it was about her bad mouthing Sami in front of him. Stefano asks Nicole that she wouldn't be foolish enough about lying to E.J. again. Will comes to Java and tells Mia that he doesn't feel like talking right now. Nicole tells Stefano if Rafe isn't dealt with and he'll continue to investigate. Sami asks Rafe if she's going to lose Johnny cause of one of his secrets. Melanie gives Arianna a nudge so Brady can catch her, she gets even by pouring water on her head. Nathan gets an eyeful when he sees Melanie in the shower outside the cabin. Will asks Mia who she's with and Chad introduces himself as her boyfriend. E.J. hears Nicole on the phone calling Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11116
    Ep. #11116
    Episode 165
    Samantha holds that card with the date of Emily's death on there and says to herself not to go there. Daniel tells Chloe to hold on and feels that she's burning up. Bo calls Max and is glad who is still in town and is on his way over, Max says that there's something he wants to tell him. Caroline prepares to send off her youngest, and they inform Arianna that she'll be the new store manager. Rafe comes in the room and asks Sami what she's doing with his wallet. Kate plays the tape and Lucas asks what she's doing with Daniel's recorded voice. Melanie tells Nathan that she's feeling a bit emotional cause her brother Max is leaving for London today to be with Chelsea. Sami thinks she has to hide that card somewhere. Daniel rushes Chloe to the hospital and tells Maxine to do a tox screen and needs the results right away, he explains to Lexie what's going on and she calls Lucas and he and Kate go directly to the hospital. Rafe learns of Arianna's promotion at the pub, he tells her that Sami promised not to do any checking on Emily. Sami then does and online search of Emily Hudson. Max wants Bo's blessing that he'll one day marry Chelsea, Bo says that he doesn't need his or Billie's for that matter. Kate, Lucas and Maggie arrive and Daniel tells them that Chloe is awake but she's okay. Melanie learns that Max is gonna marry Chelsea and they have a tearful goodbye as he prepares to go to the airport and tells her to stay out of trouble. Chloe says that she wants another doctor, Kate says that Daniel has done so much for her already, Lucas says not to interfere what Chloe wants. Sami is shocked when she reads that Emily died the day she was gonna marry Rafe.moreless
  • Ep. #11115
    Ep. #11115
    Episode 164
    Maggie wants to get up to the cabin to start cleaning and wants Melanie's help. Kate is pleased when Chloe eats the poisoned apple, but Chloe complains that it tastes awful. Arianna asks Brady to talk with Sami to get her to stop seeing Rafe. Rafe tells Sami that if she's going revert to her old habits by sticking her nose in other peoples business then this isn't going to work at all. Maggie thinks this is Melanie's way of having Nathan all to herself, but she says she wants to play matchmaker for some friends of hers. Brady doesn't feel comfortable in getting Sami to end things with Rafe. Rafe tells Sami that there's some things about his life that he wants to be kept private. Kate wants to do a segment about Chloe and Daniel and everyone should learns the truth about them, Lucas walks in and says what truth, Kate says she's gonna do a segment on leukemia, Chloe starts to feel dizzy and Kate thinks the chemical is kicking in. Brady follows Arianna and says that he's worried about her, he says he's concerned. Daniel insists on taking Chloe home cause he can see she's not feeling well. Kate plays the edited recording and adds Chloe's voice to the mix to make it look like they're arguing. Melanie tries to get Brady's help in cleaning up the cabin. Rafe and Sami get intimate and says that he'll do nothing more to hurt her. Chloe collapses in Daniel's arms. Maggie asks Brady who's the mystery woman that caught his eye, Maggie says that he should take his time with this woman and don't rush into things too quickly. Melanie works her magic on Arianna and she agrees to help with the clean up. Sami goes through Rafe's wallet for something to pay for the take out and sees the thing that has the date that Emily Hudson died.moreless
  • Ep. #11114
    Ep. #11114
    Episode 163
    Chloe tells Maggie that she was just thinking about Daniel. Philip goes to Daniel and shows him the pill bottle and what's wrong with Stephanie, but Daniel can't divulge any information. Nicole makes Johnny a promise to keep his visit with his mother a secret, E.J. didn't hear what they said and is glad they're getting along. Father Matt tells Stephanie that if she wants to break away from Philip then she has to need to. Sami asks Rafe who Emily is and if she's an old girlfriend of his. Kate injects something into an apple from the basket Daniel sent. Chloe tells Maggie that she's never leaving Lucas. Philip asks Stephanie that he found the pills and asks if they had something to do with her accident. Maggie goes to Daniel and says that he'll have to get rid of his feelings for Chloe. Stephanie tells Philip that things have changed between them, and there's one thing he can't give her and can't live with him anymore. Kate brings a basket to Chloe containing the poisoned apple and tells her to take a bite, she begins to and then forgot she has to pick up Allie. Sami tells Rafe that she needs to tell him something and it's about Nicole. E.J. explains to Nicole that he just lost a daughter and is grieving, and Nicole reveals that she lost a daughter as well, she explains cause Sydney and Grace were born at the same time. Daniel tells Maggie that he'll never forget Chloe or stop loving her. Philip wants to work things out, but she says she's leaving him for good. Kate stops Allie before she can eat the apple. Stefano tells Nicole he knows that Rafe was here and wants to know why. Philip tells Stephanie not to take the ring off her finger, and says she's making a difficult choice. Sami asks Arianna if she knew Emily, Rafe shows up and asks what she's doing, cause she promised she wasn't going to asks questions about Emily. Stefano tells Nicole that he's gonna take an interest in see what Rafe knows.moreless
  • Ep. #11113
    Ep. #11113
    Episode 162
    Melanie tells Philip that there's a problem with Stephanie. Stephanie tells Father Matt that she feels that Philip is a liar, a thief and something much more. Rafe checks Nicole's story and comes up empty and decides to talk to Brady. Stefano is delighted that Judge Fitzpatrick came so quickly. Philip comes out and asks Melanie what she doesn't want him to know. Nicole secretly brings Johnny to see Sami. Stephanie confides in Father Matt and says she feels that Philip cares more about money and power more then her. Judge Fitzpatrick tells E.J. that his case is solid, but these cases can pretty brutal. Bo has a dream and wakes up and asks where Ciara is and finds her in bed with him and Hope, Bo tells Hope his vision of Zack telling something bad will happen if Ciara loses Tommy Bear, Hope thanks Bo for opening up to her. Melanie tells Philip that if he wants to know then to go and asks Stephanie herself. Rafe asks Brady what's the name of that teen centre where Nicole met Mia at. Nicole tells Sami that she has to tell Rafe to stop snooping around cause they'll be more guards and won't be able to bring Johnny here anymore. Arianna tells Rafe that she bumps into and talks to Brady that's it nothing more. Philip asks Brady if he seen Stephanie anywhere, he says he hadn't, Arianna arrives and continues their conversation. Father Matt tells Stephanie that he cannot help her. Judge Fitzpatrick tells Stefano that she hasn't promised anything yet but agrees that what Sami did was encouragable. Melanie tells Brady that she knew it all along and has got it bad for Arianna. Henderson tells Philip that Stephanie went out a little while ago. Sami lays flowers at Grace's grave, she then sees Rafe in the distance at another gravesite and asks who Emily is. The mysterious man continues to look at Hope's picture in the Spectator. Bo tells Hope to put Ciara someplace where she'll be safe. Philip finds Stephanie bottle of anxiety medication after attempting to call her. E.J. sees Nicole and Johnny as he walks in the living room.moreless
  • Ep. #11112
    Ep. #11112
    Episode 161
    Stephanie has a troubling nightmare about Philip. Kate edits the recording of Daniel and is pleased with the outcome. Melanie hold Stephanie's pill bottle in her hand Rafe comes to talk to Nicole and apologizes for pretty much interrogating her while she was at Grace's grave yesterday. Daniel has a run in with Chloe on the pier almost causing her to drop her bags, and Lucas says he should come and check out their house sometime but Daniel says he can't. Nathan asks Maggie how she can let Melanie live in her house. Rafe admits that there's another reason that he came by to drop off Johnny's favorite book and also that he ran into a friend of hers Mia. Lucas tells Philip that he can't stand at the altar to be his best man when Victor treats Chloe like dirt. Kate calls Chloe wanting to go over some things, but she blows her off. Maggie tells Nathan that he better get his facts straight before he makes assumptions, Maggie tells him what Nick did and what Melanie did for him, Nathan feels terrible he didn't give her a chance to explain. Melanie shows Stephanie her pills and knows that she's taking more then prescribed. Kate asks Daniel what he's getting for Chloe and Lucas's housewarming. Nathan goes to Melanie and apologizes for not hearing her side first. Stephanie goes to see Father Matt.moreless
  • Ep. #11111
    Ep. #11111
    Episode 160
    Brady asks Nicole what's bothering her, she says that E.J. had Johnny taken away from Sami and has no visitation. Victor approaches Philip on the pier and admits to checking on him. Daniel finds Stephanie unconscious and calls 911. Rafe sees Mia in the church and consoles her over Grace and is hoping to talk to her about Will, after he speaks to Father Matt. Arianna returns Ciara's bear to her, Bo returns to his vision of looking for his daughter in the woods and coming across her bear. Melanie asks Nathan if he's busy tonight and if he wants to do something. Daniel finds the bottle of anxiety medication and wonders what has Stephanie gotten herself into. Victor tells Philip that he's proud of the way he's handled things with the DiMera truce. Hope brings Ciara by Maggie's and she's astounded at Nathan and how much he's grown up Nathan tells Melanie that he's not free tonight or Rafe raises his suspicions about Mia and Brady when he sees them talking together. Bo interrupts Victor and Philip, Victor asks what brings him by so late. Lexie calls Philip and says that Stephanie was in an accident tonight. Maggie and Hope show Lexie an article in the Salem Spectator about someone talked about the reasearch for autism. Philip rushes to Stephanie's side, and says that she just slipped and hit her head that's all. Maggie asks Melanie for her help cause some of her volunteers didn't show up, and she sees tha Stephanie is a bit jumpy. Stephanie overhears Philip tell Victor that he'll keep her in the dark about family business. Zack gives Bo the bear and tells him to give it to Ciara or something bad will happen.moreless
  • Ep. #11110
    Ep. #11110
    Episode 159
    Will tells Rafe that Johnny is better off with E.J. then with his mother. Chloe stops and asks Daniel what if Kate walked in on them just now, they then hears Kate scream. Sami tries to persuade Philip to help with getting Johnny back. Rafe is startled when it looked like that Will attempted to take a swing at him, and Rafe tells him to be mad at him and not Sami. Kate stops Lucas before he can put a deviled egg in his mouth, Lucas wants to know what the big deal is. Stefano tells Nicole that Sami got what she deserves. Philip takes a call from Victor and Stephanie says that she can handle things. Kate admits to Lucas, Chloe and Daniel that the food was in fact poisoned. Stephanie tells Sami that she would love to help her but she just can't. Chris sees that the h'ordeurves are completely ruined, Kate says that they'll have to reschedule the shoot. Stefano tells Nicole to be true to E.J. and not to develop a conscience. Rafe sees Sami all of Johnny's things and realizes that she's gonna take the kids and run and tells her that she could lose them permanently. Daniel meets with Kate at Java and says that it was a mistake putting him and Chloe on the same show together and to leave Chloe alone. Philip apologizes and says to Stephanie that he can't go swimming, so she takes another pill. Nicole calls Sami and tells her that she's gonna do whatever it takes for her to see her Johnny. Lucas shows Chloe their house and going to live their lives. Kate listens to the taped conversation and says that it'll do nicely. Stephanie collapses on the deckmoreless
  • Ep. #11109
    Ep. #11109
    Episode 158
    Chloe accidentally drops the tray with the food and tells Lucas that they have to redo everything, Chris finds some stuff in the fridge but Kate says that it just won't do. Henderson gives Stephanie a letter from her mother, and she's immediately distraught. Rafe interrupts Nicole and asks her what her connection to Grace is. E.J. tells Sami that he'll kill Rafe before he'll ever be Johnny's father. Stephanie is delighted when Philip says he made arrangements to have some medical supplies for Kayla. Arianna asks Rafe what that was all about, Rafe says he's not exactly sure. Nicole tells Rafe is listening that she thinks Sami must out of her mind with grief. Sami asks E.J. to understand that he cannot take Johnny away from her, and what she did was to protect Grace from his family, E.J. tells Sami that whatever feelings he had for her is gone. Arianna asks Rafe if he'd like to be alone, he says that he's glad she's there for him. Nicole sees Sami storm out and E.J. tells Nicole that it went exactly how he planned it out. Daniel tells Chloe that he thinks they can't work together without something bad happening. Kate contaminates the newly brought food and thinks this is the end of Chloe. Nicole tells E.J. that she feels that he has to forgive Sami and for Johnny. Philip tells Stephanie that he can send the supplies but they can't go. Sami comes to Philip and asks for both his and Stephanie's help in destroying E.J. Rafe sits by a grave marked Emily Hudson and says he's sorry. Chris asks Lucas to watch the food while he goes on an errand, he then wonders what's the hold up with the taping resuming. Kate spies on Chloe and Daniel in a moment. Lucas picks one of the deviled eggs thinking it won't be a big deal.moreless
  • Ep. #11108
    Ep. #11108
    Episode 157
    Chris brings out the appetizers for the show, Kate waits til he leaves before she laces them with the stuff she got. Mia tells Chad not to touch her or come anywhere near her, she is taken aback to the night they shared together. Sami pleads with E.J. not to take Johnny away, Will comes in and asks if he's taking his brother away from their family. Chloe drops a tray after Lucas tells her that Daniel is gonna be on the show. Nicole asks Sister Agnes if Sister Theresa will be here too, she says that she was reassigned to another convent and left a few days ago. Will tells Sami that she and Rafe lied, and E.J. deserves to take Johnny away from her. Maggie tells Chloe that she persuaded Daniel to be on the show, even though she still has feelings for him. Sami tells E.J. and Nicole that she'll see them both in hell for this. Daniel catches Kate wearing gloves, she lies and says she was pruning a tree while she waited for him, and asks if he can try one of those. Will calls Lucas and says he has to see him right away and it can't wait. Kate takes Daniel's print from the champagne glass and puts it on the poison bottle. Chad tries to get Mia to remember all the good times they had before he left. Chloe runs into Daniel while going after hoping to talk to Lucas. Sami asks Nicole exactly what she's hiding cause she can tell that she looks guilty. Will lays into Lucas for lying to him and that E.J. is taking Johnny away from Sami. Kate apologizes for being late and tells Daniel and Chloe that the appetizers that were prepared are literally "To Die For". Sami tells Rafe that she spoke to Mickey and her father and says she has to take Johnny over, and will do it himself. Nicole tearfully goes to Grace's grave, and tearfully asks God to forgive her, as Rafe overhears her. Evan tells Chad as he applies that he can start tomorrow. Kate watches as Daniel gives Chloe one of the poisoned food.moreless
  • Ep. #11107
    Ep. #11107
    Episode 156
    Roman cautions E.J. not to try anything at least not today, E.J. says it's wasn't him who made his daughter's life a lie and won't disrupt the service. Arianna tells Brady that she can't believe her brother is going through this. Will continues giving Sami the silent treatment, Roman says that his mother needs him more then ever, Will tells Mia that E.J. was Grace's father. Rafe tells Father Matt how can god take an innocent baby when killers like the DiMera's roam around free. Nicole tells E.J. to wait til after the service to give the papers to Sami. Melanie tells Max that she's applied to the nursing school program here in Salem, and isn't going to London with him. Stephanie arrives at the church and gets into it with E.J. and Philip sees her slap him, Philip says she had every right to do so. Caroline tells Sami that she's handling things very nicely and nobody blames her for the child's death. Roman warns E.J. again if he goes after another member of his family he'll deal with him personally, E.J. begins to reconsider his plan. Bo and Hope tell Sami that if days ever got rough call us if she wants to talk. Max sees Nathan and realizes that's the reason Melanie is staying. Mia tells Father Matt she doesn't have something to say and starts singing "Amazing Grace" soon Caroline and the others join in the chorus. Melanie tearfully says goodbye to Max and wishes him well. Mia reunites with Chad when he comes by Java. Nicole gets nervouse when the Nun's of the convent are arriving. E.J. serves Sami with papers allowing him Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #11106
    Ep. #11106
    Episode 155
    Stefano sees that Nicole is about to tell E.J. the truth but stops her. Mia tells her boss that she's going to Grace's funeral, Will says that she doesn't have to go on his account. Melanie tries to persuade Nathan to leave, right before he takes her phone. Sami tells Rafe that right now they have to be there for each other. Mia tells Will that his mother needs him right now, Will says that she doesn't know her like he does. Hope looks at a pic at the church and asks god to watch out for Grace. Melanie finds out something interesting about Nathan and that he's Maggie's grandson. Hope tells Bo that she's taken back to Zack's funeral. Rafe tells Roman that he's worried about today and especially E.J. Nicole learns what E.J. is planning and is on board and says it'll ruin her life. Sami is scared what E.J. is gonna do next. Caroline tells Stephanie that she doesn't think it's a good idea for her to attend the service. Kinsey goes to see Mia and say she seens Chad who was an old friend of theirs from Salem West, Will lets Kinsey have it. Melanie tells Maggie that she's thinking of moving to London to be with Max. Hope tells Rafe the time she lost a son and knows what he's going through. Stefano thinks it won't be appropriate if he goes, cause it's too soon after Tony. Father Matt asks Rafe if he's okay after he has an outburst, thinking he shouldn't be here. Will comes to get his tie and doesn't say a word to his mother, but says hello to Roman, Sami says he won't even look at her. Nurse Maxine asks Melanie what changed her mind in becoming a nurse or even who.moreless
  • Ep. #11105
    Ep. #11105
    Episode 154
    Melanie runs into a man after quitting, and is immediately smitten by him. Stephanie feels terrible for ruining Philip's surprise that he got her a new car for graduation. Kate learn from her assitant Chris that Daniel turned down the offer on being on H&H, Kate says that unacceptable and says it has to be him. Daniel goes for a run and Chloe comes to him and has a fantasy of kissing him passionately. Philip tells Stephanie that he has news that may turn things around and the DiMera's brokered a truce and won't let anything happen to her again. Melanie tells Brady that she's moving to London to be with Max since he's the reason she stayed in the first place. Chloe tells Daniel that she and Lucas made up. Kate lashes at Chris and says she needs the dirt on Daniel or she'll show him scary. Stephanie takes another anxiety pill as she remembers Owen thinking it wouldn't hurt. Melanie asks Brady to give one reason why she should stay, Brady says about that doctor she was talking to. Kate plots revenge against Daniel and Chloe. Chloe makes a confession to Father Matt that she's been cheating on her husband. Maggie brings Melanie's wallet which she left on the kitchen table, and asks her if she submitted her application to nursing school. Brady tells Stephanie that Sami's baby Grace was actually hers and not adopted and E.J. was her father. Daniel tells Maggie that he doesn't think he can do the show with Chloe and unlocking all those feelings he has for her. Chloe confesses the man she can't stop thinking about the man and loves him more then ever. Melanie sees a half naked Nathan and what he's doing in her house.moreless
  • Ep. #11104
    Ep. #11104
    Episode 153
    Victor tells Philip that he wants this war to end. E.J arrives and says that he couldn't agree with Philip more. Nicole runs into Brady at the Java cafe. Melanie tells Max she doesn't want him to leave and move to London. Mia suffers qualms about the imposition she is causing Maggie. Max is stunned to learn that Stephanie was abducted and Melanie tells him the entire story. Owen appears tells Stephanie that they're going away together. She is startled (and realizes she imagined it) when Henderson asks her if everything is all right. E.J. insists on dealing with Philip and says he will not pursue them anymore (in mistaken revenge for Tony). Melanie finds out Mia will also be staying with Maggie and Mickey. Max reiterates to Stephanie that she and Philip aren't a good match. She reassure him that the "whole thing" (the feud) is officially over with. Nicole tells Brady that E.J. will never find out about Sydney. E.J. tells Stefano that he won't let anyone control his life ever again. Melanie considers submitting her application for nursing school after some encouragement from Maggie. Philip tells Victor that he needs to take a step back (and let him deal with E.J.). Nicole tells Brady that Mia will not reveal the secret and that Mia wants to be a regular kid and hang out. Brady points out that Mia spends a lot of time with Will, Sami's son. Upon hearing that Melanie has turned in a nursing application, Nurse Maxine asks Melanie why she wants to becomes a nurse. When Melanie answers flippantly, Maxine says nursing school is hard work and she doesn't think Melanie has what it takes and points out that Melanie is too selfish. Philip gets a letter and Stephanie asks if it has anything to do with the DiMera's, and when Philip denies it, she thinks Philip is lying. Melanie sees a brochure that advertises London as a party town and immediate quits by pertly announcing that taking care of sick people is boring. Back in the mansion, E.J. rants about how Sami has betrayed him and shows Stefano what looks like legal paperwork, while saying that she "won't know what hit her".moreless
  • Ep. #11103
    Ep. #11103
    Episode 152
    Stephanie is startled but is relieved that it's only Philip, who says that Owen is in jail, Victor then asks to speak with him. E.J. comes home and tells Nicole that Sami told him that Grace was his daughter. Bo gets word and tells Hope that Owen escaped while being transfered, and let's Stephanie know. Melanie tells Stephanie that Owen isn't stupid enough to come back here again. Philip tells Stephanie that if she implicates E.J. in her kidnapping then Stefano will come at them with a vengeance. Will asks Sami who Grace's father is and is shocked to learn that it was E.J., and admits that even if she hadn't died she'd keep quiet. Nicole tells Stefano that they have a big problem, cause Sami told E.J. the truth about Grace. Hope questions both Melanie and Brady and if Owen mentioned working for the DiMera's. Will tells Sami that dad is gonna flip, Sami says that Lucas already knows. Bo asks Stephanie if she knew that Owen worked for E.J., but Stephanie says she didn't hear him mention anything. Arianna sees Brady leaving flowers at his mother's grave, and Melanie barges in interrupting things. Will storms off and says he'll get his things later. Nicole tells E.J. if he does still have feelings for Sami. Will runs into Mia on the pier and says that she's preparing to move into Maggie's, and explains that his parents lied to him yet again. Melanie asks Brady if he has the hots for Arianna. Rafe tells Sami that he fell in love with her, and maybe him being around is a reminder of what she lost. Bo and Hope know that Philip told Stephanie to lie, so that this feud will come to an end. Victor wants Philip to set up a meeting with the DiMera's right away. Will says to Mia that despite his anger he's gonna stick around for now.moreless
  • Ep. #11102
    Ep. #11102
    Episode 151
    Chloe admits her true feelings for Daniel. Stefano tells Nicole that after Tony he doesn't think his heart can take losing Sydney, but feels bad cause he's deceiving E.J. Kate lies to Lucas and says the bottle is for something that was caught early. Daniel says ro Chloe that he has to keep his promise to stay away from her. Kate comes to a conclusion that Grace was Lucas and Sami's baby and that's why he's grieving, he says that it was E.J.'s baby. Victor comes to the DiMera mansion and tells Nicole that it would be a shame if Sydney got caught in the war between his and Stefano's family. Daniel tells Chloe to just go home to be with Lucas. E.J. tells Rafe and Sami that since they killed Grace they should bury her. Kate finds Will at the hospital and he says that he didn't want to go home, Kate understands completely. Rafe tells Sami that telling E.J. the truth was the right thing to do. Sami admits the truth to Will that Grace wasn't adopted and that she gave birth to her. E.J. breaks down as he goes down to the morgue to say his goodbyes to Grace.moreless
  • Ep. #11101
    Ep. #11101
    Episode 150
    Kate tells Daniel that she wants them to start over again. E.J. doesn't want to hear Sami's excuses when it came to his family's name. Chloe is angry at Lucas for keeping a secret for Sami. Rafe asks Nicole why she cares when she didn't know Grace. Chelsea wants an answer from Max in moving to London with her. E.J. lashes at Sami and says that she doesn't deserve to be a mother at all. Kate covers up the real reason as to why she wants to meet with Daniel. Max shares his good news with Chelsea that he got into medical school and got a full scholarship. Nurse Bev gives Rafe the okay and that he can take Grace away now. E.J. realizes that Rafe also knew that truth and he had the gall to adopt his daughter and being in the dark, while they had their family, E.J. says he'll hate her forever. Kate gets someone to dress up in hospital scrubs exactly like Daniel. Chloe comes across some clothes and it turns out to be Daniel's and comes out after swimming in the lake. Max tells Chelsea that he's going to be moving to London with her for good. Rafe talks with the funeral director, and then E.J. comes in and sees Rafe standing there. The man comes through for Kate and gets the prescription filled and pays him handsomely. Sami walks in and sees Rafe on the floor and E.J. standing over him. Stefano hears that Nicole didn't add his name to the card on the floral arrangement for Grace. E.J. lays into both Rafe and Sami for keeping his daughter from him. Lucas tells Kate he knows that she's lying and why she's really taking these liquid vitamins. Chloe tells Daniel that she may go back to Lucas and she loves him even more.moreless
  • Ep. #11100
    Ep. #11100
    Episode 149
    Arianna comforts Rafe on the pier and says that she's so very sorry. Max is delighted that Chelsea came back from London, and she says that he's not dreaming. Chloe and Daniel cross paths, she tells him that they need to stay away from each other, Daniel then plants a kiss on her. Will helps Sami explain to Allie and Johnny that Grace won't be coming home. Stefano tells Nicole that she better make sure that Sami nor E.J. find out that she switched the babies. Chelsea tells Max that she got Victor's jet to bring her home quickly so she can be with him. Arianna bumps into Brady and he says what kind of crisis Sami is having now, Arianna says that he didn't hear about Grace dying. Chloe tells Daniel to stop, and that they shouldn't be doing this. Brady offers to call Marlena and John overseas to tell them what happened. Sami has a dream about Grace being in her playpen and freaks out when she disappears. Arianna tells Brady her theory about why would Rafe want to adopt Grace without marrying Sami first, it's like they're covering something up. Stefano tells Nicole that E.J. cannot find out he has another child. E.J. comes to see Sami and she invites him in and she explains something and he said that he doesn't understand, Sami says that Grace is his and her baby. Chloe wakes up, but Daniel continues to sleep and dream, Kate walks in the oncall room and sees him. Nurse Bev refuses to handle anything cause Rafe's name isn't on any of the papers, but Nicole says that Rafe is Grace's father. Lucas tells Chloe that they're shouldn't be secrets from each other starting today. Kate takes on the pages from Daniel's prescription pad, and walks out but he wakes up and asks what she's doing. E.J. is irate that Sami brought his child into the world and didn't tell him, and then it died.moreless
  • Ep. #11099
    Ep. #11099
    Episode 148
    E.J. brings Lexie to the house and says that Stefano is following his regimine and is doing well. Caroline brings Father Matt to the hospital to be there to give Grace last rights, but Sami isn't giving up. Daniel tells Chloe to leave him be and to go to Lucas. Father Matt performs last rights on Grace as Rafe and Sami witness. Rafe and Sami embrace as Grace flatlines. Daniel comes out and tells everyone the bad news, Nicole takes the news even harder. Lucas tells Will who's grieving that Sami is gonna need him more then ever. Caroline tells Roman that she doesn't think Sami can handle this. Victor is hoping that Brady would forgive him, but Brady says that he doesn't, cause he pretty much disowned him. Will and Mia sit in the park and says he can't believe that his sister is dead. E.J. finds Nicole with Sydney in the living room and says that Grace died last night. Rafe and Sami return home and she breaks down at the sight of Grace's things and says she should've told E.J. the truth from the beginning cause she blames herself for not doing anything sooner. Rafe comes by the mansion to get Johnny to bring him to Sami's so she can tell him and Allie about Grace. Rafe says that he has to take care of some things and leaves Sami to tell Johnny and Allie. Rafe runs into Arianna and says that baby Grace died. Nicole is startled by Stefano, he then insists they finish their conversation they had in the hospital chapel.moreless
  • Ep. #11098
    Ep. #11098
    Episode 147
    Rafe tells Sami to be patient and the let the antibiotics on Grace to take effect. Will tells Caroline that he blames himself for Grace since he didn't want his mother to adopt her in the beginning and wants everyone at the hospital. Daniel comes out and Sami thinks it's good news, but he says that Grace's prognosis isn't well. Nicole tells Mia to put the baby down, but says that she can't. Lucas tells Chloe that when he left the hospital Sami was a total wreck and the baby isn't doing well. Stefano calls an associate and tells him to get his way into see Owen at the jail and keep him quiet. Rafe and Sami learn that someone came into the room claiming to be Grace's mother. E.J. tells Stefano that he knows that he doesn't call specialists and knows that he's having Owen watched carefully. Daniel tells Sami that they've done all they can and to prepare herself for the worst. Will apologizes to Mia for taking off and explains that he was getting his family, but he doesn't think he can say goodbye. Nicole tearfully apologizes while in the chapel, and says for Grace to live. Rafe tells Roman and Caoline that he doesn't think Grace is gonna make it. Roman comes in the room, Sami says that she's so scared right now she can't think straight. Chloe tells Nicole to go home and that there's nothing she can do now. Will comes in and holds Grace.moreless
  • Ep. #11097
    Ep. #11097
    Episode 146
    Daniel tells Sami that Grace has bacterial menengitis. Stefano tells Nicole he knows about the clinic and Dr. Baker and Mia's baby. Will packs what he can to take to the hospital for Grace, and sees Mia crying on the couch. Rafe arrives at the hospital and Sami says that Grace is very sick. Stefano makes it impossible for Nicole to deny the baby switch, and asks how long has he known, E.J. walks in the chapel and asks what they're talking about. Stephanie tells Philip that she's enjoying their time together, and that he won't be getting shot this time. Will learns of Grace's condition and asks Daniel if Grace is gonna die or not. Rafe and Sami continue to watch over Grace. Stefano tells E.J. that he'll take care of Owen and he won't be implicated in Stephanie's kidnapping and that he's officially back and that he can focus on his family. Stephanie has a nightmare about her capture, Philip then wakes up to find Stephanie missing. Nicole brings Mia into the room and tells her that she is Grace's mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11096
    Ep. #11096
    Episode 145
    Philip tells Stephanie that he's glad that she is safe now that Owen is in custody. Nicole watches and prays that Sami doesn't E.J. and Daniel the truth. Chloe tries to talk to Lucas about their future together, but more about their past, Lucas tells her that Maggie told him to focus on what they have. Will tells Mia that he's worried cause he's trying to contact Sami or Rafe but no answer. Kate is thrilled that both Philip and Stephanie were rescued, and that she heard they're engaged, Roman arrives and says he has to talk with Stephanie alone, and says he made Steve and Kayla a promise that he'd look after her and is getting her out of the Kiriakis mansion. Nurse Maxine says that Grace's fever is spiking. Stefano startles Nicole and says that she doesn't like it seeing Sami crying on E.J.'s shoulder. Will calls Lucas and says that Sami is at the hospital and Grace is very sick and is on his way to the hospital. Sami tries again to call Rafe with no luck in reaching him, she then prays for Grace to get better. Stefano tells E.J. that Stephanie won't say anything and they'll see to that. Roman asks Stephanie if marrying Philip and putting her life in danger is worth it. Nicole tells Mia that she thought she said for her to stay away from Will, Mia says she doesn't respond to threats. Daniel encourages Grace to fight. Chloe plays out possible scenarios about telling Lucas the truth, and then decides to not tell him. Sami calls Roman to go and find Rafe, Will then wants to know what she meant by what she wanted to tell him, Lucas arrives and says if she's sure she wants to tell Will. Kate tells Chloe that she's giving her a second chance. Nicole goes into the hospital chapel and thinks her world is gonna come crashing down around her. Chloe accepts Kate's offer and she says that the trap is set. Sami tells E.J. that she has to tell him something very important. Stefano tells Nicole that he knows that the baby Grace isn't Sami's at all and she has her real baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11095
    Ep. #11095
    Episode 144
    Mia continues to listen as Lucas tells Will to stay away from her before it's too late. Nicole tells E.J. that if he goes to Sami's, E.J. asks if she's threatening to leave again. Sami calls 911 and says that Grace is having a seizure, she leaves a message for Rafe and says she's on her way to the hospital. Daniel has a vision Chloe, he then says that he has to stop this daydreaming. Rafe starts his new job on the pier. Nicole tells E.J. that she's not threatening, and he thinks that Sami is more important then her. Daniel's hallucination of Chloe continues as she invites back in the shower, he then snaps out of it. Mia tells Will that she overheard what Lucas told him, Will says he may have an idea where she can live. Sami rushes Grace to the hospital, and asks Daniel to stop her seizures. Arianna tells Rafe that she's not going to let him make the same mistake again. E.J. is told that Stefano is having tests and then sees Sami at the hospital and she tells him the news about Grace. Daniel tells Maxine to inject a fetalbarbitol into Grace. Maggie offers Mia a solution to Mia to come and live with her. Chloe tells Nicole that she's doing her best to get her mind off of Daniel. Will brings Mia back to his place, and says to ignore what ever his dad said. Rafe tells Arianna that she's jealous cause it's been a while since she's been out with someone. E.J. tells Maxine to go and get Daniel cause Sami's been waiting quite a while on Grace's condition. Nicole runs into Rafe on the pier and says that Grace is gonna be proud to have him as a father. Maggie tells Chloe to be honest with Lucas cause she owes him that much. Daniel comes out and Sami asks if Grace is okay. Nicole overhears Daniel tell Sami that Grace needs to have blood work done.moreless
