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  • Wed, Oct 26, 2011
    Wed, Oct 26, 2011
    Episode 11.26.11
    While having lunch, Kate encourages Austin to look at more than just the evidence against John in the FBI case against him. Kate knows her ex isn't capable of committing embezzlement. Austin wonders if perhaps what John's been through has changed him.
  • Fri, Nov 4, 2011
    Fri, Nov 4, 2011
    Episode 11.04.11
    Things are tense at Sami and Rafe's loft where Carrie and Austin have been staying. With Sami and Austin on one side of John's case, and Carrie and Rafe on the other, it's awkward to say the least.
  • Thu, Nov 3, 2011
    Thu, Nov 3, 2011
    Episode 11.03.11
    John realizes that Sami thinks he's guilty. Marlena clarifies that Sami thinks after what Stefano has done to John's brain, it's possible John stole the money and doesn't even know it.
  • Wed, Nov 2, 2011
    Wed, Nov 2, 2011
    Episode 11.02.11
    The sexual attraction and tension between Madison and Brady continues to grow. Sami calls Brady out on his attraction to her boss. Sami, thinking of herself, hopes Brady doesn't pursue it.
  • Tue, Nov 1, 2011
    Tue, Nov 1, 2011
    Episode 11.01.11
    EJ and Nicole are shocked to learn that Quinn Hudson is back in town. Quinn explains he and Taylor went their separate ways, and he came back to put down roots in Salem.
  • Mon, Oct 31, 2011
    Mon, Oct 31, 2011
    Episode 10.31.11
    Maggie and Melanie celebrate the news that they are related. Victor returns from a business trip, and Maggie tells him that Daniel is her son!
  • Fri, Oct 28, 2011
    Fri, Oct 28, 2011
    Episode 10.28.11
    It's Halloween in Salem, and the night is full of fun, spooky surprises. At the pub, Bo tells the kids a ghost story about a woman who haunts the town square.
  • Thu, Oct 27, 2011
    Thu, Oct 27, 2011
    Episode 10.27.11
    As Maggie and Melanie connect, Maggie is unable to stop thinking about her unknown child. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope break into the clinic where Maggie's eggs had been used. They are nearly caught but leave with the information they came for.
  • Tue, Oct 25, 2011
    Tue, Oct 25, 2011
    Episode 10.25.11
    Bo & Hope hit a dead end with Maggie's egg search, while Madison attempts to turn Brady's feelings toward John around. Meanwhile, Sami & Austin's past history crosses a sketchy intersection with their current partners.
  • Mon, Oct 24, 2011
    Mon, Oct 24, 2011
    Episode 10.24.11
    Abe has an appealing offer for Jennifer, while Chad doesn't find an offer from EJ as tempting; Lexie cautiously agrees to a truce with EJ, but it is Rafe who is moving carefully when he agrees to an unconventional houseguest.
  • Mon, Sep 26, 2011
    Mon, Sep 26, 2011
    Episode 09.26.11
    It's a day of celebration when several beloved characters return to Salem for the Horton Town Square party, including Jack, Carrie, Austin and two big surprises!
  • Fri, Sep 23, 2011
    Fri, Sep 23, 2011
    Episode 09.23.11
    Bo and Hope take a trip down memory lane, but its EJ who plans on making memories with a shocking announcement.
  • Tue, Sep 6, 2011
    Tue, Sep 6, 2011
    Episode 09.06.11
    Chloe's life hangs in the balance after her brutal attack.
  • Fri, Aug 26, 2011
    Fri, Aug 26, 2011
    Episode 08.26.11
    Sami and Rafe go to the hospital together for her procedure. Rafe tries to assuage her fears. While Sami is prepped and waiting, Roman finds out she's there. Sami and Roman share a warm father/daughter moment.
  • Thu, Aug 25, 2011
    Thu, Aug 25, 2011
    Episode 08.25.11
    Rafe does everything he can to keep Sami's mind off her impending surgery. Sami believes God's punishing her for all her wrong deeds. Rafe consoles Sami, reassuring her that they'll get through this together, extinguishing the notion of bad karma.
  • Thu, Jul 28, 2011
    Thu, Jul 28, 2011
    Episode 07.28.11
    Melanie and Dario are still looking for Carly but have had no luck. They run into Abigail, and Melanie blasts her for not being honest about her mother's drug problem. Abigail is sorry, but Melanie won't forgive her.
  • Mon, Jun 13, 2011
    Mon, Jun 13, 2011
    Episode 06.13.11
    At the loft, Taylor grills Rafe and Sami about why they have her mother's cameo. The couple tries to cover their shock. Sami claims it's hers, but Taylor isn't fooled.
  • Fri, Apr 29, 2011
    Fri, Apr 29, 2011
    Episode 04.29.11
    Fake Rafe is stunned when Sami returns and offers him a hero's welcome.
  • Thu, Feb 17, 2011
    Thu, Feb 17, 2011
    Episode 02.17.11
    Rafe is agonized as he spies Sami and the imposter on the verge of making love. Before he can alert Sami of his presence, Rafe is knocked out by one of EJ’s men.
  • Thursday, January 6, 2011
    Thursday, January 6, 2011
    Episode 01.06.11
    Johnny runs away from home and finds Rafe at the police station. Rafe contacts Sami, who shows up and has a moment with her son. Meanwhile, EJ and Stefano have their men search the grounds. EJ is furious with Stefano and Nicole. Rafe finally calls EJ, telling him Johnny’s whereabouts. EJ picks up his son and after getting into it with Sami and Rafe, he takes Johnny home. Sami tells Rafe that Johnny doesn’t want Nicole to be his mother, and he’s going to get what he wants. Nathan tells Stephanie he heard the truth about Parker, but Stephanie stays mum when he wonders why Caroline would switch the results. Nathan is called away as Kayla returns, who explains to Stephanie that her name was kept out of the reveal. Stephanie and Kayla visit Caroline, whose blood pressure rises when she sees Kayla. Nathan comes in and after Caroline settles down, Nathan wonders what made Caroline upset. Kayla covers and refrains from telling Nathan about Stephanie’s role in keeping the paternity secret. Meanwhile, Maggie blasts Philip for all the trouble and pain he’s caused and he takes it like a man. Melanie arrives and talks to Philip about his plans for Parker. Later, Nathan is shocked to learn from Stephanie that Philip cheated on Melanie and is Parker’s father. He shows up at Melanie’s door. Kayla tells Stephanie she can’t promise no one else will tell Nathan the truth, and later, Stephanie finds herself face to face with Philip. Philip has it out with Vivian about Chloe. Brady and Kate put their plan in motion to neutralize Vivian. While Vivian and Gus take a flight to deal with supposed Titan business, they are pushed out of the plane!moreless
  • Ep. #11710
    Ep. #11710
    Episode 256

    Bo and Hope arrive for Maggie and Victor's pre-wedding party at the Kiriakis mansion. Jack becomes hysterical and tells Jennifer he needs to get out of here right away. Brady tells Madison she shouldn't be working so hard and surprises her with a bottle of wine so she can relax. Nicole asks E.J. to be honest with her if he doesn't like what she wrote for him to say. Victor thinks that tonight could be ruined, but to have Maggie spend time with Melanie. Jennifer tries to get Jack to snap out of his current state by bringing up some precious time they shared together. Brady goes and brings some food when no deliveries are being made to Titan. Henderson sees as Victor continues to lie to Daniel about knowing the truth. E.J. and Nicole's argument leads them getting passionate. Daniel gets confirmation that Maggie is his biological mother. Brady and Madison's dance and end up in a lip lock.

  • Ep. #11709
    Ep. #11709
    Episode 255

    Jennifer confronts Jack and accuses him of not going to London but following her and Daniel on Halloween. Marlena asks John to come clean cause it's just the two of them there, Roman arrives and is concerned how they're holding up with all the pressure. Sami asks Austin to tell Carrie the real reason why he want to find another place to live. Caroline thanks Jack and Jennifer for the great work they did on the cookies they had sent to the hospital. Sami is shocked when Rafe tells her that Carrie hired him as the lead investigator on John's case. Rafe asks Jack if he's considering therapy for what happened to him in Afghanistan, but Jack says he doesn't need it. Marlena asks John she wants to hypnotize him to get him to remember if he was in Paris or not. Jack has visions of being tortured in the cave while learning he's gonna be trapped due to bad weather approaching.

  • Ep. #11708
    Ep. #11708
    Episode 254

    Gabi helps a disgruntled Rafe and says he can do his own little investigation in John's case. Chad and Sonny tells Will that their website was seriously hacked and used for booking, and the police can't know cause they'll be all arrested. Carrie returns and tells John and Marlena that she can't get in touch with witness who can verify John wasn't in Paris. Bo tells Hope if she would in fact marry him again which she gladly accepts. Will, Chad and Sonny track the person who's been putting the stuff on the site to someone at Salem University. Carrie tells Rafe that her firm wants to hire him as a private investigator. Chad threatens the man his family will come down on him hard if he doesn't tell the truth, the guy says that he no knowledge of it and says there's something they should see and brings up the list and the person running it is playing for keeps. John tells Marlena he has a flash to being at the cafe in Paris, and explains all his memory flashes.

  • Ep. #11707
    Ep. #11707
    Episode 253

    Abe explains to Bo to watch his step and what he does cause it could cost him his job the same with Rafe. Kate tells Stefano that she's gonna make Madison pay dearly and Titan. Lexie is shocked that Maggie is Daniel's son, Hope says that she and Bo found some dated bank statements at Alice's house and are determined to uncover it. Madison asks Brady why he's always in her face annoying her constantly. Rafe becomes increasingly annoyed by Austin's failure to find another place to live. Sami apologizes for arriving late and confides in Brady if he's sleeping with Madison. Abe and Lexie ask Stefano what the real reason for lunch at the mansion, he reveals that he wants Abe to drop out of the mayoral race. Hope and Bo look again among Alice's things thinking they must've missed something. Sami thinks Madison is going to fire her after she overheard her talking to Brady.

  • Ep. #11706
    Ep. #11706
    Episode 252

    Maggie tells Victor that he's pretty much a part of this, since he's Daniel's godfather after all. Quinn surprises both E.J. and Nicole and reveals that he and Taylor have ended things so he decided to come back to Salem. Abigail tells Chad that she seriously saw the romance in the kiss with Melanie. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's arranging a DNA test to be done to prove if she's his son. E.J. tells Quinn that the Salem P.D. might not be too pleased that he's back in town. Chad assures Abigail he's sorry for mistaking Melanie for her. Maggie tells Melanie she's gonna give Daniel all the time he needs. Nicole is stunned to learn that E.J. and Quinn are doing business together, he assures her that he's putting Quinn on a tight leash. Jennifer tells Daniel to talk to Victor again thinking he can steer you in the right direction. Henderson urges Victor to tell Maggie the truth about him arranging Daniel's mother to be inserted with her eggs.

  • Ep. #11705
    Ep. #11705
    Episode 251

    Brady arrives at the party with Madison. Daniel sees that Jennifer is thinking about Jack, as the masked person continues to watch her. Sami tells Rafe that deep down she feels that John is guilty. Melanie tells Maggie that she always felt a connection to her somehow, Maggie shares her good news with Victor as well. Marlena tells John to go back to the townhouse before E.J. sees him. Jennifer goes to confront the masked person who's been watching her but Abe approaches her allowing the man to sneak away. Daniel is stunned after Maggie's revelation that she's his mother. Rafe tells Sami that he's on her side with this whole thing with John. Abe comes up to the person talking to Marlena and sees that it's John, and tells him to go home without anyone else seeing him. Nicole and E.J.'s working relationship bother Brady very much. Bo and Hope agree together to discover Alice's secret.

  • Ep. #11704
    Ep. #11704
    Episode 250

    Bo tells a scary Halloween story to Johnny, Allie, Theo, Sydney and Ciara. Melanie and Abigail are stunned when they arrive wearing the same costume. John tells Marlena that she needs to go to the party with Bo and Hope and assures her that nothing's wrong. Bo tells Maggie that she'll know who her child is by the end of tonight. Lexie is surprised to see E.J. dressed as Elvis and highlights the evening. Chad makes a mistake and kisses Melanie as Abigail watches in shock. Jennifer tells Abe that she'll be happy to take the job as his P.R. person. Marlena asks Sami why hasn't she stopped by or called since they got back to Salem and is disappointed that she thinks John is guilty. Melanie overhears and asks Maggie, Bo and Hope why they're talking about her grandmother Lillian. Jennifer confronts a masked person and knows he's been watching her and Abigail and thinks it's Jack. John takes a risk and surprises Marlena at the party while in costume. Melanie is stunned after finding out that Maggie is Daniel's mother that means she's also her biological grandmother.

  • Ep. #11703
    Ep. #11703
    Episode 249

    Madison announces to Brady that her company is working on a fragrance line for men. Bo and Hope sneak back into the clinic to get into the computer to get the name of the woman who gave birth to Maggie's child. Daniel gives Jennifer a business card hoping the person he knows a guy who can tell her everything about public relations. Madison has an idea to use Brady as a model when one of her own cancels. Melanie tells Maggie that things have been hard since Dario moved away and his constant at being busy and they've pretty much have ended things. Hope and Bo become concerned when they hear a guard coming towards the doctors office, when he leaves they leave with the file. Jennifer feels bad that Daniel is giving up his date night so she can go to a meeting. Sami begins to see sexual tension between Brady and Madison while she's giving him a massage. Hope gives Maggie the news she's been waiting for, but doesn't recognize the name Lillian Parker, Bo says they'll do a thorough search tomorrow.

  • Ep. #11702
    Ep. #11702
    Episode 248

    Marlena gives Austin a cold stare when she leaves the Brady Pub. Stefano is aghast at the latest column, reprimands Nicole at it being all her fault. Abigail asks Melanie if she enjoyed shopping for Halloween costumes with Chad yesterday. Sonny and Chad agree that Will has to be told that someone is running an illegal gaming operation on their website. Marlena invites Gabi to a family dinner once John is cleared of all charges. Stefano suggests to E.J. that he fire Nicole as his publicist. Marlena asks Will to discuss the e-mail that he sent to her months ago stating him to be confused. Kate is disturbed when she learns that Austin's living with Sami's, thinking it's a disaster in the making, Austin says that Rafe is the problem. Abigail becomes envious of Melanie and Chad's interests in movies, so Abigail offers to go with Chad to the film festival at Salem University. Austin assures Marlena that he didn't feed him to the F.B.I. Sonny and Chad vow to find out who's been posting this stuff on their site.

  • Ep. #11701
    Ep. #11701
    Episode 247

    Marlena tries to convince Brady to give John another chance. Maggie, Hope and Bo hit a dead end when the person in charge won't reveal due to confidentiality. Sami gets the silent treatment from Rafe after what happened last night and won't talk about it. Dr. Gilman agrees to look into it a bit more, Maggie says that they're close to finding her child. Carrie calls Rafe and asked why he didn't call her once he got fired and explains that she found a witness that can place John at the clinic. Marlena can't believe Brady's behavior and why choose this time to abandon him. Dr. Gilman tells Maggie that her eggs were stored her and the woman was impregnated in this clinic, but can't reveal the name of the patient without a court order. Rafe isn't going to tell Sami what he discussed with Carrie not in Austin's presence. Madison tells Brady to be there for his father. Hope tells Bo to let her hack into the computer, but promises to be thorough and quick. Sami joins Rafe in the shower and knows that he's not speaking to her.

  • Ep. #11700
    Ep. #11700
    Episode 246

    Rafe asks Sami is they're Austin's only option of places he can stay at. E.J. tells Lexie is this what it's come to her no longer speaking to him. Sonny and Chad encounter another problem with the website regarding gambling. E.J. asks Lexie if it's a good idea to invite Johnny and Theo to come over for trick-or-treating on Halloween. Chad and Sonny come across a fight between Lexie and Rafe, who she accuses Stefano of framing John. Abe asks Jennifer to work with him on his mayoral campaign as his P.R. person. Chad asks E.J. if he's done anything to the website. Jennifer tells Daniel that she's tempted into taking Abe up on his offer. Rafe finds Sami and Austin in a compromising position. Jennifer sees that Jack sent her something, and tells Daniel what she did with Jack at the pub today. Lexie agrees to a truce with E.J. and better not regret it.

  • Ep. #11699
    Ep. #11699
    Episode 245

    Sami breaks up a fight between Rafe and Austin after he accuses him of getting him fired. Jack tells Jennifer the pub is closed for a private party for the two of them. Maggie tells Melanie that she has another child out there somewhere. Bo tells John and Marlena that he's been fired from the Salem P.D. and as a liason to the F.B.I, and he'll be taking over the investigation. Jack explains to Jennifer they'll be decorating cookie and sending them to the sick kids at the hospital for Halloween. Carrie tells Marlena and John she feels responsible for Rafe's firing and has some good news about his case. Sami would like to know what Austin meant when Rafe was meeting Carrie secretly. Jack shares a story with Jennifer of a boy he became attached to in Afghanistan. Erin Hewitt willingly gives Hope and Maggie her files thinking they're going to find Maggie's child. John surprises Marlena with some strawberries and whipped cream. Rafe leaves the apartment after Sami lets it slip that Austin still has his job, she goes and finds him and apologizes.

  • Ep. #11698
    Ep. #11698
    Episode 244

    Roman presents Sami with a gift to help her get started at Mad World, and if she's visited John and Marlena since the party. Abigail makes a wrong assumption and is shocked to learn that Jennifer is going on a date with Jack. Austin hears Rafe talking to Carrie on the phone and wonder why she didn't call him instead him. Chad tells Melanie that he's not sure that Abigail will ever forgive Jack for leaving her. Sami tells Roman that she doesn't believe that John would steal anything from anyone. Jack hears Abigail wish that she wished he stayed away in that cave and says she wants nothing to do with her dating Jack. Austin asks Sami that he'd like to spend time with her as well as her children. Roman approaches Rafe about and asks what he's heard about him helping Carrie by giving her information and fires him from the Salem P.D. Jennifer feels and tells Jack maybe she didn't think things over and thinks they shouldn't see each other anymore. Abigail confronts Daniel at how he could let something like this happen. Rafe thinks Austin betrayed him by having fired and punches him.

  • Ep. #11697
    Ep. #11697
    Episode 243

    Jennifer calls Jack and Daniel together in the town square and says she's made a decision. John tells Abe that if he's found guilty the chances of him winning the election are slim. E.J. tells his clients via skype that he vows to return their money. Jennifer says that she's willing to give dating Jack and Daniel a try. Nicole shows E.J. that his approval rating is rising in the polls. Hope calls the clinic but finds out it's been disconnected and foremost that the place didn't exist in the first place. Maggie wants to further investigate Alice's letter. John decides to declare his innocence by making a statement to the public after a brick with a threatening comes through the window. Patti Stanger calls Nicole and says that she's fixed E.J. up with a delightful woman. Bo and Hope go to see Erin Hewitt to ask her some questions and the location of Maggie's baby. Victor makes a call saying that Maggie is searching for answers about the company and to make sure his name is kept out of it. Jack asks Jennifer who's going to be on the first date him or Daniel.

  • Ep. #11696
    Ep. #11696
    Episode 242

    John tells Marlena that he knows where she was last night and isn't down with it. Sami learn that her kids don't have school today and is expecting Madison over any minute, Johnny comes in and makes a mess. Will and Gabi find something disturbing online and don't show Sonny when he comes in. Chad tells Melanie that he enjoyed dancing with her at the party, Abigail comes and criticizes his dance moves. Carrie thanks Austin cause it was one of those nights they felt on the same page and not against each other. Sonny reads the comment about who would want to read a website that's run by gays. Madison rewards Sami for balancing work and her personal life so well, by offering for her to run the launch of Mad World. Rafe tells Austin that he contacted the cafe in France and it turns out the photo of John is genuine. Gabi and Will read some comments about what the person wrote about Sonny. Abigail tells Melanie that she doesn't believe that Jack loves her, she then asks Melanie how did she ever forgive Carly. Carrie gets a lead and offers Marlena and John some hope.

  • Ep. #11695
    Ep. #11695
    Episode 241

    Marlena confronts Stefano about his part in him framing John. Bo and Hope go through Alice's belongings hoping to find the letter, they make a stunning discovery. Austin tells Carrie they need to discuss what happened at John and Marlena's earlier and surprises her with dinner. Jack overhears Jennifer says something and misinterprets and realizes she loves Daniel too. Stefano tells Marlena that maybe she doesn't know John at all. Maggie reads the letter and learns some exhilarating news that she has another child out there. Daniel offers to step away so Jennifer can go back to Jack.

  • Ep. #11694
    Ep. #11694
    Episode 240

    Hope explains to Maggie and Jennifer it's important they uncover what Alice's secret is. Austin shows Rafe a photo and the time stamp on the photo matches that of the transaction. Daniel shares his worries with Victor of Jack doing his best to get Jennifer back. Jennifer wonders where the money's going and who's making the transactions. John explains to Carrie and Marlena that he was at that clinic and somebody is making it look like he's guilty. Daniel fears when Jennifer asks to speak to him that she'll give Jack another chance. John tells Rafe and Austin that some things were stolen and brings up Stefano. Hope discovers an e-mail from Alice to attorney and it concerns Maggie. Maggie tells Victor that it's none of her business who Jennifer decides. Rafe admits that John's dilemma has DiMera written all over it. Hope calls Maggie and asks if Alice mentioned anything to her about doing some investigating. Daniel tells Jennifer that she'll stay with him. Marlena goes to the DiMera mansion to confront Stefano. Bo and Hope decide to look in the attic for the letter Alice wrote to Maggie.

  • Ep. #11693
    Ep. #11693
    Episode 239

    Abe continues to be put on the spot by E.J. while he grills his competence as a mayor. Madison is delighted and tells Brady and Sami that Kate played directly into her hand like she knew she would. Jack asks Jennifer if she's going to come around as well, and will wait as long as it takes. Sami lets Kate know that the only person that going to destroy Countess Wilhemina is her. E.J. vows to get the people of Salem their money back and that John pays dearly for what he's done. Madison explains to Brady and Sami who are immediately impressed. Jennifer cautions Jack if he hurts her or Abigail again, he's gonna wish he was back wherever he was. Nicole shows E.J. all the tweet that he got when he strayed away from the issue and brought up John Black.

  • Ep. #11692
    Ep. #11692
    Episode 238

    E.J. is angry when Terri Seymour says that Abe will be joining them in a dual mayoral debate. Sami and Brady show Madison around the Brady Pub. Jack tells Jennifer that she wasn't there when Abigail no longer wants him in her life. Madison introduces Sami, Brady and Kate to Nate Berkus cause he'll be redecorating the offices at Mad World. Abe tells E.J. that he's up for the interview. Jennifer explains to Jack that it's gonna take time with Abigail. Kate shocks Madison when she reveals to stealing her distribution deal. E.J. puts Abe on the spot by saying he could've prevented Nicole being taken hostage by Gus.

  • Ep. #11691
    Ep. #11691
    Episode 237

    Adrienne tells Jack that she sees Daniel's point and he was there for Jennifer when he wasn't. Molly wants to help Maggie and Victor plan their wedding. Hope gets a ceist and desist to stop looking into Alice's bank accounts. John stuns Marlena when he asks her for a divorce. Jack is irate after learning from Adrienne that Abigail and Chad DiMera are seeing each other. Hope sees that the firm on the order isn't the one that dealt with her grandmother's estate and she and Bo go get answers. Marlena explains to John that without him she doesn't have a life. Erin Hewitt refuses to tell Hope a bit of detail due to attorney client privilege and Alice isn't here to give consent, but gives Bo and Hope documents of another matter. Victor surprises Melanie and Maggie with the bridesmaids dresses by having brought in by Henderson. Abigail becomes angered when Jack tells her to end her relationship with Chad, she then wants her dad out of her life. Hope realizes that the person Alice was protecting wasn't her but someone else instead. Maggie catches Melanie thinking of her wedding to Philip while looking at herself in the dress. John sees that he can't push Marlena away from him.

  • Ep. #11690
    Ep. #11690
    Episode 236

    Daniel arrives at Jennifer's to bring her coffee and sees that Jack is there as well. Carrie catches Austin going through her files of John's case, but he says he's looking over his own files. Marlena feels that Stefano is behind E.J. spearheading the lawsuit against him. Daniel asks Jack to stay cause there's a lot the three of them need to discuss. John says he didn't do anything he's accused of, while asking Carrie and Austin to stop fighting he has a brief flash of him typing at a computer. Daniel cautions Jack by saying it's conveniently let go by his captors, Jennifer breaks up and almost fight between the two and asks them to leave. Austin tells Rafe he doesn't how he's going to handle Carrie taking on John's case, Rafe thinks he has a solution. John tells Marlena that he's come to a decision that they need to file for divorce.

  • Ep. #11689
    Ep. #11689
    Episode 235

    Madison introduces Brady to the latest hire being Sami, but she remembers her from their elementary school days. Carrie tells John that he's looking at his new attorney. Austin gives Rafe advice on how to handle Sami. Sami is shocked to learn from Brady that Titan acquired Madison's company. Nicole tells E.J. that she wants to know he's got going on with John. Marlena tells John that he needs a lawyer now. E.J. tells Nicole that when he's done with John, he know what hit him. Carrie tells John that he's going to be released today. Hope and Bo discuss Alice's account statements with Mr. Schuffman, but he says he cannot divulge any information even the holder is deceased. Austin explains to Carrie he was forced to remain on the prosecution's case against John. Madison is caught by Brady after she slips and almost share a moment. John learns that he's being sued by the citizens of Salem and their being represented by E.J.

  • Ep. #11688
    Ep. #11688
    Episode 234

    Carries sees that Austin believes that John could really be guilty. Lexie tells Abe feels it's just the beginning when it comes to E.J. running along side him for mayor. E.J. wants Nicole to help seize the press they hand shake and make a deal. John says that he can't post bail cause all his assets have been frozen. Hope tells Bo she's a step closer to finding out Alice's secret and is certain to find out about the account. Carries tells Austin she believes in John, and it's hurting her that he doesn't. Lexie tells E.J. they have some unfinished business at what they discussed at the party and if she hurts her or Theo she'll never forgive him. Marlena is determined to find the source of of how this mess started. Roman comes in and says that he has bad news and tells John that his lawyers have quit which gives Carrie an idea. E.J. tells Nicole that John is gonna help him win the election.

  • Ep. #11687
    Ep. #11687
    Episode 233

    Melanie runs into Daniel and asks him how he's feeling about Jack's somewhat return. Madison tells Kate that Victor and Brady are his new business partners. Abigail asks Jennifer if she's thinking about forgiving Jack. Gabi and Will are impressed with the outcome their website is getting underway. Sami learns that John is being arraigned today and explains to Will that Marlena doesn't want anyone attending. Abigail unleashes her anger at Jack about him not caring about anyone other then himself. Sami gets the call and tells Rafe that she got the job at Mad World cosmetics. Maggie graciously asks Melanie to be her maid of honor. Madison accepts Kate's challenge to give her all she's got. Jack tells Abigail and Jennifer that he's staying in Salem to regain their trust. Kate looks at opportunities to destroy Madison and her company.

  • Ep. #11686
    Ep. #11686
    Episode 232

    Brady mistakes Madison for the hostess and says he and Victor are meeting someone very important. Marlena goes to see John and sees that he was worked over and is seriously bruised. Bo and Hope scold the policeman for responsible for putting John with the other prisoners, and he's then suspended. Brady is put on the spot and sees the woman he spoke to was Madison James. E.J. asks Nicole to be his mayoral campaign manager. Bo tells Hope from what he read in the file he thinks it's possible that John could be guilty. Madison turns down Victor's offer and comes up with a counter offer of her own. Bo, Hope and Roman are determined to keep John safe while he's being escorted to the courthouse, and plays Marlena the latest death threat. E.J. explains to Nicole to make the people of Salem think that he's a different person. Kate is less then thrilled to see Victor and Brady with Madison in the town square.

  • Ep. #11685
    Ep. #11685
    Episode 231

    Sami is surprised when Rafe knew that John would be arrested and even more that E.J. is running for Mayor. Maggie tells Victor she'll give him her answer while she tends to Marlena. Jack tells Jennifer if he meant anything to her she'll listen to him now. John explains to Roman and Abe that he and Marlena suspected something and hoped it would've blown over. Victor asks Brady why he's avoiding John. Jack tells Jennifer for the past year he was being held hostage, but she doesn't believe him. Kate sees a photo of the party and there's no way that Madison James could be back in town trying to shush out Countess Wilhemina. Rafe tells Sami that he's tried getting a hold of her without any luck and asks where she was. Maggie gives Victor an answer to his wedding proposal. Hope tells Daniel that Jennifer needs to resolve these issues with Jack. Jack asks Jennifer if she can ever forgive him now that she knows what happens. Austin wants Carrie to talk to him about John's situation, but she's still furious with him. Marlena vows to stand by John's side.

  • Ep. #11684
    Ep. #11684
    Episode 230

    Hope tells Bo she wonders Adrienne continues to press Jack on why he hasn't contacted anyone since he's been away. Rafe asks Carrie and Austin if they've seen Sami cause she should've been back by now. Everyone's still reeling over E.J.'s stunning announcement. Jennifer tells Daniel she doesn't know why Jack came back tonight of all nights. Austin tells Carrie the call he received from the SCC saying there about to make an arrest. Adrienne tells Jack that she should tell Jennifer and Abigail right away cause it changes everything. Bo asks Hope to talk to Maggie to see if she knows something. Daniel asks Jennifer if he has feelings for Jack still. Lexie blast E.J. and Stefano on how they could do this to her and Abe. Adrienne gets to go to Jennifer to tell her the truth. Abigail tells Chad that she's lucky to have someone like him in her life. John tells Abe and Roman that what he has to tell them could result in him being in serious trouble. Victor surprises Maggie with a marriage proposal, but it's interrupted when Rafe places John under arrest for embezzlement.

  • Ep. #11683
    Ep. #11683
    Episode 229

    John tells Marlena they'll their loved ones eventually why they're really here tonight. Roman and Abe watch as Stefano arrives for the party. Jack apologizes and tells Jennifer he'll be right back. Lexie tells Abe she found the perfect place for his campaign headquarters. Stefano goes over and officially welcomes back John and Marlena back to Salem. Jack is stunned when Jennifer tells him they aren't married anymore and has an unsettling reunion with Abigail. Rafe gets an alarming phone call. Daniel asks Jennifer if there's anyway he can help her deal with Jack. Adrienne asks Jack where exactly has been all this time and to make her understand. E.J. abruptly steals Abe's spotlight and reveals to the citizens of Salem that he's announcing his candidacy for Mayor.

  • Ep. #11682
    Ep. #11682
    Episode 228

    Jennifer apologizes to Daniel for getting so emotional during her speech tonight. Sonny asks Melanie to dance. Carrie and Austin say that not being invited hasn't stopped Stefano from showing up before. Chloe tells Brady and Nicole the good news that she got the job and owes everything to him. Jack overhears Daniel tell Jennifer that it wasn't her that made her marriage fail. Sonny explains to Melanie he's proud of who he is and will continue to face obstacles. Roman and Marlena do some catching up since she's been away. John tells Marlena his talk with Brady didn't go as well as he hoped it would. Hope comes across some letters while getting the doughnuts back at Alice's house and sees that they're actually bank statements from an account even she didn't know about and think Alice might've been blackmailed. Kinsey tells Chloe that maybe she doesn't have to do this alone and offers to move to Chicago with her. Jennifer is faced with a big shock when Jack makes his presence known to her.

  • Ep. #11681
    Ep. #11681
    Episode 227

    Everyone is delighted to see John and Marlena arrive at the party, especially Sami. Chloe tells Brady that she's not going to the audition and tells him what Kate said. Hope sees that John also has a surprise in store tonight. Abe gives Carrie some insight if she wants to switch to be a prosecutor. Marlena makes an announcement, John then shocks everyone when he stands up and says it's all cause of the love and support of his friends and Marlena. Abigail sees that Melanie isn't having fun and tells Chad to go and ask her to dance. E.J. overhears Nicole tell Kinsey she doesn't need a man to fulfill her life. Chloe tells Kate they have some unfinished business with what she said earlier. Hope recites a poem that Tom wrote for Alice years ago, and many people say exactly what Tom and Alice meant to them. Jack continues to watch Daniel and Jennifer. Doug and Julie then sing a duet and Marlena tells John that they're officially home again.

