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Season 53 : Episode 296

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  • Ep. #11878
    Ep. #11878
    Episode 11878

    Abe asks Kayla to stay and keep him company for a while. Andrew lets Gabi know that if he gets caught and what Chad will say when he finds out she came between him and Melanie. Cameron gives Theo a bit of hope after saying he doesn't want to go home cause his mother isn't there. Kate asks Ian to come clean to her about his part in drugging Brady. Madison tries to get Brady to allow her to help him. Abigail tells Kayla that the mistakes she has made is gonna interfere in her relationship with Cameron, Kayla asks her to tell him how she feels. Gabi is faced with an impossible decision as Andrew assures her that in time he will release Melanie and by then it will be too late for her and Chad. Brady believes Ian is the source of his troubles. Cameron gets some good news, but Abigail hears that he has to leave for Chicago, but is relieved that it's for a training seminar cause his job is here in Salem. Brady meets up with someone in the town square and purchases some drugs hoping to frame Ian, but is unaware that he was photgraphed.

  • Ep. #11955
    Ep. #11955
    Episode 245

    Hope goes to John and Marlena after learning that Kristen returned to Salem saying if she has caused them any trouble lately. Daniel enlists Rafe to help him locate Nicole right away. Kristen gives E.J. a present which consists of Nicole's itinerary and what he plans to do to keep her from leaving. Jennifer asks Nicole to tell her what happened that night on the stairs and she will be free to leave town with Daniel. Maggie thanks Brady for getting her out of the house to get her mind off of her son leaving town. Hope asks John to lock up the cabin for the winter, Marlena offers to tag along. Roman gives Kristen a warning that he is going to be watching her every move from now on. Nicole drops her phone unaware that Daniel is calling and can her the fight with Jennifer. Kristen surprises John at the Horton cabin. Daniel arrives telling Nicole that he knows the truth.

  • Ep. #11954
    Ep. #11954
    Episode 244

    John tells Marlena that he ran into Kristen at Sami's office, he is surprised that she was already told. Daniel tells Cameron to keep a lid on this until he has all the facts straight. Jennifer goes to see Nicole saying before she and Daniel leave town she has to know what really happened the day she lost her baby. Victor tells Brady he needs to focus on helping Daniel before it's too late. Kayla expresses her concern to Marlena about her being distracted as of late. Dr. Sedwick e-mails Daniel the notes on Nicole's case,which prompts him to know what to do next. John finds that Father Tobias has Kristen come and join him on the board along with him. Nicole heads to Jennifer's house with dangerous intentions.

  • Ep. #11953
    Ep. #11953
    Episode 243

    Sami goes to Jennifer saying Nicole and Daniel are leaving sooner then expected and the real reason she changed her story. Brady has an unsettling dream of Kristen taking aim and shooting John. Daniel sees the other part of the twosie and wonders why Nicole didn't tell him she saw Dr. Knapp. Kate is angry when Kristen delivers her divorce papers from Stefano. Daniel goes to question Dr. Knapp and explains to him that her colleague treated her that morning. John goes to Sami's office to leave her a note but encounters Kristen instead. Victor offers to give Nicole money if she calls off the trip to Hawaii, but she flatly refuses. Rafe tracks down Dr. Sedwick by asking his friend for Daniel. Kristen assures John that she did not follow him. Lucas gives Jennifer some insight and to get some much needed rest. Sami turns down John's job offer to come and work for him. Dr. Sedwick explains to Daniel that she was the one who told Nicole that he baby was dead.

  • Ep. #11952
    Ep. #11952
    Episode 242

    Kate goes to see Sonny telling him to be careful with Will. Jennifer tells Hope she is going to confess to pushing Nicole down the stairs. Nick and Gabi embrace and make love. Sami asks Kristen for privileges when it comes to bringing down Kate. Daniel assures Victor that him going is away won't be permanent and will keep in touch. Lucas tells Will that Sonny is just using him in order to get him into bed and wonders how many guys he's been with before him. Jennifer tells Hope she has to stop Daniel and Nicole from leaving town even if it means going to jail. Nicole asks for help from Sami regarding E.J. Will storms after refusing to believe Lucas's rant on Sonny. Nick tells Gabi if he had met her sooner then his life would be very different.Stefano instructs Kristen to make sure the message he sent her is delivered right away. Sonny refuses to sleep with Will after he asks how many boyfriends he brought back to his place. Daniel finds the clothes and immediately realize something iswrong after looking at the date on the tag.

  • Ep. #11951
    Ep. #11951
    Episode 241

    E.J. demands that Nicole tell him why she suddenly changed her story. Kristen comes out to find Brady waiting telling her to quit playing games with John and Marlena. Daniel is distracted by a call from Maggie before he can see the article of baby clothing. Gabi again asks Nick if he has a problem with Will and Sonny being gay and walks off when he doesn't answer her. Will gets some information from Billie and he asks Sonny if anything happened with him and Lucas after he left. E.J. tells Nicole that Jennifer couldn't have killed her baby since realizing she had slipped. Daniel tells Maggie that his personal life is none of her business saying this is what he has to do. Nick explains to Gabi he he is uncomfortable with Will and thinks the life he is leading is wrong and doesn't want it to come between them. Kristen gives E.J. some advice. Will goes to confront Lucas saying he is finally happy with Sonny. Nicole and Daniel agree they need to leave right now.

  • Ep. #11950
    Ep. #11950
    Episode 240

    Nicole tells Brady there's not going to be a trial, he then asks her who got to her to make her change her mind. Sami tells Marlena that she can handle Kristen. Daniel blurts out to a shocked Jennifer that he still loves her. Abe wants the truth from Kayla as to how she is dealing with her mother going to get treatment. John steps in agreeing with Marlena about wanting Sami to keep her distance from Kristen, Sami wants to hear John's opinion of Kristen's motives. Kristen tells E.J. that she might have a shot with Sami, he says what exactly is in it for her. Jennifer goes to Maggie with the good news of the charges against her being dropped. Sami finds out Kristen rescheduled a meeting without her knowledge. Kristen goes to take a bath and a mystery man enters her hotel suite. E.J. goes to confront Nicole about not letting her get away it.

  • Ep. #11949
    Ep. #11949
    Episode 239

    Nicole has a dream about Jennifer telling Daniel that the baby was already dead when she took that fall. Justin goes to see Jennifer telling her the good news, she says that Roman already explained to her last night. Marlena meets with a colleague and learns it's Kristen she has a meeting with. E.J. tells Sami he choose not to press charges against Daniel and Rafe for their deception in keeping his child away from him, but will make sure Jennifer pays dearly. Caroline assures Roman and Kayla she will be back better then ever. Sami lays into Rafe when he attacked E.J. even though he won't be going to jail. Daniel almost sees the article of clothing that Maxine told the nurse to put back. Bo and Hope bid their farewells and will be together again. Jennifer finds out how Daniel got Nicole to back off by agreeing to move away with her. Marlena tells Sami she must quit her job with Kristen.

  • Ep. #11948
    Ep. #11948
    Episode 238

    Bo tells Victor and Maggie that he's leaving today for California. Will and Sonny set the mood thinking now is the perfect time to be together. Sami tells Marlena that Stefano demoted her at Countess W. and put Kristen in charge of everything. Lucas interrupts Sonny and Will as they're about to make love saying he needs to be there for Caroline. Sami ignores a call from Rafe. Billie presents Nick with an envelope and it being a job offer. Sonny stands up for Will when Lucas says his son isn't ready, he says if the situation would be different if he were a female instead.Lucas tells Billie he thinks that in a way Sonny is using Will. John and Marlena wishBo as well asa recovery for Caroline. Rafe and Sami reveal their feelings to one another.

  • Ep. #11947
    Ep. #11947
    Episode 237

    Marlena tells John he doesn't have to follow her around, he just wants to make sure she is safe. Brady encounters Kristen in the town square, and wonders what she's doing here in town. Nick tries to hide his animosity towards Sonny and Will while discussing Halloween decorations, Gabi then then notices he is uncomfortable with them being gay. Sami is shocked when Bo tells her that Caroline is experiencing early onset alzheimers. John sees Kristen tending to a little girl who hurt herself after falling off a bike, her mother mistakes them for a married couple. Marlena tells Brady that Kristen surprised her in the park believing it was intentional. Abe asks Bo what he plans to do now that he is no longer on the force. Sonny takes Will back to his placeand thinks now is the perfect time to have sex.Brady vows to keep a watchful eye on Kristen.

  • Ep. #11946
    Ep. #11946
    Episode 236

    Kayla tells Caroline about the clinical trials, but it being in California, but she refuses to leave the pub attended. Jennifer tells Abigail she went to see Nicole in the hospital and thinks she made things worse. E.J. vows to Chad that Jennifer will pay dearly for killing his child. Kristen shows Sami the spreadsheet and just how much money she cost Countess Wilhelmina. Daniel tells Nicole he wants a fresh start fpr the two of them. Nicole gives her statement toRoman seeing she is now saying that what happened was an accident. Anne tells Jennifer that what is going on with her right now could jeopardize the hospital and for her to just resign. Daniel is glad when Nicole tells him she won't be pressing charges against Jennifer. E.J. is delighted when Sami comes to see him at his office. Kristen introduces herself to Chad saying she is his sister.

  • Ep. #11946
    Ep. #11946
    Episode 235

    Rafe wants Sami to give him one more chance to explain why he lied to her about Nicole's baby being his. Hope tells Bo about Jennifer's encounter with E.J. Gabi learns that Nicole lost her baby and is suddenly upset for Rafe, Abigail asks Chad why the sudden attitude towards her. Kristen tells E.J. to use the idea of him mourning his son as a way to get back in Sami's good graces. Kayla does research of possible treatments for Caroline's dementia. Chad gets a call from Stefano asking how he has been doing lately, but he refuses any help from him. Caroline doesn't want Hope or Bo bringing anyone to follow her around making her feel like an invalid, but sees she has no other option. Gabi goes to Rafe apologizing after hearing his baby died, Sami tells Rafe to tell his sister the whole story. Sami threatens to call the police on Kristen while showing up at her apartment, and says she is her new boss. Howard finds Chad and offers his condelences to E.J. and is shocked to learn that the baby Nicole lost was E.J.'s.Kayla tells Bo about another option for Caroline but the treatment is across country.

  • Ep. #11945
    Ep. #11945
    Episode 234

    John is surprised by Kristen's arrival at his office. Sami tells Lucas that she and Rafe aren't together anymore cause he lied to her about him not being the child's father. E.J. blasts Jennifer for killing his son, Hope steps in saying that he should leave. Rafe tells Nicole that E.J. has a recording of her saying that the baby was E.J.'s. Marlena hurries so she can warn John. John tells Kristen that he is calling Romanand having her arrested. Lucas tries to make Sami understand that Rafe had his reasons for lying. E.J. makes threats regarding Rafe and Daniel's careers but decides not to and it letting it go. Hope tells Jennifer she believes her when she wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. John tells Marlena his lawyer can't do anything cause the statute of limitations has run out.Daniel tells Nicole they can leave town together but under one condition, to not let Jennifer pay for something she didn't do.

  • Ep. #11944
    Ep. #11944
    Episode 233

    Kate tells John that he's in for something with Sami hiring Nick for Countess W. Will tells Tad that despite what they been through, he's happy he's staying in Salem. Nicole is thrown at Daniel asking her if maybe she was mistaken and this being an accident. Tad tells Will and Sonny he's happy for the two of them.Jennifer tells Brady to leave when it seems he doesn't believe her that Nicole's baby dying wasn't intentional. Marlena tells Kristen what exactly is she doing in Salem, and learns that Stefano who brought her. Nicole is surprised by Jennifer's appearance in her hospital room, but tells her to get out. Sonny jokes around with Will about them possibly getting married some day, and have some fun with Kate. Brady tells John he isn't sure whether or not Jennifer did it or not. Kristen extends her hand to Marlena in her efforts to make ammends for the past.Daniel tells Maggie he just thought of something he can do. John runs into Kristen at his office. Daniel suggests to Nicole when she is better to go away together.

  • Ep. #11943
    Ep. #11943
    Episode 232

    Stefano calls Kristen wanting a progress report on what they discussed. Justin tells Jennifer he couldn't get the charge reduced or yet dismissed and Brady and Billie's statements are damaging. Nicole tells Daniel that E.J. overheard her and Rafe and knows that the baby was his. Kayla tells Bo and Roman that she contacted the rest of the family and agree decisions need to be made. Marlena wonders if John knows something he isn't telling her. Roman tells Kayla what they should do regarding their Caroline. Abigail goes to see Nicole pleading with her not to punish her mother. Kristen reads on John being cleared on embezzlement, and sees him and Marlena come in the town square. Daniel sees that Jennifer was released without any bail. Marlena sets up for the picnic for John in the park. Bo decides to go and tell Caroline that she needs help. Daniel asks Nicole if she was mistaken and could it have been an accident. Marlena is surprised when Kristen comes up to her.

  • Ep. #11942
    Ep. #11942
    Episode 231

    Maggie realizes that Caroline is the one who's sick not Bo. Rafe admits to Sami that he was never the father of Nicole's baby. John doesn't tell Marlena exactly what he was dreaming about. Kristen lands in Salem, thinking of other business she has to attend to. Caroline comes in the room and Victor hears her calling out for Shawn. John wonders why now after all this time he's thinking about Kristen. Sami Rafe is livid that he told Carrie the truth and not her. Marlena catches up to John in the town square asking him what got him so rattled earlier. E.J. gets a visit from someone that looks like his mother but it's Kristen. Victor tells Bo how proud he is to have him as a son. Sami makes it clear to Rafe thatthey are finished.

  • Ep. #11941
    Ep. #11941
    Episode 230

    Kristen is enroute to Salem. Caroline wants to know from Kayla what her options are if the test came back saying she has alzheimers. Nicole despite everything doesn't tell E.J. the truth. Maggie somewhat blames herself since she was determined to find Nicole a place to live. Hope suggests to Bo they use the money from his pension to get medical treatment for Caroline. Marlena asks John what he and Sonny were talking about early at the coffee house. Nicole finally admits to E.J. the child she lost was his. E.J. interrupts Sami and Rafe's romance announcing that he was the father not him. John wakes up after having a nightmare about Stefano, and sees Kristen laying beside him. Maggie sees what kind of research Hope is looking at on the computer. E.J. takes out his phone and plays the recording shocking Sami.

  • Ep. #11940
    Ep. #11940
    Episode 229

    Caroline tells Bo to stop hovering over her and for him to go him. E.J. calls and leaves a message for Justin saying he has proof that he's the father ofthe baby, and is told by a nurse that it didn't make it. Nick asks Gabi if she'd go out on a date with him. Sami tells Marlena she is going to the hospital to show her support for Rafe. Bo asks Kayla iftheir mother's results are in, Hope then calls him saying that Jennifer is in trouble. Nick and Gabi almost share another kiss, but are interrupted by Will and Sonny who are on their first date together. E.J. breaks down in tears over the loss of yet another child. Caroline tells Roman about the tests she's had done and she couldpossibly have alzheimers. Sami consoles Rafe as hetells her the bad news. Bo tells Hope about about the incident tonight inolving Caroline referring him as Shawn. E.J. tells Nicole to be honest with him and tell him it was his baby so they can grieve together.

  • Ep. #11939
    Ep. #11939
    Episode 228

    Stefano tells Kristen that she is pretty much his last chance. Nicole prays that Daniel believes that Jennifer tried to physically hurt her. Abigail goes to see Jennifer not believing for a second she meant to do harm to Nicole and her baby, and asks Hope if her mother will go to jail. Rafe and Sami continue their reconciliation saying she has never stopped loving him. John and Marlena run into Will and Sonny, and he finds out they're dating. Rafe comes to the hospital and learns that Nicole lost the baby and asks to see her. Billie tells Daniel that Jennifer was arrested and charged with murder. E.J. goes to see Sami wanting to talk with Rafe. Sonny tells John he has an enticing offer for him, but refuses to bring up his past with Kristen. Abigail tells Hope she feels responsible for her mother going off on Nicole. Kristen agrees to do what Stefano asks. E.J. overhears some alarming information. Daniel tells Jennifer her believes her when she said she didn't do this

  • Ep. #11938
    Ep. #11938
    Episode 227

    Caroline tells Kaya if it's possible that alzheimers is the cause for these recent episodes. Stefano tries to persuade Kristen to come back to Salem and restore peace to their family. Nicole tells Brady that her baby is coming right, and tells Jennifer this is what she wanted. Victor tells Daniel the reason he is moving away with Nicole is courtesy of one big lie. John and Marlena look on as they see Sami and Rafe together. Roman questions Jennifer about what happend to Nicole causing her to fall. Daniel gets an alarming call from Brady about Nicole and rushes to the hospital and Maxine tells him that the baby died. Bo and Kayla support Caroline. Sami and Rafe decide to put off their discussion about Nicole. Kristen relives that last memory she has of last time she encountered Marlena. Brady tells Roman he recounts to Nicole and Jennifer argument from earlier. Nicole proclaims to Daniel that Jennifer killed her baby and if or not he believes her. Roman places Jennifer under arrest for the death of Nicole's baby.

  • Ep. #11937
    Ep. #11937
    Episode 226

    Stefano meets up someone saying it's been a long time. Rafe goes to Sami's for their date, and E.J. then sees them together. Caroline realizes she called Bo by his father's name and admits there might be something wrong with her. Brady stops Jennifer from calling Daniel and says he is really worried about her. Nicole tells Daniel they need to leave before E.J. orders another paternity test. Rafe makes it clear that he has won and he lost and is the one that is with Sami. Nicole goes ballistic after hearing Jennifer's message for Daniel, and goes to the town square after deleting the message. Victor tells Danielhe knows he is throwing away everything for Nicole.Bo brings Caroline to see Bo andsays there is something wrong with her. Nicole arrives and slowly approaches Jennifer with a scalpel in her hand. Abigail tells E.J. that Nicole has moved out of the house. The woman that Stefano is speaking too turns out to be Kristen Blake.Nicole follows Jennifer up the stairs and Brady andBillie witness her falling.

  • Ep. #11936
    Ep. #11936
    Episode 225

    Abigail asks Gabi if she is the reason that Melanie left town. Hope tells Bo she isn't saying no to the around the world trip, he opens up to Caroline's state of mind and how she has been mixing up names and other things as of late. Kate approaches Chad on whether or not he's heard from Stefano. Daniel tells Brady he is going to leave Salem for a little while. Abigailgoes hoping to get answers from Chad regarding Melanie, but makes it clear he doesn't want to talk about it. Maggie is thrown at Daniel's admission about moving out of state. Brady breaks up an intense fight between Jennifer and Nicole. Kate presents Nick with a viable job opportunity, but he sees this as destroying the competition. Bo helps Caroline clean up a mess, but she is angry and refers to him as Shawn. Nicole tells Daniel she doesn't want to wait a week to go to Utah and they need to leave right now.

  • Ep. #11935
    Ep. #11935
    Episode 224

    Nicole almost approaches Rafe until she learns he and Sami are back together again. Jennifer gives Daniel a list of all the men that Nicole has hurt in the past. Bo shows Hope what he has planned but she sees right through it. Nicole listens to a message that Daniel left her about the idea of moving to Utah. Sami takes Rafe back to a place where they had some special memories. Marlena tells Hope why she didn't tell Bo what she feels of his idea. Jennifer tells Billie she is so frustrated at Nicole as of late. Sami and Rafe forgive one another and proceed with their relationship. Boasks Gabi to keep an eye on Carolinein case she does something out of the ordinary. Billie asks Jennifer what exactly didNicole did that got her so riled. Hope tells Bo that taking this trip right now is a good idea.

  • Ep. #11934
    Ep. #11934
    Episode 223

    Nicole becomes even more upset after seeing Jennifer and Daniel together. Sami tells Rafe that if he wants to keep E.J.'s baby away from him she can help. Stefano senses the pain in E.J.'s voice and offers to help him deal with those who hurt him. Kate and Lucas discuss his discomfort upon seeing Will being affectionate with Sonny in public. Nicole takes a scalpel from the hospital. Sonny asks Victor if he has a problem with him and Will being more then just friends. E.J. refuses help from Stefano. Daniel tells Jennifer that he is going to quit his job. Rafe is conflicted about telling Sami the truth about the paternity of Nicole's baby. Lucas tells Will and Sonny he supports their relationship. Kate asks E.J. if he will let Stefano back into his life. Billie accidentally further wounds Nicole, by congratulating her on being due any day now.

  • Ep. #11933
    Ep. #11933
    Episode 222

    Rafe and Sami reunite, which displeases E.J. very much. Kayla lets it slip to Bo about layoffs at the Salem P.D. and Hope confirms it. E.J. tells Sami he has a rational explanation. Daniel and Jennifer agree to go their seperate ways. Rafe talks with Nick thanking him for what he did for Gabi, and asks why he risked his neckfor her, he says he and she have become friends. Dr. Sedwick tells Nicole devastating news that her baby died. Bo confronts Roman about his plan and offers his resignation to prevent losing two potential cops.Maggie apologizes to Daniel for interferingand is surprised that he and Jennifer ended their friendship. Kayla gets word of an emergency at the hospital. E.J.tells Sami to go and ask Rafe about lying about being the father of someone else's baby. Bo tells Hope that he resigned from the force. E.J. gets an incoming call from Stefano. Nicole sees Daniel and Jennifer together.

  • Ep. #11932
    Ep. #11932
    Episode 221

    Sami goes to see Chad asking what he and E.J. where talking about last night. Gabi tells Rafe the good news about her deal Chad made with Nick and won't be pursuing her anymore. E.J. works to get Chad'sdepositions thrown out and asks his lawyer to find a loophole. Maggie tells Jennifer to stop hurting Daniel. Abigail sees that Cameron has moved on to someone else. Nicole comes up with an idea but Daniel thinks that her moving away is not an option. Chad is furious after Sami tells him what E.J. was planning. Maggie comes home to a surprise brunch Victor has spread out for her. Sami and Rafe go in search of each other and see each other from a far in the town square. Jennifer asks Daniel if he would want to pick up where they left off being friends. Chad confronts E.J. about his deception about him only doing this in order to get Sami back. Dr. Sedwick tells Nicole she is not hearing a heartbeat on the fetal monitor.

  • Ep. #11931
    Ep. #11931
    Episode 220

    Daniel tells Abigail that Melanie is on her way to Barcelona to be with Carly. Brady steps in and stops the fight between Nicole and Jennifer. Chad tells Gabi that it is time that the whole town knew what she has done. Sami tells E.J. she wants to hear what Rafe has to say. Caroline offers to take Jennifer back to the pub, but Brady says he has this under control. Bo tells Billie that he's contemplating leaving the police force. Nick wants Chad to swear that he will not pursue putting Gabi in jail and wants it in writing, or else he will be arrested for assault. Bo talks with Caroline about his future. Daniel is warned by Brady about Nicole. Chad tells E.J. that Melanie won't be coming back, and Gabi is gonna get away with everything. Gabi and Nick share a kiss. Rafe tells Will he is not sure things will work out between him and Sami. E.J. is mad that Chad signed a paper promising not to punish Gabi unaware that Sami is listening.

  • Ep. #11930
    Ep. #11930
    Episode 219

    Nicole asks Rafe what Sami did for him to be so down on himself. Daniel tells Jennifer she is getting mixed up in a very serious situation if she goes through with this. Sami and E.J. are interrupted by a Chad who is irate that Melanie is gone. Maggies does what Melanie asks and returns the engagement ring in an envelope to his apartment.Nicole asks Rafe that E.J. is gonna demand another paternity test after the baby is born. Jennifer tells Daniel she made the right choice in choosing Jack over him. Gabi begins to notice Caroline is getting all confused. Nick tells Maggie that Chad is gonna put Melanie leaving town on him. Jennifer and Nicole cause a public spectacle which is seens by Caroline. Chadgoes ballistic after he finds that the ring was returned and goes and tells Gabi that he is gonna hurt her the way she hurt him.

  • Ep. #11929
    Ep. #11929
    Episode 218

    Bo is irate that he missed Ciara's poetry reading cause of his long hours at the station. Daniel makes it clear to E.J. that he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near any member of his family. Jennifer tells Abigail that Nicole's day of her living at their house is coming to an end. Sami is heartbroken when Rafe says they don't have a future together, but doesn't tell her why. Gabi tells Nicolesomething that gives her a reason to go andlean on Daniel. Caroline tells Roman why didn't he tell her that Bo is considering leaving the force. Sami tries to get Rafe to remember what they felt for one another. Roman tells Hope when the time comes he might not have a choice but to lay Bo off. Gabi tells Abigail the wedding left town and the wedding has been called off. Daniel catches Jennifer making an alarming phone call, he quickly grabs the phone and hangs it up. Sami tells E.J. he was right about Rafe not having forgiven her for what she did with him.

  • Ep. #11928
    Ep. #11928
    Episode 217

    Sami tells Will that Rafe pretty much broke her heart. Sonny comes in but doesn't hear Lucas and Adrienne's conversation. Melanie tells Maggie and Daniel she was saying her final goodbyes and is leaving Salem today. E.J. puts Rafe in a terrible position considering what Gabi did to Melanie and Chad. Chad tells Brady to drop the act and is probably happy he and Melanie aren't getting married. Justin tellsGabi she is possibly look at tenyears in prison if convicted. E.J. tells Rafe he will be lenient on Gabi, if he gives up Sami to him. Will overhearsand learns his father is uncomfortable with him beinggay, and explains to Lucas he is not mad by his admission. Chad issues a warning to E.J. about what is under control and better not get in the way of him and Melanie. Melanie gives Maggie her engagement ring and tells her to giveit back to Chad. Rafe tells Sami he doesn't think they can start over.

  • Ep. #11927
    Ep. #11927
    Episode 216

    Melanie tells Chad she doesn't know if she can forgive him, and needs to see her mother so she can figure things out. E.J. tells Howard that he wants to bring Rafe down and making sure Sami won't know he had a hand in this. Sami asks Rafe how could their date mean nothing to him. Lucas asks Will when he was going to tell him that Sonny and him were an item. Marlena worries about Brady and how he is doing coping with his loss. Nick tells Gabi since she didn't know Andrew's plan, then she has nothing to worry about. E.J. gets an alarming call from Chad asking his help. Melanie goes and seesGabi saying she is leaving Salem and to watch her back. Lucas expresses his concern to Sami about seeing Will and Sonny kissing out in public. Adrienne apologizes to Will saying she was wrong about him. Rafe acquires Justinto represent Gabi. Lucas tells Adrienne he is sureshe was right about what he said about his son. E.J. tells Rafe he knows what Gabi has done and what he's going to do about it.

  • Ep. #11926
    Ep. #11926
    Episode 215

    Daniel confronts Chad about what he did to Nick and the way he reacted in the process. Gabi goes to Rafe saying she is in really big trouble and admits Andrew never stalked her. Roman tells Bo he needs an answer from, Caroline overhears that he might resign from the force. Daniel insists that Chad get some help about his recent outbursts and to stay away from Melanie. Rafe tells Gabi there's no way he is gonna let her turn herself into the police. Chad vows to make things right and goes and apologizes to Nick. E.J. is hurt when Sami tells him she still has feelings for Rafe. E.J. tells Sami that Rafe isn't the man she fell in love with. Melanie tells Chad that she is leaving town without him. Rafe tells Sami that it was just a date nothing more.

