Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 106

Ep. #12061


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Daniel tries to figure out why Nancy would take Parker to Brazil. Sonny visits E.J. and offers to spy on Nick at the Kiriakis mansion for him. Sami thanks Nick for allowing Will to see his daughter after she's born. Jennifer visits with Laura and tells her she ended things with Daniel, but doesn't say the reason. Rafe is furious after Nick tells him that Kate is forcing Gabi to sign papers to ensure Will in the baby's life. Nicole tells Daniel about her feeling that Chloe made Jennifer break up with him. Sami accuses E.J. of having an ulterior motive for moving back into the mansion. Daniel comes to a startling realization that Chloe used Parker and goes to confront her. Sonny tells Will he went to E.J. and wants to help bring Nick down.

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