Days of our Lives - Season 49

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #12291
    Ep. #12291
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #12290
    Episode 83
  • Ep. #12289
    Episode 82
  • Ep. #12288
    Episode 81
  • Ep. #12287
    Episode 80
  • Ep. #12286
    Ep. #12286
    Episode 79
  • Ep. #12285
    Episode 78
  • Ep. #12284
    Episode 77
  • Ep. #12283
    Episode 76

    Marlena questions Kate's motives in rehiring Nick to her company. Hope clashes with Aiden after making an accusation of her spoiling Ciara. Nick manages to have Tad cancel his date with Gabi. Sonny and Will tell Gabi she can still live with them after they're married. Aiden apologizes to Hope for making a wrong conclusion about her. Gabi is surprised when Nick takes the news of Will and Sonny's engagement well. Jordan faces a man from her past.

  • Ep. #12282
    Episode 75

    Hope and Aiden are forced to work together for the PTA bake sale. Sami has an unsettling encounter with Nick. Jordan is thrilled when Rafe is walking without the cane, they continue to be spied on from a far. Nick learns of Gabi's date with Tad, and schemes to sabotage it before it can happen. Sami tells Nicole she was right about her getting her hooks into Eric again. Adrienne tells Sami she feels Sonny and Will getting married is a mistake.

  • Ep. #12281
    Episode 74

    Brady confronts Maggie and Victor accusing them of having someone follow him. J.J. tells Abigail he feels things are gonna get better with Jennifer and Daniel. Nicole decides to put the evidence that she shredded back together. Sami tells E.J. nothing ever will come between them. Daniel goes to Theresa cautioning her not to hurt Jennifer or else. Eric comes across the bag of shredded paper. Brady calls Theresa and she invites him over to her place.

  • Ep. #12280
    Ep. #12280
    Episode 73

    Eric tells Caroline his decision to leave the church. Sami lashes at Nicole accuses of manipulating Eric into leaving the priesthood. Brady tells Theresa he isn't going to let J.J. ruin her day. Jennifer explains to Daniel that J.J. told him the whole truth and didn't want to think anything bad of him. E.J. tells Abigail that what they had was just sex and nothing more.

  • Ep. #12279
    Episode 72

    Eric and Brady get into a scuffle over Nicole. Roman asks Nicole to tell him and Marlena everything. J.J. tells Jennifer the truth, who has a different opinion about Daniel. Brady drowns his sorrows in the company of Theresa. Daniel defends Nicole to Marlena, who accuses her of letting Dr. Chyka escape. Abigail learns that Sami and E.J. are sleeping in the same room again. Jennifer pays Daniel a visit at his apartment.

  • Ep. #12278
    Episode 71

    Gabi argues with Sonny over her thinking Nick really wants to change. E.J. has an abrupt dream of being in bed with Abigail. Marlena asks Brady if he knows what's going on with Eric, but he say he doesn't care. Eric tells Nicole he resigned from the church effective immediately. Sami tells E.J. that Will and Sonny are getting married. Abe thanks Stefano for the donation to a wing in Lexie's memory. Nicole takes the evidence which clears Eric and starts to shred it.

  • Ep. #12277
    Episode 70

    Liam asks Jennifer if she feels like going out to celebrate tonight. Will and Sonny give each other engagement rings. J.J. tells Theresa it's over and isn't going to get what she wants from Daniel. Kate realizes Jordan may use those fake I.D.'s if she ever plans on leaving town again. Theresa goes to talk to Judge Goldberg but backs out. Lucas is overjoyed at Will and Sonny's engagement, but Sami has a bad reaction and then offers her support. J.J. catches Liam and Jennifer in a close moment. Someone keeps a close eye on Rafe and Jordan.

  • Ep. #12276
    Episode 69

    Jennifer invites Aiden to her house for a celebratory, but Hope thinks it's a bad idea. Nick tells E.J. that he knows Sami and Kate tried to kill him. Theresa blackmails Daniel into sleeping with her or else she'll ruin his career. Ciara asks Hope why Chase's father is doing here, and he overhears what she says. Theresa worries when J.J. arrives before Daniel can sign the check he was about to give her. Abigail asks E.J. if Sami would forgive him if she knew what they did.

  • Ep. #12275
    Episode 68

    Victor tries to lay down the law with Brady. Will gives Sonny a special Valentine's Day surprise by giving him an answer to his marriage proposal. J.J. feels confident about his sentencing hearing, until Theresa arrives. Hope delivers news to Nicole, Eric and Daniel about Dr. Chyka. Theresa goes to see Daniel saying they have unfinished business.

  • Ep. #12274
    Episode 67

    Nicole makes a major decision regarding Eric. Hope has a messy run in with Aiden. Rafe and Jordan make love for the first time. E.J. surprises Sami with a necklace, and she has something for him in return. Nick unleashes his demands to Sami, Kate and Gabi. Daniel and Hope go talk to Nicole who lies saying she found nothing. Will surprises Sonny by asking him to marry him. Kate hopes to get the goods on Jordan before she and Rafe get any closer.

  • Ep. #12273
    Episode 66

    Rafe asks Roman something he can use against Stefano. Abigail asks E.J. what Chad would think knowing they slept together. Kate, Gabi and Sami are floored by a major revelation by Nick and how Percy rescued him. Lucas tries to get Kate to reconsider destroying Jordan. Rafe misinterprets when overhears Jordan tells Sheryl about Arthur, and says it's only her cat. Eric tells Nicole he is going to resign from the church, but she then tells him what she found.

