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Season 53 : Episode 324

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  • Thu, Jan 6, 2011
    Thu, Jan 6, 2011
    Episode 01.06.11
    Johnny runs away from home and finds Rafe at the police station. Rafe contacts Sami,who shows up and has a moment with her son.
  • Wed, Jan 5, 2011
    Wed, Jan 5, 2011
    Episode 01.05.11
    Chloeis in denial over her relationship with Daniel. Nicole tries to set her straight to no avail.
  • Tue, Jan 4, 2011
    Tue, Jan 4, 2011
    Episode 01.04.11
    Bo, using a payphone, calls Carly at the hospital, thinking the phone lines will be safe. He asks her to put him in touch with Roman.
  • Mon, Aug 2, 2010
    Mon, Aug 2, 2010
    Episode 08.02.10
    EJ's proposal to Sami falls flat. She won't accept it because she's still in love with Rafe.
  • Mon, May 31, 2010
    Mon, May 31, 2010
    Episode 05.31.10
    Carly tells Chloe she'll back off telling Daniel that Chloe cheated on him as long as Chloe's good to Daniel. Later however, Carly learns Melanie thinks Chloe will be trouble for Daniel.
  • Fri, May 28, 2010
    Fri, May 28, 2010
    Episode 05.28.10
    Victor and Vivian's wedding is moments away. Vivian finds Maggie with Victor, and Maggie wishes them the best.
  • Wed, Feb 17, 2010
    Wed, Feb 17, 2010
    Episode 02.17.10
    Melanie is rushed to the hospital with Philip by her side. He confronts Carly about Melanie being her daughter.
  • Thu, Jan 28, 2010
    Thu, Jan 28, 2010
    Episode 01.28.10
    Arianna visits a distraught Sami and the two discuss Rafe and Sami's relationship. They talk about Sydney and Arianna admits Rafe is the guy that can bring her home.
  • Wed, Jan 6, 2010
    Wed, Jan 6, 2010
    Episode 01.06.10
    Troy's hired gun, Al, is about to shoot Arianna when Brady enters. He hides the gun before Arianna and Brady see and slips out.
  • Mon, Nov 9, 2009
    Mon, Nov 9, 2009
    Episode 11.09.09
    Nicole is horrified to learn that Rafe is back in town and back with Sami.
  • Ep. #11454
    Ep. #11454
    Episode 474
    Nicole learns that Kate also knows about Vivian. Rafe returns home to Sami from Arianna's funeral. Stefano likes the idea of E.J. allowing Rafe to lead him to the evidence he needs. Melanie confides in Maggie about Victor not wanting them to move into the mansion. Philip comes across Vivian in the sarcophagus while getting ahold of Brady's bluetooth and thinks she has some explaining to do. Someone is shown with a key thinking about opening a box. Arianna's memorial service takes place at the pub, as E.J. comes by uninvited. Brady tells Philip what Vivian had in store for Maggie and even what she did to Isabella by having her buried in a pet cemetary. Justin comes in wanting to talk about Arianna's will and it concerns everyone. The sarcophagus lid opens and someone helps Vivian out. Victor, Brady, Philip, Nicole and Kate all vow to keep Vivian locked up forever.moreless
  • Ep. #11453
    Ep. #11453
    Episode 473
    Vivian has delusions of seeing Lawrence while walking through the cemetary. Hope tells Bo that there's something strange going on here in the prison and more to April's death. Kayla tells Stephanie that there was a mistake about the partenity test results and Philip is the father not Daniel. Philip tells Melanie to stop packing cause Victor doesn't want them moving in yet. Brady thanks E.J. for calling him so he can say goodbye to Arianna. Stephanie thinks that she's gonna lose Nathan to Melanie. Lee is worried that Hope is passing on information to her ex-husband, Warden Smith says it's time for Hope to go. Kayla tells Stephanie that Caroline is the one that switched the results. Philip tells Maggie they won't be moving into the Kiriakis mansion and thinks Victor is up to something. Stefano tells E.J. to let him deal with this and won't let Rafe and Sami raise his grandchildren. Carly agrees to help Bo uncover the truth about April's unexpected death. Melanie and Maggie walk in the pub in time for Caroline to announce the engagement of Stephanie and Nathan. Philip catches Brady talking to himself in the mausoleum again.moreless
  • Ep. #11452
    Ep. #11452
    Episode 472
    E.J. breaks into Sami's place looking for evidence and hears her at the door and quickly hides. Victor tells Philip that he can't have him and Melanie stay at the mansion. Kayla tells Carly that she owes her an apology. Hope reads that another inmate had surgery on her leg and died of cardiac arrest. Kinsey refuses to help Nicole be with Sydney, unless she's being paid. Warden Smith comes in the room with Lee and asks Hope what she was looking at. Philip sees that Victor doesn't want them living there and the renovations have nothing to do with it. Kayla goes into confront Caroline saying if she should tell Bo or she will, Nathan and Stephanie come in and announce their engagement. Vivian starts to hallucinate that maggots are infesting in the sarcophagus. Kayla tells Caroline that the truth has to come out. Sami has it out with Nicole after hearing she's been spending time with Sydney. Philip wonders why Victor's been spending so much time in the mausoleum. Hope meets with Bo and says what she has to say has nothing to do with Ciara but another important matter.moreless
  • Ep. #11451
    Ep. #11451
    Episode 471
    Stephanie graciously accepts Nathan's marriage proposal. Philip tells E.J. that being married to Melanie changed him for the better. Hope confides in Maggie about April's appendicitis and unexpected death. Caroline reveals to Kayla that she switched the paternity results and says she did it to protect her family, but Kayla sees it as betrayal. Bo asks Carly when she and Chloe became such good friends. Vivian has a dream of Kate saying she's having her moved to the crematorium. Melanie tells Daniel she doesn't think she can accept Chloe as a person. Victor asks Kate not to tell Brady that she knows about Vivian. Hope stumbles upon some upsetting files in the prison infirmary. Kayla storms out having an argument with Caroline and runs into Bo asking what happened. E.J. calls and asks to meet with someone cause he can prove it was either Sami or Will who shot him.moreless
  • Ep. #11450
    Ep. #11450
    Episode 470
    Kayla tells Bo that he wants to talk with him about Carly. Sami enters Arianna's room hoping to find the camera. Kinsey brings Sydney to the park and runs into Nicole. Philip tells Nathan that Arianna died last night, and not to call Melanie not after what he did to her. Kayla explains to Bo that if he really knows what Carly is capable of now. Will calls Sami and asks if there's any luck in finding her camera. Melanie gets her answer when she asks Carly if Bo knows of her lying to Daniel. Sami finds a box and runs into E.J. at the door, and what she was looking for here. Caroline goes ballistic when she sees Nicole holding Sydney. Melanie visualizes Daniel turning his back on her after finding she knew about Chloe's affair. Sami and E.J. fight over the box and she up and races out of there. Kayla looks to Caroline for advice about her destroying Bo's life. Nicole tells Chloe that Sydney is going to be apart of her life. Nathan surprises Stephanie when he proposes marriage to her. Caroline tells Kayla that Carly didn't switch the paternity test results.moreless
  • Ep. #11449
    Ep. #11449
    Episode 469
    Kate tells Vivian that what makes her think she's gonna let her out. Victor tells Bo that Brady doesn't know about Arianna's passing and asks if he's been up to see Hope lately. Hope wants answers from Lee about April's sudden death, Lee calls the Warden Smith saying Hope's asking questions. Rafe holds Arianna's hand as he and Gabi console one another. E.J. throws the flowers for Arianna to Sami saying Arianna tried to do the right thing and whatever proof she had died with her. Warden Smith tells Hope that there was an investigation in April's death. Will intervenes and tells E.J. to stop harrassing his mother and Lexie says the same. Bo informs Hope about Arianna's death, and brings up April and her death. Kate tells Victor that she knows his dirty little secret they then partner up to keep Vivian locked up in the sarcophgus. Sami thinks Arianna had plenty of time to go in her room and hide her camera and has to go there before E.J. does.moreless
  • Ep. #11448
    Ep. #11448
    Episode 468
    Sami tells Will to leave Gabi and to give her some time, Will then tells her that Arianna's gonna die. Kate overhears Brady say he's been torturing Vivian. Vivian tries to reason with Nicole by giving her a proposition in return of letting her own. E.J. asks Rafe how he can deny his dying sisters wish. Arianna wakes up and briefly speaks telling him that she was wrong. Lexie consoles Will who blames himself if Arianna dies. Vivian hopes and prays someone knew will come along and let her out. Rafe hears that Arianna is in code blue and Lexie comes out and tells everyone she came back and is still alive. Kate learns that Nicole is living at the mansion and wonders why Victor would allow this sort of thing. Will tells E.J. that he might not have shot him but he wished he had. Kate turns on the monitor but is unable to hear what Vivian is saying until she puts in the ear piece. Arianna flatlines again but this time she loses her battle and dies.moreless
  • Ep. #11447
    Ep. #11447
    Episode 467
    Will wonders where the camera could be, Gabi comes down and asks what he's doing. Stefano tells Kate about Arianna's accident, and Kate gets a visit from Chad asking if it's a bad time. Rafe sits by Arianna's bedside and tells a story of when they were little. Vivian thinks she'll never get out as she sees Maggie and Victor bond. Chad tells Kate she can deny it all she wants, there's more to offering a job at Stefano's company. Gabi gets a call from Rafe to come to the hospital, Will consoles her when the news isn't good. E.J. tells Stefano that Arianna wanted to tell her something and is convinced that she knew who shot him, Stefano says they will find out the truth. Kate looks at Chad's birth certificate thinking she can't keep Madeline's secret anymore and has it mailed to Chad. Father Matt conducts last rights to Arianna as Gabi and Rafe are present. Brady feels guilty for not being there for Arianna. Gabi learns that Will is the cause of her sister's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11446
    Ep. #11446
    Episode 466
    Dr. Walters tells Rafe that Arianna is doing well and will probably have some memory loss after the accident. Nicole tells Maggie the reason she came over is to say that Victor says he's in love with her. Abe explains to Theo about what a jack-o-lantern is, he asks Lexie how Arianna is doing. Will goes through Arianna's purse, but he's then caught by Gabi. Rafe asks E.J. what he's doing in his sister's hospital room. Vivian tells Victor he doesn't deserve someone like Maggie in his life. Kinsey offers to take Syndey to the pumpkin patch for Caroline. Arianna encounters some cardiac arrest and Dr. Walters asks Rafe and E.J. to leave the room. Nicole runs into Kinsey who has Sydney in her arms. Victor tells Maggie that he wants her to leave and never come back which pleases Vivian very much. Will tries once again to look for Arianna's camera, but sees that it's not in there. Lexie has to break up a fight between E.J. and Rafe, E.J. then cautions Rafe that if either Sami or Will shot him then they won't know what's coming to them. Dr. Walters gives Rafe that it's only a matter of time and Arianna isn't getting any better.moreless
  • Ep. #11445
    Ep. #11445
    Episode 465
    Kayla sees Carly's conversation with Sister Anne is pretty intense thinking something is up. E.J. tells Will to call 911 cause Arianna's seriously hurt. Gabi tells Rafe that Will is with Arianna outside the pub right now. Melanie goes to Stephanie asking for a favor saying how nice she was to her about everything. Carly explains to Sister Anne about Chloe's infidelity as Kayla overhears nearby. Arianna is brought into the hospital and Rafe learns how serious hs sister's injuries are. Melanie apologizes to Nathan for her harsh behaviour the other day regarding Chloe's secret. E.J. tells Bo to asks Will what he and Arianna were arguing about. Kayla wonders if Carly was the one who altered the paternity results. Officer Perkins catches Sami when she's holding Arianna's purse, and learns that everything was recovered when it was all over the street. E.J. goes into see Arianna and she wakes up and says she has to tell him something.moreless
  • Ep. #11444
    Ep. #11444
    Episode 464
    Arianna shows Sami the camera with her confession. Victor tells Vivian that he's not gonna let her out. Kayla tells Stephanie there's something she has to do before going to see Sister Anne. Carly shows up at Maggie's but Melanie says that she shouldn't be here. Bo tells E.J. that he needs more then just his word. Will promises Rafe that he isn't going to say anything to anyone. Sami and Arianna engage in a fight for the camera. Rafe explains to Gabi that he needs to stop Arianna from making a big mistake. Brady explains to Nicole that letting Vivian out is the right thing to do. Kayla walks in on a catfight between Sami and Arianna. Stephanie goes and tells Ian that everything turned okay cause it's revealed that the baby is Daniel's. Sister Anne reads the notice about Daniel and Chloe's marriage in the paper and she calls Carly asking her to come to University hospital. Sami tells Rafe that Arianna recorded her confession. Arianna calls E.J. and says to meet her at the pub cause he needs to see something, but is unable to hear her cause a bad signal. Sister Anne shows Carly the wedding announcement and knows that she lied to her. Will finds Arianna and says she needs to hear him out, E.J. shows up and she's then struck by a car.moreless
  • Ep. #11443
    Ep. #11443
    Episode 463
    Victor applauds Brady for trapping Vivian in her latest scheme. Arianna is shocked that Rafe would go to great lengths to protect Sami by saying that his sister is lying. E.J. is arrested and is taken to the station, and tells Bo that he's not the threat to his kids but Sami is. Victor goes to the mausoleum and tells Vivian that knows what she planned on doing to Maggie. Will tells Rafe that they have to stop his sister before she can go to the cops. Sami calls Arianna telling her to come to her place so she can explain her actions. Isabella pays a visit to Brady and says the reason that Victor's proud is cause he's turning into him. E.J. tells Bo that it was either Sami or Will who shot him. Sami is shocked that Arianna recorded their entire conversation, and is determined to reveal the truth. Brady tells Nicole that they have to release Vivian from the tomb.moreless
  • Ep. #11442
    Ep. #11442
    Episode 462
    Nicole asks Brady if they're gonna have a happily ever after like Chloe and Daniel. Arianna tells Sami that she knows she shot E.J. Victor finds the receiver on the floor and learns Vivian is in the sarcophagus. Chad arrives to talk with Stefano about the internship. Sami stops Arianna and says she isn't going to let her go to the police statiion. Victor tells Vivian that he's gonna go and get some help. Stefano asks E.J. why Chad reminds him of his son. Will comes home and sees something is wrong and says Arianna knows the truth. Brady reveals all to Victor regarding Vivian and what she did by having his mother's remains reburied in a pet cemetary. Stefano tells E.J. that soon all his questions will be answered concerning Arianna. Rafe asks his sister to keep quiet about the truth behind E.J.'s shooting.moreless
  • Ep. #11441
    Ep. #11441
    Episode 461
    E.J. leaves a message for Arianna wanting to know what was so urgent she wanted to tell him. Rafe surprises Sami by saying he got the kids to school so he can let her sleep. Hope asks Lee and Warden Smith if everything is okay, and what they were talking about when she walked in the room. Ciara tells Bo that everything isn't alright cause she isn't feeling so good, but still wants to visit her mother. Arianna tells E.J. that what she has to tell him she can't discuss over the phone. Hope asks Warden Smith for some information regarding April's death. Carly warns Nathan to stay away from Melanie. Bo and Ciara pay a visit to Hope in jail. Sami catches E.J. holding Syndey and reminds him of the court order saying to stay away from their children. Arianna realizes that Rafe has known all along that Sami shot E.J. Warden Smith tells Lee that she doesn't know what they'll do if Hope suspects something.moreless
  • Ep. #11440
    Ep. #11440
    Episode 460
    Gus tells Vivian that he's here in Salem and is gonna rescue her. Nicole asks Brady to check on Vivian to see if she's still alive. Sami shows Rafe the picture of Dog's Playing Poker to hang in the loft. Melanie tells Carly that she didn't do what she did at the wedding for her, but for her father. Arianna tells E.J. that she has to tell him something that may change his life. Chloe asks Daniel that he'll probably never forgive her for what she said about Melanie. Victor tells Brady he thought he was just using Nicole and wonders if he's in love with her again. E.J. confronts Kate to find out who's side she's on. Gabi tells Arianna that Rafe quit the F.B.I so he can spend time with Sami and her kids. Vivian instructs Gus to find the lever that releases, but is struck from behind knocking him out.moreless
  • Ep. #11439
    Ep. #11439
    Episode 459
    Stephanie tells Kayla that a paternity test isn't necessary cause Melanie knows the truth. Melanie asks Chloe if she'd prefer to talk in private or in front of everyone. E.J. receives papers and tells Stefano and Lexie that he can't see his children until there's a court hearing. Maggie goes to check on Melanie cause she seemed a bit upset. Stefano tells E.J. that there is a way to find out that Sami is the one that shot him. Melanie promises Chloe that she'll keep her secret, and doesn't want anything in return, and goes to resume the wedding. Arianna prepares to tell E.J. about his shooter but learns that he was sent home. Victor decides to intervene in Brady and Nicole's relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #11438
    Ep. #11438
    Episode 458
    Sami tells Rafe that Will's been covering for her. Victor comes and offers to give Maggie a lift to the wedding. Melanie tells Daniel that he can't marry Chloe. Philip tells Chloe that it's over and they're secret will be revealed. Brady tells Nicole that the situation with Vivian is under control. Vivian continues to plead with Gus to come to her rescue. Rafe asks Sami why she's lying to him just now, but she says she can prove she's telling the truth. Arianna asks Nicole what she's done to Brady. Chloe tells Carly that she's gonna go and face the music. Brady goes on the screen and asks Vivian who she's talking too and Gus overhears it as well. Will comes home and Sami tells him that something wonderful just happened that she told him everything and how he'll stand by her. Daniel tells Chloe that they're not starting without Melanie. Vivian is overjoyed when Gus says he's coming to save her. Arianna overhears Sami's confession to Will she's the one that shot E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11437
    Ep. #11437
    Episode 457
    Dr. Walters tells E.J. that he'll be sent home soon. Chloe tells Nicole that Melanie knows she cheated on Daniel. Bo tells Hope that he needs her help and so does Ciara. Melanie tells Carly that she's not gonna be like her and is gonna tell Daniel everything. Philip calls Chloe and says that Daniel is on his way to her, that he isn't with Melanie. Carly pleads with Melanie not to tell Daniel cause this will destroy him and he'll lose the people that he loves. Hope tells Bo that Ciara has had trouble before with the kid that bullys her. Sami is happy to tell E.J. the truth about them not being married and he practically knew the whole time. Philip tells Melanie that Chloe called him and told him she paid her a visit and knows everything. E.J. vows that Sami will pay for her little performance. Rafe shocks Sami when he reveals he resigned from the F.B.I and now she can tell him and it can stay between them. Lee tells Hope that April died on the operating table. Philip tells Chloe that Melanie's mind is made and is gonna reveal the truth. Sami confesses to Rafe that she's the one who shot E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11436
    Ep. #11436
    Episode 456
    Daniel tells Carly and Bo that they're looking at the happiest man on the planet. Chloe tells Melanie that she's not lying about Carly helping her with the test. Victor asks Philip why Chloe and Daniel's wedding is so important to him. Hope warns Lee that she'd better not try anything against her. Melanie learns that Chloe had her test done at St. Mary's and that it's all true and asks if there's more to the story. Carly tells Bo that she never wanted what she did to Lawrence to come back and haunt her. April is brought into the infirmary and asks Hope not to leave her side. Bo finds out that Ciara has been bullied because of Hope being in prison.moreless
  • Ep. #11435
    Ep. #11435
    Episode 455
    E.J. tells Stefano that he has the perfect operative in Arianna. Melanie tells Chloe that she overheard Nathan tell Stephanie about her affair. Ben explains to Daniel that he's gonna have to be late cause he needs to talk about the procedure he did on Daniel. Lexie asks Sami to continue with the charade of her being "married" to E.J. Melanie gives Chloe the opportunity to prove to her that she didn't cheat on Daniel. E.J. asks Arianna if she thinks if either Sami or Will shot him. Chad wonders why Kate offered him a job for Stefano's sake. Sami comes home to find Arianna grilling Will on the night that E.J. was shot and to turn her away next time she comes by. Chloe tells Melanie that Carly helped her with the paternity test. Daniel tells Carly that she wants them to be a big part of her life with Chloe.moreless
  • Ep. #11434
    Ep. #11434
    Episode 454
    Brady tells Victor that he's working on a project and he and Nicole have an arrangement. Daniel asks Philip about his friendship with Chloe and how he's been there for her this past year. Nicole asks Chloe why she chose Melanie as her maid of honor. Nathan tells Melanie that Chloe did cheat on Daniel. Gus thinks he's losing his mind when he still hears Vivian's voice and turns to alcohol. Kayla tells Stephanie that she's involved with someone who possibly doesn't love her back, and Adrienne told her she stopped taking her birth control pills. Gus realizes that what he's hearing isn't in his head, and finds where it's coming from. Stephanie tells Adrienne that she thought she could trust her, Adrienne says that she still needs help. Melanie asks Nathan when he found out about Chloe's affair. Maggie runs into Victor at the park where the wedding will be and asks about Brady and his drinking and him being with Nicole again. Vivian tells Gus that she's entombed in the sarcophagus and asks him to come rescue her, but he refuses. Melanie goes to see Chloe and immediately slaps her on the face.moreless
  • Ep. #11433
    Ep. #11433
    Episode 453
    Vivian starts to hear Gus voice on the receiver. Maggie confronts Victor and says that if he ever uses Melanie and Philip again he'll hear the end of it. Melanie tries to come to terms with what she heard Nathan say that Chloe cheated on Daniel, and calls and says she has to talk to him. Nathan tells Stephanie that he wishes he never overheard Chloe that day. Vivian hears Gus, but realizes that he can't hear her. Nathan apologizes to Stephanie for keeping this from her. Gus tells his lady friend the picture of his madame Vivian but still misses her terrible. Maggie tells Melanie that maybe it's best that she's having second thoughts about moving out of her place. Stephanie tells Nathan that her mother is right and there shouldn't be any secrets between them. Victor comes in and asks Brady who he's talking too. Nicole presents Chloe a peace offering with the gift she meant to give her at the shower. Melanie goes to see Nathan and knows that he's lying to her. Kayla tells Stephanie that it's gonna take a few days for the results. Gus starts to hear Vivian's voice and wonder where it's coming from. Brady tells Victor that he's gonna be moving Nicole into the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #11432
    Ep. #11432
    Episode 452
    Warden Smith tells Hope she has Bo to thank for having her moved into a new cell. Ciara tells Bo the reason she's upset is cause she misses her mother. Kayla tells Stephanie who else knows about Chloe's affair, and will find out the baby's true paternity. Justin asks Brady why Isabella's casket is in the mausoleum and why he won't let him help carry it out. Daniel tells Nathan he knows he's hiding something and his sudden hatred for Chloe. Chloe runs into Father Matt while taking a walk in the park looking at the place for the wedding. Brady has a change of heart and thinks he should set Vivian free. Kayla tells Bo that he should be with Hope while visiting her. Warden Smith asks Lee how things went with Hope and to keep a close eye on her. Melanie overhears Nathan say something and is shocked.moreless
  • Ep. #11431
    Ep. #11431
    Episode 451
    Sami tells Rafe that she wants to tell him everything but she can't. Nicole and Brady their passion in his bedroom upstairs. Stefano tells Roman that he's not leaving the room while he questions E.J. Adrianna and Gabi surprise Rafe and Sami at their new place with housewarming gifts. Nicole tells Brady she wonders how she went from listening to Vivian in the sarcophagus to ending up in bed with him. Rafe looks to find a way to protect Will. Roman finds a gap in E.J.'s story when he said that he didn't remember anything. Brady has a dream about Vivian and her saying that he may be with Nicole but she's still here. Gabi sees that Rafe plans to marry Sami at the Green Mountain lodge. Vivian asks Nicole when she's getting out of here. Justin comes in to see Brady talking to a casket. E.J. vows if either Sami or Will shot him then they will pay. Nicole tells Vivian that she belongs right where she is.moreless
  • Ep. #11430
    Ep. #11430
    Episode 450
    Rafe gives Sami the idea of getting married at Green Mountain lodge. E.J. tells Stefano that he's the one that shot himself. Philip gives Melanie the bad news that they didn't get the house, Maggie thinks Victor had his hand in it. Brady tells Nicole that Vivian planned to put Maggie in the sarcophagus. Stefano says to E.J. that he can prove that he didn't shoot himself, cause the wound was not self inflicted and the gun was not in the room with him. Victor starts to feel guilty about what he did thanks to Maggie. Roman tells Sami that he's going to question to see what he remembers the night he got shot, but Sami says he has no recollection. Philip and Melanie return home and confront Victor for buying up all the houses they want to buy and they think it's all cause of Maggie. Stefano tells E.J. to get back at Sami and figure out how to do that. Nicole doesn't give into Brady's temptation. Sami tells Rafe that she knows who shot E.J. and wants to tell him everything.moreless
  • Ep. #11429
    Ep. #11429
    Episode 449
    Nicole realizes that she's speaking to Vivian. Brady notices that his bluetooth earpiece is missing and hurries to find it. Kate tells Will that E.J. has regained consciousness and wonders if he'll try to take his brother and sister away again. E.J. tells Stefano that Sami has another thing coming if she lives with Rafe and takes away his children. Rafe shows Sami and the kids their future home. Vivian pleads with Nicole to get her out of the coffin, Brady then comes in and she comes to the conclusion that he put her in there. Stefano explains to Kate that E.J. had a minor setback and that he remembers everything. Will thanks Rafe for all that he has done for him and his mom. Victor comes into the mausoleum and Nicole sees he has no idea that Vivian is in the sarcophagus. Rafe tells Sami that he spoke to Daniel earlier and it inspired him to marry her right away. E.J. tells Stefano that he remembers who shot him.moreless
  • Ep. #11428
    Ep. #11428
    Episode 448
    Nicole overhears Brady talking to Keith about having his orangutan moved from where it is. Lexie calls Stefano that E.J. has woken up. Sami explains to E.J. that Johnny meant that Rafe is always at the pub cause Arianna works there. Vivian watches as Victor is talking to the sarcophagus thinking Isabella is in it. Kate thinks this is the perfect time to reveal to Stefano that Chad is his son. Rafe comes in and sees Sami kissing E.J. Nicole goes and questions Victor about Brady or Vivian having any pet orangutans. Chad comes to the mansion as to Kate's request and asks why she summoned him here. Lexie abolishes Stefano's behaviour towards Chad when he shows concern for E.J. Brady tells Vivian that once Victor finds out what she did to his mother he's gonna kill her. Nicole goes out to the mausoleum and hears Brady talking and quickly hides before she's spotted, she finds the earpiece on the floor and hears someone talking into it. Stefano tells E.J. that he must learn the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #11427
    Ep. #11427
    Episode 447
    Carly tells Chloe that it's important she know who the person she slept with. Sami tells Rafe she's refusing to go in there and pretend to be married to E.J. but Lexie says she has no choice. Philip and Melanie decide on a house to purchase that's near Maggie's place. E.J. asks Sami why she isn't wearing her wedding rings and wants her to bring the children to see him. Kayla tells Stephanie there might be a way to determine paternity of Chloe's baby. Melanie tells Carly that she heard Nathan talking in his sleep professing his love for her. Sami tells Rafe that her pretending with E.J. is almost like she's cheating on him. Carly asks Melanie is she's sure on her feelings for Nathan while still married to Philip. Johnny delivers upsetting news to E.J. that they're not living at the mansion anymore but with Sami and Rafe.moreless
  • Ep. #11426
    Ep. #11426
    Episode 446
    Vivian tells Brady that she vows to turn the tables on him. Rafe tells Sami that Will is probably gonna be the main suspect. Chloe admits to Nicole she doesn't think she's good enough for Brady. Arianna gets Lexie to examine E.J., he then refers to Sami as his wife. Brady tells Vivian that he's doing to her exactly what she has planned for Maggie. Kayla tells Stephanie to tell her what's going on. Daniel questions Nathan on his dislike for Chloe. Rafe goes into see E.J. and believes he's faking his memory loss. Stephanie opens up to Kayla about Chloe's affair with Philip and the baby not being Daniel's. Nicole goes to visit Pookie's grave. Chloe tells Carly that Nicole will not make the mistake again. Brady tells Vivian that he has a more pressing matter in getting his mother's remains brought back. Keith Thomson a funeral director approaches Nicole asking if everything is alright. E.J. asks Rafe to go ahead and tell him exactly what happened, but Lexie intervenes and won't tolerate him upsetting him like that.moreless
  • Ep. #11395
    Ep. #11395
    Episode 446
    Stephanie quickly hides as Daniel and Chloe come home. Melanie explains to Philip that she was concerned as she caught Brady drinking. E.J. tells Sami that he wants to get married tonight. Stephanie learns while hiding in the closet that Chloe is pregnant and calls Philip asking him to come over. Sami tells Stefano and Kate if they're here to offer their congratulations. Tim calls Rafe and says that he's discovered something. Stephanie learns that the baby Chloe's carrying might be Philip's and not Daniel's. Victor realizes that Brady is talking about Nicole, and cautions him to stay away from her. Nicole is torn about doing the right thing in revealing E.J. kidnapping Sydney. Tim tells Rafe he wasn't able to decypher whatever was on the disc. Stephanie contacts a friend at the hospital to ask her for a favor. Rafe manages to listen to some of E.J.'s voice and wonders what drove him to do what. Nicole tells Brady she's turning herself in and is willing to go back to prison to do that and if there's any chance for them. Rafe has to find another one of the CD's before Sami marries Sydney's kidnapper. Melanie catches Stephanie at St. Mary's going through the computer.moreless
  • Ep. #11425
    Ep. #11425
    Episode 445
    Rafe almost hears Will tell Sami that E.J. probably doesn't know it was her. Ian calls Stephanie and asks to meet cause he just found out something she'll want to hear. Melanie tells Nicole she isn't leaving til she says what bad thing Chloe did to Daniel. Sami tells Rafe that Will did not shoot E.J. Kate is relieved and tells Will that Stefano believes he's innocent. Stefano tells E.J. that if they can nail Sami then she'll be out of they way so they can raise Johnny and Sydney together. Carly tells Nicole to be careful what she almost revealed could affect alot of people. Daniel tells Stefano that he will not give up on E.J. Kate asks Will what exactly what he is hiding. Rafe tells Sami that he needs to know everything so he can protect Will. Kayla walks in and hears Ian tell Stephanie that Daniel didn't change the test results. Kate tells Stefano that Sami wouldn't strike without an alibi. Sami tells Rafe that Will is safe and Stefano won't retaliate. E.J. wakes up and asks Arianna where is Samantha.moreless
  • Ep. #11394
    Ep. #11394
    Episode 445
    Stephanie tells Adrienne that she's gonna let the thing with Nathan having a photo of Melanie go. Philip gets a call from Chloe saying they have a problem and should meet on the pier. Rafe tells Sami that the kiss was a mistake, but then does it again. Adrienne explains to Stephanie that if Nathan is willing to turn down a fellowship, then he's definately right for her niece. Nicole stops by and says to Chloe that she really needs a friend since she's the only one she has. Sami asks Rafe how he knew about the engagement. Stephanie sees Melanie and Nathan embracing. Chloe tells Philip about the test of paternity of the baby and had a close call with Daniel finding her. Nicole and Rafe find themselves at the Cheatin Heart drowning their sorrows together. Sami confronts E.J. about him lying to her about keeping their impending marriage a secret. Stephanie snoops Chloe's apartment to find out whatever secret she and Philip are both hiding.moreless
  • Ep. #11424
    Ep. #11424
    Episode 444
    Stefano tells Kate that he knows that Will didn't shoot E.J., but he then drinks the laced alcohol. Nicole tells Chloe that she'll be moving back to her place now that E.J. is out of commission at least for now. Will overhears Arianna as she sits by E.J.'s bedside. Kayla returns home and tells Stephanie that Adrienne called her cause she was concerned. Brady tells Carly and Melanie that Vivian leaving is definately for the best, and everyone will forget she ever existed. Ian introduces himself to Daniel and says he's Stephanie's friend. Will goes in to see E.J. and wonders why he said his mother's name and what will it mean when he wakes up. Daniel warns Ian not to destroy Stephanie and Nathan's relationship. Kayla realizes that Stephanie is not herself. Nicole shows up drunk at Chloe's shower. Brady tells Vivian not to be so spectacle about when she'll be getting out of the sarcophagus.moreless
  • Ep. #11393
    Ep. #11393
    Episode 444
    Rafe quietly tells himself that there's no way that Sami is marrying E.J. and takes his frustrations at the gym. Sami is surprised at Will's reaction about her engagement. Victor tells Bo that this is not his fault and it being Carly's which drove Hope to this. Abe tells Hope she'll get a fair trial, Hope can't forgive herself for almost setting the father of her children on fire. Maggie tells Bo that's the first sensible thing he's said that she agrees with. Vivian thinks she should be with her husband in his hour of need. Lexie tells Abe to quit talking like that, Hope says that he's right about everything. E.J. goes to see Hope at the police station. Vivian sees Victor and Maggie getting cozy, thinking this is the last straw. Brady tells Hope that maybe she should talk to someone. Bo lays into E.J. and says not to talk like that to his wife. Rafe runs into Sami on the pier and offers his congratulations before continuing his jog. Bo threatens E.J. if anything happens to Hope. Vivian tells Gus that Maggie has to pay dearly. Brady tells Hope not to give up. Sami confronts Rafe, and he says he knows of her marrying E.J. and then plants a passionate kiss on her.moreless
  • Ep. #11423
    Ep. #11423
    Episode 443
    Victor is impressed with Brady new attitude for business. Bo tells Warden Smith that he wants Hope moved to solitary confinement. Philip calls Kate says that he has something to tell her regarding Vivian. Maggie shows Victor the earring she found in the mausoleum belonging to Vivian. Arianna tells Rafe that she would endure prison rather then Stefano's wrath. Vivian tells Brady that Carly is in the mausoleum and is about to figure everything out. Stefano tells E.J. he's this close to finding out who did this and if it turns out to be Will he'll do the same thing to him as he did to him. Maggie tells Victor that she'll miss driving Vivian crazy. Kate tells Philip she's glad Vivian's gone but has to deal with the whole E.J. thing. Brady tells Vivian that he's gonna convince Bo and Carly to keep them from getting suspicious. Will learns that E.J. may expose Sami for shooting him.moreless
  • Ep. #11392
    Ep. #11392
    Episode 443
    Hope tells Julie that there's nothing to talk about. Will tells Kate that he's gonna meet with Stefano at the pub to discuss his job. Chad approaches Stefano wanting to discuss his mother. Gabi tells Rafe that Arianna just locked herself in her room after finding out she was in the clear. Hope tells Julie for her and Doug to watch Ciara. Sami tells E.J. she accepts his wedding proposl. Arianna confronts Hope as she's brought out, by being the one that planted the evidence and her branding Brady. Will tells Chad that maybe he should go to Wake Forest as a way of starting over. Rafe apologizes to Sami for his behaviour the other night, and sees that she's excited about something. Chad is told by Charles that he's going to Chicago and won't be back for him to go to North Carolina. Hope tells Doug that she doesn't need a lawyer, cause she's pleading guilty and isn't using the pills as an excuse. Kate makes an attempt to comfort Chad, he then opens up on his father and him are different people. Gabi tells Arianna that she should forgive Hope and to move on, Arianna says she destroyed her life.moreless
  • Ep. #11422
    Ep. #11422
    Episode 442