  • Ep. #11925
    Ep. #11925
    Episode 214

    Jennifer tells Nicole she needs to move out of her house. Maggie tells Daniel there's nothing they can do to change Melanie's mind. Melanie tells Chad she wants to hear what Gabi has to say. Maxine stops Nick before saying that Kayla hasn't discharged him yet. Gabi comes clean to a shocked Melanie about her involvement with Andrew, and orders her to get out. Maggie sees Nick and asks who did this to him. Daniel sees that Jennifer is doing research on some DNA labs, and says for her no to do what she is planning. Melanie tells Chad there's not going to be a wedding, and is consoled by Maggie and Daniel. Rafe brings Sami back to her place and surprises her with a kiss.

  • Ep. #11924
    Ep. #11924
    Episode 213

    Kate informs Lucas of what Adrienne said about Will. Gabi intervenes and tells Chad to stop beating up Nick saying Melanie is with Maggie. Sami looks at the picture and asks Nicole if she is still sleeping with Rafe. Rafe and E.J. continue to exchange words. Sonny tells Will that he is not backing away from each other ever again. Rafe asks Nicole why she went so far as to photshop a picture of the two of them together. Gabi brings Nick to see Kayla, but doesn't tell her who beat him up. Maggie is delighted when Melanie tells her that she settled things with Nick. Sami goes to Marlena saying she had a brief run in with Nicole. Lucas quickly leaves after seeing Will and Sonny kiss. Gabi tells Melanie that Chad beat up Nick and says there's something she needs to her from her.

  • Ep. #11923
    Ep. #11923
    Episode 212

    Maggie tells Adrienne she lied to Melanie when she she approved of her marriage, when she is doing it for the wrong reasons. Nicole has a brief dream of E.J. saying he knows the truth. Sami tells Rafe they can talk or sit down and have dinner and whatever comes next. Chad comes home seeing Melanie isn't there and wonders where she is. Melanie tells Nick if and fact he really has changed for the better. Marlena tells Will that whoever said he wasn't good enough is wrong. Nicole comes up with a clever plan and has Rafe photoshopped into a picture of her in bed with him. Billie gives E.J. a warning cause men tend to get hurt when they're around Sami. Adrienne apologizes to Sonny for what she said to Will. Nicole arrives at Sami's hoping she will see the "picture" of her and Rafe. Sonny and Will share a kiss. Chad gets violent with Nick when he sees him with a scarf that he got for Melanie.

  • Ep. #11922
    Ep. #11922
    Episode 211

    Victor tells Brady and Maggie he doesn't want Melanie to marry a DiMera. Gabi tells Rafe to explain the bruise on his forehead and just how the other person is. Melanie realizes that Chad's proposal pretty much meant to keep her away from Nick. Hope gives Bo a terrific idea. Sami tells Lucas that Rafe and E.J.'s fight was not about her. Maggie stops Victor before he does something rash to Chad. Abe sees Theo talking with Nick, and goes over and tells him not to wander off. Kate brings up to Sami about some labor law violations over at Countess W, Rafe steps in and defends Sami. Brady meets with Chad and lets him know that he is rushing into this marriage. Melanietells Nick they need to talk about everything.

  • Ep. #11921
    Ep. #11921
    Episode 210

    Chad demands that Gabi tell him what she and Nick were talking about. Kate presents to Brady an idea that Madison had, and will take pleasure in both taking Sami down. Jennifer tells Daniel she knows the truth about him lying about Nicole's baby. Sami learns that Will overheard Adrienne say some things about him. Nicole begins to work Abigail. Melanie is delighted for Sonny and his date, and wonders what is taking Chad so long. Nick steps in when Chad grabs Gabi's arm accuses her of lying. Sonny gets Will's message cancelling their date for tonight. Sami confronts Adrienne for what she said about Will, Kate comes in and she better make things right. Caroline tells Chad he's not doing any good by harrassing Gabi and Nick andto stay away from him. Abigail encounters Cameron for the first time since their breakup, but he blatantly ignores her, Melanie. Chad believes that Nick and Gabi are lying to him. Daniel tells Nicole that Jennifer does know, she asks him if he is having second thoughts about the plan.

  • Ep. #11920
    Ep. #11920
    Episode 209

    Nick overhears Abigail tell Gabi that Melanie and Chad moved up the ceremony. Jennifer tells Nicole what she is doing to and knowing that the baby she's carrying is actually E.J.'s. Daniel is shocked at Melaniewhen she says she will be getting married in two weeks. Will tells Sami that he has a date tonight and will tell who it is later if it goes well. Chad tells E.J. he believes that Nick arranged for him to be somewhat closer to Melanie. Will overhears Justin and Adriennevoice her opinions of him going out with Sonny. Abigail asks Gabi why she isn't helping with Melanie prepare for the wedding. Maxine invites Daniel to a party welcoming Jennifer back to the hospital, but he refuses to come. E.J. formulates a plan to ruin Rafe's career. Abigail comes home in the middle of Jennifer and Nicole's heated argument. Chad sees Gabi and Nick and remembers what E.J. told him. Sami listens to Will and hears he cancelled his date with Sonny, and admits he isn't good enough for him.

  • Ep. #11919
    Ep. #11919
    Episode 208

    E.J. and Rafe engage in a brawl in the town square, Lucas asks John if this is cause of Sami. Jennifer tells Hope she feels bad for yelling at Daniel and needs to find him so she can apologize to him. Bo stops by with some papers for Sami to sign regarding her arrest. Sonny tells Justin that he is interested in Will but Adrienne felt he had enough baggage already. John breaks up a fight between Rafe and E.J. Daniel tells Nicole that they don't have a romantic future together. E.J. calls Justin and asks for his services and needs to see him right away. Sami sees that Rafe is badly beaten, and learns he got into it with E.J. Jennifer interrupts Danielwhich angersNicole. Bo opens his latest pay realizing he took a major pay cut, Hope says that they're gonna get by somehow. E.J. instructs Justin he wants a paternity test done on Nicole's baby and is certain he is the father and not Rafe, Jennifer overhears that Daniel might be affected.

  • Ep. #11918
    Ep. #11918
    Episode 207

    Maggie asks Melanie if she's marrying Chad for all the wrong reasons. Anne continues to make trouble for Jennifer and Daniel steps in and stands up for her again. Brady witnesses Rafe have an outburst. Gabi asks Chad how Melanie is gonna feel when she finds out he also knew and didn't tell her. Will tells Sonny that he knows about his feelings for him courtesy of Tad. Nicole tries to drive a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer by expressing her concern to Maggie and to take her out of town. Chad is shocked that Caroline offered Nick a job at the pub. Rafe tells Brady he made a fool of himself, and Sami is out with E.J. having a good time as they speak.E.J. is irate after Sami cancels their date cause of Rafe. Maxine tells Jennifer is she is crazy for laying into Danielfor the way he stood up to Anne. Will opens up to Gabi about his getting involved with Sonny. E.J. warns Rafe to stay out Sami's life as well as his.

  • Ep. #11917
    Ep. #11917
    Episode 206

    Sonny sees the look on Adrienne's face when he says he is interested in Will. Rafe tells Sami that E.J. isn't the right man for her. Nick tells Gabi that Melanie really stepped up for him at his parole hearing. Will catches up with Tad and asks if those were the words from Sonny regarding his feelings. E.J. brings a bottle of champagne to celebrate the newly engaged couple, Chad then asks E.J. to be his best man. Caroline tells Bo what a great job Nick has been doing as of late. Melanie calls Abigail, who then tells her that Cameron broke up with her. Will results to blackmailing Tad in order to get him to say what Sonny said. Adrienne tells Sonny that Will comes with a lot of baggage. Gabi is surprised at Chad and Melanie's engagement. Sami is stunned when Rafe kisses her.Sonny is about to tell Will something important, he then gets a call from Brian. Chad tells Gabi there's no wayshe is going to be apart of the wedding. E.J. goes to pick up Sami for their date. Melaniegoes to the pub with Abigail andfinds out Nick works there.

  • Episode #11916 Wednesday, September 12, 2012
    EJ spends the day multitasking – with one hand he is prepping for a romantic evening to win over Sami – and with the other, he is starting the ball rolling to take legal action to get custody of Nicole’s baby. These two agendas come together as EJ plans to use Rafe’s alleged paternity – a likely deal breaker for Sami – to take his rival out of the running for her affections. Nicole confides her feelings for Daniel to Rafe. He encourages Nicole to be honest with Daniel – the secret they share about her baby’s paternity could be threatened if Rafe, Nicole and Daniel start keeping secrets from one another. Nicole calls Rafe on his growing feelings for Sami. She encourages him to take his own advice – to be honest with himself and go after what he wants. Later, Rafe shows up at Sami’s, hoping to talk her out of her date with EJ. Sami puts Will in the loop about her possible reconciliation with EJ. Will is reluctant to give romantic advice but he cautions his mother to look before she leaps. Later, Will finds out from T that Sonny is interested in him. Meanwhile, Adrienne is dismayed when Sonny reveals he has feelings for Will. Melanie bristles at the men in her life (Chad, Daniel, Brady) who are being too overprotective. Daniel finds out Melanie is engaged to Chad, and does his best not to flip out – even though he fears the engagement is a knee-jerk reaction to Nick’s parole. Jennifer and Brady both ditch their group grief counseling session - and end up consoling each other over a friendly snack.moreless
  • Ep. #11915
    Ep. #11915
    Episode 204

    Chad goes to E.J. to help him locate Stefano, cause he needs his help about something. Melanie blantly tells Nick to stay away from her, Maggie says that he's living at the mansion now. Jennifer is thrown at Abigail's admission of her being a virgin. Brady catches Nicole with Daniel and asks her regarding his feelings towards him. Sami contemplates sending Rafe a text to continue their conversation before being interrupted, not before Kate tells her what she thinks of her. Nicole eavesdrops on Jennifer telling Daniel if he really cares about her. Billie and Kate discuss about working together. Melanie tells Chad to ask her again and she will give him an answer. Sami comes out and asks E.J. out on a date. Nick runs into Caroline and he's pleasantly surprised when she offers him a job. Cameron tells Abigail that maybe it's best they don't see each other anymore. Daniel finds out Nick is living at the mansion and asks just who's side is she on. Nicole gives Jennifer a stern warning. Melanie says yes to Chad's proposal.

  • Ep. #11914
    Ep. #11914
    Episode 203

    Abigail apologizes to Cameron for her behavior the other night. Hope asks Maggie if Nick can stay here at the mansion. E.J. interupts Rafe and Sami's conversation. Chad tells Melanie that he is proposing to her, assuring that it doesn't have to do with Nick. Kayla tells Jennifer that Nicole maybe living in her house but she isn't trust worthy.Cameron tells Abigail it's clearshe isn't ready to make love. E.J. invites Sami to the Green Mountain Lodge to celebrate their freedom. Melanie tells Chad that she will think it over. Rafe sees he is thinking about Sami, Lucas interjects and should've listened when he said not to get involved with her. Hope tells E.J. that some people want to meet with him. Melanie talks to Abigail about Chad's marriage proposal. Jennifer walks in as Abigail leaves a message for Cameron wanting to be with him tonight. Abe tells Kaya that he feels good about her taking Lexie's old job, and gives her something he gave to her. E.J.says that he is resigning as mayor of Salem. Melanie and Nick have a brief run in.

  • Ep. #11913
    Ep. #11913
    Episode 202

    Nick tells Abigail that part of the parole means he has to stay in Salem. Daniel welcomes Kayla back at University Hospital, she hopes that Jennifer will come back as well. Marlena tells Sami that Brady needs this job to not try and focus on losing Madison. Melanie tells Chad she can't sleep cause of Nick, and will be better when he's back east with his mother. Rafe asks Gabi what would make her quit a job she loved so much, and if Sami said something to her. Chad goes to see Nick after finding out he is gonna be staying in town and tells him to stay away from Melanie. Nicole is determined to make sure that Jennifer stays far away from Daniel. Will overhears Sonny on the phone with Brian, and up and leaves. Rafe confronts Sami about firing Gabi to stick it to him, and finds out she quit and each exchange apologies. Marlena gives Will some advice on his feelings for Sonny. Melanie is thrown when Chad asks her to marry him. Nicole hears Daniel stick up for Jennifer to a colleague.

  • Ep. #11912
    Ep. #11912
    Episode 201

    Will asks Gabi if the search was on for Andrew's so called accomplice. Melanie reveals to a stunned Chad and Daniel that she changed her mind about being against Nick's parole. Sami learns that Chad and Gabi have quit modelling at Countess W and asks Will if he knows what's wrong with Gabi. Brady informs Kate he's promoting her and not firing her, which Victor supports. Sonny tries to make ammends with Tad by apoligizing for attacking him and says he's right about him having feelings for Will. Will tells Sami that he can't look after Gabi anymore. Victor tells Brady he got word from Maggie about Nick being granted release. Chad tells Gabi there's no way he gonna allow her to take Sami's offer, and will take something from her just like she did with Melanie. Will sees Sonny but turns around not feeling like talking to him. Kate tells Sami she is gonna bring her down as well as her company. Brady warns Maggie about supporting Nick.

  • Ep. #11911
    Ep. #11911
    Episode 200

    Rafe steps in thwarting a mugger away from Sami, and goes after him when he runs off. Melanie testifies at the parole hearing. and wants Nick in the room. Lucas tells E.J. that Sami will probably move onto someone else and will be out of the picture. Abigail comes home to see that Nicole has moved in. Jessica asks Hope if the board would reconsider if they heard Melanie. Sami asks Rafe if he really is the father of Nicole's baby. Melanie stops and takes a minute after having brief flashbacks to Nick taking her hostage. E.J. begins to believe that Nicole might actually be carrying Rafe's baby. Abigail pulls away from almost making love to Cameron and asks him to leave. Chad arrives telling everyone that Melanie is in there testifying, they come out and say that Nick's parole has been granted.

  • Ep. #11910
    Ep. #11910
    Episode 199

    Nicole tells Daniel to think of another option to live elsewhere then at Victor's. Gabi sees that Rafe is in a good mood and what is the cause of it. Hope asks Bo if he's ready for the parole hearing. Sami asks E.J. if he was gonna tell her that he is really a DiMera. Jennifer tells Nicole the idea of coming to live with her. Chad comes home to find Melanie gone, and calls Daniel to help find her. Melanie goes to Gabi for advice about what to do, but she says she's not the person to talk to. Gabi tells Melanie there's something she needs to know, before Chad comes in the pub. Maggie tells Jessica she isn't going to burden Melanie into getting Nick released. Lucas arrives and learns that Sami left him to look after the children. Rafe sees Sami in the interrogation room and learns sheis in for obstruction of justice. Nick's parole hearing begins as testimony is heard. Daniel arrives under the assumption that Melanie is testifying on Nick's behalf when Hope says she hasn't seen her. Lucas cautions E.J. that Sami will be done with him in no time. Melanie tells the parole board that she needs to make a statement.

  • Ep. #11909
    Ep. #11909
    Episode 198

    Melanie has a frightening dream of Nick asking her for help. Daniel asks Maggie for a favor in getting Nicole a place to stay. Chad goes to see Abigail and tells her to choose Melanie over her family. Hope asks Nick to reconsider backing out, and says his mother is also here with her. Nicole sees that Jennifer is already back in town. Melanie tells Brady she fears what will happen to Nick if he does get paroled. Nicole apologizes to Abe for the way she treated him during the election and admitted to playing dirty. Kayla tells Jennifer that she got the divorce process for her and Steve in motion. Chad and Brady advise Melanie to oppose Nick's release. Hope tells Nick she had no choice but to call his mother. Maggie tells Victor andhe says there's no way Nicole is moving into the mansion, Jennifer offers a compromise by allowing her to move in at her place.Abigail overhears Kayla talking with Abe and learnsher marriageto Steve is ending, and then calls Cameron. Nicole is hurt by Daniel whenshe misunderstood him when she will be stayingwith Victor and Maggie.

  • Ep. #11908
    Ep. #11908
    Episode 197

    Sami tells E.J. that she can't do this. Cameron tells Daniel that Jennifer and Abigail should be getting back now, he then ponders about calling her. Rafe gives his condolences to Brady after hearing about Madison. Adrienne asks Sonny about the fight he got himself into. Abigail tells Will that he is still the same person he's always been, and if he has someone in his life. Billie gives Jennifer a shoulder to lean on. Cameron meets up with Abigail and asks how everything went with her family. Adrienne tells Victor to be nice after he sees Sonny talking with Brian. Will tells E.J. he's quitting his job with him so he can focus on his life. Brady and Rafe agree to focus on their work other then their so called love lives. Victor tells Brady that Nick is up for parole and is a good chance he could be released. Daniel runs into Jennifer, he says that he meant to call her sooner but thought he'd give her space. Adrienne asks Will who the guy he's interested in. Rafe comes back for his phone and overhears that Sami isn't with E.J.

  • Ep. #11907
    Ep. #11907
    Episode 196

    Roman tells Sami that Rafe is the reason that the charges against Will were dropped. Abe tells Hope and Bo that Theo is one of the main reasons he is dealing with Lexie not being here. Marlena asks Nick why would he think he hasn't changed since the time he has been in prison. Melanie tells Daniel that she doesn't want to be a victim anymore. Nicole gets a warning from E.J. that if she is lying about her baby not being his there will be consequences, Rafecomes asking if he is harrassing her. Maggie tells Hope that Nick is gonna have difficultty adjusting to life if or when he gets released. Rafe realizes he has lingering feelings for Sami. Daniel tells Nicole he has an idea on how to deal with E.J. Hope goes to see Nick after learning from Julie that he doesn't want the parole hearing. Melanie tells Marlena she wants to speak with Nick. Rafe overhears realizing that Sami is all alone with E.J.

  • Ep. #11906
    Ep. #11906
    Episode 195

    Nick tells Maggie and Julie that Melanie isn't going to be delighted with the idea of his release. Marlena comes by and asks Will how the thing with his friend went. Brian sees that Sonny was seriously worked over. Kate visits E.J. and says she refuses to pay his bail cause of the way he used Will. Gabi encounters Tad in the town square learning he and Will got into it that lead to her and her having sex last night. Chad tells Melanie to go to the parole hearing and tell them what to deny his release. Nicole reveals her feelings to Daniel. Sonny punches Tad as retaliation and cautions him if he ever does it again. Maggie tells Nick he should do what he thinks is best for him, Julie brings up a time when Nick was attacked already and thinks he should talk to Marlena. Kate tells John her plans on going to find Stefano and make him listen to her. Nicole has a vision of what life would be if she and Daniel raised the child together. E.J. calls Chad asking for his help in getting him out of jail. Will admits to Gabi that what happened between them was him trying to convince himself he wasn't gay. Nicole encounters E.J.

  • Ep. #11905
    Ep. #11905
    Episode 194

    Chad tells Daniel that Melanie is determined to put her life back together. Maggie steps in and tells Julie to back off cause this is the last thing Melanie needs. Sami and Rafe touch hands and feels sort of a connection. Nick gets a visit from Hope saying he wants this parole more then anything, Hope tells him about Melanie's recent abduction which stirred up some memories. Nicole tells Rafe that she almost lost the baby during the explosion. Lucas encounters Sami and makes it clear he doesn't want to talk to her. Nick thinks back to the last thing Melanie said to him before going off to prison. Rafe asks Nicole who the mystery man in her life is. Melanie gets a letter regarding Nick's parole hearing, and opens up to Chad about what she went through.

  • Ep. #11904
    Ep. #11904
    Episode 193

    Victor tells Maggie that Daniel just told himk that Madison died in the explosion, and Brady knew for sometime. Sami comes home and Will is thrown at her revelation that Stefano isn't dead. Melanie goes to Brady and offers her condolences after finding out about Madison. Kate shocks Chad when she tells him that Stefano is alive, and gives him a letter from him and that he left to regroup but will be back. Julie gives Lucas information regarding Nick's upcoming parole hearing and it might be good if he returns to the family. Rafe goes to check on Gabi and sees she is okay and the person who was stalking her is dead. Maggie and Victor go to comfort Brady. Sami tells Caroline that she is not going to have any more drama in her life. Lucas can't believe what Kate told her about Stefano, thinking he was really gone this time. Will and Gabi both agree that last night shouldn't have happened. Rafe ponders calling Sami and tell her what he feels. Julie unintentionally gives Melanie some news about Nick.

  • Ep. #11903
    Ep. #11903
    Episode 192

    Tad brutally attacks Sonny and leaves him unconscious on the floor. Kate tells Roman she knows who killed Stefano. Nicole is committed to a relationship with Daniel. E.J. tells Rafe and Sami that Ian had Stefano and faked his death. Jennifer gets a text from Daniel offering his condolences. Hope and Bo bring Stefano to the hospital, telling Daniel not to tell anyone. Will and Gabi's passion intensifies. Justin finds Sonny and asks if he was the victim of a hate crime. Brady tells Marlena he wants everyone to just leave him alone. Rafe doesn't believe E.J.'s claim that Stefano is alive. Roman shocks Kate with the news from Bo that he found Stefano alive. Gabi begins to wonder what she just did with Will. Brady explains to Nicole saying there's not going to be a wedding cause Madison died in the explosion. Lucas apologizes to Will for going off on him earlier. Bo and Hope tells Kate that Stefano doesn't want to see her, she sneaks in to see him not in his room.

  • Ep. #11902
    Ep. #11902
    Episode 191

    Stefano tells E.J. that what Ian is saying is true. Gabi goes to offer her condolences to Jennifer, but comes across Chad telling her to have her things out of his apartment by the time he gets back there. E.J. gets loose and goes after Ian, but he subdues him and tells Stefano to tell him what he needs to know. Sami grabs the gun and points and shoots Silvio in the shoulder. Chad tells Melanie that he called Countess W, telling them that he quit. Tad goes in the java cafe and sees Sonny and Brian all of each other. Lucas lays into Will about how disappointed he is in him, cause he put his loyalty towards E.J. before his family. Jennifer gets a special gift from Jack. E.J. gets up and knocks Ian out and Stefano applauds him, but E.J. tells him exactly what he thinks of him. Sami and Rafe think back to the time where she saved his life. Abe stops by and offers Jennifer his best. Melanie asks Chad what is thing going on with him and Gabi cause he got a bad vibe. E.J. calls the police and tells them where they can find Ian. Will and Gabi look to one another and end up kissing passionately and make love. Tad confronts Sonny and asks when he turned Will gay and punches him. Bo and Hope get an anonymous tip and go to investigate and find Stefano. E.J. comes back to find Sami with Rafe.

  • Ep. #11901
    Ep. #11901
    Episode 190

    Johnny comes out and asks Marlena where his mother is. Will pulls away from Sonny saying he didn't want him to kiss him. Maggie goes to see Jennifer and Abigail and tells him that Jack died the night of the explosion. Ian pulls the curtain revealing a very much alive Stefano DiMera, but E.J. thinks it's a fake. Nicole asks for Nurse Diane's help in getting herself made up for Daniel. Rafe handcuffs Sami to a chair and will wait for E.J. to come back. Maggie asks Daniel what is stopping him from calling Jennifer to check on her, Nicole overhears everything learning Jack is dead. E.J. hears as Ian foresees his claim as a DiMera, but Stefano says that he isn't one. Marlena helps Will with his true feelings. Silvio intervenes and grabs Rafe and they fight and he gets stabbed. Will goes to thejavacafe and sees Sonny and Brian all friendly. Ian admits that the letter from Alice was a clever forgery, and that E.J. are in fact father and son after all.

  • Ep. #11900
    Ep. #11900
    Episode 189

    Tad shows up, and tells Will he came back after reading and discovering he is gay. E.J. finds out that he's being held captive by Ian. Nicole tells Daniel that she wants to keep seeing him. Sonny tells Justin if he has heard from Will since the explosion. Melanie takes off after seeing Andrew, but he then grabs Gabi's arm keeping her from leaving. Rafe tells Sami he is here to arrest her and tells him he doesn't know where E.J. is. Tad tells Will the truth about how people talk about when he leaves the room, and doesn't want anything to do with him. Maggie goes to get Daniel after finding out from Melanie said that the person who took her is in the hospital. Andrew talks with Gabi about letting there secret out, he then dies and Chad heard the entire conversation. Ian admits to E.J. that he killed Stefano and practically set him up to take the fall. Rafe that she is the reason that they're marriage crumbled. Chad is shocked after Gabi confesses and tells her to stay away from Melanie as well as him. Sonny finds Will and is glad that he's okay, and plants a kiss on him. E.J. starts to loosen the ropes on his arms, Ian then reveals something to a stunned E.J. Rafe stops Sami as she is about to make a run for it.

  • Ep. #11899
    Ep. #11899
    Episode 188

    Maggie is overjoyed when she sees Melanie is alright. Brady can'tbelieve that Madison is gone, and finds out that Ian was with her at the end, he asks Kate what he did to her. Father Matt goes to see Nicole in the hospital, and she says that the baby she's carrying isn't E.J.'s. Roman tells Chad and Melanie that they will find Andrew and he will be brought to justice. E.J. tells Sami they need to pass the time til it's safe to go back home. Daniel tells Maggie he should've paid more attention cause he spent most of his time with Nicole. Chad asks Gabi what's wrong, she says that this thing that happened to Melanie is all her fault. E.J. gets a message from one of his contacts about information that could clear his name. Johnrefuses to allow Kate to use Brady to exact his revenge on Ian, and to deal with him herself.Kate is pleased with Lucas's decision not protect Sami anymore. Melanie gets a patient and she and Gabisees that it's Andrew. Nicole refuses to let Daniel end their relationship. Someone comes rattling the doorknob and Sami prepares to knock out whoever it is, and turns out to be Rafe. E.J. goes to meet with his contact and gets hit over the head.

  • Ep. #11898
    Ep. #11898
    Episode 187

    Justin consoles Adrienne after telling that Jack died tonight, Julie the learns the truth. E.J. tells Sami that he feels that they should head back to Salem. Melanie and Chad are reunited, which displeases Gabi very much. Kate is still reeling after Ian's confession to murdering Stefano. Nicole tells Daniel to do the best he can to save her baby. Abigail tells Adrienne that Jack saved her life and died a hero tonight. Nicole tells Daniel that what he gave her seems to have stopped the contractions. Chad, Brady, Melanie wonder that Andrew might still be out there, they leave after they hear some more rumbling. E.J. and Sami are approached by someone and turns out to be Silvio. Kayla is devastated after knowing learning of Jack's death, Cameron wants to know where his remains were taken. Ian stops Kate before she can leave with the news, saying nobody is gonna believe her. Daniel is thrilled when he's reunited with Melanie. Nicole realizes Daniel is the man she wants after finding out E.J. jumped bail. Brady comes looking for Madison and finds Katetells him that Madison died in the explosion tonight. Jennifer breaks down after going through Jack's personal effects. E.J. and Sami share a kiss.

  • Ep. #11897
    Ep. #11897
    Episode 186

    Brady tells Melanie he can't fight this feeling, and needs to go and check on Madison. Bo shows Daniel a way that Nicole could've gone, he asks Hope to call Kayla if she made it to the pub. Abigail watches in horror as Jack falls in the elevator. Chad tells Gabi to help him clear stuff in case Melanie is trapped under all of it. Ian tells John that when he finds Brady, he's gonna make him pay for doing this to Madison. Another cave in occurs, knocking out Melanie and Brady. John tells Ian that he feels he is responsible for Brady not making it to his own wedding. Jennifer tells Roman that Jack was inside the elevator when it fell. Daniel and Bo find a woman named Pam with a broken leg. Kate follows Ianback to his hotel room, letting him know what she thinks of him. Gabi tries to get Chad to come with him, but he's determined to find Melanie. Roman breaks the news to Jennifer and Abigail that Jack died instantly and totake comfort that he was a hero. Daniel finds Nicole wandering around, Bo then calls an ambulance. Justin and Adrienne arrive and Jennifer tells them that Jack is gone. Chad gets jealous when he sees Brady and Melanie's embrace. A drunken Ianlets it slipto Kate that she should be grateful to him cause he killed Stefano.

