Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 85

Ep. #12040

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Jennifer storms off after assuming that Daniel and Chloe slept together. Stefano tries to persuade him to move back into the mansion. Chloe thinks used too much of her mother's sleeping pills, and calls Daniel's phone to make sure. Rafe catches Lucas and Sami in the evidence room and says he is going to let them leave with a warning. Jennifer agrees to go talk to Daniel after talking with Maggie. Brady presents a housewarming gift to Kristen. Stefano makes a vow not to let Sami come between him and E.J. Jennifer goes to Daniel's hotel room , unaware the pill bottle is on the floor. Kristen makes a confession to Stefano, as Brady comes downstairs.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life