Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 88

Ep. #12043

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Jennifer tells Hope that she doesn't want to discuss Daniel, and needs to focus on the wedding. Brady cautions Marlena not to go into the coffeehouse cause John is in there with Kristen. Sami tells E.J. that Rafe has to know the kind of person his sister is marrying. Nicole expresses her concern to Eric about having a convict living at St. Luke's. Caroline gives Gabi something she had when she married Shawn. Nick and Gabi's wedding takes place. Eric's actions appall Nicole. Sami is stunned that Kristen also moved into the mansion with Brady. Kristen goes to gloat to Marlena that John, her and Brady are having dinner together. Vargas tells Eric that Salem is gonna be a perfect fit for him. Nick and Gabi are pronounced husband and wife. Brady tells Kristen he believes John still has feelings for her.

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