  • Ep. #12272
    Episode 65

    Brady tells Nicole he's staying at Daniel's to get away from Maggie and Victor. Julie apologizes to Kate and thanks her for hiring Nick. Eric tells Father Louis he knows exactly what to do. E.J. and Abigail are thrown together when Johnny asks to help make cupcakes. Kate, Gabi and Sami decide the game Nick is playing has to end. Will seeks advice from Marlena about Sonny asking him to marry him, and not wanting to hurt him. Sonny is livid that Gabi let Nick hold Arianna instead of walking away. Eric reveals his life-changing decision to Nicole who yet has to say her good news.

  • Ep. #12271
    Episode 64

    Abigail ends up in the middle of an uncomfortable situation courtesy of Adrienne. Kate scrambles to hide as Jordan returns home. Daniel manages to subdue Ricardo, and tells Nicole to watch Dr. Chyka as he looks to see if others are coming. Eric tells Brother Timothy about the epiphany he had about his future. The truth serum wears off of Dr. Chyka, and attacks Nicole and gets away. Lucas sabotages Rafe in order to get Jordan back to the club so Kate can escape. Nicole finds the safe and obtains the files on Eric.

  • Ep. #12270
    Episode 63

    Dr. Chyka admits he made a specific cocktail for Kristen to give to Eric. Will tries to calm Gabi down as she continues to unravel. Jordan tells Rafe that Sheryl is gonna join them on their date. Sonny tells Will that Nick showed up earlier still spouting that he's changed. Kate comes across some of Jordan's other identities she assumed before coming to Salem. Gabi has an encounter with Nick at the pub. Ricardo attacks Daniel, but manages to get up before he can do the same to Nicole. Eric gets the answers he's been seeking. Lucas's tells Kate that Jordan is on her way home.

  • Ep. #12269
    Episode 62

    Maggie tells Abigail she believes something is wrong with Nick. Theresa tells J.J. she'll steer clear away from his sentencing hearing. Abe gives Brady a letter from John, who he then rips up. Daniel injects Dr. Chyka with truth serum and asks what he did to Eric. Hope and Aiden sit down to talk with Ciara and Chase. Brother Timothy tells Eric that that he has to decide what life he wants to live. Theresa takes out her frustrations on Brady. Ricardo arrives as Daniel and Nicole are questioning Dr. Chyka.

  • Ep. #12268
    Episode 61

    Sami arrives and E.J. comes out but Abigail remains hidden in the shower. J.J. tells Theresa she won't the video of her if she lays off of him during his hearing tomorrow. Daniel moves in on Dr. Chyka and manages to subdue him. Stefano orders his henchman to neutralize Dr. Chyka permanently. Brother Timothy presents a new option to Eric concerning his future.

  • Ep. #12267
    Episode 60

    J.J. tells Rory to put the drugs away and he doesn't want to get busted. Brady tells Theresa he isn't going to tell anyone if she takes a drink. Nick tells Abigail he has a lead on a job. Daniel and Nicole stakeout Dr. Chyka's hideout and prepare to make their move. Jennifer tells Maxine that Daniel's private life is none of her business. Sami gets news that the deal was closed and decides to head home. Kayla asks J.J. what he is doing hanging around Theresa. Rory and Bev inform J.J. that Theresa is going down at this very minute. Abigail joins E.J. and begin kissing passionately. Dr. Chyka investigates a noise he heard outside.

  • Ep. #12266
    Episode 59

    E.J. overhears Abigail defend him to Adrienne. Rory gives J.J. some good news about their little plan stop Theresa is working. Nick introduces Kate to someone who was the witness in the woods. Adrienne tells J.J. that Justin has to go out of town and will be another lawyer taking his place. Brady seeks refuge at Daniel's empty apartment, and gets a visit from Theresa. Kate alerts E.J. and Gabi about a new problem, he says to wait til Nick plays his hand. Rory tries to get J.J. to take a hit to take the edge off a bit.

  • Ep. #12265
    Episode 58

    Jordan steps in between Rafe's intense encounter with Nick. Maggie is livid after Victor believes that Brady doesn't have a problem. E.J. has a brief run in with Abigail at the hospital. Daniel and Nicole manages to locate Dr. Chyka and doesn't want Nicole going along. Eric believes he can no longer be a servant of god, Brother Timothy then gives him some words of wisdom. Kate deals with Nick continuing his pursuit for a job. Brady overhears Maggie and Victor talking about his drinking.

  • Ep. #12264
    Episode 57

    Gabi has a nightmare of Nick taking her to the river and pushing in. Dr. Chyka sits and relaxes thinking he's home free. Daniel and Nicole work together to clear Eric's name. J.J. worries Theresa won't take the bait. Rafe goes to see Gabi after learning that Nick is back in Salem. Jennifer come home and catches J.J. with Bev and Rory. Nicole goes to Miles requesting access to the Titan TV network. Rafe confronts Nick not believing for a second that he has changed.

  • Ep. #12263
    Episode 56

    Sami tells E.J. if he managed to get through to Abigail. Aiden tells Hope they best thing is to transfer Ciara out of St. Luke's school. Kate wonders what Nick is up to after he basically threatens her. J.J. manages to keep Theresa from spotting Bev talking with Anne, by saying he's here to meet Abigail. Will tells Gabi he is not going to allow Nick back into their lives. Maggie declares to Brady that if he continues to drink then she won't be his sponsor anymore. Abigail tells J.J. that his plan for Theresa might blow up in his face. E.J. tells Sami things have to change between them. Hope and Aiden agree to sit down and talk with their children. Theresa comes across the envelope.

