Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 95

Ep. #12050


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Rafe tells Kate that he just found out about Will signing away his parental rights. Will tells Sami to make it happen with Stefano helping to get Nick out of their lives for good. Justin asks Sonny to tell him what is going on with Will, and won't divulge any information. Brady reveals to Marlena his plan, John steps in telling him to end things with Kristen. Abigail stops herself telling Cameron that they can't do this. John makes it clear to Marlena she wants her to stay out of it. Kate goes after Sonny after he saw her and Rafe together. Kristen texts both John and Marlena using Brady's phone to bring everybody together. Cameron calls Abigail apologizing and the problem is him not her. Rafe confronts Sami who gloats that she moved back into the DiMera mansion with E.J.

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