  • Ep. #11094
    Ep. #11094
    Episode 143
    Bo and Hope continue to stakeout the mortuary, trying to locate Melanie and Brady. Philip and Owen engage in a fight in the morgue, Stephanie is worried that Owen will shoot Philip, she screams when the gun goes off. Sami hears a knock at the door and it's Rafe dressed as a construction worker. Nicole is glad when E.J. comes home after being released from jail. Brady tells Melanie that he may have an idea on getting out of the mausoleum. Will tells Mia that the pool at Victor's place is open and can use it anytime, he is then crushed to learn from Mia that she might be leaving town for good. Melanie tells Brady she doesn't feel comfortable Brady climbing the wall, he slips and falls and hits his head. Owen then grabs ahold of Stephanie, and Philip says for him not to hurt her. Lucas finally meets Mia the girl that Will's been talking about, and asks Mia how she met Will. Bo and Hope learn Melanie and Brady are in the mausoleum and work hard to get them free. Nicole tells E.J. that Rafe plans to adopt Sami's baby and be her father. Lucas finds a pamphlet about a 12 step program and asks if Will is drinking. Philip tells Owen that Stephanie's "pregnant" and that's when he gets the upper hand on him and starts punching him. E.J. is beside himself at Nicole's revelation about Rafe. Bo and Hope show up and places Owen under arrest. Lucas tells Will to be very careful with Mia, and doesn't believe when Will says that they're just friends. Sami tells Rafe that she's got everything she's ever wanted and is so happy. Mia overhears Lucas tell Will to stay away from her. Sami sees that Grace is running a temperature, and immediately calls Rafe.moreless
  • Ep. #11093
    Ep. #11093
    Episode 142
    Melanie starts to feel a bit claustrophobic, and Brady tells her to settle down and they'll find away out. Philip tells Stephanie that it's him and to say where she is. Kate cannot condone Chloe and Daniel groping each other. Bo and Hope see that Victor left the premises of his mansion and proceed to the front door and they tell Lucas they're here as family and not cops. Philip assures Stephanie that he's going to get her out of here and home again. Kate tells Daniel and Chloe that it's about time that Lucas knows the truth and calls for him. Bo asks Lucas if they can look around, Henderson says they better hope they have a search warrant. Walter tells Owen that he doesn't have time to deal with him right and is gonna take care of the body that came from University Hospital. Philip tells Stephanie that he's going to text Brady to come and get them out of here. Hope tells Henderson that they're taking him in for questioning, Bo says they don't need a warrant for that, and that they need his help in finding Philip. Walter asks Owen to assist in embalming the body in order to help show him the ropes of the business. Brady manages to get a signal with the wire from Melanie's bra, but then loses it when his phone dies. Henderson tells Hope and Bo the last time he saw Brady when was down the river by the cemetary with Melanie. Kate doesn't tell Lucas, but says that she's worried about Philip and can't lose him to. Owen stalls when Walter brings him down, and leaves, Owen tells Stephanie that he's going to get her out of here soon, as Philip listens in. Melanie learns that the flowers Brady is holding is from his mom's grave. Owen puts a gun to Stephanie's head and Philip struggles to get out of the drawer, Owen hears it and Stephanie takes it out of his hands. Lucas tells Chloe that maybe they shouldn't be married anymore, or at least be honest and tell him the truth. Bo and Hope search the grounds of the cemetary and come across Melanie's hospital badge, thinking it was left for someone to find. Philip comes out and Owen says for him and Stephanie not to move.moreless
  • Ep. #11092
    Ep. #11092
    Episode 141
    Philip thinks he's going to be discovered and his plan to find Stephanie will be ruined. Owen points a gun at Melanie thinking if she and Brady are here then so is Philip. Kate returns from London and tells Victor that he needs to find Stephanie and Philip and clean this mess. Will asks Deke what he sees in Kinsey and she'd better stop trashing Mia. Philip becomes concerned when he hears Walter say that the body he's pretending to be is to be cremated. Maggie tells Chloe that it's only a matter of time before Lucas remembers everything the night of the explosion. Philip catches a break when Walter puts him in the drawer. Jamie tells Mia that she and her boyfriend are leaving Salem and she's gonna have to find a new place to live or go back with her mother. Lucas tells Maggie about the memory flash that he had and that she's keeping something from him, she says she has nothing to hide. Owen locks Brady and Melanie in a mausoleum. Kate catches Chloe and Daniel in an intimate moment. Mia opens up to Maggie about the possibility of her leaving Salem and Will altogether. Philip manages to get out of the body bag and then hears Stephanie whimpermoreless
  • Ep. #11091
    Ep. #11091
    Episode 140
    Sami tells Rafe that she thinks maybe this adoption is a bad idea. Brady asks Nurse Maxine if Melanie is working today, she says but's always late but never this late. Stephanie tells Owen what he plans to do to her. The cashier at Java asks Will where his girlfriend is. Nicole is surprised and thinks that Rafe adopting Grace is definately a good idea. Melanie thinks of a way to get into the morgue by getting Philip to play "dead". Mia lets Nicole have it and tells her to stay away from her or she'll be sorry. Rafe says that he wants to be Grace's father. Melanie gets Philip in the bodybag to replace the body that came in and hopes their plan works. Stefano asks Lexie when he's gonna get out of here, Lexie says that his blood/sugar level is stabilizing, and needs to talk to E.J., but Lexie refuses to oblige, he then asks for his lawyer, Abe then arrives and they need to have a little chat first. Brady finds and sees Melanie and Philip and asks what they're planning. Abe tells Stefano that he would love to see him spend the rest of his life in prison but for Lexie's sake can broker a deal. Brady promises to keep quiet about what Philip and Melanie are planning. Stephanie tries to distract Owen with a kiss, she takes the gun but her grabs her arm, but she covers by saying she's afraid of guns. Mia and Will go on their first date by doing some stuff together, Will is then amazed on how good a dancer she is, he tries it and trips and Mia catches him. Walter comes looking for Owen and sees something wrong and goes to take a look. Philip is then moved and heads to the mortuary, but Walter says that he should go back cause he's not on the list. Owen catches Brady and Melanie searching for Stephanie, and knocks Brady out.moreless
  • Ep. #11090
    Ep. #11090
    Episode 139
    Caroline tells Victor that she knows about the fight down at the pier and E.J. being arrested and the police looking for Philip, and asks to speak with Stephanie. Melanie and Philip continue their search and see Owen's father. Sami calls Rafe after he has a dream of the passion he shared with her the night before, but gets cut off before she can say she loves him, Rafe gets an call and says that he's still interested. Victor tells Caroline that right now it's probably best that she doesn't know where Stephanie is. Sami notices that Will is wearing cologne while he goes to meet Mia at Java. Brady goes to Nicole and tells her that she's his best shot at finding Stephanie. Philip tells Victor that if Owen knew he was looking for Stephanie he would kill her. Caroline is against the idea of Rafe's plans to adopt Grace, cause he has no means of support, Rafe says that he got a job. Melanie talks with Owen's father, Walter about a recently "deceased" relative, and he takes her down to the morgue, she finds Stephanie's other earrings, as Owen tries to keep Stephanie from screaming. Will runs into Kinsey and she says that she shouldn't hang out with a junkie, Mia sees as Will defends her. Brady runs into Arianna on the pier, and says he'll be careful around hot coffee. Nicole learns Mia likes Will and she texts her asking her to meet her. Melanie reports back to Philip and says what she found.moreless
  • Ep. #11089
    Ep. #11089
    Episode 138
    Lexie tells E.J. that she thought Stefano was overseas getting treatment for his diabetes, and now he's here in a coma. Brady tells Bo that Victor is lying about sending Philip to New York on business. Victor calls Brady a traitor for going and telling Bo what was going down, and Bo could be the one to get everyone killed. Owen comes downstairs with Stephanie's luggage and overhears Melanie tell Philip that she found the earring and then ran into Owen and thinks he could be the one, Philip tells Melanie that she has a better motive. Stephanie realizes that she's losing air and thinks that she'll die in here. Lexie blames E.J. for not keeping in the loop about Stefano getting kidnapped. Victor says if anything happens to Stephanie it's on his head. E.J. tells Nicole that this wasn't supposed to happen this way and didn't want innocent people to get hurt, Nicole says if he comes clean he could go to prison. Lexie sits by Stefano's bedside and says that she's here and isn't leaving him. Henderson tells Philip and Melanie that he gave Owen is check in advance, and realize that it's him and vows to find Owen personally. Owen dashes to the morgue to check on Stephanie and sees that she's not breathing. Brady comes to the house and Philip tells Melanie that he can't find him here or he'll call the cops. Victor tells Bo that he hasn't acknowledged him as his father, and is ashamed thinking he'll contaminate Ciara, and tells Bo to get out of his sight. Philip and Melanie take off, before Brady can find them. Bo arrests E.J. at the hospital unless he can provide information where Stephanie is. Victor tells Brady to get out of the mansion and tells Henderson to pack up his stuff. Stephanie slaps Owen and tells him to get off of her, Owen says she made a mistake doing that. Bo tells Lexie that he wants to talk to Stefano, cause it might save Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #11088
    Ep. #11088
    Episode 137
    Lucas has a dream of Chloe telling him that she isn't in love with him. Brady tells Bo that he thinks that Stephanie was out getting stuff and overheard Victor say that something was going down tonight. Owen tells E.J. that he's never handing Stephanie over to him cause he doesn't what he'll do to her. Daniel keeps tossing and turning and having a dream of Chloe saying that she loves him. Philip calls E.J. and says that he's late and where's Stephanie, E.J. says that she'll be there and to be patient. Chloe wakes up and sees Lucas watching her and asks what's wrong, he says he had a dream of her not loving him. Bo makes arrangements to locate Victor to see exactly what he's up to and says for Brady to stay here. Melanie walks in on Brady's having a tempermental moment. E.J. tells his men that they're leaving and he'll take care of Owen another time. Stephanie asks Owen what he plans on doing to her, Owen says he's going to save her. Lucas says that he's going for a drive to clear his head and that Chloe should stay home. Owen says that Stephanie is free to go, but she's startled when Owen says that they'll be going away together. Chloe sees Daniel at Java and immediately turns around and leaves. Brady asks Melanie to show him Stephanie's earring, but she doesn't see how this is important. Lucas finds himself at Maggie's house, Maggie says if he's been going to his meetings. Philip realizes that he doesn't have Stephanie and attacks E.J., Bo raids the pier and arrests everyone, Philip makes a run for it. Lucas tells Maggie that Kate and Chloe are talking about something evasive and is keeping stuff from him. E.J. is glad when he sees Stefano up and around. Bo summons Victor and tells him what went down at the pier. Chloe runs into Daniel at the pub and sees that he a letter wanting a leave of absence but he thinks leaving won't make him forget about her. Melanie gives Philip one of Stephanie's earrings thinking it's a clue.moreless
  • Ep. #11087
    Ep. #11087
    Episode 136
    Philip and E.J. make plans to exchange Stephanie for Stefano, but E.J. says not just yet cause these things take time. Will says that Rafe wouldn't be adopting Grace if there wasn't any schemeing going on. Arianna tells Rafe that this thing he has with Sami, is a reminder of what he had with someone else. Owen tells an unconscious Stephanie that he has no plans to hand her over to E.J., and goes to find Stephanie's phone. Brady hears Philip and Victor talking and asks what is going on here. Max introduces himself to Rafe. Stefano says that E.J. will not give up on him and he'll be rescued soon. Will says to Sami that as long as there's no schemeing involved then he's okay with it, and asks him to watch Grace while she goes out. Philip tells Brady that they're ending the DiMera/Kiriakis feud peacefully. Victor tells Stefano that they're taking him somewhere, cause it's all over. E.J. tells Owen to bring Stephanie to the place where they first met, Owen immediately thinks that E.J. is planning something bad. Sami tells Rafe that she told Will, and he thought that she somehow tricked him into doing it. Bo learns that Victor lost the trail he had on him and disappeared. Will tells Mia about his fight with Sami, and called his mother on what he said and still think she's lying. Brady asks Bo to meet him and he has something important to tell him. Stephanie tries to encourage Owen to let him go and that she won't tell anyone that he was involved. Brady tells Bo that he thinks something bad has happened to Stephanie. E.J. calls Owen and asks why he's late, he says that there's been a change in the plans.moreless
  • Ep. #11086
    Ep. #11086
    Episode 135
    Sami mistakes Rafe admission for a marriage proposal and feels foolish. Philip makes an impassioned plea to Victor, but he says that releasing Stefano won't necessarily guarantee Stephanie's safety. Stephanie attacks Owen and makes a run for it. Sami tells Rafe that there's a snag in making him Grace's father without anyone finding out she's her mother. Philip tells Victor that Stephanie can testify against the DiMera's. Owen catches up with Stephanie in the woods, and says that he doesn't want to hurt her. Rafe says that there's one thing he can do, by telling them that he wants them to be together as a family. E.J. tells Nicole his plan and had Stephanie kidnapped. Stephanie falls back knocking herself out, Owen can't believe what he's done, and checks to see if she's dead. Victor promises Philip that nothing bad will happen to Stephanie. Arianna blows up at Rafe after hearing what he plans to do, and says that Sami is nothing but trouble. Sami tells Will that Rafe is adopting Grace, but he thinks that there's something big going on here and doesn't want to tell him why. Philip calls E.J. and says they'll do the swap Stephanie for Stefano.moreless
  • Ep. #11085
    Ep. #11085
    Episode 134
    E.J. informs Philip that he has Stephanie. Rafe and Sami enjoy their afternoon in bed, and admits that all the time in the safe house when they could've been doing this. Victor tells Stefano that the injection of insulin that they gave him was all they had and unless E.J. comes through by signing those papers. Owen tells Stephanie that he had no choice and was just following orders. Arianna tells Brady to get some ice for that coffee burn. Melanie plans to sell Stephanie's earring online hoping to make some money. E.J. tells Philip that his girlfriend is safe at least for now. E.J. tells Philip that he wants Stefano released immediately, Philip wants proof that he has Stephanie, E.J. shows him a picture. Melanie sees as Arianna and Brady are getting cozy, she then decides to do the right thing and give Stephanie back her earring. Stefano asks the nurse how long he'll have, she says that he doesn't have much time. Owen tells Stephanie that she has to remain her until he gets further instructions. Brady sees and recognizes the earring and that it looks familiar, and learns Melanie is selling it. E.J. rips up the contract thinking that now that he has leverage it's null and void. Sami goes in the living room and sees Rafe tending to Grace, Sami says she's going to tell Will that she and Rafe are together. Rafe says he has a good idea of his own and explains to Sami about being a father Grace. Philip then calls Victor and tells him that E.J. has Stephanie, but Victor refuses to help.moreless
  • Ep. #11084
    Ep. #11084
    Episode 133
    Philip asks Carlo to search the house to find Stephanie. E.J. thinks that Owen doesn't recognize the number so he text messages him instead. Philip calls Owen and says he's calling all the staff and asks if he'd seen Stephanie, she then starts to groan a little which makes Owen very nervous thinking Philip. Arianna apologizes to Brady for eavesdropping on another one of his calls. Nicole tells E.J. that she's doing her best to get Johnny to stop from crying and sees that his phone is broken, E.J. says it's cause of Sami. Rafe tells Sami that they don't have to do this if she doesn't want to, Sami says she does but is a little afraid. Brady sees that Arianna is pretty much checking him out. Owen tells E.J. that the mission has indeed been accomplished. Victor instructs the nurse to give Stefano his final dose of insulin which awakens him. Sami comes out after checking on Grace and sees that Rafe is gone. Philip leaves a message on Stephanie's voicemail apologizing for the outburst they had earlier. Stephanie hears her phone vibrating, and tries to make a call but Owen stops her and says if she does then they're both dead. Arianna tells Brady that she's not hitting on him, Brady said why was she talking to him about his marital status. Rafe returns and tells Sami that he didn't leave and doesn't plan on doing so. Victor calls E.J. and says that Stefano was given a rather large dose of insulin and that he's all out and no plans to restock and if the papers are signed. Philip grows worried about Stephanie's whereabouts. Stephanie awakens and realizes she has been kidnapped. Philip wants Brady to tell him where his loyalties lie with either the Kiriakis's or the DiMera's. Nicole tells E.J. that she finally got Johnny to sleep. Sami and Rafe make love for the first time. Philip calls Max and asks if he thinks Stephanie went to visit her parents, E.J. then walks on the pier. Owen prepares to send the pic of to E.J.'s phone, Stephanie gets a pair of scissors waiting to attack him.moreless
  • Ep. #11083
    Ep. #11083
    Episode 132
    Sami demands that E.J. tell her the real reason they're armed guards outside the mansion and is concerned for Johnny's safety. Arianna overhears Rafe order some roses for Sami and she says she is going to break his heart. Will hears Mia tell Brady that she didn't want him to know the truth. Owen tells an unconscious Stephanie that he had no choice but to grab her, he then calls E.J. to tell him that the job is done, Sami then grabs the phone and breaks it. E.J. makes a vow to rescue his father from the clutches of the Kiriakis's and hopes he can hold out a little longer. Daniel finds an unconscious Philip in the living room and immediately calls 911, but Philip wakes up and says he's not going to the hospital. Brady realizes that Will is the friend that Mia lied to about going to rehab. Mia says that some of her former classmates started spreading rumors about her doing drugs and made Will thinks she was a junkie. Owen comes to the conclusion that E.J.'s been caught and thinks that he'll go to jail now, he quickly puts Stephanie back in the fridge, his father comes in and wants to know what's going on. Rafe insists that Sami call her father and get Johnny out of the mansion. Owen is probably thinking that if even E.J. did get caught he has no idea where he or Stephanie is, Owen then sees as an earring is missing and scrambles around to find it. Brady sees as Arianna is listening and Brady asks her what she heard. Mia admits to Will that she and says that she's a "recovering addict" and hasn't been to a meeting since rehab.moreless
  • Ep. #11082
    Ep. #11082
    Episode 131
    Melanie learns that Maggie is conducting her 12 step program in her home cause St. Luke's is being renovated, Brady arrives and shocks Melanie by saying that he'll be attending. E.J. tells Sami refuses to let Johnny spend the night at her place, Sami says that he just can't change their arrangement. Philip sees that Owen is still here and says for him to take off for the night. Melanie tells Brady that Stephanie will never accept what Philip does and never will. E.J. calls Owen and asks what's taking so long, Owen says it's happening right now as we speak. Melanie sees that her bracelet missing and thinks she might've left it at the pub. Philip tells Stephanie that he doesn't believe that she wants to marry him and end up having an argument and think that they shouldn't be married period, Philip tries to go and talk with her but falls on the floor. Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion and E.J. still refuses to let her take Johnny. Stephanie sit out on the patio and is then clorophormed by Owen. Mia arrives at Maggie's and didn't know this was her house and is her for the meeting, she's then startled to learn that Will is his aunt, Mia wonders if this day can get any worse, Brady walks in the room and asks her what she's doing here. Henderson tends to Philip and asks if everything is alright and that he'll be in his room if he needs him. Melanie gets an earful from Philip saying that Stephanie loves him, and passes out after hanging up with her. Owen loads Stephanie into a bin and fills it with leaves, he gets nervous when Melanie and an armed guard arrives. Sami sees that the back of Stefano's portrait is open and asks what's going on. Melanie finds a gold thing on the patio and it turns out to be one of Stephanie's earrings. Owen then takes Stephanie to the morgue and puts her in the fridge.moreless
  • Ep. #11081
    Ep. #11081
    Episode 130
    Owen's plan to kidnap Stephanie goes awry when Philip is about to drink it, Owen moves quickly and knocks the flowers and the glass over. Victor goes to check on Stefano. Nicole tells Dr. Baker good luck and hangs up thinking he'll never call her again. E.J. thinks and wonders if Owen is up to the job, he calls him to see how things are doing, Owen says that there's a problem and sees Philip drink some lemonade. Max tells Melanie that he wishes that he knew her while he was growing up, and asks her if she's still involved with the DiMera/Kiriakis feud. Bo tells Hope that Victor is going to ramp his plan for Stefano and E.J. and someone is going to get hurt or killed. Stefano slowly starts to regain conscious and tries to reach for Victor, but as expected he's too weak to do anything. Melanie assures Max that she's done with the whole fuels project thing, cause she has nothing to sell to either family. E.J. tells Nicole that behind Stefano's portrait there was information as well as some resources to help take down Victor and his family. Philip starts to feel the effects of the drugged lemonade. Owen thinks that since the DiMera's tried to kill Philip but to take him instead but that isn't the plan. Bo tells Victor he has no choice but to take him to the station, but Hope asks what would Ciara say if she came down and seen her grandfather in handcuffs. Stefano opens his eyes and tries to sit up, but slips back unconscious. Nicole pledges her undying support to E.J.'s plan. Melanie learns of Philip and Stephanie's engagement, and congratulates them, and says that Stephanie thinks she can change him but he'll never change. Ciara says that she can't find Tommy Bear, Bo says that he might know where it is. Victor pulls the sheet over Stefano's face and, he then grabs Victor's hand and says he isn't dead yet. Owen offers to get a dizzy Philip in the the the mansion, but a guard takes over. Ciara is delighted when Max finds Tommy Bear. Stefano calls E.J. and says he hopes he didn't give into Victor's ultimatum, E.J. assures him everything will be alright.moreless
  • Ep. #11080
    Ep. #11080
    Episode 129
    Owen asks E.J. to prove that he's a DiMera operative, and where he wants to meet. Rafe assures Sami that Dr. Baker won't be a problem and her "adoption" secret will be kept safe. Owen hears as Philip and Stephanie discuss setting a wedding date. Stefano remains unconscious while still confined where Victor has him. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he should leave Salem forever, he tells Nicole that if has another accident he's taking her with him and explains the letter of all the stuff that she did will be delivered to the authorities. Philip explains that he wants a big family with Stephanie. Rafe comes to see Dr. Baker to have a chat with him, but the nurse says that he just left and asks the nurse to give him his address, he then gets a call from Arianna wanting to have coffee but he says he can't right now. Owen meets up with E.J. and says that he's been working for Stefano and working at the Kiriakis mansion and keeping his eyes open. Dr. Baker is cornered by some thugs on the pier wanting their bosses money that he owes. Nicole brings Sydney into the Java cafe, and sees Grace in her stroller but Sami tells her to get away from her baby. E.J. tells Owen that his position is going to change and will do as he asks. The nurse calls Philip and gives him an update on Stefano's condition and says that he's alive but barely. Arianna makes some interesting observations about Sami and Nicole and they're babies have the same birthday. E.J. tells Owen that this ecomony is difficult for anyone to get a job, Owen then agrees to do what he wants. Dr. Baker promises to keep Sami's secret about Grace, and says that he's leaving town and isn't coming back. Philip sees for himself at how Stefano's condition is deteriorating. Owen startles Stephanie and gives her a glass of lemonade which he drugged.moreless
  • Ep. #11079
    Ep. #11079
    Episode 128
    Victor calls E.J. and says that the clock is ticking on Stefano, and needs an answer soon. Dr. Baker gives the letter that he'd written to his lawyer and instucts it be opened in the time of his death. Philip and Stephanie endulge in their first morning as an engaged couple. Nicole sees E.J. bruised and he says that Victor has his father and that he wants everything including DiMera Enterprises. Rafe tells Sami that he likes how he juggles like and also helping her do it and to sit down and relax. Caroline comes to the mansion and learns of Stephanie and Philip's engagement and isn't exactly pleased, she then secretly says that she is happy and thinks her granddaughter isn't safe within this house. E.J. tells Nicole that he doesn't want to be a target anymore and wants to live a normal life with her and be a family. Stefano starts to mutter while unconscious and for Elvis to listen to him. Carline says that she's upset that Stephanie has fallen for a Kiriakis. E.J. realizes Nicole might be right and there not being any other way out. Rafe and Sami bring Grace into see Lexie, and Nicole is worried but Sami then sees and recognizes Dr. Baker as the one who delivered her baby, Nicole says that it could be all over. Sami then walks off confusing Lexie and Rafe, Nicole thinks she may have more time. Stephanie is then startled by a leaf blower thinking it was a shot firing, Owen then apologizes for the intrusion. E.J. thinks he have figured out what Stefano meant, and finds an envelope in the back of his portrait on the wall. Caroline tells Victor that she's worried about Stephanie marrying into a family that's still futile. E.J. finds a passport in the envelope and a list of names. Nicole and Dr. Baker battle over what should be done about the baby switch.moreless
  • Ep. #11078
    Ep. #11078
    Episode 127
    Kate tells Lucas that she's off to London to be with Chelsea cause Billie has a secondary infection, Lucas asks if she was plannning on telling him she was leaving town cause she's been avoiding him. E.J. pulls the sheet to discover an unconscious Stefano, Victor comes in and says that he's alive at least for now. Nicole grabs the call button before Dr. Baker can use it. Lucas asks Kate what her deal with Chloe is. Hope tells Bo that the "nurse" that tried to kill Philip was put in a cell with an informant, so she's hoping to get some answers. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that if she wanted him he would be. Victor tells E.J. that it's time to start their negotiations and he has what Stefano needs which is insulin. Bo tells Max that Chelsea landed and Heathrow yesterday and is getting settled at the hospital with Billie. Daniel asks Chloe if her marriage makes her happy. Dr. Baker says he'll make a deal with the D.A. and give up her and then they'll go after the DiMera's, Nicole then cautions Dr. Baker that if he goes to the cops he'll wish he didn't wake up. Victor shows a sign of faith and instructs the nurse to give Stefano a dose of insulin. Bo wants Max to explain to him what a secondary infection is, he says that's it's much worse than a standard one. Victor shows E.J. a contract and when he signs it, Stefano will get more insulin and the DiMera organization will belong to him. Kate tells Lucas the reason that she was quarreling with Chloe is cause of what happened between him and her. Nicole explains to Dr. Baker that someone tried to kill Philip by attempting to suffocate him, so he can tell E.J. if he wants. Chloe explains to Lucas that she just had a checkup and asks if he can take her home. Victor has one of his men knock him out and says it was a pleasure doing business with him. Bo has a vision of him finding Ciara's bear on the ground. Dr. Baker writes what Nicole did on paper in case if he ends up dead. E.J. wakes up on the pier and promises his father that this isn't over.moreless
  • Ep. #11077
    Ep. #11077
    Episode 126
    Philip tells Stephanie what plan that Victor has got in motion and if she's ready to sell her soul. E.J. tells Victor that he's bluffing, Victor says does want to risk Stefano's life on that. Nicole tries to think where would Dr. Baker would hide her secret, Dr. Baker then grabs her hand and then falls back unconscious. Rafe and Sami are arrested when a cop says they're in a restricted area. Will tells Maggie that he encountered some kids that Mia knew and started saying this about her and thought Mia would say it was a lie but didn't, Maggie offers to help Will take care of Grace. Victor gives Stefano's ring and proof that he in fact has him, Victor has an offer for E.J. to end this thing once and for all and to leave Philip alone. Maggie introduces herself to Mia and asks if she wants to talk about her problems, Mia then opens up about what some kids told Will about her wasn't true. Nicole tells Mary to call 911 cause she doesn't Dr. Bake is breathing, by performing CPR. Rafe and Sami take their romance back to the townhouse but run into Will, he then asks how they got all wet. The EMT's tells Nicole that Dr. Baker broke a rib but is now stable. Victor's men takes E.J.'s and says that calling Nicole would be pointless and if he were to turn up dead she'll be seeing dollar signs. Nicole is told that Dr. Baker probably won't remember anything at all or not ever. Will calls Mia about wanting to get together later, Mia sees Will but leaves before he can see her. E.J. is then taken to a secluded location. Philip proposes to Stephanie, she tearfully accepts. Dr. Baker wakes up and tells Nicole that she tried to kill him. E.J. turns on the lights and sees someone laying on the bed wrapped in a sheet.moreless
  • Ep. #11076
    Ep. #11076
    Episode 125
    Victor comes to the hospital to take Philip and says that phase one has just begun. Sami gets ready for her date with Rafe, Will says he and Mia will be at Java if she needs them. E.J. calls Dr. Baker and he's stunned that E.J. knows when his shift will be over and to come to the mansion right away, E.J. tells Nicole the reason is that he thinks he had something to do with Stefano, cause he's missing. Stephanie welcomes Philip home and she then stands up to Victor. Victor tells Philip that phase one of their plan is complete. Kinsey goes to catch up with Mia, and wonders what she's been up to lately, when she goes to the ladies room, Kinsey tells Will that Mia dropped out of school mid-term. Sami and Rafe's first date turns into a disaster, when Sami slips and falls in the water. Dr. Baker tells E.J. that he no part in Stefano's disappearance but thinks he knows who did, E.J. then gets a call from Victor asks to meet him at the pier. Stephanie is startled when she sees Philip's bandage, and says she went to see E.J. and gave him hell, Philip says she shouldn't have done that. Will asks Mia if what Kinsey said that she left Salem West was cause she went to rehab for doing drugs or was it some other reason. Rafe pulls Sami out of the river and immediately and says the date wasn't a disaster. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that she has the means to erase his debts once and for all. Mia lies to Will and says it was drugs and doesn't say she had a baby. E.J. comes to the pier as to Victor's request and tells him he has Stefano. Nicole accidentally pushes Dr. Baker causing him to fall down the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #11075
    Ep. #11075
    Episode 124
    Victor lays into the police for allowing an assassin dressed as a nurse try to murder his son. Nicole sees that Dr. Baker left his keys at Java, she then sees as Rafe and Sami come in. Brady walks in and asks Victor and Philip what DiMera member they're planning on killing next. Max waits with Chelsea at the airport for her father, Bo then rushes in to his daughter the proper send off. Brady tells Victor that revenge isn't going to solve anything. Victor tells Brady to either prove where his loyalties lie and if not stay out of it. Chelsea assures Bo that she will be back again one day. Nicole sees that Sami is tending to Sydney, she goes up to her and says she doesn't want her within a mile of her daughter. Max tells Chelsea that he doesn't want her to go. Brady tells Bo that he thinks that Victor and Philip are up to something. Dr. Baker comes in and Nicole causes a scene to keep Sami from seeing and later meet on the pier, Dr. Baker says that he's going to run into Sami one way or another. Rafe keeps Johnny and Allie entertained and Sami as well. Bo tells Victor to stop this insanity before it gets worse, Victor asks Bo if they targeted Chelsea, Ciara or even Shawn would he sit by and let the police handle it. Rafe introduces Sami to Arianna, and she says she knows exactly who she is. Max and Chelsea kiss as she gets ready to board the plane to London.moreless
  • Ep. #11074
    Ep. #11074
    Episode 123
    Chloe asks Kate where this hostility is coming from as she continues to yell at her. Hope learns from Melanie that a new nurse is checking on Philip, Hope intervenes and sees her trying to smother Philip and Melanie sees he isn't breathing. Nicole discovers that E.J. is investigating Dr. Baker, and finds some shocking information. Stephanie returns home to find Chelsea on the couch crying and she asks what wrong, Chelsea says that she had a breakdown about the thought that in one second Billie could've been dead and she'd never have seen her again. Philip tells Melanie if she's enjoying herself, as Dr. Baker and Nurse Maxine come into the room. Kate tells Chloe to think about all that she's done in her life and then try to explain. E.J. tells Nicole that Stefano was investigating Dr. Baker and not him, and he probably had his reasons, E.J. then asks Nicole why she fired him as Sydney's doctor anyways. Melanie calls Stephanie and tells her that someone tried to kill Philip again. Hope explains to Philip that woman stole an I.D. from a nurse and that's how she got access to his room. Kate tells Chloe that she knows about her affair with Daniel and she still went off to Vegas and married Lucas, Lucas arrives to hear Kate fire Chloe as host of the show and asks what's going on. E.J. thinks that Dr. Baker could be very useful to the DiMera's. Stephanie comes in and sees Melanie helping Philip up. E.J. is angry that Masi didn't obey his orders when he cancelled the other attempt on Philip's life. Hope tells Chelsea that Bo is on his way to Chicago, Chelsea thinks she won't get a chance to say goodbye, but Hope says she'll get Bo to hurry back to send her off. Nicole runs into Dr. Baker at Java and for him to do what she wants and if he wants to stay alive, cause Stefano knows that he's a gambler. Stephanie confronts E.J. at the mansion about what almost happened to Philip. Lucas makes a call wanting answers of why Chloe was really fired. Hope tells Chelsea that she's going to missed around here and turned into a beautiful young lady.moreless
  • Ep. #11073
    Ep. #11073
    Episode 122