  • Ep. #12262
    Episode 55

    Nicole slaps Miles when he crosses a line by questioning her relationship with Eric. Nick asks Gabi if she remembers the last time they were along together. J.J. carries out the first part of his plan to stop Theresa's blackmail. E.J. and Abigail are almost caught making love in the supply room. Stefano tries to persuade Kate to have dinner with him. Theresa starts to wonder if J.J. is up to something, Roman arrives saying he shouldn't be around Theresa. Daniel realizes there's still hope to exonerate Eric. Nicole notices Eric is wearing his collar and says he is going on a retreat to think things over. Nick approaches Kate saying they need to talk.

  • Ep. #12261
    Episode 54

    Gabi faints at the sight of Nick and everyone rushes to her aid. Tad asks Rafe he plans on asking Gabi out on a date. Nick publicly apologizes to Gabi for treating her very bably and he's moving back to Salem to turn his life around. Lucas and Sheryl begin to grow closer. Rafe tells Jordan when he gets rid of the cane they're going dancing. Hope feels that Nick isn't telling her everything. E.J. gives Abigail a stern warning. Nick runs into Gabi and is glad he has her all alone.

  • Ep. #12260
    Episode 53

    Sami learns from Gabi that Julie is starting to suspect something, and got Hope involved. Marlena asks Eric if he's uncomfortable going back to St. Luke's. Abigail tells E.J. she is going to talk to Hope afterwards. Gabi has an unsettling flashback to the river when Father Matt gets some water from the fountain. Lucas tells Sonny he hopes to one day sees Will and him in another type of ceremony. Gabi, Sami, Kate are shocked when Nick suddenly shows up.

  • Ep. #12259
    Episode 52

    Abigail demands that E.J. tell her that if Gabi killed Nick, and if he slept with her just to shut her up. Julie tells Will and Sonny that Gabi took off after telling her that Nick didn't send her those text messages. Eric tells Daniel that he wants to see Nicole. Theresa uses Brady's drunken state to her advantage, by calling Daniel to come and help him. Hope asks Aiden if they can resolve this situation, but he says she is a big part of the problem. Daniel tells Nicole that Eric should consider a life away from the priesthood. Julie tells Hope she feels Gabi knows a lot more then she's letting on about Nick.

  • Ep. #12258
    Episode 51

    Julie shares her suspicions to Abigail that she doesn't believe Nick has been sending her all those text messages. E.J. demands info from Stefano regarding the location of Dr. Chyka. Brady's guilt ridden when he realizes the consequences of his actions. Brady recognizes the sketch as the person he was talking with in the airport and that he tried to kill Eric and Nicole. J.J. convinces Bev to help him neutralize Theresa, by calling Anne to volunteer at the hospital. Aiden tells Hope that Ciara has been out of control as of late, and Father Matt confirms it. Abigail goes and confronts E.J. about what really happened to Nick.

  • Ep. #12257
    Episode 50

    Daniel tells Roman that Eric and Nicole are in the boiler room and heads off to rescue them. Julie tells Hope that Nick has disappeared and to help her track him down. Sheryl lets it slip to Lucas that she and Jordan were roommates back in Birmingham. Will believes he knows who Abigail is hung up on. Sami reaches out to E.J. by saying she is grateful for stopping Abigail from talking to Hope. Jordan is wary when she and Rafe spend time with Lucas and Sheryl. Marlena calls Sami saying that Eric is being rushed to the hospital.

  • Ep. #12256
    Episode 49

    Tad asks Will why he would turn down Sonny's marriage proposal. The mystery person continues to take pictures of Abigail and E.J. Nicole confesses the truth to Eric that she and Daniel where never actually together. Gabi expresses her concern to Sami about Julie's suspicions. Daniel is successful when he, Marlena and Roman to trace the whereabouts of Eric's cell phone. Brady picks a fight with a guy in the airport who says he saw the video of Eric and Kristen. Sami tells E.J. she's made a decision about their relationship. Eric manages to shut off the air conditioning, which causes Daniel to take notice.

  • Ep. #12255
    Episode 48

    Abigail and E.J. meet at Smith Island, unaware that someone is following them. Theresa asks J.J. what's the deal with Nicole living with Daniel. Will asks Sonny to be Arianna's godfather. E.J. makes a suggestion to Abigail for her to move back to Europe. Maggie tells Brady they need to talk about him going back to rehab, he then storms out. Dr. Chyka uncaps a gas line so Eric and Nicole can die from asphyxiation Gabi tells Will and Sonny that Julie is starting asking questions about Nick. Eric makes a confession to Nicole as the gas continues to fill the room that he loves her and always have. Brady tells Theresa he knows she's using Daniel to get back at Jennifer. The mystery person takes pictures of Abigail and E.J. kissing.

  • Ep. #12254
    Episode 47

    Eric gets free and prevents Dr. Chyka from injecting Nicole. J.J. asks Abigail what has been going on with her lately. Rafe asks Jordan why didn't she tell him that a friend of hers was in town. Will surprises Sonny by turning down his marriage proposal, and suggest that they wait for a while. Daniel is frustrated when Ted tells him there's way of obtaining the information he lost from his computer. Jordan questions Lucas on why he hired Sheryl. Theresa plays mind games with Jennifer, who then turns the tables on her by saying Nicole also lives with Daniel. Eric and Nicole struggle to get free. Jennifer warns Abigail to stay away from E.J. Lucas makes it clear to Kate that he doesn't like lying for her.

  • Ep. #12253
    Episode 46

    Sami and Kate react quickly after Nick's receives a text from Julie wanting him to call her. Theresa confides in Caroline about her interest in some guy. Dr. Chyka notices that Eric is starting to wake up, and knocks him out again. Anne tells Theresa she is so frustrated after Jennifer ruined her latest ploy. Jordan confronts Kate about bringing Sheryl to town. Jennifer overhears and goes to help help Daniel. Will is surprised when Sonny proposes to him. Eric and Nicole realize they're in the basement of Daniel's building, but Dr. Chyka threatens to drug them erasing their memories. Sheryl makes an admission to Kate that Jordan never lived in Atlanta.