  • Ep. #11680
    Ep. #11680
    Episode 226

    Hope gives Jennifer and Daniel a little hint and that some people that loved Alice will be attending, they then leave unaware that Alice's letters have fallen on the floor. Gabi sees that Melanie is really missing Dario. Rafe tells Sami how dazzling she looks for the party tonight. Hope and Bo unveil the town square to the citizens of Salem. E.J. arrives, prompting Bo and Roman to become concerned that he might be up to something. Abe takes time to announce he's officially named it the "Horton Town Square" and unveils a plaque with a picture of Tom and Alice Horton. Jack is surprised to see Jennifer with Daniel. Doug tells Hope that even though Alice isn't here anymore she's proud of her just like he is. Sami and Rafe arrive late seeing they missed the ceremony. Hope reveals Austin and Carrie as the first surprise guests. Kate goes to see Chloe and says she's not going to get her son back if she passes her audition. Jennifer lets it slip and asks Sami how her job interview went, which confuses Rafe. Gabi asks Will why didn't he introduce her to Carrie and Austin as his girlfriend, so he decides to do it properly. Hope and Bo turn the spotlight to the other special guest John and Marlena as they arrive.

  • Ep. #11679
    Ep. #11679
    Episode 225

    Stefano tells E.J. that the party is where he's going to make his announcement and Salem will never be the same again. Jennifer tells Maggie that Hope has something up her sleeve, and Bo and her have a surprise for Hope. Bo and Hope reminisce about Alice and Tom Horton while going through some old things. E.J. tells Stefano that what he plans to do is for his children. Maggie and Jennifer make another attempt to get Hope to spill about who else is attending, but she refuses to budge. Doug and Julie arrive saying the wouldn't have missed the festivities for the world. Stefano wishes E.J. godspeed and to anyone who stands in his way. Jack looks at the front page of the Salem Spectator and learns of the party in the town square and where Jennifer will be.

  • Ep. #11678
    Ep. #11678
    Episode 224

    Jennifer and Daniel arrive to surprise and celebrate Carly's release from rehab. Quinn asks Taylor if it's possible that he's able to change his life. Ivan tells Vivian he's not going to let her slip through his fingers again. Abe overhears and asks Kinsey who exactly lied to the cops. Nicole tells Brady that Gus took her hostage and put a knife to her throat and thinks it's best she move out of the Kiriakis mansion. Dr. Norman sees that Carly is ready to mail her letters of apology. Abe gives Chloe the reward that led to Gus's capture, and Kinsey thinks this money could help her get Parker back. Taylor tells Nicole that she too is moving on with her life by leaving town and starting over. Jennifer receives yet another mysterious phone call. Ivan unveils to Quinn, Taylor and Abe his latest venture involving Vivian. Brady tells Chloe he sent a demo and got her an audition but it's in Chicago and it'll mean she'll be closer to Parker. The mysterious man sets his sights on going to Salem. Vivian tells Abe to give her friends and enemies a message that even though she's leaving they won't be forgotten.

  • Ep. #11677
    Ep. #11677
    Episode 223

    Maggie tells Melanie if she wants to have some fun tonight to get her mind off of missing Dario. Taylor tells Quinn that she believes that he didn't attack anyone.Caroline tells Jennifer and Daniel that not even she knows what surprises that Hope has planned for the big celebration. Taylor tells Quinn that she made a mistake by getting involved with E.J. Hope tells Vivian to talk to Gus before something happens to Nicole, E.J. says he'll hold her responsible if anything does. Roman and Bo manage to subdue Gus after he sees that Vivian lied to him about going away together. Jennifer, Daniel, Melanie and Maggie find solace in one of Caroline famous sundaes. Roman offers Quinn a deal he won't be charged for his crimes if he leaves Salem immediately. Jennifer receives a mysterious call from overseas. Ivan arrives and surprises Vivian.

  • Ep. #11676
    Ep. #11676
    Episode 222

    Quinn still maintains his innocence to Bo and Hope. Chloe wakes up which pleases Brady that she's come back to him. Nicole goes to E.J. and asks for his help cause Taylor is in trouble. Vivian asks Gus why haven't any of the lawyers returned their calls to represent Quinn and to take her to the police station. Sami asks Jennifer to help prepare her with the job interview. Quinn is shocked when the results come back that the night stick found in his room has Chloe's blood on it. Roman asks Taylor if she reported back to Quinn with information on his investigation, E.J. arrives and says he's going to represent Taylor. Chloe tells Brady the person who attacked her is Gus. Hope comes across a picture of an abandoned boy on the pier years ago and the name is that of Vivian's servant Gus Pascal. Brady tells Chloe he called Kinsey to tell her that you woke up. Gus takes a knife and tells everyone to back off or he'll slit his throat, Vivian then learns that he's the attacker. Nicole walks in the room and Gus takes her hostage.

  • Ep. #11675
    Ep. #11675
    Episode 221

    Dario tells Melanie that he won't be attending the party cause he has to leave tonight. Maggie and Adrienne go through clothes for everyone to wear at the party. Will says that the website won't be launching any time soon. Abe tells Lexie he's thinking of not running for re-election for Mayor. Vivian blasts Hope and Bo for bringing her son in as a suspect. Adrienne enlists Justin to do some pro bono work for Sonny and his venture. Gus tells Vivian to look at the facts into Quinn and his sordid past in the drug business. Dario shares his news with his friends of his promotion being in Argentina and has to leave sooner then expected. Taylor says that Quinn and her were arrested together which shocks Vivian that she's also Nicole's sister. Lexie tells Abe he should run again and she'll by his side on the campaign trail. Everyone dawns the clothing for Maggie and Adrienne. Abe finds out the hard way that Taylor is connected to the attacker suspect. Melanie and Dario share an emotional goodbye.

  • Ep. #11674
    Ep. #11674
    Episode 220

    Kate is surprised when she sees Stefano at Chez Rouge. Carly tells Nicholas she doesn't think she can do another session with Dr. Norman. Jennifer tells Daniel the more Chloe stay in the coma the less her chances are of recovering. Gus quickly hides in the closet to avoid being caught by Quinn. Nicole suggest to Brady that they calls Philip and she might respond to hearing Parker's voice. Bo, Hope and Rafe sees that Quinn has a record and his mother being Vivian Alamain as well as a connection to Taylor. Carly successfully makes another step towards her recovery by talking with Daniel and Jennifer. E.J. becomes unsettled after seeing Nicole come in with Brady. Bo and Hope comes to Quinn's room with a warrant to search the place. E.J. dazzles Nicole with an unexpected tango on the dance floor. Quinn is taken away which pleases Gus very much.

  • Ep. #11673
    Ep. #11673
    Episode 219

    Victor wants to discuss with Maggie their living arrangements being permanent. Hope sets up some samples for her and Bo to eat for the dedication party. Sami looks online for possible jobs, but discovered she's not qualified for any of them, but one catches her eye. Gus sneaks into Quinn's hotel room and plants evidence that'll make him look like the attacker and says he's doing it for Vivian. Victor asks Maggie if she's trying to avoid him and the subject of them living together. Taylor and Vivian get to know one another. Rafe sees something sketchy about the job that Sami wants to apply for and for her not to do anything until he checks it out. Caroline asks Sami why she didn't tell her she was having cysts removed. Bo tells Hope they got the DNA results back and it's being faxed. Maggie explains to Victor she's turning him down about them living together, but is leaving the house and not him. Sami sees that she got an immediate response from the job ad. Gus turns off the lights as Quinn returns to his room.

  • Ep. #11672
    Ep. #11672
    Episode 218

    Melanie leaves Brady a harsh message on why Dario got promoted and is leaving for South America. Hope and Bo do a search on the data base for the sketch for a facial recognition. Gus asks Vivian why she's spending breakfast alone and not with Quinn this morning. Taylor wakes up and sees that last night with Quinn actually happened. Dario tells Melanie he heard her say that his promotion is going to ruin everything what they have together. Quinn is shocked after Taylor tells him that Chloe was attacked and in a coma. Dr. Norman gives Carly some advice that forgiving herself might stop the fact she's hating herself. Hope tells Bo that she's going to miss Alice not being there to see the town square finished. Vivian unexpectedly stops by Quinn's hotel room and finds him with a female companion and hopes to get to know her. Melanie is stunned when Dario tells her that Brady didn't offer him the job. Gus takes Quinn's room key to further incriminate him.

  • Ep. #11671
    Ep. #11671
    Episode 217

    Gabi wants to get Will to take a break from the website he, Chad and Sonny are designing. Nicole asks E.J. if he was waiting for someone, and she offers to have a drink with him. Gabi tells Melanie that since Dario got the job at Titan he's the happiest she's ever seen him. Rafe agrees with Sami's decision to look for a job. Brady tells Kinsey that despite his marriage to Chloe ended badly he never stopped caring for her. Dario makes an announcement to everyone that he's gotten a promotion at work. Gabi wins the bet and wants to spend the night together at the lake. Sami and Rafe discuss on how to keep their household afloat. Dario promises Melanie that no matter how busy he is he'll make time for her. Nicole goes to visit Chloe and sees that there's been no change in her condition. Dario tells Melanie that his promotion is gonna be in Argentina. Chad turns down E.J.'s offer to help his business.

  • Ep. #11670
    Ep. #11670
    Episode 216

    Kate joins E.J. at Chez Rouge even though he doesn't want her company. Roman tells Bo and Hope that there's something familiar about the sketch of the attacker. Nicole gets a e-mail from someone who knows something that includes Taylor. Lexie hears Chloe utter something but couldn't make it out. Quinn tells Gus that he has a lot of explaining to do that he disappeared from the restaurant without word. Kate tells E.J. he should Taylor tells he should find someone when his divorce from Nicole is finalized. Gus overhears Roman, Hope and Bo that Chloe could possibly identify him. Quinn tells Nicole to mind her own business when it comes to him and Taylor. Hope finds something some hair on the pier and Roman thinks it could be the break they need. Quinn admits to changing Taylor's record so that no one will find out why she was really arrested. Brady comes up with a clever idea to help Chloe by having classical music playing in her hospital room. E.J. makes a call and finds where Kate is headed very interesting.

  • Ep. #11669
    Ep. #11669
    Episode 215

    Daniel is horrified to learn that Chloe was attacked and is in a coma. Jennifer receives a package from someone. Sami wants Lexie to give it to her straight, she then relieves her by saying there's no cancerous cells in her. Gus is livid that he once again left out of Vivian's plans with Quinn. Jennifer sees that her gentleman caller wants to meet at Chez Rouge. Sami shares her news with an overjoyed Roman. Victor tells Maggie that they're going to be going out to eat tonight. Sami takes Rafe to celebrate her being cancer free. Mandy begins to make a compository sketch of her attacker and kinda resembles Vivian's associate Gus. Victor asks Maggie to come and live with him. Gus plants a piece of Quinn's hair at a scene hoping to frame him for his crimes. Chloe starts to speak and whispers Gus's name.

  • Ep. #11668
    Ep. #11668
    Episode 214

    Lexie watches over Chloe asking herself what kind of person could do this to her. Dr. Norman shows Carly's lunch companions who are Melanie and Nicholas. Bo is determined to find exactly where Chloe was first attacked. Hope clearly sees that Brady knows something. Lexie leaves a message for Sami saying her test results are in. Hope and Bo find a blood trail hoping it'll lead somewhere. Brady sits by Chloe's bedside asking what made her do something like this. Sami lets herself into Lexie's office and goes on her computer to learn her results. Chloe squeezes Brady's hand after he mentions Parker, Maxine calls it a good sign. Melanie and Nicholas agree to go on a road trip once she's finished her treatment. Rafe finds out Sami's hiding under the desk after hearing her phone go off. Hope recalls Chloe in the alley and starts to question why she was there at all. Dr. Norman wants to know if Carly has yet to forgive herself. Lexie comes in and sees that Rafe and Sami are ready to hear the results.

  • Ep. #11667
    Ep. #11667
    Episode 213

    Sami sees what Rafe has been looking sites on ovarian cancer and asks if Lexie called with the test results. Nicole and Brady promise to keep quiet about Chloe turning tricks, E.J. comes along and wonders if something is wrong with their relationship already. Abigail asks Gabi if she and Will are already having problems since finding out he's spending time with his friends lately. Nicole isn't thrilled with Brady's lack of commitment. Will tells Chad and Sonny that he thinks that he's got something about a website that rates teachers as well as courses. Sami apologizes to Rafe for jumping all over him the way she did, she's just nervous at what the results will be like. Kate tells E.J. that she's going to let it go that he told Stefano and will focus on her venture. Abigail gives some advice to Gabi not to wait Will to initiate, but to try doing it herself.

  • Ep. #11666
    Ep. #11666
    Episode 212

    Dr. Norman wants to focus on Melanie's relationship with Carly. Roman tells Taylor to bring the book of mugshots to the hospital so Mandy can identify her attacker. Gus brings Vivian a present and is shocked that Quinn already got her the same one. Brady brings Chloe into the hospital, and Lexie says for everyone to leave the room so she can be treated. Melanie tells Dr. Norman that it took her a long time to forgive Carly for giving her up. Bo learns there was another attack and Roman heads over to the hospital. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's hoping that Mandy will be able to identify her attacker. Gus manages to get a hair of of Quinn's head as part of his plan. Roman learns that it was Chloe that was attacked on the pier. Hope tells Mandy to take her time and this will work. Quinn tells Taylor that the latest victim has no connection to him whatsoever. Lexie announces that Chloe is in a coma. Nicole quietly goes into see Chloe and breaks down after seeing her lying there.

  • Ep. #11665
    Ep. #11665
    Episode 211

    Chloe is shown in an alley all bloody and beaten. Daniel tells Roman and Bo that Mandy needs a little bit more time to recover. Kinsey finds out that Chloe never made it to the Brady Pub last night. Hope and Jennifer come to take Maggie back to her house, but she's not leaving. Chloe regains consciousness and begins to move slowly. Kinsey calls Brady, Nicole then grabs the phone and hangs up. Bo tells Hope that Mandy is ready to identify her attacker. Brady learns from Kinsey that Chloe has been hooking up with guys for money for the past several months. Chloe reaches her cell phone but sees that the battery has died and is unable to call for help. Maggie makes a decision where she wants to live. Victor offers Maggie to arrange for security at her house if she decides to leave the mansion. Jennifer tells Daniel that she's going to take Maggie's feelings for Victor into consideration. Hope sits with Mandy as she prepare to recount the night that she was attacked. Nicole, Brady and Kinsey set out to find Chloe.

  • Ep. #11664
    Ep. #11664
    Episode 210

    Sami tells Rafe that Caroline her best not to let the children know what was going on. Kate is surprised when E.J. knows about her meeting with Victor yesterday. Abe tells Lexie that he's trying to figure out why this person is attacking streetwalkers. Chloe is surprised when someone grabs her phone and sees that it's her date Elliot. Lexie calls Rafe and says for her and Sami to come to the hospital right away. Quinn tells Taylor that he's shutting down his operation permanently and apologizes to her for pulling her in the way he did. Victor tells Brady that he wants Nicole out of his house and sees that he's fallen for her once again. E.J. tells Kate to call and say that he gives permission for the new Countess Wilhemena cosmetics line. Lexie tells Sami that she's brought in a oncologist to look at the samples that were taken to determine the cause. Taylor thinks that Quinn is trying to manipulate her. Chloe turns around after getting off the phone and screams.

  • Ep. #11663
    Ep. #11663
    Episode 209

    Melanie helps Maggie settle into the Kiriakis mansion, and says that she's going to visit Carly at the rehab facility. Daniel surprises Jennifer with a decorated room at the Salem Inn. Chloe receives some disappointing news that her singing gig is temporarily cancelled. Carly confides in a nurse that her son now officially hates her. Daniel and Jennifer get intimate. Kate finds out that Maggie is living in Victor's house. Nicholas comes back and says that he never should've come her in the first place, cause he doesn't see any forgiveness. Chloe turns to Quinn hoping to find another job, he says that until the police catch the attacker he's out and so is she. Victor asks Kate why didn't he take her idea to Stefano instead of him. Melanie runs into Nicholas and have a pleasant greeting. Jennifer tells Daniel that she's not ready for marriage any time soon. Chloe makes a date as "Lola" despite Quinn's warnings. Victor humbly rejects Kate's offer, Brady asks why he declined such a would be profitable project. Carly lays into Dr. Norman for the therapy session going completely wrong by pushing Nicholas too soon, Nicholas returns asking Carly for another chance and says he got some advice from Melanie. Chloe is watched by the attacker from a far.

  • Ep. #11662
    Ep. #11662
    Episode 208

    Chad, Gabi, Will and Abigail prepare for a BBQ on the beach. Dr. Norman asks Nicholas to stay for Carly's therapy session. Tad already starts being obnoxious by asking who invited Daniel and Jennifer to the picnic. Lexie tells Roman and Rafe that Sami had a reaction to the medicine and she can't regain consciousness. Sonny tells Abigail he won't be coming, cause he has to prepare for school when it starts. Dario asks Tad to apologize for being a jerk to Jennifer and Daniel. Dr. Norman asks Nicholas and Carly to be open and honest with each other. Tad gives his friends a final ultimatum that either Sonny goes or he does. Lexie takes Roman and Rafe in to see Sami who's beginning to come around, she says she can't go home until they make sure she doesn't have any more allergic reactions. Carly tells Nicholas she would've done the same thing if Lawrence had in fact threatened him as well. Rafe surprises Sami with an extra large banana split. Lexie gets a call and see that the results are in and aren't good, and asks for them to run it again. Tad returns to see his friends having a good time with Sonny. Dr. Norman asks Nicholas if he can forgive his mother for killing his father.

  • Ep. #11661
    Ep. #11661
    Episode 207

    Justin gives Chloe a present a webcam chat with Parker. Hope tells Mandy that it's procedure to record her statement with other cops present. Gus has a fantasy of telling Vivian how he feels about her. Rafe tells Sami that he's gonna wait right here til she gets back. Quinn tells Taylor there's no way that Mandy is going to give him up. Roman tells Rafe to sit in while Mandy gives her statement cause it might help sine he's the one that brought her in. Vivian tells Gus to get Quinn cause all is forgiven and wants him back in her life. Chloe is overjoyed when she hears Parker say mama. Taylor lashes at Quinn for bringing up her past with him back in her face. Daniel is forced to sedate Mandy after having a repressed memory of when she was attacked. Lexie begins to worry when Sami's monitors begin to go off and starts to flatline. Quinn asks Taylor if Nicoole does in fact know the whole story. Chloe is sidetracked by her date when he comes to the Cheatin Heart. Gus abruptly drops Quinn's present "accidentally" in front of him and Vivian. Lexie tells Rafe that there were complications with Sami and she was given medication and to wait and see if it works.

  • Ep. #11660
    Ep. #11660
    Episode 206

    Nicole tells Taylor that she found something online last night and it concerns her. Lexie allows Roman to go in and talk with Mandy. E.J. tells Kate not to waste any of his time with her constant whining over that deal that went sour. Rafe asks Sami if there's anything he can do for her to make her stay at the hospital comfortable. Mandy asks Roman to give her a reason why she should trust him. Nicole Taylor when she shows her the mugshot she found. E.J. lets Kate that he has more power then she'll ever know. Lexie helps Sami get settled into her hospital room, and if she's changed her mind on telling her family. Roman calls Bo and Hope and asks them to come to the hospital. Taylor explains to Nicole that she was arrested for protesting, but Nicole doesn't believe her. Mandy decides to open up to Hope since she doesn't want any more women to get hurt. Roman overhears Rafe talking with Lexie and learns that Sami is going to have surgery. Taylor becomes nervous when Hope comes out and says that Mandy is ready to talk.

  • Ep. #11659
    Ep. #11659
    Episode 205

    Roman tells Hope that they attacker could identify her since she's been in the papers. Taylor tells Quinn that Mandy is not talking to the police, but mentioned that she said his name in her sleep. Chloe confronts and blasts Kate for setting her up with Quinn to become a hooker. Quinn and Taylor see Roman on the tv asking for anyone to call the station if they have any information. Nicole runs into E.J. after making a call to Stefano. Bo and Hope decide to hit the streets hoping they can find some more clues. Kate tells Chloe that she sat back and watched her destroy two of her son's lives and won't let her do the same with Parker. Rafe attempts to stay positive for Sami. Bo and Hope wants E.J. to cooperate with them, Nicole admits to them that E.J. sold his drug business, and Bo wants to know who. Chloe asks Quinn how much Kate paid him to ruin her life, he shows her something to see why she can't quit. Kate asks E.J. why he put a stop to a transaction she's been working on. Nicole cautions Taylor that she's going to find out about her little secret. The attacker watches Bo and Hope on the pier from afar.

  • Ep. #11658
    Ep. #11658
    Episode 204

    Carly is overjoyed when Nicholas comes in the room and says that he was there for her. Chad and Sonny toast over their families finally having peace between them. Lexie tells Sami she won't know anything til she's gets the pathology report back. Will knocks over the garbage can and all the pregnancy tests fall out prompting Gabi to assume that Sami is pregnant. Nicholas tells Carly thatif she started doing drugs cause of him he'll do whatever it takes to make it up to her. Sonny surprises Justin and Adrienne when he says he's gonna be going to Salem University. Daniel and Jennifer enjoy another picnic at the lake. Sami tells Will and Gabi that the pregnancy was a false alarm. Abigail tells Sonny that he's glad that he's staying in town. Adrienne humbily admits to Justin that despite all of Jack's faults she misses him terribly. Tad seeks revenge on Sonny and making him responsible for all that's wrong with his life.

  • Ep. #11657
    Ep. #11657
    Episode 203

    Sami wakes up in Rafe's arms on the couch completely forgetting she was told she wasn't pregnant. Kinsey thanks Chloe for getting her away from that guy last night cause she could've been the one attacked on the pier. Quinn lets Taylor that if he goes down then so does she. Charles tells Bo and Hope that he's sure that Abe will help them with whatever they need. Brady starts to second guesses his relationship with Nicole. Abe tells Bo that he's gonna need a lot more to go on before he goes public with these attacks. Quinn refuses to give into Chloe's request by letting her go and let's it slip that someone wanted her to do this job. Rafe shows Abe, the latest victim that was assaulted and agrees to give him whatever he needs. Taylor overhears Bo tell Hope that Abe agreed to give them whatever they wanted. Nicole tells Brady that he can have doubts that they're bad for each other all he wants. Hope tells Bo her idea of going undercover as a call girl to nail this guy. Chloe comes to the realization who wants her to be a prostitute. Quinn finds that his computer is missing. Lexie brings in the results of Sami's test that she has some cysts and needs surgery to determine that it's benign or not.

  • Ep. #11656
    Ep. #11656
    Episode 202

    Lexie tells Sami that she's not pregnant, and says that it's not the problem she's discovered. E.J. tells Kate that Stefano might not bring up the word peace to Victor again. Maggie asks Victor for something, to officially make peace with Stefano. Brady is stunned when Melanie tells him that Maggie's off the ventilator a tid bit Victor forgot to tell him. Taylor informs Quinn that she's a new job with the Salem police department. E.J. summons Chad and he doesn't want to talk about Stefano but him and his place in the family instead. Nicole tells Brady after hearing him having an argument with Melanie, what exactly does she mean to him. Sonny calls Chad and says to get E.J. and Stefano to the hospital, cause he has an idea and Justin is on board. Dario tells Mandy that she can trust Rafe, Rafe tells her that she's not the only woman that was attacked. Nicole finds out about Taylor's new job. Justin tells Victor and Brady that E.J. and Chad both want the same thing, Melanie thinks Maggie should have a say in this as well. Stefano surprises everyone when he shows up and to count him in on having peace. Brady tells Nicole that the war between their families is over. Sami calls Rafe and says for him to come home.

  • Ep. #11655
    Ep. #11655
    Episode 201

    The man tells Quinn that Lola was everything he expected. Abigail wants to get a photo album thing together for Carly. Sami tells Rafe the last time she felt this sick was when she was pregnant. Kinsey tries to get away from the man, she then calls Chloe for help. Nicholas sees that Carly was just admitted to the rehab facility and says that he'd like to see her. Melanie wonders if Nicholas will go and see just how bad their mother is and hopes he can through to her. Chloe comes to Kinsey's rescue and says she'll take care of it. Sami and Rafe are ecstatic when they learn they are expecting. Melanie tells Dario that they're doing everything they can for Carly. Nicholas comes in and tells Carly if she's here because of him. Daniel and Jennifer share a romantic picnic together. Rafe asks Sami to go to the hospital cause the test they took aren't always accurate. Quinn meets with Mandy his latest acquisition, and says he has nothing to fear while working with him. Chloe tells Kinsey that she's lucky she didn't get hurt or even killed. Maxine delivers some news to Sami that there's a problem with her test results. Mandy is attacked on the pier by an assailant.

  • Ep. #11654
    Ep. #11654
    Episode 200

    Chloe's social worker is impressed with her progress, and tells Adrienne things are turning around for her. Rafe apologizes to Sami saying he's running late and to start without her, she then calls Roman asking for his help. Kinsey turns down Tad's offer to go to a hotel with him. Taylor lets Quinn know that when people are around her bad things tend to happen. Will calls Gabi and asks to come and meet him and Sonny at the Cheatin Heart to play some pool.Rafe asks a fellow officer on the file on the woman that was recently beaten. Roman is against the idea of Sami coming to work for the Salem Police department. Kinsey realizes that Gabi and Will finally had sex and what took him so long. Abe comes along and asks Taylor what's gotten her so startled and says there's a job opening if she's interested. Hope and Rafe scramble to find the identity of the man that helped Carly in the alley. Tad comes in and asks Sonny if he's told Chad that he's gay, Chad then stands up to Sonny by telling him to get out. Rafe tells Sami she can't work at the station cause he has bad news cause the positions already been filled. Quinn introduces himself to Roman while at the Brady Pub. Taylor comes a cross a file on a unknown pimp. Chloe is being watched in the alley by someone.

  • Ep. #11653
    Ep. #11653
    Episode 199

    Bo and Hope receive some startling information. Vivian is gonna make sure that Carly fails miserably. Kate tells Chad that despite him moving out of the mansion will he still check on Stefano. Hope sees that it's the same M.O. of the last woman that was assaulted. Vivian approaches Carly at the hospital and learns Quinn's connection with her. Carly tells Maxine that her time at university hospital has come to an end. Abigail takes Chad to the beach for a romantic picnic. Roman condones Bo for working behind his back when he made it clear that he took him and Hope off the case. Carly slaps Quinn after finding out he's Vivian's son and was working her since day one. Taylor approaches Quinn and says he put on quite a show in there just now. Melanie accompanies Carly to the rehab facility. Kate convinces E.J. to assist with her plan to break up Chad and Abigail. Hope looks in the alley for evidence and to find something that'll connect her to a possible suspect.

  • Ep. #11652
    Ep. #11652
    Episode 198

    Lexie tells Hope that it's time to take Maggie off the ventilator cause she has a DNR. Carly apologizes to her family and owes her life to Quinn who helped her. Nicole tells Taylor she had no idea what Brady was planning. Vivian slaps Quinn at his betrayal for helping Carly. Victor tells Stefano that it's to late to put and end to the war between their families. Chad tells E.J. that it's time that he got out of the family for good. Justin tries to give Brady some advice but her refuses. Lexie takes the tube out of Maggie hoping and praying she'll be able to breathe on her own. Quinn tries to explain himself that it was fate that brought Carly to him and she had an addiction she had to fight, but Vivian won't forgive him. Abigail praises Chad what he said to E.J. about getting out of the family. Maggie surprises her loved ones by breathing once again. Melanie tells Carly that she'll look into some rehab place for her. Chad tells Stefano that what happened to him tonight he won't be living at the mansion anymore. Maggie tells Victor to make peace with Stefano.

  • Ep. #11651
    Ep. #11651
    Episode 197

    Daniel refuses to let Victor take Maggie out of the hospital back to his house. Vivian wonders what's on the television that's distracting Quinn. Carly encounters a junkie who'll give her a hit for money. Brady tells Nicole that what Dmitri wanted was permission and he gave it to him. E.J. tells Taylor that Chad was telling the truth that he did lie to her so he can push her away. Abigail tells Chad what more has to happen before other people get hurt, he then tells Sonny what he would do. Lexie tells Jennifer that the hospital board has seen the televised plea for Carly's return and thinks the hospital should be kept out of it or else they'll she and Carly will be out of a job, Jennifer then quits. Quinn finds Carly in the alley and says she was tempted to buy drugs from a user. E.J. and Taylor hear a gunshot and quickly go and find that Chad was hit. Taylor confronts Brady for having Chad shot, and if Nicole knew all about it. Vivian comes across a newspaper photo that almost resembles Quinn and sees him and Carly together. Jennifer, Melanie and Daniel each get phone calls saying where Carly can be found. Stefano offers Victor a truce to end this once and for all. Taylor tells Nicole and Brady that she's done with the both of them. Vivian is irate after discovering that Quinn has been helping Carly this whole time.

  • Ep. #11650
    Ep. #11650
    Episode 196

    Brady tells Taylor that her life may still be in danger. Abigail tries to persuade Chad to move out of the DiMera mansion. Carly tells Quinn that she feels she's ready to go home. Vivian listens to the news and learns that Maggie was shot. Johnny hears something Rafe say and asks him what they've done this time. Dmitri quietly listens to E.J. and Nicole on the pier. Vivian wonders why Quinn sent her to voice mail and tries to figure out who that girl was. Chad tells Abigail that his just found his family he didn't know that he had. Nicole gives Brady the note from E.J. and he lets him know what he thinks of it. Carly wonders why Vivian is at the door and if she knows that she's there. Sami and Rafe talk about adding to their family eventually. Chad tells Taylor the truth and calls E.J. and say he is the man she thought he could be. Carly sees Melanie's plea on television for her to come home and remembers that her entire family knows the truth. Chad and Abigail admit their love for one another as Dmitri watches from afar, Brady gives him the go thinking it's a shot at E.J. but it's Chad.

  • Ep. #11649
    Ep. #11649
    Episode 195

    Stefano tells Chad that he made him proud tonight when he didn't say anything to the cops, but Chad says why he feels so terrible. Brady tells Nicole he's arranged to have protection for his entire family. Sonny tells Abigail that Chad is starting to get a taste of being in a crime family. E.J. tells Taylor that Maggie wasn't a intended victim, she just got in the way. Justin cautions Victor about seeking revenge against the DiMera's and how many more poeple have to get hurt before he changes his ways. D.A. Woods tells Bo and Hope that he wants the person that shot Maggie brought to justice, Bo says that Roman has taken them off the case. Lexie lashes at Stefanofor him being responsible for Maggie's almost death. Adrienne tells Hope that Sonny was called into the D.A.'s office and got called in tonight. Bo tells Victor that he should've just come to him instead of taking matters into his own hands like always. Taylor tells E.J. she spoke to Nicole, and admits that she's not over him, Chad follows E.J. and says that Taylor could be his last chance at a normal life. Kate tries to persuade Abigail to talk Chad into supporting Stefano. Sonny approaches Hope and says the D.A. wants all the information on E.J.'s assault. Brady tells Nicole it's probably best that she leave town for a little while. Victor asks Bo what he wants him to do which is not to talk to any cops.

  • Ep. #11648
    Ep. #11648
    Episode 194

    E.J. refuses to help Stefano after he collapses. Daniel sees the monitors start and manages to get Maggie's heart started again. Gabi tells Will that everything was perfect tonight and exactly what she wanted it to be. Roman tells Hope and Bo to leave the crime scene cause they're not on this case. Will asks Gabi to be honest with him their first time together, she says that it was perfect cause she was with him. Abe tells Taylor if she's here to see if E.J.'s been arrested. Kate sees Stefano and realizes that he's just in shock and needs a shot of his insulin. Daniel says that Maggie is unable to breathe on her own and is on a ventilator but not sure for how long. Chad tells Stefano that he can't die on him yet, and lets E.J. know he's to blame for their father's death. Victor tells Brady not to retaliate against the DiMera's. Jennifer asks Abigail if she's really worried about Chad and why he hasn't called her back. Stefano tells Kate not to lie for him and Hope wants to know why he was on the pier. Brady tells Nicole that he doesn't want peace. Bo offers E.J. full immunity in exchange for putting Stefano away. Will promises Gabi that he'll never hurt her. Bo asks Chad if he knows who shot Maggie.

