Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 92

Ep. #12047


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Daniel tells Jennifer he isn't going anywhere until he makes things right between them. Gabi asks Nick why would Will just sign away his parental rights and realizes there was blackmail involved, he then makes up a lie saying a custody battle was threatened. Sami urges Will to enlist Stefano's help. Chloe tells Nancy she has a plan so it will be a coincidence bumping into Daniel on his trip. E.J. tells Sonny there maybe a way to make all of Will's pain go away. Daniel reveals to Jennifer he had no idea she had come to his room and Chloe was there, they embrace and reconcile. Nicole is shocked to learn from Eric that Vargas is an ex-con. Chloe discovers that Daniel has cancelled his hotel reservation and needs to find him. Vargas this thing is working out more then he had ever hoped. Gabi asks Will they to go somewhere and talk Chloe sees Daniel and Jennifer together. Nick comes back to find Gabi missing and knows where she went to.

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