  • Ep. #12252
    Episode 45

    E.J. tells Sami he had nothing to do with Kristen's diabolical plot. Dr. Chyka stops Nicole from calling Daniel by injecting her with something. Daniel discovers all of his files on his computer are missing. Adrienne accidentally blabs to Jennifer that she saw her with E.J. more then once. Eric tells Roman and Marlena that Daniel is close to proving his innocence. Julie confronts Kate about Nick. Eric stops by and sees Nicole and then Dr. Chyka knocks him out too saying he has to get rid of both of them. Anna asks a nurse to be her "witness" but Jennifer comes to Daniel's rescue.

  • Ep. #12251
    Episode 44

    Sami returns home from her trip and walks in on EJ & Abigail talking. She asks E.J. to explain to her what she just overheard. Theresa tells Anne she will need to be more subtle to get Daniel. Dr. Chyka comes into Daniel's office while Eric is there. He pretends to be another doctor that Daniel is meeting the next day. Dr. Chyka addresses Eric by name and then blames his slip on the media coverage. Marlena tells Maggie she (Maggie) can forgive Victor, but she (Marlena) can't. J.J. considers Rory's idea of telling Daniel everything and ask Daniel to meet him.. Marlena is stunned when Eric admits he has feelings for Nicole. Theresa catches J.J. almost confessing her blackmailing to Daniel. Theresa threatens J.J. and says he'll go to jail if he screws things up for her. Dr. Chyka breaks into both Daniel's office and apartment to steal or delete whatever evidence he has. Nicole comes out from the shower and sees Chyka in the apartment.

  • Ep. #12250
    Episode 43

    Jennifer visits E.J. and he thinks she knows truth, but it's about Chad's lies. Jordan is nervous when coming face to face with Sheryl. Daniel goes through the list of doctors on the list. Nicole is rattled at Eric's admission during their interview. Brady offers his apologies to Daniel for behaving the way he did the other day. Kate listens to Jordan and Sheryl talking hoping to hear something incriminating. Stefano orders Dr. Chyka to make sure Daniel doesn't uncover the truth. Someone enters the DiMera mansion and overhears Abigail and E.J's conversation.

  • Ep. #12249
    Episode 42

    Daniel tells Nicole great news with Eric's blood work and he can exonerate Eric. Eric asks E.J. why Sami would unexpectedly leave town like that. Abigail lies to Jennifer by saying she slept with Chad and found he was lying about having a brain tumor. Daniel believes Stefano's visit to his apartment wasn't a coincidence. Kate sends Jordan and Sheryl on a collision course. Nicole conducts an emotional interview with Eric. Stefano tells his associate that he believe Daniel is close to uncovering the truth and can't let that happen.

  • Ep. #12248
    Episode 41

    Lucas does his best to keep Sheryl from spotting Jordan, but she still sees her with Kate. E.J. tells Abigail when they get home nobody can know what they did. Hope sees Ciara's uniform is ripped and finds out she's having trouble at school. Abe tells J.J. he's proud he stuck to his word and stayed away from drugs. Gabi, Will and Sonny go to E.J. and asks if he stopped Abigail from talking to Hope. J.J. tells Theresa that he almost got caught with her drugs in his possession. Sheryl starts to open up to Kate about knowing Jordan back in Birmingham. E.J. realizes he made a mistake by sleeping with Abigail.

  • Ep. #12247
    Episode 40

    Daniel approaches Brady's drug deal, but Nicole intervenes as they quarrel and he agrees to leave town. Jennifer overhears J.J. having a rather heated argument with someone on the phone. Theresa is ambushed by Juanita to personally take her to an A.A meeting at the hospital. E.J. tells Abigail that what they shared together as lovely. Rafe tells Pete his job isn't the only reason he's pushing his physical therapy. Eric tells Father Matt he can deal with his feelings for Nicole. Lucas agrees to take part in Kate's latest scheme. J.J. gets himself in a sticky situation when cops get Cole for shoplifting and for his bag to be searched.

  • Ep. #12246
    Episode 39

    E.J. gets a text saying Hope isn't on Smith Island, and tells Abigail that it's just the two of them. Brady tells Maggie and Victor he is not going to do cocaine anymore. Miles tells Nicole she needs to get Eric on camera and pronto. Hope delivers life-changing news to Brady that he nor John are related to the Brady's after all. Abigail thinks she's figured out why Gabi doesn't want her talking with Hope that leads her and E.J. to kiss passionately. Marlena goes to Nicole telling her to go ahead with this story.

  • Ep. #12245
    Episode 38

    E.J. asks Sami if she plans to marry him or not. Brady is approached by muggers in the park. Daniel tells Maggie that Brady has relapsed. Abigail asks Gabi what's wrong and sees she's agitated. Kate arrives and sees Jordan and Rafe getting cozy. Eric struggles with his feelings for Nicole as they look over the pictures from the shoot. Sami demands that E.J. finally come clean about Kristen. Daniel comes across a badly beaten Brady. Gabi seeks E.J.'s help worrying Abigail will uncover the truth.

  • Ep. #12244
    Episode 37

    Sonny has a dream of Nick showing up and ruins his relationship with Will. Stefano wonders if there's trouble between E.J. and Sami. Rafe and Jordan begin to get even closer. Kate tells Sami now that E.J. knows everything he has power over her. Will goes to the river and comes across Percy and Sonny arrives and says he's the one who played Santa on Christmas. Gabi becomes frightened when Abigail gets a message from Nick. Kate tells Lucas she is this close to discovering who Jordan really is. E.J. gives Sami an ultimatum about their future.