  • Ep. #11647
    Ep. #11647
    Episode 193
    Jennifer tells Melanie that Maggie is a fighter and will come back to her loved ones. E.J. asks Stefano why didn't he leave well enough alone. Rafe sees that a condom fall out of Will's wallet. Daniel tries to figure out and tries to stop Maggie's internal bleeding and if he doesn't he could lose her. Brady answers Bo and Hope's question for Victor and Lexie hears that the DiMera's were behind Maggie's shooting. Stefano vows to protect the family and no one else will get hurt. Will decide to head Rafe's advice regarding he and Gabi having sex and says it's none of his business. Roman calls Rafe and says to come to the pier right away. Lexie looks at the bullet that was taken out of Maggie recognizing it, Daniel tells her to focus or else Maggie will die. Melanie looks to Dario for comfort. Hope tells Jennifer they need to support each other right now. Will tells Gabi that Rafe is up out of shape cause he told him he loves her. Chad ignores calls from Abigail. Rafe finds some fibres that could belong to the shooter. Lexie tells Daniel to stop cause Maggie's gone. Gabi tells Will her idea on how they could make the room more they're style. E.J. tells Chad to get out and run away from the family.moreless
  • Ep. #11646
    Ep. #11646
    Episode 192
    Maggie gets caught in the line of fire that was meant for Victor. Taylor tells Nicole she's here to discuss her sister's relationship with Brady. Jennifer tells Melanie and Daniel that the hospital board is rescinding the award from Carly cause of the recent pictures. Phelps tells Quinn that Carly is asking him for more drugs. Victor tells Maggie to hold on. Chad asks Brady if he was going to kill Brady. Jennifer tells Melanie to look into the camera and tell everyone how she feels about Carly. Carly tries so hard to fight the urge to take a pill. Nicole tells Taylor that she gave up her right to give her advice when she slept with her husband. Melanie learns of Maggie's shooting and blames Victor for putting her in danger. Brady lashes at E.J. thinking they're so called truce was a set up. Maggie asks for Victor before she's taken off to surgery. E.J. decides that it's time to change his ways.moreless
  • Ep. #11645
    Ep. #11645
    Episode 191
    E.J. tells Nicole that all's well with Brady and she can go back to her regular life. Chad overhears Stefano ordering a hit and enters the room wanting to know, Stefano agrees that he should know the truth. Maggie wants an answer from Victor in why he's blowing her off tonight. Victor tells Dmitri to go to the pier. Rafe has an idea for Sami at what they can do with the kids away for the night. Stefano gives Chad an assignment. Melanie tells Maggie that last night E.J. was this close to figuring who attacked him and Brady knows this. E.J. calls Brady and asks him to met him in the forest. Sonny tells Chad he knows something is going down cause he heard what Victor said earier. Maggie gets on where Victor is heading. E.J. and Brady meet up, Chad and Sonny see them shaking hands. Marco mistakenly guns down Maggie instead of Victor.moreless
  • Ep. #11644
    Ep. #11644
    Episode 190
    Rafe doesn't give Bo and Hope much to go on, except the message that Carly left at the hospital. Taylor and Nicole both express their concerns for Brady. Stefano sees that E.J. does remember who attacked him. Adrienne notices something different while visiting Maggie, she says that's it all cause of Victor. Roman gives Rafe some minor cases to work on, as his way of saying he's not ready to be out in the field. Nicole tells Taylor the only thing that can keep Brady safe is to forgive E.J. and marry him. Hope questions the stab victim and thinks there's more to it. Roman cautions Bo and Hope not to defy his orders. Victor lets it's slip to Stefano that Brady is E.J.'s attacker. E.J. tells Nicole he's decided not to get revenge on Brady for attacking him. Sonny announces he's staying in Salem, and shocks Justin and Adrienne when he says he'll be working in the district attorney's office. Rafe follows Bo and Hope to the hospital and saying he wants in on their investigation. Victor tells Maggie that he has to cancel their dinner plans tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11643
    Ep. #11643
    Episode 189
    Kinsey confronts Chloe at the Cheatin Heart. Alise tells Daniel and Melanie that she's heard from Carly. Quinn checks on a frantic Carly after having a bad dream. Kate looks at a picture of Parker and says that she's doing this for him. Vivian visits Lawrence's grave saying she finally avenged him. Daniel tells Melanie that Carly needs to check into a program right away. Chad rips into Kate for trying to ruin his relationship with Abigail. Abigail tries to make Melanie see how sorry she is. Quinn makes it clear to Kate that she's never to use his clients for personally gain again. Gus starts to realize that Kate maybe right after all. Carly has a vision of Melanie and Daniel cutting off all ties with her. Kinsey tells Chloe that she'll keep her secret, and offers her a lift to Brookville. Daniel tells Jennifer that they need to end things between them for good. Lawrence appears to Carly and terrorizes her and says she's stuck with him forever. Kinsey answers Chloe's phone and takes a job as "Lola". Carly makes a call wanting something to stop the pain.moreless
  • Ep. #11642
    Ep. #11642
    Episode 188
    E.J. asks Taylor what she has in her bag that she doesn't want him to say. Nicole finds Brady unconscious when coming to the Kiriakis mansion. Gabi tells Sonny to invite Will to the game instead of her. Quinn orders Chloe to come and meet him right away. E.J. asks Taylor why she has a gun on her, she tells him to let it go. Nicole realizes that Brady was out to kill E.J. but Taylor stopped him. Will lays into Tad for accusing Sonny of using guys just to get alone with them. Kate decides to fish for information from Gus. Taylor admits to E.J. that she's still in love with him. Kinsey asks Gabi why she and Will haven't had sex yet. Gus tells Kate that there's no way that he's going to leave Vivian and sees that she slipped something into his drink. Caroline interrupts as Gabi and Will were about to make love. Kinsey witnesses Chloe taking money from an unknown man at a hotel, while with Tad. E.J. returns Brady's gun to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11641
    Ep. #11641
    Episode 187
    E.J. tells Nicole he knows that Brady attacked him. Vivian asks Quinn again who the woman he had in his room. Victor wants Maggie to come and leave Salem with him, but he says that it's not for good it just to show her around. Brady walks around with a gun in his hand waiting for E.J. but Taylor shows up instead. Dario goes to Rafe to help with the search for Melanie's mother. Vivian presents Quinn with a present she's had on her all these years. Nicole asks E.J. if he's thinking about letting this with Brady go or not. Taylor suggests to Brady that he leave Salem with Nicole and never come back. Gus tells Vivian despite her son's resurface she's nothing without him. Melanie sees Dario and Rafe having a bonding moment. Carly tells Quinn that sometimes she sees Lawrence laughing at her in the dream she just had and if she can stay a bit longer. Brady refuses to let Taylor call the police, she then smashes a vase on knocking him out. Maggie offers Victor to spend the night at her place. Quinn tells Carly she can stay with him. Taylor encounters E.J. as she's about to throw Brady's gun in the river.moreless
  • Ep. #11640
    Ep. #11640
    Episode 186
    Bo recalls a time when he can sense that there was something off about Carly. Gus tells Vivian that Carly's loved ones are looking for her as we speak. E.J. tells Melanie not to lie to him, cause he knows she was on the pier that night. Roman tells Bo and Hope that Carly's been missing for several hours. Nicole tells Taylor to go and tell E.J. not to kill Brady. Carly wakes up and asks Quinn how she got to his hotel room. Dario intervenes and tells E.J. to get his hands off of Melanie. Roman puts Bo and Hope to lead the investigation in finding Carly. Gus walks away from Vivan. Bo and Hope find Lewis in the alley behind the Salem Inn and question him. Chad tells E.J. why he's wasting time chasing a woman who won't give him the time of day. Brady tells Melanie he has a plan to protect them from E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11639
    Ep. #11639
    Episode 185
    A homeless man attempts to rape an unconscious Carly. Chad tells Abigail that he can't believe the photo he saw online of Melanie's mother. Bo tells D.A. Woods that they had an airtight case against the DiMera's with the "Rafe" impostor's testimony. E.J. tells Taylor that he remembers a pair of shoes and a woman's voice. Quinn comes to Carly's aid and says for her to come with him. Abigail admits to Melanie that she knew about Carly's drug problem and says she should've told her sooner. Vivian brings champagne to celebrate with Quinn, but she sees that he's not alone. Nicole worries of what might E.J. will do to Brady. D.A. Woods approaches Chad and says he owes him an apology. Vivian asks Quinn what the woman is he has in his bed. Roman tells Bo that internal affairs wants to pin this situation on him and he's no longer police commissioner. Chad refuses to forgive D.A. Woods for the way he treated him. Quinn realizes that he has Carly, the woman that Vivian is out to get. Det. McCarthy shows Roman, Bo and Hope the online picture of Carly. E.J. asks Melanie if the person who attacked him was in fact Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #11638
    Ep. #11638
    Episode 184
    Vivian thanks Quinn and gives him all the credit for humiliating Carly (to the dismay of Gus). Melanie runs into Daniel who has also seen the picture of Carly. He tells Melanie he is going over to check on Carly. Sonny offers to go back to the pub with Kinsey to get more food. Stefano visits E.J. and says he's wants to have E.J. committed so that they can void the custody agreement.. Carly sees the picture online. She is horrified when Daniel arrives. Tad asks Will just whose side he is on. Daniel tells Carly that Melanie was pretty upset after seeing the picture online. E.J. threatens to make a full confession if Stefano reverses his custody agreement with Sami. Jennifer explains that it all started with Carly's feelings for Daniel, Melanie goes to check on Carly and finds that she's missing. Kinsey tells Sonny that she's gonna learn a lot from him. Nicole loses control after she witnesses a kiss between Taylor and Brady. Will tells Tad that they're hanging out with Sonny cause he's a nice guy and for him to ease up. E.J. tells Stefano he's beginning to remember the night he was attacked. Taylor leaves and almost runs into Quinn after recognizes him. Vivian tells Carly while bumping into her if she's waiting for her dealer. Tad refuses and explains to Will he's not apologizing to Sonny. Jennifer and Daniel search for Carly. A figure comes across Carly passed out in the alley.moreless
  • Ep. #11637
    Ep. #11637
    Episode 183
    Maggie tells Victor that visiting him is the last place she wants to be. Tad confronts Sonny about why he didn't tell him he was gay. Gus tells Vivian that this morning could be the day that she's been hoping for. Jennifer wonders why Carly isn't picking, while still laying on the floor unconscious. Daniel approaches Jennifer about some award she nominated him and Carly for. Victor steps up for Sonny while he's being harrassed by Tad. Vivian lets herself into Carly's room as a housekeeper and finds her on the floor. Dario asks Melanie that with parents that she has why is she with a guy like him. Vivian puts pills in a glass of water and forces it down Carly's throat. Sonny tells Victor not to tell him what to do and apologizes to Tad. Jennifer finds Carly and immediately takes her to the hospital. Vivian and Gus toast Carly's downfall. Gabi asks Will if it bothers him that Sonny is gay. Maggie goes to Victor and says she heard what he said defending Sonny earlier. Carly admits to Jennifer that she's in fact an addict and agrees to go to rehab. Vivian sends a pic of Carly to Daniel and Melanie.moreless
  • Ep. #11636
    Ep. #11636
    Episode 182
    Vivian tells Gus how pleased she is at how her plan is progessing. Bo tells Hope she has to face facts that Stefano and E.J. got away with it. Stefano tells Lexie that E.J. signed away his rights to his children tonight, Lexie rushes after hearing E.J.'s alarms going off. Carly doesn't want Daniel to continue to worry about her. E.J. tells Taylor he had a dream of him seeing someone on the pier when he was attacked. Vivian is beside herself after seeing Carly laughing with Daniel and Melanie. Abigail is unhappy with Jennifer's plan to keep Daniel away from her. Hope loses it on a prisoner after bringing up what she almost did to Bo. Jennifer lashes at Daniel after he mentions he spoke to Carly about them and gets up and walks out. E.J. grabs Melanie's arm while going in to check on him. Carly rushes back to her hotel room to take a pill, while Vivian follows her. Taylor rejects Stefano's offer to help her leave town for good. Gus reports back to Vivian that Jennifer got up and stormed after talking with Daniel. Jennifer tries to call Carly, but she lays unconscious on her room floor.moreless
  • Ep. #11635
    Ep. #11635
    Episode 181
    Carly throws the pill out and then breaks down, Daniel comes and then changes his mind about checking on her. Dario surprises Melanie with some Erykah Badu concert tickets in Chicago. Nicole lets herself in and sees E.J. on the floor throbbing in pain. Jennifer comes to see Maggie and says she's not with Daniel anymore, Maggie thinks it's cause she still loves Jack. Nicole asks E.J. to give her a reason why she should help him. Melanie is relieved that Dario has seperate rooms for them to stay at. Daniel tells Carly that she's not back with Jennifer. E.J. begins to have full flashbacks to the night he was attacked on the pier. Brady offers Dario a job at Titan, and Taylor sees that it's his plan to keep him away from Melanie. Lexie thanks Nicole for bringing E.J. into the hospital when she did. Adrienne wishes Dario all the best as he quits to start his new job. E.J. remembers hearing Melanie's voice on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11634
    Ep. #11634
    Episode 180
    Carly takes off after witnessing Daniel and Jennifer's kiss. Chloe tells Justin and Adrienne she got a job, he asks if that's where she got the money for the new place. Rafe doesn't believe E.J. when he says that he gave Sami full custody of their children. Vivian calls Quinn asking to meet her on the pier and to bring Phelps. Gabi lashes at Kate for sticking up for Stefano after what he did to Rafe. Vivian is delighted when Quinn sticks up for her. Daniel asks Jennifer if it's what he did or if he moved things too quickly. Kate overhears and learns about Chloe's job singing and sets out to destroy her new found career. Stefano is aghast at E.J. decision to give Sami the children. Vivian watches as she hopes that Carly will buy drugs from Phelps. Rafe takes the document to Justin to make sure it's legal. Kate decides there's got to be another way to further punish Chloe. Stefano thinks that E.J. is contemplating turning himself in. Chloe tells Kinsey not to imagine herself being just like her. Vivian tells Quinn some good news, he then rejects her business plans for him. E.J. has an intense migraine after having an argument with Stefano.moreless
  • Ep. #11633
    Ep. #11633
    Episode 179
    Bo demands answers on the unexpected demise of the "Rafe" impostor from the inmates. Vivian tells Gus about Jennifer's infatuation with Daniel. Sami tells Johnny that he's beginning to worry, but she gives him some assurance. Abigail sees that something is seriously bothering her mother. Gus overhears Carly making plans on going to dinner with Daniel and informs Vivian. Bo tells Stefano and E.J. that he has a signed confession, until D.A. Woods blabs and says that the impostor was just murdered. Abe calls Rafe and says there's been a situation that changes everything. Jennifer and Daniel run into each other at the Sapphire Club. Gus uses Carly's phone to text Daniel saying she won't make it tonight. Rafe promises Sami that he's not going to let E.J. take the kids away from her. D.A. Woods tells Chad that the DiMera's have gotten off scott free yet again. Jennifer accuses Daniel of setting this whole thing up. Chad and Abigail share a kiss. Carly sees Jennifer and Daniel together. E.J. shocks Sami about his decision regarding their kids by giving her full custody.moreless
  • Ep. #11632
    Ep. #11632
    Episode 178
    Brady tells Taylor that E.J. will be in jail before he remembers it was him that attacked him. Stefano tells E.J. that they need to leave town right away. Rafe is delighted and explains to Sami and Dario that Sophia was able to sweet the "Rafe" double was a success. D.A. Woods is shocked to learn of Hope's reinstatement to the Salem P.D. Stefano arranges to leave on his plane, but finds out that's it's been grounded. Abe tells Nicole and Taylor that Fay's killer is gonna walk cause a deal was made. Sophia is surprised that Rafe is a stepfather to four children, Sami is stunned after she reveals that Rafe said he pictured himself a family man. Stefano sees that E.J. has a defense strategy. D.A. Woods rejects Lexie's suggestion to be there for Chad since he's gonna lose his father and his brother. Stefano and E.J. are arrested. Brady tells Nicole to just let Taylor do what she has to do. Hope and Bo are glad when they that Arnold signed his statement and go down to get him on tape. An inmate mistakes Arnold for Rafe and says he's gonna pay for busting him they come to find him dead in his cell.moreless
  • Ep. #11631
    Ep. #11631
    Episode 177
    Sofia tells Arnold("Rafe")that he's got nothing to fear from her. Vivian tells Gus that Quinn operates in handling controlled substances. Kate admits to Stefano that she's starting to get worried that he's going to prison. Lexie tells Carly she won't be able to assist, but asked Daniel to do it instead. Daniel finds Jennifer out of breath and asks if she's alright. Chloe cancels her voice lesson with Kinsey, but she sees it as an opportunity to hang out with Sonny. Bo and Hope set a trap for impostor "Rafe". Jennifer had a hard time staying away from Daniel. Stefano asks Bo if he's here to arrest him. Abigail asks Sonny how it was when he came out to Victor. Chloe goes to Quinn for an advance so she can get an apartment, he agrees but only if she works it off. Sofia tells Hope that she'll get Arnold to talk cause she and Rafe went way back. Daniel tells Carly that she's going to give Jennifer some time. Tad is mad after finding out Sonny is gay and think he purposely lead him on. Quinn tells Kate that he doesn't work for her anymore. Arnold tells Bo and Hope that he's finally ready to talk as long as he walks free.moreless
  • Ep. #11630
    Ep. #11630
    Episode 176
    Sami tells E.J. to wait as he's about to walk away. Hope has an idea on how to get to the "Rafe" impostor. D.A. Woods makes it clear to Bo that he wants Hope off this case. Brady can't believe after reading online that Nicole was right about the two Rafe's. Johnny tells E.J. that he's not his son anymore. Brady admits to Taylor that he's the one that beat up E.J. that night. Hope hears D.A. Woods order that she be found, so she works quick with Det. McCarthy. E.J. accuses Sami of setting that whole thing up with Johnny. Abigail and Chad lean on each other for support, cause she was right about who his family really was. Abe tries to get Bo to ask Victor for help. Stefano tells E.J. to hold on before running away after seeing him on the pier, he needs to trust him right now. Bo tells Hope that officially she has no capacity with the Salem Police, and whatever evidence she's got needs to be turned over right away. Taylor tells E.J. she heard what Stefano said about Rafe not being the one that attacked him. Sami explains to Rafe about the other person that looks like him is gone and is never coming back again. Hope receives news from Bo that her criminal record has been expunged and he can reinstate her. Javier finds himself with a young latina as a cellmate. E.J. has another brief flash of his attack.moreless
  • Ep. #11629
    Ep. #11629
    Episode 175
    Jennifer tells Abigail that she did in fact hear about the situation with Stefano and E.J. Hope tells Bo that "Rafe" said the give a kiss to Ciara for him. Chad wants the truth from E.J. Sami explains to Rafe that she should've noticed something when his double was being mean to Allie. Hope realizes and tells Bo that the mugshot Det. McCarthy remembers was probably "Rafe's" old persona. Sami tells Bo about the time that "Rafe" had hit on Stephanie at the pub. Abigail expresses her concern to Jennifer about Chad possibly becoming the head of the DiMera family. Lexie tells Daniel to ask Jennifer about her actions in cancelling the trip. Johnny comes in the room after seeing on tv that his father and grandfather might go to jail. Bo now knows "Rafe's" real name and can use that to their advatage. Sami and Rafe run into E.J. while with Allie and Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #11628
    Ep. #11628
    Episode 174
    Chad asks Kate if Stefano and E.J. really did create a Rafe double, Lexie too wants the answer to that question. Abe instructs Bo to take Hope off the case, but he refuses. Justin and Adrienne tell Maggie that Sonny is telling Victor that he's gay at this moment. Hope tries to make a deal with impostor "Rafe" by putting him into witness protection, Roman says that he's officially taking over. Victor asks Sonny if Brady put him up to this farce, but Sonny says he's known he was gay his whole life. Kate wants the entire DiMera family to stand by Stefano. Nicole tells E.J. to leave, but Taylor wants to tell him something. Roman tells Javier that Hope is off the case and he's dealing with him from now on. Det. McCarthy tells Bo she recalls "Rafe" looking on the government website at a particular mug shot. Taylor tells E.J. that there's nothing that he can say or do that'll get her to forgive him. Kinsey tells Nicole that she needs a friend now and asks if that can be her. Sonny tells his parents that it's okay, he knows there's gay bashing and it's important having two loving parents. Roman explains to Hope that the double bought the idea of his confession being restored and wants to speak with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11627
    Ep. #11627
    Episode 173
    Stefano blasts E.J. for pretty much destroying their family. Rafe tells Sami how would she feel about spending some time together. Justin and Adrienne tell Victor that Sonny is here in Salem. Maggie tells Abigail that if she doesn't like the way Chad is acting like Stefano then to dump him. Kinsey starts to feel attracted to Sonny. Taylor tells Nicole that she found out last night who E.J. really was, and the two Rafe's. Sonny tells his parents that he insists on speaking to Victor alone. Gabi and Will wonder what sort of thing Rafe has to tell them later. Abigail asks Chad that what if one day Stefano asks him to do something that's illegal. Kinsey tells Gabi and Will she's not jealous of their kiss, cause she's interested in Sonny. Victor asks Sonny what's the person who's been keeping him from staying in touch. Nicole and Taylor put their differences aside and start to bond once again. Stefano tells E.J. that he's no longer his son and for him to leave the mansion and never return. Abigail tells Chad that she thinks about him nonstop and if he would like to go out tonight. Sonny opens up to Victor about him being gay. E.J. pays a visit to Nicole's hotel room and sees Taylor there too.moreless
  • Ep. #11626
    Ep. #11626
    Episode 172
    Taylor tells E.J. that if the allegations weren't true he would've said so by now. Carly tells Phelps that he doesn't know her at all. Vivian explains to Quinn that she's been known to letting her guard when it comes to people she cares about. E.J. sticks by his story and tells Taylor that the allegations aren't true. Adrienne doesn't believe Jennifer when she comes by the mansion saying that everything's just fine. Carly excuses herself from Phelps and goes back to the hospital. Vivan asks Quinn if he's in fact trying to set her up. Daniel tells Melanie that he's not going to give up on Jennifer even though she ended it with him. Taylor turns on E.J. believing that he's not telling the truth, Johnny then comes downstairs and overhears a bit of the heated conversation and turns away from his father. Vivian learns from Quinn that Carly has a drug problem. Stefano lays into E.J. for not letting him do the plan his way. Jennifer believes walking away from Daniel is the right choice after seeing him with Carly and Melanie. Johnny lets E.J. know that he wants Rafe to take him back to his mother's place.moreless
  • Ep. #11625
    Ep. #11625
    Episode 171
    Nicole wakes up and remembers that she released Rafe. Taylor walks into the room and sees both Rafe's and wants to know what's going on. Jennifer tells Abigail that she turned down Daniel's offer to go away for the weekend. Vivian wants to know the real reason behind him helping her. Nicole calls Brady asks to track her phone to find out where she is. Dario admits to Melanie that he wants to say the same thing to her as Brady wanted to. Sami comes in the room and punches E.J. saying he's gonna pay for what he did to her. Carly interrupts Abigail and Jennifer's conversation. Nicole explains to Brady about there being two Rafe's, but she thinks she's hallucinating. Taylor demands that E.J. tell her the truth. Quinn's associate Phelps tries to get Carly to score some drugs. Brady returns to find Dario kissing Melanie. Vivian tells Quinn that she can tell that there's something off about Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #11624
    Ep. #11624
    Episode 170
    Nicole follows Rafe to the pier and wonder why he's still on the streets. Taylor calls E.J. and asks him to come to her hotel room right away. Sami tells Johnny if anyone else is in the house besides Stefano and E.J. Chloe asks Justin when's the next visit with Parker is, Justin says they need to talk. Quinn tells Kate that if Chloe doesn't perform well she'll face the music and won't be pretty. Sami tells Bo that Stefano isn't letting her come to the mansion tonight, so that puts a halt on their plan. Nicole hides as she hears someone coming that she recognizes before. Justin tells Chloe that she needs to find some stability so she can get joint custody. Nicole passes out after releasing impostor "Rafe". Quinn tells Chloe that he knows that man is actually her lawyer and for to never lie to him again. Chloe goes to extremes to get custody of Parker. Stefano and E.J. gets a visit from Rafe and are shocked when the other "Rafe" comes in the back door.moreless
  • Ep. #11623
    Ep. #11623
    Episode 169
    Taylor overhears Stefano tells E.J. that "Rafe" should be eliminated. Bo tells Rafe that Nicole is going to be released. Brady asks Det. McCarthy what the charges that are keeping Nicole in custody. Gabi tells Will that she feels like he's the only guy that'll be into her, and the two come to an agreement. Abe tells Bo to either charge Nicole with something or let her go. E.J. and Stefano go home and Johnny gives them the message that Rafe gave him. Hope tells Brady that there this close to bringing down the DiMera's. Brady explains to Taylor not to go in cause Nicole is t here. Stefano goes to see Sami and says they need to discuss Rafe, Sami calls Rafe and says that Stefano is about ready to blow. Taylor tells Nicole that she and E.J. are engaged. Stefano wonders where Sami really went to, after finding out Caroline is with Sydney. Abe tells Taylor that Abe learned from Lexie that Rafe killed Fay. E.J. has a brief flash of what happened to him on the pier. Nicole sees Rafe and she decides to follow him.moreless
  • Ep. #11622
    Ep. #11622
    Episode 168
    Taylor is speechless about E.J.'s marriage proposal. Lexie confronts Stefano if it's true that Rafe killed Fay. Bo asks Rafe how things are holding up with his look-a-like, and asks him to lay low for a little while. Quinn joins Vivian at the Brady Pub to discuss things. Taylor tells E.J. that she's saying no to his proposal. Melanie asks Abigail how she feels about her fater dating her mother. Rafe is all for Bo's plan to put him in a dangerous situation. Jennifer follows Carly back to her hotel room and says here as part of an intervention. E.J. says that if she doesn't say yes, then there's no future for them. Rafe brings Johnny home and tells him a message to give to Stefano and E.J. Bo and Hope each take out two of Stefano's henchmen. Taylor humbily tells E.J. that she will marry him. Vivian and Quinn work together to destroy Carly. Mary calls E.J. and tells him that Rafe picked up Johnny from school. Lawrence visits Carly and says no matter how hard she fights she'll never get rid of her addiction. Jennifer turns down Daniel's idea of a weekend in San Francisco.moreless
  • Ep. #11621
    Ep. #11621
    Episode 167
    Ciara feels disappointed that the rain kept her from appearing in the 4th of July parade. Roman gets the idea of a screenplay while consulting on a case in L.A. Brady feels uncomfortable being trapped in the Brady Pub with E.J. Will, Gabi, Chad, Kinsey, Abigail begin to visualize Salemites as characters from the current movies in Hollywood, like True Grit, Black Swan, The Social Network, The King's Speech, The Fighter. E.J. starts to think something's up with Brady when he can't take his eyes off of him. Kinsey says out of all the films they're thinking which one made the monst money, as they fantasize their brief finales. Melanie sees that the rain has stopped so the festivities could possibly resume.moreless
  • Ep. #11620
    Ep. #11620
    Episode 166
    Stefano sees that E.J. is home, and says he can't deal with things from a hospital bed. Kate makes an attempt to ruin Chad's relationship with Abigail by going to the pier to see him do DiMera business. Hope and Bo are glad that they're being watched cause it's part of the plan. Taylor tells Lexie that the police will arrest the man that murdered her mother. Maggie tells Victor that she's considering what Melanie said to her about reconnecting with him again. Hope tells Bo that Sami is clear on what she has to do. Abigail is shocked by what she hears, Chad sees her and goes off, and Kate is pleased with what she accomplished. Bo knocks out Marco and he and Hope take the bag of money and leave a not for Stefano. Sami plants the listening device in the DiMera mansion. Lexie says to Taylor that she should've trusted her instincts when it came to Fay's injuries. Chad asks Kate if she's seen Abigail, she says that it's not like he was doing anything illegal but delivering a message. Bo, Hope and Sami listen in on Stefano conversation with Marco, but they lose the signal. Abigail tells Chad who attempts to tell her that he was set up that they can't be together. E.J. proposes marriage to Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #11619
    Ep. #11619
    Episode 165
    E.J. tells Stefano that he's contemplating telling Taylor the truth about "Rafe". Dario tells Brady that he and Melanie gave him an alibi the night E.J. was beaten up. Hope tells Sami that the plan is to pin E.J.;'s assault on the impostor Rafe. Vivian joins Quinn, who tells him to join her for dinner at Chez Rouge. Adrienne is delighted that she, Justin and Sonny are spending time together. Taylor tells E.J. that his attacker had to have been Rafe. Justin tells Chloe that he has a surprise for her, she turns around and sees Parker. Stefano brushes off Vivian's attempt to console him. Rob tells Quinn that he wasn't satisfied with "Lola". Jennifer gives Daniel the drug sample to be analyzed. E.J. excitedly tells Taylor that Nicole is ending her marriage to him. Quinn puts a damper on Chloe's visit with Parker.moreless
  • Ep. #11618
    Ep. #11618
    Episode 164
    Det. McCarthy threatens to take Dario down to the station, but Melanie intervenes. Taylor tells Nicole that it's possible that E.J. provoked the fight. Sami tells Rafe that she's glad that she's focusing on Will's graduation and not the "Rafe" impostor. Abigial tells Jennifer a time when she saw Carly at the pharmacy. Hope instructs Taylor to be moved into a seperate room. Bo tells Victor and Brady that Nicole won't say anything, and they can use something to their advantage. Det. McCarthy asks Melanie if he has evidence to back up Dario's whereabouts. Chad goes over to talk to Sami and Rafe saying he has a pretty good idea on who hit E.J. Hope and Bo think they should release Taylor since she thinks Rafe is the attacker. Adrienne backs up Melanie's claim that she was with Dario all night. Jennifer goes to Carly's hotel room and takes a sample of that powder to figure out what she might be taking. Brady witnesses a kiss between Dario and Melanie.moreless
  • Ep. #11617
    Ep. #11617
    Episode 163
    Nicole tells Brady that she asked E.J. for a divorce. Det. McCarthy asks Adrienne where Dario is cause she has a few questions for him. Melanie tells Maggie that Brady brutally assaulted E.J. on the pier. E.J. realizes that "Rafe" did in fact murder Fay. Hope wishes Bo luck before he goes into question E.J. Det. McCarthy asks Dario if the reason he's not answering is cause he has something to hide. Jennifer tells Hope that with what she knows could blow someone Bo loves out of the water. Victor unleashes his anger on Brady regarding E.J. Hope calls Bo and says that Brady is the one that assaulted E.J. Dario says that he was at the Cheatin Heart working but not for the whole night. Hope tells Jennifer that he can see that Carly is on edge, Jennifer says that it's just her concern for Melanie's safety. Maggie ponders Melanie's request to get Victor out of town. Bo arrests Nicole hoping it'll keep her safe while he deals with Brady. Jennifer starts to believe that Carly could be the one stealing the meds from the hospital. Melanie sees Dario being questioned by Det. McCarthy. Taylor tells Nicole that Rafe beat up E.J. cause it all fits.moreless
  • Ep. #11616
    Ep. #11616
    Episode 162
    Taylor stays to make sure that Hope is alright. Stefano blames Bo for E.J.'s current condition. Gabi gets bad news and tells Will that her mother won't be attending her graduation. Justin and Adrienne come across Hope unconscious on the pier, and asked what happened to her. Abigail is delighted that Sonny is back in Salem after all these years. Hope calls Bo and says that she's okay and he tells her that Taylor is here at the hospital. Chad thinks that Rafe had something to do with E.J. beatdown. Stefano vows to find E.J.'s attacker. Gabi thinks Will's not into her when he pushes away from a kiss in front of everyone. Abigail introduces Sonny to Will, and explains that he is her cousin. Maxie stands her ground when she encounters Stefano's wrath. Fay's ghost tells Nicole what is she going to do pay for what they did to her. Sonny asks Justin what's wrong when he says he's looking forward to seeing Victor. Gabi tells Will that Caroline explained everything to him, cause he doesn't want to make the same mistakes that his parents did. E.J. is thrown when Taylor tells him that "Rafe" murdered her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11615
    Ep. #11615
    Episode 161
    Lexie asks Daniel why he prescribed a sedative for E.J. Rafe asks Taylor who else she's told that she thinks he killed her mother. Jennifer tells Carly that she was about to leave then she said she forgot her keys. E.J. tells Nicole that he asking for a divorce is the best news he could ever get. Mary tries to explain to Stefano why the glass is shattered in the living room, he then gets a call from Lexie saying E.J.'s in the hospital. Maggie tells Julie that she's officially saying goodbye Victor. Jennifer questions whether Carly is telling her the truth or not. Victor asks Brady if he's the one that put E.J. in the hospital. Hope tells Rafe to get away from Taylor and whispers to look after his double. Nicole tells E.J. that she knows what he did, and is about to tell him but Bo walks in. Taylor pushes Hope out of the way and she falls and hits her head. Nicole hears Stefano on the phone wanting to know who assaulted E.J. Bo begins to show the video of Javier's confession, but he starts to flatline.moreless
  • Ep. #11614
    Ep. #11614
    Episode 160
    Victor asks Brady to be honest with him on who he beat up tonight. Melanie tells Daniel that E.J. is starting to come around. Nicole tells Taylor she came to tell Sami something and doesn't want to do it with her here. Melanie is relieved when E.J. doesn't remember Brady beating him up. Bo tells Rafe that Javier confessed on camera, but Rafe sees that the last two minutes have been erased. Taylor tells Nicole that their mother was murdered by Rafe. Daniel tells Lexie that he came across E.J. on the pier all beaten. Jennifer brings Carly back to her hotel room, and asks what went on in here. Melanie tells Victor that she's going to explain everything that went on tonight, but doesn't tell him the truth. Bo, Hope and Rafe come up with a devious plan. Nicole gets a call and learns that E.J. was just admitted into the hospital. Rafe tells Bo that Taylor left the loft, and probably told someone that he killed Fay.moreless
  • Ep. #11613
    Ep. #11613
    Episode 159
    Gus tells Vivian that Quinn is acting more like her then his father. Taylor asks why Rafe isn't being arrested for killing Fay and why Sami is wearing the cameo necklace. Chloe gets a call from Quinn asking her to put Rob on the phone. Nicole asks Maggie to share her troubles while at the Brady Pub. Hope is asking Taylor to trust her and they'll learn the whole story or Fay's death. Quinn shares his reason for coming to Salem with Vivian. Abigail tells Adrienne about her relationship with Chad. Chloe runs into Justin, who says he still has the papers for her to sign. Sami brings Taylor back to her place and says everything will be explained. Kate looks around the room and tries to find a way to nail Chloe once and for all. Javier opens up on how Stefano made him look exactly like Rafe, and switched him, and kicks breaking the video camera. Rob comes down and sees Chloe talking with Justin assuming he's a customer.moreless
  • Ep. #11612
    Ep. #11612
    Episode 158
    E.J. experiences an intense seizure, and later stabilizes. Lexie tells Maggie that Victor donated some money to a wing in honor of Mickey and Alice. The bellhop apologizes to Kate saying he couldn't get a look at the woman Quinn was with cause the door was locked. Brady tells Nicole the other person he was fighting was E.J. Rafe explains to Bo that the person at the warehouse is Tim a former F.B.I friend of his. Taylor calls the mansion looking for E.J. and Mary was instructed not to take any of her calls. Bo and Hope question Javier about who he works for and if he killed Fay Walker. Stefano tells Chad that he wants to move him up in his company. Maggie comes to thank Victor for his generosity, but ends up hearing him last at Nicole for helping Brady. Melanie asks Daniel to do something to help E.J. forget about tonight. Sami, Hope and Bo recreated the incident with Fay falling down the stairs...and Sami ends up getting hurt herself. Rafe stops Kate from going into the mansion. Taylor hears Javier's confession to killing her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #11611
    Ep. #11611
    Episode 157
    Daniel manages to revive E.J. after he flatlines and tells Jennifer he needs Carly here. Sami assures to Bo that the person here is the real Rafe. Daniel questions Dario on how he got Melanie mixed up in this E.J. mess. Stefano makes an attempt to call E.J. but still no answer. Gabi tells Will that apparently Rafe is himself once again, and had her favorite flowers delivered to her hospital room. Jennifer goes to Carly's place and realizes she still has the drugs on her table and quickly brushes it away. Bo believes that Rafe is real cause the impostor never mentioned how Sami was, and came over here to make sure. Adrienne scolds Dario for not being at work when a shipment was delivered and asked what was so important. Gabi opens up to Will about what he said to her about not wanting to lose one another. Chad wants Stefano to take better care of himself. Adrienne finds a bloody scarf in his jacket pocket. Rafe tells Bo before he leaves that the Rafe impostor murdered Fay Walker. Chad and Abigail prepare for their first date. Javier makes an attempt to flee from Hope's watch, but intervenes and makes sure that Hope is alright.moreless
  • Ep. #11610
    Ep. #11610
    Episode 156
    Melanie tells Dario that Stefano wouldn't hesitate to kill them and asks questions later. Quinn tells Kate that Chloe is with a "John" right now as they speak. Hope and Bo tells Javier they have to make sure that he's the real Rafe. Chloe gets a call from Justin about another visitation with Parker, and thinks it's the best thing to get out of her date. Abe comes by asking Rafe that he'd like to see Fay's cameo, and says he's gonna talk to Roman and he'll relieve him of his police duties. Taylor comes to see E.J. and Stefano says that they need to have a serious talk. Melanie phones Daniel to get help for E.J. Chloe comes up with a clever idea to drug Rob using her medication. Abe calls Bo saying he wants Rafe fully investigated immediately, Bo says that the reason behind this so called behaviour is cause of the DiMera's. Kate threatens Quinn to not try and cross her. Bo points a gun at Rafe and says he needs to come with him.moreless
  • Ep. #11609
    Ep. #11609
    Episode 155
    Nicole rushes upstairs after she hears Sydney call for her. Taylor tells Sami that either she explain the necklace or she's calling the police. Melanie comes across Brady about to punch an already bloodied E.J. Gabi asks Dario to once again thank Melanie for what she did for her, and learns that she and Dario are meeting up later. Brady lets it out to Melanie that E.J. killed Arianna. Bo tells Hope that she can't figure out why Sami would have anything to do with Rafe after what he's done, and he him working on something involving the DiMera's. Will surprises Gabi with a photo taken at their prom, but she's disappointed they didn't get to make love like they planned. Melanie calls Dario needing his help and for him to come to the pier right away. Abe asks Taylor what's going on an, she says that it's about Fay's death. Bo gets a call and the tail he had on Rafe lead to a warehouse outside of town. Nicole finds Brady sitting on a bench in the bench wondering why he's all bloody. Hope and Bo enter the warehouse and see "Rafe" tied to a chair. Dario refuses to help Melanie with E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11608
    Ep. #11608
    Episode 154