    Warden Smith tells Hope that everyone now knows she's a cop and prisoners won't take that lightly. Bo tells Carly about Vivian leaving town for good, but she doesn't believe it. Vivian continues to watch as everyone is glad she left Salem. Will tells Rafe to go ahead and charge him with E.J.'s shooting. Stefano asks Sami how can she be so sure that Will didn't shoot E.J. E.J. begins to say Samantha as his monitors start to go off. Vivian asks Brady what's gonna happen to him mentally if he keeps her in here. Will asks Rafe if he'll lie for him if he did shoot E.J. Lexie calls Stefano and says there's a change in E.J.'s condition. Hope is ambushed by Tina and another inmate named Hildy. Bo calls Brady and asks to tell Victor to look into Vivian supposedly leaving town. Sami tells Will that she's not going to put Rafe in the position of lying for them. Bo learns from Warden Smith that Hope has been attacked in jail. Maggie hears Brady talking to himself while in the mausoleum, she eventually finds one of Vivian's earrings on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #11391
    Ep. #11391
    Episode 442
    Hope tells Bo that all this time she thought after Ciara's kidnapping the person she wanted her to stay away from is her and not Bo. Roman tells Sami that Dr. Baker is alive and in prison, and if she was gonna say anything about E.J.'s marriage proposal. E.J. tells Dr. Baker that he wants him not to mention Nicole's name. Hope admits to Justin she was behind his attack and is gonna plead guilty. Melanie sees Brady drinking at the pub and having it out with Arianna and wonders if Nicole is to blame for this. Dr. Baker laughs and warns Sami that if she sticks with E.J. her life will be miserable. Julie tells Doug what kind of trouble could Hope be in. Brady tells Arianna that they arrested the mugger and it was Hope. Carly and Bo blame themselves for Hope's actions.moreless
  • Ep. #11421
    Ep. #11421
    Episode 441
    E.J. begins to breathe on his own after the respirator is removed. Maggie tells Melanie and Philip she's not going to the memorial cause of the warning she got last night. Victor thinks something is wrong and goes up to go through Vivian's room. Stephanie tells Ian that if Philip nor Chloe changed the results then who did. Chloe tells Daniel she's doesn't want to encounter Vivian at the memorial. Stefano tells Sami that things didn't work out quite the way she'd hoped. Vivian finds the other remote in her pocket and turns the tv on and sees Victor going through her bedroom, and is startled that Victor realizes Lawrence's ashes and her jewelry is gong and praising her leaving him. Stephanie tells Ian that maybe Daniel switched the test results. Victor tells Justin the good news of him being on cloud 9 cause Vivian is gone. Rafe tells Will they have to go somewhere where they can talk. Vivian changes the channel and sees people arriving for Isabella's dedication. Sami wants Kate to reassure that Stefano won't learn about the call she made. Rafe asks Will where he was the night E.J. got shot and thinks he's not telling the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #11390
    Ep. #11390
    Episode 441
    Julie tells Doug that something is wrong with their daughter. Hope confesses to Roman that she was behind the muggings. Carly explains to Daniel the reason he can't see Dana is cause where she's from she can't show her face. Caroline stops by and tells Doug that she was certain something was wrong. Melanie has a feeling that she doesn't believe that Carly is here to treat an immigrant. Brady punches Dr. Baker and asks him if he was the one who gave him drugs, and asks Nicole why she's defending him. Roman refuses to believe Hope had anything to do with this, Hope tells Bo to show him the proof. Sister Ann offers Melanie a job at St. Mary's, but she's intent on working with both her parents. Julie tells Doug and Caroline has been taking sleeping pills cause of the stress she's been under lately. Carly tells Chloe that if Daniel isn't the father then her part of the plan will be do tell him. Brady angrily tells Nicole that she's dead to him. Daniel runs into Chloe and asks how she knew where to find him. Hope tells Bo that he knows what he has to do and that is arrest her.moreless
  • Ep. #11420
    Ep. #11420
    Episode 440
    Lexie and Dr. Walters explain to Sami that E.J.'s condition is deteriorating. Kate wants Will to tell her exactly what he's hiding. Victor tells Maggie that he'll never accept them being just friends. Stefano is livid after hearing Sami saying she's gonna let E.J. die. Vivian pleads with Brady to open the sarcophagus, Brady says that her assistant Gus left town and no one knows where she is. Lexie calls Kate and says to come to the hospital cause Stefano is gonna need her. Sami is shocked when Rafe comes to the conclusion that Will could be the one that shot E.J. Brady tells Vivian he was gonna let her go but has another idea, she's gonna send a e-mail to Victor. Stefano sits by E.J.'s bed and wonders how he's gonna say goodbye to his son. Lexie tells Kate that it's up to Sami to determine what's best for E.J., she says she needs a minute with E.J. Brady sends the e-mail and begins to pack Vivian's things including Lawrence's ashes. Sami comes out and says she's made a decision to turn off the life support.moreless
  • Ep. #11389
    Ep. #11389
    Episode 440
    Chloe grabs the curtain to keep Daniel from opening it. Roman tells Dr. Baker if Bo did anything that would lead him to trying to kill him. Brady angrily tells Nicole that she's going to tell him everything. Hope tells Ciara she won't be back cause she did something horribly wrong. Dr. Baker tells Roman that he didn't plan the whole thing. Carly learns that Daniel is at St. Mary's doing a consult with a patient. Brady shows the paper to Nicole of the wire transfer for five million dollars. Ciara pleads with Bo to not let Hope go away, but to stay with them. Daniel tells the woman behind the curtain, he's gonna let her talk to Chloe, Chloe quickly goes to turn her phone off. Carly stops Daniel from seeing Chloe, and says there's been a mistake. Brady tells Nicole that he's gonna take her to police station so she can explain all that money in an illegal account. Julie tells Bo that whatever the problem is, she's sure he's to blame. Nicole faces Dr. Baker at the police station, but Brady tells Roman she's seen him prior. Hope walks in everyone is startled when Dr. Baker calls her name out.moreless
  • Ep. #11419
    Ep. #11419
    Episode 439
    Daniel comes in and hears Nicole talking with E.J. Rafe has a dream of Will being the one that shot E.J. Maggie decides to stick it up and go and talk with Victor to say she's staying in town and hopes Vivian isn't there. Vivian is in the casket and Brady tells her that he tells how it feels like. Rafe comes downstairs as Will tells Sami that he's gonna keep her secret. Brady shuts off the tv in the casket and says goodbye to Vivian, she then starts shouting for help and no one can hear her. Arianna comes in the room as Nicole tells E.J. to go ahead and die already. Lexie tells Sami that E.J. did in fact love her. Victor asks Brady and Maggie what they're discussing. Kate tells Will she knows that he knows something of what happened to E.J. Brady learns more that Vivian wanted to make Maggie watch as she and Victor got romantic. Maggie tells Victor that they reason she's staying in Salem is cause of him. Sami tells Rafe how he's gonna explain to Johnny about his father possibly dying.moreless
  • Ep. #11388
    Ep. #11388
    Episode 439
    Hope sees the video and is shocked that she was the one that did all the muggings. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that she better come through for him with the bail money. Stephanie tells Adrienne that she found a picture of Nathan and Melanie amongst his things. Brady is angered to find out that Nicole is lying to him about the money she acquired. Carly gives Chloe the opera tickets as a cover in case Daniel asks. Roman realizes that the person in the interrogation bought the items the almost killed Bo, and why his face looks so familiar. Daniel brings Melanie to St. Mary's to view on his consult, but the nurse gives him Chloe's or "Dana Scott's" file instead. Hope tells Bo that there's only one thing he can do, he has to arrest her. Brady confronts Nicole after they made love and says he knows that she's lying to him and for her to tell him the truth. Bo tells Roman that there's some information about the muggings that he has to see. Stephanie learns that Philip and Chloe were together right after the accident. Carly finds Melanie and she asks what she's doing here. Hope says that she needs to do this for his victims and especially for Arianna.moreless
  • Ep. #11418
    Ep. #11418
    Episode 438
    Melanie knocks something over waking up Nathan, and he heard him talk in his sleep and asks what he said. Kate pokes E.J. with a pin to prove if he's indeed faking his condition. Will realizes that Sami is worried he'll send her to prison. Caroline tells Rafe about Will's state of mind after learning the truth about E.J. kidnapping Sydney. Vivian goes to great lengths to figure out what to do with Brady, but sees that he's waking up. Will promises that Stefano isn't going to find out that she shot E.J. Melanie tells Nathan that he said that he loves her. Brady gets up and says if she was about to kill him, and says there going down to the station. Kate finds Chad and learns he's applying for a job at the hospital. Melanie comes home but doesn't tell Maggie what Nathan said about her. Will goes into E.J.'s room and sees what his mother did and tells him he brought this on himself, and turns around and sees Kate standing at the door. Philip tells Nathan that he and Melanie are gonna get a place of their own. Vivian manages to get out of the mausoleum but Brady says she's not gonna get away.moreless
  • Ep. #11387
    Ep. #11387
    Episode 438
    Chloe comes gome to find Melanie in the apartment, but she's here to drop off some books for the baby. Brady comes across the ultrasound photo of the baby she lost. Bo can't believe it when Hope admits that she's the one that tried to burn him alive the other night. Rafe gets Fay to open up to him about the package that Nicole sent to her. Carly gets a DNA sample from Daniel for the paternity test. Dr. Baker is arrested and taken to the station. Bo presses the record on the camera to record Hope confessing to why she starting these muggings. Dr. Baker wants Nicole to help him or he'll start singing like a canary. Carly tells Bo that the side effects of the drug on women cause erratic behaviour and sleepwalking. Fay shows Rafe the remaining part of what she burned and says she wants no part to whatever Nicole wanted. Bo tells Hope in her current state that he still loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #11417
    Ep. #11417
    Episode 437
    Brady tells Vivian what's really going on with the sarcophagus and what she has planned. Jane tells Hope that her roommate should be back soon and she isn't getting special treatment. Ciara thinks it's not fair that her mother as well as Maggie won't be at her recital. Melanie while talking to Nathan turns around and sees him leaning against his locker sleeping. Carly explains to Daniel that what's happened recently put Chloe on edge. Vivian says she'll explain everything to Brady, that it was delayed with the transfer of Isabella into the sarcophagus. Tina tells Hope that she looked so familiar, then she remembers after hearing her last name being Williams. Chloe tells Stephanie if what she's saying is true and if she's really that happy with Nathan. Brady finds letters that Vivian had made in Maggie's handwriting and is planning to put her in the coffin. Melanie hears Nathan calling her name as he sleeps. Ian checks to see if Stephanie changed the results. Maggie gets a call from Gus but is unable to hear what he's saying. Brady sees that Isabella was moved and Vivian hits him in the head with an urn.moreless
  • Ep. #11386
    Ep. #11386
    Episode 437
    Sami turns down E.J.'s proposal. Nicole instructs Marco to have Dr. Baker detained for a while until she can figure out what to do, she then gets a visit from Brady. Justin calls Bo and says that they need to talk right away. Fay is approached by Rafe to discuss Nicole. Vivian is told by Hope tells her she's no longer angry with her, and knows how to deal with the problem at hand. E.J. apologizes to Sami cause he misjudged the situation, Sami says a part of her still has feelings for Rafe. Justin tells Bo that Adrienne saw it before and it's like Hope is two different people. Vivian goes to see Maggie after having her talk with Hope, by saying to stay away from Victor. E.J. tells Sami at least for the first time they're being honest with one another. Rafe finds an envelope in Fay's locker at work from Nicole. Brady and Nicole start to get intimate with each other. E.J. tells Sami that he'll gladly wait for her, Johnny comes in and asks why she's crying. Fay tells Rafe that Nicole sent her an envelope made her promise not to tell anyone. Hope thanks Bo for coming so quickly and surprises him by pulling a knife on him.moreless
  • Ep. #11416
    Ep. #11416
    Episode 436
    Stefano tells Kate that the timing is a little to convenient. Arianna sits by E.J.'s bedside and tells him to fight, Rafe comes in and and asks why she's defending E.J. Sami reveals to Will that she shot E.J. prompting him to keep quiet. Maggie tells Brady that she cannot go to Isabella's memorial. Gus tells Vivian that if she wants to do to Maggie then she's gonna have to do it alone. Daniel asks Carly why does Chloe have to be afraid of Vivian. Brady finds Vivian in the mausoleum and sees a tv monitor in the casket and wonders what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #11385
    Ep. #11385
    Episode 436
    Caroline tells Sami that if she doesn't love E.J. then to say that she can't marry him. Abe tells Bo that there's probably a logical explanation. Nicole gets a call from Fay thinking it's someone else and she asks her what she's done this time. Rafe sees something which leads to an address connected to E.J. Vivian accuses Carly of trying to kill Bo. Bo goes to talk to Ciara about the treasures but she refuses to talk about it. Dr. Baker decides to leave Salem but says that he can't leave Hope. Nicole meets up with E.J. and asks to do something and not to ask questions. Bo apologizes to Ciara for not believing her about the treasures. Rafe runs into Sami at the pub and start to have a nice talk, but she gets mad when he takes a call from the bureau. Carly cautions Vivian not to drag Hope in the middle of their feud. Sami sees E.J. fishing on the pier and he asks her to join him and finds a ring at the end of her reel and proposes. Bo is shocked when Ciara tells him the wallets belonged to Roman, Abe and Justin. Nicole instructs Marco to pay a visit to Dr. Baker. Rafe goes to see Fay and says he has questions about Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #11415
    Ep. #11415
    Episode 435
    Lexie tells Stefano that E.J. is still unconscious and on life support. Vivian instructs Gus to get into the sarcophagus, so she can test it out. Maggie offers Chez Rouge for Chloe's baby shower. Carly tells Chloe that she pushed her out of the way and pretty much saved her life before the elevator fell with her in it. Will finds out from Rafe that someone snuck into the mansion and shot E.J. in the head. Sami tells Kate that she didn't shoot E.J. Ciara tells Victor that she wants to live with him and not her father and Carly, as Maggie listens close by. Abe tells Lexie the preliminary report is that it's possible it was a professional hit. Nathan tells Stephanie she wants to know the truth why she is spending so much time with Ian. Will approaches Sami and says he knows what she did, cause he saw her leave the mansion last night. Gus tells Vivian that she can't do this to Maggie. Maggie tells Melanie that she's changed her mind and going on her vacation is the best thing. Stefano finds the box containing a gun empty and is convinced now that Sami shot his son. Stephanie wants Ian to check Chloe's laptop to see if she changed the results. Carly approaches Vivian and says she's not going to get away with it this time. Rafe comes in and asks what Will and Sami are talking about.moreless
  • Ep. #11384
    Ep. #11384
    Episode 435
    Dr. Baker takes off and Brady chases after him and tells Nicole who he ran into on the pier. Sami asks E.J. if he's in fact proposing to her. Carly asks Bo what else he remembers after coming home the other night. E.J. tells Sami that he's not proposing. Nicole is startled when Brady called the cops after seeing Dr. Baker. Victor accuses Vivian of trying to kill Bo. Hope stops Carly's hypnosis questioning, thinking now isn't the time. Dr. Baker calls Nicole and says that they have a big problem. Sami is shocked when Caroline advises her to marry E.J., even though she's still in love with Rafe. Brady catches up to Nicole and says he knows that her so called tip is bogus. Dr. Baker calls Hope saying that he was spotted and has to leave right away. Vivian tells Hope the person she's to question is that of Carly. Bo learns from Theo that Ciara's treasures were in fact wallets.moreless
  • Ep. #11413
    Ep. #11413
    Episode 434
    Stefano tells Sami that he'll kill whoever did this to E.J. Maggie tells Melanie that it's time she finally got away from Salem for a bit. Vivian tells Carly to asks Chloe what she's been up to as of late. Daniel explains to Sami that if E.J.'s brain function gets any lower she'll have to make a decision. Ian sees that St. Mary's put up a new firewall. Chloe tells Carly that what she did for her, she owes her the truth. Philip warns Vivian to keep her distance from Melanie. Maggie assures Melanie that it's only a trip and will be back, she then thinks this is cause of Victor. Ian reveals to Stephanie that Philip wasn't the one that changed the results, Stephanie then realizes who might've done it. Victor intervenes in Philip's argument with Vivian, and when was he gonna say something about what she has planned for Isabella. Carly is shocked that Chloe went so far as to try to kill her. Sami goes in E.J's room and looks and sees that he's opening his eyes and screams for help. Vivian explains to Gus that she's not going to kill Maggie just scare her. Victor tells Ciara to focus on having fun with him today. Lexie comes out and Stefano asks her if E.J. is gonna be okay.moreless
  • Ep. #11383
    Ep. #11383
    Episode 434
    Carly sees that Bo is prepared to leave the hospital, and says he should stay, Victor arrives and couldn't agree more. Nicole tells E.J. that he knows pretty well what she wants that being money. Rafe tells Tim that he thinks he's cracked the code. Hope tells Justin that if Ciara was there she doesn't think she could've handled it. Sami brings Johnny to the station asking Rafe about using the fingerprint machine for show and tell at school. Justin is puzzled when Hope has no recollection of their kiss and telling him to spend more time together. E.J. agrees to give Nicole money one time and if any of the tapes resurface he'll kill her. Victor promises to Bo that the person who tried to kill him will pay dearly. Sami is surprised when Johnny apologizes for his outburst earlier. Brady wants to know about Maggie and Victor's relationship. Rafe goes to the bus station to try to open the locker and the contents inside, but sees it's empty. Carly attempts to hypnotize Bo to jog his memory. Maggie reminds Victor that he's a married man and to go home to his wife. Brady encounters Dr. Baker on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11412
    Ep. #11412
    Episode 433
    Stephanie walks in and sees Melanie talking with Nathan, and checks on Ian's progress on finding out who changed the results. Carly tells Stefano that E.J.'s vitals are improving and will make a full recovery. Melanie tells Chloe an idea of throwing her a theme baby shower. Stephanie walks in thinking that Nathan told Philip something important. Sami says that once E.J. wakes up he'll tell us the person who shot him. Rafe sees Sami and Kate having an intense conversation. Stephanie is relieved when Philip and Nathan are discussing something other then the paternity. Stefano tells Sami that E.J. isn't dead yet, and if that's what she wanted, he then hears the alarms going off in E.J.'s room. Bo catches up to Kate outside the pub and says that she has nothing to hide. Sami learns that she's in charge of E.J.'s medical decisions, which shocks Stefano. Maggie gets a call from Victor wanting to discuss foundation business, unaware that Vivian is eavesdropping. Stefano wants E.J.'s living will to be declared null and void. Ian wants Philip I.P. address to see if he logged in the hospital using a Titan computer. Rafe warns Stefano that Sami is not at fault for E.J.'s condition. Vivian confronts Chloe and Carly about their friendship.moreless
  • Ep. #11382
    Ep. #11382
    Episode 433
    Rafe tries to figure out the code that was in Nicole's diary. Stefano sees Kate still looking at Madeline's obituary, and says to leave well enough alone, she then gets a call from Chad asking to meet with her. Chloe interrupts Philip and Melanie and confides in him that what if this baby is theirs. Daniel opens up to Carly cause Chloe is constantly putting off their wedding. Stefano is impressed in Will's attribution to him interning at DiMera Enterprises. Nicole catches Brady with her diary and doesn't want him reading it. Daniel tells Chloe to from now on to tell him what she's feeling. Melanie comes to visit Bo at the hospital but Carly says he's doing well. Chad tells Kate he can't the image of his mother dying out of his head, and her record isn't exactly clean. Rafe tells Arianna that if E.J. stood by her out of the goodness of his heart. Stefano comes home to find Kate talking with Chad. Carly tells Chloe that another paternity test has been set up.moreless
  • Ep. #11411
    Ep. #11411
    Episode 432
    Victor and Brady discuss Maggie, and how his name came up during his visit. Kate tells Bo that she has an idea of who shot E.J. Sami and Rafe tell Caroline about their engagement, and share the news with Johnn. Stefano tells Kate that whoever did this will pay, he sees Nicole walk in and puts the blame on her, but she says she was with Chloe the whole night. Carly and Daniel encounter a problem as E.J. is crashing. Philip tells Melanie that he wants to do something special for Chloe. Stephanie wants answers from Ian, and asks him to find out who changed the paternity test results. Nathan asks Chloe if she got the thing with the paternity of her baby resolved. Vivian overhears Victor talking with Maggie saying he wants her to leave on her trip. Bo tells Sami about E.J. being shot, and asks where he was last night. Daniel explains to Stefano that E.J. is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #11381
    Ep. #11381
    Episode 432
    Will apologizes to Chad about Madeline's death. Bo tells Carly that he can't remember what he wanted to tell her. Philip tells Melanie that he's on his way home and has a bit of a surprise in store for her. Justin tells Hope of Bo's attack last night. Stefano tells Kate that despite everything Madeline didn't deserve any of this. Caroline is livid that Victor never called to say that Bo was in the hospital, cause he was with Maggie. Nathan tells Melanie that he's moving out of Lucas's place and into his own with Stephanie. Adrienne tells Stephanie that she talked Steve from coming and giving her the third degree about living with Nathan. Stefano asks Kate if there's anything else she's keeping from him. Theo tells Lexie and Abe that Hope got the treasures. Victor apologizes to Caroline for not calling and telling her about Bo. Charles tells Kate he went to Madeline's safety deposit box and found it empty. Stephanie finds a photo of Melanie amongst Nathan's things. Theo finds a wallet buried in the sand on the beach and says it's one of Ciara's treasures. Kate learns she's the only one who knows who Chad's real father is.moreless
  • Ep. #11410
    Ep. #11410
    Episode 431
    Brady wants Vivian to take the sarcophagus out and to leave his mother alone. Maggie tells Victor she's seeing a different way after she hears him talk to Stefano. E.J. remains undiscovered in a room with a gunshot wound. Vivian tells Gus that she thinks she convinced Brady of her good intentions. Brady pours himself a drink after looking at a picture of his mother. Nicole tells Chloe that Brady shouldn't be drinking period. Ciara tells Bo that she doesn't want to go fishing with Carly, she wants her mom to come back. Nicole tells Chloe that she's narrowed down a place to go that isn't here in Salem. Carly explains to Ciara that Hope took some medicine that made her do things she wouldn't normally do. Gus gives Vivian the letters in Maggie's handwriting, she sees that they'll do the trick. Stefano and Kate come upon a lifeless E.J. thinking that he could be dead and calls 911. Rafe takes out a box containing a ring and proposes to Sami. Nicole learns from Daniel that E.J. got shot last night, and he has to operate on him.moreless
  • Ep. #11380
    Ep. #11380
    Episode 431
    Rafe breaks into Nicole's apartment looking for answers to what she's hiding. Abe and Roman try to figure out who hates Bo so much to want to kill him. Victor offers Maggie to look at some papers he had drawn up for the Mickey Horton scholarship. Sami starts to see a kind side to E.J. Vivian is bothered by when realizing that Victor is heading over to Maggie's house. Nicole goes to the pier to meet with up with that source for a major story. Bo wakes up and sees Hope about to inject something into his I.V. Vivian gives Victor the papers and says that she's taken care of everything and can stay home. Nicole realizes that she's been set up. Roman thinks this thing with Bo is on a personal level. Rafe finds a book in Nicole's drawer containing something in code. Hope hurries to Victor's and that Bo knows she tried to kill him. Gus agrees with Vivian that Victor spending time with Maggie isn't right, she objects to the idea of going back home.moreless
  • Ep. #11409
    Ep. #11409
    Episode 430
    Nicole tells Daniel she's drinking cause E.J. is out to get her. Vivian takes a look and to finishing touches on Maggie's sarcophagus. Victor tells Maggie that she's only here as an excuse to see him. Chloe tells Brady the good news that she's pregnant. Stefano tells Kate that if she still thinks the worst of him. George tells Nicole that if E.J. wanted her dead then she would be, she has nothing to worry about. Sami looks at the wound on E.J.'s head, and abruptly leaves. Vivian explains to Gus that she'll send Victor a note in Maggie's handwriting. Sami winds up on the pier completely shaken and throws the gun in the river. Victor tells Maggie that he doesn't want her to go on the trip but to stay in Salem. Sami sneaks back into bed with Rafe. Stefano tells Kate if there's something she isn't telling him. Vivian shows Brady what she had customed made for Isabella. Chloe assures Nicole that nothing she and Daniel aren't gonna let anything happen to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11379
    Ep. #11379
    Episode 430
    Sami has a dream about Rafe. Chloe tells Carly she hopes the paternity test proves that Daniel is the father. Hope blows out the match when someone knocks on the door. Rafe wishes he could ignore what he just heard Nicole and E.J. say. Carly asks Chloe if something happened, and she says that Daniel is pressuring her to get married. Daniel finds Bo unconscious on the floor soaked in gasoline and begins to perform CPR, as Hope points a gun at him from the kitchen door. Rafe comes by to talk to Sami to see if E.J.'s home and says he just saw him talking with Nicole discussing some secret truce. Roman tells Daniel that someone anonymously called 911 saying to come here. Chloe asks Father Matt that she's pregnant and if he'll still keep her confession to himself. Carly rushes to Bo's side and Daniel says they found drugs in his system. Rafe goes through Nicole's purse to find out where she lives to search her place. Sami surprises E.J. when she's selling Marlena's townhouse so she can live at the mansion for good. Hope lets herself in Bo's room and tells him she's glad he's still unconscious but isn't good enough.moreless
  • Ep. #11408
    Ep. #11408
    Episode 429
    E.J. continues to threaten Nicole. Rafe tells Sami there's one way to make him pay by him getting sole custody of the kids. Daniel intervenes and gets E.J. to back off and Nicole breaks down saying he almost killed her. Kate wants Stefano to reassure Will that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping, and if not then she leaves. Caroline tells Will that Stefano has not changed at all. E.J. comes home and tells Kate to get out so he can talk to Stefano. Nicole explains the situation to Daniel, and offers to stay while George comes back. Kate calls Sami and warns her that E.J. is planning to take the kids tomorrow and run. Will tells Caroline that she doesn't have any proof. Sami leans and apologizes to Rafe for all that he's done for her. George tells Daniel that the other safe place for Nicole is in a cell, now she'll be fine with living with him. Sami finds E.J. passed out with a loaded gun nearby, she takes it and shoots him.moreless
  • Ep. #11378
    Ep. #11378
    Episode 429
    Rafe asks Sami what the real reason is for bringing his mail to the station. Arianna tells E.J. that he's not going to be her lawyer anymore. Hope watches as Bo drinks the coffee laced with the sleeping pills. Nicole overhears Brady talk on the phone about Arianna not going down for attacking him or anyone else. Hope tells Bo that they both should've fought harder. Sami informs Rafe of her decision to reside at the DiMera mansion. Hope blasts at Bo saying Carly is innocent in all this and that he betrayed her, she then is delighted when the pills start to take effect. E.J. assures Arianna that he'll clear her, she then rehires him as her attorney. Rafe tells Sami that she's fooling herself if she thinks she can be happy with E.J. Nicole makes a request of E.J. that she's gonna blackmail til the end of time. Dr. Baker tells Hope that what she plans to do is murder and can't let her do this. Rafe overhears E.J. and Nicole talking on the pier. Hope pours gasoline on Bo and says she'll finally be at peace and then strikes a match.moreless
  • Ep. #11407
    Ep. #11407
    Episode 428
    Will asks Stefano if he knew about the kidnapping prior to today. Stephanie enlists Ian's help to find out who changed the test results. Philip learns that Melanie was attacked and why didn't she tell him sooner. Lexie confronts E.J. about what she just found out, but sees that he's really hurting. Caroline hears Arianna leave a friendly message for E.J. and lectures her about her loyalty should be with her family. E.J. confronts Nicole on the pier and says that George is temporarily disposed. Kate tells Stefano that if she loses Will or any of her kids she'll leave this place and not look back. Nathan starts to have muscle spasms in his right hand cause of his injury. Sami has a nightmare of E.J. telling her that ransom was a hoax and their baby is dead, Rafe says that what it is but a dream. Philip tells Chloe how relieved he is when he found out that Daniel is the father, and is shocked to hear that Nicole is living with them. Caroline tells Will that he shouldn't take Stefano's word that he didn't know about the kidnapping. Nathan thanks Melanie for what she did for him in the O.R. just now.moreless
  • Ep. #11377
    Ep. #11377
    Episode 428
    Charles tells Chad to stay away from him cause he killed his wife. Daniel wants Chloe to explain to her why doesn't want a church wedding. Nathan tells Stephanie that before they move in together they have to have a serious talk. Philip finds Melanie in the kitchen seeing that she couldn't sleep. Bo asks this woman where's Hope and what has she done with her. Stephanie tells Nathan that she understands, but Nathan says he wants to be sure this is what she wants. Stefano lays into Charles for him blaming Lexie for Madeline's death. Bo tells the person that Hope wouldn't have dealt with things this way. Daniel doesn't believe Chloe, but to talk to Father Matt to get him to see otherwise but needs to know what's going on with her. Lexie tells Charles that Madeline was living on borrowed time and Chad isn't to blame for it. Stephanie tells Adrienne that Nathan and her are moving in together, and Melanie's history. Hope drops all of her sleeping pills in Bo's coffee.moreless
  • Ep. #11406
    Ep. #11406
    Episode 427
    Kate lashes at Stefano saying she's sick of all the lies. Arianna can't believe E.J. would take a child away from it's mother like that. Nicole presents Chloe with her birthday present. Daniel tells Victor that he'll make sure that Chloe stays away from him, especially with Vivian still in the house. Stefano explains to Kate that he found out about what E.J. did before it was too late, she says she'll won't know what to do if she loses Will and her other grandkids. Arianna comforts E.J. and is sorry for what he's going through. Chloe tells Nicole that Daniel said that it's okay for her to stay here. Will learns from Kate that E.J. was the one that kidnapped Sydney. E.J. goes into his room and opens a gift from Sami. Rafe asks Sami if she would like to come back to his place. Arianna is happy that Sami and Rafe are together, and she can put this thing with E.J. behind her. Will tells Sami that he'll join her and Rafe at the pub but there's something he must do first.moreless
  • Ep. #11376
    Ep. #11376
    Episode 427
    Stefano tells Kate that they're gonna wait to deal with Madeline themselves. Nathan gives Stephanie a gift after going for swim at the beach. Chad looks at his mother unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Chloe and Daniel discuss baby names for their child. Bo tells Roman what Adrienne told him earlier. Dr. Baker tells Hope that he's not going to let her do this to her husband, but Hope asks how does he plan to stop her. Melanie tells Philip that she wants to host a baby shower for Chloe and Daniel. Chad tells Madeline that he's not going to leave her, while the paramedics are on their way. Hope is shocked as Dr. Baker professes his love for her. Chloe tells Philip that Vivian paid off that nurse and motel clerk to lie, which lead to their illicit affair. Daniel runs into Father Matt at the pub, and is glad that he's back cause he has something to tell him. Melanie finds Stephanie and Nathan in a compromising position. Nathan offers Stephanie for them to move in together. Charles asks Chad what he and his mother were fighting about. Ciara tells Bo about the time where Hope was hugging another strange man, Henderson comes in and says that Hope is not in her room. Daniel wants Chloe the real reason she didn't want to marry him. Lexie breaks the news to Chad and Charles that Madeline has died. Hope leaves and encounters Bo about to come in the door.moreless
  • Ep. #11405
    Ep. #11405
    Episode 426
    Stefano sees that Nicole is afraid of something. Daniel tells Victor about Chloe's pregnancy, Victor then asks if the baby is his. Rafe tells Roman that E.J. is gonna pay for what he did. Vivian asks Maggie for the name of the mortician she used when Mickey died. Arianna overhears Roman tell Caroline that Rafe found evidence that E.J. paid Anna to kidnap Sydney and to make Sami suffer. Sami tells E.J. she's moving the kids out of the mansion and will make sure he'll never see them again. Gus tells Vivian that the sarcophagus has arrived. Kate is shocked to find out Stefano knew of E.J.'s plan. Arianna finds and comforts E.J. Victor apologizes to Chloe, but Daniel says she doesn't need his harrassment. Nicole tells George that there's only one place she can live after finding out her accounts have been frozen.moreless
  • Ep. #11375
    Ep. #11375
    Episode 426
    Nicole tells Brady that she'll tell him everything but there will be some additional details. Arianna walks in on E.J. in an angry moment. Hope tells Carly that the woman she spoke to earlier wasn't her. Madeline slaps Chad after telling her that being a cheap whore would embarrass him. Lexie tells Kate that Stefano is in the hospital and is refusing treatment. Brady asks Nicole why this thing she wants to say is bothering her so much. Carly is shocked when Hope explains she's a hero to her with what she did to Lawrence. Chad tells Madeline that he got this information from Will. Bo explains to Adrienne that he should've held out longer in his marriage to Hope. Arianna asks E.J. if he's in trouble after saying he'll be out of town for a while. Stefano tells Lexie he only came in here so his daughter would treat him. Nicole is approached one of E.J.'s men and says that he'd like to see him right away. Carly tells Bo of her encounter with Hope and her acting all strange. Hope accuses Dr. Baker of intentionally not falling through on her orders. Chad accidentally knocks Madeline down the stairs on the pier. Bo tells Carly he's gonna figure out Hope's behaviour. Hope reveals to Dr. Baker her plan to kill her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #11404
    Ep. #11404
    Episode 425
    Vivian explains to Gus that once he has Maggie where she wants then Victor will forget about her. Sami tells E.J. that she's not going to marry him til she hears the CD. Bo stops Mr. Master while he grills Hope on the stand. Kate tells Stefano why Rafe would just interrupt the wedding like that. Maggie tells Melanie that she's done alot of thinking and maybe she should leave Salem. Nicole goes into the pub and encounters of all people Stefano. Dr. Baker stands up to change his plea to guilty, so his lawyer can stop badgering Hope. Sami learns the truth about Sydney's kidnapping after listening to the entire CD. Melanie tries to persuade Maggie not to leave, but she insists on taking sometime for herself. Bo tells Hope that Dr. Baker was right about him being guilty too. Sami asks Rafe to leave, and asks E.J. if he did take Sydney away from her, E.J. then said that he did. Melanie asks Carly how the trial went, she says that Dr. Baker's lawyer literally dug into Hope, then Bo stood up. Rafe presents Roman with the evidence that E.J. was behind Sydney's kidnapping.moreless
  • Ep. #11374
    Ep. #11374
    Episode 425