  • Ep. #11896
    Ep. #11896
    Episode 185

    Marlena tells Kayla that Lucas leave to go and look for Sami. Daniel and Bo can't hear Nicole while trapped under the rubble. E.J. refuses to let Sami go away with him, and should stay here with her family. Cameron looses his grip and the elevator doors close leaving Jack and Abigail trapped. Lucas passes out in the town square while in search of Sami. Abe tells Kayla that he can't believe all of this happened on the day of honoring Lexie. Roman tells Marlena that Sami came between him and E.J. at the warehouse. Theo comforts agirl named Molly, who is sad cause she can't find her mother. Will finds Lucas and lies to him when he say he didn't find his mother. Hope tells Daniel to take a break, but not before a piece of the ceiling falls wounding him. E.J. asks Sami if she can really say goodbye to Lucas.Jennifer tries to calm Abigail down, but the cable continues to break. Abe looks over and sees that Theo is missing, but later comes with Molly's mother. Daniel doesn't see Nicole after unloading all the debris. E.J. brings Sami to one of Stefano's old safe houses on the outskirts of Salem. Abigail gets out and the elevator falls with Jack inside.

  • Ep. #11895
    Ep. #11895
    Episode 184

    Madison tells Ian there's no way that Brady would just abandon her on their wedding day. Andrew tells Chad to ask Gabi where Melanie is. John wakes up and sees Marlena, and goes to check if everyone else is alright. E.J. tells Sami to hang on, but she's said she is slipping. Roman tells Bo and Hope to go and save Sami. Nicole calls out for help when she's trapped under some debris, Daniel tries to find her. Ian sees that Madison is bleeding and goes to check on her. Chad sees that Andrew somehow got away, and asks Gabi what he meant what he said. Jackand Jennifer realize that Abigail is stuck in an elevator. Kayla sets up an area at the Brady Pub so she cantreat all thepeople who got injured in the blast. Will hurries to the warehouse and saves E.J. and Sami from a dangerous situation. Nicole tells Daniel that she has gone into labor. Kate overhears Ian declare his love for Madison, also he was just using her in order to get to the DiMera fortune, he sobs as Madison dies. Samiasks E.J. to leave town, causeif the police find him he will be arrested. Brady feels something and tells Melanie they need to get out of here right away. Jack gets into the elevator, rumbling occurs and the cable starts to break.

  • Ep. #11894
    Ep. #11894
    Episode 183

    Abe welcomes everyone to the dinner to honor Lexie. Andrew insists that Melanie know everything. Chad and Brady continue to zone in on the voices in the tunnels. Roman asks Will where E.J. is, a fellow officer finds his ankle bracelet outside after they reactivate it. Maggie and Victor get into it after wondering if Daniel will show up with Nicole on his arm. Sami calls Will asking for his help cause she and E.J. have a problem. Brady tells Chad they're gonne give the person who has Melanie the element of suprise, another explosion occurs and Andrew is pinned. Hope and Bo get a call and go to Lucas saying it's about Sami and E.J. John officially welcomes Madison to the family. Will arrives with Sydney and Johnny, E.J. tells them that he has to leave for a while.Gabi tells Melanie to go on and get help cause of her ankle, she then tries to free Andrew. Roman enters the warehouse after following Will thinking it would lead them to E.J., Roman spots him andthen Sami too. Madison wonders if Brady has changed his mind about marrying her after seeing he's not at the party. Brady finds Melanie telling her that everything is gonna be alright. Chad pulls the beam and yells at Andrew demanding to know where Melanie is. A major explosion happens leaving several lives hanging in the balance.

  • Ep. #11893
    Ep. #11893
    Episode 182

    Gabi wakes up and attempts to get Melanie out but Andrew grabs her foot, prompting Melanie to asks how he knows her name. Brady and Chad pray that Melanie was no where near the blast. Roman tells Will that E.J. made bail and Sami is thereason for it. Maggie tells Nicole that she is happy that Daniel is spending time with her. Roman receives an anonymous tip, and Will overhears that it involves the DiMera jet is being fueled thinking E.J. is gonna leave the country. Sami tells E.J. that she was mugged and all they took was the flash drive with the footage on it. Victor is upset with Daniel for getting close to Nicole. Will goes to warn E.J. telling him not to get on the airplane, Sami says for him to run he then agrees to do so. Chad and Brady go back in the tunnelandhearvoices but don't know where they're coming from. Roman asks Will where E.J. is. E.J. asks Sami ifgoing away with him is what she wants to do. Andrew begins to tell Melanie about Gabi's part in him kidnapping her.

  • Ep. #11892
    Ep. #11892
    Episode 181

    Chad can barely make out what Melanie is saying, not before Andrew grabs the phone and breaks it. Sami comes home to Lucas after being mugged and attacked. Abigail tells Cameron she can't think ofthe dinner in Lexie's honor then Melanie being abducted by a lunatic. Andrew realizes Melanie tried to trick him and asks if it was Chad she was talking to. Chad tells Brady that Melanie said she was in some kind of tunnels, but lost the connection. Jack sees that Abigail is a mess, and tries to comfort her and assure that her friend will be found. Will tells E.J. that he's here because he wants to be. Sami tells Lucas that all the person took was the flash drive and it was all that they wanted, he is furious that she has been helping E.J. Brady thinks Melanie was taken to the same tunnels thatLexie was taken to, he and Chad hurry there, asGabi tries to get ahold of Andrew. E.J. tells Will that his lawyer wasn't at the hearing and doesn't have any money to post bail. Jennifer sees that Cameron is staying in cause of Abigail. Melanie sees Gabi, and she instructs for her to be quiet as Andrew is looking at the tunnel map, but he recognizes Gabi and strikes his lighter and a explosion occurs.

  • Ep. #11891
    Ep. #11891
    Episode 180

    Chad sees E.J. in cuffs and learns that he is the suspect in Stefano's murder, he is shocked when E.J. reveals that he is not his brother after all. Bo and Hope tell Gabi that her prints were also found on the letter and want answers. Will is pleased when Sami downloaded the footage onto a flash drive. Andrew is relieved when Melanie wakes up thinking that she was dead, she asks him to take off his mask so she can see what he looks like. Sami trusts her instincts and takes off, leaving Will puzzled. Hope and Bo see that Gabi's is hiding something and isn't telling them the truth, they then suggest she go under hypnosis. Austin tells Kate that if he doesn't leave Salem with Carrie then he would lose it forever. Sami arrives telling E.J. she has what she needs to clear him. Carrie arrives to leave for Switzerland with Austin. Will tells Sonny there has to be a program that can retrievethe deleted footage. Melanie uses Andrew's phone to call Chad. Rafe ponders what Carrie told him about him still being in love with Sami. Sami is taken by someone while en route to E.J.'s lawyer.

  • Ep. #11890
    Ep. #11890
    Episode 179

    Daniel comes to Nicole's room and is immediately livid that she got him away from searching for Melanie for a romantic dinner, but she says it's because he hasn't eaten. Sami is angry and slaps E.J.cause he haslied to her once again. Ian is shocked by Brady and Madison's news of their impending marriage tomorrow. Lucas tells Sami to make a decision either him or E.J. E.J. tells Will to find some surveillance footage and to give it to his lawyer. Lucas tells Kate that E.J. was arrested and the explaination that he nor Stefano were father and son, Ian begins to feel nervous after learning that there is proof E.J. is being set up. Sami goes and confronts E.J. at the police station, and he tells her that if Lucas means a lot to her then why is she here with him. Nicole tells Daniel that he is going to get some good news about Melanie and soon. Sonny tries to identify the person in the footage is, but is suddenly disappears, Ian then pays the guy and asks him to leave town.

  • Ep. #11889
    Ep. #11889
    Episode 178

    Gabi, Cameron, Abigail and Sonny urge Chad to take a break from after putting up all those flyers. Hope and Bo question the landlord of the person that abducted Melanie. Will tells Rafe that Lucas got the letter when he stole it from him. Sami tells E.J. she is on his laptop hoping the information he asked for regarding the security cameras. Melanie is astonished that Andrew gave her a teddy bear and has been listening to everything she's been saying. Roman and Agent Spencer are blown away at the latest information, Will then lashes at Lucas forbetraying him. Abigail wonders and tries to figure out why Gabi's stalker kidnapped Melanie and not who he was stalking. Hope and Bo realize that whoever took Melanie is using a stolen identification, and find out he is an escaped mental patient. Sami and E.J. come across the evidence they need, but can't see who retrieved them from the dumpster. Melanie tries to manipulate Andrew by making him believe he's the one she wants to be with. Lucas condones Willagreeinghe should've been there for him. E.J. is arrested and Sami is shocked that he knew he wasn't Stefano's son. Abigail watches Gabi's facial expression wondering if she could've been Andrew's accomplice. Lucas asks Sami what she is doing here with E.J.

  • Ep. #11888
    Ep. #11888
    Episode 177

    Will rushes out of the DiMera mansion hoping to find that letter before somebody else does.Kate hears Ian on the phone and finds out he is keeping tabs of the DiMera's. Rafe is devastated when Carrie tells him she and Austin are moving back to Switzerland. Marlena and John learn that E.J. isn't Stefano's son which gives him motive for killing Stefano.Sami goes to E.J. telling him about the security cameras all over town and could be footage out there showing him throwing the gloves away and him being innocent. John has a runin with Ian and condones him for what he has done to Brady. Will tells Sonny he's looking for a letter and if he doesn't find ithe will be in big trouble, he then recalls and wonders if Lucas might have it. Roman asks Carrie why she is moving and so far away from her family. Ian asks Kate what would she do if he could get Countess Wilhelmina back for her.Will arrives too late at the police stationas Rafe is reading the letter.

  • Ep. #11887
    Ep. #11887
    Episode 176

    Rafe tells Agent Spencer that he is ready to make an arrest. Abe tells John why he didn't issue a hostile take over sooner then it would finally be a legitimate business. Lucas tells Will that he could end up jail cause of his association with E.J. cause the police found gloves in the apartment andtested positive forGSR. Maggie brings some of Melanie's stuff from Intencity to try and determine, Rafe walks in and Daniel asks if they have found Melanie. Sydney sees and asks her father why he is so sad. Lucas puts stuff back in Will's backpack and stumbles across the letter that Alice had written and learning that Stefano and E.J. aren't father and son. Daniel finds something about an appointment which was cancelled after the person found out Melanie wasn't working that day. John gets bad news about the investor suddenly pulling out after coming into some money courtesy of E.J. Nicole tries to figure out why she is so infatuated with Rafe when she is with Daniel now.John gets a callsaying that Brady checked himself into rehab andthat Ian has been slipping him drugs.Lucas tells Rafe that hehas somethingthat he needs to see to believe. Sami sees that there have been security cameras all over town and has an idea on how to help E.J. Will sees that they letter is missing from his backpack.

  • Ep. #11886
    Ep. #11886
    Episode 175

    Gabi tells everyone a story of how she was clorophormed her and brought her to the basement, and asks Rafe if she ruined the investigation. Melanie wakes up andwonders and stars calling out for help. Austin tells Carrie he thinks a hotel room is too small to raise a baby. Daniel tells Bo and Hope if they have another plan on rescuing Melanie. Andrew comes in andMelanie pleads withhim to let her go. Carrie goes to Marlena saying she and Austin are looking for their dream house, and her hiding her true feelings Rafe without breaking Austin's heart. Chad comes across the note that the kidnapper left and finds a number, but can't make out the rest of it. Andrew ignores Melanie's claim that shesmells gas while in the sewer. Hope and Bo come to the conclusion that this thing involving Melanie's abduction is when she was modeling for Countess Wilhelmina. Austin comes back to find Carrie packing, saying she wants to move back to Switzerland. Andrew tells Melanie that she will be going with him by force if necessary.

  • Ep. #11885
    Ep. #11885
    Episode 174

    Chad picks up Melanie's bracelet and begins to search the premises. E.J. demands to be told how they came in possession of the leather gloves. Ian is determined to find out what Kate is hiding in that envelope in her desk. Sami is startled at Lucas' admission that she belongs to him not E.J. Nicole asks Daniel to join her for the afternoon, but brushes her off and late finds out that Melanie has been missing for weeks. Bo and Hope arrive and Chad quickly goes to check the basement, Gabi who isinside the room tries to find a way to get out before she is spotted, Bo stops Chad from further contaminating the crime scene. Kate returns to find Ian reading a confidential document he got from her briefcase. Sami goes back after Roman leaves and asks E.J. if he was wearing those gloves when Stefano was killed, and he admits he was. Bo knocks in the door, and Chad discovers Gabi supposedly unconscious. Lucas overhears as Rafe tells Roman that the gloves came back positive for gun shot residue. Ian thinks back to going into E.J.'s place and planting the gloves behind the picture.

  • Ep. #11884
    Ep. #11884
    Episode 173

    Lucas tells E.J. to stay away from Sami as well as his family. Rafe gets a call from a judge saying they got the warrant to search E.J.'s apartment. Andrew continues to play with Gabi's head by playing the recording. Hope tells Chad the trace the location as to where the e-mail from Melanie was sent. The mystery man lets himself into E.J.'s apartment and plants the gloves behind a painting, but leaves after hearing Roman, Rafe and Agent Spencer arrive. Gabi grabs the phone to delete the recordings, but Andrew says he has copies made up in case. Daniel tells Chad that looking for Melanie himself is indeed a bad idea. Sami is caught in the middle of Lucas and E.J.'s conflict. Chad puts himself in danger while hoping to rescue Melanie. Andrew comes in and tells Melanie that he has made a decision about her. Gabi learns that the police are on to Andrew andhurries to warn him, but they're both are gone and finds a note saying he is gonna put her where nobody can find her. Chad goes to the house unaware that Gabi is inside, he then sees Melanie's bracelet on the floor and kicks the door in.

  • Ep. #11883
    Ep. #11883
    Episode 172

    Andrew scolds Melanie for trying to escape once again, he gets a text from Gabi. Sami quickly pulls away from E.J. before she can make another mistake. Lucas and John plan a hostile take over of DiMera enterprises. Chad and Daniel go to Bo and Hope saying that Melanie is missing.Gabi goes to Andrew pleading with him to let Melanie go, he says he is in control and plays one of their conversations he recorded. Abigail and Cameron brain storm on where Melanie went and why didn't she contacted anyone. Marlena offers her inside to helping John, but they hit a dead end when no one wants to go head to head with E.J. Chad tells Bo what went down between him and Melanie prompting her to run off, Hope shows her passport proving Melanie wasn't planning on going anywhere, Chad sees that she didn't write that e-mail. Lucasarrives seeing Sami and E.J. in an embrace.

  • Ep. #11882
    Ep. #11882
    Episode 171

    Lucas asks Will if there's something that he isn't telling him about E.J. and why he is sosure that he won't come after him. John and Marlena make an attempt at a relaxing day laying on the couch and gives her a foot massage. Gabi stands by as Chadleaves a message for her asking Melanie to call him, afterGabi calls Andrew asking what to do once Chad knows the truth. E.J. explains to Sami although he failed the lie detector test he did not kill Stefano and asks her to believe him that he didn't. Gabi tries to get Chad to focus on something else then worrying about Melanie.Melanie begins to make small talk with Andrew, and slowly goes out the door, Andrew realizes that she is gone. Lucas turns to Marlena and expresses his concerns for Will and him being in trouble. Chad receives an alarming call from Carly telling him that Melanie is not with her. John plans to go after what is rightfully his which is the DiMera empire.

  • Ep. #11881
    Ep. #11881
    Episode 170

    Hayes tells the man that even though E.J. failed the test it won't be admissable in court. Daniel takes Nicole back to her hotel room where they begin kissing passionately. Will tells Roman that why would E.J. be guilty if he came in voluntarily for a polygraph. Lucas grabs the phone from Sami while she is talking business, and presents her with a bracelet that belonged to Alice and instructed him to give it to her. E.J. tells Will that if the media gets a hold of this it destroy his life as mayor of Salem, Will asks E.J. if he really did kill Stefano. Roman asks Rafe if thinks that E.J. isn't the killer, Agent Spencer says it is gonna take more then just ahunch. Danieldiscusses with Nicole about their relationship, andwhere he stands with her. Sami runs into E.J. while in the town square and asks what's bothering. Will assures Lucas that he and E.J. have an understanding and isn't going to use his past actions against him. The mystery man is shown taking the leather gloves that he saw E.J. throw in a dumpster.

  • Ep. #11880
    Ep. #11880
    Episode 169

    Ian sees a messenger drop off Kate something but is alarmed when she doesn't show him the contents. Madison tells Brady that she wants to believe him that he was set up but can't. E.J. consents to taking a polygraph test to prove he didn't kill his father which surprises Roman and Agent Spencer. Daniel shows Nicole the new game at the pub and challenges her to some one on one. Roman asks Will why he is so mixed up in this, and doesn't want to see him get hurt. Carrie tells Austin that she and Rafe were just talking about work. E.J. is startled when Mr. Hayes asks him the question if he is Stefano's son. Nicole and Daniel can't fight their attraction to each other. Roman announces to E.J. that he failed the lie detector test, when he was asked if he killed Stefano. Brady opens up to Madison the reason he became an addict in the first place. Kate decides to make herself a protein shake, unaware it is laced with drugs, but Ian knocks it over before she can taste it. Mr. Hayes is approached by someone and gives him an envelope full of money as payment.

  • Ep. #11879
    Ep. #11879
    Episode 168

    Carrie struggles to keep her mind off of Rafe. Madisontries to get ahold of Brady to apologize for yesterday. Rafe comes knocking on Nicole's door and she quickly answers the door to keep him from seeing Daniel. Brady knocks the drugs off the table after deciding he doesn't want to do it and gets rid of them. Will tells E.J. to go in and take the polygraph test in order to eliminate him as a suspect. Madison goes to Maggie hoping she has heard from Brady. Danieltells Nicole that things between them were fine up until the moment Rafe showed up. Austin sees Carrie and Rafe together in the town square. Madison is delighted when Brady shows up and asks where he was last night, and says he went and scored some coke last night. E.J. assures Will that after the outcome of thetest, one day he will retaliate and will be deadly, and goes to tells Agent Spencer that he'll take the lie detector test.

  • Episode #11878 Thursday, July 5, 2012
  • Ep. #11877
    Ep. #11877
    Episode 166

    E.J. denies Will's clim until he points out about the letter that Alice had written. Chad tells Gabi he was suppose to sit and watch the fireworks with Melanie. Melanie reads a newspaper headline about Lexie's death, and pleads with her kidnapper to let her go and be with Chad. Carrie tells Rafe the only way that Sami layed into both of them was just to hurt them. Melanie is clorophormed by Andrew and has a brief dream of Chad coming to rescue her. Will tells E.J. that he has leverage over him, and he's the one who taught him that and makes a suggestion to run Stefano's company as a way of getting back at him for disowning him. Carrie tells Rafe she was at the hospital and that she and Austin heard the baby's heartbeat and thinks she can't do this with him anymore. Gabi goes and meets up with Andrew and finds out he's been holding Melanie against her will.

  • Ep. #11876
    Ep. #11876
    Episode 165

    Will quickly hides the letter as E.J. comes into the room, and sends him on an errand. Carrie tells Austin the reason she didn't tell Sami is that she would assume that it could be Rafe's. Nicole thanks Daniel for allowing her to spend the night. E.J. walks in and misinterprets Rafe's words about getting someone pregnant, when in fact he meant Carrie not Nicole, he then tells Rafe he is refusing to take a lie detector test. Will is in a good mood causing concern for Sonny. E.J. gets word that Will has not done what he was supposed to do. Carrie and Austin look at the photo of their baby. Sami tells Rafe that E.J. is making do things for him while he's in his employment. Will explains to E.J. he will be calling the shots from now on and that he knows the truth about him not being a DiMera.

  • Ep. #11875
    Ep. #11875
    Episode 164

    Agent Spencer and Rafe head to the DiMera mansion to further question E.J. Sonny tells Will that everyone is beginning to think that E.J. is the one that killed Stefano, and maybe he believes it too. Sami is furious when she learns that Carrie is pregnant and asks why she didn't want her to know. Rafe asks E.J. to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence, he asks E.J. if he in fact owns a gun. Brian asks Will if he wasn't charged with murder would've he had still reveal that he is gay. Marlena lays into Sami for abruptly treating Carrie badly when it's her life that falling apart. Brian asks Sonny if he wants to be more then friends with Will. Will goes through a drawer and finds the letter Alice wrote to Stefano saying E.J. isn't his son. Sami goes to Rafe asking him how long he knew that Carrie was pregnant.

  • Ep. #11874
    Ep. #11874
    Episode 163

    Kayla receives a text from Steve offering his condolences for Lexie, and she admits to Jennifer that her marriage is over, Bo then overhears and says his sister deserves better then this. E.J. tells Johnny and Sydney that Lexie won't be coming at all and is with their grandfather. Abe thinks that they should have a tribute to Lexie so Cameron as well as Chad can see what kind of a person they're sister was. Sami comforts E.J. as they recall some fond memories of his sister. Nicole and Daniel grow closer while at dinner together. Abigail thinks it's not like her to call any of her family, she then sees Gabi dancing with Chad. E.J. asks Celeste if his fathers killer is evergoing to be caught.

  • Ep. #11873
    Ep. #11873
    Episode 162

    Abe tells Marlena he can't go through with it, and isn't ready to say goodbye to Lexie. Roman tells Rafe and Agent Spencer he should have a warrant for E.J.'s place soon. Nicole quickly hides the box of bullets before E.J. can see it. Ian shoots down Brady's accusation of drugging him. Agent Spencer points the finger at Marlena and brings up that she put Stefano in a coma a few years ago. Kayla gives Abe a present from Lexie. E.J. asks Nicole to just admit that the baby is his and they can have the family they were destined to have. Abe asks everyone to stay and watch as he watches a video that Lexiemade for him. Nicolehands over a box of bullets, but Roman says if she obtained illegally they can't beused as evidence.

  • Ep. #11872
    Ep. #11872
    Episode 161

    Melanie tries to get through to her captor by asking what he wants. Gabi grabs Chad's phone before he has a chance at contacting Carly to see if she's spoken to Melanie. E.J. asks Nicole why she came by to see him. Rafe and Carrie both agree that they need to work together professionally. Madison sees that Brady is so energetic and asks what is wrong with him. Kate asks Ian if he's the reason that Brady is acting the way he is. Nicole takes an opportunity to search for information at E.J.'s apartment. Melanie pleads with her kidnapper to let her talk with Chad, but he refuses. Brady goes to confront Ian after Madison tells him the test he had run came back positive. E.J. gives Chad some advice which he takes and vows to be a better brother to him, but not a part of the business. Andrew takes off his mask as he meets Gabi and asks him to be her stalker again so Chad will fall in love with her. Nicole comes across something while going through E.J.'s desk. Melanie knocks out Andrew and works toescape.

  • Ep. #11871
    Ep. #11871
    Episode 160

    Rafe asks Nicole if she knows who switched the DNA samples. Sami and Lucas approach Will after hearing he's working for E.J. yet again. Agent Spencer asks E.J. if he's ready to co-operate with the Salem P.D. Nicole follows E.J. out of the pub and offers her condolences regarding Lexie passing away. Nicole goes against Rafe's advice. Sami confronts E.J. about his latest attempt to have blackmail Will so he would keep working for him. Lucas asks Sonny for advice in how to deal with Will's sexuality, and asks if he in fact has feelings for his son.Rafe suggests to Agent Spencer to get a warrant to search E.J.'s apartment. Lucas sees that Sami went to see E.J. when shepromised she wouldn't.

  • Ep. #11870
    Ep. #11870
    Episode 159

    E.J. gets the paper away from Will before he gets a chance to read it. Lucas tells Sami she did everything right and stood up for Will last night to Roman. Daniel comes back to find Nicole waiting for him in his office. Will spots an article about him in the Salem Spectator and finds everyone looking at him thinking coming out was a mistake. Ciara expresses her concerns when Hope moves to go in the kitchen worrying she won't come back like Theo's mom did. Lucas and Sami read the article and set off to find Will. E.J. tells Stefano's lawyer the original will is gonna be the one used to settle the estate, and his paternity is to be kept a secret. Sonny tells Will to stay away from the DiMera's after learning of his plan to bring down. Daniel and Nicole get intimate.

  • Ep. #11869
    Ep. #11869
    Episode 158

    Nicole offers her condolences to Daniel who is grieving for Lexie, but he says if her act ended before or after they kissed. Agent Spencer arrives saying he wants to take over the Stefano DiMera investigation. Will sees the headline of him being cleared cause of his male companion, E.J. thinks he should be grateful since he's not being charged with murder. Kate issues a warning to Carrie what would happen if she cheats on Austin with Rafe. E.J. gets an unexpected visit from Rafe, Roman and Agent Spencer, he then sees the crime scene photos for the first time. Will sets his eye on a piece of paper that which fell out of E.J.'s pocket and thinks about picking it up. Carrie informs Kate that her marriage to Austin is none of her business.

  • Ep. #11868
    Ep. #11868
    Episode 157

    Will tells Sonny that Roman didn't take kindly to finding out he was gay. John and Marlena offer Abe what they can do for him. Celeste tells Cameron he knows that Abigail is the reason he is staying in Salem. Chad tells Abigail about his and Melanie's fight and regretting the things he said to her. Lucas tells Sami he's relieved that the charges were dropped against their son, but explains how he was cleared after his alibi on a date with a guy. Andrew sees the knob turning and manages to get Gabi to leave so he can put his mask on so Melanie can't recognize him. Abe tells John that when Lexie was held captive the toxic gas caused her tumor. Marlena calls Chad and let's him know thatLexie has died. Andrew drags Melanie back into the room saying she's gonna be here for a long time. Theo asks Abe what they're gonna do now that his mom is gone.Sami tells Will how proud she is of him and they share a tender moment.

  • Ep. #11867
    Ep. #11867
    Episode 156

    Hope and Bo look at Theo playing with Ciara thinking he's not ready to say goodbye to Lexie. E.J. tries to persuade Will to come forward and tell the truth to where he was the night Stefano was murdered. Gabi tells Andrew the good news that Melanie has taken off after her fight with Chad. Roman tells Neil he doesn't believe that Will spend the night with him at a gay bar, and Sami steps in saying she knows what he's talking about. Theo tells Hope that he felt his mother go to heaven and she goes out back seeing Abe holding Lexie and sobbing. Melanie makes an attempt to escape. Hope callsE.J. and breaks the news to him of Lexie's passing. Bo tells Abe that Lexie let go knowing that he and Theo will be alright. Will takes E.J.'s advice and confesses where he was the night of Stefano's murder. Sami watches with proud as Will tells Roman that he's gay, Carrie then says because of Will's alibi the charges againsthim have been dropped. Andrew takes Gabi to his place as Melanie tries to pick the lock with her hair pin .

  • Ep. #11866
    Ep. #11866
    Episode 155

    Billie tells Rafe that Will isn't the one that shot Stefano, E.J. is. Gabi offers to help Chad pick out an apology gift for Melanie. Justin tells Sami that bringing in Carrie was his ideaLexie tells Abe she is not up to have dinner out tonight, so he arranges something in their back yard. Will tells E.J. he's not leaving til he answers his question. Melanie feels that she is being followed and is confronted in an alley by Andrew in disguise, but are almost discovered by Chad and Gabi. Sami accuses Carrie of knowing that Rafe was leading the investigation instead of Roman. Andrew takes Melanie back to his secret place, she then wakes up trying to figure out where she is. Chad calls and apologizes to Will for going off on him for accusing him for killing his father. Neil comes in and provides Rafe with an ironclad alibi he was with him the night Stefano died. Abe holds Lexie, and sees that she quietly passed away in his arms.