    Chloe questions why Quinn would try to ruin her life. Jennifer tells Daniel that he back is feeling a bit better so the trip is back on. Stefano tells E.J. that "Rafe" has to die today. Taylor asks Sami and Rafe how they came into possession of her mother's cameo necklace. Kate laces into Jennifer about her dating Daniel, Daniel intervenes and begins lashing out at Kate. Sami tries to cover by saying the jewelry belongs to her, but Taylor doesn't believe her. Brady reveals to E.J. that he sent him the text and is gonna get what's coming to him. Sami tells Rafe that it's clear that "Rafe" killed Fay and then stole her necklace. Quinn tells Chloe that the customer is on his way and she's to be referred as "Lola". Brady and Mike start a beat down on E.J. Taylor returns and tells Sami she knows that she's lying about the cameo. Quinn thanks his partner Kate for getting him on Chloe. Rafe confronts "Rafe" by saying he can prove he killed Fay. Brady and E.J.'s fight intensifies and says he's gonna end his life.

  • Ep. #11607
    Ep. #11607
    Episode 153
    Rafe gets visited by Alicia, the lady that Javier spent the night with. Daniel tells Carly that he's going away for the weekend with Jennifer. Nicole explains to Stefano that E.J. and Taylor are becoming serious. Jennifer tells Abigail her plans to go away with Daniel. Nicole tries to convince Stefano to get on-board with her plan. Chad comes by the loft and encounters Rafe with Alicia. Carly takes Maxine's keys to the medicine closet and takes several bottles of pills. E.J. tells Stefano that there's another way to deal with their problem. Daniel thinks with Jennifer hurt they should postpone the trip. Chad is thrown when Abigail plants a kiss on him, and apologizes for her actions. Stefano thinks that Nicole was right about Taylor having a strong hold over E.J. Taylor recognizes the cameo pin and tells Rafe's that it belonged to her mother. Jennifer starts to feel a bit better thinking she can go now. Carly gives into temptation by crushing up pills and inhaling it through a straw.moreless
  • Ep. #11606
    Ep. #11606
    Episode 152
    Chloe tells Quinn that the video he's showing her doesn't mean anything, until he shows the one where she took the money. E.J. calls Taylor and he hears Nicole starting to reveal everything about Rafe. Gabi tells Will that she doesn't want Rafe to come visit her in the hospital at all. E.J. rushes out the door to stop Nicole from telling Taylor the truth. Victor encounters Chloe talking with Quinn and asks what's going on. Dario tells Rafe that he doesn't want him here. Maxine tells Gabi that she is going to being staying in the hospital tonight, meaning she'll miss the prom. Will asks Melanie for her help. Quinn tells Victor he's the one to talk with his own relationship problems. Gabi is touched when she sees her hospital room all decorated for the prom. Taylor detects E.J. is keeping a secret from her. Quinn explains to Chloe she can gain extreme financial for her and Parker.moreless
  • Ep. #11605
    Ep. #11605
    Episode 151
    Carly tries to wean herself off the drugs. Hope asks Jennifer how things with Daniel went last night. Bo asks E.J. to leave the room so he can talk with Nicole privately. Chloe is surprised as to what Quinn wants her to do with one of his clients. Maxine tells Melanie and Daniel that Carly won't be coming into work today. Taylor tells Brady that she and E.J. are gonna spend their lives together. Jennifer tells Hope that she and Daniel are going away and they're leaving tonight. Daniel comes to check on Carly but she won't let him examine her. E.J. tells Nicole that was a smart thing she did by not telling Bo, and for her to get her things and get out. Jennifer gets hurt after doing a demonstration for Ciara and her friends about strangers. Quinn blackmails Chloe with the video of them having sex.moreless
  • Ep. #11604
    Ep. #11604
    Episode 150
    Taylor wakes up to see that it's morning and thinks E.J. should leave. Nicole starts grilling Harold and Chad on when they last saw E.J. Chloe asks Adrienne she's hear to thank Justin for arranging time for her to spend with Parker. Caroline tells Bo that Sami has gotten back together with Rafe. Vivian asks Gus to leave so she can speak with Quinn alone. Rafe tells Sami that it's time they involved the police regarding Javier. Abigail tells Lexie that she likes Chad and thinks it might jeopardize her job at the hospital. E.J. stands up to Nicole and says that she was with Taylor last night. Bo asks Rafe how does he know he's not jerking him around, Sami assures that he's not. Lexie asks Taylor that her leaving town was a good idea, cause she wouldn't come between E.J. and Nicole. Vivian seeks to find out Quinn's true intentions. Nicole tells Bo that E.J. is lying when he says that everything is fine.moreless
  • Ep. #11603
    Ep. #11603
    Episode 149
    Melanie stops Dario from leaving and wants to know what he meant. Vivian asks Quinn when he's planning on leaving Salem. Caroline tells Rafe that the person who has to straighten him out is her. Javier doesn't believe Sami when she tells him that Rafe is outside. Abigail unknowingly interrupts a romantic moment between Daniel and Jennifer. Will goes and visits Gabi in the hospital, Gabi asks Will if Rafe left town again. Vivian asks Quinn if he came to town to exact revenge on her, but he says she can be the mother that loves him. Rafe realizes that Sami went to go see Javier. Melanie tells Dario that it isn't him it's completely on her. Vivian tells Gus that the man who was just here was her son Quinn. Sami tells Rafe she just had to come and deal with Javier with what he did to her. Daniel invites Jennifer for a weekend getaway.moreless
  • Ep. #11602
    Ep. #11602
    Episode 148
    Quinn watches the video of him and Chloe making love hoping to use it as leverage. Jennifer thinks the worst when Daniel couldn't leave her house fast enough. Taylor tells E.J. the reason she came back was to see him. Rafe learns that Dario was never arrested, realizing it was all a setup. Sami finds the cameo necklace, thinking it belonged to one of "Rafe's" women. Gus sees that Vivian is t he person that she once was years ago. Chloe is anxious to see what video that Quinn on his phone. Jennifer tells Maggie that she's not going to date Daniel or any man for that matter. Adrienne tells Justin that Dario has it bad for a certain someone. Rafe explains to Sami about the trap that E.J. set for him. E.J. shows Taylor that he hasn't changed and was about to do something terrible before she showed up. Melanie asks Dario if they want to be friends or something more. Gabi passes out while yelling at Rafe, and Sami says to take her to the hospital. Vivian crosses paths with Quinn thinking this day would come. Daniel returns after hearing Jennifer scream. Taylor tells E.J. she's not going to let him leave. Rafe returns to find Caroline and asks where Sami went. Sami goes to check on Javier and sees he's no longer tied up.moreless
  • Ep. #11601
    Ep. #11601
    Episode 147
    Javier struggles to get himself freed from the ropes before Rafe can tie him to Fay's death. Rafe comes across a necklace among Javier's things and tries to find out who it belongs to. Nicole gets a visit from Fay and says the thing she has to do now is to make things right again. Abigail sees just how beautiful Jennifer is for her date with Daniel. E.J. tells Stefano that he wants this over as much as he does. Dario offers to help Melanie prepare for the pool tournament, Brady comes in and doesn't think it's a good idea. Chad sees some tension in E.J. and Stefano and asks if everything is okay. Jennifer becomes desperate as she impress Daniel, by having dinner from Chez Rouge delivered to her house. Nicole sees something different in Rafe as she kisses him. Abigail tells Melanie that she can't keep her eyes off of Dario. E.J. goes against Stefano's orders and plans to do away with the "Rafe" impostor personally, by having him lured at the pier. Daniel apologizes and says he has to check on a patient. E.J. encounters Taylor walking on the pier and attempts to walk away but refrains.moreless
  • Ep. #11600
    Ep. #11600
    Episode 146
    Justin asks Chloe to come with him cause he has a surprise for her. Lexie tells Stefano that he doesn't have to worry about Taylor cause she's leaving town for good. Rafe asks Javier to help him bring down the DiMera's for good. Chloe is delighted when she sees that Parker is at the mansion. Javier laughs at the thought of helping Rafe bring down E.J. and Stefano, but ends up agreeing. Vivian hears Victor talking to Caroline, and learns Maggie and Victor are taking a break. Quinn tells his associate that he's got plenty to do in Salem. Javier hits a nerve with Rafe when he brings up his time in bed with Sami. Victor tells Vivian to get out when he sees her hassling Maggie. Brady tells Nicole he's glad that Taylor left town cause she doesn't have to put up with all of her drama.moreless
  • Ep. #11599
    Ep. #11599
    Episode 145
    Stefano tells E.J. that "Rafe" has in fact fallen in love with Sami. Dario encounters Rafe and says there's no way that Sami would've taken him back. Taylor asks Nicole if things would be different if she hadn't come to town. Hope sees Jennifer getting ready for her date with Daniel. Dario is surprised that Rafe is suddenly showing concern that he found Arianna's killer. Jennifer tells Hope that there's no way she's wearing the lingerie she bought when she goes out with Daniel. Carly, Daniel and Melanie enjoy lunch at the Brady Pub. Nicole informs E.J. that Taylor is leaving Salem. Hope tries to calm Jennifer down as she says she's the kind of woman that Daniel is ineterested in. Carly shares her feelings for Daniel with Lexie. Dario tells Melanie there's that it's better that maybe him and Gabi never saw Rafe ever again. Brady expresses his concern for Melanie to Daniel. E.J. asks Nicole if she did anything to Taylor to make her leave.moreless
  • Ep. #11598
    Ep. #11598
    Episode 144
    Sami has a brief nightmare about being in bed with "Rafe". Carly vows to quit cold turkey or else she'll lose her medical license. Stefano tells E.J. that he should eliminate "Rafe" cause he could ruin everything. Chloe comes to see Maggie and says that she's met this really terrific guy, she then sees as Jennifer walks in the door. Sami talks with E.J. as Rafe listens while in the bathroom. Chloe gets a call and meets up with Quinn at the pier. Carly hides her angst while Daniel and Jennifer share a kiss. Chad tells Abigail that he believes Stefano isn't gonna set out to control his life. Quinn tells Chloe that he wants to take her out on a real date and treat her the way she should be. Victor tells Maggie to break right now before someone gets hurt. Rafe shares a special moment with Johnny and Sydney. Carly can't fight her feelings for Daniel while having fantasies about him. Stefano tells E.J. he think he knows why "Rafe" came back to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11597
    Ep. #11597
    Episode 143
    Dario tells Melanie that she's only made things worse by knocking out Mike. Jennifer asks Abigail where else she heard the name Katerina. E.J. tells Rafe that he came back for one thing only. Taylor shocks Nicole by saying that she loved E.J. from the minute she laid eyes on them. Carly tells the security guard not to get any help cause she'll be just fine. Caroline comes by and tells Sami that she heard from Will about her getting back together with Rafe. Kate comes into the room and asks what Rafe is doing here. Dario becomes jealous of Brady, who comes to his rescue in front of Melanie. Abigail confronts Carly about what she found out, Carly says it's cause she's ill. Victor applauds Daniel by getting it right by seeing Jennifer. E.J. tells Rafe that their conversation isn't over and what exactly changed with him and Sami. Sami loses her cool with Caroline when Shawn forgave her when she had an affair. Jennifer looks through Victor's scrapbook and comes across a photo of Daniel's late wife Rebecca. Abigail promises to keep Carly's secret. Stefano and E.J. try to figure out Rafe's agenda. Rafe tells Sami that he fought hard and wanted to kill E.J., Sami says she didn't hear anything cause Caroline came over and gave her the third degree.moreless
  • Ep. #11596
    Ep. #11596
    Episode 142
    Will asks Rafe why he even came back, and Rafe learns that "Rafe" threatened Gabi. Melanie and Abigail sees Daniel and Jennifer walking hand in hand at the hospital. Dario gets a threat from Mike saying he wants his money right away. Daniel helps Jennifer with her pool game hoping she'll do good in the tournament. Daniel sees Jennifer talking to a date rape victim. Adrienne asks Dario to drop off a bank deposit, and he thinks his problems are solved. Carly jumps to conclusions and thinks Abigail is telling Melanie about her secret. Stefano gets a call from Sami saying that Rafe will be picking the kids up tomorrow. Lexie tells Melanie that Troy is gonna be transfered soon and won't be a problem to her anymore. Dario encounters Mike and says he has the money for him. Taylor makes it clear to Nicole she ain't leaving Salem. Melanie knocks out Mike as she hears him threaten Dario. Will tells Gabi that on prom he got them a room. Abigail learns Carly secret after hearing Jennifer tells Daniel that she went by the name Katerina. Rafe comes by the mansion to discuss with E.J. what they did to Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11595
    Ep. #11595
    Episode 141
    Rafe agrees with Sami to not include the police and to bring down E.J. themselves. Vivian waits patiently for a word from Stefano. Taylor meets with E.J. and discusses Nicole possibly knowing about them. Abigail asks Carly why she has someone else's pills. Will and Gabi get rid of Rafe's things before Sami gets home. Sami calls Bo wanting to ask about Rafe. Johnny tells Kate that he's mad at Rafe for taking off without saying goodbye. Gus asks Vivian why Stefano would be meeting her a place like the Cheatin Heart. Sami learns that Theo and Ciara were a bit uncomfortable around "Rafe". Carly asks Abigail to keep this pill thing between them. Taylor asks E.J. what he plans on doing to Nicole. Kate runs into Vivian and what she's doing in a place like this, and asks if she could join her and who she is waiting for. Bo asks Carly if she's umcomfortable with the fact that Daniel and Jennifer are seeing each other. Rafe and Sami arrive at the pub and tells Will and Gabi that they're back.moreless
  • Ep. #11594
    Ep. #11594
    Episode 140
    Carly runs into Jennifer who gets an emergency regarding the missing drugs. Quinn is taken aback to acquiring the drug organization from E.J. E.J. tells Stefano he's gonna pull out except for the legitimate side of the business. Sami goes to check "Rafe's" card to see the value that's on it. Taylor tells Nicole that she knows everything that she's blackmailing E.J. into staying married to him. Chad brings Abigail some flowers apologizes for running out on her when Stefano called, but she says that they just won't work. Quinn tells Chloe that he wants to spend much more time together. Nicole orders Taylor to leave Salem and get her own life. E.J. tells Stefano that something bad has happened and wants to make sure that he doesn't get tangled up in it. Taylor tells Lexie that she thinks that Nicole knows about her and E.J. Rafe hits a dead end when he's unable to trace the wire transfer into "Rafe's" account. Chad warns Stefano not to interfere with him and Abigail. Nicole tells Chloe that Taylor has her eyes on E.J. once again. Sami tells Rafe that she knows about E.J.'s dummy corporation and recalls E.J. getting cheques with Ivanhoe written on them.moreless
  • Ep. #11593
    Ep. #11593
    Episode 139
    "Rafe" struggles while tied to a chair wondering where Sami and Rafe took off to. Chloe sees Kate on her phone and talking with Parker via a webconference. Taylor asks E.J. again if she ran the drug ring in Salem. Stefano calls Kate and says for her to join him at Chez Rouge. Rafe suddenly remembers his life with Sami, which absolutely thrills her. Quinn consoles Chloe after her blowout with Kate. E.J. explains to Taylor that Troy acted alone when he killed Arianna and wasn't on his orders. Chloe sees that Daniel and Jennifer are about to come into the pub. Kate what Stefano has done by having dinner to fix things between them. Sami and Rafe devise a plan of attack on the DiMera's. Maxine walks in the room and sees Jennifer and Daniel in a passionate kiss. Quinn offers to make Chloe forget her troubles. Taylor doesn't know what to believe about E.J. when he says he got rid the drug ring after Arianna was killed.moreless
  • Ep. #11592
    Ep. #11592
    Episode 138
    Justin hears that Victor is planning a hostile take over. Daniel tells Jennifer how he feels about her. Maggie tells Melanie that Victor changed his mind on being able to change who he is. Brady tries to make Taylor see that E.J. was behind Arianna's murder. Dario owes money to a bookie and asks Adrienne for an advance on his paycheck, but she says he'll have to wait for payday. Johnny comes down and asks E.J. where Rafe is, E.J. says that Sami and Rafe have been having some problems as of late. Jenifer comes in for a check up and Maxine says she knows the real reason why she's here. Maggie tells Victor that he's afraid of getting close and disappointing her. Brady tells Taylor that E.J. was running the drug cartel in Salem. Daniel begins to feel a bit jealous when she was reaquainted with an old friend. Gabi tells Dario that maybe he's starting to fall for Melanie. Johnny becomes mad and tells E.J. that he doesn't want to wear the jacket that Rafe gave him anymore. Melanie becomes concerned for Dario's safety when she learns he owes a guy named Mike money. Taylor confronts E.J. about his so called drug connections.moreless
  • Ep. #11591
    Ep. #11591
    Episode 137
    Brady finds Melanie in Troy's hospital room, and asks why she's in here when he tried to kill her. Hope helps Maggie clear out all of Mickey's old clothes. Justin suggests he's gonna try and get Chloe visitation with Parker, as Quinn continues to eavesdrop. Lexie lets Nicole be aware that she knows she's blacmailing E.J. Taylor cames wanting the truth from E.J. and says goodbye when says he just lied to her face. Hope has an idea and says to Maggie that she could send Shawn the fishing hat that Mickey wore. Taylor asks E.J. if this secret could be so bad that he could end up in jail. Melanie is shocked to learn from Victor that Chloe moved out and Maggie didn't bother to tell her. E.J. is about to tell Taylor the truth, but is interrupted when Nicole returns home. Brady tells Victor he'll return a sizable chunk of Titan stock to him in exchange for some valuable information. Hope is stunned when Maggie reveals to her about the time she's spending with Victor. Nicole urges E.J. to keep their secret from Taylor. Victor tells Brady that he sold the drug organization to E.J. Chloe agrees to a date with Quinn.moreless
  • Ep. #11590
    Ep. #11590
    Episode 136
    Daniel runs into Chloe on the pier and sees her talking with Quinn and if everything is alright. Justin gives Jennifer the papers and says her divorced is finalized. E.J. shows Nicole he means business by throwing the breakfast she made against the wall. Abe asks Taylor what went on last night at the DiMera mansion. Jennifer thanks Justin for speeding things along quickly. Sami owns up and admits to Rafe she was intimate with his impostor. Nicole makes it clear to E.J. that Rafe is the reason that she's still here in the house. Rafe tells Sami how can she not tell the person that she slept with was not really him. Jennifer tells Daniel that she won't be hearing from Jack at all. Sami tearfully apologizes to Rafe for what she's done. Taylor asks E.J. what Nicole has over him. Quinn overhears Justin talking with Chloe about Parker. Jennifer tells Daniel she's not going to let Jack ruin her plans with him. Nicole learns from Abe that Taylor went back to the house.moreless
  • Ep. #11589
    Ep. #11589
    Episode 135
    Chloe goes to Justin asking if she can contact Philip to see if Parker's alright. Stefano finds that "Rafe" hasn't been using his bank card. Rafe tells Sami had a brief moment when he was hurt and she was taking care of him. Vivian further her plans with Gus about who Stefano had in his basement. Melanie tells Abigail that she was helping Dario move into the building and him being a jerk, Daniel why she says that when he spoke highly of her. Stefano calls Marco to deal with the situation regarding Rafe. Rafe has a brief flash of his and Sami's wedding night. Adrienne persuades Justin to assist Chloe. Chloe encounters Quinn, and says he shouldn't have left that money cause she's not that type of person. Dario refuses to serve Kinsey since she's underage, Melanie comes in to find him going through a purse. Vivian approaches Stefano with a very tempting offer. Sami slaps "Rafe" after she tells him that Rafe is getting his memory back, and Rafe overhears from outside the door and learns she shot E.J. in the head. Melanie tries to fight her feelings for Dario.moreless
  • Ep. #11588
    Ep. #11588
    Episode 134
    Jennifer tells Carly that she will find out who's been stealing drugs from the hospital. Hope and Bo see some discrepency in "Rafe's" work on his police reports. Adrienne offers Dario her apartment since she and Justin are gonna be living at the Kiriakis mansion. Rafe tells Sami that he wants to remember their life together. Bo tells Hope that Theo is shaken whenever Rafe is around. Stefano calls Chad interrupting his study date with Abigail asking for his advice. Justin tells Adrienne that Dario seemed pretty happy that Melanie is helping him move. Carly gets a visit from Lawrence's ghost to torment her some more. Dario ends up hurting his foot when Melanie sets it down. Hope and Bo congratulate Adrienne and Justin's recent wedding. Sami shows Rafe some photos of her kids. Abigail runs into Carly at the pharmacy while getting her prescription. Dario and Melanie seperately say what just happened. Rafe tells Sami that he just remembered something.moreless
  • Ep. #11587
    Ep. #11587
    Episode 133
    Sami shoots "Rafe" and says he's a liar and there's no way he's Rafe. Brady tells Nicole he doesn't want to mix it up with her right now, and why she hid while Taylor left. Victor wonders about his future with Maggie. Lexie asks E.J. what kind of a deal that Nicole made with him, in order to stay in his loveless marriage. Sami tells Rafe that DiMera's apparently gave him something that erased his long term memory. Nicole assures Brady that she's not out to get with him in any way. Sami hides her anguish while talking with E.J. on the phone with him, and goes ballistic. Victor tells Brady that he thought they let bygones and he could have Titan back. Lexie gives Taylor the letter that E.J. wrote. Nicole explains to E.J. what Johnny is gonna say when he always comes in the room to wake them up and them not being in the same bed. Sami fills Rafe in on his family here in Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11586
    Ep. #11586
    Episode 132
    Taylor tells E.J. that it was a mistake by coming here. Maggie and Victor each takes interest in the same soap opera. Stefano tells Nicole that it's possible that Rafe will come back. Chloe tells Maggie she is moving out of her house. Victor asks Brady if he's footing the bill for Chloe's move out of Maggie's house. Johnny comes int the room and says for Nicole and E.J. to stop fighting. Chloe feels like she shouldn't use the money that Quinn gave her. Nicole tells E.J. that he hates her for making her despise her own sister. Victor comes and tells Maggie he's here to beg her forgiveness. Nicole is bothered when she sees Brady and Taylor together. Lexie sees that Nicole has something major holding over E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11585
    Ep. #11585
    Episode 131
    Sami is shocked when she faces two men that look like her husband. Nicole goes and finds Taylor talking to Lexie at the pub. Melanie tells Abigail she has a lot of nerver to blame her father. E.J. tells Stefano that he's going to be staying with Nicole. "Rafe" points a gun at Rafe and tells Sami that he's an impostor and the games over. Maxine tells Daniel that if he doesn't do something something going to happen with his and Jennifer's daughter. "Rafe" tells Sami that the DiMera's made this guy to take him place. Daniel and Jennifer break up the fight between Melanie and Abigail. Chloe takes out the envelope which contains money from Quinn, she's then startled by Brady. Sami stands in front of Rafe and tells "Rafe" saying she's not going to let him shoot him, "Rafe" pushes her and she is knocked out. Chloe tells Brady that she's going to be moving out on her own. Stefano doesn't believe that E.J. is back with Nicole for the children's sake. Abigail and Melanie apologize to one another. Stefano asks Nicole why she's suddenly thanking Rafe. Sami grabs the gun as the two Rafe's are fighting saying she will shoot, it then goes off.moreless
  • Ep. #11584
    Ep. #11584
    Episode 130
    Quinn starts to cozy up to Chloe at the Cheatin Heart. Melanie surprises Carly before she can pop another pill. Nicole tells E.J. she went to check on Sydney and it appears Taylor has moved out. Daniel asks Jennifer if she has had any food allergies. Lexie finds Taylor at the pub with her luggage saying she's getting as far away from E.J. as she can. Chloe tells Quinn to pay the bar bill and she'll show him how bad she can be. Sami is startled at Rafe's admission that he has no idea who she is. Sister Barbara asks "Rafe" why he's wearing different clothes then the last time she saw him. Maxine introduces Abigail to Melanie and realizes their parents are out on a date, they then see Daniel bringing Jennifer into the hospital. Lexie begs Taylor to stay in Salem. Chloe comes out of the shower to find Quinn gone and finds money and comes to the conclusion that he thought she was a hooker. Sami feels something when Rafe touches her. Melanie and Abigail get into it over how well she really knows Daniel. Sami opens the door to find "Rafe" standing there, and sees two of them.moreless
  • Ep. #11583
    Ep. #11583
    Episode 129
    Nicole tells Taylor that her and E.J. are gonna be leaving for the honeymoon they never got to go on. Rafe tells Sister Rose that he knows where he has to be. "Rafe" sees Will and Gabi thinking they'll give him what he needs. Sami enters the safe house. Taylor goes to her room thinking her whole world is crumbling down. Rafe asks Sister Rose to take him to the Convent of the Holy Cross thinking he'll find the answers there. E.J. stops Nicole from calling Roman. Gabi comes out and asks "Rafe" if everything is alright, and ends up lashing at Gabi telling her to stay out or his business. Sami reminisces and thinks about her time with Rafe. Nicole tells Lexie that things with E.J. couldn't be better. E.J. tells Taylor that he can't tell her anything, she thinks it's a way of him misleading her. Gabi tells Will that she never wants to see "Rafe" again. Taylor tearfully packs a bag and is moving out of the mansion for good. Sami sees Rafe as he comes in, she tells him to get out and she's startled when he asks who she is.moreless
  • Ep. #11582
    Ep. #11582
    Episode 128
    Rafe recalls being at the Covenant of the Holy Cross before. Daniel tells Melanie that he's gonna prepare a meal for Jennifer right here at the apartment. Caroline slaps "Rafe" after what he did to Sami. Stefano is glad when Kate says that she's officially two years cancer free. Chloe feels badly when she overhears Maggie and Victor's conversation. Adrienne wishes Chad all the best and will miss him around the bar. Caroline tells "Rafe" that he deserved what he got and for him to get out. Abigail helps Jennifer get ready for her date with Daniel. Rafe starts to have brief flashes of the loft. "Rafe" tells Caroline that he needs to have Sami come to the pub right away. Victor tells Maggie that she may have the ability to forgive but he doesn't. Chloe finds out about Daniel and Jennifer's date after running into her and Abigail on the pier. Dario is excited after Melanie asks him out for coffee while returning her coat. Stefano tells Chad that he only asked him to move into the mansion to get to know him. Rafe tells a nun that he knows where he has to go, whereas "Rafe" figures out where Sami went.moreless
  • Ep. #11581
    Ep. #11581
    Episode 127
    Sami tells Caroline that while she was away "Rafe" slept with another woman. Sister Rose tells Rafe that his fever broke and called out someone's name while he slept. "Rafe" goes ballistic after seeing that he lost his bank card. E.J. tells Nicole that he's setting her free, but will see to it that she spends time with the children. Sami tells Caroline that she rode it out thinking that everything with Rafe would get better. Rafe tells Sister Rose that this Ted person was there while he was held captive. Taylor tells Lexie that E.J. is asking for a divorce from Nicole right now. "Rafe" goes to Stefano who agrees to issue him a new card to the one that he lost and to make sure he gets out of town. Nicole presents E.J. with the proof that he was holding Rafe in his basement and how Sami will react to the news.moreless
  • Ep. #11580
    Ep. #11580
    Episode 126
    E.J. tells Stefano that he's going to end his marriage to Nicole so he can marry Taylor. Taylor asks Nicole what is going to shock her. Sami asks "Rafe" if he did in fact bring a woman and sleep with her in their bed. Rafe wakes up in a strange place wondering where he is. Dario pretends not to care about seeing Melanie with Brady at the Cheatin Heart. Sami tells "Rafe" that the man she married would never have done something like this. Nicole tells Taylor that E.J. isn't capable of loving anyone. Stefano tells E.J. that Marco just said that Troy is starting to show signs of life. Sister Rose explains to Rafe that she came across him unconscious in the woods. Sami comes close to slapping "Rafe" after he calls her a bitch. Taylor tells E.J. that she never made it to Lexie's but encountered Nicole instead. Sami goes and tells Caroline that her marriage to Rafe is over. Sister Rose tells Rafe she hopes he'll get the answers tomorrow. E.J. asks Nicole for a divorce. Stefano tells "Rafe" that since he's done what he's accomplished to get out of Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11579
    Ep. #11579
    Episode 125
    Sami wants answers from "Rafe" on whi his clothes are missing from the bedroom. Al tells Stefano to let this go since the patient and couldn't have survived the fall in the ravine. Rafe drops the key while stumbling through the woods trying to keep moving. Nicole insists on Taylor on being in the room when E.J. speaks to her. Gabi sees that Abigail has her mind and eyes set on Chad. Sami tells "Rafe" that what he did for Theo and Ciara thinking it was like his old self. Stefano asks Al how he can be sure that Rafe survived the fall. Tad asks Abigail what she did to Chad that made him be so cold to her. "Rafe" calls Dario asking him to come over and makes sure that Sami hear about the girl he had over last night. Nicole gets confirmation that Stefano has Rafe prisoner in his basement. Abigail expresses being concerned that the DiMera's will turn on him. Sami confronts "Rafe" over what she just heard and if it's true he brought a woman into their bed.moreless
  • Ep. #11578
    Ep. #11578
    Episode 124
    Nicole wonders which secret Fay had to tell her either about Rafe or E.J. and Taylor. Carly asks Melanie to promise not to tell Daniel she lost track of last night. Daniel tells Jennifer that their kiss was a bit unexpected. Adrienne expresses her concern for Jennifer, Abigail sees it has to do with Jack. Bo surprises "Rafe" by having Sami return to town and stop by the house. Carly overhears Maxine tell Melanie about a meeting about missing drugs from the hospital. Theo is brought in and tells "Rafe" to go away confusing Abe and Lexie. Nicole tells Chloe that she is not giving up E.J. without a fight. Melanie is delighted to find out about Daniel and Jennifer's date. E.J. sets out to prove to Taylor he's not the person who did terrible things to Sami. Ciara tells Bo and Hope that "Rafe" is only nice when kids are around. Jennifer asks Abigail what Jack is up to this time and learns of her date with Daniel. Sami tells "Rafe" she thought about him the entire time she was away visiting Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #11577
    Ep. #11577
    Episode 123
    Chloe looks while she reads her divorce papers, Justin walks in and asks if there's anything he can do for her. Nicole grabs the letter opener with rage after looking at Taylor and E.J. Gabi asks Dario what or who is keeping him in Salem. Carly finds out about Melanie's attack, and she asks what Carly did when she never got her messages. Taylor hears a noise and E.J. goes to check it out but finds nobody there. Daniel and Jennifer discuss their feelings for one another. Will tells Gabi that Theo and Ciara are home and they're doing just fine. E.J. calls Nicole and assures Taylor he's going to tell her everything. Adrienne asks Carly if she's been doing alright. Melanie tells Daniel who hadn't heard of Philip leaving town with Parker. Chloe refuses Justin's help and ends up throwing her food on someone who comes up and asks her out. Dario asks Melanie out on a date, she then flatly turns him down. Nicole takes Fay's advice and gets a lab tech to run that DNA test and compare it against Rafe's. E.J. tells Taylor that they will be together tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11576
    Ep. #11576
    Episode 122
    Stefano tells E.J. of Rafe's escape from the asylum. Bo finds Ciara and explains to her that their problems wasn't her fault at all. Lexie lets Stefano know that Theo was found and to give him some time to decompress. Bo asks "Rafe" just how did he come to find Ciara and Theo. Nicole tells Chloe that what if the person that E.J. was keeping captive was Rafe. Kate calls Chad to meet him at the pier so Stefano can talk with Abigail. E.J. tells Taylor that he's going to be divorcing Nicole cause he's not in love with her. Lexie graciously thanks "Rafe" for him finding Theo. Hope tells Ciara that she and Bo are back together and they're very happy. Chad makes a decision while under the impression that Abigail isn't interested in him and tells Stefano he decided to work for him this summer. Rafe climbs up the cliff after everyone believed he'd died. Nicole comes home to find E.J. kissing Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #11575
    Ep. #11575
    Episode 121
    Rafe finds himself trapped by the doctors and he then jumps off the cliff. Victor asks Brady if they're in fact still family. Melanie is surprised when Maggie literally stands up for Chloe. E.J. tells Stefano about his plan to end his marriage to Nicole. "Rafe" tries to hide when he sees Theo and Ciara coming from the woods. Bo gets a call from the Centreville P.D. about them having a girl with Ciara's necklace. Hope speaks with Leah and realizes she gave them some food and headed back towards the woods. Victor finds Maggie and thanks her and to be careful with Chloe. "Rafe" tells Ciara and Theo that he'll keep their secret only if they promise not to tell anyone they saw him. Chloe tells Nicole that Philip left town with Parker for good. Gus and Vivian are unable to find a match from the DNA in Stefano's basement. Bo finds Theo and Ciara with "Rafe". Nicole finds the paper that Vivian threw away about DNA results. Stefano learns that Rafe escaped and that he's also dead.moreless
  • Ep. #11574
    Ep. #11574
    Episode 120
    Lexie rips into Hope about their kids running away. Theo and Ciara encounter a homeless woman named Leah. Melanie tells Brady that she sees that with Philip gone is a sign to move on. Al sees that Rafe has escaped and immediately calls security breach. Rafe quickly races off after a police siren in the distance. Victor learns that Chloe is now staying at Maggie's house. Dario comes home to find "Rafe" with Alicia. Ciara tells Leah if she's gonna call her parents and tell them where she is. Abe tells Lexie and Abe that they have a lead and thinks the kids may have hidden in the back of a truck. Victor gives Maggie an ultimatum that she won't see him again if she takes Chloe into her home. Gabi arrives and realizes that Dario is the one that brought Troy down, but "Rafe didn't do anything. Ciara offers to give her necklace for giving them her food. Melanie confronts Chloe on the pier and asks her when she's going to stop ruining people's lives and to just leave town. Hope thanks Diane for help in helping them finding Ciara and Theo. Rafe hears that the dogs and the officials are getting closer to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11573
    Ep. #11573
    Episode 119
    Kate sees Chloe on the phone looking for a place to live. Rafe quickly hides what he has in his hands before Al comes in his room. "Rafe" wuickly becomes alarmed when Dario says that he knows who killed thinking he's talking about Fay. Maggie and Victor find solace in each other over Ciara's disappearance. Chloe tells Kate that she'd prefer to live elsewhere then at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel is outraged that Melanie was almost killed by the person that ran down Arianna. Rafe uses Al's key to try and escape but is stopped by Rick. Brady recognizes the man as Troy the man that Arianna worked for while she was undercover with the Salem P.D. "Rafe" runs into a woman named Alicia while he makes an attempt to leave town for good. Maggie tells Victor that they are in fact a couple. Rick tells Rafe that he's the new guy starting, and is gonna check on the patients. Brady tells Melanie that Philip left town with Parker and should come to the mansion so she can be safe tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11572
    Ep. #11572
    Episode 118
    Bo tells Hope he thinks he may have found Ciara. Jennifer starts to lose her breath and Daniel takes her into the pub to sit down a bit. Gordon insists on Carly going home and he'll fill him in on Ciara. Nicole comes across the wreckage of the limo off the road and begins to pound on the door if Taylor is alright. Melanie tells Dario that the masked person admitted to killing Arianna. "Rafe" sits at the Cheatin Heart and thinks he'll let Stefano let someone else take care of Troy. E.J. tells Nicole that he and Taylor are alright and they're just stuck. Adrienne and Justin learns of Ciara and Theo being missing and Daniel says there's something they can do. Dario goes off on Troy for killing his sister and Melanie says to stop trying to kill him. Brady tells "Rafe" that when someone threatens his sister it becomes his business. Adrienne tells Jennifer that she notices her complexion and thinks there's something more going on with her and Daniel. Nicole asks Taylor about the letter she wrote to Fay.moreless
  • Ep. #11571
    Ep. #11571
    Episode 117
    Kate gloats that she's stopped Chloe in her tracks permanently. Carly takes something to take the edge off while resuming at performing surgery. Nicole asks Dario why would "Rafe" leave town so suddenly. E.J. and Taylor are shown as the limo was in an accident. Melanie encounters the masked man after getting the lights back on. Kate tells Victor that if he wants to know what's going then to just go back home. Daniel sees Jennifer take an initiative to a city councilman. The makes man admits to killing Arianna and he's gonna do the same to her. Philip decides to leave Salem with Parker, despite Chloe's desperate pleading for them to stay. Melanie manages to pepper spray the intruder and quickly hides. Nicole opens and reads Taylor's letter that she wrote for Fay. Jennifer once again tries to get Daniel and Carly on a date. E.J. and Taylor share a passionate kiss. Dario arrives and comes to Melanie's aid, and takes off the mask and she immediately recognizes her attacker. Carly learns that Ciara is missing and can't be there for Bo. Victor asks Chloe that she's the one that threatened to take Parker and run away. Kate asks Philip to keep her posted and to let her know where they'll be living.moreless
  • Ep. #11570
    Ep. #11570
    Episode 116
    Melanie turns and pepper sprays Daro by accident into his eyes. Philip tells the social worker that Chloe needs Parker in her life. Kate begins to record her and Chloe's phone conversation. Roman tells "Rafe" that until Ciara is found he ain't going anywhere. Stefano enlists Max to help track down Theo. The priest make an wrongful assumption that Taylor was E.J.'s wife and not Nicole. Vivian comforts Stefano after finding out about Theo. Roman asks "Rafe" if he doesn't want to be here when Sami returns from Colorado. Taylor tells Nicole that she'd do anything to have what she has. Nicole opens up to the reverend about Fay telling her about a secret concerning Rafe that Stefano and E.J. are keeping. Stefano gets an unexpected visit from Troy saying that he owes him big. Kate visits Philip saying that he needs to hear this and plays the recording. The masked man waits for Melanie at her home. Stefano orders "Rafe" to get rid of Troy. Gus tells an overjoyed Vivian that soon they'll the DNA analysis of who Stefano has been keeping in his basement. Nicole learns from Dario that "Rafe" left town. Gus turns up nothing, but suggests he and Vivian run the other sample in another database. Taylor and E.J. get passionate in the back of the limo.moreless
  • Ep. #11569
    Ep. #11569
    Episode 115
    Stefano and Kate get wind of Theo and Ciara's disppearance. Daniel and Melanie encounter Chloe at the Cheatin Heart having a few too many. Will asks "Rafe" that he personally wants to know why he's leaving. Al tells Rafe that he's going to be getting here. Ciara starts to come around and tells Theo they can't speak to anyone. Lexie learns what Stefano pretty much layed into Abe about Ciara being the one to blame. Dario tells "Rafe" that running away is basically what he's doing right now. Hope blames herself for Ciara leaving. Al tells Rafe he's earned a privilege to attend an art's and crafts class. Daniel tells Chloe that she doesn't need to be doing this. Gabi sees and asks "Rafe" what exactly is wrong after Dario says that he turned away Melanie's attacker. Theo finds the phone and sees that it's broken. Julie tells Hope that Zack, Alice and others are watching over Ciara and Theo. Melanie tells Daniel that she found the guy that killed Arianna, and threatened her if she didn't take the reward down. Rafe tells out some exacto knives he took from art class after the doctor leaves. A drunken Chloe calls Kate. Roman tells "Rafe" he can't approve him taking a leave of absence from the force.moreless