  • Ep. #12243
    Episode 36

    E.J. explains to Gabi, Sami and Kate they need to destroy the clothes they wore the night at the river. Abigail changes her mind about going to the New Year's Eve party after getting a text from Cameron. Will asks Sonny why didn't he tell him the truth the minute he found out. J.J. begins telling Liam about his mom and Daniel's past relationship. Nicole fights her attraction to Eric. Brady grabs Nicole, but breaks down and apologizes. Jennifer confronts J.J.'s over his latest scheme to get drive Liam away. Sami and E.J. help Tad in order to help Sonny on New Year's Eve. Will tells Sami he understands she did what she had to do. Eric realizes that Brady didn't go the meeting like he said he would.

  • Ep. #12242
    Episode 35

    Will discovers that Gabi murdered and Sami and others helped cover it up. Sami screams as mistaking a log floating in the water for Nick's dead body. Daniel and Brady get into it and a cocaine vial falls out of his pocket, Brady admits he takes some just to take the edge off. Gabi tells Sami and Kate that Will knows the truth. J.J. interrupts Jennifer's date with Liam and lies to her something Anne said. Sonny goes off to find Will when he took off with Arianna. Abigail gets a text from Cameron. Jennifer angrily confronts Anne at the hospital.

  • Ep. #12241
    Episode 34

    Theresa asks J.J. for a favor regarding Daniel and she'll make the video of them disappear. Will tells Tad he begins to suspect that Sonny and Gabi are keeping something from him. Eric asks Nicole for a job as a photographer at the studio where she works. Brady tells Daniel he was talking to the dealer cause he saw J.J. talking to him the other day. Daniel tells J.J. that he believes that he hasn't been on drugs and Brady is lying. Brady looks in the camera with a message for Kristen, and Nicole orders the camera to be turned off after Eric shows up. E.J. takes Sami to the woods, where she has a terrifying experience. Someone keeps a watchful eye on Sonny and Gabi. Maggie gives Theresa she knows what she wrote wasn't heartfelt.

  • Ep. #12240
    Ep. #12240
    Episode 33

    Abigail is surprised by J.J.'s sudden change in attitude. Hope asks Rafe she wonders if Ciara's alright or if she is hiding her feelings about Bo not being around anymore. Daniel and Anna exchanges words, but Theresa steps in telling her to back off. Brady turns down Maggie's suggestion that they attend an A.A. meeting together. Jordan brings Rafe the gift back, but he insists that she open it. J.J. brings up to Abigail the time when she lied about sleeping with Austin and how they're mother forgave her. Theresa visits J.J. saying she's come to set him free. Daniel tells Brady he just saw what he was doing.

  • Ep. #12239
    Episode 32

    The Horton's celebrate Christmas by hanging their ornaments on the tree. Anne plans to take Jennifer's place in the telling of the Christmas story, but Doug arrives ruining her plans. Hope tells Doug, it's hard on Ciara with Bo not being her for the holidays. Gabi and Kate realizes that Julie may pose a threat when she says she hasn't heard from Nick since he went to New York. Victor pays Eric an unexpected visit. Ciara refuses to forgive Allie for telling Sami about the earring.

  • Ep. #12338
    Episode 31

    E.J. offers his support to Sami. Maggie brings Parker as a surprise from Chloe. Nicole comes by the mansion saying he knows what he's been up to and he needs to stop. Marlena asks Roman if he's spoken to Eric lately. Stefano is confused after Theo apologizes to Sami for giving Ciara her earring. Father Matt tells Eric that his dream means Nicole has moved on. Victor tries to make amends with Maggie by admitting he was wrong. Sami looks at the picture telling E.J. that Santa is the man that saw her, Kate and Gabi in the woods. Brady comes across a gift he got for Kristen and throws it in the fire.

  • Ep. #12237
    Episode 30

    Jordan and Rafe realize they're being spied on by Stefano. Sonny asks Kate and Gabi if Santa is the person they encountered in the woods. Hope questions Stefano if Kristen ever confided in him about what she was planning to do to Eric. Sami comes clean to E.J. about what Gabi did to Nick and she and Kate dumped Nick's body in the river. Rafe asks Jordan if what she's talking about herself when it comes to hatred. Hope breaks the news to Ciara that Bo is not coming home for Christmas. Jordan sends a mysterious email.

  • Ep. #12236
    Episode 29

    Eric surprises Daniel by saying he's behind his relationship with Nicole. Miles tells Nicole he needs to get Eric on camera for an interview as soon as possible. Hope searches Ciara's backpack and finds Sami's earring. Sonny gets interrupted by Lucas as he is about to tell E.J. everything. E.J. goes and investigates out by the river and makes a discovery. Hope opens up to Sami about Bo not coming home for the holidays. Dr. Chyka makes plans to return to the states. Kate and Jordan share a tense moment. Kate realizes that Santa is actually the guy they encountered in the woods. E.J. confronts Sami with what he found by the river.

  • Ep. #12235
    Episode 28

    J.J.'s plan to trap Theresa backfires. Hope tells Justin she was just on the phone with Bo who says he won't be home for Christmas and has to tell Ciara the bad news. Anne overhears as Daniel talks with Jennifer about her date with Liam. E.J. tells Gabi he knows something is wrong and asks her to tell him what it is. Kate and Sami try to get Sonny to tell Justin a different story to how Nick died. Sami attempts to get her earring back from Ciara, but she says she never saw it. Kate is grateful that Sonny didn't tell Justin anything.

