Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 105

Ep. #12060


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Nancy comes out and Daniel quickly puts down the passport on the table. Sy wants assurance from Victor he will be protected as well as compensated with the information he has on Kristen. Nicole learns from a nurse that Jennifer broke up with Daniel in front of everybody. Kristen continues to lie saying she doesn't recognize Sy as the person that mugged her. Anne tells Chloe that if Parker mentions Brazil she is in terrible trouble. Roman lays into Brady for pretty much ruining his father's life as well as Marlena's. Kate gives Gabi some papers to sign to ensure Will being present in his daughter's life. Sy calls Victor back wanting to resume their conversation. Nicole approaches Chloe about her being involved with Jennifer ending things with Daniel. Daniel gets confirmation from Rafe that Nancy did take Parker to Brazil.

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