  • Ep. #11568
    Ep. #11568
    Episode 114
    Philip tells Chloe that everything isn't good when he requested they share custody of Parker. Nicole tells Taylor that E.J.'s secret has something to do with Rafe. Lexie blames Ciara for taking Theo along in her. E.J. asks "Rafe" what exactly was Nicole doing at the loft. Roman assures Hope they'll find Ciara. Will shows Maggie some recent photos of Allie, and says everything isn't right in his mom's life, and Gabi thinks it's cause of Rafe she left. E.J. calls Stefano and says that they have a problem in Nicole. Roman gets word that two kids matching Theo and Ciara were admitted to the hospital. Nicole gets a visit from Fay's ghost and says she has to figure out for herself. Stefano and E.J. tell "Rafe" that his job is done and for him to leave Salem forever. Lexie goes to the hospital and finds out her son isn't the one that was brought in. Ciara takes a serious fall. Kate lays into Chloe when she finds her at the Cheatin Heart when she should be taking care of her grandson. E.J. worries that Nicole may be onto him when he and Stefano return home. Will and Gabi return to find "Rafe" about to leave. Hope tries again calling Ciara's phone, Theo remembers her saying for him not to answer as she lays unconscious.moreless
  • Ep. #11567
    Ep. #11567
    Episode 113
    Bo and Hope try to locate Theo and Ciara. E.J. tells Stefano that Sami is taking Johnny and Sydney to Colorado to visit Eric and couldn't be more happier. Ciara and Theo find a place in the woods for them to set up camp. Nicole slaps "Rafe" after he plants a kiss on her. Chad tells Melanie after finding about her internship at the hospital that he has a job working for Stefano. Bo and Hope pray that Theo and Ciara made it to school by now. Abe tells Lexie that he should've had the opportunity to raise Brandon with Fay. Taylor is consoled by E.J. "Rafe" tells Nicole to forget about the kiss altogether. Ciara ignores a call from Hope thinking the fighting will resume again with her parents. Hope shows Bo the letter that Ciara left under her pillow. Kate tells Stefano that Abby is starting to be a real problem. Abe and Lexie hurry over to help Bo and Hope search for Theo and Ciara.moreless
  • Ep. #11566
    Ep. #11566
    Episode 112
    Carly tells Daniel to leave well enough alone. E.J. hears a noise and goes and sees it was Nicole he heard. Sami sees Johnny tending to "Rafe's" needs by bringing him a beer. Ciara tells Theo that they have to runaway cause she thinks her parents are getting divorced. Carly tells Jennifer she doesn't want her going to Daniel around her back, but is late to apologize before Jennifer storms out. Nicole asks E.J. to accompany her and Taylor to Chicago for Fay's funeral. Sami tells "Rafe" that she's going to be staying with her brother Eric for awhile, he then says if she wants a divorce, but she says that not what she wants. E.J. tells Stefano that he's sure that Nicole didn't hear anything and is still grief stricken. Ciara tells Bo that he doesn't have to take her to school cause Hope said she would. Jennifer tells Carly that he apology is not enough. Sami comes and tells E.J. she'll be taking Johnny and Sydney to stay with Eric. Bo comes back in and he and Hope realize that Theo and Ciara have taken off. Nicole comes and tells "Rafe" she came to see him, and learns that Sami is going to Colorado, she's then startled when he starts making the moves on her.moreless
  • Ep. #11565
    Ep. #11565
    Episode 111
    Stefano takes precautions in Fay's sudden death and has an immediate check up. Melanie sees that Daniel is playing hooky from work. Jennifer tells Maxine that she has to be here once Daniel arrives for the meeting. Carly spaces out after Stefano says how precious it is to have children around. Nicole has a nightmare of Fay telling her that she has to find out E.J.'s secret. Melanie is followed once she leaves Java. E.J. asks Taylor if she got any sleep last night. Lexie suggests to Carly that she needs to take some time off. Nicole wonders why E.J. is downstairs talking with Rafe for. Dario saves Melanie from a dangerous situation, she thinks he might've been with the one that hit Arianna. E.J. tells Stefano that they have a problem and Fay told her something while on her deathbed. Dario asks "Rafe" why he's not doing anything to do on Melanie's attack, he tells Melanie that guy isn't not his brother. Daniel interference angers Carly when he offers to look after her "injured elbow". Nicole overhears Stefano and E.J. discussing Fay possibly knowing about "Rafe".moreless
  • Ep. #11564
    Ep. #11564
    Episode 110
    Vivian gloats to Gus about her recent victory against Carly. Lexie asks Carly she'll need to fill in tonight in the O.R. but says that she can't. "Rafe" tells Fay he has to get rid of her, as she continues to plead with him. Vivian tells Gus they'll be having the whole DiMera mansion to themselves. Chloe tells Philip she feels uncomfortable leaving Parker alone. "Rafe" smothers Fay with a pillow and checks and sees that she's dead. Gus tells Vivian that all is clear and they're ready to find out Stefano's plan. Carly comes out and gives Nicole and Taylor the bad news, Nicole demands to know how her mother died. Vivian encounters Chad in the living room, Stefano comes home and says she'll pay dearly for breaking into his house. Roman asks "Rafe" what was so important then work, Det. McCarthy says that something happened at the hospital and Lexie needs to talk with him. Chloe finds solace in her singing at an open mike night. Stefano orders Vivian out of the mansion, he then gets a call and learns that Fay died. E.J. tries to comfort Taylor but she says not to touch her. Gus tells Vivian that he found a jail cell in Stefano's basement.moreless
  • Ep. #11563
    Ep. #11563
    Episode 109
    Carly learns that despite everything Vivian keeps in contact with Nicholas. "Rafe" dons some hospital scrubs so he can sneak into Fay's room, but is interrupted by Maxine. Fay pleads with Nicole not to leave her side. An orderly sees Rafe reading a book, but he says as he leaves that it'll do him some good. Abe sees where Taylor is going with her theory and wants her to stop thinking like that, cause it's not her fault. Hope finds out that the kids are still treating Ciara badly cause of her being in prison. Lexie comes in when Nicole says that her mother can't breathe and comes out and tells Taylor that she was trying to tell her something. Carly calls Nicholas but he refuses to forgive Carly for Lawrence's death. "Rafe" sees as Taylor and Nicole are around Fay's room keeping him from going in. Bo and Hope take their relationship to the next level. Gus tells Vivian that's it's gonna be a long night with what he found out. Abe tells Nicole to go home and get some rest and she can check on Fay in the morning. Carly finds herself tempted and takes some pills from the medicine cart, but throws them out. Fay wakes up to find "Rafe" sitting at the end of her bed.moreless
  • Ep. #11562
    Ep. #11562
    Episode 108
    Stefano apologizes to Kate for leaving their event early but he insists on welcoming Chad into the mansion. "Rafe" cautions Sami that she'll suffer the same fate as Fay did and that he isn't in fact Rafe. Fay tells Taylor that she doesn't want her to get Lexie. Sami is stunned by "Rafe's" confession and he stops her from going to tell someone and starts to strangle her, but snaps out of his daydream and apologizes for his behaviour. Abigail says to Chad that she won't say another bad word about the DiMera's cause they're his family. Fay tells Taylor that she must protect Nicole. Det. McCarthy tells "Rafe" there's no way he's going a stakeout alone. Taylor tells E.J. that she's going to be leaving town right away. Sami tells Caroline of "Rafe's" threat against her, thinking this will be leverage that E.J. needs. Abigail accompanies Chad to his new home, and Stefano is surprised when learning of Fay's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11561
    Ep. #11561
    Episode 107
    Sami sees "Rafe" in Fay's room and asks what he's doing here. Brady tells Victor that he's using Titan's money to make a donation in his mother's name. Dario apologizes to Melanie for her posting the reward to score points with him. Nicole questions Mary as to how Fay's cell phone ended up on the table. Maggie doesn't think that Melanie's reward has ulterior motives. E.J. and Taylor wonder if Fay's accident was their fault. Victor invites Maggie to have dinner with him in Paris. Lexie tells everyone that Fay is being taken off the ventilator and is breathing on her own. Dario asks Stephanie if what she said to him about Melanie is true cause or if it's because she's so mad at her. E.J. tells "Rafe" why Fay's health is so important to him.moreless
  • Ep. #11560
    Ep. #11560
    Episode 106
    Nicole and Taylor are told that Fay was fully aware when she fell down the stairs. Chloe mistakenly believes Philip is seeking sole custody of Parker after seeing him with Mrs. Hogan. Sami asks "Rafe" why they're still talking about Fay when he barely knows her. Fay's monitors continue to go off after seeing E.J. and flatlines. Amy introduces herself to Dario, while Melanie is wondering who this woman is. Daniel comes in the room to attempt at reviving Fay. Philip explains to Chloe that he told Mrs. Hogan what a wonderful job she's been doing as of late. E.J. overhears Nicole tells Carly that her mother called and desperately wanted to tell her something. Dario tells Melanie that Amy is a private investigator and once he finds the driver who hit Arianna he's out of town. Lexie tells E.J. it's possible that Fay could've sensed the attraction between him and Taylor. Melanie tells Daniel and Carly she plans to use some of the money Philip gave her as a reward for the information on Arianna's hit and run. Caroline asks Sami exactly what's bothering her, she says that "Rafe" isn't the person she married. Nicole goes to confront Nurse Delia about what happened at the house tonight, she then finds the pills under the pillow. Dario tells Melanie he isn't impressed by her actions. "Rafe" begins to inject an air bubble into Fay's I.V., Sami comes by the hospital and approaches her room.moreless
  • Ep. #11559
    Ep. #11559
    Episode 105
    Jennifer expresses to Daniel her concern for Carly. Nicole and Taylor find Fay in a bad state at the bottom of the stairs. Carly sees Adrienne and Justin looking so happy together. Johnny wonders why Rafe isn't here cause he promised to teach him some more moves. Daniel is there to catch Jennifer and slipping while trying to adjust a picture. Carly is tempted to take a patients medication after remembering her patients vow that he doesn't want to die. Justin offers to Adrienne that they elope to Vegas since they're boys are unable to make it. Carly tells Nicole and Taylor that the preliminary tests on Fay show she didn't fall down the stairs intentionally. Sami tells "Rafe" on how he can ask such a question if Fay is dead or not. Fay wakes up to see E.J. there beside her bed and her monitors start to go off. Adrienne tells Justin that she'll marry him tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11558
    Ep. #11558
    Episode 104
    Hope calls Jocelyn only to learn she doesn't know where the kids are. Taylor tells Nicole that she's moving out of the mansion. Fay makes a noise, and E.J. goes to investigate but sees no one there. Brady tells Chloe that all she saw was him consoling Melanie who is his friend. Fay thinks that she has no choice but to tell someone, but "Rafe" takes the phone away from her. Melanie runs into Dario on the pier and doesn't buy his story of saving his sister's life. Bo and Hope learn that Ciara and Theo tried to run away. Stefano shows E.J. an amnesiac Rafe in the mental ward. Melanie sees Brady coming and she goes over an immediately kisses him. "Rafe" takes drastic action with Fay.moreless
  • Ep. #11557
    Ep. #11557
    Episode 103
    Melanie comes and asks Philip if she can see Parker. Brady gets into it with Dario and says he doesn't know how he felt about Arianna before or after she died. Vivian asks Nicole if she's in or out to investigate Stefano and what he's planning. E.J. promises Taylor that despite his feelings he won't go anywhere near her. Melanie breaks down after saying her goodbyes to Parker. Brady advises Dario to leave Salem. Stefano tells E.J. that they're in the final phase of their plan with Sami. Taylor tells Lexie that she loves E.J. no more then she ever did. Fay waits for the nurse to leave before taking out the sleeping pill she was supposed to take. Dario asks Justin if he can recommend any private investigators to help find the driver who hit Arianna. Gus tells Vivian that she couldn't come up with anything, but came up with the code to get into the DiMera mansion. Dario hears Philip talking to Justin discussing Melanie and him offering five million dollars. Taylor tells Lexie she must tell Nicole about her feelings for E.J. Fay overhears from the door Stefano's plan that Rafe isn't who he says he is.moreless
  • Ep. #11556
    Ep. #11556
    Episode 102
    Vivian tells Kate that she won't rest until her entire life comes crashing down around her. Brady learns of Victor's latest ploy, by stopping a takeover of a company. Sami tells "Rafe" that something really bad happened last night. Stefano sees that Taylor shot E.J. down. Maggie comes in and tells Brady that she believes that Victor has in fact changed. Fay confronts E.J. about his intentions with Taylor. Stefano rips into Nicole, as Vivian overhears them. "Rafe" tells Nicole that now isn't the best time and to come back later. Brady explains to Taylor the whole deal was interfered by Victor. Sami confides in Kate about her marriage to "Rafe". Vivian tells Nicole that she can be the lady of the manor if she can piece together what Stefano's up to. "Rafe" tells Stefano that he has Sami right where he wants her.moreless
  • Ep. #11555
    Ep. #11555
    Episode 101
    Taylor tells E.J. she's not the kind of person that has affairs. "Rafe" gets a call from Stefano asking him not to pull any more stunts that land him in the hospital. Jennifer asks Daniel if he's seen Carly since she was supposed to meet her at Chez Rouge but didn't show. Stefano cautions Vivian not to but into his business. Fay asks E.J. and Taylor what they're doing with the door locked. "Rafe" tells Sami he has a way releive some stress he's going through. Chad gets a reminder on his phone that todayis his mother's birthday. Carly apologizes to Jennifer for missing their dinner plans. Stefano tells Vivian that Kate should be the least of her worries from what he can do to her. Fay asks Taylor if E.J. is already cheating on Nicole. Sami slaps "Rafe" and says she doesn't want this and for him to never touch her again. Jennifer tells Abigail that Alice's house is gonna be their home for the time being. Carly tells Maxine she dropped the syringe and forgot to make a note of it. Sami tells "Rafe" it's best he sleep on the couch tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #11554
    Ep. #11554
    Episode 100
    Bo tries to console Carly after she loses a patient, but she won't let him. Nicole asks Lexie if there's something more going on with Taylor and E.J. Ciara tells Theo after listening to Hope and Jennifer they don't have to runaway after all. E.J. and Taylor give into temptation. Ciara sees her parents are unhappy and thinks she has to leave or they won't be happy. Nicole and Fay's bond deepens after getting her latest test results. Bo and Hope agree no more pettyness cause they'll be raising their daughter together. Nathan corrects Carly's error when she orders the wrong dosage for one of her patients, and this being his last day at the hospital. Theo tells Ciara that he can't leave his father behind. Taylor stops E.J. after looking at his and Nicole's wedding photo. Carly starts to have a nervous breakdown and injects herself with a sedative. Fay and Nicole agree to go and surprise Taylor up at the house.moreless
  • Ep. #11553
    Ep. #11553
    Episode 99
    Dario thinks of what Stephanie told him about Melanie and sees her talking with Daniel assuming she's about to scam him. Chad introduces himself to Jennifer with the last name DiMera. Sami wants "Rafe" to tell him what he's gonna tell her. E.J. tells Taylor that she wanted to know the truth and he gave it to her. Abigial sees that Jennifer has taken off her wedding ring. Daniel punches Dario as Melanie watches from afar, and says the girl he was talking about was his daughter. E.J. admits his feelings for Taylor to Stefano. "Rafe" is livid after Sami admits that she drugged. Dario tells Stephanie he wished she'd filled him in that her father was a doctor at the hospital. Chad makes a choice to move into the DiMera mansion which pretty much costs him his friendship with Abigail. Stefano tells E.J. to go ahead and make a play for Taylor but to make sure no one finds out. Melanie tells Dario to stay out of her personal life for good. Sami wonders while watching "Rafe" sleep if there's any chance for them. E.J. tells Taylor to let him show her what he mean and plants a kiss on her.moreless
  • Ep. #11552
    Ep. #11552
    Episode 98
    Dario encounters Melanie after coming to the hospital looking for Rafe and not finding him in his room. Hope and Bo go through some of Alice's stuff from the attic and come across pictures of their wedding in England. Taylor tells Brady that she'll find a way to get away from E.J. and out of his house. Vivian gives Gus an assignment to get a list of all Stefano's past crimes to her. E.J. devises a plan to keep Taylor away from Brady by enlisting the help of Fay. Dario apologizes to Melanie for not realizing she and Arianna were close, they're then interrupted by Stephanie. Sami finds the flask realizing that Rafe spiked his coffee. E.J. tells Taylor that he spoke to Fay and she'd like to see her right away. "Rafe" decides that he's going to tell Sami that he's not really Rafe. Taylor is livid after Fay admits that it was E.J. who in fact called her. Ciara is delighted when she sees her parents kissing, unaware their problems started with her kidnapping. Vivian tells Kate she knows what Stefano is up to and it concerns Allie, and end up getting into a fight. Stephanie cautions Dario that Melanie is trouble. Ciara tells Theo that she's decided to run away, Theo says he'll go away with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11551
    Ep. #11551
    Episode 97
    Johnny tells E.J. to text Allie just how pretty his aunt Taylor is, Nicole sees that he's thinking about something. Carly tells "Rafe" that he found some discrepency in his latest test results. Stefano tells the doctor to keep Rafe, Al informs him that everything is going smoothly. Taylor has a solution for Brady regarding budget cuts but immediately firing her. Johnny tells E.J. how much Rafe is now even more then he used to be. Rafe sees himself in a mental ward, and the doctor says he won't get better on his watch. Stefano tells E.J. that the Rafe stand in faked a seizure yesterday and thinks he should be taken care of right away. Chloe asks Nicole how things with Taylor moving into the mansion going, they then see Taylor and Brady at a table in the pub. E.J. cautions "Rafe" that he'd better turn things around and reminds him of what happened to the other Rafe. Sami puts anti-anxiety drugs into "Rafe's" drink, but sneaks some alcohol in it. Jennifer applies for a job at the hospital. Nicole tells Chloe that her marriage to E.J. is turning out better then she'd hoped. Taylor asks Brady if he still loves Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #11550
    Ep. #11550
    Episode 96
    Maggie calls Victor but abruptly hangs up. Carly tells Sami, while Stefano continues to overhear that something may be wrong. "Rafe" wonders how he's gonna get himself out of this. Melanie tells Dario that maybe Arianna never mentioned him because of what a person he is. Chloe tells Philip she got an offer from the Seattle Opera company, but is refusing the part. Victor calls Maggie back and she invites him to Chez Rouge for lunch. Chad tells Abigail and Gabi he figured out who paid his late tuition fee at Salem University. Stefano tells "Rafe" anyone who works him and defies pays dearly. Maggie tells Victor that the person that she wanted him to meet is herself. Gabi calls Dario and tells him that Rafe is at the hospital. Justin asks Chloe if there was a problem with the divorce papers. Sami may think that everything is back to normal but feels something is definately off. Maggie reveals her feelings to Victor. Carly finds something after getting "Rafe's" results back.moreless
  • Ep. #11549
    Ep. #11549
    Episode 95
    Vivian tells Carly that when she supposedly "left Salem" she was being held in the mausoleum. Stephanie asks Nathan if she's the reason that he's going to be leaving. Sami asks "Rafe" why the outburst, when she invited his brother to stay with them. Vivian congratulates Maggie by saing that she's won. Dario tells Melanie what he thinks of her and pours water over her head. Nathan tells Stephanie that he should've fought for Melanie instead of convincing himself that he was in love with her. "Rafe" explains to Sami that he's this way cause of a headache he has, he then collapses on the floor prompting Sami to ask Det. McCarthy to call 911. Nathan tells Maggie it's possible he's going to get a job at John's Hopkins. Vivian is determined to find out what Stefano's up to. Carly tells Sami that she went over Rafe's tests and scans and something doesn't add up. Dario tells Melanie his reasons for being in Salem is to find Arianna's killer.moreless
  • Ep. #11548
    Ep. #11548
    Episode 94
    Taylor tells E.J. that they can't be doing this, E.J. says it's alright and continuing kissing. Nathan comes to see Melanie after learning that she was almost robbed. Sami goes to Daniel and tells him the recent events involving Rafe. "Rafe" tells Gabi there's no way that Dario is staying with him and Sami. Justin explains to Dario that he cannot leave Salem. Taylor runs into Nicole as she comes back to the mansion and asks what is going on. Melanie tells Nathan that they're gonna talk about this for the last time. Adrienne tells Justin that their kids won't make it to the ceremony on the date they want. Dario tells Gabi what happened to Rafe, cause he's now acting like a jerk. E.J. apologizes to Taylor for his actions. Justin asks Adrienne that they should get married right away. Daniel tells Nathan to forget about Melanie and to focus on is career. Melanie gets an eyeful when she runs into Dario at Sami's loft. "Rafe" loses his cool with Sami after finding out she invited Dario to stay with them.moreless
  • Ep. #11547
    Ep. #11547
    Episode 93
    Gabi asks Justin what are the chances of the charges against Dario going away. Jennifer tells Abigail that she's planning on divorcing Jack. Daniel tells Melanie he insists on going to confront the guy that tried to rob his daughter. Dario explains to his lawyer that the money he used can't be traced back to him, he then tells Dario he's officially on his own. Stefano tells "Rafe" that Rafe was moved to another secluded location. Taylor goes to see E.J. and asks him if he in fact loves her sister. Daniel brings Jennifer's divorce papers cause he got them by accident. "Rafe" gets a refresher course from Stefano on his and Dario's relationship. Abigail opens up to Will about her feelings of her parents getting divorced and promises not to tell anyone, she sees that Chad overheard everything. E.J. reveals to Taylor that he loves Nicole, but just isn't in love with her. Melanie finds out Dario is to be released without bail, and immediately says to Gabi that he's just gonna steal from someone else.moreless
  • Ep. #11546
    Ep. #11546
    Episode 92
    Stefano instructs Ted to get the key away from Rafe right away. Gabi starts lashing at Dario on why he wasn't there for Arianna's memorial or funeral. "Rafe" calls Stefano saying they have a big problem. Philip refuses to let Daniel see Chloe. Stefano tells "Rafe" that he and Dario hate each others guts. Sami overhears Gabi tell Will that it's like Rafe is a complete stranger. E.J. tells Nicole what did he say that offended Taylor. Daniel informs Chloe he's filing for divorce. Dario tells "Rafe" there's something different about him. Stefano tells Rafe that today is the first day of the rest of his life. Will thinks that Rafe was just looking out for Johnny's well being in how to deal with the school bully. Taylor gets an eyeful when E.J. comes back from exercising. Rafe doesn't know what the key means but thinks he should keep it since it's all he's got.moreless
  • Ep. #11545
    Ep. #11545
    Episode 91
    Gabi learns the identity of the thief, Will wants to know who this person is. Dario bumps into Melanie, she then realizes that the necklace Carly gave her is missing. Sami opens up to Brady by saying that there's something wrong with Rafe. Det. McCarthy catches "Rafe" looking at a photo and asks who he is. Nicole asks Lexie what the problem with Taylor moving into the mansion. E.J. tells Stefano that Rafe needs to be moved from the basement, Kate comes in wonder what they're both plotting this time. Lexie asks Taylor what if E.J. suddenly decided to act on his feelings. Melanie confronts Dario before and gets her necklace back, saying she pulled off better scams then this. "Rafe" ignores calls from Gabi. Stefano finally sees what's on E.J.'s mind after discovering Taylor is moving into the mansion. Chad opens up to Lexie about what Abe said about him running away from the DiMera's. Melanie screams as Brady hurries and tells Dario to get away from her. Taylor tells Nicole that she's not out to take her husban away from her. Will says to Gabi maybe Rafe is on a case or something. Kate overhears Lexie on the phone telling E.J. to buy a house or apartment for someone. "Rafe" is about to tell Dario he doesn't know him, til Gabi comes in.moreless
  • Ep. #11544
    Ep. #11544
    Episode 90
    Kinsey tells Bo that she wants to press assault charges against Gabi. Dario brings more jewelry to the pawn broker. Adrienne tells Jennifer the good new that she and Justin are getting married again. Nathan asks the nurse why didn't someone tell him that Melanie checked out of the hospital early. Sami wants "Rafe" to explain to her what he just told Johnny about beating someone up. Kinsey tells Bo that she got the earrings at the pawn shop and has the receipt to prove it. Daniel offers to help Jennifer take her agression by playing darts. Will and Gabi head to the pawn shop looking for some information on who pawned her stud earrings. Sami calls Johnny and asks what he and "Rafe" talked about. "Rafe" gets into the police computer and deletes his old profile from the hard drive. Gabi watches the security and immediately recognizes the person. Carly tells an emotional Nathan that Melanie doesn't want to see him. Dario eyes Melanie's necklace after running into her on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11543
    Ep. #11543
    Episode 89
    Gus tells Vivian to stop wallowing and focus on her next evil scheme. Will tells Gabi not to worry about losing the earrings. Kate lets it slip to Sami that Lucas told her that Allie was having a problem with Rafe. Dario asks the pawn broker how much can he get for the diamond earrings. Taylor slaps E.J. saying this isn't funny that he's doing this to her. The doctors are relieved that Rafe didn't die and are gonna prep him for the procedure. Nicole tells "Rafe" that things are different between her and E.J. Vivian thinks of Stefano is the perfect individual to help her with what she has planned. "Rafe" gives Johnny advice on how to deal with his school bully. Sami tells Will and Gabi her concerns for Rafe and something she can't figure out. Nicole comes home and interrupts a private conversation between Taylor and E.J. Stefano calls and tells "Rafe" and to stay focused on alientating the children. Gus calls Vivian telling her what he just overheard Stefano say and think he's up to something involving Rafe. Gabi gets into it with Kinsey when she sees her come into Java wearing her earrings. Sami walks in as "Rafe" tells Johnny to beat up this person who's been bothering him.moreless
  • Ep. #11542
    Ep. #11542
    Episode 88
    E.J. objects to the idea of Taylor moving into the mansion to look after Fay. Philip tells Chloe that it's better with her living under the same roof as Parker. Hope tells Justin and Adrienne what are they waiting for cause everyone's gonna find out. Victor asks Maggie what she meant by worrying about the person that she loves. Sami abruptly leaves after having an argument with "Rafe". Sami opens up to Hope about her not having the same feelings for Rafe anymore. E.J. tells Nicole that if it means that much to her then Taylor can stay. Victor surprises Maggie when he pulls her into a kiss. Stefano instructs some men to inject Rafe with some truth serum to make sure he's not faking his memory loss. Nicole brings the kids over to the loft and becomes alarmed when "Rafe" offers her a drink, thinking he's trying to set her up. Justin stuns Adrienne by asking to marry him for a third time, which she humbly accepts. Rafe starts having a reaction to whatever Stefano's guys gave him. E.J. asks Taylor to see what happens if she does in fact kiss him.moreless
  • Ep. #11541
    Ep. #11541
    Episode 87
    E.J. has another fantasy about Taylor. Brady wants to make sure he maintains control of Titan. Jennifer tells Maggie about Jack's latest blog of him traveling to India. Chad overhears Abigail refer to him as a jerk to Gabi and Will. Victor tells Brady he's confident that Titan will be his once again. Taylor quickly gets to the mansion as to Nicole's request, and sees Fay is there as well. E.J. goes to Lexie to ask for a favor, she finds out and why he wants Taylor to leave Salem. Abigail apologizes to Chad for jumping to conclusions about Johnny being his son. Fay explains her heart condition to Taylor and Nicole saying there's nothing they can do. Chad then says to Abigail that he was a father but his baby died. Lexie wants E.J. to admit his true feelings for Taylor. Gabi and Will continue to be spied on from a distance by someone. Lexie refuses to help E.J. rearrange Taylor's life. Jennifer tells Maggie that Abigail suggested she have an affair, but thinks she wants Jack to hurt as much as she does. Tad spills to Chad and why didn't he tell him he was Stefano's son. The mysterious person comes in and steals the earrings from Gabi's purse. Maggie interrupts Victor and Brady's fight and tells them to stop this, but he tells her to butt out. Jennifer leaves Jack an emotional message on his voice mail. Gabi discovers her earrings are missing. Nicole informs E.J. that Taylor and Fay are moving into the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #11540
    Ep. #11540
    Episode 86
    Daniel tells Nathan that he does not have his blessing for Melanie's hand. Abigail asks Jennifer if she plans on running into Daniel at the hospital. Bo asks Hope what's wrong after bringing him his lunch at the station. Taylor asks E.J. if he plans on telling her where she should live too. Daniel explains to Nathan to back and give Melanie some space. Taylor tells E.J. that they have some unresolved issues. Abigail tells Gabi and Will she met the best guy who turned out to be a complete jerk. Carly and Hope have a pleasant interaction. Kate tells Chad that now is the perfect time for him to get to know Stefano. Jennifer tries to play matchmaker for Carly and Daniel. Nathan proposes to Melanie, and is startled when she turns him down.moreless
  • Ep. #11539
    Ep. #11539
    Episode 85
    Nathan insists on taking Melanie to the hospital after losing her balance. Stefano thinks he made a mistake by injecting Rafe with that drug, cause he doesn't know if he's faking his memory loss. Sami wants "Rafe" to make love to her the way he used to, but he doesn't know what that is and she then storms out of the bedroom. Carly returns home wishing she had been there for Melanie when she lost her baby, Daniel then gets a call from Maxine saying Melanie's back in the hospital. Nicole calls Brady asking him if this job offer for Taylor has anything to do with her. Taylor is angry when E.J. says there's no way she's taking that job with Brady at Titan, she reminds him he has no say in where she works. Sami tells "Rafe" that the only thing she's afraid of is their future cause things were different before the accident. Taylor accepts Brady's job offer. Stefano takes out a gun and cautions Rafe to tell him the truth or else he's a dead man. Melanie tells Carly she's reached a decison about her marriage to Philip and her future with Nathan. Stefano tells E.J. that the drug worked and there's no going back with Rafe recovering his memory.moreless
  • Ep. #11538
    Ep. #11538
    Episode 84
    Victor tries to make Philip see that Chloe doesn't deserve to raise Parker period. Taylor tells Nicole that if she's so blissfully happy then why isn't E.J. with her right now. Sami tells "Rafe" that they're not leaving not until she gets some answers.. Stefano shows Rafe the syringe he's about to inject which will erase his memory. Nathan and Melanie share a tender moment. Brady tells Chloe that he's going to take her to see her son. Rafe knocks the syringe out of Stefano's hand but Ted knocks him out before he can make a run for it. Sami tells Daniel it's like she's married to a complete stranger. Stephanie opens her mouth insulting Melanie, and Nathan says that she isn't pregnant anymore. Victor makes it clear to Brady that he runs the house and that Chloe isn't welcome in it. Stefano tells E.J. that it's too late cause he injected Rafe with that memory erasing drug. Philip tells Victor that Chloe stays at the mansion or he and Parker go live somewhere else. Rafe comes around and doesn't seem to recognize Stefano one bit.moreless
  • Ep. #11537
    Ep. #11537
    Episode 83
    Jennifer introduces Abigail to Daniel as the doctor that pretty much saved her life. Melanie asks Philip to meet her at the pub cause they need to discuss them. "Rafe" overhears Sami on the phone and asks what kind of surprise she has in store for him. Will gives Gabi a special present, but she says that she can't accept them. E.J. asks Chad if he'd like to join him and Johnny for breakfast. Julie asks Nathan that she heard Melanie is being discharged and why isn't he with her right now. Abigail stuns Jennifer by thinking of transfering to Salem University, and sees that she's smiling cause there's something going on. Melanie that she didn't stay with him because she was pregnant. "Rafe" agrees to go in and have the physical that Bo wants so he can get back to work. Nathan tells Julie that Melanie just had a miscarriage, and isn't going to push himself on her so soon. E.J. assures "Rafe" to take the MRI and he'll make sure the results come out as he wants them too. Abigail encounters Chad and Johnny at Java, but Johnny doesn't like her. Chad and Gabi say they want something more out of their relationship and share a kiss as someone watches them from afar. Nathan runs into Melanie at the Brady Pub. E.J. overhears Daniel tell Sami the results of "Rafe's" MRI and says according to them he was never in an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11536
    Ep. #11536
    Episode 82
    Philip asks Nathan if he's relieved that he can be with Melanie now that she's lost the baby. Stefano tells E.J. that Rafe has outlived his usefulness and needs to leave Salem for good. Maggie leaves Parker with Jennifer and Hope while she goes to check on Melanie. Jennifer gets a call from Abigail, and says she couldn't reach her at Alice's place and was concerned. Melanie tells Chloe that bad news that she miscarried her baby last night. Daniel tells Philip that Melanie pretty much blames herself for what happened. Stefano vows to take care of his own son. Rafe vows that he'll get out of here. Abigail surprises Jennifer by returning home when she's supposed to be in London. Daniel becomes emotional after his name is removed from Parker's birth certificate. E.J. is irate when Johnny says that he misses Rafe. Abigail can't believe that Jennifer is still standing up to Jack even though he hasn't been there when she needed him. Nathan tells Maggie that Philip pretty much blamed him for Melanie losing her baby. Stefano tells Rafe he's here to reward and he'll be a happy man, by having his memory of Sami and himself erased. Hope asks Julie what she should do now that she isn't a cop anymore. Abigail catches Jennifer and Daniel in an embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #11535
    Ep. #11535
    Episode 81
    Philip insists on Melanie going to the hospital, but Nathan says to wait til she calms down first. "Rafe" tells Sami it's obvious that she's jealous of Stephanie. Daniel threatens Kate by making sure she can't go anywhere near Parker. Nicole shows E.J. the wedding photos that were taken. Sami asks Stephanie to be honest with her, and asks Rafe was coming on to her. Maxine calls Daniel and says that Melanie was admitted, Kate asks if everthing is alright. "Rafe" tells Stefano that this meaningless relationship with Sami isn't going to work out, and thinks infidelity is his only way out this farce. Taylor asks Brady why her for the job at Titan. Melanie is rushed to the hospital for tests and is later told that she miscarried. Sami finds "Rafe and Stefano getting all chummy on the pier, after they get home she calls and asks Stephanie for help.moreless
  • Ep. #11534
    Ep. #11534
    Episode 80
    Kate tells Melanie if she wants Parker or not. E.J. lies and tells Taylor that he hasn't been thinking of her at all since they met on the pier. Charles comes to tell Chloe that in the best interest he's gonna be taking Parker into protective custody. Sami tells "Rafe" that he's the reason that she sent Allie to be with Lucas. Philip tells Chloe that Justin is gonna work to see that he gets custody of Parker for the time being. Stephanie and Nathan encounter one another since their breakup, and realizes he's not with Melanie after all. Jennifer proposes and idea to help Daniel get Parker through the night. Lexie confronts E.J. about Taylor being the one that he was trying to track down. Philip lashes at Melanie for doing such a thing by telling Kate everything. E.J. hesitates making love to Nicole on their wedding night. Sami tells Caroline that it's like Rafe is a different person. Maggie tells Chloe to fight for herself and for Parker. Lexie goes to Taylor and she knows what's going on with her and E.J. Philip gets into it with Nathan after seeing him with Melanie. Sami sees Rafe and Stephanie hugging and can sense something isn't right with what she's seeing.moreless
  • Ep. #11533
    Ep. #11533
    Episode 79
    Philip tells Melanie the reason he's wearing scrubs is cause there's been an accident. Roman comes by the house to talk with Bo, and he wonders if everything is alright. Chad offers both Nicole and E.J. his congratulations. Maxine tells Chloe her experience with postpartum depression. Roman tells Bo he's been cleared him of all charges and is being reinstated, Bo thinks that's not all the news Roman has to say. Philip explains to Melanie how he saved Chloe from killing herself. Nicole witnesses an odd moment between Taylor and E.J. Abe tells Chad that it's not too late to get out of the DiMera family once and for all. Bo asks Hope how she really feels about not geting reinstated on the Salem P.D. Melanie tells Kate about Chloe's recent suicide attempt. Philip blames Kate for Chloe's actions by getting her to throw out her medication, and Melanie confronts Kate about Philip's accusation.moreless
  • Ep. #11532
    Ep. #11532
    Episode 78
    E.J. is speechless when the woman he met on the pier is Nicole's sister Taylor. Philip tries tp figure out Chloe's note. Jennifer's upset that her immediately family isn't here to take her home. Rafe tries to use Ted's phone to get through to Roman for help. Nicole refuses to let the wedding resume until she gets answers from E.J. about Taylor. Ted grabs Rafe before he can get a few words out to Roman. E.J. asks Nicole if she still wants to get married. Jennifer tells Daniel that despite his misgivings about Jack she still loves him. Philip arrives on the pier and sees Parker realizing that Chloe is trying to commit suicide, he then jumps in hoping to save her. Roman asks "Rafe" who just comes in if he tried calling him just now, and he tries to have the called traced, "Rafe" says that he did make the call, prompting Roman to wonder what he's up to. Taylor faints after feeling a little lightheaded. "Rafe" tells Stefano that Rafe got ahold of Ted's phone, and suggest that he be taken right away. Lexie worries that Taylor is the woman that E.J. wanted to locate.moreless
  • Ep. #11531
    Ep. #11531
    Episode 77
    Bo tells Hope that he's gonna use his suspension so they can do whatever they wanted. Kate thinks Chloe is on the verge of a mental breakdown when she sees her talking to herself. E.J. has a dream of being awoken by Taylor in his bed. Bo gets an unexpected call after planning a day with Hope. Taylor sees that Nicole is fallen in love with E.J. again. Lexie sees E.J. ask Ted to find this mysterious person. Rafe tries to reach out to Roman for help. Chloe starts to hear things when Parker isn't even crying. Stefano tells Ted to keep an eye on Rafe since he's become a liability. Hope and Bo tend to Ciara who isn't feeling, but Bo catches on to her little ploy. Taylor tells Nicole she doesn't think she'll meet her dream date at a DiMera wedding. Ted goes into check on Rafe, and says he's gonna go get a doctor, Rafe gets up after stealing Ted's cell phone. Philip arrives at Maggie's and finds the note that Chloe left. Taylor goes down the aisle and finally meets E.J. and is the person he met on the pier. Chloe hopes that god forgives her for what she's about to do.moreless
  • Ep. #11530
    Ep. #11530
    Episode 76