    Hope and Carly have an encounter at the hospital. Justin tells Adrienne that Alice just died and can imagine how much stress Hope is under. E.J. having too much on his mind lashes out at Johnny. Chad asks Kate some questions about his mother's past. Victor overhears Brady talking on the phone about his breakup with Arianna. Charles congratulates Madeline on her nomination to the superior court, and wonders if there's any skeletons in her closet to worry about, Kate calls her saying they have a problem. Nicole tries to tell Sami the truth about the kidnapping, but E.J. intervenes and Nicole says that she's not going to tell Sami at least not yet. Charles wonders why Madeline is suddenly so rattled. E.J. admits to Sami that the situation at the townhouse wasn't exactly an accident, and tries to get her to go on that cross country trip. Hope goes home and takes a pill hoping that sleep will get her mind off things. Nicole tells Brady she doesn't think she can tell him about E.J. Adrienne tells Bo of Hope and Justin's kiss, and her acting as if it didn't happen at all. Chad tells Madeline he knows that she was once a whore.moreless
  • Ep. #11403
    Ep. #11403
    Episode 424
    Victor asks Vivian why she thinks Isabella needs a sarcophagus, she then sees Maggie walk in and says she has her reasons. Roman tells Bo that Rafe busted in on Sami and E.J.'s wedding, but left to come and testify. Rafe tells Sami that E.J. paid Anna to take Sydney, and takes out a tape recorder. Nicole looks to Brady, cause she fears for her life when she gave evidence to Rafe to lock E.J. up. Bo hopes that Dr. Baker better not get off or he'll deal with himself personally. E.J. grabs the tape recorder before Sami can hear, cause he has Nicole as a witness. Brady is horrified when Nicole tells him she framed Arianna for the muggings and blackmailed E.J. cause of the recording. Maggie tells Brady she thinks he should go to an A.A. meeting. Victor gloats as he reveals to Nicole he's the one that sent Rafe to come on to her. Sami tells Rafe to play the CD. Bo is shocked when Hope is called as a witness.moreless
  • Ep. #11373
    Ep. #11373
    Episode 424
    Dr. Baker turns on the tv and catches a glimpse of Nicole's broadcast. Justin tells Bo that Hope needs someone desperately. E.J. interrupts Nicole and tells everyone that she's a pathalogical liar and what she's about to say is a fabrication, and Arianna immediately turns off the camera. Carly walks in on Justin and Bo talking about Hope. Dr. Spaceman explains explains the side effects of the pills and it's different on women. Adrienne asks Hope what kind of game she's playing with Justin. Nicole tells E.J. she doesn't need a camera cause her audience is right here on the pier. Dr. Spaceman asks Hope if she's suffered any side effects while taking the medication. Brady wonders why E.J. is so anxious to keep Nicole quiet. Dr. Baker wonder what his partner plans to do with the things that she requested he get. Sami wonders why E.J. suddenly wants to take her and the kids away for the whole summer when Nicole accused him of something. Lexie learns that Abe is got a prescription for sleeping pills. Adrienne tells Justin she went to see Hope, and that she's more screwed up then he thinks. Sami answers the door and sees that Nicole and says that E.J. is lying to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11402
    Ep. #11402
    Episode 423
    Carly reveals to Chloe that Daniel is the father of her baby. Stephanie tries to figure out who changed the test results. Carly tells Daniel that she's here to take Chloe out for a belated birthday lunch. Rafe tells Sami that he's going anywhere until she hears what he has to say. Stephanie misinterprets Nathan's words, when trying to explain the reason that Ian is here. Roman asks Stefano and E.J. why there nervous in Sami hearing what Rafe has to say. Melanie asks Philip why Chloe would be texting him. Will is surprised when Stefano tells him he stood up for his mother. Kate tells E.J. it's not too late to call off the wedding. Sami comes in and asks everyone to leave except for E.J. and she wants to hear what Rafe has to say, Roman says to Rafe that whatever he has it better be good. Rafe reveals to E.J. that he has proof and that it's all over.moreless
  • Ep. #11372
    Ep. #11372
    Episode 423
    Daniel asks what's going and sees things are pretty tense between Chloe and Philip. Arianna meets up with Melanie on the beach, and sees that Brady is her other guest. Sami asks Nicole why she summoned her down to the pier. Daniel asks Chloe that she would put some distance between her and Philip. Melanie tells Brady and Arianna they can leave as long as they tell her they don't love each other anymore. E.J. tries to get Sami to leave, but she insists on hearing what Nicole has to say. Philip surprises Melanie with a bouquet of flowers as part of a five month anniversary present. Chloe tells Daniel that he shouldn't be jealous of Philip. Arianna asks Brady if they made a mistake by ending their engagement. Melanie stops Philip from calling Vivian saying there's nothing to worry about. Nicole tells Sami when Will and Gabi arrive not to leave cause the show's about to start. Melanie wants to discuss the future with Philip and moving out of Maggie's into their own place. Daniel learns that Vivian had her hand in making Chloe believe he was having an affair. Arianna arrives with a camera and Nicole says she's gonna tell the whole world E.J.'s secret.moreless
  • Ep. #11401
    Ep. #11401
    Episode 422
    Carly asks Sister Anne for the test results. Stephanie is shocked when she read the paternity test results. Roman tells Kate he's here to make an arrest and not for the wedding. Melanie makes a toast to Daniel and Chloe for the upcoming nuptuals. Roman tells Stefano and E.J. he's not here to arrest them, he's here for Sami. Sister explains to Carly that there's a problem, and can't give her the test results. Nicole asks Rafe if he plans to go to the mansion and blow E.J. out of the water. Sami tells Roman that Rafe isn't the man she thought he was, and wants him to be apart of the wedding, she comes back in and the ceremony resumes. Sister Anne finds Dana's HIPA papers and is able to get Carly the results. Rafe takes Nicole to the station to talk with an agent but gets a message from Gabi regarding Sami. Ian despite his objections agrees to change the results for Stephanie. Rafe walks in on the wedding and instructs Sami not to say another word.moreless
  • Ep. #11371
    Ep. #11371
    Episode 422
    Nicole tells E.J. she knows the truth behind Sydney's kidnapping. Carly tells Chloe that if the baby is Daniel's she let this go. Sami sees Rafe on the beach while looking for Johnny's penguin. Melanie informs Philip that Chloe is pregnant, but he asks if she knows how far along she is. Daniel asks Vivian what she's doing with Chloe this time, she says what has his girlfriends been keeping from him. E.J. tells Nicole that no one is ever gonna believe this far fetched tale, but she says that she has proof to back up her story and pulls out a tape recorder and plays it for him. Philip goes to see Chloe and asks when she was gonna tell him he's gonna be a father, and they both try to figure out what to do. Daniel tells Carly why she didn't tell him about Vivian's harrassment of Chloe last night. Vivian comes to see Melanie, but she says to get out. Gabi interrupts a moment between Rafe and Sami. E.J. grabs the recorder and stomps on it destroying Nicole's evidence against him, but says she's got copies. Vivian tells Melanie that it won't be long before Carly ruins her life. Gabi explains to Rafe that Sami admitted that she does in fact miss him. Chloe says to Philip that he can't tell Melanie the truth, Daniel then comes home. Nicole sees Sami on the pier and says she has someting to tell her.moreless
  • Ep. #11400
    Ep. #11400
    Episode 421
    Stephanie has a dream of Melanie rushing into Nathan's arms after finding out the paternity of her baby. Stefano sees that his house is being decorated for E.J. and Sami's wedding. Philip tells Melanie that going to Daniel's place for Chloe's birthday is a bad idea. Nicole wakes up to see Rafe holding the CD and says that she's busted. Stephanie calls Ian after convincing Nathan to get an x-ray after being hurt the other night. Will tells Sami he had no idea that the wedding was taking place today and wonders why the rush. Rafe wants Nicole to admit everything on tape. Carly sees why Chloe was unable to get away when Daniel is still in the apartment. Will tells Sami he'll he happy to walk her down the aisle. E.J. prays that Nicole better not screw this day up for him. Nathan comes home to once again find Ian with Stephanie. Nicole tells Rafe that she wants to make a deal in exchange for immunity and her tape recording E.J. and Stefano's conversation. Ian agrees to do Stephanie the favor in getting her the paternity test results, but he encounters a problem.moreless
  • Ep. #11370
    Ep. #11370
    Episode 421
    Nicole realizes she didn't see E.J.'s involvement sooner and it's time that he pays. Victor asks Daniel what brings him by so late. Caroline tells Maggie that someone has to pick up her slack at the hospital. Stephanie grabs Philip's phone as he accidentally drops it on the floor. Chloe asks Carly whether or not she's gonna tell Daniel the truth, Kate asks Carly what Chloe has done this time. Nicole asks E.J. to meet with her or his life will be over. Caroline tells Maggie exactly what she's doing with Victor. Daniel presents to Chloe his family's christening gown, but she's worried the baby will never arrive. Nicole tells E.J. that she's been up all night wondering what to do with what she knows. Melanie and Philip finds themselves on the beach with Nathan and Stpehanie. Carly promises to keep Chloe's secret if she agrees to a paternity test. Philip is startled by the revelation by Melanie that Chloe is pregnant. Nicole tells E.J. she knows that he paid Anna to kidnap Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11399
    Ep. #11399
    Episode 420
    E.J. gets an unexpected visit from Arianna, while heading out forgetting about their meeting. Vivian tells Gus she has a plan to rid Maggie from Victor's life for good. Roman tells Sami if she's having second thoughts about marrying E.J., then don't. Will tells Kate that he asked Chad to work with him since all the stuff with his mom and his dad ignoring him. Nicole thinks that this whole thing is just a ploy. Sami has a fantasy of telling Rafe she's not going to marry E.J. Kate finds Chad alone on the beach, and he says he hates and wishes Charles wasn't his father. E.J. asks Sami if she thinks him marrying Sami is a mistake. Sami heads off to find Rafe hoping for a reunion, Nicole sees Sami and takes pleasure in seeing her suffer. Kate vows that Chad will never know that Stefano is his father and asks Lexie if he can withstand any life altering news. Vivian tells Victor that she wants something better for Isabella then being in the family mausoleum. Chad tells Will that Stefano doesn't want him working on the project cause he doesn't like him. Sami suggests to E.J. that they shouldn't wait and to get married tomorrow. Rafe waits for Nicole to fall asleep and successfully gets the CD of E.J.'s confession to kidnapping Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11369
    Ep. #11369
    Episode 420
    Stefano gives Theo a model boat much to Abe's chagrin. Sami sees that Will's face is messed up and asked what happened. Carly comes over to talk to Melanie and brought some ice cream. Nicole searches the DiMera mansion to look for evidence but Stefano comes home. Vivian comes by and asks Chloe what went wrong with Carly's so called demise. Melanie tells Carly that Daniel is on his way over. Chloe realizes that Vivian payed that nurse Gregory to lie to her and basically ruined her life. Sami hears Gabi sing a song to Sydney and it being the same one Rafe sang to Grace. Carly finds Vivian talking to Chloe and for her to get out right now. Sami tells Will that she can't call Rafe cause they've moved on away from each other. Nicole learns that E.J. paid Anna to kidnap Sydney. Carly wonders what she's going to do with this secret she's keeping for Chloe.moreless
  • Ep. #11398
    Ep. #11398
    Episode 419
    Julie tells Bo that if he wants to help then give Hope a reason to fight. E.J. and Sami's kiss is interrupted by Johnny. Justin and Adrienne try to solve their relationship problems. Brady puts some flowers at his mother's grave and wishes he got a chance to know her. Arianne encounters Rafe and Nicole in a liplock, and wonders if he's still thinking about Sami. Hope sees that Abe and Justin walk into the courtroom. Hope tells Judge Fitzpatrick that she pleads guilty on all counts. Nicole asks Rafe if he's just using her to stick it to Sami. Abe and Justin testify on Hope's behalf. Sami finds Brady drinking at the pub and says if she marries E.J. it'll be a lot worse then ever. Bo takes the stand and takes partial blame, but Judge Fitzpatrick says that it was Arianna's testimony that shed some light and sentences Hope to two years so she can get the help she needs. Sami learns that Rafe and Nicole are together.moreless
  • Ep. #11368
    Ep. #11368
    Episode 419
    Hope calls Dr. Baker and says that she's back in the game, and Justin sees her as she's about to leave. Caroline tells Sami if the food she just prepared is for E.J. as well. Nicole looks on and wonders what E.J. told her in confidence. Hope asks Justin what else Ciara told him other then the wallets. Chad and Will get into a brawl, that is stopped by a patroling policeman. Stefano tells E.J. to let Sami go and to focus on destroying Nicole's life, but he refuses. Will apologizes to Chad about what he said and if he wants to confirm about what he said then to tell Madeline about it. Adrienne catches Hope and Justin in a compromising position and says she has papers for him to sign, and Hope sneaks out while they were in the living room. Stefano tells Nicole that E.J. has the goods on her, and gives her a choice to leave town or go to prison. Hope tells Dr. Baker that she had some personal stuff to deal with and says her ex is gonna pay.moreless
  • Ep. #11397
    Ep. #11397
    Episode 418
    Nathan steps in to stop the guy from strangling Melanie but gets hurt in the process. E.J. tells Stefano not to mention the kidnapping, Sami wants to know why he wants Sydney away from her. Bo begs Hope to plead not guilty. Lexie learns of E.J.'s engagement to Sami and gives him her congratulations. Daniel believes Chloe and Carly are bonding together. Julie tries to get Hope to realizes to fight for her freedom. Rafe tackles a guy who's refering to Nicole as her old porn name. Ian gets through the firewall, but tells Stephanie the results aren't in yet. Stefano admits to Sami that he was completely wrong and wants them to start over fresh. E.J. tells Lexie that he has nothing to worry about cause Rafe is out of the picture. Doug tells Bo that Hope didn't even look at him or Julie and was unable to get through to her. Nathan apologizes to Ian and Stephanie cause he dealt with something at work today. Bo tells Hope that there's gonna be a change of plans. Stephanie vows that everything will be alright in the morning.moreless
  • Ep. #11367
    Ep. #11367
    Episode 418
    Will can't believe what he's just overheard. Henderson tells Vivian that Victor won't be joining her for dinner tonight. Victor goes to Maggie's to discuss the Mickey Horton scholarship fund, but Maggie says she's not going anywhere with him. Jennifer tells Carly that she's leaving tonight, but will stay if she needs her help and says she need to talk to her about Bo and Hope. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that things didn't go too well with E.J. and needs to stop him for good. Nicole offers Dr. Baker money for his partners name. Vivian finds Victor at Maggie's and wonders what he's doing there. Stefano comes home and asks Kate why Madeline in his house. Justin offers to look after Ciara while she relaxes a bit. Will tells Chad that Mia's been gone a few days and he's making the moves on Gabi. Bo is concerned about Hope's strange behaviour when Carly says that she practically mended fences between them. Will warns Chad not to say anything regarding his mother and they get into a fight and Will says at least his mother isn't a whore. Vivian offers condolences for Alice when they both lost something, but Jennifer doesn't forgive Lawrence for raping her. Ciara tells Justin that Hope had his wallet. Hope wakes up and says it's time to get on with what she has planned for Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #11396
    Ep. #11396
    Episode 417
    Will sees that Sami is actually going through with her wedding to E.J. Nathan comes across Philip and Chloe embracing, Philip says cause of this ordeal with Hope. Stephanie explains to Melanie that she's here for a file on the burn victim that Daniel worked on. Rafe enlists Victor's help and explains that he knows she has something on E.J. Sami calls Roman and says she has some news for her and Caroline. Brady tells Nicole to get dressed cause they're leaving. Daniel presents a gift to Chloe for their baby. Rafe agrees to tell Victor he's certain that E.J. hired Anna to kidnap Sydney to make him look like a hero. Stephanie calls a friend to help her get access to the hospital computer. Chloe spots Sister Anne talking with Daniel at Jake's and is worried she'll recognize her. Sami tells Roman that she's accepted E.J.'s marriage proposal. Will opens up to Stefano about him not being able to handle his mom marrying E.J. Rafe tells Victor that what this could get Nicole away from Brady altogether. Melanie is grabbed by someone who came into the hospital wanting some drugs.moreless
  • Ep. #11366
    Ep. #11366
    Episode 417
    Madeline tells Kate they have the matter to discuss. Chad tells Will he got into East Lake cause of his mother. Brady explains to the investigator that he needs more to clear Arianna. Shane hopes Kimberly will let him back into her life. Arianna tells E.J. if the judge is gonna deny bail. Rafe asks Nicole if she had anything to do with Arianna's situation. E.J. tells Nicole he has the proof he needs to bring her down. Kinsey tells Chad that maybe Will is starting to get into Gabi. Brady tells Rafe that Nicole is the new roving reporter that Philip hired. Gabi tells Will the good news that Arianna is out on bail and asks if she would come to the lake to go wakeboarding. Arianna gives Brady his engagement ring back and is best to cut all ties. Chad is jealous when Will helps Gabi untangle her necklace from her hair. Madeline tells Kate that if that thing came out if could ruin her reputation. Shane tells Rafe he resigned from the I.S.A to focus on his family, he then wishes him and Kimberly all the best. Will overhears Kate and learns that Madeline was once a whore.moreless
  • Ep. #11365
    Ep. #11365
    Episode 416
    E.J. believes Sami feels more then she's willing to admit. Shane tries to resolve things with Kimberly. Philip explains to Melanie that he wanted his son Tyler to have a good life and would've disappointed him. Rafe asks Arianna to dump E.J. as her lawyer. Chloe leaves the hospital with a secret to hide. E.J. tells Sami that if he doesn't love her then why did she kiss him. Nicole stops Chloe from going to tell Daniel the truth. Kimberly reads Shane's resignation from the I.S.A. cause he doesn't want to be where his family isn't. Melanie asks Philip if he wants another child. Nicole tells Dr. Baker she's worried E.J. has evidence against her.moreless
  • Ep. #11364
    Ep. #11364
    Episode 415
    Kate tells Madeline that she knows everything. Carly looks to Jennifer for advice on what she found out concerning Daniel. E.J. is rattled after witnessing Rafe and Sami's kiss and he tells Rafe to leave. Gabi tels Arianna that Rafe is back. Daniel tells Chloe that it wasn't a dream and she's really pregnant, she then asks how far along she is. Stephanie explains her fears about Philip to Kayla. Stefano asks Rafe what in fact Anna told him. Melanie tells Philip why he's so concerned about Chloe is cause she's an old friend. Daniel tells Melanie the good news that she's going to be a big sister. Carly makes it clear to Chloe that she cannot be silenced. Rafe shares a reunion with Arianna and Gabi. Kayla reminds Philip of his son Pocket and him taking him away from her and Steve, Melanie overhears. Stefano tells Kate that Rafe is back and is determined more then ever to find the truth. Daniel walks in on a conversation with Carly and Chloe, but she says she's not leaving. Rafe learns that E.J. is Arianna's lawyer and that he'll find her a new one. E.J. admits to Sami that he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #11363
    Ep. #11363
    Episode 414
    Sami and Rafe are glad to see one another. Chad approaches Madeline and that he found out something, but says it's about Mia leaving without telling him. Roman asks Kayla where Shane and Kimberly went off to. The Horton's share more memories of Alice. Ciara tells Hope thatKate visits Alice's grave and Bill shows up to comfort her. Nathan plays a tape of Alice and Tom renewing their vows. Carrie and Lucas mend some fences. Shane says to Kimberly that he would've been there for her but he was in jail. Ciara tells Theo of the wallets that went missing and probably Hope took them back after hugging that strange man, Hope asks what kind of stories is she making up now. Dr. Baker reads Alice's obituary and wonders if he and Hope are back in business again after their tender moment. Hope overhears Bo discussing Arianna's possible innocence and she thinks he's questioning her abilities as a cop. Shane asks Kimberly for one more chance but she wants no part. A nurse goes into check on Mike but he's disappeared. Madeline worries that Kate know what she's hiding. Rafe tells Sami that he's not going to let E.J. hurt her again and he plans a kiss on her.moreless
  • Ep. #11362
    Ep. #11362
    Episode 413
    Jennifer and Bill inform Mike that Alice has died. Nathan tells Stephanie he's glad she's coming to the funeral with him today. Carrie warns Sami that she must choose between Rafe and E.J. Maggie tells Melissa that Alice already knew that Mike was on his way. Hope asks Bo to say a few words in Alice's memory. Mike is eager to go to the funeral, but Lexie says she's sorry and can't let that happen and needs to be monitored. Melissa she hopes to stay a while and get to know Stephanie. Bo tells Hope that the reverend performed a good service. Caroline tells Bo that Hope should be in his arms not Justin's. Rafe wishes Shane all the luck in finding his family. Kate tells Sami that Johnny is a bit feverish and wouldn't give him medicine without her permission. Adrienne tells Kayla that Stephanie's behaviour has been worrisome. Hope says some touching words saying goodbye, Lucas then puts a picture of Tom on Alice's picture. Sami is shocked to see Rafe when he comes to the mansion. Shane goes up to Kimberly, but she says he can't do that and walks away.moreless
  • Ep. #11361
    Ep. #11361
    Episode 412
    Kimberly arrives at Bo's place and say she owes her brother everything for what he did. Carrie tells Roman that she and Sami had a nice talk and forgave each other for the past. Shane and Rafe head to Salem cause of the family emergency. Doug tells Hope that she can lean on him if she wants. Sami tells Carrie that she met a man named Rafe and how she practically drove him out of her life. Kimberly tells Bo and Kayla she hasn't heard from Shane in over a year and wondered if anything is wrong. Jennifer tells Julie that Alice already planned her service after Mickey died. Maggie tells Bill he and Marie should be taking care of each other and not treat her like an invalid, Bill says why didn't she mention her MG was back again. Hope tells Doug that she feels that she let Alice down when her marriage to Bo fell apart. Will is against the idea of Lucas living in Hong Kong for good and didn't think to tell him about it first. Abe is reminded of the time that he arrested Alice. Kayla tells Bo she doesn't approve of his relationship with Carly. Hope and Jennifer console one another. Will tells Lucas that E.J.'s been decent to Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11360
    Ep. #11360
    Episode 411
    Carrie arrives in town, and apologizes for Anna's actions and to forgive, but Sami says there's nothing to forgive. Jennifer worries what's keeping Mike cause his plane landed 20 minutes ago. E.J. tells Arianna that her arraignment is set for tomorrow and will prove Nicole's involvement. Lexie learns Mike is in the hospital, but he insists on being released to see his grandmother. Madeline tells Mia that she's not gonna allow Chad to take a second chance on her, and says she arranged to have her accepted into the School for Performing Arts in New York, but Mia declines. Brady admits to Nicole that he broke up with Arianna. Carly says that Chloe's pregnant, Chloe accuses Carly of altering the pregnancy test just to stop the wedding. Madeline tells Mia to think of Grace and what she would want. Jennifer gets word of Mike being in the hospital. Mike gets a visit from Carrie, who tells her of his accident on his was to see Alice. E.J. interrupts Nicole's broadcast honoring Alice by saying she never cared for her at all. Mia goes to see Will and says that she's moving to New York. Brady visits Arianna in jail and he asks what changed her mind of him not falling off the wagon. Maggie tells Jennifer that Alice has died.moreless
  • Ep. #11359
    Ep. #11359
    Episode 410
    Stefano promises Madeline that her stuff will be returned untouched. Nurse Maxine tells Daniel this should be the happiest day of his life. Jennifer vows to make Alice proud as she attempts to make her famous doughnuts. Kayla, Caroline and Stephanie bond wishing they were celebrating a happy occasion. Kate decides not to tell Stefano what she's learned about Madeline. Philip keeps quiet when Lucas calls Chloe a prepetual cheater, he then gets a message to attend Chloe's wedding to Daniel at the hospital. Melissa and Jennifer go through old photos so her scrapbook can be finished. Mia is glad that Chad will be staying in Salem. Chloe tells Melanie her own horror story of adoptive parents. Bill wishes that he had more time with Alice. Marie says that this morning Alice's roses began to bloom. Chad tells Madeline that he has decided to go to university in Salem. Lucas explains to Will that Alice wouldn't approve of him living at the DiMera mansion. Carly learns of Chloe's wedding and that she lied to her yet again. Madeline comes to see Mia to discuss the past and moving forward.moreless
  • Ep. #11358
    Ep. #11358
    Episode 409
    Chloe tells Daniel that if they don't get married tonight they never will. Kate and Stefano watch Madeline's incriminating tape. Lucas tells Sami if he's to bring Allie to her new place which being E.J.'s. Nathan tells Melanie that he doesn't want her telling him how manipulative Stephanie is. Maggie asks Bill what Dr. Hayden said about Alice, Bill says the end is near. Nathan and Stephanie repress their feelings for one another. Stefano tells Madeline that she no longer has anything over him, but she's suddenly relieved when she thinks he means the tape. Kate goes through Madeline's box to see what else she's hiding. Melanie asks Chloe what kind of game she's playing with Daniel. Madeline continues to plead with Stefano to give her the rest of her belongings from the safety deposit box. Kate finds something shocking in one of the envelopes.moreless
  • Ep. #11357
    Ep. #11357
    Episode 408
    Stephanie is delighted that her mother is back in town. Melanie tells Daniel that she wishes she can be disappointed by the wedding being postponed. Father Matt tells Chloe that she once again lied to Daniel, and can't be apart of this, she worried that he'll tell Daniel the truth. Brady tries to tell Arianna that he did not slip up. Maggie tells Melissa that this morning Alice took a turn for the worse. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that Brady is a recovering addict and all that work to get sober and clean all gone. Kayla apologizes to Stephanie that her father and Joey are unable to come but sends their love. Nathan tells Brady that he needs to rehydrate before he can leave the hospital. Father Matt assures he wouldn't reveal anything she told him in confession. Maggie gets good from Daniel that her condition is in remission and shares it with Melanie. Brady goes to see Arianna and he's outraged that she doesn't believe that he was intentionally drugged. Nicole gives Chloe some sound advice to marry Daniel right away. Arianna realizes she made a mistake but the guard says she made her call already.moreless
  • Ep. #11356
    Ep. #11356
    Episode 407
    Lexie calls Maggie and says Brady was admitted with alcohol and drugs in his system. Chad tells Madeline and Charles that he's not to college out of state. Julie tells Doug she's not ready to say goodbye to Alice. Will learns the townhouse is ready, but Sami says she's staying at the mansion a while longer. E.J. tells Arianna that the judge is sick and her cases were pushed back. Stefano gives Kate the key to Madeline's safety deposit box. Brady tells Nicole that someone knocked him out and put drugs in his drink. Julie learns that Sami is still living at the DiMera mansion and warns her not to make the same mistakes she did. Kate is nearly caught by Madeline at the bank. Nicole confronts Dr. Baker about what he did to Brady. Gabi and Mia make ammends with each other. Stefano and Kate are delighted when they retrieve the tape and their secret is safe, but another envelope containing something else is shown. Brady tells Arianna that he swears that he didn't use drugs. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that if everyone finds out what she did then she can kiss her life with Brady goodbye.moreless
  • Ep. #11355
    Ep. #11355
    Episode 406
    Nicole finds Brady passed out and realizes he's drunk. Madeline tells Chad that before they join his father she's gonna tell him about the DiMera family. Bo and Carly share warm memories of Alice. Kate lays into Stefano that he knew about Alice and didn't tell her. Chloe explains to Daniel that Father Matt found some detail concerning her divorce to Lucas. Jennifer is glad that Bill and Laura are here for the family. Caroline sees Maggie and Victor holding hands. Chad tells Madeline that why Mia lied to him about being pregnant and that Grace was his. Nicole helps Brady to his feet, and it looks like he's gonna kiss him. Chloe tells Daniel that he can't get a justice of the peace to marry the. Kate runs into Bill while arriving at Alice's and reminds her of the person she used to be. Brady takes a swing at the cop and collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Caroline is furious at Victor for marrying Vivian, he reminds her that she rejected him at one time. Laura tells Bill that they should take a page out of Alice's book for a change. Nicole goes into see Brady and says she's gonna tell him everything.moreless
  • Ep. #11354
    Ep. #11354
    Episode 405
    Dr. Baker watches as Brady is about to drink the drugged beverage. Rafe struggles to break free from the guard who's strangling him. Anna tries to escape the hospital. Sami learns of Alice dying and E.J. offers to take her to see her. Stephanie tells Adrienne that she's not pregnant, and confessed everything to Nathan. Chloe tells Daniel that there's something that she has to tell him. Carly explains to Melanie that it's possible that Daniel and Chloe have things to work out. Anna quickly gets back into bed and a mysterious man enters her room. Chloe tells Father Matt that before she can marry Daniel she'd like to go to confession. Brady passes out on the pier and Dr. Baker says he left him no choice. Rafe and Shane make their escape from the jail. Sami asks E.J. why he didn't tell him that the townhouse is finished. Dr. Baker pours alcohol down Brady's throat. Father Matt tells Chloe that her marriage to Daniel can't be based on a lie, and he explains to Daniel that he can't perform the ceremony. Jennifer is happy that Laura and Bill have arrived. Stephanie tells Philip she doesn't want Melanie to lean on Nathan for support. Daniel asks Chloe what exactly went wrong with Father Matt. Rafe finds Anna's room empty. Sami tells E.J. she'd like to stay.moreless
  • Ep. #11353
    Ep. #11353
    Episode 404
    Brady asks Lamar where he seen his money clip before. Daniel tells Melanie that what she said about Chloe definately made his wedding day. E.J. doesn't want to Sami runaway but to discuss their kiss. Rafe and Shane take another look at all the exits in the jail. Carly reminds Chloe that she needs to tell Daniel the truth. Melanie tells Daniel that she supports him and Chloe. Shane learns he's to be executed, Rafe tries to get him to rethink their plan. Brady asks Lamar when the next poker game is being held at. Vivian comes into Chloe's room and tells her what went wrong and vows she'll pay for this. Dr. Baker promises Nicole that he'll lay low, but doesn't stay away from playing cards. Sami has a dream about Rafe. Stefano tells E.J. about Alice, but E.J. says that he wants to tell Sami about her. Dr. Baker sees Brady at the game, and tells a player to spike his drink and he'll take it from there. A guard explains to Rafe that he's here to get him out, but he ends up strangling Rafe. Chloe abruptly stops the wedding ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #11352
    Ep. #11352
    Episode 403
    E.J. and Nicole rehash their past and says he'll make sure she goes back to prison. Bo calls and leaves a message to explain the papers. Jennifer tells Hope she had no idea things with her and Bo had gotten worse. Victor offers to help Brady prove Arianna's innocence. Melanie visits Arianna in jail, who tells her she's done with Brady. Nicole thinks E.J. is doing this all to pay her back for all that she did to him. Hope never thought Bo would remember her requesting a divorce. Arianna tells Melanie she sent Gabi to give Brady a message but found him with Nicole. Marie shows up at Maggie's and shares fond memories of Alice. Hope goes over to Alice's house, and recalls what she said to her about wanting to marry Bo, Bo then walks into the room. Melanie lashes at Brady for him being in Nicole's arms. Nicole goes to Dr. Baker asking what do they plan to do next. Someone sees Brady in the pub with a lot of money thinking of getting him in the card game. E.J. tells Arianna that he will remember and will prove that the guy is working with Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #11351
    Ep. #11351
    Episode 402
    Maggie is grateful that Jennifer is here for the family now. Nathan tells Melanie about Alice's failing health. Nicole tells Brady she'll be going to Arianna's arraignment, but doesn't he should go, but he says that he has to go. Bo tells Hope that she doesn't have to leave. Arianna asks E.J. if he'll be able to set her free. Chloe tells Daniel that he'll stop loving her when she tells him what she did. Melanie tells Nathan there's something he has to know about Stephanie. Carly and Jennifer share a reunion on the pier. Philip goes to retrieve a watch she wants to give to Daniel as a wedding present, and runs into Adrienne who asks what he's doing in Daniel's apartment. Arianna tells Nicole that she knows what's going and is on to her. Nathan tells Melanie that Stephanie already told him that she lost her birth control pills, Stephanie then intervenes. Jennifer discovers Bo's petition for a divorce from Hope, while visiting them. Carly overhears Daniel on the phone arranging Father Matt to come and marry him and Chloe in the hospital. Melanie gets a call from Daniel to come to his wedding. Bo remembers leaving the divorce papers out in plain sight. E.J. tells Nicole that something is wrong here and he'll find out and when he does she'll be back in prison for good. Hope finds the photo and Jennifer hands her the papers.moreless
  • Ep. #11350
    Ep. #11350
    Episode 401
    Stephanie relieves Nathan when she said she's not pregnant. Julie tells Maggie that there's no change in Alice's condition. Kate asks Stefano where he was cause he wasn't there when she woke up. Daniel tries to figure out why Chloe was at the hospital last night. Philip overhears Melanie tell Carly that she's keeping something from her. Madeline learns that Will will be attending his party at the Cheatin Heart. Hope falls apart after learning that Alice is dying. Ciara fills Theo in on seeing her mom hug a man that isn't her father. Stefano seeks revenge on Madeline after she threatened to play the tape. Maggie calls Nathan and she tells him about Alice. Bo tells Abe that his marriage to Hope is pretty much over. Chad and Will decide to uncover the truth behind the old photo. Chloe tells Carly that she was gonna tell Daniel everything. Julie and Maggie take a look back and decide to make Alice's famous doughnuts. Caroline gets a devastating phone call. Nathan tells Maggie that he held Alice's hand and thought he was Tom. Hope goes over and tells Bo that bad news. Stefano has Kate in mind to impersonate Madeline. Chloe tells Philip that Carly also knows the truth. Melanie finds a vulnerable Nathan at the pub.moreless
  • Ep. #11349
    Ep. #11349
    Episode 400
    Chloe grabs Carly and pushes her out of the elevator but she gets trapped and it crashes. Rafe punches the guard and Shane takes his keys. Philip is startled by a nightmare of Melanie asking how he could cheat on her with Chloe. Gabi is angered at how Brady can betray Arianna with Nicole. Maggie asks Philip what kind of nightmare that got him so rattled. Victor what Vivian is up to when he mentions she kept looking at her watch all through dinner. Shane and Rafe are caught and taken back to their cell. Daniel gets the elevator door open and sees that Chloe was in it when it fell. Arianna calls and leaves a message for Brady that D.A. Woods says her alibi won't hold. Gabi asks Brady if he's admitting that he doesn't love Arianna anymore. Victor cautions Vivian if anything happends to Carly their marriage is over, and will make her life miserable. Melanie asks Philip what's bothering him. Melanie and Philip learn of Chloe's accident at the hospital. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that everything is going as planned. E.J. assures Sami that he will protect her and their kids, they then kiss passionately but pulls away. Brady tells Arianna that when Gabi found him he was with Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #11348
    Ep. #11348
    Episode 399
