Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 104

Ep. #12059

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Hope tells Kristen some news that they've caught one of the muggers and wants her and Brady to come and identify him. Daniel is reunited with Parker when Nancy brings him home. Lucas applauds at Jennifer for finally dumping Daniel and considers moving on with someone else. Vargas overhears Jennifer talking with Abe talking about him. Chloe assures Nancy that Jennifer won't reveal the truth cause she knows the consequences. Victor comes home to find out that Daniel's life is in complete shambles all cause of Jennifer. Vargas tells Nicole that E.J. dropped off some plans for Eric. Kristen lies to Hope saying that the guy arrested was the one that attacked Brady. Daniel comes across Nancy's passport realizes she was recently out of the country. Sy calls Victor saying he has information on Kristen he might want to have.

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