Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 101

Ep. #12056


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Kristen watches as Sy gives the envelope containing the pictures to Marlena. Chad invites Cameron to a thing at Theo's school, he said he has to work, but Maxine says a different story. Abigail tells Jennifer if it's because of Jack that she ended things with Daniel. E.J. steps in distracting Kristen and turns and sees that Sy went away before she can confront him. Daniel speaks with Parker and reveals they're not in New York. Chloe tells Jennifer that what she said to Daniel wasn't good enough. Kate abruptly tells Will that she and Rafe are having a relationship, who promises to keep the secret. Chad tells Abigail something is not right with Cameron, so they decide to follow him. Sy counts the money that Kristen gave him and see that it isn't enough. Daniel pulls Jennifer into a passionate kiss.

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