    Stephanie has a dream of Philip flatlining and him dying and she wakes up and, he says that everything is okay. Kate tells Daniel that she knows that he was the one that Chloe was having an affair with, Daniel asks what she plans to do with what she knows. Lucas continues to overhear Chloe and Father Matt talking about keeping secrets. Sami hears Rafe tells Arianna that there's a place only for her in his heart, Sami waits til she leaves before confronting Rafe and he tries to explain everything to her. Chelsea tells Max that she's leaving and she doesn't know how long, Max then offers to go with her. Philip tells Stephanie that when he gets out of the hospital everything will be just fine. Daniel realizes that Kate has been watching him and Chloe all this time, and to take her frustration out on him and to leave Chloe alone. Father Matt does Chloe a favor and keeps her secret and tells Lucas that she wanted him to officiate the ceremony if they plan to get re-married in the church. Rafe tells Sami that he knew Arianna for a long time since she his little sister, Sami then realizes she jumped to conclusions and asks Rafe why he never mentioned he had a sister. Philip tells Stephanie that leaving town will not end this war with the DiMera's, Stephanie says that she loves him but she can't live like this and leaves his room. Chelsea asks Max that if he does in fact go with her he won't have any familiar surroundings in England then there is in Salem. Rafe asks Sami if she would've taken Nicole's place at the altar, Sami says to hear her out before he storms off yet again. Chelsea goes to see Philip and says that Stephanie isn't coming back. Lucas tells Chloe that he doesn't want any secrets between them. Stephanie returns to the hospital to see Philip, he thought she was never coming back. Kate overhears Chloe leave a message for Daniel, and shows her true colors and says she doesn't owe Chloe a damn thing. A "nurse" comes into Philip's room and gives him a sedative and takes away the call button and starts to smother him with a pillow.moreless
  • Ep. #11072
    Ep. #11072
    Episode 121
    Chelsea tells Kate that she insists on going to London to be with her mother and she should stay for Philip. Arianna tells Rafe that another they could make up for lost time is if he buys her breakfast. Chloe runs into Will at Java and he asks her if she knew his father back in the day. Lucas asks Sami if this Rafe guy can be trusted about knowing about Grace, Sami tells Lucas that Rafe isn't here and feels she may have scared him away. Kate thinks that Billie wouldn't allow Chelsea to go to London and put her life on hold just to take care of her. Daniel tells Chelsea that if she does go to England he'll miss her around the hospital, Kate then sees them embracing. Rafe and Arianna continue to catch up over coffee, and wonders what he doesn't want her to know, Arianna knows that he got fired cause he wouldn't leave the agency voluntarily. Kate gets more bad news about Billie and, Chelsea talks with the doctors and says she has training in O.T. and tells Kate she'll call her with an update. Will explains to Chloe that he was wrong and she belongs with his father. Chloe runs into Father Matt and asks how married life is treating her, and Chloe continues keeping her secret from him. Chelsea tells Abe and Lexie the news about Billie's accident and is going to be with her, and explains to Theo she'll be away for a long while. Will walks in and wants to know what secret that Lucas is going to keep for Sami, and pretty much lays into her for getting his father involved in her latest scheme, and says that Rafe is still at Java and could probably catch him, he tells Lucas that he saw Chloe on the pier and invited her to one of his baseball games. Sami sees Rafe with Arianna at Java.moreless
  • Ep. #11071
    Ep. #11071
    Episode 120
    E.J. thinks of Sami while making love to Nicole. Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't love E.J. and doesn't want to have a relationship with him and goes and kisses Rafe. E.J. makes a call to Masi and cancels whatever he had planned for a retaliation against Philip but loses their connection and Masi says that it will be done this time. Melanie sees Chelsea going onto the computer at Max's medical school application to see if got in. Rafe tells Sami that she loves making E.J. jealous and his little come ons, Sami then tells Rafe that he's right and that they do have a problem. Melanie tells Dr. Baker that she saw someone do something and thinks that she should report it right away. Dr. Baker lays into Chelsea and wonders what she wanted with the medical school admissions, she explains that she wanted to see if her boyfriend got accepted or not. Stephanie proposes that Philip run away with her possibly to Greece and never come back to Salem so he can be safe. Max tells Chelsea that he's not mad that he peeked at the results, he's mad cause she felt that she had to. Will comes home as Rafe leaves and asks Sami what's going on. Chelsea tells Max that she just found out that Billie was involved in an accident. E.J. looks at Stefano's portrait and assures that there will be no finger pointing at them. Masi gives some instructions to go and retrieve an envelope down by the pier, a mysterious person then opens it and sees all that money. Stephanie rips up something and throws it in the garbage thinking Philip will never change. Philip thanks Melanie for her support and those who wronged will pay dearly. Melanie finds what Stephanie threw in the garbage. Rafe sees an old friend on the pier and it turns out to be Arianna.moreless
  • Ep. #11070
    Ep. #11070
    Episode 119
    Rafe and Sami continue to get intimate at the townhouse. Hope say she thinks she can get to Stefano herself by going to the DiMera mansion. Nicole faces her conscience. The guard at Philip's hospital room stops Chloe and says she can't go in, Brady then arrives and tells him to get his hands off of her. E.J. tells Nicole that Stefano has gone away for a few days and no one needs to know about it, Nicole says I love you to E.J. as he hangs up and doesn't hear it. Sami tells Rafe that she's wanted to be with him for quite some time now. Mia forgets her baby trouble with Will at the Jave cafe when he suggests that they go out somewhere. Hope comes looking for Stefano and Nicole says that he's not at home. Rafe and Sami's intimate moment is interrupted by a knock on the door and it turns out to be E.J. Hope tells Nicole that E.J. would be so proud that she's become the perfect DiMera housewife and is lying about Stefano's whereabouts. Chloe asks Brady if she's in love with Nicole, Brady says that he isn't anymore and it's not her concern. E.J. has a proposition for Rafe that Nicole needs a bodyguard since he's already familiar with his house. Hope tells Nicole that the DiMera's will chew her up and spit her out. Someone from Java recognizes Mia and her reputation at the school that she used to go to. Sami makes it clear with E.J. that she's not in love with him, but he's talking about her and Rafe and thinks it's a rebound thing. Will asks Mia why she shuts down when he talks about stuff that happened before they met. Sami wants to finish her thing with Rafe before they were interrupted. Brady asks Lucas how's married life going on and that it's already been a month.moreless
  • Ep. #11069
    Ep. #11069
    Episode 118
    Lexie tells Stefano that he wasn't poisoned and that his collapse was caused by him and the results show that he has type two diabetes. Chelsea insists on helping Max at the Brady Pub. Stephanie goes to visit Philip but the guard outside insists on checking her I.D. and she tells Philip that she can't take anymore of this. Lexie tells Stefano that he has to change his whole outlook on the way that he lives. Rafe tells Sami that he's not giving up, Sami says that he's probably scared on her and she'll do just about anything to keep him from getting on the plane and hasn't felt this strongly about anyone in a long time. Chelsea tells Max to read that letter from that Med school and what it, but it only says that they got his application, Chelsea asks if he does get accepted what would it mean for their relationship. Philip tells Lexie that he's not going to have another DiMera treat him and tells her to get out, Stephanie says that Lexie is the one that pretty much saved his life. Stefano tells E.J. he'll be going out of the country so that he can be treated gives instructions to E.J. to take care of Kiriakis. Rafe and Sami say their goodbyes as he goes to board the plane. Max insists on having Chelsea move to Chicago with him, Chelsea's worried since she just signed a lease, Max has her troubles solved when the barista Arianna is looking for a place to live herself. Sami is thrilled when Rafe "missed" his flight and they embrace and then kiss. Stefano says that he has a way to get past airport security with no problems. Sami and Rafe go back to the townhouse and immediately get intimate.moreless
  • Ep. #11068
    Ep. #11068
    Episode 117
    Brady calls E.J. a coward and that he stood in a church and let someone else do his dirty work for him. Stefano goes to the hospital and wanting Lexie's help and says that he's been poisoned. Stefano tells Lexie that he has an idea who poisoned him. Nicole tells Victor that Stefano welcomed her into the DiMera family and that they take care of their own. Dr. Baker tells Mia that the reason that she didn't feel anything for Sydney is cause she isn't her daughter and isn't emotionally connected. Rafe tells Sami the reason he didn't return her calls is cause he wanted to avoid another one of their fights, Rafe then tells Sami that it doesn't matter and that he's still leaving. Nicole sees Brady and E.J. fighting in front of the pub and she goes out and stops it. E.J. tells Victor that he hopes that Philip makes a full recovery, Victor then tells E.J. that he should worry about his father and not Philip. Sami asks Rafe that if he's deliberately trying to avoid seeing her on purpose. Lexie comes back into the room and sees that Stefano is unconscious. Victor gets a call and says to let him know when it's done. Rafe tells Sami that he knew about the DiMera's putting a hit on Philip and and that it was only time until they retaliated after Tony's death. Brady tells Nicole that the person who's holding her daughter has so much blood on his hands. Lexie calls E.J. and says that Stefano is here at the hospital, and Stefano says that Victor poisoned him. Mia goes to see Will and tells him she's really here to see Grace. E.J. tells Stefano that Victor was pretty much gloating. Lexie says that she got his test results back. Will then invites her to have something to eat at the Brady Pub and even more cause Grace will be there too. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that she's homefree and covered for her during the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #11067
    Ep. #11067
    Episode 116
    Stefano wakes up and tries to figure why he collapsed. E.J. and Nicole enjoy their first morning as husband and wife. Rafe prepares to go to New York and leave Salem for good also to forget about Sami altogether. Victor tells Brady that this is the beginning and Stefano will regret the day he tried to screw with his family. Stefano reads the paper and is mad that Philip survived the shooting. Mia looks at a photo of Nicole and E.J. and says that she will see her baby today and that Nicole won't be able to stop her, and then calls Nicole. Stefano tells E.J. that it's best that they stay in Salem, cause the Kiriakis's are coming after them. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and practically threatens him, but he says what's the harm in allowing Mia to see her baby. Nicole is uncomfortable leaving the house with a bodyguard watching her at all times. Roman tells Sami that she was skeptical at first but is glad that Grace is in their lives, Sami says that Rafe has moved on and is leaving town, Roman tells Sami that Rafe hasn't left yet but his flight does leave today, Sami asks him to watch Grace while she goes after Rafe. Stefano starts to feel woozy again. Rafe arrives at the airport and says to himself to just forget about her. Nicole meets with Mia on the pier and lets her hold Sydney and Mia feels that something is wrong and that it doesn't feel like her baby. Roman and questions Stefano cause Victor pretty much accused him of ordering the hit on Philip and says that he's not going to charge him at least not yet. Victor tells Brady that he's gonna hit the DiMera's where it hurts the most. Sami gets to there just in time as Rafe Dr. Baker tells Mia that there's a reason that the baby didn't feel like her's and it's about time she knew. Victor warns Nicole to sit back and enjoy it cause it's only gonna get darker. Brady tells E.J. that he's gonna pay for what he did to him and to Philip. Stefano has reasons to believe he's been poisoned, cause the person who served him his latte no longer works there. Sami tells Rafe how much she means to her before it's too late.moreless
  • Ep. #11066
    Ep. #11066
    Episode 115
    Daniel insists that he should induce hypothermia on Philip hoping it'll strengthen his chances. Bo encounters Stefano at Java and shares a few choice words with him, that if he makes another attempt on Philip's life he'll answer to him. Nicole meets her new bodyguard and immediately scares her and she tells E.J. that she can't live like this. Kate makes a promise that if her son lives she'll be more loving. E.J. insists on redoing the carrying Nicole over the threshold all over again. Chloe apologizes to Lucas for losing control of her emotions, Lucas says it's okay since he was her first love. Daniel tells Stephanie that she's the best medicine for Philip right now. Kate tells Victor that she's going to forego her revenge plan on Chloe and will forgive. Philip's condition continues to concern his family and friends. Daniel comes out and tells everyone that Philip is awake. Stefano gets word from one his men that Philip will survive the shooting which makes him very angry, he then calls E.J. and says that there better not be anymore mistakes the second time. Bo approaches Stefano and says he listened to half of his conversation and that it's time to start talking, cause he'd hate to have E.J. brought in on his wedding night. Nicole and E.J. enjoy an intimate wedding reception at home. Victor tells Kate that the DiMera's won't get near Philip cause he is gonna take care of it personally. Philip tells Stephanie to get away from him cause he's bad for him, Stephanie says that she's not going anywhere cause she loves him. Stefano returns and begins not to feel so good and then collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #11065
    Ep. #11065
    Episode 114
    Victor tells Stefano that he doesn't want his sympathy, Kate arrives and asks what's going on and Victor says that Philip was shot. Stephanie calls for help cause Philip is non responsive. Victor tells Bo that Stefano put a hit out on his brother. Chloe says for Nicole to leave Sami and E.J. and for them to say whatever they have to. Sami realizes that E.J. thinks she stopped the wedding cause he thinks she's still in love with him. Daniel works around the clock to save an ailing Philip and tells Stephanie to leave the room. Stefano tells Victor that he doesn't have a shred of evidence to back up his accusation, Kate then feels faint. Nicole tells Chloe that Philip was shot earlier and apologizes for telling her earlier. Kate asks Stefano if what Victor says is true, Stefano says of course it isn't. Nicole understands when Chloe goes to the hospital when she's unable to reach Lucas and remembers that he's in meetings all day. Sami tells E.J. that the killer that he supposedly hired didn't kill Philip cause he's still alive. Daniel comes out and says that he has news about Philip's condition and says that they managed to stabilize him, Kate then abruptly slaps Stefano. Nicole then goes out and asks E.J. who he's been talking with all this time. Sami thanks she didn't tell E.J. the truth, and Will wants to know what truth, Will says that Rafe stopped by earlie to give her this and Sami sees that it's her medal. Kate tells Stefano to get away from her cause she's dead to him. Bo asks Stefano if he used his cell phone anytime during the ceremony. Daniel gets his test back and asks the nurse to double check them, Victor asks Daniel what's wrong with Philip. Sami asks Will what Rafe said when he dropped it off, Sami then remembers the kiss she and Rafe shared together and goes to call him but learns the number was disconnected. Daniel tells Kate that he's having the tests redone and if it's accurate then they're could be a complication.moreless
  • Ep. #11064
    Ep. #11064
    Episode 113
    Nicole asks Sami what she's doing interrupting the wedding. Melanie tells Brady that he could've been killed and that she could've found his dead body on the pier. Stephanie screams in horror when she sees Philip practically bleeding to death and find Masi standing over him and screams for help. Nicole tells Sami that she knows the reason that Sami is interrupting the ceremony is cause she likes being the centre of attention. Melanie asks Brady if he thinks that Nicole should in fact go through with it. The E.M.T's arrive and Stephanie says for them to hurry. Sami tells Nicole that it's none of her business, E.J. says that anything she has to say she can say in front of Nicole. Stefano is told that the job was done. Victor gets a disturbing call about Philip. Philip is brought into the hospital and Melanie comforts Stephanie and says that everything is alright cause Philip is strong. Lexie informs E.J. that Philip was shot, and Sami comes to the conclusion that E.J. and Stefano had their part in it. Stephanie thanks Melanie for the clothes and the support since her parents can't be with her, Victor then arrives and asks if there's any change in Philip's condtion. E.J. and Nicole go back in and resume the wedding. Sami calls the hospital pretending to be Cassie to see how Philip is. Victor remembers what Stefano said about him feeling what it's like to lose a son and tells Lexie that he wants Daniel to take over his case, he then asks Stephanie exactly what happened in that hotel room. Father Matt pronounces E.J. and Nicole husband and wife, Sami tells Grace that she's going to tell E.J. something. Victor tells Stefano that this is just the beginning. Stephanie is glad that Philip is awake but is scared when he flatlines.moreless
  • Ep. #11063
    Ep. #11063
    Episode 112
    Philip assures Stephanie what they're enjoying will always be like this. Sami can't believe that Nicole is actually married to E.J., Max says that they ring the bells before the ceremony which means they aren't married yet. E.J. asks Nicole who this woman is and why she's interrupting the wedding, Mia apologizes and Dr. Baker asks her to sit with him, E.J. asks Nicole what's going and why Dr. Baker is here. Melanie sees Brady on the pier all battered and bruised. Masi tells the man in the church that the target is not alone and if Stefano cares about collateral damage. Stephanie hears a noise and Philip asks if anyone's there. Melanie yells for help but can't find anyone to assist her, so she takes Brady over to the pub. Dr. Baker takes Mia out of the church before she can make a scene, and says that there's something that she should know. Father Matt tells E.J. and Nicole that it's time for the vows. Masi knocks on the door saying he's room service, Philip then gets up and goes to see as Masi prepares to shoot when he does. Sami and Max are shocked when Brady comes into the pub all bruised. Stephanie stops Philip and says that they aren't dressed and he says for him to leave the champagne outside. Dr. Baker says that Mia should do what's best for her baby, and confesses that the DiMera's are evil and killers. Masi subdues a housekeeper and takes the key to Philip's room. Stefano stands up and tells Nicole if she truly understands what it's like to be a DiMera, and he gives them his blessing. Sami tells Brady that she knows what she's doing by going to the church. Dr. Baker shows Mia some archives from the internet about the DiMera's. Masi takes aim and shoots Philip in bed. Sami arrives with Grace and interrupts the ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #11062
    Ep. #11062
    Episode 111
    Philip learns that his meeting is with Stephanie at a hotel so they can have some quality time. Masi sets his position. Dr. Baker overhears Lexie that she has to get ready for E.J.'s wedding. E.J. and Stefano tells E.J. that this day he'll be married and also the day that Philip will pay in full over Tony's death. Chloe sees as Brady comes to the church wanting to talk to Nicole, but she doesn't think that it's a good idea. Sami calls and leaves a message for Rafe and says that Grace as well as her misses him. Nicole is thrown when Dr. Baker arrives at the church and says that there's no way that he was going to miss her big day, Nicole insists that he leave before E.J. gets here, Dr. Baker then threatens to bring Mia to the wedding. Philip and Stephanie enjoy each others company while getting intimate. Sami wants Max to change her tire so she can make it to the church on time. Masi calls E.J. and tells him that Philip isn't at the house and wonders where he could've gone. Nicole prepares to go down the aisle and Brady mouths the words good luck to her and then leaves. Max tells Sami that the spare tire is also flat, so she decides to walk to the church and bumps into Masi outside the pub. Mia makes a surprise appearance at E.J. and Nicole's wedding and stands up and speaks.moreless
  • Ep. #11061
    Ep. #11061
    Episode 110
    Chloe arrives at the cabin and sees Nicole all sad and thinks the wedding has been called off. Brady is caught off guard when Melanie kisses him after having a unsettling encounter with Nicole. Sami confesses to Lucas that she has to do something that will change her life as well as everyone else's and wants him to know about it first. Nicole says that the wedding is still on as planned and thinks that she's making a mistake. Sami says that her baby didn't die and is in fact Grace and she's E.J.'s daughter. Stefano asks E.J. if she's ready for this wedding, E.J. says that he's more then ready. Lucas abolishes Sami for keeping her pregnancy a secret and that tons of people are going to be mad especially E.J. and asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Brady stops the kiss and Melanie feels he thinks she's a shallow person. Nicole is in awe when she sees that her mother sent her a gift containing her grandmother's pearls. Melanie asks Brady if he's in love with Nicole. Philip tells Stephanie that his business calls are done, but insists that he take them and finish his Titan business. Stefano says that he has to resolve this business with Philip even if it's his son's wedding day, and asks him if he's having doubts. Nicole thinks that she's doomed when the gift Chloe gives her breaks. E.J. gives Stefano the okay to make the call and is then introduced to Masi. Philip gets a call to attend a mysterious meeting with a new client. Sami tried to tell E.J. about their child.moreless
  • Ep. #11060
    Ep. #11060
    Episode 109
    Mia tells Nicole that she's going to do what it takes to make sure that Sydney doesn't end up in foster care, Nicole says to Mia if she confesses she'll ruin her daughters life. Rafe shows up at the penthouse to give Sami her St. Ann's medal back and runs into Will. Rafe talks to Will about Sami, Will asks if his mother dumped him. Mia says that she's going to get her baby back. Roman and Hope decide to ambush the person who's about to come in the room. Melanie arrives at the pub to have lunch with Max, and says that she's not enjoying her job. Brady walks on the pier and remembers what Melanie said about telling the woman how he really feels. Hope and Roman find out it's the maid bringing more towels for the room. Nicole tells Mia to make a decision and if she wants Sydney in her already complicated life, Mia then agrees, Nicole's shocked when Brady arrives at the cabin. Mia calls Will asking to come over. Chelsea comes in and sees Max tending to Arianna and sees that she bruised her hand, Melanie reveals to Chelsea that Max filled out an application for medical school, Max says to Chelsea that the reason that he didn't tell her that he's afraid that he wouldn't get accepted. Bo bursts into the room and sees Roman and Hope, Hope sees that he took them all down. Mia learns that Will is babysitting Grace, and asks her to hold the baby. Brady tells Nicole that he loves her and that she won't be happy with E.J. and she deserves to be loved by someone else. Hope tells Bo that his vision was wrong and that he can trust her.moreless
  • Ep. #11059
    Ep. #11059
    Episode 108
    Mia confronts Nicole about her so called lies and says she won't let her have her baby. Bo has another vision and sees that today is the day that Hope sleeps with Roman. Chloe tells Kate that she can't meet with her cause she's helping Nicole for her wedding, Kate says to come to the pub cause she has a surprise for her, Daniel arrives and Kate thanks him for coming so quickly. Mia tells Nicole that she spent half the night reading all of her transgressions. Roman tells Hope at Java that he's her new partner on the stakeout and that the location is at a hotel. Chloe meets Mia and asks Nicole who she is. Kate wants Daniel to appear on her show and talk about his medical expertise, Daniel says that he'll be delighted. Maggie tells Bo that Hope left with Roman a little while ago. Kate sits down with Daniel and tells Chloe and says that Daniel has agreed to be on her show, Chloe says that it's probably a bad idea. Roman tells Hope that they could be here all day. Nicole asks Mia who's been telling her all this stuff. Chris comes in and tells Katie some bad news that all the stuff for her talk show was obliterated in a fire. Officer Chatsworth tells Bo that the location changed and doesn't know where, Bo says to find Roman's informant right away. Nicole tries to get through to Mia that she's not the person that she read about anymore and is going to take care of Sydney. Maggie offers Chez Rouge as a temporary studio, Kate thinks it's a magnificent idea. Hope sees that the buyer has shown and thinks that he seen her looking through the window. Nicole tries to guilt Mia by saying that she might go to jail and might lose her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11058
    Ep. #11058
    Episode 107
    Brady hopes and prays that Nicole doesn't go through with marrying E.J. Nicole remembers Rafe as the cable guy in her room that night. Will tells Mia that Nicole was once his stepmother and doesn't remember much about that just with what he was told. Melanie tries to get out of paying for a salad but gets caught by the waitress. Sami tells Rafe no matter what she decides he's not going to leave Salem. Will learns that Mia knows Nicole and explains to her that Nicole has some major issues with her drinking. Nicole tells E.J. and Stefano that she saw Rafe in this house. Rafe goes back to the night that he met Sami for the first time. Stefano remembers that night when Rafe said that he worked for the Salem cable company and a mix up of coming to the wrong house. Melanie asks Brady if he's single and learns that he's still in love with that Chloe woman. Nicole tells E.J. if the wedding tomorrow is going to happen. Mia tells Will that she wants to know everything about Nicole, Will says that she can go online cause it's all in the newspapers. Stefano tells Nicole that she was absolutely right the man in the house that night was indeed Rafe Hernandez. Melanie says to Brady if he cares about this woman he has to tell her. Sister Agnes asks Rafe how it went with Sami, he says that it didn't go so well and she's going to tell E.J. the truth. Sami comes by the mansion and E.J. refuses to let her in and tells her that she let Rafe violate his family's privacy and shuts the door on her, and apologizes to Nicole and she has proven her loyalty and re-proposes to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11057
    Ep. #11057
    Episode 106
    Caroline comes to the townhouse and sees Sami all sad and looks like she lost her best friend. Sister Agnes tells Rafe what the main reason he's having such a hard time with what. Sami asks Caroline about the time she kept the truth from Bo about Victor being his father. E.J. says he's not walking out on her and needs some time to think as Brady overhears from the door. Kate puts the brakes on Daniel's romantic date with Irene and there's something the she should know about him and his bedside manner. Lucas tells Chloe to tell him that she's not going to take the job in Vancouver, Daniel then congratulates Chloe on her job and Lucas offers him to join them, he says he can't cause he has a date. Sister Agnes tells Rafe that Sami from Sister Theresa says that Sami is crazy about him and to go and tell her how he feels. Brady tells Nicole to tell E.J. the truth, Nicole says if she does then it'll result in her being alone. Chloe learns that Irene is here to have a date with Daniel, Irene asks how she knows him. Mia runs into E.J. at Java spilling her drink and offers to get her another. Rafe tells Sami that if she wants E.J. back and that he's not going to interfere in her life. Lucas tells Kate that Chloe got an offer to sing with an opera and to work around her Hearth and Home schedule, Kate says to herself that maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all. Nicole has a realization of what might happen at the wedding if the truth ever came out. Sami tells Rafe that he's not going to let him walk out on her again. Irene tells Daniel that it's probably not a good idea of them seeing each other. Nicole comes by Sami's and recognizes Rafe as the person who was in her room.moreless
  • Ep. #11056
    Ep. #11056
    Episode 105
    E.J. goes to the pier and sees the memorial and the lit candles where Tony died, and says that he will avenge his death. Stephanie tells Chelsea that he's giving Philip sometime with his father and is worried something bad will happen to him cause of the DiMera's. Nicole explains to Monique how she wants her seating arrangement at the church and to make sure that there's no bloodshed. Max tells E.J. that isn't he getting married tomorrow and this is how he wants to take care of his family like this. Chloe and Lucas are glad that they have actually some time alone for once, Chloe says that it's not a good idea to do the television show. Nicole worries that her wedding is doomed. Monique calls Chloe and asks her to come to the church right away cause there's a problem. Maggie thanks Daniel in what he did for Chloe so she can be happy with Lucas. Nicole tells Chloe that she thinks she may have ruined her wedding with her lies. Max tells E.J. that he'll start more fighting if he avenges Tony's death or have a great life with Nicole and his kids, Chelsea arrives and offers her condolences but E.J. lashes at the thought that Philip gets to live. Nicole tells Chloe that she doesn't believe that Sami adopted that baby cause she fell in love with it. E.J. sees Stephanie and Nicole embracing at the church and then leaves. Maggie insists on fixing Daniel up with a lovely woman at the hospital. Lucas tells Maggie that the DiMera's better not do anything to his brother Philip. Stephanie walks in on Chelsea and Max's intimate moment, Max learns that Philip is going back to Titan and why she's still with him. Chloe gets a call and says it's the best news ever. Nicole tells E.J. that it was Tony that wanted to disown his family.moreless
  • Ep. #11055
    Ep. #11055
    Episode 104
    Stephanie tells Philip that he can't return to work at Titan. Mia asks Will if she can come over, but he says that he's waiting for Sami to come home then he'll meet her at Java, Will then sees Rafe come in tells that his mom went to see E.J. Nicole overhears E.J. talk to Sami about Johnny's safety and that Tony died cause of the way that Stefano conducts business. Stephanie tells Philip she guesses that this is goodbye. Nicole agrees with Sami about Johnny's well being and asks a favor to bring him to the wedding. Philip tells Stephanie that it doesn't have to be this way and they can make it work, but she says no. Chelsea comes home and Stephanie says that Philip is leaving for good. Dr. Baker runs into Mia and asks her why things in Japan didn't work out and if she's seen her baby when she came back into town. Will doesn't believe that Rafe and his mother are "just friends" and leaves to go and meet Mia. Chelsea tells Stephanie that maybe Philip wanted her to get upset and to break up. Mia lies and said that she hasn't seen her baby and is trying to move on, Will asks her who she was talking to. E.J. is irate at Nicole after he finds out that Dr. Baker is Sydney's pediatrician and doesn't want him and for Nicole to explain what's going on. Mia tells Will to consider his new adopted sister Grace as his real family. Rafe tells Sami that she shouldn't use his daughter just to get back at Nicole. Philip is surprised when Stephanie shows up at the mansion and kisses him. Nicole is devastated when E.J. suggests that they spend some time apart for a while. Sami realizes that Rafe up and left.moreless
  • Ep. #11054
    Ep. #11054
    Episode 103
    Philip and Stephanie get cozy, she assures him that Chelsea won't be coming back home anytime soon. Maggie brings a present by for Chloe, and says congratulates her on the marriage. Victor calls Kate and tells her that Philip moved out of the mansion, Kate says to him that he wanted to make sure that Philip wasn't arrested and didn't embarrass him anymore. Melanie starts to fawn over Daniel at the hospital, Daniel says that she reports to Nurse Maxine. Stefano tells the police office not to touch that pallett that has Tony's blood on it. Maxine tells her to go and wash her hands and to change her attitude. Kate moves forward with her plan of revenge on Chloe. Stefano vows to spill the blood of Philip as vengeance for Tony's death. Melanie begins her first day at the hospital as a scrub. Kate looks at the gift that Maggie gave Chloe, a bible looking at the Horton family history. Chelsea leaves and allows Stephanie and Philip to continue their alone time, Philip tells her that maybe Chelsea was right in warning her about him, they start to get intimate and Philip then sees the front page with Tony's picture. Chelsea sees that Melanie is working at University Hospital since it's the only job she can get. Victor tells Stefano that he needs to talk with him, Stefano says not here on the pier where his son died, Victor says that they're both responsible. Maggie sees that Chloe had an appointment with Daniel and accuses her of lying about staying away from him, Chloe says that Daniel tried to get another doctor to see her. Victor goes to see Philip and says that he's sorry and asks him to come back to Titan and to the family. Chloe tells Daniel that she thinks that through it all Kate is secretly torturing her, Daniel admits that Kate told him if there was anything between them. Daniel tells Chloe if she would've told him if she was pregnant. Kate "accidentally" trips Melanie droping the tray and she takes the key to the medicine cabinet. Victor says the reason he wants Philip back is when he watched Stefano grieve for Tony.moreless
  • Ep. #11053
    Ep. #11053
    Episode 102
    Nicole is shocked when she learns that Dr. Baker has taken a job as a pediatrician at University Hospital. Will offers Mia to hold Grace, but she says that she can't. Stefano arrives at the pub and sees that Philip is also there, thinking it's the last thing he needs. Sami goes and comforts E.J. about finding out that Tony died and has something that might make him feel better by bringing Johnny over. Dr. Baker assures Nicole that he doesn't want any of her money cause he has a cushy job now. Philip tells Stefano that he's not responsible for Tony's death he is. Will sees how comfortable Grace is in Mia's arms, Mia says it's almost like she knows her. Dr. Baker tells Nicole to reconsider not having him for a doctor. Sami starts to tell E.J. about Grace. Nicole calls Mia and asks her to meet her at the pier right away. Philip has an idea and takes Stephanie to the mansion and to officially take his stuff out. Stefano comes in the living ranting and raving, Sami hears him talk about Philip walking around and should be dead, Sami then changes her mind about telling E.J. the truth. Stephanie brings up the idea to Philip about him moving in with her. Nicole explains to Mia that she needs to stay away from Dr. Baker and Sydney as well, Mia agrees to Nicole's rules.moreless
  • Ep. #11052
    Ep. #11052
    Episode 101