    Johnny tells Sami when Rafe is coming home. E.J. tells Arianna that he did his best but couldn't get her released tonight. Chloe calls "Otis" but starts to have second thoughts about her and Vivian's plan. Rafe and Shane plan their escape from jail. Nicole tells Brady that she can pretty much clear Arianna of Justin's attack. Arianna gives Gabi a message to give to Brady that she's sorry and that she'll work things out herself. Nicole makes sure that D.A. Woods hears her and Brady talking about lying to the police. Stephanie tells Nathan she may be pregnant. Sami praises E.J. for helping Arianna cause that makes him a good man, they then hear Johnny scream and hurry to see if he's alright. Chloe heads over to the hospital to stop the elevator from killing Carly. D.A. Woods tells Arianna that she has no alibi. Gabi finds Brady and Nicole in an emotional embrace. Chloe finds Carly and says she needs to talk to her, but says that there is another way to get rid of her, and gets the text from "Otis" for the go ahead. Daniel arrives at the hospital and pushes the elevator button. Shane and Rafe engage in a fight, as part of their plan.moreless
  • Ep. #11347
    Ep. #11347
    Episode 398
    Melanie asks Philip if Carly is the right person for Daniel. Hope wonders how she's gonna get the wallets back, Dr. Baker has an idea and sets off a car alarm. Chloe and Vivian to set their plan against Carly in motion. Hope sees Ciara go into the kitchen and hurries and puts the wallets in her purse. Daniel asks Carly to tell him the truth. Stephanie learns Nathan is in no rush to start a family. Ciara comes out and Bo says her that there's nothing in her backpack. Victor and Maggie have a talk and he then heads back home. Stephanie goes to Adrienne for some advice and admits she's stopped taking her birth control pills. Bo explains to Caroline his and Hope's concerns for Ciara and her imagination. Nathan tells Melanie that Ben is back in the hospital and doesn't know if he'll get well this time. Chloe's realization and can't tell Daniel the truth and panics and calls Vivian. Vivian tells Victor that she needs to get out of town right away and for them to leave on their honeymoon. Nathan comes home to see a pregnancy test on the table and asks Stephanie about it. Hope shares a genuine moment with Dr. Baker, which Ciara witnesses.moreless
  • Ep. #11346
    Ep. #11346
    Episode 397
    E.J. asks Nicole why won't she say that Arianna is her alibi. Hope calls Dr. Baker to meet up with her on the pier to discuss her real target. Vivian tells Gus that Victor decided to spend their wedding night with a friend instead. Brady accidentally tells Caroline of Victor's marriage to Vivian. Danel tells Philip and Melanie that he's marrying Chloe tomorrow, but Melanie says he can't. Chloe goes to see Vivian and she gives her some tips in how to torture Carly. Arianna tells Brady that she could be released soon. Ciara agrees to let only Bo look at her "treasures", but is interrupted. Melanie thinks Chloe is pushing to get married for a reason. Caroline is upset and asks Bo why he didn't do anything to stop Victor's marriage. Hope brings Dr. Baker to her home and reveals that her next target is in fact Bo. Chloe realizes that Vivian's connection isn't going to let the elevator stall but something else altogether. Nicole tries to reach ahold of Dr. Baker. E.J. tells Arianna that she could be home free very soon if Nicole comes through for him. Hope looks in the window and sees that Ciara has the wallets from her victims.moreless
  • Ep. #11345
    Ep. #11345
    Episode 396
    Bo and Hope open the secret box to find it empty. Ciara plays with the wallets of the mugging victims. Gabi asks Sami to find Rafe cause he's the only one that can help Arianna. Victor spends his wedding night with Maggie in stead of Vivian. Nicole tells Dr. Baker to make sure that the police have an airtight case. Carly learns that Daniel will be marrying Chloe tomorrow. Brady finds E.J. comforting Arianna and learns that he'll be representing her. Gabi starts to think that Sami actually believe that Arianna is guilty. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that his partner has the wallets, Nicole says there can't be anymore muggings. Vivian is glad when Chloe leaves the mansion upset. Carly threatens Chloe to reveal her secret to Daniel. Arianna remembers that at the time Justin was attacked she with Nicole at Java, E.J. wonders why Nicole didn't come forward. Victor tells Vivian that he doesn't have to be home. Chloe tells Daniel they can go to Brookeville and be married by tonight. Bo explains to Carly that Ciara's behaviour is putting a strain on Hope. Maggie is honored that Victor is establishing a scholarship in Mickey's name.moreless
  • Ep. #11344
    Ep. #11344
    Episode 395
    E.J. hears about Arianna's arrest and decides to represent her. Nathan tells Stephanie that he got a letter offering him a fellowship at John's Hopkins but is staying in Salem. Dr. Baker wonders how his partner will react to the thought of him planting evidence. Brady comes to the police station and sees E.J. with Arianna. Hope tells Bo to go up to her room and look under her bed to see if there is a treasure box. Vivian overhears Victor say that he could never love her. Stephanie senses something is seriously going on with Philip. Carly changes her mind about keeping Chloe's secret after all the stuff Kate said that Chloe did to Brady. Bo takes the box and opens it to see if there's any truth to what Ciara claims.moreless
  • Ep. #11343
    Ep. #11343
    Episode 394
    Maggie offers Victor a way out by helping him make an escape. Chloe expresses her concerns to Nicole about Carly. Maggie realizes that Victor is marrying Vivian to protect his family. Bo tells Brady, Philip and Daniel that he set this whole wedding thing in motion and didn't think Victor would go through with it. Victor tells Vivian that he'll live up to his end of the bargain and marry her. Rafe is told that he's getting a new roommate, and to be cautious cause he's an assassin. Ciara tells Hope that she's gonna put her gold star from skating into her treasure box. Vivian and Victor are shocked when everyone decides to stay for the union. Rafe takes off the hood of his roommate and sees that it's Shane Donovan, and he attacks him, but Rafe tells him that he knows who he is cause he knows Sami. Nicole, Kate, Carly and Vivian remember their past weddings to Victor. Hope gets a message and tells Ciara they have to head over to Victor's place. Melanie hears that Daniel and Chloe are gonna get married right away. Shane and Rafe agree to help each other in getting out of jail. Vivian throws the bouquet and Carly catches it as Hope walks in the door.moreless
  • Ep. #11343
    Ep. #11343
    Episode 393
    Bo asks Carly to come with him to the Kiriakis' mansion. Stefano tells Will for him not to get mad but to get even. Brady, Bo, Philip and Daniel rush to be with Victor, they discover it was Vivian who summoned them. Sami worries about Stefano's influence on Will. Will introduces Chad to Stefano. Sami gets a message from Caroline and she learns of Arianna's arrest and doesn't believe she got talked into moving into Stefano's house. Victor comes into the room and asks why is everyone in his living room, Vivian announces that today is their wedding day. Chad asks his mother what his connection to Stefano is. Carly tells Bo that she can't kill Vivian, Bo says that this wedding will go as planned. Caroline tells Sami to go back and protect Will's soul being tarnished by Stefano altogether. Maggie discovers that Victor is marrying Vivian to protect his family. Madeline threatens Stefano to stay away from her son or she'll produce a tape that'll put an end to everything. Bo tells Philip and Daniel that there's something they don't know about.moreless
  • Ep. #11341
    Ep. #11341
    Episode 392
    Ciara tells Hope that she's gonna put stuff in her treasure box like the one she has. Brady goes to see Arianna to say that he believes that she's innoncent. Nicole does a live on air about Arianna's arrest, but Philip cuts her off. Hope shares her thoughts about Ciara with Bo. Dr. Baker calls Nicole asking how their plan is working, Philip then asks who she's talking to. Arianna tells Brady to leave and she doesn't want to see him anymore. Daniel tells Chloe that nothing else matters to him as long as she's with him. Vivian is upset after Victor wants nothing more to do with her. Philip is grateful after Nicole does the right thing and defends Arianna. Hope puts the screws to Arianna, by saying her old gang used the gimmick by tagging people they've assaulted. Carly asks Chloe if she's told Daniel the truth yet. Philip, Brady, Daniel and Bo get get messages about Victor. Ciara tells Bo that she didn't do the things that Hope says she did.moreless
  • Ep. #11340
    Ep. #11340
    Episode 391
    Bo tells Daniel he doesn't think Arianna did this to Roman or any of the others. Rafe questions a disoriented Anna. Sami and E.J.'s close moment is interrupted by Stefano. Carly asks Chloe who she cheated on Daniel with. Arianna tells Gabi that her juvenile records are sealed and won't see the light of day. Brady is shocked after hearing Arianna's juvenile record. Dr. Carrillo tells Rafe that Anna may never talk coherently not with the amount of poison in her system. Hope shows Arianna her juvenile record. Dr. Baker fears that he won't be able to control Hope, once he tells her Nicole wants the muggings to stop. Stefano tells E.J. that Anna regained consciousness and could be telling the truth as we speak. Ciara calls Hope saying she had a bad dream. Carly gets Chloe to admit her affair. Rafe is arrested as a person of interest and taken to jail. Stefano tells E.J. the situation's been handled. Daniel comes home and Chloe says there's something she has to tell him. Hope tells Arianna that the hairs found on Roman match those to hers.moreless
  • Ep. #11339
    Ep. #11339
    Episode 390
    Dr. Carrillo tells Rafe that Anna may never regain consciousness. Chloe tells Carly that she and Nathan were arguing about Lucas. Sami gets into with Will and says he has to get his grades up or else he'll be grounded. Melanie and Stephanie have a fight, which is broken up by Maggie. Philip realizes that Daniel is talking about Melanie having dinner with Vivian, and Daniel asks what he thought he meant. Dr. Carrillo tells Rafe that there's another possibly that they can try. Stefano sees an angry Will and asks how he can rectify his problems by making his bad grade simply disappear. Maggie asks Melanie to tell just how Stephanie plans on hurting Nathan. Chloe accuses Nathan of wanting Melanie back in his life. E.J. warns Stefano to stay away from Will, cause he will not allow for Will to become the way he did. Stephanie tells Nathan that she got in a fight with Melanie. Carly admits to Chloe that she knows her secret. Daniel goes to Father Matt with an idea. Sami makes it clear to Stefano that he'll never turn one of her kids into him. Rafe sees Anna's hand move and thinks she's about to wake up.moreless
  • Ep. #11338
    Ep. #11338
    Episode 389
    Bo returns from L.A. and shares an emotional reunion with Carly, she tells him that Roman was attacked. Abe asks Arianna if she has an alibi. Stephanie tells Philip that she knows that something is wrong. Chloe asks Daniel that what she has to say, to find it in his heart to forgive her. Brady tells Hope that there's no way that Arianna did any of this. Hope tells Bo that Roman suffered a concussion but will be alright. Philip realizes that Nathan knows about what they did. Melanie questions why Nathan has reservations about Chloe. Arianna and Brady hear Nicole on the phone about being owed big time. Hope tells Brady that Arianna isn't going anywhere. Nathan tries to give Chloe advice about maybe getting herself some help. Melanie asks Stephanie if she has her birth control pills on her and asks to see them. Dr. Baker wonders how his partner is gonna react when she learns he planted evidence to frame Arianna. Hope asks Arianna for a DNA sample cause some hairs were found on Roman when he was brought in. Carly sees Chloe and Nathan having a tense conversation.moreless
  • Ep. #11337
    Ep. #11337
    Episode 388
    Nathan realizes that Stephanie has in fact stopped drinking. Chloe tells Daniel that there's no way to fix things between them. Arianna hears a disturbance outside. Dr. Baker plants evidence on Roman as to Nicole's instructions. Hope ingnores a call from Carly and asks Dr. Baker exactly what he's doing. Arianna comes down the stairs and runs into Caroline thinking she made the noise she heard. Carly finds Roman unconscious outside the Pub and Caroline and Arianna see what's going on, Nicole sees that Arianna doesn't have an alibi thinking everything is going great. Roman is rushed to the hospital, Caroline wants Nicole to do an expose on these muggings. Dr. Baker tells Nicole that everything was planted at the scene. Stephanie senses something is wrong with Philip and him being guilty of something. Melanie tells Nathan her concerns about Daniel and thinks Chloe isn't the right person for her father. Abe tells Roman that they found evidence and won't be long before they catch the person who attacked him.moreless
  • Ep. #11336
    Ep. #11336
    Episode 387
    Anna begins to cough but Rafe doesn't believe her theatrics. Stefano gets word that the certain was delivered. Hope says that Dr. Baker better not reveal her as his partner. Brady and Arianna have a disagreement and she storms out. Maggie learns of Mia's plans to drop out. Rafe sees that Anna isn't faking and calls for help. Sami begins to see E.J.'s good side while seeing him with Sydney. Roman cautions Nicole not to go anywhere near his granddaughter or else. Rafe realizes that Anna was in fact poisoned. Kinsey tells Nicole of Arianna and Brady's public outburst as she walked in. Sami tells E.J. that she vows to find the person that took Sydney and she'll kill him. Anna is rushed to the hospital as Rafe takes some food she had to be tested. Nicole tells Dr. Baker that it's time to move ahead with the plan. Maggie convinces Mia to stay in school and with her in Salem. Stefano apologizes to Tony cause this is a move he didn't think he'd make. Hope targets Roman outside the Brady Pub.moreless
  • Ep. #11335
    Ep. #11335
    Episode 386
    Ciara looks happy and she tells Hope it's cause of the talk they had. Stefano tells E.J. that there are certain areas she can go just not in this country. Brady wants an answer from Sami if she's falling for E.J. again. Arianna wonders what Nicole is really up to. Rafe presses Anna for the truth regarding who masterminded Sydney's kidnapping. Hope expresses her concern about Ciara to Justin in her still making things up. Anna tells Rafe that it's Sami's fault cause she kept Sydney from E.J. all this time. Will comes home and hears a conversation that Sami is only hear because of E.J. Nicole plants Arianna's fingerprints on the flashlight framing her for the muggings. Sami draws closer to E.J. as they share a family night with the kids. Brady and Arianna fight about Nicole. Hope arrives and listens as Dr. Baker is talking with a woman.moreless
  • Ep. #11334
    Ep. #11334
    Episode 385
    Rafe wonders why the signal on his laptop suddenly went fuzzy. Nicole and Brady have a heated moment. Brady and Arianna finally set a wedding date, which fumes Nicole. Sami has another fight with Will. Chad wonders why his mom wants him to leave Salem. Nicole makes arrangements with Dr. Baker. Rafe tries a variety or tactics to break Anna to get information. Will makes it clear to Sami that he hates her. Kate tells Madeline they should continue their conversation elsewhere. Brady asks Sami why she lives at the DiMera mansion when she knew it was gonna get bad. Arianna asks Nicole what her undercover story she's working on is about. Stefano worries when Anna misses her scheduled check-in. Rafe asks Anna what kind of life would Tony want for her. Arianna gets a tip, and Nicole gets some of her hair from her brush and puts it in a bag. Kate tells Madeline that she's not the only one that worked as a prostitute.moreless
  • Ep. #11333
    Ep. #11333
    Episode 384
    A hungover Anna wonders what she told Calliope last night. Daniel tells Chloe they want to continue the conversation they left off. E.J. is jealous when Rafe sends Johnny a package containing a jacket with F.B.I. on it. Vivian tries to get hold of Victor so they can discuss their wedding plans. Philip reaches an approchment with Victor. Mia tells Chad and Tad that she won't be around next year and is thinking about going to New York to study dancing. Charles and Madeline discusses sending Chad to school in Vermont. Sami calls Rafe and thanks him for the thing he sent Johnny. Chloe tells Daniel that Philip came over that night, Daniel stops her cause he thinks he knows the rest cause she talked with someone else and not him. Sami tells E.J. that no one can take his place in his kid's hearts. Anna suggests to Calliope that they travel together, but Calliope says she can't. Melanie tells Maggie that Chloe isn't right for her father. Calliope is touched that Anna is willing to share some of her money with her. Chad tells his mother he has second thoughts about going away to college. Vivian shocks Victor when she pushes up the wedding date. Anna knows why Calliope is so upset, and rips the camera from her flower.moreless
  • Ep. #11332
    Ep. #11332
    Episode 383
    Philip tells Melanie that Maggie is gonna be taken care of at the hospital. Hope warns Dr. Baker not to tell anyone who she is or else he'll go down. Vivian continues to persuade Chloe to join in her plot to bring down Carly. Arianna's job could be in jeopardy because of Nicole going out on this story. Ciara calls Hope saying she wasn't here when she woke up. Nicole enlists Dr. Baker's help to frame Arianna for the muggings. Chloe tells Philip that she told Daniel about Carly and she overheard that he didn't believe her. Melanie tells Daniel to go to the hospital to check on Maggie for her. Carly warns Vivian to keep her claws retracted. Hope tells Brady that with Nicole having an alibi for his mugging it brings her back to square one. Chloe confesses to Daniel that she die a horrible thing.moreless
  • Ep. #11331
    Ep. #11331
    Episode 382
    Roman asks Brady to come into the station. Hope quietly sneaks out leaving Ciara asleep on her bed. Vivian looks on as Maggie and Victor share an intimate moment. Daniel corners the Motel clerk outside the Cheatin Heart, and still sticks to his story. Victor tells Vivian their wedding plans can wait, he's not leaving Maggie. Dr. Baker explains to Nicole how he made everyone believe he was dead. Arianna tells Brady the reason Nicole wouldn't hurt him is cause she loves him. Carly has a puzzling encounter with Hope, saying Bo is to blame for everything. Gus tells Vivian that he heard that Daniel thinks Chloe is losing her mind. Hope tells Dr. Baker that this partnership is over and he's on his own. Carly tells Daniel that this isn't his fault, Daniel insists on confronting Chloe with this. Nicole sees Arianna and Brady kissing at the police station. Vivian suggests to Chloe that they work together. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and says she is reconsidering turning him in, but there's one small condition.moreless
  • Ep. #11330
    Ep. #11330
    Episode 381
    Hope tells Abe that her suspicions confirm that a woman is the leader of these muggings. Arianna doesn't think Brady should be checking himself out of the hospital. Maggie tells Victor not to call 911m but he insists on taking her to the hospital. Anna tells Calliope exactly what her angle is asking her these questions. Will interrupts Sami and E.J. as they are about to kiss and asks if E.J. is the reason she moved into the mansion and did she ever really love Rafe. Melanie advises Nathan not to rush into a relationship with Stephanie. Calliope admits to Anna that it's not a coincidence they crossed paths, Rafe is relieved when she comes up with a clever excuse. Stephanie sees that Melanie didn't tell him about the birth control pills. Maggie apologizes to Hope for Ciara not spending the night at her place tonight. Nicole goes undercover at a poker game, and a guy named Charlie uses Brady's money clip as collateral. Arianna tries to dissuade Brady from going after his attackers. Maggie is grateful that Victor was there to catch her. Will tells Sami that E.J. is not the answer to her problems. Nicole confronts Charlie in the park and reveals at being a reporter and where he got that money clip. Anna passes out before she can tell Calliope her accomplice. Nathan tells Stephanie he wants to take things slowly. Nicole comes face-to-face with a not do dead Dr. Baker.moreless
  • Ep. #11329
    Ep. #11329
    Episode 380
    Rafe sees that Calliope is getting Anna to open up. E.J. is stunned when Sami says that he kissed her while unconscious on the pier. A homeless still has the box of bills she found in the trash. Brady doesn't want Victor organizing some vigilante justice to capture the mugger. Calliope gets Anna to admit she helped kidnap Sydney, and Rafe gets it all on the laptop. Melanie finds the birth control pills that Stephanie tossed that Rae found and confronts her. Nathan comes in and asks Melanie and Stephanie what he should know the truth about. Sami goes for a family swim with E.J. and Johnny. Brady tells Melanie he's known Stephanie along time and doesn't think she'd go that far to trap someone by having his baby. Calliope's constant persistent questions arouse Anna's suspicions. Stephanie learns Melanie's been talking to Brady and she goes off furious. Victor sees that Maggie's hand is starting to shake and she collapses in his arms.moreless
  • Ep. #11328
    Ep. #11328
    Episode 379
    Madeline tells Chad that as long as Will is staying at the DiMera mansion to keep away from him. Kate finds an old photo and hides before Will can see it. Sami tells E.J. about the kiss but he doesn't remember. Rafe tries to get Calliope to get Anna to confess to Sydney's kidnapping. Will finds an old photo of Kate and Madeline and shows it to Chad. Arianna and Gabi do some sisterly bonding. Calliope tells Rafe that Anna isn't in her cabana. Sami tells E.J. that the townhouse is flooded, and looks like she'll be staying at the mansion after all. Chad confronts his mother about the picture Will found, Madeline calls Kate and says to meet her right away. Calliope covers by telling Anna she was talking to herself, and wondered where she disappeared to. Will and Sami have a unpleasant encounter by saying they could've been a family but she's living here with E.J. Chad tells Gabi he's gonna find out more of the story regarding the picture. Calliope tells Anna that she can tell her anything.moreless
  • Ep. #11327
    Ep. #11327
    Episode 378
    Sami tells Roman they have decided to live together, E.J. assures him his daughter will be fine. Anna runs into Calliope while in South America. Sami has a fight with Kate, E.J. and Stefano like to know what it's about. Victor vows to find Brady's attacker. Kate tells Sami that Will didn't want to be here when she moved in. Hope asks Ciara if she was in her room playing with her makeup, she says she didn't. Vivian tells Arianna to be careful of Nicole. Anna asks Calliope what she's doing here, she opens up about her and Eugene having financial trouble. Hope recognizes the symbol on Brady and the mugger is definately a woman. Nicole gets a story about illegal underground gambling. Sami tells E.J. that this living arrangement isn't working. Calliope tells Rafe she made contact just as he wanted.moreless
  • Ep. #11326
    Ep. #11326
    Episode 377
    Chloe tells Carly that she knows what she did and didn't cover her tracks well enough. Stephanie looks at the prescription she threw and walks off with Nathan. Hope marks Brady with a dystinctive symbol. Arianna is upset when she comes home and can't find Brady. Melanie asks Philip what the intense message to Chloe was about. Daniel walks in on an argument with Carly and Chloe. Nathan tells Stephanie one day he'd like to take her to Paris. Chloe lays out the whole sordid motel tale for Daniel. Hope sees that Brady is starting to wake up and she and Dr. Baker leave. Daniel vows to Chloe he'll find the people that spread these fake rumors and will make them pay. Nicole sees Brady come into the pub and collapses on the floor. Philip tells Melanie about Chloe's hysterical pregnancy. Roman sees the unusual mark on Brady's chest. Gabi calls Arianna and tells her to come to the hospital cause Brady was hurt. Nicole tells Roman that she was talking to Gabi at the pub when Brady stumbled in. Chloe sees the motel clerk, and he says he never seen Chloe before, he says that he believes and will get to the bottom of it.moreless
  • Ep. #11325
    Ep. #11325
    Episode 376
    Hope finds Dr. Baker trying to leave town. Stephanie asks Philip what he did and realizes something is wrong with him. Brady tells Arianna that everyone is asleep upstairs and the place is all to themselves, but they're interrupted by a phone call. Vivian tells the Motel clerk if Chloe believed every word that he told her. Dr. Baker asks Hope who she is, and she says she's gonna explain. Gabi tells Brady that she needs to see Arianna right away cause she messed up. Stephanie tells Philip she doesn't want Melanie back in Nathan's arms again. Carly tells Melanie that she's Chloe is lucky to have someone like her in her life and will Daniel very happy. Nicole turns off Brady's cell phone after it a text from Arianna comes in and tries to seduce Brady, prompting him to throw her out. Nathan tells Daniel that he respects Melanie's marriage to Philip. Vivian and Gus bask in the glory of their triumph. Hope opens up to Dr. Baker about her having a partner once who's gone and isn't coming back. Chloe accuses Carly of trying to ruin her relationship with Daniel. Gabi tells Nicole to leave her sister and Brady alone. Hope and Dr. Baker point out Brady as their next target to mug.moreless
  • Ep. #11324
    Ep. #11324
    Episode 375
    E.J. asks Sami will she be moving into the DiMera mansion or not. Chloe fears Nathan will tell Daniel her secret. Dr. Baker decides to play one last poker before leaving town. Daniel gets settled back at home. Philip feels uncomfortable in Daniel's place since he and Chloe made love in the living room. Nathan tells Chloe that he'll keep her secret, Stephanie walks in asking what's going on. Hope asks Nicole what her connection to the person that E.J. saw on the pier before he was attacked. Melanie sees a broken picture on the floor and asks what happened. Sami goes to Caroline for advice, and she realizes that Sami is falling for E.J. all over again. Nicole seeks help from Stefano, but he doesn't to do her any favorts. Chloe asks Maxine where to find Greg, but she says he just up and quit like he came into some money recently. Hope goes into her room and takes a pill. Stephanie runs into Philip at the Brady Pub and asks what Melanie did this time. Chloe finds the motel manager, he says that someone's messing with him. Sami tells E.J. she'll move into the mansion. Hope catches Dr. Baker as he leaves asking where he's heading off to.moreless
  • Ep. #11323
    Ep. #11323
    Episode 374
    Rafe tells Sami that he thinks E.J. doesn't trust her around her kids and he wants her. Dr. Baker learns Hope the woman he's been working with is a detective. E.J. accuses Nicole of attacking him and says she won't get away with it. Kate tells Stefano that Madeline was here and was making threats, he says that he'll handle her himself. Arianna tells Brady that Nicole is behind the muggings, but he's hesitant to believe any of this. Mia tries to get Madeline to help smooth things over with Chad. Nicole tells Brady that everyone is gonna believe E.J. and not her. Dr. Baker decided to hightail it out of Salem for good. Arianna sees Nicole ask Brady to give her an alibi and he refuses. Stefano finds Madeline and lays down the law. E.J. asks Sami to commit to him. Mia decides to play the affections of someone who hit on her to make Chad jealous, but backfires on her. Kate tells Will to stop hanging around Chad altogether. Hope hauls Nicole into the station as the prime suspect in E.J.'s attack. Rafe gets confirmation that Anna is where the source said she was.moreless
  • Ep. #11322
    Ep. #11322
    Episode 373
    Hope asks Roman how Kimberly is doing lately, he says she's holding her own. Dr. Baker wakes up to the sound of Nicole's voice and sees she's a reporter. Julie catches Hope with her stash and says she shouldn't be taking sleeping pills. Mia calls Chad saying the study group has been relocated to the DiMera Mansion. Nicole and Arianna learn that E.J. was attacked and head off to get an interview. Madeline tells Chad to stay away from there. Lexie tells Nicole she's got some nerve showing up at the hospital like this. Julie asks Hope if she's considered a leave of absence from the force. Kate tells Will he doesn't have a problem with Chad, but does with his parents. Arianna explains to E.J. the reason she's here is cause the reporter wants to take his statement and it's Nicole. A bookie finds Dr. Baker and steals all of his cash. Will learns that Chad and Mia are no longer together. Madeline puts Kate on notice and for her son to stay away or she'll take matters in her own hands. Dr. Baker finds Hope and he's stunned when she doesn't recognize her. E.J. tells Nicole that the person who attacked him is an associate of hers.moreless
  • Ep. #11321
    Ep. #11321
    Episode 372
    Rafe wants to know why Stefano and E.J. are on the same page once again. Chloe tells Daniel it's time that he knows the truth. Nathan tells Stephanie that someone is missing in their celebration. Sami hysterically yells out for help as E.J. lays unconscious. Stephanie tells Adrienne that she believes that Nathan is her destiny. Vivian sees that her ploy failed when Chloe apologizes to Carly for all those things she said to her. Melanie assures Daniel that Philip would never hurt her. Chloe tends to find out who's been feeding them lies and will find out from who. Vivian tells Gus she's distraught cause Chloe didn't tear into Carly as she'd hoped. E.J. is brought into the hospital and Lexie calls Stefano telling him about E.J.'s attack. Rafe witnesses an intimate moment between Sami and E.J. Dr. Baker gets the password to E.J.'s bank card and transfers some funds.moreless
  • Ep. #11320
    Ep. #11320
    Episode 371
    Melanie immediately assumes she's too late, but Philip that's not what he's trying to say. Hope tests Dr. Baker's loyalties by giving him the pleasure of killing E.J. Will stops Sami before she can leave and says that Johnny is crying for his father. Gus asks Vivian how is making Chloe believe that Daniel is cheating on her going to accomplish. Chloe tells Daniel it's her fault for not being at the hospital. Sami finds E.J. on the pier and rushes to him. Vivian learns that Chloe went to the hospital she hurries to see the outcome of her scheme. Carly sees that Chloe is rattled and she opens up about her fight with Daniel earlier. Philip wants to come clean to Melanie. E.J. comes to and Sami asks him who did this to him. Vivian wonders why Carly is in one piece. Hope and Dr. Baker take half the money from E.J.'s wallet, Dr. Baker sees he has E.J.'s credit cards. Vivian accuses Carly of wrecking another home. Daniel asks Melanie why she's been crying, Chloe comes out and say she's sorry. Hope opens her box under her bed containing the wallets that she's stolen.moreless
  • Ep. #11319
    Ep. #11319
    Episode 370
    Hope meets Dr. Baker and reveals her secret agenda. Philip and Chloe believe their relationships are over with. Rafe can't sleep cause he can't stop thinking about Sami. Maggie comes home to find Melanie crying. Daniel wants to get in touch with Chloe, but Carly and Maxine says to take it easy. Sami tells E.J. she's not moving into the mansion cause Stefano and Kate are there as well. Dr. Baker tells Hope that there's a lot of people who think he's dead, not after what he's done. Stefano tries to get to know Will by playing a game of chess with him. Philip can't believe that Daniel is cheating on her with Carly at a seedy motel. Melanie explains to Maggie that she explained to Nathan that she's committed to Philip. Philip and Chloe end up having sex and misses calls from both Daniel and Melanie. Sami tells Rafe about E.J.'s idea and he goes off on her by saying he's only manipulating. Hope shows Dr. Baker she means business when she shows she's packing heat. Philip gets back to Melanie, and says she needs to see him. Chloe goes to the hospital to see Daniel finding out he was in surgery and realizing she made a mistake that he would never cheat on her. Melanie tells Philip about Nathan and kissed him goodbye tonight. Sami realizes Rafe was right after talking with Will. E.J. runs into Dr. Baker on the pier, and he's shocked to see him alive, he's then attacked by Hope from behind.moreless
  • Ep. #11318
    Ep. #11318
    Episode 369
    Hope prepares to go out but Justin knocks on the door asking if everything's alright. Dr. Yang and Carly prepare to correct Daniel's double vision. Johnny starts to become a handful for Sami as he throws a tantrum asking for his father. Nathan insists on talking to Melanie about their feelings for one another, she mentions she lied about the letters contents and wouldn't have married Philip if he still loved her. Chloe learns some misinformation from Greg that Carly and Daniel went to a hotel, Vivian watches with enjoyment and pays him for a job well done. Philip witnesses Nathan kissing Melanie and then heads off. Chloe goes to the Motel and asks the manager and shows a picture of Daniel and if he checked into the place today. Philip asks Justin how his marriage worked out with Adrienne. Vivian tells Gus that Chloe nearly passed out when the guy at the motel told her what he was paid to do. A drunken Philip ends up at Chloe's place. Hope runs into a not so dead Dr. Baker while at a poker game. E.J. suggests to Sami that she and the kids move in with him.moreless
  • Ep. #11317
    Ep. #11317
    Episode 368
    Vivian tells Chloe she can see that Carly is getting to her. Hope catches Ciara in her room, she puts the box back under her bed. Nicole and Arianna argue while working their interview with Abe. Victor hears Carly say she'll be in the O.R. with Dr. Yang assisting but she says no way that's happening. Father Matt stops to say hello to Chloe, but he says to get this woman away from her. Hope tells Justin about Ciara's situation at school and isn't like her to steal. Victor cautions Carly that Daniel better come through this surgery seeing correctly or else. Daniel gets ready for his surgery. Vivian tells Gus she isn't going to stop til she turns Chloe over to her side. Brady learns that Arianna is actually working for Nicole. Hope tells Justin that Abe was mugged last night just like he was. Victor yells at Justin for spending so much time with Hope. Vivian approaches a nurse named Greg at the hospital and asks to do her a favor and he'll be paid well. Hope wakes up saying she overslept and gets ready thinking tonight is the night. Greg gives Chloe the information Vivian asks him to.moreless
  • Ep. #11316
    Ep. #11316
    Episode 367
    Ciara asks Hope how she could say that Justin will someday be her new daddy, but she says she has no recollection of saying that. Vivian plots to have Chloe do her bidding by killing Carly, Gus wonders if Chloe is up to the task. Hope learns that Abe was attacked and why wasn't she notified, and head off to see him at the hospital. Carly gives Daniel good news, that a friend of hers is coming to do surgery to correct his vision. Hope tells Lexie she wants to talk with Abe's doctor and she sees that it's Carly. Vivian has a fantasy of Chloe pushing Carly off the pier and into the water. Daniel walks in on Chloe trash talking Carly to Nicole. Theo is worried his dad will have another accident and wants him to come home now. Victor tells Arianna that Nicole isn't going to give up in her pursuit of Brady. Nicole gets word from a source that Abe was released and to get an interview. Hope tells Ciara that her teacher called said she stole something from her desk, and later expresses her concern to Victor. Arianna learns that she'll be working for Nicole. Vivian listens with joy as Chloe explains her hatred for Carly to Daniel. Ciara goes into Hope's room and tells Tommy Bear she thinks her mommy has a secret.moreless
  • Ep. #11315
    Ep. #11315
    Episode 366
    Abe tells Hope that D.A. Woods admitted that he didn't see or hear Rafe, and thinks she should be taken off the case cause everything that's going on. Stefano tells Sami that he's grateful for her letting him see his grandkids. Stephanie walks in on Nathan and Melanie in a close moment. Rafe tells E.J. first he wants nothing to do with Stefano now he's bringing his kids over. Lexie tells Nathan that there's going to be an inqury in the recent death of Mrs. Martin. Stefano almost let's it slip to Sami about E.J.'s transgressions, but instead apologizes for his outburst which confuses her. Hope questions Adrienne about the timeline for Justin's attack thinking it's the same that attacked the D.A. Rafe tells Sami that they have Anna in custody and finally they're gonna know everything. Stefano explains to Kate that E.J. actually said he has feelings for Sami. Adrienne confides in Justin she isn't looking for a do over, she just wants to apologize and find a way to move on. Hope asks Ciara if she would like if Justin as her new daddy. Stefano assures E.J. he sent Rafe on a wild chase and doesn't have Anna in custody. Rafe gets the calls and realizes he's been set up. Lexie finds Abe unconscious on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11314
    Ep. #11314
    Episode 365
    Philip overhears Nathan and Melanie's conversation. Rafe is shocked that Sami allowed her kids to spend time with Stefano. Brady tells Arianna that he believes her when she says she didn't set up Nicole. Stefano tells E.J. to get Sami to agree to letting the kids live here at the mansion and how she would feel if she found out E.J. kidnapped Sydney. Mrs. Martin starts to have chest pains, Nathan tells Melanie to get a crash cart. Cece Chavez offers Nicole to tell her side of the story on live television. Stefano realizes that E.J. is in love with Sami after he openly defends her. Maxine tells Nathan to stop cause Mrs. Martin is gone and to call her time of death. Philip asks Brady if he knew that Melanie was gonna dump him on their wedding day. Rafe tells Sami he feels like and outsider when she's involved with the DiMera's once again. Arianna gets a phone call with exciting news by getting the job as the reporter's assistant. Melanie comforts Nathan after the patient died. Philip sees Nicole's interview, and calls her and asks to join him. E.J. tells Stefano if he tells Sami everything then the children will be out of both their lives. Philip makes a deal with Nicole as Cece's replacement. Sami comes by and Stefano say he has something to tell her.moreless
  • Ep. #11313
    Ep. #11313
    Episode 364