  • Ep. #11865
    Ep. #11865
    Episode 154

    Cameron tells Abigail she can't go out with him since he's looking after Theo today, but asks her for a rain check. Brady agrees to Madison's request by taking a drug test, so he calls Daniel. Victor tells Maggie if she wants to file for divorce he won't stop her. Abigail goes and gives the concert tickets to someone at the pub. Brady tells Daniel he hasn't been using since he left rehab, and wants to prove to Madison that he is clean. Victor and Maggie agree to put their fight behind and focus on their marriage and both agree that Daniel should know what he done. Madison tellsIan that Bradyis having a drug test done, and wouldn't do so if he had anything to hide. Cameron tells Abigail he's gonna be staying in Salem.

  • Ep. #11864
    Ep. #11864
    Episode 153

    Bo points to Marlena during his session with Hope concerned that one of their loved ones may have killed Stefano. Abe sees that Kayla is acting very tense and asks if everything is wrong. Maggie comes to see Victor as to his request, and can see what he's up to and it's a complete waste of time. Bo asks Hope what happened between her and John while they were in Alamainia. Maggie tells Victor that she set up a spread for him the day she found out what he did to her. Kayla reveals to Abe and Jennifer the reason she came back to Salem is cause sheneeded some time away from Steve cause he made a decision to go back to the I.S.A. Maggie tells Victor goodbye, but he stops her saying if there's any chance for them at all. Hope and Bo agree to continue working on opening up to one another.

  • Ep. #11863
    Ep. #11863
    Episode 152

    Chad tells Will that he's gonna make sure he won't get away with killing Stefano. Andrew finishes up and quickly moves on to phase two of his plan. Madison tells Kate she doesn't know what to say regarding her recent loss and discuss the incident with Brady at the pub. Ian approaches E.J. and has an enticing business proposition. Melanie and Chad have a huge blow out leading her to storm off. Brady offers Madison that he'll take adrug test to assure that he didn't take anything before that meeting with Serge. E.J. tells Will he he's known all along he didn't shoot Stefano, Will asks him if he knows who did. Andrew watches as Gabi comforts Chad from a far. Madison suggests to Brady they postpone the wedding until they find out the cause. E.J. goes and disposes of theleather gloves he was wearing the night Stefano died. Gabi stops Chadfrom trying to apologize to Melanie for what he said to her. Andrew makes his move and follows Melanie.

  • Ep. #11862
    Ep. #11862
    Episode 151

    Gabi confronts Andrew telling him that the rat thing he did backfired cause Chad told Rafe about her stalker. Rafe is delighted when Nicole comes for the viewing. Sami goes to see Will telling him she believes that he didn't kill Stefano, Marlena says to mention to him about her being at the mansion that night. Gabi tells Andrew that their deal is off. Nicole approaches Stefano's casket admitting that her baby is E.J.'s, Kate then interrupts her. Marlena assures Sami that Stefano will not rise from the ashes again this time. Gabi seizes an opportunity when she sees Chad and Melanie fighting on her defending Will and he could be innocent. Andrew sets up a spot for the arrival for his guest. Lexie explains to Theo that his grandfather went away to a special place where he's not in pain anymore. Chad confronts Will and asks him if he killed his father. E.J. loses control of his emotions.

  • Episode #11861 Tuesday, June 12, 2012
  • Ep. #11861
    Ep. #11861
    Episode 363

    Marlena tells Roman that he arrested the wrong person cause Will didn't shoot Stefano, Roman says he questioned everyone who was at the DiMera mansion and sees someone is definitely lying. Sami explains to Rafe she doesn't want Carrie to represent her son. E.J. tells Will he paid his bail, under one condition if he does whatever he asks and he won't strengthen the prosecutions case. Roman tells Marlena that Will posted bail and John is surprised that it was E.J. who did it. Lucas and Samidemand answers from E.J. Rafe tells Lucas that he believes in Will's innocence, and try to figure out E.J.'s motives. E.J. calls Will telling him that he did a wonderful job earlier when hebacked him up and is what he wanted. Roman asks Rafe to lead the investigation on Stefano's murder.

  • Ep. #11860
    Ep. #11860
    Episode 149

    E.J. comes to the mansion for the first time since Stefano's death and Rafe says he can't come in cause it's a crime scene and reminds him he is a suspect. Jack tells Jennifer the new of his memoirs are being published. Roman asks Will if he understands the charges that are being brought against him. Lexie tells Abe she wants to meet with Chad and E.J. to say she wants to be apart of the planning for her father's service. Lucas tells Sami that if Marlena tells police that Will shot E.J. all those years ago they will look at him in a new light. Jennifer tells Lexie that she and Jack are glad that they're with her. Will asks Sami and Lucas if they believe in his innocence.Rafe goes back letting himself into the mansion to get some papers and hears Rafe coming and quickly hides before he's spotted and learns of Will's arrest. Kayla becomes a sounding board for Abe. Will is shocked tofind out that the one that paid his bail.

  • Ep. #11859
    Ep. #11859
    Episode 148

    Chad asks Melanie if she's glad that Stefano is dead. Lucas arrives and Sami tells him that Roman thinks Will killed Stefano. Roman arrests Will for Stefano's murder. Andrew creeps up on Gabi, sees says to go away cause she's meeting someone. Austin congratulates Rafe after hearing that the test results came back in his favor as the father, Carrie wonders if Rafe lied to her the whole time. Chad tells Melanie that he regrets shutting Stefano out of his life after he found out they were father and son. Andrew tells Gabi he knows her true intentions of her hiring so that Chad can come to her rescue. Austin informs Billie of Carrie's pregnancy. Will assures Sami and Lucas that he didn't kill Stefano. Carrie tells Rafe that what they shared in the safe house was special but nothing can become of it. Gabi opens her lunch to find a rat in it and realizes Andrew had done it. Gabi's plan begins to backfire when Chad goes and talks to Rafe. Roman places Will under arrest for Stefano's murder when the tests come back positive for gun shot residue.

  • Ep. #11858
    Ep. #11858
    Episode 147

    Bo and Hope tell John and Marlena that they're prints were also found on the gun that was used to kill Stefano. Nicole tells Rafe and Daniel that E.J. would go to extreme lengths to take her baby from her. Marlena comes clean to John saying she went to the mansion to confront Stefano, as did he. Sonny learns that Will was fired by E.J. and asks what went down. Roman presents Stefano's will seeing he was cut out of it giving him complete motive to want him dead. Roman reinstates Rafe cause he needs the help since Bo and Hope are suspects. Sonny is shocked when Will tells Sami that he and Sonny are together. Roman tells Marlena, Hope, Bo and John if someone in this room is the killer. E.J. is thrown when Daniel announces that Rafe is the father of Nicole's baby and not him. Roman comes to talk to Will and Sami seesthat he's connected to Stefano's death. Daniel tells Nicole he changed the labels back cause she doesn't want E.J. to take her baby away from her.

  • Ep. #11857
    Ep. #11857
    Episode 146

    Roman tells Martine they have to go down the long list of suspects and must do it by the book. Abe throws out the newspaper with the headline thinking Lexie isn't up to reading it. Sami tells E.J. that with Stefano's passing, he is now free to be his own man, but he doesn't tell her what he found out about him not being Stefano's son. Abe tells Roman that he went to confront Stefano last night and said he left his gun and left as he was still alive, Lexie says she believes him. Roman goes to question Kate saying her fingerprints were found on the weapon, and Ian overhears Kate says that despite everything she still loved Stefano, Ian realizes that when Kate went for her walk she went to confront Stefano. Roman goes to see E.J.and asks if knows who the real killer is.

  • Ep. #11856
    Ep. #11856
    Episode 145

    The shooter goes and makes sure that Stefano is dead before leaving the mansion. John comes back to the townhouse asking where he's been. E.J. finds Will and asks who or what he's running away from. Bo arrives at the pub to find Hope there sitting and waiting for him. Lexie asks Abe to confide in him and what happened. Roman gets an unusual anonymous tip. Andrew shares his ideas with Gabi about taking their "stalker" thing to next level, but she rejects them. Melanie doesn't like the idea of Chad going to Stefano for help. John tells Marlena that he got home earlier and she wasn't there. Kate hurries back to the office and Ian thinks it's the non-compete clause that has her rattled. Abe gets word from the news of Stefano's shooting but turns it off before Lexie can hear it.Roman calls Bo and Hope asking them to come to the DiMera mansion and says as of right now they're suspects. Chad arrives and learns of his father's death. Will goes to Kate and breaks the news that Stefano was murdered. Roman tells Lexie that he's gonna find the person that killed Stefano. John, Marlena, Hope, Bo, Will, E.J., Abe and Kate keep to themselves that they saw Stefano before he died.

  • Ep. #11855
    Ep. #11855
    Episode 144

    Ian sees some discrepency in her divorce papers from Stefano saying he has the power to take back Countess W, and will not be able to work for any competitor. Sami catches up to Marlena asking why she's in such a hurry and needs to talk about Will. E.J. vows to put an end to Stefano but doesn't, not before Abe appears and points a gun at him. Lucas asks Will what he's doing with a gun and he wants the truth from him. Stefano gets a visit from John, who leaves before Hope shows up confronting all that he has done to her family. Will tells Lucas that the gun is E.J.'s which he doesn't believe before going to talk to Sami. Abe gets home thinking about what he almost did by killing Lexie's father. Will, Kate and Bo give their word in before Marlena surprises him by saying there's going to be retribution and pretty much pitys and despises him, she leaves until she sees the gun on the table. Abe reads a note from Lexie saying she couldn't sleep and went out. Lucas tells Sami the gun he put in the safe is no longer there, and unable to reach Will anywhere. Stefano listens to some opera music as someone lets themself in and slowly walks towards and then shoots

  • Ep. #11854
    Ep. #11854
    Episode 143

    Will finds Gabi in a shady part of town and she asks what's in the bag he's holding. Daniel can't believe that Nicole is determined to make sure the test comes up showing Rafe as the father of her baby and not E.J. Roman tells Marlena, John, Bo and Hope that says not to take matters into their own hands. Nicole tells Daniel that there's no way she's going to give E.J. another chance to hurt their child. Stefano holds a picture of him and Lexie saying he's going to be lost without her. E.J. shows Stefano that the tunnel with the toxic gas is the cause, he says that Lexie already knows the truth. Lucas is thrilled when E.J. tells him that Will no longer works for him. Abigail asks Chad and Melanie if Gabì's stalker ever contacted anyone, and if it's possible she made the whole thing up just to get close to him. Gabi hiresthe Countess W camera assistantto pose as her "stalker". Abigail asks Melanie if it's possible that Gabi still has feelings for Chad. Will confides in Marlena that he made sure that Rafe knew about Sami's affair with E.J., Marlena asks what he has on him. Daniel surprises Nicole when he kisses her,she then returns the favor. E.J. tells Stefano he's not leaving til he does what he came here to do, he takes out a gun and points it at him. Lucas bumps into Will dropping the bag and sees there's a gun in it.

  • Ep. #11853
    Ep. #11853
    Episode 142

    Rafe tells Nicole he has to go in there to meet Daniel. and they learn E.J. hasn't shown up to give his DNA sample yet. E.J. tells Abe what Lexie told him she wanted him to step aside as Mayor. Lexie requests to Stefano that after she's gone not to let his hatred get the best of him. Will tells Sami that Stefano made him tell Rafe about her affair with E.J., Sami says she's mad but still loves him. Abe tells Stefano that this is probably karma for all that he's done, they learn that Lexie is overhearing them. E.J. tells Will to hand over the keys to his car, apartment cause he no longer works for him.Nicole stops the person from picking up the DNA samples, she then goes to switch the labels but is caught by Daniel. Rafe goes to see Sami and she tells him about her problems with Will, he gives her some advice. E.J. gets the proof that Stefano is responsible for Lexie illness. Will buys a gun set on making Stefano pay.

  • Ep. #11852
    Ep. #11852
    Episode 141

    Lexie asks E.J. to do the right thing and to give Abe his job back as Mayor and will focus on his personal life. Cameron tells Jack and Jennifer that Lexie is his half sister. Sami finds Will and tells him that she's sorry for walking out after he told her and Lucas that he was gay, but Will says she's starting to make this all about her and shrugs her off. Lexie sees E.J. is hiding something and asks if she can do to help him, he then opens up to her by saying they're not siblings and Stefano isn't his father. Jack and Jennifer share memories of their pasts weddings on their anniversary. Sami and Will finally come to terms and reconcile their differences. Jack gets word that E.J. plans to run for Governor, and Jennifer says to do whatever it takes to stop him. Abigail invites Cameron to the anniversary dinner with his parents tonight. Will reveals to Sami that it's his fault that Rafe knew about her and E.J. sleeping together.

  • Ep. #11851
    Ep. #11851
    Episode 140

    Bo and Hope share a tender moment, saying she's always going to be here with him. Lexie's health takes a terrible turn for the worse, but doesn't tell Abe just how bad it's getting. Abigail overhears Cameron on the phone talking with someone who she assumes is his girlfriend, but he wants to reassure her doubts. E.J. lashes at Will after learning that Stefano told him to make sure Rafe knew the truth, and is the reason he lost Nicole. Austin tells Rafe he wants to put whatever animosity they had behind and to focus on being good fathers to their kids. Cameron introduces Abigail to Sarah leaving her feel foolish for doubting him. Will calls Stefano to let him to know that E.J. caught to what he made him do, but E.J.arrives confronting Stefano. Rafetells Nicole that there's no way that Carrie is gonna leave Austin now that she's pregnant. Hope tells Lexie she'll be delighted to be there for Theo after she's gone. Cameron takes Abigail by surprise when he kisses her. E.J. vows vengeance against Stefano for all that he has done.

  • Ep. #11850
    Ep. #11850
    Episode 139

    Austin takes Carrie to the hospital to make sure she's really pregnant, they then bump into Rafe and Nicole. Will ignores a call from Sami telling E.J. he can't deal with her right now. Marlena and John surprise Lexie with some food to remind them of the weekend in New York from years ago. Carrie tells Rafe that this isn't what she wanted and was about to end her marriage to Austin. Nicole stops Daniel and Austin from going in the room and finding Carrie and Rafe together. Kate tells Sami that maybe she couldn't bring herself to believe that her son was gay, and she needs to be passionate. Will spills something to E.J. about what Stefano made him do assuming he already knew, E.J. then asks Will what he did for his father, he says he wanted Rafe to make sure that him and Sami slept together. Daniel tells Carrie that he test results are in, Austin insists on Rafe and Nicole staying.

  • Ep. #11849
    Ep. #11849
    Episode 138

    Bo surprises Hope in the morning and wishes her a happy anniversary. Will is confused as to why Gabi hasn't gone to the police regarding her stalker. Chad invites Melanie to a family lunch at the DiMera mansion. Celeste gasps when Theo pulls out the death tarot card, and when he shows it to Lexie and Abe. Stefano and E.J. have a heated altercation and Lexie steps in asking them to stop before have another headache. Stefano tells Abe that he had no idea that Lexie was being held captive in the tunnels by André.Gabi continues to cause trouble for Melanie and Chad, by trying to persuade him to break up with him. Will tells Marlena that he came out to his parents, but Sami is the one that didn't take it very well. John meets up with a contact and makes a dangerous purchase, which Marlena witnesses and confronts him saying to let it go and let someone else handle it. Chad delights Stefano saying he wants to be apart of the family, but doesn't want to be like E.J., he's delighted when Melanie arrives at the house. Will tells Gabi that whatever she's planning to break up Chad and Melanie it's not going to work. Hope vows that Stefano will never come between her and Bo ever again. A photographer takes numberous pictures of Lexie with her family.

  • Ep. #11848
    Ep. #11848
    Episode 137

    Rafe goes to see Nicole and says the plan to bring down Stefano was a total bust. Abe takes Lexie home after her latest dizzy spell and insists on Daniel come to check on her. Shane tells Roman, Bo and John that there's nothing he or the I.S.A. can do regarding the situation . Hope realizes that this month is the 30th anniversary of when Stefano began his reign of terror in Salem. Austin accidentally comes across the pregnancy test while looking for something in Carrie's purse. Lexie tells Daniel that she can sense that her body is beginning to shut down. Celeste asks Abe what he meant when he said that Stefano did something to Lexie. Rafe comes into the pub and is devastated to learn that Carrie is carrying Austin's baby. Hope and Bo wonder what they're lives would've been different if Stefano hadn't interfered in them, thinking they should still go to Italy to find out more details about the coin. Roman goes to Shane and thinks Abe is determined to take down Stefano himself and thinks he might go through with it.

  • Episode #11847 Tuesday, May 22, 2012
  • Ep. #11847
    Ep. #11847
    Episode 11847

    Carrie feels some stomach pains as she's trying to tell Austin the truth. Hope tells Abe that Stefano was arrested for buying illegal arms. Stefano receives immunity on all of his crimes. Agent Newman tells Roman that Stefano was asked to obtain the weapons for the C.I.A., John disbelief he tries to take a shot at Stefano himself. Marlena and Hope are delighted when the nightmare is finally over with. Sami comes clean when she tells Lucas she was with E.J. earlier discussing Will, he says that he saw them together earlier. E.J. calls Abe saying that Lexie needs him and to come to the police station. Roman tells Agent Newman herefuses to release Stefano until he checks out his so called story.Rafe sees Carrie, and she quickly hides the pregnancy test in her purse. Austin tells Kayla that he wants things to go back to the way things were. Marlena and Hope getthe news that Stefano could pretty much get released from jail. Lucas tells Sami that what she said to him just now should repeat it to Will, and head back to her place andperfect their dinner. Carrie looks at the pregnancy test and says that it is positive. Lexie has a severe headache and passes outin Abe's arms while everyone is arguing.

  • Ep. #11846
    Ep. #11846
    Episode 135

    E.J. tells Lexie he saw she was having a good time with the square decorated like Paris. Carrie tells Marlena that if she is pregnant, the baby is definitely Austin's. Austin tells Billie when this thing with Carrie is going to end, she sees that he's been looking at houses. Roman tells Stefano to sit tight cause it's gonna be a while. Maggie demands that Victor what he and Henderson were talking about and when he doesn't she storms off.Carrie gets a call from Rafe saying that Stefano was taken into custody and it's all over. Marlena arrives at the police station saying she hasn't had her say towards Stefano yet. Victor catches up to Maggie and reveals the truth that he helped Lillian Jonas by getting her pregnant with one of her eggs. Carrie tells Austin she has something important to tell him and to meet in the town square. Stefano explains to Lexie that John, Bo and Hope and the others are alive and it was a hoax to trap him, Lexie persuades E.J. to do what it takes to help their father. Carrie sees that Austin is talking about expanding their family, but she wants to tell him something. Agent Newman demands that Roman release Stefano immediately.

  • Ep. #11845
    Ep. #11845
    Episode 134

    Bo pretends to be Nevsky in order to lure Stefano to the warehouse. Marlena tends to Carrie after she has a nightmare leading back to the explosion. Lucas is angry at Sami for telling E.J. about Will, and understands if he doesn't speak to her again, cause Marlena didn't walk out on him when she did. Maggie surprises Victor for his birthday, and says they'll have a celebration once everyone comes home. Abigail sees Gabi's jealousy at seeing Chad and Melanie together. Sami asks Lucas to help her fix this with Will. Celeste sees that Cameron and Abigail are becoming even closer. Lexie thanks E.J. for doing all this for her and for getting along with Abe for her sake. Abigail senses something is wrong after Melanie she and Chad haven't had any time alone together cause of Gabi staying with them. Lucas stops by the Kiriakis mansion to wish Victor a happy birthday. Carrie asks Marlena if it's possible that she could be pregnant. Bo takes off the hood revealing himself to Stefano as well as the others, and places him under arrest.

  • Ep. #11844
    Ep. #11844
    Episode 133

    Vladimir says that all of their identities were revealed to him, John says he should think twice before walking away from a fine opportunity. Will asks Lucas if he's alright with the idea of him having a son who's gay. Lexie announces she and Abe will be going to Paris, with her friends and family, Abigail is delighted after finding out that Cameron will also be going. E.J. tells Sami the best as she goes home to talk to Will. Lexie tells Kayla she needs to talk with her about Abe. Sami is upset after hearing that Will confided in Marlena and not her that he wasgay. Lexie learns she is too ill to travel to Paris. Celeste makes Cameron promise that he'll stay away from Abigail, cause she senses danger in her future. Vladimir accepts their offer and gives them what they need to bring down Stefano, they turn the tables and bring him down as well. Cameron, E.J., Chad and Abe arrange a surprise for Lexie by turning the town square what it looks like in Paris. Melanie talks with Abigail about her possibly having feelings for Cameron. Lucas tells Sami to give Will some time cause if she rushes she might lose him altogether.

  • Ep. #11843
    Ep. #11843
    Episode 132

    Madison sees that Brady is diving back into work so soon after John died. E.J. tells Nicole that Rafe isn't here anymore and he should raise the child together. Bo and John fill Rafe in on their plan to go undercover to acquire the weapons that Stefano is purchasing.Lucas tells Sami to stop and to let Will tell them the truth about himself, but storms out after saying she can't deal with this right now. Bo finds a problem when the arms dealer refuses to meet with him and John. E.J. encounters Sami and he finds out that Will just come out to her. Ian seizes an opportunity and drugs Brady's beverage. Lucas tells Will if he and Sonny are a couple after seeing them together that day at the coffee house.Serge instructs Madison and Kate, after seeing Brady's bizarre behaviour he doesn't want him on the project. Hope, Bo, John and Rafe meet up with Vladimir to further their trap for Stefano, but they seem to have been caught. E.J. gives Sami some advice telling her to go and to listen to Will.

  • Ep. #11842
    Ep. #11842
    Episode 131

    Will exresses his concerns for Gabi regarding her stalker situation, and offers to take her someplace safe, but she flat out refuses. John tells Marlena that if Shane doesn't make a move on Stefano soon then he will.Sami lays into Lucas for keeping the fact that Will shot E.J. from her.Bo and Hope wait and pray that Agent Harmon doesn't find them, but then his cellphone starts to ring, they manage to elude him and see he took the coin. Melanie sees that Intensity is under new management and finds out her new boss is Maggie. Agent Harmonbrings Stefano the coin saying he got it from the I.S.A office personally. Sami tells Will how sorry she is and needs to express herself to him about her mistakes. Gabi waits for Melanie and Maggie to leave before she can make her move on Chad saying some guy is following her, Melanie comes back insisting that she call the police. Shane sets a trap for Stefano hoping he takes the bait. Will shocks Lucas and Sami by saying that he's gay.

  • Ep. #11841
    Ep. #11841
    Episode 130

    Lexie doesn't know what to say when Theo asks her to come camping with him and Cameron this summer. Agent Harmon assures Stefano that when he locates the coin it'll be in his hands once again. E.J. tells Billie he already spoke to his father and he said he had nothing to do with John being cleared. Hope recognizes an insignia on the coin which was similar to something she had on a necklace years ago. Carrie hears Austin so she and Rafe immediately stop what they're doing before he can catch them. Bo and Hope tell Shane they want to go to Italy to get answers about the coin. Lexie tells Cameron that she wants him to spend some more time with Theo. E.J. goes to confront Stefano, and he says he owed Alice Horton cause what she did for him as a baby. Carrie tells Austin that yesterday she wanted to tell him something, before she can he gives her the scrapbook that with the photos of them over the years. Lexie gets an idea from Celeste to make videos for Theo so that he'll understand why she's not around anymore. Agent Harmon attempts to get into Shane's office as Bo and Hope are hiding in the next room.

  • Ep. #11840
    Ep. #11840
    Episode 129

    Will comes to the wrong conclusion about Sami when he comes to find her with E.J. Billie is delighted to see Bo and Hope, and tells them that E.J. is the one that stole the Basic Black pension funds framing John. Austin tells Roman that he can't take this anymore and needs to see Carrie right away. Carrie tells Rafe that it's too soon for them to make love before they can tell everyone first. Marlena is distraught by John's idea of taking care of Stefano himself. Lexie tells Abe that she worries about Theo and how he is going to handle her not being around no more. Hope tells Billie to tell E.J. the truth that Stefano helped free John. Roman comes through for Austin and has him taken to the house to speak with Carrie. Will tells Sami that heshot E.J. in the church and he went to work for him to get even with theperson he hated more which was her. Billie meets up with E.J. and tells him that Stefano is the one that helped John get exonerated. Rafe tells Carrie she's gonna find a way to tell Austin about them.

  • Ep. #11839
    Ep. #11839
    Episode 128

    Sami asks Lucas if he thinks everyone believed her about what she said about Marlena at the service. Marlena tells John she doesn't like the idea of their loved ones believing they're dead. Brady tells Madison he was gonna ask John to be his best man at his wedding. Doug asks Kayla how they're tell Caroline and Ciara that Bo and Hope are gone. Sami tells Lucas she vows to be a better person in honor of her mother. Carrie tells Marlena that she and Rafe have decided to be together. Nicole tells Daniel even though Rafe is gone she doesn't want E.J. raising her child. Kayla, Doug and Julie are thrilled that everyone is alive. Roman brings everyone from the pub to the location and they're overjoyed and reunited with their loved ones, and Bo says they have to keep on going with the lie Shane tells Agent Harmon that all the information the people had died with them in the explosion. Shane lets Billie in on his secret that everyone is alive and will explain everything later. Sami issues Austin a stern warning now that Carrie and Rafe are forced to stay together for the time being. John says that nobody in their family is gonna be safe until Stefano is dead.

  • Ep. #11838
    Ep. #11838
    Episode 127

    Billie goes to check on Austin only to see him wallowing himself. Will goes to confront Stefano asking him why he killed his family, but he says he had nothing to do with what happened. Sami tells Lucas she regrets all those things she said to both Marlena and Carrie. Kayla tells Victor to not even think about going after Stefano, Chad steps in saying his father maybe innocent. Shane tells Roman that if anybody finds out that the people are still alive they're live will still be in danger. Brady tells Madison he's going to make his father's company a success. E.J. overhears and asks Will what he means what he meant by what he did for Stefano. Roman looks and listens as Kaylatells everyoneto think about the good memories as well as the laughter. Jennifer breaks down saying she isn't ready to say goodbye to Hope. E.J. brings Stefano to the pub to see exactly what he has done.

  • Ep. #11837
    Ep. #11837
    Episode 126

    Brady comes in the pub and Roman tells him that John and Marlena were killed in an explosion. Abigail rushes and finds Jack and Jennifer and tells them something terrible has happened. Will is irate when Roman confirms that he was there at the safe house when it blew up without survivors. Gabi and Nicole are overcome with grief after learning that Rafe is dead. Stefano learns from E.J. there was an explosion several people died. Austin is consoled by Billie trying to figure out why Carrie was going up there in the first place. Kate sees that Ian had a dinner at the same spot when Stefano evicted her from his life. Chad apologizes to Melanie cause he can't stop thinking about Lexie dying and can't do anything to save her. Jennifer tells Abigail that maybeshe heard Maggie wrong when she called the house. Brady sets off to make Stefano pay for killing his father. Billie goes to Shane knowing that something is up and he knows more then he's letting on. Jennifer realizes from Kayla that Bo and Hope are in fact dead. Everyone watches the tv as E.J. speaks athis press conference. Kate tells Ian that if Stefano is capable of killing people, there's no way what he can do to them. Stefano lays into Agent Harmon for allowing this thing to happen.