    Bo tells Hope that charges won't laid against Philip, Roman comes in and congratulates them on the good job they did yesterday. Stefano tells E.J. that Anna had the gall to tell him that he's the reason that Tony's dead. Will tells Mia that his mother adopting a baby completely threw him at first, and invites her to come and see the baby. Sister Theresa visits Sami about her keeping the father away from Grace, Sister Theresa asks Sami if she has doubts that the truth will come out. Nicole goes to the pier and sees the crime scene and tells Brady she worries about her wedding to E.J., Brady thinks it's probably for the best. E.J. gets into it with Stefano and says that he's going to have his wedding elsewhere. Kate tries to get Daniel's signature perfect so no one will tell the difference. Chloe arrives at the hospital and learns the doctor that was recommened is Daniel, Daniel says to Chloe that he tried to get someone else. Bo tells Roman for a favor, until he can tell him why he says to stay away from Hope. Stefano tells E.J. that one day he'll find out what kind of woman Nicole really is and it'll be too late. Will brings Mia to the townhouse and shows her baby Grace, and sees how good Mia is with her. Sami is reminded of the time when she changed the DNA results to make Austin, Will's father, so she goes to Bo hoping he can help her. Kate accomplishes forging Daniel's signature and puts her plan in motion. Stefano tells Nicole that he's not going to turn his back on her since she gave. Hope tells Roman the reason that he's leaving is because of Bo. Bo tells Sami that Will probably hasn't gotten over his mother lying about who his father was. Nicole brings Sydney for her checkup and learns that Dr. Baker is now working there.moreless
  • Ep. #11051
    Ep. #11051
    Episode 100
    Chloe announces that her pregnancy test is defective and says she's going to get another one. Stefano tells E.J. that it's about time that Nicole stood up and told the truth about why she's been going to the convent and says to Nicole that he's now her enemy with the way she lied. Daniel calls Kate and says Philip is at the hospital and she should come quickly. Philip tells Stephanie that what would've been done differently. Anna slaps Stefano cause of the way he tortured Tony and now he's dead, Stefano says that Philip is the one that killed Tony and had no part in it. Chelsea sees a different side to Melanie when she shows concern for Philip and doesn't care that the fuels project is in the water. Anna tells Stefano the reason that she's here is to look him in the eye and tell him that she hates him. Melanie goes to the hospital to see Philip but Stephanie says the only people that can are family only. E.J. tells Nicole that if she wants to leave then go and she isn't going to take Sydney out of this house. Stephanie takes Philip back to her apartment so he can collect himself. Chelsea and Max argue over Melanie and her hand in Tony's death. Chloe tells Lucas that she isn't pregnant, Kate calls and Lucas tells her, she then decides to have a little fun, she hangs up and pretends she's talking to Lucas and brings up Chloe's "pregnancy". Anna says to Stefano that she'll make the arrangements herself and will have nothing to do with him. Lucas insists that Chloe must go in and to see why's she's not feeling well, and says that Kate knows about the job that she was offered. Philip dreams of reliving Tony's death on the pier, Stephanie says that it wasn't his fault. E.J. tells Nicole that them being together isn't going to happen tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11050
    Ep. #11050
    Episode 99
    Lucas confronts Sami about her adoption, and wonders if Grace is the baby she had with E.J. and isn't dead after all. Chloe returns to the cabin with a pregnancy test hoping it's Lucas's and not Daniel's. Stefano is outraged that his son is dead and all Philip can say that he's sorry, he then goes to see Tony. Victor tells E.J. that he shouldn't blame anyone since his family is pretty much the same. E.J. tells Brady that Philip killed Tony, Brady then asks Nicole to tell Hope that it was all an accident, Nicole asks if Tony spoke, E.J. says that he left him a note. Chloe hides the test in her purse as Kate knocks on the door of the cabin, and says that she can open and honest with her mother-in-law. Sami tells Lucas that Grace "isn't E.J.'s baby", Lucas explains that she wants to be filled and won't tell a soul. Stefano says his goodbyes to Tony and says that he'll never see him smile, laugh or call him father again and promises Tony that his death will be vindicated. Kate tells Chloe that she's going to make her a star for her rise back to the top, and says to herself about her tragic downfall by making her the host of a Hearth and Home program. Philip tells Victor that he'll have to live with Tony's death the rest of his life. Kate hits a snag with her plan when she knocks over Chloe's purse and the pregnancy test falls out and asks if she is in fact pregnant. E.J. tells Nicole it's her call and to tell Hope everything that she saw at the pier. Sami asks Lucas if he wants to have children with Chloe. Stefano tells Nicole that he'll never forget her lies tonight. Philip tells Brady that just because he didn't kill Tony doesn't mean that he doesn't feel responsible. Hope tells Victor that Dr. Jonas concurs that Tony's death was accidental and with Nicole's statement the D.A. won't be pressing charges. Brady tells Nicole that she didn't exactly tell the whole truth about Sydney. Lucas comes home and Kate tells him that Chloe needs privacy cause she's taking a pregnancy test, Chloe then comes out. Philip then thanks Nicole for telling the truth, Nicole wants something for him not to blackmail her or Brady again.moreless
  • Ep. #11049
    Ep. #11049
    Episode 98
    Sami tells Grace that Will is gonna come around and is gonna be proud to have her for a sister. Roman is stunned when he learns that Sami adopted a baby. Rafe explains that Grace is good for Sami, Will then walks off and Rafe goes after him. Hope continues to question Nicole about Tony and Philip's fight and how it ended as Stefano is anxious to hear that as well, but Nicole asks to be left alone. Philip says for Nicole to tell the truth but Bo tells him to keep quiet. Tony tries real hard to write that note so E.J. can see what a liar Nicole is. Victor arrives and tells Philip not to say another word. Rafe tells Will that she adopted Grace because of him. Roman tells Sami that he doesn't believe a word she says and asks what's really going on. Nicole tells Hope that she's to depressed to make a statement now. Caroline overhears about Sami going to love and care for Grace no matter what and reminds of when Frankie and Max were adopted at a difficult time to and not to be so hard on Sami and welcomes the newest member of the Brady family. Victor tells Philip that he's to blame for his son going up against Tony. Tony's monitors starts beeping when Nicole walks in, Lexie asks what she's doing in here and shouldn't be. Stefano tells Victor that Philip should be worried about the authorities arresting him for trying to kill his son. Will says that he'll be there his mom but isn't going to accept that baby as his sister. Roman tells Sami that he's on board with anything that she decides. E.J. asks Tony what he's writing, he then flatlines again and calls for help. Will tells Sami that he wants to try and help out see how it goes, Sami's then grateful. Nicole tells Hope that she'll tell her when she knows if Tony's okay or not. Lexie and the nurses attempt to revive Tony but he dies, and shares the news with everyone. Stefano then looks at Philip with rage in his eyes.moreless
  • Ep. #11048
    Ep. #11048
    Episode 97
    Rafe is touched that Sami used his name as Grace's middle name, and Father Matt christens her. Stefano wants Daniel off of Tony's case since he's Victor's godson and insists that Lexie take over. Philip tells Bo that Nicole will back up his story since it's the truth. Nicole tells Tony that she'll make sure that he doesn't tell anyone, nurse then walks in and tells her that Tony's on a ventilator and won't say anything. E.J. tells Lexie that Tony punctured a lung and lost a lot of blood, Stefano then says that Philip is responsible. Bo calls Hope, and notices that Philip looked a bit tense when he made that call and that there's something that he's not telling him. Rafe and Sami head back to the pub, Will then wonders who's baby that is. Bo fills Hope in on what happened to Tony down by the pier. Daniel finds Nicole in Tony's room and sees that he's crashing. Lexie tells Stefano that she thinks that Tony's dying. Sami introduces Will to his new baby sister Grace, Will thinks that his mother has lost it. Stefano tells Lexie that he'll make the person pay that did this to Tony, Daniel comes in and says that Tony's heart stopped but now he's stable. Will storms out and Rafe tells him that there's something about Grace that he needs to know. Lexie goes into see him and Tony writes that he wants to see E.J., so she goes and tells E.J., Nicole insists on going to but Hope wants to ask her a few questions. Hope asks Nicole if what Philip said is true about this being an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11047
    Ep. #11047
    Episode 96
    Sami gets Grace and tells Rafe that she's going to miss this place very much. Daniel apologizes to Chloe for all the pain he caused her, Lucas then sees them talking. Stefano asks E.J. what he's thinking, E.J. says that there's more to it and that he's keeping more from him and it concerns Nicole. Tony tells Philip that he's not getting a thing from him, and the continue to fight as Nicole watches from behind a crate. Sami bids the convent farewell. Hope tells Bo the reason that he left home early is cause he didn't want to tell her why he broke their date last night and wants him to be truthful to her. Lucas thanks Daniel for setting him straight and that he and Chloe wouldn't be married if he hadn't. Tony leaves the pier and Philip calls him a washed up has been, Tony walks down the steps and the bar breaks and he falls on a piece of wood that pierces him in the back. Hope realizes that Bo saw the man that she was with. Sami meets Sister Agnes, and learns that she's the one that looked after Rafe when he was a teenager and asks her cause she wants to everything about him. Philip tells Nicole to call 911, but sees that she's hesitant to call for help. Sister Agnes tells Sami that Rafe has had a tragedy in his life, Sami then asks what it is. Stefano can't believe that E.J. is insinuating that he caused Tony to retaliate after being pushed out of the company, E.J. then gets a call from Nicole saying there was an accident and Tony's on his way to the hospital. Sister Agnes tells Sami one thing she can say about Rafe is that he's a good man with a good heart and to accept him for who he is. Stefano learns that Philip and Tony were in a fight on the pier, Stefano then cautions Philip. Sami asks Rafe to be Grace's god father which he accepts and Father Matt will be doing the christening. Daniel tells everyone that Tony is alive but it doesn't look good for him. Bo questions Philip about Tony's accident, Philip says that Nicole saw it all. Nicole sneaks into Tony's room and he opens his eyes.moreless
  • Ep. #11046
    Ep. #11046
    Episode 95
    Rafe tells Sami when he comes into the pub that they have nothing to say to each other. Nicole tells Mia how could she tell Tony that Syndey isn't her child. Tony tells Stefano that he's packing and leaving the family permanently, Stefano says for him to stop this nonsense and unpack his bags. Philip congratulates Brady on being the new C.E.O of Titan after he was fired and disowned by Victor. Chloe and Lucas enjoy their first day as husband and wife by having a walk on the pier. Daniel asks Kate what's bothering her. Philip tells Brady that he's going to do whatever he has to. Nicole tells Mia that Tony can be a very dangerous man. Abe tells Sami that Rafe has given up a lot so he can stay here in town, Sami wants to what he exactly gave up. E.J. learns of Tony's plans to leave Salem for good, and won't be attending his nuptials, Tony then explains E.J. that something is wrong and it's time that he found out. Chloe tells Lucas that she feels somethings changed and that Kate doesn't think she's right for him. Sami goes after Rafe and tells him she knows what he did for him and that they are a like. Tony tells Stefano after he threatens to cut him off, that he has the alternative fuels project. Kate continues to push her plan to end Chloe's marriage to Lucas, by getting Daniel to remind her of the drug that he injected in her that saved her life. Philip learns that Brady made an attempt to steal back, and asks him why he did that. Stefano tells Tony that he's dead to him. Rafe impulsely kisses Sami while outside the pub. Brady tells Victor how he could fire Philip like that, Kate then bursts in and confronts him what she just found out and says she's out of his life. E.J. calls Nicole and says that Tony and Anna are moving to New York, and called a family gathering and says that he has a announcement he has to make. Rafe offers to go with her to the convent to get Grace. Tony goes to meet his associate and runs into Philip instead, Nicole arrives and finds Tony and Philip engaged in a deadly battle.moreless
  • Ep. #11045
    Ep. #11045
    Episode 94
    Bo continues to have the vision of Hope and Roman together, Hope then tells Bo that he has to let it go. Nicole tells Brady that Tony knows that Sydney isn't her biological daughter and is out to destroy her out of revenge. Chelsea finds it difficult to find an apartment in this economy; Stephanie says that they should get a place together. Tony embellishes in his victory after obtaining the fuels project. Victor fires Philip from Titan after losing the fuels project to the DiMera's. Nicole tells Brady that they should steal the blueprints from the DiMera mansion; Brady says that if they do this they do it by his rules. Victor tells Philip that he's cutting him off financially and out of the mansion. Chelsea calls Bo asking him to meet with her. Bo tries to get Chelsea to move back to the house, but she says that she can't and has found a place with Stephanie. Hope tells Roman that Bo needs help. Brady calls Tony while Nicole lingers nearby at the mansion, waiting for him to leave before searching through his room and wonders what to do when she hears someone coming. Stephanie learns that Philip was fired and that Victor pretty much disowned him. Nicole resumes her search for the blueprints, while Brady waits for Tony on the pier. Bo sees Hope and Roman embracing, and he goes in and cancels their date night. Tony calls Nicole and says they could've worked out between them, but says that he's going to expose her after all.moreless
  • Ep. #11044
    Ep. #11044
    Episode 93
    Philip calls Tony and insists that they meet on the piers. Daniel comes looking for Kate, but Brady says that she went to Vegas for Lucas and Chloe's wedding. Bo is interviewed by Jake and asks what it's like to be his brothers boss, Hope then intervenes and says that same cause she's his wife. Kate has a fantasy of strangling Chloe with the headset that a stewardess gives her. Roman says that he's raving about the front page in the Salem Spectator. Philip tells Tony that the blueprints for the fuels project are his, Tony says he has his lawyers and he has his. admits to Lucas while on the plane that Chloe was having sex with Daniel, Kate says that maybe she should up and tell Lucas the truth. Daniel tells Brady that he made a mistake and that person has moved on, Brady says that he feels uncomfortable Chloe re-marrying someone, but is in fact coping. Hope asks Bo tell her exactly where she and this person where together. Kate tells Lucas that she's worried cause she thinks that Chloe is gonna end up breaking his heart, Chloe then looks over and asks her to trust him. Philip asks Tony if they have a deal, Tony says that Victor will never go for what he has planned, Philip says that Tony isn't going anywhere until they have a deal. Hope tells Bo to put his faith in them and that this thing with the other guy won't ever happen. Roman tells Jake that nothing will ever come between Bo and Hope and are in it for the long haul. Kate sets her plan to destroy Chloe once and for all. Bo has another vision and sees that the man Hope's with is Roman. Philip says that he isn't going down without a fight.moreless
  • Ep. #11043
    Ep. #11043
    Episode 92
    E.J. wants Sami to explain what she said about "bringing her baby home", Stefano asks if she's keeping more secrets again. Brady hears Rafe leaving Sami a message, Rafe asks him who he is. Tony says that since Sami is in the next room she'll get a kick out of what he has to say, Sami announces that she's adopting a baby which shocks everyone. Lucas asks what his mother is doing in Vegas, Kate says she's here for the wedding cause she wanted to be there and had to hear from Will. Daniel tells Maggie that she was right about everything especially him and asks her to forgive not him but Chloe. Chelsea brings Theo to the pier and they see Max and says that he has to learn some lines for a play, but Theo says he doesn't want to do it. After a conversation with Rafe, Brady learns that Sami is still in danger. E.J. tells Sami that she just got out of the witness protection program and where did she have the time to find a baby little alone adopt one. Max and Chelsea each tell Theo that he should be in the play, and teach him how to roar like a lion. Tony tells Nicole that what Sami said to E.J. could easily happen to her and Sydney. Chloe promises to make it up to Kate by restating their vows and have a reception in Salem but she won't have the marriage annuled, when Lucas leaves Kate says to Chloe that they have to talk in private. Maggie is surprised to learn from Daniel that Lucas and Chloe eloped and are in fact married. Sami tells Rafe that they have to go and get Grace, Rafe is hesistant cause the DiMera's make a habit of killing people. Nicole starts to crying wonder what she's going to do if her secret is out.moreless
  • Ep. #11042
    Ep. #11042
    Episode 91
    Tony obliges to Father Matt and says he'll do whatever's necessary of the newest DiMera, Nicole then faints. Will tells Caroline that girls are weird. Mia thinks back to giving birth to her daughter, not realizing that it would hurt this much. Nicole says that she's not going to the hospital and that's final. Sister Theresa tells Rafe she thinks that this is dangerous if he ever found about Grace. Father Matt insists on restarting it from the very beginning. Mia goes into the church to pray then runs into Lexie and says she here for a christening for her niece, Mia then sees Nicole and her baby (unaware that Nicole switched them). Caroline tells Will that he looks worried, Will says that something might've happened to her. Rafe knows that he feels something hard for both Sami and Grace. Sami goes to light a candle after hearing Father Matt mention Grace. Lexie tells Nicole about the young girl she met in the vestibule and realizes that it was Mia. Rafe meets up with Sami, she said that she went to the church and is going to bring Grace home. Mia returns to the pub and Will properly introduces himself to Mia. Rafe wants Sami to think long and hard about what's she planning to do and needs to wait so that E.J. won't be suspicious. Nicole tries to buy off Tony, but he says she has nothing that he wants stating that he's doing this simply out of revenge and that he'll make Nicole suffer with what he knows. Mia accepts help from Will. Rafe sees that Sami isn't on the pier and wonders where she ran off to. E.J. overhears Sami talking on the phone about her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11041
    Ep. #11041
    Episode 90
    Will offers to help Mia by going to his uncle the police commissioner. Philip meets the new butler at the DiMera mansion and tells Philip to leave. Rafe meets an old friend in Sister Agnes while at the convent, and she tells him that this isn't the first time he sacrificed something for a woman. Tony tells Nicole that he also knows that baby Sydney belongs to that sweet girl Mia. Stephanie tells Brady that they have to find Philip before he does something drastic. Stefano tells Lexie he insists that Theo come to the mansion and he can have Mary watch him. Sami sees that Sydney is so happy being in her arms and is like she knows her. Nicole tells Tony about Mia being mentally disturbed, but he doesn't believe her. Bo is glad that Will's home and sees as Mia comes into the pub, and says that it's someone that he just met. Tony tells Nicole that she gave quite a performance with Stefano and that the truth will come out. Stephanie and Brady find Philip at the Cheatin Heart and vows that he'll get those plans back. Rafe tells Sister Agnes that this whole thing with Sami is different and what happened before will never happen again. The Christening gets under way as Father Matt does the ceremony. Mia becomes upset when Will talks about his siblings, she then storms out of the pub when Will offers to get her some fries. Father Matt asks Tony if he'll help E.J. and Nicole be there for baby Syndey and Nicole sees a sinister look on his face.moreless
  • Ep. #11040
    Ep. #11040
    Episode 89
    Melanie approaches Tony and says that she cashed the cheque and will need more money, and why she hasn't gotten her contract yet. Max learns that someone has been in the safe and sees that the blueprints to the fuels project are missing and realizes it was Melanie and how she could such a thing. Stephanie tells Philip that the project is gone and there's no way of getting it back. Brady tells Nicole that he got through to Philip and says he knows that nothing is going on between them. E.J. learns that Nicole has invited Brady to the christening, and why he didn't warn him that she invited Brady. Mia descends into Chicago to make the connection flight to Salem. Will thinks of not going, and begins to wonder why she's going when she hates Nicole. Stephanie tells Philip that she fell in love with the kind and soft hearted. Melanie continues her rant for more money, but he tells her they'll revisit their conversation in a couple of weeks, Max then calls Melanie to head over to the bar and she better have that envelope with her. Stefano takes a family picture and says that Sydney is now officially a DiMera. Sami admits to Will that she has in fact been acting weird lately, and thinks that she shouldn't go today, but Will says that she should. Tony prepares to head to the church, then he sees Mia at the door. Melanie then calls Philip and says she knows where he can get his hands on the blueprints. Nicole tells Sami that she does in fact want her here, cause she won't be attending her and E.J.'s wedding. Melanie tells Philip that Tony has the blue prints, Philip thinks that Tony could of some good. Will says to Sami that he's going to take off after learning that his brother Johnny won't be attending. Tony discovers from Mia that Sydney is her baby, cause Nicole lost her's a while ago. Will comes across Mia crying in the park. Tony calls Nicole and says that they have to speak in private before the christening.moreless
  • Ep. #11039
    Ep. #11039
    Episode 88
    Brady and Bo drink some green beer and tells him that the the hard drive at Titan was wiped clean. Tony calls Melanie and asks if she was able to get the additional blue prints. The justice of the peace asks Lucas and Chloe if they should be married, but Lucas says that there is. Philip tells Stephanie that he'll handle his father if he comes in an interrupts them, so they decide to put on a romantic movie. Kate is told by a flight attendant to remain in her seat while the plane goes to the gate, until then she talks with a fellow passenger on the plane about stopping her son's wedding, she then brings up Chloe's history of her relationships. Hope runs into Daniel at the hospital, and says she's excited about her being back at work. Max asks Bo and Brady if they're talking about his sister, Melanie arrives and asks what she's done this time. Brady asks Max if he has any documentation that he could use to reconstruct the fuels project. Victor walks in and apologizes for disturbing Philip and Stephanie. Kate finally reaches the justice of the peace presiding over the wedding and hears Lucas laughing in the background. Victor lashes at Philip and says that he just found out what happened at Titan. Max tells Melanie that he knows that she's up to something, unaware that she already memorized the combination, so she put her phone and it secretly records Max opening the vault. Lucas discovers that he didn't bring the rings, so a married couple offers to give them theirs. Bo sees Hope and Daniel talking at the hospital, she tells him that she tried to get him to open up. Hope tells Bo that every man he sees her with doesn't mean she'll have an affair. Melanie gets the stuff out of the safe and gives it to Tony and he promises that it's going to take several months and for her to trust him. Brady tells Philip to lay off or else he's going to get hurt. Kate arrives to late and watches the DVD of the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #11038
    Ep. #11038
    Episode 87
    Tony tells Melanie that he wants the fuels project put into production and he has the means to make it happen. Kate tells Victor that she has to get to Vegas to stop Lucas and Chloe's wedding. Rafe says that he's not taking the job in New York and staying here in Salem cause of a friend. Stefano brings up the convent of the Holy Cross for Sydney baptism, Nicole then thinks that he's on to her. Melanie says to Tony that she can't reproduce the formula cause she doesn't trust him. Sami hears that Grace is crying and asks Sister Theresa, she tells Rafe that Grace has a rash and can't go cause she's waiting for E.J. to pick up Johnny. Will thinks that Sami would be upset and says that Lucas is eloping with Chloe. Stefano tells Nicole why she didn't tell E.J. the truth that she was at the convent several days ago. Will opens up and tells Sami that he knows that something is wrong and wants to know what. Victor tries to give Kate some advice that he agreed to bring Chloe down and not Lucas. Rafe interrupts Will and Sami and says he'll take care of that errand, Rafe then sees Nicole and worries that she'll recognize him. Sami tries to find a way to bring Grace home. Chloe and Lucas learns that the plane is having problems and needs to turn around and return to Salem. Melanie tells Tony that she'll consider his proposal and thinks she may have misjudged him and says she'll do it on her terms only. Rafe sneaks out the back to keep Nicole from seeing him. Victor tells Kate that his jet won't be available for a week, so she'll have to fly commercial. Melanie wants to look at the blueprints for the fuels project, but he says no he then goes to the safe and Melanie memorizes the combination, and goes and tells Tony that she'll get it for him. Lucas and Chloe learns that the problems were resolved and while indeed head to Vegas. Father Matt comes into the pub and mentions the christening to Sami which he assumed she'll be attending, E.J. says that she's more then welcome and Nicole agrees. Mia heads home so she can get her baby back.moreless
  • Ep. #11037
    Ep. #11037
    Episode 86
    Kate continues to grill Daniel about him ever having an affair with Chloe. Philip tells Nicole that she'll destroy her relationship with E.J. cause he screwed him over the project and is going to tell him everything. Brady refuses to give Melanie confirmation of the destroyed fuels project. Kate tells Daniel that they were good together once and could be again. Chelsea confronts Max about having children, but he says that since he was adopted he would love to take of a child whose birth parents couldn't raise them. Philip tells Stephanie that Victor isn't going to understand that he let Titan out of billions of dollars and should start cleaning out his office. Kate asks Daniel if she's offended him in anyway with what she just said about her fantasizing about him. Lucas tells Chloe that they go anywhere anytime since Will just got home and wants to spend some time with him. Brady accuses Melanie of literally being in bed with the DiMeras, Melanie then overhears Brady telling Travis that someone would have to be ruthless enough to steal from Titan. Stephanie tells Philip that she wants to give their relationship another try. Will learns that Chloe and his dad are eloping to Vegas, and is all frustrated and Lucas realizes that it's because he's not marrying Sami, Lucas offers to take Will too so he can be his best man, Will says no and wants to stay home. Melanie confronts E.J. and calls him a liar and is probably the one who stole those files. Tony overhears E.J. and Melanie arguing about the fuels project and thinks that E.J. did do what she's accusing him of. Brady meets with Nicole and she says that Philip is once again threatens to go to E.J. and tell him about what he saw with them. Stephanie tells Philip that he's sensitive and sweet and is nothing like his father. E.J. tells Melanie to get out, Tony waits for E.J. to go upstairs and he goes after Melanie hoping he could be of assistance. Kate goes to the cabin and Will says that Chloe and Lucas are on a plane going to Vegas to elope.moreless
  • Ep. #11036
    Ep. #11036
    Episode 85
    E.J. comes home and discovers that Nicole planned a romantic evening. Kate opens up to Victor about the real reason that she hates Chloe, that she cheated on Lucas with another man. Chloe tries to use Will to her advantage by getting him to get Lucas to agree to elope with her, but Will refuses. Sami tells Rafe that this whole situation with E.J. and Nicole has gotten worse and says that she shouldn't be around him at all. Lucas tells Daniel that he thinks that he's keeping something from him. Rafe urges Sami to reconsider bringing Grace back to Salem and says that it's a bad idea. Kate tells Victor to stick to their plan to make Chloe suffer and won't rest til the wedding is off for good. Will asks Chloe a question cause he sees that she and Lucas are pretty intense and if there's something that he doesn't know about. Rafe tells Sami that Roman told him that he thinks the DiMeras were behind Mayor Marino's assassination and sent that guy after her, Sami said that she said that to him before and now he believes her. Will says that his parents are supposed to be together since they have kids two kids together, Chloe says that they've both moved on. Daniel tells Lucas to give Chloe a break and to go and find her and give her what she wants then he's stupid. Rafe tells Sami to take down the DiMera's down and to prove that they did it to her. Kate meets up with Daniel and says that she heard that Chloe was having an affair with another man and the person that came up was him. Lucas returns to the cabin and tells Chloe and that he'll marry her in anyway she wants to. Will meets Rafe and thinks that he and his mother are a little more then friends. Kate is surprised and tells Daniel that he would've fought for Chloe and not given up so quickly. Nicole is thrown when she gets a call from someone. Rafe calls and says that he passes on the ant-terror task force and is staying in Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11035
    Ep. #11035
    Episode 84
    Bo continues to have the same vision of Hope with another man. Dr. Baker arrives at the mansion and says that he's here to tell the truth and it'll set her free and is going to do that for her. Will overhears Sami on the pier talking about going to see someone named Grace, Will asks his mother who she is. Rafe applies for a job with the Salem police department, Roman is shocked at what Sami did in calling Abe to put a good word in for Rafe. Hope and Daniel engage in a conversation and can sense that something is troubling him. Chloe and Lucas argue over her desire to elope and he asks if there's something that she isn't telling him. Abe comes by and gives Bo something. Roman is honest with Rafe and thinks the DiMeras were behind. Will says to Sami that the reason she hasn't seen him much is cause she's never around. Dr. Baker says that he's leaving town and had to shut down the clinic and gives his goodbyes and doesn't want her money but something much more than that an invitation to her wedding. Abe gives Hope the good news that he made an appeal to the review board and she is officially reinstated. Sami sees Rafe at the station and Roman says he's only filling out an application and that's it. Lucas sees Nicole and Sydney and notices that she looks like Allie at that age. Hope tells Bo that she likes Rafe and should hire him after learning that he can play baseball. Chloe tells Will that she and his father had a fight and wants to elope with him, Will says that he probably won't want that. Rafe learns that Roman vouched for him for the job in that anti-task force and says he'll move to New York cause there's nothing keeping him here in Salem. Nicole tells Sydney that her wedding is going to be spectacular.moreless
  • Ep. #11034
    Ep. #11034
    Episode 83
    Lucas walks in and see Chloe wearing her wedding dress, and she says that it'll ruin everything. Sami sees Rafe at the pub and wonders why he didn't get in touch with her. Max calls Chelsea and leaves a message wanting to see with her. Kate sees Daniel on the pier and decides to have a little fun with him by saying that she had a premonition about the wedding. Chelsea tells Stephanie she did sleep with Max the other night, and then Bo caught her the next morning. Chloe tells Lucas that no one is gonna stop her from marrying him. Sami realizes that Rafe was let go from the F.B.I and it's all because of her, Rafe says he would do the same thing all over again and that the bureau doesn't know about Grace. Kate says to Daniel if someone had a reason to stop Chloe and Lucas's wedding. Daniel goes to the hospital chapel, and prays for a sign, Chloe then walks in the room. Max finds Will at the door thinking it's Chelsea, Max asks Will what he's been up to lately and how he's been doing, Chelsea then overhears Max tells Will that he can't wait to be a father and then quietly leaves. Rafe grabs Sami's phone after hearing he talk with Abe about getting him a job on the Salem police, he says that he can handle his own life. Chelsea goes to Daniel and asks him if there's a chance he can do something so she can have a kid someday, but Daniel says that there's nothing that he can do. Lucas meets Rafe as he leaves the pub and tells Sami that he could know how her baby died. Chelsea finally arrives at the Cheatin Heart and tells Max that they have to end it before it goes and further cause he deserves better. Chloe goes to Lucas with the idea of eloping.moreless
  • Ep. #11033
    Ep. #11033
    Episode 82
    Brady finds a disheveled Melanie on the pier, and offers to help her pick up her things when she drops them. Philip and Stephanie discover that Titan's computer database was wiped clean, and he has an idea on who did it. Nicole tells E.J. that Sami told her that he was jealous of Rafe and to keep him on a short leash, E.J. then plants a kiss on Nicole. Stefano tells his contact that he has to know what his future daughter in law is up and to find out tonight. Melanie brings up the idea to Brady to publically bash Philip. Sami goes to the covent to find out who was holding her daughter and sees that Grace isn't there and asks Sister Theresa where she is, Sister Theresa says that one of the other nuns took Grace for a ride. Roman calls Stefano asking him to come to the station regarding Mayor Marino's murder and has some new questions for him. Sister Theresa tells Sami about this "Mary" woman and that she could tell that she was fibbing about that being her name, Sami then asks what she wanted with her daughter. The tech guy says that a worm infected the Titan computer, and could retrieve the lost files and it'll take time, Philip then goes off the confront who he thinks is responsible. Stefano tells Roman that when he gets a subpoena then he'll come and answer his questions, Stefano calls his other contact in St. Louis and says for him to eliminate and connection he has to Mayor Marino. Sami tells Roman that Rafe was tortured by the Killer, Roman says that anyone who does that for his daughter, he then says that he's under review and could be cut loose. Philip goes to the DiMera mansion to confront E.J. about the missing files, Stefano then applauds E.J. on a job well done. Roman tells Sami that Stefano could be behind the mayor being killed. Sami asks Roman if he can get him a job with the Salem PD. Stefano tells E.J. that Sydney reminds of Giovanni, which makes Nicole very nervous. Brady tells Melanie that the I.T. guy at Titan says that the computers were wiped out. Philip tells Stephanie that he's going to kill E.J. DiMera. Nicole wonders why Sami is going around telling people that her baby died.moreless
  • Ep. #11032
    Ep. #11032
    Episode 81
    Philip is glad Stephanie came to his office, cause they have something to discuss. Melanie asks E.J. for the rest of the money that he owes her, E.J. says he's not giving her another dime out of him. Brady realizes what's going on and if Chloe needs someone to talk to. Nicole comes into the pub and demands that Sami give her Sydney at once. Stefano runs into Kate and asks if he can join her until her company arrives. E.J. tells Melanie that since he's not going through with the project she has to return the payment, but Melanie says that it's already gone and vows that she and E.J. aren't done with this. Melanie storms in interrupting Stephanie and Philip's romantic moment, and says she wants to have a conference with him. Chloe shows Kate that she's picked out her wedding dress. Melanie learns that Philip told E.J. to back off from the fuel project. Stefano tells E.J. that he saw Sami and Nicole having a cozy little lunch and wonders what that was about. Sami tells Nicole that E.J. is still in love with her. Melanie goes to Max and says that E.J. wants nothing to do with and has absolutely nothing. Stephanie finds something disturbing on Titan's computer. E.J. and Stefano gloat as the Kiriakis's are about to be blown out of the water. Kate tries to make Chloe feel guilty by bringing up some stuff about honesty. Stefano calls his contact to go back to the convent and to find out why Nicole went there. Sister Theresa tells Sami that Grace is safe where she is and is no trouble at all.moreless