  • Ep. #12234
    Episode 27

    Maggie surprises Theresa by bringing the A.A. meeting to her place, much to her dismay. J.J. carries out a plot to neutralize Theresa once and for all and enlists Rory and Bev's help to pull it off. Adrienne sets up Jennifer with Liam. Jennifer and Abigail ask J.J. if he is playing them. Gabi explains to Sonny she had no idea Nick was behind the modeling deal. Sonny tells Gabi, Kate and Sami that he's going to tell Will everything and won't lie to him. Will tells E.J. something that immediately intrigues him. Maggie learns Jennifer was making dinner plans with someone. J.J. asks Theresa what kind of drug does she want while recording her hoping to trap her. Justin gets back to Sonny asking what he wanted to talk to him about earlier.

  • Ep. #12233
    Episode 26

    Ciara shows Allie what Theo gave her. Gabi becomes startled and Rafe thinks the reason is Nick. Hope asks Sonny after overhearing him on the phone if everything is alright. Daniel tells Nicole that the lie she told Eric is gonna be one big disaster. E.J. comes across Abigail who is reading her father's book. Allie tells Sami that Ciara has a secret of her own. Gabi realizes that Sonny knows about Nick. Will tells Sami he knows about the party cause Sonny was in the closet and heard everything.

  • Ep. #12232
    Episode 25

    Abigail confronts J.J. about her seeing him with Rory and Bev in the town square. Theresa hides her drugs from Caroline who stops to visit. Eric asks Father Matt if they made a decision about his place in the church. Will presses a reluctant Sonny to reveal what he overheard. Victor thinks Nicole living with Daniel is perfect to make Jennifer think otherwise. Adrienne tells Sonny she'll no longer question his relationship with Will. J.J. tells Jennifer the reason he was in the park was school related and nothing more. Nicole tells Eric a lie that she's moved on with Daniel.

  • Ep. #12231
    Episode 24

    Eric asks Nicole for forgiveness while delirious. Dr. Chyka promises not to tell a soul unless he has no choice. J.J.'s errand for Theresa hits a major snag when he runs into Brady. Sonny can't believe after hearing that Gabi murdered Nick and Sami and Kate helped cover it up. Marlena isn't pleased to find Nicole doing a story on Eric saying it's a bad idea. Theresa tells Anne she remembers everything and is still out to destroy Jennifer. Will asks Sonny what the big new is that Gabi, Sami and Kate were talking about. Brady wonders if J.J. might be in trouble again and calls Jennifer. Nicole tells Daniel in order for her to do the piece on Eric, he has to do something.

  • Ep. #12230
    Episode 23

    Adrienne asks Sami she would like to come along and see Arianna, but Kate makes an excuse for her not to come. Nicole sees that Brady isn't himself while doing the pre-interview. Theresa summons J.J. to her place to do a little errand for her. Daniel tells Eric he knows a risky procedure to determine the drug in his system. Brady runs into J.J. when he tries to buy more drugs. Abigail is concerned when she spies on J.J. hanging out with Bev and Rory.Sonny hides in the closet thinking a party is being planned, but is stunned when he learns the truth.

  • Ep. #12229
    Episode 22

    Theresa tells J.J. she has him dead to rights and and blackmails him into getting her some drugs. Abigail asks Jennifer why didn't she get rid of Theresa when she had the chance. Will tells Gabi he's glad that Nick is gone to New York and hope he stays there. Will tells Sonny he feels that Gabi is hiding something. Kate warns Jordan that she won't allow her to hurt Rafe. Gabi continues to be on edge and sees Nick and turns out to be Tad. Theresa plays with J.J.'s head letting him know she is in charge. Sonny overhears Gabi making plans with Kate. E.J. tells Sami they need to figure things out between the two of them.

  • June 10, 1987
    June 10, 1987
    Episode 22

    Justin tells Adrienna about the plane crash.

    Angelica insults Adrienne, then argues with Justin over it.Jack asks Angelica what is wrong.
    Victor warns Alex off of Angelica.
    Steve & Kayla spend some time in a bubble bath at the "honeymoon hotel"
    Adrienne decides to look for Steve on her own.
    Justin offers to help Adrienne.
    Victor orders a hit on Steve.

  • June 3, 1987
    June 3, 1987
    Episode 22

    Justin bemoans losing Adrienne.

    Kayla & Steve continue to be on the run, and are surviving by fishing and  camping.

    Angelica and Jack accuse Roman of not hunting for Steve since Kayla is with him.


  • Ep. #12228
    Episode 21

    J.J. is stunned when Theresa reveals she remembers everything that happened that night. Rafe asks Jordan if she plans to one day be a mother. Jennifer tells Daniel that J.J. confessed to her about everything Kate and Sami explain to Will that they're exploring other options to Gabi about her modeling. Abigail sees a different side to E.J. after saying he read Jack's book. Theo gives Ciara the diamond earring he found earlier. E.J. demands that Sami tell him where she was instead of going to work. Will goes to Gabi saying they need to talk about Nick. Theresa issues an ultimatum to J.J.

  • Ep. #12227
    Episode 20

    J.J. comes clean with Jennifer about everything he did and to give Daniel another chance. Jordan looks at all her other alias identities and vows to stop running. Theresa tells Daniel she feels there something more to the night she overdosed. Sami tells Gabi she can't tell Rafe or else he will send them all to prison. Will is thrown when he sees Gabi talking to Sami and Kate. Rafe tells Jordan that one day he does want to have children. Theresa has an unexpected reaction to J.J.'s confession. Jennifer has a run in with Daniel and Parker.