  • Ep. #11836
    Ep. #11836
    Episode 125

    Lexie tells Celeste and Cameron that the tumor is accelerating and her time is limited, so she and Abe have decided to spend that time with her family. After the explosion Roman and Shane worry that their loved Sami reveals her feelings about Lucas to E.J. Austin asks Billie's help in preparing a scrapbook but says that Carrie has feelings for another man. Will is thrown at Lucas's revelation that he and Sami are getting back together, saying that he's making a big mistake. Shane steps in to stop Roman from going inside the burning house cause it could collapse at any second, he tries to get ahold of Carrie and the others through the walkie talkie but doesn't get a respond, he realizes they're all gone. Cameron tells Lexie that there could be some possible treatment for her and isn't ready to lose her. Roman and Shane are shocked when Carrie, Bo, Hope, John, Rafe and Marlena are shown to be okay, and explain they went down a trap door they found to avoid the blast, John says that nobody can know that they're alive. Lexie asks Cameron and Celeste's help with her bucket list. Shane has everyone come to the pub and explains about the safe house blowing up and nobody has been found yet. Marlena tells John there has to be another way then to let their family believe their dead.

  • Ep. #11835
    Ep. #11835
    Episode 124

    Sami calls Lucas calling to discuss what happened between them earlier, she then gets a visit from E.J. saying he wants to see his children, Sami asks him what is upsetting him. Ian tells Kate not to worry about Brady and to focus on their trip away together. John tells Roman that it's a negative and the timer on the bomb has been activated. Kate asks Madison to come see her cause somebody has hacked their companys server. Ian asks his associate and asksif he got what he asked for, he then calls Brady to meet him at the Brady Pub. Rafe finally comes clean with Carrie about the baby Nicole being E.J's and not his. Sami watches as E.J. on the couch with Johnny and Sydney watching a movie. Madison asks Kate if she's worried that Lucas will become a casualty in Sami's downfall. Ian pours something into Brady's drink while he takes a phone call. Shane tells Roman there's no way to stop it and he's done all he can. John, Marlena, Carrie, Rafe, Hope and Bo prepare for the worse and say their goodbyes to each other. Brady starts to feel not like himself and snaps at Madison for not apparent reason.

  • Ep. #11834
    Ep. #11834
    Episode 123

    Carrie sees Roman coming up to the cabin and Hope's quick thinking manages to get a message telling him that the bomb will go off if the door or windows open and not to trust Agent Harmon. Ian tries to persuade Kate to come away to New York for a while, Madison asks if he actually planning on finalizing their divorce after all. Roman comes back with Shane Donovan in tow to help disarm the bomb. Chad is overwhelmed with grief after learning of Lexie's tumor, E.J. doesn't spoil the moment by telling themhe isn't Stefano's son. Ian makes a phone call asking for something which will make Madison want nothing to do with Brady. Shane instructs Bo to cut the wires in order, the wrong move could cause the bomb to go off without warning. E.J. tells Chad to go and talk with Stefano to tell him that in this time of need family is important to him. Kate makes it clear to Ian that she doesn't want to play games anymore, but he asures her by declaring his love for her. The celebration comes to an abrupt halt when the timer is suddenly activated and slowly countdowns.

  • Ep. #11833
    Ep. #11833
    Episode 122

    E.J. is still reeling after finding outand confronts Stefano and asks who his father is. Lucas admits to Sami that when she called him he thought about them getting back together. Rafe discovers that the security alarm at the safe house is rigged with a bomb. Kate and Roman catch up at the Brady Pub. John sees that his andthe others cell phone signals are apparently jammed keeping them from calling for help. Sami and Lucas start to become intimate, but Kate is startled after seeing it. Kayla thanks Roman for filling her in on the attempt on Marlena. E.J. asks Stefano if he could continue thinking that he is his son, but he says that it isn't possible cause they don't share the same DNA. Carrie starts to get hysterical at the thought that this could be her last day alive, Rafe tries to calm her down and almost reveals the truth about Nicole's baby. Lucas shows Kate the contractshowing that she cannot take back control of Countess Wilhelmina. Roman tells Agent Spencer he feels something is not right up at the safe house and can't get through to anyone there. E.J. breaks down when he realizes he's all alone now.

  • Ep. #11832
    Ep. #11832
    Episode 121

    Nicole tells Brady that she's pregnant, and says that E.J. isn't the father and it being Rafe. E.J. sees Lucas and Sami kissing and asks to speak with her privately. Agent Harmon tells Stefano he had the safe house rigged if anyone tries to tamper with the alarm system. E.J. expresses his concern for Sami and he developing relationship with Lucas. Bo tells Hope that while he was in the coma he was with Zack, but came back after hearing her voice. Carriecongratulates Rafe on the job with the I.S.A. John is determined to find out who this "Yvette" person is and why it's so important to Stefano. E.J. confronts Stefano about just how Rafe and Carrie were able to prove John's innocence instealing the pension funds. Sami is delighted when Lucas makes a call and buys up all of the competitions inventory. E.J. searches and finds the letter and is shocked by what it says. Rafe almost comes clean as to who the father of Nicole's baby really is.

  • Ep. #11831
    Ep. #11831
    Episode 120

    Marlena is taken and helf at knife point and tells John to hand over the coin or else his wife is dead. Kate can't believe it after seeing Lucas and Sami kissing and more that he's working for her too. Stefano to execute the next order of business and to let him know after it's done. Roman steps in telling the assailant to drop the knife, Marlena breaks free allowing him to get away. Bo and Hope hear something at the front door, but sees Rafe and apparently scared off whoever it was. Madison tells Justin to make sure that she gets full control of Mad World, but Justin says he can't sto him from appointing Kate as co-C.E.O. Stefano finds out that everything went according to plan. Lucas questions Sami as to what that kiss even meant. Agent Spencer explains some insight on a duplicate coin they had made up that was sent over to Stefano. Kate and Madison realizes the have a formidable opponent in Sami and to help bring her down. Agent Harmon goes to see Stefano and fills him about the coin being a fake and orders to take everyone out.

  • Ep. #11830
    Ep. #11830
    Episode 119

    John and Hope tell Bo they filed the divorce petition, but it wasn't finalized. Billie ask E.J. that if she were in trouble he would've went to Stefano after catching going through the files. Lucas and Sami try their best and spend the day with Allie, and says to give Will some time and he'll come around. Hope tells Bo they both were transformed her back into Princess Gina and John into the Pawn. E.J. gives Billie an ultimatum either she tells him who she's working for or she can tell Stefano. Will applauds Sami for destroying his father's relationship with his fiancee. Marlena and John are in danger after being followed after leaving Bo and Hope's house. Billie tells E.J. that maybe Stefano pointed Rafe and Carrie in the right direction to exonnerate John.

  • Ep. #11829
    Ep. #11829
    Episode 118

    Justin tells Madison the positive side to her working with Kate at Mad World. Carrie walks by Nicole's hospital room and starts to overhear Nicole and Rafe's conversation. E.J. overhears Stefano and sees he might be responsible for Lexie's illness. Gabi goes along with her "stalker" lieto Chad, Melanie and Abigail, but is nervous when they suggest she go to Rafe. Daniel tells Nicole that this secret is taking it's toll on her and the baby and to consider telling E.J. the truth. Justin offers Carrie a career opportunity for a law firm in Salem. Carrie becomes distraught after her concersation with Nicole. Melanie suggests that Gabi should move in with Chad as a safety precaution which surprises him. Madison and Brady decide on a wedding date after her divorce from Ian is final. Stefano is about to show E.J. the contents of Alice's letter but gets a call saying Nicole was releasd from the the hospital. Abigail makes an observation that Gabi looks pretty happy for someone who's being stalked. Stefano takes the letter with him to the town square wondering how he's gonna tell E.J. he's not his son.

  • Ep. #11828
    Ep. #11828
    Episode 117

    Celeste has a reaction when she and Cameron touches hands, then notices when Abigail comes in and their eyes lock. Chad surprises Melanie with a romantic trip to Chicago. Will and Gabi talk about his secret, Rafe walks in and Gabi covers for Will saying it's her secret. Lexie tells E.J. her tumor has progressed and she has only a number of weeks left, he hears Nicole screaming in pain and goes to check on her. Rafe arrives after getting word about Nicole being in the hospital, but wants to see him not E.J. Lexie stands in when Stefano and E.J. exchange heated words, and has a brief headache. Daniel asks Dr. Yu that he wants to take a look at Lexie's file to see if there's something that can be done. E.J. gives Will a job to hack into Nicole's medical records. Abigail gets a tarot reading from Celeste to determine her future, but after looking at the latest one she cautions Cameron to stay away from her. Gabi tells Chad she got a threatening note to keep them from going on his trip with Melanie. Abe asks Dr. Yu what she and Stefano were talking about when he interrupted them earlier.

  • Ep. #11827
    Ep. #11827
    Episode 116

    Lexie tells Abe that it's time they explained the situation to their family and friends. E.J. tries to compormise with Nicole at the idea of moving away from Salem, she says it's cause of Sami. John and Marlena go to Bo saying the I.S.A. were able to encrypt some the numbers on the coin came up with the name Yvette. Kate goes to Stefano and tells him that Lexie is dying, he doesn't believe her until he gets confirmation from his daughter. Nicole congratulates Sami on her newest acquisition of Countess Wilhilmena. Hope finds out about Lexie from Kate after hearing John lashing at Stefano. Abe overhears Stefano say it's possible that Lexie's condition is in fact his fault. Lucas agrees to Sami's work position. Nicole begins to experience stomach pains.

  • Ep. #11826
    Ep. #11826
    Episode 115

    Ian tells Kate she'll understand his intentions she hears what he has to say. Abe has a specialist brought in to consult on Lexie's case. Austin tells Sami that Carrie is committed to them and their relationship, they then see Carrie and Rafe in the town square. Nicole asks E.J. what went down when he confronted Stefano. Kate tells Ian to hire Lucas to be apart of her team at Mad World. Cameron tells Lexie he hopes to get to know her better. Dr. Yu comes in and gives Lexie bad news and concurs with Daniel's diagnosis and several more weeks to live. Lucas goes and warns Sami that Ian hired Kate as co-C.E.O. of Mad World. Nicole agrees to take E.J. back, only if they move away from Salem for good. Lucas tells Sami that Autumn abruptly ended their engagement of his consistent of putting someone else first. Kate overhears Celeste talking with Cameron and says Stefano should be told about Lexie's condition.

  • Ep. #11825
    Ep. #11825
    Episode 114

    Lucas approaches Kate and sees that Ian is the reason they're both out of a job. Carrie has a dream of making love to Rafe but wakes up after hearing Austin's voice. Brady is gonna make sure that Madison's divorce is on the level. E.J. tells Sami that he can't figure why he's on the outs with Stefano. Lucas remembers when he first met Ian back when he was in military school. Madison finds out and calls Sami to congratulate her o acquiring Countess Wilhemina. Carrie meets with Rafe telling him that she can't get him out of her mind. E.J. and Nicole have an encounter outside the Brady Pub. Rafe tries to tell Carrie the truth about Nicole's baby. Ian offers Kate a job as co-C.E.O of Mad World cosmetics which infuriates Madison. Austin learns from Sami about his mothers downfall.

  • Ep. #11824
    Ep. #11824
    Episode 113

    Will tries to make Gabi realize that she never made him gay, cause she did nothing wrong in their relationship. Melanie sees Chad being pulled into a liplock by some of his adoring fans, she steps in and lets them both have it. Brady and Madison prepare to work all night, but is stopped by Ian's arrival. Kate begs Stefano for forgiveness, but he tells her to either get out of the mansion or be thrown out. Ian gives Madison news she's been waiting for and is going to set her free. Gabi sees Chad and Melanie walk in and is hesitant in destroying their relationship, Will makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her plan. Stefano tells E.J. he won't be letting him lead the DiMera family. Madison tells Brady that Ian is giving her a divorce andhe asks her to marry him which she humbily accepts. Ian triesto persuade Kate to get revenge on Stefano with his help. Stefano looks at Alice's letter and quietly says that E.J. is not in fact his son.

  • Ep. #11823
    Ep. #11823
    Episode 112

    Carrie and Austin encounter Rafe as he's getting an ice cream sundae for Nicole. Gabi definitely sees something has changed in Will. Chad tells Abigail he arranged a date for her and Cameron, but is surprised that they already met. Kate goes to talk to Stefano, but learns he had he things removed from the mansion. Bo tells Hope how things went while she and John were in Alamainia. Gabi goes to Will requesting his help in breaking up Melanie and Chad, but he says it doesn't sound like her at all. E.J. finds out the reason that Stefano hates Kate is cause she cheated on him. Bo steps in when Stefano starts to harrass Hope and John wanting what they stole from the egg. Cameron comes to Abigail's aid when she starts to choke on her popcorn while at the movies, Melanie goes after her after having a few words with him. Bo asks Hope and John what is going on with them and Stefano. Gabi is shocked at Will's admission of the reason they didn't work out is cause he's gay.

  • Episode #11822 Tuesday, April 17, 2012
  • Ep. #11822
    Ep. #11822
    Episode 1

    Hope talks with Bo, but he then slips back into his coma. Kate goes to confront Sami after learning that Stefano gave her Countess Wilhelmina. Lexie tells E.J. that given the tumors location it is inoperable. Daniel tells Hope that now isn't the right time to bring Bo out his coma. Kate vows to Sami she'll get her company back and will literally destroy her. E.J. tells Abe he's gonna set aside their differences to be ther for Lexie. E.J. goes to Sami wanting to see his children saying he just found about Lexie's tumor. Kate tells Lucas that Stefano took away Hearth and Home too and everything else in her life. Daniel gives Bo the drug that'll wake him up, Bo opens his eyes again and calls Hope "fancy face". Abe tells Lexie there's no way he's going to lose her. Marlena tells John she understands his reason for bringing down Stefano and jail isn't going to stop him from disrupting their lives. E.J. vows to find out the reason for Stefano's recent actions by giving Kate's company to Sami.

  • Ep. #11821
    Ep. #11821
    Episode 110

    Hope tells Daniel that she felt Bo's hand move. Stefano surprises Kate with dinner in the town square saying he's making up for being away for so long. Lexie tells Abe she's gonna do what it takes to fight this illness. E.J. asks Billie who is it that she's working for and why Stefano's files are so important. Abigail bumps into Cameron at the pub getting him covered in stuff. Bo's condition improves. E.J. begins to rethink Billie's proposal. Stefano drops a bomb on Kate saying that she's no longer welcome in his home and know of her infidelity with Ian. Cameron and Abigail formally introduce themselves, she realizes that Celeste is his mother and he's Lexie's half brother. Billie and Daniel decide to eat together after running into one another. E.J.sees that Lexie is having an intense headache if everything is alright, she says she has a brain tumor. Kate makes an attempt to apologize to Stefano, but he refuses to hear any of it and gives her papers that angers her. Hope is thrilled when Bo opens his eyes and looks at her.

  • Ep. #11820
    Ep. #11820
    Episode 109

    Marlena is thrilled by John's return home. Nicole wonders what Stefano wants with the stolen pensions from Basic Black, E.J. thinks that his father doesn't care about him whatsoever. Lucas notices that Sami has taken off her wedding ring and says he has a surprise for her. Hope arrives and is distraught and delighted that she's back with Bo.Rafe tells Carrie he's not gonna let her go until he tells her the truth, but Sami and Lucas arrive before he can. John explains to Marlena that Stefano turned him and Hope back into their pawns once again and is the reason he was unable to contact her and reveals that theI.S.A. called him back in, Marlena doesn't take the news so well. Rafe asks Carrie why would he consider going back to Austin after what he's done toher. E.J. asks Nicole to tell him or not she still loves him, but they're interrupted by the sudden arrival of Sami. Billie brings Ciara into the room and shares a reunion with Hope. Nicole tells Rafe to go ahead and tell Carrie the truth, cause she can handle things, Rafe says he's in this for the long haul. Lucas shows Sami he arranged a indoor camp out in her new apartment with the children. Billie goes to take another look at that file but is caught by E.J. who's holding it in his hands. Carrie tells Marlena she can't make herself forget about Rafe. Hope begins to see that Bo is beginning to wake up.

  • Episode #11819 Thursday, April 12, 2012
  • Ep. #11819
    Ep. #11819
    Episode 11819

    Chad and Melanie wake up in each others arms. Daniel gives Rafe the document in case E.J. does something drastic, Rafe then gets a call from Carrie asking to meet at the Pub. E.J. catches Billie going through a cache of documents but doesn't let on that he caught her. Nicole leaves a message for Stefano knowing he's the one that rigged the election for E.J. Carrie presents to Rafe which will dissolve their partnership indefinitely. E.J. is irate after seeing what kind of papers that Billie was reading. Austin tells Rafe nothing would be better then to put this sordid mess behind and for them and for all them to be friends. Chad presents Melanie with a gift hoping she'll leave it and spend many more nights together. Nicole is told by E.J. that he's the one that stole the pension funds from Basic Black and cause of Stefano there's not one penny left. Austin tells Billie that Abigail lied about them having sex. Carrie tells Rafe she knows that Nicole is pregnant with his baby.

  • Ep. #11818
    Ep. #11818
    Episode 11818

    Stefano manages to keep John and Hope from boarding the plane. Nicole goes looking for an apartment with Rafe, but changes they're mind after learning E.J. and Sami live in the same building. Chad asks Gabi her plans for late and is delighted when he gives her a key to his apartment. Agent Spencer arrives and tells John and Hope heard that Princess Gina and him where spotted in Alamainia. Gabi is heartbroken when she misreads Chad's intentions and sees that he wants her to set up the apartment for him and Melanie. John and Agent Spencer subdue one of Stefano's men, and Hope shows what Stefano was after. Sami asks Rafe if he and Nicole are in fact lying about the baby being his when it's in fact E.J.'s. E.J. tries to get Nicole to give him one last chance, but she says she can't go through that again. Chad and Melanie get intimate and make love for the first time.

  • Episode #11818 Wednesday, April 11, 2012
  • Ep. #11817
    Ep. #11817
    Episode 106

    Sonny is ecstatic after Will tells him that he came out to his grandmother tonight. Kate tries to turn Ian away at the mansion, but he insists on speaking to her. Stefano tells Francesco that he will deal with his wife personally. John and Hope find half of a coin containing numbers and meaning it could be some kind of code. E.J. surprises Sami with a kiss to prove Nicole there's no feelings between the two of them. Sonny tells Will he pretty much knew he was gay the night he kissed Neil. Kate is guilt ridden over her actions after getting a call from Stefano promising he'll make it up to her for leaving so suddenly. E.J. and Sami agree to keep their relationship strictly platonic. Stefano is pleased and gives John and Hope their passports, but it's not long before he discovers the eggs contents is indeed a fake. Will and Sonny share a hug but they both feel some a bit more. Ian tells Kate he's not going to be giving her up without a fight.

  • Ep. #11916
    Ep. #11916
    Episode 105

    E.J. learns that Nicole is residing with Jennifer at her house. Sami gives Will a gift and he asks what she wants in return. Nicole tells Rafe she has the perfect name for her son. Melanie receives a call, and nobody answers she then assumes it might be Nick. Daniel offers his condolences for Jack and apologizes for not saying anything sooner. Sami asks Will if she thinks it's a mistake for her to get back together with E.J. Daniel wants to discuss with Melanie the engagement ring she has on her finger and wants to know why she is suddenly marrying Chad. Billie approaches E.J. asking him if he is still interested in Nicole and who the flowers are for. Will encounters Tad, and he exchanges words with him about Sonny and learns he feels something for him. Sonny opens up to Adrienne about his feelings for Will. Rafe tries to get Sami to cancel her date with E.J.

  • Ep. #11816
    Ep. #11816
    Episode 105

    Hope and John lie to Stefano as to how the article concerning Bo came into their possession. Ian tells Kate that he's never stopped loving her. Rafe tells Nicole they have plenty of time to figure something out. Brady tries to get Madison to come clean about what Ian is holding over her head. E.J. cautions Lucas to keep his mouth about his accusations of going after Sami to get even with Nicole regarding Rafe. Stefano asks both John and "Gina" if they've received that Anastasia Egg. Kate begins to regret what she just did and tells Ian she has to go back to Stefano. Lucas confronts both Rafe and Nicole for what they did, Rafe tells Lucas to focus on his engagement to Autumn. Serge gets the idea with Madison's help that Basic Black is coming up with a collaboration with Mad World cosmetics. Hope manages to get the egg open and they're both shocked at to what Stefano was really after. Nicole tells E.J. she just found out about him moving across the hall from Sami's apartment. Stefano becomes enraged after learning that Kate has betrayed him for another man.

  • Ep. #11815
    Ep. #11815
    Episode 104

    John tries to get Hope to snap out of it by getting her to remember Bo, but he ties her to a chair. Francisco tells Stefano he did what he asked by delivering the package to Kate, Stefano wonders what Kate plans to do with the contents. Abigail tries to make Cameron see that bumping into him was just an accident. Jennifer tells Jack that in order to help Abigail they need to fix themselves first. Daniel tells Lexie that she has an inoperable brain tumor, Celeste tells Abe Lexie probably needs some time alone. Kate goes through the pictures of Marlena, and then sees Ian coming and he assumes she was waiting for him. Jack goes after Jennifer saying he's tired of being scared and alone, Abigail asks her parents if they're back together. John tells Hope that fooling Stefano is their best chance of getting out of Alamainia. Cameron comes in and Celeste introduces Lexie to her brother, he then learns is sister's condition. Stefano finds the paper with Bo's picture and asks what's going on.

  • Episode #11814 Thursday, April 5, 2012
  • Ep. #11814
    Ep. #11814
    Episode 1

    Gabi makes a promise to herself to break up Chad and Melanie. Nicole tells Daniel that E.J. learned about the pregnancy and Rafe said he was the father. Austin tells Carrie maybe it's time they settled down by starting a family of their own. Marlena explains to Will that she still loves him even after admitting that he's gay. Celeste tells Lexie to have herself checked out right away or else she could die. Daniel asks Rafe if he's willing to sacrifice everything to pursue with this lie that he's concocted with Nicole. Melanie reads some hateful comments unaware that Gabi is the one that posted them on the Mad World website, but sees that he ploy failed. Rafe tells Nicole he almost told Carrie the truth about their so called affair. Marlena tells Will that Gabi will understand and he never meant to mislead her in anyway. Daniel comes in with the test results just as Celeste is about to reveal a secret to Lexie saying the news isn't good.

  • Ep. #11813
    Ep. #11813
    Episode 102

    E.J. asks Will to keep a close eye on Nicole, and to take time away from school, Marlena then tells E.J. what he can do with his offer. Gina and John celebrate when they successfully acquired the Anastasia Egg. Abe tells Lexie that she had another headache and passed out and insists on getting Daniel to come over. Sami tells Lucas not to leave and to get Autumn to move to Salem. Billie asks Daniel after talking if he's in fact hitting on her. John starts to kiss Gina, but then spots a picture of Marlena on the floor but recognize her. Theo comes downstairs and asks Abe what's wrong with his mother. Billie shows Agent Spencer photos of invoices showing a weapons deal and that E.J. not Stefano is behind it. John has brief flashes of himself with Marlena. Marlena asks Will if he's working for E.J. cause he knows what he told her. E.J. tells Sami about Nicole and Rafe are having a baby. John tells Gina that the last 10 years she doesn't remember is cause she was living another life. Sami learns E.J. is moving across the hall from her. Celeste arrives and tells Lexie she needs to get tests done right away cause she's in danger.

  • Ep. #11812
    Ep. #11812
    Episode 11812

    Kate goes to Lexie wondering if she's heard from Stefano. Marlena sits down with Roman and Abe concerning Stefano's being responsible for John and Hope's whereabouts. Lucas tells Sami about her so called unresolved feelings for him. E.J. continues to tell Rafe he doesn't believe that Nicole's baby is his. Carrie has a change of heart regarding about Austin after overhearing Rafe's revelation. Marlena realizes that today is Abe's anniversary and he should be celebrating with Lexie. Rafe agrees to have a paternity test done to prove E.J. wrong, Nicole asks Rafe why is he helping her. Gina drugs Wilhelm's drink, they then make a toast as she watches and waits. Austin comes across a distraught Carrie and end up giving their marriage another chance. Kate tells Roman and Marlena she has no idea where Stefano is. Lucas confronts Sami about having his flight reservation cancelled. Lexie's headache continues, causing her to pass out in Abe's arms.

  • Ep. #11811
    Ep. #11811
    Episode 100

    Carrie tells Marlena that Abigail lied about her sleeping with Austin and doesn't change her feelings for Rafe. Gina and John plan to double cross Stefano and escape to be free of him. Sami begs Lucas to remain in Salem, but he says she doesn't need him when she has E.J. Gina is shocked when Stefano is the one is the high stakes gambler she's expecting. E.J. tells Nicole the best thing she could do right now is move back into the mansion, but she says no. John makes it clear to Stefano that he doesn't trust and instructs for a new card dealer. Rafe tells E.J. a lie by saying the baby is his, in order to keep Nicole safe. Marlena tells Carrie she made the right decision by choosing John, Carrie comes to the realization of who she wants to be with. Lucas tells Sami he came back to town in order to help both her and Will. Stefano says to Gina if she wins then she and John are free to go, but they'll retrieve the egg if he wins. Sami tells Caroline she knows what she needs to do. Marlena calls Roman saying she's worried about John and Hope and asks for his help. Sami catches up to Lucas admitting to having unresolved feelings for him. Carrie overhears Rafe claim that Nicole's baby is his.

  • Episode #11810 Friday, March 30, 2012
  • Ep. #11810
    Ep. #11810
    Episode 1

    Nicole asks Rafe for his help in getting her out of town. Chad tells Gabi that Melanie thinks he's cheating on her with someone else. E.J. takes Sami to an apartment and says it's all hers. Stefano explains to John and Gina about the location of an exquisite egg and where they hid it. Chad shows Gabi the earring and she confirms that it's hers, they then go and talk with Melanie. Kayla asks Lucas if he still has feelings for Sami. Gina offers Stefano a compromise a pay out in exchange for the egg. Rafe tells Nicole there's no need for her to leave town. Lucas approaches E.J. and tells him to stay away from Sami. Gina and John disable the cameras in the hotel room leaving Stefano to vow not to lose once again. Abigail asks Gabi how she really lost her cause it's a little too convenient. Lucas tells Sami he has to get back to Hong Kong. E.J. accidentally finds out and asks Nicole if she's really pregnant.

  • Ep. #11809
    Ep. #11809
    Episode 98

    Marlena is taken by surprise and tells Kate she has no interest in Stefano what so ever. E.J. asks Billie what she's doing going through his father's confidential files. Marlena realizes that Kate has no idea when Stefano will be returning home. Stefano tells Hope and John he brought in someone to help bring back their alter egos. Billie tells E.J. that she's going to move into the mansion to be close to Kate. Rafe tells Sami and Carrie that nothing is going on between him and Nicole. Hope and John are put under a gas hypnotic state. Caroline goes out to comfort Sami after storming out of the pub. Marlena continues to be followed by Stefano's henchman. Carrie wants Rafe to make her understand and what the deal with Nicole is. Hope wakes up as Princess Gina, the same with John as the pawn. E.J. returns the favor with Sami like she did with him earlier.