    "Rafe" tells someone on the phone, to hurry cause he's losing his mind with Allie. Sami tells Will that Allie will be going to Hong Kong. Melanie tells Kate that Chloe overheard her on the phone, but sees an opportunity when she learns she's getting her prescription filled. Vivian tells a stunned Philip that Brady has taken over Titan and is now his boss. Chloe tells Nicole she can't be her maid of honor at her wedding. Johnny asks Chad that he should come to the wedding. Sami tells "Rafe" that he couldn't make a decision without talking to him first. Stefano tells E.J. about Rafe's condition and it's time to move on to the next stage in their plan. Nicole is glad that Taylor stepped in to be her maid of honor. Kate promises Chloe not to tell anyone that she threw out her medication. Chad agrees to stand up for E.J. at his wedding. "Rafe" tells Stefano that the thing will Allie didn't happen cause, she unexpectedly wanted to see her father. Rafe tells himself that the next time he breaks out of here Marco won't know about it.moreless
  • Ep. #11529
    Ep. #11529
    Episode 75
    Stefano tells Rafe about his little adventure last night. Philip sees Parker, and Chloe not paying her attention. Nicole finds out about Taylor's new job at the hospital gift shop. E.J. lays into "Rafe" about taking matters into his hands by beating up Rafe. Philip realizes that Chloe left Parker alone and while the oven was still on and his baby could've been harmed and insists she get help right away. Nicole asks "Rafe" what is going on between him and E.J. Rafe warns Stefano if he harms Allie, but Stefano says no harm will come to her and he'll take her away and put her in a home away from Sami. Taylor has another fantasy about kissing E.J. Stefano instructs "Rafe" to offer to take Allie home, and to make sure she doesn't end up there. Daniel agrees to be on Chloe's case at the hospital while being treated. E.J. tells Stefano he doesn't think taking Allie away isn't a great idea anymore, Stefano says that she will be taken from Sami. Melanie finds out and tells Kate that Chloe is being treated for postpartum depression, Chloe overhears and the two have it out. E.J. asks Kate to call Lucas and say that Allie is gonna come and be with him for a little while. "Rafe" waits for Sami to leave the room and asks Allie if she'd like to go to the park.moreless
  • Ep. #11528
    Ep. #11528
    Episode 74
    Jennifer tells Carly that he doesn't think Jack knows or even cares what happened to her. Will wonders how a picture of Allie ended up in the park. Lexie explains to E.J. about Johnny's procedure and he says on good terms with Sami and even Rafe. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's give Jack some serious talking to. "Rafe" overhears Gladys talk with Sami about seeing Rafe being dragged down the hall and if she should call the cops. Will brings home the picture which startles Sami and "Rafe" says he'll take it to the station, but when everyone leaves the room he throws it out. Marco refuses to give Rafe some water after he tried to escape. Jennifer sends Daniel and Carly indentical text messages hoping her plan to get them together works. E.J. asks Chad to be his best man. "Rafe" asks Marco he'd like a few minutes alone with Rafe, he lets him know by beating him up. Carly and Daniel both arrive at Chez Rouge, they realize they've been set up. Sami has a terrifying dream of finding blood on Allie's picture. E.J. breaks up a fight between Rafe and "Rafe" saying he's back in his cell and that's all that matters.moreless
  • Ep. #11527
    Ep. #11527
    Episode 73
    Maggie is delighted to see Taylor back in town, she then says she's here for a job at Chez Rouge. Brady learns that Victor had Henderson had his things thrown out. E.J. receives a text saying that Rafe hasn't been found. Will and Gabi hear someone called Chad a DiMera. Maggie tells Taylor that she's over qualified to wait tables, and realizes that she turned down Brady's job offer. "Rafe" ignores a call from E.J. to focus on being with Sami. Chad explains to Will he's just ised the DiMera name on his application to get hired at the Cheatin Heart. Rafe is about to open the door, Marco then uses a stun gun on him, "Rafe" goes to check out and sees him being loaded on an elevator and tells Sami it's nothing. Nicole catches E.J. in a lie, when Johnny said his father never read him any stories. Maggie goes to Victor saying that Brady needs his help. E.J. makes "Rafe" see that his job is to do what he says by answering his calls. Sami gets a visit from her neighbor Gladys Pierce and says she saw Rafe being dragged into the elevator. Taylor brings Brady back to the Kiriakis mansion, and Victor says that he does live her. Sam pours Maggie a sparkling water and wishes her a happy anniversary.moreless
  • Ep. #11526
    Ep. #11526
    Episode 72
    Rafe knocks out Marco again before escaping. Kate tells Melanie if she's ready for the next part in the plan. Will and Gabi interrupt Sami and "Rafe" getting romantic. Taylor fantasizes about E.J., Chad then says to her that she dropped her scarf. Johnny comes downstairs saying that all the noise outside woke him up. Melanie wishes Philip a happy anniversary. Taylor comes by to show Nicole her dress, and almost comes face to face with E.J. but is pulled away by Marco. Kate and Stefano share a romantic Valentine's Day dinner and he surprises her with a new car. Rafe walks through the park put passes out on the ground. Philip is overjoyed that Melanie wants to give their marriage another shot, and says whatever she wants he'll do it. Marco tells E.J. that Rafe hit his head pretty hard and possibly didn't get that far. Chad finds Allie's picture on the ground. Melanie tells Kate that she's sure that Philip will be on board to take Parker away from Chloe. Rafe arrives at the apartment with a gun in his hand ready to take out his impostor.moreless
  • Ep. #11525
    Ep. #11525
    Episode 71
    Doug, Julie and Ciara surprise Bo and Hope when they come in the house. Taylor asks Nicole when is she going to meet her future brother in law. Victor will do anything to get Titan back from Brady. Julie says they've been busy preparing a Valentine's dinner for the two of them, but sees that something is wrong. Maggie is shocked that Brady would go so far as to take Victor's company away from him. "Rafe" goes to E.J. saying that their guest in the basement set him up and gave the wrong information. Taylor runs into E.J. again on the pier and thinks it's best that he doesn't give her his name. Sami goes to Kayla and asks for her help regarding Rafe's bizarre behaviour. E.J. goes to Rafe saying he made a bad move and doesn't want to take Allie away but is a man of his word. Brady offers Taylor a job opportunity at Titan, but she flatly turns him down. Kayla tells Stephanie that she feels bad for leaving for Africa tonight with her feeling like this. Rafe tries to escape his cell.moreless
  • Ep. #11524
    Ep. #11524
    Episode 70
    Hope tells Bo that the only way she can come back to the house is when she knows it's for good. Stefano tells Nicole that E.J. will never love her. Kate reminds Melanie that her being back with Philip is the reason they're getting Parker away from Chloe. Taylor leaves and E.J. shouts out that she never got her name. Chloe quickly gets to Maggie's to see the room filling up with smoke, Philip arrives asking what happened. "Rafe" asks E.J. what Allie's favorite cookies are, and asks him to go and tells Rafe himself. Maggie expresses to Philip her concerns about Chloe. Bo and Hope admit they've missed one another. Nicole asks Taylor to be a part of her wedding. Rafe hopes and prays that Sami will figure out that the person she's with isn't him. Melanie pushes Nathan away from their kiss and that they are over.moreless
  • Ep. #11523
    Ep. #11523
    Episode 69
    Nicole asks Chloe to be her maid of honor when she marries E.J. Stefano realizes that E.J. maybe falling in love with Nicole again. Jennifer asks Carly if there's any information on Hope. Justin tells Bo that the D.A. refuses to deal and the hearing is still on, Bo thinks there's something he hasn't tried yet. Taylor tells Abe and Lexie she's going to get a job and will stick around Salem a while longer. Carly tells Daniel that she and Bo split up. Victor refuses to help Bo, but says that he will call Governor Ford on Hope's behalf and request a pardon. Taylor tells Lexie that Nicole take the news well that she'll be staying in town. Justin tells Hope that it's time to get over to the hearing. Chloe leaves to get Parker's prescription, and accidentally leaves the oven on with the baby in the kitchen. Justin tells Hope that Judge Callahan rendered his decision and she's a free woman. The fire alarm goes off in Maggie's kitchen as smoke comes from the oven. E.J. crosses paths with Taylor on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11522
    Ep. #11522
    Episode 68
    Rafe tells E.J. there's no way that his plan is going to work. Victor finds out that Vivian acquired a company while she was in control of Titan. Kate informs Victor that she is moving back in with Stefano. Vivian tells Stefano that this is one meeting he doesn't want to miss. Taylor tells Sami and Nicole she'd rather go back to Chicago then stay and listen to them argue. Brady sees "Rafe" having a drink, and he is startled when he says why is it any of his business where he spends his time. Rafe lashes at E.J. after finding out he has his guys watching Allie's every move. "Rafe" sees Nicole and Sami getting into it. Taylor sees Brady and gives him money assuming that he's a homeless person, she then finds out he used to date Nicole. Victor finds out that Brady betrayed him by getting Vivian to sign the company over to him. Taylor calls Lexie changing her mind about leaving Salem. E.J. shows Rafe a picture of Sami and his look-a-like in an embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #11521
    Ep. #11521
    Episode 67
    Philip cautions Kate to but out or she'll never see her grandchildren. E.J. tells "Rafe" not to lay it on too thick, and if Sami starts to suspect something. Daniel refuses to allow Jennifer to use a phone to find out about Hope. Sami gets a call from Carrie and says that she thinks "Rafe" is different somehow. Stefano tells Rafe that he'd better give him what he wants to know or he'll make Allie disappear. Jennifer and Nathan discuss his love for Melanie. Melanie realizes after talking with Chloe she knows what she has to do. Kate sees that Chad took a job at the Cheatin Heart and is taking Stefano's name. Jennifer tries to get up but ends up collapsing, Daniel then finds her. Rafe comes face-to-face with his impostor and says that it'll never work cause it isn't him. Sami runs into Taylor thinking she should stay in town, Nicole then tells her to stay out of her business. Melanie calls Kate and says she's right that they need to get Parker away from Chloe.moreless
  • Ep, #11520
    Ep, #11520
    Episode 66
    Kate tells Melanie they need to talk cause it concerns Chloe. Philip comes looking for Chloe and asks Maggie if he can hold his son. Stefano tells Rafe that he basically needs him. Chloe tells Daniel she took his advice and started seeing Dr. Pearlman. Jennifer tells Maxine she insists on seeing Daniel. E.J. tells Nicole that him taking off the bracelet was a stepforward in him trusting her again. Lexie thanks Taylor for staying with them, and if she could stay a while longer, and needs to tell her something concerning Nicole. Daniel tells Chloe that he will not let her use Parker as a weapon to get him back. Stefano assures Rafe that he nor E.J. did nothing to Sami. Chloe tells Maggie that deep down she doesn't think she can love Parker anymore. Sami thinks there's something wrong with "Rafe".moreless
  • Ep. #11519
    Ep. #11519
    Episode 65
    Roman tells Bo that he's a free man, but Hope apparently isn't. Jennifer asks Carly if there's been any word on contacting Jack. Sami is shocked when Nicole tells her that she has a tracking device in that bracelet she's wearing so E.J. knows where she is. Rafe wonders how E.J. is carrying on without him. "Rafe" asks Stefano if there's something about Sami that he should know about. Bo tells Hope that Carly moved out cause she knew his heart belongs to someone else. Sami sees that Stefano returns with E.J. and "Rafe". Justin tells Hope that he's doing everything he can to keep her from going back to prison. E.J. shocks Nicole by taking off her tracking bracelet. Bo and Hope share an emotional reunion with Ciara. Rafe wonders why Stefano is keeping him alive down here.moreless
  • Ep. #11518
    Ep. #11518
    Episode 64
    Melanie runs into Nathan sitting on the bench on the pier. Will and Gabi get the apartment ready for Johnny's homecoming and Sydney's birthday. Julie tells Maggie that if they lost Jennifer they don't think they would've recovered. Lexie calls Nicole saying she and Abe won't be able to make it to Sydney's party. "Rafe" tells Sami that he's ready to leave the hospital. E.J. asks Rafe how his first night in his new quarters. Melanie tells Maggie that Nathan still wants to be with her even though she's pregnant. Rafe tries to figure out what E.J. said about Sami not worrying about him. Taylor tells Lexie she doesn't want Nicole knowing that she didn't leave town. Sami lays into Nicole for taking Sydney to get her pictures taken, but "Rafe" tells her that it's okay. Nathan vows not to give up on Melanie. Julie pleads with Jennifer to come back to them. Taylor spends another night at the Carver residence when her bus is delayed. Jennifer wakes up and asks where she is, Doug says she's back where she belongs.moreless
  • Ep. #11517
    Ep. #11517
    Episode 63
    Kate comes to see Parker and sees Chloe take something and put in her pocket realizing it's a prescription. Daniel and Melanie try to revive Jennifer after flatlining. Maggie comes to the hospital asking if there's any news regarding Jennifer, but Victor's there to console her. Nicole runs into Taylor at the pub saying she's on her way to the bus station. Abe tells Bo and Carly that Jennifer is alive but it doesn't look good. Maggie asks Victor to use his pull to find out what's going on at the prison. Daniel calls Carly saying that Jennifer made it, and being transfered to university hospital. Kate tells Chloe that she needs to do what's best for Parker and let Philip be apart of his life. Carly tells Bo to be grateful for all the time they've shared together. Maggie warns Victor to keep Kate in line or he'll deal with her. Roman tells Bo he's made arrangements for him to see Hope tomorrow. Abe sees Taylor and asks what brings her back to Salem.moreless
  • Ep. #11516
    Ep. #11516
    Episode 62
    Rafe wakes up and finds himself being held prisoner by Stefano and E.J. Melanie tells Daniel that Jennifer is being kept alive on life support. "Rafe" sees that he's gonna like playing Rafe after looking at Sami. Bo tells Hope that he's gonna see that her sentence is suspended. Melanie tells Jennifer to hold on for her children. Carly gives Hope the bad news about Lee taking Jennifer's heart. Rafe asks E.J. what he plans on doing to him and what he did to Sami. Sami brings "Rafe" his favorite artwork and panics when he doesn't know what that is. Stefano gets a visit from Chad. Ben tells Bo that he had no idea what was going on in the prison, and knows how to save Jennifer. Daniel and Melanie desperately try to save Jennifer, but they encounter a problem. Chad tells Lexie he came to see her to discuss their family, and Stefano thinking that it's big enough. Melanie sees that Jennifer's blood pressure is going back up, but she flatlines after they disconnect the life support system.moreless
  • Ep. #11515
    Ep. #11515
    Episode 61
    E.J. meets the "Rafe" impostor and thinks this plan is beyond brilliant. Carly tries to explain to Daniel with what she just found out. Melanie tells Nathan that she meant what she said that nothing can happen between them. Lexie tells Rafe that she's going to make sure he gets back to his family. Warden Smith tells Hope she'll be serving life this time with no way out. Daniel confronts Ben about where he really got that heart for his patient. Nicole lies to Taylor when she said she didn't get any of her letters. Stefano and E.J. give the impostor a rundown of the family in Sami's life. Warden Smith takes Hope hostage and tells Bo if he makes a move she's dead. Lee learns of Warden Smith being taken into custody and tells an inmate to get rid of the evidence. Carly hears a gunshot and goes check on Bo and he sees her with Hope. Nathan tells Rafe that he should get back in bed, after he gets word that Ben Walters was taken in. Nicole wants to know what Taylor wants from her. Melanie comes across Jennifer on the table in the infirmary and calls Daniel saying that they took her heart. Marco makes the switch and puts the impostor in Rafe's place. Hope tells Bo that she'll have to go back to prison and serve the remainder of her sentence.moreless
  • Ep. #11514
    Ep. #11514
    Episode 60
    Bo refuses to run when instructed by Warden Smith. Stefano tells E.J. that Rafe's accident works well to their advantage. Rafe opens his eyes , but slowly goes unconscious again. Will learns about Rafe and he and Gabi head to the hospital. Nicole receives a letter but doesn't read it, instead she throws it in the fire. Jennifer tries to get Lee to realize that she's willing to help, but sees she's trying to call for help and knocks her unconscious. Carly screams as Bo grabs Burt and the gun goes off. Gabi tells Will that she wants to go back to the hospital to be with Rafe. Maxine tells Daniel that an inmate fell and has no brain activity and organs are viable. Sami is overwhelmed when Rafe opens his eyes. Hope explains to Abe that something terrible is going on in that prison and Warden Smith was planning to kill her. Stefano encourages E.J. to move ahead with their plan. Carly explains to Abe that Jennifer will back her up on the claim of the prison a front for blackmarket body part. Bo instructs Det. Pierce to bring Warden Smith in here and he'll prove everything. Nicole gets a surprise visit from her sister Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #11513
    Ep. #11513
    Episode 59
    Hope quickly hides when a cop comes aboard the boat. Stefano learns of Rafe's accident and tells E.J. that this could change everything. Sami feels guilty after Rafe's accident while he's being brought into the hospital. Burt uncuffs and explains to Bo that he's gonna give a head start before he kills him. Daniel tells Melanie that Chloe pulled another desperate stunt. Jennifer shows Carly the pictures she took with her phone to determine what's causing the female inmates to die. Victor tells Kate about Chloe possibly having a mental breakdown. Chloe admits to Maggie she feels that something is wrong with her. Daniel tells Melanie that they need to look out for Parker. Carly and Jennifer head back to the infirmary to see the original files. Maggie calls Daniel and says he needs to come and check on Chloe right away. Jennifer calls Hope and that Warden Smith plans on having Bo killed tonight and gives her the location. Daniel tells Chloe that it's not possible of them picking up where they left off. Sami tells E.J. that she'll sign the custody agreement. Lee finds Jennifer and asks her to put the phone down, she then gets a call from Ben and says he'll have that heart within the hour. Carly joins Hope as they watch as Bo is held at gun point.moreless
  • Ep. #11512
    Ep. #11512
    Episode 58
    Lexie tells Daniel that she's grateful for covering for him, cause he did save her nephews eyesight. Chad goes to Adrienne asking for a job at the Cheatin Heart. Sami goes to Justin and asks him to find a way to stick this agreement in his face. Adrienne tells Chad she can't hire him cause he's not legal age to serve drinks, but convinces her to let him do something else instead. Chloe goes to extreme lengths to lure Daniel back to her, by bringing Parker in and insists to Maxine that Daniel examine him. Johnny tells Lexie that Chad brought him his stuffed frog. Justin tells Sami not to act that way by wanting someone dead while fighting this agreement. Lexie runs into Chad at the pub and fills him on Johnny doing remarkably well, and thinks he'd like another visit from his uncle. Maggie tells Victor that something is wrong when Chloe's note says she needs fresh air. Maxine tells Daniel that there's nothing wrong with Parker, and he lays into Chloe on what she tried to do. Adrienne and Justin's relationship heats up. Victor calls Kate and says that something has to be done with their grandson. Maxine tells Daniel that Chloe needs some serious help. Sami sees that Rafe is in the car behind her, and it gets into an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #11511
    Ep. #11511
    Episode 57
    Jennifer hugs Ben and while so she takes his keys. Philip finds Chloe at the Cheatin Heart and asks who's looking after their son. Nicole walks in and tells E.J. she knows exactly what Stefano is having down in the basement. Warden Smith calls Ben and says she has some organs for him ready by tonight. Nicole says she's gonna have a look at what's going on downstairs, but E.J. says no she ain't. Rafe tells Sami he hired a lawyer to look over the custody agreement and says there's no loopholes and is't legally binding. Melanie refuses to let Kate in the apartment, but insists on giving her an early present for the baby. Maggie brings Parker to Chloe saying she was supposed to pick her up an hour ago and what kept her so long. Jennifer heads to the infirmary and finds some files, but then hears someone is about to enter the room. A mysterious woman makes plans to head to Salem and pulls out a picture of Nicole. Sami is angry with the terms of her custody arrangement that Nicole is going to be the stepmother to her children. Jennifer manages to take some pictures of the files after Warden Smith tells Lee to help her with something first. Maggie offers to help Chloe with Parker. Rafe thinks Sami should sign the agreement and it's better then not having her kids in her life.moreless
  • Ep. #11510
    Ep. #11510
    Episode 56
    Stefano tells his men that this project downstairs is too important for anyone to find out about it. Bo stays behind the door and listens to Warden Smith as she gives instructions to take him out. Victor tells Maggie that they'll be having dinner here in the mansion for their date. E.J. tells Nicole to get Sydney from the hospital. Gabi sees that Chad tried to get his old job back at Java with no luck and is feeling pressured. Leo tells Hope that it's gonna take some time to undo whatever the Warden did to her files. Jennifer eyes Ben's keys to the prison. Bo threatens to kill Warden Smith if she doesn't tell him what she's been doing. Vivian that she's done alot of thinking and asks Victor for a divorce, which leaves him ecstatic. Hope starts to worry for Jennifer as well as her whole family. Burt sees Bo manhandling Warden Smith. Vivian goes to see Maggie and says she's the biggest liar of them all.moreless
  • Ep. #11509
    Ep. #11509
    Episode 55
    Gus and Vivian fight over the last of the wine. Maggie tells Victor if he's thought about her offer. Jennifer tells Carly that she doesn't want her to leave Salem. Hope surprises Nathan in his bedroom, and asks how he could get involved with this thing Warden Smith is doing. Melanie tells Maggie that she told Nathan about her pregnancy. Warden Smith asks Stefano what to do with Bo. Philip asks Kate if she ever regretted putting a different name on Lucas's birth certificate. Daniel tells Chloe that Parker's crying is cause he's upset. Nathan clears up the fact that he had Ben Walter's phone by accident. Vivian and Gus hear a helicopter approaching the island. Hope gives Nathan instructions to follow, by giving Jennifer a letter. Bo slowly tries to loosen the rope on his tied hands. Vivian sees that it's Brady approaching and thinking he's coming to finish them off. Victor tells Melanie that the baby she's carrying will be apart of Philip's life, despite the marriage falling apart. Hope tells Jennifer to prepare herself for the whole story concerning Ben. Brady shows Vivian some papers she has to sign turning Titan back over to Victor. Jennifer sets her plan in motion. Philip asks to spend time with Parker but Chloe refuses. Warden Smith returns to find Bo missing.moreless
  • Ep. #11508
    Ep. #11508
    Episode 54
    Chloe knocks on Stephanie's door demanding to talk to Caroline. Nathan tells Maggie that he wants to make another go of it with Melanie. Stefano is going to reveal his plan to Kate. Melanie tells Philip that he should consider his child with Chloe not just theirs. Rafe explains to Gabi that he feels something isn't right about this nicer side to E.J. Nicole is elated by E.J.'s admission that he still wants to marry her, but he wants the wedding to be at the church. Maggie tells Nathan she doesn't think it's a good idea for him to be with Melanie, and he wants to know why. Rafe tells Gabi that he's gonna make sure that E.J. doesn't try anything. Stephanie calls Philip and says that Chloe is harrassing Caroline and if he doesn't come she's calling the police. Maggie explains that she can't break Melanie's promise by not telling anyone what they discussed. Gabi tells Rafe if he approves of her going out with Will. Philip tells Chloe to drop the charges against Caroline.moreless
  • Ep. #11507
    Ep. #11507
    Episode 53
    Stefano tells E.J. that he's gonna show him what he has planned for Rafe. Carly hears Philip leaving a message for Melanie, and says she's never going to forgive him. Rafe thinks that it's up to E.J. on whether or not he comes through for Sami. Allie sees Gabi and Will kissing and says she's definately telling. Philip realizes that Carly has no idea that Melanie is pregnant, but doesn't tell her. Victor applauds as he sees Brady throw Nicole out of the mansion. Daniel tells Melanie to finally make peace with Philip. Rafe comes home and Will and Gabi quickly stop what he's doing, and Allie blabs to what they've been doing. Nicole goes to see Johnny saying that she'll always be there for him. Victor asks Brady to bring Vivian back. Kate can't believe that she had no intention of telling Philip that she's pregnant with his child. E.J. innocently stops by the apartment and allows Sydney to stay the night. Brady tells Melanie that Victor is forcing him to do something that he doesn't want to do. Carly tells Daniel thank you for filling her in on what Melanie's been going through. E.J. overhears Nicole tell Johnny that she would've loved to have been a wonderful stepmother to him and Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11506
    Ep. #11506
    Episode 52
    Will tells Gabi the good news that Johnny's surgery was a success. Nicole tells Chloe that E.J. is gonna come back and tell her to move out. Maggie finds out about Melanie's pregnancy and wonders how she's gonna tell Daniel her having a child with the man that ruined his life. E.J. agrees to Sami's admission that Johnny needs to stick to his routine. Chad tells Will that he's DiMera in name only and doesn't consider them his family. Nicole takes Chloe's advice and calls Brady, and asks to see him right away. Stefano asks E.J. what all that goodwill stuff towards Rafe was all about, E.J. says he'll explain everything to him. Maggie tells Melanie that Daniel can take care of himself regarding Chloe. E.J. explains to Stefano that the problem in this whole thing is Rafe. Chloe's plan to secude Daniel backfires and doesn't go as she'd hoped. Gabi tells Will that how Chad was working so hard not to care for his newfound family. Brady tells Nicole he's done with her and to walk out that door and never come back again. Melanie tells Daniel about her pregnancy, and he says that he's right here for her always. Sami tells Rafe the best thing is to keep an eye on Stefano.moreless
  • Ep. #11505
    Ep. #11505
    Episode 51
    Gus and Vivian hear a plane flying overheard and thinking they've been saved. Hope figures that Warden Smith is on to them, she then hears footsteps approaching. Philip wants the truth from Melanie on whether or not she's pregnant with his child. Daniel tells E.J. that they've postponed removing the bandages until Johnny wakes up. Maggie realizes that Vivian is on that island that circled on the map. Ben tells Jennifer to stay away from the prison. Warden Smith is amazed at how Bo is fighting the truth serum, but waits for it to take full effect. Hope's relieved that it's Leo who's come with the stuff that she needs. Gus opens that crate and tells Vivian that there's wine and caviar inside it. Daniel removes the bandage and E.J. and Sami are thrilled that he can still see. Melanie tells Philip that she'll raise this baby without him. Leo tells Hope that there's no sign of Bo but looks like there's been a struggle. Maggie gives Victor an interesting proposal, that she'll go out to dinner with him if he brings Vivian back home. Hope makes the call and is shocked when she hears Nathan's voice. Sami asks Rafe if he still plans on investigating the DiMera's. Warden Smith has had it and is calling her boss to see what he wants done with him. Nicole refuses to be phased out of Sydney's life.moreless
  • Ep. #11504
    Ep. #11504
    Episode 50
    Victor comes home to see Kate with her stuff and is going back to Stefano's. Brady breaks up a fight between Stephanie and Melanie. Carly realizes that Chloe is more interested in seeing Daniel, then concerned about her. Gus asks Vivian where the rest of the food is. E.J. tells Stefano that he prayed that if Johnny's sight was spared then he would end his feud with Sami and let her see the children again. Victor asks Kate how in fact did she get rid of Vivian in the first place. Stefano tells E.J. that one day he might reconsider his pledge to end his fight with Sami. Brady finds out Melanie's pregnant he plans to terminate the pregnancy. Chloe tells Philip that she wants him to step away so Daniel can get past is what she did, and thinks Melanie might be pregnant. Maggie wonders if Victor is planning an exit strategy now that Vivian has taken over Titan. Vivan reminds Gus that she's not the enemy and Victor and his family are. Philip wants Melanie to tell him if she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #11503
    Ep. #11503
    Episode 49
    Melanie makes an appointment for an abortion, Stephanie pounds on the door and says she's not leaving til she lets her in. Stefano tells Kate that the cancer is affecting Johnny's other eye. Nathan goes to see Philip asking how he can do such a thing to Melanie. Sami overhears E.J. tells god that if he spares Johnny's sight then he'll let her see her children again. Stephanie tells Melanie her life is a complete mess and it's all her fault. Will tells Chad about his brother's condition and the possibility of Johnny going blind. E.J. makes a pact with Sami, they get word from Lexie that he's out of surgery. Melanie tells Stephanie that Nathan did come to Maggie's but he came cause he loved and trusted her. Nathan warns Philip he better not go anywhere near Melanie. Lexie gives Sami and E.J. the news that they were able to save Johnny's eye, but will if he can when they take the bandages off. Melanie snd Stephanie get into it which leads her dropping the pages about family planning. Stefano agrees to let Kate come with her to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #11502
    Ep. #11502
    Episode 48
    Stefano tells Warden Smith that Bo needs to be alive in order to get to Hope. Daniel explains the laser treatment to E.J. and Sami. Hope checks the computer to see if there are any recent incoming calls or texts. Gabi tells Will they need to focus on their report other then kissing. Sami insists on talking with Johnny before he's headed into surgery. Bo stars to regain consciousness but is blindfolded and asks who's in the room, Warden Smith says it's Hope's worst nightmare. Rafe tells Sami he texted Will and is gonna bring Allie to cheer up Johnny. E.J. and Sami explain to Johnny who doesn't want to go through another operation. Hope finds out that Warden Smith has Bo and tries to figure out who she's working with. Stefano gets word to Dr. Walters that he wants to find a donor eye for Johnny, but he says he isn't eligible for a transplant. Lee tells Warden Smith that someone is poking around in her accounts and realizes that it's Hope. E.J. tells Sami to take Sydney in to see her brother. Carly tells Daniel that it's his call if she's not in the O.R. or not, but he says he wants her to assist. Warden Smith injects some truth serum to give to Bo so he can tell where Hope is. Sami watches as Johnny is taken away to surgery and breaks down.moreless
  • Ep, #11501
    Ep, #11501
    Episode 47
    E.J. lashes out at Dr. Kim for not finding anything when he was told that everything was fine. Melanie suddenly collapses in Nathan's arms. Jennifer tries to make an excuse to come into work but the Warden says no, and sees the opportunity to sneak in. Hope has a dream of Warden Smith finding them and shooting Bo. Dr. Kim asks E.J.'s permission to sedate Johnny so he can run some tests on him. Will sees Gabi come into the pub with someone else. Lexie asks Daniel if Carly obtained his DNA sample and lies, Kayla wonders what's up. Nicole tells E.J. that they have to involve Sami in his son's condition, but he refuses. Nathan asks Melanie if she's okay, and says that everything is fine. Gabi asks Will if he's jealous of her friend Cory. Hope suggests on going with Bo to the meeting with Warden Smith, but Bo says it's too dangerous. Melanie tells Nathan to go to Baltimore and live his life and forget about her. Kayla stands up and asks Daniel why he's defending Carly. Sami is devastated about E.J. and Nicole's news about Johnny's cancer returning once again. Jennifer learns something interesting about Ben when he gets a call from the prison. Lexie tells Carly that the case is closed and her license won't be suspended. Warden Smith wonders what to do with an unconscious Bo to her boss which is Stefano.moreless
  • Ep. #11500
    Ep. #11500
    Episode 46
    Chloe calls Melanie and wants to know if she's pregnant or not. Kayla goes to see Stephanie and she says that the wedding's off cause Nathan dumped her. Stefano tells Lexie and E.J. that they have another brother in Chad Woods. Rafe tells Sami that the D.A. is filing charges against Caroline. Chloe can sense that Melanie just lied to her about her not being pregnant. Daniel arrives with the movers for them to get hers and Parker's things to her new place. Kayla tells Stephanie that the person to blame in this thing is Carly. Nathan tells Melanie that he's done with Stephanie. Nicole tells E.J. that she saw a speck of white in Johnny's right eye, E.J. says to keep her opinions to herself, but later sees that Nicole maybe right. Chad arrives at the pub but gets up and leaves when he sees that Stefano is there, he says that he will listen to his father. Stephanie refuses to believe that it's over between her and Nathan. Dr. Kim tells E.J. and Nicole the cancer has spread to Johnny's other eye.moreless
  • Ep. #11499
    Ep. #11499
    Episode 45
    Stefano is surprised by an unexpected visit from Chad. Vivian vows to make the people that put her on this island to pay dearly. Victor asks Kate what's going on since he and his guys are unable to locate Vivian. Carly tells Chloe that she's sorry that she ever met her and lashes out for keeping the fact she slept with Philip from her. Nathan knocks the door down and confronts Stephanie asking her if she knew that Philip was Parker's father this whole time. Melanie lashes at Kayla but Daniel tells her to just let it go of this hatred. Vivian spots a tanker in the distance and asks Gus to quickly light a signal fire. Chad makes it clear to Stefano that he doesn't want him in his life or his half siblings. Melanie runs into Chloe when she shows up at Daniel's apartment and rips into her. Vivian and Gus get into an argument and tells her to stay on her side of the island from now on. Stephanie admits that everything is true and she'd do it all again, and asks Nathan if he would take Melanie back and for him to admit it. Daniel tells Carly that she once again played god with his life and made him believe that Parker was his. Kayla tells Carly she could be facing criminal charges as well as Caroline. Kate tells Chad that he'll never be free of Stefano. Nathan tells Stephanie goodbye after breaking up with her.moreless
  • Ep. #11498
    Ep. #11498
    Episode 44
    Gus and Vivian wash up on an unchartered island. Lee tells Warden Smith not to trust Jennifer. Bo and Hope seek help from an old colleague. Jennifer sees Ben all disheveled and learns that his kidney donor for a patient fell through. Vivian tells Gus to explore the island to see if they can find way off of it. Kate goes to see Chloe and says she's here to see her grandson, and for her to leave Salem and for Parker to stay with Philip. Bo hits a dead end when the phone number from the Warden's cell is untraceable. Nathan overhears Philip talking with Stephanie agreeing to keep quiet in her part. Philip hears Kate trash talking Chloe and asks for her to stop it. Nathan finds an e-mail from Ian and knew that there was something going with them. Kayla goes and helps Stephanie try on her wedding dress, and says this is gonna be a great day. Vivian and Gus try to flag down a plane they hear overhead, but they see something has landed on it. Warden Smith tells Dr. Walters that she has the kidney for his patient. Bo reminds Hope how well they work together.moreless
  • Ep. #11497
    Ep. #11497
    Episode 43
    Brady and Philip get into a fight which is broken up by Vivian, Philip says that she pretty much ruined his life. Mary comes in and tells Stefano and Nicole that Johnny is missing. Melanie says to Maggie that she can't face people at work knowing that they know everything. Stefano lets E.J. that Johnny is missing. Brady and Kate put their plan into action by saying that the coffee on the plane has been drugged. Stephanie tells Kayla that if Nathan leaves her for Melanie then she'll never forgive her. Philip comes to see Melanie, but Maggie says he shouldn't be here, Melanie agrees to see him. Johnny arrives at the police station, Rafe texts Sami to come to here right away and doesn't tell E.J. Vivian tells Gus that he'll be coming with her to Bermuda. Caroline tells Kayla to that she should've left well enough alone. Stephanie finally reveals the truth to Nathan, by saying that Philip is Parker's father. E.J. tells Sami that she took her sweet time telling him where his son is. The pilot forces Gus and Vivian out of the plane. Philip confronts Stephanie over what she's known all along and what she's done.moreless
  • Ep. #11496
    Ep. #11496
    Episode 42
    Stephanie is worried about Caroline, but Nathan says she's in the best care possible. Ben sees Jennifer reading Jack's latest blog and is shocked that he doesn't mention any of his children. Daniel asks Victor for help with Chloe but he flat out refuses it isn't going to happen. Johnny makes it clear to E.J. that he doesn't want another mother cause he already has one. Roman tells Kayla to tell Caroline he was here, he has to check into the station. Chloe tells Nicole that she's officially lost Daniel for good. Caroline tells Kayla to call Stephanie back and tell her not to come. Ben tells Jennifer that he's realizing that she might be done with Jack. Stefano tells E.J. that she overheard Sami making arrangements to have Nicole and Brady meet at her apartment, but E.J. knows that it's one of Sami's ploys. Roman asks Kayla how Caroline knew that Parker's paternity was an issue. Daniel tells Chloe that she and Parker need to move out. Kayla tells Stephanie that the truth is out. Johnny gets his things and takes off without anyone noticing.moreless
  • Ep. #11495
    Ep. #11495
    Episode 41
    Warden Smith worries that Jennifer may have heard her make sure that Bo and Hope are taken out. Rafe tells Carly that to do what's right and let him now if he hears from Bo. E.J. gives Nicole a bracelet, and is shocked when he says that he's able to track her every move. Dr. Walters asks Carly that he's heard some rumors and if she's indeed in some kind of trouble. Hope dreams of Ciara walking into the Brady tells Sami that all his problems consists of Nicole. Carly receives a call from Bo asking for her help. Rafe tells Warden Smith he thinks that she's been avoiding meeting with him to discuss the break out. Stefano is unhappy with E.J.'s plans on marrying Nicole yet again and says it's never gonna happen. Jennifer wonders if she should call Rafe and let him know why's she working with Warden Smith. Warden Smith tells Dr. Walters that until she gets things settled he's gonna have to find some other way to keep his patients stable. Bo believes he and Hope are in danger and they need to get out of here and fast. Sami makes a "call" to Brady and makes sure that Stefano overhears her about Nicole and him meeting up later.moreless
  • Ep. #11494
    Ep. #11494
    Episode 40
    Stephanie gets a call from Kayla but choose not to answer. Rafe tells Sami that next year the kids will be celebrating Christmas together. Chloe refuses Philip's request to see their son. Daniel tells Melanie that them taking Parker away from Philip and Chloe is the worst thing they can do. Sami gets a disturbing phone call about Caroline's stroke and needs to get to the hospital. Nicole makes a painful choice meets Brady and says she needs to say goodbye. Melanie lashes out and throws her wedding picture breaking it. Chloe is confident that Daniel will come back to her and Parker. Stephanie suggest to Nathan to not return to Salem but get married in Baltimore. Daniel throws out the tickets to the pier completely forgetting he was gonna take Chloe and their son. Kate calls Victor asking what Maggie meant by being there for him. E.J. thinks the fireworks display at the pier is a good way to show off t heir engagement. Kate asks Philip why Melanie left in such a huff, and is shocked that Philip is Parker's father. Kayla feels guilty about her mother's condition. Sami shares harsh words with Nicole, and she throws her drink on her which delights E.J. Stephanie finally learns of Caroline's condition and asks Nathan to hold her. E.J. announces his engagement to everyone on the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #11493
    Ep. #11493
    Episode 39