  • Ep. #11031
    Ep. #11031
    Episode 80
    Nicole and Chloe with try on dresses, Nicole says that she has everything that Sami doesn't. Brady runs into Daniel in the park(who's recovering from his hang over the other night). Bo wakes up from having the same vision, Hope says that this vision thing has to stop cause she'll never cheat on him. Chloe asks Nicole why she is still threatened by Sami since she lost her baby and all. Max and Chelsea tell each other they're glad they spent the night together. E.J. goes to Roman to file a complaint against Rafe thinking that Rafe has an alterior motive, Sami says that he has no grounds for such an allegation, and asks him if he saw them kiss. Max tells Chelsea that she was far worse when they first met years ago. E.J. asks Sami what she really knows about Rafe and if she's really in love with him. Hope tells Bo that she is not gonna let anyone come between them. Max goes downstairs and runs into Bo and realizes that he spent the night with Chelsea. Brady tells Daniel he's sorry for crossing the line by saying that he has girl troubles, Daniel says that he's in love with someone but she ended it, but thinks it'll never be over, Brady says that he was there at one point. Bo angrily tells Max to get out and Chelsea gets angry and storms upstairs, Hope goes to find Max while go and apologizes to Chelsea. Hope runs into Daniel jogging on the pier, and wonders what's wrong he says it's nothing, Hope says he's a bad liar. Chelsea tells Bo she has no choice but to move out of his house. The saleslady calls Chloe and says that she left her credit card at the bridal shop. Sami sees the waitress Michelle holding Sydney. Bo has a flash of a watch and Hope's wedding ring on the table, and wants to know who she's with.moreless
  • Ep. #11030
    Ep. #11030
    Episode 79
    Max tells Chelsea that they're all alone and decide to kiss some more. Bo is taunted by a vision of Hope being with another man. Stefano overhears Nicole say to Sydney that E.J. is over at that bad womans place that gave birth to her. E.J. tells Rafe that Sami is off limits, Rafe says that he has a fiancee and a baby and whereabouts are they, E.J. says his personal life is none of his business. Hope sees Bo is all moody and and wants to know what's wrong. Nicole discovers Sami's baby at the convent. Rafe shows Sami a recent picture of Grace, and says she wishes she was there right now but has to stay away for the sake of her other kids. Max and Chelsea go in the park and sees the signs of spring. Nicole tells Stefano that she isn't afraid of Sami, he says that she is. Bo admits to Hope of his recent vision with another man. E.J. sees Rafe and Sami in an embrace. Stefano tells Nicole that she isn't going to Sami's, she says she doesn't know where she's headed, Stefano then doesn't believe her. Chelsea tells Max that she can in fact trust him. Bo tells Hope that he felt that he had to tell her what he saw to make sure that it doesn't happen. Nicole goes to the convent to see Sister Theresa and is glad to see her and asked what she did about her baby, Nicole says that she gave her child up, she then hears Grace babbling nearby and asks if she could hold her. Rafe tells Sami that he's got his orders to go to Washington D.C., but will come back to her soon. Stefano gets information from Dieter that he followed Nicole to the convent of the Holy Cross which is across town.moreless
  • Ep. #11029
    Ep. #11029
    Episode 78
    Daniel strolls through the park thinking about what Chloe said about ending their relationship. Lucas tells Will that he was out of line talking to Chloe like that, Chloe says that it's okay and that he has a good point. Chelsea sees Daniel drowning his sorrows at the Cheatin Heart while she was looking for Max. Lucas and Chloe decide to try their engagment again. E.J. tells Sami that what if he made Nicole's nightmare come true and in fact married her instead of Nicole. Nicole is upset when she learns from Mary that E.J. went to see Sami. Max tells Chelsea to trust him and not to talk with Daniel not with the way he's feeling. Daniel continues to tell Chelsea to leave him alone, but tells her he has great news that Kate is in remission. Will overhears Chloe and Lucas discussing E.J. and Sami, when Chloe leaves Will wants his father to tell him if there's anything going between his mother and E.J. Chloe tells Nicole that she ended things with Daniel cause she promised if Lucas came back to him after the explosion, Nicole is stunned when Chloe said that Sami told Lucas that she lost the baby. Sami tells E.J. to do his best to protect Johnny and that he doesn't turn out like his father. E.J. answers the door and it's Rafe, Sami comes out and runs into his arms as E.J. looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #11028
    Ep. #11028
    Episode 77
    Nicole runs into Brady in the park, she walks away, he wants to know what's wrong, she says that E.J. doesn't want her around him anymore. Sami and Lucas reunite with Will. Victor tells Kate that he's glad that they both see eye to eye in their quest to make Chloe suffer, Stefano arrives at the table and Victor tells him that he isn't wanted here. Chloe comes by to get Allie at Maggie's, she tell Maggie that Lucas doesn't need to be told about the affair even though he can't remember it, Maggie then tells her she doesn't care what she thinks. E.J. tells Philip that he's giving him the fuel project, Philip wants to know what's the catch. Brady tells Nicole that E.J. is treating her like she can't choose her own friends, Nicole admits that Philip seen them together and blackmailed her into getting E.J. to relinquish the fuels project. Lucas insists that Will stay with Sami at Marlena's townhouse. Maggie tells Chloe that she has no choice but to keep it a secret. Will tells Lucas what was Sami keeping from him that was so bad and why is he really in the hospital. Chloe brings by Allie, while Sami is holding her she notices that she had the baby. Stefano asks Kate out on a date that they discussed at the auction. Lucas tells Will that he and Chloe hit a rough patch which led him to start drinking. Philip shows Victor that fuels project is back at Titan, Victor wants him to find out how Melanie gave it to E.J. or look for another job. Sami is grateful that E.J. brought Johnny's dancing penguin. E.J. tells Stefano that Philip took the bait and that the fight is far from over. Nicole tells Brady that Sami is back in town. Chloe sees Will but he backs away and says that his father almost died because of her. Sami calls Sister Theresa and she says that Grace is doing just fine and can visit her anytime she wants to.moreless
  • Ep. #11027
    Ep. #11027
    Episode 76
    Hope comes by the station to get some paperwork and encounters Bo and says that she's missed here. Nicole threatens to leave and take Sydney with her if he goes back to Sami. Victor tells Philip to keep his head out of the clouds and in business. Kate wants to talk to Chloe about Daniel, but doesn't tell her she saw them kissing in the park. Sami learns that Lucas was drunk during the gas explosion, Lucas changes the subject and asks about her baby, Sami says that she had a girl and says she was stillborn. Kate asks Chloe what she was doing at Daniel's apartment and how she happened to be there at the time of the explosion. Sami makes Lucas promise not to tell anyone that she was pregnant especially E.J. Nicole says to E.J. that she's been having nightmares over the possibility of losing him and Sydney and that he doesn't love her, E.J. says that he's gonna prove that he loves her. Hope admits to Bo coming into the station was an excuse to come see him. Bo angrily tells Hope that if she doesn't to be anywhere around him to get out of his face, he then apologizes for what he said, Hope says she wants to come home she does and thinks that she's ready to. E.J. rips ups the formula which pleases Nicole very much. Philip tells Stephanie that he doesn't think they can overcome their differences. Bo promises to tell Hope about his visions doesn't matter how gruesome they are, Bo has one after she leaves and is disturbed. Kate tells Victor that Chloe isn't the woman she thought she was, Victor offers how he can help. Nicole gives Philip the formula and says E.J. isn't going to develop it. Will shows up and hears his parents arguing about him.moreless
  • Ep. #11026
    Ep. #11026
    Episode 75
    Kate sees Chloe and Daniel kissing in the park, she then abruptly leaves. Sami has an emotional reaction when she meets Sydney against her wishes Nicole allows her to hold her. Lucas tells Philip that he and Chloe are gonna give it another try. Rafe shares a story with Grace about a time he had with Sami, Sister Theresa walks in and says that he's good with her, Rafe makes her promise not to tell Sami that he was here. Kate tells Lucas that it's not a good idea that he and Chloe should get back together. Sami is reunited with Johnny as he comes running into her arms. Philip sees Daniel and Chloe and wonders if he's interrupting something. Kate decides not to tell Lucas about Chloe's affair cause the monitors start going off cause of his blood pressure. Victor rants to Philip about if he's blown the fuel project deal, Philip says that he's fallen in love with someone and that person is Stephanie Johnson and lost her and then storms off. Sami hears Sydney continue to cry, she calls Sister Theresa at the convent just to check up on her. E.J. tells Sami that Allie is with Maggie cause Lucas is in the hospital cause some sort of accident at her old apartment building. Sister Theresa says to Rafe that he cares for Sami then he's letting on and that they're a perfect match. Chloe tells Daniel that there's nothing more to say to each other, Daniel says that he loves her. Philip calls Stephanie and leaves a message saying he doesn't think they're done yet. Kate tells Chloe that she's not seeing Lucas until they have a little chat.moreless
  • Ep. #11025
    Ep. #11025
    Episode 74
    Nicole agrees to stop seeing Brady to E.J.'s request, Nicole tries to get through to Philip saying that she tried to get E.J. to turn over the project, Philip says she failed and calls E.J., Nicole heads over to stop Philip and sees Sami at the door. Kate tells Lucas that she's in full remission. Chloe tells Daniel that the explosion changed everything and that's why they can't be together anymore. Philip is about to tell E.J. about Brady and Nicole but Henderson comes in and says that Lucas was in some sort of accident. Nicole wants to know why Sami is doing here, she says she's here to take her baby. Kate tries to figure out why he was at Daniel's apartment and why Chloe was there. Stephanie tells Philip that she's here with her father and is taking Kayla home today. Chloe says to Daniel that she made a promise that if Lucas would come back she would end things with him, Daniel says that people always say things to god despite anything. Philip apologizes and asks Stephanie to come back to him. E.J. comes home and sees Sami and asks how she's doing much to Nicole's chagrin, Nicole and Sami get into it and E.J. says that her coming home is the start of a new beginning and to all get along. Lucas makes a vow to hold on drinking again period. E.J. brings Sydney in and Nicole is worried that she'll realize it's her daughter and refuses to let her hold Sydney. Stephanie overhears Philip tell Lucas that you can't have anything without love, which touches her.moreless
  • Ep. #11024
    Ep. #11024
    Episode 73
    Brady lays into Philip for costing Titan billions of dollars. Hope brings Ciara to the park to see her father, Ciara asks her father when she can come home. E.J. tells Nicole that she's lying to him and that she's hiding something from him, Nicole admits that she ran into Brady at the Cheatin Heart. Chloe thanks god and that she'll fulfil the promise that she made. Maggie tells Chloe that she told Lucas about her affair with Daniel, is going to be just fine, and each have a second chance to make things right again. Rafe tells Sami that they arrested the Killer's informant and that he worked alone and can pack it up and she can go back home to her family. Kate rushes to the hospial after learning of Lucas's accident, and asks Daniel what was he doing at his apartment. E.J. is then irate over Brady approaching and talk to Nicole about his business affairs, Nicole says that this project isn't worth fighting over and to let it go. Philip tells Brady to stay out of it, Brady says he went to see Melanie and he saw E.J. leaving as he was arriving. Hope tells Ciara that she can go and visit her father anytime she wants, Bo insists that he and Hope talk about somethings but Hope thinks it's not a good idea. Maggie tells Kate that Lucas is off the wagon and was drunk when she found him, and that reason for that is for her to ask Daniel. Lucas wakes up and he asks Chloe why he's in the hospital, and has no memory of anything that happened. Nicole tells E.J. that if he stop this fight with the Kiriakis's then they're won't be a wedding. Hope tells Bo that they made a promise to not to lie to each other anymore and thinks they can't get passed this. Lucas tells Chloe to tell him and that he can handle it. E.J. says that this wedding will go as planned and she will never take Sydney out of this house, he gets a call from the F.B.I saying Sami is coming home. Sami tells Rafe that he can't leave til he says goodbye to Grace, he says that isn't all for the saying goodbything, Sami asks Rafe if he'll ever see him again. Chloe tells Daniel that their relationship is over.moreless
  • Ep. #11023
    Ep. #11023
    Episode 72
    Daniel and Maggie realize that Lucas could be at Daniel's apartment. Stephanie slaps Melanie and says she'd rather have a non-verbal conversation. E.J. arrives and tells Melanie to lay off of Stephanie, because he has business to discuss with Melanie. Philip hears Brady assure Nicole he'd keep her secret. Philip then confronts Nicole about her supposed involvement with Brady and wonders what E.J. would think if he ever found out. He tries to find out what she and Brady are hiding. Chloe wakes up after the explosion and finds Lucas badly burned out in the hallway. E.J. insists that Melanie sign the contract he brought. Daniel tries to call Chloe. Chloe tries CPR, hoping to revive Lucas. She then finds her cellphone and calls 911. Melanie signs the contracts which pleases E.J. Melanie asks EJ where her money is. Philip pressures Nicole into helping ease EJ away from Melanie. Brady comes across Stephanie crying in the park, and he sympathizes and tells her that Philip will always be who he is. Chloe starts to pray and promises that if Lucas doesn't die she'll give up Daniel. Lucas then staggers into the room. Brady asks E.J. what he's doing at Maggie's house. Daniel arrives at Lucas's apartment and the EMT's rush Lucas to the hospital. Chloe tells Maggie about the promise that she made. Nicole is very upset when EJ tells her he stole Melanie from Titan. She explains that the Kiriakis's are dangerous and will retaliate if they're crossed. Stephanie breaks up with Philip, not just because he chose Melanie, but because he pretended to care for Melanie just to get her fuel project.moreless
  • Ep. #11022
    Ep. #11022
    Episode 71
    Stephanie interrupts a close moment between Melanie and Philip and lashes at Philip for stooping so low as to make a move on her. Daniel calls Chloe and asks her to meet him at his apartment cause he has news to tell her, when she arrives the fire alarm in the building starts to go off. Stefano congratulates E.J. in his plam to take on Victor and Titan. Lucas says that Maggie is to blame for everything that's been going on lately and wants her to admit it. Nicole tells Brady that E.J. thinks that he's in love her, Brady admits that he does in fact love her, but he's not in love with her. The maintenace man apologizes to Daniel for the inconvenience and turns the alarm, but he unknowingly steps and opens a gas pipe. Melanie gives Philip an ultimatum to choose once and for all either her or Melanie. Stefano worries that Melanie will ruin the DiMeras if they acquire the fuel project, but E.J. assures him that he'll make sure that she doesn't cross them. Maggie then says to the bartendar says to poor her a scotch neat, which astounds Lucas. Stephanie is sad when Philip chooses Melanie over her. Maggie knocks the drinks out of Lucas hand, and goes to get her car and sees that Lucas is passed out, Lucas wakes up and leaves. Chelsea is startled at what Stephanie said about Philip making his choice. Melanie tells Philip that she's not an idiot and is on to his little game that he was playing with her. Stephanie goes back and slaps Melanie across the face. Philip sees Brady and Nicole in front of the mansion. Lucas goes to confront Daniel at his apartment, and explosion then occurs leaving Chloe badly hurt.moreless
  • Ep. #11021
    Ep. #11021
    Episode 70
    Philip insists that he and E.J. have it out after he accuses him of using Melanie just to get what he wants. Lucas gets an incoming call from Maggie but ignores saying that he's too late. Chloe confides in Father Matt about her love for Lucas and Daniel and asks him what's wrong with her. Kate tells Daniel if he doesn't her test results then what does he want to tell her. Chelsea tells Stephanie about Max kissing her on New Years and wanted to be the one to say it first. Abe brings Theo to the hospital to see Lexie, but Theo doesn't want his parents to leave. Tony interrupts E.J. and Philip's arguing before it gets intense. Lucas continues to drown his sorrows at the Brady Pub. Melanie says to Maggie that if she knew that Lucas was a recovering alcoholic she would've taken the drink out of his hand. Daniel tells Kate that there's nothing wrong and wanted to talk to her but, he then gets the results back saying that Kate's in remission. Tony tells E.J. that he has a lot to learn. Stephanie tells Chelsea if she gives Philip a second then he'll go and start chasing after Melanie. Chloe asks God what she should do with the two men that she's in love with. Maggie finds Lucas at the Cheatin Heart and takes the glass of vodka from his hand, and tells him the truth about Chloe having an affair. Tony tells E.J. that if Stefano knew what he was up to he would tan your hide. Stephanie tells Chelsea that she's gonna go over and give Melanie notice to stay away from her man. Melanie is startled when Philip shows up and starts kissing her. Stephanie is distraught after seeing Philip and Melanie kiss. Lucas is floored after Maggie says that Chloe has been sleeping with Daniel, he then says that Daniel's a dead man.moreless
  • Ep. #11020
    Ep. #11020
    Episode 69
    E.J. tells Melanie that he knows that she's using the fuel project as leverage against the Kiriakis's, and lets her know that she is disposable. Philip gets ready for work, Victor says not to rush into the office cause Brady already closed the Kaiser deal, which angers him cause that was his. Daniel tells Chloe that he gets Kate bloodwork back and if she's in remission they can leave Salem tonight and not look back, Chloe then sees Lucas and Allie in the park, Lucas waits for his daughter to go with her friend and tells her that he doesn't want her in Allie's life and wants to know why she broke it off. Maggie sees Kate and Daniel embracing, and tells Kate why Chloe broke it off, before Daniel can slip away Maggie says he's not going anywhere. Lucas tells Chloe that he still loves despite everything that's happened, Lucas says for Chloe to go and lie to someone else and storms off leaving Chloe in tears a minister comes along and asks what's bothering her. Victor makes an assumption about Philip's desire to sleep with Melanie. E.J. tells Brady that he's getting married and that he's is not on the guest list. Lucas finds himsel at the Brady Pub looking at a bottle of liquor and asks Pete to make him a bloody mary. Philip misreads a conversation between Brady and E.J. and believes that Brady is betraying him. Victor tells Kate that Chloe is a manipulative woman who's probably sleeping with another man as we speak. Maggie tells Daniel to watch out for Kate, cause he'll have to tell her about his relationship with Chloe. Lucas tells Melanie to leave him alone, he then stares at the drink and then tries to call Maggie and looks at the ring and then drinks the bloody mary. Melanie tells Maggie that he saw Lucas at the pub ordering a drink, she then tries to call Lucas.moreless
  • Ep. #11019
    Ep. #11019
    Episode 68
    Bo doesn't know what to say to Hope except that he's sorry she's not on the force. Chelsea admits to Max that she does in fact have feelings for him, he the assures her that he's involved with Stephanie romantically anymore. Stephanie is glad that her mother is doing better, but is upset over what Bo and Hope are going through. Steve is then thrown when Stephanie says that she's starting to see a different side of him and wonders if he's harming his daughter. Bo asks Hope if she can't forgive him for not telling her about his premonition. Philip is suspicious of Melanie and demands to know what she's up to. Roman calls E.J. and Nicole overhears him discussing when Sami is coming home cause the kids miss her terribly, Roman says that there's a delay cause it's possible that there's an accomplice, Nicole then gets angry at why he didn't tell her about him calling Roman. Stephanie tells her father that he isn't helping her by treating her like a kid, Steve then apologizes that he should learn his lesson by now as long as she's happy. Roman tells Kayla that there's news about Hope and it's not what she wants to hear. Bo offers to go in there and help, but Hope doesn't want him to. E.J. tells Nicole that Sami doesn't have anything to do with them and shouldn't be worried, he's then interrupted by a call from Stefano. Philip wants Stephanie to understand that he has to do what he has to do to save his career and Titan as well cause he cares about her so much. Kayla learns that Hope has been suspended pending an investigation, she then offers to make some calls to make sure Hope doesn't lose everything. Nicole sees Sydney missing, E.J. comes in with her and says something is wrong, he then says she's going to pay for what she did, Nicole then wakes up from her nightmare.moreless
  • Ep. #11018
    Ep. #11018
    Episode 67
    Hope says that she doesn't think she'll ever forgive herself and Bo for keeping it from her. Dr. Baker agrees to stay away from Nicole, and tells Brady that there are certain things that Nicole did that he didn't want any part of. Kayla tells Steve that she can testify to the I.A. the reason that Hope fired her gun. E.J. gets the news he wants to hear when half of the formula is in fact workable. Philip asks Melanie what has she done this time, she's interrupted by a call from E.J. saying what a good it was Max, Philip sees Max come in and realize that Melanie wasn't on the phone with him and goes after her. Abe and Roman ask Hope if they're interrupting anything but she says no that she and Bo are finished talking. Nicole tells Mia to never call here again, E.J. then asks her who she's so irate with, she says it's nothing, Mia calls back and says that maybe she should come home and get her baby back. Brady asks Nicole what really went down with her and Dr. Baker, and thinks something else happened to get Mia's baby away from her and wants the truth. Hope's hearing gets under way in the hospital boardroom, Bo is the first witness who testifies and says that Hope didn't get an order to discharge her weapon, which doesn't help her at all, Kayla arrives and insists on testifying on Hope's behalf. Philip sees Melanie and E.J. together and isn't surprised at all, he takes her purse and sees a lot of money in an envelope, and he says he doesn't know how she did it. Hope thanks Kayla even though it doesn't seem as though her being there helped. Dr. Baker calls Nicole and he says to tell Brady to back off. Bo asks Hope how it went, she then hands over her badge to him. Melanie says that there's someting that Philip can do to put Titan back on top again.moreless
  • Ep. #11017
    Ep. #11017
    Episode 66
    Rafe sees as Grace is crying and tends to her before Sami gets back. Brady asks Stephanie if she's seen Melanie anywhere cause all her stuff is gone, Philip says that he fired her. Rafe says to Sami to not call herself a child abandoner, and she'll be home with her children real soon. Melanie comes to the Cheatin Heart, and wants the blueprints but Max says that he can't help her, she then offers to cut him in on it. E.J. shows something to Nicole and hopes she isn't mad at him, she sees the engagement notice in the paper and that the wedding will be on the 18th of March. Brady tells Philip that he blew it big time. Melanie finds a way to show E.J. the blueprints. Nicole calls Brady and asks to meet her on the pier, and says she lost so much already and can't lose E.J. or Sydney. Melanie says that she can prove she's legite and can promise the blueprints to him. Philip tells Stephanie that he thinks she doesn't ever want him to change, and invites her to lunch, Stephanie then declines so he follows to make her understand and they re-introduce themselves and start over. Sami finds the engagment notice and learns that her baby was born the same night as Grace was. Brady finds Dr. Baker and threatens him. Mia calls Nicole even though she promised not to, to discuss her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11016
    Ep. #11016
    Episode 65
    E.J. is mad that he can't find Nicole anywhere, Dr. Baker then arrives and wants to know what he's doing here. Philip catches Melanie printing a copy of the blueprints of the project, he takes it and shreds it and says she was caught on camera. Lucas tells Kate that Chloe dumped him and the engagement is off, Kate wants to know what the heck he said to her. Chloe comes to see Daniel and asks him to runaway from Salem with her. Victor finds Brady giving Nicole money, Victor then thinks that Nicole is involved with something she doesn't want anyone to know about, Brady says that he can explain everything. Lucas doesn't understand why and thinks Chloe doesn't want to be married to him, Kate says for him to find Chloe and talk with her. Chloe says to Daniel that this is what he wanted, Daniel tells Chloe that he's not going to runaway. Victor doesn't believe Brady when he says that he repaying Nicole with money that she gave him when he returned to Salem. E.J. tells Dr. Baker that they won't be needing his services anymore and will go to their own physician, E.J. wants to know what he wants with Nicole. Philip tells Ernie(a security guard) to take Melanie a former employee at Titan out of the building. Daniel allows Chloe to stay while he goes and sees what Kate wants. Max tells Melanie she's lucky that Philip didn't have her arrested. E.J. lays into Nicole but feels foolish when she shows him an apnea monitor and apologizes, Dr. Baker then texts her and waits for E.J. to go upstairs then gives him the money. Philip tells Victor that Melanie was caught trying to steal the blueprints, Victor is livid that he let her get away with it. Brady sees Lucas, but avoids him and walks away, Chloe asks what Lucas said. Max surprises Melanie when he gives her what she wants.moreless
  • Ep. #11015
    Ep. #11015
    Episode 64
    Melanie didn't mean literally kill Philip more like a figure of speech, E.J. then says that they should get the ball rolling. Lucas wants answers from Chloe in why she's breaking it off with him. Maggie tells Daniel not to interrupt Chloe and Lucas, he tells her it's none of her business. Chloe tearfully tells Lucas that she's doing this because she loves him. Stephanie talks with Philip and brings up that her mother never seen herself with Steve. Kayla asks Daniel how the party at Chez Rouge was. Brady tells Victor that he's late cause Nicole's baby was rushed to the hospital, Victor abruptly tells Brady to let E.J. take care of her since he's her fiancee, and his loyalty should be with his family. Stephanie says to Philip that she's not ready to let him go and the two share a kiss. Chloe tells Lucas that she's already broken his heart, Lucas wants to know how but is interrupted by a call from Daniel which she doesn't take. Dr. Baker attempts to get more money out of Nicole, by requesting that she give him 10,000 dollars in cash, Nicole then makes a call requesting someones help, and asks Brady for the money but he says that he can't help her. Philip and Stephanie agree in going to the Cheatin, he then thanks Maggie for letting them dance alone for awhile. Stefano asks E.J. how things went tonight with Melanie and said she fell for it. Melanie goes into Titan and attempts to steal company blueprints. Stephanie sees Philip pay Derek a bonus for delivering the injunction to Melanie. Chloe takes off her ring and gives it to Lucas and walks away. Melanie encounters some problems in getting into the computer. Brady tells Nicole that he will in fact help her, Victor then walks in and sees them embracing and asks what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #11014
    Ep. #11014
    Episode 63
    Nicole explains to E.J. that this is all her fault, Lexie comes out and they ask if Sydney is okay. Kayla asks Daniel to go to the benefit at Chez Rouge in her place, she's then glad when Stephanie comes to visit and sees that she's upset and asks what's wrong. Philip notices that Chloe might've been crying, she then changes the subject as she's late for meeting with Lucas, Lucas asks why she was late. Lexie says that Sydney's breathing is fine but she wants to run a few tests to see what cause the apnea. Philip tells Melanie that he and Stephanie aren't seeing each other anymore and it's all because of her, about him treating Melanie like garbage and what kind of man he was. Kate suggests Valentine's Day for a wedding day, Victor walks in and tells him to rethink it for a while possibly never. Philip tells Melanie that if she takes the patent to the DiMeras's she'll lose the only thing that matters to her which is him. Stephanie tells her mother that she doesn't think she can be with a man like Philip, Kayla says that she once thought the same thing about Steve. E.J. comes to the defense of Nicole when Stefano lays into her for Sydney being in the hospital. Stefano tells Lexie that something is off about Nicole and wants to find out what it is. Kate tells Maggie about possibly catering the wedding of Lucas and Chloe but she says that her own anniversary and is unable to do so. Chloe assures Maggie that she is done with Daniel and is marrying Lucas. Stefano says to Lexie that he'll apologize to Nicole for his behaviour. E.J. overhears Nicole telling Sydney about keeping her secret. Kate takes the podium and says her speech thanking Daniel and Chloe for saving her, afterwards Stefano asks her out, she then declines but he suggests that she call him. Victor realizes that Daniel likes Chloe, and wonders if there's something going on with them. Melanie is served with an injunction, she then complains to E.J. that there's a problem. Philip tells Victor that everything was taken care of. Melanie tells E.J. to eliminate Philip. Philip sees as Stephanie arrives. Lucas goes after Chloe and she says that she can't marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #11013
    Ep. #11013
    Episode 62
    Hope goes to see Kayla and asks her if she can forgive her. Stephanie confronts Philip about what he said to Victor and doesn't see the man she knows. E.J. and Brady hear Nicole scream and says there's something wrong with the baby, Brady then calls 911. Rafe quietly gets without disturbing Sami, she then wakes up and finds him not there. Melanie tells Max that she'll be giving the project to the DiMeras. Abe tells Bo what exactly went down during the shooting at the hospital, Bo says that he let Hope down by not telling her of the vision that he had. Sister Theresa tells Sami that Rafe left to go to a meeting with his boss and says he'll be back, she's then worried that she'll never see Rafe again. Philip tells Stephanie that this is what made him, and she feels differently then she can walk away. Abe learns that Bo saw in his head Theo's accident, and called 911 which pretty much saved his life. Hope tells Kayla that after Bo's accident on Christmas Eve, Bo's been having these premonitions and saw the shooting before it happened. Lexie tells Nicole that they've incubated Sydney until they can know what's really wrong with her. Nicole tells Brady that she's being punished for what she's done, E.J. then sees Brady consoling Nicole. Bo gives Hope a trip to Hawaii but she says she's not interested in going, cause she can't forgive herself what happened to Kayla. Bo is beside himself when Hope says she's going to be moving in with Doug and Julie over at Alice's, while they're on a trip, and is taking Ciara with her. Stephanie is sad at Philip's words towards her. Bo says for Hope to explain this to her and to take care of herself, Hope apologizes and walks out the door. Rafe lies to Sami after a bad meeting with his boss.moreless
  • Ep. #11012
    Ep. #11012
    Episode 61
    Maggie tells Lucas that she has to tell him something and can't wait any longer, as Daniel stands nearby. Chloe asks Nicole what her baby have to do with Sami. Melanie thinks while on the pier of getting in between Stephanie and Philip. Lexie congratulates E.J. on the birth of his daughter Sydney, and wants to know when she can see her, E.J. says that now isn't the best time. Stephanie thanks Philip for taking her to the hospital to see her mother and for being there for her. Victor learns from Brady that Melanie was confronted by the DiMera's about them acquiring the alternative fuel project, Victor says he should've taught Brady to look out for women who have a thing for bringing men down. Maggie says to Lucas that she had no idea that him and Chloe was setting their wedding date so soon. Melanie tells Philip that she thinks that Titan isn't the place for her project and is concerned about the way things are run with Stephanie being Philip's sex kitten. Lexie asks E.J. how he feels about Sami coming home, he says that he'll wish Sami all the best cause he's with Nicole now. Philip tells Melanie that he can stop her from taking the project to the DiMeras. Victor tells Brady if he's really gonna let Chloe get away with what she's done with him, but Victor's glad that the DiMeras are stuck with Nicole. Chloe comes to see Daniel and says that Maggie didn't tell Lucas, he says that she looks like she was going to earlier. Brady comes by and is amazed when he sees her with a baby, and couldn't believe she went through with it. Victor wants to know what Melanie and Philip are discussing, he learns that Melanie had fired Philip. E.J. wants Nicole to tell him why Brady is in their house and yelling at her, he tells her to tend to Sydney while he asks Brady some questions in why he's here. Stephanie overhears Philip telling Victor that he's going the do whatever it takes to keep the project at Titan.moreless
  • Ep. #11011
    Ep. #11011
    Episode 60
    E.J. tells Nicole he brought the baby down so that he could give her a chance to sleep. Mia calls Nicole again after brushing her off yesterday and wants to talk with her now. Hope tells Bo that he saw Kayla getting shot and he did nothing to stop it by telling her, Chelsea then comes down thinking she can give them time so they can talk things out. Chloe comes to the hospital to tell him that Maggie knows about them, but is paged and didn't get the chance to tell him, Maggie arrives and asks Chloe if she came to talk to Daniel and end the affair. Max shows Lucas a headline of the spectator that the Mayor's assassin was killed, and is blown away that Kayla was also shot in the process. Stefano returns home to his new granddaughter and is grateful to Nicole for what she did to this family, E.J. explains to Stefano that Sydney wasn't born at the hospital but at a clinic. Chelsea tells Hope that she sees the tension between her and Bo. Chloe says she can't deal with this right now, Maggie then realizes that she didn't talk with Daniel. Lucas is worried and how Sami is gonna explain that baby when she does get home. Sister Theresa and Sami look at baby Grace, Sami then wonders how she is going to leave her daughter. Max runs into Bo on the pier, he tells him that he blew off his meetings at work, and that he's in the doghouse and Hope won't talk to her. Hope calls the hospital and is relieved when learning that Kayla had a good night last night. Maggie and Daniel have a confrontatation over Chloe and tells him to break it off once and for all. Bo gets a call from, and tells Max that it isn't good. Chloe goes to the DiMera mansion and confesses what she and Daniel have been up to, cause she loves Lucas but can't stay away from Daniel. Maggie says she's not going to let Daniel stand in the way of Chloe and Lucas's happiness, if he doesn't get out of Chloe's life then she'll handle things herself. E.J. learns from Lucas that Bo shot the Killer last night and Sami is coming home. Chelsea tells Max that the thing with Bo and Hope is bad and they don't even talk at all, Max says that it's going to get worse. Bo warns Hope not to answer the phone cause it's Internal Affairs, he says they have to head off to the station.moreless