    Philip tells Melanie that they have some unfinished business regarding Nathan. Brady sets up a job interview for Arianna, she then tells him she gave Nicole the check. Stephanie and Nathan have a great romantic afternoon together. Daniel tells Chloe that Carly will be moving in with Adrienne, Chloe feels that it's cause of her but Daniel says it was Carly's choice. Nicole tries looking for a job, but gets turned down by all of them. Ciara talks with Justin and asks when he's coming home. Adrienne admits to Carly that she misses being married to Justin and being apart of the family. Melanie confides in Daniel over loving both Nathan and Philip. Nicole gives Brady the check back saying she doesn't want his money, he then says he's gonna book a flight for out of Salem. Philip confides in Chloe that he has doubts about Melanie and her feelings for Nathan. Cece Chavez sees tension between Nicole and Arianna and asks a cameraman come over right away. Philip witness Melanie and Nathan's reactions to each other. Hope admits to Adrienne it was a mistake to bring to Salem. Nicole tells Brady that Arianna set her up.moreless
  • Ep. #11312
    Ep. #11312
    Episode 363
    Rafe is is told by Roman he's being released from police custody cause there was another attack using the same M.O. Philip wonders if Melanie will be true to him after what he just heard. Sami tells E.J. she knows what this is about and was foolish enough to believe that he would ever change. Stefano tells Kate that E.J. has one hour to bring the children here or he'll destroy him. E.J. tries to convince Sami to let him bring the kids to Stefano's. Arianna believe that refocusing Rafe will get him back with Sami. Stefano calls E.J. that his time is up, E.J. tells Sami she doesn't have a choice. Stephanie tells Roman that things are looking up for her as of late. Philip explains to Melanie he may have convinced Stephanie, but he's still wondering and thinks there's another reason they were fighting. Sami brings the kids and sees that Stefano isn't as sick as E.J. claimed he was. Stephanie tells Nathan that she doesn't feel threatened by Melanie. Sami is shocked when she had no clue the kids will be spending the night. Arianna tells Rafe that if Sami knew the whole story to the kidnapping it'll change everything.moreless
  • Ep. #11311
    Ep. #11311
    Episode 362
    Adrienne tells Justin as she holds him that she needs him, as Philip calls 911. Stefano wants his grandchildren back in his home and gives E.J. one hour to make it happen. Stephanie tells Melanie that her readmitting herself into the nursing program is a bad idea. E.J. tells Sami that Stefano wants to see his grandchildren. Chad tells his mother that Justin was just brought and possibly attacked the same way as his father was, Madeline then goes to Roman. Daniel forces Chloe to admit her issues with Carly. Chad tells Madeline that the attacks are somehow connected to her. Nathan assures Carly that he's moved on from Melanie. Stephanie tells Melanie to focus on being a Kiriakis and have lots of children with Philip. Kate tells Stefano that she ran into Madeline today. Sami refuses to let her children go over to Stefano's and thinks there's something more to it. Philip comes home and listens at the door and overhears Melanie and Stephanie talking about the letter. E.J. says to Sami that she's right and thinks she should know.moreless
  • Ep. #11310
    Ep. #11310
    Episode 361
    Carly drops off something for Ciara, she and Hope have it out over Bo. Stefano tells E.J. he thinks Sami should watch the DVD herself, but Sami says she doesn't want to see what's on it. Arianna tells Brady that Nicole is one of the reasons they rush out and get married. Adrienne asks Justin if he's asking her to stay in town and run the Cheatin Heart. Hope tells Carly that if things go bad Bo retreats himself to the past. Stefano tells Sami he has another way to enlighten her, but E.J. steps in. Arianna tells Nicole to go ahead and do whatever she has to, as long as it's away from Brady. Adrienne says she's gonna move on and that means selling the bar. Brady asks Sami how things with Rafe are going especially with E.J. spending all his free time at her place, and doesn't think she should trust him. Stefano tells E.J. that what he did, he didn't think he couldn't have done it any better. Arianna tells Nicole to take the check and leave town. Adrienne finds Justin beaten in the alley and goes to check on him and sees blood on his head.moreless
  • Ep. #11309
    Ep. #11309
    Episode 360
    E.J. and Stefano play a deadly game by threatening each other. Sami Melanie hopes to bond with her parents at the hospital. Will tells Kate that he can no longer live with his mother. Roman tells Sami that E.J. is a DiMera he'll never change. Gabi is glad when hearing from Madeline that Chad questioned his father about his attack. Daniel threatens to have Vivian committed if he comes near Carly again. Aaron hits on Stephanie, but Nathan says that can't cause she has plans, he warns her of Aaron's addiction to pills. Stefano tells E.J. that what he did, perhaps he should never have had children. Carly apologizes to Melanie for hearing her rant on Vivian, Melanie says she wants back in the nursing program, which pleases Carly. Madeline encounters Kate at Java while there with Gabi and Chad. Will tells Sami he's moving in with Nathan, he'll be living at the DiMera mansion with Kate. Vivian overhears Chloe proclaim her hatred for Carly thinking they both have something in common. Sami walks in and sees E.J. an emotional wreck.moreless
  • Ep. #11308
    Ep. #11308
    Episode 359
    Chad tells Gabi that Rafe threatened his father in a room full of witnesses. Rafe tells Hope that he didn't assault D.A. Woods. Carly tells Maggie that Bo is L.A. cause Kimberly has leukemia and wants him to stay with Daniel. E.J. tells Stefano if he tells anyone his theory he'll prove it's signs of his dementia. Hope tells Rafe that he has to give her more then that. Stefano tells E.J. that people will believe him cause he in fact has proof. Philip has a job offer for Chloe as a new on location reporter. Abe tells Charles not to push him or else he'll enjoy taking his job away from him. Chad asks his father if Rafe did in fact beat him up. Sami realizes Rafe needs an alibi and she decides to provide one for him. Rafe tells Hope that Sami wasn't with him last night cause they're taking a break from each other. Stefano shows E.J. the taped confession Anna made, and he says he can nail him to the wall. Hope learns of Kimberly's condition and sees that she erased Bo's messages. Philip and Chloe stumble a warm family moment involving Daniel, Carly and Melanie. Madeline warmly greets Gabi and hopes to get to know her well. E.J. admits to Stefano that he kidnapped Sydney, and Stefano says he'll pay for it.moreless
  • Ep. #11307
    Ep. #11307
    Episode 358
    D.A. Charles Woods is brought into the hospital, and tells Hope that Rafe attacked him. Gabi asks Rafe why he stood her up at the movies yesterday, and thinks Sami is the reason. Stefano leads E.J. to believe he's ready to broker a deal, and E.J. basks in his victory. Sami loses it when getting a call from the police station and learns Rafe is in trouble. Bo gets ready to leave for L.A. but the reason Vivian has restrained is cause he's still in town. Abe tells Hope about the altercation between Rafe and Charles after he released some guy on bail, Hope calls and asks Rafe to come to the station. Kate sees that Stefano has something up his sleeve. Rafe is vague when Hope questions him. Chad goes to the hospital to after hearing from Will about his dad being brought in. Daniel tells Bo there shouldn't any problems in him donating bone marrow to Kimberly. Chad's mother Marsha plays peacemaker between Chad and Charles. Will comes by with Kate to collect his things, but he sees that she had breakfast with E.J. and storms out. Stefano tells E.J. that he knows that he took Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11306
    Ep. #11306
    Episode 357
    Lexie brings Theo for his playdate with Stefano, but Kate says that he's not here. Will watches E.J. and Sami hugging and says he isn't gonna let her ruin her life yet again, he says that E.J. is using her. Stefano refuses to believe his own son kidnapped his own daughter, but Anna says she can prove it. Bo whisks Carly out on a date, but doesn't give her a hint in where he's taking her. Brady tells Arianna that he and Nicole were having a conversation when he was called away. Sami is livid when Will let Nicole near Sydney. Anna plays a recording of E.J.'s voice and Stefano is just beside himself and says his son will pay. E.J. confides in Lexie about his feelings for Sami. Anna asks Stefano what he's going to do with the leverage she's given him. Kate asks E.J. to make peace cause his father still loves him. Stefano tells Anna that before she leaves he wants her to do something for him. Bo gets some bad news about Kimberly. Kate offers Will for him to stay here at the mansion. Nicole sees the collage that Kinsey is putting together.moreless
  • Ep. #11305
    Ep. #11305
    Episode 356
    Nicole reunites with Chloe and says she saw Sydney and realized she never belonged with her. Carly sees that Daniel is being released from of the hospital. Melanie asks Brady why he isn't on his honeymoon and isn't wearing his wedding ring. Stefano tells Anna that there's nobody in spa and nowhere to go. E.J. becomes closer to Sami. Rafe explains to Arianna that she doesn't need to go to some island to get married. Melanie admits to Brady she thinks Carly isn't so bad. Brady sees that Nicole is at the mansion wanting him to give her a job. Rafe is furious when he learns from Abe that Benny was released and dropped out of sight. Chloe feels threatened by Carly. Anna surprises Stefano with new information about the kidnapping, and wants to make a deal in exchange for her life. Rafe literally puts his hands on Charles Woods for allowing Benny to walk. Arianna comes to the mansion and finds Nicole answering the door. Stefano agrees to Anna's terms and she says that E.J. planned the whole thing.moreless
  • Ep. #11304
    Ep. #11304
    Episode 355
    Melanie tells Philip that despite everything they should adopt instead of biology. Kate loses it after learning Vivian and Victor's latest scheme. Anna enjoys her yoga session, saying she needed it. Vivian tells Victor that she told Philip about their upcoming nuptuals. Will learns that Nicole returned to Salem and getting into a fight with his mother. Benny gets rejected by his lawyer and Rafe says he'll be going down. Nicole tells E.J. that he's scared and has to figure out why. Victor tells Vivian she crossed a line and that members of his family are off limits, and their might not even be a wedding. E.J. tells Nicole she's going to tell him everything Anna told her. Maggie and Victor share a tender moment, she says she wouldn't miss his wedding to Vivian for the world. Sami plants a kiss on Rafe saying that she doesn't want to take a break from each other. Will takes Sydney to the pier and they encounter Nicole. Vivian and Kate get into it, but she says she wants Kate to be there when she marries Victor. E.J. gets another call from Anna even though he said never to call him again. Rafe tells Sami that he doesn't think they share the same kind of love and him moving back in isn't gonna change anything. Stefano tells Anna that pain is the least of her worries then what he's going to do to her.moreless
  • Ep. #11303
    Ep. #11303
    Episode 354
    E.J. worries and pays Benny to leave town. Vivian approaches Carly at the hospital and asks who's life she'll end this time, but Justin tells her to leave her alone. Adrienne can't tell Stephanie that she's disappointed in keeping the letter from Nathan. Nicole lies to Rafe by saying that she and Anna were partners, but he sees through that lie. Philip sees Nathan comforting Melanie on the pier, but he says he'll take it from here. Vivian shares her news with Carly about her setting up roots in Salem and is marrying Victor. Nathan says that he can't get Melanie out of his head. Rafe looks into people that bought and comes across a photo of Benny. Nicole meets up with E.J. at the Brady pub and he asks what she's doing in Salem. Rafe finds Benny at the airport bar having a drink and says he can prove he handled the stuffed animal Sydney plays with. Nathan goes to Stephanie at Java and it wouldn't be fair to date anymore cause he still loves Melanie. E.J. asks Nicole to tell him everything Anna told her. Philip doesn't believe that Victor would never marry a woman like her. Carly realizes that Vivian is marrying Victor to send her a message. Rafe thinks that Benny will crack and will know who helped Anna kidnap Sydney. Nicole asks E.J. what he's worried what Anna said to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11302
    Ep. #11302
    Episode 353
    Melanie sees there's something wrong with Daniel and goes out and tells Dr. Williams. Rafe asks Arianna where she thinks Nicole might've gone off to. E.J. tells Lexie he should've listened to her when it came to his feelings for Sami. Chloe lays into Carly for putting Daniel in the hospital, Melanie says to back off cause it wasn't her fault. Nicole and Sami get into a fight on the pier which gets broken up by Rafe and Roman. Stephanie asks Nathan if he's still trying to make peace with her over the whole letter thing. Arianna tells E.J. that Nicole came on the same plane as they did. Adrienne meets Nathan the boy that her brother has been constantly e-mailing her, but Stephanie says he's still into someone else. Carly thanks Melanie for sticking up for her when she was being yelled at by Chloe. E.J. realizes he has to get to Nicole thinking she knows his part in the kidnapping.moreless
  • Ep. #11301
    Ep. #11301
    Episode 352
    Victor tells Chloe he'd rather have her in Daniel's life rather then Carly. Sami tells Rafe that he can't keep shutting her out like this. Arianna assures Brady that nothing's going to happen if he leaves her alone with Nicole. Dr. Williams tells Melanie and Carly that Daniel is stabilizing. Roman asks Rafe to apologize to Sami, cause of him putting her down lately. Chloe learns of Daniel's accident and goes to be with him. Arianna tells Rafe that Nicole is back in Salem. E.J. tells Sami that she's better off without Rafe. Brady calls Nicole saying they need to talk right away. Chloe angrily asks Carly what she did to Daniel this time. E.J. finally realizes the error of his ways and admits his love for Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11300
    Ep. #11300
    Episode 351
    Gordon tells Brady and Arianna that a hurricane is heading towards the island. Adrienne explains to Stephanie she came to see Justin which didn't go so well. Hope tells Julie that she seriously messed up big time. Philip goes into Carly's office and says they need to talk about Melanie. Chloe sees a tender moment between Daniel and Melanie. Adrienne tells Stephanie that she doesn't think there's a chance of working things out with Justin. Julie tells Hope to get Adrienne to stay and fight for the man she loves. Chloe tells Philip that she's not going to let Carly to allow herself back into Daniel's life. Arianna tells Gabi that things didn't go quite as planned and is returning home. Fay asks Brady if he still has feelings for Nicole. Adrienne doesn't want to hear anything that Hope has to say and says for her to stay out of it. Nicole, Brady and Arianna get a plane and return to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11299
    Ep. #11299
    Episode 350
    Nicole tries to derail Brady, but is stopped when Fay arrives thinking she was right to be concerned. Will confides in Kate that Mia was two-timing him. Rafe questions E.J. about Anna and his theory that there's no way that she did this alone. Stefano is shocked to learn that Anna kidnapped Sydney, also the idea of Rafe thinking he had something to do with this. Mia tells Chad that she broke up with Will, but Chad learns that it was the other way around and ends it with her. Arianna agrees to give it a try with Brady, but then disastrous things start to happen. Anna arrives in paradise thinking all her troubles are behind her.moreless
  • Ep. #11298
    Ep. #11298
    Episode 349
    Vivian has it out with Bo and Carly, and Bo warns to end this or else. E.J. wants Governor Ford to tell him every word that Anna told him. Anna finally sets towards her paradise and is finally free. Sami vows vengeance on Anna to E.J. The justice of the peace mistakes Nicole for Brady's fiancee. E.J. calls Anna and she assures him that his name wasn't brought regarding the kidnapping. Vivian tells Victor she's not going to harm Carly and agrees to marry him. Arianna catches Brady and Nicole in a liplock and wonders what she's doing here. Adrienne overhears Justin declare his love to Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #11297
    Ep. #11297
    Episode 348
    Melanie lies to Nathan about the contents of the letter. Rafe confronts Governor Ford about giving Nicole a pardon. Bo gives Victor an ultimatum regarding Vivian. Brady and Arianna revel in the joy of their impending nuptuals. E.J. tries to get Sami to realize that having him here is ia blessing. Nathan goes to see Stephanie and says things have changed and maybe it isn't over between them after all. Victor tells Vivian the feud with Carly must end an offers then for them to get married. Rafe shocks both Sami and E.J. when he says that Nicole was pardoned from prison. E.J. goes and confronts Governor Ford, but he says he thought it was what he wanted. Rafe goes to Victor and learns that Anna spent some time alone with the Governor.moreless
  • Ep. #11296
    Ep. #11296
    Episode 347
    Anna blackmails Governor Ford with incriminating photos. Nicole tells Rafe the reason she called him cause it has something to do with Sydney. Melanie tells Philip that if there's a nurse then Maggie will be upset that she's being treated like an invalid. Justin gets a visit from his estranged wife Adrienne. Nathan admits he wants a break from his relationship with Stephanie. Maggie asks Melanie if she has any regrets in marrying Philip, and if she still feels something for Nathan. Justin and Adrienne realize that Hope wants them to get together. Stephanie warns Philip to keep an eye on his wife. Nicole almost reveals Sydney's kidnapper, but gets a call from Governor Ford saying he's granted her a pardon, and Rafe can't believe it.moreless
  • Ep. #11295
    Ep. #11295
    Episode 346
    Daniel tells Bo about Vivian's threats. Nicole fear chances or being released from prison are ruined. Anna is refused a pardon from Governor Ford, but moves onto a new plan. Mia vows to get revenge on Gabi. Rafe explains why he can't recommend Sami for a job at the F.B.I. Brady and Arianna realize they're on the same page. Anna prepares her plan to get a pardon out of Governor Ford. Nicole calls Rafe and asks him to come and see her.moreless
  • Ep. #11294
    Ep. #11294
    Episode 345
    Arianna shares her news with Rafe about her engagement to Brady. Brady tells Sami he doesn't think E.J. should be living with her. Victor asks Anna to tell him the real reason she's here. Daniel tries to persuade Chloe to give therapy a try. Carly and Vivian continue their argument on the pier and says she'll go down if she tries anything. Lexie brings Theo for a play date and she tells E.J. she heard from someone that he is staying here. Rafe makes a toast to Arianna and Brady. Anna tells Jim she wants to collect on him doing her a favor, but he refuses to help Nicole. Daniel threatens Vivian to leave Carly alone and if she doesn't he'll take her out personally. Nicole gets a visit from Chloe and opens up to Daniel about him finding out she hasn't been going to her sessions. Sami is thinking of getting a job at the F.B.I office since she knows someone with a lot of pull. Carly tells Daniel that he practically scared Vivian which isn't an easy task. Theo reveals to E.J. that Johnny told him his secret that Sydney was never gone and was with him all along. Vivian tells Victor that Melanie testified and freed her. Rafe tells Sami he doesn't think her working at the F.B.I is a good idea.moreless
  • Ep. #11293
    Ep. #11293
    Episode 344
    Daniel tells Chloe that Melanie went to the courthouse to help Carly cause he told her too. Nicole asks Anna to help her get out of jail, by cozying up to her old boyfriend Governor Ford. Melanie tells Carly that she helped her, and doesn't anything more to do with her, but she doesn't believe her. Philip learns Melanie got Carly off and goes to ask her why, Kate begins to wonder how Vivian will take the news. Victor tells Vivian that the spread is for the Governor and she is not invited. Kate tells Vivian that Melanie got Carly off. Anna agrees to help Nicole get out of jail, and says she has 24 hours to deliver a pardon. Philip takes Melanie to their new home, and says they'll be living at Maggie's house together. Melanie tells Maggie that family takes care of each other. Kate lets Carly know Vivian's on the warpath and to watch her back. Anna tries her best to get ahold of Governor Ford, but learns he'll be at a fundraiser today. Nicole hopes that Anna comes through for her. Daniel overhears Chloe tell Philip, she hasn't been to her therapy visits. Victor shoos Anna when she comes to his house. Maggie tells Melanie that she can't ignore the fact that she does have a mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11292
    Ep. #11292
    Episode 343
    Will is glad that Mia is wearing his St. Christopher's medal. Chad informs Gabi of his feelings for Mia. E.J. tells Sydney his plan to make Sami fall in love with her so he can literally break her heart and watch it happen. Melanie says that she wants to say something. Nicole confronts Anna about taking Sydney. Kate hatches a plan for Stefano to see Sydney by getting Will to run interference. Nicole asks Anna she took Sydney to get back at her. Harold calls E.J. which Stefano thanks him for taking part. Chad and Mia agree to see one another secretly, but not to tell Will or Gabi. Melanie tells Judge Goldberg that Carly never intended to hurt her. Will allows Stefano to spend time with Sydney. Nicole tells Anna that she may be guilty since it only took a phone call to get her here. Kate tells Will that Sami is being watched so he can rush home before she gets there and won't see Stefano. Nicole tells Anna to call Carrie and Austin proving she's been visiting all this time. Gabi runs into Chad on the pier and says she's okay with his feelings for Mia, and finds the medal on the bench. E.J. returns and catches Stefano looking after Sydney. Judge Goldberg throws out the charges and rules the shooting was accidental. Will sees Gabi holding Mia's medal and she says that Chad had it. Anna asks Nicole what she wants.moreless
  • Ep. #11291
    Ep. #11291
    Episode 342
    Nicole tells the guard she'd like to make a call. Vivian had a memorial erected to Lawrence in Salem. Stephanie tells Nathan that Melanie gave her a letter to give to him, which she did not deliver. Hope tells Carly she can take her fake sincerity and shove it. Bo questions Philip about his wanting Carly to pay for shooting Melanie. Carly decides to plead guilty. Melanie asks Daniel not to mention Carly, but Daniel says to deny her own mother isn't that easy. Nicole calls and pressures Anna visit her in jail. Hope runs into Vivian while visiting Zack's grave and is incensed when Vivian tries to compare Lawrence's death to her son's. Hope tells Vivian that Carly is pleading guilty. Nathan asks Stephanie what exactly what was written in the letter and she lies saying she never read it. She tells Nathan she just went back to the wedding and told Melanie that Nathan refused to read it (which infuriates him). Daniel gets a phone call from Justin regarding Carly's changed plea. Nicole gets an unexpected visit from her mother Fay. Fay can't understand why Nicole is so hopeful. Max warns Philip to be good to Melanie. Nathan gets up angrily and storms out of Java cafe. Bo tries arguing with Carly about her plea. Stephanie reunites with Max and hints at her problems with Nathan. Judge Goldberg is about to give Carly her sentence, but Melanie comes in the room. Anna comes to see Nicole. Nicole accuses her of taking her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #11290
    Ep. #11290
    Episode 341
    Bo is angered after Carly tells him she wants to plead guilty. Caroline is ecstatic when Max comes home. Anna looks for the picture of Sydney and thinks she might've left it at the cottage. Hope comes to talk with Melanie about she shooting. Agent Clark tells Rafe that she thinks no one has lived here in a long time. Nicole hears the guard say "Sweet Pea" and remembers the kidnapper call Sydney that. Hope tells Melanie the facts of her wedding day. Rafe calls Sami and E.J. to the cottage and questions them, E.J. asks him if he has any proof that Sydney was actually here. Anna thinks that if she gets caught then she's not going down alone. Max visits with Melanie and says he's her brother no matter what. Hope tells Carly that Melanie is determined to make her pay for abandoning her as a child. Nicole tries to figure out why she immediately thought of Anna and why she would have a reason to kidnap Sydney. Anna checks in with E.J. and he says that Rafe found out about the cottage and if he finds anything they'll be history. Nicole remembers more and comes to the conclusion that it was Anna.moreless
  • Ep. #11289
    Ep. #11289
    Episode 340
    Agent Clark gives Rafe a listing of all the houses that were leased recently, Sami wants to know what kind of lead that Rafe has. Vivian taunts Carly by telling her to do the world a favor by jumping in the river. Daniel informs Victor that he's Melanie's father. Nicole tells Chloe she's been wracking her brain in trying to remember who took Sydney at the bus station. Anna double checks to make sure she didn't leave anything behind cause if she's caught she's in trouble, but the boots remain under the sofa. Brady holds the box containing the ring as he looks and sees Arianna in the pub accepting a job from E.J. Chloe updates Nicole about her hysterical pregnancy. Victor tells Daniel to focus on the time he'll get to spend with Melanie now he had the same ordeal with Isabella. Anna finds the boots, and gets a call from E.J. wondering why she hasn't turned her phone off yet. Nicole tells Chloe to keep Daniel on a short lease or else she'll lose him. Agent Clark gives Rafe the information on a house that some paid cash only. Sami tells E.J. she fears she's damaged her relationship with Rafe. Carly leaves a message for Bo saying she's going to plead guilty to shooting Melanie. Rafe and Agent Clark enter the house.moreless
  • Ep. #11288
    Ep. #11288
    Episode 339
    Sami sees that Rafe never came home last night. Anna prepares to leave town with her five million dollars. Rafe tells Agent Clark that it won't be long before he figures everything out. Daniel goes to see Maggie about Melanie and thinking he should move in and connect with her. Nicole tells Tiffany there's one thing she can do by doing something for her. E.J. tells Anna hurry and pack her things so she can leave, but Anna says that he still loves Sami. Daniel insists on seeing Maggie's arm and sees she's having symptoms of her old illness and insists she get looked at right away. Arianna talks about her regrets about Brady's proposal when she visits Melanie. Anna takes things out while attempting to zip the suitcase, and that boot falls out. Nicole gets a visit from Chloe and she says that Sydney made it out alive. Rafe comes to the conclusion that this was all a set up to hurt Sami. Maggie accidentally breaks a vase and Melanie asks if she's alright, Maggie says she has relapsed. Nicole tells Chloe that she's trying to remember who took Sydney and doesn't think she will. Rafe receives a lead on Sydney's kidnapper.moreless
  • Ep. #11287
    Ep. #11287
    Episode 338
    Brady is shocked when Arianna turns down his marriage proposal. Will surprises Mia with a kiss and says that Sydney was found and she's alive. Melanie and Stephanie argue over Nathan. Rafe wants to know what is going on when E.J. requests to stay at Sami's place just to be near his children. Arianna tells Gabi that Brady asked her to marry him and she said no. Nathan admits to Maggie that he still has feelings for Melanie. Rafe focuses on the aftermath of Sydney's rescue, and wonders why E.J. would tell Sami that Sydney was dead. Sami tells Abe that they went with the F.B.I's plan and it went sour. Rafe insists on having the laptop tested. Lexie thinks E.J. can deny it all he wants but she knows he still has feelings for Sami. Arianna tells Brady that just because she won't marry him, doesn't mean she won't want to be with him. Will gives Mia a token to signify their exclusiveness. E.J. plays a fatherly role with Sami and the kids. Maggie takes a tumble at home.moreless
  • Ep. #11286
    Ep. #11286
    Episode 337
    Lexie asks Stephanie what exactly is wrong. Brady takes Arianna to a country inn, and wants to take her ice fishing. Stefano tells Kate he vows to make Sydney's kidnappers will pay. Stephanie tells Lexie she was supposed to give someone a letter but didn't. Stefano comes home and is startled when he sees that Rafe is holding Sydney and that she's back home. E.J. becomes protective of Sydney around Stefano. Melanie unloads emotionally on Nathan and brings up the letter, and wonders if he's lying or maybe Stephanie never gave it to him. Stefano tells E.J. there's no way he's going to have him leave his own house, E.J. refuses Kate's pleads for him to reconcile with his father. Brady plans to propose to Arianna. E.J. plans to stick around play the hero and slowly divide a wedge between Rafe and Sami. Sami apologizes to Rafe, cause she did what she thought was best for Sydney's safe return, but asks if she and him are good as well. Arianna tells Gabi that she hasn't felt this way before. E.J. asks Sami if there's some frustrations with her and Rafe. Brady tells Arianna that he has something for her and proposes to her, but she says no. Melanie has it out with Stephanie. E.J. tells Sami he wants to spend the night at her place, Rafe overhears from afar.moreless
  • Ep. #11285
    Ep. #11285
    Episode 336
    Sydney's return home gives Sami, Rafe and Will great joy. Nathan confronts Carly on the pier and asks how she could do something like this to Melanie her own daughter. Daniel explains to Melanie that he was waiting for the right time to tell her about him and found out last night. Rafe asks E.J. exactly what went down and Roman agrees he also wants to know. Chloe tells Philip that Daniel is Melanie's daughter. Melanie asks Daniel if he hates Carly as much as she does. Roman says he's going to accompany Rafe to check out the Forest reserve to see if they can find anything. Carly lays into Nathan for not checking his messages from Maggie. Sami is amazed when Sydney calls E.J. daddy, cause he hasn't seen her in a long time. Carly has an encounter with Chloe on the pier. Roman gets word that E.J. and Sami didn't take Sydney to the hospital. Stephanie confides in Caroline about her doing something that came between Melanie and Nathan. Carly tries to reach out to Melanie, but she says they have nothing to say to each other. Rafe sees Sami at the DiMera mansion and asks E.J. why he didn't take Sydney to the hospital, and gets a call and learns Sami was keeping a secret. Melanie sees that it's Nathan coming to see her thinking it's Philip.moreless
  • Ep. #11284
    Ep. #11284
    Episode 335
    Carly begs Daniel not to shut her out. Hope tells Justin that she's lost Bo and doesn't want it to be true. Melanie says that Carly pointed a gun at her and fired the gun, Bo asks her why she's lying to him. Sami is startled by Rafe touching her on the arm and he asks why she's so jumpy. E.J. tells Anna that this is the beginning of the end of Samantha. Philip tells Bo he can't come in here and start calling his wife a liar. Anna lashes out at E.J. for what he is doing to Sami. E.J. calls Sami and says that their baby is dead. Daniel tells Carly he's still angry with her but admits what he said was a low blow and apologizes. Bo tries to talk some sense into Melanie, by saying that her life is still in danger. Hope lays into Philip that Bo is just trying to keep his wife alive. Carly asks Justin if he's bringing up Hope to make her feel better. Rafe calls Will and says his mother is in bad shape and to come to the pub. Philip urges Hope to fight for Bo. Rafe calls E.J. and asks him what he told Sami. Justin offers Hope his legal services. E.J. tells Anna to get Sydney ready cause it's going to be a rather pleasant evening. Hope tells Bo that what if they get someone that can get Melanie to open up. Daniel begins to explain to Melanie about their connection and she's shocked when she says he's her father. E.J. surprises Sami when he shows up at the pub with Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11283
    Ep. #11283
    Episode 334
    Nathan asks Melanie what happened. Stephanie asks Philip why he's not on his honeymoon and he realizes that she doesn't know. Bo assures Carly that he ordered more security and Vivian will be kept away. Daniel confronts Vivian and issues her a memorable warning, Victor learns that Vivian disobeyed him once again. Carly tells Bo that she's going to plead guilty and to take her back to jail. Stephanie learns that Carly is actually Melanie's mother and she shot Melanie after the wedding. Nathan asks Melanie if she still in fact does have feelings for him, Stephanie walks in and sees them together. Philip asks Carly where her concern was while she was being abused by the father she picked out for her. Bo plans to question Melanie about the shooting, but Daniel doesn't want him anywhere near her. Melanie asks Stephanie to destroy that letter she gave her. Philip insists that Victor throw Vivian out of the mansion, but he's hesitant to do so. Carly tries to apologize to Daniel, but he says it's a little late for apologies. Bo takes Melanie's statement to Bo, about Carly showing up with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #11282
    Ep. #11282
    Episode 333
    E.J. spies on Sami with Rafe to see if she's true to her word about keeping quiet. Stephanie tells Nathan and it concerns Melanie. Melanie wakes up and tells Daniel she had a dream that someone was watching her sleep. Philip asks Chloe how she's been doing lately, and how things are with Daniel. Sami tells Rafe she's watching a video that Nicole made of Sydney, Rafe says he wants to see, E.J. angrily doesn't want him to see it. Chloe tells Carly that she knows everything. E.J. calls Sami before she can tell Rafe about the ransom note and tells her to come to the mansion. Melanie asks Philip that she has a father out there somewhere. Carly inadvertently tells Chloe that Daniel is Melanie's father, and shocked when she had no idea. Rafe checks out Sami's laptop to see what's really going on. Sami tells E.J. that she thinks Rafe suspects something. Stephanie and Nathan return home to Salem from their trip. Daniel tells Chloe he just found out last night, and is waiting for the proper time to explain to her about Melanie and if this changes anything between them. Nathan arrives at the hospital and learns of Melanie's condition and goes into see her.moreless
  • Ep. #11281
    Ep. #11281
    Episode 332
    Rafe asks Sami why she changed her mind about the family gathering. Mia overhears Chad asking Gabi out on a date. Arianna learns as Roman tells Brady that he did what he could so he can visit Nicole. E.J. tells Anna that the clock is ticking on Rafe and Sami's relationship. Mia sets her sights on ruining Chad and Gabi's plans. E.J. calls Sami and he tells her to get rid if Rafe cause he's on his way over. Gabi offers her condolences to Will. Mia apologizes to Chad for being rude to him when he came back to Salem and sees it's made him a better person. Rafe expresses his concerns for Sami to Roman. Sami goes to website with the note and sees a video of Sydney and receive a ransom demand. Will asks Gabi what she means when saying she says that Mia has issues and doesn't think she's into him. Mia and Chad share a passionate kiss, but stops by saying this isn't right. Brady asks Arianna to go someplace with her. E.J. hacks into Sami's computer webcam to makes sure if Sami's true to her word about not telling Rafe.moreless
  • Ep. #11280
    Ep. #11280
    Episode 331
    Carly is desperate for news about Melanie's health, Maggie says that she's late in playing the mother card. Daniel goes into see Melanie and silently says he's her father. Sami sees hope for Sydney being alive as she reads the ransom note, but is specifies that the police and F.B.I. are not involved. Melanie wakes up and wonders the worst when she sees Daniel sitting by her bedside. Rafe tells Arianna that E.J. says a family gathering was a bad idea, she says to cut E.J. some slack. Sami tells E.J. she doesn't want him making decisions for her. Rafe explains his theory to Arianna about how E.J. is enjoying Sami's torment. Daniel tells Melanie that he has to tell her something, but doesn't. Maggie fears her condition has returned when loses feeling in her arm. Daniel blasts Carly for her actions for allowing someone like Trent Robbins to raise their daughter when Melanie's life could've been different. Rafe asks Sami and E.J. what they are discussing on the pier and he then throws a bouquet of flowers in the river. Anna's worried that E.J.'s obsession with destroying Sami will backfire.moreless
  • Ep. #11279
    Ep. #11279
    Episode 330
    E.J. sees a perfect opportunity when Rafe calls and invites him to a gathering. Bo tells Hope they brought in Gus and needs her to identify him by listening to his voice. Vivian puts a pillow over Melanie's face. Philip and Victor get into an argument. Sami tries to get Will to understand that Sydney is gone and that they need to do this and possibly face facts. E.J. tells Anna that they have important work to do. Carly reminds Daniel when they hooked up all those years ago, because she was in a troubling time with Lawrence, he lashes at her for not telling him she was pregnant. Melanie wakes up and tells Vivian to go ahead and kill her. Stefano sees that Rafe is still here because he is wondering why E.J. has not shed a tear for Sydney. E.J. tells Sami he needs to speak to her alone and then shows her another ransom note he received.moreless
  • Ep. #11278
    Ep. #11278
    Episode 329