    Nicole tells a stunned Brady that E.J. proposed marriage to her. Vivian shows E.J. proof that Nicole hasn't broken things off with Brady after all. Victor explains to Maggie that he can't believe that Caroline would keep Philip from knowing his own child, Maggie's surprised that she'd do something like this. Daniel is starting to realize everything that's been going on these past months. Kayla blames Carly for her mother's stroke. Vivian wishes E.J. a happy new year as she gloat while leaving. Melanie each reject Philip and Chloe's explanation and tells him apart of her will always love him. Nicole accepts E.J. proposal not before he shows the pictures of her and Brady. Brady tells Kate that he's thought of an idea of how to deal with Vivian and her scheming for revenge. Melanie goes to the Kiriakis mansion and runs into Daniel as she leaves with her things and says she had no idea that the person Chloe slept with was Philip. Kayla is told by Maxine that they're gonna be releasing Caroline soon. Brady tells Kate her plan to leave Vivian on one of Victor's secluded islands. E.J. offers to give Nicole another chance but to end things with Brady for real this time.moreless
  • Ep. #11492
    Ep. #11492
    Episode 38
    Daniel demands the truth from Caroline if what she meant that he's not Parker's father and asks Maggie to take the baby back to the apartment. E.J. explains to Nicole that what they'll have won't be a conventional marriage. Brady shows Vivian some doctored photos saying she's been beaten. Caroline starts to feel dizzy after saying she did this to protect the baby. Daniel is shocked to find out that Carly also knew the truth. E.J. instructs Nicole that he doesn't want his wife to be drinking at all while in his house. Vivian gets her revenge by giving E.J. the envelope containing the photos of Nicole and Brady in their compromising position. Kayla learns that Caroline had a simple stroke and tells Carly if she's happy with what she's done. Victor tells Maggie he doesn't think he wants Caroline to survive this ordeal. Philip makes another attempt to fix things with Melanie.moreless
  • Ep. #11491
    Ep. #11491
    Episode 37
    Kayla realizes that Caroline hasn't told anybody about Parker's paternity, she's even more shocked when Adrienne says that she knows as well. Carly tells Daniel that today isn't about her thinking about Bo it's about him and Parker. Melanie tells Maggie that she may ring in the new year with a Kiriakis baby herself. Sami and Nicole heated fight continues, E.J. then watches everything when he comes into the room. Victor tells Rafe that he hasn't heard from Bo and Hope. Nathan and Stephanie discuss their living arrangments while en route to Baltimore. Adrienne tells Kayla she didn't say anything cause she promised Stephanie she wouldn't. Melanie tells Philip that if they have a boy he's gonna be named after him. E.J. tries to get Nicole to press assault charges against Sami. Caroline tells Kayla that she's not worried what might happen to her if the truth does come out. E.J. tells Stefano he knows a way to keep Sami from ever seeing Sydney and Johnny again. Kayla accidentally spills the beans of Parker's paternity as everyone comes out of the christening. E.J. offers Nicole to be in Sydney's life permanently by asking her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #11490
    Ep. #11490
    Episode 36
    Rafe asks Sami if she went to E.J.'s house to check on Sydney and Johnny. Stephanie tells Caroline she does wishes that she hadn't changed the results. E.J. asks Nicole to take Sydney in for her examination, but says that Parker;s christening is this morning, he says she can then spend her life with someone else's baby. Kayla arrives in Salem hoping to surprise her family. Nathan tells Melanie that he and Stephanie are gonna be moving to Baltimore. Victor asks Philip if he'll be ready to step up to one day be a father to Parker if anything happens to Chloe and Daniel. Maggie stops by Victor's and asks how his Christmas was despite Vivian moving in and taking over Titan. Chloe is relieved when Carly tells her that Daniel has agreed not to tell Melanie anything. Sami encounters Nicole at the hospital with Sydney, while with Allie. Kayla makes a wrong assumption after seeing Caroline with Roman, she goes in and finds out about Bo helping Hope escape from prison, and why Caroline isn't pleased to see her. Philip tells Daniel that he did his part and had Sabrina transfered to the European division. Lexie tells E.J. to wait the optimology reports on Sydney. Chloe asks Father Matt if she's not in the state of grace if he'll still baptize her son, but say he will anyways since her son has no bearing on what happened. Kayla asks Caroline how everyone took the news that Philip was the father of Chloe's baby and not Daniel. Sami and Nicole get into over her place in Sydney's life.moreless
  • Ep. #11489
    Ep. #11489
    Episode 35
    Ciara shrugs and tells Julie that she doesn't believe in Santa. Lexie gives E.J. good news that Johnny has improved and will be releasing him so he can be home on Christmas morning. Rafe visits Johnny dressed as Santa Claus and gives him his present and says that his family loves him very much. Sami asks how Johnny is and Stephanie tells Sami she overheard that the hospital is releasing him today. Rafe runs into Brady who has the same idea as he did. Victor makes it clear to Vivian that he doesn't want to spend the holidays with her. E.J. tells Kate about Johnny's cancer. Stefano and Kate encounter one another at the hospital. Sami looks at the tree and sees the lovely ornaments with her children's pictures on it. Brady surprises Nicole with a rendezvous in his Santa suit. E.J. tells Lexie that he is hte only parent that Johnny needs. Julie tells Doug her idea of channeling Alice. Nicole tries to cheer up Johnny by telling the only thing he needs is to open one present, E.J. thanks her. Nathan and Stephanie tell their family about their upcoming move. Sami sneaks away from midnight mass to check on Johnny and sees he's enjoying himself.moreless
  • Ep. #11488
    Ep. #11488
    Episode 34
    Bo hears someone outside and goes to check it out and asks Hope to stay right where she is. Julie tells a disgruntled Jennifer that when is a Horton Christmas not normal. E.J. tells Brady it's none of his business what he's doing with Nicole since there not together anymore. Rafe calls Daniel wanting to speak with Carly right away cause it concerns Bo. Bo tells Hope that the noise she heard was him falling on some ice, and it was probably a bear or something they heard. Warden Smith tells Lee that the state police are closing in on bo and Hope. Ciara learns of Bo breaking Hope out of jail assuming that Santa is granting her Christmas wish. E.J. sticks up for Nicole to Stefano, by saying having her around is best for the children. Carly tells Rafe she'll tell him everything one condition for him to do whatever it takes to help Bo. Philip comes to the pub asking to speak to Caroline and discovers that Stephanie and Nathan are leaving Salem. Nicole shows Brady the photos that Vivian had taken of them at the DiMera mansion. Philip tells Chloe that they don't have to worry cause Stephanie and Nathan are moving to Baltimore along with their secrets. Rafe can cleary see that Warden Smith is hiding something.moreless
  • Ep. #11487
    Ep. #11487
    Episode 33
    Warden Smith goes into Roman's office and says that she has the state police in charge of the manhunt for Bo and Hope. Maggie overhears Brady leaving a message for Nicole and asks him why he's calling her when they broke up. Hope tells Bo she hesitated and needed to hear Ciara's voice. Vivian shows Nicole the compromising pictures and threatens to reveal everything to E.J. Adrienne watches Parker and says that maybe Stephanie is right about keeping his paternity a secret. Stefano asks E.J. if he really believes that Sami did in fact cause Johnny's cancer. Nicole learns from Mary that something terrible has happened. Daniel hears the news bulletin of Bo helping Hope escape from prison and learns why Carly is suddenly distraught. Gus tells Vivian that he knows where E.J. is at this moment, and heads off to tell him about Nicole. Rafe is hired as the temporary commander of the Salem P.D. Warden Smith informs Lee of her plan of getting the state police to shoot on site. Brady comes to the hospital and wonders what's going on with Nicole and E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11486
    Ep. #11486
    Episode 32
    Victor vows not to let Vivian get away with this, but she says she already has. Daniel asks Dr. Kim if the cancer in cancer has spread has spread even more. Warden Smith gives Jennifer a job opportunity, she then hears that there's been a security breach. Hope tells Bo to just let her stay cause if he gets caught he's an accomplice. Lee wakes up and tells Warden Smith that it was Hope's husband was just here. Dr. Kim tells Sami that he and Daniel think that the cancer hasn't mastized in Johnny and they got it all. Vivian makes another surprising announcment that Victor's house is now hers. Jennifer learns that Hope has escaped and Bo being the one that helped her. Sami wants to stay with Johnny at the hospital but E.J. won't allow it, and tells her to go on with her life without her son in it. Rafe asks a favor of Daniel to watch out for Johnny. Bo brings Hope to an old fishing cabin that his father took him to years ago. Vivian tries to get everyone in the holiday spirit by singing come Christmas carols. Sami tells Rafe that she just wants this to end.moreless
  • Ep. 11485
    Ep. 11485
    Episode 31
    Hope wakes up to find Bo in her cell and says he's gonna get her out of here. Victor finds out that some company in Switzerland is buying up stock at Titan. Maggie brings over somethings that Melanie and Philip left at her place. E.J. tells Johnny the truth about him having his eye removed, and he asked when he's getting it back. Vivian thanks Gus and Victor it's gonna be a Christmas Victor will never forget. Someone takes pictures of Brady and Nicole as they continue to make love in the DiMera mansion. Lexie calls Daniel and asks him to perform surgery on her nephew Johnny. Bo tries to help Hope escape from prison, Lee intervenes and Hope knocks her out. Vivian makes a shocking announcement that she's the majority stock holder in Titan.moreless
  • Ep. #11484
    Ep. #11484
    Episode 30
    Carly wants Bo to tell him what's really bothering him, he sas that he's leaving. Warden Smith tells Hope that she got a text from Bo, and he believes that she's had a relapse. Brady calls Nicole that he'd like to spend time with her, Mary informs her that E.J. took Johnny to the doctor. Dr. Kim informs Sami and E.J. that Johnny has retinoblastoma, but Sami refuses to believe that her son has cancer. Will finds it hard to concentrate on his studying so he focuses his affections by kissing Gabi again. Dr. Kim tells Sami that the only option is to remove Johnny's eye completely. Lee comes in Hope's cell with a box filled with stuff. Nicole calls Brady and says that the situations changed and she can see him sooner then she thought. Dr. Walters tells Sami that he concurs what Dr. Kim says the eye has to be removed. Gabi comforts after getting the news about his brother's cancer. Lee instructs Hope to fill the stockings up with oranges, she then throws it at Lee and tells the guard to shackle her and she beats with the orange filled stocking. Johnny wakes up and asks what exactly is wrong with him. Someone lurks at the french doors and watches Nicole and Brady.moreless
  • Ep. #11483
    Ep. #11483
    Episode 29
    Julie brings Ciara to the station and wonders where Bo is heading off to. Sami slaps E.J. after he accuses her of purposely causing Johnny's health problems. Nathan tells Stephanie that he was contacted by John's Hopkins for the fellowship, and she's excited about relocating. Philip let's Daniel think he had a one night stand with the secretary from Titan. Stephanie tells Caroline that things will self destruct if this secret comes to light. Rafe breaks up a fight between E.J. and Sami and she says that E.J. thinks she somehow caused this. Melanie tells Carly that she did the right thing by putting Daniel's happiness first. Johnny tells Sami that he wants to go home with her, but E.J. needs a minute alone with her and apologizes for accusing her the way he did. Daniel tells Philip that he's gonna keep his mouth shut, but if he ever hurts Melanie again he'll make him regret it. Bo lets Ciara open a present that Hope gave her, and says that he has to go away for a few days. Daniel goes to Stephanie and tells her what he overheard, cause Philip told him everything. Dr. Kim reveals that he got Johnny's test results back and it isn't good.moreless
  • Ep. #11482
    Ep. #11482
    Episode 28
    E.J. wants to know what's wrong with Johnny. Chloe tells Philip that the if the truth should come out then it will. Daniel explains to Melanie that he and Philip were fighting about her. Sami gets a weird vibe when she gets a call from Rafe. Bo shows Jennifer the letter that Hope wrote and Warden Smith says that she's had a serious relapse. Lexie informs E.J. that Johnny needs to see a specialist. Will and Gabi hope that it was only a reflection when the picture was taken. Hope is worried that Warden Smith called her transfer back on. Maggie comes out and tells Chloe that she's gonna take Parker for a little stroll. Philip realizes that Stephanie knows about his affair with Chloe. Allie tells Sami that she didn't see Johnny at school today. Lexie explains the situation to Johnny about what the doctor is gonna do. Sami walks in and hears Will discussing with Gabi about Johnny. Bo tells Jennifer that she mispelled Ciara with two r's, that is her sending him a message. Philip admits to Daniel that he did cheat on Melanie. E.J. lashes out at Sami and accuses her of doing this to Johnny just to get back into his life.moreless
  • Ep. #11481
    Ep. #11481
    Episode 27
    Daniel continues to beat Philip into admitting that he cheathed on Melanie. Nicole asks E.J. who doesn't seem like himself if anything is wrong with his son. Victor stops by Chloe's and runs into Maggie who's looking after Parker. Melanie explains to Stephanie that Nathan told him something while they were quarantined. Nathan tells Adrienne that Stephanie opened up to him about everything. Lexie looks to Sami for what she said to Abe earlier, Rafe says that there's something wrong with Johnny. Lexie looks at the photos and sees the white spot in Johnny's left eye. Adrienne learns that Nathan is talking about Stephanie moving up the wedding date. Philip arrives at the hospital all brusied and Nathan asks who the person was who did it. Lexie tells E.J. that she saw with her own eyes, and promises to inform Rafe of what's going on. Adrienne tells Stephanie that she can't marry Nathan with this secret over her head, she says that Caroline could get hurt cause she switched the paternity results. Daniel tells Chloe that he vows to make Philip pay for hurting Melanie. Lexie becomes alarmed after examining Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #11480
    Ep. #11480
    Episode 26
    Melanie asks Nathan if he's marrying Stephanie because she's pregnant. Rafe takes a good look at the photo and sees something interesting. Daniel overhears Stephanie tell Caroline about Philip cheating on Melanie. Brady tells Chloe that he and Nicole broke up. Will tells Rafe that he didn't show Sami cause of all that she's been through lately. Nicole slaps E.J. and says that she did what he asked and is going up to see Sydney, he asks her to move into the mansion with him. Melanie asks Nathan why he didn't tell Stephanie what she told her while they were in quarantined. Abe asks Lexie what exactly did he walk in on with her and Ben Walters. Daniel is thinking that he probably heard Stephanie wrong, then runs into Philip on the pier. Ben thinks Nathan should be cautious and thoroughly examined just to be on the safe side. Henderson is present at Nicole and Brady's "fight" they then go upstairs to do some making up. Rafe shows up at the mansion and shows him the picture of Johnny and asks him to look at them and to tell him what he sees. Daniel sees that Philip is lying and physically attacks him. Lexie comes to the apartment looking for Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11479
    Ep. #11479
    Episode 25
    Daniel asks Melanie why the hurry is to have children, cause it's a lifetime committment. Rafe tells Sami he's glad that she's mad and throwing things instead of being sad. Johnny lashes out at E.J. on why he won't let him see his mother. Caroline is relieved to hear that Stephanie will keep Parker's paternity a secret. Abe is surprised when Theo reads from a book for him and Lexie. Johnny takes his drawing and rips E.J. from it. Caroline tells Stephanie that Nathan actually agreed to get married right away. E.J. calls Sami and asks her to come over to the mansion. Philip gives Chloe the song that she wrote to Joy all those years ago. Lexie is concerned that Theo is understanding what he's reading. Will comes to the pub saying that he's here to see Gabi. Rafe goes to Victor wanting E.J. out of Sami's life for good. Abe tells Bo to have Sami brought into the station if he wants to keep his job. E.J. orders Sami to make Johnny believe that she doesn't love him anymore. Will and Gabi come across something in the wedding photos and thinks they should take it to Rafe. Abe walks in seeing Lexie being comforted by Dr. Walters. Johnny remembers his and Sami's code fooling E.J. in the process.moreless
  • Ep. #11478
    Ep. #11478
    Episode 24
    Warden Smith tells Hope to write a letter to Bo, if not then she'll find another way to shut her up. Victor tells Philip he's glad that he and Melanie are safe from Vivian's wrath. Rafe grabs Sami and takes her into the bushes to avoid being seen by E.J., but he sees Kate instead thinking he spotted them. Bo tells Carly that she doesn't believe that Hope suddenly had a relapse. Gabi tells Will that maybe she should leave, but Will says he wants her to stay. Caroline goes to the church and prays for what she's done, and will keep the secret to her grave. Will and Gabi admit that they're glad they kissed. Kate explains to E.J. that one day his kids will find out what he did by keeping Sami out of their lives. Hope tries to send Bo a cryptic message in a letter. Rafe is angered by Sami's actions by going to the DiMera mansion the way she did. Philip is approached by Sabrina(a co-worker) and asks to have a drink with him. Warden Smith dictates what Hope should write to Bo, she then thinks that things could've gone differently in her stay at prison. E.J. goes to calm Johnny down after he has a nightmare, and says that he wants his mommy to come back and says he hates after E.J. refuses to do what he asks. Bo reads Hope's letter and discovers something in it.moreless
  • Ep. #11477
    Ep. #11477
    Episode 23
    Bo tells Carly that he's contacted everyone that can help get Hope out of the prison. Sami asks Will for his key to the DiMera mansion. Warden Smith prepares Hope for her transfer. E.J. shows Johnny his new bike but runs off instead. Bo tells Jennifer he contacted Governor Ford's office and he's calling the prison as we speak. Brady asks Nicole why she would break up with him just because E.J. said so. Warden Smith tells Lee that she got a call from the Governor and says that if anything happens to Hope it'll be on them. Nicole and Brady suggest a fake break up in public to convince E.J. it's real. Jennifer tells Carly she's heard from Jack and shows him what's he's been up to lately. Warden Smith calls Dr. Walters and says that she's gonna give him the organs he needs. Bo demands that Warden Smith let him see Hope at once, or he'll call the Governor. Mary comes in Johnny's room to check on him, while Sami hides in the closet. Warden Smith tells Hope that she has a job for her to do. Rafe wonders why E.J. is leaving the pier. Sami and Johnny come up with a code to communicate with one another. Will and Gabi share a kiss while helping him do his homework.moreless
  • Ep. #11476
    Ep. #11476
    Episode 22
    Victor tells Brady he wants to meet with Nicole and Philip to stop Vivian before she attacks them. Kate sees that Stefano cancelled her credit cards and is done with this marriage. Sami finds it difficult as Johnny pleads with her to take him with you. Nicole is forced by E.J. to make a choice. Vivian tells Gus that everyone is gonna know what it feels when they treat her badly. Kate thinks that she and Stefano need to change their attitudes, but he flat out refuses. Sami tells Rafe she doesn't have a choice and it's best to do what E.J. says, and she'll figure something out, Rafe says to let him handle it. Victor finds Kate on the pier and says that Vivian is set out to destroy them all, and learns she's having marital problems. Nicole is forced by E.J. to make a choice either Sydney or Brady. Victor offers Kate to live at the mansion in order to keep her safe. Vivian thinks she'll get to Kate cause she and Stefano are seperated.moreless
  • Ep. #11475
    Ep. #11475
    Episode 21
    Stephanie asks Caroline why she hasn't returned any of her calls, she then hangs up on her. Kate asks Stefano if they can move past this ordeal, but he says he can but there's one thing she that'll regain his trust. E.J. tells Caroline that he won't be bringing the children by the pub anymore, she pleads with him not to cut her grandchildren out of her life. Melanie and Philip discuss having kids. Stefano gives Kate a gift and all she has to do is follow the instructions, she abruptly refuses. Stephanie lays into Caroline and says the truth needs to come out. Philip tells Brady that Melanie knows the entire Vivian ordeal. Rafe tries to cheer up Sami by having the apartment decorated and says they'll get Johnny and Sydney back. Stefano tells Kate do as she's told and deliver the package. E.J. invites Nicole to spend Christmas at the mansion, but she's not to contact Brady. Stephanie tells Nathan that she wants to get married. Sami and Rafe run into E.J. with the children and Johnny makes a fuss cause he wants to see her. Kate tells Stefano to take his loyalty and shove it cause she's done with this.moreless
  • Ep. #11474
    Ep. #11474
    Episode 20
    Tina tells Hope that Pam died on the operating table. Vivian tells Gus if either with her on this plan or not. Stefano asks Kate's what's the deal with her and Victor talking on the pier. Bo goes to check on Carly who says that she's doing much better. Maggie tells Brady that she knows what he did to Vivian. Hope subdues Tina and makes a run for it, but is caught by a guard. Bo, Carly and Jennifer worry about Hope's safety. Warden Smith tells Hope that she's to be transfered to another prison cause the trouble she's caused. Vivian goes to Stefano to talk about what Victor and the others had done to her. Warden Smith gets a call from Dr. Walters and says that a prisoner died recently and may have a heart for his patient. Victor professes his love to Maggie who in return closes the door in his face. Warden Smith tells Lee that Hope is gonna be in the same van as Charlene, but Hope is the only one that'll be handcuffed.moreless
  • Ep. #11473
    Ep. #11473
    Episode 19
    Philip is delighted when Melanie comes out of the isolation and takes her home. Chloe believes she is a horrible wife and mother after telling Daniel she can't get Parker to stop crying. Maggie asks Victor if it's true that Brady put Vivian in the sarcophagus and keeping her there til she died. Dr. Milbauer tells Stefano and Chad that they definately are father and son. Nathan and Stephanie share a tender moment but he says something happened while he and Melanie were in quarantined, they get interrupted by Maxine. Maggie tells Philip that she knows what she and the others did to Vivian. Chad thinks that Stefano is paying him off to get rid of him and rips up the cheque and refuses to move into the mansion. Philip confesses to Melanie that he knew that Vivian was in the coffin and didn't do anything. Nathan goes to see Mrs. Lang and she asks him if she found his soul mate as she did for her. Victor cautions Kate that Vivian is out to get the ones that wronged her. Chad refuses to allow himself to be made into something he's not, like being a DiMera. Vivian tells Gus that she's moved on from Maggie, directly to the people that put her in the sarcophagus.moreless
  • Ep. #11472
    Ep. #11472
    Episode 18
    Sami tells Roman, Caroline and Will that E.J. made it clear that she'll never see her kids again. Lexie tells E.J. that she doesn't think Sami would be gracious in allowing him to see his children. Rafe gets a friend to dive for the gun that Sami threw into before E.J. can. Kate asks Stefano what he plans on doing with her. Vivian visits Maggie and drops a major bomb on her that it was Brady who stuck her in the coffin in the first place not Victor. Lexie learns from E.J. that Sami is the one that shot him. Stefano gets word that the DNA test results are in, and requests that Chad come to the mansion, Stefano then figures out that Kate knew Chad being his son for quite a while. E.J. calls Sami and for her to tell Rafe not to waste his time cause the gun is someplace he'll never find it. Chad tells Will that Stefano wants to hear the results together at his place Maggie says that Brady would never do something like that to Vivian. Roman asks E.J. how he would just cut Sydney and Johnny out of Will and Allie's life like that. Stefano lashes at Kate for betraying him and tells her to get out of his house.moreless
  • Ep. #11471
    Ep. #11471
    Episode 17
    Tina tells Hope that she heard that Pam is scheduled to have surgery at the prison. Stefano returns home to find out that Sydney and Johnny are back living at the mansion. Melanie tells Daniel to hurry and save Carly. Warden Smith tells Bo she had no choice to put Hope in solitary. Jennifer and Philip hear a code blue in the isolation room and he immediately think it's Melanie. E.J. informs Stefano that he's married to a lying traitor like Kate. Bo learns from Jennifer that Carly's health is in jeopardy. Melanie tells Carly that she'll never forgive her if she does anything like this again. Dr. Walters tells Jennifer that Carly's condition has improved and Daniel's antiviral worked. Philip checks on Melanie but see she's laying next to Nathan in his hospital bed. Bo tells Jennifer that Warden Smith wanted to keep Hope from telling her something important. Bo asks Philip if he's ready to be a father after learning he and Melanie are gonan be trying. Warden Smith goes to Lee saying that Hope knows too much and they have to get rid of Hope. Kate sees that Stefano knows that she contacted Sami which resulted in her shooting E.J.moreless
  • Ep. #11470
    Ep. #11470
    Episode 16
    Daniel enters the quarantined room trying to understand why Carly did what she did. Stephanie tells Philip about him being Parker's father. Melanie wakes up and asks Carly why she's in ther room without her hezmat suit. Sami tells Nicole to step away and to give her Sydney. E.J. tells Rafe if Sami goes anywhere near his kids she'll go to prison. Philip explains to Stephanie that he knows why she brought up Parker, when Daniel asked him to take care of Chloe if anything happened to him. Nicole tells Sami that her and Sydney have a deep connection that she'll never have with her. Carly tells Daniel to inject her with the drug, Melanie agrees and asks her father to do it. Dr. Walters tells Chloe that Daniel overpowered a guard and is now in the isolation unit. Justin and Adrienne arrive and asks if Bo knows about Carly. Nicole screams out for E.J. as Sami tries to take Sydney. Stephanie reveals to Adrienne about her secret.moreless
  • Ep. #11469
    Ep. #11469
    Episode 15
    Will learns that Nicole handed over the camera containing her confession to E.J. Carly sees that Daniel finished an antiviral which might contain this thing. Philip asks Chloe how Maggie is doing. Nicole informs Brady that E.J. has Sydney and Johnny. E.J. tells Kate how Stefano will feel if he found that she's pretty much responsible for him getting shot. Sami tries to reason with E.J. and allow Will and Allie to see Johnny and Sydney. Daniel tells Carly that he has no choice but to test it on himself. Kate comes to Sami and says that she has a plan that could save them both. Nicole comes and asks E.J. if he's come to a decision about her seeing Sydney again. Carly takes matters into her own hands, by not letting Daniel risk his life. Stephanie opens up to Father Matt about her wishing she hadn't told someone the truth. Rafe tells E.J. that he's here to get him to allow Johnny and Syndey to see their brother and sister. Daniel finds Carly's letter and heads off the the quarantined area to see her inject herself with the antiviral. Sami comes across Nicole with Sydney in the park.moreless
  • Ep. #11468
    Ep. #11468
    Episode 14
    Sami says goodbye as E.J. takes Sydney and Johnny away, Rafe says if E.J. wants a fight he's gonna have one. Roman learns from Caroline that Sami had no choice to marry Rafe. Victor walks in as Brady refuses to sign his statement. Daniel tells Carly he may have way to beat this virus. Sami tells Roman that E.J. has the kids and he wants to know why. Brady explains to Victor that he doesn't have a choice in Vivian's request. Melanie and Nathan reveal their feelings to each other. Gabi asks Will if E.J. was in fact holding something over Sami's head. Carly comes to see how Melanie's doing and Nathan says that he still feels the same. Rafe assures Sami that everything that's happened will turn out fine. Bo reads Brady's statement and immediately thinks it's isn't what happened to Maggie. E.J. tells Nicole that she can come tomorrow to see Sydney. Rafe puts Allie back to bed, and then carries Sami to their bedroom. Bo asks Det. Hanson he'd like to read Brady's original statement, when he doesn't produce it he fires him. Carly tells Melanie and Nathan that she and Daniel are working on a treatment for them and not to give up.moreless
  • Ep. #11467
    Ep. #11467
    Episode 12
    Lee brings in Pam with a cut on her hand, and Hope tells her to have her surgery at University hospital, Warden Smith says there's an outbreak at there. Brady tells Vivian that Maggie better pull through or she'll be facing murder charges. E.J. hopes that Sami's marriage to Rafe sticks cause he couldn't think of a punishment greater. Father James brings out strands of rope tying a bond for the new family. Jennifer asks Ben how Nathan is doing, she then sees Maggie being brought into the hospital. Vivian tells Detective Hansen that Brady hasn't told him the whole story and isn't leaving til he does. E.J. and Nicole crash Sami's wedding, and says that her time is up. Maggie asks Victor if it was true and he put Vivian in that sarcophagus, and say it scares her to death what kind of a man he is. Vivian makes Brady an offer to make sure all charges against her are dropped. Warden Smith sends Hope into solitary confinement, after catching her making an unsupervised call. Sami is forced to hand over Johnny and Sydney to E.J. and Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #11466
    Ep. #11466
    Episode 12
    Doug and Julie visit Hope in prison and she tells them that they've restricted Bo's visits. Sami gets emotional and Rafe asks if they can do the wedding another time, but insists on going on with it. Vivian tortures Victor while he's still out of it from the stun gun. Julie opens her mouth when she brings up Thanksgiving and Christmas, since she won't be home. Warden Smith tells Lee she's gonna minimize Hope's visitors, she thinks she can do what she wants if Hope steps out of line. Vivian raises her hand as she's about to stab Victor, as Maggie watches on the monitor, but Brady stops her from doing so. Hope feels bad that they had to visit her after coming back from their cruise. Victor opens up the lid and sees Maggie in there, and thinking that he's too late. Hope asks Lee if any of her family comes to visit her, but Lee says for Hope not to get too attached. Vivian starts to cry when Victor proclaims his love for Maggie. E.J. goes ballistic when he learns that Sami and Rafe are married.moreless
  • Ep. #11465
    Ep. #11465
    Episode 11
    Sami wonders why Rafe is bringing up marriage now, but he says that's part of his plan. Chad puts the knife back in his pocket, as Stefano comes into the living room. Victor tells Vivian that he plans on letting her out of the sarcophagus. E.J. wants Nicole to tell him why he went to Sami first and made a deal with her. Victor hears that Vivian is suspicious that Vivian no longer wants to be let out. Chad tells Stefano that he's not here to hurt him and all he needs is blood, because he was listed as his father on his birth certificate. Gus knocks out Victor as he attempts to open the sarcophagus lid. Kate suggests that Stefano and Chad get tested. Sami explains to Will, Johnny and Allie that she and Rafe will be getting married tonight. Maggie sees Victor on the floor in the mausoleum. Stefano and Chad head to the hospital for a paternity test. Victor sees Vivian standing over him when he regains consciousness. Caroline gives Sami a handkerchief she carried during her marriage to Shawn (something old, borrowed and blue).moreless
  • Ep. #11464
    Ep. #11464
    Episode 10
    E.J. tries to make a deal with Sami by asking she cut off all ties with her children. Nicole lays into Rafe for destroying all the copies she had of Sami's confession. Brady gets a visit from Isabella pleading with him to let Vivian out. Victor learns of Melanie and Nathan's condition while visiting with Chloe, and thinks someone should've contacted Maggie by now. Sami says to E.J. she'll go to a judge and play the tape of him confessing to kidnapping Sydney. Kate comes to check on Vivian and Brady says there's no need cause he's gonna let her out. Rafe tells Nicole that she can't stand to see Sami happy. Victor sees a change in Vivian's attitude. Chad runs into Kate at the DiMera mansion hoping to see Stefano about his birth certificate. Philip tells Chloe and Brady there's still no word if Nathan and Melanie are improving. E.J. tells Sami that she has 24 hours then he'll go to the police. Victor begins to wonder if Vivian might be out of the sarcophagus. Rafe comes home and Sami tells him that E.J. wants custody of the kids.moreless
  • Ep. #11463
    Ep. #11463
    Episode 9
    Stephanie sees that Nathan is seriously burning up but he refuses to go to see a doctor. E.J. says since Sami nor Rafe is gonna explain the he will, Bo advises him to leave cause he's violating a restraining order. Carly learns from Ben that Melanie was treating a patient that recently died of a viral infection and she needs to get tested right away. Melanie collapses in Daniel's arms and he brings her to the hospital. E.J. returns to Sami's on continuing his threat to make her pay for trying to kill him. Bo advises Rafe to marry Sami as soon as possible so that he can't testify against her. Ben tells Daniel and Carly that Nathan and Melanie are in together in the isolation unit and won't know they're condition until the results come in. Chloe refuses to let Maxine take Parker back to the nursery. Rafe explains Sami's situation to Gabi and he isn't going to let that happen. Nathan explains to a delirious Melanie that they're both contagious. E.J. tells Sami that he his her life in his hands.moreless
  • Ep. #11462
    Ep. #11462
    Episode 8
    Jennifer walks in the pub and sees Carly and Bo kissing. Daniel asks Stephanie if everything is alright after seeing Chloe. Sami tells Rafe not to call the police regarding E.J. and asks if he'd destroyed the evidence. Dr. Walters walk in on an argument between Nathan and Melanie. Nicole bargains with E.J. about being in Sydney's life again and plays the tape of Sami's confession. Stephanie assures Daniel that she was worried there was something was wrong with the baby, but doesn't believe her and asks what's really up. E.J. asks Nicole why she went to Rafe and Sami first instead of him. Maxie tells Ben that she tried everything she could but his patient Javier died. Chloe and Carly reaffirm their friendship. E.J. stops by Sami's place and isn't leaving til they hear what he has to say. Philip tells Chloe that she's going to be an amazing mother. Ben abruptly blows off Jennifer when she tries to talk to him. Stephanie tells Nathan that what she has to tell him might ruin some lives. E.J. plays the recording shocking both Rafe and Sami.moreless
  • Ep. #11461
    Ep. #11461
    Episode 7
    Caroline asks Stephanie if she's changed her mind in telling Nathan the truth. E.J. expains to Allie that Sami is just sleeping. Vivian tells Maggie that Gus contacted everyone on her behalf. Rafe tells Nicole there's no way she'll be spending time with Sydney on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Victor expresses his concerns for Maggie, Melanie says it's not like to up and leave on a cruise without telling anyone. E.J.'s plan to take his kids go sour when Johnny tells him that Sydney isn't here. Vivian tells Maggie that pretty soon she won't be able to remember her name. Nicole realizes that Rafe did some tampering with her laptop. Nathan and Melanie decide they can't work together anymore. Rafe brings Sydney home and learns from Johnny that E.J. paid a visit and is the probably why Sami's out of it. Vivian tells Maggie that the paint fumes are starting to work and she'll soon lose her mind. Nicole offers E.J. a way to help him get his children back and can give her Sami on a silver platter. Rafe tells Sami that E.J. had the jet fueled and ready for take off and got lucky and calls Roman to have him picked up.moreless
  • Ep. #11460
    Ep. #11460
    Episode 6
    Lexie comes to see E.J. and gives her something for Theo, but she thinks if he's actually saying goodbye. Nicole sits and ponders of being in Sydney's life once again. Rafe tells Sami that he's determined to stop Nicole from exposing her. Jennifer confides in Bo that Jack has in fact left her. Rafe brings Sydney to se Nicole and says he'll be staying there for the entire visit. Carly realizes that Bo and Hope's feelings are far from over. Will learns from Sami of Nicole's blackmailing her so she can spend time with Sydney, Sami says that Rafe is looking for a way to put an end to it altogether. Lexie is thrilled that Jennifer's back in town, and introduces her to Dr. Walters and gets mad that he's wearing a bracelet meaning he went out on a walkabout just like Jack is doing. Hope questions Lee about her background, she changes the subject and says she has to get back to work. Rafe attaches a flashdrive wiping the entire file of Sami's confession from Nicole's laptop and all that's left is the camera. E.J. hopes to bury the hatchet with Sami, but he clorphorms her and Allie comes out screaming after what she just saw.moreless
  • Ep. #11459
    Ep. #11459
    Episode 5
    Sami goes to check on Nicole to see if she's alright. Carly tells Bo she found something regarding April's death and she double checked everything. Jennifer visits Hope in prison and says she's here to get her out of here. Chad asks Kate if she's the one that sent him his birth certificate that says he's Stefano's son. Nicole tells Rafe she can prove that Sami is the one that shot E.J., but loads up another video of her confession. Bo tells Carly that if Warden Smith doesn't pass along his message to Hope then she's definately hiding something. Jennifer tells Hope that her place is empty with Jack chasing a story and her kids in school. Warden Smith tells Lee that if Hope starts to get mouthy then it'll be time to shut her up. Nicole assures Sami she didn't go to E.J. with the video and all she wants to do is for Sydney to get to know her. Stefano orders Marco to do some more digging and to deal with whoever shot E.J. personally. Carly reveals to Hope that Lee was once a doctor, Hope says that when April was in pain she just walked away, and she told her a different story why she's in prison. Bo asks Jennifer what's really up with her and Jack. Nicole has a fantasy of being with a teenaged Sydney.moreless
  • Ep. #11458
    Ep. #11458
    Episode 4
    Caroline tells Stephanie that everything is gonna work out for the best as long as they keep quiet. Melanie tells Chloe to push cause she needs to get the baby out. E.J. arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and sees that Rafe is looking for Arianna's camera as well. Nicole tells Sami to check her e-mail cause she sent her a video. Daniel and Philip arrive and tells Melanie she did a wonderful job with the delivery. Stephanie tells Caroline if she can live with the truth. Nathan tells Roman that Stephanie never told him anything about her meeting with him. Brady sees that Rafe was shaken when E.J. mention a videotape and asks if Sami is the one that shot E.J. Nicole tells Sami either they make a deal or she'll broadcast her confession online for everyone to see. Stephanie plans to tell Daniel the truth while Chloe is brought into the hospital. Daniel lets Philip hold his son, as Stephane and Caroline watch. Sami tells Nicole there's no way she's getting anywhere near Sydney and they get into a heated brawl and Nicole ends up banging her head. Chloe and Daniel name their son Parker Jonas.moreless
  • Ep. #11457
    Ep. #11457
    Episode 3
    Nicole watches Sami disclose her secret on Arianna's camera and wonders what she's going to do with it. Rafe tells Sami that he wants them to get married right away. Vivian tells Victor not to open the sarcophagus, he then tells Philip to leave with him. Melanie believes that Chloe is faking, but sees it's real when she says her water broke. Rafe calls Brady asking if there was a camera amongst Arianna's things. E.J. tells Stefano that he won't allow his children to refer to Rafe as their father. E.J. sees that what was thrown from Arianna's purse was that of her compact. Philip offers to take Daniel to the Horton cabin, he calls Melanie to say that he's on his way, she tells him that the baby is coming now. Maggie tells Vivian that he never made a move on Victor, Vivian says that what she has planned next will be hysterical. Victor gets word that Gus escaped, but finds that he boarded a plane to South America. Nicole visits Sami after Rafe leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #11456
    Ep. #11456
    Episode 2