  • Ep. #11010
    Ep. #11010
    Episode 59
    Steve calls Stephanie to come to the hospital cause her mother's been shot. Hope tells Bo that he could've stopped this but didn't. Lexie tells Steve he can go in and see Kayla before she's brought into surgery. Bo and Hope don't see eye to eye over Kayla's shooting. Nicole and E.J. bring their baby home and share a special evening together. Rafe says that the killer is dead and it's safe, Sami says that she just can't leave the convent at least not yet. Max interrupts Melanie's fantasy of her kissing Philip. Steve sits by Kayla's bedside saying that she can't leave him yet. Rafe gets a call from Roman requesting to speak with Sami. Mia contacts Nicole, and she asks Mia what she wants. Steve tells Bo that he knew that his wife was gonna get shot. Mia says she's just calling to check on her baby is doing, Nicole says that she's doing fine. Roman tells Sami that Kayla was shot, the bullet was meant for the Killer but she somehow got in the way. Sami convinces Rafe to stay at the convent longer and soon they'll go their seperate ways. Caroline fills Max in on his sister and for him to come to the hospital right away, Melanie offers to go with him. Roman asks Hope about the details leading up to the shooting, Hope says for him to ask Bo. A doctor comes by to check on the child and Nicole gets nervous when she says to have some blood work, and says it's not a good idea. Lexie explains that they're gonna have to stop Kayla's heart for only a few minutes it's the only option that they have, Steve says to do what she has to do. Nicole and E.J. go through possible baby names, Rafe and Sami do the same thing. Nicole comes up with the name Sydney for their child, Sami chooses the name Grace. Lexie tells Steve good news that Kayla made it through the surgery and she's stabilized.moreless
  • Ep. #11009
    Ep. #11009
    Episode 58
    Philip returns to the Cheatin Heart and he and Stephanie pick up where they left off. Nicole greets E.J. with the baby. Rafe starts to hallucinate and Sami tells him that they're in the convent, and both she and the baby are just fine. Bo tells Steve on the pier that he got a message from Hope, and they both hurry to the hospital. Hope and the Killer have a stand off at the while he continues to hold Kayla hostage, he tells Hope to put the gun on the floor, Lexie arrives and sees what's going on, she then calls Roman and says there's a hostage situation, he comes and tells Lexie that he has someone coming up the back stairs. E.J. looks at the baby and says that it resembles someone that he know, which makes Nicole very nervous, E.J. says that the baby has the same birthmark as her. Sister Theresa says that Rafe must be taken to a hospital immediately, Sami says if he's taken to one then he's dead for sure. E.J. thanks Dr. Baker for taking care of his daughter and his fiancee. Philip tells Stephanie that he never once figured them together. Kayla tries to struggle free, which gives Hope the opportunity, she grabs her gun and points it at the Killer but accidentally shoots Kayla instead, Bo arrives and shoots the Killer, while Steve tends to Kayla. Hope then is sad at what she did. Sami is grateful for Sister Theresa for allowing an empty room so Rafe can heal. Philip tells Stephanie that he's falling in love with her, he's then surprised when Stephanie says that the feeling is mutual, Philip suggests they go back to his place. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he should go and check on Mia to see if she's okay. Bo consoles Hope after the Killer dies, and Kayla is taken care of. Stephanie and Philip take their romance back to the Kiriakis mansion. Roman tells Bo that he has no choice but to report Kayla's shooting over to I.A., Bo tells Hope that he's to blame, Hope realizes that Bo knew this was going to happen.moreless
  • Ep. #11008
    Ep. #11008
    Episode 57
    Dr. Baker presents Sami to her baby daughter, Sami asks if that's her baby and if she's alright. Maggie tells Chloe she saw her and Daniel kissing and that her blouse is unbuttoned, she tries to explain to Maggie with what she saw, Maggie says that she can't and walks away. Kayla get the idea that they guy that was brought in looks so familiar, the killer gets up and starts to strangle her, Daniel comes in and stops him and gives him a sedative. Hope wants Bo to tell her why he doesn't want her to see Kayla Rafe gets a belt and tie it around his wound so he can get to Sami. Nicole goes ahead with her plan and Sami unknowingly helps her. Kayla and Daniel hurry when the "John Doe" flatlines. Nicole calls E.J. and leaves a message, E.J. then comes in and picks up, Nicole then doesn't know what to say. Dr. Baker goes to check on Sami and sees that her and Sister Theresa are not in the exam room. Chloe goes after Maggie to try and make her listen, that it was stupid what she did with Daniel. Dr. Baker tells E.J. that Nicole is in labor and is at the clinic, E.J. then hurries to be by her side. Daniel manages to stabilize the killer, Kayla then calls Steve and leaves a message for him to bring that sketch of that man, she then calls Hope and asks her to come to the hospital. Maggie tells Chloe that she's not going to keep this a secret, Lucas walks in and asks what they're talking about. Kayla tells Hope that it's possible that the person that was brought in the hospital is the Mayor's killer. Rafe goes to the convent, Sister Theresa and Sami come in and he's introduced to Sami's baby daughter, he then collapses. Lucas tells Chloe that Kate wants them to set a date for the wedding and soon. The Killer takes Kayla hostage and says that he'll break her neck if anyone comes near him. Maggie says that she'll be watching her. Bo gets his message from Hope and he quickly gets to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #11007
    Ep. #11007
    Episode 56
    Maggie finds the Killer on the pier and calls for help, she then sees that he has a stab wound. Bo had a vision of Hope in a shoot out at University Hospital but doesn't tell her. Dr. Baker is shocked that Nicole wants Sami's baby instead of Mia's, he then tells her to get out, Nicole threatens to call the police about what he does on the side. Chloe shows up at Daniel's apartment and said that he left her that message on her phone breaking up with her. E.J. is en route to Salem after his meeting in Rome ended early and hoping to be with Nicole. Rafe tries to get up but ends up falling the floor. Steve tells Bo and Hope that he believes he has a lead on Marino's killer and could link it to Stefano DiMera. Maggie asks Kayla how the person that she's treating is and wished she knew who it is. Sister Theresa tells the nurse where the doctor cause "Colleen" is starting to get worried. Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn't feel right about breaking up her and Lucas even though he's fallen in love with her. Rafe sees his cell phone and attempts to go over to get it. Bo sees another part of his and tells Steve that Kayla gets shot, Steve says that he's gonna do his best to keep Hope and Kayla apart. Dr. Baker tells Sister Theresa that he'll get back to "Colleen" once he's through, Nicole says that he has to switch the babies, cause if she goes down he'll go down too. Hope wants Bo to tell him the real reason he doesn't want her to see Kayla tonight. Chloe tells Daniel that she's still mad at him as they make love. Dr. Baker that despite his hatred to what he's about to do, he'll do what Nicole wants. Maggie goes to get something from Kayla's apartment and sees Chloe coming out of Daniel's across the hall. Kayla sees "John Doe" and why he looks so familiar. Dr. Baker brings in Sami's "baby".moreless
  • Ep. #11006
    Ep. #11006
    Episode 55
    Sami continues to ask Dr. Baker what's wrong with her daughter and why isn't she crying. Chloe listens to the message from Daniel saying he's not going to come between her and Lucas. Kate comes to see Daniel thinking she was a bit hasty when she ended things with him, Daniel asks if she's changed her mind. Rafe lunges at the Killer and the two engage in a battle. Nicole arrives at the clinic and sees Dr. Baker takes the child out of the room hoping he can save it. Daniel lashes at Kate when she suggest something or someone has got to him. Nicole overhears Sami say that she's afraid her daughter is gonna die. Chloe tells Maggie that she has a confession to make, cause it has to do with Sami, and saying she will always come between them, Maggie says she has to tell Lucas what she's feeling. Sister Theresa tells Sami that she didn't get a close look to see if the baby was breathing or not. Nicole is desperate to save E.J.'s child, Dr. Baker is relieved when Sami's baby is alert, he then says he's gonna take her to it's mother, Nicole says that he can't not after they talk. Maggie realizes that she and Chloe aren't talking about Sami and it's about someone else. Kate wonders what the heck is going with Daniel. The Killer goes for a knife, Rafe then stabs him with it. Sister Theresa offers to go and check on the baby herself, a nurse comes in and gives something to help her sleep. Dr. Baker learns that Nicole also has Mia's baby in the basket. Sami has a dream that Rafe comes to see her and says that everything is gonna be alright. Chloe goes to see Daniel, and he says that she shouldn't have come. Rafe wakes up and tries to go after the killer but is a but woozy. The Killer collapses on the pier from his stab wound. Nicole says that E.J. deserves to raise his child, but only one of the babies will live with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11005
    Ep. #11005
    Episode 54
    Nicole holds Mia's daughter and sees how perfect she is. Melanie goes to see Max and asks what he knows about E.J. DiMera. Rafe sees what a sadistic person the Killer really is by threatening Sami's children. Sister Theresa tells Sami that God is watching over her and the baby. Dr. Baker says that this facility does not have an O.R. but is in good hands. Philip is livid and tells Brady that Melanie is thinking of selling the alternative fuel source to the DiMeras and vows it'll stay at Titan where it belongs. Melanie insists of a bidding war between the two company's. Mia has second thoughts about giving her baby girl up for adoption, Nicole says that he child is gonna be loved. Rafe tells the Killer that one of Sami's kids is a DiMera. Sami has a difficult delivery and the baby is born in distress. Max tells Melanie that she's way in over her head with wanting to get more money, Philip then comes in Melanie at the pub to talk about the project, Melanie then gets nervous and gets up and walks out. Dr. Baker says for Sami to keep pushing, he sees something wrong, Sami asks what's happened to her baby. Mia says that Nicole can take the child, cause she'll be good with her, she then thanks Nicole and says she'll be a great mother. Max tells Philip to leave Melanie alone or he'll make sure that she takes the patent away from Titan. Brady runs into Melanie on the pier, and says how sorry she is about John and that he gets better. The Killer realizes that Sami's been at the convent this whole time, Rafe unties himself while he's distracted.moreless
  • Ep. #11004
    Ep. #11004
    Episode 53
    Nicole heads over to Mia's place and she says that the baby is coming now. Philip tells Stephanie that he has the titan jet fueled ready to take them to Chicago, Stephanie says he doesn't need five star restaurants in order to impress her. The Killer continues to torture Rafe in giving him Sami's whereabouts. Sister Theresa calls Dr. Baker and says she'll be bringing in a woman who's in labor. Kate runs into Daniel and Chloe outside the pub and asks what's going on with the two of them. Chloe tells Kate that she's upset over the argument between her and Lucas earlier about Sami. Victor approaches Daniel and asks him if he wants what Lucas has which is someone to love and realizes he wants to settle down to. Rafe struggles to free himself from being tied up so he can get to Sami. The Killer stakes out the pub and takes a picture of Sami's family with his cell phone. Nicole tells Mia says that she's gonna deliver this baby and tells her to push. Stephanie brings Philip to the Cheatin Heart to play a round of pool. Sister Theresa brings Sami to the clinic and says her name is "Colleen". Philip pays the bartender some money so he and Stephanie can be alone. Lucas and Chloe engage in a food fight that Allie started, Victor wonders what's happening, and Caroline is shocked when Victor says that Chloe will cause Lucas misery like with Brady and Philip. Dr. Baker says that the baby is not getting enough oxygen and says a c-section is out of the question. Philip and Stephanie evening is ruined by a call from the office. The Killer shows Rafe the pics of Sami's children Johnny and Allie. Sami asks what's going on with her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #11003
    Ep. #11003
    Episode 52
    Hope, Bo, Steve and Kayla toast to John and Marlena's reunion, Abe then comes into the pub wanting Bo to solve the Mayor's murder by finding his killer cause the taxpayers are footing the bill for Sami's witness protection, Lexie then brings Theo in and he seems to be glad to be out of the hospital. Nicole talks with Sister Theresa about having her baby protected and they she cannot say that they had this conversation, Sami then knocks on the door and she hides Nicole. Bo has another vision of a gun going off, Hope asks him if he's having more visions. The Killer shows Rafe his stun gun that he left behind, he uses it to torture Rafe. Sami hears a noise and Sister Theresa says it's another nun who's room is right next door. Bo asks Steve if he'd like to join him in the quest to find who killed Mayor Marino, Steve would love to take down Stefano, Bo's vision comes clear and shows parts of the hospital and Hope is there, he explains to Steve that this all started at Christmas time when he hit his head. Sister Theresa tells Sami about a clinic where she can give birth is right outside of town and is safe, which pleases Nicole very much. Rafe knocks the stun gun out of the Killer's hand and punches him and they then quarrel over it. Nicole praises at her plan and on making it work if it kills her. Mia looks at a picture of her ultrasound, and says how can she give up her child. Sami tells Sister Theresa that she's worried and goes off to find Rafe. The Killer finds a book about babies and Rafe says that it's his "girlfriend's". Hope doesn't like the idea of Bo taking her off the murder investigation. Dr. Baker asks Nicole what she's up to when she says he'll get a call from a nun. Sami begins to go into labor. Nicole gets a call from Mia saying that she's also in labor.moreless
  • Ep. #11002
    Ep. #11002
    Episode 51
    John astonishes Marlena when he says he remembers everything including the life they shared together. Nicole had a fantasy about confronting Sami, but changes her mind. Stefano says that he's going to Rome for a meeting in but will be back in time for the arrival of his grandchild, he then gets a devastating phone call. Lucas tells Kate that he cancelled the trip to Vancouver and Chloe got upset and he got a call from Sami, and Kate goes off. John may have recovered his memories, Kayla tells Marlena that if John stays here one more day that chances of a recovery are very slim. Sister Theresa comes in the room and Nicole quickly leaves before she's seen, Sami tells her that she wants her to take her child, as Nicole overhears in delight, Sister Theresa wants to know where she'll be delivering her child. Stefano tells E.J. that John was attacked and poisoned and there's a chance he might not recover, E.J. insists on taking the trip to Rome and he can go and see John. Brady realizes when John recognizes him that his father that he knows is back. Lucas tells Kate that he wants Daniel to see if he can talk to Chloe for him. Daniel tells Chloe that he's ashamed of the deception and wants to tell everyone the truth. John tells Marlena why he can't move his legs and what's wrong with him, Stefano then arrives hoping to see John. E.J. tells Nicole that he's going on a business trip, and hears someone in the background saying "Bless You". John tells Marlena to get out after hearing that he can't walk but she won't let him and says she'll be going too cause she is his life, he then proposes marriage to her and she ecstatically accepts. Daniel tells Chloe to answer the door, Chloe's about the open the door as Kate stands outside it. Marlena tells Roman and Brady there's gonna be a wedding in his hospital room, she runs into Stefano and she says that he can't hurt them anymore. Chloe opens the door and sees Kate down the hall and quickly goes back in and shuts the door. Nicole tells Sister Theresa that she is a mother in need, and comes up with a lie and asks her to take her child, Sister Theresa is in the same predicament with someone she knows. Sami sits and prays for Rafe, she then hears footsteps coming. Father Jansen once again pronounces Marlena and John husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #11001
    Ep. #11001
    Episode 50
    Daniel tells Lucas he's hear to talk about Chloe. Nicole is amazed to learn that Sami is pregnant, and asks if Lucas is the father. The Killer tells Rafe that he isn't going to die at least not yet, until he gives up Sami's location. John has been infected with a lethal toxin by Charlotte, Marlena injects John with some adrenaline hoping it'll get him to wake up, and Bo resumes CPR. Daniel explains that Chloe is going through something and is trying to cover it up, Lucas wants to know what Daniel is trying to say. Nicole asks Chloe who else could be the father and learns Sami is pregnant with E.J.'s baby and vows to hurt Sami. Hope takes Charlotte away and out of the room. Marlena tells John that he's done some extraordinary things and says for him to fight. Chloe reveals to Nicole that she knew of Sami's pregnancy ever since she went away in protective custody. Sister Theresa tells Sami if she's afraid of the family of her father's baby, then to tell her who she really is, Sami then reveals her true identity. The Killer plays a little game with Rafe, cause he's no good to him dead if he tells him what he wants to know. Marlena is relieved when John starts to gasp for air, and tells him to hold on cause the ambulance has arrived. Nicole wonders if she can get the whereabouts to the person who's trying to kill her. Sami tells Sister Theresa to hide her baby. John is brought into the hospital and Kayla wonders what Charlotte did to him. Bo and Hope question Charlotte, she says that John is never going to be the same again. Kayla tells Marlena and Brady that John has had another episode. Chloe asks Nicole how she can say such a thing, cause not only would Sami die, but the baby would to. Marlena hurries into John's room, and tells him something that has a special meaning to them, and John looks like he's gonna open his eyes. Chloe learns that Daniel went to go and see Lucas and was about to tell him about them, but didn't. Sami sees that her medal is missing and she must've dropped it at the loft. The Killer threatens to go and kill every member of Sami's family, Rafe gets the upper hand and overpowers him. John shows signs of a seizure, and Kayla is hoping she can stop it. Daniel and Chloe insist on saying goodbye to each other. Kayla manages to stabilize John once again, Marlena kisses him, John then wakes up and says that he remembers. Sami prays as Nicole enters the convent.moreless
  • Ep. #11000
    Ep. #11000
    Episode 49
    Chloe tells her agent to try and get her the audition and uses it as a vacation for her and Lucas, she then ignores an incoming call from Daniel. E.J. catches Nicole as she's about to leave and asks where she's heading off to, Nicole says she leaving for Chicago, E.J. says that she's not going anywhere. The Killer ransacks the place, he then finds Sami's medal on the floor. Rafe tells Sami that Hilda would want her to keep it together and Sister Theresa will take care of her while he goes to meet a fellow agent, she says for him not to leave her alone. John asks Brady why shouldn't he trust Dr. Taylor, Brady says it cause he's getting his memory back and she's neglected to tell him. Marlena lets Charlotte in and resumes her phone call, Charlotte then reaches in her purse for something. Bo opens up to Hope about him deciding to quit being the police commissioner. John sees the footage of him saying that Marlena is the love of his life, and why would Charlotte keep that from him. Charlotte tells Marlena that she could have her arrested for tampering with her computer, Marlena says she withheld information from John. Chloe says she got an audition in Vancouver, Lucas wonders when Chloe didn't consult him when she dropped Allie off at Julie's, she says she wanted to spend time alone with him. E.J. tells Nicole that there's no reason for her to go out of town, and she and the baby aren't going anywhere. Bo says to Hope that he misses her and the job is getting pretty stressful. John calls Marlena to warn her about Charlotte, she says that she's here and that she can handle her. E.J. offers a compromise to take Nicole to Chicago personally so he can have assurance that her and the baby are alright, Nicole then calls Dr. Baker (but says another name when he answers) and cancels her going to Chicago. Chloe runs into Daniel on the pier, and says she's going out of town with Lucas. Rafe goes back to the place to check out but the Killer lingers in the background ready to strike. Charlotte tells Marlena that they knew each other before and she's paying her back for something. Sami calls Lucas and says she's in trouble, and someone leaked information to the Killer, Sami asks Lucas not to tell Roman about this and hangs up. Charlotte points a syringe with muscle relaxant in it. Dr. Baker says if she's not here when Mia goes in labor then the plan will blow up in her face. Lucas says he can't go, Chloe says that Sami is more important then time alone with her and then storms off. Marlena sees that she stole the affection from Charlotte's father, John walks in the room and she sticks him with the needle. Rafe and the Killer face off in the safe house, and engage in a fight. Chloe accidentally tells Nicole that Sami is pregnant. Bo and Hope arrive at Marlena's, Bo then calls for backup.moreless
  • Ep. #10999
    Ep. #10999
    Episode 48
    E.J. asks Nicole why was Tony the one to tell him that she volunteers at a youth centre. Rafe gets a call and learns the Hilda was murdered, Sami is then distraught. Mia continues to feel pain, and thinks the baby's coming. Kayla explains to John why he should fire Charlotte, cause earlier it looked like she was gonna hit Marlena. Marlena tells Brady that what he did was unethical in going through John's medical session, Brady says that Charlotte needs to pay for messing with his father's head. The Killer goes through Hilda's private files trying to track down Sami whereabouts. Rafe realizes that Hilda was here talking with Sami, and the bureau told him that day she was probably killed after she left here, he asks Sami if anything else happened, she confesses to go and seeing Sister Theresa. Kevin(from tech support) goes through her PC and sees that someone sent the e-mail and it went to Marlena's computer. E.J. says to Nicole that he's proud of her and what she's doing for those pregnant teens, she says that she's been keeping something from him and shows him a picture of the ultrasound. The Killer thinks he may have found something thinking it'll find Sami. Rafe says to Sami that all it takes is one person to identify you, and then it'll be all over for her, he then vows to take the Killer down once and for all and instructs that they leave at once. John approaches Charlotte and Kayla said she can't be trusted. Nicole arrives and asks Mia if everything is okay with the baby, Dr. Baker says that it was only false labor. Charlotte drops by Marlena's and says they need to talk. The Killer arrives by Rafe and Sami are nowhere to be found, Rafe brings Sami to the convent.moreless
  • Ep. #10998
    Ep. #10998
    Episode 47
    Brady wonders if what he sees on the video is true. Is his father is getting his memory back? John tells Charlotte that the only way he'll leave Salem is if Marlena goes with him. Charlotte states that she thinks that would be a mistake. Mia learns that Tony's last name is DiMera and the name seems familiar to her. E.J. tells Melanie that the alternative fuel project seems fascinating, Melanie asks him why he's interested in it and reminds him she shouldn't talk to anyone about it. Tony insists that Nicole introduce him to Mia. Nicole makes up a lie about volunteering at a youth center counseling pregnant teens. Marlena confides in Kayla that she has concerns about Dr. Taylor. She tells Kayla that Dr. Taylor has said John's case is hopeless, but Marlena thinks he'll have a break through. Brady hears Charlotte coming back to her office, and is about to get caught at her computer watching the recording of John's hypnosis session. Marlena tries to distract Charlotte so Brady can slip out. Melanie asks E.J. if he's making an offer for the project, and says she already has a deal with Victor at Titan. E.J. suggests Melanie think about his offer. Dr. Baker asks Mia if Nicole told her everything, Nicole confirms that Mia knows about her faking the rest of her pregnancy. Marlena tries to get Charlotte to come with her so Brady can get out, but she says no. Maggie thanks Melanie again for what she said about Nick. Dr. Baker does the ultrasound and is concerned about Mia having second thoughts about giving her baby up. E.J. asks Nicole why he had to find out from Tony that she volunteers with pregnant teens. Mia starts to feel pains while in her apartment. Kayla tells John that she doesn't trust Charlotte and neither should he. Charlotte notices that someone has seen John's video. Brady insists that Marlena view the video and she's amazed when she hears John call her the love of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #10997
    Ep. #10997
    Episode 46
    Brady tells Marlena that John wants to find himself again. Melanie sees Philip and Stephanie kiss just outside the courtroom and goes in and tells Max. Mia tells Nicole that if losing her baby was so sad, then why is she giving up hers and wondering if Nicole's afraid of her fiance then she should be too. John is saddened when he learns he may never regain his memory, he then storms off and Charlotte says that she can help him just not in the way he wants. E.J. tells Stefano that the information could restore the DiMera legacy, Stefano is intrigued, E.J. says about the property having to do with Victor Kiriakis. Chelsea arrives late wanting a chance to talk to Nick, Nick is brought in and is glad that he's here now. Nicole tells Mia that E.J. already has a son and her baby will be a younger sibling to Johnny. Brady says to Marlena if he had come to Salem sooner, John then comes into the pub wanting Marlena to give him a second opinion and sits down and calls her "Doc". Nick tells Chelsea and Max to make sure the project stays out of the wrong hands cause there's a lot of people who can take advantage. Philip tells Melanie that she did good in the meeting and he's seeing a new side of her and likes that person very much. Marlena shows John the charm bracelet, and asks John if he's remembering something, John says that he doesn't. Mia is amazed when Nicole brings her to the DiMera mansion. Philip has a surprise for Stephanie but is gonna let her wait so she can be surprised. Nick asks to speak to Chelsea alone and tells her how sorry he is of the way he treated her the last several months, and wouldn't trade their time together for anything. Marlena tells Brady of Charlotte's behaviour, and why she's giving up on only one session. E.J. thanks Melanie for what she said cause it gave Nick a lenient sentence. Tony comes to the mansion and asks Nicole who her friend is that she's with. Charlotte proposes that John leave Salem and all the baggage that comes with. Brady enters Charlotte's office and begins to watch the session John had earlier.moreless
  • Ep. #10996
    Ep. #10996
    Episode 45
    Maggie tells Max(who had no idea about the sentencing), she says that he doesn't want anyone there. John tells Brady that he tried the hypno therapy, but says that afterwards he didn't remember a thing. Mia tells Nicole why she didn't bring her fiance like she said she was going to. Nick is glad that E.J. stepped in for Mickey, E.J. says that he's sorry Mickey can't be here. Chloe goes to see Daniel and tells him that whatever he wanted to happen didn't. Charlotte goes to get a book, and Marlena knocks on the door and Charlotte blasts saying she can't just barge in her office like that. Melanie asks Philip for the morning off. Max tells Stephanie about Nick and thinks that his friends should be there for him. Stefano asks Kate if she's thought about his proposal, and assures her that it was sincere. Max and Stephanie arrive and Maggie is glad that they showed up, the hearing starts as Judge Fitzpatrick enters the room. Kate explains to Stefano concerning Daniel, saying that he's the reason she's still alive and is a dear friend. Daniel tells Chloe that she could've called but she came to talk to him in person, they give into their feelings and the two make love. Philip arrives to be there for Stephanie who's also supporting Nick. Chloe and Daniel's intimate act is almost caught by Kate. Melanie stands up asking to say something, she then takes the stand and says to Nick that she forgives him. Marlena brings up Charlotte's last job and why she left, she stunned at the thought of Marlena doing some checking on her. Nicole explains to Mia that she miscarried the baby she had, Mia's then shocked to learn that she hadn't told her fiance that she lost the baby. Judge Fitzpatrick sentences Nick to 2-5 years, but could be eligible for parole in 18 months on good behaviour, Philip and Stephanie then thank Melanie for what she did for Nick. John goes into Charlotte's office to make an appointment for another session(determined to get his memories back) but Charlotte says it won't be possible to get his memory back.moreless
  • Ep. #10995
    Ep. #10995
    Episode 44
    Marlena does her research on Charlotte by contacting some of her old colleagues. E.J. and Nicole have a confrontation with Victor while they arrive for the party and says that he's disinviting them and tells E.J. that Nicole is gonna bring him down. While stil under hypnosis John remembers being chained to a wall and see Marlena on the floor and that she needs help, John awakens and doesn't remember a thing. Victor says to Nicole and E.J. that he's letting them stay for Kate's sake only. Daniel tells Kate that he came back to the party for Chloe and says he has an announcement to make, Chloe tells him not to, she's relieved when he makes a toast to Chloe and Lucas. Victor then makes a spectacle and tells Lucas to watch his back and when it comes to Chloe. Lucas tells Max that he thinks that him and Chelsea make a cute couple. Charlotte tells John that he cannot see the tape until she has a chance to evaluate it first, John thinks that the session was a total bust, but Charlotte is convinced that the hypno therapy is gonna work. Chelsea tells Kate that her and Max are friends like her and Daniel. Mia calls Nicole and wants to come over and talk about her baby. Daniel tells Victor not to talk about Chloe like that, after hearing him bash her and says to knock it off. John joins Marlena at the pub and says he wants out of the therapy. Philip tells Stephanie that it's probably best if they not work together anymore. E.J. asks Nicole who Mia is, she says it was someone from the doctor's office who found that bracelet that she lost. Marlena says to John that Charlotte is more than qualified to handle his case. Lucas tells Chloe that he wants to be with her and only her and likes how she's with Allie, Lucas goes to get the car and Daniel says that was a good performance she put on for him. Mia tells Nicole that she wants to believe her that and will see her tomorrow with her fiance and no excuses. John says that he'll go through one session. Marlena gets a call from someone that used to work with Charlotte and learns why she left.moreless
  • Ep. #10994
    Ep. #10994
    Episode 43
    Rafe has a dream of the time the Killer had him on the pier. Hilda is cornered and the Killer and takes her gun and throws it in the water. Sister Theresa is delighted when Sami comes to see her at the convent. Chloe and Daniel continue their passionate kiss on the bed. Tony tells Nicole the reason he's not telling her anything is cause E.J. is just finding out. Stefano tells E.J. to stop giving orders and start taking them, cause he was impressed at the way he handled things on New Year's Eve. Lucas tries to open the door abut it's locked Chloe then tells Daniel that she has to get downstairs, Lucas asks Chloe what's taking her so long Stephanie and Philip arrive for the party, Max sees for himself that Stephanie has in fact moved on. Max asks Chelsea if she wants Daniel back after hearing that him and Kate broke up. Tony is amazed that E.J. didn't tell Nicole about Theo's accident. Chloe tells Lucas that she got into it with Nancy on the phone and cause her make up was all runny from crying. Sister Theresa asks Sami if she's afraid of the father of her baby, she then has her number programmed into Rafe's phone. The Killer takes Hilda to where he hides and since she doesn't tell him where Sami then she's of no use to her and takes out his gun. Stephanie asks Chelsea what happened when she and Max disappeared on New Year's, Chelsea says that she and Max are just friends. Chloe tells Daniel that she's disgusted at the way he touches her and leaves to go downstairs before stopping and looking in a mirror calling herself a slut. Sami comes home and sees that Rafe is still asleep. The killer vows to find Sami as he stands over Hilda's dead body.moreless
  • Ep. #10993
    Ep. #10993
    Episode 42
    Lucas tells Chelsea that Kate and Daniel aren't seeing each other anymore, Chelsea then thinks that Daniel has found someone else. Melanie sees how happy Max is and thinks that he's found someone special and asks if it's Chelsea. Chloe backs away from Daniel and tells him to get out. Marlena tells Maggie that she has a lot to deal with especially Nick's sentencing coming up, Maggie says the same with John and his attempt to get his life back. Chelsea asks Kate why she and Daniel broke up. John tells Charlotte that he changed his mind about the hypnosis, she says that he has nothing to fear if he wants to recover his memories. Chloe admits to Daniel that she does want him, but is committed to Lucas. Sami tells Rafe to go into the shower, she then gets his phone, Hilda then walks in and tells Sami to put the phone down, cause she and Rafe are there to protect her and will let nothing bad happen to her. Charlotte starts her session with John by asking him to remember anything that happened yesterday, but he says that he sees absolute darkness. Marlena tells Maggie that she wished that she asked Charlotte some more questions before letting her treat John. The killer is shown a picture of Hilda saying that she's off the case but she knows where Sami is hiding, the killer then sets off to find Hilda. Chloe tells Daniel that she doesn't him but herself, then start kissng passionately. Maggie says checking in on Charlotte and John will give her piece of mind. Charlotte tells John to look into the darkness, John then sees the time they reunited on the pier. Sami sees Rafe just trying to stay up when he comes out of the shower. Charlotte asks John what he remembers he says the love of his life Marlena. Hilda runs into the Killer on the pier, and says she has what he wants which is Sami Brady. Sami heads off the convent to see Sister Theresa. Kate wonders what's keeping Chloe and why she isn't down yet.moreless
  • Ep. #10992
    Ep. #10992
    Episode 41
    Nicole asks Brady to go along and pretend to be her fiance. John tells Charlotte he's decided to go through with the hypnosis, as Marlena hears him tell her this. Chloe sees a gift, and Lucas said he had nothing to do with it. Kate asks Daniel after saying he's reluctant to attend the party is cause of Chloe. Mia asks Brady if he's going to be her baby's father, but he says that he isn't, Mia tells a saddened Nicole that she'll she's never going to let her have her baby, Nicole lashes at Brady for ruining everything. Chelsea sees Max at Chez Rouge and if friends go around kissing each other, Max said it was New Year's Eve and meant nothing and asks Chelsea where she wants to stand with them. Charlotte asks John what changed his mind about the hypnosis, she then sees Marlena and her overhearing their conversation, Marlena says she wasn't eavesdropping on them. Chloe sees that the gift is from Kate, Lucas tells her that she's won his mother over already. Kate asks Daniel that he should attend the party. John says that he's determined to uncover the truth about his past no matter what. Brady tells Nicole that what she plans to do is a crime and her telling E.J. is her only option. Chloe opens Kate's gift and sees the most exquisite dress, Kate says that Lucas provided her size for the dress. Brady tells Nicole to take a leap of faith and that if E.J. does abandon her then he wasn't really worth it in the first place. Lucas gets angry at Daniel after learning that he and Kate aren't seeing each other anymore, and punches, Lucas then feels foolish for acting out before hearing the whole story. Chloe then realizes that Daniel is at the door and not Lucas, she then asks what happened to his face thinking he told Lucas about them, Daniel then tells Chloe that it's not too late and doesn't have to marry the man she doesn't love. Mia approaches Nicole and sees how much she wants this and tells her she'll consider giving her the baby and wants to meet her real fiance.moreless