    Melanie asks Carly about the paternity of her father. Stefano tells Victor the reason he's distracted is cause he found out Sydney's dead. Melanie asks Carly about the paternity of her father. Stefano tells Victor the reason he is distracted is because he found out Sydney's dead. Sami wakes up and sees E.J. standing there and watching her and Rafe. Vivian tells Gus to pack their things because they are leaving as soon as she finishes their business. E.J. throws a fit by throwing a vase and smashing it against the wall. Bo admits to Hope that he really does love Carly, she then overhears his admission. Maggie comforts Melanie, after not knowing who she is or the person that could be her father. Carly tells Bo that she wants to talk with Melanie's father before telling her. Rafe lays into E.J. about conveniently letting himself into Sami and his house. Carly meets with someone that turns out to be Daniel. Bo issues an A.P.B. on Vivian's associate Gus. E.J. says to Anna that he and Johnny aren't going anywhere, she sparks a whole new idea for him. Chloe tells Philip that she has lied to Daniel about going to therapy. Vivian silently says goodbye to Victor. Rafe comes to see E.J., and Stefano learns E.J. hasn't done much grieving for a child he lost. Vivian lets herself into Melanie's room while the guard takes care of Maggie. Sami explains to Will that Sydney is likely dead, but he refuses to accept it. Carly shocks Daniel as she says he's Melanie's father. Vivian grabs a pillow and slowly walks towards Melanie while she sleeps.moreless
  • Ep. #11277
    Ep. #11277
    Episode 328
    Bo takes Carly to see Melanie, even though it's risking her bail being revoked. Melanie stops Philip from calling Carly and says she needs to do this. Stefano learns of Sydney's apparent death and breaks down in Kate's arms. Sami sees that Rafe is grieving as deeply as she is. Anna can't imagine what everyone's going to think believing that Sydney is dead, E.J. makes his final farewell plans to leave Salem. Hope learns of Sydney and is taken aback to the time when Ciara was taken, and knows what Sami is going through. Carly come and sees Melanie and says to never refer to her as her daughter again, and wants to know how she came into this world. Hope makes it clear to Bo that she hopes Carly is worth it. E.J. tells Anna that he's giving Sydney a life without the hassle of his family. Victor offers to help Hope get Carly out of Bo's life for good. Carly tells Melanie she can prove she's her daughter by saying about her birthmark on her left ear. Stefano senses that something is wrong cause he can see it in E.J.'s voice but can't figure it out. Bo tells Philip he's not leaving til he gets a statement, and isn't going to use it to get Carly off. Carly explains that Trent isn't her biological father, Melanie asks who is. E.J. sees Sami and Rafe in bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #11276
    Ep. #11276
    Episode 327
    Sami is surprised to see both E.J. and Rafe at her house, she assumes that Sydney's body was found. Vivian comes to help Bo with the investigation. Philip asks Daniel why he can't go in there to see his wife. Chad comes by to see Mia and asks how she's doing since Melanie's wedding. Melanie doesn't believe that Carly's claim that she's her mother. Gabi tells Mia she's sorry about Melanie, and is here for her. Bo tells Vivian that Carly already had her bail hearing and is already on the street. Mia vows to get Chad back, by telling Gabi that she doesn't want to see her get hurt by him. Lawrence asks Vivian what she plans to do about Carly now. Bo gets a call from Daniel and says Philip found Carly in Melanie's room. Anna tells Sydney that it's not going to be the same with just her and Johnny going away with E.J. Rafe is hurt when Sami asks him to leave and for E.J. to stay. Chloe tells Daniel she thinks Carly is selfish for giving her baby away. Melanie asks Philip if he believes Carly is her mother. Rafe calls and asks for some lease agreements to find where Sydney was being held. Vivian realizes she must kill Melanie after having a talk with Lawrence's ghost. Melanie thinks back to all of her encounters with Carly, and thinks it's possible she is her daughter. E.J. receives the passports and is gonna see how Sami feels when she's lost both her children. Philip calls Carly and says Melanie would like to see her. Sami comes to the police station and sees Rafe crying.moreless
  • Ep. #11275
    Ep. #11275
    Episode 326
    Arianna hears that Rafe angrily tells search and rescue to keep looking. E.J. cautions Anna to do what he says or she'll spend the rest of her life in jail. Philip takes to Vivian to task over what transpired. Carly explains to Melanie that she in the hospital cause she was shot, Melanie suddenly remembers it was Carly who shot her. Bo explains to Victor that Hope found something that he left behind, and tampered with the murder weapon. Vivian asks Philip what his rant against Victor has to do with her, he then puts a firepoker to her throat. E.J. asks Brady to tell Nicole that Sydney is dead. Daniel tells Melanie to ask Carly the reason why she did those things for her, and says to Carly that she'd like to see her. Victor learns that Melanie is awake, thinking she'll be able to testify against Carly. Rafe believes that Sydney is still alive and tends to prove it. Abe warns Bo that Carly should keep a low profile. Arianna tells Brady that she hopes the news of Sydney's death kills Nicole emotionally. Victor threatens Vivian that if she disobeys him again she's gonna be spending her years in jail. Carly tells Melanie that she met her a long time ago and the reason she doesn't remember her is cause it was when she was a baby, and admits that she's her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11274
    Ep. #11274
    Episode 325
    Carly asks Bo if what happens if Melanie doesn't wake up. Justin tells Hope that Melanie was shot by Carly not Vivian. Nathan has a dream of making love to Melanie, and Stephanie asks if it was about her. Daniel tells Philip that Melanie is stabilized and doesn't know why she isn't waking up. Brady and Arianna both worry about Melanie and hopes she doesn't give up. Philip tells Maggie he was just telling Melanie about the honeymoon they'll be having in Greece. Bo tells Carly he posted her bail, but she has to stay away from Melanie or she'll be in violation. Maggie sits by Melanie's bedside and tries to persuade her to wake up. Daniel tells Chloe that he arranged an appointment with a psychiatrist. Carly makes an attempt by disguising and sneaking in to see Melanie, but Daniel stops before she can do so. Justin tells Philip that Vivian poisoned the comb, but Victor intervened, Philip sets out to confront Vivian. Chloe tells Arianna that Daniel wants her to see a therapist. Daniel allows Carly to go in and see Melanie. Hope realizes Bo loves Carly after learning he posted her bail. Carly sees that Melanie is waking up.moreless
  • Ep. #11273
    Ep. #11273
    Episode 324
    Abe tells Bo that if he doesn't arrest Carly then he'll get someone who will. E.J. tries to get Sami to think positive. Philip tells Carly he doesn't want her anywhere near his wife after her wanting to help in the O.R. E.J. and Sami grow closer while discussing their daughter, Rafe gets a call. Lexie tells Philip that Melanie is holding her own but is on a ventilator. Carly says to Bo that Victor switched combs, so testing it won't do any good. Anna tells Sydney that she's gonna go someplace warm and start a new life with her father. E.J. watches in enjoyment as Rafe explains that it was Syndey's blood on the clothes found in the river. Vivian faces off with Bo, and Philip is unsure who to believe. Daniel is shocked to learn that Melanie is in fact Carly's daughter. Abe tells Vivian she's being brought in, Bo apologizes to Carly as he arrests her too. Kate has it out with Victor about him and Vivian have a bond for destroying Carly and if Melanie dies it'll hurt Philip. Lawrence pays Carly a visit and applauds her thinking he couldn't done a better job. Philip asks Victor if he knew of the connection between Melanie and Carly. Vivian says that she did all this for Lawrence. Anna is appalled at the thought of E.J. making Sami believe that Sydney is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #11272
    Ep. #11272
    Episode 323
    E.J. asks Anna to bring him Sydney's clothing she was wearing when she was abducted. Daniel comforts Chloe after a great loss. Victor stops Vivian and says that he stopped her poisoned comb plot, and things may be bad for her if Melanie dies. Nathan knocks over Stephanie's purse and the letter comes out. Melanie is rushed to the hospital, and Daniel learns that Carly shot her. E.J. throws Sydney's clothes in the water on the pier. Anna realizes that Rafe is gonna record her statement, and sees that she's really nervous. E.J. calls Sami asking her to meet him at his place. Bo learns that Melanie was brought into the hospital. Stephanie finds Nathan going through her purse, and he apologizes and the two make love. Philip threatens Carly by saying nothing will stop him from killing her if Melanie dies. Kate and Lucas observe a nervous Vivian and discuss what happened on the roof. Rafe gets a calls and says to Anna that she's free to go. Hope mistakes Justin for Bo, when says that she loves him. Carly asks Vivian how she can show her face, Bo learns from Victor that Carly is the one that shot Melanie. Rafe tells Sami of his findings and that the clothes found in the river where Sydney's. Chloe tells Arianna that she's not pregnant and that she may never give Daniel a child. Melanie's monitors starts to beep and she flatlines.moreless
  • Ep. #11271
    Ep. #11271
    Episode 322
    E.J. aboniates Sami for shacking up with someone that might have killed their daughter. Melanie wonders where Stephanie is, so she can takes pictures with the bridesmaids. Nathan tells Stephanie that he wants to leave on their getaway right now. Bo arrives at the basement and finds Hope unconscious. Abe brings Lexie outside wanting to spend some alone time together. Chloe tells Daniel the wedding was good and wishes Philip all the best. Vivian explains to Melanie that she has information on her mother, Maggie comes in and see them head off together. Bo picks Hope and carries her out saying she's going to be alright. Will gives Mia a Valentine's gift, and asks if she wants to get out of here. Brady tells Arianna that being at the wedding is making him romantic and almost proposes to her right there. Carly bursts in and Maggie tells her Melanie went upstairs with Vivian alone. Rafe says he's going to do his best in finding Sydney. E.J. tells Anna that it changes everything that Rafe and Sami are together and is shaken by his rage. Kate tells Stefano that she's had a change of heart regarding Vivian, thinking Philip will hate her even more if they went through with it. Vivian admits to Melanie that she knew her mother and moves her over to the edge, Carly tells her to get step away from her, she pulls out a gun and Melanie gets hit. Dr. White tells Chloe that she can't find a fetus, Daniel concurs that there isn't one. Everyone hurries after hearing a gunshot. Vivian applauds Carly for doing her work for her, Philip asks what happened and Carly says she shot her own daughter. Nathan tells Stephanie that he's not going to let Melanie ruin their weekend.moreless
  • Ep. #11270
    Ep. #11270
    Episode 321
    Vivian tells Carly the comb in Melanie's hair is laced with poison. Melanie remains unconscious upstairs. Chloe tells Arianna that she's pregnant, but makes her promise not to tell anyone else. E.J. ponders making Sami suffer by having Johnny, as well as Sydney taken to someplace where she'll never find them. Philip tells Chloe not to feel out of place, but go in and have a good time. Stefano tells Kate that the people he hired to detain Vivian cannot find her. E.J. goes to the pub and Sami has something to tell him. Hope arrives just as Carly begins to strangle Vivian, Hope says to Carly she didn't do it. Brady goes up to check on Melanie to see what's keeping her, he then brings her downstairs and the ceremony gets started. E.J. sees Rafe come downstairs and realizes he and Sami have reunited. Hope explains to Carly that Victor switched the combs and it being alright, and arrests Vivian for Melanie's attempted murder. Bo learns that Carly is at the hospital, and sees he got a text from Carly. Gus knocks over some crates telling Vivian to run, Vivian tells Carly that Hope is dead and it being what she wanted and heads off to the wedding. Nathan makes an attempt to see Melanie, but doesn't go in and runs into Chloe when she comes out. Carly takes Hope's gun and goes after Vivian. Vivian wonders how she's going to get Melanie alone during the party.moreless
  • Ep. #11269
    Ep. #11269
    Episode 320
    Carly wakes up and wants to know where she is. Hope asks Victor if Vivian did in fact hurt Melanie. Maggie tells Nathan that she wants Melanie to have a great day and her being there will just ruin it. Melanie writes a letter to Nathan asking how she truly feels, and asks Stephanie to give it to him. Chloe begins to give hints to Daniel of her being pregnant, he's then delighted. Vivian greets Carly via laptop and welcomes her to the hideaway, and her plans to make it the last day of Melanie's life. Lucas cautions Stefano and Kate that Philip's wedding better go smoothly, if it doesn't then they'll deal with him. Nathan tells Maggie to go to the wedding, and Mickey will be there by her side all night. Maxine finds Carly's room empty and wonders where she disappeared to. Stephanie opens the letter wanting to know what was so important. Hope finds a bag that Victor left behind and goes through it finding a receipt and does some checking. Carly watches Vivian put the comb in Melanie's hair, she then knocks out Gus and makes a run for it. Stephanie decides to keep Melanie's letter from Nathan. Vivian receices a text saying there's trouble with Carly, so she hurries over, and Carly sets a trap for her. Philip learns that there's no justice of the peace to perform the ceremony, but is grateful when Abe steps in. Vivian shows up and sees that Carly is waiting for her, and explains that Melanie is gonna die in half an hour. Hope reads the text that Carly sent to Bo's phone. Stephanie lies to Melanie when she says Nathan wouldn't read the letter knowing it was from her, she then passes out on the bed.moreless
  • Ep. #11268
    Ep. #11268
    Episode 319
    Chloe takes the test and sees that it's positive. Stefano tells Kate that he wasn't invited and isn't going. Victor tells Philip that he cautioned Kate to behave herself at the wedding. Carly remembers that Vivian knows about Melanie being her daughter and then tries to get ahold of Bo. Stefano tells Kate he can make one call and can make the problem being Vivian go away. Lucas informs Philip that he saw Melanie at the pub last night and she may still have feelings for Nathan. Stephanie and Arianna interrupt before Vivian can put the poisoned thing in Melanie's hair. Ciara says that Melanie is in fact Carly's daughter. Gus stops Carly from leaving her hospital room, by cloroforming her and taking her someplace. Nathan tells Maxine that there's something he has to take care of. Chloe prepares to tell Daniel about her pregnancy but he fell asleep from a hard day. Hope enlists Justin's help to take Ciara home and keep an eye on her. Melanie is seriously affected by when Maggie says she can't make it to the wedding. Stefano tells Kate she'll have to be surprised what he has in store for Vivian.moreless
  • Ep. #11267
    Ep. #11267
    Episode 318
    Kate tells Philip that Vivian is planning something. Vivian tries to talk some sense into Melanie by getting her to marry Philip after all. Chloe wonders about going home and taking the pregnancy test and get it over with. Carly goes to the Kiriakis mansion hoping to talk with Melanie. Brady sees how wonderful Daniel is with kids when helping a boy with a computer game. Abe wonders the same thing a cop tells Hope about when she's returning to the force. Melanie admits that there is in fact another man, and how Vivian knows that it's Nathan. Carly slips on some ice knocks herself out, Victor opens the door and sees her on the ground and tells Henderson to call and ambulance. Lexie tells Bo that Carly is here but as a patient, and she fell and hit her head on some ice. Victor threatens Kate. Hope tells Abe she wants to come back to work immediately, and there's no chance of her and Bo working things out. Chloe tells Arianna that she won't tell Daniel if in fact the test is positive. Philip walks in on Melanie and Vivian and asks what they're talking about. Lucas tells Daniel that if the favor he has in mind concerns Chloe then he'll do it, but objects to her spending time with Allie. Gus tells Vivian that Carly was rushed to the hospital, she tells him to go and see what happened. Brady gives Arianna a gift that belonged to his mother Isabella. Carly wonders why she was at Victor's house. Kate tells Hope about her theory of Vivian having an agenda. Vivian tells Melanie that it's time she opened her wedding gift.moreless
  • Ep. #11266
    Ep. #11266
    Episode 317
    Vivian hears Victor come in and immediately says something to keep her from hearing what she's saying. Nathan almost tells Melanie he still loves her while tipsy. Kate tells Carly there's obviously a connection between her and Melanie, and isn't leaving til she gets the truth. Rafe tells Sami they're meant to be together. Rafe tells Sami he loves her and nothings going to change that, she then admits she feels the same and kisses him and stops saying she can't do this. Stephanie asks Nathan if she's interrupting something when seeing him and Melanie embracing. Vivian warns Victor about Kate and her stealing Melanie's gift and is jealous. Rafe tells Sami that they're stronger when they're together. Melanie and Stephanie bring Nathan back to Maggie's and tells her she can take it from here. Kate tells Carly that she overheard her talking about Melanie. Lucas tells Melanie that Nathan hasn't been himself exactly lately. Anna convinces E.J. that he needs her. Melanie asks Nathan what he was going to tell her, he then says it was nothing. Carly then realizes that Vivian does know the truth that Melanie is her daughter. Rafe and Sami kiss and make up. Victor tells Kate why does her stealing Melanie's present solve anything. Melanie comes looking for Philip and tells Vivian that she can't marry him, then Vivian suggests that they go to plan B.moreless
  • Ep. #11265
    Ep. #11265
    Episode 316
    Rafe stuns E.J. by asking his connection to Anna. Vivian tries to think of a way to get Melanie's gift back. Anna thinks this kidnapping thing was a mistake and is going to make it right. E.J. asks Rafe what Anna said when she came by Sami's place, Rafe sees that E.J. suddenly became very nervous. Nathan drinks himself into a stooper as he reads the announcement of Melanie and Philip's nuptuals. Melanie tells Kate that she has the box that Vivian gave her today. Daniel realizes Carly is hiding something about Melanie and that she's taking a personal interest in her. Vivian stops Melane from opening the box, and Kate wonders what so important about opening the gift. Stephanie tells Nathan they should look into going to the ski lodge. Carly questions Chloe and she feels she should tell Daniel how she feels about not being able to conceive. Carly tells Melanie that she's unable to attend her wedding, instead gives her a bracelet to wear. Father Matt tries to get Chloe to tell Daniel about her troubles. Rafe tells Sami that he believes Anna could be a lead. E.J. tells Anna that they've been compromised and she has to leave tonight. Kate questions Carly about her connection to Melanie and Vivian. Chloe gets some surprising news that she might be pregnant, but keeps it to herself. Anna tells E.J. if he's gonna get rid of her like that then he's dead wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #11264
    Ep. #11264
    Episode 315
    Hope threatens to take Ciara away from Bo. Kate comes to see Maggie wanting to talk to Melanie and warn her about Vivian. Rafe wants the woman to tell him who she is and why she left a note under Sami's door. Sami sees that E.J. is planning on taking Johnny on a trip. Carly tells Hope not to punish Ciara by taking her out of the house. Vivian has a short fantasy of her putting the poisoned tiara on Melanie and her saying it's too late. Sami opens up to Anna about Sydney and her wanting the person that took her to be in jail along with Nicole. Ciara comes downstairs and tells her parents to stop fighting, Bo is angry after Hope leaves with Ciara, Carly then says she should move thinking it's better. Kate has it out with Vivian for hijacking the wedding. Justin runs into Hope and Ciara at Java, and tells him she didn't get the chance to tell Bo about Carly's daughter. Melanie asks Maggie if she'd like to be her mother-of-the bride. Carly doesn't think she should attend Melanie's wedding. Vivian sees that Kate took Melanie's gift. Kate wonders what's in the box before she throws it off the pier. Rafe goes to see E.J. and tells him about Anna.moreless
  • Ep. #11263
    Ep. #11263
    Episode 314
    Carly tells Nathan that he shouldn't have to deal with bringing his personal life into the O.R. Melanie tells Philip she wants to make some changes in the menu for the wedding. Hope asks Vivian why she doesn't want to look at what's in the bag. Rafe tells Brady that Arianna is free and won't be going back to prison. Stefano receives an eviction notice and it's effective immediately. Roman asks Anna why would she lie to him about being someplace that she's not. Bo figures out it was Ciara who shredded Carly's clothes, and explains that she'll be living at the house with them, Ciara makes it clear that she hates Carly. Roman tells Anna that Carrie hasn't heard from her in months and is worried. E.J. and Arianna share a tender moment, Brady and Rafe walk in the pub and see them. Roman asks Anna if she was probably lying to him when he met with at Christmas, she says it concerns Sami. Stefano tells E.J. this house is his home and he's not leaving. Vivian is delighted when the person worked so fast, he cautions her that it's very lethal. Kate is hurt to learn that she must share her role in Philip's wedding ceremony. Brady and Arianna celebrate her freedom together. Vivian presents Melanie with a new wedding dress as well as the gift, and says to open it now. Anna heads to Sami's and leaves a note, but runs into Rafe in the hallway.moreless
  • Ep. #11262
    Ep. #11262
    Episode 313
    E.J. tells Anna that Sami kept his daughter from her. Vivian and Gus plot how to end Melanie's life, she suggests she die on her wedding day. Hope reads a letter and the reason that she came back was visit Bo her baby's father. Melanie invites Carly to the wedding, and Bo sees them embracing from across the room. Stephanie tells Nathan that she won't be able to go to the ski lodge on Valentine's Day cause of Melanie's wedding. Bo tells Carly she should've been more careful cause Vivian could've been the one that seen them and not him. Arianna worries she won't be able to be Melanie's maid of honor. Victor wonders what Vivian is up to this time when he sees her and Gus talking. Bo invites Carly to move into the house, until this thing with Melanie can be resolved. Hope tells Justin that she made a wrong assumption and that Bo would've told her he had another child. Nathan makes a mistake in the operating room, Carly insists on taking over. Roman gives Arianna wonderful news that she's free, she then mentions if he knew that Anna was back in town. While Bo goes outside to get better reception, someone walks towards Carly's suitcase. Victor witnesses Hope and Justin hugging as he comes home. Roman calls Anna and she says she's in Spain, but he calls her out on her lie and says how long has she been in Salem. Bo finds Carly's clothes all cut and assumes it's Vivian and goes to check on Ciara. Victor isn't going to let Justin screw up Bo and Hope's marriage like he did his with Adrienne. Hope bumps into Vivian on the pier and she drops the gift.moreless
  • Ep. #11261
    Ep. #11261
    Episode 312
    Stephanie tells Justin that she's in love with someone, but is afraid he doesn't share the same feelings. Nurse Maxine says Nathan to look at her finger, but she won't let him touch her. Hope asks Vivian about her interest in Melanie. Ciara sees Carly and Bo kiss via webcam. Stephanie tells Justin that Nathan is the person she's beginning to fall for and that doesn't think he's being honest about not still loving Melanie. Mia overhears Kinsey with jealousy tell Gabi that Chad can't wait to get her alone and cuddle. Mia tells Will she has to go and check on Maggie, but she has her own intentions. Carloine and Ciara walk in on a warm moment between Carly and Bo. Will goes to see Maggie, but she says that Mia is not here. Carly witnesses sexual tension between Melanie and Nathan. Vivian works to make sure that Melanie and Philip's wedding will be something to remember. Mia goes to see D.A. Woods at the police station to thank him cause Chad invited her to Vancouver. Nathan asks Stephanie to go to that Alpine Ski lodge with him cause he got time off from work. Will asks Mia where she went cause she didn't go to Maggie's. Chad learns his trip is cancelled, but he can't figure out why, Mia secretly gloats at what she did. Gus asks Vivian what she plans to regarding Carly's daughter. Hope tells Justin she got the box open and learns Carly's secret.moreless
  • Ep. #11260
    Ep. #11260
    Episode 311
    Vivian tells Victor exactly what she's planning to do with Carly and her daughter. Rafe moves out of Sami's place, Sami gives Rafe the St. Christopher's medal that Sister Theresa gave her. Anna hangs up the phone as soon as she realizes she's not talking to E.J. Brady talks with Roman about how he worries for Arianna's safety, and he's tried contacting her with no luck. Carly explains to Melanie that she needs to know the truth, and to go somewhere private. Vivian tells Victor she plans to do away with Melanie altogether. Sami apologizes to Rafe for making the comment about him not being Sydney's real father. E.J. accuses Arianna of snooping when he catches her with his phone, she then asks him who's Anna. Anna wonders if she did something wrong. Carly tells Melanie that she has a daughter, and Melanie asks where her daughter is now. Victor tells Vivian that Philip is gonna marry Melanie, and that she's lying when she didn't have fun with her. E.J. explains to Arianna that Anna is the widow of his late brother Tony. Melanie apologizes to Carly for the way she treated her after coming to the realization that her daughter died. Roman tells Rafe that he himself would've made the same call in his shoes. E.J. calls Anna back laying into her for her mistake, Anna asks what they can do to fix this, E.J. says he'll deal with Arianna. Victor makes it clear to Vivian that she is not to lay a hand on Melanie, she then calls Gus to discuss a new tactic.moreless
  • Ep. #11259
    Ep. #11259
    Episode 310
    Arianna visits Sami and they discuss her relationship with Rafe. Maggie gets a glass and goes and starts to open the bottle. Daniel tells Carly that Melanie is too smart and will see right through Vivian. Nathan gives Stephanie the okay to tell Melanie anything about their relationship. E.J. tells Rafe that he thinks he can help him with Sami. Carly and Daniel reflect on Rebecca. E.J. tells Anna that they found nothing on the ransoms and is taking pleasure in watching Sami squirm. Nathan comes home to find an open bottle, and wonders if Maggie drank, he consoles her after wondering what would've happened if she'd went upstairs sooner. Melanie asks Daniel why Carly is acting like such a crazy person, Daniel says the person she should stay away from is Vivian. Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't think she can do this anymore. Arianna goes and thanks E.J. for saving her from Troy and comes clean about working undercover with the police. Melanie slams reminds herself that she's marrying Philip and hurts her hand on the railing and backs away from Carly, but she insists on looking at it. Sami is sad when Rafe announces that he's in fact moving out of thie house. Maggie looks at a photo of Mickey and wonders how she's gonna live without him. Melanie tells Carly to stop lying and why she means so much to her. Arianna answers a cellphone and speaks to someone named Anna.moreless
  • Ep. #11258
    Ep. #11258
    Episode 309
    Justin tells Hope that maybe they should meet someplace else since Carly is at the bar, but Hope says she isn't leaving. Anna tells E.J. that Sydney misses him and hope that he can stop by soon. Victor tells Vivian to get Carly out of Bo's life, and to do it right away. Maggie asks Melanie what happened to her wedding dress, she then receives a delivery of belongings from Mickey's office. Rafe receives the forensics report from the ransom notes and something clicks and hurries off. Sami tells E.J. that she's starting to forget what Sydney looks like and he shows some photos. Maggie goes through the boxes and finds an anniversary present and has an idea of what it might be. Rafe discover E.J. comforting Sami, and he accuses him of tampering with evidence. Vivian has a fantasy of threatening to bury Carly again this time chopped to pieces, she then get a visit from Lawrence telling her to back off of Carly and to make her life miserable instead of killing her. Hope and Carly hurl insults at each other until they are interrupted by Bo. Maggie finds a bottle of liquor in the second box, and contemplates taking a drink. Anna tells E.J. that he can hear Sami and Rafe arguing while talking on the phone with him. Hope plans to tell Justin that she only has feelings of friendship for him nothing else.moreless
  • Ep. #11257
    Ep. #11257
    Episode 308
    Carly has a dream of bonding with Melanie, and she gets a gunshot in her back and sees Vivian about payback, she wakes up and gets a visit from Justin. Vivian discovers who Carly's daughter really is, she's then worried if Melanie heard her on the phone. Sami attempts to apologize to Rafe about what she said to him the other day. Roman tells Brady that he doesn't like the idea of sending Arianna back to prison then he does, but his arms are tied. Stefano accuses E.J. of having Sydney. Justin asks Carly what business she had for going over to Maggie's house when everyone was mourning Mickey. Maggie tells Melanie that Kate did the same thing by coming by and pumping her for information and saw through her scheme, but Melanie tries to figure out why Vivian came by. Stefano isn't thrilled that Sami and E.J. are bonding. Rafe arrives at the station and promises Arianna that he'll fix things. Sami asks E.J. that she's concerned that they'll probably never hear from the kidnappers again. Vivian meets with Victor and goes over her new plan. Roman tells Arianna that he stalled long enough and it's time to go. Rafe goes and talks with his friend Tim to make it look like the undercover ring was a success so Arianna won't go anywhere. Stefano wonders what E.J. is really up to. Roman tells Arianna she's not going anywhere, and whatever Rafe said worked.moreless
  • Ep. #11257
    Ep. #11257
    Episode 307
    Stefano tells Kate that E.J. lied to his face. Hope looks at a model boat and is reminded of her time with Bo on the Fancy Face. Troy yells out that Arianna is a narc. Brady tells E.J. why Troy was looking at him the whole time. Vivian explains to Melanie about her other family coming to the wedding. Arianna tells E.J. that Troy was just shouting out nonsense about her being a narc. Anna tells Sydney that she hopes she like living here and that they'll be there for quite some time. Stefano is furious at the thought of being cut out of E.J.'s life. Mia tells Carly she's should be here, Maggie says she can't just throw people out of her house. Kate warns Philip that Vivian cannot be trusted. Roman says that their operation is over and Arianna says with her assignment not completed she heads back to prison. Vivian thinks that Melanie and Carly have quite the connection, and tells Victor the way Carly acts around her and she might be her daughter. Anna calls E.J. asking if he got the medicine for Sydney, he lies and says he didn't and turns around and sees Stefano. Bo apologizes to Hope for not telling her about Carly's intentions. E.J. gets a call from Troy saying that he'll never give him up. Vivian comes to see Melanie and she then receives excellent news when she's gets a call from Gus. Stefano finds a bottle of medicine on the floor and shows it to E.J. and why he has stuff for an infant. Vivian learns Melanie is Carly's daughter. Roman tells Arianna that he's been ordered to take her back to prison today.moreless
  • Ep. #11256
    Ep. #11256
    Episode 306
    Carly goes ballistic on Vivian when she sees her with Melanie at Java. Bo asks Daniel to keep an eye on Carly and to call him if Vivian comes snooping around. Arianna is supposed to meet up with Brady, but Troy stops by instead. Anna asks E.J. if he plans to get Sydney hidden in this house away from Sami forever. Melanie tells Carly that she doesn't have a say in who she hangs out with. Chloe tells Brady that Nicole wants info on Sydney, and she asked a lot about him, but Brady knows that Nicole didn't want her to write or visit. Arianna accidentally spills the product and works to clean it up because she is expecting Brady. Brady tells Chloe that he has moved on because it is what Nicole wanted him to do so. E.J. tells Anna to stay put until she hears from him again. Troy points a gun at Arianna and says there's no way that she's going to replace him. Philip unintentionally hurts Chloe when he brings up the children he and Melanie are going to have. Melanie is aghast when coffee is spilled on her wedding dress. E.J. comes to Arianna's rescue by stopping Troy from strangling her. Carly tries to apologize but Melanie won't hear it and to pretty much leave her alone. Roman questions Arianna and gets word that Troy was arrested and is being brought to the station, he then realizes that Arianna is a narc.moreless
  • Ep. #11255
    Ep. #11255
    Episode 305
    Carly has a nightmarish vision of Vivian killing her daughter, she then vows she'll find her. Hope tells Justin she needs time. Melanie sees Stephanie and does something to get out of going dress shopping with Vivian. Anna tells Sydney that this is the end of the road for them and everything will go as planned. Vivian tells Victor that the real reason Carly came back was because of Bo. Sami shows E.J. the note she and Rafe just received from the kidnapper saying they'll never see Sydney again. Rafe tells Sami that the fax came from an unknown cell phone and Sydney is somewhere nearby. Vivian is delighted when Melanie dons one of the wedding dresses that were brought for her. Julie urges Hope to go after what she really wants. Anna wonders why Sydney can't stop crying. Victor confronts Carly as they cross paths at the hospital, and says that he and Vivian will be accompanying Melanie and Philip on his yacht while on their honeymoon. Anna tells E.J. that Sydney might need a doctor and wonders what they're going to do. Rafe and Sami get into an argument regarding the botched attempt at bringing Sydney home. Vivian offers Melanie to wear a necklace that she was given years ago and for her to wear it on her wedding day. Anna comes to the conclusion that E.J. never plans on giving Sydney back to Sami. Sami angrily blurts out to Rafe that he isn't Syndey's father, she then storms out of the room.moreless
  • Ep. #11254
    Ep. #11254
    Episode 304
    Vivian tells Hope she overheard Bo talking to Philip and that Carly was pursuing him. E.J. tries to get ahold of Anna still with no luck. Rafe tells E.J. and Sami that someone was spotted on the pier and is going for the money. Philip tells Carly to stay out of him and Melanie's lives. Hope doesn't buy what Vivian is saying and she'll get answers herself. Mia sees Chad and Gabi talking about looking forward to seeing the snowboarding competition. Rafe explains that the woman that took the ransom was arrested and brought to the police station. Bo sees a lot of Melanie in Carly and says that she really needs her. Gabi tells Mia that what if she's just saying this cause she's jealous that Chad is with her. Rafe says the woman is being interviewed and is checking out to see if she's the kidnapper. Carly confronts Bo after hearing what Philip said about her coming to Salem for him. Rafe tells Sami that the woman is inside, and E.J. worries it's Anna using an alias, but he's relieved when it's someone named Marian O'Brien. Gabi gets permission to go to the Olympics. Hope comes and asks Bo of what Vivian told her is true, and sees that he's not wearing his wedding ring. Rafe explains that the woman's story checked out. Justin consoles Hope after confirming that Carly planned on getting Bo back. Mia visits Grace's grave and admits to herself that she wants Chad and Will, even though she knows it's wrong. Anna contacts E.J. and says that everything is going smoothly.moreless
  • Ep. #11253
    Ep. #11253
    Episode 303
    Kate tries to figure out how to bond with Melanie and has a encounter with Vivian. Nathan finds out from Nurse Maxine he shouldn't be working so soon after Mickey's funeral, he finds out Stephanie assigned another doctor for his duties. Philip asks Bo to be one of his groomsmen. Carly is taken aback to the time she gave birth to Melanie and Lawrence having pleasure in watching her scream. Melissa asks Maggie if she can get her anything, she says she's just glad to be home. Nathan tells Stephanie that he's grateful that she was thinking of his feelings. Philip asks Bo that he wants him to be happy but he's not inviting Carly to the wedding. Maxine tells Kate that the person that she can speak to is Maggie. Bo sees Vivian by the door and lets her listen as he says he was the reason she came to Salem. Vivian commends Philip for not inviting Carly to the wedding. Nathan and Stephanie grow closer. Maggies tells Melissa goodbye as she heads off, and then runs into Kate, who's not here to offer condolences but wants to know how to fool Melanie. Abe wants to know why Bo led Vivian to believe that Carly came back for him. Carly remembers as she sees Lawrence holding Melanie threatening to drop her, and saying that she'll give the baby up. Stephanie tells Nathan that she did in fact show Mickey what she gave him just now. Carly is horrified to find out Melanie had a bad childhood, and being pimped out by her own father and she then realized what she has done to her. Vivian wonders if the reason Carly killed Lawrence was for Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #11252
    Ep. #11252
    Episode 302