  • Ep. #11808
    Ep. #11808
    Episode 97

    Abe is surprised when Lexie is the one that paid his bail. Billie asks Kate she thinks Stefano is the reason that nobody has heard from Hope, Kate says that's a line she doesn't want to cross. Will finds Marlena and says after their conversation he no longer thinks that he's gay, but Marlena refuses to let go of what he told her. Rafe tells Nicole she overheard Carrie talking to Austin and they're gonna work things out. Sami tells Carrie that last night Rafe wants to end their marriage. Lexie tells Abe that she owes him an apology and asks him to move back home where he belongs. Nicole tells E.J. that she filed those divorce papers she made him sign. Billie delights Kate when she asks to move into the DiMera mansion. Sami comes across E.J. and he says that Rafe and Nicole are sleeping together. Billie informs Agent Walsh that she'll prove either Stefano or E.J. stole the pension funds and putting them away for a long time. Kate gives Marlena an earful if she comes between her and Will.

  • Ep. #11807
    Ep. #11807
    Episode 96

    Brady arrives unaware the hosts of the party is Ian. Will is told by Marlena that he can't help the feelings that he has. John tells Hope they have no choice but to become the old selves once again. Kate looks at Marlena from a far and vows to win. Gabi is mad when Chad and Melanie are going back to his place, she then thinks of the thing she did while there. E.J. offers to represent Sami to keep Kate from sending her to prison. Hope demands proof that Stefano show her that Bo is alright or else she's not doing anything for him, but doesn't get an answer. Chad admits to Melanie that he's falling in love with her. Brady gets up and makes a toast in a drunken haze, but Marlena doesn't want him making a fool of himself. Will asks Gabi what the deal with her and Chad. Madison catches up with Brady and the two rekindle some lost time apart. Chad and Melanie start to get intimate, she comes across a pair of earrings in his bed and she abruptly leaves.

  • Episode #11806 Monday, March 26, 2012
  • Ep. #11806
    Ep. #11806
    Episode 11806

    Billie is shocked when Daniel says he was told by Kate to steer clear of her. Austin wants and answer from Carrie if it's too late to save their marriage. Will does his best to avoid Kate's questions about his sexuality. John orders Stefano to call off his man tailing Marlena saying he'll do whatever he wants. Rafe tells Nicole that he told Sami to get a lawyer and that they're marriage is over with. Billie gets a call from Agent Spencer saying they need to meet right away to discuss something important. Marlena runs into Will and asks what's got him so startled, he says that Kate's known about him for quite some time. Stefano tells John and Hope exactly what he wants from them, but has a solution after they refuse. Carrie tells Austin why didn't he tell her about the so called night with Abigail as Rafe overhears. Billie tells Agent Spencer all fingers are beginning to point at E.J. for the embezzled funds cause he had a lot to gain if John was convicted. Stefano suggests to make John and Hope the personas of the Pawn and Princess Gina once again. Will tells Marlena he feels he might be gay.

  • Ep. #11805
    Ep. #11805
    Episode 94

    Will apologizes to Sonny for missing the opening, Lucas walks in seeing them fooling around. Marlena catches Rafe looking at a picture and sees that he really misses Sami. Carrie overhears Abigail admitting to Austin that they never slept together. Lucas tells Will what he walked in on with him and Sonny and someone might get the wrong idea about him. Kate tells Sami she knew for sometime about what she did, and will make sure her life won't be worth living anymore. Stefano openly admits to Hope he arranged for Bo's beating. Carrie unleashes her anger on Abigail for her deception by slapping her. Sami comes home and her day goes from bad to worse when Rafe asks for a divorce. Lucas is shocked when Kate is considering sending Sami to prison. Stefano shows John video surveillance of Marlena in the town square and someone following her. Will is shocked when Kate says that his secret is safe with her. Austin asks Carrie that what happened today changes anything between them.

  • Ep. #11804
    Ep. #11804
    Episode 11804

    Hope tells John she has no choice but to trust Stefano. Jack takes Jennifer to the Brady Pub after bailing her out of jail. Nicole tells Rafe she doesn't care if E.J. thinks they're sleeping together, she doesn't want him to know about the baby. Austin tells Abigail he heard about her mom being arrested for ballot tampering and doesn't think she did it. Kate tells Sami knows she's lying and hasn't lifted a finger to find the mole in her company. John and Hope are injected with a needle by one of Stefano's henchmen. Jack and Jennifer are shocked as they overhear Abigail revealing her secret that she slept with Austin. John and Hope wake up and get a message from Stefano from the tv to do what he asks and nobody gets hurt. Kate tells Sami she knows and is going to do the same thing by ruining her. Abigail reveals to Austin that nothing happened between them and she made the whole thing up.

  • Episode #11804 Thursday, March 22, 2012
  • Ep. #11803
    Ep. #11803
    Episode 92

    Jennifer tells Abe that it should be him up there getting sworn in as mayor and not E.J. Caroline arranges a prayer mass for Bo's quick recovery. Sami asks Austin if he's seen Carrie, cause she wasn't at the hospital and neither was Rafe. Ian finds Madison at her office and where she went off to this morning. Lexie stuns Abe when she says she's here for E.J. cause he made her an enticing offer making her health commissioner. Carrie blurts out Austin's affari in front of everyone, Marlena then says what all this is doing to Caroline and should be ashamed of themselves. Ian tells Madison they're going to the town square and to play the part of the dutiful wife. Sami asks Rafe if he shares the same feelings as Carrie does for him. E.J.'s first order of business as mayor shocks Lexie when he has Jennifer and Abe arrested for ballot tampering.

  • Ep. #11802
    Ep. #11802
    Episode 91

    Abigail tells Melanie that she didn't tell Carrie and Austin the truth and is never going to. Jack comes to the pub and Austin tells him that his wife is falling in love with another man. Rafe brings Daniel to treat Nicole after she passed out in his arms. Gabi goes to Chad with some good news of their pictures coming out great. E.J. tells Kate he wishes he told Nicole about what happened between him and Sami sooner. Jack tells Austin that he's going to make whoever broke his daughters heart pay dearly. Rafe confides in Nicole he still loves Sami but isn't going to forgive her for all the lies she's told. Abigail goes to tell Austin everything, but see that he's having a drink with her father. E.J. walks in finding Nicole and Rafe in a compromising position. Gabi takes off her earrings and puts them in Chad's bed while he's on the phone with Melanie. Kate confronts Daniel and warns him to stay away from Billie or else.

  • Episode #11802 Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  • Ep. #11801
    Ep. #11801
    Episode 90

    Billie sees that Daniel having an intense workout, saying she's glad he can be here for Bo when Hope can't. Abe tells Lexie that what he did was to pretty much save the town and says he didn't fix the election. Lucas tells Sami he spoke to Will and he he wants to keep working for E.J. Rafe goes to see Nicole saying he was making sure she's okay, seeing just how sick she is. Abe learns from Lexie that Theo doesn't want to see him. Rafe learns that Nicole is pregnant and the baby is E.J.'s, Nicole worries what might happen if something happens to her baby. Daniel shows Billie some boxing tips and ends up her hurting him. Lucas is shocked after Sami's admission and doesn't want Kate finding out that she's the mole. Rafe is startled when Nicole suddenly passes out.

  • Ep. #11800
    Ep. #11800
    Episode 89

    Kate tells Sami that this isn't her office anymore cause Billie is going to be using it. Abigail tells Austin she insists Carrie hear what she has to say too, he says that she's with Rafe right now. Lucas comes into the mansion following Will telling E.J. his son doesn't work for him anymore. Gabi turns off Chad's phone to keep him from talking to Melanie. Madison tells Ian he hopes he's proud of himself by making her shut the man she loves out of her life, she's shocked when he humbly apologizes. E.J. is delighted when Will stands his ground and refuses to do when Lucas asks him to quit his job. Kate tells Sami that he brought Billie back to the company cause she trusts her. Brady tells Daniel he feels there's no way that Madison is in love with Ian. Melanie finds Chad in the town square, which angers Gabi.

  • Ep. #11799
    Ep. #11799
    Episode 88

    Everyone shows up for Sonny's opening of the new coffee house. Victor expresses his concerns on why Sonny needs Chad as a business partner. Brady tells Marlena that he proposed to Madison, only to find out she was already married to someone else. Melanie tells Abigail she has to tell Austin and Carrie the truth. Chad makes an assumption that Sonny took money from Stefano, but assures him it's not his father. Austin overhears Carrie and asks Rafe if he feels the same way towards his wife. Melanie calls Chad's cellphone and leaves a message, but Gabi listens and then erases it. Austin walks off after telling Carrie he can't compete with her feelings for Rafe. Brady goes to see Madison and doesn't believe that se wants to stay with Ian, she reluctantly returns his engagement ring to him. Victor learns that Ian is the anonymous donor that Sonny was talking about.

  • Ep. #11798
    Ep. #11798
    Episode 87

    Austin returns to the hotel room, and expresses to someone thinking it's Carrie, but it's in fact Billie. Carrie goes into Rafe's arms telling everything that went down this weekend. Abigail is confused when she thought Austin would be in the town square. Stefano surprises Hope and John when he offers to help them get out before the Alamanian police arrive and arrests them. Billie is shocked to learn that what Austin said about cheating on Carrie is true and asks how he could do such a thing. Melanie tells Abigail that she believes she does love Austin, he just doesn't return the feelings. Abigail finally admits to Melanie she didn't sleep with Austin but felt to make him believe it happened and to tell them both the truth. Stefano still refuses to hand over the passports saying he needs both of them and to wait for further instructions.

  • Ep. #11797
    Ep. #11797
    Episode 86

    Roman and Abe wonder why E.J. is summoning then to the DiMera mansion. Will is irate after learning from Lucas that Sami is the one that called him. Billie wants Kate to stop with this nonsense about her still loving Bo. E.J. tells Abe that he's offering his help, by askinh him to let go of Lexie. Hope moves forward with her plan to break in and retrieve hers and John's passports back. Lexie tells Billie that Bo has sinus rhythm but it's all she can say right now. Will tells Lucas that E.J. knows he's the one that shot him and is blackmailing him. E.J. tells Roman his job as police commissioner is definitely in question. Hope and John manage to get into the file cabinet and then the lights to the room come on. Billie tells Kate she's well aware that Madison set up shop here in Salem

  • Ep. #11796
    Ep. #11796
    Episode 85

    Billie introduces herself to Daniel saying she heard all about him from her daughter Chelsea, and she would like to see Bo. John tells Hope to get her frustrations all out in the open. Carrie asks Austin what he's doing with Abigail in his arms. Maggie and Victor go to see Bo and sees Billie sitting by his bedside. John tells Hope that the U.S. consulate can't do anything about their passports and the judge presiding over it apparently went missing, so they make plans to break into the place to get them back. Carrie almost takes Austin at his word, until Abigail comes in saying that they had sex, Melanie asks her what has she done. Daniel tells Maggie that Bo's test results indicate there's no change in his brain function. Hope calls Bo's hospital room and Billie answers and Bo then starts seizing, and Hope hears Billie scream for help.

  • Ep. #11795
    Ep. #11795
    Episode 84

    Melanie makes Abigail promise not to further interrupt Carrie and Austin. Kate tells Chad and Gabi they'll be reporting to Billie from now on. Brady tells Madison that he's got a lawyer that will with her divorce from Ian, but he interrupts before she can explain to Brady. Kate is overjoyed that Austin, Lucas and Billie are back in town. Austin finds out that Abigail arranged for Carrie to have a massage so she can make her move. Brady is surprised when Madison tells him she has no intention of leaving Ian. Chad corrects Billie's assumption by saying he and Gabi aren't a couple. Brady angrily tells Madison that she and Ian deserve each other and storms out. Lucas tells Billie that Bo was badly beaten and is in a coma, she then rushes to see him. Melanie realizes Abigail's ploy and tries to stop Carrie from going back to her room, but is too late.

  • Ep. #11794
    Ep. #11794
    Episode 83

    E.J. makes an attempt to resolve things with Nicole. Daniel comes into the pub and helps with Bo, and then take him to the hospital. Marlena gets a message from someone thinking it's John, but is surprised that it's Will. Stefano points a gun at Hope and John insisting they due their business elsewhere. Jennifer tells Jack that Daniel is officially over her. Roman asks Kayla if she thinks that Bo is going to be alright, and wondering how Hope is gonna take it. Nicole tells E.J. if he's not leaving then she will and refuses to have any part of him. Marlena probes Will about his sexuality and the guy he kissed at the party.Rafe explains to Johnny, Allie and Sydney his situation with Sami. Daniel tells Roman that Bo has slipped into a coma. Stefano admits to mind manipulation to Hope and John but says they fell in love on their own. Jack and Jennifer give Maggie the yellow roses he bought to be put at Alice and Tom's grave. Rafe intervenes when Nicole tells E.J. to stay away from her. Roman tells Marlena he fears that Bo could die. Hope finally receives word about Bo's condition, John says their heading home.

  • Ep. #11793
    Ep. #11793
    Episode 82

    Lucas can't believe Kate's behavior thinking she and Sami have put the past behind then when she hired her to come work her. Roman overhears Bo and realizes that he's not assigned to the Moroni stakeout, and thinks going rogue if a bad move. John reveals to Hope that he never actually left the I.S.A. and is her basically under cover, Hope says why didn't he tell her this. Lucas tells Kate she feels there's more going on and would like to know what it is. Roman tells Bo he got the warrant and they head to the warehouse but get ambushed on the way there. Daniel and Jennifer decide to continue their relationship as friends. Kayla asks Sami if she's upset that Lucas is in fact engaged, Roman comes into the pub asking Sami to call 911 cause Bo is hurt badly, Kayla begins CPR when Bo loses consciousness.

  • Ep. #11792
    Ep. #11792
    Episode 81

    Sami finds out accidentally that Lucas is engaged, and why he didn't tell her sooner. Carrie is delighted to see Abigail at the lodge, a feeling that Austin doesn't share at all. Madison tells Brady she was worried that he was going to rally at her some more, but was surprised. Kate tells Ian she's going to take pleasure in punishing Madison, Sami and Brady for trying to set her up. Austin tells Abigail he knows the reason why she's here. Kayla is delighted to see Lucas back in town and will be looking after the kids while Sami's away on business. Melanie lashes at Abigail for using her just to get Austin and what she planned on accomplishing. Madison returns to her hotel suite to find Ian there waiting for her and says that Brady might go to prison and needs to make a decision. Kate learns that Lucas and Sami arrived at the Brady Pub together.

  • Ep. #11791
    Ep. #11791
    Episode 80

    Abigail discovers where Austin is taking Carrie for a getaway. Lucas surprises Sami by showing up at her doorstep, and says to let Will be angry at her right now. Gabi is livid after Chad tells her the flowers that arrived are for Melanie, she throws a fit and breaks the vase. John and Hope ask Stefano what he's doing here at the cafe. Austin and Carrie take in some skiing while arriving at Green Mountain Lodge. Abigail suggests that Melanie and Chad join her unaware of her plans. Brady forgives Madison for her lies and must find a way to get Ian out of her life. Gabi sets her sights on Chad by asking him to allow her to massage him to get some experience while Quinn is away. John and Hope head back to the hotel to find Agent Walsh sitting in the chair dead. Austin thinks it's not a coincidence that Abigail just happened to be here too. Lucas tells Sami that despite everything that has happened between them over the years he still loves her.

  • Ep. #11790
    Ep. #11790
    Episode 79

    John and Hope recall their passionate past, while in Alamainia. Sami goes to Rafe wanting him to watch the children while she's away on Countess W. business. Daniel sees that Nicole hasn't been taking care of herself, and says she plans on keeping the baby. E.J. presents an opportunity to Lexie regarding a proposal to increase a better health plan for the citizens of Salem. Hope tells John exactly what's going on here, cause she can see the signs. Rafe tells Sami he'll look after the kids while she's gone but it doesn't change anything between them. Lexie tells E.J. she's going to think about what he said and isn't making any promises. Nicole tells Daniel he's the only one that can keep her baby a secret. Sami tells E.J. she's doesn't feel sorry for him after he says that Nicole walked out on him. Hope tells John that she is going to come along at his meeting with Walsh at the cafe.

  • Ep. #11789
    Ep. #11789
    Episode 78

    Brady sees that Madison is his appointment by pretending to be someone. Hope and John experience deja vu while having lunch at a local cafe, while someone keeps close watch on them. Kate is surprised when she gets a visit from Ian, and asks what he's doing here. Sami is glad that Will decided to meet up, they have a nice talk, but pulls away when she makes it about her again. Ian drops a bombshell on Kate that Sami is spying on her and reporting back to Madison. Spencer informs John that Stefano isn't the one that set him up, but will say who when the time is right. Sami is summoned by Kate and says she got vital information on a traitor within her company. Brady tells Madison that he was married before and pretty much destroyed it and doesn't want to go through that again. Ian encounters Will while going through the town square and looks to get to know him in the distant future. Sami calls Lucas and says everything is falling a part in her life right now. The mystery person comes up to Walsh stabs him with a needle killing him.

  • Ep. #11788
    Ep. #11788
    Episode 77

    Nicole tells Daniel that the results must be wrong cause she can't be pregnant. Kayla brings in Bo to talk some sense into Abe when he knocks back drinks, and gets into it with E.J. Madison tries to get Ian to finally let her go so she can be free of him. Jennifer feels like this is her fault by persuading Abe to play dirty to beat E.J. E.J. gets word that Nicole is at the hospital. Daniel agrees to rerun the test only if Nicole does her best to relax. Bo realizes that the reason is Lexie is mad at Abe is cause he had the wrong debate questions sent to E.J. Jennifer is delighted to learn that Daniel is back and says she and Jack are never going to be together. E.J. asks Nicole if she's alright, Nicole says there's nothing he can says and makes it clear that they're through. Ian tells Madison he's gonna let her go so she can be with Brady. Bo offers Abe a opportunity to help bring down E.J. Daniel confirms to Nicole that she's indeed pregnant.

  • Ep. #11787
    Ep. #11787
    Episode 76

    Sonny tries to locate Will after he took off from the party after kissing Neil. Nicole avoids E.J.'s call and comes across Daniel who returned to Salem. Will can't believe that his mother is blaming Marlena for all the mistakes she's made. Rafe confides in Carrie about Sami's affair with E.J. Nicole tells Daniel that today was the worst day of her life, she then feels dizzy and faints. Rafe is surprised by Carrie when she gives Sami the benefit of the doubt. Will tells Sonny that his Sami's secret is out in the open and he pretty much has no family anymore. Nicole wakes up and Daniel tells her he brought her to the hospital. Sami vows to put her family back together again without her in it. Will tells Sonny about these feelings he's been having for a long time and is scared they won't go away. Carrie tries to get Rafe to be there for Sami. Daniel stuns Nicole saying her test came back and revealing that she's pregnant.

  • Ep. #11786
    Ep. #11786
    Episode 75

    Sami stops Rafe from continuing to bang on the door, he then let himself in the back and starts punching E.J. Will pulls away from his kiss with Neil and takes off after Sonny saw it. Marlena asks Carrie if she fixed the problem and if she and Bo can travel to Alamainia. A mystery man keeps and eye on Hope and John at the airport. Sonny tells Will he thinks the kiss happened cause he wanted it too. Nicole slaps E.J. after finding out the truth from Rafe about him having sex with Sami. Will confides in Marlena about Sonny inviting him to a party, and lead to him kissing a guy, and asks why she isn't shocked by the news. Carrie discusses her marital troubles with Austin to Bo about them drifting apart and her feelings for Rafe. Sami tells E.J. that she didn't tell Rafe what happened between them, he then goes off to find Nicole. Hope and John finally are able to board, and leads to them having a moment. Sami barges in confronting Marlena about her telling Rafe what she and E.J. did.

  • Ep. #11785
    Ep. #11785
    Episode 74

    Marlena tells Sami the longer she keeps the secret of her affair the worse it's gonna get. Rafe tells John he did all he can but couldn't get travel visas for Bo and Marlena. E.J. surprises Nicole with a picnic, who then realizes that it's her wedding anniversary. Sami tells Marlena she wants to be a better mother to Will, then she was to her. John thinks that he and Hope will be walking into a trap once they enter Alamainia. Will confides in Sonny about his mother's secret unaware that Rafe overheard them and offers to take him to a party in the town square. Nicole tells E.J. she's going to rip up the divorce papers he sign months ago. Rafe goes to confront Sami about her affair and how she wanted to renew their vows so quickly. John assures Marlena that he'll be back in Salem before you know it. Will gives into his emotions, and kisses Neil passionately, that Sonny witnesses.

  • Ep. #11784
    Ep. #11784
    Episode 73

    Abigail suggest that she and Austin tell Carrie together about their affair, Carrie then walks in. Victor thinks of how to get rid of Ian as C.E.O. Will walks in interrupting Marlena and Sami and says Marlena knows about E.J. Kate arrives asking Quinn what are Madison's products doing on her display, Madison says to mention their new agreement. Austin tells Carrie he and Abigail was discussing places where to go for their romantic getaway. Ian pitches a business proposal to Victor which impresses him. Kate thinks Madison is doing this as payback, and is beside herself when Ian tells her Madison is his wife. Marlena forces Sami to take responsibility for lying and that telling Rafe the truth is her only option, but she's afraid she'll lose him if she does confess. Austin tells Abigail what the thing with her flirting with Quinn was all about, reminds her that he's bad news. Brady and Madison have a brief encounter with one another.

  • Ep. #11783
    Ep. #11783
    Episode 72

    Jack tries to settle things between Abigail and Jennifer about this whole modeling thing. Austin sees that Carrie is burying herself in her work and not putting their marriage first and brings up going back to Zurich again. Marlena comes to see Sami when she was unable to go to Alamainia, Rafe arrives and she think he and Sami should talk. Austin and Carrie reach an agreement about their relationship. Marlena says she's not going anywhere until Sami and Rafe talk through their problems. Austin tells Abigail he apologizes to her for what he did, and loves his wife very much. Jennifer sees a change in Jack, when he settled things with her and Abigail. Rafe offers to help Carrie with her case even though they don't have any clients. Jennifer professes her love to Jack wanting a second chance, but is surprised when he says it's better when they're separated and doesn't want want to hurt her again. Sami wants Marlena to tell her what Will told her.

  • Ep. #11782
    Ep. #11782
    Episode 71

    Abe comes home to find Lexie packing a suitcase. Brady goes to Madison thinking he's owed the truth of how Ian came into her life. Kate slaps Ian saying she can't go down that road with him again. Nicole gets the calls and tells E.J. that the ballots were counted and he's the new mayor of Salem. Madison explains to Brady that Ian never loved her, and has a way of controlling a manipulating people. Ian comes back to the hotel suite telling Brady that divorce is not an option and is never letting Madison go ever. Lexie tells Abe she's leaving and is taking Theo with her, but Abe says he should be the one that moves out. Kate finds the letter from Stefano saying he has to leave for a while but will be in contact soon.

  • Ep. #11781
    Ep. #11781
    Episode 70

    Lexie runs off after refusing to join Abe at the podium during his victory speech, Kate sees that something isn't right. John tells Marlena that it's gonna be a routine trip to Alamainia and he and Hope will be divorced in no time. Victor shocks Brady and Madison when he announces that Ian is the new C.E.O of Titan. Lexie tells Abe that Jennifer pretty much encouraged him to fight dirty, and E.J. confronted him he still lied to her face. Marlena and Bo encounter problems with their travel visas while at the airport, John says he's made a call to Vivian to see if she can help. Victor tells Ian the offer is rescinded, he explains that much too late and he's here to stay. Nicole tells E.J. there was a regularity in the ballots and the results are being challenged. Stefano finally opens his letter from Alice, he's shocked and can't believe what it says. Lexie remembers seeing Jennifer and the guy talking at the Brady Pub, and finds out he stuffed the ballot box. Victor lets something slip out and Maggie asks him what he means by that.

  • Ep. #11780
    Ep. #11780
    Episode 69

    Abe sees that Jennifer went against his word and is talking to that person who can fix the election. Nicole tells Stefano and Kate she feels confident that E.J. will be the next mayor of Salem. Abigail tells Austin that maybe Carrie is the right person to talk to about the guy who broke her heart, Jack insists he and Austin take off while they talk. Abe tells Jennifer by the look on her face that the exit polls aren't good. Austin tells Carrie that maybe this guy didn't mean to lead Abigail on. E.J. tells Stefano that he'll figure out who is responsible for getting John released from jail and how he isn't the new mayor. Jennifer give Abe the good news that he's won the election. Lexie eavesdrops and asks Abe if any of what he said is true that he got the debate questions in advance.

  • Ep. #11779
    Ep. #11779
    Episode 68

    Jack asks Abigail who the person is that hurt her this time. Sami wants answers from Carrie if she does have feelings for Rafe. Johnny asks Rafe when he's coming home. Madison goes to see Brady but he tells her to get out. Ian goes to see Kate, but she wants to know why he left her all those years ago without notice. Rafe looks to Kayla for advice and explains the mistake he made. Jack tells Abigail who the guy is that led her on cause he's going to answer to him. Carrie and Austin encounter Jack comforting Abigail in town square, and it being about a guy. Sami encounters Rafe at the Brady Pub dropping off some Valentine's and candy for the children. Ian tells Kate that he's moved to Salem and hopes he could see her again. Brady tells Madison to no go near him anymore and to get out of his life. Rafe tries to convince Sami he has no interest in her sister Carrie and plants a kiss on to prove it.

  • Ep. #11778
    Ep. #11778
    Episode 67

    Nicole tells E.J. that today he becomes the next mayor of Salem, E.J. is irate that Will didn't remind him in time. Jennifer tells Abe that someone approached her and can fix the ballots to make sure he wins the election. Chad gives Melanie a Valentine's Day card, Abigail invites him to join them for coffee. Will meets with someone in the town square and says he needs to do this. John adds a butterfly charm to Marlena's bracelet saying it's a new beginning for them. Sami comes into Carrie's room and slaps her an unleash their sordid animosity towards each other. E.J. is shocked after Will tells him he told Sami about them having sex that day and promises she won't tell anyone. Austin tells Abigail they need to talk, and apologizes to her if he lead her own in any way. Chad offers to take Melanie to a movie for their first date. Austin comes back to find Sami and Carrie at each others throats. Marlena tells john that what happened between him and Hope was a long time ago. Abe tells Jennifer he doesn't want the election fixed. Sami asks Austin how he can stay with Carrie after what she's done to him.

  • Ep. #11777
    Ep. #11777
    Episode 66

    Abigail runs off after seeing Austin and Carrie kiss, and runs into Melanie and she asks what's wrong. Bo tells Roman that Hope getting a divorce from John is no joke cause Stefano is involved. Rafe tells Will he has a feeling he knows more then he's telling after the way he looked at Sami tonight. Bo has trouble nailing a known felon and tells Roman that Carrie and Rafe aren't working together anymore. Austin tells Carrie that they fought less when they lived in Zurich. Brady asks Madison if what Ian says is true that they're married. Melanie finds out that Austin is the man that Abigail has feelings for. Ian asks Madison if she in fact betrayed him with Brady and if they're lovers. Carrie and Austin try to get intimate but both agree that now isn't the right time. Roman has it out with Rafe after he finds out he kissed Carrie, Rafe promises to fix the situation. Brady sees that it's true that Madison and Ian are married and for her to stay away from him.