  • Ep. #10991
    Ep. #10991
    Episode 41
    Daniel tells Lexie that without the surgery Theo will die, Abe then arrives at the hospital and Lexie tells him that this is her punishment for not keeping an eye on him. Nicole tells Mia that she can't let her meet her fiance at least not yet, she doesn't know what to do so she calls Brady who's meeting with E.J. outside the Pub but doesn't tell him who he's talking to. Brady thinks that Nicole told E.J. the truth and that's why he was so angry earlier. Lucas and Chloe learn that Kate is throwing them an engagment at the Kiriakis mansion, which they are then touched. Stefano calls E.J. and tells him to come to the hospital right away cause something happened to Theo. Lexie tells Stefano that he should leave and when she'll see him it'll remind her of this. Hope tells Bo that maybe he should have Kayla examine him again, or go and talk to a psychiatrist, Bo is less then anxious at her request. Daniel tells Lexie and Abe that Theo survived the surgery and will make a full recovery. Nicole asks Brady to pretend to be her fiance, Brady says that he can't do that. Lucas thinks Chloe spared Kate's feelings cause she doesn't want to have a party tonight and asks Chloe if she's having second thoughts and isn't ready to get married. Nicole attempts Brady to convince him to go along with the charade and needs this baby more than anything. Bo wants Hope to accept his decision not to speak to anyone about the visions that he's having. Mia sees someone talking to Nicole and asks if he's her fiance.moreless
  • Ep. #10990
    Ep. #10990
    Episode 40
    Lexie and Stefano notice that Theo wandered off. she then sees Theo at the top of the stair and falls, Lexie then talks to Theo hoping it'll wake him up. Bo calls an ambulance after seeing Theo's fall in his mind. Stefano calls 911 and is surprised that one is already on the way over. Bo and Hope arrive at the DiMera mansion and see Theo on a stretcher and is taken to the emergency room. Nicole takes Mia's file from Dr. Baker and storms off. Stephanie tells Philip she's loves being with him, Philip feels the same way and they get back to making love, but says he can't do this and they have to stop. Tony arrives at the hospital after hearing what happened to Theo. Nicole meets with Mia on the pier, and says she's the woman who wants to adopt her baby, but Mia says that she changed her mind. Daniel asks Kate if he's disappointed her in any way, she says that he was there for her when she was battling lung cancer. Philip goes and tells Stephanie that they give what they have a try to see what their feeling towards each other will lead by going out on a real date. Tony tells Lexie that she can't keep her eye on Theo every minute of every day, and it's not her fauly that he fell. Stefano asks Bo how he know to send an ambulance to his house and also Theo having an accident. Nicole convinces Mia to give her the baby she's carrying, but changes her mind after learning that she and her fiance aren't married. Tony tells Lexie that he's unable to get ahold of Abe and that he's out of range. Philip and Stephanie seeing that Kate is by herself in the living room, when they're alone she said that she knew that Stephanie was the perfect girl for him, Kate then promises that she won't do anything. Daniel comes out with Theo's test results and says that he has swelling on the brain and should have surgery immediately. Mia agrees to give Nicole her baby if she meets the man she's going to marry, Nicole then gets very nervous.moreless
  • Ep. #10989
    Ep. #10989
    Episode 39
    Stephanie has some fun with Melanie and knows exactly what she tried to do by gloating that her happily ever after won't happen. Sami wakes up and sees that Rafe is perspiring and is developing a fever. Philip asks Bo if he has a problem with him dating Stephanie. E.J. tells Nicole why didn't she tell him that her car broke down. Melanie tells Stephanie that Philip is gonna chew you up and spit you out. Bo tells Philip to treat Stephanie right and not to mess with her head, Philip says to Bo that the situation is similar with Belle a while back. Lexie brings Theo in for his appointment with Mark, she then gets a call from Stefano say he knows that she's been keeping her distance from him and says he has a gift for Theo and suggests she bring him over to the mansion, Lexie then refuses. Nicole tells E.J. that maybe he should have the ring back, E.J. for her not to be silly and to put it back on her finger. Mark tells Lexie that maybe Theo should get some sort of reward today, Lexie then considers taking him to the DiMera mansion for his present. Nicole remembers Brady telling her that her baby died while on the pier with E.J. Bo tells Hope that since he got this job he's spending less time at home, Hope says that Ciara is as happy as ever. Maggie tells Melanie that Nick's sentencing hearing is coming up soon and he would like her to be there so he can make a public apology to say how sorry he was. Nicole finds the prenup from among the papers that fell out of E.J.'s briefcase, E.J. says that Stefano had drawn the thing up and told Stefano it wasn't necessary. Sami is relieved when she manages to get Rafe's fever to break. Philip and Stephanie get romantic, he then pulls away thinking she's being blown off, Philip tells her about his track record with women, she then suggests that they go and be somewhere alone in the house so they can't be interrupted. Stefano agrees with Lexie's terms when it comes to Theo eating habits, Theo then wanders off and then heads upstairs. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and says she's going to get what she wants. Melanie says that she's going to make an announcement at Nick's hearing. Stephanie assures Philip that she wants to have sex with him, so they head up to his room. Sami sees Rafe's cell phone in his hand attempts to get hold of it. Nicole wants to know what the mother and father, she sees that she's perfect and asks where the woman lives. Bo has a vision of Theo walking the stairs and falling.moreless
  • Ep. #10988
    Ep. #10988
    Episode 38
    Brady comes looking for Nicole and E.J. says that she's somewhere other than being with him. Nicole tries to call Dr. Baker while her car is stuck in a ditch. Lucas tells Kate that he thinks something is wrong and why Chloe isn't picking up her phone, Kate says to try calling her again. Sami is upset that she isn't spending New Year's with her family and throws a glass of cider at the wall. Daniel sees that Chloe is unable to walk on that sprained ankle and lifts her up and carries her. Maggie sees Melanie making a move on Philip at the bar, Stephanie returns from the bathroom and sees her about to kiss him and interrupts them by saying she got the stain out of the dress. Daniel and Chloe's intimate moment is interrupted by his cellphone. Maggie asks Kate and Lucas if Daniel and Chloe have arrived yet, they think that something bad happened. E.J. tells Brady that it was his fault that Nicole left him alone on New Year's Eve. Lucas and Kate head to the hospital and ask how Chloe is doing. Sami apologizes to Rafe for her behaviour, Rafe says it's okay for her to be upset cause she isn't with her family. Dr. Baker calls the mansion hoping to speak with Nicole, E.J. says to give him the message cause it was so important. Philip kisses Stephanie and she looks over at Melanie and mouths the words "Happy New Year". Nicole sees a car coming and thinks help has arrived, she then sees Brady. Lucas tells Chloe that Maggie left the place open for them to share their first New Year's together. Stephanie asks Philip if the kiss was because he wanted to or was it to make a point, he assures it was only a New Year's kiss, and then they share another passionate kiss. Rafe tells Sami as they get ready for bed that he's not sorry that he's here. Nicole returns to the mansion and apologizes for walking out on him, she's then surprised when E.J. proposes marriage to her and she immediately accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #10987
    Ep. #10987
    Episode 37
    Kate questions Daniel about his decision not to be Chloe's doctor. Marlena and Charlotte look forward to a nice quiet talk alone, John then arrives and asks to join them for the evening. Chelsea arrives at the Pub and says what does he want to talk about sex or football. Stephanie arrives and Philip sees just how beautiful she is, she starts to get cold feet but she then agrees go with him, Lucas walks in and sees them kissing and asks them if midnight came early for them. E.J. is starting to feel patient about finding Nicole, and Tony walks in on his tantrum. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that it's gonna be impossible to find a baby for her that she just described to him. Tony offers to help E.J. in his plans to surprise Nicole with a marriage proposal, while saying he'll take the conference call but E.J. doesn't think it's a good idea. Marlena tells John that didn't he tell her that he was going to be spending New Year's all by himself. Nicole tells E.J. that she's not mad cause he has to take a video conference call, but to hurry back as long as she stays awake. Kate tells Chloe that it's best if she moves up the wedding to Lucas cause if the transplant doesn't work she won't have much time, Kate then asks Daniel what's going on with him and Chloe. Doug and Julie make a toast to a happy and wonderful New Year. Melanie interrupts Philip and Stephanie while at Maggie's New Year's Eve party at Chez Rouge, Maggie shows them to her table and Julie approaches Melanie and says she should be afraid cause she's onto her and her games. Chloe confides in Nicole that something bad has happened and doesn't know what to do. E.J. comes home to find Nicole isn't there and wonders where she might be. Nicole gets word from Dr. Baker that he found a baby for her. Max goes to Melanie who's at the bar and asks what she's up to tonight. Chloe runs into Daniel on the pier, she then walks away and has an accident and sprains her ankle. Marlena kisses John and wishes him a happy New Year. Philip sees that Melanie had something to do with that man spilling his drink all over Stephanie. Maggie does the countdown to 2009, and everyone kisses the one that they love, but few are missing out on their kisses.moreless
  • Ep. #10986
    Ep. #10986
    Episode 36
    Chloe fantasizes about making love to Daniel (while actually having sex with Lucas). Lucas asks her why she has been so passionate lately. Daniel comes by to see Kate at Victor's. Stefano tells E.J. he knows he's going to make Nicole happy especially with that diamond. E.J. is given a document by Stefano and becomes irate. Nicole approaches Dr. Baker about being an illegal baby broker, and emands he procure her a baby. Daniel makes a romantic gesture towards Kate but she says that she's not in the mood. Marlena tells Tony she's upset over John walking out on her on Christmas Eve. John tells Charlotte that he's upset that he doesn't remember any of his old life, Charlotte thinks she has a way of getting his memories faster through hypnosis. E.J. is angry at Stefano for drawing up a prenuptial agreement witout his consent. Chloe is surprised when Daniel returns to the hospital to treat her. Charlotte offers to video tape John's hypnosis sessions. John said he would get back to her on that. Nicole asks Dr. Baker why he didn't offer to produce her a child. Kate asks Lucas if his wedding to Chloe could happen sooner rather than planned. Lucas wants to know why the wedding should be moved up. Chloe tells Daniel that she wants another doctor to treat her. John sees Marlena and Tony discussing Marlena's spending the evening at home. John walks up and says it's a good idea - he's going to stay at home (alone) as well. Charlotte invites Marlena to celebrate New Years with her at Chez Rouge. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that this time she wins. She insists that she will have a life and a baby with E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #10985
    Ep. #10985
    Episode 35
    Stephanie tells Chloe that she and Philip should stay away from each other. Nicole asks Jill about her relationship with Dr. Baker but she is hesistant to answer the question. Rafe refuses to help Sami give her baby to a convent and asks where she got an idea like, Sami says she got it from him. Philip stops Melanie from buttering up Brady and tells her to take the rest of the day off, he then tells Brady that his animosity towards Melanie is personal. Jill tells Nicole that she thinks she made a mistake by coming, Jill then sees that Nicole is "pregnant". The Killer tracks Rafe's cell phone to an alley but reaches a dead end when he sees a homeless man using it. Chloe gives Stephanie some advice from someone who was in a relationship with Philip once upon a time and that he wasn't the guy she fell in love with. Rafe tells Sami that even though he got rid of his cell phone there's still a risk that the killer might well find them. Jill opens up to Nicole about Dr. Baker agreeing to find her daughter a home, Nicole then offers to help her with whatever she needs. Julie tells Melanie that she went to visit Nick in prison and tells her to keep her distance from him, and is amazed at her executive position at Titan, thinking that she's moving in on Philip and probably Brady down the road. Chloe wants to know why he's getting involved with Nicole after coming to the mansion. Sami thinks that telling everyone that Rafe is her baby's father isn't a bad idea. Philip asks Stephanie if she wants to ring in 2009 with him at Chez Rouge, Melanie listens in on their plans and later calls Maggie and says she'll be going to her party after all. Brady gets a call from Nicole and Chloe asks who's calling him and he doesn't say it's Nicole, Nicole then wonders why he isn't answering his phone. Dr. Baker is told by Nicole that they're far from being finished.moreless
  • Ep. #10984
    Ep. #10984
    Episode 34
    Nicole has a fantasy about killing Dr. Baker and it being the only way to make sure her secret stays buried. Brady comes to talk with Victor for not consulting Philip before making him the Vice C.E.O. The Killer gets Rafe's number and all it takes is one call. Nicole insists that she go to her doctor's appointment alone. While Sami showers, Rafe finds the flier that she took from the church with Sister Theresa's phone number on it and that if she makes that call the Killer could easily track them and put them both in danger, Sami he's being upset over a phone call she never made. Chelsea lays into Melanie for telling Stephanie what's going on with her and Max and insists that. Victor tells Philip that if he can't deal with working with Brady then why doesn't he just quit again and ends up firing him and Brady from Titan. E.J. runs into Marlena outside the pub and says that Sami liked the webcam and seeing Allie and Johnny, E.J. is also hoping that Roman has a lead on the Mayor's killer. Nicole goes through Dr. Baker's cell phone and sees a long list of call girls and tries to call one of them to see if they can give her information. Roman tells E.J. the lead they had was another dead end, E.J. tells Roman that he has something he wants to talk with him about. Victor is amazed at how good a team Philip and Brady make and with them at the helm the sky's the limit. Max gives Chelsea a burnt cd with some music that she might listen too, she then tells Max that they're friends and nothing more. Rafe gets a call from his superior, the Killer thinks this could be it for Sami. Philip and Brady agree to work together as partners and shake hands with him. Nicole gets a hold of a woman named Jill and asks to meet with her. Philip takes Brady to show him his new office, he then sees him go off with Melanie. Sami confesses to Rafe and asks if the convent will be a good place for her baby. Chelsea goes to Victor and tries to get him to fire Melanie, but he says he can't. Nicole meets with Jill on the pier and sees that she's very pregnant. E.J. calls Stefano and says he has something important to discuss with him.moreless
  • Ep. #10983
    Ep. #10983
    Episode 33
    E.J. goes to surprise Nicole in bed with some holly but Nicole tells him to get away from her. Steve notices that Stephanie is upset, Max knows the reason that Philip isn't here. Maggie and Julie talk about the recent problems with Nick, they then see as Stefano arrives at the hospital thinking what's he doing here. Rafe tries to get Sami in the holiday spirit by putting on a Santa hat and shaving cream for a beard. Daniel brings Kate to the Kiriakis mansion and Chloe asks what Daniel is doing here and why he isn't with his family. Abe and Lexie are disheartened by Theo's lack of interest in his gifts while at Bo and Hope's house, Lexie is then given her gift from Theo and is touched when he embraces her. Victor sees some sort of peace between Philip and Brady as they shake hands. Doug tells Stefano that no one wants him there and asks him politely to leave, Steve shows up with Kayla and Caroline and threatens to make a scene by throwing him out personally. Kate can't believe Victor's behaviour towards Chloe when she's responsible for saving her life. Melanie goes over hoping to make ammends with Chelsea and Stephanie and mentions Chelsea and Max being together. Lucas brings Allie to the DiMera mansion, Roman says that he has a holiday surprise for him. Rafe tries to cheer Sami up with a Mexican Christmas and making her a meal. Doug reads the Christmas story to the kids at the hospital. Lexie tells Stefano that she thinks it's best if he left, he obliges and leaves. Sami is surprised when Roman arranges a webcam broadcast of him with Johnny and Allie. Nicole tries to get ahold of Dr. Baker. but instead gets his voicemail and leaves a rather threatening message.moreless
  • Ep. #10982
    Ep. #10982
    Episode 32
    Nicole has a nightmare about E.J. finding her without the padding, and tells her to get out. Lexie calls for Theo as he wonders off. Daniel tells himself don't think about Chloe cause she isn't available. John tells Marlena that he'll be joining her and the rest for Christmas Eve and makes a remark about being with family he doesn't like. Maggie sees the necklace that Chloe is wearing and sees that Kate has her blessing about her marrying her son. Doug and Julie also agree with Chloe being good for Lucas. Chloe then goes to call her parents but calls Daniel instead and says she feels guilty about closing the door on his hand. Bo goes to help Theo and runs into Abe at the door, and tells him to call Lexie right away. Lexie finds something of Theo's thinking the worst scenarion about him falling in the river. Stefano wants to discuss names for the baby, Tony then arrives thinking his invitation got "lost" in the mail. Stefano greets John, Marlena and Brady as the arrive at the DiMera mansion. Bo gets a vision of Zack while on the pier and goes after him. Tony tells Marlena that the reason he didn't go to Switzerland with Anna is because he thinks Stefano is up to something. Bo tracks Zack in front of the Pub and embraces him and it turns out to be Theo and he then calls Lexie and Abe and says that he found him and that he's okay. Nicole tells John that she needs alot of money and she can't tell him why. Stefano asks Nicole if everything is alright. Marlena tells John the reason she brought her here is so he can see the meaning of Christmas. Everyone puts their ornaments on the tree, Julie presents a gift for Chloe to open and sees an ornament with her name on it, Lucas puts his on and she does the same but hers falls and breaks, Maggie tells her not to worry cause a new one will be made next year for her. Doug tells Chloe to do the honors by joining him at the piano and to sing Christmas carols. John makes a call to Dr. Taylor wanting to remember who he is. E.J. sees Nicole by the fire asking god to please help her.moreless
  • Ep. #10981
    Ep. #10981
    Episode 31
    Philip and Stephanie get close while at the Titan Christmas party, and Melanie looks on. Victor tells Brady if he's made a decision on the job he offered to him. Chloe tells Lucas that maybe he should go by himself to see his mother when she remembers Daniel seeing her half naked, Lucas then asks what's really wrong and why she won't go to the hospital. Hope tells Bo that she thinks she knows where these visions are coming from, cause she's going through the same thing and having nightmares about a child in danger and it concerns when Zack died. Brady accepts the job, and said he alot to think about with his time in rehab and says he won't let Victor down, Victor is then pleased and insists on making the announcement at the office Christmas party. Lexie thanks Chelsea for what Max did for them and end up on the pier to watch the ships go by. Philip doesn't believe Melanie's excuse when she insists on leaving the party. Lucas and Chloe come to visit Kate and she tells the good news that she's coming home for the holidays, Kate insists on having a picture of Daniel and Chloe together. Hope tells Bo that she hid the ornament that Zack made in the back of the tree cause she didn't want to hurt Chelsea, but this year, they then go to put out the smoke alarm, Chelsea comes home and sees the ornament and leaves thinking that Bo and Hope hate her for what she did, Hope comes in the room and says that it's okay. Melanie comes to the pub and says that she felt kinda lonesome at Titan and wondering if they can go celebrate like a normal family. Philip shares his good news that Kate is leaving the hospital and will be home for the holidays, Philip is shocked that Victor made him the Vice C.E.O of Titan and Victor wants him to make the announcement right now. Lucas tells Kate that he can see some animosity towards Chloe and Daniel. Philip tells Victor it's his announcement he should make it and storms off. Lexie turns her back and Theo runs off. Bo's vision turns out to be that of Theo and not Zack as he originally thought.moreless
  • Ep. #10980
    Ep. #10980
    Episode 30
    Chloe demands to know how Daniel unlocked the cabin door. She then says that it's not a good time and slams the door shut on his hand. Nicole assures Dr. Baker that she'll get the money to him when she can. Dr. Baker says that it isn't good enough. Brady goes to see Victor at Titan. Victor says that he has big plans for him and the company - and asks Brady to work for him. Chloe treats Daniel bruised hand and they share a close but awkward moment together. Chelsea and Max visit Kate in the hospital to see how her recovery is coming along. Kate waits until they are alone and asks Chelsea if she and Max are together again. Lucas comes home to the cabin and sees Chloe and Daniel yelling at each other. He demands to know what is going on. Brady tells Victor that he'll think about his offer to work at Titan. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that he better get the money by tomorrow of the whole charade is off. Daniel presents the gift that Kate wanted Chloe to have (a beautiful necklace). Chloe says that she can't accept it and must give it back. Nicole thanks Brady for coming to the mansion so quickly and says that she needs a million dollars. Max agrees to have hot chocolate at the pub with Chelsea. Chloe calls Kate and after that discussion, decides she'll happily wear her gift. Victor advises E.J. to throw Nicole out of the mansion and on the street where she belongs. Brady tells Nicole that he can't get his hands on that kind of money. Victor tells E.J. not to come crying to him when his relationship with Nicole blows up in his face. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and offers him a "deposit" (a valuable vase), he agrees to take what she has.moreless
  • Ep. #10979
    Ep. #10979
    Episode 29
    Stephanie overhears Philip arguing with Victor and hears him quit. Rafe goes to check on Sami and he sees her lying on the floor in the bathroom. Stephanie tells Melanie that Philip tried to help and all she did was turn her back on him. Daniel learns that Lucas checked Chloe out of the hospital. Lucas tells Chloe that once their dream house is ready they're gonna be spending less time at the cabin, while she kisses Lucas she thinks about the one with Daniel. Nicole tells E.J. that she's not sharing her bed with him until this issue is resolved. Maggie is glad to take Allie while Lucas goes to his job interview, she then tells Chloe what a wonderful thing she did for Kate. Melanie tells Stephanie that she got her away from Max and won't be long before she gets her away from Philip. Rafe checks on Sami and sees if the baby is still moving, and feels a kick then everything seems to be fine, he still thinks that since the Killer knows who he is he should resign. Philip tells Victor that he trashed the project cause Melanie is bad news. Rafe tells Sami that he's gonna stay but sooner or later he'll have to leave. Maggie asks Chloe if she's with Lucas on the rebound, Chloe says that it isn't the case. Victor tells Melanie that Titan will be affiliating with the project. Nicole kisses E.J. and hopes he doesn't feel her padding, he does and Nicole gets nervous when he does touch and only that it's growing. Daniel lingers outside the cabin and sees that Chloe is all alone. Philip calls Victor and apologizes and asks for his job back, Victor then agrees. Daniel gets an eyeful when he sees Chloe in a lingerie, thinking he was Lucas when she opened the door. Dr. Baker arrives at the mansion wanting an answer from Nicole and that she'll give him the money.moreless
  • Ep. #10978
    Ep. #10978
    Episode 28
    Philip tells Melanie to clean out her desk because she is fired. John tells Charlotte that he'll see her the day after Christmas and asks about her plans for the holidays. He then sees Marlena and asks for her help about Dr. Taylor. He complains that Dr. Taylor just sit in his sessions nodding her head. Marlena says to John that he once said the same about her. Rafe tells Sami that his identity has been compromised and that if the killer ever followed him he could lead him to her, and that it's time that she got a new guard. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that it's not his problem where she gets the money from as long as he gets it (to pay for his silence over her faked pregnancy). E.J. demands Nicole tell him what she's doing at the clinic and not at University Hospital. He is upset that she would choose another doctor without telling him. Nicole explains that she prefers Dr. Baker as her OB/GYN doctor and he arees to accept her decision. Melanie tries to contact Victor and pretends to be Chelsea to find out where he is. John wants Marlena's opinion on Charlotte and why she's freezing him out. Philip and Stephanie share a kiss after the lights at Titan go out. Melanie apologizes to Caroline for her being arrested, she says that Trent was an awful person. Melanie then sees Victor. E.J. tells Nicole that he set up a trust fund for the baby, and is livid that she can't access it yet but she asks E.J. to trust her. John goes back to see Dr. Taylor and asks her if he should spend the holidays with his family. Victor goes to Titan and asks to speak with Philip alone. He then lays into him about letting go of a project that could be worth millions and claims that firing Melanie was personal. Stephanie lashes at Melanie for going behind Philip's back and talking with Victor. Sami hears Rafe on the phone saying that Hilda should have the holidays off, and that he's staying here with Sami. Sami then slips and falls in the bathroom. Philip tells Victor that he's done with him and Titan and that he quits.moreless
  • Ep. #10977
    Ep. #10977
    Episode 27
    Stefano calls Dr. Heisman and says that they will be needing his services after all, E.J. then enters the room and says for Stefano to hang up the phone. Daniel stops Nicole and asks why she hasn't been in for any of her appointments, she says that she has another doctor that she's seeing. Philip and Stephanie learn that Melanie has the rights over Nick's project. Chelsea brings Theo down to the pier and she sees Max and asks if everything is alright. E.J. hangs up the phone and Stefano is irate that he doesn't want the best for his child. Abe comes to the house at Bo's request saying he doesn't like doing this behind Hope's back and thinking that Bo shouldn't be working at all. Philip says that he's personally going to see Nick to expose Nicole for the liar that she is. Bo explains to Abe that he heard a child screaming after he looked at the tree. Philip goes to see Nick and says to not let his obsession with Melanie make life miserable for everyone else. Nicole asks Dr. Baker to pretend to be her obstetrician and he says no. Melanie lets it slip to Stephanie that she and Philip shared a romantic moment, Stephanie then calls her a liar. Abe tells Bo that maybe he should go back to the hospital and it could be more than a concussion. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he'll probably lose his medical license and what'll Stefano will do to him. Philip tells Stephanie that he did what he could and Nick wouldn't budge, she then asks him if he ever slept with Melanie. E.J. stops by the hospital and learns from Daniel that Nicole has found herself another doctor. Max apologizes to Chelsea for saying that she'll be a great mother completely forgetting that she is unable to have any. Dr. Baker agrees to do what Nicole asks if she gives him $750,000 dollars in unmarked bills and if she doesn't pay then there's nothing he can do for her.moreless
  • Ep. #10976
    Ep. #10976
    Episode 26
    Rafe tells Sami that he has to call his superior to see if she's safe to continue staying where she is. Max tells Stephanie about her and Philip's romance while trapped in the vault, she then realizes that Melanie told him. Philip congratulates Lucas on his engagement to Chloe, Lucas then tells Philip that he hates being reminded that Chloe was once his brother's girlfriend. Melanie goes to see Nick at the jail, he was wondering if he was ever going to see her again and that she didn't write him back, he then says that he has a gift for her. Daniel tells Chloe when he comes into her room, that she's engaged to be married and that nothing was going to happen between them. Nick asks Melanie for forgiveness with what he put her through, and that the present that he's giving her is his shares in his project. Rafe tries to get up to put new bandage on his wound, but Sami tells him she'll do and he should lay down. Chloe tells Daniel that she's grateful that he, Lucas and she can all be friends, Daniel says that they can't be friends thinking Chloe has been hitting on him. Chelsea is told by Max that Stephanie and Philip had a moment together. Sami tells Rafe what he said while he was drunk last night to stay away from E.J. Max tells Chelsea that he doesn't love Stephanie anymore and he's never gonna love anyone else ever again. Lucas surprises Chloe with her ring that he resized to fit her finger so it won't fall off. Philip runs into Stephanie at the pub are ready to take things to a new level, Melanie arrives and tells Philip that she has things to discuss and that things between them are about to change. Daniel has a dream about kissing Chloe.moreless
  • Ep. #10975
    Ep. #10975
    Episode 25
    Brady tells Nicole that Kelly is a con artist and only wants money out of her, Nicole tells Brady that he's the one that's lying. Hope goes over to Bo to see if he's alright after falling off the ladder. Lexie tells E.J. that she did what she had to do to protect her family and didn't know that the Mayor would be killed because of it. Rafe and the Killer struggle on the pier and asks where Sami Brady is, he then hears the police siren and then takes off saying this isn't over. Sami tells Hilda what's keeping Rafe, she then asks her about Rafe's personal life since Hilda's known him a long time. Brady tells Nicole that Kelly is scamming her and he can prove it, the picture of the baby's father was a counselor at a rehab centre and used the picture to airbrush. Abe and Theo come and asks Lexie what's taking so long. Hope brings Bo to the hospital, and Kayla tells Bo to put some ice on his bump and that it was only a mild concussion. Rafe comes home and Sami is thrilled when he got the Penguins for Allie and Johnny, Hilda asks Rafe if he's alright and says he is and that she can go home now, Sami then sees the stab wound and asks what happened. Kelly then comes clean and takes off the fake belly, Nicole can't believe that she was fooled, Brady then says that he's sorry. Rafe tells Sami that she has to stitch up his wound thinking that's the only way. Bo has a flash about the star that he was hanging on the tree before he fell, Hope takes Bo home and asks where the star is and he says it's on Caroline's present, he then hears a scream. Nicole asks E.J. if he meant what he said earlier about loving her because of the child and she asks him not to touch her. Abe asks Lexie what really went down with E.J. earlier, she says it was about E.J. accusing her of creating a chain of events, Theo then sees the present and says that he wants it which delights Abe and Lexie.moreless
  • Ep. #10974
    Ep. #10974
    Episode 24
    Nicole calls Brady wanting to meet him at the Cheatin Heart cause she has the answer to her prayers. Tony confronts Stefano about his business deal between him and E.J. and asks why he wasn't involved. Sami is glad when Rafe comes home, Hilda says that she left her alone cause she knows not to leave. Melanie catches Philip and Stephanie about to kiss when she opens the vault door, Philip is impressed that Melanie finished all her work and gives her the rest of the day off the same with Stephanie. Sami asks Rafe a favor to go Christmas shopping for her, since she can't do it herself. Philip asks Stephanie what would've happened if the door hadn't opened, Stephanie says that they'll never know. Stefano goes to hospital hoping to take Lexie to lunch but she tells him to leave. Hope tells Bo that she knows how hard he's been working, and thinks that one of them should give up their job. Melanie goes to Max and says that Stephanie was making a play for Philip. Rafe agrees to go and do the shopping after Sami starts to cry after Rafe leaves Hilda tells Sami that the toy that she wants sold out weeks ago. Nicole shows Brady a picture of the baby she plans to secretly adopt. Tony tells E.J. that Stefano is probably setting him up, and that's why Stefano froze him out years ago. The Killer tells whoever he's talking to and tells him to keep Rafe is sight and he's hoping it'll lead him straight to Sami. Philip asks Stephanie if she wants to go out, but she says no and that she has to do something first. E.J. tells Lexie that Tony came to see him about Stefano, and says about her coming to him to handle the situation regarding Mayor Marino. Bo loses his balance and falls off the ladder hitting his head. Nicole follows Brady and ends up back at the bar and sees Kelly drinking and smoking. Rafe gets attacked and stabbed by the Killer on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #10973
    Ep. #10973
    Episode 23
    Daniel comes into check on Chloe and asks how she's doing, she said she's fine and that after last might he can leave her alone. Melanie makes Stephanie look like a fool in front of Philip when she takes initiative at her first day at work, Philip says that her paperwork won't be processed for the payroll for at least til next month. Chloe's bone marrow transplant is nearly put on hold due to her rising blood pressure. John comes for his therapy session with Charlotte and sees her and Marlena talking. Kayla comes by and gives Stephanie her wallet which she left on the table, and she puts it down and Melanie thinks about taking money from it, but then changes her mind. Kate tells Lucas that she won't let Chloe donate her bone marrow unless she's 100% sure. Marlena waits outside in the reception area and hears John and Charlotte laughing and having a good time. Lucas sees that Chloe is all tense and asks what's wrong but she doesn't tell him what Daniel almost did last night. Kayla tells Marlena that she got distracted and didn't tell her that Charlotte already moved in across the hall already, Kayla asks Marlena if she's jealous of Charlotte, she says that she is a bit jealous. Stephanie tells Melanie that she's gonna go into the vault and get somethings and will be with Philip for the rest of the day, Melanie comes back and locks her in the vault. Chelsea comes by looking for Philip to take him to the hospital and that Kate is having her transplant today. Sasha tells Chelsea who's looking Philip learns that he was heading into the vault too, Melanie realizes that he and Stephanie are togther. Stephanie sees that Philip is also trapped with her and he says that the vault door is on an automatic timer and that no one can hear them cause it's sound proof. John tells Charlotte that he doesn't think that he'll be back to therapy again.moreless