    Rafe catches Sami and E.J. with the ransom money and calls the F.B.I. Vivian tries to get Hope to go after Carly with everything she's got. Roman calls Arianna and says that they have a serious problem. Melanie tells Carly she thinks that she's pregnant with Bo's kid. Vivian instructs Gus to follow Carly and see who she's meeting with and to report back to her. Sami and E.J. tell Rafe everything they've been hiding from him, he then calls in the F.B.I., Sami says that could get Sydney killed. Roman tells Arianna that this undercover thing is a complete bust and did everything he could and she'll have to go back to prison. Anna tells Sydney that she'll be going out but will be back. Hope admits to Maggie about her feelings for Bo and that she wants him back. Melanie asks Brady to give her away at her wedding since she originally was going to ask Mickey. Melanie thinks she made a mistake by quitting the nursing program and calls hoping to rectify the situation. E.J. tries to get ahold of Anna and wonders why she isn't picking up her phone. Troy overhears Arianna on a conference call, he tells her that there's a big meeting stated for later today, and it'll be in her room upstairs. Hope tells Maggie it doesn't matter what her feelings are and that it's too late cause Bo is with Carly. Melanie encounters Carly while in Daniel's office and says it's about her being a student nurse. Rafe tells E.J. and Sami that someone was spotted at the pier towards the ransom money.moreless
  • Ep. #11251
    Ep. #11251
    Episode 301
    Vivian shows Victor a tracking device to make sure that Mia is definitely Carly's daughter. Sami calls E.J. wanting information, E.J. tells Anna he's making her suffer just as she did to him. Bo learns from Carly about Melanie and Philip's engagement. Mia asks Melanie what her mother is like since she hasn't mentioned her at all. Chad comes by the pub and ends up helping out Gabi when the ice machine breaks. Melanie tells Mia that her mother died a long time ago and didn't get to know her, and had no family until she met Max. E.J. reveals to Anna the next part of his plan and it concerns Sydney. Chad wants to make a better impression on Gabi by being friends, Gabi tells him that he's still into Mia. Carly tells Bo that now is the time to tell Melanie that she's her mother. Mia is glad that Will came after getting her text and asks to go with her to Java. E.J. calls Sami and says that everything is done and to come alone to the DiMera mansion. Rafe gets word that Arianna was involved in an armed robbery at the pub and hurries to see if she's okay. Mia humbly asks Will for another chance and he says that he will and they share a kiss. Sami tells E.J. that she changed her mind when she said she wouldn't get Rafe involved, Sami then gets a call from the kidnapped giving her instructions where to deliver the money. Bo presents Vivian with a restraining order to keep her distance from Carly, she then realizes something asks if he's sleeping with Carly, Victor tells Vivian to go and nail Carly. Chad invites Gabi to come with him, Tad and Kinsey to Vancouver for winter break to see the Olympics. Melanie overhears Bo and Carly talking about her.moreless
  • Ep. #11250
    Ep. #11250
    Episode 300
    Hope tells Maggie that it was a beautiful service, Maggie wants to check to see if there's enough food. Doug asks Hope why Bo hasn't come back to the house. Melissa arrives sad that she missed the funeral, Maggie says she's here now and that's all that matters. E.J. comes to offer his condolences but Brady says that he isn't welcome here. Stefano goes through some papers and finds something very interesting. Melanie meets Melissa and learns that she's Nathan's mother. Anna tells Sydney that she knows she can count on E.J. to deliver what's hers. Vivian suspects she knows who Carly's daughter is after remembering seeing a photo of her with that Mia girl. Bo and Hope have a heart-to-heart talk, and Justin arrives apologizing for missing the funeral. Rafe revisits the DiMera mansion to find a link to the kidnapping. The man wears a ski mask and says for Arianna to go and open the register. Vivian sees both Melanie and Mia thinking this is her opportunity to find out if Mia is Carly's daughter. Melissa finds out that Nathan spent some time in jail and thanks to Melanie. Stefano confronts E.J. for selling off assets and for half for their really worth. Carly sees a ring on Melanie's finger and finding out she's engaged to Philip. Brady comes to Arianna's rescue, by tackling the robber and knocking the gun out of his hand. E.J. tells Stefano that when he does get Sydney back he's keeping him as far away from him. Hope as well as others tell what Mickey meant to them, and Maggie is grateful that god sent Mickey her way.moreless
  • Ep. #11249
    Ep. #11249
    Episode 299
    Hope turns around and realizes that Maggie and everyone heard what she said and humbly apologizes and tells Doug she'll handle Carly. Arianna and Brady head to Java after having a double date with Chloe and Daniel at the opera, Arianna asks Chloe if she thinks Brady and Nicole are only friends. Bo thanks the officer for the information, he checked it out and the baby she took was her niece, and says to Will he didn't want Sami to get her hopes up. Carly tells Hope that she ended this marriage and isn't sorry about what happened with Bo. Troy conveniently runs into Arianna and sees she's with company. Melanie hears Hope and learns Carly stabbed and killed her husband. Philip tells Maggie that he's gonna make sure that Melissa gets home for the service. Bo walks in on Hope and Carly arguing. Melanie tells Philip that he is with Stephanie and she is with Philip and the kiss in the kitchen meant nothing. Arianna overhears Chloe talking with Daniel about Brady, Chloe notices that she was listening the whole time. Hope tells Bo to leave because this time is for family, he says he's not until he clears a few things up. Philip asks Melanie what was going on with her and Nathan at Maggie's house. Lucas tells Will that just because he's not with Mia anymore doesn't mean he can't be there for her. Will walks in and sees Mia crying uncontrollably, and immediately embraces her. Bo finds Carly packing and he says that she can't leave. Philip and Melanie set a date for their wedding. Nathan tells Stephanie that he's over Melanie.moreless
  • Ep. #11248
    Ep. #11248
    Episode 298
    Nathan plants a kiss on Melanie while reaching down to get her keys. Stephanie stops Philip from entering Maggie's and learns that Mickey died. E.J. tells Anna to stop thinking and do what he tells her to do. Hope asks Bo to do her a favor and come with her to Mickey's office to tell everyone because she can't do it alone. Mia tells Will that his aunt called and that his Uncle Mickey died. Maggie tries to get the message back, Lucas comes in and consoles her. Doug urges Hope to reconcile with Bo, after realizing she didn't file the separation papers. Lucas tells Maggie he has a friend and will be able to retrieve any message from her phone and will get the one Mickey sent her. Sami tells E.J. she's waited long enough and is telling Rafe about the ransom note, and E.J. agrees he should tell him. Hope tells Bo that she talked to Doug about them, she then learns that Bo took Carly home and then slept with her. Anna wants to know when she can deliver the ransom demand. Carly makes an appearance at Maggie's house and runs into Mia. Melanie tells Philip she wants to put their elopement on hold. Bo receives information on Sydney's kidnapping case. Rafe urges Will to give Mia another chance. Hope confronts Carly about sleeping with Bo and degrading her in front of everyone at the house.moreless
  • Ep. #11247
    Ep. #11247
    Episode 297
    Julie sees that Nathan's problem is Melanie. Maggie prepares the house for company, she then receives a delayed text from Mickey excited about the trip. Victor yells at Brady for defending Nicole and Arianna. Vivian learns of Philip's elopement plans and offers an olive branch to him, but he says she's not a part of his life. Julie gets a call from Hope and learns of Mickey's death and says she'll go over to Maggie's, but first breaks the news to Nathan. Arianna gives a nice gift to Melanie. Philip asks Vivian exactly what it is she's up to. Carly tells Bo that they shouldn't do this. Julie thinks Nathan should move back in to help Maggie. Maggie rushes out of the room when Melanie comes and asks why everyone is here and who died. Bo and Carly make love. Melanie goes in an apologizes to Maggie and shouldn't have figured out. Brady and Arianna vow to find who's bringing the drugs into Salem. Doug and Julie try to get Maggie to get some rest. Vivian shows Victor the current information on Carly's baby and it being a girl, and the walls are closing in on Carly. Philip wonders what's keeping Melanie and they should be on their way and goes to find her at Maggie's.moreless
  • Ep. #11246
    Ep. #11246
    Episode 296
    Carly and Vivian end up in a elevator trapped together. Hope sees Maggie disheveled and asks what's wrong. Will decides to go and tells Gabi what she and Mia were talking about. Anna is shocked to see E.J. at her doorstep. Rafe asks Sami if she's in fact keeping something from him. Bo tells Justin that he won and can have Hope since that's what he wanted when he came back to town. Maggie tells Hope that she did her best by doing CPR but was too late and Mickey was already gone. Vivian tells Carly that she should've buried her good and dead and not alive, Carly then admits to killing Lawrence cause he was a sadistic human being. Hope tells Maggie that she said goodbye to her uncle and looked like he was at peace. E.J. tells Anna that he gave her explicit instructions not to leave the house or their deal is off. Will tells Mia that Gabi doesn't like she did to him in the past. E.J. tells Anna that the area is secure and nobody knows where her and Sydney are. Vivian gets off the elevator and it starts malfunction with Carly inside. Justin tells Bo that he's tired of being the good guy in all this. Maggie tells the paramedics to hold on while she puts Mickey's wedding ring back on his finger. Rafe tells Bo that they haven't been contacted with a ransom note. Sami gets ahold of E.J. he reassures her that the ransom drop should go smoothly. Bo learns Carly is in the elevator after hearing her being frantic. Will tells Mia that he's fed up with her lies and breaks up with her for good this time. Maggie suddenly realizes and doesn't think Alice could take the news of Mickey's death cause she's so frail, Hope says that she must know and calls Alice and asks to come over her house. Rafe tells Sami he's gonna bring Sydney home and is gonna see her happy again.moreless
  • Ep. #11245
    Ep. #11245
    Episode 295
    Nicole is sentenced to 20 years for her crimes. Gabi tells Chad that why didn't he tell her about his kid with Mia. Anna says that she'd rather die before she gets caught and sent to prison. Maggie tells Chloe that she'll do fine while she's away with Mickey, Lexie says for Chloe to head over to the courthouse. Mia tells Gabi that what she feels for Chad will always be there, and for her not to say anything to Will or Chad. Judge Goldberg allows Nicole to speak to the gallery after learning her sentence. Brady turns around and sees that Arianna left. Anna gets a knock at the door. Will calls Mia and says that Nicole didn't get the maximum and to meet at Maggie's. Rafe tells E.J. he's back in the F.B.I. Chad realizes that Mia said something to Gabi. Anna goes to check and sees it was only the tree branch hitting the door. E.J. thinks now that Rafe has his job back he and Sami should tell him about the ransom note. Gabi confronts Mia about her feelings for Chad. Nicole tells Chloe not to take what she has with Daniel for granted. Lexie tells Maggie as she prepares for her cruise, she enjoys hearing about her life with Mickey and is an inspiration and is lucky to have him. Gabi interrupts a moment between Will and Mia, and when Will leaves she asks her why she was kissing him. Arianna realizes Brady still loves Nicole, and says for him to and say goodbye to her before leaving for prison. Anna hears a car door slam, and sees that someone is here. E.J. gets a important call and hurries out thinking it'll lead him to his daughter. Nicole tells Brady not to write her of visit cause she'll refuse to see him. Will overhears and asks Mia what Gabi meant from what she said to her. Maggie comes into the kitchen and suddenly breaks into tears. Anna leaves and sees E.J. at her door and sees that she has Sydney in her arms.moreless
  • Ep. #11244
    Ep. #11244
    Episode 294
    Rafe informs Sami that the F.B.I. reinstated him. Troy thinks if his operative has done the job yet. E.J. gets word and hurries and leaves the mansion. Mia continues to be jealous of Gabi and Chad as they sit together at Java and tells Chad about Nicole's sentencing. Donald tries to get Nicole to think about pleading guilty. Philip tells Melanie that the next time he brings her home they will be a married couple. Will is thrilled that Rafe is with the F.B.I again and wants to come to Nicole's hearing. Brady enters the pub just before Troy's assassin can hurt Arianna. Nathan tells Stephanie that he's going to be making some changes and it involves her. E.J. sees that Sami got the news about the hearing, and see when Nicole is brought into the courtroom. D.A. Woods says he has that Nicole should be in prison for 70 years, but the Judge says he'll determine after hearing testimony today. Troy tells the man that he has to meet up with Arianna so that she won't get suspicious. Gabi learns that Chad and Mia had a baby together after hearing the testimony of Sami. Nathan tells Stephanie that he was chasing a fantasy when it came to Melanie and he's through with that. Sami then says that now her daughter is missing again and it's all cause of Nicole. Melanie has a fantasy of being in bed with Nathan and not Philip, she wakes up and asks Philip for a favor. Brady makes an emotional plea during Nicole's defense at her sentencing, Arianna hears him say that Nicole deserves mercy. Melanie tells Nathan that she's given her notice and is dropping out of the nursing school program. Judge Goldberg tells E.J. and Sami that they've had the tendency to lie in the past, and has reached a verdict in Nicole's case.moreless
  • Ep. #11243
    Ep. #11243
    Episode 293
    Bo sees that Justin is moving out of the Kiriakis mansion. Troy hires an operative to take Arianna out and gives her a picture of what she looks like. Sami secretly meets with E.J., who informs her that he's received another note from the kidnapper, and try to figure out the instructions. Rafe questions Brady about his feelings for Nicole, and will have to deal with him if he hurts Arianna. Hope tells Bo that he already knows the reason that he was asked to leave, cause of the kiss. Gabi gets a call from Chad, and leaves Arianna to meet him for coffee at Java. E.J. tells Sami that what if the kidnapper means what they say about never seeing Sydney again, he then figures out the numbers at the bottom of the page and they're coordinates, Gabi sees them rushing off in a hurry. Rafe has a meeting with Tim and asks how the search for Sydney is panning out, he says his visit has everything to do with Sydney. The man looks in the pub and sees that Arianna isn't alone and calls Troy and he then knows what to do. Sami and E.J. find a phone and they get a call from the kidnapper, Anna the asks to speak to Sami and says her daughter is safe but won't come home til she does something for her. Arianna likes Brady's idea of celebrating a belated New Year's. Bo tells Maggie that hers, Julie and Alice's hearts were in the right place about reuniting him and Hope. The man enters the pub after Gabi leaves and slowly moves towards Arianna.moreless
  • Ep. #11242
    Ep. #11242
    Episode 292
    Melanie and Stephanie learn that Nathan and Philip are in jail. Bo tells Carly that he daughter appears to be safe, cause the person that was snooping didn't get away with much. Hope and Justin try to explain themselves to Vivian and Victor, but Victor just wants them to leave. Nathan tells Philip that he and Melanie may not be together anymore, he still cares about her. Brady comes to see Nicole, and says he knows she wants to be a better person and her life isn't over. Justin tells Vivian that Bo has moved on with Carly. Victor tells Hope that she betrayed his son and isn't going to forgive her so easily and what if Ciara walked in the room. Philip tells Stephanie that Nathan is probably telling Melanie not to marry him as we speak. Nathan tells Melanie to reconsider marrying Philip. Brady explains to Nicole that there's no way he's gonna let her give up and tells her to fight. Carly reminisces about a past New Year's celebration with Bo while working at the hospital. Vivian tells Bo about Justin and Hope's kiss. Hope calls Justin and tells him that things went from bad to worse with Victor after he left the house. Nicole calls her lawyer saying she's changing her plea and throws herself on his mercy. Stephanie refuses to pay Nathan's bail and tells the guard to call Maggie. Bo tells Vivian he refuses to believe a word of what she says, she says Victor seen the kiss too.moreless
  • Ep. #11241
    Ep. #11241
    Episode 291
    Rafe prepares to celebrate New Year's with Sami. Melanie tells Philip that she got time off so they can elope. Daniel learns Nathan has plans with Stephanie at Chez Rouge. Victor sees Hope and Justin and wonders what they're conspiring together. Daniel sees that something is bothering Carly and asks her that he's here if she wants to talk, she then opens up about her killing Lawrence. Maggie sees Julie all gussied up and is ready for New Year's, and she gets a call from Mickey saying he's unable to make it. Nathan's about to send a text, but insists on telling them in person instead. Stephanie learns of Melanie and Philip's plans for the evening. Philip tells Nathan about him and Melanie eloping, Nathan says no he isn't. Hope and Justin search through Vivian's things hoping to find what they need. Rafe gives probably good news to Sami that he might be reinstated with the F.B.I. and he'll have access to files and will help more in finding Sydney. Julie tells Maggie not to let Mickey not being her spoil her evening by saying she'll have a great time tonight. Hope finds a secret panel ins the closet containing a box. Nathan tells Philip that Melanie is confused and doesn't know what she wants and will probably hurt her, they start to throw punches. Melanie gets a call and tells Stephanie she's not going to believe where their dates are for the evening. Daniel and Chloe share a romantic New Year's Eve. Hope hears that Victor and Vivian have come back to the house, and walks in on them kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #11240
    Ep. #11240
    Episode 290
    Sami continues to decide whether or not to tell Rafe about the note. Arianna is glad that she has Troy's phone. Hope continues to listen to Vivian and Victor until Justin sees her and he doesn't hear what they said. E.J. threatens to replace Troy with Arianna and reams into him for leaving his phone behind and he finds it he gets to live. Vivian asks Hope how long has she been standing at what exactly did she hear. Roman tells Arianna that having the phone is a major step in finding out who the drug lord is. Anna tells Frank what's been going on in the DiMera mansion and wonders if they know about the note she sent. Roman tries to figure out the code to see the incoming calls, but E.J. manages to use his phone to disarm any information. Vivian realizes it was Victor's sneeze that prevented Hope from finding about Carly's child, and it being a good move. Bo and Carly share another intimate moment and tells her she's not alone. Rafe tells Sami about the call from his F.B.I. contact saying they want to do surveillance around the mansion. Roman has an idea to make Troy think someone else took his phone. Anna tells Frank that F.B.I getting won't happen if they haven't gotten involved already. Rafe tells Sami that he doesn't think there'll be a ransom note. Victor asks Vivian what she's going to do when she does find Carly's child, she says she'll take her away like she did with Lawrence. Roman sees that his plan worked like a charm. Justin agrees to help Hope search for answers. Troy doesn't want E.J. replacing him with Arianna, and she might just have an accident. E.J. returns and asks Sami if she told Rafe about the note, she says she didn't and thinks he should know.moreless
  • Ep. #11239
    Ep. #11239
    Episode 289
    Anna tells Sydney that it's only a matter of time before she's filthy rich. Melanie tells Nathan to keep his harsh opinions to himself at the idea of her marrying Philip. Hope sees Bo and Carly kissing when she comes to see him, she almost leaves but then decides to bust in on them. Chloe asks Brady if what Victor says about Arianna being a drug dealer is true or not. Rafe tells Arianna that he has a new lead in finding Sydney. Philip comes by and asks Nathan if he's here to congratulate him on his engagement. Sami comes by and asks E.J. what he's reading. Vivian sees that Victor is thinking Carly's child is Bo's. Sami finds the note by the kidnapper and asks E.J. why he didn't tell her. Rafe finds out the person paid cash for the boots and has to think of another way. Carly has a run-in with Vivian and accuses her of putting the corpse in the hospital bed for her to find. E.J. tells her not to tell Rafe about the note from the kidnapper. Maggie sees the ring on Melanie's finger and congratulates her on getting exactly what she wanted. Mia announces she wants to be a candy striper after Gabi says she wants to be one as well. Anna decides on whether to mail the latest note. Lexie urges Nathan to make his feelings clear. Brady confronts Victor over Arianna's secret. Arianna tries to push things along with Troy. Philip tells Melanie about a plan to elope to avoid traditional wedding rituals. Hope overhears Vivian's plan to Victor on destroying Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #11238
    Ep. #11238
    Episode 288
    Kate arrives and sees that Vivian is there talking with Melanie about wedding preparations. Gabi announces to Chad, Mia, Will, Tad and Kinsey that she's staying in Salem. Stephanie tells Nathan that the kids loved him at the hospital party and was a hit, and knows why he's suddenly distracted. Kate tells Vivian to get out cause Philip nor her care about her. Hope asks Justin to help her move on from Bo by asking him to file separation papers. Carly tells Bo that she's mad at herself cause the way she admitted that she still loved him. Gus calls Vivian and says that he found something interesting about Carly. Philip breaks the news to Stephanie that he's marrying Melanie, she then wishes him all the best and hope it works out. Bo gets a call and tells Carly that it's about her, and someone was poking around her records. Justin tells Hope that he doesn't think that she and Bo should split up and why she won't give it some more time, he also says he's too much involved in the way he feels about her. Vivian tells Victor the unfinished letter Lawrence never got to mail was about the love child that Carly had with another man. Nathan asks Melanie if she's rushing things and if she's in fact happy. Philip makes it clear to Kate that he doesn't want her involved in his marriage or wedding. Mia tells Gabi that some people like Kinsey can be cruel and she'll have her back at Salem High. Hope takes a look back at what she and Bo went through together from past to present. Philip thinks Nathan is still hung up on Melanie, but he's not worried cause she has him. Melanie asks Nathan why would he bring up her not being happy cause she is. Vivian vows she will find the answers by locating Carly's child.moreless
  • Ep. #11237
    Ep. #11237
    Episode 287
    Philip and Melanie wake up in each other's arms, he tells her he's glad that she said yes to his proposal. Rafe gets a promising tip prompted by the Christmas Eve vigil. Anna wonders if she did the right thing last night. Theo helps Nathan give Stephanie a very special gift. Vivian slyly snipes at Chloe and realizes she's the woman that got Brady hooked on drugs. Philip says to Melanie that once she's married she won't have to bother working at the hospital, but she says she likes what she's doing. E.J. finds a gift and sees that it's from Stefano, and tells his father he should've saved his money. Arianna tells Sami that Brady is at Victor's with his family. Maggie tells Nathan to fulfill Tom's tradition and read the Christmas story to the kids. E.J. lashes at Rafe for not telling him about the lead that could get Sydney back. Anna is startled by a sudden knock at the door. Rafe tells E.J. that he and Sami were planning on telling him the second he walked in. Nathan agrees to tell the story to the kids. Anna sees a package on her doorstep. Philip announces his engagment, Victor then makes a joke of using the same day he planned to marry Stephanie. Maggie fondly remembers Tom during the holiday season. Brady surprises Arianna when she sees his gift and then comes in the room. E.J. receives a letter from Sydney's kidnapper.moreless
  • Ep. #11236
    Ep. #11236
    Episode 286
    Nicole tries to put her finger on who's voice it is she's remembering. Stefano tries to offer an olive branch to E.J., he then says he doesn't want him at the vigil. Doug and Julie are delighted that they made in Salem just in time. Anna donds the letter she's gonna mail to E.J. Carly and Rafe run into each other on the pier. Hope gives Sami advice about Sydney. Arianna hears making arrangements for getting Nicole a lawyer and asks when he planned on telling her. Rafe tells Carly that he went back to the boat to thank her, but she wasn't there. Doug tells Julie not to push at the matter regarding Bo and Hope's marriage. Nathan tells Stephanie that this is his first Horton Christmas in years. Brady opens his present from Arianna to find a set of cuff links belonging to her grandfather. Melanie accepts Philip's marriage proposal. Bo and Hope agree to have the Horton Christmas at Alice's. Julie presses Hope to get back together with Bo. Sami visits Nicole, sees that it's true that she's remembering something on who has Sydney. Lucas brings Will and Allie to Bo's to join and to participate in the hanging of the Christmas ornaments. Stefano calls Anna and she rejects his offer to come to the house for the holidays. Philip thinks that the ring getting stuck on Melanie's finger is fate that they're destined to be together. Sami tells Rafe it's only a matter of time before Nicole remembers the woman's voice, E.J. interrupts and apologizes for being late.moreless
  • Ep. #11235
    Ep. #11235
    Episode 285
    Nicole asks Brady if there are any updates on locating Sydney and asks if he can get a picture of her. Anna is surprised to get a call from Roman. Mia learns that Chad asked Gabi to the dance. Melanie isn't up to celebrating Christmas and turned down Caroline's offer to go to Midnight mass. Kinsey opens her mouth and says that her inviting her baby's father after inviting Will. Nathan tells Stephanie that them doing the toy drive at the hospital isn't a date. Brady tells Nicole there was a false lead that led to Kate having the similar boots, but she has a solid alibi. Stephanie tells Nathan that she knows that he'll never hurt her and the find themselves under the mistletoe. Roman invites Anna to the Horton Christmas, she says she loved to but can't. Melanie goes into Java and sees Stephanie and Nathan about to kiss. Arianna cautions Chad to watch himself around her sister or he'll be hearing from Rafe. Brady helps Nicole get a better lawyer and fires her public defender. Justin confesses to Philip that Adrienne doesn't want him home for Christmas. Will tells Mia that he was talking to Tad and that he knew about the second date and she lied to him. Brady tells Nicole that he wants to help her and the vigil probably will help Sydney come home. Philip takes Melanie to an inn decorated for Christmas. Arianna tells Brady that she had Gabi had fun tonight didn't even argue once. Anna is bent on making Stefano for taking Tony away from her, and they'll understand what grief feels like. Mia is upset when she sees Chad and Gabi slow dancing on the pier. Philip presents Melanie with a ring, and says he doesn't want to waste any time and proposes to her. Nicole says that she knows the voice of Sydney's kidnapper.moreless
  • Ep. #11234
    Ep. #11234
    Episode 284
    Hope tells Lexie that she and Bo have to discuss Christmas. Will asks Mia if Chad is wrong when he says she invited him as well. Rafe says to Sami and E.J. that Kate is the one that bought that particular pair of boots. Bo says that what Carly just said kind taken him back years ago. Anna looks at a picture of Tony saying she doesn't want to see Sydney raised in the mansion cause of what happened to him. Gabi tells Arianna that she'll get to spend Christmas with her and Rafe this year. Hope tells Lexie that Doug and Julie might ask her why she and Bo are putting Ciara through this. Will asks Mia who she really wants to go to the dance with either him or Chad. Rafe and Sami confront Kate, Sami asks her where she's taken Sydney, Stefano comes home and asks why she's attacking his wife. Bo tells Carly that they do share an awful lot of memories together. Anna takes Sydney's picture hoping to send it with the letter she's written. Bo and Hope discuss what their gonna do for the holidays by having at their house cause Alice isn't up to doing it this year. Gabi tells Arianna that she's going to the dance and she has a date but nothing to wear. Lexie tells Stefano that she, Abe and Theo won't be at the mansion for Christmas. Maggie can understand and isn't mad at Mia, but she gives her advice and say how handsome Will looks when he picks her up. E.J. suggests that a candlelight vigil be held on Christmas Eve. Hope thanks Bo for agreeing to have the Horton gathering at the house this year for Ciara, Hope gets emotional after she leaves. Anna receives a shocking call.moreless
  • Ep. #11233
    Ep. #11233
    Episode 283
    Daniel tells Bo and Carly that he knows who put the body in Mrs. Parker's hospital bed and why. Mia fails to rectify having two dates to the Winter Dance as Chad and Will tell her what time to pick her up. E.J. interrupts a moment between Arianna and Brady. Chloe visits Nicole in jail. Anna tells Sydney that she did the right thing by taking her and she belongs with her. Sami now realizes after learning from Rafe that Sydney could be with a complete stranger. Anna tells Sydney that Tony would've definately doted on her now that he's no longer here. Daniel says that an orderly made the error and it being strange that he up and quit before he was questioned. Arianna is shocked that E.J. is practically accusing her and Brady of stealing Sydney, Brady comes in and tells for E.J. to back off, E.J. humbily apologizes for speaking to Arianna like that. Will tells Gabi that tonight is Salem High's annual Winter Dance. Tad apologizes ot Mia for Kinsey saying what she did at the study group. Bo tells Carly that it maybe over between him and Hope. Tad tells Mia to call Chad and tell him that he's going with Will. Gabi tells Chad that Mia is going to the dance with Will. Anna reveals something that's gonna cause everyone a little more pain. Carly to Bo that she's happy that his marriage is falling apart and that she's falling in love with him. Nicole is happy when Brady comes to see her. E.J. tells Sami and Rafe his idea of making a public announcement by offering a cash reward, Rafe gets a call saying that a woman bought a pair of boots that she and E.J. know well. Anna tells Sydney that this will be their first Christmas together.moreless
  • Ep. #11232
    Ep. #11232
    Episode 282
    Bo tells Hope the thing he wants more then anything to have her and Ciara home for Christmas. E.J. tells Nicole that he wants her to explain everything she told Roman. Carly begins her first day of work at University Hospital. Nurse Maxine tells Melanie to introduce herself to the new attending and to be polite, she then sees that it's Carly. Brady and Arianna disagree about E.J. Rafe secures sodium Penathol from his friend Tim, and uses it on Stefano. Vivian arrives at the hospital and gives Carly a bouquet of flowers to officially welcome her back to work. Melanie agrees with Arianna and says that E.J. is an egotistical jerk. Rafe visits Stefano at the jail and says he put truth serum in his water. Hope tells Bo she's reminded of Billie, and asks him if he had a baby with Carly. Rafe starts to question Stefano and if he knows where Sydney is. Vivian asks Melanie what it's like to work with her old dear friend Carly. Carly goes to check on Mrs. Parker and sees that she's dead. E.J. listens as Stefano says to Rafe that he did not take. Hope accidentally knocks over a picture of her, Bo and Ciara and breaks. Carly sees the flower and takes it out and remembers what Vivian said to her. Rafe tells E.J. that Stefano is in fact telling the truth about him not taking his daughter. Anna DiMera is revealed as Sydney's kidnapper.moreless
  • Ep. #11231
    Ep. #11231
    Episode 281
    Arianna tells E.J. that Troy bring the product to the pub and he scared him off. Rafe gives Abe the description of the designer boots that Nicole said the kidnapper was wearing. Brady confronts Victor about his role in the drug ring. Sami tells Will who's rethinking taking Mia to the dance, that Sydney will be found and to go ahead and take Mia. Kinsey apologizes for being so abrupt by bringing a baby. Sydney's kidnapper attempts to hang a wreath on her door, she falls and the temperature in the room starts to drop. Gabi comes to see Sami thinking Arianna might be there. Brady says to Victor either he tels him who he sold the drug business to or he calls the police. E.J. feels out Arianna and determines her to be a cagey operative. Abe asks Sami how Will has been lately with all that's happened with his sister. Maggie tells Mia that things tend to get rough around the holidays and to take it one day at a time. Arianna tells Brady that she doesn't need protection from E.J., Brady says that Victor admitted to being a drug lord. The mysterious woman remains unconscious as Sydney is in her playpen. Mia gets an invite to the Winter Dance by Chad. Rafe surprises Sami with a gift, then they make love, Rafe gets a call saying about Nicole remembering those boots. The woman wakes up and goes to check on Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11230
    Ep. #11230
    Episode 280
    Kate comes in realizing what she heard was true about Vivian living here at the mansion. Philip and Melanie about the staff Christmas party and Nathan comes in and doesn't want to disturb them. The mystery woman continues to keep watch on Sydney. Nathan asks Stephanie what happened between her and Philip cause they were once engaged, she says that she was deluding herself. Vivian tells Kate that she's heard a little tidbit that her Stefano is behind bars. Stefano tells the guard that he need to makes his call and someone he must talk to. Brady tells Arianna that there's no way he's letting her go to meet the boss on the pier alone. Troy tells E.J. that Arianna is more trouble then she's worth. Philip walks in on Kate and Vivian arguing about him. Stephanie tells Melanie that she and Nathan are gonna spend Christmas together, and Nathan is startled at what Stephanie told Melanie. The mystery woman reads an article about the search continuing for Sydney. Vivian tells Victor to look on the bright side cause Kate thinks they're a couple. Arianna sees that Troy is alone and asks if the boss is coming or not. Rafe tells Nicole that he doesn't know why but he believes she didn't take Sydney. Philip asks Melanie what she's doing for the holidays. Nicole has a brief flash and tells Rafe the woman's boots having leopard skin on them. Victor warns Brady not to get involved with Arianna because she is dealing drugs.moreless
  • Ep. #11229
    Ep. #11229
    Episode 279
    Vivian learns that Hope got her a gift for Christmas. Chloe asks Brady to visit Nicole in jail. Bo worries that Carly will keep crossing paths with her daughter. Rafe thinks Sami is about to get a confession from Stefano. Bo agrees with Justin and thinks her moving to Salem isn't a good idea. Troy approaches Arianna saying that they've got a problem. Roman thinks it's convenient that Nicole is suddenly remembering her attacker. Sami is shocked when Stefano says she couldn't even keep Grace alive when she was living with her, Rafe's heard enough and enters the mansion. Maggie tells Justin that Carly was hired at University Hospital and now thinks that it's a mistake. Hope implements her plan to find out what Vivian knows. Stefano realizes that Sami is wearing a wire, Rafe comes in, and Stefano is stunned to learn that E.J. was also involved. Maggie admits that she was thrown when Carly said she had feelings for Bo, Justin is relieved and doesn't think it's their business. Sami tells Roman that she wants to press assault charges against Stefano. Brady admits to Arianna that he never stopped loving her and they share a kiss. Chloe tells Nicole that Brady isn't coming and needs to know about this woman, she thinks that Nicole is making this up. Justin tells Hope that she's working Vivian to find out why she's in town, he tells her to go and see what she can dig up. Roman says to Stefano the assault charge will be dropped if he tells them where Sydney is, but he says he doesn't know where she is. Nicole is surprised by a visit from Rafe.moreless
  • Ep. #11228
    Ep. #11228
    Episode 278
    Daniel learns from Justin that Carly is the doctor that he's talking about. Bo hears Stefano on the phone plotting some sort of tactic, and asks him what it's all about. Justin learns that Carly and Daniel are old friends. Arianna and Gabi discuss Sami and Rafe's relationship. Nicole is glad that Chloe came to see her and if there's any news on Sydney. The mystery woman continues to take care of Sydney. Stefano tells Bo that witout his resources he'll never find Sydney. Sami wants to go and get answers from Stefano, Rafe arrives and agrees that being the way to go. Daniel wants Carly to come over and have dinner one time so they can catch up for lost time. Rafe insists that Sami wears a wire, E.J. says that Stefano can sense that something is going on. Carly goes to Justin about his intentions on keeping her from working at the hospital, he says for Carly to leave town immediately. Gabi says that Rafe is acting like it's his daughter that he's looking for, and what'll happen if they find the baby. Sami enters and demands that Stefano tell her where her daughter is. Nicole asks Chloe to get Brady to come and visit her. Stefano tells Sami he can't give her what he doesn't have and says he'll make sure she never sees her daughter again. Nicole has a memory that the person who took Sydney was a woman.moreless