  • Ep. #11776
    Ep. #11776
    Episode 65

    Austin wonders what he's going to do after getting a text from Abigail. Madison asks Ian what he's doing here in Salem. Sami tries to persuade Will not to leave. Abigail asks Melanie to join her for coffee and asks if she could ever forgive her for the way she treated her. Carrie tells John and Hope they can't get their marriage legally but they can file for divorce but there's a catch. Ian stops Madison from using her phone to call saying she isn't going anywhere. Will lashes at Sami for making Rafe move out of the loft all cause a kiss between him and Carrie. Austin confides in Brady that he and Carrie are having serious problems. Carrie tells John and Hope that until their marriage is dissolved and to do that they have to go to Alemania. Will can't believe what he just saw as Sami to Rafe to go when she's the guilty one. Austin and Carrie agree that moving back to Zurich is a good idea. Johnny comes rushing out after having a nightmare and wants Rafe so he can make it better. Rafe asks Will he feels there's something else going on with Sami and to tell him what it is. Brady is thrown when Ian introduces himself as Madison's husband.

  • Ep. #11775
    Ep. #11775
    Episode 64

    Brady tells Madison he's not going to judge for not taking the C.E.O job at Titan. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope look for answers from Stefano regarding the marriage license. E.J. tells Nicole that he's thinking of no longer running for Mayor. Brady takes Madison to the town square when he unexpectedly proposes marriage to her. Stefano makes an admission that he would never make John and Hope get married unless they wanted. Nicole and E.J. walk by and offer their congratulations, but Brady says he still hasn't gotten an answer from her yet and to take all the time she wants. Stefano takes out the envelope remembering what Hope saying whatever is in there will haunt him forever. Nicole tells E.J. that Brady and Madison is part of the reason why she's so uncomfortable. Madison is stunned after coming home to find Ian waiting for her.

  • Ep. #11774
    Ep. #11774
    Episode 63

    Marlena is beside herself when John reveals they're not legally married. Austin wakes up in Abigail's arms having no memory of what happened last night. Carrie walks in and sees that Rafe spent the night at their offices and they both discuss the fights with their spouses and their business future. Abigail allows Austin to assume they slept together when they hadn't. Bo tells Hope they're going to see if this marriage certificate is in fact legit. John tells Marlena that Stefano will not go after their grandchildren. Austin finds Carrie and apologizes for running off the way he did after fighting, Carrie says she and Rafe won't be working together anymore. Marlena tells John she feels something bad is gonna happen between Sami and Carrie. Abigail wonders if she should tells Austin the truth about what didn't happen but chooses not to. Bo gets the word that the marriage between Hope and John is real, Marlena thinks it's far from over when it comes to Stefano.

  • Ep. #11773
    Ep. #11773
    Episode 62

    Bo tells Hope that there's no way that this could be true. Austin is speechless when Carrie doesn't answer the question. John comes home and tells Marlena he's come to remind himself why he decided to re-start Basic Black to begin with. Brady surprises Madison, she was worried it was someone else. Rafe tells Sami he's no leaving and is owning up to what happened with Carrie. Hope tells Bo that it's not a trick cause according to the document they're not really married and John is her husband. Rafe asks Sami why she rushed into their vow renewal ceremony, feeling like she was trying to fix something. Abigail decides to take advantage of a drunken Austin by kissing him. Carrie calls Marlena that she never thought she would hurt Austin like this. Brady tells Madison he has a reason for bringing her to the town square. Hope goes to see John and gives him the supposed marriage certificate.

  • Ep. #11772
    Ep. #11772
    Episode 61

    Lexie admonishes Nicole at how she could accuse Abe of cheating. Bo tells Hope there's only one way to find out by opening the envelope itself. Austin tells Kate he and Carrie have been having some problems since she started her own law practice. Jennifer lies in an effort to help Abe win election votes. Sami walks in and accuses Carrie of coming on to Rafe. Kate tells Stefano that what was on his mind that got him so distracted. Hope finds a sign in one of Alice's books and thinks she should open the envelope. Austin walks in learning Carrie and Rafe kissed, and goes far as to agree with Sami. Abe tells Jennifer that today is the first time ever that he's lied to Lexie, but says it was his choice. Stefano wonders what Alice had on him that can change his life. Hope is beside herself after looking at the contents of the envelope. Austin asks Carrie if she has feelings for Rafe. Rafe refuses to accept what Sami says there's no going back with each other.

  • Ep. #11771
    Ep. #11771
    Episode 60

    Rafe and Carrie take on a case involving a woman thinking her husbands been having an affair. Jennifer asks Abe if he's thinking about telling Lexie the truth about what he's done. Nicole tells E.J. she knows that Will has something on him as well. Mrs. Carlyle makes an assumption that Rafe is in fact her husband. E.J. is thrown when one of the questions he's asked isn't the on the list he got in advance. Will shocks Sami by saying that he saw her and E.J. having sex when Johnny was missing and wants her out of his life for good. E.J. realizes that Abe somehow switched the real questions for the fake ones. Rafe gets a lead in Mrs. Carlyle's case and Carrie insists on going along with him. Jennifer gets the information on her phone saying that Abe won the debate. Will goes to the Brady Pub and runs into Dustin and his friend, and invites him to a party. Sami walks in on Carrie and Rafe kissing.

  • Ep. #11770
    Ep. #11770
    Episode 59

    Sami is shocked when Madison announces she's pulling the plug on her scheme. Bo tells Hope that once Stefano gets here she can change her mind. Nicole wants E.J. to tell her what's going on between him and Will, E.J. then admits that he's in fact blackmailing him. Sami tells Madison that if Kate finds out what they did she won't rest til they're finished. Bo further discuss Stefano's stipulation at him being scared as what's in the box. E.J. tells Will it's time he experienced some freedom and that's why he gave him an apartment, but Will doesn't feel he should trust him. Hope opens the box feeling that she's doing the right thing. Madison tells Sami she shouldn't keep working for Kate, but Sami says that Countess Wilhelmina is gonna drive Mad World into the ground. Stefano agrees to give Hope her privacy while she views the contents of the envelope and when she does she'll never forget what's inside. Sami is told by Will that he's moving out.

  • Ep. #11769
    Ep. #11769
    Episode 58

    Will asks Sonny how he knew the first moment he was gay. Abigail shares her new career as being a model for Mad World cosmetics which displeases Jennifer. Carrie gets an upsetting phone call and tells Rafe their funding is gone which means no longer in business. Madison tells Brady she thought a lot of what he said and is gonna pull the plug on this thing with Sami. Jennifer tells Abigail if she pursues this modelling thing then her house will no longer be her home. Sonny brings up his friend Dustin about his father wouldn't speak to him but now everything is fine in his life. Carrie thinks of taking her old job back in Switzerland, but Rafe doesn't want their partnership to end. Jack tells Jennifer that Abigail is gonna what she wants whether they like it or not. Madison and Brady passionately admit their love for one another, but he needs to go to his meeting with John.

  • Ep. #11768
    Ep. #11768
    Episode 57

    John asks Sami hes grateful he and Marlena were included in Sydney's birthday, also how things are going working for Kate. Carrie tells Rafe she and Austin had an argument and he stormed out and hasn't returned. Brady realizes there's something more going on with Madison. Abigail finds Austin and realizes that he slept on the couch in his office and learns he and Carrie had a fight. Sami thinks John is right when saying she can't balance work and a home life. John asks Brady after overhearing what Madison is doing with Sami. Austin and Carrie sit down to try and work out their problems ever since they returned to Salem, Austin says that they'll get through this. Madison tells Sami that Brady filled her in on her and Kate's sordid history, and has second thoughts about her plan.

  • Ep. #11767
    Ep. #11767
    Episode 56

    Sami and Austin arrive at the pub and sees Carrie and Rafe together and what they just walked in on. Will thinks to himself how his mother is going to react that Sydney is with E.J. Abe tells E.J. that he forgot to sign Sydney's birthday card and manages to switch the items in the envelope. John puts aside Basic Black business for romance with Marlena. Stefano agrees to open the safety deposit box only if they do something for him. Abe tells Jennifer that E.J. caught him but managed to switch the real questions for the fake ones for the debate. Will takes pleasure in telling Sami that Sydney's is having a pre birthday bash at the mansion. Austin tells Carrie that him seeing his wife in Rafe's arms is definitely a big deal, as John and Marlena walk in hearing their argument. E.J. confronts Will at how Sami knew where Sydney was, but says it was worth seeing his mother all mad. Abe tells Jennifer he's not having second thoughts since E.J. has played dirty since day one.

  • Ep. #11766
    Ep. #11766
    Episode 55

    Abigail has another fantasy of going to Austin admitting she loves him. E.J. tells Will he's going to throw a party for Sydney at the mansion and for him to bring her over. Carrie sits and helps Rafe make the tiaras for the party. Jennifer tells Abe she got the fake questions, but need a way of making the switch for the real ones. Stefano asks Hope if she's made a decision about the deposit box or letting the secret stay buried. Abigail tells Austin wants to see if he's okay with her modeling for Mad World cosmetics. Abe and Jennifer get an opportunity to use Sydney's birthday as a way of getting even with E.J. Stefano tells Hope that opening that box will be indeed a mistake cause he has no idea what Alice had on him. Rafe tells Kayla that the people he hired to play Prince and Princess cancelled so he and Carrie are playing the part. Jennifer tells Abe where Nicole put the debate questions.

  • Ep. #11765
    Ep. #11765
    Episode 54

    Marlena tries to get Jack to attend a session with other people suffering from post traumatic stress, but Jack says no. Quinn manages to get Abigail and Melanie alone in a room together. Marlena accompanies Jack to a therapy session there he meets people just like him. John and Brady can't seem to agree with each others ideas or if they can work together. Madison tells Abigail and Melanie she wants the two of them to be apart of an ad campaign for Mad World. Brady and John find themselves on the same page. Jack sits and listens to the stories of the group, then finally opens up and shares his story. Madison tells Quinn she's considering his offer. Abigail and Melanie have a heart-to-heart, but end back to where they were when Melanie still has feelings for Chad.

  • Ep. #11764
    Ep. #11764
    Episode 53

    Chad and Gabi get ready for the Countess Wilhelmina photo shoot. Madison tells Victor she's come to a decision turns down the offer. Rafe tries to persuade Sami to walk away from her job. Sonny asks Will if he has a problem with his friends Dustin and Kareem after showing less interest in his project. Victor is irate after Madison turns the job down and wants to know why. Chad tells Gabi that Will is a fool for letting her go. Austin apologizes to Abigail for cancelling their dinner last night, and finding out Carrie wasn't free at all. Rafe tells Carrie he had a brief argument with Sami at home. Brady wants Madison to tell him the real reason she rejected Victor. Marlena refuses to drop the subject with Will regarding Sonny. Sami tells Madison the pictures of Chad and Gabi turned out better then expected, she tells Sami to fix it. Victor tells Maggie that there's something seriously wrong with Madison.

  • Ep. #11763
    Ep. #11763
    Episode 52

    Bo and Hope turns to Doug and Julie for guidance after what happened with Stefano. Rafe tells Sami that he hates the idea of her spying for Madison. Jennifer tells Abe her way to stop E.J. in a way he'll never see it coming. Lexie tells E.J. her real family is with Theo and Abe. Nicole tells Will she know he hacked into Abe's computer to steal his jobs plan. Jennifer tells Abe her friends can help get the questions in advance, but Abe has a better idea to make sure E.J. gets the wrong questions. Nicole shows Will she had some money transferred into his account if he'll do something for her. Carrie and Austin agree on a date when they'll be free for a date night. Doug tells Hope he tracked the account to a bank in Africa and he and Julie will head there to see if they find anything else. Lexie comes in and asks what Jennifer and Abe are talking about. Will tells E.J. that everything went smoothly and how he knew that Nicole approached him.

  • Ep. #11762
    Ep. #11762
    Episode 51

    Brady tells Quinn he's grateful for what he did for Chloe and Carly, also is stunned when Quinn says he's seeing Marlena professionally and trying to change. Jennifer learns that Daniel will in fact be leaving today. Sonny asks Will to put in a good word for him with Dustin. Stefano admits to Hope and Bo that he shares a box with Alice and will take her to see what's inside. Gabi tells Chad that Kate offered them both jobs. Abigail assures Madison the heavy workload won't interfere with her other job. Madison tells Brady that Sami never actually quit and is working undercover at Countess Wilhelmina. Will is put on the spot when Dustin asks to tell his story of he came out to his parents. Kate tells Gabi that without Chad there's no deal. Victor almost reveals to Daniel he's known all along that Maggie was his mother. Chad agrees to do the modeling thing which pleases Kate. Daniel and Jennifer share an emotional farewell to one another. Hope tells Bo she's not and isn't ready to look inside Alice's box of secrets.

  • Ep. #11761
    Ep. #11761
    Episode 50

    Gabi tells Melanie that Daniel will come back to Salem. Kate and Sami agree the photos taken at Intensity are good, and Gabi and Chad look good together. Madison takes a picture of Hope, and goes and asks if she enjoys being a cop. Stefano makes Chad an offer to help him turn the Cheatin' Heart into a coffee house, but is turned down. Hope is flattered when Madison asks her to come model for her at Mad World cosmetics saying she has a great look. Gabi asks Melanie if she ever thought about hooking up with Chad, cause she notices the way she looks at him. Sami tells Madison it was genius to pretend to "fire" and staging all those fights her so Kate would hire her at Countess Wilhelmina. Melanie opens up to Chad about her concern that her father won't ever come home. Bo and Hope think of a way to get to Stefano regarding the safety deposit box.

  • Ep. #11760
    Ep. #11760
    Episode 49

    Marlena confronts Will after hearing that Abigail admired his new car, and asks if E.J. got it for him. Victor tells Daniel that Melanie and Maggie are gonna be devastated with what he has to tell them. Abigail has a fantasy of Austin coming up and kissing her after admitting his feelings. Marlena tells Will to consider going to work with John and Brady when they start up Basic Black again. Maggie knows what Melanie is trying to do, is get her a massage even though it's Mickey's birthday. Nicole discovers that E.J. bought a sports car and it's in Will's name. Marlena goes to see E.J. and warns him to stay away from Will. Abigail tells Austin she maybe getting a internship at Mad World cosmetics, Austin is worried it might affect her work with him. Daniel shocks Melanie and Maggie when announces that he's leaving Salem, but assures that it's not goodbye. Nicole meets up with Will hoping to get some answers out of him.

  • Ep. #11759
    Ep. #11759
    Episode 48

    Will receives a text from E.J. about his next assignment. Rafe and Carrie have the same idea to keep from sweating in the office again. Abe explains to Bo and Hope that E.J. somehow stole vital information from his laptop. Sami witnesses a strong bond between Carrie and Rafe. Marlena is delighted when Will decides to stay in Salem and go and confront his mother over what he saw. Abe puts Bo and Hope in charge of a new task force to help reduce crime in Salem. Nicole waits til E.J. is in the shower before requesting some personal files on him. Marlena asks Will what's going on after finding out he's working for E.J. and later reminds him that nothing good comes out of associating with a DiMera. Lexie unleashes her anger on E.J. and Abe assures victory in the election. Bo explains the situation about the key in the plaque to Carrie and Rafe.

  • Ep. #11758
    Ep. #11758
    Episode 47

    Abigail freaks after seeing Chad and Melanie holding hands. John tells Marlena he's excited for his meeting with Brady this morning. Gabi offers to give Chad a massage for his sore shoulder. Melanie tries to salvage her friendship with Abigail, but she says can't forgive her betrayal. Kate approaches Chad and Gabi but they decline the offer. Brady asks Madison if she considered taking Victor on his offer for the C.E.O at Titan. Chad agrees to do the thing with Gabi by testing the new products from Countess Wilhelmina by undergoing makeovers. Abigail goes to Madison after overhearing that Mad World will be hiring interns from Salem University. Chad asks Melanie what's standing in their way of being together now that Abigail has moved on. John asks Brady the idea of partnering with Mad World to launch their new fashion line. Melanie watches uncomfortably when Chad and Gabi pose for pictures. Abigail turns to Marlena for guidance.

  • Ep. #11757
    Ep. #11757
    Episode 46

    Mr. Simpson tells Bo and Hope he can't divulge the identity of Alice's co-signer. Jennifer confronts Nicole about E.J. stealing Abe's plan of creating jobs in Salem. Daniel tells Jack he's just looking over some treatment options. Will tells Sami that why is working for E.J. so bad when she works for Kate. Roman introduces a device to Bo and Hope to revolutionize catching every on the most wanted list. Daniel and Jack breaks up a fight between Nicole and Jennifer in the town square. Will tells Sami he's not going to change his mind about working for E.J. Bo and Hope figure that Stefano could be Alice's co-signer. Jennifer approaches Daniel over what she heard of him leaving town. Will tells E.J. that this feeling isn't quite so bad after all.

  • Ep. #11756
    Ep. #11756
    Episode 45

    Hope tells Jennifer she and Bo are gonna check out the bank about Alice's bank account. E.J. calls Will and says he has a job for him to do, and not to even think about backing out. Madison and Brady give each other couples massages. Abe's plans to create a jobs program is gonna innovative his entire campaign. Nicole is shocked when she sees that Quinn is her self defense instructor. Rafe asks Sami how Kate is treating her at her new job. Nicole tells Madison that Brady deserves to have someone like her in his life. Will obliges and meets with Mr. French and he gives him the envelope containing his next assignment. E.J. surprises Will by saying he can keep the car he drove. Bo and Hope learn from the bank manager that the safety deposit didn't just belong to Alice. Jennifer and Abe watch the tv and sees that E.J. somehow got his hands on his plan. Brady agrees to let it go if Madison tells him what she and Nicole were talking about.

  • Ep. #11755
    Ep. #11755
    Episode 44

    Carrie gets an eyeful with Rafe shirtless while trying to fix the thermostat. Abigail helps Austin with his books for his first day at Salem University. Sonny tells Will that he sensed something the other day that he was depressed. Hope's determined to figure out why Alice had Erin Hewitt hide the key in the plaque in the town square, but Bo insists that she drop the whole thing. Rafe tells Carrie there's a catch in the new client it'll have to be pro bono. Will asks Justin how he and Adrienne came to accepting that Sonny was gay. Austin offers Abigail the job as his student assistant. The intense heat in the office really starts to get to Carrie and Rafe. Will feels uncomfortable when Sonny's friend Matteo asks to hook up so they can listen to music. Hope locates a safety deposit box Alice had under her maiden name "Grayson" and wonders what's in it.

  • Ep. #11754
    Ep. #11754
    Episode 43

    E.J. introduces Nicole that Will is the latest addition to the campaign. Madison tells Victor she's gonna need some time to think it over. Sami offers Kate an idea for a nationwide search to be the face of Countess Wilhelmina. E.J. instructs Will to go to Abe's computer and steal some files and reminds him of their agreement. Madison runs into Brady and she tells him that Victor offered her the job of C.E.O. at Titan and asks if she's gonna take job. Nicole tries to get E.J. to tell her why he hired Will. Maggie feels Madison won't have time for Brady once she accepts the offer. Will intercepts Abe's computer but is caught by Lexie. Kate asks Sami if there's trouble in her marriage when she mentions Rafe constantly. Will tells E.J. he did what he asked despite feeling awful.

  • Ep. #11753
    Ep. #11753
    Episode 42

    Abigail asks Chad and Melanie how they manage to keep their hands off of each other for so long. John tells Marlena that he wonders how Victor is going to react to Brady's news. Melanie tells Abigail she couldn't help that she had feelings for Chad. Brady tells Victor he's gonna help John rebuild Basic Black which means he's the company. Sonny asks Chad if he in fact cheated on his cousin with Melanie. Victor asks for Madison's input, but she says that she'll support Brady in whatever he does. Abigail goes to Marlena seeking some help. Melanie makes a difficult choice and tells Chad they can never be together. Brady tells John that they're project is a go. Victor shocks Madison by offering her the position of C.E.O at Titan.

  • Ep. #11752
    Ep. #11752
    Episode 41

    Jack sees Daniel and Jennifer together and moves in to hear what they're talking about. Bo tells Hope that what if their session doesn't help and they're unable to work things out. Jennifer asks Daniel why didn't he tell her about his stroke, Jack makes a noise and sees that he's spying on them. Jack tells Jennifer and Daniel that it's time to reevaluate the whole situation. E.J. turns the tables on Will's blackmail attempt by revealing he knew all along that it was him who tried to kill during his wedding to Sami and not Lucas, also brings up him being confused emotionally. Bo takes Hope to the Brady Pub for their date night and see that Caroline decorated the place for them. Jack tells Jennifer it's easier to make her decision now cause it's for the best. E.J. tells Will that he's gonna stay close to him or he'll go to prison for attempted murder.

  • Ep. #11751
    Ep. #11751
    Episode 40

    John tells Marlena about Brady's enticing offer. Rafe asks Will what exactly is going on with him and Sami lately. Kate tells Sami that in order to win they'll need to bend a few rules. E.J. learns that he's down twenty points in the polls cause of John's press conference. Brady tells Madison he offered to help John rebuild his company, she then feels betrayed and he's the reason she staying in Salem. E.J. learns that Kate hired Sami to work for Countess Wilhelmina. Brady tells Madison that he no longer wants to take advantage of his relationship with John anymore, she says it's gonna put a strain on what they have together. Will goes to Marlena saying that Sami has no intention of being honest with Rafe of what she did. Stefano confides in Kate he's keeping a secret from E.J. and is afraid he won't forgive him. Will thinks of a calculating scheme to E.J. for money to help him leave town or he'll expose his secret.

  • Ep. #11750
    Ep. #11750
    Episode 39

    Melanie accidentally kicks Chad in the head while at Quinn's self defense class. Jennifer is pleased that Jack really put a lot of thought in their family trip to Hawaii. Maggie tells Daniel she's here to be with him when Lexie gets his test results back. Jack tells Jennifer that it's her feelings for Daniel that is concerning him. Brady offers John a surprising proposal to partner in rebuilding Basic Black. Lexie tells Daniel that he suffered a minor stroke, and that his condition is irreversible. John asks Brady he's turning him down cause he's smarter by staying with Titan. Chad assures Quinn that he just got the wind knocked out of him. Lexie brings up a treatment to Daniel that helps but the hand tremors will return, and he'll no longer be able to operate on patients. Gabi tells Melanie that since Abigail and Chad broke and wonder if she would mind if she asked him out. John asks Jack to include on thing in the article that he wouldn't be here if it weren't for Marlena. Jennifer runs into Daniel and asks to tell her what's bothering him.

  • Ep. #11749
    Ep. #11749
    Episode 38

    Melanie and Chad discuss how they rang in the new year, Abigail arrives and asks what's going on. Carrie asks Austin what he means when he says she'll have lots of potential clients. Sonny tells Will he can tell something is wrong ever since he and Gabi broke up. Bo and Hope arrive for session with Marlena to work on some unresolved issues concerning Zack's. Abigail asks Melanie how could she betray her by getting involved with Chad so soon after they broke up. Will tells Sonny how he dealt with the changes in his life by coming out to his family. Carrie and Rafe get their first client in Tilly who wants help in finding "Charlie Aaron" they are shocked it's a cat and not her husband. Bo gets everything out in the open about him being responsible for Zack's death. Abigail finds comfort in Austin after everything falls apart. Melanie tells Chad there's no way they can be together, but he tries to convince her that they do. Will tells Sonny that he's contemplating leaving Salem, and happens to agree he should take and find out who he really is. Chad and Melanie agree to start over completely be reintroducing each other.

  • Ep. #11748
    Ep. #11748
    Episode 37

    Jennifer and Nicole end up bickering over their campaign strategies. Kate shocks Sami during her first day on the job about asking to give her some of Madison's secrets. Madison tells Brady that she'll run her company whatever way she chooses. Will tells Marlena that he's not going to forgive his mother for betraying her family once again. Kate tells Sami if she doesn't do what she's told she'll be fired. Madison tells Brady if he feels so strongly about this then maybe they shouldn't be sleeping together. Abe and E.J. tells Nicole and Jennifer they've reached a compromise, which they then laugh at the idea. Marlena learns that this thing with Sami and E.J. happened the night Johnny was found. Sami tells Kate that Madison has been working on a secret campaign. Marlena tells Will to let go of his animosity towards his mother cause he'll be the one getting hurt. Jennifer sees that Nicole is gonna acquire the questions ahead of time, and set out to stop her. Marlena flashes back to the time Sami admitted she saw her and John in the Titan conference room.

  • Ep. #11747
    Ep. #11747
    Episode 36

    Doug asks Julie to perform with him on New Year's Eve. Sami tells Rafe that she's taken a new job, whereas he got one from Carrie. Brady tries to get Madison to take a break from work that Sami left behind. Nicole reminds E.J. they need to make an appearance in the town square. John and Marlena's plans are scrapped after discovering after paying everyone off they have no money at all. Will once again brings up the fact that Rafe doesn't deserve to be with his mother. Abigail and Chad agree that they should break up. Bo catches Hope thinking about Zack since it's the anniversary of his death. Will goes to Marlena finally ready to admit what's wrong and reveals that Sami cheated on Rafe with E.J. Brady takes Madison to the pub in time to hear Doug and Julie sing. Chad approaches Melanie and kisses her as the clock strikes midnight.

  • Ep. #11746
    Ep. #11746
    Episode 35

    Gabi admits to Melanie that she misses Will, but felt their relationship wasn't progressing. Kate overhears Daniel talking about his test results. John goes to see Stefano to ask him why he would help him get out of jail. Abigail tells Chad that she doesn't want to screw up their relationship, she then gets an unexpected visit from Austin. Will tells Marlena that Rafe needs his help with the kids and can't bail on him now, but Marlena thinks he's avoiding the issue with Sami. Stefano tells John as he holds a gun on him that he needs him. Will begins to open up to Marlena, but breaks away saying he can't. Kate tries to get Daniel that she owes him for saving her life. Melanie refuses to admit her feelings for Chad after seeing him and Abigail together. Will sits at the pub all alone and Sonny and his new boyfriend Tyler invites him to come to a party with them to ring in 2012. John comes home to Marlena apologizing for the way he acted after storming out earlier. Stefano laughs as he hold a letter from him addressed to Alice Horton.

  • Ep. #11745
    Ep. #11745
    Episode 34

    Marlena tells Carrie that John isn't to know that Stefano helped him get out of jail. Kate goes to Sami for an answer on her job opportunity. Hope looks at the key wondering what it means. John doesn't care if he loses everything, he must repay all of his investors. Sami tells Madison that she quits and is taking Kate's offer to work at Countess Wilhelmina, she abruptly tells Sami to get out and never come back. Mr. Gordon tells Bo and Hope that he was instructed to put the key in the plaque by Alice's attorney Erin Hewitt. Marlena tells John that Carrie and Rafe had help from Stefano in getting him released. Kate tells Stefano that Sami is giving her notice as we speak and everything is going right as they planned. Marlena tells John that she did whatever she had so he can come home. Carrie considers an intriguing business opportunity by asking Rafe to be the lead investigator at her law firm.

  • Ep. #11744
    Ep. #11744
    Episode 33

    Melanie approaches Daniel and asks him why he's not on the surgical rotation anymore, he says his hands been shaking. Marlena is awaken by John seeing it wasn't a dream. E.J. wonders how the police got the evidence that cleared John saying he was careful in framing him. Quinn tries to distract Daniel. Jack seizes an opportunity to spend some time with Jennifer by giving her a present that she hasn't opened yet. E.J. tells Stefano it was probably someone who leaked the information to Carrie and Rafe. John thanks Abe for the press conference so he can let the repayment can begin. Jennifer sees that Jack thought plenty on a family trip to Hawaii. Brady explores other options to Daniel about being a surgical consultant if his test results come back positive. Melanie tells Maggie that there's nothing between her and Chad cause she lied to him on how she really feels. E.J. and Stefano watch as John makes his statement in front of the press. Jack moves in to kiss Jennifer and loses his balance falling backwards into the tree.