  • Ep. #10972
    Ep. #10972
    Episode 22
    Chloe gets into an argument with her parents and she tells Lucas that they're just overreacting to her donating her bone marrow to Kate. The Killer gets a call and he says it better lead him to Sami. Brady is about to drink it, but is distracted by a call from Marlena. Daniel calls Chloe and asks her to come to the hospital it's about her white cell count. E.J. tells Sami he called her to say goodbye and that he's gonna marry Nicole. Nicole realizes that she can't do this and tosses the drink out of his hand and storms out, Brady follows her to the pier, he's then shocked to learn that Nicole laced his drink with cocaine, he says he wants nothing more to do with her and walks away. Chloe goes through another pre-operation test at the hospital and Daniel and Chloe almost kiss but she turns away. Brady tells Nicole that he didn't know just how important this was to her, and agrees to help her, Nicole is then grateful. Sami throws the phone and gets all irate and tells Rafe that Nicole is gonna screw up E.J.'s life, Rafe asks Sami what's the big deal if E.J. is moving on with another woman. Chloe starts to feel uncomfortable around Daniel and Lucas is thinking something is wrong. Nicole misinterprets when E.J. brings up Sami and she storms to go and pack her things and E.J. goes to sort things out and learns that he spoke with Sami to say goodbye. The Killer meets with someone at the pier and gives him pictures of Rafe and that he'll lead him to Sami. Roman vows to catch the person and he'll never hurt Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10971
    Ep. #10971
    Episode 21
    Sami is amazed when Rafe tells her that he dismantled the security system at the DiMera mansion. Stefano wants to know what he would do if anyone messed with his children or any member of his family. Brady discovers that Nicole wants to adopt a baby and keep her miscarriage a secret from E.J. forever. Sami tells Rafe that he's in danger, and that Nicole wasn't the only one that saw him at the mansion, and it's all because of her. Chloe tells Lucas that having Kate's blessing is a relief and that she can flaunt the ring, she tries to take it off and it flies off and into the water, Lucas then jumps into the freezing water to get it. Stefano tells E.J. that if he loves Nicole as much as he says he does then marry her and be a family with their child. Chelsea asks Max what he's thinking, he says it's about that box that Trent left him and can't bring himself to open it, Chelsea says that he shouldn't only if he wants to. Chloe is amazed when Lucas comes out of the water and with ring in his hand, and head over to the Cheatin Heart and Nicole and Brady learn of their engagement. E.J. goes to Roman requesting that he see Sami at once, Roman says that it's not possible cause he has to follow protocol, E.J. says to do it for Sami. Max insists that Chelsea stay with him when he opens the box. Nicole approaches Brick wanting to score some coke for someone but only one hit. Brady tells Chloe that she's pretty brave in donating her bone marrow to Kate. Max finds a toy dog and has a memory of his father taking it away from him when he was a kid. Roman allows E.J. to make a phone call but will cut him off if he says anything suspicious. Nicole quickly puts cocaine in Brady's drink. Chelsea says that there's something else in the box, and Max reads it and it's says "I'm sorry" and he gets all emotional. Roman calls Rafe wanting to speak to Sami and says that there's someone who wants to talk to him.moreless
  • Ep. #10970
    Ep. #10970
    Episode 20
    Brady finds a vial of drugs in the park, and picks it up, John arrives and tells him once an addicit always an addict. Nicole hides before Rafe can see her, Rafe hears the door close and asks who's in there, Nicole comes out waving a shoe at him asking what he's doing in her bedroom. E.J. tells Stefano to do something when Ramon has them at gunpoint, Stefano calls for his men to take down the Fortin's but Stefano doesn't kill them but to teach them a lesson. Sami is amazed at the decorations that Hilda made, and she suggests that they put them on the tree to make it feel like Christmas. E.J. tells Stefano that he doesn't like being at gunpoint or watching men get beaten up in front of him. Brady tells John to just go ahead and tell Chloe and Marlena that he's a drug addict cause he'll deal with that then trying to make his father care. Nicole goes to the Cheatin Heart and runs into Brick an old friend who offers her to buy her a drink. Rafe comes back and tells Sami that he cased the DiMera mansion and didn't see E.J. but ran into Nicole and says that she was concealing something and was sad. Max tells Nicole that he owes her an apology. Mary tells Stefano and E.J. that the cable guy was here but had the wrong address, Stefano insists that someone was snooping around. John tells Brady that he reconsidered therapy, and Brady is amazed when John says that he's proud of him. Nicole goes on about Max being adopted by the Brady's and was considered an actual Brady, she then gets an idea of adopting a child and passing it off as E.J.'s. Stefano tells E.J. to wake up, and that cable guy disabled the security system, E.J. then vows to protect his children no matter what. Brady says to Nicole that what she's doing is a bad idea.moreless
  • Ep. #10969
    Ep. #10969
    Episode 19
    Sami attempts to sneak out while Rafe is in the shower, she then opens the door and he's standing right there. Lucas brings something with Allie's hand print on it. Rafe sees how down Sami is that she can't spend the holidays with her mother and decorate the tree and wrap presents, Rafe says he has a surprise for her, Sami says that she doesn't want to think about the holiday, she then sees Hilda holding a tree and singing Christmas carols. Stefano tells Nicole that he wants to talk about her pregnancy and what happened at the clinic and that he's bringing in a specialist to examine her. Daniel searches for other options so Chloe doesn't have to be the donor. Rafe prepares to go undercover, Sami then tells him that he has no idea how dangerous Stefano is. Hilda gives Sami the perfect Christmas present, when she gives her pictures of her children, Sami then thanks her. Chloe wishes that Kate didn't know that she was a match for her. Rafe arrives at the DiMera mansion telling Mary that there's a problem with the cable in the place. Stefano brings E.J. down to the pier to wait for Senor Fortin, E.J. is then familiar with their reputation for smuggling diamonds into the States. Kate tells Lucas she doesn't want Chloe to jeopardize her immune system. Chloe tells Daniel if he can't find another donor then she'll do it. Nicole comes out to see Rafe in her room. The Fortin's do a double cross on Stefano and E.J. by pulling guns on them and taking their money and wanting their diamonds back.moreless
  • Ep. #10968
    Ep. #10968
    Episode 18
    Chelsea tells Max that it's Kate and this time it's gotten really bad. Lucas tell Chloe that it's common for members of the family tested not to be matches. Marlena asks Charlotte why wasn't she notified that she was taking over John's case. Kate tells Philip that she doesn't want him to see her in pain, Philip says that he isn't going anywhere and he could take it, Daniel got Billie's test results and is waiting on Austin and Will's from Zurich, Kate insists that Will not be a donor. Maggie runs into Melanie on the pier and tells her about the new job that Philip gave him, Maggie says that she's glad that she has a job, Melanie then thinks that she can go and be tested for Kate. Lucas and Chloe get comfortable at the Horton cabin and dream about what their lives are gonna be like now that they're getting married. Chelsea tells Max that the reason that she's not being tested is because she feels useless. Kate tells Philip what a fine young man that he's become, and says that if there's nothing that the doctors can do then to fulfill her wishes. Charlotte tells Marlena that she has reservations about her and John's relationship, Marlena is then shocked when John agrees to meet with Dr. Taylor again. Melanie tells Philip that the reason she's here is to be tested to see if she's a match. Kayla and Steve run into Stephanie in the park, and asks what's wrong after she gets mad from spilling the hot chocolate. Maggie believes Melanie when she says that she didn't go to the hospital to score points with Philip. Daniel gets word that the results back from the lab and goes to pick them up. Philip then gives Lucas the good news, Chloe offers to go as well, Philip calls Chelsea and tells her that the results are in. Marlena learns that Charlotte is starting at University hospital, and her office is next door to hers. Daniel tells everyone that he did a search in the hospital database and that Chloe is a match.moreless
  • Ep. #10967
    Ep. #10967
    Episode 17
    Sami (or Colleen as she is known to Sister Theresa) asks to speak to the nun in private. Rafe insists on staying with her. Marlena tells Kayla that John has agreed to see a therapist. Charlotte tells John that she's taking on his case, because her father who was supposed to be treating him died recently. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that he can tell E.J. everything. John asks Charlotte to wait a second and asks Steve if there are any new leads about the Mayor's killer. Rafe reacts violently when a guy wearing a hood obscuring his face enters the church. Sister Theresa says that kind of behaviour is not tolerated. Stefano asks Mary where E.J. went. Stefano then phones E.J. who steps outside the office to take the call. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that she didn't tell E.J. about the miscarriage and that he can't either. Steve wants to take Kayla some place and get romantic. Nicole takes drastic measures in blackmailing Dr. Baker to do what she wants. He then lies to E.J. by saying that the baby is fine. Rafe doesn't understand why Sami wants to speak to Sister Theresa. Marlena meets John's new therapist and sees that she's an attractive young woman, not the older man she expected. E.J. tells Nicole that he know she's keeping something from him. Stefano makes a call saying he wants the best for his future heir, and is bringing in a doctor from Zurich to examine Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #10966
    Ep. #10966
    Episode 16
    Bo once again tries to get Max to take the box that was left for him by Trent, but Max says that he doesn't want it and tells Bo to either keep it of throw it away. Philip tells Melanie that he's taking a big chance on her and hopes she doesn't embarrass herself. Brady tells E.J. that he just learned that John and Stefano are half brothers, when E.J. leaves the room he lays into Nicole for not telling E.J. the truth, she says she was going to but couldn't tell him. Stephanie learns that Philip has in fact hired Melanie to work at Titan. Rafe tells Sami that he went on a fact finding mission and got some information about her baby's daddy. Rafe finds the St. Anne's medal and learns that Sami went to the church just down the street, Rafe then agrees to take her to the church, he then tells Sami that if it weren't for a nun he wouldn't have turned his life around. Bo invites Brady to come and have supper with him and Hope very soon, and tells him to stay away from Nicole cause she's involved with the DiMeras. Philip tells Stephanie that he hired her that if he doesn't step in and help Melanie then she's going to wreck her life. Nicole gets worried when E.J. tells her he saw Dr. Baker but is relieved when he didn't learn anything cause they weren't married. Max tells Melanie that he took the box from their father, but doesn't want it so he's giving it to her. E.J. brings Nicole and tells the nurse that he wants to talk to Dr. Baker right away. Sami apologizes to Rafe for sneaking away, she says that she was drawn to the church.moreless
  • Ep. #10965
    Ep. #10965
    Episode 15
    Nicole has a dream of E.J. holding the baby and it turns out not to be there. Lucas asks Chloe to pretend like it's Christmas. Kate tells Daniel that last night she couldn't ask for a better celebration and thinks that Daniel got her latest test results from the hospital and that he's keeping something from her. Nicole goes to see Dr. Baker and asks him to give her a baby cause her life depends on it, Dr. Baker tells Nicole that it'll be impossible for her to conceive another baby. Daniel tells Kate that her cancer has mesastasized into her lymph nodes and her bone marrow, Kate asks how much time she has left. Chloe is hesistant and wants her gift from Lucas, she opens and is surprised to find a key to the new house. Brady learns from John that he is a DiMera and so is he. Nicole is given a fake pregnant belly to wear, she's amazed on how real it is and may pull this off. Chloe is stunned when Lucas shows her a ring and then proposes to her. E.J. comes to see Dr. Baker and since he's the baby's father he can tell him everything, he finds out and says that he has to protect Nicole's privacy. John tells Brady after hearing the news about his new family, to suck it up and be a man. Lucas gets word that Kate has to go back into the hospital cause her cancer has spread. Dr. Baker tells E.J. that he can't divulge any information and to ask Nicole himself. Brady comes by the house and he notices that she's wearing a fake "belly", Nicole tells Brady that she can't lose E.J. right now. Daniel tells Lucas that Kate needs a bone marrow transplant. John runs into some woman at the pub, and learns that she is the Dr. Taylor that he's expecting. Lucas gets all teary at the thought of his mother dying. E.J. sees Brady and Nicole together when he comes home and asks what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #10964
    Ep. #10964
    Episode 14
    Bob tells Melanie to give him his wallet back and says he's gonna teach her a lesson. Daniel brings Kate to the pub early, and Lucas's surprise and tells her that he planned a Thanksgiving dinner at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor is glad that Brady is home and insists that he stay away from the people that are responsible for ruining his life like Chloe and Nicole. Philip stops Bob from manhandling Melanie and tells him to get lost. Nicole tells E.J. the reason that she's upset includes Johnny and everything else. Victor and Chloe get into it, and warns her one false move and there will be hell to pay, Daniel stops and tells Victor he should be grateful for what Chloe said to Kate when she was going through chemo, he then gets a call and leaves. E.J. tells Nicole that he knows exactly what she did, Nicole explains that something happened at the Lodge and why she wasn't alone when she left the place. Daniel is startled when he gets Kate's results back. Melanie asks Maggie if what she meant what she said before about her having a place to live, Maggie says that she can stay and is only doing it cause Nick asked her to. Nicole lies to E.J. when she says that she and the baby are fine and couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth. Daniel returns and Philip gives him a gift for everything he's done for Kate, he says that he can't accept it. Maggie gives Melanie a message and learns that Philip did give her the job after all. Nicole promises that she will give her and E.J. a baby. E.J. calls Dr. Baker hoping to get some answers.moreless
  • Ep. #10963
    Ep. #10963
    Episode 13
    Rafe tells Hilda to keep watch on Sami, Hilda asks where he's headed, he says he's gonna do some fact checking. Nicole tells Brady that he can't tell something like this over the phone but in person. Mary tells E.J. that Roman left a message saying that Marlena was attacked by the person who killed the Mayor. Chelsea attacks Melanie when she once again brings up her killing Zack. Philip breaks up a fight between Melanie and Chelsea. Stephanie arrives at the Pub and yells for Chelsea as she leaves. Hope is delighted that Julie as well as Doug are back in Salem in time for Thanksgiving. Sami wakes up and finds Hilda sleeping on the couch and that Rafe went awol and let her look after her, so she decides to go for a walk over to the local parrish. Chelsea enters the Cheatin Heart and tells Max that Melanie was right and that she's the reason that Nick went nuts and killed Trent. Stephanie tells Philip what was up with Chelsea bolting out of there in a hurry and explains that she and Melanie got into a fight. E.J. is glad that Johnny is with Hope and Julie in the park, Rafe then spies on E.J. nearby as he eavesdrops on him and Hope. Sami opens up to Sister Theresa at the church but says that he name is Colleen. Brady brings Nicole back to the mansion, and wants a drink but Brady says that alcohol isn't the answer to her problems. Melanie meets someone named Bob at the pub and he wants to get to know her better. Stephanie learns that Melanie will joining the Titan team, and she wants to know how qualified she is. Nicole lashes at Mary when she comes into her room by telling her to get out. Rafe continues to listen in on Hope and Julie discussing E.J. Bob approaches Melanie outside the pub saying that she ripped him off. Mary tells E.J. that Nicole is back and there's something he should know. Sister Theresa gives Sami a St. Anne's medal, Sami says that she'll be back.moreless
  • Ep. #10962
    Ep. #10962
    Episode 12
    Dr. Baker tells Brady to get in touch with the baby's father right away. Pete tells Philip that he's a hero for saving Melanie the other night. Marlena tells John to get some help or else he's out of her life for good, John is then shocked to learn that Marlena gave his file to another psychiatrist. E.J. plans to surprise Nicole when he gets back to Salem. Nick tells Chelsea that he sent those to Melanie so he can be there and take care of her, he'll be glad when he goes away so he can't hurt nobody anymore. Dr. Baker manages to stabilize Nicole for now, but the monitors go off and she has another contraction. Nick asks Maggie to allow Melanie to stay at her house. E.J. returns home and the maid says that Nicole hasn't come at all. Maggie goes to see Marlena regarding Nick, she then opens up saying that she thinks that Nick is gonna do something to himself and that Nick asked her to let Melanie stay with her. Melanie goes to someone saying that she can do them a lot of good and she learns that it's Philip. Nicole has a dream about delivering a healthy baby, Dr. Baker tells Brady that Nicole is stabilized but the baby didn't make it. E.J. learns that Nicole left the lodge with a young man. Brady tells Nicole that she had a girl, the nurse says there was no permanent damage and she could get pregnant again. Maggie tells Melanie she can stay with her temporarily and to follow some rules. Chelsea tells Melanie that they're were reasons behind the stuff that he did to her. E.J. calls Nicole, she's wondering if she should answer it.moreless
  • Ep. #10961
    Ep. #10961
    Episode 11
    John tells the Killer that he's not putting the gun down, Marlena struggles free and grabs John's hand and the gun goes off. Maggie thinks that she should've paid close attention to Nick, Hope and Bo say that they didn't see this coming at all. Marlena is not hurt and John goes after the Killer but he manages to get away, John then lashes at Marlena for interfering. Lucas is glad that Brady is back in town and tells him his plans to buy a house with Chloe and Allie. E.J. wants Stefano to know that he's gonna make sure that his company stays within the boundaries of the law. Hope says that Nick needs some psychiatric help, Chelsea says that he's not crazy. Bo lays into John and says that trying to kill the perpretrator wasn't a good idea. the Kate prepares to leave the hospital, Daniel says he's not ready to let her go. Nicole calls Brady telling that she's at a lodge in the mountains and the baby could be in trouble. Stefano tells E.J. that he wants to make sure that the DiMera assets. Brady arrives and insists they go to the hospital right away and sees that Nicole was bleeding. Lucas, Chloe and Chelsea welcome Kate to the Brady Pub. Stefano asks E.J. if there's any feelings left for Sami, E.J. says that Sami is his past and Nicole is his future. Nicole becomes worried when the baby's heartbeat stops, Brady is then concerned, Dr. Bakes is called in and gives Nicole something to stop the contractions. Marlena tells John that if he doesn't get help he can no longer be in her life or family.moreless
  • Ep. #10960
    Ep. #10960
    Episode 10
    E.J.'s plan for a getaway with Nicole are foiled when Stefano needs him to attend to important business. The Killer hides when Marlena returns home, and waits to strike. Steve tells John he's meeting someone who says he can identify the Mayor's killer, John insists they find him before he strikes again. Sami tells Rafe that she wants to see the sun by opening up the curtain or standing outside and get some air. Kayla tells Steve that she's concerned after learning that John hired him to track down the Mayor's killer. Rafe tells Sami that the person who's after isn't going to give up until she is dead. E.J. is told by Stefano that they are gonna be headed to Argentina. Marlena is manhandled by the Killer and asks her not to make a sound, and tells her where Sami is, she manages to knock him down and tries to call John she says something, John then thinks something is wrong. E.J. calls and apologizes to Nicole and says that he can't make it, she then starts to have pains. John arrives and points a gun at the Killer and he then takes Marlena hostage. Rafe agrees to let Sami see the sunlight but only for a minute.moreless
  • Ep. #10959
    Ep. #10959
    Episode 9
    Brady runs into Nicole at the gym, and says that she's feeling her baby kick again. Stefano tells E.J. that he has to get his new grandson's name on these papers. Bo manages to get a hold of Melanie's hand and yells for Philip to get up the fire escape to try and get before she falls. Nick says to Hope that he has to get to Melanie. Stephanie tells Philip to be careful when he goes up to rescue Melanie. Lexie runs into Donna at the pub and asks why she hasn't been to the support group for autistic children. Philip manages to get to Melanie and grabs her legs. E.J. is outraged at Stefano for bringing me these papers allowing him visitation of his grandchild if Nicole and he were estranged. Hope is distracted and Nick tries to leave to hotel and Hope tells him not to move and he's under arrest for Trent's murder. Philip pulls Melanie down to safety and that everything is gonna be alright. Nicole learns that Brady is gonna be living in Salem permanently. Stephanie calls Chelsea and tells her to come to the police station as soon as she can. Nick tells Bo and Hope that he killed Trent to protect Melanie and he made those phone calls to keep her near him, Hope agrees to help him but she says that justice has to be served. Max tells Philip that he's grateful for what he did for Melanie. Stephanie tells Chelsea not to blame herself for what Nick's going through, Max says Nick wasn't the same after Willow died. Nick tells Hope and Bo he didn't call his lawyer, he called Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #10958
    Ep. #10958
    Episode 8
    Hope is upset that she didn't see this coming, after she was sure that Melanie was corrupting Nick and it being the other way around. Stephanie and Philip listen in on the call from Nick's cell, and hear people arguing. Daniel tells Kate that it won't be long to see how much the tumor has shrunk. Bo tells Hope that he got a lead on Nick and Melanie's whereabouts. Melanie confronts Nick about what she remembers. Lucas shows Chloe how much he cares for her, by showing his plan to purchase a house, Chloe is then touched and brings up that Brady is back in town and has spoken to him and says he's been clean for a year. Kate tells Daniel that she's prepared not to be saved in case something happens and has lived a full life. Philip tracks and gets the address for the hotel and he and Stephanie head over there. Nick tells Melanie that this sort of thing happened before, he then explains what happened to Willow. Daniel tells Kate, also Lucas and Chloe that the first round of chemo went extremely well. Daniel goes for a walk in the park, and Chloe runs into him and asks him if he's being honest about Kate's condition. Lucas tells Kate that he's not gonna pressure her, he then shows her the picture of the house he plans to buy and his plans on asking Chloe to marry him. Philip and Stephanie attempt to get in the backdoor of the hotel. Melanie goes on the patio and Nick tries to keep her from jumping, Bo and Hope arrive at the hotel and they hear screaming, Nick lets Melanie go and she is dangling from the railing as Philip and Stephanie watch.moreless
  • Ep. #10957
    Ep. #10957
    Episode 7
    Hope tells Bo and Maggie that Nick and Melanie's things are gone. Max thinks that with Melanie on the run Bo will automatically think that his sister is guilty. Melanie realizes that Nick murdered Trent and tries to keep him from seeing her nervous. Brady shows his concerns for E.J. coming and visiting his stepmother after leaving the mansion abruptly, Brady says he'll keep his distance, E.J. says that he doesn't have to. Stephanie gives something to Philip to look at her resume, Philip says that it doesn't matter and she'll be evaluated like everyone else. Nick says it's gonna be alright and that they'll be in Vegas in the morning and married. Nicole asks John to give Brady a second chance by spending some time with his son and getting to know him as a new person. Bo tells Max that he's not going to persecute anyone and that he only wants to talk with Melanie, Max says after learning they went together and that it doesn't make sense that they would up and leave like that. Melanie tells Nick that she doesn't feel well and tries to leave but Nick stops her and says that he can't let her leave cause the police might be looking for them and to give him her cell phone. Maggie tells Bo and Hope that Nick dropped his pill bottle on the floor and says there's something they need to see. Melanie abruptly tells Nick not to come near her or to touch her. John comes by Marlena's and Brady tells him that she offered him to stay with her, as John leaves Brady makes a plea for them to start over again. Maggie says that she found the threatening note in the bathroom, Hope then sees if Chelsea recognizes the handwriting and she says that it's Nick's. Stephanie gets a call from Maggie and tells Philip that Melanie and Nick are missing. Nick says to Melanie not to talk to him like that again, Melanie apologizes and covers the fact she hasn't been herself lately. Chelsea and Max try to figure out who sent the threatening note, Max then comes up with a theory about Melanie leaving isn't her idea but Nick's. Brady says after John leaves that if he's sick there's no way he's leaving. Nicole and E.J. share a romantic afternoon together. Melanie offers to refill Nick's drink, she grabs the ice pick and puts it in her pocket, she gives Nick his drink and he finds the ice pick and asks what she's doing. Hope tells Bo that she looked at the note that Nick wrote and it says "I know what happened" she then thinks that Nick is the one that killed Trent. Melanie hits Nick where his wound and breaks a glass over his head and attempts at escaping but Nick stops her again, and asks if he's gonna kill her like he killed her father.moreless
  • Ep. #10956
    Ep. #10956
    Episode 6
    E.J. waits upstairs for Nicole, while downstairs Brady tells Nicole that he wants to start over with her. Hope and Bo are surprised when Nick is the one that Nicole saw that night. Melanie insists that she turn herself into the police. Marlena runs into John at the station who's there to look at some stuff and see if he can find the sharpshooter any faster, Marlena wants a word with him about thinking that pushing Brady away is gonna trigger some feelings. E.J. decides to go to see what's taking Nicole so long. Brady tells Nicole that by starting over he means a clean slate for them becoming friends, Brady is stunned to learn that Nicole is pregnant, E.J. then walks in and sees Nicole and Brady embracing. Nick tells Melanie that they have to leave now. John tells Roman that he hired a private investigator to help find the person who killed Mayor Marino, Roman thinks that John is doing this to get on Marlena's good side. Bo and Hope arrive and talk with Maggie and express their concern for Nick since he's been really agitated lately, they also learn from Maggie that Nick's been taking painkillers. Nick surprises Melanie that they're heading off to Vegas to get married. E.J. stops by to see Marlena and says that the baby has changed Nicole and that Brady could be a threat to her and his happiness. Brady tells Nicole that he's glad that she's happy and leaves the mansion. While Nick's using the pick to crush the ice she has a flash of him stabbing Trent in the back.moreless
  • Ep. #10955
    Ep. #10955
    Episode 5
    Melanie compares the paper from the note she got to the paper in Maggie's kitchen, Nick then watches and comes in and asks Melanie what she was reading. Chloe and Brady have a reunion at the Brady Pub. Sami is livid when Rafe said that he spoke to his surperior, but is relieved when he didn't tell him she was pregnant, he then says that Nicole made bail and is living at the DiMera mansion. Hope tells Bo that she can't get what Nicole said off her mind about the tall man at the cemtary. Hope says that Nicole's statement might just pan out and she might not be the killer after all. Melanie confronts Nick about a mysterious note sent to her, Nick says that it's true. Brady tells Chloe that he came back to Salem to see her, Chloe says that it's good seeing him. E.J. joins Nicole for a prenatal visit, and Daniel does the ultrasound and she and E.J. listen to the baby's heartbeat. Nick tells Melanie that he did what he did to protect her. Hope explains to Bo that the caretaker was at the cemetary that night stealing headstones, which could make a credible witness. Chloe tells Brady that she's responsible for the way he ended up by neglecting him, she then forgives Brady. Melanie asks Nick if she killed Trent, Nick lies and says he didn't and that she did. Bo and Hope approach Ray at the Cheatin Heart and say they want to know what else happened that night, he says that he did see someone else at the cemetary that night. Nick tells Melanie not to go to the police but to come with him and leave Salem together. Rafe realizes what's going on with Sami and that she's still in love with E.J. Ray identifies Nick as the person in the cemetary.moreless
  • Ep. #10954
    Ep. #10954
    Episode 4
    Theo has another outburst while in the park with Lexie, but he's calm and runs into Chelsea's arms and Lexie is feeling jealous that he doesn't turn to his mother. John tells Marlena that he's hired some private investigators to find the person who shot at Sami. Marlena is glad when Brady shows up at her door, and John doesn't know what to say to his son. Maggie returns home and tells Nick she's surprised that Melanie is still here and that it could be a problem, as Melanie listens from the door. Max apologizes to Kayla for not taking her advice before searching for Melanie. Nick gets angry when the pharmacy won't refill his prescription for pain medication for his gunshot wound. Brady tells Marlena that he spent his time as an outpatient working on a farm to deal with his addiction, Marlena waits til John leaves and says to Brady that John might be ill. Maggie tells Melanie that the last person Nick was genereous to was a girl names Willow and she died from falling and hitting her head. Kayla tells Nick that he hasn't been himself since Melanie came to town. Lexie goes to the pub and she sees Kayla tending to baby Joe, and she says that she can't do anything to help Theo. Max tells Melanie that Nick told him that he's in love with him and to give the ring back and don't lead him on. Maggie finds Nick's pain pills and warns that they could be addictive, she's then surprised when he starts yelling at her and leaves to go to work and says they'll discuss this later, Melanie then hears Nick bringing up them taking a trip. John goes back to Marlena's townhouse seeing that Brady is still there, Brady says to get used to seeing him around cause he isn't going anywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #10953
    Ep. #10953
    Episode 3
    Chelsea meets up with Philip and she starts to get scared that something happened to Kate, Philip says she had a bad reaction to the chemo. Marlena jumps when someone grabs her in the cemetary, and it turns out to be John, realizing she's back from Colorado. Stephanie comes to the pub to talk to Max and gives him his shirt back, not realizing how devastated she was after the breakup. Sami feels her baby kick and lets Rafe feel for himself. Chelsea tells Philip that she wants Kate in her life even after what they went through. Nicole feels her baby kick as she and E.J. enjoy a romantic evening at the mansion. Marlena and John discuss their divorce, and John says to Marlena something he said to her 20 years ago. Rafe asks Sami what she's going to do cause E.J.'s going to find out she's pregnant sooner or later. Stephanie runs into Philip outside the Cheatin Heart. John collapses in Marlena's arms after having another seizure. Chelsea enters the pub all teary eyed, and embraces Max as he asks what's wrong and they take a trip down memory lane. Marlena asks John is he's feeling any better, he says that he's gonna walk her to her door and won't take no for an answer. Philip asks Stephanie if she wants to work for him, she accepts and he welcomes her to Titan. John tells Marlena that he thinks he may have a way to help Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #10952
    Ep. #10952
    Episode 2
    Rafe is mad at Sami for not telling him she's pregnant. Philip orders Daniel to stop Kate's chemotherapy. Daniel states it isn't his decision to make. Melanie tells Nick to go ahead and cut the birthday cake. Bo and Hope tell Nicole that there's been a development in her case. They've spoken to the judge and she is going to be released on bail. Rafe threatens to call Roman to see if Sami is telling the truth. She admits Roman does not know. Hope comes to talk to Nick. Melanie runs into Philip at the cemetary, she screams hateful things at him and then feels guilty when Philip says that his mother could be dying. Chloe sits by Kate's bedside and tells her to fight and to come back to her family. Sami admits that no one knows about her pregnancy. Rafe says that it compromises the entire situation. E.J. brings Nicole to the DiMera mansion. While she's relieved to be out of jail, Nicole tells E.J. that she's going to move out. E.J. responds by discussing marriage. Kate wakes up and thanks Chloe for what she said. Chloe tells Philip and Lucas that Kate is awake. Hope thinks that Nick knows something about Trent's murder. Nick emphatically declares Melanie didn't kill her father. After Hope leaves, Nick tells Melanie that Hope was only fishing for information. Daniel thanks Chloe for encouraging Kate to fight. Hope tells Bo that she fears Nick's involvement with Melanie is gonna lead to disaster. Rafe tells Sami he has to tell his superior about her pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #10951
    Ep. #10951
    Episode 1
    Bo and Hope try to figure out who the shadowy figure that Nicole saw at the cemetary was. Rafe tells Sami as she's still naked in the bathroom, that he has her clothes and isn't going anywhere. Nicole continues to say that E.J. and Stefano were in on setting her up, E.J. says that the theory is ridiculous. Nick surprises Melanie with a birthday party, and completely freaks her out, Nick then apologizes and Melanie says more about the call and that the person could see her and likes the idea of torturing her. Bo tells Hope that the D.A. wants him to wrap up the Trent Robbins case A.S.A.P., so he insists that he and Hope listen to Nicole's statement again. Sami pleads with Rafe that she'll be good and when Rafe refuses to give back her clothes, she decides to irritate by making some noise, she then sees that Rafe is sound asleep with headphones on. Nick tells Melanie that Max may have figured out something that was wrong with the proposal and that she could see her profits sooner that she thinks. E.J again brings up marriage Nicole. Sami makes her move thinking it's safe now that Rafe is asleep. Nick gives Melanie a picture fram and says that there's nothing that he wouldn't do for her, when Melanie leaves to get a picture for the frame Nick pulls out a photo of him and Melanie. Rafe wakes up and asks Sami what does she think that she's doing. Nick gets a knife to cut the cake and sees the night when he stabbed Trent after he assaulted Melanie.moreless