    Melanie tells Chloe to reschedule her appointment and to meet with her right away. Vivian tells Gus they have to leave before Victor realizes what she's done. Maggie sits and prays that she'll be rescued soon. Sami grabs the box from Justin before he can give it to E.J., but says there's nothing more then legal documents in there. Brady tells Justin that he doesn't deserve anything from Arianna. Victor tries to show Philip inside the sarcophagus, but sees there's a problem with the monitor. Roman reveals a new witness in Arianna's accident. Melanie tells Chloe that she's gonna tell Daniel the whole truth. Gus cautions Vivian that her plan will backfire, but she says she has it covered. Rafe sits down with the witness, and asks if he remembers anything else about the accident. Maggie tells Vivian that she promises not to tell a word to Victor. Daniel expresses his concerns to Lexie about Melanie. Nicole finds Arianna's camera amongst the things she left Brady. Chloe arrives at the cabin pleading with Melanie not to tell Daniel and starts having contractions.

  • Ep. #11455
    Ep. #11455
    Episode 1
    Justin reveals to Rafe, Sami, Gabi and E.J. that he has in his possession Arianna's will. Vivian hallucinates Philip in the mausoleum, the lid opens up and sees that it was Gus that freed her. Melanie comes and asks what Philip is doing her at the mansion instead of at Arianna's memorial. Justin goes over a list of artifacts that Arianna left to the ones she loved. Chad is mad that all his father wanted him to do is pick up the mail, he opens an envelope containing his birth certificate naming Stefano as his father. Gus agrees to help Vivian, she then makes a call to Maggie asking her to come alone to the mausoleum. Brady apologizes to Gabi and Rafe for being late for the service, Justin advises him to stay cause he's listed on the will. Maggie arrives and Vivian tells her that the reason of her appearance is cause she was in the sarcophagus. Chad shows Will the birth certificate and whoever sent it to him is gonna pay. Kate cautions Melanie about Chloe. Arianna leaves E.J. the contents in the box, thinking it was what she wanted to tell him. Vivian and Gus leave the mausoleum with Maggie in the coffin.moreless