Days of our Lives

Season 49 Episode 2

Ep. #12209


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Eric lays into Marlena for ruining his life by playing that DVD. Kristen tells Brady that Eric seduced her, but he doesn't believe it. Kate overhears and learns that Nick is moving to New York. Tad tells Abigail maybe they should get together now with them being single. Victor tells Maggie he did what he had to do to keep Brady from marrying Kristen. Nick is delighted when Abigail tells him Cameron is leaving town. Gabi gets a modeling contract. Jordan receives a mysterious phone call, saying she can't leave cause she's dependent on her patients. Brady arrives at the church and he and Eric come to blows. Kristen is delighted to see Marlena.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life