  • Ep. #12226
    Episode 19

    J.J. worries that Theresa is starting to remember the night she overdosed. Jennifer tells Maggie she no longer wants to her about Daniel's personal life. Stefano calls Kate and tells him that Chad is making a full recovery. Gabi wakes up after having a nightmare of seeing Nick next to her on the bed. Nicole and Eric continue their fight. Theresa seeks help from Daniel regarding J.J. Jennifer confronts J.J. as to what he and Daniel were talking about. Sami, Kate and Gabi are startled when the man who saw them in the woods shows up.

  • Ep. #12225
    Episode 18

    Sami sees that Eric was assaulted by a parishoner. E.J. and Brady have a brief encounter. Daniel is asks Nicole that he wants to help build a case to prove Eric's innocence. Maggie asks Brady for a favor to take Theresa to a meeting at the community centre. Jennifer talks to Theresa about the night she overdosed. J.J. gets news that his sentencing has been postponed. Sami confronts Nicole telling her to drop the story she's doing on Eric. Jennifer invites Maggie to come stay at the house with her. Sami screams when she sees Nick, but it's E.J. asking what's wrong.

  • Ep. #12224
    Episode 17

    Brady destroys the DVD from Kristen and relapses by taking drugs again. Kayla tells Abigail she knew that E.J. was helping Chad cover up his lie about the brain tumor. Victor wants Maggie to move back to the mansion, but she refuses. Kate steps in and keeps Gabi from telling Rafe that she killed Nick. Daniel treats Eric after finding him and says he may have a way to clear his name. E.J. approaches Kate with what she said earlier about her wishing she hadn't listened to Sami. Kayla tells Rafe he's going to be discharged soon. Nicole vows to tell Eric's story her way by proving his innocence.

  • Ep. #12223
    Episode 16

    Hope informs Brady and Eric that the sex video has been posted on the internet. Gabi wakes up saying she needs to tell someone what she's done. Jordan quickly pulls away from her kiss to Rafe telling him she is his physical therapist. Kate is irate that the flash drive Nick gave her contains a virus. Sonny agrees to hire Tad on a part time basis. Nicole tells Miles she refuses to do the story on Eric, and later has a run in with him in the town square. Brady is upset after watching a video message from Kristen. Eric is lashed at by a man after catching him talking to his daughter. Jordan stops Kate saying that Gabi wants to talk to Rafe alone.

  • Ep. #12222
    Episode 15

    Sami searches the river bank and Nick emerges and pulls her in the water. Maxine gives Daniel a letter that Jennifer wrote on his behalf. Abe tells Rafe he's glad to see him finally up and on his feet. Jennifer tells J.J. why is he suddenly concerned to what happens to Daniel. Anne gives Theresa something to read while at the disciplinary hearing. Kate asks someone to pretend to be Nick to retrieve whatever he had sent to New York. E.J. asks Sami to tell him what's really bothering her. Theo picks up Sami's earring while on a hike. Rory and Bev try to get J.J. to smoke marijuana with them, but he refuses. Theresa changes her mind which infuriates Anne, and Westbrook dismisses the allegations against Daniel. Sami tells Kate that she lost an earring when they dumped Nick's body.

  • Ep. #12221
    Episode 14

    Gabi and Kate manage to get Nick to let go of Sami and the current pulls him under the water. Will hopes that Sami hasn't gone and done something stupid again. Hope tells E.J. she has a search warrant to search the mansion. Nicole assures Eric that the interview can be good for the both of them. Brady is disappointed to find out the woman is a drug addict instead of Kristen, and he swipes her stash. Kate and Sami struggle to keep Gabi calm and to keep quiet. Sami realizes that she lost one of her earrings. Gabi tells Will and Sonny she won't be going to New York after all.

  • Ep. #12220
    Episode 13

    Kate arrives and sees what Gabi has done to Nick. Caroline confronts Victor there's no forgiveness to what he did to her grandson. Nicole is stunned when Miles says her first assignment is to interview Eric. Marlena tells Eric that Roman is calling in favors in order to bring Kristen to justice. Brady goes to E.J. demanding he tell her where Kristen is, but he says he has no idea where she is. Gabi, Kate and Sami prepare to dump Nick in the river, but after they do he regains consciousness. Brady gets a phone call from someone saying he knows where Kristen is.

  • Ep. #12219
    Episode 12

    Sami and Kate vow to stop Gabi from moving to New York. Sonny and Will have a huge argument regarding the situation with Gabi. Anne tells Daniel he can't be talking to Theresa since she is a witness in his disciplinary hearing. Jennifer is delighted that J.J. is participating in the Thanksgiving party.Gabi tells Nick to stay away from her after learning he arranged her modeling contract. Kate texts Sami saying to meet with her right away. Daniel tells J.J. it's possible that Theresa may never remember the night that she overdosed. Sonny goes back telling Will they will make this thing work. Gabi tries to get away from Nick and she falls, and tries to prove he loves her, she then hits him on the head with a rock.

  • Ep. #12218
    Episode 11

    Jordan watches as Rafe takes his first steps. Nick tells Hope he has no plans to visit Salem. Nicole tells Daniel that Eric is not at the church cause he was suspended. Jennifer makes a confession to Eric that Kristen confided in her about her cheating on Brady. Sami offers to give Gabi an exclusive contract with Countess W which she turns down. Will warns Sonny not to make him choose between him and Arianna. Kate tells Sami that both Nick and Gabi are moving to New York together. Hope tells Eric he has news on Kristen's whereabouts.