  • Ep. #11227
    Ep. #11227
    Episode 277
    Sami has a dream of someone knocking on her door and Sydney in her carrier. Justin approaches Bo over the situation with Carly and asks him if he's accusing him of something. A woman rocks Sydney in a chair while singing her a lullaby. Nathan thinks about breaking it off with Melanie cause of Philip. Carly tells Maggie that she did the right thing by letting it go about her not living at her place. E.J. tells Stefano that he had the mansion signed over to him when he was in a coma. Daniel tells Nathan that he has an idea thinking that he'll like it, Chloe arranges something for him and Melanie. Sami tells Bo that the more she thinks of of the more convinced that Stefano is behind all this. Philip learns that Vivian has moved into the Kiriakis mansion. Justin arrives on the pier and says the reason she's here is cause of Bo. E.J. threatens to banish Stefano from the DiMera mansion. The mysterious woman gets a phone call saying that Sydney is going just fine. E.J. goes to see Sami with a plan hoping Stefano will lead them to Sydney. Melanie and Nathan inform Daniel and Chloe of their recent split. Justin goes to Daniel telling him not to hire Carly, he's surprised when Carly and Daniel seem to know each other. Bo warns Vivian not to harm Carly cause she won't succeed. Sami says to E.J. that she's extremely grateful for what he's doing for her.moreless
  • Ep. #11226
    Ep. #11226
    Episode 276
    E.J. continues to grill Fay about Sydney. Brady stops Rafe from attacking Nicole, she then collapses afterwards. Justin leaves and runs into Hope and Ciara ready to decorate the tree, but he doesn't want them to see Carly, Ciara asks what Carly is still doing there. Sami learns that Nicole escaped the hospital. Mia shows up at Will's to offer him help in finding Sydney, and Lucas offers his apology for judging her. Hope tells Ciara that she's not staying. Nicole continues to state she had nothing to do with Sydney's disappearance. Lucas tells Mia that she should get back together with Will, Mia tells Will that Lucas was only apologizing to her. Stefano opens up to Kate that he'll fight Sami to keep Sydney in his life. Brady asks Nicole if she's starting to remember something. Roman verifies that Fay was nowhere near the bus station and E.J. says they're back to square one. Will humbily asks Mia to the Winter Dance, she gladly accepts. Justin tells Carly that he's convinced she's never stopped loving Bo and she has other family she could've contacted. Fay scolds Nicole for lying to her by saying the baby was hers. Bo, Hope and Ciara share a nice family moment. Nicole asks to say something before she's taken off to jail saying that she's sorry and hopes Sydney is safe wherever she is. A mysterious woman is shown with Sydney in her stroller.moreless
  • Ep. #11225
    Ep. #11225
    Episode 275
    Rafe points out to the officer guarding Nicole that she's gone. Hope tells Justin that the tree trimming party didn't go since Carly came back and is probably moving back in as we speak to Bo's. Vivian is pleased to have Victor on board in bringing down Carly. E.J. believes that Nicole has hidden Sydney after learning she's is gone. Arianna hears Brady tell Roman that he thinks that Nicole is telling the truth, he sees her and asks what she's doing in Cleveland. Nicole flees the hospital in search of Sydney. Rafe finds Nicole's hospital gown and I.D. bracelet in a storage room. Hope tells Justin she thinks the real reason Carly returned to Salem to get her husband. Nicole finds something useful in the pocket and uses the change to call her mother but is unable to reach her, and realizes this is the place where she got knocked out. Roman brings Fay to the hospital and E.J. asks her if she knows where his daughter is. Carly fears Vivian will carry out Lawrence's plan, Bo thinks they need to get rid of Vivian as a threat. Rafe tracks Nicole at the bus station. Arianna tells Brady she is trying to understand and keeps getting him caught up in her lies and he's addicted to her. Roman explains the contents of Fay's car to E.J. and she says she doesn't know where Sydney is. Nicole pulls out a knife on Rafe, but he manages to restrain her. Carly tells Bo that today is the day the were married years ago. Hope vows to uncover Carly's secret. Hope tells Victor that Vivian moving is a great idea, thinking she can get what she wants. Justin catches a tender moment between Bo and Carly. Brady and Arianna see Rafe attacking Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #11224
    Ep. #11224
    Episode 274
    Rafe asks Stefano if what E.J. saying is true, Stefano says he has a good idea who has Sydney. Vivian has a run-in with Kate at Java. Carly tells Bo that living with Maggie was a no go, Hope thinks of an agenda of cozying up to Maggie. Victor arrives and thinks he's come just in time after seeing everyone tense at Bo's house, he's then welcomed by Ciara. Hope is upset when Bo and Carly continue to keep secrets from her. Gus presents Vivian with a letter confirming Lawrence had a Swiss bank account, she's then startled by the letter saying someone else needs to see this. Stefano tells Sami that his heart goes out to her but he doesn't know where Sydney is. Roman tells Rafe he thinks that it was a professional and the Cleveland P.D. maybe on to the person that took her was Nicole's mother Fay, but isn't the person to knock her daughter out like that. Maggie tells Mia not for her to become bitter, Mia says it's too late cause she already is. Nicole tries to find a way to go and find Sydney herself. Carly tells Bo that she can't take it and they should tell Hope about her daughter. Vivian asks Victor to help her seek revenge on Carly, he then asks her if that was her intention towards her all along. Nicole usues a paper clip to try and unlock the adjoining door. Stefano calls Kate asking her what happened and his granddaughter needs to be found. Rafe sees that Nicole is missing from her hospital room. E.J. assures Sami they'll find their daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #11223
    Ep. #11223
    Episode 273
    Ciara tells Hope that she wants to hide her father's gift at her real home. Brady tells Arianna that Nicole is in custody but at a local hospital and Sydney is still out there somewhere. E.J. pushes Nicole to admit what happened with Sydney, but she says that she doesn't remember cause she was attacked from behind, E.J. thinks that this is one of her theatrical performances. Melanie tells Carly that she can't move in and Mia feels the same way. Maggie explains that Melanie doesn't make the rules on who lives in her house, and is more then welcome to stay. Arianna tells Brady how she feels, but he doesn't hear cause he was pulled aside to talk to a cop. Sami stops E.J. from harrassing Nicole, cause he wasn't there when Nicole was assaulted. Rafe and Stefano get into an argument, and Rafe tells E.J. that his father is here. Bo wants Hope to consider coming home, she tells Bo that she wants to know what's wrong with Carly and why she's here. E.J. tells Stefano that his help is not wanted here and for him to leave. Arianna explains to Melanie that she's not jealous of Nicole. Nicole tells Brady that she's not lying about what happened at the bus station and isn't hiding Sydney. Bo tells Hope why can't she accept that there's something about Carly that he can't tell, Carly then ends up back at Bo's place. Arianna tells Melanie that she's gonna fight for Brady and makes arrangements to go to Cleveland. E.J. tells Sami and then sees Stefano enter the room that he might have their daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #11222
    Ep. #11222
    Episode 272
    Melanie tells Arianna that she can't focus on Nathan cause he ended things with her. Nicole is found unconscious on the floor at the bus station. Philip drops by Bo's and sees Carly, Bo lays into him for being rude to Carly, Bo wishes her luck in reconnecting with her daughter. Arianna asks Melanie why is she letting Philip get to her bother you. Carly comes to Java and runs into Mia, she says if when she moves in at Maggie's to leave her alone. The police takes Nicole to the hospital and is in custody of the amber alert about her kidnapping someone's kid. Sami, Rafe, E.J. and Brady fly to Cleveland to find Nicole. Carly accidentally bumps in Melanie and spills hot coffee on her arm. Nathan lays into Philip for making her think that she was wrong for him and to stay away from her altogether. Carly says this encounter with her daughter didn't go well and will be better next time. Arianna admits to Gabi that she's working undercover for the police. Nicole wakes up and realize that she's in the hospital and says Sydney's name. Nathan tells Philip that Melanie can go out with anyone she wants just not with him. The nurse tells Sami, Rafe and Brady that there wasn't a baby when Nicole was brought into the hospital. Melanie and Mia both agree that it's best if Carly left. E.J. goes into see Nicole and learns that she has no idea where Sydney is. Sami asks Rafe if Nicole doesn't have Sydney then who has her.moreless
  • Ep. #11221
    Ep. #11221
    Episode 271
    E.J. and Brady get into a heated argument cause he helped Nicole by bailing her out of jail. Maggie asks Stephanie if she's avoiding her. Lucas returns home from rehab and Will is excited to see him, and tells him things aren't good cause his sister has been kidnapped. Nicole makes a decision to call Sami and give up the baby. Nathan shouts at Philip to get away from Melanie. Daniel tells Chloe that it's not her fault cause Nicole lied to her for over a year. Nathan confronts Melanie about her near-kiss with Philip and if he hadn't walked would she have stopped him. Stephanie tells Maggie that Nathan told her that he was interested in her when he first came to town, and blew it cause she was getting over Philip. Will explains to Lucas the whole story about Nicole switching babies, and we all thinking that baby Grace was Sami's baby. Nicole tells Daniel that Nicole took Sydney and she's partly to blame for it. Rafe tells everyone that they traced the call from a cell tower in Cleveland. Nicole tells the bus attendant that she's not gonna be boarding on the bus and isn't going to Toronto. Nathan tells Melanie that he's had it and says that he's done with her. Lucas approaches Chloe about her telling Nicole what he told her in confidence about Sami being pregnant. Mia tells Maggie that she's not good at saying thank you. Lucas tells Chloe that it's her fault, Daniel says that Lucas is back in town and he's already yelling at people. E.J. says there's no way that Brady is going with them to Cleveland. Nicole tries to call E.J. but changes her mind and decides to call Brady instead. Nathan tells Stephanie that things didn't work out with his meeting with Melanie and seen her almost kissing Philip. Lucas tells Maggie that it was him that betrayed Sami by telling Chloe about her pregnancy. Sami receives a call and asks if Nicole, is there and she's seen passed out on the floor of the bus station.moreless
  • Ep. #11220
    Ep. #11220
    Episode 270
    Roman tells Arianna that she musn't get caught. Rafe gets another dead end with Nicole's location. Marge shows Nicole the newspaper article and that she knows who she really is. Philip tells Vivian that she's not his mother and never will be. Roman tells Sami to get over to the pub cause E.J. gave him a lead. Marge tells Nicole that it's gonna cost her in order for her to keep quiet. Nathan sees that Stephanie came to the hospital not to talk about her sprained ankle. Philip tells Vivian that he's not going to let her use him again and tells her to get out of his life. Nicole finds herself with no money, so she sees a woman who admires Sydney and allows her to hold the baby while she goes in her purse. Vivian tells Philip that she's not going anywhere. Melanie sees Philip come into the bar while talking to her co-worker Alicia. Sami has a meltdown when Roman says there were unable to trace Nicole's whereabouts. Nicole calls Brady from the bus station using that woman's cellphone. Stephanie tells Nathan that she thinks that Melanie is wrong for him and thinks he's going to get hurt. Nathan walks in on Melanie about to kiss Philip. Brady tells Roman he got a call from Nicole and thinks she's gonna bring Sydney home. Nicole wonders if she's doing the right thing.moreless
  • Ep. #11219
    Ep. #11219
    Episode 269
    Hope runs into Carly at the Cheatin Heart and wants her to admit she came back to steal her husband. Nicole tells E.J. that this is a goodbye call and he'll never see her or Sydney again. Bo explains to Roman that Carly is moving out of his house. Arianna tries to defend Gabi to Will, but Gabi doesn't want Arianna standing up for her and leaves. Kate tells Philip about Vivian's return, Kate worried that Vivian might sink her claws into Victor again. Hope asks Carly what's her reason for moving out of her house. Vivian is astounded when Victor brings her to the house and she sees Philip and immediately embraces her son. Stefano insists on letting his men track Nicole and Sydney could be home by tonight, E.J. says he's going by the book on this and for him to stay out of it. Nicole tells Fay that the money she gave her isn't enough and needs some fake passports. Hope tells Carly that just because she's moving out doesn't mean that Bo is gonna walk away from her, Bo walks in and agrees with her. Arianna tells Roman that there's a new boss and is gonna hand him over to him so she can get her life back. Will apologizes to Gabi for his behaviour, cause he was just angry about his sister being abducted. Kate sees that Stefano didn't get through to E.J., and says that she has some big news and that Vivian has returned to Salem, he figured it would happen after Lawrence died. Philip tells Vivian to lose the smile cause there's somethings they need to get straight. Fay tells Nicole that the passports are a go, and she'll have to meet with the person.moreless
  • Ep. #11218
    Ep. #11218
    Episode 268
    Arianna realizes that Nicole was hiding on the pier while talking with Gabi. Nicole wants Fay's help in getting her out of the country. Philip tells Stephanie both agree they've moved on with their lives and can be social to one another. Melanie tells Nathan that he can see that Stephanie is into him, Nathan says she has nothing to worry about. Sami pleads with E.J. to find their daughter, he says he's not leaving cause his house was the last place he saw Sydney. Melanie tells Nathan that she's over Philip, but in fact kissed him last night. Rafe tells Roman that he thinks that Nicole's been planning this for a while, Will learns that his sister Sydney is missing. Gabi offers to go and pass out flyers around the neighborhood. Philip deduces that Stephanie has feelings for Nathan. Roman says to Rafe that he's spoken to Brandon and he said he has no clue where Nicole. Rafe witness a moment between Sami and E.J. Nathan vows to Melanie that he'll make sure that Philip never touches her again. Arianna sees that Brady received some phone calls from Nicole last night. Will lashes out at Gabi after he finds out that she helped Nicole escape with his sister. Nicole risks everything by contacting E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11217
    Ep. #11217
    Episode 267
    E.J. and Stefano frantically search for Nicole and Sydney. Bo tries to get through to Carly by saying that Vivian is out for revenge. Stefano tells E.J. that he's never going to find Nicole if she in fact does take off with Sydney. Gabi and Arianna get into a fight and says for sister to get clean. Carly explains that what worse thing could happen if Vivian ever found out about her child with another man. Stefano tells Kate not to fight his battles, Kate tries to get them to see that they're on the same side. Nicole learns a new piece of information about Arianna. Roman arrives to sweep the grounds of the DiMera estate and to call off whoever Stefano has looking for Nicole. Carly tells Bo the full story about what happened with Lawrence about him hating the idea that she had a daughter and wanting to kill her and led to her killing him. Arianna tells Rafe that it's her fault that Nicole went after Sydney. Sami rejects Brady's help after learning that he posted Nicole's bail and can no longer trust him. Stefano tells Kate to keep her mouth shut after plans to ignore Roman's orders. Sami recognizes the bracelet that Gabi has on her wrist and asks where she got it. Nicole arrives in Cleveland, and decides to changer her look so she won't be recognized. Rafe tells Gabi that the person who gave her the bracelet was Nicole and the baby was actually Sami's.moreless
  • Ep. #11216
    Ep. #11216
    Episode 266
    Bo and Hope have it out over Carly. Rafe and Gabi confront Arianna about the drugs in her room. Sami, E.J. and Stefano fight over Sydney. Carly tells Maggie if she has another room to rent and has a reason for wanting to live at her place. Arianna explains that she has in fact gone back to her "old ways". Kate is horrified to learn that Vivian is back in town for good. Nicole moves in to take Sydney as E.J. Sami and Stefano continue to argue in the next room. Carly asks Mia if it's okay that she moves into the house, Mia says that it's up to Maggie. Arianna tells Gabi that she'd like to speak to Rafe alone, and explains that it's his turn to keep her secret just like she kept his. Nicole says she can't just up and leave with Sydney. Arianna explains that she's working undercover to bust the drug ring in Salem. Hope comes and sees that Vivian is there keeping Victor company. Sami sees that Sydney is missing and she thinks that Nuicole is the one that took her. Maggie tries to help Mia overcome her loss, by getting her to focus on something. Kate tells Sami that she saw someone leaving the property but couldn't get a good look at the person. Nicole runs into Gabi on the pier and asks for her help, Gabi then agrees to give her all the money that she has on her. Hope tells Vivian that it's odd considering that she returned to Salem just following Carly's arrival. Bo learns that Carly is gonna move into the same house as her own daughter. Arianna finds Gabi as Nicole hides, and asks her sister where she got that expensive bracelet.moreless
  • Ep. #11215
    Ep. #11215
    Episode 265
    E.J. learns from Arianna that Nicole is out on bail. Sami and Rafe get their messages about Nicole's release. Victor is shocked to see Vivian in Salem and they bond over their hatred of Carly. Brady tells Nicole that he doesn't know who she is and tells her that she's officially lost him. E.J. presses Sami to discuss Sydney's custody arrangement. Will walks in on a tender moment between Mia and Chad, and apologizes for judging her. Hope asks Abe for a job to avoid working with Bo. Bo tells Carly that he hopes she knows what she's doing. Will tells Mia that it's not too late for them, Mia says that it probably is. Gabi asks Arianna about her bodyfriend that she's been seeing, Arianna says that he's in love with someone else. Gabi goes back and finds drugs and fears her sister is up to her old tricks. Nicole tells Brady that he can't just automatically stop loving someone. Vivian tells Victor that someone else has confessed to killing Lawrence, he realizes Vivian's plan to have Carly punished personally. Carly tells Maggie that she's staying in Salem indefinately and in order to do that she'll need her help. Chad tells Will to thank him for allowing Mia to get to know Grace, and for him to tell more about her. Gabi calls Rafe and says that it's an emergency and to come to the pub right away. E.J. tells Sami that he's moving out of the mansion saying he should've done it a while ago. Maggie tells Carly that she'll be happy to recommend her getting her old job at the hospital. Hope is tempted at going through Carly's purse to see what she's hiding, but says she can't invade her privacy. Gabi shows Rafe the cocaine she found in Arianna's room. Arianna wants an answer from Brady on whether or not he still loves Nicole, and he says that he does. Nicole sees the opportunity to get Grace when E.J. and Sami leave the room.moreless
  • Ep. #11214
    Ep. #11214
    Episode 264
    Arianna informs Brady the extent of Nicole switching the babies and goes to track her down. Nicole runs into Chad on the pier after planning to kidnap Syndey. Caroline, Roman, Rafe and Sami anxiously await Will to come home so he can learn the good news about Syndey. Nathan tells Stephanie that he needs her help with something personal. Kate's cries stop E.J. from strangling Stefano. Melanie admits to Philip that she wants him. Brady doesn't believe that Nicole is capable of doing such a callous act, Arianna admits that she knew the truth for a while and he says why she didn't tell him. Chad learns Mia and the reason his DNA didn't match is cause Nicole switched babies and their daughter Grace is in heaven. E.J who's infuriated tells Stefano that he's dead to him, Stefano says the last time he said that was to Tony and look how that happened. Nathan tells Stephanie that he needs some of her blood cause the hospital is low her type. Will tells Sami that he said some awful things to Mia and that's why they aren't on speaking terms. Victor learns that Philip is pretty much distracted at work and it's all cause of Melanie. Melanie asks Nurse Maxine where Nathan is, she then sees Stephanie in Nathan's lap. Nicole tries to get up the courage to enter Sami's place. Will promises to make things right with Mia, Sami says that it's the right thing to do. Chad and Mia mourn Grace together at her grave. Arianna texts Rafe telling him that Nicole is out of jail and knowing where she'll end up. Brady catches Nicole from going into Sami's place saying he figured out she would be there. Victor is startled when Vivian asks if the seat next to him is taken. Troy goes to Arianna and says that there's a new drug boss and that she better not blow it for them, she sees that it's E.J. who has taken over.moreless
  • Ep. #11213
    Ep. #11213
    Episode 263
    E.J. sees Stefano has returned from his trip. Rafe tells Arianna that Sami is reunited with her daughter and Nicole's in jail where she belongs. Mark tells Melanie that she's going to give him what he wants. Arianna and Rafe realize their little sister is in town. Stephanie has a fantasy of telling Nathan how she feels about him, she snaps out of it and he tells her to put ice on that ankle. Philip tells Mark that he's a Kiriakis and gives him his watch as payment with what Melanie owes him. Rafe gets Arianna to allow Gabby to stay in the room that's next to hers that's vacant. E.J. tries to get Stefano to admit that he knew about the baby switch this whole time. Nathan is forced to break a date with Melanie and work the late shift as a newly appointed intern. Philip tells Melanie how would Nathan think of all the people she scammed all over Europe, Melanie then kisses Philip. Rafe tells Gaby that he's glad that she'll be around for Thanksgiving. Nicole convinces Brady to post bail for her. Arianna learns that Brady paid Nicole's bail and asks why he did that. Nicole is released and vows to get her baby back. E.J. starts to take out his anger on Stefano by strangling him.moreless
  • Ep. #11212
    Ep. #11212
    Episode 262
    Roman tells E.J. that Mateo changed his story and says he hired him and not Stefano. Stephanie tells Maggie that she hopes that Melanie doesn't hurt Nathan. Brady tells Arianna that Victor is the one bringing drugs into Salem. Mia visits Nicole in jail and has it out with her over what she learned about her baby being dead. Melanie goes to see Philip and tells him to stop texting her and to stay out of her life. E.J. tells Roman when D.A. Woods and Abe shows up that if he wants as much publicity as possible. Caroline tells Victor that she was concerned when Kate married Stefano. Stephanie tries to hide her pain but Maggie can see that something is wrong. Nathan gives Melanie a choice if she wants to be with him or Philip. Brady asks Victor who bought the drug business, when all along he was Arianna's supplier. Nicole tells Mia that she abdicated her parental rights when she gave up her baby. Melanie admits to Nathan that she's torn between him and Philip, Nathan says that despite it he's gonna fight for her, as Stephanie listens from the door. E.J. tells Abe that he has a court order to question Mateo personally. Nathan catches Stephanie when she slips. Brady learns of Nicole's arrest. Mia tells Nicole that she hopes that she rots in jail forever for what she did. Melanie gets a visit from an old friend named Mark. E.J. comes to a shocking realization that involves Stefano in the hit on Rafe. Nicole is glad when Brady comes to see her.moreless
  • Ep. #11211
    Ep. #11211
    Episode 261
    Vivian tells Carly she's here to apologize and family should be together in this time of need. Maggie embraces Mia after learning that it's true her baby was Grace and is dead. Bo catches Hope and Justin in an embrace and hears him tell her he'll always have her. Nicole is arrested and carted off to jail, E.J. then can't believe that he threw his own daughter out of his house, Sami says not to worry cause she's already paying for what she did. Vivian wants to come in and grieve with Carly about Lawrence and to discuss how he died. Mia sees that when Grace died Nicole allowed her to hold her and that it all makes sense. Maggie comes back in saying she's spoken to Roman and he confirms everything. Sami grants Nicole last wish to hold Sydney one last time, E.J. and Sami then argue over who'll take Sydney to live with. Bo asks Hope if Justin just came over to tell her the news which led to her crying and him holding her. Nicole makes her one phone call to Chloe, who ends up shunning her. E.J. tells Rafe that he'll always be grateful for reuniting him with his child, Rafe says since he saved his life they're even. Carly tells Vivian why doesn't she go see Victor cause he'd like to bury the hathcet with her as well. Mia tells Maggie that she won't be alone cause there's something that she has to do. Bo comes home to find Vivian acting friendly with Carly, and thinks there's something more to her being in Salem. Justin tells Hope that Adrienne served him with divorce papers. A cop arrives at the DiMera mansion and tells E.J. to come downtown with him. Vivian tells Gus that she doesn't think Carly hasn't gotten what she came for. Nicole gets an unexpected visit from Mia.moreless
  • Ep. #11210
    Ep. #11210
    Episode 260
    Sami is reunited with her daughter, Nicole pleads with Rafe to give Sydney to her. Gus tells Vivian the good news that everything went smoothly. Ciara tells Hope that why can't they go home so she can be with her father. Chloe tells E.J. if he wants to know everything then to head over to Sami's place. Mia tells Will that the test results came back and Chad isn't the father, he abruptly says he has to get back to studying, Mia goes outside and tells Maggie that she has to cancel dinner tonight. Carly, Bo are surprised to hear that another has confessed to killing Lawrence, and Justin says that Carly can stay in Salem indefinately. Nicole takes off and E.J. follows her and tries to get her to tell him what Rafe was talking about that made her run. Bo tells Carly someone is obviously playing with her head and is out to get her. Will refuses to give Lucas's phone number to Chloe, but she says that Lucas has to know cause it involves Sami. Justin tells Hope that something happened today that changes the outlook on Carly's case. Chloe tells Will to go to Sami's and let his mother tell her the good news. Vivian decides Carly must pay for her sins in Salem. Nicole is forced to admit the truth to E.J. that Sydney is his daughter with Sami. Hope tells Justin that Bo's made his choice and chose Carly over her. Chloe leaves a message for Nicole and Mia hears the truth about Sydney not being hers. E.J. demands to know where his daughter is as the police approach the pier. Maggie hears Mia asking Chloe where her baby is. Nicole is arrested on the pier. Carly opens the door and sees that it's Vivian. Maggie tells Chloe to says that what Mia heard wasn't true, but Mia sees that it is.moreless
  • Ep. #11209
    Ep. #11209
    Episode 259
    Bo is alarmed when he comes home and Carly isn't there, and wonders where she could've gone. E.J. learns something interesting and asks Kate what she did with Sydney. Chloe refuses to give Sydney to Rafe, but Daniel says that he has proof that Sydney is Sami's daughter. Arianna gets a call from Troy and says she has to meet with him, and for Brady not to tell Victor that she's undercover for the Salem PD. Sami tells Nicole that she's been such a fool, and that she just sat back and watched her grieve for Grace and let her believe her daughter died. Vivian gets information that Carly is on the pier and apparently isn't alone. Chloe can't believe that Nicole would stoop to actually steal someone's babies. Sami has it out with Nicole and asks her where her daughter is. Vivian tells Gus to follow the girl that Carly was talking to and see where she ends up. Chloe thinks back to the day when she told Nicole about Sami's pregnancy and wonders what has she done. Rafe tells Arianna that he has Sydney and that Nicole is going down for what she did. Brady asks Victor how he found out that Arianna was a dealer in the first place. Mia is approached by Vivian at Java and says she looks like she could use some help. Kate tells E.J. Stefano tried to have Rafe killed and if he had any idea why he would do that. Sami slaps Nicole and to tell her to confess that Sydney isn't her daughter but hers. Victor asks Brady if Arianna really wants to change, but he doesn't believe she ever will. Chloe explains to E.J. that he has to get over to Sami's place. Nicole tells Sami that Sydney is hers and she'll never give her back. Bo receives a phone call about Lawrence's murder. Vivian calls Gus and says she's talking to the girl right now hoping she'll get something out of her. Nicole sees Rafe come in with Sydney in his arms and sees that it's all over.moreless
  • Ep. #11208
    Ep. #11208
    Episode 258
    Daniel tells Nicole she knows the reason why he won't give her Sydney is cause, she's completely exaggerated. Rafe stops Sami from going to get Sydney and says they have to come up with a plan. Bo tells Hope she's the love of his life and Carly isn't a threat to them, Hope says it's Carly that she doesn't trust. Mia tells Carly that she doesn't know her, Carly says that she used to come to the pier to think when she was down, Chad shows with the test results and calls Mia a lying whore. Sami and Rafe got to the DiMera mansion and tells Mary that they've come for Sydney. Chad wants Mia to tell this woman the truth about all the men she's slept with. Nicole tells Chloe that she's about to lose everything, and to keep her daughter's birth parents from taking Sydney away. Bo tells Hope that coming home right now isn't exactly a good idea right now, cause Carly's life is practically in danger. Bo tells Caroline that Carly coming in between him and Hope already happened. Carly comforts Mia cries after the bad things that Chad called her. Justin agrees that Bo is right about coming home, cause of Carly's problems. Mia tells Carly that she hasn't had any contact with her parents since she was kicked out of the house after getting pregnant. Sami asks Chad if he's seen Nicole, but he says to leave him alone. Daniel overhears Rafe and asks him why he's looking for Sydney. Caroline tells Bo that she hopes he makes the right choice when it comes to saving his marriage. Nicole finds the money that Sami got for to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #11207
    Ep. #11207
    Episode 257
    Roman tries to understand E.J. saving Rafe's life as the hitman that was hired by Stefano was about to take him out. Hope tells Justin that he's doing the right thing by defending Carly. Sami is blown away when Rafe is talking about Sydney being her daughter and not Grace. Justin tells Carly even though she's released the extradition is still going to happen. Nicole tells Harold where Kate has gone off with Sydney. Roman asks Kate where Stefano is and if he did skip town that makes her an accomplice to murder. Chloe does her best to try to get Sydney to sleep but is unable to do so waiting for Nicole to show up. Sami says that it's impossible, Rafe says that it's true and Grace was never her child. Bo goes to see Hope at the Kiriakis mansion and says that he's come to see her. Daniel sees Chloe asleep and takes Sydney. Mia asks Maggie why would she wants to sit with someone who everyone in town is calling her a slut, Maggie she did something right and gave her baby to someone who can love her since she and Mickey adopted as well. Sami starts to cry after realizing that Syndey is her child. E.J. asks Nicole where Stefano went and why would he order a hit on Rafe. Nicole calls Chloe to see if Sydney is okay, Chloe says that she's missing. Bo tells Hope that there's no way that Carly is gonna replace her in his heart, she tells Bo that she wants to come home. Nicole tells Chloe to call Daniel and get him to bring Sydney back right now. Carly sees Mia on the pier and she says she looks like she could use a friend. Daniel refuses to let Nicole anywhere near Sydney not with the way she went off on him. Sami tells Rafe lets bring her daughter home.moreless
  • Ep. #11206
    Ep. #11206
    Episode 256
    Melanie interrupts Stephanie and Nathan's discussion and says she passed her midterm and is first in her class. E.J. stops the killer from attacking Rafe, not before a silenced gunshot goes off towards Rafe, E.J. checks on him and feels a pulse. Brady tells Arianna that he offers to find out who's responsible for the drugs in Salem so she'll won't have to go back to prison. Philip makes an attempt to call Melanie and leaves a message and if she thought about what they talked about. Kate asks Stefano who he was talking to, he says not to interfere in his business. Nicole tells Sami that Rafe has hated the idea of them being friends and making this deep, dark secret about her baby. Rafe wakes up and takes the paper, E.J. says that guy over there is the one that tried to kill, and if that paper he's holding is something to have someone killed over. Roman questions E.J. and he says he just happened to be passing through and saw the shooter and took him out, Roman asks Matteo who hired him, he says it was Stefano. E.J. calls Stefano and tells him that his man named him and for him to leave town for a little while. Melanie doesn't want Philip tagging along to the pub with her and Stephanie. Brady then realizes that he made Arianna quit her job at the pub. Rafe calls Sami saying to come home cause he has something to tell him, Nicole then disappears afterwards. Nathan hears Philip on the phone saying he's not giving on Melanie, and says that he'll see about that never happening. Rafe tells Sami that he has news to tell her, cause her baby is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #11205
    Ep. #11205
    Episode 255
    Bo lashes at Victor for having Carly turned into the police. Stefano tells Nicole that this is out of her hands, and he'll deal with Rafe personally. Rafe starts to explain to Sami about Sydney's paternity, she and thinks she should tells Nicole, he says telling her is the last thing she wants to do. Will tells Rafe to get out and to leave his mother alone, cause he left her. Arianna confesses to Brady that she's working undercover for the Salem police, and she sees that he doesn't believe her and leaves. Rafe gets a call from Tim saying he got the DNA test results. Justin tells Bo that he got the extradition overturned at least for now and she's place in Bo's custody. Brady goes to Arianna and asks why she didn't tell him this sooner, Arianna says cause it would've blown her cover and would've gotten sent back to prison. Mia hears Nicole talking with Stefano and thinks everything will go down as planned, cause she risked a lot by lying to Chad and Will. Victor tells Hope she should be grateful that he got Carly out of Bo's life for good. Tim gives Rafe the envelope containing the test results. Arianna tells Brady the truth about her drug involvement. Victor goes to see Carly and says that being with Bo was her intent all along. Mia tells Chad outside the pub if that's how things are gonna be with him pretending he doesn't see her. E.J. says as he leaves the room, that he's not going to be played by his father again. Arianna tells Brady she told the truth cause she fell in love with him. Victor warns Carly that he's not going to let her ruin Bo's life and everything else she touches. Rafe opens the envelope and someone takes aim at him. E.J. learns of Stefano's plan and heads to pier 27 to stop him.moreless
  • Ep. #11204
    Ep. #11204
    Episode 254
    Carly asks Bo who turned her in to the police. Vivian wants an update, Gus tells her that they got word that Carly was arrested. Nicole tells Sami that being back together with Rafe isn't a good idea. Chloe asks Dr. Ryan what her test results say and if she could get pregnant. Rafe tells E.J. that he's back in town and he and Sami are back together again. Hope tells Justin that they have to get to the station right away. Caroline tells Arianna that she shouldn't quit and for Brady to give her a reason not to. Dr. Ryan tells Chloe that her eggs are no longer viable but there's a small chance she still might conceive. Bo asks Justin and Hope which one turned Carly in. Nicole tells Sami that Rafe will literally destroy her life, and will get her to throw her out. Brady tells Arianna that he didn't keep quiet for her benefit, cause he didn't want Caroline hurt by what she's really doing. Gus tells Vivian that Carly is going to be extradited very soon, Vivian's surprised at how fast the authorities got ahold of Carly. E.J. asks Caroline where Arianna is and learns she quit and is packing her things upstairs. Nicole explains to Stefano that Rafe is back and is gonna blow her secret out of the water. Justin tells Carly that he wants her to tell her the whole story behind Lawrence's death. E.J. overhears Arianna leaving a message for Rafe and about results from a DNA test. Victor tells Brady he's gonna call Bo to have Arianna arrested, but Brady says he wants get her to stop from dealing. Sami admits to Rafe that she told someone he was back, and it was Nicole. Vivian tells Gus to pack her bag cause she's heading to Salem cause she's tired of waiting. Bo finds out that Victor turned Carly into the police. Arianna tells Brady there's a good reason for what she's doing. Stefano says to Nicole that he's gonna have to take care of Rafe personally. Rafe tells Sami that he's gonna tell her everything.moreless