  • Ep. #11743
    Ep. #11743
    Episode 32

    John and Marlena's celebration is cut short by the arrival of Will. Sami tells Rafe that the renewal ceremony was as perfect as can be. Brady is touched when Madison bought him a star, she's eager to open that present he got for her. Marlena tries to get to the bottom of Will's animosity towards his mother. Hope wants Bo to get Ciara a bike that's already assembled and has an idea where to get one. Madison is surprised and asks Brady where he got a picture of her with her mother. Marlena offers Will to stay at her place with John so that it may help in some way. Sami's guilt gets the best of her when Rafe says there's no way she would turn to another man. Brady finds out after seeing a newspaper headline that his father's conviction was overturned. Hope and Bo accidentally break the plaque of Alice and Tom Horton while in the town square, but find a key thinking it's a sign.

  • Ep. #11742
    Ep. #11742
    Episode 31

    Marlena reminisces over photos of John, Will arrives and invites her to Sami and Rafe's vow renewal ceremony. Melanie tells Maggie and Victor she can't stand the thought of Daniel spending Christmas all alone. Austin comes to help Sami get the kids ready and to the town square. Carrie and Rafe present their case and evidence to Judge Goldberg to have the charges against John dropped. Lexie scolds E.J. and Nicole and turns down the offer to spend the holidays at the mansion. Doug comes dressed as Santa and along with Julie's help reads the Christmas story to the children. Will tells Marlena he's been having certain feelings, but doesn't say who the person is unaware E.J. is listening. Sami abruptly tells Marlena that she wants her to leave. Will almost reveals to Sami why he's been so mad lately, but Rafe interrupts him. John surprises Marlena under the mistletoe. Abe agrees to go to the DiMera mansion later. Sami and Rafe invite John to attend their vowal renewal ceremony.

  • Ep. #11741
    Ep. #11741
    Episode 30

    Maggie asks Daniel if the reason he's not operating on her friend is cause he has Myasthenia Gravas. Bo and Hope reach a dead end and hope to find something that will clear John. Chad looks to Austin for guidance on how he knew if Carrie was the one for him. Abigail finds Melanie and further discuss the man she has a crush on. Rafe has a theory that and calls an old friend cause it's John's only hope. Daniel tells Maggie he plans on spending the holidays all by himself. Melanie tells Chad the only reason she kissed him cause she thought they were going to die. Austin tells Abigail that if she ever needs anyone to talk to, he'll be there for her, Carrie shows up and insists she stay for lunch. Bo assures Hope they're going to have a wonderful Christmas this year. Rafe gets a call back from his friend and gets the news he's been hoping for.

  • Ep. #11740
    Ep. #11740
    Episode 29

    Kate comes by and offers Sami a job at Countess Wilhemina. Brady asks Madison who this person is that inspired her. Hope tells Carrie that Stefano refuses to help, but feels that he gave her a clue in how to save John. Madison asks Brady what exactly what they are to each other. Kate explains her job opportunity to Sami and thinks they can embark on it objectively. Brady shows Madison the star constellation that Victor said that Isabella is on. Kate assures Sami that she has no hidden agenda in her job offer and for her to think about it. Rafe figures out that John also needs the internet to supposed the transfer the transactions, and maybe it could get him released.

  • Ep. #11739
    Ep. #11739
    Episode 28

    Daniel experience another hand tremor while out with Maggie and Melanie. Stefano goes to Lexie and doesn't like the distance between them as of late. Bo tells Marlena that once the civil suit is over he'll be sent upstate and won't be able to protect him. Lexie delivers some medical test results to Daniel saying he and Melanie don't have M.G., but he reveals that he's having problems with his hands and asks to be taken off surgical rotation. Marlena is forced to make a decision which pleases Carrie. Hope and Bo go to Stefano and assure that once he does this the debt between their families will be finally over with. Marlena tells Rafe that she'd like Will to come and stay with her to get him out of the loft. Daniel is touched by Maggie's gift. Stefano tells Bo and Hope that he refuses to help John.

  • Ep. #11738
    Ep. #11738
    Episode 27

    Sami asks Madison it's okay for her to sleep with Brady, and gets yelled at for getting a massage. E.J. puts a halt between an almost fight between Nicole and Kate. John tells Marlena that he's not going to sell out to Stefano and E.J. and will pay back the investors himself. Madison tells Sami that what she and Brady do in their own is private. Nicole tells E.J. that she thinks he's pretty much capable of doing something like this to John. John tells Carrie that he was visited by Stefano and E.J., she then shows the picture and proof it was doctored. E.J. pledges his honesty to Nicole saying he keeps no secrets from her. Kate overhears an argument between Brady and Sami concerning Madison. Madison makes a call telling someone she can handle business herself and there's no need to come to Salem. Carrie tells Marlena that she has something that could get John out of jail and Rafe says it means making a deal with the DiMera's. Sami is startled when Kate asks to help her once again. E.J. comes in the room as Nicole massage therapist, but she catches on to his little scheme.

  • Ep. #11737
    Ep. #11737
    Episode 26

    Jack goes to see Jennifer and she says that now isn't a perfect time. Melanie asks Daniel if he's concerned for his test results and if he'll have the condition Maggie had. Abigail tells Austin that she's considering taking his class, Gabi sees how Abigail's been looking at him as of late. Daniel is delighted to see Kayla back, and she asks why he's drowning his sorrows. Jack learns from Jennifer that she and Daniel are no longer together, but she says she still loves him. Jack goes to confront Daniel about how he ended things with Jennifer. Abigail tells Melanie she was worried she was going to tell Chad about the other guy she has a crush on. Daniel starts to show symptoms of Mayathias Gravas when his hand starts shaking.

  • Ep. #11736
    Ep. #11736
    Episode 25

    Brady wakes up to find Madison missing, but she returns with breakfast for them. Stefano and E.J. make John a proposal to sell them Basic Black. Rafe shows Bo and Hope the doctored photo that has the shadows and a altered time stamp. Brady and Madison spread the Christmas spirit and he says he's going all out this year. John abruptly rejects the proposal which pleases Marlena very much and says for them to repay the money they stole also to leave them alone. Hope tells Bo she's going to collect on the I.O.U to force Stefano to exonerate John and think he'll do whatever they want even if it means he'll not pay for what he did. Brady confides in Madison about all the years he's ruined the holidays for his family as they decorate the tree the picked out together. John tells Marlena that he hopes he did the right thing.

  • Ep. #11735
    Ep. #11735
    Episode 24

    Kayla tells Sami she felt that she needed to come to Salem and help Caroline around the holidays. Jennifer tells Abigail and Melanie that Daniel broke up with her tonight. Rafe tells Carrie about John being at the Cafe in Paris but at a different time and it could set John free. Austin asks Sami why she wants to renew her vows her already married. Gabi tells Chad that she's grateful for him saving her life, and is gonna focus on a future without Will. Abigail tells Jennifer that she may have already met someone else, and she constantly thinks about him. Melanie thinks back when Chad told her while being held hostage that the kiss at Halloween wasn't a mistake, Abigail then asks her what she should do. Austin surprises Carrie with a her Christmas album he had sent from their place in Zurich. Rafe offers Sami a compromise they should renew their vows in front of the Horton's on Christmas Eve. Abigail feels uncomfortable while seeing Carrie and Austin kiss in the town square.

  • Ep. #11734
    Ep. #11734
    Episode 24

    Marlena visits John and brings a picnic basket wanting to spend time with him. Jennifer asks Daniel for a hint in where he's taking her tonight. Brady makes a thoughtful gesture for Madison by recreating the night of the blizzard at Titan. Daniel's hand starts to jitter as he tries to untie the laces on the skates. John tells Marlena that at the hearing the people that worked for him tore him to shreds literally. Jennifer tells Daniel that Jack also got tickets to the Nutcracker. Marlena admits to John that she's doing her own investigation in finding out if Stefano in fact set him up, but he wants her to stop. Madison and Brady make love for the first time. Daniel and Jennifer realize that they're love wasn't meant to be.

  • Ep. #11733
    Ep. #11733
    Episode 23

    Abe refuses to play dirty and tells Jennifer he wants to run a clean campaign. Nicole tells E.J. her latest move. Sami is suddenly in a bind when Betsy brings her the kids, Kate says that she would love to help. Jennifer gets a call saying there's been a change in the venue for Abe's speech. Madison confronts Brady and asks him why he asked Sami to give her a certain folder. Jennifer lashes at Nicole and decides how at retaliate after she nearly costs Abe the election. Sami swallows her pride by allowing Kate to watch over the kids while she has her meeting. Nicole asks E.J. if she went too far by setting Abe up the way she did. Jennifer tells Abe to either fight or admit defeat, Abe says to do whatever she has to do. Brady asks Madison if they would be honest with each other.

  • Ep. #11732
    Ep. #11732
    Episode 22

    Horace tells Zig he has no intention of letting the hostages leave alive. Sonny gets a message saying that the clock is ticking in getting the website up and running. Victor offers Jack and Daniel in some assistance. Melanie realizes since they seen their faces they won't let them go. Jack and Daniel can sense that Bo knows a lot more then he's telling them. Sonny tries to locate Chad through his cellphone signal. Austin asks Carrie why would she involve Rafe with something like this since he's not on the police force anymore. Hope and Bo trace the location of Will and is accessing the website server from Alice's house. Chad admits to Melanie that when they kissed at Halloween and can't stop thinking about it. Gabi is taken by surprise as Horace grabs her points his gun and tells Abigail not to move or else she dies. Jack loses control after finding out his daughter might be in danger, Daniel does his best to calm him down. Will manages to get the site up and running, but it might be too late for his friends. Austin comes to Abigail's rescue.

  • Ep. #11731
    Ep. #11731
    Episode 21

    Abigail shows Jennifer the dress she'll be wearing to the awards banquet tonight. Will tells Sonny that he pretty much doesn't want to talk to anyone right now, Artie comes in and says that they're doomed. A man keeps watch on Chad and Melanie in the town square. Rafe tells Bo and Hope that something is going down at Salem University and Will is somehow involved. Daniel tells Victor he's going to continue fighting for Jennifer but tonight it's about Abigail in her award. Chad tries to subdue Horace and he takes out his gun and threatens to shoot Melanie. Jay tells Hope and Bo of someone threatening him also his family if he didn't throw games. Artie explains to Will and Sonny if they don't get their website running again then they're as good as dead. Sonny, Will, Abigail and Gabi receive a picture of Chad and Melanie at gunpoint asking to put the website back up or else.

  • Ep. #11730
    Ep. #11730
    Episode 20

    Melanie treats Gabi to a spa at Intensity she spots Chad and asks him not to leave. Hope calls Susan Banks and becomes irate when she mentions Stefano. Quinn makes a mistake and assumes that Chad and Melanie are a couple. Austin tells Abigail that she desperately needs her help with something. Hope can sense that Susan is definitely scared of something, so she and Bo go to Stefano. Kate urges Sami to stand up to Madison cause that's something she used to do back in the day. Abigail tells Austin that she's considering taking journalism and winning that contest and invites him to the awards ceremony. Chad gets an eyeful when Melanie drops her towel while looking for her phone. Stefano tells Hope that he has no idea who could've given Alice that voucher. Sami tells Madison that the notes can wait cause and finally sees the reason why she hired her in the first place.

  • Ep. #11729
    Ep. #11729
    Episode 19

    Will refuses to take part in hanging ornaments the Christmas tree cause his animosity towards Sami. Bo tells Hope that Stefano is gonna have to wait cause they got guests arriving soon. Abigail tells Jennifer that she invited Jack to the tree trimming party. Sami lashes at Carrie for bringing Marlena without checking with her first. Jennifer tells Jack she's trying to avoid him getting into it with Daniel. Will pours and drinks some wine when nobody is watching. E.J. presents Nicole a present and asks her to move in with him. Hope asks Lexie if Stefano has ever mentioned a connection between him and Alice to her over the years. Maggie presents Melanie and Daniel they're very own Christmas ornaments. Sami shutters when she hears a noise and ends up laying into Marlena about her bringing up John, Will then calls her a hypocrite. Chad and Melanie try to ignore their feelings for one another.

  • Ep. #11728
    Ep. #11728
    Episode 18

    Marlena goes to John after hearing what E.J. recently pulled. Bo assures Hope that decorating the tree with the Horton ornaments is better done as early as possible. Sami and Rafe are determined to find Will after what he did to Maggie's place. John gets word that E.J. is on television trashing for destroying people's lives. Will comes home and Rafe and Sami asks why he didn't come home last night. Bo and Hope remember Zack and stumble across some surprising information inside Alice's Christmas ornament. Marlena tries to get Nicole to get out while she still can. Will tells Sami that Gabi broke up with him in front of all his friends and was humiliated.

  • Ep. #11727
    Ep. #11727
    Episode 17

    Kate overhears Madison asks Sami why she's here getting pampered and not at work. Roman tells Quinn he's gonna watch him to make sure his town stays safe. Gabi opens up to Melanie and Abigail about not being able to put up with Will pulling away from her. Chad asks Will just he wants to move in with Gabi. Carrie tells Austin that she's letting Rafe stay on to investigate John's case. Madison tells Sami maybe her job is too much for her and won't tolerate her going to the competition. Carrie tells Austin that she'd love to remain in Salem, which delights Abigail. Gabi lays into Will on how he went and seen an apartment before she gave him an answer. Roman cautions Kate to stay away from Quinn cause he's trouble. Sami tells Rafe how about the renew their wedding vows. Gabi tells Will that her answer is no to moving in together and says their relationship is over, he throws a fit while everyone comes home. Kate tells Quinn she has a plan to get rid of Madison for good.

  • Ep. #11726
    Ep. #11726
    Episode 16

    Carrie tells Sami that John was sentenced to fifty years in prison. John tells Abe that he's ruining his election just by being here and for him leave and never come back. E.J. thinks of Sami while he's about to make love to Nicole. John tells Abe to do what he can to beat E.J. at his own game. Will tells Gabi to come by the loft later cause he has some stuff for her. Jennifer confronts E.J. after he got the press to hound Abe after he was visiting John. Will shocks Sami by announcing that he's moving out. Carrie shows John the picture and he thinks it's real evidence. Jennifer tells Nicole that she should be worried and has just made her first fatal mistake. Gabi is stunned by Will's suggestion that they move in together and is excited by the idea, but then rethinks after Will backs away from a kiss. Sami asks E.J. if it's possible if anyone saw them make love the other night.

  • Ep. #11725
    Ep. #11725
    Episode 15

    Bo and Hope go through Alice's belongings once again hoping to get some answers. Marlena finds Jack drinking at the pub and asks why he cancelled their appointment. Daniel apologizes to Jennifer for postponing their date, and surprises her with tickets to the symphony. Brady helps Madison and is delighted they're on the same page, but she has a back up plan. Marlena offers Jack to come to the townhouse to resume the therapy session. Daniel tells Jennifer it's okay, if they skip the concert cause he wants to help uncover Alice's secret. Hope uncovers a connection after finding a letter that Susan Banks wrote to Alice. Madison and Brady almost have sex, until she says they shouldn't be doing this. Jack opens up to Marlena about his friend he confided in and was killed. Bo tells Hope that she'll go with her to talk to Stefano.

  • Ep. #11724
    Ep. #11724
    Episode 14

    Carrie tells Rafe she asked him to come over cause what she has to say will affect both their families. Marlena tells Will that it wasn't much of a Thanksgiving without John. Quinn asks Nicole if it's possible she can stay away from E.J. Carrie asks Rafe's help in convincing the people of Salem that John was falsely accused to prevent another situation like the shootout at the pub. Sami tells E.J. that she did the same thing that Marlena did when she cheated on Roman with John. Nicole runs into Patti Stanger and asks why she didn't give E.J. her message and offers her some advice. Rafe sees something in the picture with John and Carrie thinks it could prove he was set up. Will opens up to Marlena about him feelings about Gabi and worrying that he's going to hurt her like his mother did to everyone she's involved with. Sami comes home to find Rafe had made a special dinner for them saying she doesn't deserve any of it. E.J. asks Nicole to come away to New York with him.

  • Ep. #11723
    Ep. #11723
    Episode 13

    Jack tells Abigail that he just got some incredible news. Chad and Sonny explain to Will that they upgraded security on their site to prevent anyone hacking in again. Brady asks John why the judge gave him the maximum sentence. Kate tells Madison that she took the meeting she and stole her distribution deal. Jack tells Abigail that he submitted her article in a journalism contest and she's surprised that she won. Will sees that the mysterious person managed to get through the firewalls and they're back to square one again. Brady tells John that he always regretted them not being close, John asks his son a favor to look after Marlena. Abigail tells Will, Chad and Sonny that she has something that will do their site good. Jack pays John a visit and says he wants to do a piece on him and refuses his request. Madison tries to undo what Kate did, and Brady walks in on her tantrum. Kate asks Quinn if he's in fact hitting on her. Will suggest that their web site be shut down immediately, Sonny says they're gonna have more ideas. Brady asks Madison what exactly is she afraid of.

  • Ep. #11722
    Ep. #11722
    Episode 12

    Maggie tells Victor she feels comfortable cooking the company of her own kitchen and would appreciate her husband's help. Austin comes to help which pleases Abigail very much. Marlena brings John his suit to get ready for his sentencing. Hope goes to Stefano and shows him the clock with the Phoenix symbol that she found among Alice's things. Chad is startled when Jack and Austin make a bet to see which football team will win. Maggie surprises Daniel by making one of his favorite Thanksgiving dishes like his mother used to. Jack explains to Jennifer and Abigail he's been offered a job teaching journalism at Salem University. Maggie tells Daniel and Melanie they should be tested for Myasthenia Gravis. Victor tells Daniel to fight for Jennifer. Stefano tells Hope to forget that she ever found the paperweight and to let the secret be with Alice. Austin reveals that he to has a job teaching forensic accounting. John is shocked when Judge Weston sentences him to fifty years in prison.

  • Ep. #11721
    Ep. #11721
    Episode 11

    Jack tells Jennifer that he has something to tell her and he'll understand if she wants to throw him out afterwards. Will sees Rafe and Sami on the couch and reflects to seeing her and E.J. making love. Nicole reveals her true feelings to a stunned E.J. and says that Johnny going missing made her see things clearly. Austin tries to get Carrie to focus on something other then John's sentencing hearing. Jack comes clean to Jennifer and says that he needs help. Will asks Sami where she was when Johnny was missing and what exactly was she thinking. Nicole tells E.J. she can't believe that John actually confessed. Abigail and Austin develop an unexpected connection. Sami breaks a mirror cause she can't get the image of her and E.J. out of her head. Nicole tells E.J. she wants a fresh start with him with no secrets between them.

  • Ep. #11720
    Ep. #11720
    Episode 10

    Sami and E.J.'s passion intensifies. Will and Rafe are delighted to find Johnny at the pub and is alright. Nicole offers to help Madison and Brady put up more posters. Nicole tells Madison that she got E.J. to sign the divorce papers. Will is shocked to see his mother and E.J. having sex when coming to tell him the good news about Johnny. Brady comes and sees that Johnny is home safe. Sami sees that she got a voice mail from Rafe and she and E.J. learn their son is alright. A disgruntled Will comes home and Rafe asks if he talked to E.J. Nicole reveals her true feelings to a stunned E.J. Brady tells Madison to call off the search cause Johnny has been found.

  • Ep. #11719
    Ep. #11719
    Episode 9

    E.J. breaks down in tears while looking at a picture of Johnny saying he's so sorry. Carrie tells Marlena and John there's been another report on Johnny. Sami asks Rafe to go with Bo and Hope to identify the body that was found, and Will agrees to stay with his mother. Sami ends up at the DiMera mansion and immediately consoles E.J. Marlena asks Austin and Carrie she would like to talk with John alone. Will comes out to find that Sami left. Bo asks Rafe if the body is that of Johnny's. E.J. almost comes clean to Sami about what he did to John, they then get a news report of their son being dead. Bo and Hope confirm to Marlena and John that it the news was wrong and it wasn't Johnny, thinking Sami needs to be told. E.J. tells Sami that he gave her sole custody and should've kept their son safe. Austin tells John that what he's seen tonight he knows that he's innocent. Rafe and Will go to the pub and discover Johnny right where Allie said he was. John tells Judge Weston he pleads guilty to all charges. E.J. and Sami's heated argument leads to passion.

  • Ep. #11718
    Ep. #11718
    Episode 8

    Will apologizes to Marlena and John for Sami's behavior the other day. Stefano sees a disheveled E.J. with a bottle of booze in front of him. Hope tells Sami they have a chance the blood on the shirt isn't Johnny's. E.J. tells Stefano that he orchestrated this whole thing by making John look like a criminal. Sami blames Rafe for for them all going to the pub and Johnny being missing. Austin shows Bo and Hope what he came up while going through Alice's bank statements and if it's possible she was being blackmailed. Will comes home to finds Sami getting into with Rafe, and tries to get his mom to realize that Rafe didn't what was going to happen. Stefano tells E.J. they'll go after John and everyone who is responsible for this. Carrie gets some disappointing news that the D.A. denied John's plea bargain. Hope gets a message to Sami about a body being found in Brookeville that matches Johnny's description.

  • Ep. #11717
    Ep. #11717
    Episode 7

    Quinn comes to the mansion making an offer E.J. can't refuse. Jack comes to offer his support in the search for Sami's son. Marlena's tells John that what happened to Johnny isn't her fault, Roman is shocked to learn that John is considering pleading guilty and not go to trial. Bo tells Sami that he and Hope aren't going to rest until her son is brought home safely. Gabi arrives to be with Will after hearing about the shootout and Johnny being abducted. Nicole threatens Quinn and say E.J. doesn't need his help, but is stunned when he accepts the offer. Jennifer tells Jack that he misinterpreted their time at the cabin and still has feelings for Daniel, she becomes annoyed and asks if Jack is playing games with her. Roman comes across Quinn and asks what he's doing back in Salem and places him under arrest. Bo and Hope realize and wonder where Rafe went to. Jennifer asks Jack if he's lying about being in London with J.J., but he maintains his innocence. Sami asks John and Marlena why they're here and gets angry when her mother defends John and him always putting him first. Roman arrives and Sami identifies a piece of Johnny's shirt that was discovered.

  • Ep. #11716
    Ep. #11716
    Episode 6

    Kate asks E.J. if it was either him of Stefano that ordered to kill John. Brady sees a softer side to Madison when he tells her about Sami's son going missing. Sami asks the shooter what he did with her son, but says he didn't take him. Abe tells Lexie and Jennifer that he's going to suspend his campaign for a while, and issues a statement to assure Johnny's safe return. E.J. accuse Roman of having an inept police department and blames everything on Abe. Brady asks Madison to tell him what she told him to make Sami feel better. Roman gets a lead on a child matching Johnny's description that was spotted in the woods, so he, Rafe and E.J. investigate so they're sure it's him. Kate humbly takes the meeting that Madison recently cancelled. Sami is hurt when Roman comes up empty.

  • Ep. #11715
    Ep. #11715
    Episode 5

    Roman tells Bo that the search continues for Johnny. John thinks it was a mistake to go to the pub. E.J. goes to the pub and sees that aftermath of what went down. Daniel tells Jennifer he saw her kissing Jack the other day. Carrie tells John she thinks it's best that she have his trial moved due to Johnny's abduction. E.J. lets everyone have it including Sami why they didn't call him when this thing went down. John decides it's best for his family if he pleads guilty. Austin tells Carrie that when he heard the news report he was so scared for her and didn't know what he'd do without her. Daniel tells Jennifer that he needs space between them. Sami lashes out and blames John saying he never should've come back to Salem. Nicole asks E.J. what he meant that what happened to Johnny any of his fault. Roman tells Bo they got a lead on the suspect shot up the Brady Pub and is on foot. Carrie breaks the news to John that both her motions were denied. Sami sees the shooter and gets aggressive and demands to know where her son is.

  • Ep. #11714
    Ep. #11714
    Episode 4

    John spends some time with his family before his trial starts, a sniper closely keeps watch. Carrie tells Austin that in a little while she has to go through that crown that want John convicted. Marlena thanks Sami for putting her pride aside and attending the private gathering at the pub. Hope and Jennifer go through Alice's bank statements. Marlena asks Will they haven't talked since Halloween and how Gabi is doing. Jennifer comes across the picture that Hope found and something familiar about it. John tells Marlena that she can't go out there at least unprotected. Stefano commends E.J. when he set up John in an air tight case, and it'll smooth sailing to the Mayor's office. The sniper opens fire and Roman asks everybody to take cover. Bo and Austin get wind of the shoot out and head over there. Hope finds a clock and and all too familiar Phoenix symbol on it. Everyone searches for Johnny who's gone missing. E.J. watches the news report and his children were shot at.

  • Ep. #11713
    Ep. #11713
    Episode 3

    Nicole shows E.J. the divorce and to come to terms that their marriage is over. Madison argues with Brady until he agrees to go and visit John. Austin and Carrie move out of the loft which pleases Rafe meaning he and Sami have some alone time. John tells Marlena he's taking her out, Marlena says that he can't cause he's still under house arrest. Nicole promises she won't file the petition til after the election, but E.J. says that he ain't signing it. Rafe and Sami take the kids to the pub for a little celebration. Austin and Carrie find some time for romance in their new place. John is delighted when Brady comes to see him, even though they've barely spoken when he went to Switzerland. E.J. tries to get Nicole to be a family with him and his children, but signs the papers after she refuses. Rafe tells Carrie that he met with the witness earlier and agrees that it's John's only hope. E.J. sees Rafe, Sami, Carrie and Austin having fun with his children.

  • Ep. #11712
    Ep. #11712
    Episode 2

    Jennifer tells Jack that she couldn't be more grateful to be home finally. Gabi sees that something is seriously bothering Will, Chad says that the thing with the website has to be kept quiet. Daniel tells Brady that due to the hectic storm that kept Jennifer from attending the wedding last night and ended being shacked up with Jack. Rafe thanks Carrie for making him apart of the investigation of John's case. Marlena sets out to figure out why John is having these brief memory flashes. Melanie goes into the pub and sees Abigail and Chad in a kiss. Sonny works on a solution to fix the problem regarding their website being hacked, Melanie tells Chad that Abigail needs to know what's going on. Daniel is heartbroken when he witnesses a kiss between Jack and Jennifer and Brady has an idea to let out his frustration on a punching bag. Marlena asks John while under hypnosis about a certain date and he said that he was ordered to kill someone that Carrie says to Marlena is still alive. Abigail apologizes to Jack about the way she's treated him ever since he got back to town and says she's willing to give him a chance. Will and Sonny tell Chad that he got all the links down, and something appears on the screen when they're not looking. Marlena tells John there wasn't time to ask him about the cafe cause she had to bring him out of hypnosis.

  • Ep. #11711
    Ep. #11711
    Episode 1

    Madison wakes up realizing what she and Brady did last night. Victor tells Maggie that nobody is unable to make it due to the storm, asks if she wants to postpone the ceremony. Melanie asks Daniel if he's concerned that Jennifer and Jack are doing more then skiing. Brady admits to Madison that nothing happened last night. Maggie asks Melanie if she should cancel the ceremony. Nicole tells E.J. that there's a part of her that can't trust him again. Maggie asks Daniel if he would give her away, which he gladly accepts. Madison is unable to get cellphone reception. Victor tells Henderson that no one can know their secret not even Maggie cause it might ruin things between them. Madison brings up Brady's mother and if she'll be at his grandfather's ceremony, and he says she'll be literally there in spirit. Victor and Maggie decide to proceed with the wedding as planned.

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