  • Ep. #12217
    Episode 10

    Abigail yells at E.J. for helping Chad continue his lie about the brain tumor. Eric tells Nicole he needs to find Kristen to prove the sex wasn't consensual. Marlena approaches Victor see he has no remorse for destroying Eric's life in order to stop the wedding. Sami is furious and tells Will and Sonny there's no way Gabi is moving to New York with Arianna. Anne gives Daniel his summons for his disciplinary hearing at the hospital. Abe tells Nicole that Eric really needs a friend like her right now. Maggie overhears an argument between Victor and Marlena and tells him they're marriage is over. Sami sees Gabi and goes hoping to talk to her. Daniel and Nicole share a passionate kiss.

  • Ep. #12216
    Episode 9

    Father Matt tells Bishop White he backs up Eric's story that he was drugged by Kristen. Sonny tells Gabi he'll tell the modeling agency about how she had Melanie kidnapped. Sami tells E.J. that for the time being they keep their distance from one another. Nicole tells Abe she did everything she could to warn people about Kristen. Theresa and Kimberly have an emotional goodbye as she and Shane head back to California. Eric is suspended and is forced to remove his collar. Bishop White suspends Eric from his duties until further notice. E.J. delivers a message to Abigail from Chad that he won't be coming home after all.

  • Ep. #12215
    Episode 8

    Rafe asks Jordan about her so called girls night out with Gabi and Abigail. Daniel tells Jennifer he won't be participating in the dinner honoring the doctors at the hospital. Nick panics as Gabi is considering turning down the modeling job, but convinces her to take it. Shane and Kimberly leave Theresa's fate in Jennifer's hands. Daniel tells J.J. he needs to away from Theresa or else their cover is blown. Kate confronts Jordan saying soon everyone will know who she really is. Sonny receives some upsetting news.

  • Ep. #12214
    Episode 7

    Theresa is thrown when her parents and other family members stage an intervention. Jennifer is thrilled to see J.J. is back to playing guitar again. Gabi tells Will that her taking the job will also change his life as well. E.J. has an intriguing offer for Justin to work together again. Theresa agrees to rehab, but doesn't want to leave Salem to do it. Sami tells E.J. she didn't tell Eric he knew what Kristen did. Justin realizes why Gabi paid him for his legal advice and her taking Arianna away from Sonny and Will. J.J. tells Jennifer that Kimberly and Shane are in town and they want to talk to her.

  • Ep. #12213
    Episode 6

    Sami confronts E.J. and he admits that he knew that Kristen drugged Eric. Hope shows a picture of Kristen to Brenda and she says it's the woman she saw. Maggie tells Daniel she knew who Victor was when she married him. Jordan tells Abigail she didn't know the friend she was meeting was Rafe's sister. Will and Sonny offer Gabi their support, but leaves out that her job will require her to move to New York. Sami storms out telling E.J. to stay away from her. Daniel tells Hope he tarnished his reputation by helping Theresa. Nicole tells Eric she knows he's seeking forgiveness, but he'll never get it from her.

  • Ep. #12212
    Episode 5

    Will surprises Sonny by coming home early, and Gabi leaves so they can be alone. Roman finds Nicole, who she asks if Kristen died in the accident. Nick asks Gabi if she's considering taking the modeling contract. Father Matt tells Eric that Bishop White wants to meet with him tonight. Hope tells Brady that Kristen isn't in her car. Sonny comes across the sparkle modelling portfolio after knocking over Gabi's purse. Sami explodes after finding an incriminating text on E.J.'s phone.

  • Ep. #12211
    Episode 4

    Eric tells Kristen he saw the text she sent to Brady's phone. Maggie seeks comfort from Daniel after having an argument with Victor. E.J. sees Kayla and Sami talking and he worries she'll find his involvement in Kristen's plot. Caroline asks Jordan if everything is alright with her. Brady thanks Victor for exposing Kristen at the wedding. Eric tells Daniel he needs to make things right with Nicole. Brady tells Hope he wants Kristen caught and prosecuted. Nicole chases Kristen, and they both end up in an accident.

  • Ep. #12210
    Episode 3

    Kristen tells Marlena to pick up the gun and shoot her. Nick hopes the meeting Gabi is having with McGraw is going really well. Eric tells Roman that Kristen used the name Fay Taylor and he assumed that it was Nicole who drugged him. Gabi shares her exciting news with Nick and to keep quiet about it. Rory tries to entice J.J. in coming with him to get high, but he turns him down. Kristen goes to meet Brady, but comes across Eric instead. Nicole is stunned when Hope tells her it was Kristen that did this to Eric.

  • Ep. #12209
    Episode 2

    Eric lays into Marlena for ruining his life by playing that DVD. Kristen tells Brady that Eric seduced her, but he doesn't believe it. Kate overhears and learns that Nick is moving to New York. Tad tells Abigail maybe they should get together now with them being single. Victor tells Maggie he did what he had to do to keep Brady from marrying Kristen. Nick is delighted when Abigail tells him Cameron is leaving town. Gabi gets a modeling contract. Jordan receives a mysterious phone call, saying she can't leave cause she's dependent on her patients. Brady arrives at the church and he and Eric come to blows. Kristen is delighted to see Marlena.

  • Ep. #12208
    Episode 1

    Jordan vows to not pursue anything with Rafe ever. Nicole tells Rafe for once she did nothing wrong, but she is being shunned by Eric. Daniel tells Abigail that Chad made it through the surgery and will make a recovery. Victor tells Kristen if she wants to clear her name then play the rest of the video. Eric approaches Kristen about her drugging and raping, but Brady punches him. Cameron informs Abigail that he's leaving town. Daniel offers Nicole that she can stay at his place. Sami tells E.J. he has to face that Kristen is behind this. Brady confronts Kristen on why would she sleep with his brother.